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03-06-2004, 08:13 AM
OMG the Nickleback concert was awsome. Very loud. personally I am a more new country girl but I took dd, ds, and ddbf. Dh always has the rock station on so it wasn't like I didn't know the music.
There was 3 days grace, Default, and Nickleback. Fireworks, fire, other explosions. Just awsome.

Thankfully my back is doing better so I took a pill before leaving and didn't even notice it till driving hour and half home at midnight.
2 of them zonked out 20 min into the drive LOL.

I got a pilates tape yesterday and did that and it didn't hurt it at all.

1 BAD THING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got into ds popcorn. OH OH but still in ketosis ths morning how long till it will affect me?

Well better run as lucky me is home with both kids as dd didn't get up for work. and I gotta work at 4pm today. COFFEEEEEEEEE. ( decaff)

03-06-2004, 09:03 AM
Good Morning !!

Hey JJCJ, glad you had fun at the concert. The last few concerts I've been to have been christian music and I just love them....yeah I'm getting old. I was never one for a huge crowd and these concerts are pretty low key but the music can be really rockin and loud.

Got alot of cleaning to do, laundry is piled up sky high so I better get my *** moving today lol. DD is here eating her cheerios watching the Cedarmont Kids dvd, if you have kids these are wonderful, full of singing and fun.

Have a wonderful day everyone... Hugs and Kisses.

Love yah, Leenie

03-06-2004, 09:14 AM
jjcj: glad your back was better so you could go to the concert. Not sure about how soon things affect you after eating them.

Leenie: My laundry never stays caught up it seems. If you're like me you'll NEVER be caught up until your kids are out of the house. :lol:

Ok, I've no clue what the deal is. Week 3 and still haven't lost an ounce. Tape measurer didn't move either. My fingers have been bloated the past couple days and my rings are tight on my fingers again. Is it because of the DT Mountain Dews I've drank (I had 2 in one day and a huge on a different day)?

I've been baaddd......I ate cookies. Here's how it went: I was feeling blue last night cuz I knew the scale wasn't going to drop, so I looked at the cookies and thought "oh what the heck. I'll have a blow-out, get them out of the house, make myself sick and start over tomorrow." (much to DH disapproval). So I tore open the first box. ICK!!! Those were gross. I had to eat it because DH said "You wanted it you eat it". Ok, I choked that one down. Tore open the 2nd box. Um, That didn't taste right either. And they were my 2nd favorites!! Ok, So I grabbed a cookie from the box my DD opened. :?: I took 2 bites and gave it to her. I told DH that the weird thing is: I'd rather have chocolate whipped topping :lol: So guess the GS cookie bug is gone from me!! And of course the scale hasn't jumped up (yet). So hopefully the few I choked down won't do damage. It's back to strict induction for me. I need to get things moving again.

03-06-2004, 09:16 AM
OH!! Forgot to mention. When I told DH I was gonna eat cookies he's like "I'm going to tell those woman on that site you're doing that." :lol: Told him not to bother cuz I'd end up doing it also. Then this morning he's like "Glad you didn't eat the whole boxes. You've worked so hard to get where you're at it'd be a shame to waste all that work. You look great." :smug: He's such a dear sometimes.

03-06-2004, 10:00 AM
Brenda: You may want to check your food log/journal to see where your problem is. I've found on this WOE that because the fat intake is high and (because of that very thing) the calories are generally above what we consume on stricter diets, even small carb transgressions have a stalling effect on the weight loss. One cookie may not seem like much (or a cup of regular milk, or one small chocolate candy, or a few harmless crackers), but those added carbs throw your ratios way out of wack. So not only are you consuming more carbs than you should, but you're adding that to an already elevated fat and caloric intake!!!!
About your DH.....NOBODY can make you eat anything you don't want to! Take the responsibilities for your choices and bask in the satisfaction that you and only you are responsible for your awesome weight loss! But don't allow hubby to step in and make your choices for you! Your body, your WOE, your choices...PERIOD!

