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03-09-2004, 08:43 AM
Wow! I haven't started a daily thread in ages! This is cool! Ok. Where to start... I'd like to thank my mom and dad... :lol: Sorry. I'm in a GREAT mood. The scale is tipping down again. I'm just hoping it's TRUE this time and doesn't flip back up and mess w/my head. I'm still not making it official until Saturday but the thing went down 2 more pounds! So that's 3 pounds in 2 days. Hey, at this rate maybe by the end of the week I'll meet my Easter challenge!! Woohoo!! I don't think I joined the SPD one. If I make the easter one I'll be happy. I also just realised I'm like 18 pounds from the highest weight goal I have. WOOHOO!!!!!! I need to REALLY thank Dr. Atkins for making THAT possible!!!!!!

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC day!!!

03-09-2004, 08:50 AM
Morning Brenda! Congrats on the downward move of the scale digits! Maybe it's "in the water" because I'm down 4 pounds. FINALLY after a HUGE stall the needle is moving! Phew. What a relief. It was getting soooooo frustrating! I must give myself a pat on the back for keeping on plan. In the past I would have folded and given up, but thanks to you all on this board are in order because knowing I wasn't alone in all this really did help. Well, I'm off to work, so happy Tuesday to you all!

03-09-2004, 09:26 AM
Hi Brenda (you silly thing) and Lizzy and Everyone to Follow.

Brenda the incrediable shrinking woman, whats your secret ???? do you keep a fitday journal if so can I peek:

LIZZY YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, you guys are awesome, I wanna peek too :s: hehehe.

Nothing much is new here, same old thing.

No boss today :encore:


Tummy Girl
03-09-2004, 11:14 AM
Hello ladies,

Leenie - my staffies are boss free today due to my overwhelming urge to take the day off today. Enjoy your less stressful day!

Bizzy - wtg my dear, gotta love the big drops, especially when they come after the stubborn stalls. I'm very happy for you over here!

Brenda - same goes for you too, YAY!! That must feel awesome, you've been through a lot of ups and downs lately.

It really must be something in the water for sure, I did that last week too with the weight just falling off. But went to the doctor yesterday and it seems all is fine, except my brain b/c I'm paraniod. All the tests were great and I've never had blood pressure be perfect before. The dr. thinks all of it has to do with the new variety in my menu and that I'm eating enough calories to sustain the amount of exercise I'm doing, finally, that was hard to get them high enough. And my final piece of good news today is that we finally tested my body fat again (hadn't done that since last July and it was tramatizing) I'm at 23%, I used to be at 35% and gained 5lbs of muscle too boot. I'm competely thrilled :) Sometimes I just run out of words for how good all this hard work feels when it pays off.

Have a great day.

03-09-2004, 11:47 AM
Hey, ladies! What a wonderful Tuesday, huh? If you can't tell, I'm in a fabulous mood, too. :D I had a great weigh-in last night -- I lost 4.5 pounds, which put me in the 170s finally!! Over the last three weeks, I have lost 9 pounds! I can't believe it! I have struggled so long with not losing and even gaining, and now the weight is flying off! It's amazing what staying on plan and exercising can do for a person! And, even though some other things in life are going crappy right now, this weight-loss victory has just brightened everything up!

Brenda: Congrats on your loss!! You're doing wonderful!

Bizzy: Same to you! Great job!!

Leenie: Enjoy the no-boss situation!

Tummy: Woo-hoo! We're on a roll! Congrats to you for your excellent progress (your progress pictures are absolutely amazing!) and a good doctor's report!

Oh, another exciting fact: I'm now 26.5 pounds away from goal! That sounds so much better than 30-some pounds. Lots of exciting, happy stuff going on around here!! Yay!

Hope everyone else has a fabulous Tuesday, too!!

Take care,

Genghis Cohen
03-09-2004, 11:54 AM
Good morning everyone! It's snowing in Boston and absolutely lovely. I'm on day two of no scale. I've got to say, staying away from the scale in my closet is a lot tougher than staying away from the marshmallows on the top shelf. Maybe I should put the scale somewhere out of reach too.

Brenda and Lizzy- congrats on the weight loss!

Leenie- incredibly envious of the no boss thing, I have a meeting with mine tonight and I find her extremely intimidating.

Tummy- you really are an inspiration, I hope you have a fabulous day off.

Have a nice day!

