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03-11-2004, 08:24 AM
Looks like everyone's sleeping in (lucky dogs) or already off to work today, so I'll start the thread.

Ever have a Eureka moment? Well, last night my son and I had one for dinner.
We cranked up the forman grill and made do-it-yourself quesadillas at the table. Yummmmy and the kids had a blast too. Not to mention it was a quick and easy meal. After working all day, most nights I am NOT in the mood to cook so this was great.

My scale looks a pound lower, but I didn't have my glasses on so I'm not sure :rofl:

It snowed here yesterday. Hard to believe a week ago it was 80. Today's clear and a lil's almost FRIDAY!!

have great day chickadees!

03-11-2004, 08:40 AM
Lizzy: sounds like you had a great time making supper! And congrats on the lower scale level. Your snow is here today. UGH! Spring'll never be here

Well, the 4 pounds I lost is history. The scale for some reason went up 2 pounds today. I'm still (for now) down 2 pounds from last week, but who knows, that might go back on after tonight. I'm kind of bummed. The only thing I did different is eat a little more salad, cheese & 1 more landjaeger. I didn't think that should do it. It's not like I was stuffed. I just didn't "feel" hungry anymore. Isn't that what we're supposed to do? I admit the past few days I had been eating less. But I always had the urge to snack. Hm. Maybe I need to eat that small of amounts but when I feel the urge to snack have a piece of cheese? I'm now clueless on this WOE

03-11-2004, 08:57 AM
Good morning!!!! Yesterday went quite well and Atkins ended up easier than I thought it would be out and about. Thank heavens for McDonald's salads I say!!! Their dressings are low carb too. 4 grams of carb for one packet of their ceasar!! :)

Lizzy: Wow. It sounds like you had a blast making dinner with your kids. I love having my daughter "help" me. At four she can do a lot but wishes she could do a whole lot more. The stove is forbidden fruit so naturally she yearns to use it like a 'big girl'.

Brenda: OWL frightens me and I just started Induction!!! Just reading about it made it seem a real gamble. I asked a friend of mine who went from 180 to 130 on Atkins via IM if she had any tips for OWL and she said write down everything and include its carb count. Go up 5 grams of carbs a week and if you gain or don't keep losing, go back 5 grams. The number you find you still lose at is your OWL carb number. For example, in Induction you eat 20 grams. She added 5 grams of carbs up to 40 grams and found she stalled if she ate more than that. So she ate 40 grams of carbs for a few months until she reached her desired weight. She loved her food journal since it helped her figure out which foods stalled or even added weight. She could eat peanut butter but more than 2 ounces of cheese stalled her every time. Wild!!! Also if you are ovulating or near the TOM you could be retaining water. Isn't it so unfair how men can just cut down a bit on eating and weight falls off but the littlest thing seems to sabotage our weight loss??? Good luck! I bet those 2 pounds fall right off you. :)

Tummy Girl
03-11-2004, 09:28 AM
Good morning ladies

Special hi to Robin :wave: I've missed you over there in low carb forum, I just couldn't keep up with 2 different places anymore. I got all :?: And welcome back to low carb world, it's such a nice place to live ;) How's the shop, dh, all that good stuff?

Karen - holy hives? that's insane, you sure have been on a roller coaster lately, things better calm down soon, I think you may have had just about enough already.

Michelle - I too think OWL is tricky, it's the transition times that are most difficult during all of this. I'm at 40gm most days now but you do have to write down everything to be sure, it's amazing though because it helped me realize that this is for life, I just need to start trusting myself that I can do it, and the added food variety, well that's heaven.

Brenda - I'm beginning to think your body is very nasty to you sometimes, probably water weight, too much salt?, but even though we know it's impossible to gain 2lbs overnight it still really sucks. The small meals might help because big ones sure don't. It's worth a try :)

Bizzy - how I love quesadillas, when I find some low carb torillas up here I'm set. And the scale is down WoooHooo, glasses or no glasses, how about we count it anyway?

