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03-01-2004, 08:58 PM
Welcome everyone, :wave:

We are a group of ladies who support each other through all of life's ups & downs, not just weight loss.

Won't you join us?

03-01-2004, 09:13 PM
Hiya ladies,

Marti - WAY TO GO on the other pound!! You'll make your wedding goal for sure. It seems to me that most of the jeans I see are "short" and at 5'9", I need the longs, lol.

Susan - hope you had fun with the girls today.

Cristi - Yvonne's wedding will be done in white eyelet, navy accents and daisies. It was good to see the 1 pound thingy you posted! Keeps it all in perspective, right?

Kayecee - have fun in Little Rock... or Gooberville, whichever! Now that you've had your hair, contacts, eyebrows and nails done, it's time to post a picture! I like PB too, and eat 1T. almost everyday for breakfast.

Hi to the others.

Neal and I are trying to decide if we should drive to Louisiana this weekend. His brother's wife is very critical with lung cancer. (No, she never smoked - neither did he!) She is at home with hospice. It is a long drive, about 700 miles, and we can't get a direct flight at all, or we would fly. So we think we may drive part way, spend the night, then get there the next day. I am such a horrible passenger - I get cranky after too long in a car. But for Deborah, I will probably go anyway.


03-01-2004, 10:15 PM
Hi Jana,

Many prayers for Deborah.Also will keep you & Neal in warm thoughts as you make that 700 mile trip and of course back home again!!!!
You are a sweet sister in law. I am sure seeing you will put a smile on her face.

My daughters and I had a super day.Rachel loves Gaby so much and is a huge help to me.

The sun shining does seem to boost the energy.Just a good day all in all.

Night to you all :)

03-02-2004, 01:07 AM
Now, where is this slumber party?

I'm pretty married to Vermont until after graduation, but I'll get to do some traveling after that to show my eldest some universities and to go take my CDN nursing board exams. I finally have a car again--unfortunately it vibrates horribly between 45-60mph and when braking. The braking could well be rottrs needing turning so I'll have to get that checked out, but I have no idea what would cause vibration between speeds of 45-60mph. I filled the fuel tank today for 13.78...about fell over after paying $10 for less than a quarter tank in the loaner jeep I had. Hopefully it gets good mileage. I'm going to have the oil changed preventatively so I knwo when it was done and I'll toss in some fuel injector cleaner for good measure.

My daughter and I have been religious about hitting the gym and its paying off. I've lost a full inch off my waist, half inch each off my bust and hips, and a half inch off of my arms. I'm hoping I can drop another 2lbs this week--I did one last week, but I've been good about watching my calories this week thus far.

Well, I hate to post and run, but I have to be up early tomorrow for clinical...I can barely keep my eyes open as it is. See you all soon. :)

da fat n da furious
03-02-2004, 01:50 AM
Susan, Gaby sounds so cute... I miss those days sometimes when I see pics of the boys when they were small. Brandon never stopped talking,,,Tanner didn't talk till he was three. Just did eye gestures and grunts around his soother....reminds me of Maggie on The Simpsons
Marti,,,I hate buying jeans from Walmart. I swear Walmart doesn't believe plus size women have legs. I wear their regulars as capris.
Jana, safe trip and sending warm thoughts your way.
Kaycee, glad to know you have left your hole. Now don't worry about the kids,,,if they eat KD for 3 days it won't kill them...its an adventure! And the neon colors clashing with her red shoes and pink top is a fashion statement.
I tried to eat healthy as far as supper...Monte has this harem of women who keep feeding him on his route...(hes owns a truck selling bread and twinkies and such) Anyways he has like 60 places he has to stop at (not all in one day) and hes got a girl in every port almost...guy went from a size 32 2 yrs ago to 36. And sometimes he bring home his treasures...OMG sinful! Some Blackforest cheesecake with mousse topping...just horrible...I came close to licking the plate.
As for the house,,,again starting from scratch. Should be ready this summer. Thing is we need to sell our house. tomorrow we have the realtor coming and we go and find out more about our other house. Its only 2 blocks a close, larger attached garage.
Cristi, I thought Charleze Theron was from South Africa? She has a brutal story eh? Her mom shot her dad, after years of abuse.
Well Im off, forget to Brandon his bus pass so now I have to drive over to Mac's and get one.

03-02-2004, 04:28 AM
Well, clean-up from the storm is pretty much done -- over the 3 days we had a total of about 110,000 customers without power for at least a period of time. Some were out more than 24 hours. When the wind gusts up to 70 mph down a country road, and the rain has saturated the ground, first one power pole comes down (especially if a tree falls on the lines), then the whole line can fall, 4 or 5 poles. And out in the country, there are a lot of folks with electric pumps for their wells -- so when they don't have power, they don't have WATER...and that makes them understandably a bit anxious. I even forgive cranky, under the circumstances. :( We have a beautiful atrium in our customer service center, all glass surrounding redwoods that are something like 35' or 40' tall --two of them came down in the storm, one crashing through a third floor window. It has been raining again today, but at least no wind. :rain:

Rita - Nice to meet you! I think you'll like it here -- everyone is so friendly and supportive. We have a great group. :grouphug: I understand about the long hours keeping you away -- we've had tons of mandatory overtime on my job. What do you do?

Kayecee - I am so glad you are feeling better! The stomach flu is the pits, and it takes a while before you are feeling yourself. Eat bananas if you can (potassium) and drink tea if you like it -- they both help you to recover from the dehydration. I don't have Spring Break coming up, but I have vacation scheduled 3/15-3/19 and plan on doing some major Spring Cleaning, too.

Cristi - Loved your poem :) When I would get discouraged on WW because I only lost 1/4 lb, I would just have to think, "well, that's one stick of butter gone." :lol:

Marti - congrats on breaking your plateau! :cp: It's so frustrating when the scale doesn't seem to budge at all no matter what you do -- or even worse, when it budges in the WRONG direction :bomb: But once you lose a pound or two, it can really psych you up again and get you motivated. And you know we'll be here to cheer you on! I've printed pics at WalMart from the memory stick of our digital cam, from CD's my husband burned of our pics, and even from a floppy. Don't use the Kodak picture maker, because you have to make whole sheets of the same pic and it's expensive (at least that's the one they have here). I use the Fuji machine, and can get individual prints for .29 each -- and can zoom, crop, rotate, change brightness, reduce redeye, or whatever before printing.

Susan - yes, I'd give you bonus points for pushing a 33 lb child ;) Kind of like walking with armweights on, isn't it? Good for you for staying on program, drinking your water, walking. You are definitely on the right track! How do you like the Dr. Phil book? I've heard about him, but haven't ever even seen him on TV. "Laugh In" and "Room 222"? Oh yes, I remember those. I remember "Love, American Style", and the "Flip Wilson Show", and "Smother's Brothers Comedy Hour" -- now how about those? I still love the Smother's Brothers :D

Jana - You are doing great! :cb: It's been great to see you get so motivated, and stick to your plan. I think I told you I fixed brown rice for Tim as an experiment -- he seemed to like it ok, and even ate the leftover stir fry and rice for lunch. :hun: And didn't you recommend trying some variety of Uncle Ben's boxed rice? I love carrots -- they are just about my favorite veggie, and very good for you, too. :T How do you eat your PB for breakfast -- on crackers or toast or ???

Kat - Nice to meet you :) I read your bio when I first started posting here, so I recognized your name when you came back. Did you meet your sweetheart online? I met mine on chat -- he came out here to California from Detroit, and on St. Patrick's Day we will be married 4 years. :cheers:

Angie - I love gospel choirs! Did you see the movie "The Fighting Temptations"? The story is pretty lightweight, fairly formula, but the music was wonderful. I hope it comes out on DVD soon. Keep us posted on the house situation. What's the market like in your area - are houses selling quickly?