03-09-2004, 12:10 PM
Finally! Been so busy this morning.

Got the hungry horrors for some reason the last couple of days. I have been keeping it at bay but it has been tough.
I didn't get out an exercise yesterday because it was snowing and I was too pooped by the time I got home to put in a tape. I promise I will tonight.

The strangest thing has happened to me with this woe....I never used to care a thing about vitamins and what my daily requirements were. Now that I have Fitday I have become a fanatic about it. I think it all happened one day when I noticed the section to check this info and I was sadly lacking in all areas. I took a multi vitamin the next day and saw the numbers sore! Then I realized I was not getting enough calcium so I bought those and now take one everyday. That number is so high now I am afraid I may be getting too much calcium. It has just amazed me how much more aware I am of what I am getting out of my food and not just what food can I eat.
Sadly though Fitday has made me painfully aware that I may not make my NYC challenge.....I am only losing on average .6 something pounds per week and I need to lose .7 something to get there. I am hoping with the "no wine" during the week and doing my 2 mile walk that will bump things up a little. Oh well, if I am not there by NYC then I will get there when I get there.

Genghis Cohen: It's hard to resist that metal monster. I was down yesterday and like a dope got on today and I am up 1. I am not going to do this again until my weigh in day on Friday and that's that. If I have to hide it in the closet like you do then so be it! :lol:

jdoggmartin: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: Way to go. 9 pounds in 3 weeks! I wish.

Tummy Girl: Seems like everyone has good news today. :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: to you too!

Leenie: :wave: Have a great boss free day

BizzyLizzy: ok, how many cheers our we allowed to have on one thread :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: congrats. I hope everyones good fortune rubs off on me soon.

lady_adnerb: Allright a few more won't hurt.....:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: Phew my arms are tired from cheering everyone on!

Have a great day everyone....will try to check in later.

03-09-2004, 03:01 PM
jane: congrats on keeping the "hungry horrors" at bay. And maybe a day of non-exercise will jump start mega weight loss? Does it work that way?

Abby: I don't know how you manage to stay away from the scale. I've always got to step on it in the morning. I always tell myself it's not official until my WI on Saturday mornings though. But to see it drop gets me pumped for the day. No change means ok, work harder. I give you credit for willpower on that one!!

Jina: Congrats on the weight loss. I wish I could say I've been exercising. I need to really make an effort to do that.

Tummy: Glad all your tests went well!! I've become the same way with taking my vitamins and such. I'm afraid if I don't that I'll be tired or end up doing stuff I'm not supposed to. I think better a routine of vitamins than a routine of carb OD'ing. :)

Leenie: Wish I could tell you what I'm doing but I can't. I don't keep a journal. I'm not that organised. I lead a very boring life and eat a very boring menu. But it fits me. I've never been an adventurous eater so everything I'm eating is stuff I enjoy. It doesn't have a lot of variety but it all tastes good. (should I mention I don't even know HOW to do a journal? :lol: ) Enjoy your boss free day :)

Lizzy: Isn't this place great for inspiration and support? I don't think I'd have gotten as far as I have w/out all you here!!! Congrats on the weight loss! Keep up the good work.

I figured I'd see who all checked in, answer you all and then get to work on planning the girl scout meeting I have tomorrow. Can't do it tonight because of hunters' safety (isn't that EVER gonna end?). I really don't want to take that test. I feel like a dunce! There's NO way I'm gonna remember all that. I'm tempted to tell them I enjoyed their class and the lessons but I don't want to take their test. Technically I don't NEED the certificate because I'm grandfathered in (I just couldn't hunt out of state). I hate feeling like an idget! :( On a positive note---I'm no longer feeling hungry, and have to force myself to eat again. So that's a good sign. I know I've eaten more (a salad w/a little chicken in it) today than yesterday so not sure how that'll effect my weight loss. I was still hungry after I ate the landjaeger yesterday so figured a salad would be the best bet. But maybe it was too much? We'll see tomorrow anyway.

Hope you all are having a great day :)

03-09-2004, 03:55 PM
Hi Everyone,
I have to say that the Tuesday Bliss is not hitting home today. TOM decided to make an appearance and well I'm just cranky and lazy. Tomorrow is WI and I am not looking forward to it now, I just know that needle isnt going to move this week. I REALLY want to go and take a nap but after reading everyones great news I'm going to pop in a workout tape. And I better do this before I change my mind so I'll try to come back in a bit and make personals.

