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03-04-2004, 12:44 PM
Welcome to a thread devoted to women who have the priviledge of taking care of our families while winning the battle to control our weight and have better health! Feel free to join right in! We look forward to getting to know you better!

03-04-2004, 12:56 PM
Good morning!


Ginny ... I didn't know there was a 4 mile tape. I have Leslie's Power Walk ... there's a Power Firm section with lower body exercises and a 3 mile walk section that can be broken down to 1, 2 or the whole thing. Leslie and I have become good friends. :D
We had to go through the screaming thing with Will too. I know it only takes a few days to a week, but it still pulls at the heart you know? :p He woke up around 3:30 for his pacifier but went back to sleep until about 6:30. So he did very well his first night. I never heard him ... Dh got up :^:

Penny, congrats on the 2.5# That's terriffic :cb: :cheer:

Melinda, so sorry about your Mom and her lack of understanding/support. My sister's ex-MIL is Japanese and she had the same attitude about everything in life...very opinionated and unwilling to try to understand. Good that Dh and your sister are more supportive. My mom will bring candy over for Will and when I asked her not to once all I got was the "I can't help it if you have no willpower" speech. Let's hope we all remember this when we're older and give our kids a break :lol: And we're all here for you and will cheer you on through the good and bad times!!

Spryng I have a Sony 3.2 mp digital. I bought Paint Shop Pro 7/Animation Shop 3 for editing. It does some really cool things but I haven't played with it enough to really do all the neat stuff. I will do that one of these days and stop paying for Sears to do our pictures!

Did the 3 mile WATP this morning so the exercise is done for the day again. Now doing a little laundry and straightening up before I go shopping. I'm way to excited so I probably won't find anything :lol: .

Candy, Ricci, anyone else I missed ... have a great OP day.

Talk to you all later!

03-04-2004, 01:14 PM
Geri ~
Doesn't it figure everytime you go shopping with money to spend, you can't find anything. But when ya ain't got a dime, you find a millions things to buy.

Hope you beat the odds today! :)

When do you weigh in at TOPS?


03-04-2004, 01:33 PM
Hello again!
Geri thanks for starting the new thread. I can't remember the last time our thread got to 4 pages! We have been doing alot of yaking, lol. I want to buy a nice picture editing program too. I use the one that came with the camera but I know there are some really neat programs out there. I put most of my pics online at and they have some neat things you can do with your pictures too but you can't print them from their site, you have to order them, which I haven't done yet. But for me to share them on here I have to upload them to a photo site online so I use for that.
Well, my breakfast was so good and filling. I don't normally have a high pt breakfast but it just sounded so good. I used 1 low fat flour tortilla, 1/2 cup southwestern egg beaters scrambled, 1 slice fat free cheese, 1 morningstar farms sausage patty I cut into small pieces and taco sauce, put all that in my tortilla and it was very good and filling. It's lunch time and I'm still not hungry!! And it was 5 pts. So not too high in pts but filling.
Well I need to get the kids some lunch. I will be back later. Hopefully we can all chat today at 2 pm central?? I will check then to see if anyone shows. TTYL!

03-04-2004, 02:42 PM
Hi Everyone!

It's good to be back here checking up on all you gals. It's hard for me to post regularly due to either no working computer or no time to even turn on the computer! I missed visiting with you all, so here I am. ;) Oh my, I was going to scroll down & read all of the posts & answer you all individually, but...I must have hit the wrong reply button & now it won't let me scroll at all. So-I guess I'll post this and then return later with my greetings. TTFN

03-04-2004, 02:48 PM
hey Jackie!!!! I was just thinking about you this morning. :) Actually I had your letter with your picture on it in my hand while I was cleaning up my entertainment center and I was lost in thought about you. I sure miss you. I hope you computer starts acting right and you get more time to post here. How have you been??
Well, I thought I was going to get to chat at 2 pm today but the kids ended up going down for their naps early so I think I will grab one too. After all the cleaning I've been doing I am so tired. So I will chat with you all later. What is everyone having for dinner tonight? Leftover one-dish rosemary chicken with white beans for me. It's a lazy night ahead, lol. TTYL!

03-04-2004, 03:04 PM

Thanks for thinking about me! I'll have to give you a call sometime to catch up on everything. I'm finding out going back to the "Old Fashioned" way of comunicating sometimes works out better for me. That way I can keep on working around the house while chatting. I will probably be able to post more often once the "working" computer gets out of my ds's room. I plan on moving it back into the basement, close enough to the recumbant bike. I definitely need to dust the bike off, as I haven't followed through with my plans to pedal it. I'm disgusted with the way I look, so hopefully soon I'll be burning those calories & pounds away! Penny: I think you're new since I posted last, so welcome to our thread! (If you're not new, please forgive me as my memory isn't the best lately!) :lol: Geri: Hey neighbor, nice to read your post too! I see you & a few others have shed some pounds since my last visit, congrats! :bravo: You gals sure give me incentive! Oh my, the time has sure went by quite quickly here & I have to scoot. I'll try & get back here sooner than later, okay? TTFN

03-04-2004, 03:15 PM
Spryng - My father and sister have the Kodak DC and the program that goes with it. My dads pictures have turn out really good and he uses that website as well. I think they charge .29 a picture.