Hi Shanna, haven't seen you for a few days, hope all is fine with you. Congrats on getting accepted into the Dental Assisting program. I'm a Happy Meal fan, too -- IF the toy is good :) My hubby's job officially ended (all the tech support jobs outsourced to India and they closed his call center), so he's job searching too, and I feel for you...

OK, ladies, hope I didn't leave anyone out. It's really late now, I'm exhausted :tired: and I gotta hit the sack. :cloud9:

Talk to you soon,

03-02-2004, 08:35 AM
Good morning ladies,

Susan - glad you had a good day with the girls. Thanks for the prayers for Deborah and for your kind words.

Kat - the slumber party is in Evansville, Indina and we want you there! They have a casino, a zoo, plenty of shopping, and of course, lodging where we can talk the night away. Check out the meeting thread for more slumber party chit chat. Congrats on your inches lost, btw!!

Angie - Walmart has Just My Size jeans in short, average and talls. They run big, so get a size smaller than normal, if you buy any. Where I shop, they are out of the darker ones, and only have the really washed out ones in my size. I keep checking, though.... Good luck with the realtor today. :crossed:

Katie - I live in the counrty, too, and have no water when the power's out. We keep water jugs in the freezer for times like that.. but it's a pain in the patooty. Uncle Ben's long grain and wild rice is really, really good. But don't make the mistake of getting the 5 minute instant variety, it is moochy. The original kind that you cook for about 1/2 hour is best. I eat pb on graham crackers almost everyday. What gets me is, the chocolate ones are a little less calories than the regular. Go figure! Anyway, I keep both kinds on hand.

Cristi - hope things are going well with the FT. I think you will notice a big increase in energy by about the third day.

Hi to the others!

Well, we've decided to go to Louisiana this weekend for sure. I will probably take the laptop with me, just to keep from getting so bored in the car, and if I can get access, I will check in with you guys. Since Neal has a bad back, I said I will help drive. It's interstate most of the way, coming relatively close to Kayecee at one point. We will be staying the first night at Jackson Mississippi. I have never been to Arkansas, Mississipppi or Louisiana, so this will be all new to me.

I'm having lunch with my son again today. He wanted to go to Montana Mikes - do you know what that is? If not, let me just say everything they offer should be labeled "A Heart Attack on a Plate". So we are doing Subway instead. I think he was just testing me, lol.

Be good,

03-02-2004, 10:24 AM
Our Wal-Mart has stopped carrying much of anything at all in plus sized clothing. What ticks me off is that they no longer will carry hospital scrubs in anything other than s-m-l-xl and I need a 3x. That means I either have to purchase them from a uniform store and pay twice what I should, or drive an hour to buy them from a Wal_Mart that doesn't have its head up its wahoo. I'm actually off right now to buy overpriced scrub pants (I make the tops myself but can't purchase the fabric for what it costs to buy scrub pants) because I don't have the time to drive to New Hampshire for the foolish things. Grrrrrrr. (Can you tell that irritates me?)

On a more pleasant note, its a pleasure to meet those of you who are new to me.

It sounds like quite the storm, Katiekat! I'm glad you are alright. :)

03-02-2004, 10:32 AM
Oh, to answer a question from the last thread, I'm not free to relocate the Canada for another 2 years and 2 mo. :( I finish up my degree in May and then have a two year work obligation here in Vermont. After that I'm off to Nova Scotia.

As for Anthony, we did meet online. He actually messaged me on Yahoo, and we've been chatting and getting to know each other for the last 8 months or so. We'll be meeting in person for the first time within the next month or so, and I'm hoping the chemistry in person is as good or better than the chemistry online. :D Thus far we really seem very compatible, and its rare I meet someone I would even think about dating, let alone marrying. In his case I've given serious thought to the possibility of a serious relationship, and if things go well when we are not long distance, I think he is the marrying type. *grin* I'll keep you all posted as things progress. BTW, Katiekat...I'm so glad to hear that you met your furture husband online and things worked out well. Its encouraging!

03-02-2004, 11:58 AM
Good Morning ladies--

I woke up with my hair looking like Madusa (sp?) I took a shower last night and was just too tired to blow dry it or to let it dry this morning I was frightful looking!! :D

Katie--I was listening to the news last night about all the power outages! That's a lot of homes & businesses!! I'm glad to hear it's all over and that you're ok. We had a big wind storm a few years ago.....we were without power for 5 days...and we had no water!! It was awful! And James and I lived in the boonies at the time so it seemed like it took longer just to get to us.

Jana--I hope your road trip is a safe one. Just be sure that if either of you get tired while driving...pull into the nearest town and take a nap! Sending hugs and prayers to Deborah.

Kat--I have a cousin who works at the hospital here in town and she's constantly getting scrubs. My grandma made her tons of for each holiday and special occasions! I don't think I've ever seen them at Walmart...but then again, I never looked. About your sweetheart.....sounds like a wonderful man. Any man who can make a woman feel like a school girl every time they talk.....has something special! :love: And I've heard more and more about online loves being a wonderful thing!! Oh--and congrats on your inches lost!! You've got it going on!! :cp:

Angie--Harem of women offering your man sweets?? I call that sabatoge!! :lol: Good luck with the house. Sounds like everyone here is making a move!! And as Cristi pictures!!....hey wait...we're still waiting for pictures of you lady!! Hasn't Brandon helped you yet??? Sit him down on the computer and have him guide you to posting pictures!! :rollpin:

Morning to Shanna, Kayecee, & Susan!!

I've got some last minute homework to do, then I'm going to tackle the house work before I go to class today. (class starts at 1:00) I'm really looking forward to Spring homework!!

I'll try to post later
Take Care

03-02-2004, 12:13 PM
I was going to title this "A Quickie Before Work", but then realized that could be taken the wrong way!!! :lol:

Jana, I'm sorry I missed one of the most important things you posted...just wanted you to know that you'll be in our thoughts and prayers for your trip. It's very good that you are going to see your sister in law - I think you'll always be glad you made this trip, and it will be very good for her to see you and Neal.

Kat - my mom was worried when I first got involved with Tim online. But then she thought about it and said, "You know, I met your dad once when I was 14, then saw him when I was 16 at a dance, and he told all his buddies he was going to marry me. Then he went overseas in WWII, and we wrote letters back and forth - and he came back when I was 17, and we eloped. So, you're sort of getting to know Tim the same way, through writing." And then she didn't worry so much anymore. She met Tim in person last summer (we went to Montana to visit), and he fixed her computer and showed her how to put music and pictures on it, and now she thinks he's just the cat's meow, :lol: I teased Tim and called him my male mail order bride, but he doesn't seem to mind :D

Marti - ACK! I just looked at the rat's nest on my own head this morning...better do something with it before work! At least try to...when I was a little kid and woke up looking like this, my mother would say, "Good grief, Mary Katherine, did you comb your hair with an eggbeater this morning?" heehee...guess I should call this post, "The Wit and Wisdom of my Mom", hmmm?

Catch ya later, ladies!


03-02-2004, 01:18 PM
Good morning ladies~

Angie~Charlize Theron is from South Africa. She gets a kick out of telling people she is african american because she was born in Africa and is now an american. She's funny, and cute! Again, congrats on the house. I was surprised to hear you found a house after you did all that work to make yours purdy. But now you can start with a clean slate and have fun doing it.

Jana~thoughts and prayers with you, Neal, Deborah & family. Deborah will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness and your visit. Be safe this weekend. They just built a Montana Mikes here, don't know much about it. Good job making the better choice by going to Subway. Yvonne's wedding sounds like it is going to be beautiful! I love daisies!

