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03-02-2004, 09:40 PM
Hi All,

I"ve noticed something about losing and keeping weight off. My self esteem is not so much tied to my achieveing the goal. But is tied on a more day to day basis by how well I stick to "the" plan.

It seems every hiccup along the way with missed exercise or innaproprate foods (I am hyperinsulanaemic or is that hypo? I always get those mixed up. Anyway make too much insulin.) can set off negative thoughts and self defeating talk.

Although it feels great when I do reach my goal as soon as I break the maintenance routine once again I get on a spiral of low self esteem. Not so much about my weight or how I look but because I didn't stick to "the " plan!

So I've created a poll as I'm interested about what others feel on their weight loss journey.

If you feel your self esteem is tied to your efforts please take the poll.

Andy :?:

03-07-2004, 11:16 AM
hmmm. several people have checked in, but no one has commented!!!

interesting poll, andy. and i'm not sure i agree with the premise from the start. if my self esteem were actually tied to my efforts in weight loss, i'd miss out on a whole lot of interesting life!!!! i'm not perfect. and if i let a slip ruin my day, i'd have real trouble picking myself up and moving on in any aspect of my life.

but, when i do my best, and actually see results, then i feel good. but i also feel good when i accomplish a project at work, or learn something new, or have any number of other experiences.

we ARE more than our weight. we have to be.