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03-09-2004, 02:04 AM
Has anyone tried ediets. I am so frustrated and joined but don't know if I'm staying. I guess I've been spoiled by everyone here. So supportive and helpful. I just thought some structure could help. Get me to use a journal and exercise schedule. I don't know if I did the right thing. Anyone else try.
you can email or pm me. Thanks.

03-09-2004, 03:52 PM
Hey DoubleD! Don't know eDiets myself, but I would suggest you post at the General Diets forum, or do a search there--probably get more response!

03-10-2004, 01:00 AM
I tried e-diets. I was really frustrated that all of their forums (at least when I was a member) were about challenges and not people talking. Also, the groceries wound up always being expensive and some of the recipes were so weird :?:

03-12-2004, 12:40 AM
txchick, I joined ediets during a special so it wasn't too expensive. I don't think I will renew when the 12 wks are up though. The menu's are complicated so I use the substitute option and follow my sugar busters. So basically I get advice from nutritionist and hope that putting menu in journal along with exercise will get me a little more disciplined. But for the most part I find it a little over whelmingl. And honestly the group here is so much more responsive and helpful :grouphug:

03-16-2004, 05:59 PM
Hi Donna!

I was a member of ediets from 2000 to 2002, and during that time I lost 124 pounds. I was a mentor who helped new members get acclimated to the site. After I lost my job, I wasn't able to log on as much as I had (plus I was having some pretty major issues then), so I dropped my membership.

I haven't looked at it other than just briefly since then, so I don't know what it's like now, but as far as the experience I had, it was really great! The message boards and chats were very helpful!

Have a blessed day!


03-22-2004, 11:04 PM
Michelle, 124lbs. That is just fantastic. What strength you have. I will try over the next few weeks but I have a feeling I'm might not stay when the price goes back up. I joined during a 12 wk special. The journaling I am doing I can do for free in a book or on fit day. The menu's I always have to change, because I don't have the variety of ingredients needed and it's hard to substitute so far in advance and when you do sub you own ingredients you have to calc calories and fat and so on so what exactly is ediets doing? I just don't get it yet. I found a circle of winners I really like and I'm hoping that helps. Other than that, I'm here for the most support. 3fc is great. but thanks for the info and again, Congrats on such a positive healthy life change. How proud you must be of yourself. :cp: