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03-31-2001, 09:08 AM
Positive Eating Plan aka
Prevention Millennium Diet*

Daily servings
veg and fruits, 9 servings ( 5 veg/4 fruit)
whole grains, 3-6 servings
high-calcium, 2-3 servings

Weekly servings:
Beans - 5+
Nuts - 5
Fish - 2

Serving Sizes

veg. & fruit
1 serving = 1/2 c. chopped fruit
1/2 c. cooked or raw veg.
1 c. raw green leaves
3/4 c. veg or fruit juice

Whole Grains
1 serving = 1 slice whole wheat bread
1/2 rice or bulgar
1/2 c whole wheat pasta

Calcium 1 serving = 1 c ff or 1% milk
1 c ff yogurt
1 c calcium fortified O.J.
1 oz. reduced ff cheese

100% DV multivitamin/mineral
500 (under 50) to 1000 (over 50) mg. calcium
100-400 IU Vit. E
100-500 mg Vit. C

Keep calories to 1500 a day - 250 cal. per meal. Eat 6 small meals a day. Do not exceed 42 fat grams per day.

Drink 8 glasses water and 1+ cup of tea daily.

* Copied from the Jan. 2000 issue of Prevention Magazine

Here is the website address for the Prevention Millennium Diet.

This is not necessarily a vegetarian diet. The guidelines summarized above are just that. In interpreting the guidelines, it is helpful to read the sample menus on the website as well as the more detailed principals of the diet.

03-31-2001, 09:16 AM

Sheesh, I haven't been able to answer you guys for days due to problems loading pages on the site. It seems like a miracle that it worked this morning.

judi and Lana, thanks so much for your words of wisdom and encouragement. You are right I do need to change things up. I haven't quite got it together yet, but of course I can't give up.

judi, I hope you are feeling better now.

Lana, winter came back to my state last week. It was cold and rainy all week. But, it didn't seem to slow the vegetation at all. Trees are leafing and budding and flowers are blooming, the grass is green. It is a beautiful time of year.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Hang in there Bannod.

03-31-2001, 01:11 PM
I was having a difficult time too the other night downloading the pages.....they would never get down far enought to give a reply to the thread!!.... but this morning it's good...maybe when the thread gets too long it takes longer?? Go figure!!

We had winterish weather all week really, very cold, not melting....we still have about a foot of snow...then yesterday we got more snow!! :(...oh well!! I hear we're going to have a cold wet summer may as well get used to it....

Food wise.....well i'm keeping within the healthy limit of food intake...sticking to healthy food...but I'm not loosing any....I guess I"m like the weather ....consistent.....:lol:

03-31-2001, 01:55 PM
Good morning Ledom, Lana, Bannod and Shebacat,

Yes, I am feeling better thanks Ledom. I will be glad when all that stuff is done. (By next weekend, I hope)

We had one glorious sunny day and now it is raining. The cherry trees are about to blossom here and the daffodils are about to unfurl so I know spring is actually here even though it is so cold.

My DH took a couple of days off.

Diet wise I am stuck too. The food part is o.k. but I still haven't got with the exercise part. Haven't been eating junk though just more like 1 cup of rice instead of 1/2 cup.

Tomorrow is my DH birthday so my daughter and her boyfriend are coming by. I am making Mexican chilaquile and a Mexican type cornbread.

Have you girls been to the Bisquick site and seen all the recipes for "Impossible Pies"? I was up in the middle of the night (couldn't sleep) and ran a bunch of them off. They can be made less fat by using Egg Beaters or the like.

Let us know how you are doing Shebacat??

Alice if you still come by here, drop a post too. I think of you often and I miss you.

