Support Groups - Rears in Gear for the New Year - March

03-01-2004, 11:18 AM
Ok ladies...

How did we all fare in February??

I did fairly well, meeting the majority of my goals. I need to work on consistency with the weights, pray the weather is better for riding, and just keep going. I did meet my 5 pound goal. I'm slightly disappointed that I didn't do more, but I mustn't let myself go down that road. I made my goal, and it was a reasonable, realistic, good goal. And if I keep it up, I'll reach my final goal weight this year. I need to keep reminding myself of that.

My goals for March -

Calories - 1200 - 1400 per day as they have been.
Water - 6 bottles or large glasses per day.
Sleep - In bed by 9:30, up by 4:30.
Cardio - 30 minutes on the treadmill Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri mornings, and at least one hour long workout on the weekend. I broke my 2 miles/30 minute goal for last month, and my new goal is to reach 2 miles/25 minutes.
Weights - Erk. This was an area in which I was not consistent last month. I am keeping the same goals I had in February, and I'll try harder to actually meet them. The breakout will be chest/back/shoulders, tricep/bicep, and at least squats and lunges - preferrably full LB all one time a week.
Riding - Continue aiming for 3 times a week. I'd like to be at 4 times a week if weather permits. I will use Copper at least 1 day a week to get a substantial posting trot workout and work on my canter. My goal this month will be to do at least 4 laps around the arena in each direction at a posting trot. Additional goal - remains the same at being able to do a two point position at a trot at least once in each direction around the arena.
Scale Victory - I want to drop 5 pounds by 03/31/04, putting me at 181. That puts me below the weight I was at when when Richard and I met some online friends for the first time. I remember hopping on the scale and seeing 183 and nearly keeling over on the spot. I was devastated. Hitting 181 will be very cool.
Stealth goal - Drop 7 pounds and hit 179 - for fairly obvious reasons. Gettiing down into the 170s would be MAJOR.

Alright.. more in a little bit, I need to get this thread up and running.

It's MARCH, chickies - what are YOUR goals for this month?

03-01-2004, 01:39 PM
Raven and the rest of you ladies,

I just wanted to jump on and say hello. I've been posting on another thread, but do lurk here quite a bit.

I joined Weight Watchers two weeks ago. Had a minimal loss of 0.6 pounds the first week, but I am determined to do better this week. I'd like to see two pounds a week, and that should be pretty easy for me to do if I stay focused.

I was just wondering if anyone heard anything from Jolly lately? I haven't seen her posting and was thinking of her and hoping she was okay.

Hope you all have a wonderful month and reach all your goals.


03-01-2004, 02:38 PM
Chachee! :) Good to see you, girl.

Any loss is a good loss!! I hit a plateau last month and made even getting my 5 pound loss a real struggle. And then, every time I'd lose a half a pound or a pound, the next day the scale would bounce up even more. It was a constant up down up down. :dizzy: Hopefully this month will be a better one for both of us!

I haven't heard from Jolly for quite a while. I too hope she's doing alright.

You don't have to be such a stranger! :)

03-01-2004, 07:19 PM

Thanks for the encouraging words and also the info about our missing friend Jolly. I hope she is doing well and wish her all the best.

I feel like I am finally at a point when I can be focused on my weight loss and just being healthier. I think with too many goal and too many restrictions, I was just setting myself up to fail. Now, I am doing WW and finding it so non-restrictive and yet I snuck a peek on the scales this morning and, if it holds true, I am down 4 more pounds from last week. It's kinda discouraging because they weigh us at night, but I am always about three pounds lighter in the morning. I am just going with their scales and keeping the weigh in at night, because that is from where I started.

Anything to put on the minus side is good. It didn't take overnight to put this weight on, but I am so determined to get it off overnight. Why does it always work that way? We always pay longer for something we really want, when the bad way is quick and easy. It's so much easier to put the weight on, not so easy to take it off. :(

I'll try to keep checking in. Hubby is in Hawaii for a week. I always do better on my diet when he's gone. Hmmm.....when he goes to Thailand for 8 weeks, I should be in your "stealth" mode, huh??

Hugs to you and all the girls here.


03-02-2004, 01:26 AM
Hi girls, - Chachee - great to hear from you again! Also good to hear that you've found something that works for you and you're losing. I know what you mean, when I was doing WW weigh ins at night always bummed me out. But then I also found that my scale at home was not accurate either. :bomb: Now I have a new one and it matches the doc's office exactly so I have to believe it's accurate. And like you said, week to week losses are all that matters. Keep it up girl!

Speaking of lost souls, has anyone heard from Tracy? Perhaps she and Jolly have run off together :lol: Seriously I hope all is well for both of them. I know it gets frustrating, sometimes you only feel like participating when you have good things to say and so much of everyday life can mess up your best laid plans but you have to keep pushing on.

Let's see, my goals for March:
Weight - I'd like to see 195 or below (hopefully below). That's 6 pounds in 4 weeks.
Exercise: I'm going on vacation in 7 weeks. We'll be doing alot of walking so it's time to "train" for my vacation. I will focus on weights and walking. AND I really need to do my stretches EVERY DAY for my legs and feet so the plantar faciitis doesn't start up again. If I don't do the treadmill, I'll strap on the pedometer for measuring.
Water: I'm doing good with the 2 liters a day, will stick with that
Food: I'm really going to make more of an effort with South Beach. For me it's learning a whole new way of cooking. I get bored by the 2 weeks of menus. Have to come up with some satisfying alternatives. Yesterday we had Baked Flounder which to me was too salty (my husband likes salt water fish and I like fresh water fish). Today we had Pork Satay which was ok but I don't think I'd do it again. I miss my soups.
Non scale goal - getting to bed by 11:30 and rising by 6.

That's it for me, on to March madness!!!!

03-02-2004, 06:49 AM
*yawn* March madness. Yep, that must be it. People are acting like total loons. I swear this thing with my ex is making me crazy. But I *think* I have him beaten into submission about this move. I think I finally having him understanding what the right thing is. Well, wait... just when I think he gets it, we get another phone call with him waffling. So I just tell him no. No, you cannot waffle on this. You made a promise to me, to the kids, and you WILL keep it. There are no alternatives, you WILL move to GA at least to give it a chance. He's afraid. Afraid to quit his job, afraid he can't sell that white elephant of a house, afraid of hating GA, afraid of his own shadow right now. I remember that feeling, to be honest. When I moved down here 9 years ago, I was terrified. But I told him you can't let fear stop you from achieving your goals, your dreams, your obligations to your children. I wore myself out, literally, talking to him yesterday. Making him see what I see every day. Making him understand these kids aren't interested in whether he's making great money or not, they're interested in HIM. God help me. Anyway... ok, so the plan is now he's moving here. That could change at any moment. I will keep hitting him with that big stick.

Chachee - I'm with you on the restriction issue. That's one reason I'm just using fitday to log my calories. I find that as time goes by I'm gravitating to healthier food because I can eat more of it for the same amount of calories, but I do not remove anything from my list of acceptable foods. The minute I say I "can't" have it, I must have it. It's taken me a long time to accept the slow loss. Some days it's still painful and frustrating and I feel like I'm going to be fighting this for the rest of my life and I will NEVER reach my goal. That's when I read and re-read that Ralphie "Keep Going" quote. So far so good, even with my pizza slip up Saturday night. I think it's easier when our SOs are gone because we feel much more comfortable with focusing on ourselves then. Why is it that we feel compelled to put their wants and desires before ours? At least I know that's the way it was for me. I wanted to cook nice meals and serve yummy treats to Richard because I love him, and I wanted him to feel appreciated and taken care of. Plus I thought he expected it. I've pretty much turned all that on it's ear now, and my weight loss is the primary concern. If he doesn't like what I'm cooking, he can order out. ;)

Happy - I have so much to reply to from your other post still. :D I'm sorry.. this thing with the ex has been so emotionally demanding it's been hard to keep up. You're right. He is weak willed, he is selfish, and he never learned to take responsibility. He focuses anger inappropriately, and never grew up. Having said all that - he is not a "bad" person. He really loves those kids, and he wants to be with them, I just need to smack him around enough to realize it has to be on their terms, not his. For once. I pray he follows through this time. At least my kids know beyond any doubt that I am doing my absolute best to make their father act like a father. And they appreciate that so much. I told them I can't guarantee he'll come through, but all I can do is my best. They accept that. I haven't heard a peep from Tracy either. I hope she's ok, too. I know things were dicey in her life.

March is nearly a full 5 weeks long, so there's a great possibility you can lose 6 pounds if you watch your food and do your exercises!! It isn't an unreasonable goal. I'm pushing to lose 7, so lets see if we can make this happen, eh? Just be very careful not to aggravate your footsies. :D

I'm off to a great start on the scale, anyway. The pizza has finally left the system, and I've been eating perfectly OP since then ... I've dropped another pound and a half, bringing me to 184 this morning. Let's see if the scale decides to bounce around like a crazy thing this month too. If so, tomorrow I'll be back up to 185 for another week. Then drop to 183.5 for a day, then back up... you get the picture. ;) I'd rather it just make up it's mind. That makes 5 pounds to go to reach my stealth goal. I want this one SO bad.

Ok. How bad? I missed my workout yesterday. I missed my riding lesson last night, because Machine and I both, frankly, were exhausted and puny feeling. I'm missing my workout this morning because I went to bed late last night after being on the phone AGAIN with the ex. I woke up late this morning and still feel like I could sleep for the next 3 days. I need to get myself back on a good sleep schedule so I can wake up in time to work out. Tonight will be a good night to get to bed on time.

Alright.. on that note, I need to get my lunch ready, take a shower, feed and walk the dogs, and get my slightly less fluffy rump to work.

Lucky? Hippy? Helllooooooo out there?

03-02-2004, 07:24 PM
Hi Raven,

Just wanted to say a quick hello and wish you well for today. Congrats on the loss, again. Girl, you are doing so awesome! I am motivated every day.

I haven't seen Tracey for awhile. Her and Jolly planned their vacation together and didn't tell us. I know they are living it up while we are stuck doing our regular stuff.

Well, I better get back to work. My weigh in is tomorrow night, so I'll let you know how it goes.


03-02-2004, 07:47 PM
I haven't seen Tracey for awhile. Her and Jolly planned their vacation together and didn't tell us. I know they are living it up while we are stuck doing our regular stuff.


:rofl: Yeah, there they are riding horses and playing tennis and drinking mint juleps :cheers: :hat: - of course it would NOT be McD's Shamrock shakes :no: while we are pounding the :tread: :strong: and eating lettuce :lol: Ok girls, you've been figured out and we've been punked!

03-02-2004, 08:14 PM

Geez, call me AIRHEAD. (I thought by getting rid of the light blonde hair that would have gone away!) I totally spaced it was you that posted about Tracey. I thought it was Raven. Please excuse!! Didn't mean to not aknowledge you.

Your goals sound good also! My big goal is to be 25 pounds down by the time my vacation is scheduled--May 21. That is 13 weeks from the start of my WW journey. I am down 0.6, so that is 24.4 in the next 12 weeks. 2 pounds a week is an attainable goal, don't you all think? I am hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow night. I might have to sneak a peek in the morning on my scale. I did well this week, only sneaking a peek once so far!! (I'm a bit obsessive about scales. One weighing myself before and after working out, using the bathroom and eating. Very unhealthy, so for me to only weigh in once or twice a week is a very good thing.)

Jolly and Tracey, bring us back some margaritas! (And a cute local boy--my hubby is away! :lol: )

03-02-2004, 08:37 PM
Several cute boys, please? I don't share well. ;)

Chachee - I personally can't do 2 pounds a week. I tried that, and was too discouraged when it didn't happen. I seem to do much better with monthly goals. I guess it averages out over a month better than in one week. :D But like last month, I barely squeaked in on Monday with my 5 pound loss. I think my weight bounces around way too much for me to focus on one week. The most I've been able to pull off in one month was that 7 pounds. So maybe just concentrate on the things you CAN control? What you put in your mouth, the fact that you work out. You know that if you control those things in the right fashion, the weight WILL come off. It may not come off as fast as you want (does it EVER??) but it will. That's what I had to accept. I just don't want to see you set yourself up to fail, girl. :( Wait .. you're not blonde anymore??? What color are you? Don't tell me you went tri-color to match your pups... :devil:

Happy - Oh, did you HAVE to say mint julep?? *drool slobber* Have you been on that treadmill yet? Hows it working? The foot holding up ok?

Ok, confession time. I did a naughty thing. I was simply starving at work today. I mean real gnawing hunger. And I didn't have any healthy alternatives. I'd eaten my lunch and my orange and I was ready to start chewing on the desk. So I got a snickers bar out of the vending machine and cut it in half, added it to fitday, and went on. It really helped, but I wish I'd had something better. I looked back through my journals, and it seems that in the week preceding my period, I have one or two days where I am completely ravenous. Interesting. In any case, I need to be better prepared for that at work. Cottage cheese, yogurt, even a Balance Bar if need be. Maybe some peanut butter. Something that is at least moderately healthy and not totally empty calories.

Tomorrow I need to take Nickie to the stables, so if I am going to hit that treadmill I need to get up REALLY early. *shudder* It's going to be a long day. Then tomorrow is payday, which means much running around during lunch and after work. I'm tired already. ;) I suppose I'd better get those dogs walked, get the laundry folded, the kitchen cleaned up, and get my tail feathers into bed! Have a great evening, you two!

03-03-2004, 09:07 AM
Good morning!

Sounds like you girls are ready to tackle March head on!

My golas will be the same for this month..
1. Drink water, lots of it!
2. Eat healthy and continue to try new veggies.
3. EXERCISE. This is my weakness but I vow to do better.

Sunday was a beautiful day here. 65 degrees! We packed a picnic lunch and took Jordan and ny niece Haley to the park and played tennis. We were there all afternoon and got in alot of tennis playing so there for alot of exercise! I woke up Monday morning with a stomach virus. Vomiting and so on. I felt better yesterday but passed it on to Gary then Jordan. Jordan was home from school yesterday and today. Hopefully when he gets up he will feel better. Gary felt better last night. It was rough, no food or drink for 2 days, I wasn't hungry but I sure was thirsty. I tried sipping water but just couldn't keep anything down. Oh well, much better today.

I went shopping with a friend of mine Saturday. She bought me a pedometer for my birthday. It's really neat. It tell you when you have walked a mile and so on. I haven't fooled with it yet. Hope to do that today.

Better get goig. I'm a little behind in housework and laundry. Talk to you all later!

03-03-2004, 10:16 AM
Good morning!

I really had the best intentions of waking up extra early this morning to get that treadmill workout in before I had to take Nickie to the stables, but... :o I was just too tired after the last couple nights of not enough sleep. I probably was fooling myself to think I could get it in anyway, time is so limited on Wednesdays. So, ok.. It's definitely PMS week. I woke up this morning feeling like Shamu. It's definitely a fat day. I did come to work better prepared to fend off an attack of the massive hungries if they occurr, however! I have 2 fat free yogurts and the peanut butter - just in case. I figure it's not the BEST, but it's certainly not as destructive as a snickers bar. Or even half a snickers bar. :p

Tonight is a late night... running REALLY low on options in the ol' pantry because tomorrow is payday. I'm getting better, though. This time we really started running low much farther into the pay period than I did last time, so I'm slowly getting the hang of this shopping for two weeks at a time thing. But I'm feeling a little better today.. not hearing the ex whine and change his mind 3 times in an hour has helped. :bomb: Getting some decent sleep last night made a big difference, too. Tomorrow I should be fine to get back in my exercise routine again.

