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03-05-2004, 04:00 PM
Welcome everyone~ :wave:

We are a group of ladies who support each other through all of life's ups & downs, not just weight loss.

Won't you join us?

03-05-2004, 04:10 PM
Thought I would go ahead and start #34 ladies.

Kind of quiet around here today-where is everyone?? Can you tell I am bored out of my mind?? Of course Jana is going to be gone for the weekend, and Kayecee is gone. Well, I did get all my errands done, now I can hang my curtain by the door and get a couple other things done. I will surprise Vince when he gets home late tonight by having things done. The other day he came in and started walking around the house-I asked what the heck are you doing? He notices little things each day. :) :D

Hi to you all, Jana, Katie, Shanna, Marti, Kat, Angie, Rita, Susan and Kayecee, hope everyone is enjoying their Friday. I will check back later ladies. Take care :grouphug:

03-05-2004, 09:06 PM
Hello everybody! Anyone?? Cristi, you the only one posting today??

Went to the computer lab at school and used their computer for Powerpoint for one of my assignments...I was struggling for days on I finally decided to use the one at school since it's a different program...and guess what!!

What took me days trying to get right...took me 15 mins. to get it done at school!! What a pain in the ***!!!! :D

And then today when I finally got home, I got a call from my dad. Him and my mom came over with my brother Tony. He is now officially a he put it. No longer in the Army. I guess that year in Iraq was enough!! So his plans are to go to school in animation! This boy is very good at drawing, painting,,,everything. At one time, Disney wanted him to work for them! So I think he'll be doing fine!

Other than day has been pretty uneventful. Not doing too much. Trying to figure out my next scrapbook page. It's gotta be just right you know......

Ok....I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when Shanna and I go to Michaels for some scrapbooking fun!! ( I go a little nuts with the scrapbooking!) You all take care and I will pop in tomorrow!!


03-05-2004, 09:10 PM
Hi ladies,

Since we've been buddies for so long, I wanted to be the first one to say to Kat for tomorrow ~
Happy 37th Birthday, Kat!!

:balloons: :cp: :gift: :hb: :balloons: :cp: :gift: :cp: :hb: :gift::balloons:
I hope your day is everything nice!!

Okay, we are all packed and ready to go. Cristi agreed to be "proxy mod" while I'm gone and of course Suzanne is just a click away. I am dreading this trip... it is just too sad to think about. Anyway, please keep Deborah in your prayers, guys. I'm turning off the computer now, and going to finish some last minute stuff. Be good and I'll be back on Tuesday.


03-06-2004, 12:53 AM
Hi ladies~

This is going to be a short one as I am sleepy for some reason. :yawn:

Marti~it has been quiet around here-too quiet. Hope you and Shanna have fun tomorrow at Michaels-I know you will!

Jana~for some reason I thought you guys left this morning. :dunno: Be safe and you ALL will be in my thoughts and prayers this long weekend.

I don't know when I will be on tomorrow so I will also go ahead and wish Kat a very
:hat: :gift: :hb: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :hb: :gift: :hat: Have a fun celebration.

I will see you ladies sometime tomorrow. Not sure what I am doing, nothing really planned. Hope everyone had a wonderful Friday. See ya :wave:

03-06-2004, 01:23 AM
Good Evening,

Many prayers for you Jana.Hope all goes well and you have a safe trip.

[ :hb: :gift: :dance: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KAT!!!] :bravo: :gift: :wizard:

Wow, 37?? I remember Have a GREAT year!! Enjoy every minute :)
You and Shanna have fun tomorrow Marti!! Scrapbooking sounds like fun. I have enjoyed looking at the samples you share here of the pages you both work on.

Hi Cristi!!! Sorry it has been quite here for you. The day went rather fast here. I do my weigh in tomorrow. :fr: :crossed: fingers crossed!!! I kind of get scared and yell at the scale......"oh, please,please PLUUUUUUZZZZZZEEE go DOWN!!!!!"...

Mister Washington is very polite. He said today after I agreed that meeting would be fine but that I would probably be somewhat nervous.He wrote back and said he didn't want me nervous , if I wanted to just talk on the phone until I was, he has my number and I hope he calls sometime over the weekend. He is going to see The passion of Christ?? Is that what it is called.......I don't pay
It is nice to have him in the same time zone!! It is also nice that he is 3 hours away instead of a plane trip away.So, maybe we will actually meet.He seems very thoughtful and kind. We do talk a lot about kids and church. He kind of taps into my serious side.I like to laugh to so he needs to show some more I being picky??? lol

I need to go get Princess games tomorrow and I am working ...........on call. Lets hope I have a quite weekend!!

Take Care!!

03-06-2004, 03:30 PM
Good Morning,

I am heading out for a walk but I did my weigh in!!!!

Down 1.5 pounds to 153.5!!!!

Doing the HAPPY :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: DANCE in Oregon!!!!

03-06-2004, 11:02 PM
Wow, where is everyone???? Helllllllloooooo...did everyone take a weekend off?

Been busy today the reason I haven't checked in until now. Got quite a bit done today and spent some quality time with hubby. :love:

Susan~I see you have posted. :) CONGRAT'S on the loss! :cp: :dancer: :high: :bravo: :cb: WTG girly-keep up the good work. I hope to be in the 150's sometime this year. :crossed: I don't think you are being too picky, or picky at all. When I was dating my friends said that about me and I told them :I am not being picky, I just know what I want." and for me a sense of humor is a MUST! I am a goofball and I love to laugh. My DH was serious also but he opened up more as we got to know each other more. Good luck :lucky: with Mr. Washington-I think that's great he is so close.

Jana~thinking of you guys this weekend. Hoping the weather is perfect for ya and you have a nice visit with SIL & family. :grouphug:

Kat~hope you are enjoying your 37th! :hb:

Marti & Shanna~hope you two had a fun day at Michaels and scrapbooking.

Hi Angie, Katie, Rita, & Kayecee :)

Well, just wanted to see what was up with everyone. I am going to go and do some more reading on my book and look at a few magazines. Trying to catchup on my magazines that I haven't had a chance to read since this moving business started. Take care ladies and have a good weekend-what's left of it. :)

03-07-2004, 12:22 AM

Had a fun time at Michaels. Shanna and I got to make a tag. It was just fun to sit there and make things with other people! Then we made a card. Nothing fact, the one I sent to Kat was better!! (ok, so I'm bragging!) And we got to do some kind of plastic holder kind of thing. It was a sleeve that you can insert photos and stuff and put the background paper inside...(if that made sense) We pretty much did that to just get the paper!! :o We both put out name in for a drawing....a basket FULL of stuff I would love to own!!
Did some shopping there and came home with more stuff!! (mostly paper!) and now, I really need to make room in my office just for scrapbooking! I need shelves and stuff to organize myself. Very cluttered.

So that is how my day went. I'm trying to figure out how to use the fonts that I downloaded. For some reason, I can't figure out how to use them!! So that's what I"m up to right now.

Ok ladies....

I will chat with you all tomorrow.


Oh Yeah!---Congrats on the weight loss Susan!! Fantastic!! I weigh in on Monday and I'm hoping to see at least ONE little pound.