03-31-2001, 03:24 PM
Hi ladies,

Sorry I haven't written, but have been extremely busy at work, plus just got back from another business trip in Boca Raton, Fl. I just love being waited on and eating out at restaurants when the company is paying for it. We ate at a wonderful seafood restaurant by the wharf called Old Calypso. I had grilled salmon with a mango sauce, salad with a papaya and mango dressing, steamed veggies, and Cuban rice. It was so good we went back again. This time I split my salmon with another coworker, and she gave me one of her crabcakes with a creamy tomato sauce. Makes me hungry just thinking about it again. Of course, I ate more than I usually do, but I worked out every day. Ledom, Judi is right about not getting discouraged. Don't focus on your've done so much with your life. That's the person you are....not the weight. Judi, I'm glad you had a good time in California. Hope your husband has a great birthday. I'll have to check out the Bisquick site. I love collecting recipes. I really don't cook, but I think I'm going to try to start cooking once a week on Sundays. I've been watching Emeril Live on TV. Some of the things he makes are so tempting (like the desserts). Donna, I know what you mean about training. It does seem to take a bigger toll on us physically and emotionally. A guy I work with told me he read that we burn calories thinking and learning. One big plus to going back to school. Sorry you're still having winter weather Lana, but spring is coming quickly. It's beautiful in Texas today. I missed the bad weather here when I was in Florida. Of course, I flew back Thursday night....right through the storm that was coming through. We had turbulance for 2 hours. Talk about unnerving. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

04-01-2001, 08:41 PM
Hello Shebacat, long time no see, glad to see all is well.....

And Donna glad to hear that your eyes are well... Take care of them... I NOW appreciate my eyesight much more since being diagnosed with an eye disease last year which will worsen before it gets better, and within 5 to 10 years I will be looking forward to a corneal transplant.... now doesn't that sound like fun?? NOT!! So please, I'm not sure if you have this in the States, but we have a space on our driver's licence to sign for organ donation, so please sign it....I have no idea why I got on this subject because I usually hate to talk about it, but now that I've typed it I won't delete it.... Maybe I just needed to vent about it....

Things are the usual here, still winterlike conditions to say the least, but now with the time change at least it will be light out longer at's almost 7:30PM and still light that is a good thing... I've ALMOST given up complaining about the weather because it won't come any faster if I complain.... We have started making plans for our summer vacation in Prince Edward Island with some friends of ours this summer, we're all excited about the trip... We've rented 2 cottages side by side facing the ocean.... Yippee I can't wait... Even if the weather doesn't comply I'll be happy... The last time I visited PEI was when I was my son's age, which will be 13 in August....LOOONG time ago... This couple we met when I was pregnant for the first and so was she and we are best buddies now.... going on 13 years.... how time flies.... She's the one I went shopping with and we had a "mememememe day" .... she's great....
We all need at least one friend like that, and I'm really happy it's her....

Anyways, gotta go girls...have a great week.... "don't stress too much about work" should be our moto of the week....

Bye for now...


04-02-2001, 04:13 AM
Lana your trip to PEI sounds like it is going to be wonderful! Two cottages facing the ocean! How idyllic!!! I have never been to the very east of Canada and always have wanted to go. I have been though across the US by train from Emeryville (near SF) to Chicago, then change trains and on to New York city. Twice! I would love to get to the east coast of Canada too.

Sorry to hear about your eye disease :(

Shebacat it is nice to hear from you. Your meals sounded yummy. I agree, the expense account is a beautiful thing.

Ledom, have you worn your bathing suit with the legs in it? How do you like it? I am thinking of getting one from Junonia for the summer?

Bannod, hang in there. Don't let training get to you...they will be trained eventually.

I made a good (cheap and nourishing) thing..."Pizza Beans". I made it in the crockpot. I cooked about 6 cups of pinto beans . I added (after they were soft) a can of Primo Pizza sauce. The 7.5 oz (213 ml) can. Added 1 tsp of garlic powder, 1/2 tsp of pizza spice and some salt. I let it cook for a couple of hours more. It was really good. We had it with some oven roasted veg. and a salad for supper last night. When I served it I sprinkled some shredded cheese on top of the beans.

My daughter and her boyfriend couldn't come over yesterday because one of the bridges was putting in a new span and was closed. Today there is a bus strike and the teachers at her college are also on strike this week. It is going to interrupt things for a lot of people. Not me though, we are going back to California in 2 weeks so I have some things I want to get down around the place.

That is about all the news here. I managed to hold on to my 2 1/2 lb. loss this week so I am encouraged to exercise and try to do better.

04-02-2001, 09:32 AM

I feel great because I just started my day off with a good breakfast and a fitness video.

It has been a busy weekend. I dug around in my herb bed. Had a superb dinner with a girl friend. Kayaked for two hrs. Sun. morning. Didn't eat anything sweet all day yesterday. It is something to build on.

Anyway, another insane work week, won't bore you with the details!

judi, you know about that suit. I don't love it. I think because it is so unfeminine. I got the one with the side panels. If I were selecting again I would chose the one with longer legs or even the one with legs and sleeves.

