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03-06-2004, 10:11 PM
Welcome to a thread devoted to women who have the priviledge of taking care of our families while winning the battle to control our weight and have better health! Feel free to join right in! We look forward to getting to know you better! :lol:

03-06-2004, 10:24 PM
I feel like I haven't been here in forever. It sounds like everyone is doing great. I have been stressing lately due to my sahm's club. I am now president, and I don't like it. But, thats a whole other story.
I am going shopping tomorrow to get new SMALLER clothes. I can't belive that. I had a friend come over the other day, I hadn't seen her in a month or so and she told me how good I looked. She said that she needs to lose weight too, but doesn't have the time. What do you say to that? She stays at home too, and I know she has time.
Geri, I have the Denise Austin fat burning dvd. I don't have a step, so I modify it and get a great work out. I just mute her and turn on some good work out music. I also have the Mari winsor pilates. I just love it. I do pilates three times a week, and go back and forth between p90 and denise austin cardio. The pilates really works. I feel it when I am done. They didn't send me my extra video and resistance band, so I emailed them and its on its way. I also have a work out ball, but I lost the plug to it. I don't know if you can just buy a plug. It would be nice if you could.
I have been doing really well with my water and my eating. My portion sizes are way down, and I have been picking fruit over candy or chips.
I saw that story on the guy who did the Mcdonald's documentary. He gained 25 lbs in a month. He got the super size every time. I think its his own fault, not the restraunts. Thats like the person who sued them and lost. They ate 2 big mac supersized meals a day for a few years, gained a lot of weight and blamed mcdonalds. Ridiculous, I think. :soap: These people should take responsibilty for their actions, not blame others. Sorry, it just makes me mad. Anyway, I hope you all have a good evening.

03-06-2004, 10:53 PM
Hey everyone! Wow, everyone's been busy. I only have once comment on the whole supersize thing (I have a whole pageful of opinions but only one comment :)) the supersize is 7 oz and the large is 6.2 oz so quite frankly, you aren't losing a whole lot!

That said, congrats on all you who got in your exercise. I did the 1 mile this morning but legs are super sore. It is weird because I've been doing it for what, 2 weeks now or 1 week? Anyway, I'm just now feeling sore. I guess it is 1 week, feels like 2!!!

Andrea, I'm so glad you'll be getting a paycheck again!!! And I did get your pm this time! Super congrats on the weight! You'll be at goal before you know it!

Ricci, seems like you always come along just in time to start a new thread. I honestly think we wait for you!!! :) Thanks!!! Congrats on your smaller self! I love the Winsor Pilates too. I do the WATP's for my cardio.

Spryng, Radio could be watched with the kids except for one part where he repeatedly says "chicken****" and then Radio repeats it but you could bleep that part. Hope you got that laundry done!

Geri, Chinese...yum! Hope you had a good dinner and a nice visit with the friends.

Melinda, what Gym do you go to? I might have asked before but I forgot. Sounds like a good deal, them watching JW while you get your workout in.

Ginny, hope your doing ok and getting a little rest this weekend! You didn't end up sick did you???

Ok, well, I can't remember anything from the last thread. I'm having super bad allergies for the first time in 8 years and I think it is because of my change in eating. Hope they will eventually go away. Had a nice time at my parents. My dad fixed big old greasy cheeseburgers and fried potatoes for my DH and himself. My mom and I ate salad. I was very irritated with my DH for eating that crap. Heart disease does not spring up out of the blue. It happens because people abuse their body for years. Why can't people try to make themselves better before something bad happens??? Wouldn't that make more sense than hoping you survive a heart attack or something worse and then doing better? I love my dad but he is a heart attack waiting to happen and it worries me. My DH is too and if I have be a nag about it I will because I am not going through what my MIL has gone through with my FIL. He had a heart attack 6 years ago and now every little thing she thinks he is dying. Ugh! I am definitely PMSing!!! Sorry to take it out here but I don't think my DH can take anymore! :)

Well, I'm gonna get a little work done then turn in. Hi anyone I missed! Misty, you still there? Hope you and the family are all doing ok! Hi Jackie!!! Post when you can!

Hope ya'll have a good night. TTYL!

03-06-2004, 10:56 PM
Hi everyone,

Well the Chinese buffet was too good :p . I know I ate too much but not as much as I could have. I will not dwell on 1 meal...I've have a great week and I'll drink lots of water tomorrow :D along with a work out. I also had a good breakfast ... skipped morning snack ... had tuna on whole grain bread and a salad for lunch ... 1/2 a yogurt (both kids end up on my lap sharing my yogurt everytime I open one :lol: ) and an apple for the afternoon snack. I don't WI until Monday night.

Hi Ricci! I was wondering where you've been. Thanks for the tip on muting Denise. I never thought of that. There's just something in her voice that gets to me ... I almost want to say skinny b :censored: :o whenever I see her. I'll give it another try with some music on. Thanks!! What's all involved in your SAHM club? Sorry you're stressing :( . Smaller clothes ... that's great! Hope you enjoy the shopping.

Andrea ... it's great you can travel so cheaply! It'll really help if you need to get to Dh 'cause he's been gone so long. Good for you not gaining!

I'm trying to remember what everyone else said on the last thread...but that never happens :lol: . I hope everyone had a great day and I'll check back in tomorrow!

03-06-2004, 10:58 PM
Candy, we posted at the same time! You can vent to us anytime...PMSing or not!! :lol:

A&A's Mom
03-07-2004, 01:54 AM
Candy, sorry you are having those dreaded pms feelings. I hate when I feel that way. It's like I love Dh and want to kill him at the same time! LOL!! I get to where I'm looking forward to TOM coming so I will feel better emotionally. Feel free to vent! That's what we are here for and I'm sure you will get your chance to listen to me in about 3 wks!! Take care!

Geri, you crack me up!! I totally understand about Denise. I think she def. takes care of herself, but some people have it a little easier than others. Like I said before, her voice gets on my nerves and I think muting the t.v. is a great idea!! Glad you enjoyed your Chinese dinner. I could eat a few egg rolls right now!

Ricci, I'm soooo proud of you!!! It is always so much fun to be able to go shopping when you are buying a size smaller! (haven't done that in a while though!) I'm curious about your SAHM club. Please fill me in. I have a couple of friends that are SAHM and that sounds like something fun to do.

Well, the people Dh was supposed to stay with tonight are out of town and his SIM time was from 10pm to 2am so he will be home around 6:30 am. He is going to be beat! Well I'm off to bed. Talk to ya in the morning!