Katie~wow, that was one horrible storm. I haven't seen much of the news or a paper in a few days. That is a good poem. I have seen it on 3fc somewhere but also at WW, it is a good one. You are right about getting to know someone by corresponding before actually getting together. DH and I corresponded through letters and the phone for 7 months before meeting in person, and I knew when I met him that we would get married. The phone company loved us. I think the longest conversation was 4 hours long. I don't know what it was we talked about! And I am glad that that call was on his dime. Of course it is a little scary because you have to trust your instinct to know if they are telling the truth or not. Love your moms saying-that's a good one. Hope your hubby finds a job soon. :lucky: It cracks me up how they are sending all this work overseas, makes you wonder what is going to happen to this country if they keep doing that. Company DH works for is sending work over to Mexico and about 200 people are going to be out of jobs, or actually already are. They tried to stop it and the company took time to reconsider but a few months later everyone go the bad news. Of course the lay-offs in the aircraft industry were enormous anyway, after Sept. 11.

Marti~I have had days like that. Have you seen that stuff at Hallmark, the Children of the Inner Light? Their hair is sticking up, kind of like medusa. My son bought me one of the (mother) mugs and said it looks just like me some days when I get out of bed-thanks! But I agreed :lol: I love that stuff though, and the mug is great. It says on the inside rim-The bonds we have are everlasting. On the back it says-As life's plan unfolds, I am gifted with the understanding of all you have been to my life. I love you. Aaaahhh, so sweet, and he bought it for me just because.

Kat~WTG on the inches. :bravo: That's cool your DD is going to the gym with you. My DD will walk with me and that's about it, which is fine. We spend quite a bit of time together shopping and doing other things. She isn't into scrapbooking but she loves to go to the scrapbook store. Aaaaaaaww, Anthony :love: I wish you the best. As I told Katie above you can really learn a lot from corresponding.

Susan~where are ya girlie? You usually post before I do every morning. Of course I am on earlier than usual and you are probably posting as I am typing.

Kayecee~glad to hear you are feeling better. And have fun in Little Rock. Are you going to stay in the Hyatt by the river? That would be really nice, a nice view. Go to the zoo for me while you are there. :lol: :lol: I love the Little Rock Zoo! :D It's not real big and hasn't changed much over the years-but I love it. It is one place I visit every time I am there.

Shanna~hi to you. Hope you are doing fine.

I don't have plans for today and feel a little lost. There is still stuff to do around the house of course and I am meeting DH later to go to the Dr. with him, but that is it. I need and want to find a job!!!!!! Just don't feel like I can go look until I deal with getting the house organized first. One thing at a time. I think I will put on my walking shoes and get a walk in on the treadmill, that sounds good. It is nice outside but I am still in my pjs just lounging around till later. Anyway, ladies take care and have a wonderful day. :wave:

da fat n da furious
03-02-2004, 01:19 PM
Jana, My Walmart doesn't carry too much plus size clothing,,,mostly weird funky stuff...too weird even for me. And I like funky.
I did ask Brandon to help me but all the pics I got are too big to post. And they are the ones from Walmart...
I went online last night trying to find the layout of our house but as of yet they don't have the Malibu (thats the name of the house).
Funny when I woke up this morning my hair was pretty scary too...and our saying is * whoooooo did you sleep with a rooster?*
Kat, have you been to NS? Heather my SIL is from around there and its beautiful. Too bad you couldn't come all the way over to Alberta....Calgary is a nice place,,,lol as long as you like eggs and don't mind the gun fire.
Katie, we have been in storms where we have no power...big snow falls usually do it. We did lose power last week a few times cause of frost.
I stayed up late finishing a book I started. 4 am,,,and was up at 7 back to bed for another hour and now Im up and NEED to get my butt going but....*whiney I don't wanna

k Im gone...Ill be back later to check up on ya all...

03-02-2004, 02:23 PM
Hi again ladies---

I am frustrated!! Actually I'm pretty upset with myself!! I was working on my Powerpoint homework....and I finally finished this one presentation and it just didn't look right. So I saved it to ask questions on it tomorrow.....that's when I realized that I had been working on the wrong assignment!!! I redid this whole thing, saved it...only to have saved info from a different lesson!! Geez!! Now I have to start over!! That took some time to do!!

So I got away from the computer to just clear my I'm back and will try to attempt to do the right assignment!!

What a way to start my day!

The sun is trying to peak through today....hopefully it will succeed. I'm tired of the rain. I'm seeing daffodils everywhere...but the ones in my yard are taking their sweet time blooming! :) James and I didn't even know we had any in our yard until a couple weeks ago. Nothing like a splash of color in a unkept yard!! :D

Ok....I'm going back to tackle the powerpoint! Hopefully I will still have a full head of hair when I'm finished! :lol:

BBL to check in

03-02-2004, 04:10 PM
Still hanging around on the ole 'puter :comp: :D and thought I would check back before I get off. I had to order a curtain from Penney's for the side window by the front door and send some ecards for Angel Babies. I can't believe it is March already. I never realized how many women had lost babies, whether they were stillborn, miscarried or otherwise till I lost one and started doing this volunteer work. It really is sad and breaks my heart to see so many ladies who go through this, I really have long lists every month. :( There are some ladies I see over and over again, and that is really sad, it's hard to see it. But I am glad that I can brighten their day even if it is just for a moment.

Marti~sorry you had to redo your powerpoint. I did that one time. I also did extra work that I didn't need to do. Aaarrgh! Sometimes it is a good thing to just take a break, get away from it for a few and start over. I love daffodils and can't wait to plant some of my own this fall. I like planting them around trees, by the gas meter, little places/corners that add a touch of color that you don't normally plant anything by. When we had a mailbox I planted some around the mailbox. By our one tree (in another house of course) I planted red tulips and daffodils-when they bloomed it was sooo pretty. It's just sad that they don't stay around long. I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt and start planting stuff in our yard. The neighbors just put up a fence so we are next I suppose. They hooked on to the lady next to them, so we will hook on to their fence, which is good because it will save us money and from having to do one side! We will pay for 1/2 of that side of the fence but it is still saving us.

Okay, :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: I need to get going AGAIN ladies, need to jump in the shower before meeting DH. :lol: Believe it or not I have taken a breather and gotten off for a few mintues-have to eat and potty ya know??!! :lol: Take care ladies and I will chat with ya later-hopefully! :)

Have a good one ALL!

03-02-2004, 09:07 PM
Ugh...thats one reason why I don't like powerpoint. I'm sorry you have to duplicate your work--I know how long those can take.

I'm down 2lbs just today, but its NOT a good way to do it. I have a GI bug and have been running to the bathroom all day. :( My daughters went out a little bit ago and bought me some pedialyte since I'm dehydrating badly can't can't keep much down. If that doesn't make me feel better I'll go pay a visit to my old ambulance co-works and have one of them plug me into an IV to juice me back up. I have IV catheters at home, but no fluid and no tubing or else I would start and IV on myself. Oh well--wish me luck on feeling better. I'm about to crawl back into bed to shiver some more. Somehow I don't think I'll be at clinical tomorrow. *sigh*

03-02-2004, 10:22 PM
Thank you so much for all the comments of support for Deborah. I am almost afraid to see her in this last stage she's in....

I almost forgot to mention that tomorrow is Katie's bd. She will be 17, and is very envious of you girls from Portland. Why, you say?? Because her favorite band ROONEY is/was there, and nowhere close to us, lol. But I took a picture of them to the bakery (at Walmart, where else??) and am having it put on a picture cake. She doesn't know about this!! I can't wait to see her face! The fam will be here for dinner which is -at Katie's request- pasta salad, salsbury steak and gravy, mashed potatoes, corn and hot rolls. Then, cake and ice cream, of course. I am going to have to plan my points very carefully to make it through this one, but I can do it!! :yes:

See you in the AM,

03-02-2004, 10:35 PM
Good Evening!!