03-07-2004, 03:01 AM
Thank you guys SO much for all the cards and well wishes. That was SUCH a treat! :D

I had a really nice day with the kids and am finishing it up right now with a chat with Anthony. *gete* I'll fill you in later, :)

Susan--congrats on your loss! Every little bit helps bring you closer to your goal.

Christi--your gent sounds like he is pretty promising as well. I wish you luck! Its great that he's so close. I'm going buggy here because I really want to see Anthony in person, but he's a good 14+ hour drive away.

03-07-2004, 06:18 AM
Yeah, I guess it's morning...I fell asleep on the couch early, had a weird dream and woke up at 1 am, hubby is still up so here I am.

:hb: :gift: Happy Birthday to Rita, Kat, and Jana's Katie!!! :gift: :hb:

Celebrated my son Mike's b-day today -- he will be 18 on Monday. We went to Benihana's for lunch.

Jana, I know you won't see this until Tuesday, but you'll be in our thoughts and prayers this weekend as you visit your sister in law. I know it will do her a world of good to see you.

Susan, congrats on your recent loss! Good for you! :goodscale Hey, you can tell people you are doing the WW program, only it's Water and Walking, instead of Weight Watchers, heehee :lol: Jana's right, it seems like it's easier to lose when there is more to lose to start out with -- did that make sense? :dizzy: Also, for bigger gals, like me -- tall as well as heavy -- 2 lbs isn't near as noticable a gain or loss as it is for someone with a petite frame. Hope Mr Washington turns out to be a great guy. My Mr Michigan turned out to be a keeper ;) But there was once a Mr Texas that was a BIG loser, so I know you gotta be careful and take your time getting to know them. Being picky is fact you owe it to yourself.

Cristi, are you the one that was going to the home show? I read through so many posts tonight...funny coincidence, I'm working a home show tomorrow...well, I guess today now...from 2 pm until 6 pm. A meet-and-greet booth, with info on residential home lighting. Our company is doing a huge buy down for customers, paying money to local retailers, to make compact flourescent light bulbs cheap this spring for our ratepayers. So bulbs that would normally cost $5-$8 each will only cost $1-$2. Several stores are participating. We have some other programs we are promoting too, like free shade trees.

I have St. Patrick's Day cards ready to mail :lucky: -- if I don't have your home addy, and you would like a card, just PM me with your address. I have Marti's, Jana's, Cristi's, Angie's, Susan's and Kat's...not sure if I have anyone else, so I'll have to check.

Okay ladies, it's late and I think I'm finally tired enough to sleep the rest of the night. :dz: Talk to you soon...


03-07-2004, 12:46 PM
Good afternoon everyone hope that everybody is having a great Sunday and will be posting soon Jana hope that you have a safe trip going and comming home Katie hope you have a sucessful home show, Susan congrats on your weight loss just keep it up whatever you are doing sounds like how I am loosing slow but at least it is a start well have agreat sunday raining in Ohio today so going to take it easyand not do anything Rita

03-07-2004, 03:17 PM
Good Day All~

It is such a beautiful day in the neighborhood. :sunny: The mud is finally drying up. It is a bit windy but hey I will take it! :)

Kat~glad you enjoyed the cards and well wishes-hope you had a fantastic birthday as well. I think you are getting Susan and I mixed up-ooopsie! Susan has the gent who is close-Mr. Washington as she calls him. :) My gent is a great guy and we met through a personal ad/dating service but we have been married almost 5 years now. I do hope you get to meet Anthony in person soon. Hey, 14 hour drive isn't so bad. Maybe you guys could meet 1/2 way???

Katie~hey girly-nice to see ya posting. Yes, it was me who was headed to a garden show. Didn't make it though-it was pouring down :rain: and with the distance between the parking lot and the Coliseum we would have been soaked. We did however go to a Home Show last month. Have a good time working the home show. That is a GREAT deal on the bulbs. I love things like that, both Vince and I do. A VERY :hat: :gift: :hb: HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY to Mike!!:hb: :gift: :hat:

Marti~girly, you ARE hooked! :lol: The scrapbook bug has gotcha! :yes: Which is an easy thing to do. I am glad to hear you and Shanna had a wonderful time at Michaels yesterday. I enjoy going to those classes-you learn so many neat things. So are you getting excited as the 24th gets closer??? You guys are still getting married on the 24th right? Make sure you have someone take pictures so you can share-even if it is just at the court house.

Hi Rita~sorry you guys are getting the rain :rain: We got it last week and I think we are supposed to get more this coming week.

Angie~have you found out anymore about your house?

Hi to everyone else, Shanna, Susan, Jana, Kayecee.

Well, tomorrow is weigh in day for me also.Wish me luck ladies-I am keeping my fingers :crossed: I really don't think I am going to see a loss but I am hoping I maintained. :goodscale I am going to get back on track tomorrow and get started on the FT again. I started out good last week but ended not so good. I gave into the cravings by the second day-that is terrible. :nono: I vow to do better this week for sure and stick to it. Got the upstairs done! Yeaaaaaa :cp: I am starting the basement today. Vince is working and I am a little bored so I may as well be doing something. We did a wall of photos yesterday which was a bit challenging. It is the wall going downstairs-but we got it done and it looks nice. I love how the different frames look with the yellow walls. especially the black frames. Well, that's about all I have for now. I will check back later. Take care all. :wave:

03-07-2004, 06:17 PM
Afternoon ladies--

I love these new icons!! It's about time we got some new ones!!

Today James and I went to church and the couple next to us had twin one year old girls who were soooo loud, that we were unable to hear anything!! I was amazed at how they chose to let them carry on that way with out telling them to hush or to just take them towards the back. I know they're only 1 but still.......I don't think I would have let Jhanai run back and forth down the aisle though......

Today the weather is wonderful!! Sunshine! I think it may be time to take down the lights around my house. And take the old Christmas tree to a burn pile.....OR....I just may take a nap! :dizzy:

I don't want to spend too much time on the computer today.....very pretty I'm making this short. Just wanted to pop in and say hello!!

Talk to you all later!
:coffee: :eating2: :coffee2: :goodluck: :lol3: :mcd: :goodscale :cofdate: :workout: :kickcan: <--these are just too cute!!

03-08-2004, 11:54 AM
:sunny:Good Morning:sunny:

da fat n da furious
03-08-2004, 12:58 PM
I was wiping the dust from my key board as I was thinking of what else to say and I deleted my long post somehow...grrrr
:coffee: Good morning all....
lets start again.
I may have to go realy quick...waiting for all the realitors to come...they are having an open house here. Im tired of trying to sell already. We have had 4 viewings and one open house in the last 2 days...
the boys have been not bad,,,but threatening them is not how I want to continue to have them clean up after themselves....grrrr :mad:
Sat we had to bolt out of the house cause someone wanted to see it. Came home and cleaned for the open house.
I went with a group of JC members to see a dinner theatre...I felt like Simon Cowell...the play itself was ok,,,the singing was horrid. The food was
Monte and the boys went to Monster Jam...
I feel like I didn't do much this weekend and yet I was hardly home.
Rehearsals are coming along great...feeling so much better about the whole thing.
My neighbhour next door told me about a great job,,,part time, so Im going to send a resume in. Thats about it...heading over to Heathers so Skittles can play with her sister and mom.
Well, before they all come and catch me at home,,,,I better get going
Angie :kickcan:

03-08-2004, 04:59 PM
Good Afternoon!!