Geri - We have the Sony also and it did not come with a program. We use one that is already on our computer, but I am not happy with it. I think the real problem is that I am not happy with my computer. It is about 4 years old and I remember the salesman saying I would never need a faster computer.

I take my memory stick or copy photos to cd and go to Costco, only .19 a picture. At this stage all of JW expressions are so cute, I usually end up getting them all.

4/5 on the gym for today. When I was on the treadmill, I saw the news at 12 and a father had shot his 5 month baby. Some dispute over custody. It made me so sick to my stomach. There are crazy people out there. SC once again will probably be on the National News.

Have a Happy Thursday!


03-04-2004, 05:04 PM
OK Geri,

What did ya buy???

Nice to "meet" you. I haven't posted in months, but I am back. Hope you get the puter moved and start posting again :) And brush the dust off the exercise equipment :)

Congrats on the exercise!!!! How much weight have you lost so far? Aren't you on South Beach?

Be back later on this evening! Gotta finish up my deer roast and get Hunter ready for Karate!

Take care,

03-04-2004, 08:25 PM
Hi everyone,

OK, I bought one pair of sandals for me, an easter garden flag for me, a Pilates balance ball for me :D (are you sensing a theme here??? ME???). Actually, that's it for just me. I bought a sconce and candle to finish off the main bathroom, and then for a mere $28 I got a 2 piece outfit, a cinderella nightgown, an initial necklace and some nail polish for my girl friend's daughter for her 7th birthday. Her's were the best deal 'cause half of it was on clearance. They had 50% off of the clearance price plus my additional 30% ... it was almost a steal. :D Dh is going to go this weekend for himself. He's not easy to buy for and he admits it.

Hi Jackie! Glad to see you back. Hope you get the computer moved soon. Dust off that exercise equipment!! That is what has helped me to lose 6 pounds in the last 2 weeks.

Melinda, congrats on the workout. BTW we had a guy who shot his gf who was 8 months pregnant and killed them it's everywhere!

Spryng, we had leftovers too. I had a boneless pork chop, baked potato and corn. Don't know what I'm making tomorrow yet.

Hi Ginny, Ricci, Candy, Penny & Andrea...hope I didn't miss anyone! Have a great night. I think I'll bloe up my balance ball & play a bit... til ds takes it away from me :lol:

03-04-2004, 08:39 PM
Hi all! Just a quickie. I had a work seminar thing today at 1pm but I did get in a 2 mile walk before going. I'm pooped though. I'm gonna turn in early tonight and try taking some valerian to help me sleep better. Hope everyone has a good night! Geri, no ER tonight! Boo hoo but I am glad because I don't need to be up until 11pm tonight!!! TTYL!!!

03-04-2004, 09:43 PM
Candy, Geri, - My Dh and I watch ER as well. Thurs is our date night, we watch TV together. We are stuck on the Apprentice too.

Geri - Have fun with your new goodies. The balance ball is fun once you get the hang of it.

Penny - I am really doing a combo of all diets I know. I lost 10 pounds the first phase of South Beach. Since I have been on the boards about 4 pounds, weigh in tomorrow.

Went to Outback for dinner has the steak, steamed veggies, and salad. Good for low carbs, but it is always so salty when we eat out. Another one of our weight loss problems is that we eat out too much. We have gotten a lot better since I am staying at home, but still excessive. I feel like I have to drink a gallon of water to get the salt out. We will see tomorrow.

Good luck with the weigh ins.


03-05-2004, 08:05 AM
Good morning!!!!!
No time to get personal.......just wanted to say hello and wish everyone a good day.Welcome back, Jackie!!!!!
See ya later.

03-05-2004, 09:19 AM
Hi Ladies!!!

Lost another post :( Oh well,

Hope everyone has a great on plan day!

Its lent, so no meat for me today!

Well I am down another 1.5 pounds. That makes 8 so far and still have another 15 before I get back to pregnancy weight :fr:
And still have to keep losing to get to goal!

Well Rome wasn't built in a day! And I didn't gain all this weight overnight, right!