Jane - your picture is fabulous, we all have the same issues, it took my 7 months to post profile pics!

It looks bitterly cold outside today, spring are you there? it's tummy calling! Shouldn't complain, it's just for today, then back to better things tomorrow so the weather ppl say. Honestly, I'm just dandy still eatings good, exercise is great, I'm starting to really enjoy it now, it's amazing how losing 56lbs can put a jump in your step :p

Have a great day and to everyone who comes along later :wave:


Genghis Cohen
03-11-2004, 09:33 AM
Good Morning! I'm early today! I managed to get a surprising amont of work done yesterday, so lucky me, I don't have to take my laptop on vacation. So much less of a hassle at the airport. I also stepped on the scale for the first time since Sunday and I'm the exact same weight. But, I know that I've been in ketosis for the past week, so I'm just going to assume I have lost weight and I've gained either muscle or water. A little nervous about wearing a bathing suit this weekend. I love the beach, but when I go in the winter I'm always so puffy and pasty and everyone else is so very not.
Liz- My mother taught one of my sisters to make quesadillas when she was about 10, so on nights my mother didn't feel like cooking Halley got to make dinner as a special treat!
Brenda- Do what I do: it's either water of muscle. Takes away a lot of scale related anxiety. I hope you enjoy you antler ring when it comes in the correct size. Sounds lovely.
Michele- You've made my day. I don't generally eat fast food, but I'm going to spending a large portion of my day in airports and was a little bit worried about what I can eat.
Hope everyone has a great day, and an even better weekend.

03-11-2004, 09:42 AM
Michelle: I'm still on induction. Technically I'm sure the landjaegers I eat aren't on the list. Maybe that's the problem.

Tummy: Is it possible it's the fact that I ate the landjaeger at like 9ish? Right before bed?

Abbie: I wish I could call it muscle. But I haven't been exercising. So maybe it is water weight.

HOW do you gain water weight? I'm at a confused stage again. :lol: Just when I thought I had this WOE figured out my body throws me a curve ball. I've been drinking 64 oz (barely) of water a day. I don't think my salt intake is any more than it used to be, in fact I'd say it's less. The only thing different I did yesterday is eat a little more than usual. Is that the problem? Or because I ate something right before bed? Could it be because I'm tired? Crabby? :lol: Could it be because I've been taking sinus pills like candy (dang weather!!) Well, at least if it stays down the 2 pounds I've still lost more than the past 3 weeks. It's a start. Gonna borrow my sisters pilates tape and my bosses walking tapes (forgot the names of that). Gonna do my best to force myself to exercise. Maybe that'll move things along. If nothing else I'll firm up right?

03-11-2004, 09:49 AM
Good morning.

Wearing very baggy pants today :D I am going to have to take them in again! This is the last time it is new pants for me!

Nothing to exciting going on today, work is quiet which stinks.....makes for a long day.

BizzyLizzy: I love quesadillas. I use the LaTortilla Factory tortilla's. They are good and only 3 carbs each. I never thought of using my Forman Grill :idea:

lady_adnerb: STAY OFF THAT SCALE! You are going to drive yourself nuts. Once a week girlie, once a week. I know it is hard and sometimes we work out butts off and get on the scale and nothing but if you knew me when I first started this plan you would have heard yourself. I was down 2 up 1, down 1 up was insane. Now I am almost consistently losing 1 a week. It may seem slow to some people but I will take it.

southerngirl: :cp: on the first day of success. I didn't really have too hard of a time during the first two weeks other than the crankin headache. Just keep eating and drinking your water.

Tummy_Girl: That is so funny "we all have the same issues, it took me 7 months to post profile pics!" I kept thinking last night...."I have to take my picture off, I have to take my picture off" It just feels weird having it out there. Never mind the fact that I have "self love issues" I will force myself to leave it there....could be a very good lesson.