03-06-2004, 10:14 AM
You're right Spedmom. I didn't HAVE to eat the cookies. And I'll have to check out fitday. I have a problem figuring out the portion sizes to put in there though. Maybe I need to weigh my food so I know what size my meat is. Thanks for the advice

Tummy Girl
03-06-2004, 12:00 PM
Morning ladies,

Thank God it's the weekend, fast week for sure, just flew by, but very busy nontheless.

jjcj, glad you had an awesome time, it was a great concert although they needed better seating ppl, we were there way early and missed the first 2 songs before we got to our seats. Glad your back held up thru the whole thing, nothing worse than that when you're trying to jump up and cheer. It takes approx. 24 hours to digest foods although the affects of eating some can last much longer than that depending on your body.

Leenie, have fun with the kids and I feel your laundry pain, it's gonna take forever to do it today here too.

Brenda, DT moutain dew has caffiene and more than colas do, maybe that? Once again my dear back away from the cookies, and glad they tasted bad, that should help too.

Paula, you said it!

As for me, well, made SPD goal today which is rather surprising, it came a whole lot faster than I had anticipated, but I've been working out as I should so I'll take it.

As for the ex-bf revenge there's a bit of a story behind it too, I don't just want him to eat dirt as was so eliquently put yesterday :lol: but when we went out I was about 190lbs, not too bad but wasn't happy with me. So I dumbed him because he didn't respect me enough then handily gained like 30lbs. My finace and him are friends, which is how we met in the first place and at our engagement party he stood up (he was beyond drunk) and said, "All the happiness to you both and at least I had her when she was skinny." Slightly mortifying, cuz all my friends and family were there. (A few ppl escorted him out "nicely" ;) ) So this is going to be absolutely fabulous for a variety of reasons, mainly because it has been 7 years since we went out and I'm very over it all now, it's just gonna be pure fun!

Looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend and catching up on posts I've missed throughout the week.


03-06-2004, 12:58 PM
Happy Weekend All,
Last night I took some friends up on an offer to go bowling. I had a great time and only drank 2 diet cokes. However I don't think they were diet, I feel like I have a horrible hangover today.. If I would have known.. I would have had a couple brews and deserved this feeling. blah
Today I have to run the GS Cookie Booth at Copps for 3 hours. They are going to have samples set out and everything. Oye I better eat well before I sit surrounded by sin in sin city. I'm going to try to talk my DD into riding our bikes there, its across town and could use the extra workout. The issue is it might rain, I wont have a problem with it if it does but the kids tend to gripe about such things :lol:

Brenda - I came very close to the cookies myself, don't feel to bad. I took a tiny crumb of a couple and I thought the same thing, they just don't taste right. Is that considered cheating? It was barely enough for taste.. Awe shame on us both :lol:

Jjcj - Happy you had fun at the concert. I haven't been to one in years. Maybe this summer I'll schedule a trip to summerfest and get some fun in. It seems like ever since I gained my weight I haven't had ambition to do much. Time for that to change!

Tummy - OMG I had a pit in my stomach reading about what he said. How can people just spurt crap out of their mouths without giving an ounce of another persons feelings. I'd want to make that man grovel!

Sped - Very well put! :wave:

Leenie - I have laundry issues myself. The kids have been taking their baskets to the basement and just dumping them on the floor! ARG I hate it when they do this, because I can't keep up with it and now the basement has flooded soaking them all. GRUMBLE, so I have to work on it extra fast to get through it all before they're ruined.

Well off to drink water.. lotsa lotsa water to get this horrible "hangover" to go away. Have a nice day everyone!

03-06-2004, 01:09 PM
good morning ladies!!!

I am finally up this morning and have to get off my duff and clean this pit of a house!! It looks horrid! and Talk about laundry!!! Piles everywhere! I have been reading "The Lovely Bones" By Alice Sebold and I can't seem to put the book down so i am getting even farther away from the clean house goal!!!

I will have to do personal greets later, I have to get going cause I have BIL B-day party at 3pm!