Chatty little things ain't we?? lol....missed you all(I know.......not even 24 hours but waaaaaa,having my *monthly* and all....everything is emotional.

Thanks for missing me Cristi!! I just popped in this morning but didn't have time to write.

Hey Kat- Hope you are feeling better?? Funny how you talked about your car.
I talked to my LDR last night. We seem to be doing the *longest good bye*.We started chatting last May.He just basically refuses to come out here, even for a visit.Seems adios.I mailed back his valentines box and have all his photos going back tomorrow.
OMG........My name is Susan........nice to meet you Kat!!! Telling you about my non romantic life. You are probably thinking......."who IS this chick??"lol
I am the Bike girl.......too scared to get on a bike though.
So, ya. Wishing you the best with Anthony!!! How far away does he live from you??

Katie- I liked Flip Wilson, and Smothers Brothers, Carol Burnette,Tim Conway,Harvey Korman??,,,,,,,always SOOOOO funny. My dad wouldn't let us watch Happy Days, he thought Fonzi was *too sexual*. We could watch Baretta,Rockford Files,Emergency.....
Sounds like wild weather down there!!!

Jana- Hope you are having a good day! You went out with your son today?? Curious where you came up with graham crackers & peanut butter? You do this every morning? Do you drink coffee or sodas?
Again, have a safe trip!!! So cool that you have a laptop.

Marti- Super sorry about your homework!!!! Are you planning on taking college classes this summer. How was your weather?? Sunny up north.

Rita- Where are you?? Hope all is well, looking forward to hearing about you.

Angie- How are you missy??? So, you shop at WalMart, huh?? I hate WalMart!!! Always so busy,busy. You know there was a story a few days ago that Target gives you close to the same savings, I think there was a $1 difference.
Exciting about your possible new home!!!! Is this the 3rd since I have known you?? are so lucky!! I just want ONE house.It wouldn't even need indoor plumbing or nuthin.I just want a yard.
I was thinking about a special guy today.I thought of you also........has it been 2 years since Brian passed away?? I don't have the date of his death, do you?

Hi to Kayecee, and Shanna!!! Hope all is well with you both.

I had a good day.Spent it with Gabrielle.......she wore me out.Took a walk and ended up giving here a piggy back ride home, I didn't have the stroller.

Better get to work!!!

TTY all later :)

03-02-2004, 10:41 PM
:gift: :gift: :balloons: :balloons:

Happy 17th :hb: Birthday Katie!!!!!

:hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat:

03-02-2004, 11:51 PM
Geez girls! I posted last night then came back today and had to read through 3 pages! :eek: I think I've gone cross-eyed! :faint: (Can y'all tell that I'm back to my old perky self? Well, everything except the boobs and I don't think they'll see perky again- they're more like Parkay! :lol: )

Kat- Uh... sorry Kat... I was trying to breathe those germs over the net to Shanna. I guess they missed. :dunno: Hope you get to feeling better.

Speaking of Shanna, where are you girlie?

Marti- Sorry about the lessons. That is definitely the pits. Oh... I saw an ad in the Wal-Mart circular today that says you can upload your pictures to Wal-Mart on-line and they will develop them just like regular pictures for 24 cents each. You have to pay shipping if you want them sent to you, but if you have them sent to your local Wal-Mart, the shipping is free. :D

Jana- I will remember Deborah in my prayers. If you go down Interstate 55, when you pass the Osceola exit, turn right and wave. You'll be about 15 minutes from me. :wave:

Angie- LOL My DH comes to eat in the lounge with me all the time. When he does, he teases all the teachers that he had "to come check on his harem." LOL They tease him pitifully and he just eats it up. :dizzy:

Katie- My DH's name is Tim too! I'm glad everyone there is o.k. We had a major ice storm the year before last. We didn't have electricity for over a week! :yikes: And our house was all electric so we had to move in with my parents. 4 adults, 1 chihuahua, and 2 kids in one house. We had plenty of drinking water, but not enough for commodes and things! Thankfully, DH is a redneck. We went through this field of deep mud in the four wheel drive truck to his duck hole. They had a well there that they used to pump up the duck hole and we cranked that baby up and brought back a couple of barrels of water. :lol: I don't think my mother had ever been as grateful for water as she was at the moment that we pulled in the drive. :lol:

Susan- Our cafeteria serves graham crackers and peanut butter sometimes. (Maybe Jana is really from Goobertown and just doesn't want to admit it. :lol: ) Sorry to hear that things aren't going to work out for you and your Redneck Romeo. :D At least it's not a nasty breakup.... I notice that you didn't say you peed on his valentine's box or anything! :lol: OMG This teacher that I used to know broke up with one of her husbands one time (she's been married like 8 times- I kid you not) Anyway, she was horrible to the guy.... she poured bleach into his prized pirahannas (yes... pirahannas....) then she poured perfume into his contacts case.... she cut the toes out of his snakeskin boots..... AND she cut the crotches out of ALL of his pants. (subliminal message to him I think :lol: ) I avoided her after she told me about all the stuff she had done. DUH! Didn't wanna be on her bad side during PMS! :lol:

Well, it's 10 here and I gotta leave at 5 in the morning. :fr: Have a nice few days. See y'all Friday.... maybe. :cool:

Oh :hb: Happy 17th Katie! :hb:

03-02-2004, 11:55 PM
Well, it seems that Kayecee and I are playing hooky lately from the group here. But, you all are not far from my thoughts or eyes, since I AM on here everyday to try and keep up. Marti and I are just so into this scrapbooking thing and when I am in a groove with my crafty self, I barely remember to eat anything. Which my scale disagrees with. BOo hoo. There is nothing better for the depression cycle then having a Physical ( I did today) and finding out that you really are as fat of a pig as you thought. I had to hold back the tears so the nurse would not feel sorry for me. It was hard and when I got home from school and a trip to the craft store with Marti, I had a good cry. Then I popped back up and started on another page in my scrap book. It doesn't help that marti says stress stalls the weight loss process and I have a load of it with still no job and bills pilling up. Oh the humanity.. any one have a cupcake. No, no I must be strong, and stop these voices in my head. hee hee.
Congrats to everyone having a great weight loss thing going. You guys kick booty!!!!!
To everyone else I hope you had a wonderful day and I hope i can come back tomorrow and type more to you all, but I guess this is going to be a quicky post.
Thanks to everyone more their kind words and congrats on my dental assisting thing and asking how I have been latley. It is nice to know there is people thinking of me, even for a moment.
Later gators.

03-03-2004, 12:29 AM
Shanna- You need to come visit me in Portland!! VERY sunny here and will BOOST your spirits! We will go for a long walk and share a can of albacore tune!! Yummy.
Heck, I will even take one of your pounds and add it to mine!!
BTW.........looking at your pic where do you want to lose weight at?? You look healthy to me.
{{{{{Shanna}}}}.......hope you have a good Wednesday!

Kayecee......why won't you be back until Friday??

No, I didn't pee on his valentine box. I didn't even see the box , just went to the PO to tell them to send the package back.I felt myself get misty eyed but caught myself.
I must add he is from Rogue River, Oregon.He ain't no Arkansas man.....he is just a "wanna be".....certainly don't know what is holding him there?? It isn't like he has family or kids......

Anyway, chatting with a man from Washington.........better hopes of actually meeting this one! He is only 3 hours away........has 2 children and seems like a devoted father. Drives 4 hours every other weekend to pick them up for visits........ahhhh,warmed my heart. He sent their pictures tonight for me to see. So................blah,blah........

Ok...........need to do a report and go pick up Gaby from my mothers.