Genghis Cohen: Where are you in Boston by the way? I too am in MA. Don't be nervous about the bathing suit! Just remember there are hundreds of other woman on that beach that feel the same way. But for some reason we only focus in on the skinny little tanned things. You will look fabulous I'm sure.

Well time to get to work....doing what I am not sure. Check in later.

03-11-2004, 10:02 AM
Morning Ladies

Tummy~ Thanks for the welcome! :thanks: Dh is doing great...we are getting married this summer (thought I was didntcha?) The store is slow, but its that time of year. When your not in a mall, you have to rely on alot on the weather. Im hoping today we will be able to open the door...seems to attract more ppl. Hopefully we will have our website up and running within the next couple weeks. I checked out your progress and your looking amazing girl!! You've got some awesome curves!! WOW! Keep up the good work!

Lizzy~ sounds like you had a blast. My mom used to do suppers like that when we were kids and dad was working 3-11...we loved it.

Karen~ I hope your little one is feeling better soon.....your looking wonderful in your avatar too!!

Im getting ready to take off for the March break. Some travelling with my dd, visiting relatives and just spending quality mom and daughter time together. Which includes very non-atkins friendly foods. But its been in the plans since christmas and I will get into full swing of things when I get back from holidays. One of the things Im looking forward to the most, is battered pickeral!! There is a restaurant in Cambridge that serves it daily!! I'll be there next week!

I better get moving......I stil have to get into the shower!

Have a great day
Robin :wave:

03-11-2004, 10:16 AM
Oh and did I forget to mention....................... :mad:

A while back I bought some "Joseph's Low Carb Pita Bread" it is made with oat bran and whole wheat. The nutrition label was:

60 calories
0 fat
148 sodium
18 carbs
16 fiber
7 protein

This week when I bought it again it suddenly has:

100 calories
1.5 fat
334 sodium
10 carbs
5 fiber
7 protein

WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? It's getting so you can't trust anyone anymore.

03-11-2004, 10:47 AM
I'm going to catch up later when I have a moment to breathe, but I just wanted to say "HI" and share some good news. I just got my lab work back yesterday, and my cholesterol, which was high before I started Atkins, is now in the low/normal range, and my blood sugar is low. I was told it's a bit too low and that I need to eat more regularly (I skip breakfast, don't eat until noon, and then not again until 5-6:00p.m. But hey, considering that diabetes runs in my family, tied neatly into the obesity factor, I'm doing my own happy dance right now. I'll try to check back tonight after dd's school concert!!!

03-11-2004, 11:24 AM
good morning ladies!!!

I am already at work and ready to start the new day, my selling stats on Tuesday sucked so I gotta be on my game today!! (went from 50% to 26%,ooooo ouch)!!! But enh=joying another sunny day today here in Portland! Did my first 6 MILES for eqautor trek in one shot at the gym yesterday. A little sore today but feeling good! I forgot to weigh myself today though :(

Karen: good to hear from you, sorry about your baby! Hope he feels better today. :)

HI SPED!!!!!

Lady, I agree I think once weekly on the scale is good, i think we all have a terndancy to obsess on the numbers if we look to much. I went down to once weekly.

Jane: what is up with that pita bread count I would like to know too!

Robin: what kind of store do you have?? And welcome!!

Genghis: have fun and you will look great in your bathing suit I am sure!!

Tummy: I am right with you girl, I have a spring in my step too!!

Bizzy, Great job on the pound and the dinner...that sounds fun!!

Michele, great job on sticking to it while you were out and gets easier all the time with the new menus every one seems to be putting out!!

Well ladies I am off to sell, sell, sell!! Wish me luck! I will check in later. :) Happy Thursday!

03-11-2004, 12:01 PM
WOW look at all the chatty cathy's this morning, you guys are wonderful.

I'm really busy at work these past two weeks into next week for sure, so if you need anything please PM me b/c I am not reading all the posts.