Hugs to all of you!!

Love TG

Kim in NJ
03-06-2004, 04:53 PM
Hello Everyone...
Up 1.5 lbs today and devastated!!! I'm beige on the ketosis stick yet I have been SO GOOD!!!! ??????????? But then I went upstairs and - what's this? day 23 (normally I'm 28) and TOM hits. THAT BETTER BE that 1.5 lbs!

Tummy - what an awful thing he said. You will love the revenge feeling!!!! I had it once in college after a guy dumped me just after the semester started - I weighed 160 at the time. I was so ill about the whole thing I crash dieted and went home at Thanksgiving break around 135. Saw him (he was a neighbor) and even though it killed my heart (since it was only 2 months after he broke it off).... He tried desperately to kiss me and when he got REAL CLOSE....I pushed him back and said "Yeah right buddy!" and walked away.... I went into my house very proud - then went up to my room and balled my eyes out because I still really loved him. But I will never forget the look on his face.... and he kept calling my house for days - but my parents intercepted for me.

Leens - Ever been to Creation in PA? I wanted desperately to go to the Alive Festival in Ohio this year but dh doesn't think the baby will make it for the 10 hour drive each it looks like we will shoot for PA instead. They have a great lineup with Switchfoot, Audio A, Casting Crowns, Newsboys...but I don't see Supertones or Mercy Me on the list.....hope they get added. My 7 yr old is so excited because Stacey Oricco will be there and she LOVES her sound.

Have a great weekend everyone -

Genghis Cohen
03-06-2004, 07:47 PM
Hoping everyone is having a lovely relaxing weekend so far. I spent the day shopping in Boston which was perfect because the weather was unreal. Very warm, I didn't even need my coat. I'm a little nervous about tonight. Tonight is Purim, a jewish holiday which, among other things, involves a lot of eating cookies and a lot of drinking. It's going to be hard to resisit all that tonight, and tomorrow at the Purim celebrations at the Sunday School where I teach, but I feel like if everyone else is saying no to girl scout cookies I can't let a couple of hamentaschen get in my way. I'll just have to keep thinking about how happy I was when I saw that the scale had gone down for the first time all week. I wish you all willpower and presence of mind.

03-06-2004, 09:17 PM

I know Star is fighting with an impossible working schedule lately, so that explains her absence, but has anyone heard from Karen?

03-06-2004, 09:52 PM
Tummy what a rotten thing to say. I can't wait for you to strut yourself in front of hime and yes, ake him eat dirt. That makes me so mad I wanna slap the crap out of him. GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! You go girl and be every bit of a lady you can :s:

Sped, nope I haven't seen Karen, I know she was pretty busy thats why she was MIA not long ago. Hopefully she'll come back.

Abbie enjoy your celebration, and I wish you the best staying OP. Good luck.

Kim, crossing fingers for you for TOM and that nasty 1.5 lbs. Flecian college is holding a few concerts in the next couple of months Avalon is one and 4 Him is the other. Its not far from where I live either. No I havent been to that place in PA. I've been to a Church in Scotch Plains where I've seen 4 Him, Phil Keagy, Wayne Watson. I would love to see Third Day but I look at their site and didn't see ANY east coast shows. Mercy Me would be great too.

Oh Trazzie, that stinks. I went to our work cafeteria and got some sugar free jello, you know it tasted funny so I threw it out. Just like you said, I'd rather have something like a beer or chocolate pudding than regular jello ICK.

Brenda and TGirl :wave: and big hugs !!!

03-07-2004, 01:24 AM
Well, my morning started at 3:30 when my kitchen celing caved in! Sheetrock, fiberglass, and paint all over the place! :cry: Oh well, it could be worse. I could have been in there when it happened. My landlord is on it though. I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I haven't been to a concert in years, and it seems by the look of my laundry basket that I haven't done laundry in years either! :o So you ate some cookies? Dust yourself off and keep going. Don't beat yourself up. It isn't the end of the world. Have a wonderful Sunday ladies :D

03-07-2004, 11:46 AM
KIm: that is the 1.5 lbs for sure, TOM always has to come and mess everything up!!