Hippy - Good goals all! What do you do for "planned" exercise? I agree that the tennis is really good for you! All that running! I used to love racquetball, but I don't have access to a court anymore. Unless I join a health club, and there's no way I can afford that. I sure hope you continue to feel fine, and that Gary and Jordan are over the stomach ickies VERY quickly. Let us know what you think of that pedometer!

It's hump day!! Hope you all have a great one!

Edit to Add -

Oh oh oh oh.. check out this weird little NSV. Driving to work this morning I felt my bra strap slip down my shoulder AGAIN!! It's been driving me crazy lately and I couldn't figure out why they keep slipping... duh. :lol: I'm getting smaller everywhere I guess!

03-03-2004, 03:49 PM
Good morning Ladies!

First, what is a mint julep? I've heard of them before, but don't know exactly what that is. I think it's a Southern thing??

Raven: Thanks for your concerned words. I know it's a very aggressive goal to be down 30 by the end of May. I'm not really expecting to be able to do that, but I do think I can come real close. Being 254.4, I have a lot more to lose and it does come off more quickly at the beginning than other people who have a total of around 20 to lose. I guess it's the nature of the beast that the heavier you are to start, the faster it comes off to start. I do think I can do 2 pounds a week, but I am not going to get discouraged if I don't. The way I look at it now is that anything in the negative (-) direction is a positive. Does that make sense?? I am going to go slow and not kill myself, though. I do also know it's going to slow down once I get my treadmill and start that exercising.

Hippy: Great goals for March. More of the same that is hopefully working for you. You'll have to let me know how the pedometer works. I've always wanted one, but didn't know if they worked.

Okay, weigh in tonight. Hopefully I'll be a loser. I think I will. I'll post tomorrow on how it went.

Wish me luck!


03-03-2004, 10:39 PM
Hey March movers and shakers,
Hippy the pedometer is neat. The hardest part is calebrating it but hopefully you'll have good directions. I found when I was using mine, I'd do extra walking just to get the numbers bumped up - kinda like a car odometer. Hope you enjoy yours. :dancer:

Chachee good luck and I hope you have a happy weigh in. Sometimes it seems so overwhelming to have to focus on so many of the pieces at once - food, water, exercise and cramming in all the other to-do's of everyday demands. Seems like I can never get them all on par in a single day. A few I do very well, some a good effort and others well :o - at least I vary them each day.

Raven, sounds like Wednesday is working out to be your cruddo day of the week. Hope you got to bed early and was able to find something to throw together for a decent meal. I'm also glad that things have eased up a bit with the ex tho I'm sure it's in a lull for now.

I had some good news today. I ran to the grocery store at lunch to pick up a few quick things and the pharmacy was doing cholesterol screening. I've been monitoring mine because it was 233 two years ago. Got it down to 222 last year and today even tho I took the test without completely fasting, it was down to 207. Still need to work on it a little more but it's encouraging to see that while the scale is doing a slow creep downward, there are other factors which also point to a healthier me. I haven't cleaned off the treadmill yet but I have been walking and every time I think of it, several times a day, I've been doing my physical therapy stretches for my legs and feet. It's coming along.

We bought a new BBQ this weekend and it came today. It's an infra-red unit - cooks at high temps (1800 degrees) to sear the meat and seal in the juices and then you cook the rest at a lower temperature. We had grilled pork chops tonight - boneless take about 12 minutes to cook. It was soooo good. I can't wait until the weather gets better and we can cook more on it. I do so much better with grilled fish or meat, veggies and a salad. I did avoid an intense craving for a fast food lunch today and instead had rotisserie chicken and some grilled veggies.

I hear you Raven on the some days intense hunger. Not munchie junk kinds of cravings but true hunger. If that's the case, I will eat - usually some protein thing or I used to keep vegetable soup at my desk - that was one thing that filled me up. Seems like the hungries hit more often when it's cold outside but it's good of you to prepare for dealing with them.

Well I've got some homework to do before an early bedtime tonight - best get my fanny moving. Have a good Thursday!

Oh and Raven will have to explain the mint julep drinks because I don't know what they are either - I just figured if Jolly and Tracey ran off together they'd be more likely to go to the better weather in South Carolina than Wisconsin where it's supposed to snow soon.

03-04-2004, 10:07 AM
Hey Ladies!!!
Can I jump on in here too? I promise not to disappear again! :), well maybe a day or two but not months!!

Let's see my goals are:
1. Keep up my vegetarian diet and make sure I get my protein in.
2. Drink more water.
3. Bike ride every night for at least 30 minutes. or 3 miles.
4. Don't eat after 6.
5. Stop trying to hit annoying people with my grocery cart ;)

If I lose, I lose. If I don't, I can't let that bother me. If course I WANT to lose, but I can't let that be my focus right now and keep sane. I mean I REALLY want to lose some weight before I go to New York in April, but right now I just want to be happier and less stressed than I have been. *sigh*

So far the vege diet is doing well. I have to eat more frequently though and that is an adjustment. My sister in law is a Vegan and Nutrionalist. She is helping me with this and so far I am feeling quite well and certainly less 'heavy'. But granted I use the bathrom 3-4 times a day. There really is something rather nice about know that everything is coming out...if you know what I mean. (wink wink, nudge nudge)

ok well I gotta get to work here....take care ladies!!! have a great day!

03-04-2004, 10:37 AM
Welcome Ruben! Hey, if you're going to give up number 5, can I start it as one of my goals? Sounds like a great stress reliever :rofl:

Are you doing vegetarian or the whole vegan route? I think sometimes when the whole kit and kaboodle is too overwhelmning (as far as weight loss), that it's better to take small steps, build some good habits first and then worry about the scale.

03-04-2004, 10:55 AM
Good morning ladies!! I feel so much better after hitting that treadmill again this morning. I jogged a mile with no walk interval, and refused to do any walking slower than 4 mph. I did ok, with a time of 2 miles in 28:02. It appears my goal to do 2 miles in 25 minutes is going to take some serious work this month. I think I got complacent in March when I hit my half mile run pretty early on, then just skated for the rest of the month. :nono: That mile jog nearly did me in, but I need to push.

Food was nearly completely OP yesterday, other than the 1/4 of a snickers bar. But I logged it into fitday and stayed within my calories. Oh c'mon geez, it's in my drawer calling my name and I'm PMSing. There's still a quarter of it in there. too. *twitch* I thought, as I was carefully cutting the half in half, that I really should just go throw the damn thing in the garbage. As a matter of fact, I think I'll do that with the rest of it. *comes back and dusts off hands* Ok. Done. Not just the little paper garbage by my desk, the gross nasty garbage in the break room. So there. It can call all it wants from in there. *neener*

Chachee - Mint Julep. Official drink of the Kentucky Derby!! Very southern thang. Debatably originated in Georgia. Or maybe Virginia. Who knows. ANYway.. it's made in different ways, but the supposed OFFICIAL recipe is this:

In a bowl, place several fresh mint sprigs, 1 tsp. of sugar and 1/4 ounce of water. Crush the leaves with a spoon and stir all well. Fill a chilled tumbler with crushed ice, fill with Bourbon, and top with strained mixture. Or place a bit of the mixture into the chilled glass. Add a layer of crushed ice. Continue at least one more time, topping with ice. Pour Bourbon on top. Garnish with fresh mint sprigs.

Very refreshing on a hot dusty day! Makes you not care that it's hot and dusty, more than anything. ;)

How went the weigh in?? We're dying here!

Happy - That your cholesteral is dropping is definitely testimony to a healthier lifestyle. Good for you!!! Definitely a great big NSV! That grill thingamajig sounds... very cool. I must know more. Who makes them? Are they expensive? I like that veggie soup idea. I may very well pick up a couple cans of that to keep here. Thanks for the tip!

Rubens!!! - Welcome back girl! It's wonderful that you have someone who already knows all the ropes of the veggie lifestyle to help you out. I know there are many things to learn about it. I really hope it continues to work well for you! I know in a sense I've kind of resigned myself to the "if I lose I lose, if I don't, keep going" philosophy. Not fully, but it really helps to just know that everything I'm doing is the right thing, and if I'm not dropping on the scale, then other things are probably happening, and the numbers will start going down again eventually. They can't NOT sooner or later. Patience is something I struggle with, and am trying mightily to learn on this journey. Your goals are good ones! Though I might have a hard time with the last one, myself. :o *ahem*

Still stuck on 184, but I haven't been working out, either. Hopefully pushing the exercise again will get my weight dropping again. It's payday today, which means mondo running around. Hope everyone is having a great day, it's almost Friday!! :dance:

03-04-2004, 01:21 PM
Hi Ladies,

Real quickly this morning, and I promise to post more later this afternoon, I was down 4.2 pounds!!!! I am 0.2 pounds away from the first 5 pound bookmark. I am so happy with myself for being so OP last week. I am looking forward to another good week!

Wahoo. It's going to be a good day!!

I'll be baaaack!


03-04-2004, 02:16 PM
Yayyyyyyyyy Chachee!!! :cb: :dance: :bravo:

That's fantastic!!!! Now.. does eating ANYthing feel as good as that felt? Thank you for your post! I'm fighting cravings today like nobodies bidness, and it helped remind me why I'm doing this.

03-04-2004, 03:36 PM
Hi Ladies,

I'm back with a longer post now.

Raven,you are so correct when you said how good it felt and that no food tasted as good as that felt. In all honesty, I don't feel like I "can't" have anything with WW. That is the part that I love the most. If I want something really badly, I just have to sacrifice the points on something else. With all the veggies I normally eat, I feel like I am constantly eating!

Raven: Thanks for the recipe. I think I might have to print that out and have that for a treat one day this summer. Sounds mighty yummy. I wonder how many points are in it... :lol: Great job on the candy bar. I love those things! I would have had to do what you did--in the nasty garbage so I wasn't tempted in the afternoon to grab it back. Ick, huh? What we won't do for chocolate. You did real well if you are pms'ing and that's all you had. Kudos to you!! :cp:

Happy: Your new bbq sounds wonderful. Where did you get it? Did you have to special order it somewhere? You are doing very well with the cholesterol. My mom's is very high and she has a hard time controling it, even with the help of meds. I've tried to get her to lose weight, but it just doesn't seem to work with her. It's sad, because she's heavier than I have ever seen her, but she won't quit eating the bad stuff.

Ruben: Welcome. I am about 80% veggie also. I do have some meats, mostly chicken and fish. I just have always liked veggies/rice/pasta more than the meat stuff. Your goals sound real good. I liked what you said about feeling better rather than losing. I think a lot of overlook how good it feels to lose weight, and we just concentrate on the scales. Great attitude.

Okay, back to work. Break is over.

Take care everyone and here's to a great week!


03-05-2004, 09:34 AM
Good morning!

Hi Chach, good to hear from you. Great job on the loss! WOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome Reubens! Running the grocery cart into annoying people? I thought I am the only person that does that :lol:

Okay, I got up this morning and just couldn't pass up the scales until in the morning. I was shocked to see that I am down 4 pounds :D I am learning that eating green stuff really works!

Raven, I don't really have planned exercise. Just whatever I feel like doing on that day I guess. Most of the time it's walking outside or doing WATP. I hate exercise and get bored with doing the same thing everyday so I switch between the two. Now that the weather is breaking I plan to throw in some bike riding with Jordan. I don't have a bike but I sure plan to buy one!

It was 72 yesterday and will be 75 today. Having to enjoy between the rain and thunderstorms but right now it's sunny and not suppose to rain again until later this afternoon. The wind is blowing about 40mph so I have to go outside and collect all of my chair cushions from the corn fields!

The pedometer is pretty neat. It would be better if I could remember to put the thing on. I think I will enjoy it more when I can get out and walk and compare how many more steps I take compared to wearing it around the house. I can't remember the number of steps but I walked almost 3 miles the other day just being in here doing laundry, housework, going to the mailbox. I don't know if that's a good amount for around the house or not.

Hello to Happy :)

Guess I better run and put this thing on since I have alot of running to do today. Talk to you all later.

03-05-2004, 09:46 AM
Morning ladies,

Whoa Hippy and Chachee - fantastic job on the weight loss this week! Congrats!!!!
I'll be back in a bit but till then...

03-05-2004, 12:31 PM
Hey chicklets. Well it's been one of those weeks, I guess. I'm really proud to say that I have not let stress or PMS or ex-husbands or broken trucks (neither sleet nor snow nor dark of night...) deter me from staying OP at least foodwise. The exercise has suffered, but not irreparably. I did not get in a treadmill workout this morning. I was too frantic trying to arrange a ride to work and figure out what to do about the truck ... something going funky with that front driver's side wheel. Brake caliper, bearing, SOMEthing. Got home last night to noxious smoke pouring out from the wheelwell. Yay. That screws my whole weekend of riding and working at the stables and doing grocery shopping.

Woke up this morning to a half pound loss to put me at 183.5. That's a good thing. Last time I saw that number was when Richard and I were going out to meet another couple, I jumped on the scale for the first time in a long time and when I saw a number so high over 179, I felt like just dropping dead on the spot. You would have thought that would have been my wake up call to start losing, but no. I just snugged the blinders on a little tighter and worked my merry way up the scale. *sigh* In any case, I know some part of me was sure I'd never see that number again. And there it is. Here I am. Wow.

Another non-weight related victory. Part of my problem in relationships has been communicating my need for companionship. Not sex, per se - but if I'm stressed or needing company, I just can't say anything about it. I expect the guy to just *know* this thing. So I get mad when he doesn't. That happened to me last night. I hung around expecting Richard to just KNOW that I really needed some attention, and when he didn't magically gravitate to my side, I huffed upstairs and watched TV, alone (read sulked), for a couple hours. Richard had no clue what was going on, he thought I'd gone to bed. This morning I was still all ready to be pissy with him, and managed it for a little while, but then realized I was actually more angry with myself than I was with him. I never said a THING to him last night, and if I had, I know for a fact he would have been more than happy to stop whatever he was doing and join me on the couch for some snuggle time. So I told him all that, and apologised for being a snot. He was so sweet. Maybe one of these days I'll get it. But at least I stopped this one before it got stupid. In the past I'd been known to drag something like that out for DAYS before getting into a big fight about it and accusing him of not paying attention to me blah blah blah. It's just not worth it. It really would be SO much easier to just say to him "hey.. babe .. I could really use your company right now, I'm feeling really down." How hard is that? :dunno:

Yesterday at work the cravings were just killing me. I was *THIS* close to hitting that vending machine when I finally resorted to the last ditch effort of buying a diet coke. It worked. Actually - two of them. It's been months and months since I've had one, but those finally killed off the cravings. Thank God. I was so close to just caving and eating a snickers bar or m&ms or both. I just wanted it to stop.