Night :)

03-03-2004, 09:07 AM
Just wanted to pop in and say HI to everyone and wishing that everybody has a great day before I go and sleep the day away Rita

da fat n da furious
03-03-2004, 12:20 PM
Gee Kaycee, your teacher friend would scare me...yes me. Who will look in the eye of danger and laugh HA Ha Ha ha
Im thinking being married 8 times should tell you word..THERAPY

Shanna, anytime you want to trade bodies you let me know. Ill take your itty bitty body... And you can have my wash board abs..there is a full load of laundry in front of it thou... And if you ever want to go horse back riding you have your very own built in saddle bags.. AND you can paint your toenails without ever bending down....

Marti,,,nothing urks me more then doing something that takes a long time wrong..I lose patiences fast. , out , in , out,

Susan, Brian died March 30th, he was suppose to come to Calgary and come to the rodeo with us.
Susan,,,this guy you are breaking up with doesn't sound like hes with it. Why won't he come to Oregon> hmmm married? Or theres a hit on his name and if he shows his face in Oregon it would be curtains for him? Good that you sent back everything,,,and even better that you didn't pee on the box *gee Kaycee what were you thinking?
We put our house up for sale last night...a little less then what we wanted but to get rid of it...and the worst part,,,there is a chance we may have to move twice...if this place sells before our house it done...arghhhh

Kat, hope you only have teh 24 hour...and its 23 hrs and you feel better soon.

Hello Rita...

Jana,,,I swear Katie and Brandon can share birthday dinner. He likes ribs too,,,and meatloaf...all with mashed potatoes and gravy.
:D :hb: :cb: :gift: :hat: :cp: :flow1: :twirly: :jeno: :encore: :bubbles: :balloons: :cheer:

03-03-2004, 01:50 PM
Good Morning,

Thanks for the date Angie! I just knew it was in March sometime. I think he called the last time in January before Gab was born. I couldn't talk on the phone though because Gaby's druggie dad was very upset when I did.So, Brian asked "do you get in trouble when I call??" and I said yes........and I never heard from him again. Course with Gaby being born in Feb, I was busy and never noticed he didn't call anymore.
Just regret that, should never let aything get in the way of a friendship.Brian really was a sweetheart of a person, never said a negative word.

Never thought of Arkansas man being in trouble with the law. I did joke that my mother wanted a back ground check done on him, he just said "go ahead, nothing there". It is strange though that he has an excuse after an excuse for not visiting.
Anyway,..........I guess I could still pee on his pictures??? Haven't boxed those up yet?? Kind of like marking my scent?? lol ..........yuck.

Excited for you about your future new home!! :)

Waiting for a sun break to do a fast 3 mile walk.

Thinking of cutting my hair and getting contacts!!! Some really cute shirts at JCPenny on sale, 50% off I think....also on socks, so am going there later on.

Took some days off for spring break and my birthday!! Going to do something fun with the girls.

Anyway, status quo here.

I hope you are having a good day Shanna!! Hope those that are under the weather are feeling better!! Praying that Jana has a safe trip this weekend.

TTY all L :)
Hi- Rita!!! Nice to see you post, hope you have a super day.

03-03-2004, 02:08 PM
A very HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY to you Miss Katie!!

:balloons: :twirly: :dancer: :gift: :hat: :hb: :hat: :gift: :dancer: :twirly: :balloons:

Jana~hope you guys have a FUN celebration. Hope Katie likes her cake.

Hi Rita~hope you get some sleep.

Angie~move twice??!! Oh, that would be horrible, I do hope it doesn't come to that. We had to do that once, well actually we put our stuff in storage and stayed in a motel for almost two weeks. The guy we were buying from wouldn't let us move in early even though the house was empty. And the guy who bought our house wouldn't let us stay in the house and pay him for the extra days. He was a single guy and surely could have waited that long, but wanted to get moved in fast. So my son spent his birthday in a motel room. Well, I took him to McDonalds and we went to the park. But that was the worst!

Susan~I too thought maybe it's not something holding the guy in Arkansas but something holding him BACK from going to Oregon. It just seems strange to me that he won't even go back for a visit. It is probably for the best that you dumped him and sent everything back.

Marti~how are you doing today girlie? Did you get your powerpoint done?

Shanna~I too would trade bodies-I think you look fine. But you know your body and where you want to be, even though I DON'T see any fat anywhere girlie!

Kat~hope you are feeling better today and got rid of that bug.

Hi Katie~hope you are doing fine.

Not much going on with me today. I went to Wal-mart to buy groceries this fine rainy morning. :rain: I was hoping to get back and get everything unloaded before the downpour but didn't happen. I didn't get too wet though. :rain: It got ugly there for a few minutes, but it has since stopped. Susan, was it you who said you don't like Wal-mart?? I do and I don't, but it is definitely cheaper on groceries than the local grocery stores here. I know sometime this year we are getting a SUPER Target and I definitely will check it out. I love Target a lot more than Wal-mart and didn't even know they had super Targets. Oh, and peanut butter on graham crackers! :T You have to try them because they are soooooo good! :T Not doing so good with the eating this morning for some reason. I am going to try and get a walk in sometime today, even if it is just a 15 minute walk-it's a start. Anyway, gotta get going. I need to get some e-cards sent, some housework done, laundry and the rest of the groceries put away. Take care ladies and have a good one. :wave:

03-03-2004, 03:55 PM
Hi ladies,

I'm running late today!

Susan - yes, I eat graham crackers with peanut butter on them almost every morning. Sometimes regular and sometimes chocolate. I dunk them in my coffee, tee hee. The Target stores around here are quite a bit higher on most stuff than Walmart, but I still like to go there for a variety. Walmart is my favorite though!

Kayecee - I'll be sure to wave on Saturday! Hope your meetings are going good in Little Rock.

Shanna - hope you're feeling better today! Where have you applied for jobs? Maybe you'll get an interview soon. :crossed:

Rita - hi! Get some good rest and post again when you have time.

Angie - did you feel funny when you actually put the house up for sale? I did, when we listed our house in town, to move here. And I bawled like a baby when we left it.

Cristi - I was shopping in the rain today, too! Hope it clears off and you can get your walk in. About FT - tell yourself "it's only for 1 week" and then just do the best you can.

Hi to the others...

Well, thanks a bunch for the birthday wishes for Katie!! I printed all of them for her, and will give them to her at the party tonight. She knows about you guys - I talk about you, and she talks about her on-line buddies, too.

The Rooney cake is so cool. She's going to crap twice and die when she sees it!!

Gotta run, ttfn,

03-03-2004, 04:29 PM
Good Afternoon,

I am just frustrated with this Oregon weather!! How can I stroll a baby and hold an umbrella to keep her dry?? I can always wear a baseball cap for myself but certainly want the princess
Sitting here waiting......tick,tock,tick,tock....have drank 70 oz's of water so far!! Thinking that is enough.
Ate a nice tuna salad........

I am thinking you get protein in the peanut butter but what do you get in the graham crackers, Jana?? Is it just something to put the peanut butter on?? I brain isn't working too well today :)
I love to dip with my coffee to!! Loved my bagels and cream cheese w/ coffee in the morning. I kind of sneak a wheat toast in the morning and dip that.........even Gaby wants to dip in my coffee.See, how kids just pick up adult habits?? lol

We don't have Super WalMarts, I hear they have great grocery prices. I usually shop at a WINCO for that. I don't like our WalMart because it is just always SOOOO busy,anyway, I shop Goodwill the
Though I am about to go to JC and pamper myself with a new shirt!!!

Ok.........back off the computer.