03-09-2004, 04:07 PM
I need to share this unbelievable victory I just made.......

We have a group of people in for training today which means food! There are a couple of boxes of donuts in the kitchen that I have been eyeballing all day. Because I finally couldn't stand it anymore I broke one honey dip in half and then broke off a small bite. Put it in my mouth but as soon as I started chewing it I said "This isn't good enough, spit it out" So I did. :D
Never ever in my life would I have done that! I thought it was going to taste so good and make me feel better but instead it just tasted like a donut :shrug:

This is the sound of me patting myself on the back.....then kicking myself for going into the kitchen in the first place.

03-09-2004, 06:01 PM
but as soon as I started chewing it I said "This isn't good enough, spit it out" So I did. :D

WOO HOO Jane! Good for you!

03-09-2004, 06:06 PM
Wow.. it is so slow around here today! I am back though!!!

I have been so sick.. had the flu then a sinus infection and am now just starting to feel better.

Not much to report on teh weight loss front.. I have been off the scale for a while... but my clothes dont feel tighter so that is a good thing! TOM is due for his monthly visit in the next couple of days.. so I plan to wait for that to end then I will get back on the scale!

Other than that, I have been working frantically to get some stuff done around here and dealing with my DH interviewing for a new position. It iwll be with the same company, but this job will cause him to have 6-8 weeks of training in FL! UGH! Not to mention he will work from home full time. He is on a flight as we speak going to FL for an interview!

Hi to all! :wave: Jina, Star, Leenie, Froufy, TG, Jane, Brenda and everyone else! I missed you all.

Gotta run for a Daisy meeting, but I will check in later!

03-09-2004, 06:49 PM
Trazzie: I never feel like exercising. I went to the basement to put some clothes in the wash and lifted weights for a few minutes. Figured that was better than nothing.

Jane: Good job in avoiding the doughnut. Don't kick yourself for going into the kitchen. Keep patting yourself on the back for spitting it out instead of saying "oh well, I'll eat it anyway." You did great!!

Karen: Welcome back :wave: Sorry to hear about DH going to FL for so long. Hopefully the time flies and he'll be back before you know it. Glad you're feeling better!!

03-09-2004, 07:38 PM
Hello all! I am new to the site and this forum and wanted to say a quick hello. I start Atkins Induction tomorrow and have SUCH a long way to go. I truly believe I can do it though. :) Congratulations to everyone who has lost weight. Reading this is truly inspiring!!

03-09-2004, 09:10 PM
Welcome back Karen

Welcome Michele and we will be rootin you on ! YOU CAN DO IT.

03-09-2004, 09:58 PM
Thank you!!! :) :) :)

03-09-2004, 10:22 PM
Welcome to the board Michele. If you have any questions feel free to ask. We've all been there before. Congratulations on starting Atkins and we're behind you 100%

03-10-2004, 12:30 AM
Good evening ladies!!!

I have been a bus gal the past couple days so I have just had time now to truly catch up with ya'll!!!

Karen: GREAT to see you back, you have been missed!! :)

Michele: Great to meet you, ask any questions and pop in on whatever threads you want!! Great to have you!


Jane!! You are a goddess!!! Great job fighting that donut! I would have just swallowed it!! Your are a rock! :)

Trazzie: hope you feel better tomorrow, that 1st day of TOM is always a killer!

Lady Good luck w/ hunters safety and the GS meeting! You can do it!! And great job on the loss girl!!! EXCELLENT!

Genghis: I am tring to resist the temption of that darn scale too, I think once weekly is plenty, but then I sneak on it!

YEAH JINA!!!!! Great loss and I am glad to see you back girl!!!!

GREAT JOB TUMMY!!! You are truly an inspiration!!! :)

BIzzy great job on your losses too!!! That is soooooo excellent!

Well I have been totally OT this week and feeling great!!! Back to the gym. Have been having some BEAUTIFUL sunshine and the tulips and daffodils are coming up! Had a great hike yesterday in the woods at Mt. Tabor park!!!! The dogs came too and loved it, DH and Ds's could not keep up with me!! Shopped at Goodwill last night and got me and the DS's some cute pants. Today I went to Burlington Coat factory and got baby shower gift and my nieces b-day present outta the way. I feel very accomplished!! Glad to see everyone in such GREAT spirits!!