Take care, Be back later :)

03-05-2004, 09:58 AM
Good morning all!
Well I just did my WI and guess what?? I'm down 1.5 lbs!!!! I don't know how that happened since I ate over my pts friday through monday and didn't get back OP until tuesday. But I lose that lb I gained last week (due to overeating) and 1/2 lb to go along with it! I'm at 134 now!!!!! 4 more lbs until goal. I am so excited and happy. There will be no screwing up this week, 100% OP for me. But I was so suprised when I stepped on the scale because I thought I would see another gain. Whew, the weight loss fairies must have been looking out for me, lol.
Penny, enjoy your day of no meat! That would be easy to give up for me because I'm a bread and pasta person. Maybe you could but some veggie burgers or something to have instead? I just love them. And congrats on your 1.5 lb loss too!! Maybe it's something in the water?? :)
Melinda, you are a stronger person that me. I always eat loaf after loaf of that great bread at outback. I can't stay away from it. Can't wait to hear about your WI!
Candy, I hope you got a great nights sleep. Hopefully today you can relax a little.
Geri, sounds like you had fun shopping, and I loved your theme "me", lol. I love to shop just for me sometimes. But we women know it doesn't happen very often.
Jackie, I would love for you to give me a call. Anytime. I don't know if you have my new number though. I'll pm it to you. :) I know those lbs will slip off you once you dust that bike off and are ready to get back on the saddle, :cool: Hope to see you here more often.
Well ladies, I have to hop in the shower, and then head to town to get groceries for the week. So I'll be gone for a few hours. TTYL!

03-05-2004, 11:29 AM
Good morning everyone,

Spryng and Penny, congrats on the losses :bravo: :cp: :dance: :dancer: :cheer: Everyone's doing great lately!

I got my balance ball inflated last night .. then ds wanted to play with it and I was too tired to get on it :) This morning I got through a little more than half of my pilates when I discovered that the oldest beast got into the balmex AGAIN and had smeared it all over his mirrored closet doors and one of the dressers in his room. You know, sometimes I could kill him (not really of course) but I was so angry that I didn't finish the workout. I'll do something tonight after Dh gets home. I have told Will again and again not to touch the balmex ... put it up on a shelf but close enough to the changing table to get at it if Tony's up on the table. Will just climbed up on the changing table and grabbed it. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh! :mad: I'll get over it....sometime today :lol:
UGGGGGGGGGGGG HE JUST PULLED THE SPEAKER COVER OFF AGAIN...he's really pushing my buttons today. :mad: :( :mad:

OK, I'm back.

Candy, luckily in the midwest ER's on at 9pm :D I missed it last night...I did watch the Diana special though. You think everyone else has it better than you sometimes until you hear what's really going on inside their heads. :(

Well, I'm going to get going here and get some stuff done. I'll try to be in the chatroom's been awhile ... but it depends on what the beast is up to by then :lol: ! Have a great day.

Hi to everyone I missed!

03-05-2004, 01:17 PM
Hi Ladies,

I would love to chat but I have to be at Hunter's school to pick him up at chat time. I was going to go get some groceries today but it has been raining all day :(

Maybe it will slack up and I can go to Wal Mart and the fruit stand.

How do you buy groceries with all three??? :dizzy:

Let me know how the balance ball is. I need to go ahead and get some new tapes.

Take care,

03-05-2004, 02:51 PM
Good afternoon all!
Penny, I don't know how I do it with all 3 kids at walmart sometimes. Sometimes they are great, like today. And sometimes my ds (the 3 yo) runs off and hides and scares me to death or just drives me up the wall. But I always make a list and stick with it, no aimlessly wondering around or the kids get restless. I have them help me pick things out and put them in the basket, which they love to do and then if they are good they each get to pick out a treat at the checkout stand. So it's a good routine we have going so far. Today they were excellent.
Geri, I feel for you with the balmex. My ds (the 3 yo again) always used to get into things. One time he went in the bathroom and got into my pads and pulled all the stips off of them and had them stuck to him and all over the walls. Funny now that I think about it but I was so upset then. I needed those things!! lol. and yes he's been in the diaper rash cream more times than I can count. Want to know what broke him? He was at Dh's cousin's house and they had a tube of muscle cream (you know the stuff you rub in to relieve sore muscles that gets really hot?) he thought it was butt cream and rubbed it all over him and next thing we knew he was leaping around screaming in shock. It took a long bath and lots of scrubbing to get it off of him and he's never touched another tube of anything since then. Poor guy. :) But he is my little beast. I guess there is one in every family sooner or later :) I will try to chat today too with you.
Well, my day is going great. I'm still on cloud 9 from my WI. I'm just so suprised still. It really motivates me more to do what is right to get these last 4 lbs off and then start working on my personal goal, which is 14 lbs away. But I'm getting there. I want to be at my WW goal by april 4th, which is my anniversary. So no more playing around :)
Ok, I need to get a load of dishes going. What is everyone having tonight? I think I'm using some flex on pizza. I bought a frozen one we like. TTYL!

03-05-2004, 03:53 PM
Oh Spryng ... thanks for the pad story :rofl: I needed that. The muscle cream is pretty funny too since ds didn't get hurt really!