Chachee - I've heard that saying around a lot - the "No food tastes as good as being thin feels." I guess I actually take it to the next emotional level for me and equate the feeling to feeling quotient. Because I can literally FEEL body changes when I eat something I'm craving. I mean I take a deep breath, I relax, it's like a drug. It isn't the taste that gets me - really. I think you know what I'm saying. It's the emotional feeling that has me hooked. For me to stay OP during stress is huge. I know the taste triggers that rush, but I just want to remember that feeling is very fleeting, very transitory. The feeling of being able to hop on the scale and see those lower numbers, or feel my jeans getting looser and looser, or being able to look in the mirror and see BONES and muscles ... those things can be permanent. CAN be permanent. It's up to me. And that feeling is - as you know - very powerful.

Hippy - WOO! You joined Chachee in the big losers club this week, eh!?! :bravo: :cb: To quote someone else on the site - I never knew I could have so much fun hanging out with such losers! :lol: That is fantastic, girl!! You two are gonna leave me in the dust! :cry: :s:

Alright.. well... I'm still stressie and moping badly about missing my riding weekend. I really look forward to those - it's like therapy for me. I guess I just have to get through this, though. I hope this Friday is treating you all very well!!

03-05-2004, 07:24 PM
Good afternoon, Ladies!

I have a candle party tonight. It should be fun, as I love candles. I am going to have a nice chicken salad before I go and just snack on the veggies and fruit if there are any there. I don't know if I will have some dessert or not. Just depends on what is there. I am going to save up some points in case I can't live without something that is there.

Hippy: Sounds like you run around your house a lot. I've been trying to do more than usual--making two trips for the laundry instead of using the basket, etc. It would be interesting to see how much I really walk in a day. Thanks for the nice words on the loss. I'm trying!

Raven: *big hug* How wonderful is it that you notice a trait in you that is less desirable and work to correct it. I am so impressed with you that it didn't get out of proportion. I have to work on that also. I assume Steve will know what I need when I need it and they just aren't wired that way. Big congrats on the loss also. How wonderful you remember when you were that weigh previously. My big goal is under 235. That was the weight I was when I met Steve.

Well, I am signing off for the weekend. I usually don't get on here during the weekend. Have a great couple of days and stay OP!!!


03-06-2004, 02:57 AM
Hi Everyone.

Wow we have been experiencing internet problems all week. We can't get on, and the computer keeps telling us that we are hiding behind a firewall. :shrug:

I have a lot of posts to catch up on.

:bravo: to everyone. 4 Seems to be the magic number this last month, as I was also lucky enough to lose 4 pounds.

Goals for this month,

Water. This is my biggest downfall and I must learn to drink more water.

More exercise also. I have just been trying to move alot at work. It has been working, so I will just move around a little more.

Well I must run and take care of the DD. The horse at lessons tried to buck her off once again yesterday, and I don't know how she stayed on but she did. But she now has a badly sprained ankle. I must tuck her in and sit with her for awhile. Reminds me of when she was little and wanted to spend time with her parents. *sigh*


03-06-2004, 03:08 AM
Hello you fabulous losers! Great to hear that everyone did well this week. I'm down a half pound myself.

DH and I had a lovely anniversary dinner tonight. I only ate 1/2 of my artichoke appetizer, set the rest aside. I also only ate 1/2 of my lobster entree but did drink both of my mixed drinks - been a long time since I've had any liquour and did eat all my salad. Passed on the bread though it looked good. Hubby and I split a small piece of tirimisu for dessert and I brought the rest of my food home for lunch tomorrow. It was sooooo good. We haven't been out to a restaurant for a few months and tonight's dinner was all that I hoped it would be. He also bought me a dozen roses earlier in the day - 6 reds and 6 gorgeous whites with pink edges. He always gets sentimental on our anniversary.

Catching up on other things...

You asked about the BBQ. Yes it's way cool. And yes, it's expensive - over $1000. When we got our first one 5 years ago I couldn't sleep for 2 nights straight stressed out over spending so much on a stupid grill. But, just like the side by side refrigerator/freezer I didn't want and DH said to get, I grew to love them. We like to grill. ALOT. Weather permitting we grill 5 - 6 days a week from May until October. I like it because it's healthy - pure protein with just some seasonings or marinades - no fats or sauces. Dinner is generally fish (mostly), chicken, pork or beef with grilled veggies and a fruit or veggie salad. I always do much better on the diet in the warm months. Because we use our grill so much, we found we were replacing it every 2 years. The bow tie thing the gas comes out of would get all corroded, the lines would get clogged with spiders (they LOVE propane gas), etc, etc. Hubby found the infrared one at a patio furniture store. We researched them a bit - especially when I saw the price and said NO WAY! But hubby won out. The high heat sears the juices in and everything we've made is wonderful. It does take a bit to learn how to cook on it but after 3 or 4 tries, you've got it down pat. The longest it takes to cook anything is about 25 minutes for chicken, so it's really fast to put a meal together. We used to go through 3 tanks of gas with our conventional grills, now we go through about a tank and 1/2 over the season. Not bad at all considering how much we use it and how long our grilling season is. I've also done whole turkeys at Thanksgiving but usually do just the breast in the summer. Over time it really does come out to less than a conventional grill would be. We would have kept the one we had but DH broke a part of it trying to take the heating element in for service and we called the place 3 separate times and couldn't get anyone out to fix it. With the new grill, all parts snap out for service and cleaning. The 2 manufacturers of infra red grills are TEK - which is what we had and Solaire which is what we just bought. You could probably look them up on the Internet to find a dealer if you were interested. The don't sell them at places like Sears, more like places that sell patio furniture. They are alot of money tho, no disputing that. We used to spend/waste lots of money on piddly things and over the years have had to re-adjust our spending way, way down. We don't spend that much any more but when we decide on something, we discuss it first and if it's something we really will make use of, we save for it and get it. No more credit cards since the year 2000.

Chachee, I hear you on the mom thing. My mom has diverticulitis? Not sure of the spelling but it's the disease where the pockets of the intestines get inflamed and it's horribly painful. As a result she can't have anything with seeds, hulls or little pieces that can get stuck in these pockets. I really felt bad for her when I went shopping with her and saw how little she could eat. No bananas (little seeds in the center), if she wants a tomato she has to cut all the seeds out (what's left?), she can only eat the bottom of brocolli, not the crown part. She had to give up her beloved popcorn and of course things like strawberries, raspberries, multigrain bread or any bread with seeds is out of the question. Since her foods are so limited she made up for it with a voracious sweet tooth. She's always complaining about needing to lose weight yet any suggestions I make she has a reason why she can't won't doesn't wanna... It's so frustrating as she too is on medication for blood pressure which causes it's own problems and they've threatened to put her on cholesterol medicine too which she can't afford and doesn't need the side effects. The older she gets, the more stubborn she becomes. I love her to bits but I bite my tongue alot and kick pillows after I've talked to her.

And Raven, I've been with my husband for 32 years - married for 27 which is hard to believe since I only feel like I'm 27 myself. Anyway, if there is one thing I have learned through the loving and the wars, you have to let them know what you need and how you feel. They just don't think like we do. I know, I know... when they are sick or tired or sad or in trouble, we are right there doing the exact thing they need. Why isn't it just as automatic to them? :dunno: I have learned you can bang your head against the wall - I have the dents to prove it, or you can stew about it and fight or just accept that you have to point things out to them and ask for what you need. Sure, it's hard to do but like you said Richard's a level headed guy and things were better after you talked it out. I've found too that when we talk, I often get a different perpective from his point of view which does help. I can't say I always AGREE with the way they think, but it helps knowing how they think when it comes to getting along with each other.

Hippy I am jealous of your 70 degree temps. Hope you get some good ones in and take a few sniffs of warm, fresh air for me, will you?

Whoa, I've been a bag of wind, huh? Sorry :o - I wanted to post earlier but couldn't until now. I will take my sorry self to bed now, hoping to get alot of the "to do" list done this weekend. Raven, sorry to hear about your truck troubles - hope it's not too expensive a repair - just what you need, huh? I know the worst part is not being able to get to the stables - don't let it be a downer weekend though, ok?

Hey to you too Lucky, saw you are on now after I posted. :wave:

03-06-2004, 09:57 AM
Sniffle, sniffle, cough, cough. I can't believe it! Sick again. Head cold with burning in my chest. I felt fine yesterday morning and by the afternoon I felt lousy. I was telling my SIL about it and she brought me some meds. I know this sounds crazy but her doctor practices alternative meds also. He is from Japan. Anyway, he had gave her some sort of alternatine medicine for bronchitis and I am amazed. I took 1 pill before I went to bed last night and my chest doesn't hurt this morning at all. If it wasn't for this runny nose I would feel pretty darn good! I'm glad she had them, saved me from suffering all weekend and a trip to the doctors office and meds of my own.

What a great bunch of women we are!!!! From what I read we all have had a loss. I haven't been focusing on the pounds lost as much as healthier eating. If I focus too much on the scale and don't see a loss I get discouraged. Just drinking my water, eating right, taking as many steps as I can to create intentional exercise and hopefully the rest will fall into place.

Chach, sometimes I run around here like a mad woman! I just look for things to do so I'm up doing something instead of sitting on my butt. I have my days of loving to curl up with a blanket and a good book but I try not to do that so often anymore. I kind of figure sitting too much helped me develope this round butt so I try to stay off of it :lol:

Happy, sounds like your anniversary dinner was wonderful! You made such good choices and able to pass up the bread?! You're good girl :D

Lucky, so glad to hear you too had a loss! Did it get you motivated? Hope your puter problems are solved so you can chat with us more often.

Raven, hope you are feeling much better. I'm not a relationship expert but I can say if I have learned anything in my married life it's that men can't read our minds. I use to think Gary should just know my every want and need and I would get so pissed off when he didn't meet my needs. I'd get mad, he'd get mad, it would drag on for days creating alot of stress and tension. Thankfully I grew up some and stopped being such a baby and learned that if I don't speak up I don't get what I need. It was hard at first but now life is so much easier. I know you already know all of this, I guess I'm just blowing :lol: I just find it great that you can see these things in yourself and are willing to fix them.

Better go, going to be a fairly descent day here weather wise. I need to get some fresh air and enjoy the day!

03-06-2004, 09:59 AM
Good morning chicks...

Well, it's Saturday. *taps fingers* *yawn* I'm bored.

I ate too much sodium yesterday, and the scale is being mean to me this morning because of it. Bleh. Ohwell. This too shall pass. The plan for today is to walk the dogs before they trash the garage (mostly Artemis the foster pup), do my weights workout, then a treadmill workout. Probably not too intense on the treadmill because I plan on pushing the weights a bit. I need to go to Petco and get dog food and chew toys (Richard will let me use his car for that, but not to go to the stables because he doesn't want dog hair (Artemis goes with us) or horse stench in his car. Men. Non-horse people. *huff*

Then .. I dunno. Maybe take big dog for a walk around the neighborhood while my son rollerblades along with us. Clean house, do laundry, try that greek chicken recipe... meander... yay. I miss my HORSE!!!!! :cry:

Lucky - How did she sprain her ankle? Twisted in the stirrup? I'm glad she stayed on, but sometimes learning to do a fast safe dismount can be a valuable tool. That's one of the things Rosa works us on. It's scary, but in a way it's kind of fun. I know sometimes I'm just so determined that horse isn't gonna get me off I put myself in more peril than if I'd just do a flying dismount. ;) One of these days I'll get better at landing on my FEET when I do it. *rubs butt* :^: Have you called your provider on the firewall issue? They should be able to work you through any settings that are incorrect. Another 4 pound loser!! God!! You LOSERS!!!! *kicks her scale* Mine must be broken. That's it. ;) :bravo: !!! That is fantastic, girl!!!

Chachee - A candle party.. that sounds like fun!! Something I love that doesn't have calories! How novel... ;) I'd enjoy something like that. Thank you for the pats about the situation with Richard. Sometimes it's so hard to step outside myself and realize I'm just being a brat, you know? Too much baggage. :D Did you manage to stay OP through the party? Did you buy some really lovely candles? C'mon.... fess up!! :lol:

Happy - Relationships are twisted, I'm twisted, it makes for an interesting mix. After being married for 11 years to a guy that twisted things even more, plus all the crap I was carrying around before I even got into real adult relationships - makes it difficult sometimes to know for me if I'm being stupid or not. For years the emotional immaturity just went on its merry way. It is only really recently that I'm trying to grow up, if you will, in that regard. I suppose part of it is finding a guy who I really do respect, and really do want to treat well, as opposed to being with a guy more because I could push him around (the ex). It changes things considerably. But it's still taken me 9 years to get to this point with Richard, so... dang I mature slowly! By the time I'm about 100 I might be grown up, yathink? ;) Holy CRAP that's a pricey grill!! I mean don't get me wrong, it sounds like it's well worth it. I think I'm just gonna have to stick to the cheap kind till I'm independently wealthy, though. :D Or at least till I've dug myself out of the financial black hole I seem to have been sucked into.

Ok, well.. off to my exciting day. It's weird, I've been so horsified - I can't imagine what I did before I had them. :shrug: Hope everyone has a great Saturday!

03-06-2004, 10:03 AM
Hippy! We cross posted again. We need to stop meeting this way! :lol: Hey, what was it that she gave you? I'm always one to investigate something new. I found that goldenseal is a WONDERFUL plant med to help with upper respiritory stuff. You know, I just wish someone would give us a manual BEFORE we get into relationships. All the right things - you know... the right reasons to get involved to begin with, what to do when things go wrong... all that stuff. *sigh* Sort of like with child rearing. I need a manual on that, too. ;)

Oh and Happy - :o I forgot to mention... that anniversary sounded just so lovely. Made me almost teary eyed. I'm so glad you had a great night!!

03-08-2004, 01:51 AM
Good morning ladies,
At least it will be when you read this. I am all ready for a new week and a new committment. Not only did I make a menu, but I actually have every single meal and snack planned for the week along with an exercise routine and I'm STICKING to it or I will have to pay you each $100 at the end of the week - how's that for motivation! :lol3: We were running a little low on funds until payday so I had to be extra careful with the grocery shopping. I'm even using up some of the things in the freezer for a change.

I am also going back to the weekly focus because ... I need the discipline and the reminder. The 2 items I drew from the basket this week (if you decide to play along) are:
1) Eat on plan and portion control (a good one for me this week)
2) Organize or declutter - that's also a good one because when things lay around I get frustrated and it's an ugly cycle of avoidance, guilt, frustration and not feeling all that great.

Raven, hope you found something to keep you busy and out of boredom land on the weekend. I know it's frustrating when you work all week and look forward to your horsie time and then bam the truck goes dead. Maybe it's just a sign (of frustration) to do some things around the house that otherwise would not have gotten done. Or some quality time with Richard and the kids. I'm not sure I agree that you need a child rearing manual. Sounds like you're a pretty good mom to me. Reading the journals, you can easily see how so many people are messed up as adults because of bad parenting. And the number one sin is that they don't listen to their kids and treat them as people who need to be molded of course but also have thoughts of their own. And I see you having very good communication with your kids and respecting them for the people that they are. In my opinion, that's one of the most important things you can do. So ok, maybe the man/woman relationships could use some work, but geez, who among us is an expert on that? Every time you think you have them figured out, they go and change the rules again. :rolleyes:

Chachee, how was the candle party? I cringe when I get invited to those because the hostess always smiles real big when she sees me and dollar signs flash in her eyes. :love: I have a hard time controlling myself at those things but with all the candles I have already, I'm getting better at self control. We always have a candlelight dinner on Christmas Eve and New Year's eve and I just love it. It's so intimate - it's the one time I refuse to let DH turn on the TV while we're eating unless we're watching the cheezy yule log burning as carols play in the background. Good for you for planning on eating before you got to the party and had to face all the tempting off plan munchies.