03-07-2004, 10:34 AM
Good morning everyone. I have gotten my exercise in this morning. I did some weights and the 20 min. pilates. I hope you all get yours in. My sahms club is an international organazation. It's called the MOMS club. They might have one in your area. Let me find the website, and I will post it, then you can check. The club I am in has just had some problems lately with one president being kicked out because of some horrible comments she has made, and her behavior, the other president got a full time job, so now I am president. It's only for two months, but its a hassle. I also do our events calendar, and no one seems happy with the things I put down. They complain because its too expensive, not expensive enough, that we do the same things over and over, blah blah. It really is a great club. they do play groups and baby sitting coops, and moms nights out. I think I will have a lot more fun in it when I am not on the board anymore.
Any way, I hope you all have a great day.Heres the website

03-07-2004, 12:11 PM
Good morning all!
Just a quick post here...
Ricci, are moms clubs free or do you have to pay to join? I am going to see if there is one here somewhere.
Geri, I am sure that buffet didn't set you back any. Do you get really thirsty after chinese food? I always do, I guess they use alot of sodium and I find myself thirsty for hours after eating it. But it's always worth the extra water, lol.
Candy, so sorry your dh upset you. But he does eat well 90% of the time right? I know you cook really heathly and he eats with you so I wouldn't worry about one burger affecting him. But I understand 100% about worrying about heart attacks and so-on, because that is what I deal with FIL and I worry about my dh even though he is overweight but in extremely good health right now. But as soon as he starts showing signs of diabetes or heart problems I'll be nagging him and such to eat better and loose weight, and he knows that. It's not because we like to be overbearing wives, we just like to have them around as long as possible because we love them so much. And out of all the uncontrollable things in this world that can kill us, like cancer, or accidents, eating oneself to death is not acceptable to me. Food should help us live not cut our lives short because we can't give up certain foods. But anyway, that is just my 2 cents,,lol.
well my morning is going just fine. I did my new pilates last night and I know I like the first dvd I bought much better. I feel the results better and it doesn't hurt me. The one last night really hurt my tailbone. It had me rocking back and forth with my legs off the ground and it killed my tailbone. I broke it while giving birth to my fist son (child #2) and it's never healed right so certain sitting positions and such hurts it, and last night it really hurt. It feels better today but I think I will stick to my other pilates. I always feel better after doing them and I feel the soreness the next day in my abs and such and I don't feel that today from my new one. But anyway, at least I got a workout in huh? lol.
ok, got to get going around here. TTYL!

03-07-2004, 12:38 PM
Good morning ladies!

Spryng, I wasn't all that thirsty when I got home. I did make myself drink 2 glasses of water just to start the flushing process :D .

:coffee: What a funny new icon!! I love it! Reminds me I haven't finished my coffee yet this morning.

Anyway... where was I? Sorry you didn't like your new Pilates! You must be talking about "rolling like a ball". I find that one much easier to do with the balance ball.

Ricci...I know how you feel about the "board". For my TOPS group I'm currently co-leader. I don't really have to do that much but the fact that I am supposed to go to these quarterly meetings irritates me. They're about 25 minutes away and so boring! People from all the area chapters come and there is so much complaining going on it seems that not much gets done. :( For the next year I'm going to be the weight recorder. I get to keep the books, file the quarterly reports and the annual reports. It's something I can take care of here after the kids go to bed. I should still go to the quarterly meetings, but since my best friend isn't going to be leader anymore I won't feel obligated!! Congrats on the workout and have fun shopping today.

Andrea, how long is Dh home for? Glad everything's gotten back to normal for you. :D

I got my 3 mi walk in this morning :workout: so I'll be heading off to the shower soon! I have to go find something for dinner tonight too. Maybe we'll have ground round hamburgers. Sounds good to me and easy!!
Hello everyone else!!


03-07-2004, 04:10 PM
Hello again!
Geri, I don't remember if they called it rolling like a ball or not but it hurt, alot. I won't be trying that dvd again. I'll stick with my 1st pilates tape, I know it by heart now and it feels good. Not painful. Hamburgers sound good to me too! I may have to do burgers and fries for dinner also. Haven't decided for sure yet. Great job on getting that 3 mi walk in!!
Well I haven't done much of anything so far today. Well earlier this morning I did get in some free weights. I worked on my back muscles and chest muscles and some biceps, but mostly chest and back. I'm really thinking about getting into my Firm dvd's again. I know it slows my weightloss way down but I really want to tone this poor body. How long do you think it will slow my weightloss down before it picks back up? 2 weeks? a month? Any advice would be appreciated. Anyone going to watch that Trading Spaces Home Free episode tonight?? Sounds interesting. I'll be checking it out. :corn:
Well guess I'll get off here. Hope everyone is enjoying a lazy sunday afternoon! TTYL!

03-07-2004, 06:20 PM
Hello again,

Spryng, Dh hates Trading Spaces and the occasional time I catch it they're usually doing something really off the I won't be watching it tonight:)

Nothing new here. Bought myself a little bit of spring as a treat for my good exercising. Our grocery store had mini daffodil plants on sale for $2.50. It's so cute!


03-07-2004, 10:46 PM
It's me again,

Just finished mopping the kitchen floor...I can't believe my baby was crawling on that :o . It was pretty dirty. Anyway, I think that counts as more exercise for the day :lol: ....especially the marks I actually had to scrub off. Whoever decided to put white ceramic tile in a kitchen just wasn't thinking :rolleyes: If we ever get around to replacing it I want a Pergo laminate wood floor in the kitchen. I think they look so warm and maintainence is a breeze.

OK, so I was supposed to start painting the fish on the bathroom wall....did I even touch it??? Nope. :p Maybe next weekend.

Spryng, I forgot to put my 2 cents in about your slowing your weight loss down by exercising. I know we all look at the numbers, but if you really firm up you may weigh more but fit in smaller clothes... you can't always go by what the scale says. Did you take your measurements when you started losing weight? That's one way to see results other than by the scale. That's my 2 cents...I have no idea how much it would slow the weight loss down!

Tomorrow morning I have to go to unemployment for a 3 hour seminar. :yawn: :rolleyes: Why can't they just keep paying me for watching my kids??? :lol3: Anyway, I won't be home til afternoon so I'll check in with you all then. Have a great evening everyone...hope you all got your exercise in today!