Will's just on a roll today....he know's our room is off limits unless we're in there with him yet I have to chase him out of there a couple of times a day. Today he got a spanking (sorry if anyone objects, but I was brought up that way and time outs don't work for us) so we'll see how long it is before he goes in there again! I know a lot of this is the terrible 2's but he must learn to listen to his mama :(

Dinner is tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwich. Will eats "fish" soup...Campbell's chicken with the goldfish noodles.

Heading into the chatroom soon. Hope to see someone there.

03-05-2004, 04:43 PM
Hey all!!! Congrats on the losses! I am changing my WI to Friday because that is when I am always inclined to get on the scale. The scale wasn't so nice to me today. 146...I am at a stall. Considering the way I've been eating this week it is actually pretty amazing! I think TOM is due soon or something because I have been craving all the junk that I have happily lived without for 2 months!

Spryng, the pad story got a laugh out of me too!!! Geri, we had many a diaper rash ointment, baby powder and any other off limits item experiences also. It is really amazing that they don't kill themselves. As for the spankings, it is not my first option but it is definitely an option. Sometimes nothing else works but a nice sound pop on the bottom. I had to pop both my kids hands in Sam's today. They have not been listening all day and I am having allergies so it has not been good. And turns out I didn't get to sleep until 1am!!! I went to bed at 8pm and dozed while the kids watched a movie (didn't really sleep because they ask questions every 5 minutes!) and then by 11pm I couldn't sleep so I got up and got on here. Listed some stuff on ebay and 1 thing has sold already! I am really excited about that!

Ok, well, my house is a wreck so I have to get a little something before DH comes home because he would probably have a breakdown if he saw the house right now!!! He is a neat freak which drives me crazy. I like things clean but a little mess (not dirt) now and again does not bother me. TTYL!

03-05-2004, 05:26 PM
It's me again! :)
I'm glad you two got some laughs out of my pad story. Believe me I have many more that are funny and shocking. What kids do, lol.
Geri, I firmly believe in spanking a child. I too try time outs and such but sometimes like Candy said, only a good spanking gets the message accross. Ava hardly ever needs to be spanked, I can firmly get on to her and she gets it and acts better, but my 3 yo, Bubba, he can't be reasoned with. He's getting alot better but some days he goes at it all day long just like yours is doing today. He is my stubborn one. So don't feel like you have to justify your disciplinary actions, we are all mothers here and know that discipline is a personal matter and to be respected.
Candy, now we will have 3 WI on fridays!! That makes fridays that much more to look forward to! :) I love and dread WI day, love it when the scales goes down and dread it when I know I haven't been good or TOM strikes. Hope you got your house in order before your DH got home. My dh can care less what the house looks like. And I am far from a neat freak but I like to know that if someone showed up unexpectedly the house will be presentable, you know? Not that that ever happens, but you never know when it will... that's why it is unexpected, lol.
Well I guess I will go rummage the WW posts. Oh speaking of that, Ginny the consensus I got from my threads I started about the fast track program was that just about everyone who answered lost at least 3 lbs a week on it and some much more. But they said it was hard to stick with for 2 weeks solid so some quit after week one and it still helped them jumpstart their metabolisms the following weeks. How are you doing on it? I got all the info you sent me yesterday and I'm going to give myself another week of normal WW before I try it. I'm hoping I may not need it. It just seems so structured to me and you know how I hate bounderies, lol. I am a rebel at heart. :) But if my weightloss doesn't pick up this month then I will definitely give it a try. But this week I will be 100% OP and get more exercise in and see how that helps my next WI.
Well, gonna get off here. TTYL!

03-05-2004, 05:55 PM
You girls have me cracking up, I guess the real fun comes when JW is 2. Still weighing in the same. Outback last night probably blew it with all the salt.
Keeping up with the water in workouts. I think next week I will focus on portion control, maybe that is were I am going wrong.

Picked up pictures from Sears today. The one that I liked the most has him
drooling. I thought they touched up those things. They are still cute though.

Has anyone seen The Passion, my dh wants to see it, so we might go. I think I would rather see it in the privacy of my own home. Well, we will see.
I have a baby shower this weekend and I made a diaper cake out of our grown out diapers and went to the dollars store and got spoons, fork, binky, and a rubber ducky for on top. It actually turned out pretty cute.
That is about it for this weekend, so hopefully not too much temptation to eat.

Happy Weekend!


03-05-2004, 06:17 PM
I don't remember who asked for fast track info, was it you andrea?? Well I found a link that has the menu and all that, here it is...