Wow, your house moving thing is um......moving fast Angie!! Hope you get some good news soon.

Super Thanks for all the congratulations!! That is nice, always great to feel boosted or booted or

Gaby & I are heading for our walk/stroll.
I MUST say we are walking in the park and it is a tougher walk. There seems to be more of a steady incline. I was close to tears yesterday as we were starting to make the hill for the 2nd time. It is really hard!! lol..........sound like a baaaaaaaby. I do know it is a mile every time you make the loop, so we walk it 3 times......

Today is a sunny day!!! Close to 70 :)

Haven't talked to Mister Washington Man yet,though he did send me a long email this morning. He seems sweet, just would like to see some humor. Maybe he is just reserved?? Hope he doesn't take life too seriously because I couldn't stand that..........I guess I am talking like we are getting married or, just wanted to go on a date or some *adult activity*.....would LOVE to have a meal at a reastaurant without a drive thru on the side of the building.That would be kind of cool.....

Speaking of goes your court thing Marti??

I better go.
Hi to Rita!! Need your addie for junk mail :)
Hi to Cristi :)........
Hi to Katie :)
Hi to Kayecee
Hi to Shanna (hope you are feeling better) :)
Hi to Angie
Hi to Kat
Hi to Marti
Hi to Jana........hope you have a safe trip home!!!! :)

Is that everyone?? Hope so...


03-08-2004, 05:30 PM
Afternoon ladie!!

What an absolutely beautiful day out today!!! And I have to spend most of it finishing up my PowerPoint Presentation. Cannot put that off any longer. I'm giving my presentation on Wednesday...first one up!!

To answer your question court thing is Tomorrow...and I can't wait to get it over with!! I've been dreading this and I have no idea why! It's going to set me free right!? :D And then some time soon James and I plan on getting our marriage license....boy it's all coming at me so fast!!

Went to visit my grandmother last night and there was a problem going on with my Aunt. She is in the process of getting a fact, she handed the papers to my Uncle just yesterday....He had a fit! He would not let her leave the house (or the kids) and he's threating all kinds of stuff. Another one of my aunts was at my grandparents and so she called the police to let them know what was going on.....and I don't know what happened after that!! I hope she got out! (he's violent!) So I plan to make a phone call and see how it went. So many husbands killing their wives over seperation, our whole family has been worried sick about this.

I hope everyone is having a great day enjoying the weather (if it's good) I plan on tackling my homework and then sitting out on the patio soaking up some sun!!

I will check in later

03-08-2004, 06:59 PM

I'm sure the police would have been abke to calm things down then, but its the time after that that is a problem. She should have a cell phone so she can call 911 if need be. I left my first ex because he was abusive, and for a long time I had the police number programmed onto speed dial. I slept with a gun between the head of the bed and the wall for about 7 months I was so nervous, and this after changing the locks. She's doing the right thing by leaving, but she should at the very least have a cell phone with her at all times just in case.

BTW, I got your card today--it was lovely, as are they all. :D What a treat--its like my birthday is still going strong. I didn't even bake a cake this year. *grin* I'll have to bake one soon though, because my son turns 15 on the 12th.

03-08-2004, 07:08 PM
Hi Marti,

You are right. March 9th for the court date. you wouldn't know that. I was getting ahead of myself on the days.

Best Wishes Tomorrow!!!! On with the wedding!!

Gaby and I just got in from our 3 mile walk!! Not as hard, hope as the days go on it will get easier. Not a pretty sight seeing a lady nearing 40 in tears, in need of botox , pushing a 2 year old .......and the 2 year old is her's!!! lol

Best to your aunt Marti!!! I kind of know what that is all about. When I was nearing my seperation it was a very difficult time,very violent and such.
So, prayers for both your and your uncle.

ugh.........working on my next 33oz's.

It is a BEAUTY of a day!! I need to go get some shorts & tee-shirts tomorrow at Goodwill.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday :)

03-09-2004, 07:41 AM
Hiya ladies,

Cristi - thanks for being mod while I was gone. Glad you had some quality time with DH this weekend. I know what you mean about the magazines, I got two more in the mail while I was gone, and haven't read the others yet!

Susan - :cp: YAY for the 1.5 pounds gone! You are going to be at goal in no time! Mr. W seems real nice - maybe he is a little quiet, but at least he wants you to be comfortable before you meet.

Marti - good luck at court today. Hope your Aunt is okay. Are you talking about taking down your Christmas lights?? Gee, why be so hasty, lol!! You could hang some colored eggs from them for Easter, lol! I hope you or Shanna wins the basket of goodies from Michaels.

Kat - glad you had a nice birthday!

Katie - wow, it would be so fun to work with the home shows! And I like the idea of prices going down on anything.

Rita - glad to see you! They say losing weight slowly is best... so you're doing the right thing!

Angie - see, it just doesn't pay to dust anything, right? LOL! Sorry you lost the post, though. How'd the Open House go? Any takers? Good luck with the par-ttime job - hope you get an interview.

Well, Deborah looks like death warmed over. She and her DH were glad to see us. It was so sad... she asked me what I thought heaven would be like. I wanted to cry, but sucked it up and held her hand and said I thought it would be beautiful. I've read stories from people who crossed to the other side and came back, and they say it is a tremendous feeling of love and well-being, so we talked about that, too. And I asked her if she gets to heaven before I do, will she hug my sister for me? And she said she would. I think she liked talking to someone who didn't try to say she was going to be okay...

On a different note - I weighed in Saturday before we left, and was dissappointed to see that I only maintained my weight last week. I did so well at the party and the rest of the week, too! But I'm dealing with it, and still OP. I've spent the last 3 days in a car with no exercise, but hope to see a loss this Saturday anyway.

It's good to be back!

da fat n da furious
03-09-2004, 12:32 PM
I have read so many near death stories..always fasinated me. A good friend talked to me about how when her mom was dying she talked of the angels surrounding her bed. I think I may have mentioned that before,,,it was last summer. I think Heaven is everything you can imagine and more to being the best place ever. And **** is the opposite being the worst place ever to be. And with that I know of some people who have been/are in ****. Or is that purgatory? What is purgatory? I always think of it as the waiting room to either place.

Ok so I finally started reading the Dr Phil book , im on page far so good. I do need to get real with my weight.
This selling house business is for the birds...really annoying me. I don't enjoy having to leave my home every time at dinner.
Well I should get straightening the house a bit.

03-09-2004, 01:40 PM
Good Morning,

Welcome back Jana!! So good to know you had a safe trip and were able to spend time with Deborah. Heartbreaking when she asked about what heaven would be like.
When my dad was in ICU a couple of months ago. He sat in his wheelchair waiting for them do some more testing.
He looked so tired. He said " I didn't want to live this long" , he is 74. Anyway, had to look away with tears in my eyes. Probably is harder on loved ones to have to watch people they love so vulnerable.

ugh.........going to start to cry.