Hugs !!!! :coffee:


03-11-2004, 12:47 PM
Hey, ladies. I'm like Leenie -- pretty busy. I've been trying to keep up on the posts, but I don't always have time to respond to everyone -- sorry. It sounds like everyone is doing well -- congrats to the losers, and welcome to all the new folks! And, I'm glad to see you back, Karen! Has anyone heard from Lekker lately? I think she's been pretty busy, too.

Things are still going well here. I'm staying right on plan and actually eating reasonable portions (a first for me), although I did get a little carried away with the mixed nuts last night. Oh, well. Overall, I'm still doing well.

Well, I'm off to walk my three miles for the day. I hope everyone has a great Thursday!

Take care,

03-11-2004, 01:23 PM
I am at work, and I don't have time respond to everyone just yet, but I want to wish everyone a great and blessed day!

03-11-2004, 03:02 PM
Ok. I vow to (try) not step on the scale except on Saturday mornings which is my weigh in day. My pants still fit nicely (and one pair is too loose) so I'm going to say a job well done and forget what the scale says. Forgot myself for a while there and was letting the numbers rule instead of the way I was feeling (which is pretty dang good most of the time) and that I'm eating healthier (um, we won't mention the chocolate whipping during TOM time!!!). Now if I can add in some exercise I'll be all set! Thank you all for the support!!!

PS....I went and got my ears pierced (well, just the right one) again. The boss wanted hers (cartilage) done so I told her I'd take her so she couldn't chicken out. :)

03-11-2004, 03:47 PM
Theo'sgirl~ Its a gift shop in the front half of the store. Sort of a northwoods/Adirondack(Muskoka for the canadians) theme. Thats why I thought Brenda's antler ring would be something pretty cool to introduce here in Buffalo. Hubby has the back 1/2 of the store and we run a sign business as well. Window signs, sandwich boards, window lettering, car lettering...stuff like that.

03-11-2004, 04:06 PM
Hi Everyone,
Today it's sooooo cold here.. brrrr.. Whats up with the snow I thought it was all over with! arg.
Yesterday I took a lazy day, I didn't work out and I went over my 20grams by 2 ... *sigh* TOM is taking it's toll on me this time around for sure. But today is a new day and so far so good and I really want to squeeze in a workout before the kids get out of school. I pretty much talked myself out of it yesterday, oh my leg hurt, oh im tired, oh blah blah.. not today!

Brenda - Yup I agree.. Stay away from that scale before you lose all sanity :lol: I jump on it every Wed. for WI and maybe on sat or something .. I'm sure if I did everyday I'd be pulling my hair out by now.

Karen - I hope little one feels better, I just hate it when the babies get sick :(

Cat - :wave:

Jdog - Great job staying OP! I have a hard time keeping up with posts as well, so much to do so little time always it seems.

Leenie - :wave:

Theo - Enjoy your sunny days! If you ever get tired of them I'll trade you for sure :lol:

Sped - Great News! I haven't had the courage to get my lvl's checked ever.. but soon I'm going to go in for it. I know I had to have had high chol. and diabetes also run in my family. Hopefully Atkins has straightened me out before I ever knew anything was wrong.

Jane - Did they change any of the ingrediants in those pita's? Strange isn't it.

Robin - :wave: Welcome aboard.

Genghis - Stop worrying about your bathing suit and have a great time! You wont be the only one on that beach concerned about themselves and you shouldn't let it effect your fun on vacation :)

Tummy - I simply cant wait to drop 56lbs. I think about how good I'm feeling now at 25 and I try to imagine double that feeling. It would put me into onederland! YEAH!!

South - Great job on your first OP day! I tend to get picky when it comes to my carbs in dressings. I usually just take a bottle of Walden Farms with me.. they have great 0cal 0carb 0sugar dressings. But if I'm on the road I try to stop at Wendy's... Great salads and their ceaser has 1g or Hardee's for their Low Carb Burger (minus the ketchup of course)

Well everyone I'm running out of time.. eep! Must get some movement in today so I'll try to make it back on later. Have a great day!