03-05-2004, 08:55 PM
Hi Melinda, sorry I didn't respond to your post earlier, I found that link and then had to get off the computer. The sodium probably did effect your WI, but that means you probably did lose!! You'll see it next week on the scale. No, I haven't seen The Passion movie yet, but I heard that it will shock you and make you bawl. Everyone said everyone leaves the theater in tears, so be prepared for that. If you don't want to cry in front of a crowd you may want to wait until it's on video. I do that with movies I know will be sad because I hate crying anyway and doing it in front of strangers makes it worse. But I cried when simba's father died during the lion king!! So I try to avoid sad movies at the theater, lol. I made a cake like that once, it was for my best friends bridal shower and it was a towel cake, it came out beautifully. Several women came up to touch it because it looked so real. I made it with white fluffy towels and lots of roses and beads and it was gorgeous. Of course as soon as she got it home she took it apart to use the towels! But then again, that was what it was for right? But it was fun to make.
Well, I need to go. TTYL!

03-05-2004, 10:09 PM
Hi everyone,

Melinda, my Dh wants to see the Passion too but I'm with Spryng, I would rather see it at home. Right now I'm watching Return to Me with David Ducovney and Minne that movie...seen it 100 times but I still bawl during one part (I won't mention it in case anyone hasn't seen it). Great love story with lots of humor in it.

Candy and Melinda...just keep up the exercise and you'll be back on track in no time...but you know that right? :D

Will's calming down finally ... but it is almost bedtime. Tony's still going and he's usually down by 7:30. Dh on the other hand is already in's 8:00...he took a benadryl :( Oh well.

I got in some of the Pilates with the balance ball...Melinda, you're right about having to get used to it...but some of it seems a little easier to me with having the ball to concentrate on...I seem to keep my balance better. We'll see. Anyway that was about 10 minutes worth. Then put in a Denise Austin Fat Burner dvd...after about 7 minutes I turned it off. Not what I wanted. I'm not too sure I like her. I'll try it again some other time. Then climed on the treadmill for 21 minutes. Gave up after that but with the pilates I did get done this morning I figure I got a good 45 minutes in today.

I forgot to mention that I had a little snack at around 9 last night. First time I gave in :( but it was only a strawberry and 2 ritz crackers. I think I was just very tired and bored and should have just went to bed. I'm glad I didn't let it get out of control...but I had to fess up ;) .

Well, that's about it for tonight. Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the evening and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Hi to everyone I didn't get personal with!

A&A's Mom
03-05-2004, 10:48 PM
Hey Everyone!

It seems like I have only been able to post twice a wk here lately. I guess since Dh has been home so much I just haven't had time.

I laughed my head off about the pad story and I can relate to you Geri on the diaper creme. Alex loves to EAT the stuff!!! He will reach in his diaper and get it off of his bottom and EAT IT!!!!! :( I have spanked for that!! His must get that crazy behavior from Dh's side of the family!! :lol: Anyway, thanks for the laugh!!

CONGRATS to the BIG LOSERS out there!!!! My weigh in is tomorrow, but I haven't done very well this wk. I think I've been stressed out about Dh check ride. It was Thurs. and he passed!!!! YEAH!!!!! Now he is offically hired! So he will leave one day next wk for Detroit. :( I'm going to miss him being gone, but will enjoy having a pay check again!

I can't remember every post but I hope you all have a great weekend!
Thanks for the website Spryng. It was me that asked!

03-05-2004, 10:56 PM
Spryng - Thanks for posting the website. Seems pretty straight forward. Putting it into action is another thing.

Geri - I have tried the Denise Austin ones as well. They are all right for the ocasional workout at home, but she does get on my nerves. I did her pregnancy one and she was all fit and trim in no time. No realistic to me. Enjoy the movie. I have written it down so that I will rent it next time.

When my mom was overseas, she bought DVD's current ones, Cold Mountian, 50 dates, for about the equivalent of $1.50 She bought about 40, so I will have a stash for a while. Some of them look like someone was in the movie with a video camera, but others are really just like watching VHS. We have a combo machine so that I can watch the exercise videos. But to think that we can actually tell a difference. I don't know what kind of technology our children are going to grow up with.

My parents came over for dinner. Pork loin, steamed brocoli, salad, and sweet potatoes (suppose to be better than the white ones). It is 1000p, trying to hold off on the late night snack. I think I will just drink water. My Dh is at the store buying eggs and detergent. I asked if it could wait, he said no. I have a feeling that he is buying some sort of junk.

Have a great weekend, girls! I think the urge to eat is gone. Thanks.


03-05-2004, 10:59 PM
Hi Ladies,

Chubba ~ You got in quite a mix of workouts! I think that is great! More is better than none!

A&A's mom~ Congrats on hubby's new job! :)

Did ya have the pizza?

Melinda~ Did your mom approve of supper? Resist on the late night snack. You will feel better about it. Easier said than done, I know~

Candy ~ How are you doing?

Geri ~ I can't stand Denise Austin! "OK LADIES LET DO IT, COME ON, SQUEEZE THOSE BUNS!" I wanna squeeze HER! :lol: :smug: I have her tapes!