Lets talk Dr. Phil!!! I found his Self Matters book the other day for 3.99 at Goodwill. I am kind of going back and forth reading both.
Yesterday he had a great show on weight loss. Did anyone else see it?? There was another book I read that makes sense. Just to learn to treat yourself like your own best friend. I kind of treat myself like a child.In the sense to take care of yourself the best that I can. Because don't we do that with our children? Feed them healthy, make sure they get their rest,exercise.........keep them out of harm ways...........keep them out of dairy queens drive thru?? lol

Yep, Jana.........Mister Washington is a sweetheart. He spent Saturday helping a church member with their car, trying to fix it and such. I am impressed that he travels 170 miles to pick up his children every other weekend.He seems devoted to his children. He is Hispanic.We'll see, doesn't hurt to make a friend.

Anyway, my goal is to be 152 this Saturday!! There I wrote it now I am

Better go. Hello to all you Jaded Ladies!!!!

THinking of you Marti, hope your court hearing goes well :)

03-09-2004, 02:09 PM
Good afternoon everyone hopeing that everybody is having a great day Jana glad you made it back safe and sound susan keep up the walking even when it gets tuff hate to go out today it is cold cant wait till spring gets here have a great day!!!! Rita

03-09-2004, 02:26 PM
Good Morning Rita,

Your address, dear!!! I have a card on my microwave with your name on it!!

I am heading for my walk now. I get goofy happy when I make that last loop.You are right though, just hafta think of the butt I will have if I coninue to walk that

Heard from Mister Washington!! He tried to call yesterday but I wasn't home. He said he would like to send me birthday flowers, he just needs the name of a local florist where I could go and pick them up!!! Isn't that the sweetest. I never had flowers from a florist before. Anyway, I am just going to say that is a thoughtful thing but he doesn't need to do that.

Made me smile though :)

03-09-2004, 02:30 PM
Just popping back in for a minute to ask Rita to PM me your home address if you would like a St. Paddy's day card. I've got mine almost ready to go... but need your address, Rita! Just in case there is a chance you aren't sure how to PM - click on my name and there will be a choice to send me a Private Message - click there.

TIA, Jana

03-09-2004, 03:53 PM
Hello ladies!

I survived the court! I was so nervous seeing all these lawyers representing their clients and here Thom and I did everything on our own!! The took us to another room and we were the only ones there. Made me feel more relaxed.

It's official! As of today,,,,I'm divorced!

Also....James took today off to be with me, so after we finished with the divorce, we walked around the corner and down some steps and got our marriage licence!! :lol: What a day.

So March 24th at 11:00. James and I will be married. It feels like so much going on! I need to go relax before I hit the books.

Just wanted to pop in and let you know how it went. take deep breaths!!


03-09-2004, 04:46 PM
Hi Ladies~

Marti~I was getting ready to send best wishes for today then saw you have already gone to court. I am glad it's over for you and you are officially divorced. And you got your marriage license already too! How exciting. I am so very HAPPY for you!! I know you are one happy woman and James is one happy man.CONGRATULATION'S!!! :bubbles:

Jana~so glad you made it back safe and sound. Deborah sounds like a very special lady. Your visit is probabaly just what she needed. I know you were somewhat disappointed with just maintaining but that in itself is a struggle, so I think you did good. :bravo: Keeping my fingers crossed that you see a loss this week. :crossed: And you are welcome! :) Glad to see ya back.

Angie~sorry you guys have to be inconvenienced with the sale of the house. It can be a pain in the booty sometimes. We were just renting our other house and I am so glad that the landlords didn't want to try and rent it out while we were still in it. Hopefully you guys will sell it soon and you won't have to deal with any longer.

Hi Rita~nice to see ya posting. :wave:

Susan~Mr. Washington sounds like a sweetie. :love: You deserve flowers on your birthday, so let him buy them if he wants. I wouldn't worry so much about him being so serious-maybe you can bring out his sense of humor. Good vibes :goodvibes: for reaching 152 this week-I just know you will. :yes: Oh, I did catch Dr. Phil yesterday. I think it is GREAT that Monika is almost to her goal and she is getting an extreme makeover! :cp: They are all doing great!

Kayecee~how was your little "vacation" in Little Rock? Did the kids and hubby survive while you were gone? ;) I am always afraid to leave the hubby and kids alone, well when the kids were younger. It is better now of course with them being a lot older. I still worry, but not as much.

Hi to everyone else, Shanna, Katie, & Kat. :wave:

It is such a BEAUTIFUL day today! :sunny: I should get off this thing and go outside, and do what? I don't know?? :shrug: I am dying to get my fingers in the dirt but not sure if it is too early to start planting anything. I weighed in Monday morning and was so very disappointed-I gained 2 pounds!!!! :yikes: :fr: I know I started out good and ended the week not so good, but I didn't do that bad-or I didn't think I did. Apparently I did worse than I thought. :( :goodscale (they need a badscale smiley). I am doing fine so far this week and know those two pounds will be gone :wizard: next weigh in. Well, I best be getting off this thing. TTFN ladies-hope everyone is having a wonderful day. :flow1:

da fat n da furious
03-09-2004, 05:04 PM
WOWEEEEE its windy here...just saw a garbage can roll across the road. Not mine thou...
Its warm here other then the wind.
Susan,,,Mr Washinton sounds like a nice guy. I missed Dr Phil yesterday...I try to watch it but seem to only get 1 show every couple of weeks.

CONGRATS MARTI!!! So ok now what are you wearing?

I better get myself a sandwich...starving...trying to eat healthy so far its 2 pm and Im doing good. 1 cup of coffee and an orange.
Monte brought home a case of pastries for us to try out...OMG it was horrible. Pecan danish, brownies, cookies, muffins, donuts and rudel...when I say case I mean its a huge box with all these other little boxes inside with all the treats.

03-09-2004, 11:24 PM
Hi Ladies,

Susan - sorry about your dad. I also think we should treat ourselves better! So why didn't I take better care of myself? I see you and I both were talking to Rita at the same time, lol.

Marti - YAY!!! Congratulations on the divorce! Like Angie - I want details on your dress and other plans. Will Jhania be your maid of honor?

Cristi - thanks for the words about me maintaining. But it was a real surprise, since I had done so well all week!! Your 2 pounds can't possibly be real. The way I see it, since each pound is equal to 3500 calories, you'd have to eat 7000 calories over the limit to gain 2 pounds. I sincerely doubt you ate 7000 extra calories, lol. So don't worry about it, okay?

Angie - I'm not sure what to think of purgatory... if there even is such a place... but I also picture it as a holding room of some sort. Kind of like an elevator that goes up..... :angel: .. or down... :devil: OMG, all those pastries! There goes the 7000 calories I was talking to Cristi about, lol. But they do sound scruptious!!

Cristi has agreed to be co-moderator, so Welcome Aboard, Cristi!! There really isn't that much to it, but I am very appreciative of her taking it on.

I made a big pot of vegetable soup again, for tomorrow, and I am so glad that's done. It's supposed to be cold and windy, so soup will be just what we need. Plus, it's points-friendly. :cp:


03-09-2004, 11:37 PM
Hi You All Jaded Ladies ....

I really need to get to work.

Just wanted to pop in and say, Hey. :wave:

So, what kind of sandwish :burger: didja have Angie?? You know what is really good??I have my tuna salad with cottage cheese, and beets.It is really yummy. Today I looked down and my new Reebok had a beet stain on it. Totally disgusted.
I adore Monte :love: ((no, I don't even know but I would be giving him the evil :nono: eye for bringing home pastry!!!