Hippy, sorry to hear you are sick - the downside of this crazy weather shooting up and down this time of year. I got trashed the last time I spoke up in favor of alternative medicines (not on this thread) but I am leaning more in favor of that route over western medicine and all it's side effects. My podiatrist shares an office with an Asian alternative medicine doctor and as I was sitting in the waiting room I was amazed at how his patients all seemed so happy and cheerful - whatever this doctor had, they sure were happy with the service and all talked about how much better they felt since they were seeing him. Hope you are feeling much better now.

Ok Lucky, I'm looking at my big bottle of water here. How about you take a few slugs and we'll toast each other? :cheers:

Oh man, I can't believe they have a new smilie for McD's here. But it does look like the smilie's sticking it's tongue out so that's ok I guess. :mcd:

Let's all have a great week!

03-08-2004, 10:31 AM
Good morning ladies...

Where to start. It was a white knuckle drive in to work this morning. My boss and one of the other guys came over to the house and pulled that wheel sunday, nothing obvious wrong, though there was evidence of overheating. So we decided to chance it and have me drive the hour in to work... I made it, thank goodness. The wheel started to smoke again about 15 minutes from work, so I pulled into our auto service place and my boss came to pick me up. I think it's probably an intermittently sticking caliper, because by the time I hit the service place, it had stopped smoking. I just hope they can fix it today. At least I didn't have to pay for towing!! :D

Just when I think my body has gotten a little predictable... This morning I weighed in at another pound down. I'm at 182.5. Ok, that's great but... I'm supposed to start my period on Wednesday. How can I be LOSING during this typical time of gain? *confusion* To add to that, by the time I got to work, my period had actually started. (Massive relief that it waited till I was near a bathroom). It isn't supposed to start till Wednesday. I figure my scale is actually sentient, and tomorrow I'll weigh in at 186 and as I leave the bathroom I'll hear maniacal cackling. It likes to play with my head. *twitch*

Today would be a good day for a valium. :D I took my big dog out for a walk yesterday around the neighborhood. I live in a very hilly subdivision, so if you walk around the loop, you get your incline/decline work in, that's for sure. Funny thing is I walked with my son, and he was having trouble keeping up, but I felt like I was walking very slowly. But when I got back to the house, my right hip was killing me. That's THE hip, the sciatica hip, the "baby makes mommy go boom" hip. I haven't had any trouble with it for years, then all of the sudden.. ow. So I limped around pretty much all night. This morning no workout, because I had to leave really early because I wanted to avoid as much traffic as possible and allow for any situation with the truck. I think I'm going to start walking outside more now that the weather is better. I think I need to work that hip a little more - but I just need to do it gently. Oddly enough, taekwondo was amazing in reducing the pain.. all the stretching and kicking really helped that joint so much. So I think I may incorporate taebo again into my workouts to help stretch out those ligaments and tendons and muscles. Food has been very OP, water could have been better, but wasn't a total loss.

I have three and a half weeks to lose 1.5 pounds for my reality goal, and 6.5 pounds for my stealth goal. ;) It's kind of fun to see where I'll end up. Gotta love long months!

Happy - Oh geez. Ok. I could really use that $100. :devil: Should I start sending chocolate vibes your way?? :lol: As a matter of fact, the weekend was almost enjoyable. I'd gotten so used to running around like the proverbial headless chicken that it was kind of nice to have an excuse to do some stuff around the house, and get some shopping done. Richard let me use his car to do the groceries, and I took the kids with me to the mall just to get them out of the house for a little while. Thank you so much for your warm fuzzy comments about my mom skills. I still deal with the guilt over leaving their dad, and the guilt about finding out that I shouldn't have left them with the wicked witch of the west for a stepmother. I know, I didn't know, but still... sometimes I tend to let the guilt override common sense and let them get away with too much crap. I'm working on it though!!

How is everyone else? How went the weekend? Food OP? Water? Exercise? Any more losses? We must KNOW!! ;)

03-08-2004, 04:34 PM
Hello Ladies! I see you all had a lot of posts over the weekend. Hard to catch up on, but I'll try. Need me some tea for this long one! :coffee:

Lucky, welcome to the 4 pound club! Glad to have you as a member! :lol: Sounds like you have good goals for the month!

Happy: Thanks for the info on the grill. Sounds wonderful. The spider thing kinda gave me the creeps! We don't have much in the way of spiders up here. Thank goodness. I already am practicing portion control, and you must have been ESP'ing me this weekend. I did a bunch of sewing projects I had put aside for all the knitting I've been doing. I cleaned up a bunch of my craft stuff and got some cool pillows sewn for my son!

Hippy: Sorry you are under the weather. Hopefully it will run it's course and be out of your system soon! I feel the same way about wanting to curl up with a good book. Too many things to do here!

Raven: I'll confess about the candles in a minute..... Congrats on the loss. I think you are confusing your body, but that is a good thing!! Sorry to hear about all the vehicle problems. I hate it when car problems come up. Always ends up being so costly at times. And your sciatica, girl I can relate on that one. Mine only flares up after a really long day but it's getting better and I am off all meds for it.

Okay, candle party. I went in with a budget of $50. I ended up spending $45 on candles/accessories and then another $6.78 on shipping, so I was only $1.68 over on budget. The have an adorable "beating heart" tealite holder, and when it lights up, it illuminates little hearts everywhere. I, of course, fell in love with it and bought it. I also stocked up on the tealites. Strawberry rhubarb is a new scent and it was WONDERFUL!

Prior to that I went to the store and was shopping for a bday present. I ended up buying myself a new burgandy red purse. It was only $19, pure leather, and came with a new checkbook, big coin purse, wallet and ID/picture holder. (All the accessories were burgandy leather also.) The straps had cute silver buckles on them and it was a great deal. Plus, my WW books all fit in there and it's not too cramped. My little reward to joining WW. When I lose my first 25, I want to get my acrylic nails put back on. Wahoo!

Okay, outta here for now.

Take care and let's stay OP. I am hoping to be down 3 this week and get that darned 5 pound bookmark!!!


03-09-2004, 07:05 AM
'Mornin, peeps... :coffee: (finally a smiley for us coffee/tea folk!)

Could anything ELSE hurt on me? Lets see... my hip is killing me, my lower back is hurting, the front of my calves are cramping, my sinuses are causing head pain, and in the infamous words of my daughter "my UTERUS!!" *clutches abdomen and falls over* Blah. I wonder if the sciatica isn't there because of my period. This one has been especially harsh. It hit early and I feel like I've been run over repeatedly by a truck. For the first time in many years I actually bought midol. I just hope it does something to help with all the symptoms. *whine whine whine*

Ok, no exercise today. I barely got down the stairs without stumbling, no WAY am I getting on that treadmill. And I'm exhausted. At this point just getting out of bed and dragging my butt to work constitutes a workout. Still OP with food, water NEEDS to be increased. I got in about half the amount I am used to yesterday. Scale is playing with my mind, as I knew it would. Up two pounds today. Good thing I don't own a shotgun. :o Did I say that?

The truck is going to cost many dollar to repair. Front brakes, turn roters, calipers, rear brakes, turn drums, and they say it needs a new water pump and serpentine belt. I have a feeling they're jacking the work up. They want $950 to do it all. Two options right now... the guys in the shop can buy the parts and do the work themselves and I'm also sending the work list over to my mechanic to see how much he'll quote us on the same stuff. Right now I'm using the OTHER company truck, which is the real work truck - very uncomfortable, loud, hard to drive, yada yada yada. At least I have transportation and that is a GOOD thing, so I'm trying not to complain. In a week and a half I can at least get my car into the shop and get started on getting it roadworthy again. Some detours on the road to getting back on my feet (wheels?) financially, but I will get there. Sort of like losing this weight. A few bumps along the way, but it will happen.

I did get the kids out to the stables last night (YAY!!) for a lesson. It's raining today, and who knows what the weather will be like tomorrow or this weekend, so I figured I'd better get them out there while I could. It was cold last night, though. And no, I didn't ride. Both kids were cranky, and by the time we got in that noisy old cramped (two kids, a dog, and me all on one bench seat, cozy!) truck to leave, they were ready to fall asleep. Dinner was Healthy Choice hotdogs. I pretty much ate, did a load of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed. The sad part about the whole thing is that Rosa has a rescued litter of pups up there, and it looks like they have parvo. One has already had to be put down, and she's working her butt off to save the other 6, but ... parvo is so, so harsh. They're such sweet little spaniel pups. I'm so tired of irresponsible people bringing animals into this world. It breaks my heart to see these little ones bouncing around and being happy go lucky little boogers one day, and the next barely able to walk, eat or drink. I know I'm praying for the little ones today. And Rosa, too. Bless her heart, up almost every hour to give each pup an immune system booster in an attempt to ward off the virus. So I was there a little later than I normally would have been. I'm rambling. I'm so tired today.

Chachee - That candle party sounds like it was so fun! And I'm with you on having to budget for something like that. I love candles and would spend WAY too much money. That purse sounds really pretty!! I'm going to need to look for something again soon, mine is getting kind of worn out. I'm going to be getting my nails back on again next payday FINALLY. I figure that's a good reward for staying OP for nearly 3 months, eh?? Obviously I'll have to keep them short, and I'll be doing the American manicure, but at least I'll have nice looking nails and hands again. What style do you usually go with?

Ok. I really need to get moving and go fix my lunch and take a shower and get to work. Yesterday was total chaos, I hope today is more calm. Maybe I can take a nap. ;)

03-09-2004, 02:42 PM
Wow! I've missed alot of posts! Feeling much better, I can actually taste my coffee :coffee: Head is still a little stuffy but I think it's about to go away!!

Raven, sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. Is your boyfriend, sorry, I can't remember his name right now :o by any chance mechanically inclined? DUH! Overlook me, I guess if he was you wouldn't be worrying about getting it fixed. As far as this medicine that I have been taking I can't read a doggone thing on this bottle, it's in Japanese! Therefore I can't tell you what it's called but the ingred. are in English and says small fruited fig tree leaves dried extract 360 mg and chlorpheniramine 1.4 mg. I'm sure that doesn't help you much. I look for some of that goldenseal when you told me about it but I couldn't find it at Wal-Mart. Do they have it? Where's it at? Another DUH moment!

Happy, Sounds like you have a done alot of planning! Self discipline...I hate it but I have to be hard on myself or I can constantly think of a reason why it won't hurt to cheat. I do agree with Raven, a 100 bucks would be nice but I will choose to cheer you on :D

Chach, I love candles. Have them all over my house. They smell so good, well, some of them do. I have several scents that I like and sometimes the house is lit with candlelight only.

I can't remember who said they got bashed on another thread about alternative meds but I know several people that go this route and are very happy, healthy people. This is the first time I have ever tried anything like this and have to say I was very amazed at how quickly the meds worked.

Been OP this week. Drinking lots of water, walking and eating right or very small portions.

Talk to you all later!

03-09-2004, 04:32 PM
Hey Ladies!

I have been getting up early these past few weeks, in hopes of getting myself trained for when I get my treadmill. That way I can wake up early and work out, then have time to get my son and myself ready. My hubby has changed his hours, so I don’t have to drop my son off at daycare, my hubby can do it. I’ve been up at 5:30-5:45 am every morning. My neighbors said they don’t ever use their Gazelle (the Tony Little fitness machine), so they are going to give it to me. I plan on having it in my house ready for use by the end of the weekend. I am hoping that will help with toning up and giving me some aerobic training. I have all the free weights I should need and the ball to do my situps on. Just need to get the Gazelle here. Have any of you heard of it or used it? I think it’s wonderful because it’s 0 impact, which I need.

My consult with the plastic surgeon is coming up three weeks from today for the breast reduction surgery. I am hoping he will want to do it by next Summer. Gosh, that would be a quick way to lose around 10 pounds. The more weight I lose, the more “the girls” stay the same and its really hurting my back.

Raven: Sorry that it’s going to cost so much to fix your truck. Guess I missed something—didn’t you used to have a car? Anyway, I hope that it comes down in price for you and this fix will do everything it needs! I hate car problems. Up two pounds? It’s that time, and (like you said) your body is playing a mind game with you. The nails usually go on with an American manicure or French manicure, whichever I feel like doing. I tend to wear a lot of purple polish, as it’s my favorite color. Lavender, etc. I wear mine a little longer, but not too long!!! We’ll have to let each other know when we do that. It’s going to take me a little bit longer, as it’s my 25 pound reward.

Hippy: Sounds like you are having a good week! Keep up the great work. As far as alternative meds, my mom has seen an alternative doctor for the past 15 years. A regular MD doesn’t work well for her with her fibromyalgia (sp?) and she swears by her doc. Hey, whatever works for you! I feel there are too many drugs out there right now anyway and everyone is too drugged up, but that is just my opinion! (I’m not talking about natural remedies, either.)

Weigh in tomorrow. I am going to try and not get so stressed out over the whole thing. I think that lends itself to not showing as much of a loss, with all that adrenaline pumping because I am so nervous. I need to chill out and relax. I am almost 100% positive I will lose the 0.2 and get that bookmark. I'd like to show a 3 pound loss.

Take care!


03-10-2004, 02:23 AM
Hi kiddies,
Sorry I haven't posted. There's just so many darned things to get done. Worked on homework for my class from 8pm until 12:30am yesterday - wasn't like this when I was a kid in school. I am feeling very overwhelmed at the moment. ** big sigh, deep breaths, this too shall pass ***

Raven, I'm really sorry to hear about all your troubles. :grouphug: geez, bad enough the truck problems but then the money issues and all the aches and pains. Makes you want to sit and have a good cry before and after you hide your head under the couch cushions! Sometimes I think life is just one big manic depressive rollercoaster. I hope things are better tomorrow and that you were able to sneak a nap in, even if just a quickie. Wouldn't riding on the horse and the bumping up and down aggrivate the sciatica? I know it would be the last thing in the world I'd want with cramps, especially the gut twisting, bend me over MY UTERUS!!!!! :lol: kind I used to get. Don't miss them at all I tell you.

Chachee - so you got yourself a Gazelle? Makes me smile because it was one of those popular home "gym" type things that eventually wound up as a clothes rack. But you can't beat the price. Seriously though, my niece has one and she really likes it alot. It does get your heart pumping, that's for sure. Just make sure your neighbor gives you the video on how to use it properly. Don't lock your legs, I think you have to stand with "soft knees" - kind of in a skier's stance. I just found that position to be tough on my back and knees. But she had great success with it for losing weight and increasing her cardio fitness so I can't say it's all bad. Like anything, you just have to stick with it. Do it watching TV or put on some heart pumping music. Hope you get that weightloss bookmark this week!

Hippy - yay for you for sticking with the water and portion control this week!