Well hubby took me and the kids out to eat. There goes $45.00 but we enjoyed ourselves. I managed to stay on plan:

3/4 diet coke
3 20 oz water
Grilled Catfish w/ Shrimp and Mushrooms topped w/ light dill sauce (took most of the sauce off and hubby dipped his bread in it :lol: :lol:
Steamed veggies (exchanged the potatoes for the veggies)
Side salad w/ ff ranch (took off croutons)

Just thought I would report. I figured it would be hard w/ no carbs and no meat but it went well :)

Hope you all have a great night!
Penny :)

A&A's Mom
03-05-2004, 11:07 PM
Candy, I PMed you again, maybe twice. I hope you got it. Let me know!

03-06-2004, 12:22 AM
Good evening all!
Penny, yes I did have the pizza and it was worth every bite. But I used my flex so it's 100% OP :) Just a question about your dinner, you mentioned no carbs and no meat, well fat free ranch is full of carbs (the full fat one is very low in carbs) steamed veggies have carbs, and isn't fish a meat?? Just confused I guess. But it sounded low in calories and healthy. :)
Melinda, your dinner sounded great too!! I love sweet potatoes and yes they are healthier than the white. Not as starchy.
Andrea, that is so funny about your son eating the diaper rash cream! I wonder why he likes the taste of it?? Don't worry about your WI tomorrow. I'm sure once your dh leaves you'll be able to focus better on your weightloss plan. I know I do 10000% better when dh leaves out. How long will your dh be gone??
Geri, your workouts today astounds me. You are doing so great with it. Variety is no problem in your house :) I have a denise austin fat blast video and I toned up really well using it two years ago but for some reason I hate aerobics right now and don't even want to think about marching in place or jumping up and down. I guess because the firm and pilates don't require all that work to get great results I just can't bring myself to do it anymore. Or maybe I got lazy, lol. And you did great with your late night eating. It was a very light snack so no harm done. You just need to make sure it doesn't become habit because it's easy to slip back into with just one little bite here and then a big bite there... etc. But I know you know yourself well.
Did anyone watch 48 hours tonight? It was all about gastric bypass surgery, low carb diets, the subway diet, etc. All about weight loss. It was very interesting.
Well I guess I need to get in bed. I hope we all have a great OP weekend!!

03-06-2004, 12:35 AM
Trying to catch
The veggies were broccoli and cauliflower, both allowed and the carbs in the dressing was 5 ( I asked) lol :lol:
I am on South Beach which is not like Atkins. I can have carbs in my veggies, but I can only have certain veggies.
And seafood is allowed during lent just no meat.


A&A's Mom
03-06-2004, 01:06 AM
Penny, sounds like you had a great meal! I tried SB for a while, but I guess I wasn't dedicated enough. I've been doing WW and did great for a month, lost 11lbs, then found out I was preg. first of Feb, had a miscarriage end of Feb and I'm struggling to get back on track. You def. have to get your mind on track no matter what diet you are on. Congrats to you for doing so well tonight!

Spryng, I did watch 48 hrs. It had a lot of good information in it. Did you see the house that the Subway guy live in? Talk about good fourtune! I guess I could go to McDonalds and eat 2 Jr. burgers a day and small frie and still be in my points, huh? I wonder if they would give me a commercial? LOL!! (did I spell that right?) I guess that's not a very healthy way to lose weight though. Oh well, I can dream for a moment, right? Dh will be gone Sat-Mon and then will be given orders to when he will go to Detroit. Hope you sleep well!

03-06-2004, 08:54 AM
Avoided the late night snack and drank my water. Spryng, I watched the 48 hr special. I think it was great how the Seinfeild guy did it the right way. Of course he had personalized meals, trainer, and the like. The gastric bypass thing scared me, I never want myself to be at that point. I do agree that you can get too much fat with the Atkins. I think the WW link you sent it a good program with low fat, low carb. I told DH that there is no way our whole family is going to have a weight problem, like that chef guy. This low carb dieting thing is actually good. It is more like it singles out people that are not on a diet, who would have ever thought dieting was such a popular craze. Hopefully the end result will be a healthy America. I need to run for president now. Ha! ;)

Penny - Dinner sounds great. My mom did approve of the menu. She actually ate dinner. The crazy thing is that when we go to her house she cooks all this fatty stuff and she says she cooks healthy than us. It figures. I try not to get too upset. She is a good mom and really help out with the baby.

As far as the ff ranch, Atkins and South Beach say to use the full fat version of italian, casear, or oil and vinegar, etc. I have been reading labels so long that it is hard for me to look at the fat content and actually enjoy it. I use the Light Done Right Dressing, more carbs than reg, but less than ff ranch. The light ones are a bit salty though. When I am out in a restuarant I usually get the reg once and put them on the side. I have been eating ff for so long it is really hard to change.