03-07-2004, 11:55 PM
Good evening!
Just me again, one more time.
Geri, you are right about toning up. I am going to focus on being 100% OP and getting in extra exercise and tone this body up regardless of what my scale says. I would like to be fitting into smaller clothes at this weight, last time I was 135 I was comfortably wearing a size 8, this time around I'm comfortable in a 10 and I can only wear a couple size 8 jeans, and that is because I've had them a few years and they are worn in well. So I know I need to tone and firm up and I'll fit into 8's again regardless of what the scale does. That would be nice.
That being said, I got in 25 minutes of pilates this evening and it felt so good to get a long session in. I would have done 30 min but Tanner needed me so I had to quit 5 min early. But that is ok, it was still a great workout. I plan on doing it again tomorrow. I'm going to focus on my pilates right now and give it a month to see how it shapes my body and then if I still need extra work I may start The Firm again or some weight training exercises. But I know pilates are suppose to be great at sculpting you slim, so we'll see. I'm giving it a real shot :) Well I am beat, so off to bed I go. TTYL!

03-08-2004, 11:29 AM
Good morning!!!!
Gee, being a bear of little brain I wonder if I am going to be able to keep up with all the posts!!!!!!!

Spryng- first of all, I would kill to be 135......but I am so happy for you!!!!!
As far as the size goes, you are still probably recovering from Tanner a bit, and range of motion is somewhat limited with winter and all. I hope you are staying OP today...and getting back into the swing of things. Have you had any luck with fast track?????

Geri- well, how did the seminar go???? I had no idea that you had to attend stuff like that......hope it was not too boring. And hey, I count scrubbing the kitchen floor as an activity! Gosh that can be hard work.

Ricci- good for you getting a workout in! And congrats on the new clothes!!!
Doesn't that feel great!!!!!!!! You deserve it!

Candy- how are you feeling between PMSing and allergies! What a nasty combo. Sorry about Dh not eating well. Mine does not either.....although he is being a bit more concious of it and sometimes tries to eat better. One way I got him to eat a wee bit better is that we go for our annual blood test together. The Lions in town have an annual blood screening clinic- and a major lab comes in and performs a total blood screening (all the usual blood chemistry stuff and cholesterol) for $36. We started going about 5 years ago- and now make it our annual date- ok it is a dumb date, but a date. Plus they serve coffee, juice and we sneak out at 6 am (and I save the 6 points so I can enjoy that donut- they get them from the Dunkin so they are worth eating) get our blood tests and chat for a while. He would NEVER go if I did not do so also- and the results are sent to our house and to our Dr. It is the only way I can get him at all interested in eating better. Maybe you can find some similar way for your Dh. And of course you have heard (working in a Dr office) that being married adds years to the lifespan of the husband.......subtracts from the livespan of the wife. Any wonder why?????? Men are such lousy patients.

Ok, nuff of be blabbering!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a snow day today......boy did I need this day off! The weekend was busy, especially yesterday and I was pooped. So far the kids have been good, and I have been able to relax a bit- get a little extra sleep and come here and say hello. I am going into PMS mode, myself.......TOM is due next week, but now know from all my WW weigh ins that the water weight really shows up 10 days before. I am going to a meeting Thursday.......can't make my usual because Dd has a dentist appt. But Thursday am is with the same leader and I am looking foward to it.
I have eaten pretty well the past few days- and gotten some workouts in- although not long ones. Today I did the WW tape for 4 points. I think before I go to the WI I am going to try to take the PMS water pills for a day or so (anyone ever try those?) just to see if I can come up with a more realistic WI. I know I am slowing down in my weight loss- but would really like a real number this week- unbloated!!!!!!! Gee, have I babbled enough?
Hi to Jackie, Andrea, Michele, Melinda.......anyone else I missed.
Have a great day.

03-08-2004, 11:42 AM
Good morning all!
Ginny, what are those pms pills called?? My TOM is due on my WI day this week, friday. Sucks. I'm sure it will screw up my results, but o-well. Part of being a woman. And yes, I have been OP with no problems since last week. I have not tried the fast track as of yet. I figure since I was messing myself up I would see if I could get some more weight off doing what I did at the beginning of WW, staying OP!! :lol3: Last week was a good WI and I'm just going to try my hardest to keep it up. I'm not hoping for too much this week since TOM is coming, but at least I know it will be from TOM and not because I was off plan any. But I have the fast track as my back up plan! So glad you got a snow day!!! I feel so bad for you though, here we are having 67 degree weather and you are snowed in. :( I'm sure you are very ready for spring.
Well today, I want to get outside sometime today. I'd like to take the kids to the park later, but we'll see. I like to go when no one is there and that needs to be before 3 pm, my problem with that is, I have to go this morning and it's not too warm yet, it doesn't get 60 degrees until after noon, and after noon Tanner takes his nap and doesn't get up until around 3... so there is my dilemma. When to go. What I need to do is get the kids in for a checkup today too. Tanner needs shots. But his ped. doesn't get in until 1 pm. So timing is all off for me. So I'm not sure what I will be doing today, park? maybe. doctor? perhaps. I guess I'll play it by ear.
But anyway, I'm off here for now. TTYL!

03-08-2004, 11:47 AM
Just a quick post here... I just did a search on PMS symptoms and natural ways to relieve them and I found Evening Primrose Oil really helps with the bloating and mood swings and I have two huge bottles in my medicine cabinet from when I was trying to get labor going with Tanner!! I'm so happy right now. I'm going to go take them and see if it helps any. I am so moody and cranky today I can't stand myself. TTYL!

03-08-2004, 11:59 AM
Sunday is my day off of workout or catch up day if I have not gotten 5 workouts for the week. Went to a baby shower for a baby girls, lots of cute clothes. I got her the pratical boppy. They grow out of clothes so fast. It is interesting that baby girl showers get so many more clothes than boys. My son has plenty of clothes, but we really got a lot more practical items. I guess not as many cute things for boys. In the south, a lot of people put the babies in smocks. They are so cute, but I can not do it to my son. It does look kind of sissy.

You gals have great motivation with the workouts at home. JW has a bit of a runny nose, so we will not be at the gym. Everytime I think to do a video, I think about all the laundry, cleaning,etc. that needs to be down. I guess I should be working out instead of typing now, but this board is the motivation.

Candy - I workout at West Ashley Aerobics and Fitness. It is not too big or too small. The girls in the nursery are great. They do not feed or change diapers, which I feel more comfortable doing on my own anyway. They will get you if your baby is screaming, but JW really enjoys it.

Ginny - I have taken water pills at TOM and they make me have the runs, if you know what I mean. Might not have the same effect.