I did eat on plan today but it wasn't very South Beach - strawberry banana protein shake for breakfast (the yogurt was FF but not sugar free which I can't seem to get at the store here), lunch was a chicken salad sandwich (on BREAD :nono: ) and a cup of homemade minnestrone. For dinner we had broiled orange roughy (it had a thin layer of breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese on top), sugar snap peas (oops there's that sugar thing again) and a tossed spinach salad with cranberries, walnut bits, mandarin oranges and light raspberry vinagrette dressing. All low fat but not low carb. Oh yeah and on your recommendation Raven - a Slim a Bear ice cream for dessert. (Good suggestion!) This low carb thing is HARD. If nothing else, I have at least greatly reduced the carbs, so that's a step in the right direction. I can't seem to get enough water down lately though. I have a bottle at my desk and I drink all day long but it seems like fairies must come and fill it up when I leave my chair because the water level doesn't seem to go down even though I remember drinking it. :dizzy:

Well as my husband says "Bedtime for Bonzo". Catch you tomorrow... G'night.

03-10-2004, 09:32 AM
Happy hump day! This week is flying by. The weather was nasty yesterday, cold, rain, snow flurries. I was very lazy yesterday. One of those curl up on the couch with coffee, a blanket and a crossword book :o Today is sunny, will be 53 and I plan to get outside. We have some yard work to do yet so I will be raking and so on. The hubby will be setting mole traps. Those little rascals are tearing our yard to pieces. Nice big tunnels everywhere then my poochie gets out there and digs trying to catch one.

I am happy to say Gary is doing so good on his eating plan. His sugar has come down from 371 to 147. Still need to get it down to around 95 or so but we have made major progress these past 2 weeks. As for myself, I have really been hitting the water. I haven't had any diet sodas or anything for over a week. Just water. I have found that I eat alot less, don't want to eat as often and am not wanting to eat at night. I have changed the size of the plates that we eat off of and am teaching myself to just have a spoonful of this and that. No heaping mounds of anything. I don't know I have always thought that it takes so much food to fill up.

Vacation is in June. I know I can't possibly look good in a swimsuit by then but am hoping to have accomplished enough that I feel okay about it. My thighs are so big and fat, they look worse than anything so I hope to have them in better shape. I guess we shall see.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!

03-10-2004, 10:03 AM
Good Morning Ladies.

Its Wednesday already. I just have to say that these last few months have just flown on by and I really don't know where the time goes.

Happy your food plan from yesterday has me hungry from reading it. It all sounds so good. Especially your salad. :hungry: Ok I took my water with me to work and I toasted you a few times in the day. I did actually really think about the water intake yesterday as I thought about us toasting each other with our water. :cofdate:

Hippy where are you going to go for your vacation? You will just have to take Happy's suggestion and add some pilates in with your workout. I'll do it with you.

Happy wow thats alot of homework, but it pays off for you when you pull off such great marks. So how long is this class? I have been doing some pilates. I will just have to do them regularly as I am curious what sort of results I would get. I do seem to stand up a little straighter and it is not quite so hard to hold my tummy in. I am going to take the video to work with me and do it there. :lol3: Can you just imagine if someone was to walk in on me?

Chachee :goodluck: with your weigh in today. I have seen the gazelle on the shopping channel. I hope you enjoy using it because then you are more likely to stick with it.

Raven, I am sorry that you are having a tough time. If I could send a big truck down to get your truck, Mark could fix it for you then I could send it back down. :goodvibes
Here are some good vibes so that you can have a good day today.

Well I must run and get ready for work. I am running a little late but wanted to pop in and say :wave: to everyone. This is the first time in a couple weeks that our computer would actually open all the smiles. I can see there are some really cute ones.

Have a super day everyone.

03-10-2004, 10:07 AM
Wow Hippy - that is wonderful news with both Gary and yourself! Great idea on changing the plate sizes - so much of it is a visual thing, isn't it? It did take some getting used to, going from yum this is soooo good and geez I'm so stuffed I can't move to eating the proper amount that was just enough until you weren't hungry any more. Sounds like you are doing all the right things for a better you. And you have a good attitude and expectations, maybe not quite ready for bikinis but it sure will feel good to handle the summer heat a few sizes smaller!

Time to go earn my 50 cents for the day :comp: and find out what surprise requests I have received overnight that will otherwise mess up my carefully laid work plans for the day :lol: Have a good one ladies... :coffee:

03-10-2004, 10:11 AM
Hey Lucky, thanks for the reminder :cheers: I'll bet if someone found you doing your Pilates at work, they'd probably ask if they could join in! Or maybe they'd just start ugly rumors - "hey, did you hear her moaning and grunting in that room? - Whatever is going on" :rofl:

03-10-2004, 11:32 AM
G'morning, Ladies.. :coffee2:

Hippy - Nope, BF is in no way, shape or form mechanically inclined. Unless you're talking computers. ;) I'm the one in the family who changes the tires, oil, wiper blades, yada yada. Which is fine. I just don't have the tools to do anything approaching real work anymore. I left those all in Alaska. *sigh* My brother up there works for an auto parts supply store, so I got very used to getting all my parts at cost. I still go into sticker shock when I see the markup on parts down here, and the labor is prohibitive. Maybe I should become a mechanic?? As far as the goldenseal, I can't remember if I found it at Walmart or not. I do remember getting it at one of the health food shops here, and I think my local Publix carried it. If Walmart does have it, it would be where all the other vitamins, herbs, and supplements are. I was glad to hear that Gary is doing so well. Maybe this time he realizes there's a lot riding on his eating? I hope he keeps it up! I still measure and weigh a lot of my foods, just to make sure my portions don't start creeping up again. And you're right... it really doesn't take a lot to make a good meal. The amazing part to me is that many times a "single serving" is too much for me now.

Chachee - Wow, you're starting to get up around the same time I do! I try really hard to be out of bed between 4:30 and 5, lately I've just been too darned tired. But I think tomorrow I'll be ok again. The mornings are my time to do things, so I cram a lot into those few hours before I leave for work. I sure hope your surgeon schedules the reduction soon. I can't imagine having to deal with the pain and inconvenience - especially as you lose weight everywhere else. I think that would get pretty frustrating. I know I'm praying that darn house up there sells this summer because one of the huge motivators for me losing this weight is getting a tummy tuck when I've reached or am really close to goal. I lost so much weight before, and I know that one of the discouraging things was that pouch STILL being there. And at that time, there wasn't anything I could do about it. It almost seemed like why bother, you know? Though that isn't a good attitude, and I've worked around that this time, I hope. Still .. it would be the best reward I can think of. Keep us posted, eh? I'm keeping my fingers crossed :crossed: for you on your weigh in today!! I do have a car... and I was using the company truck when all this happened. My car needs a mess of work to get it going, and now I need to get the truck repaired. My boss wasn't really supposed to be letting me use it, so he would be hard pressed to explain why it has SO many more miles on it and all that. We need to get this one fixed under the radar. If the guys here at the shop do the work, I can afford to buy the parts, so that's probably how we're going to do it. I talked to my boss, and I don't have to cover the rear drums or the water pump, because that's stuff that could have gone at any time - the problem is that I've put a lot of miles on that truck in the last 6 months or so. My boss feels justified in letting me use the truck till I get my own car fixed because corporate screwed me around on the raise I had been promised in September. If I'd gotten that raise, I would have been able to fix my own car instead of slowly sliding farther and farther into debt. So... we'll see what happens. Was that WAY too much information? :D

Happy - I knew you were starting class again. What is it that you're taking? I hope it gets easier for you. Yeah, the riding is hard when I'm on my period. I usually skip it for a day or two, and so does Miss Nickie.. it's just a little too much to deal with. The sciatica hasn't been a problem in so long that it kind of blows me away that I had such a bad flare up for seemingly no reason. Sounds like you're getting right back on track, girl! I've found that I can't seem to follow a specific plan, I just incorporate what works for me from various plans and tips and hints from people and go with what feels right for my body and gets results. As long as it's healthy, I'm cool.

Today is better. My period is in day three and starting to ease up a little, the back pain isn't as bad, the sciatica has muted down to twinges here and there, and I don't feel like I need to sleep for three days. My anterior calves are still giving me trouble, and I wonder if it's because of those old shoes I've been wearing. I have the Saucony's that I use for running, and they force me to walk correctly. Then I go and put those badly worn shoes on for the rest of the day, and I think that might be the problem. So I'm wearing my running shoes now, and we'll see if the consistency helps. If so, I'll have to buy another pair, one for street shoes and one for treadmill. Though I'm still tossing around the idea of trying those weird New Balance ones made for people who supinate. I don't know if I was hit with a virus around the same time my period hit this time, or if my period was just that bad. In any case, I'm not feeling near as puny as I was, and that means I'll be able to work out tomorrow. Even if it's a light one. And of all things... I forgot completely that today was Wednesday, and didn't remember till about half way to work that I was supposed to take Nick to the stables. *slaps forehed* Duh!! Oh well. Too many things on my mind, I guess.

Rosa wants us to go to a hunter/jumper competition with her on Sunday (just to watch, it's pretty high level). It's a long drive though - and I'd have to drive up to the stables, feed and work, then we'd all pile into Rosa's van and she'd drive us down to the Horse Park. At the very least and hour and a half drive. Then we'd spend pretty much all day there, then drive back to Rosa's and then I'd have to drive home. I wouldn't mind seeing the show... but that's a lot of driving and honestly, I'd kind of rather spend the day with my own horse for a change. I haven't been able to spend much time with him at all - between weather and cars and everything else. There will be more shows, so I think I'm going to bail on that one. The kids aren't really that excited about going either, they'd rather ride, too. I hope she doesn't mind. I need to call her today and find out how the poor pups are doing, so I'll tell her then.

Now I just need some good weather this weekend, and we're set, yes?? YES!!

Happy hump day, everyone!!

03-10-2004, 04:55 PM
Hey Ladies!

Look, they made a smilie just for me!! :goodscale

Tonight is weigh in and I will hopefully be able to check in tomorrow morning and report not only a loss, but the proud new owner of a 5 pound loss bookmark! I'm going to bronze that sucker!! Feeling really good today,no anxiety yet to speak of, so that is good. :yikes:

Happy: Thanks for the info on the Gazelle. They said they have two videos that come with it. I'll probably watch/do them for instruction, but then just put on some good tv or music and do the workouts. Those water fairies come and do the same thing to my big water bottle. I swapped it out this week to a smaller glass. I have to do five of the glasses as compared to the three of my bigger bottle. May be a mind game, but I am having an easier time with the water doing it this way. Great job on cutting back. Low carb is hard. I tried it once and lost like 35 pounds in a month and it all came back on and then some!

Hippy: Sounds like you are taking the right steps to a healthier life! That's wonderful news about Gary. Swimsuit, shmimsuit. If you make steps towards a better you, then you've accomplished a lot. May not be as drastic as you had hoped, but it's something!!

Lucky: Howdy woman!! Nice to see you here. See, I took your advice and came back over here. Thanks for the good luck and I'll let you know if I like the Gazelle. I am hoping I will.

Raven: Okay, so I wasn't going crazy, you do have a car also. I understand about fixing it. Thanks also for the good luck on weigh in. I know how much you want that tummy tuck. I remember from a year ago how much you wanted that and your motorcycle. I'll keep the house in my thoughts that it sells. Where is it exactly? Does it have a big yard? Let me know, because I know someone here at work that is looking for about a half acre here in town.

Well, back to work. I'll post in the morning about the loss, hopefully!

Big hugs all around.


03-11-2004, 07:28 AM
:lol: Right.

Now I remember why I like to run.

Maybe my body just needed some rest? Count them. TWO miles without a walk interval. Stitch in my SIDE ow. And I hit the two miles in 27:30. I did the first quarter mile at a relatively quick walk (I have such short legs), then ran 1 3/4 miles in 27:30 to make my two mile goal, then slowed to a slightly slower run and went to the full 30 minutes... by that time I was at 2.18 miles and I said hey... not EVEN a tenth of a mile left to go and I've RUN 2 miles in 27 minutes - I can do that. So I did. *beam* *preen* *hurts arm patting self on back* PRAISE ME!!! (My daughter is speaking through me again, darn it.)

Ok, that makes up for the slightly larger than single serving of pasta I had for dinner last night. :o

I will post more later from work, but I'm running late now! WHeeeeee!

03-11-2004, 09:39 AM
Morning you exercise maniacs :lol: Guess there's no excuse for me to be a slacker, eh? Raven - you're one rev'd up woman on the run, aren't you? That's fantastic and I have the feeling you're also running off some pent up frustration too which can be very therapeudic.

Chachee, had to laugh at your comment about the scale smilie just for you - it is cute, isn't it? Did you get your bookmark?

I see all the little eggs lit up - looks like we're all on together now. Guess we should huddle together and do the ooh ooh ooh cheer, eh?

Raven, you asked what classes I'm taking. I'm in a beginner web development class - had to repeat the class I had to drop out of a few semester's back - I need it for my certification I'm going for. Even though it's a basics class, it's good to review stuff again and the teacher is very good - but she does pile up the work so it takes alot of time. And I have to develop a website for my class project - am making good on a promise to hubby to build him one for his digital pictures - that's time consuming too. And I'm taking some extra programming classes online for stuff I need to learn how to do at work. So I'm just a geezer college student here - less the low riser pants, shrug shirts and open toed platform shoes that all the college kids wear now a days - said I wore that stuff in the 70's and I'm not doing it again - especially the shoes :rofl:

Have been having trouble getting in all my water and I've had the munchies this week. Nothing sinful as I don't have much of that stuff at home anymore but just eating a bit more than I should. :dunno: why but I have to get over that even if it just means being hungry and sad.

Gotta get running to work now, will be back later... have a good one chickies!

03-11-2004, 09:40 AM
Good morning :coffee: This is just one of those mornings! I didn't feel real motivated when I got up and wished I could just crawl back in bed. Maybe because it's cloudy and raining. Jordan is off to school and I'm having coffee so this day surely will improve!

My kitchen plumbing is all screwed up. The sink won't drain but I can plunge it down. Put drain cleaner down it but that didn't help. Took the pipes apart to see if there was a clog, nothing, not even standing water in the pipe that goes under the house. Will have to call a plumber today, can't wait to see what that will cost.

Raven, you must have a super nice boss! And pat..pat on the back for that wonderful workout. Sounds very painful to me but as they say, no pain no gain!

Lucky, we are going to the ocean again. We thought about going to Myrtle Beach but think we will stick with Florida. We were there last year and loved the resort we stayed at. The restaraunts were great, there goes my diet :o , there is alot to do and we loved the white sandy beaches. Jordan loved the ocean and had a ball riding his boogie board on the waves so I think this will probably be our family vacation until he gets old enough to not want to go anymore. When he's grown then Gary and I can go other places and do other things.

Pilates? I have heard of them but have not seen them done. Can fat people do those :lol: I bought thost Tae Boe tapes when everyone was raving about them. I could do about the first 3 minutes and to be honest that's stretching it! They are definately not for me!

Happy, sounds as if you are eating really well! The salad sounds really good. Might have to try it!

Chach, hope the weigh in went well.

Better run and prepare for the plumber! Have a great day!