Congrats Marti on your divorce!!! :bravo: :cb: :dance: Yahoooooo, you are a free woman, at least for a few days.

Hi Cristi.I planted flowers :flow1: :flow1: over the weekend.You are in Witchita (sp) though?? It was nice here today.Maybe you can get out and weed? Are you planning on a garden? I love to be outside working in the yard, very relaxing.

I talked to Mister Washington!!!! Yahooooo.He had called twice and by the second call he sounded kind of
We talked for an hour tonight. He had to run because he is in his churches choir :dancer: and they are getting ready for Easter.........yes, he sings!! So, cool.
Very pleasant sounding man.He has a slight Spanish accent, which I found kind of He speaks English,Spanish, French & is learning Italian....he has traveled all over the world.
I told him I hadn't even been in a plane.
He couldn't believe that......said we would have to do something about
He said twice that I sounded like a very peaceful :cloud9: lady.
I said yes.........I read & watch, I didn't say that.

I did read Self Matters though today and realized I am worth flowers being sent to , :goodvibes gosh darn it!!!!
My mom said........oh, no.Don't let him do that.

But Cristi says it is ok and I say it is ok and Mister Washington wants let him. lol

Also, I feel a lot better about the flower :flow1: thing after talking with him.He actually was laughing and he is funny, so that is great!!

Did the walk, drank the water,ate well. That is all I can do. I am just 1 I need to do some more exercises :tread: tho, need to kick it up a notch if I am going to roll over that :goodscale :kickcan: 150 next month.

Ok..........enough playing with the smilies :coffee2: :goodluck: :cofdate: :cofdate: :coffee2: :eating2: :mcd: really are cute.

Best Get :)

03-10-2004, 02:03 AM
Man, I'm on a food rampage today. I swear if it won;t eat me first I'll eat it. Why am I so hungry? I've been SO good for the last three weeks and now all of a sudden I could eat the chrome off of a bumper.

03-10-2004, 02:17 AM
Jana, good to see you made it home safe. I know your SIL must have been very glad to see you.

Congrats, Marti, on your freedom! :encore: Actually, I know it just feels good to get those loose ends tied up and finally get closure. And how exciting that you and James are getting married so soon!

I will get St. Patrick's cards mailed by this weekend. I can't believe it, but I was just informed that I have to work an hour of overtime, one hour BEFORE my shift, tomorrow. I am not a morning person at all...Tim told me to get up early and stop at Starbuck's for a double on the way to work :coffee: I worked 4 hours on Sunday for that home show, mandatory overtime Monday, and now mandatory overtime tomorrow -- on top of working 9 hour days Monday through Thursday anyway! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :censored: The only thing keeping me going this week is knowing that I have all next week off for vacation, even though I won't be going anywhere and will be spending it probably cleaning house.

Sorry I'm whining....I'm just so darn beat. :faint: I will talk to you soon...


03-10-2004, 03:11 AM

Boy am I tired!! I could use some coffee!! :coffee: (ok, that was just an excuse to use that smilie!)

To answer some questions:
I asked Shanna to stand by me as my witness or maid of honor....(which do I call it when we're at the court?)She's been such a wonderful friend this past year!! I also plan on dragging her with me to buy a cute outfit or dress before the day.
I told James my plan for that and he jokingly said " the money is starting to get spent!" my reply? "oh bebe, (my name I call him) I've started spending money months ago when I started this scrapbooking!" :lol:

James asked one of his friends to stand by him and the funny thing about that is he told his friend to make sure he gets a tux. And the guy was like "ok" and James proceeded to say "yeah, you get one, I'm not going to, but you need to!" (ok.....that was more funny when I heard it, but not so funny being written down!)

We plan on calling a few friends and family. My grandma wants me to let my sister throw us a reception afterwards at her place,,,,but I'm not sure if she wants to do that!! We'll see. We only have two weeks to get this planned out. So I will be sending "Annoucements" that we had gotten married after our day....My question to you that appropriate? I don't want to send invitations because it's going to be VERY small and I don't expect anyone to give us gifts. But I would like friends and family who can't come to know about it. So I need your opinions ladies!! What is the proper way to go about all this?? Should they be sent BEFORE? or AFTER?. I can't even imagine if I was having a formal wedding!! I'd be a nervous wreck!!!

Ok... I have tests tomorrow and I need some shut eye.

Take Care Ladies

P.S. I'm so busy with everything that I haven't had time to go out and get St. Patty's cards...but I would like to send one through e-mail....can I get some of your e-mail addresses?? Rita, Kat? I think I have most of the rest of you! Sorry for being behind on that!!

03-10-2004, 11:22 AM
Good morning ladies,

Susan - Neal sings, too, and used to belong to the church choir. But he had to drop out years ago when he had to teach night classes and couldn't get to choir practice. I told Neal you had never gotten flowers from a florist and he said - "no wonder she got a divorce", LOL. Mr. W sounds really sweet!

Kat - Is Aunt FLo on her way to your house? Sounds like it.....

Katie - sorry about all the overtime! Being such a hard worker pays off, though, when you get that paycheck you'll be smilin'! :D...$$ Glad you are on vacation next week. Sounds like you could use a break.

Marti - Shanna will make a very beautiful maid of honor! Yes, the wedding announcements are a good idea, and very appropriate. They are normally sent out after the wedding. I know you are getting so excited about this new chapter in your life. How does Jhanai feel about it?

Kayecee - I forgot to mention that I was real close to you, I think, when we drove through Arkansas. We were at the I55 turnoff at your town. (don't want to say exactly where on line!) So I waved :wave: and said Hiya Kayecee!! Didya hear me???

I am showing a loss now, :goodscale: but won't post it until my official weigh-in on Saturday, but that makes me feel MUCH better! I stayed OP during the whole trip and everything, which was not easy, but I am determined to do it this time....


03-10-2004, 01:22 PM
Good Morning,

Jana, Hi.
Neal sounds like a sweatheart!! What does he teach? How long have you been married.....also curious how you met??
Happy to hear you are seeing a weight loss, I know that must be encouraging:)
I was going to add that while Mister Washington (btw, that isn't his real attends a small church they have a basketball team that plays againts other churches, Mister W participates in that also. Mister Arkansas man didn't attend church, though I did meet him at a Christian web site.He said he was waiting for me to visit AR and we would find a church together *roll eyes*. He made time for paintball
And, no. Never had flowers from a florist....isn't that the saddest?? *sniff....

Kat, Hi.
How much water do you drink?? Only asking because it is a natural appetite suppressant, should help quench the munchies I would think??

Hi Katie,vacation is in sight:) In the meantime Starbucks is a grand place in the mornings!! I went there this morning and picked up some,I like it with a dash of cinnamon.Hope you feel better.