Talk later :)

03-03-2004, 04:44 PM
HI! Everyone well I did get some sleep was interupted several times daughter was upset of course I had to hear all about it isnt that what mothers are for!!!!!!!!!!! then the dogs wanted out so got up and did some clothes and making supper I am a wal mart fan cant wait until they build one close to me as I find they are the cheapest in groceries the peanut butter and graham crackers are good tried one last nite at work I know we give them to diabetic when they are low so have discoverd something new sure beats sweets right now since I have really been cutting down and am loosing slowly well have a great afternoon everyone Rita

03-03-2004, 06:22 PM
I'm alive...I have zero energy and I'm three pounds lighter, but I'm again on the mend. :^: I even dragged myself to the gym today for a half hearted workout.

I came home to quite the surprise...the ice dam that has been haning off of the upstairs porch roof finally came down. Unfortunately it caved in the bottom step, broke my shove, and :stress: broke my new pink plastic flamingo. I stuck his legs back on (he's a double foot amputee now though) and wedged him back into the snow, fractured back notwithstanding. I think I'll put a little sundress on him to cover the broken back. :D Thank god no one was out there when it fell--it would have killed them for sure. I can't even pick up some of the ice.

Anthony lives in New Brunswick, about 600 or so miles away from me. I'm encouraged by the fact that he's willing to travel to see me and am VERY much looking forward to meeting him in person. I like him a lot, but have been consciously holding my emotions in check for fear of things not clicking in person. This feels different than other relationships thus far, but it still has to make the leap to face to face.

BTW, I wouldn't pee on the photos...I would mail them back in a box with a dead fish and mail it at the slowest possible rate. :crazy:

03-03-2004, 10:34 PM
Hi Rita & Kat,

Sorry you are not feeling well Kat.You made it to the gym though!! Wow.....I am impressed.What kind of things do you do there?? I know exercise......duh, but I guess I am asking on
Yes, I talk like this in person.....:)

I didn't even mail his photos out today.I will try and get it done tomorrow.He bought me this ring for Christmas,think I should give that back to him?? It was from WalMart.....$80, I think.It was a present,and its not like I haven't spent that much in telephone calls.Pooh........I am keeping

Hi Rita..........yep, that is what moms are for!!! lol.....I took Beck to the mall. I picked up 2 silk blouses, 50% off!!! and some walking socks, 50% off.......actually that was the sale today.....50% off sale.ANYway....Beck wanted to go to Hot Topics so she could get a Happy Bunny T-shirt...I think it said something like "Yes, I am listening to you. I just don't care"

I better get to work!! Oh, Cristi. I did get your new addie today in the mail, very cute!! Thanks.

Better get to work!!

da fat n da furious
03-04-2004, 01:55 AM
Jana that is so cool...I should do that for Brandon's birthday cake. Last year I got him a Sponge Bob Square Pants cake,,he loved it.
Tanner got a xtreme bike cake,,,and got a bike for a present.

Funny how we have come to know each other so well..I talk about you all like you live next door.

Cristi,,,ya moving twice will sux. Have done it before too,,with this house,,,the contractor was behind by 7 weeks! Yes 7 weeks...breathing heavy...was a nightmare. My old neighbhour needed us to watch her daughter during summer vacation and we needed a place to stay so the boys and I moved in with her for a month..Monte was in Calgary at my dad's. Then once her husband came back from the middle east. We went to my mom's for a sat. Then to a girlfriends in Calgary for 2 1/2 weeks...took care of her house and dog. Then for a bit more at my moms then back to Calgary to my dads for 3 weeks. That 3 weeks has changed our whole family. My boys are not afraid of the boogey man,,,just my dad. I was shocked by how he acted and told him so...blah blah we haven't spoke since. 3 years ago.
We will be renting an apartment. Most everything will go into storage....if that is whats going to happen cross your fingers everythign jives.

Kat,,,good to know your feeling better... Heather (SIL) is from Amherst, ask Anthony if thats anywhere near him...
Susan,,,I love Target too,,,but Canada doesn't have one. We have Zellers which is very similar,,,same name brand clothes Cherokee and such. Zellers is owned by the Hudson Bay Company the oldest company in Canada 358 yrs or something like that.
I went to Walmart today too,,,got rubbermaid containers and dress pants for Tanner. He has a concert when he gets home from band camp..(anyone see American Pie?) *one time at band camp....
Anyways saw some cute skirts for 3 bucks...bought 2 feel better

Susan the last time I talked to Brian he called at midnight...and cause I didn't want to wake anyone I used the kitchen doesn't have a long cord. I sat on my kitchen floor was Jan. He had me laughing so hard...I was gasping for air. Wonder how the boys are

Well Im off to bed...rehearsals are coming along

03-04-2004, 07:30 AM
Hi ladies,

Marti - you haven't posted on this thread for awhile, but I saw you at the scrapbookers thread.... you better get your booty in here before I come after you, lol.

Susan - I looked on the box, and found out that graham crackers are made with wheat flour and graham flour (which IS wheat flour, lol.) Plus there is a little bit of honey in them. But they are GOOD, imho. Doesn't Oregon always get lots of rain like Washington State? Keeps your skin moist, lol.

Rita - glad you tried the peanut butter and graham crackers! Good way to get some protein. I am a firm believer that kids and/or dogs = no rest! We have a doggy door, so they can go in and out by themselves, (the dogs, not the kids, lol) but then they stand by the bedroom window and bark at nothing. :yikes: But ya gotta love them!

Kat - I can just picture your poor crippled flaminco in a sundress, lol!! Does he have a name? How about Freddy? Something tells me we will be referring to him in the future somehow. Do you and Anthony have any plans to meet soon?

Angie - yes, all of us are getting to know each other very well! And yes, I know of the movie American Pie. Just hope your son didn't have a flute with him, lol. Glad rehearsals are going well.

Katie's party was so much fun! She loved the cake and everyone had a good time. I loved having all the grandkids here at one time, and got out the video camera. The only thing I ate that I shouldn't have was a teeny tiny piece of cake, about 2"x1" and a 1/2 scoop of ice cream. Maybe 5 extra points at the most.

Today I'm watching Macy - Gina's dd. Her regular babysitter had something else to do today. Macy is 13 months old, and is a real sweetie.

Did anyone watch the Steven King show last night.... Kingdom Hospital? Did you know he really did get hit by a van. He bought the van and the driver of it died on Steven King's birthday. How weird is that?????

What are you doing today?

03-04-2004, 09:45 AM
Discussion with my eldest:

"Have you seen my razor? Its the one like yours but with a pink handle?"
"No, I haven't seen it at all. You should keep better track of your stuff mom".

Guess what I found in her bedroom? Yep, my PINK razor.
Meanwhile my legs were so furry you could braid the suckers.

Anthony is in Saint John (I've been lectured not to call it St. John, lest folks think he's a Neufie. *lol*) and we are planning on meeting in the next couple of months. If he can get free from work obligations, he says he will try and come to my graduation May 9th. :D

Speaking of graduation, if I don't head out to class I'll never get there, so I've got to dash. I'll touch bases with you all later on, eh?

03-04-2004, 12:05 PM
Ahhhh!!! I've had a big post and I lost it by pushing the wrong button!!! I don't know what it was that I pushed...but it threw me out!! Typing to fast and my fingers got all crazy on me!!

Well I had individuals but it was too long and I guess I'm feeling lazy right now to retype! (I terrible am I?) I will do it later today.

I have some homework to finish. Only one more week then it's finals week!! Then......"SPRING BREAK!" Looking forward to NO school for awhile!!! I plan on taking Jhanai on walks for some photo shoots. (wish I was a professional photographer!)

Yesterday Shanna and I spent a day doing some scrapbooking. I just love her pages!! Her dad's and one (that I should have taken a picture of but didn't) of her great-grandparents are my favorite!! I will have to take a photo of it next time! I managed to get one page finished. I had started it before Shanna came over and while she managed to get two done,,,,I was able to finish mine. It's so much fun to do! Wish I had more photos.....(I have lots, just can never figure out which ones I want to use!)
On Saturday, Shanna and I are meeting at "Michaels" to watch some scrapbooking thing. I'm dragging James with me!! :D

Ok...this is turning out longer than I expected......I need to shower then work on some homework before class.