JJ: so glad the concert was great!! FUN!!

Leenie: I am suprised I can type since I am buried under this load of our laundry!! LOL :)

Lady: it is the dreaded stall. Just don't give up it will move and when it does it will be glorius!!!

Sped: great advice girl!! You're the bomb!

Tummy: congrats on the SPD goal, EXCELLENT!!!! PS : I think there is someone in every larger persons world that they would like to show how great they look when they lost weight, just for personal satisfaction and to
show them, you doubted me but I can do It!!!! But that guy was a putz anywho!! :) IN fact I can think of someone right now I would like to show!

Trazzie doesn't that sugar hang over suck!!! And esp. when you didn't do it on purpose!! :) That has happened to me too, everything tastes so sweet to me now I can't tell the difference when I get the real coke on accident!

Cat girl: sorry about your ceiling hope it is all fixed sooon!!

Genghis: good luck at the celebration!!

Well yesterday was BIL b-day, we went to the party. My SIL told me there would be plenty of food for me to eat, and she is usually great about it, but her MIL helped her with the food and there and the BBQ sauce was on the ribs & meatballs (SIL usually has it on the side so I don't have to eat it) and her MIL put sweet relish in the deviled eggs. :( Well of course I didn't bring any food and didn't eat so i just did the best I could, I scraped or washed off most of the BBQ sauce and I ate only 2 deviled eggs (I would have normally ate more) So I have no idea what my carb count for yesterday is but I know it probably ain't GOOD! Today is another day....I am going to drink TONS of water and go to the gym to try to counteract......we'll see! :coffee: I hope all your chicks are having a great weekend!!

LOve TG :p

03-07-2004, 01:15 PM
Happy Rainy Day Sunday Morning,
Yesterday I went to a diffrent local grocery store and hot damn! They actually carry low carb products. Not too many variations from the bigger one I usually go to but they sure did have the lc icecream in stock. And I've made another discovery. Soy Slender chocolate soymilk. I remember someone mentioning it on the boards before so I picked some up and hesitantly tasted a bit.. OMG was I in heaven! I warmed it up in the micro for a few and had an awesome cup of hot cocoa. Cant even tell it's soy.. how fun is that! With 5g's carbs and 4 fiber.. I've found my coffee replacement! YaHoo!

Well now back to the fun of cleaning house.. The water in my basement is making its way back up to the dirty clothes so I have to haul bootie and get it cleaned up ASAP.

Everyone have a wonderful day! Will check in later.

Tummy Girl
03-07-2004, 01:21 PM
Hello ladies,

TG - I bet you'll see little or no difference from that meal, doesn't sound like you got too terribly much in your system. And wtg, not just eating it as it was.

Cat - what a nasty way to wake up omg, glad it's the landlords problem instead of yours, do they know why it happened, too much snow?

Leenie - :wave: My mom's been to Creation and just loved it, drove a long way to get there too but it was definitely worth it.

Paula - Nope, not sure about Karen other than her crazy schedule, with the crochet, and new addition to the family. Hope she's back soon.

Abbie - Have fun with all the festivities, a friend of mine on Atkins is battling Purim too, her purse is full of cheese :lol:

Kim - it's gotta be tom, especially since you've been so OP. Aren't men fickle sometimes? it's really quite humourous, some just don't seem to realize how transparent they are, I was heavier you didn't want me but now a little skinnier they can't get enough. It always feels the best when you find a jem who could care less how big your a** is. I have my dress for the big re-introduction on the 19th, I really should post a picture it's amazing, it made my finace cry when I tried it on :s: (But we can't tell anyone, he's a bit embarassed :D )

Trazzie - yup beer would have been better or vodka even, not much of a hangover off of that stuff. At least you were bowling, good for the gluts, so at least you got some butt lifting exercise out of the deal. :)

Had a great day yesterday, did nothing, minus reading and working out, very renewing day. I'm definitely on a lossing streak this week, 4lbs in a week, which is very strange this late in the game for me, I'm 19lbs from goal :?: . I have changed my workouts a bit concentrating more on weight training and general muscle development, maybe that's it. But even stranger is that this week was that tom, I've never lost weight during that before. Well, I have a doctor's appointment this week so I'll feel better after I see him, I get worried when this happens.