03-06-2004, 09:21 AM
Thanks for the info. Well I guess the ff ranch didn't hurt anything b/c my scale was down another 1.5 # this morning, 173. I know you are not suppose to weigh every morning but I do and have been for years now.

I usually use light done right or just two good dressing at home. I guess I should have ordered vingarette. Guess I will know for next time :)

What is everyone doing this weekend? Anything planned?
My hubby is working all day and I am thinking about going to get my groceries this morning and leaving the kids at my mil's. Give me a little break. Andrew has only stay there 3 times for one hour each time. He never leaves my side.

Anyhow, I think after I get groceries I might take the kids to go do something. Chuck E Cheese's is too far away but we have a mock place just like it 10 minutes away.

Have a great day,

03-06-2004, 10:29 AM
Good morning all!
Penny, I don't know anything about the SB diet, obviously, :o lol, so forget what I said, sounds like you were right on target with your plan and lost weight too!! Congrats on the 1.5 gone! I used to weigh in every day too and I think as long as you know your body will flucuate day to day then you will do fine. :) I don't have anything planned for the weekend, except catching up on my laundry. We actually have the sun out today so maybe the kids will want to play in the backyard. I have alot of housework to do that I've been putting off.
Melinda, I agree with you about that seinfield guy. I think how he lost weight was so great, but yeah, seeing that he gets all his food made for him and a personal trainer doesn't make it realistic for the rest of us. I wish someone would bring me my meals! lol. But I think everyone should try the "old fashioned way" to lose weight before doing surgery. My MIL really needs the surgery though. She is 360 lbs and it's literally killing her. But she makes excuses and won't try anything.
Andrea, your mind will get there again and you'll get back on track with WW. Just give it time. Did you gain back those 11 lbs you lost? And I thought that was funny with Jared's apartment being 100 steps away from the subway, how convenient!!! And he saved alot of money by eating only subway twice a day, did you see all that food he was eating before subway??? That must have cost him a fortune to keep up. McDonalds needs somebody to lose weight by just eating their food, they are being hit so hard right now with bad media and such. Did you hear that they are going to do away with super sizing?? No more 44 oz drinks and super sized fries. I saw it on the world news the other night. I think it is dumb. Mcdonalds isn't making anyone fat, the people who order it is choosing to gain weight along with their unhealthy lifestyle, mcdonalds isn't to blame. When I have flex points I enjoy a big mac with super sized fries on occasion. It's funny though because after I saw that segment I called my DH and he was very upset about it, he loves to super size, so he had to pull over at the next mcdonalds and order some, lol. I'm glad fast food has become more health conscious, but at the same time if they pull things from their menu they are taking away our power to choose, you know? We don't want to be forced to order a salad and a water.. sometimes we want a super sized fry and drink to go with our greasy burger!!! :) JMHO. lol
ok, well... I guess my time has come to get off of here, get me some breakfast and get going on this house. I'm going to try and stay off the computer until nap time, so I'll talk with you all later!!

03-06-2004, 12:37 PM
Spryng - My dh was telling me about this man that ate McDonalds every day for a month and gain 40lbs. His health was awful and it took him a year to lose it. I think he is making a show or suiing. It is awful that this is what the world has come to.

When I was preg, I craved the McDonalds cheesburger with ketcup and that pickle and fries of course. I don't know if that was a craving or just b/c I never really eat them. At least I would get the kids meal though. I actually get the kids meal everytime we do fast food. I don't know how much healthy, but it doesn't make it seem so bad.

Did aerobics at the gym this morning. Took JW and he was just staring at this little girl his age, so cute. Love at first site. Riding lawn mower needs new wheels, so my DH is push mowing the yard. I should intentionally break the riding one, so he will get the exercise, but I miss the extra time that it takes him.

Happy Saturday. Just visiting family today.


03-06-2004, 04:58 PM
Good afternoon all,

The problem with super sizing is that we americans eat way too much at one sitting....portions have become 2-5 times what they should be. Order a steak in a restaraunt or chicken and see how large of a serving you get. Your meat serving should be the size of the palm of your hand...not your whole hand or more. I for one am glad that McDonald's is doing away with super sizing. :soap: I'll get off my soap box now :lol:

Melinda, the guy who ate all the McDonalds was makinga documentary about it. I don't know if he ended up suing or not. Congrats on the aerobics! Glad Mom liked your dinner.

Penny congrats on the loss!! Keep up the good work!!

Spryng, I hate aerobics myself. The only reason I bought the Denise Austin was because she used the step. I have a step that's just sitting there getting dusty. The original video that came with it broke....but I don't know if I can stand her enough to use it :lol: . Today I did the 3 mile WATP.