Geri - I am with you on the white ceramic floors, we have them in our kitchen. Wood floors in the other rooms and much easier. We have a lab chow mix that lives in the house and he tracks in everything. I vacuum everyday. When JW is crawling, I am sure I will have to mop everyday as well. I have tried the swiffer, but it really doesn't do a good clean for me. I definitely count that as a workout. I can get Dh to do it sometimes, bc it is his dog.

Ricci - Thanks for the info on the moms club. I got a number of someone in the area. I called last night, but have not heard from her. I am not sure what part of town, but everything is about 20-30 min from where I live.

Have a Happy Monday! I am going to pop the tape in now.


03-08-2004, 02:17 PM
Just a quickie as I have a severe ear infection and am not feeling too sporty. My ear just started killing me out of the blue last night (I have had head congestion with these allergies for the past few days) and I tried to go to bed but it hurt so bad I couldn't sleep. I did fall asleep but then woke up from the pain so I took a couple tylenol and it took off the edge but I dreamed people were poking me in the ear all night! So, 8am this am I went to one of those walk-in deals and they thought I had a perf'd ear drum but it is just recessed for some reason but severly infected! Ugh!!! So, I can't hear and I feel like I have a gallon of water in there that won't come out. I have so much to do this week that I really can't afford this right now, but what am I gonna do??? Ginny, so glad you got a break and nice to hear from you. Been missing you! Hi Spryng, Geri, Melinda, Andrea, Misty, Jackie and Ricci. Hope everyone is having a great day!!! How many of us are expecting TOM this week??? Are we all getting on the same schedule? Wouldn't that be wonderful??? :)

03-08-2004, 03:43 PM
Hi ladies,

The seminar was only semi boring. There were some darn rude people in my group. Two ex-army guys trying to talk softly together but you could hear them none the less. Then one lady was really pissed about having to go there..she calmed down about half way through. They just tell you all the things they can do to help you find a job. I have to attend one more seminar that's only 2 hours long and then I don't have to do it anymore. On the bright side each of these seminars counts as 1 of my two job applications for the week I attended them. That's one less chance someone will like my resume :lol: .

So, Mom puts Tony down for a nap ... and he's still sleeping ... it's been over 2 hours! He NEVER naps like that for me. Sure hope he's not feeling sick and that it's just Grandma's touch. :p

I think I'll save my workout until tonight after the kids go to bed. I don't like to do that but I didn't have anytime this morning before I left. Since I'm all showered and stuff I don't want to have to do that again before my meeting tonight. By 8:30 I should be able to get my butt on that treadmill or do some pilates or something.

Ginny, so nice to see a long post from you! You rarely have time for that....snow day...I don't want any more of them! It's only in the 30's today...sure wish it would hurry and warm up. But then again it is only March :D .

Candy, didn't you just have an ear infection???? What's the deal chickie...all that raw food is supposed to be good for you isn't it??? Seriously, I hope you are feeling good real soon. You were sick for awhile, then allergies, now PMS?? I think you've had your share.

Melinda, if I don't get my tape done by 9 ish during the week, it isn't going to get done til after Dh gets home. By then the boys are all over me one needing something or another. Mommy-hood does have it's limitations. I have noticed I'm not as good at keeping up with the daily cleaning as I was before the workouts. In shape ... or neat & tidy all the time ... hmmmmmmmmm...I'll take the exercise. I feel so much better since I started. :lol:

So sorry everyone's feeling PMS emotions. I think I'm the end of the month now. I belive January had 5 weeks so I had it twice that month (yippee :p ). Well, WI tonight. I'll come back on and post results.

Have a great day everyone....dinner?? Chicken breasts grilled, veggies and a baked potato. Anyone else?

03-08-2004, 04:02 PM
Geri - Glad the seminar wasn't too bad. JW slept for 3 hours this morning, which he is usually done 1 in the morning and 3 the afternoon. My Dh says that it might be allergies since both of us have them. The weather is great, but the pollen is awful.

I got about 30 minutes of a workout when he was sleeping. I could have done another 30 but I had no idea that he would sleep so long. And I did want to get a shower before I went out today.
I have a dr friend that says it is actually better to do two mini workouts. One in am and pm bc your body burn calories more effective after each workout. Haven't tried it.

Candy - I have been having itching ear problems, but nothing like what your going thru. Must be the weather this year. I can't believe we had a day that was 84. That is nuts. I am glad I am not going to be pregnant this summer. Get better.


03-08-2004, 04:33 PM
Happy Birthday Andrea!!!

:hb: :bravo: :hat: :gift: :balloons:

Hope you're having a great day!!

03-08-2004, 07:42 PM
Geri, that's what I'm saying?!? (@ raw food making me healthy!!!) Actually though I am a different person as far as energy and pain levels. I was only on the raw food for 1 month when I got sick and then have been never really recovered for the past month. I guess 1 month of raw vs 29 yrs is not enough to drastically boost my immune system. I'm sure the longer I go, the less I'll get sick. That's my hopes anyway. Glad you class was only semi-boring. As for Tony, my kids used to do the same thing. So aggravating. The grandma's always seem a little proud about it too, "They don't do that for you?"

Melinda, congrats on your workout. I can't believe the weather here either. I was wearing shorts last week and a jacket this week. Yuck!!! Hopefully this will be our last chilly week.

Tomorrow I hope to be well enough to go to Ravenel Town Hall and get a zoning permit so we can get our building permit. We tried to get our building permit last week and found out we have to have the zoning permit. Who knew??? So many hoops to jump through.

Hope everyone is having a good evening. I'm gonna go lay down for a bit. TTYL!!!

03-08-2004, 09:47 PM
Good evening all.
It's been a long day for me. I'm very much battling depression and general pms today. It's hitting me very hard for some reason. I'm feeling a little better tonight but not myself yet. I took Tanner to get his shots this afternoon and he is very sore from them and they discovered he has a bad ear infection so he's taking some medicine for that now too. He wasn't even fussy so I had no idea he had an infection. Then getting the prescription filled took forever so by the time I got home I was so emotionally on overload and tired. I really wanted to take the kids to the park since it was 73 degrees today!!! Beautiful weather! And I didn't even get to enjoy it because I feel horrible. I'm going to the herb and nutrition store tomorrow to find something that can help. Something has to give. But anyway, I just wanted to post real quick. Sorry I did not get personal but I noticed nobody has addressed me personally today either so maybe it works out well, lol. I just feel so bad right now, sorry. I'll try to be more cheery tomorrow. TTYL!