03-11-2004, 10:55 AM
Ok .. I made it to work. Now I have a little more time to respond to everyone else's posts!

Lucky!! Glad to see you made it online and could check in. Thanks for the truck well wishes... This too shall pass, you know? It just gets a little tiring having to deal with vehicle issues all the darn time because I just can't afford to buy a decent vehicle right now. Again.. I know I'll be ok, I just have to hang in there. I love the thought of you doing pilates at work! There is NO way I could do that here. Pilates is excellent - I was doing it 5 times a week for a while, then my DVD player bit the dust, which sucks. Of course I haven't been able to afford to get a new one of THOSE either. *huff* I tried doing it without the DVD, but I guess I need the reminders on position and breathing and stuff, because I just wasn't doing it right. In any case, in 3 weeks at 5 times a week, I noticed a marked difference. I want very much to pick up a cheap DVD player this next payday so I can start doing it again. Keep us posted on what you think of the pilates, I'm curious. :)

Happy - You know, you might be right on that frustration thing. I hadn't thought of it that way. :D How cool on the class! My daughter would kill to be able to actually take classes, but she's doing pretty well just learning on her own, I guess. I can't wait till I can enroll her in online stuff, she's going to have a blast, I know. So will my son. So what Cert are you aiming for? God!! I'd LOVE to be able to wear those low riser pants!! Maybe get a navel piercing... Can we say second adolescence here? I guess I was so pudgy through my first one it would be awesome to go through it again all slim and fit. :s: You know, I've been having a real problem with munchies lately too. Spring maybe? :dunno: But I'm kind of tired of it. I wish I could just flip a switch and turn that kind of stuff off. I had made it through till last night when I just HAD to have another serving of pasta with my meatsauce. Not that it really hurt me calorically - I just don't like it when I can't seem to say no. I think it's more a matter of principle at this point than anything else. Sooooo have you CLEANED off the treadmill yet? :devil:

Hippy - So sorry to hear about the plumbing woes. I hate that nonsense. I remember one time we had to snake the pipes and we found an old grease rag WAAAYYYYYYY down in the pipes that had been there probably since the house was built, it was that disgusting. I guess gunk and gross stuff had just finally built up around it so much that it became an issue. The running isn't really painful, I've been building up to it SO slowly. When I started in January it was just walking, then I'd try for a tenth of a mile at a time, etc. Pushing it to two miles today was a little tough - I got a stitch in my side right at about that last tenth of a mile and each stride was accompanied by a little whine-grunt sound. :lol: Good thing I'm alone in that garage when I run. And yes, I do have a super nice boss. He's the best. It's one of the reasons I stay here when I could be making more money somewhere else. Liking and respecting the people you work with and for is soooo important to me now. Your vacation sounds WONDERFUL. I'm jealous. Only a little, though. I'm really hoping to be able to take the kids and my BF to Disney World when that house up in AK sells. It will be the very first vacation I've ever had. I mean *real* vacation. I've taken a couple days off and gone to Savannah or things like that, but never really just .. picked up and gone off for a week to someplace with the kids and had a great time. If we can do the Disney thing... that would just make my lifetime, you know? :D I'm such a big kid.

Chachee - Ok .. Where are you!?? It's 6 in the morning your time, girl. Get on here and tell us about that weigh in. The house doesn't have a huge yard, no - it's pretty standard. It's over in Spenard, not the absolute best area, but very close to an elementary school over there. Good for someone with little ones. That's one of the reasons they're selling THAT one, and keeping my dad's house. Dad's is a much nicer house, even if it needed a lot of work because he'd been too sick to pay attention for quite a few years, and I guess we just didn't realize it. :( I think it needs an exterior paint job before they actually put it on the market, so I'm sure they're waiting for breakup to get started on that. This move was kind of impromptu for them, so the house wasn't exactly ready to put on the market.

Alright chickies.. I guess I'd better get to work. I'll check back in a few hours and probably jabber some more. :blah:

03-11-2004, 12:53 PM
Hello Ladies!!!!

Good news. I am not only the proud new owner of my first 5 pound loss bookmark, but I also lost a total of 4.2 last week, bringing my 3 week total up to 9 pounds!!!! One pound shy of my next 5 pound star!!! I am so excited! I didn't think I would do that well, but the scales gods were good to me!!!!

Okay, goals for this week:

1. Maintain previous goals, except for the "No flex points". I'll use them if I need them.
2. Practice "switching" at least a couple times a day. That is the practice of swaping out a bad eating habit in your mind for a good one. i.e. Imagine the candy bar going into the mouth, then switch that with the image of a healthy snack going in your mouth. It's a good concept and helps to get rid of those bad habits. My habit I am focusing on switching this week is the mindless tv eating. I'm really bad about that. I'm going to swap the image of the food going into my mouth for an image of me knitting and drinking water.

Raven: Sorry I didn't get on here earlier. Traffic was backed up and I didn't get here until about ten minutes ago. I'll try to do better next time. :lol: Spenard house, huh? You are right, not the best part of town, but I am sure there will be a family it's just perfect for. Hey, only 16 more pounds and I hit my goal of getting my nails back on!!! Have you check the scales lately? Are they still playing games with your mind??

Happy: Your classes sound interesting. I'm good at computers, but I couldn't do that programming stuff--way too logical for me! Oh, and you broke my heart about the platforms. I was only in the single age digits when the 70's were around and was never allowed to wear platforms. Now I own about four pairs, but I also have started buying a lot of pointy toe leather boots. Yes, I admit, I need a shoe intervention, but a girl has got to have at least one vice that doesn't put pounds on!!!! :smug:

Hippy: Sorry to hear about the plumbing. What a nightmare! I own pretty much the whole collection of TaeBo tapes and I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I want to get down about 30 pounds more before I start using them again. My physical therapist suggested that before I started it up again. Don't want to injure myself. I've never been as toned as I was when I did those tapes.

Okay, back to work for me. I am going to have mexican buffet for lunch. I already have it all mapped out in my head what I am going to have. (Maybe that's why my tummy has been growling since last night, huh?) I am going to have one mini bean burrito (2 points), three veggie tacos (5 points) and possibly a mini cheese enchilada (3 points). I did good on bringing veggies for snacks today because I want to save up the points for lunch. I limit my mexican intake to once a week. Same with pizza. Those are my "red light" foods that I have a hard time controlling the portions.

Here is to a great week! Oh, and my goal for next week is just a pound to get that star, but I guess I would settle for a bigger loss! :lol3: Gosh, I am on a roll this morning. Not as big as the roll around my midsection used to be. :rofl: Gosh, I need to stop. Back to work.


03-11-2004, 01:22 PM
:lol3: Ok, Chach - what did you put in YOUR coffee this morning!?!? Or tea. Or whatever it is you've been drinking! :coffee:

:bravo: :cb: :dance: :cheer: :cp: :high:

Fantastic weigh in!! I truly am being left in the dust here! :stress: You worked hard for the bookmark, dear, you earned it, and you're so close to your next goal already! That rocks!!

I'm so glad you finally logged in to let us know.. I've been sitting here wondering if you didn't want to post because it wasn't a good weigh in or what! *whew* My scale is still a poohead. :p Not as bad, I'm only a half pound up now from the 182.5 (yes, that's 183), so I'm not really too worried about it. I'll just be so freaking happy if I can break through to 179 this time. I keep hoping for some mysterious, miraculous 10 pound loss, but it just never happens! :lol: My "reasonable 5 pound goal" for this month would put me at 181, so I only need to lose 2 pounds to get there. Then if I am to make my stealth goal, I need to drop 7 more pounds in the next 3 weeks. I so doubt that will happen. BUT hey, hope springs eternal and all that! All I can do is keep on truckin'!

Hey girl, have you been keeping up with the Iditarod?? I keep checking online to see who's where... I want so many people to win! :dizzy:

03-11-2004, 05:32 PM
Raven: My tea was only peppermint, caffeine free. Can you imagine me with caff? Let me tell you, it's not a pretty site!!! I've made a promise to myself that no matter what, I will post my weigh ins. I need to be accountable and being on here is a big part of that. I'm kinda proud of myself, also. :smug:

This is a long month, so your scales are going to be good to you with your reasonable goal! You are getting down so far it's not going to come off as quickly. You are doing so well! I'm impressed with your exercising. I hope to add that in next week.

I've been kinda keeping up with the Iditarod. I know on the news this morning they said Doug Swinley scratched. He thinks he froze his cornea in his right eye and has only 50% vision. Call me sentimental, but I want Martin to win. He's always a favorite of mine and he's from here and lives here. Hometown hero!!

I did pretty well with lunch. Broke two taco shells in half and made mini tostados with salsa, cheese, guac, tomato, lettuce and jalepenos. Also had a mini burrito and cheese enchilado. Yes, ate more than I had wanted, but we are having Japanese tonight, so that's sushi and veggies for me--almost no points.

Plus, in all honesty, I wanted a little reward. Why I chose food to do that is an issue that I battle daily. I might be up a little on the scales tomorrow, but from yesterday morning's weigh in I was down another 2 pounds. We'll see if that holds for this week.

Okay, I rambled enough. WHERE IS EVERYONE???? Raven, they joined Jolly and Tracy and have left us alone, again! That's okay, we'll just have to be LOSERS together! I love being a loser!!!! Hey loser!!!!! :lol: Alright, enough bad humor. I'll be quiet now. :foot:


03-11-2004, 08:02 PM
Geez, it's hard to keep up with you!

Chachee - Yay on the great loss for this week. :cheer: I have to be honest here. It was a day from :devil: :devil: - all the way around, but mostly from work. By lunch I was pretty aggrivated and had talked myself into a fast food lunch. I was just about to leave when I checked the board here and saw your posts guys. I read it and with all your plans, I realized that "stinkin thinkin" (a Fly Lady term) was getting me no where. So I put my coat back and made a cup of healthy homemade Minnestrone and some chicken for lunch with fresh cut veggies. Thanks Chachee and Raven :grouphug: - you never know where your inspiration will come from!!!!!

Gotta run and make dinner now. It's my TV vegetation night and no one takes that away from me - *** evil laugh *** . I'll be back later tonight.

03-12-2004, 06:43 AM
Happy YGG!! I'm SO glad you stayed OP!! I know you would have been kicking yourself all over if you hadn't! :cheer: :bravo:

That term "stinkin thinkin" is something I hear around a lot.. one of the horse trainers I follow uses it. :lol: I like it, and can definitely relate to it!

I hope you enjoyed your couch veg time, I spent some time doing that myself last night. :p I must run and hit a few weights before I schlepp off to work.

My scale loves me today! I won't shoot it. :goodscales: Down to 182 today. I think this one isn't a blip, this one is real. I'm a happy camper today. It's Friday, and I'm taking the kids to see Hidalgo tonight! Tomorrow we spend most of the day at the stables riding and training and taking care of wee puppies, then dinner out tomorrow night with the Boyfriend (chili's caribbean salad for me, thank you!) and another movie - not sure which one. Then Sunday morning early up for me to get out to the stables and feed and work, then ride. Must practice my sitting trot and my two point.

I hope everyone else's Friday goes beautifully, and you all have a fantastic weekend!

03-12-2004, 09:35 AM
Good morning!

Great job Chach :bravo: :cb: :dance: That's a heck of a loss! Keep up the good work!!

Happy!!!! What willpower :cheer: It's so great that you chose to stay OP!!!

Raven, you have never had a vacation? That stinks! We have just in the last 4 years been able to take vacations. We would go away for a few days to the lake and go camping or something but that was about it. Even now we have to really stash but somehow we manage. We were planning a trip to Disney this year but decided to put it off a year. That is a very pricey trip and I don't want to go there and slide by on the money that we have. I too am a big kid and can't wait to go, I want to see pooh bear!!!!!! I have adored that silly old bear since I was a kid :o I so hope that you get to go!!!

I am so glad to hear you all talking about those jeans and so on. I think I'm crazy sometimes but I would love to wear clothes like that. The little tank tops with the thin straps that you can't wear a bra with with a low rise pair of jeans. How cool would that be?! I have a feeling when I get this weight off I will have to be real hard on myself about how I dress! I don't act like a 38 year old now, most that I know are all prim and proper and wear regular jeans and no revealing shirts, acting all old and grown up. Not me!!!! I get out, laugh and cut up, have a good time!! I even have a few pairs of flared leg jeans :o Wonder what people might think, I think I don't care :lol:

Been OP all week. It's been my time of the month week so I don't know if I will see a loss this week but if not maybe next week. I even made it through PMS without a chocolate binge!!

Better run. Here's to a productive Friday full of goals and accomplishments!!

03-12-2004, 09:53 AM
Morning to you ladies :coffee:

Well I am up a pound for the week. :( I shouldn't be surprised, I didn't get all my water in this week and in review my portions were a bit bigger than I should be eating. We're in the rollercoaster of up and down temps and we're back down again - it was 17 degrees this morning. And when it's cold like this it seems I am more hungry. I haven't eaten anything that terrible, just more than I should have. I did start to clean off the treadmill - oofduh - what a mess all that drywall dust made. I totally underestimated what it's going to take to clean it up - at least one whole weekend day. Oh joy. The weekend will be spent doing alot of cleaning. This is the year my childhood friends and me all turn the big 5-0. The first of the group has a birthday next weekend and her sister is throwing her a small surprise party - just a casual get together. It means going into the city and spending the weekend as I do not drive the expressways anymore. DH will drop me off Friday for the party and I will spend the night with my mom which is good, we talk all the time on the phone but I don't get to see her as much as I'd like to. Since I'll be away most of next weekend, will have to double up on getting things all done this weekend.

Yay Raven on the great numbers for this week! :cheer: :encore: :cb: :hat: :cheers: :dance: And your weekend sounds like a lot of fun too - all your favorite stuff. Easier to handle the week if you have something to look forward to at the end of it ;)

Boy the way that everyone raves about the TaeBo tapes, will have to look into those. From what I saw of the infomercials, I got the impression that you had to be rather lean, fit and limber to do them but I've heard lots of gals who were just starting out try them and like them. Also interesting too Raven how you said it helped your hip sockets.

Egads, platform shoes and pointy toed boots! At least when we wore platforms they were either tied shoes or strappy things that were well secured to our feet - I'm not sure how people stay upright with the open "scuffs" that are the mode today. I see alot of kids tripping on campus with the shoes and the super wide bell bottoms. Guess I must have looked the same. I actually liked pointy shoes but I have always had wide feet so it didn't take long before my little toe pushed the side of the shoe out and wrecked the line. I've seen some of the spring heels and boy are they narrow! My shoe fetish seems to be 10 pairs of sneakers in the eternal quest to find a pair that feels good an hour after I have them on :lol: I have problems with my feet cramping up and no one including my podiatrist seems to have an explanation for it.

Well I am babbling and I need to switch to the other computer and start working for the day - lots to finish up today.

Lucky, Raven, Hippy and Chachee - have a great day and a fun weekend!