Tonight we're meeting friends at a Chinese buffet. I'm only going to fill my plate once and not go back for seconds. I'll choose items that have lots of chicken or veggies in it and try to avoid the fried stuff. I will allow myself a crab rangoon or two :D . We hardly ever go out to eat so this will be a treat for me.

I saw the end of the 48 hourse special last night...the part with Jared. When I was in college I barely had any money. How the heck could he afford to eat all that food and also to eat Subway twice a day...oh yes, daddy is a doctor!! But I like him and I love Subway so I won't be jealous of his nice big house :)

Andrea, I know you'll get yourself back on the WW plan when you're ready. When Dh goes to Detroit how often will he be able to get home? Congrats to him on completing the training. :D

Well, nothing else new. Went on a diaper run to Walmart this afternoon...that place is too nuts on the weekends!

Hello and sorry to anyone I missed. Have a great rest of the day.

03-06-2004, 05:10 PM
Hey all! Just a quickie. I am working :drill: and then I'm going over to my Mom's. DH has been over there working on the cook trailer as they have a "Pig Pickin'" contest next weekend. I have been doing super bad on my eating this week!!! :nono: We went to Mexican for lunch and I ate a week's worth of cheese. I've been eating way too much cooked food also. So, tomorrow I am back on plan. I think I am 1 week pre-TOM and that it is affecting my eating. Anyhows, just wanted to say hey to all and I will try to get more personal lately. Oh, I did want to say, I got a Denise Austin Kickboxing video and I am ready to sell it!!! I do not like her either!!! I do love Leslie Sanson and Mari Winsor though!!! My legs are soooo sore from my WATP's so hopefully they are toning. They look as flabby as ever!!!

Oh, and I saw Radio last night. Wonderful movie!!! It is not a "sad" movie. It has a few sad things in it but it is really a feel good movie and it was filmed here in SC. The events occurred in Anderson, SC but I think the filming was done in Walterboro. Anyways, I highly recommend it.

Ok, well I'll try to get personal later. Hope everyone is having a good day.

A&A's Mom
03-06-2004, 07:49 PM
Hey Ya'll!

Spryng, you crack me up with the story of Dh having to stop a McDonalds to get him a supersized meal after you told him they were going to phase it out! :lol: I really like to eat a McDonalds and if I get a reg. hamburger and small fries with a diet coke (I know some of you would scold me for the diet coke :s: ) it's only 11 or 12 points. I know it's not as much food as a combo meal but it's all about portion control. But if you have flex points for the biggie, I say go for it and enjoy!!! :lol: I weighed this morning and was at 158 lbs. I'm happy that I haven't gained any and will stay OP this week! I want to see some more weight gone!!

Geri, I agree with you on Denise Austin. She's a little to perky for me! I don't know how often Dh will be able to come home. He will get his schedule on Monday. The good thing is I can fly for $20-$25 dollars round trip anywhere NorthWest goes. So, if it's been a while, I guess I can go see him!

Melinda, good for you doing your exercises this morning. Sometimes I use Sat. as an excuse not to do anything. Glad JW has a little friend to play with. :)

Penny, hope your grocery shopping went well!

Just had a friend ring my door so I'll will check back later!

03-06-2004, 08:29 PM
Good evening all!
Andrea, I love my diet drinks. I only have them on the weekends but they are my one vice (ok, I do have a few other vices I won't bring up, lol) but I think they are fine as long you get your water in too. :) So glad to hear your weight stayed the same this week! Everyone is doing so well lately. I see us all being at our goal and not knowing what to talk about in a few months... ok I know we have lots of other things to jabber about. :o
Candy, what is a pig pickin contest? Is it catching pigs or a big pig roast or somthing? Sounds like fun though. I hope you are able to get back OP tomorrow, it's really hard to do when TOM strikes. We are here for you! And I am so glad you told me about Radio. I kept thinking it would be a movie that would tear my heart out so I've been avoiding it. So glad to know it's not that sad.
Geri, you crack me up!! lol. You are definitely in the majority on your feelings about super sizing because that is why they are doing away with it. And yes, I think the public has forgotten what a normal portion is because we haven't seen one served to us in forever. Enjoy your chinese tonight!! It's one of my favorite cuisines but I just can't stay away from all the bad things on the buffet so I try to avoid them right now. It is another one of my vices, lol. But I'm sure you will have a great time with your friends!!
Melinda, congrats on getting your workout in this morning!! Sounds like JW has found a friend there! :) too cute. I plan on getting some pilates in tonight myself. I plan on doing at least 30 min.
Well what is everyone having for dinner? I know what Geri is having, yum! I had spaghetti with morningstar farms crumbles in the sauce along with some fresh mushrooms and two slices of garlic toast. Hit the spot.
I folded one big basket of clothes this morning and have many more to go so I guess I'll drag my basket in the living room and fold while trying to find something to watch on tv. TTYL!

03-06-2004, 10:10 PM
starting a new thread. see you there