Marti, Hey ........
You will be a lovely bride!! Look forward to seeing a picture on your weeding day. You will have fun scrapbooking the wedding photo's in the weeks to come!! Happy Shanna will be with you , that is sweet. Take Care, you have some busy days ahead. :)

Good Morning to everyone else. Hope to see you posting soon, would love to hear how you are doing!! :)

03-10-2004, 03:46 PM
:balloons:Good afternoon ladies~

Where to start, where to start :dunno:

Susan~:thanks: for the St. Patrick's Day card, received it in this mornings mail, it's cute! And so is your baby girl!! She is a cutie pie!! :thanks: for the picture. I miss the kids being that small. I hope things go well for you and Mister Washignton-he sounds like a keeper.Not planning a garden but do want to have a spot for some cherry tomatoes. I love them and they are so expensive in the store. I would love to weed but there is nothing to weed-we have a dirt yard. I am thinking about doing all the lanscaping (shrubs & trees) before the grass. We are going to put sod in the front and seed in the back. But I have about a foot wide, maybe a foot & 1/2 spot along the walk from the garage to the front door I am going to plant some flowers-not really wide enough to plant anything else there-I don't think. I don't want something that is going to get big and hang over on the walk-way to be trampled on. Decisions, decisions.

Jana~:thanks: I appreciate the welcome and look forward to being co-moderator-I feel special. :D I do know what you mean about maintaining when you know you have done so well. And thanks for the explanation of the 7000 calories-I know did not consume that many extra calories last week. There is no way and I was surprised when the scales showed that 2 pounds, surprised and so disappointed.

Marti~Shanna is your witness at the court but also your maid of honor. We almost went to the courthouse but instead decided on a very small intimate wedding at home. Carrie (DD) was my maid of honor, Jason (DS#1) walked me down the aisle (hallway) & Josh (DS#2) was going to be the best man but at the last minute changed his mind. He was a little nervous so he stayed in the background and took pictures. And yes, announcements after the wedding are appropriate. I've not heard of anyone sending them before, although we ordered and received ours well before the wedding. We sent announcements out the day after we married. I am curious now about your wedding-are you going to carry a bouquet? What kind of flowers? Etc. etc. etc. we need more details. :lol: I am excited for you.

Kat~the chrome off a bumper???!!! :yikes: Is it TOM or the week before? I always get that way right before. I just want food-gimme food :cbg: :cookie: :burger: :corn: :hun: :hungry: :mcd: :eating2: :jeno: okay, that's probably not helping. I just love using the smilies. :D

Angie~I think we got your wind today! Geez, it is horrible. Supposed to get up to 65 but I think the wind is also blowing 65 mph. Makes it really hard to walk.

Katie~don't be sorry-I don't think you sound like you are whining, just venting. It can be very stressful working a lot of overtime. Look on the bright side, you will be reaping the rewards $$ and you have a weeks vacation to recoup. Take it easy and try to enjoy.

Hi Shanna, Rita & Kayecee :wave:

I will be getting cards mailed tomorrow ladies. Meant to ask if everyone got Rita's address. I asked for it a while back so if anyone wants it still pm or email me and I will send it. Not much going on with me today. I did a short walk on the :tread:, it felt good. Went to Wal-mart to buy groceries-I hate going to the grocery store when it is this windy because people don't put the carts in the stall and they end up rolling down the parking lot. Had a car dented pretty good from this once. I have been looking for a stinking remote for two days and can't find it. We have to send the receivers & remotes back to Dish Network or be charged an arm and a leg. We had that in the country but switched over to cable now. We have 15 days from the time they send the boxes to us to get it back or be charged up to $300 for the receivers and up to $100 for the remotes-isn't that ridiculous?? Considering we have paid for them about 3 times over the last (almost) three years. Okay, now I feel like I am whining. It just cracks me up though how companies try to screw you over now days. Need to get going ladies. Hope everyone is having a GREAT hump day!

03-10-2004, 03:57 PM
Hi Cristi,

I could use Rita's address, that would be great.

You are welcome for the card.Gaby is a sweetie, she was tired the day that picture was taken though.

Heading out for my walk, taking all morning to warm up here in Oregon!!

Mervyns has a 1 day sale today!! 15 off of Dockers slip ons, down from 35....going to buy me a pair.Also, I need some Capris. I know I talk a lot about this but I haven't really been shopping the last year or so.....nice to have the tax $$$$$.........the way I am spending it won't be for

Getting Busy..........oh, CONGRATS on co moderator!!!! You ARE special :)

03-10-2004, 08:07 PM
Hi ladies,

Susan - Neal and I have been married for almost 18 years, and were introduced by my sister. He played on her DH's baseball team, and when I said to her one day that I was tired of all the jerks and that I wanted a real man - someone who'd love my kids as well as me and not play games, she said she had a guy for me. We went together 2 different times. When we got married, my son, who was 15 at the time, gave me away and Mary, who was 5 at the time, was my flower girl. I'll bring photos to the slumber party. You ARE going to be there, right?? I'll pick you up at the airport!

Cristi - I also need Rita's addy. TIA. I don't think she's been back here since I asked and I am ready to send my cards out! Dish network is driving me crazy! They have put some channels on hold while they negotiate with the channel owners, and in the meantime, we are paying for stuff we don't get! Mary called them and made them subtract some $$ from her bill since the twins can't get Nickolodeon, lol! Go Mary!!

Hi to the others.

I got the cleaning done today but still have some laundry to do... that is a never-ending job! Other than that, it's just the same ol', same ol'. See you tomorrow.

03-10-2004, 10:39 PM
Hi Jana,

Congratulations :hat: on 18 years!!! When you say 2 different times what does that mean?? You went on 2 dates :love: ?? You dated 2 different periods of time??lol

Sorry, just curious. How long did you date before you knew he :doh: was the one??
What was the most appealing thing that you saw in :lucky: him?

I will have to read some more of Dr.Phil before I am convinced I could spend that much $$$$$$ on airfare to attend the slumber party. I would LOVE to, sounds like fun.

I need to start work, thought I would just pop in again.

Found the CUTEST, most COMFY shoes. They are called Natural Soul ,black sandels.I think they were orig. $34 and I bought them for $21. The sale is on until Saturday might go back and pick me up another style to go with skirts.

Alex :jig: (aka, Mister Washington) invited me out for :hun: dinner on the 20th. I can't though because of basketball for the girls, the last game and parties afterward. I am SOOOOO glad the season is in sight. I am thinking April 3rd would be a better time to meet.
1........I would have lost 3 more pounds!! 2.........I would like to meet him half way for lunch, instead of dinner.
More simple and relaxed that way.Besides we were both looking for friendship and dinner seems heavy duty to me........
What do I know though..........I don't date, I just marry.
Though with Gabys dad......I just got

I guess that is an update on lil ole me. I drank :yikes: 100 oz of water and only walked 2 miles. I was pressed for time.....just HAD to shop.:) I also walked without Gaby and was so much easier, though I did miss her. :stress: :stress: :stress:

Ok, I am going to work......... :dizzy:

03-10-2004, 11:04 PM
Unfortunately I can't blame the hunger bug on Auntie Flo...I've been bleeding for the last five weeks! I'm ready to pack Flo into a duffel bag and ship her off to Antarctica! It does seem to be better today though.

I took the plunge and got a hair cut today. It went from mid back to a layered shoulder skimming cut. I'm still not sure if I like it, but I'll attack it with some large hot rollers and see if some body makes it hang any better. It feels great to have all the old split ends gone though--my hair feels VERY soft and silky, albiet much shorter than I am used to. Its also hard to put up. I'm used to twisting it into a knot and skewering it with a pen/pencil to hold it in place and its not long enough to do that now. :( I'll have to stick a few hairties on the shifter in the car so I always have some wherever I am. It was pretty toasty in the gym today with my hair down.