Lana, the women in my family are especially partial to the Anne of Greene Gables films. I can very well imagine you in side by side cottages on PEI. What a wonderful place to go.

Saw Chocolat again with D this weekend. I'm telling you girls, this film is not to be missed. Just budget in some points for one piece of really good chocolate when you leave the theatre. And don't forget,,,Johnny Depp.............

04-02-2001, 04:19 PM
Ledom, thank you for the info. about the suit. Maybe I will stick with the one I have, it is kind of empire waisted with a longish skirt and as much as a bathing suit can it does hide a few sins.

I am cooking more Pinto beans. I am going to freeze them after they are cooked and then have them ready to use when I make soup or whatever.

Good for you on your kayaking. What good exercise and what fun.

Now I am going to horrify you....How can you like Johnny Depp???? I can understand Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington :cool: :cool: and maybe Christopher Walken and the Soprano guy, I can't remember his name...Oh and Tim Roth :cool: and Sean Penn...but not Johnny Depp

04-03-2001, 11:27 PM
Hi! Where is everybody?

Nice sunny day here. Finally beginning to feel like spring.

I started taking Xenical again. I had a couple hundred dollars worth of the stuff (our medical plan doesn't pay for it) so I thought what the heck? It is here. Might as well use it up. Doctors seem to love it. I didn't notice it doing me any good.

Pause...I have to go Marley. He is barking on the road! Sheesh.

04-04-2001, 09:52 AM

This week is going a bit better dietwise. Not perfect by any means. Last week I got into this sugar thing that wouldn't let me go, haven't done that in over a year. Anyway, the thing that really got my attention was my face breaking out. I have been pretty much blemish free since doing the PMD, this has not been fun.

Kayaking is just the best thing in the world. I left it on my car through Mon. and stopped at the lake I pass on the way home from work. It takes about 10 min. to unload and I kayaked about 40 min. really pushing and working on my paddling technique, then loaded her back up in no time and was on my way. You wouldn't believe how much stronger my back and shoulders feel since starting this, I have been out 6 times now and each time I feel stronger.

Hope everyone is having a good week.

04-04-2001, 11:34 AM
Ledom, it sounds like you are doing great with the kayaking. I knew you would. Being out on the lake like that must promote such a sense of peace and well being as well.

I finally did some exercise. I treadmilled for 1/2 hr and did a Richard Simmons video. Boy, am I a dance klutz. :( I was glad no one was watching.

Morning Lana. Bannod and Shebacat!

I ordered the Ken Burns "Jazz" DVD's from I CAN'T wait until they arrive. I am going to have "jazz school" for myself every morning. I taped the series but didn't get all of it because I was travelling, then I sent the videos to a friend in who is teaching in Korea and is starved for things like that. That series was something I enjoyed so much, I can't wait until they show up in my mail box.

Today is a nice day so I plan to go walking outside.

04-04-2001, 10:48 PM
I've had THEE worse food day you can imagine.....I'm just beside myself......I'm wondering if I should embarass myself and tell you all how many calories and fat grams I've had today??....if I do maybe I'll feel bad enough that I'll never do that again...:mad: Ok here goes....4627 calories....300 grams of FAT!!!!!!! can you believe it....OMG when I write it out it's even worse.....Oh dear I think tomorrow I will, no I MUST stay on PMD>>I ate chocolates and dry roasted peanuts.....and white pasta for supper....My periods start tomorrow, I think....They are so irregular anymore...

Anyways I just had to share this horrible food day with you...But the weather was nice, imagine....about 40 degrees!!!! :lol: Last night I was walking (oh that's another thing I didn't do go for my walk tonite), as I was saying, on my walk I heard the Canada geese come back up north, now that's a sure sign of spring....

Ok gotta go waddle in my own self pity....:(... Just kidding...But tomorrow I will stick to 1200 calories...and less than 40 grams of fat...that's a fact...

Bye for now girls.... Lana...:love:.....

04-05-2001, 12:23 AM
Lana forget your bad day and move on...tomorrow is a new one. I have had more days like that than not. The important thing is that you want to continue on...and you DO! SO give yourself a pat on the back for that! :)

04-05-2001, 01:02 PM
Thank you Judi.....I need that....and today is much better....take care all....Lana