03-11-2004, 04:50 PM
OK.. So I didnt get here until Afternoon... At least I got here today! :stars:

TYler is doing MUCH better today! The zyrtec is helping I think!!!

I am wearing this new shirt today for the first time and I have already gotten three people telling me that I am looking even thiner. I havent gotten on teh scale as I am STILL waiting for TOM but heck.. I am thrilled to get the compliments!! :dancer:

Thanks for all the welcomebacks! I promise to get more personal later... but I really need to get cracking on laying out a new crochet book.


I almost forgot! I went to the dr last week and got my bloodwork back too! My cholestoral went up.. but not by much.. BUT the insulin is under control and my tryglicerides are down to 40 from 99 last year! THe doctor is THRILLED!!!!

03-11-2004, 06:41 PM
It gets pretty hard to do personals at the tail end of the day. I try to keep up but it's really hard!!
:wave: hi everyone.

I forgot to mention: I got the best compliment yesterday. The teacher whose room we use for Brownie meetings looked at me and said "every time I see you there's less of you there." That was SOOO cool. Now maybe if I get decent sleep I'll be in a better mood about the stupid scale thing. And I need to quit obsessing about it. DH says "forget what it says. The weight's coming off and you look fine the way you are." :) I love ego boosters on a bad day!!

03-11-2004, 06:42 PM
Congrats to the people that have excellent DR reports. Some day soon I'm thinking of going and getting my cholestrol re-checked. I had it done like 4 months before I started Atkins so it should be interesting.

03-11-2004, 07:08 PM
Ladies I am happy to report (and Brag) that it is 66 degrees and SUNNY here in Portland I am going out in the back yard to clean it up and mow the lawn!!!! YIppeeeee

Karen: happy baby is better and great job on your bloodwork!!!

Brenda I am happy you are ditching the scale for awhile...we all have a tendancy to look at the #'s too much and over analyze it ! :)

Robin sounds like a GREAT store! The antler rings would be perfect!!! They sound beautiful the way Brenda described them! :)

Hi to everyone else who came in after me this AM!!

03-11-2004, 08:17 PM
OMG! I need to get ALL new shorts for the summer! It is a balmy 66 here in Seattle today to! And I put on my shorts that were tight last summer (12s) and they fell off me! :lol: Good thing I was in my bedroom at the time and not out at the store or school!

ROBIN! Good to see you here! :) You were doing BFL werent you? Did it not go well?

well thought I would check in.. I will come back again later!

03-11-2004, 08:33 PM
TG and Karen: Enjoy that warm weather! :cool:

TG: You've made some great progress lately. I just looked at your stats. Way to go, girl!! Keep it up!

Karen: Exciting news about the shorts! I'm not a big shorts wearer even though it shorts weather year-round here. Maybe eventually I will be. I'm starting to feel a little more confident about my legs.

Brenda: I know it's hard not to rely on the scale. I do. TOPS is good for me because it keeps me on track. I know I have to weigh-in every Monday night. At the same time, if I stay the same weight or gain, I feel like I've failed. The scale is the only judge of progress there, so I'm very reliant on it. But, I try to look at other non-scale victories, too, like clothes fitting looser, muscle definition, etc.

Hope everyone has a great night!

Take care,

03-11-2004, 08:59 PM
Hey it didnt go well at all. In 8 weeks of BFL,(I did a total of 19 weeks) I lost 6lbs, in 2 days on Atkins, I lost 4lbs! So Im going to incorporate the workouts with Atkins and hope for the best...and adjust where it will surely need adjusting.

03-11-2004, 10:28 PM
Karen congrats on your shorts falling off!!! (LOL that sounds wierd, but you know what i mean!!)

Thanks Jina!!! You are doing great too, WOW 176 miles on equator trek!! You are a rock girl!! :)