03-12-2004, 11:37 AM
Hey ladies :coffee:

Happy - I'm sorry about that pound. BUT! You know that tomorrow that pound could be gone. Please don't let those scale blips get you down! I know for me it's definitely harder to stay OP, motivated, encouraged when it's cold. I don't do cold. I hate cold. It frustrates me, it makes me cranky, and those are the times I want to eat. Cold makes me want comfort food. Cleaning off that treadmill sounds like a workout in and of itself! But you know once you get it done, you'll be happy you did it! Though next weekend sounds kind of hectic/busy, it sounds like you'll have a really good time. I have utterly no social life! :lol: Well, unless it involves a horse. :D

Taebo can be really good, but you have to be careful. The safety stuff he talks about, really listen. It's easy to hyperextend doing the moves if you get going to fast, and really, it's all about control. I had about three years of intermittent martial arts training before I started Taebo, and I love it. The more stretching you do, the easier it all is. Excellent workout, though. And just as a note - the last time I was in taekwondo, I worked my BUTT off, and I weighed 188. If I hadn't been eating like a small army, I would have lost so much weight doing that. But I guess my point is you don't have to be a skinny little thing to be in martial arts or to do taebo. It will push you though. I think it's really important to remember you can slow it down and do it at your own pace.

ANYway... I popped in here to tell you all about something that actually just occurred to me. When I hit 178, which is now only 4 measely pounds away (aweigh?) HA! I will have hit 40 pounds loss from when I started in January 2003. I weighed 218 at that point, and I tried for about a week or two to do it on my own, but found myself stuffing my face on the weekends and just not really doing what I needed to do. So, considering how much I despise in-person meetings, I (of course, geek me) hit the web looking for a chat group or forum. Enter 3FC. I can't believe how much I've learned. When I first started, I had so many things to work through, and I was so overwhelmed with the fact that I had 83 pounds to lose. I felt alone, scared, and helpless. And in my search, I found the most incredible group of women I've ever seen. Hitting 40 pounds down will put me so close to half way to my goal, and let me tell you. I now know that if I can lose 40 pounds, I can SURE as **** lose 43 more. But I couldn't have done it without you all, and the folks in the journals. So .. party at 178? My place? :rofl:

03-12-2004, 01:01 PM
Good morning, ladies!

Raven: I'm ready to party!! You are going to fly us all in, right? :lol: Great job on the weigh in. Every pound puts you closer to your goal. I am so proud of you. It's wonderful that you have been doing so well! I see the humor bug has hit you also. (Aweigh!) I totally agree with you on the Taebo thing. I am going to wait (weight) until I get down about 30 pounds or so until I start back up. Too much weight on me right now and too much of a strain on the joints, but man, I love it. Let me know how that Hildago movie is. Sounds interesting and I have loved Viggo since GI Jane!

Happy: Oh, I am so happy you stayed OP yesterday, but sad you gained this week. Hey, we all have those weeks and a pound is nothing to come off! Look at what you did/didn't do this week and see what you can improve on. Oh, and I vegged in front of the tv last night also. Thursdays are my veg out nights also. Survivor and my new favorite show THE APPRENTICE!!

Hippy: I'm right with you on the fashion. I missed so much of my twenties to being overweight that once this comes off, I'm gonna be out there. Actually, and this might sound funny to some, I'm really enjoying jeans again. They were always too tight on me as most of my weight is around my midsection. Well, I found some cute boot cut Levis about three months ago that I fell in love with. They are getting looser, and I am actually looking forward to buying new jeans. I could wear a turtleneck and still have cleavage, so I have never been much into the lower cut shirts. I've never liked my midsection, so shorter shirts are also a no-no. I'd just like to have a cute little top with a cute little pair of jeans with stilletto boots or platforms!! Hahaha!!

Okay, have a great weekend if I don't check in before. Here's to a wonderful group of ladies who I am honored to be in their company. You all inspire and motivate me. Let's keep it up!


03-13-2004, 03:01 AM
Thanks for the tips on the Taebo. So it's much like Pilates in the sense that the important part is actually control and doing the moves? From the few peeks I've seen of the commercials, it seems like everyones just jumping around alot and going for speed - like a step class or something :lol: I will definitely look for a video this weekend.

That is really awesome Raven approaching 40 pounds down! I can sure understand the need for a party - and rightly you deserve one.

The funny thing is, I started out very similar to you. In March of 2002 we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. I thought in 2001 it would be way cool if I could fit into my size 3 wedding dress by my anniversary. Hah. That March I was bigger than ever. In June I saw some pictures my mom snapped - we had just a small family get together and I was appalled. I actually cried. I had a cute short haircut (and I hate short hair) but my face was a balloon. It was a hard dose of reality - I weighted 215 at the time. And I vowed to diet if it killed me. I actually ordered a diet plan from an infomercial - a customized plan that turned out to be low carb, low fat, low sodium. I was working from home at the time and it suited the 6 mini meals plan. I was also going to the gym at 6am religiously 5 days a week. I went from 215 to 196 by August of that year. Then we went on vacation. Shortly after I came back, we hired a person at work and I had to go into the office everyday to train her. The first thing to go was the 6 mini meals. Tho I packed a healthy lunch, it was very difficult to eat every 2 or 3 hours. The weight loss stopped when I went back to the traditional 3 meals a day. Then I had to give up the personal trainer when he needed to switch my early morning time slot and I couldn't make the other times. Shortly after that I had to give up the gym altogether when we got behind on our project at work and I was working pretty much 7am to 7pm for 6 months running. I pushed back into the 200's again and got as high as 208. I swore I'd wire my jaws shut if I hit 215 again. Things calmed down at work, I was able to start working from home again a few days a week and I went back to the old diet. Then winter hit and I got hungry - the diet worked well in the summer - mostly cold food and veggies but didn't suit me when I wanted hot food. I got back on track again last summer and went gung ho when we got the treadmill. I racked up 130 miles in 4 months. Weight got down to 197 again. THEN I got the plantar faciitis in my foot. Every time I tried to get on the treadmill, I just created all kinds of pain again. Took 6 months, 3 months of physical therapy, a wad of money and orthotics to fix me up again. Then I had school last semester - one killer course, 1 medium killer course and an online class for work. I didn't think I'd survive to see Christmas. I barely had time to sleep much less food plan, cook and exercise. I started January of this year at 206. And then my stupid teeth abscessed. :bomb: :headache: I tell you, it's just been so DAMN FRUSTRATING!!!! 'scuse my french please. :o Every time I start to get momentum, something comes along. So while you started 6 months after me and are down almost 40 pounds, here I sit 2 years later at 202. On the positive side, I have kept some of the weight off and broke the annual cycle of year after year gains. I've also made alot of changes in my meals - I do low fat very very well. And dropping my cholesterol from 233 to 207 tells me that the changes I have made are for the better. I don't get the nagging chest pains I once did from fatty foods and I have learned that if I low carb, I don't get the terrible body aches in the evening that were a way of life for me. I also gave up my 3 - 5 Cokes a day habit for water instead. The hardest part is the food. Though trial and experimentation, I have learned that the only way I can sustain any kind of regular weight loss - a pound or two a week, is by 5 days a week exercise, 2 liters or more of water a day. As for food, I MUST do low carb, low fat, low sugar AND low salt. ALL OF THEM RELIGIOUSLY. Any deviation and my weight maintains or I lose like 1/4 of a pound a week. And it's hard because staying on that kind of plan is like being on induction on a diet for months on end. I have traded regular ice cream for an occasional slim a bear. I have learned that a smidge of peanut butter on a fresh apple slice is just as good as a taffy apple. But there's lots of sugar in Slim a Bears, even if they are 98% fat free - just like my beloved Yoplait FF yogurt I love. I can't have that stuff more than twice a week. And it's either / or not both. Therein lies the problem. I like food. I don't have to have Fettucine Alfredo (geez it would kill me if I did) but I like my food to taste good. And the diet that works best for me is pretty darn bland. After about 2 weeks it's really hard to stick with it. I get cravings but I have to watch carefully - one piece of bread can easily lead to more cravings - particularly if it's french bread I'd like and I'm eating the poor man's substitute of multigrain :lol:

I'm just kinda bummed and venting right now so please excuse the LONG whiny post. I keep telling myself to hang in there, the end of May will be here soon and I'll be done with school for the most part except for a class or two for work. Summer is around the corner and we'll be grilling alot which is the easiest time for me to stay on a diet - I love the grilled food, I drink more water and I eat less when it's warmer out. Maybe I should just move to Arizona, eh? We're going on vacation in 5 weeks. I had wanted to be around 190 at that time. The way I'm going maybe 195 is doable if I take up jogging or something. :dancer: And too with all of these periodic illnesses - compressed disc in neck, tennis elbow, D&C, plantar faciitis, abcessed teeth - I'm in a lull period now and I half fear what else is around the corner waiting for me? ARRRRRGGGGGG. Guess you just can't sit there waiting for something to happen, can you?

I'm sorry Raven, I don't mean to steal any of your thunder. I'm envious not jealous but also very happy for you. There's just this nagging voice in my head that says SEE - she did it and look all that she went through this past year. WHY CAN'T YOU DO IT TOO? Can you come over and beat on me? :coach: I'll pay for your plane ticket :high:

Ok, I got that out of my system... again, sorry to suck up all the bandwidth on the site with my pity party. I'm going to bed now and tomorrow I'll get

03-13-2004, 03:04 AM
Chachee - I LOVED your comment about how you could wear a turtleneck and still have cleavage :rofl: I am also a Survivor / Apprentice junkie. It's my one indulgence for the week! I am delighted that Richard Hatch and Omarosa are gone, gone, gone.

03-13-2004, 08:32 AM
oh please, please, please....can i join you guys??!! ~smiling warmly~ i just joined 3fc 6 hours ago. ~laughing~ spent the first couple hours learning the who´s its and whats its in the admin area. then perused and though my first post should go into one of those getting to know you places. so i copied and psted all the questions and started tippety typing my lil heart out...... 2 hours later or there abouts (really thrilled with all my answers) i hit "Submit Reply" only to get a message boy thingie that said i wasnt logged in.......ARRRRRRRRRRRG. i was so disappointed ( putting it mildly ) i mean up there to the right it said i was logged in. i almost chipped a nail typing it ~laughing.... now~ okies holding off on the ramble. so off i goes to soothe my soul and start my jouney of sucess. and what to my wandering eyes should appear but an excellent thread titled "Rears in Gear" ! i adore word play and the message with a motive. so been sitting here reading about your month and lovin it! you all sound like a bunch of women i would have a ball with in 3D.

now i realize its mid-month and part of me was thinking i should wait till you all started a new month to join in. but thats just "stinkin thinkin" and old procrastination tapes jumping in. trust me i got a ton of tapes. but at least now i can play them thru and see whats really going on. it wouldnt take long to fill you in on my month. i just joined the WW winning points system march first. thought i found valhalla! i adore cooking, the sight, the sound, the smell, a whole new world of recipes was opened to me. and the best part was, they were good for me and mine!! my partner is also on the plan "Flex Point" our scale likes him better then me, he sneezes and more weight comes off. my start weight was 210, by march 4th i was at 208. the 5th 209, the 6th 207, the 7th and 8th 208. finally i decided bugger, it didnt matter what the scale said i was eating good foods and had started taking that adorable pooch in the upper left hand corner for a 30 minute walk daily. as you can see by his pic, he loves the snow and is thrilled with the new routine. i hate the cold and can use ucky weather as an excuse ~in her best Forest Gump impersonation ~ well, thats all i gots to say bout that.........

anyway the short and the sweet of it (not a play on my name i assure you ~winks n grinz~) i spent the first week looking for menues and recipes. which as easy as that sounds wasnt so easy. i am in Austria now and you know all those premade, quick easies we americans have come to know and love..... they arent here! so i have to cook everything from scratch. double edged sword i assure you. couple that with barely knowing the language. i only know enough to sound polite and find the potty anywhere in the country. ~laughing~ some things are easy rice is reis, but garlic is knoblauch, cinnamon is zimt and ifn that werent bad enough ........ ounces and pounds to grams and kilos!! it was a charming challenge when i got here a couple of months ago, it really bites when changing your whole eating regime. but thankfully my handsome honey is Austrian by birth so we shop together. couple minor incidences in the store a time or two ~laughing~ the next week i incorporated the walks and this week my period begins.

so as i sit here before you i am at 209 pounds sounds great in kilos 95. my goal is... i would love to be between 140-145, happy at 150, and huge warning flags at 165. i dont mind fluxing but i do mind being fat.

so again i ask, may i please join you all? you sound like such a wonderful group of gals and i would truely like to get to know each of you better.

sassy..... that part of my nic fits so much better at this time of the month ~never innocent.... just not guilty look~

03-13-2004, 10:32 AM
Good Morning!! :coffee:

S&S - Hi!! Welcome!! :wave: You sound delightful! What a wonderful sense of humor. By all means, join us! The more the merrier! What took you to live in Austria?? I gather you're from the US? What a cute pup! The fact that it's mid-month is not important, you can jump right in and start anytime. I love cooking too, and realized a very short time ago that for me, food will NEVER be "just fuel." I love the whole process of finding a cool recipe, putting it all together and being so curious what the end result will be. Some recipes turn out great, some are .. *ahem* well, never repeated. :lol: But I guess if this is going to, ultimately, be the rest of my life, I'd better figure out how to make it work so that I don't feel deprived and resentful. And regarding the scale. :rolleyes: I'm a helpless scale addict BUT I've pretty much gotten to the point where I understand the reasonably predictable ups and downs. I don't let a sudden drop get me too hyped, and I understand a sudden gain is NOT my fault (most of the time). :o But I've also found that if I put the scale away and DON'T weigh in every day, I lose sight - I lose momentum - I lose accountability. I guess I'm a very number oriented person. I need that trackability to keep me going. Again, welcome! I look forward to hearing more from you!

Happy - :grouphug: Vent. It's ok. That's what we're here for, hon. You have had one **** of a year, or maybe several years. Please don't compare yourself to me, or anyone. Like you said, you have learned so much over the last several years. You've changed many of your habits, patterns, and thinking. If I'd had to deal with as many physical ailments as you've been whacked with, I probably wouldn't have made any progress to speak of, either. I'm blessed right now, Happy... I know that. Sometimes I, too, wonder what's around that corner waiting for me. Maybe that's why this time I'm going as hard as I can without hurting myself. I need so badly to take advantage of this time. I don't know how long it's going to last. I'm not getting any younger either. If I don't get in shape now and take care of this body, it won't be there for me when I'm old. I wish I'd known all of this when I was in my teens. I'm trying so hard to teach my kids that we're not young forever. I wish someone had taught me. But they didn't, and you're in the same boat. All we can do, my dear, is do what we can do. I admire you so much for trying SO hard at all you do. School, work, marriage, trying to get in shape and fit... You are an inspiration to me, even if YOU don't think you are. So - chin up. We're here for each other, and this is OUR year. And I'm going to drag you along with me kicking and screaming if I have to. :drill: Capisca!!? Verstehen Sie? :yes: Of course you do. All this said with great affection, I hope you know. On the taebo.. yes - if you watch the tapes you see all these beautiful bodies jumping around looking fantastic. But trust me, you can take it slow and easy and it will work you out. I advise you to PLEASE take it slow and easy and practice the moves because generally speaking many of the kicks and punches are not what your body is used to doing and if you try them quickly at first you risk pulling or over stretching something. ESPECIALLY those side kicks. Never make the mistake of fully straightening your arms or legs. You always want that slightest bend left - therein the control. If you just flail your legs and arms out, you are not working them properly. Oh lord I'm sorry.. I'll get off my :soap: now. I don't want to turn you off the taebo at all. It's wonderful, I just let my taekwondo instructor channel through me sometimes. :o

Chachee - I'm flying .. you .. all? :yikes: :faint: I better go start buying lottery tickets now!!! Speaking of flying, however... I'm going to try to be up in AK in a couple months. I'm delivering Ian to his dad for their drive down. It looks like he's FINALLY understanding that these kids desperately want him in their lives. And that his job doesn't hold a candle to how important they are to him. I'm praying. I really am. This means everything to my kids, and I swear if he bails again this time I will take his butt to court and ... :bomb: Right. So like I was saying... :D I don't know the exact dates yet, but I'm thinking somewhere around the end of May or beginning of June. You going to be around?? I wanna see my pupppppiiiiieeeeeessssss! :love: And of course I want to see my dad again. I miss him. *sigh*

Ok ladies... today was a good run - I accept that the two miles was a high point, and now my baseline is a 1 mile run - up from the half mile last month. Today I warmed up for a quarter mile, ran a mile, walked a fast quarter mile, then ran the last half mile. Not too shabby for a chick who couldn't do a tenth of a mile without feeling like she'd been hit by a truck a couple months ago. I guess next month my baseline will probably be either the mile and a half without stopping, or the two miles. We'll see how I feel. As long as I'm making progress, I'm happy.