BBL to chat


03-04-2004, 12:08 PM
HI! everyone just wanted to pop in and say HI! and wish that everyone has a great daynothin new is going on for me today except work work as today I am not motivated just one of those day I seem to be having too many in a rowLOL JanaI thought about getting a doggie door but I have a 2 house cats and I dont want them out!!!!!!!!!well got to get movin have a great day Rita

03-04-2004, 12:11 PM

I had just read your profile and realize we missed your birthday!!!!

:gift: :hb: :balloons: Happy Birthday!! :gift: :hb: :balloons:

I'm sorry it's a little late!!
I hope you had a Wonderful Birthday!!


da fat n da furious
03-04-2004, 12:56 PM
Happy Birthday Rita

Marti,,,that hs happened to me so many times,,,I find that fusterating...

Good to know Katie had a great time last night.

Tanner and I had a talk about his hampster Skippy. Tanner asked if we could have a burial for him. Not really thinking properly I said yes. After all Skippy has been with us for a while. So yesterday Im literally running around the hosue trying to clean it...stuffing things into rubbermaid containers. Anyways Monte goes up to shower and he always checks on Skippy. Ya you guessed it, he died. So what do we do? Tanner won't be home for a few days... Im thinking OMG only me will this happen Ok so we had people coming to view the house last night..Brandon Monte and I are like deer in headlights. What to do with the dead hampster....
Brandon's suggestion,,,blame them for killing Skippy and guilt them into buying....
Monte's suggestion,,,get another rubbermaid container big enought to hold the cage and all.
Mine,,,get a baggy and we will keep him cold till Tanner gets home. BTW how are we to dig into the ground? Frozen solid...

So anyways we went with Monte's suggestion so I have this big rubbermaid container with a decaying hampster in it. I was thinking last night in bed about how I will not want to open it...eeeeeww so now we are going to have to dig a bigger hole or find a dumpster..(awwww) then again someone could see us and blame us for suficating poor Skippy...this is snowballing...HELP!!!

03-04-2004, 01:39 PM
Morning All~

Rita~yes a VERY belated :gift: :hb:HAPPY BIRTHDAY :hb: :gift: to you! Not sure how we missed that one, but hope your day was a fun celebration. How many dogs do you have and what are they? A lot of dog lovers on this thread. :)

Marti~I did the very same thing yesterday-the reason it took me so long to post. I posted some, then came back and edited and then edited again. I went to hit the spacebar and for some reason hit enter :dunno:-lost the post of course. You and Shanna have been busy girls with those scrapbooks, and doing a fine job. I wish I could share some of my pages, until we get a digital camera I can't.

Angie~I will keep my fingers :crossed: that you don't have to move twice. How long is it going to take for the new house? There are two new houses going up at the end of the cul-de-sac and one of them is already sold-there is nothing there but the concrete for the driveway and the basement. The people who bought it are checking every weekend to see the progress. Of course that has been slowed because of the rain the last two days. When we did our walk-thru with the builder, he had given us a notebook with a bunch of pictures in it tracking the progress of this house-I told him it would be good for the scrapbook. Of course I am going to have to do a whole scrapbook of the house alone. I am going to do a before, during and after kind of thing. Anyway, I am excited for you guys. I do know American Pie-loved the movie so much I bought it. :lol: I haven't seen the wedding one, DS bought it and I was going to borrow it.

Jana~glad to hear you guys had a nice birthday celebration. I didn't see Kingdom Hospital but did know about Stephen King being hit-messed him up. I didn't know that he had bought the van and that the guy who hit him died on his birthday-that is freaky. Have a fun day with Macy today. :)

Kat~sounds like you found a great guy. :love: Oh, your poor flamingo. I think the sundress is a good idea! :lol: Glad you are feeling better.

Susan~I say keep the ring as it was a gift. But then if you don't want to be reminded of him it might not be a good idea. Good thng to move on, and I hope this other guy works out. :lucky: Man, you have been finding some good deals lately-50%?! I am wanting to go shopping so bad but I need to concentrate on the house and getting it in order first-too much to do and buy for it-kind of the downfall of buying a new house, but on the upside it will be done the way we want it. But I may treat myself to a trip to the scrapbook store! :lol: I love that place!

Shanna~you and Marti have been busy little bees with the scrapbooking. Love your pages-they are GREAT!

Our yard is washing away! :yikes: We got A LOT of rain since early this morning, I don't think it will ever dry up. I hope we get some once we put in the sod so we don't have to worry about watering it. It is supposed to clear up some later today-I sure hope so. DH wants to go to the Garden Show downtown, then we will get something to eat afterwards. Other than that not much going on with me today. I think I am going to do some reading today. I bought a new book a week ago, I know, why? with moving and all. I was wanting it for a while and went ahead and bought it while I was thinking about it-that is if I ever get rid of this headache. I need to get back to the chiroprator again because my headaches are starting again. They are not bad but bad enough and when I was going I had maybe one a month if that.

Well, ladies I guess I best be going. Everyone have a GREAT day! :flow1:

03-04-2004, 01:52 PM
Angie~Hi :wave: again we were posting at the same time. So sorry to hear about Skippy. :( That is going to be one big hole-do you have a smaller rubbermaid container you could just put him in? I think I would have gone with your suggestion, although the thought of a dead anything in the freezer would be kind of yucky, unless you have a deep freezer?? It freezes a lot faster. We have one because DH used to hunt and between him, his brother and a friend there used to be A LOT of deer meat in there. Now we use it for when I stock up once in a while-frees up the freezer in the house. I sure wouldn't open the container after a couple of days though. When does Tanner get back? Again, sorry about Skippy. :(

03-04-2004, 08:25 PM
Hello ladies--

I will now attempt my individuals....and maybe type a bit slowly so I don't exit out of here!! :D (that's what I get when I have to learn how to type fast!)


Jana--You are amazing with your self control!! You are going to be down to your goal weight in no time!! :yes: You really are an inspiration!! I hope you know that! I'm glad that Katie had a great birthday. Please wish her a Happy Birthday for me! :hb:

Angie--I talk to James as though I work with you girls or go to school with you. He'll come home and I'll just start rambling on about "Jana this", "Angie that", "Cristi did this", and so on! He's slowly starting to remember all your names!! Of coarse poor Shanna, she get's picked on since she lives near by! :sorry: (they worked together at Sony)

Kat-- :lol: :lol: Braided leg hairs?? :rofl: Oh my!! Just make sure you add some beads to make it a decorative look!! :D I've had one time I let my armpits go a bit too long....after my surgery. I had no desire to lift my arms at all. Too much agony. So after about two weeks I told James to come sit next to me and have a contest to see who has longer pit hairs!! :dizzy: Of coarse he didn't like that and he never did come sit by me that day!! :dunno: I wonder why?? :s:

Susan--Umbrella and a stroller....hmmm...that can be complicated. How about when you take Gaby out with you on your walks,,,,make them short..that way you can doll her all up in a rain coat w/rain boots and her own umbrella. :rain: Let her splash in the puddles. Make it fun! (and stressful for you!) I've done that with Jhanai a few times. She headed straight for a mud puddle once and I ran after her...then realized she was having so much fun that I just let her jump right in! And afterwards...straight to the tub! Oh yeah....Bring your camera too!!