03-08-2004, 10:44 PM
Spryng- so sorry that your day ended like it did......I know that there is a PMS tea, I think it has dandelion in it and some other stuff, primarily to help with the bloating. For next month- try taking 400 mg vitamin E daily- not just at PMS time but all the time. I think you should be taking some B with it also....I can check on that. Anyway- I had read an article about that I did find that for most months taking the B's and E really helped. Unfortunately, it does nothing for you for this week. I'll be praying for you........hang in there hon! Sorry about Tanner's ear too.

Geri- well you got that seminar out of the way! And hope you got your workout in! Sometimes it is hard for me to do it later in the day, which is why I get up so darned early. How did the WI go????? I know it will be good.

Andrea- well, I am going by Geri's greeting......happy birthday!!!!!!!!! :D

Melinda- I have heard that too, about splitting up a workout to make it more effective. Haven't tried it of course. Good for you getting your workout in today! Hope your ear is ok......ear itches can be so frustrating.

Candy- oh you poor woman! I hope you feel better! Ear aches are so painful.
I hope that tomorrow you do feel well enough to go to town hall for the permit- it will be frustrating for you if you can't. I gather they put you on some major antibiotic for the ear infection, please remember to take all the meds to make sure that you get rid of this. Big hugs to you!

Well, I survived the day with the gang (who got a wee bit bored, but were for the most part, pleasant). What a nice surprise to have the day off. I took two short naps....and finally sewed the valances for the new family room. And got some cleaning done....oh, it felt so good not to be rushed. I like winter/winter weather- cause it takes all the pressure off to garden and I can focus on inside sewing....which I am happy as a clam doing.
So, I had a pretty good day. I am coming down with some cold like thing- starting to get congested feeling in my chest....the last time I had one of these things, it took me ages to get rid of. Jackie will well remember the time I wanted activity points for was that bad. But tomorrow I have to face the music again and the kiddies and the bus again. Bummer......but it could be much worse. Dh is not feeling all that well either- he came home with a headache. (at least he can't blame that one on me!)
Ok, I have babbled enough for one day. Hope to get back here tomorrow.
Have a great nite.

03-08-2004, 11:37 PM
Hello everyone,

Spryng, :wave: :grouphug: :doh: I had to go back to my last posts to see for sure that I hadn't addressed you.....I'm sorry. :( Your last couple of posts have been short...that's the only thing I can think of. I'm so sorry that Tanner has an ear symptoms?? That's strange. I hope you are all feeling better soon.

Wow Ginny, you sure get alot done when you have a snow day! Congrats on catching up on so much. Hope your cold thingy doesn't turn into anything. I could wave some of my "cold mixture" aromatherapy oil in front of the computer but I don't think that would work. :lol:

Candy, hopefully all will go well with your zoning/building permits. We're going to build a deck this year and it's amazing how many times the inspector has to come look at it...I know they want them to be safe...ours will be practically on the ground. We were going to go with a patio but we both like wood decks.

Andrea, glad you got that workout in. Itching ears...sounds annoying as heck. I, luckily, don't have any allergies. Dh does though so hopefully the boys will take after me. Hope JW is feeling himself soon too.

So here's a sample of how funny the mind works...well mine anyway. I lost 1.5# this week ... right smack dab in the middle of the 1-2 lbs that I said I would be happy with. Now, I KNOW that this is a terriffic loss, but somehow a part of me was disappointed that it wasn't 3# again. Isn't that just stupid?? No wonder we sabotage ourselves so much. Well that negative thinking is gone....bye bye! I am extremely happy to report that I lost 1.5# this week :D :cb: :cp: :sunny:

OK, I do want to look up some things and maybe read before I go to bed. Oh I forgot, I got in 31 minutes on the treadmill tonight...Ginny I would rather exercise in the morning but I just cannot pull myself out of bed to do it!

Have a great night everyone and we'll talk to you in the morning.

A&A's Mom
03-09-2004, 12:00 AM
Thanks for the Happy Birthday!!!!

I turned 26 today! I'm ready to stop having them!!! Anyway, Dh was in Memphis all day but is home now so tomorrow he is going to take me out to lunch and I'm going to get a patio set for my backyard!!!!! Can't wait!! Well, I hate to cut this short, but Dh is here and I need to go spend time with him.

Candy, my computer shut of for some crazy reason and I only read half of your pm and lost the rest. If you have it saved, will you send it again?

I hope all of you have a great night and I be back to visit tomorrow!!

03-09-2004, 09:07 AM
Spryng, sorry you ended up having such a rotten day. Do you battle depression often or is just an every now and again type of thing. My mom suffers from depression and she has had success with Sam-E. That's crazy about Tanner! I've been thinking about babies with ear infections since mine started up and thinking that if they had just a fraction of the pain I am in now, it would be miserable!!! Hope he'll be over it soon and here's a great big hug hoping today will be a great day for you! :grouphug:

Ginny, so glad you enjoyed your day off. Sounds like you got quite a bit done! Hope today isn't too hectic for you. Oh, and I agree about the B vitamins being really important for pms. I take a "Stress" B vitamin and also take B-12 before bedtime. Spryng, I have heard evening primrose is good for female things and I used to take it but I was taking so many things at that point that I couldn't tell you if it helped or not.

Geri, Congrats on the workout and the loss!!! :tread: :goodscale

Andrea, hope you and DH have a great lunch and have fun shopping!!! Hope you both have better success than we did last year. Took us forever to find something we liked! (We didn't want to spend $1000!)

Hi to everyone else...Ricci, Melinda, Jackie, Misty...hope you are all doing well and having great days!!!

I am still in the full throes of this infection. I got in 3 doses yesterday hoping I would wake up a new woman but I am in so much pain it is not funny. I don't know how much more I can take. It is not just my ear but my whole right side...jaw, neck, throat. So it hurts to eat or talk or move. I am also worried because they put me on old rinky dinky amoxicillan. When I breastfed I had chronic breast infections and we found out that I had immunity to several antibiotics. Supposedly for another part of the body it is not supposed to be immune but we'll see. I'll give it today and if I am not doing better they are gonna give me something else!!!