Have a super sunday!


03-07-2004, 02:27 PM
I live in Houston, and we haven't seen snow for years (bummer)! I miss snow. I grew up in Michigan. It was too much *@@#$%$ rain! My neighbor upstairs from me has a deck that drains into my celing. Oh well, it could be a lot worse! I am just greatful to have a place to live, God, food in my fridge, good friends, family, and a job! The celing will be fixed. The LL knows that if he dosen't, I will move!

03-07-2004, 02:35 PM
This is too good.....

Went to Walmart this morning to do my regular shopping (yes, Walmart is the church of my choice!). I ran into a student's mother whom I hadn't seen since Thanksgiving due to her new work schedule. She walked right by me and smiled -- kept going. About 10 steps away, she turned around and shouted at the top of her lungs, "Oh my God! I didn't recognize you. You look great!" She just went on and on about how thin I looked and how much younger I looked. We stood there and talked about Atkins for over 30 minutes, during which I negated her understanding of Atkins as "that meat and cheese diet." For proof, I showed her the contents of my cart -- meat, cheese, seafood, red cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, sugar-free jello, nuts, etc.

Long story short -- we went to the book section, she bought the book, and we made plans to meet during the week to discuss the diet and get her first shopping list ready! Chaulk up another convert. Oh, and while you're at it chaulk up one very happy camper on this end! I feel so good I think I floated all the way home.

Tummy Girl
03-07-2004, 02:52 PM
Paula that's fricking awesome, it's one thing to get a compliment and a whole nother to have someone not even recognize you. That's definitely the inspiration story of the week.


03-07-2004, 03:27 PM
I would love it if people wouldn't recognise me :lol: I've been completely OP the past couple days. And of course now I've got the nasty breath to prove it. :lol: DH even commented on it last night. So it's back to brushing my teeth a couple times a day and I'm sure I'll be back to washing the armpits 3 times a day and putting deo on a million. But hey, I can be skinny some day right? :lol:
It's snowy here. UGH!! I'm so sick of winter I swear spring is NEVER coming :mad:

Hope you all are having a great weekend :)

03-07-2004, 03:34 PM
I have to carry deodorant to work with me! I also eat a lot of parsley to combat death breath, and I use one of those battery operated tooth brushes. Paula, that is awesome! I can't wait for the day that my boobs stick out further than my stomach!

03-07-2004, 03:39 PM
rofl. my boobs already stick out farther than my stomach. Seemed the more my belly grew the bigger the boobs got. It's pretty annoying!! This white woman doesn't run or jump ;) But my mom has told me they look smaller. Maybe I should have my hubby look and tell me for sure. :lol:

03-07-2004, 03:43 PM
My boobs are HUGE, and not by choice! For some reason God saw fit to endow me with these leaf bags! OK, maybe my stomach doesn't stick out farther than they do, but it is pretty friggin big! My daughter is 14 years old, and it looks like I haven't given birth yet! Any tips on working those stupid abs?

03-07-2004, 03:45 PM
I can't help you on that one. I've got a belly yet. I no longer look 8 months pregnant but I look 3. I'm trying to delude myself into thinking I could wear a bikini right now no matter HOW muc weight I've lost. :lol: I've not only got the belly but I've got my legs rubbing together. Any clue how to get rid of that (not counting liposuction :lol: )

03-07-2004, 05:01 PM
Yeah Sped!!! You are the bomb!!! That is a great story!!

TRAZZIE!!! I am gonna look for that soy moo, how much is the serving size for the 5 carbs??