03-10-2004, 11:24 PM
Hi ladies~

Jana & Susan~sent Rita's address to you and you are welcome. Don't remember who else wanted it-just let me know.

WOW, 18 years Jana. I think that is GREAT! My first marriage lasted 12 years and going on 5 now with #2. Sometimes I think about DH#1 and think wow, we would have been married 25 years this August. Good for Mary!! :cp:

Susan~aren't you just the shopping mama?! You are getting some FANTASTIC deals! Hey, you say only 2 miles but think about all the walking you did while shopping. Well, Alex sounds like a very nice guy, and I have to agree with you about meeting over lunch rather than dinner. I do hope you get to go to the slumber party, I know we are going to have a blast. :cb: :hat: :dance: :dancer:

Kat~EGADS!! Five weeks!! :yikes: You poor thing. Have you seen a doctor about it? That would worry me, but then my mother did the same and had to have a hysterectomy-she had fibroid tumors. I know what you mean about the hair cut. I just cut mine and while I have always had shoulder length hair it was long and I miss that I can't twist it up also. I think I preferred doing that. Anyway, I hope it gets better for ya and you start to like it.

Well, ladies just wanted to check in real quick. Of course real quick turns into real long sometimes. I am so pooped-I think the walk and (stationary) bike ride did me in. Have a good evening ladies. :wave:

03-11-2004, 12:22 AM
I would LOVE a hysterectomy. About 6 months ago I had a 15 week long period. I thought it would never stop. *sigh*

03-11-2004, 12:27 AM
Hi Cristi,

Yes, a :thanks: for the addie :)

I recommed these Natural Soul shoes to everyone, so cushy.Now I have to invest in nail polish and keep these toes painted.

You think a lunch meeting is better??? Thanks, I feel better about that also.

Another thing is we avoid driving at night, there is 170 miles between us.
I just wrote back and mentioned a half way is pretty there and on the water. Actually it is the state capitol....I would feel comfortable with that.......

We can do a dinner in the summer when it is daylight longer......geez, I sound like a friggin

Anyway,he seems like a sweetie.....we'll see.

Back to do the bike?? See, I don't even want to get on one, even though it doesn't go

Take Care, Cristi:)

03-11-2004, 02:11 AM
Hello ladies--

Late poster today.

Well, I did my presentation and it was horrible!! All my settings I had done here at home, did not show up at school. VERY unprepared!! But's only part of my grade in the class so I suppose I won't worry too much about it.

I forgot to mention yesterday about Jhanai's choir recital or program....

She did her solo and I was so proud!!! I couldn't keep the smile from my face!! I was smiling from ear to ear for miles!! She sounded so sweet!!

I had brought my camcorder, my digital camera and my 35mm. camera. I wanted pictures!! Well, I left my house without checking the batteries on my digital camera so I managed to get only 2 pictures out! Then, the people in front of us were moving like crazy and I couldn't get very good shots on the camcorder and my little 35mm. doesn't have a zoom!! Can you believe that?

But the school did have some company come in to tape the whole thing and so her dad bought one and I plan on making a copy from that.

And the poor thing was feeling terrible that night too. She had been sick and had stayed home a few days from school, but she wanted to go to this recital. And she did beautifully!! I'm so proud!!! :smug:

Ahhhh.....just had to share that all with you!! I'm going to get ready for bed. I keep hearing Jhanai's sweet little voice in my head. My baby!!

I will chat tomorrow.


Cristi---I also would like Rita's address if she doesn't mind.

da fat n da furious
03-11-2004, 02:11 AM
Kat,,,,girl I know what you are going throu seriously...I am so glad I got an abalation done. ( scalding of the unterous) And since Oct everything has been normal. Down time was 2 days..had done on thursday and was back to work Sat.

Susan,,,if I drank 100 oz of water I was be shocked...Im lucky I get in my 10 oz...and 2 miles?
Good to know your treating yourself, you need to do that!

So everything is a go, for our house...just need to sell this one.

I got a job interview tomorrow. My neighbour thinks I would be great in the call centre at her work place... a brewery. I hate beer so this should be Heather is being trained at Crispy Cremes, this is new to Canada even thou I know its a big thing in the states. Anyways she was told she gets a free dozen donuts a week...and a discount. She doesn't like And thing is I get a free case of beer a month or something insane like that...eewwww so we joked about trading...(not a good thing either)
Well I need to get to bed.
night all

03-11-2004, 09:12 AM
Hiya Ladies,

Susan - I went w/Neal for about 3 months, then foolishly dumped him for an old love. (But I wised up and moved on from THAT heartbreaker.) Then, 4 years later, Neal and I got back together. (my sister said he never stopped talking about me!) That was in May and by October, I knew I was head over heels in love with him. We were engaged the next May, and married in Septmeber, the day after my birthday. The things I like best about him were 1) that he respects me at all times; 2) he brought food into the house for me and the kids instead of just eating like other BFs did; 3) he is a very considerate lover and gets the job done, if you know what I mean; 4) he is always dependable - works steady, shows up on time, does what he says he will do, etc. 5) my kids love him as much as I do; 6) he is a practising Christian. About Alex, I agree with you, lunch would be better for a first meeting. More laid back.

Kat - Please see your GYNnie asap! There is no need for you to suffer like that. Your haircut sounds so cute!

Marti - sorry about your Powerpoint presentation. But at least it won't affect your grade too much. Jhanai's solo sounds beautiful. She will remember that all of her life, and so will you. We are all waiting for details of the wedding!!

Angie - :goodluck: with the interview. I can just picture you and Heather with your Krispy Kremes and beer, LOL!! You crack me up!

Today is the day we head to court to finalize Fern's accounts. As her guardian, Neal was respnsible for all of her money and now his siblings can complain about any expenditures if they want to. He has 5 siblings and there are a couple of them who would do something like that. I hope for his sake that nobody shows up - it could get real ugly in the court room!

Then I'm off to buy groceries. See you later...

da fat n da furious
03-11-2004, 12:03 PM
ok next person to talk about how they met their *love*

I enjoy reading about love stories...specially if it has a happy ending.

Jana,,,ya pssss wanna trade a few beers for a few donuts? Monte likes beer so I can just imagine him right now going,,,*THERE IS A GOD!* wife bringing in money and free beer...and SIL bringing him free donuts...

don't know what to wear today...brown pin stripe? or black pin stripe?

better get ready,,,thank goodness my hair stylist called to say I have an appointment with her tomorrow...

later gator

03-11-2004, 12:16 PM
Morning ladies--

Wow--It's great to read all these long lasting marriages!! I was married to Thom "technically" (or do I want to say legally) for 13yrs. OMG!! :eek: Was it really that long?? But of coarse, almost 6 of it I was with James. In fact, at the court house I said to Thom "You know, I have to say that these last 5yrs or so were the best years of our marriage, thanks!" At least he has a sense of humor and just laughed at me and said "I bet they were!"

Anyway...enough of me. My individuals, I haven't done that.