I'm off. Hope everyone had a happy, on plan day!!! :coach:

03-09-2004, 09:57 AM
Good morning all!
First let me apologize for yesterday. I was so cranky and depressed. I don't know what was wrong with me but I feel like myself again this morning. I think between pms and just things going on in my life I was overwhelmed emotionally. I'm going to try and find something for me to take today at a nutrition/herb store. And no candy I don't really deal with any depression so it was foreign to me. I delt with some bad post partum after my first baby was born and really nothing since then. I just had so many feelings and emotions yesterday I couldn't deal with. But I got in bed early and feel so much better today. So again, I am so sorry for being a biddy yesterday.
Candy, I hope your ear clears up soon. Tanner must be really fortunate to not be bothered by his. But he's taking his medicine and hopefully it clears it up fast.
Andrea, I hope you had a wonderful time with your dh and a patio set sounds wonderful!! I really want to get one of those big swings with the canopies to go in my backyard this spring. Tanner will be walking soon and then we'll be outside alot I'm sure and a swing would be wonderful to sit in and enjoy watching them play.
Geri, congrats on the 1.5 lb loss!!!! That is so funny, everyone who has WI this week has lost that amount. :) We must be on to something. And yes we would like to lose 3 lbs every week and get so excited if we do but 1.5 is great too! I would like to exercise in the morning too but I'm like you, I can't get myself out of bed to do it. Tanner gets up around 7 am and I can't get up at 6 am to exercise, my body won't let me, lol. So I do mid afternoon exercise or late night ones. But as long as we do it, don't guess time matters.
Ginny thanks so much for the info on vit E and B, I will try and get some today also. I do take my multivitamin everyday and sometimes I take one of the kids vitamins to go with it for an extra boost, but I know I need extra of certain things. Do you think I can take a pms herbal supplement, E and B vitamins and my multi without any problems?? Hope you aren't getting a bad cold. Colds so close to spring are always the worst.
Well, guess I will get off of here. I need to get the kids around so I can run to town and pick up a movie and go to the nutrition store before the crowds appear, lol. I do feel much better today so thanks again all for putting up with my crankiness yesterday. I'll try not to do that again, lol. TTYL!

03-09-2004, 10:57 AM
Good morning everyone.
Congrats on everyone who has lost this week. I am still maintaining, and it really frustrates me. Happy Birthday, Andrea. I would love to have a backyard set, but first, I need a back yard. Spryng, don't apoligize for being upset. Thats what we are here for. We all have bad days and get on here to complain. Glad your feeling better though. Candy, you poor thing. An ear infection. Both my mom and my brother have one right now. It's got to be terrible. For all of you with TOM coming, ugh. Mine was last week. I remember a year or so ago, I took some midol, but it made me sick. So now I have diurex. It works well and doesn't make me sick.
Shopping the other day was fun. I got two new shirts at Old Navy. One was a racer back tank with a built in bra. It is soooooooooo comfortable. I am going to have to go get another two or three to wear this summer. They also have new shirts out that fit differently. There is the perfect fit tee, relaxed fit, and I don't remember the other one. The other shirt I got was a perfect fit one. I also got a really cute pair of capris. And Jc penneys was having buy one get one half off on their bras, so I got one and my mom got one and we split the cost. I didn't find any shoes or shorts that I liked though. Got to start looking for those.
Last night I almost had a heart attack. Dh came up to me and said, I have decided that I want to eat better, so your in charge of getting the groceries to make sure that happens. Well, he has never tried to change his diet. I am still trying to get over the shock. Now if I can just get him to start exercising again. I hope eveyone has a good day.

03-09-2004, 12:09 PM
Well, yesterday was too good to be true- back to the quickie posts for me!
Spryng- I know that you can take all of that-PMS herbal stuff, regular vitamins and the extra B/E. Vitamin E ( and enough of it!) is so hard to get in the normal diet........any diet for that matter. Give it a try for a month and see how you feel. Hope your day goes better today.......PM me if you need to chat, ok?

Candy- gee, I am gonna sound like a drug maniac here.....amoxicillin should be ok for a plain ear infection.......but then if you have a history of trouble with it not working- well I would think that you should feel some relief after 24 hours of meds......amoxil works pretty quickly not like the sulfonamides.
Big hugs....and I hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Geri- WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I would take a 1.5# loss!!!!!!! :D GOod for you getting the treadmill in!!!! (and I hear ya about getting up in the am, it is tough).

Andrea- happy bday, again!!!!!!!!!!! Aw, 26 isn't bad!!!! Hope you had a nice day, and Dh treated you like a queen.

Ricci- sounds like a successful shopping trip to me! That is so great about Dh wanting to eat healthy. Does he have a weight problem???? Or just wants to take better care of himself. Mine is eating well to get thru the blood test at the end of the month......a little short sighted but better than nothing!

Went out for a walk this am.....the long 3.5 knocked me out but then that could be this cold. I am tired and a bit congested/hoarse.....this will pass. I am planning to have chicken soup for dinner again tonite to see if it helps. The rest of the clan is having chicken.
Guess I'd better go mop the kitchen floor and get dinner started. Have a great day!

03-09-2004, 12:36 PM
HI Ladies,

I have been MIA for the last couple days.... but it doesn't look like anyone noticed ... lol :yikes: I tell you, everytime I get off plan I stop posting. And that is when I need to be here the most!

Hope you find something at the herbal store. Sorry to hear about Tanners ear :(

Candy ~
I am so sorry you are not feeling any better yet :cry: They need to put you on something better than amoxcil!

Congrats on the new clothes!!! It is always fun shopping for yourself! :D ;) Maybe some of your good habits are rubbing off on hubby!

Andrea ~
Happy Belated Birthday! :hb:

Cubba ~ CONGRATS CONGRATS ON THE LOSS!!! :dance: :cb: :dancer: :bravo: I am the same way about wanting my weigh loss to be more! You know you bust your butt all week for a pound! But you gotta think positive.....It is better than staying off plan and gaining a pound

Melinda ~ How are you doing today? The thing about doing two mini workouts sounds right. It makes sense!

Ginny ~ How are the kids today on the bus? Congrats on getting the valance done! :cb: :cp:

Have a great day,

03-09-2004, 12:53 PM
Good morning ladies,

Penny, I did notice you were gone :( I read the TOPS posts also and when I saw your name last night I thought, gee we haven't heard from Penny lately!! It was late and I was tired so I was going to bug you this morning. Hope you're back OP and everything is going well :D .

Ginny, congrats on the walk this morning! Not only is it hard to get moving early in the morning, but when you have a cold it's even tougher. You're really motivated!! Hope the chicken soup helps. :)

Ricci, glad you enjoyed shopping. Dh wants to eat healthy! Yipee!! Mine doesn't complain about what I cook and although he won't exercise I can tell by how much he's eating that he wants to lose a few pounds too. I'm hoping to get him bike riding with me and the boys this summer. He grew up working in a bike shop so he loves bikes. We shall see. He'll be building our deck! He took today off to get some errands done.