Cristi--I hope the headache goes away! :headache: Never a good thing especially when you have tons to do after moving in! I'm with you on the yard thing....only I mine isn't washing's growing up weeds! :eek: We need to put grass seeds on a lot of it...actually...if I just bought a mower it might look I will have to borrow or just go out and buy one! (but with the money I put towards a mower...I could buy scrapstuff!!) :D

Kayecee--I saw your post somewhere, but when I scroll down to look it will only take me so far.... I hope you have a good weekend. Don't get lost when you travel to Goobertown!! (I know that's where you're going!!) :D And you said maybe about Friday....hmmm....what's going on?? Are you thinking of abandoning us?? Better not!! I don't post one night and I've got Jana after me!! :rollpin: (teasing Jana)

Katie & Rita --hope you girls are having a good day and all!! And that you're weekend will be relaxing.

Shanna--I will see on Saturday!!

Ok...I hope I didn't miss anyone. You all take care.. I have some work to do!!


03-04-2004, 10:02 PM
Hi ladies,

Marti - hey, there you are!! The reason I'm losing so well is because I have sooooo much to lose! Yes, I am doing well with WW and am dang proud of it, but when someone has 100 pounds to lose, it does come off easier than for someone with a small amount to lose. Thank you for your kind words, though.

Rita - Happy Belated Birthday!! :balloons: Doggie doors can be tricky - our 5 y/o Mackenzie likes to go out it, lol.

Angie - So sorry about the hamster! I vote for putting poor Skippy on ice. Depending how long Tanner will be gone, you could have a real problem with the Tupperware, lol. Pee-Yew!! One time Molly caught a rabbit and brought it (dead) into the front yard. Well, I didn't want Katie to see it, so I scooped it up into a walmart sack and put it in the big old freezer in the shed until Neal could dispose of it.

Cristi - I have never been to a garden show, and that sounds like lots of fun. Did you buy anything? Hope your headache is better. Is this something the chiropractor has fixed before?

Kat - how's Freddy? It would be really nice if Anthony can come to your graduation. Teen daughters! Katie swore up and down that she didn't have my brown suede gloves, then came out of her room with them red-faced a couple of weeks later. She also takes my brush, my Beatles CD, and the tape dispenser and who knows what all else is in there!

Macy had to leave and go to the doctor. This poor child has been sick most of her 13 months. They think maybe she has allergies and Gina did finally get rid of the cats that were hanging around. But while she was here we had a good time. I rocked her to sleep for her nap and she was all cuddly....

Neal (Earth Science Prof. that he is) is telling me that we are in for possible tornados in the morning. :yikes: I don't have a basement, but Mary does and we will go there if we have too.

Be good,

03-05-2004, 12:20 AM
Good Evening!!

I just am popping in to say hello.

Happy Belated Rita!! :hb:

Gbarielle LOVES water Marti. I am sure she would be for your idea of splashing in the rain. Ain't going to happen on my walk needs 50 minutes to call her own.Little Gaby is just going to have to press her nose to the window and watch me go on my
She is SOOOOO cute. She sits in the back carseat and pretends to be sleeping, snoring and all....
What I WILL do is buy a jogging stroller with a shield on it!!!! There, problem solved....will protect her from the wind at the same time.

Some more 50% off today!! Darn, I forget the brand. I bought 2 turtlenecks for 13.99 each, down from $30. Very pretty. I figure we will still have some chilly weather and it isn't real heavy.......and I love 50% off.
The girls bought some Capris. I want some too with some pretty sandels to go with.
Bought some things for Gaby at Goodwill.......ScoopyDoo denim dress....and some dress shoes.
I also bought some Eddie Bauer jeans & found some Gap ones that weren't too short for 5.99.It is weird but both jeans are the same size but I can't wear Gap yet.Maybe if I laid down on the bed?? Breathing isn't important, right?? As long as we look
So, it was a good day.
I picked up an application for the Y!!! Yahooooo.Such a NEAT place, even have a childrens gym for 1 1/2 and up.
Tomorrow there is an estate sale that I am going to go to.Looking for some things for the apartment.
I have to work the weekend........trying to get some of this shopping done before I am stuck here.

This man in Washington asked in an email how I would feel about meeting him.I have met a few men off the internet ((hush,,,,,,Angie)) and really get nervous, but I think he is a keeper. I just don't wanna meet him and ruin my fantasy.........lmao.......

Hi Jana,Hi Cristi,Hi Kat,Hi Katie,Hi Rita,Hi Marti,Hi Shanna,Hi kayecee,Hi Angie. Hope I didn't miss anyone!!

I need to get to work and go pick up Gaby.Long days and all. Doing good though.

Hope the same for you all :)

03-05-2004, 01:22 AM
I'll second (or is it third) the birthday wishes, Rita. :hb: :gift: :flow1: :grouphug: I hope you had a fabulous day. :D

03-05-2004, 01:26 AM
Oh, my freezer currently contains the deceased bodies of two rats and one parakeet. I extend my condolences and suggest that the freezer is the way to go until the ground thaws. Just wrap the "coffin" in something opaque and put it waaaaay in the back so unsuspecting guests don't find it when looking for ice cubes. (I speak from experience)

03-05-2004, 12:44 PM
Jana~I know you guys are headed out for your trip, so BE SAFE! I saw on the news the weather isn't the greatest, I will be thinking of you guys this weekend. I also hope you guys didn't have any tornadoes-scary. We also have some tornado warnings yesterday, along with flood watch's. So be very careful. Yeah, the chiro has fixed my headaches. For the life of me I can't remember what it is he said I had a touch of in my neck which causes the headaches. I have had headaches since I was a teenager. He is good, it hurts somewhat but I feel so much better after going to him and the headache did disappear.

Marti~I like the idea of the beads. :lol: and for dressing Gaby in the rain gear-what kid doesn't love playing in the rain?! DS#2 I swear if there was a puddle of water to be found he would find it. One time it was over 100 degrees (we lived in the desert) and hadn't rained for months and the kids came home all muddy. I couldn't figure out where he found the mud, then remembered the school has sprinklers that are on every morning. I do the same (talking about you ladies) when talking to Vince (DH) of course he can't keep everyone straight yet but.

Susan~I can understand about not letting Gaby play in the rain and having your time, but sometimes it is fun to see their faces light up when they are having fun. I loved watching the kids do stuff like that. They grow up toooo fast. I hope everything works out with the guy in Washington, at least he is willing to meet you and lives A LOT closer.

Kat~you and Jana made me think of Carrie (DD). I had been missing all sorts of things. I discovered them when we moved and I got to the second to the last step in the basement and the bottom fell out of the case (hers) I was carrying, the whole thing spilled on the floor-luckily nothing broke. But what do I find?? My polish remover, razors, face moisterizer, even the Vicks etc. etc. I was teasing her about it. She had it so long I had bought new so didn't really miss it.

We didn't make it to the Garden Show after all, may try to go Saturday morning. It stopped raining for a while but as soon as we headed out the door it started pouring. :rain: We ended up going out to dinner and then DH wanted to get a haircut. There was the cutest baby there. The mom wanted his hair trimmed-what hair??? There wasn't enough to trim but apparently they had done it before. He wouldn't be still so the dad tried holding him. He looked to be about 10 months old, maybe a year, I don't think so though, he couldn't walk. But he was sooo cute! :love: I would have loved to get a hold of those chubby cheeks. I can't believe that they actually charged her $11 for that, took a whole 2 mintues if that. Anywho ladies...this was supposed to be a quick post. I need to get ready and head out the door to go pick up my curtain from Penney's, not sure why I didn't have them deliver it here?? :dunno: Also, need to get mail and let Carrie (DD) drive. I am probably going to confuse you guys by using everyone's names now instead of DD, DS & DH. Just thought it was about time, since everyone else uses their family's names.

Hi Angie, Rita, Shanna, Katie, & Kayecee~ For some reason I always feel like I am forgetting someone, so if I am ladies please forgive me. Take care.

I will check back later ladies-have a GREAT Friday! :) :wave:

03-05-2004, 04:02 PM
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