Susan--You and Kayecee have got to be the two women on here who find and take advantage of a great sale!! I've been trying to do that. Shanna mentioned to me this morning that there is a sale on dresses at Ross. So I may be going there today after school!! :hyper: Also about Alex. You said somewhere that you wonder if he has a sense of humor. I'm sure the man does, but since it's all talk over the phone, he may be withholding due to wanting to make a good impression. He may not want to look to eager and adolenscent like over the know what I mean? So far, he sounds like a great man and I hope it all works for you. And yes,, I agree, lunch out first would be good. And let that man give you flowers!!!

Jana--I wish you and Neal luck in the finalizing of Ferns accounts. It's never easy to try and get everything squared away, especially if other family members might make it difficult. :headache: I was speaking with my grandma the other day, she has hospice coming to her home now and that is just something that scares me. No one is letting us know if she is getting worse, or better? We just see her suffering from contstant pain and weakness. Anyway, she had told me that she has everything squared away as to who gets what. I think that's good that she does have that done, but to sit there and talk about it is disheartening. That woman is strong.....we hope to get through to summer with her! :crossed:

Cristi--Stationery bike?? I would love to have one of those. But then, there is nothing stopping me from riding the bike that I have!!! :no: Just got to dig it out of the storage room and get it out!! So much stress going on with me right now....(I really don't know why) :shrug: that I haven't been taking good care of myself lately,,,in fact I'm coming down with a cold!! (I haven't had one in years!!! Literally!) I have got to make sure I get rid of it before the 24th!! :yikes:

Kat--Oh girl---That is way to long to go on "flowing" like that!! You MUST go in have that checked out!! Have you gone to the Doctors before?? What did they say it was?? If you haven't....get off the computer, and make that phone call now!!! :rollpin:

Katie--Here is an idea for your can come to my house and do the house work for me!! :D Yeah...that sounds good!! I'm liking that idea! :lol: don't have to, but it would be nice!! You make sure you spend some time relaxing and pampering yourself on your vacation time. Everyone needs too!

Angie--Good luck with the interview. :goodluck: Beer and Donuts......hmmmm isn't that a mans dream dish?? :lol: I have yet to have a Krispy Kreme. I hear that they are as good as everyone says they are. I can't imagine a donut being that good!!

Hi to Shanna and Kayecee and Rita....hope to hear from you girls soon.

I need to finish getting ready for school! You all take care!

03-11-2004, 12:17 PM
Angie---didn't see ya online!! I will get to my meeting with James next time...Must get ready for school!!

I think black pin stripe would be good. But so would help am I? :D

Chat with ya later

03-11-2004, 04:50 PM
Good Morning, or is it afternoon???

Gaby & I slept in until 9am.Instead of rushing out the door at 7am to take the girls to school. It was pure heaven!!
Getting an application out for another property management job with Princeton, it would be closer to the girls.......maybe they will decide to come and live with me again?? I want that??
Hope to have something by the summer.Will be with this job one year in June,,,,,enough for me....

Thanks, Jana!!So nice to read love stories , Neal sounds so nice.

Angie, in a brewery??? Heather in a Krispy Creame?? lol........whatEVER, I still like my HOME DEPOT idea.......Dr.Phil says you have to live in a healthy enviroment.....tsk,tsk....:)
Rach & Becks dad was offered a job in a brewery, he is AA recovery though.Like a kid in a toy store....

Jhanai?? am I spelling that right Marti?? Her recital sounds sweet, hope she is feeling better now. Funny about you and Thom.....he sounds like a nice man.I heard about Ross and the dress sale, might check that out myself, though I love skirts.

Anyway, enough chatter. I better get this application out.

All you Jaded Ladies have a nice Thursday!!!!

03-11-2004, 04:52 PM
OMG Kat!! A 15 week period??!! And I thought a 5 week period was bad-girl I would get to the doctors asap. If my periods were like that I would tell them give me a hysterectomy. I too have wished I could get one-since losing a baby almost 4 years ago mine have been crazy, and some very painful. However, the last two months I have literally had a spot a day for 2 or 3 days. I swear I am going through menopause! Not sure if that is good or bad.

Angie~:goodluck: with the interview. I am keeping my fingers :crossed: it goes well. I think either suit would work, I like both brown and black. Our love story-I met DH through a personal ad/dating service. Not your typical personal ad. It was through a place called Country Connections and what it is is a newspaper you get once a month with personal ads of men-the men get a newspaper full of women. You write letters to the person and send to Country Connections and they forward the letters. If the guy likes what he sees he writes you back and you exchange addresses. I wrote Vince the end of Nov. 96, he wrote me back and we continued with letters until April 97 when I sent him a bouquet of balloons for his birthday. He called to thank me. We continued with the letters and started talking on the phone. May 98 I went to meet him in person and spend the weekend in KS where he lived. I was living in Arkansas at the time. I moved to KS July 1, 1998. He proposed to me Dec. 98 and we married May 99. I knew when I met him in person that we would get married-don't ask me how I knew, I just knew. My SIL had asked me if I thought we would get married and I told her yes, this was before I moved to KS. Then she said well of course you do or you wouldn't be moving to KS. He is the sweetest person, even when I am a bear, he always puts me and the kids first. And I could go on and on...I feel very lucky to have found him. :love:

Jana~Neal sounds so sweet. :love: Hope everything is fine today at the meeting. I know all too well what can happen at these kind of things and at funerals. I am not sure what happens that family members loose it at these kind of things but I know DH#1 funeral was the WORST nightmare with his family. Of course it started even before the funeral. Not sure how I survived it but I did, as did the kids. I will be thinking of you and Neal today.

Marti~sorry your presentation didn't go so well. I do love my stationary bike, but I also like to ride outside. I will not ride my bike though until I get a different seat. DH had bought a seat at Wal-mart but it wasn't what I wanted. I need to go to a bicycle shop I guess-just haven't gotten around to it because we were living in the country and I had no where to ride it. Now I can't wait.

Susan~yes I do the bike and I love it! It's really not that bad. I can't wait to get the weights in the house and get started on that. DH and I tried this past Sat. but wouldn't fit through the door-normally he measures everything and this time he didn't. So we have to take the bottom bar off and try again. I am loving that we have an extra room to make an exercise room instead of everythig being spread out. The other house I had the bikein the bedroom, the treadmill in the LR and the weights out in the garage-the reason I never got started with them. It was a detached garage so no heat in the winter and no air in the summer. I do think a lunch date is so much better than a dinner date for the first meeting/date. I always preferred lunch dates over dinner dates or movie dates or even meeting for coffee or a coke.

Hey to everyone else-Shanna, Rita, Katie, Kaycee :wave:

Carrie and I went out this morning so she could drive. I swear the more time that passes in between driving sessions she forgets everything. She hasn't been driving for about a month and I started her up again the other day. She has GOT to get her drivers license, which I am sure she could. I am just not comfortable enough to let her drive on her own. I am still looking for the remote-that thing has disappeared. Vince found out yesterday though we have 15 days to get the stuff back from the time the boxes are received and because they sent the boxes to the old address it gives us more time to get them back and more time to find the remote. Other than that not much going on except the annoying pounding! They are building houses at the end of the cul-de-sac, there is a house that seperates us but you can hear every little noise. I am amazed at how fast they build a house, yesterday they were working on the basement and today they almost have the house built! Anyway, I am babbling and this is getting too long :blah: :blah: Take care ladies and have a good day-TTFN :)

03-11-2004, 08:13 PM
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