Spryng, it's a wonder you aren't stressed out more often!! You're raising those kids by yourself since poor Dh is on the road all the time. We're here to listen...good or bad... for better or for worse :lol: ...and we won't try to avoid you during PMS time like a Dh might :eek: Who better to understand PMS than a group of women?? I'm glad you're feeling better today and I hope you find the right mix of stuff for yourself. I have terrible PMS every couple of months or so...emotionally wise. I don't have much for cramps (thank God!) but I get really wacked out.

Candy, how's the amox working?? Hopefully you are feeling better today and are on the road to recovery!!

Andrea, enjoy 26...before you know it you're 40 :eek: ...but they are the fabulous 40's!! Did you get back OP?

I have to go get Tony a bottle!! Got my 3 mi walk in this morning. Now laundry to do.

I'm going to try to chat at 2 if anyone's interested. Melinda, how's your day going? Hi to anyone I may have missed.


03-09-2004, 01:54 PM
Geri - It is great that you weigh in at the beg of the week. I probably should do that so it makes me more accountable on the weekends. I always think I can lose it my the end of the week and then we are doing the same cycle over and over.

Penny - I am with you on being off the boat. The weekends are tough and this week is full of family b-days so we will be having lots of parties.

Ginny - Glad you had a day off. How early do you start your bus run in the morning?

Ricci - Shopping always makes me feel good. That is great news about Dh. I wish I could get my Dh on program. The problem is that his whole family is his size and they do not have health problems, so no motivation.

Spryng - Hoping for a better day. Think of it this way at least there is less of you to be depressed and moody about.

I am going to start weighing daily so I can see how much effect each meal is making on my diet. I will report Friday loss or gain. Worried about this week with all the meals away from that I am not preparing. Another workout in, that is doing good, but I still continue to eat it will not make much difference.

Glad I am not PMS. I thought it got better once you had kids. I had horrible endometris before JW, didn't think I could have a baby. The dr said that the cramps would get better after preg. We will see once breastfeeding is over. JW has two bottom teeth and I have read that they do not use them to nurse. I can really feed them, so I don't know how much longer I will last. It is so nurturing I hate to let it go.

Happy Tuesday!


03-09-2004, 03:23 PM
Hey Melinda,
I am still nursing Andrew and he is 9 months old. He has 3 teeth and working on the fourth so I know how you feel. I am hoping to wean him by one year but he might have other plans! :goodluck:

Congrats on getting in another workout. Just do the best you can at the gatherings and know that you made an effort. Some choices are better than others. Eat before you go so you won't have as much or bring some food with you (sometimes that hurts peoples feelings though, just depends).

And about the weighing every day. Sometimes I can eat on plan for days and mess up one day but the weight will not show up the next morning. Sometimes it takes a while, for me, that is. But I do weigh every day and have for a long time. Recording once a week I think is the best :)

Chubba ~ You are doing awesome with your workouts! You are an inspiraton! I am working on getting some WATP's tapes off ebay. But they are just so expensive. Is the walk the walk just as good? :dunno: Both made by Leslie

Have a great day everyone! :) I would like to chat but I pick Hunter up at two so I will post later :)

Candy, Spryng, Ginny, Andrea, needtolosemore Hope you are having a great day :) :sunny: :sunny:

03-09-2004, 03:38 PM
Good afternoon all!
Boy what a beautiful day it is today! Not quite as warm as yesterday but still nice :)
Melinda, you cracked me up. Yes there is less of me to be depressed about :lol3: ! I think with all the pms hormones it made me ponder different things about my life until they got me down. I shouldn't let that happen and I rarely think about my past but I let it get to me yesterday. But I am much better, thank you all so much for caring. Do you get periods even though you are nursing? I hope your endo. get better too. I never dealt with cramps and such much but I know some women get them so bad they can't get out of bed. Alot of women get Mirena because of that. It helps clear it up. Are you planning on having more children any time soon?
Geri, thank you so much for your kind words. And you spoke of the fabulous 40's, do you really love yourself more the older you get? I know Oprah said that she would never want to be in her 20's again but really feels herself now that she is 50. Is that true?? I don't feel 24 most of the time, i feel so much older. Which makes me wonder what I will feel like when I am actually older. You are very young at heart though, I can tell. of course when you are raising young children it keeps you young :)
Penny, I'm glad you are back today. You can post with us even when you are off plan. It may help keep you accountable.
Ginny, chicken soup sounds great! Do you have a specific recipe? I would have no clue how to calculate pts, but soup sounds wonderful. I would like to try some sometime. I hope that cold goes away fast. Do you take that Zicam?? It really nips a cold in the bud, fast. For me anyway. I will start taking it as soon as my throat begins to get sore or my chest feels congested and within a day it gets better, and I'll take it one or two days longer just to make sure. But I haven't been sick since before I got pregnant with Tanner. Now that I said that I'll be sick tomorrow, lol.
Ricci, that perfect fit t-shirt sounds great. What is the difference in it than the relaxed one? Does it stretch more so it hugs your curves or is it baggy? I may need to check out old navy again soon. That is so great that your dh wants to eat better. He must really see the changes in you and want to hop on board with the healthy lifestyle. That is what I am hoping happens to my dh. In all the years we've been married he tried atkins with me once, for 5 days, and even though he lost 10 lbs in those 5 days it wasn't enough to keep him on it. I'm hoping that I will lead by example this time and he'll want to do WW because he sees how easy it is to do and how much better I look and feel about myself. We'll see. I'm staying optomistic.
Well I did go to that nutrition/herbal store. They carry a little bit of everything I guess. The only thing they had for pms was homeopathic tablets. Now I have to admit I don't really believe in homeopothy but I'm desperate!! lol. So I bought them anyway just to try. I also bought a big bottle of stress relief pills. It has lots of vit b and e in it and lots of other things to help with the mood and add extra energy. I took them as soon as I got home and I feel really good right now. So maybe they work, don't know. But I also rented Mona Lisa Smiles and have been watching it since I got home and it's a great movie so far. I'm still not done with it. hard to watch continuously with little ones needing things and attention. Tanner started running a fever last night and it hit 102.2 degrees this morning. Worried me so I called the ER to see what they though because his pediatrician said to call if it got over 101 degrees. Well they just told me to give him motrin and tylenol and wait it out. So I am waiting. Why would they say not to worry unless it hits 101 degrees and then when it goes much higher they still tell you not to worry? When is the proper time to worry?? So confusing. But it has gone down some now with motrin and he is napping so I think he will be fine. I hate getting shots for that reason, so many side effects can happen and I don't know what to do about it.
Well, I think I will grab a nap. I didn't sleep too great last night. TTYL!

A&A's Mom
03-09-2004, 08:38 PM

Spryng, glad to hear you are feeling better. I have been having some crazy feelings too. I think it's hormones from the miscarriage. My Dr. also put me on BC which I do not like taking. I don't like putting medicines in my body that aren't necessary. But, I don't want another baby now and I guess I will be on it for a year or so. I think that also may be adding to my mood swings. :dizzy: So, dear, I understand. Don't worry so much about Tanner having fever. Kids can run a much higher fever than adults. Just use the medicine and don't worry unless it get up to 104. Thats what my ped. says anyway! :D

Candy, I hope you get to feeling better. Is someone helping you with the kids? I hope so. There is nothing worse than being sick and still have to be up taking care of the kids too. Wish I was closer and I would watch them for you! :)

Melinda, I breastfed Andrew until 15 mo and Alex until 23 mo. I just had a hard time with Alex telling him no. I wouldn't worry about quitting unless he is biting you all of the time! :lol:

HI everyone else! I had a great birthday with Dh today and I love my patio set! I'm sorry I didn't get personal with everyone but Dh is getting irritated with the kids! Gotta go!

03-09-2004, 08:47 PM
Good evening,

I should probably start a new thread...but I wont :D .

Spryng, Tanner's fever could be due to the ear infection that you didn't know he had too couldn't it? Hope he's better soon.
The 40's...lets see. The postive things about being 40...I'm more financially set, I have Dh :love: and the boys, I have life experience, I know what I want....the only negative for me is I only have another 40 or 50 years left in me!!

When I was 24 I wasn't even thinking about having kids. I was having a blast but mostly we would go out to the bars, drink way too much, hope to meet the man of our dreams (never happened for any of us till much later in life), and being hung over in the morning. :lol: I wouldn't change it for a minute but I also wouldn't want to go back there. I'm comfortable here and 40 isn't nearly as old as it used to be :D

Penny I have the Power Walking System which has the Power firm and power walk 3 miles. I got the dvd for $12.99 at Best Buy. I didn't see it on that Collage video website at all. My gf has the 3 video WATP set. I haven't seen them yet to see what the difference is. One of these days I will get the 3 miler from her to see how I like it.

Melinda, I always thought Monday was a horrible day to WI just because of the weekends, but it is better because it does make you accoutable for the weekends. Lucky for me we don't go out to eat much. I have a birthday party on Saturday so I'll eat lightly during the day...mostly fruits and veggies and hope for good choices at the party. As long as I don't go overboard, I don't feel guilty about eating. I'm even going to have a piece of cake again :D

I went back to Kohl's today :^: I'm spending money like I'm still working...but it was the last day for the extra 30% off. I got a pair of Avia walking shoes for $21, 2 champion tank tops for sweating in :D and a new pair of jammies for relaxing. I'm done shopping :o ...that's what I told Dh!!

For our TOPS meeting we're going to have a purse auction to raise money for our chapter. We're to bring a purse we don't want anymore (or a new one, I found a cheap one today) and put some type of surprise in the inside. Then we bid on any purse we want to buy and you get what's inside. Any ideas what I should put inside? There's no $$ limit but of course I don't want to spend much. I have a couple of votive holders with some candles that I may do unless someone has a better idea. 99% of our group is women.

Gotta go, the kids are driving me nuts.


03-09-2004, 09:11 PM
Hey all! My MIL came and got the kids today and my mom is keeping Sean and MIL is keeping Kylie (thanks for the offer Andrea!!!). I was just in too much pain today and hate laying on the couch all day yelling at my kids. Plus, I have a staff meeting in the morning which I really need to go to since I missed last month. We'll see how I am doing tomorrow! Spryng, I know you saw the show that said homeopathy was a hoax but then how do they explain how it worked on a 3 year old? I have always done homeopathy on my kids and it has worked great for Sean. He is my sicky and if we do nothing, he is always sick longer but when I do the homeopathic stuff, he is better first. It doesn't work on me at all and my store owner said he heard it either works for you or doesn't. But I don't see how anything mental could be going on to make a 3 year old get better. Anyways, I hope your new pills work for you. Andrea, glad you had such a nice day. What kind of patio furniture did you end up with? Where did you get it from? Isn't something how we have to go save the day when DH"s get irritated with the kids? I do it all the time! I think, I've been here with them all day, patient and loving and just want a few minutes and he's been home 1 hour and getting irritated!!! But we love them anyways! :) Geri, sounds like you got a great deal on the shoes and workout clothes. As for the purse, what about a wallet? You can find some cheap but nice ones at walmart. Or a pretty makeup bag with some cheapy lipstick and nail polish. Just an idea. Candles sound good too though. Melinda, my kids nursed until they were 16 months. At that point, the teeth were more than I could handle and they were really done. I did get bit a couple times but I would just say in a firm voice, "No, we don't bite Mommy." My hardheaded children would have to give it another go and I would give them a little pop on their leg and they never did it again or at least not for a good while. If you both are really enjoying it, I wouldn't be quick to give it up. Once you stop, it's gone. I really miss it and am so looking forward to another little one. I really have got to stop watching Baby Story!!! Penny, how are things going in your neck of the woods? I haven't been doing too well on plan either. I thought I started my period yesterday. It was the strangest thing. I hope not to gross anyone out, but I wiped and it appeared that I had started my period (I had only done # 1 and don't have problems the other way anyways). So, I put on a pad and thought, wow, I started earlier than expected. But nothing...not the rest of the day and not today. What is up with that?!? It was bright red too. Super weird. I have never had anything like that happen before. So, I will wait to see what happens. I am feeling a little better this evening so maybe the antibiotics are working. I was just so irritated that they gave me a 10 day/3xday pill when there is much better stuff available. There are 5 day/1xday I have taken before. It is so important that you take the whole dose so why don't they make it a little easier instead of dragging it out for 1/2 month? Ok, maybe it is not quite 1/2 a month but close enough!!! I am not a doctor person as I have had too many bad experiences playing their guinea pig and I would rather not. BTW, thanks Ginny for the info. Glad to know you have some knowledge on that subject. If I didn't have a known drug resistance problem, I wouldn't have been so upset about the amox. But maybe it is working. We'll see.

Well, I might try to get a little work in. DH and I are alone tonight but unfortunately, I just don't feel up to giving him any lovin'. :D Poor guy, he is feeling neglected and I know it but it can't be helped. Hope everyone is having a good night. TTYL!

03-09-2004, 09:33 PM
Time for a new thread, see you there