I realize this is probably a scale blip, but... I'll keep my fingers :crossed: that it's not. :lol: I'm down two pounds this morning, putting me at 180. Like I said.. I'm not holding my breath on this one. I'll see how long it lasts. OTOH, I feel like kind of a moron because yesterday I didn't eat even CLOSE to 1200 calories, I came in just barely above 1000, and that's after eating my HC ice cream sandwich. :nono: It wasn't intentional, and I wasn't hungry... so... I'll try to keep a better eye on that. :mag: Ok .. I supposed I've blathered on enough. I have a lot to do today... I was going to try to get my nails done this morning, but I'm running out of time. I need to eat breakfast, get a shower, get the kids up, and head out to the stables.

OH! And.. I'm not sure if it's just because the movie was about horses and Viggo was in it, but I LOVED Hidalgo!! It was so much better than I thought it was going to be. My daughter loved it for those two reasons too, but also because it touches on some really heavy topics just briefly, namely the indian slaughters in the US and slavery across the "big water." I found it to be a good movie to open discussion with my kids about US history, slavery, animal cruelty, a host of things. Besides .. the . .uhm . . "scenery" was great. :s:

Ok, off and running! HA! Running.. get it?? :tread: :rolleyes: Byeeeeeee!!

03-13-2004, 11:02 AM
Good morning gals!!

Welcome Sweetn..lots of wonderful ladies here. Full of motivation and inspiration!

OH Happy, I hate it that you are feeling so down. I can say I can relate to everything you said. I too HAVE to eat low carb and can't have much at that. I thought eating whole grain bread and pasta that maybe I could have it a few times a wkk but it just doesn't work that way. For me it's very hard to find a balance that I can live with. I feel like I eat the same things over and over and get so tired of it that I want pasta, fruit, bread and my loss stops. For mr low carbing is a continuous cycle of trying to see what I can and can't eat and how often. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!! I agree, soon it will be warm and we will be able to fire up the grills. Grilled meat is so much better tasting to me and I can't wait to try the tips you gave me for grilled veggies.

Raven, you have come a long way! **** YES!!!! YOU CAN LOSE THE NEXT 40 POUNDS :cheer: I'm cheerin you on girl!!!!! I know you say you have found alot of support here but don't forget that you support us too. I'd be a loser if I didn't have inspiration from your posts!

Chach, I have big boobs too. They don't seem to go away when I lose weight. Most of the time I wish they would go away. I have had them since I was a kid, I developed at a very young age. My mom amd grandmother are C cups so how in the world did I end up with DD :lol: To be honest I would just like to have perfect little perky boobs to go with my new body!!!

I have been working hard to get this weight off this time. I'm worried about keeping it off. That's a problem for me. I have lost weight several times but before I know it I'm fat again. About 5 years ago I lost down to 150, for me that's skinny, I'm 5'6" and large framed so I can carry that much weight and look pretty damn good, anyway, I guess I got comfortable with eating again and packed it all and more back on. I know when I take it off this time I will have to eat this way the rest of my life. For me that will be a challenge. I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Today I have to go shopping for Jordan. Pretty soon he will need shorts and can't wear any that he had last year. I almost can't keep up with as fast as that child grows. 13 years old, 5'10", size 10 shoe, size large man's shirt, 33by31 jeans and he isn't finished growing! YIKES!!!!!!

Have a lovely saturday girls!

03-13-2004, 12:13 PM
Ok. I have a secret. A goal that I didn't know whether was attainable or not, so I didn't even really make it a goal. I didn't tell anyone, and I didn't even admit it really to myself. Honestly, I thought it wouldn't happen.

I started running for the cardio. Then it dawned on me... how many runners do I see with big bulky legs? I have big, bulky legs. Wait .. no .. I HAD big, bulky legs.

Ok. I wanted a pair of half chaps SO bad. Now ... wth is a half chap, you say? It's a leather legging that only goes up to your knee. It mimics a tall riding boot. I can't afford tall boots, so I just wanted to be able to wear a decent pair of half chaps over my jeans with my paddock boots. My daughter got me a pair of really pretty black suede half chaps for my birthday last year. And... they didn't fit. My calves were 18" around at the widest point. If I got them any larger, they'd be too long to fit between my ankle and my knee. I was so depressed. When I started running, in the back of my mind, I wondered. Could I ever lose enough off my calf to fit into those half chaps? I kept them tucked in a drawer, away, out of sight. I had almost returned them, but something made me hang on to those suckers. Today, wearing my size 14 short jeans, I tried on those blessed half chaps. And .. they fit. Just barely, mind you - on the right side (as to be expected, I'm right dominant) they are just a WEE bit too tight, but not to the point where I can't wear them. Just enough so that there is a hint of bluejean showing at the widest point. On the left, they are perfect.

I can wear my half chaps. Is it so silly to be sitting here with tears in my eyes because of this? My daughter bought these for me. She knew how much I wanted them, and now I can wear them. And hey. They look COOL! And today, they get christened with horse sweat!! WOO! *doin' a dance* :cb:

Hippy! - You and I share the yo-yo syndrome, it seems. That's another reason I'm so focused this time, I think. I do not EVER want to have to do this again. After I get to goal, I am going to have the excess skin taken off, and by God, I'm going to keep this weight off. This time is the LAST time I'm going to fight this hard. I realize I'm going to go through a whole new learning curve once I hit goal when I'm in maintenance - I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, just like you. You're the same height as my daughter. :D She's 14, and not done growing either. I hate it that she can look down one me. :lol: I keep telling her she may be bigger, but I'm still meaner. :s: My son is the short one so far. He's 11 years old and still not 5 feet. There's hope though... he grew 2 inches in the last 6 months and he hasn't hit puberty yet. I hope he shoots up then - being a really short guy isn't easy. But unfortunately he gets that from my side of the family. My brothers are 5'6" and 5'8" is all.

Ok chicas... I just had to pop in here and raise a little **** about my half chaps... I'm SO thrilled. I hope everyone is having a super Saturday!! :dance:

03-14-2004, 04:07 AM
Oh Raven :s: YEE HAW GIRL!!!! Looks to me like you are living proof that building up the muscle burns the calories more efficiently. I have to believe that your intense exercising is really paying off :workout: - both in the scale and the trimming and toning. That is SO cool about the chaps. They sound really pretty - although I admit that got a bit ruined mentally for me when you added the part about getting horse sweat all over them :lol3: And hey, when money's tight it's a double blessing when you find something fits again and you don't have to spend the money on replacing them. And I'm sure Nickie will think it's so cool that you are using her present that she was probably sooooo excited to get for you in the first place. Yippeeeee. What a happy post! You just keep doing what you've done so well and don't let life's frustrations get to you and you'll be at goal before you know it.

OMG - excess skin. You mean if I ever get to goal not only will my varicose veins show even more but I'll have excess skin too? :rofl: Oh sorry girls, I can imagine that I am probably painting a pretty ugly picture of myself here. Actually, I don't look that bad - fully clothed!

Hippy, I have to say there's some level of comfort in knowing that you too struggle with the carbs. Dad blasted carbs :bomb: I can understand why now when I was eating low fat I couldn't lose weight - too much sugar. I know some people will argue that these are fad diets and what really matters is calories in / calories out BUT I kinda believe that we are each individuals and for what works for some people doesn't work for others so by at least sampling the different diets we get an idea of what works, what doesn't and what we can live with. We already know that if you're on the :mcd: diet you can gain at least 25 pounds in a month. Geez, can you imagine that? How did you lose the weight 5 years ago?

Hey SweetandSassified - we must get you a nick name - that's too long to type :lol: Welcome to the fold. You have a great sense of humor and style of writing - we can use all the laughing we can get around here! I'd have to say that learning the phase "where's the potty" is probably one of the most important first things to learn in a foreign language. Especially if you're dieting and drinking alot of water ;) When I think of Austrian I think of "The Sound of Music" and of course Arnold Swarzenneger. So how is Austria besides gorgeous rolling green hills? And you have to learn how to cook too? Sounds like you have your work cut out for you.

Well, I should have gone to bed a long time ago but I took a nap this afternoon and now I'm WIDE AWAKE. Lots to do tomorrow. I was going to finish cleaning the treadmill this weekend but then DH decided that he was going to finish up the sanding and patching. So much for the cleaning I did do this week. I asked him to please hurry up and finish because I really NEED to start walking more to get ready for our vacation and it's nice to be able to track distance on the treadmill, though I guess I could use the pedometer too. He agreed. Looks like we're headed into the rainy cold pre-spring weather so it's not really ideal to go walking outside yet. Just turned around and talked to hubby for a half hour - we both took naps - now it's after 2am. I really better get to sleep. 'Night all.

03-14-2004, 05:21 AM
wishin i had a minute to write a proper reply right now ~snarls at the clock~ but i just had to sa thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu for letting me in!!! and 2 quickies, after you get to know me you will understand how difficult quickies are for me.......~laughing~ First..............just call me Sassy, everyone does. my humor borders and pert near crosses the line on nearly everything ~laughing~ derogatory it is not. ~winks n grinz~

YAY and HOORAY on all your successes!! but before you go off and get your nails done which costs a small fortune with maitanance and all, and does horrid things to your nails......... here´s a tip and i will take a pic of my nails and put it up where bosko is to prove to you all that it works!!

take a bottle of clear nail polish, i use wet n wild, cost factor ~wink~ and put in 2-3 drops of Krazy Glue. (dont do this with your colored ones it will change the colors.) give it a good shake or 17 and use that. i use it plain or as a bottom & top coat with colors. swear it makes your nails as hard as fake ones. got the tip from a girlfriend who owns a nail salon. Raven, i know you have reached your mark where your ready to treat yourself, but if you give this a try, not only will you have long lovely nails but your nails will appreciate it too. we are going healthier arent we? nails are part of us too......laughing~ okies there is another girl here who said in 3 months time was it she was going to treat herself to fake ones...... i offer here this challenge, use the clear super glue for the three months and watch those nails grow. ~smiling brightly~ use the money instead on a pedicure, sandle season is around the corner, and you know with lovely nails, your toe nails gotta match!!

i always use a quick dry when i paint my nails, and if you use this every other day....and when i say that i know how the tips of nails wear off that polish so just paint the tips when needed, top with quick dry and scoot off into your busy days. okies i am off to find the digi cam. oh and hey dont look at my thumbs, they are still recovering from fakies i did almost a year ago. but it is proof positive when they are all painted and pretty that they are real...... forever the half full girl........smiling brightly and dashes~

larger pic of my nails (



my nails were trashed when i got here, after packing and shipping. moving donating everything. it only took 2 months to get them like they are now. i am soooooooooo looking forward to how the All of Me will look in 2 months given as much care as i do my nails. ~grinz n winks~

03-14-2004, 08:51 AM
*yawn* :coffee: Just a short one ladies.. it's working morning at the stables again. Yesterday was a great day.. just warm enough. We rode and played and trained and had a wonderful time. Got home, showered, and off to dinner (I love that Chili's Caribbean Salad easy on the dressing!) and then to see the movie Miracle. I was surprised.. I really enjoyed it. I was even MORE surprised that my boyfriend enjoyed it! Usually he's the horror/scifi/suspense kinda guy.

Scale did rebound a tad - up to 181, but that's better than it usually is. I'm happy. :D

Happy - Oh please.. I know what you mean about the inevitable not-so-positive discoveries along the weight loss road. I have the varicose veins, and now I'm beginning to see just how much excess skin I'm going to have. When I was all plumped out it wasn't as obvious, but geez. I'm trying to take care of my skin nutritionally (inside and out) so that it will be as elastic as possible. But again, as we both know, the older you get, the less elastic it is. I so agree with you that different approaches work for different people. I think calories are a part of it, but what the make-up is of those calories seems to be a large determining factor, and it varies from person to person. I think that also seems to change over time, because I know what worked for me when I was in my 20's is NOT working for me now, I had to find a whole new approach. It's all a puzzle, and an ongoing one, at that. I hope your hubby heeds your need and gets all the sanding and dust making stuff out of the way right quick!!

Sassy - The big reason I wear acrylic nails is not for length. As a matter of fact, I can't have long nails doing what I do. The reason I wear them is to add thickness (not TOO much thickness, though, that looks gross) to my nails. My natural nails are razor sharp, even with coats and coats of polish or whatever on them, I've gone that route. And I have this very nasty lifelong habit of using my nails to tear the skin around my fingers (not just the cuticles, though it usually starts there) untill they are painful and many times bleeding. The only thing I have found which stops this habit is acrylic nails. They dull out my nails to the point where I can't "start" anything, and the added blunt thickness makes it so that I can't grab any little pieces of skin and tear. I know that's very gross. It's a terrible habit. And before anyone says the how ever many days to break a habit stuff - I wore nails for about 15 years (and the underlying nails are fine, btw - I just couldn't afford acrylics for a while because of the job situation) and literally minutes after the acrylics came off, I was totally unconscious of the fact that I was already picking at my cuticles. I don't even know I'm doing it. And anymore, I just don't have the desire or time to mess with my own nails. I go in, they make them pretty in 20 minutes, I leave and boom - I'm set for two weeks. It's about $12 for a fill, so I deal. It's majorly cool that you found a solution for your own nail situation though! I think that's ingenious - very creative.

Ok .. I must go wake the daughter. Wish me luck!! :lol3:

03-15-2004, 09:21 AM
It's Monday. Woo. :coffee2:

What a busy weekend. Friday night took the kids to movie and dinner. Saturday running, riding for me and both kids, medicating puppies hourly, lunging my horse, dinner out and a movie with the boyfriend. Sunday up early, work at the stables, lunging my horse, then home to cook, do laundry, and clean. :tired: I crashed at 8 last night, and I'm still worn out today. In to work early this morning, then tonight riding lessons. That will be my workout today, because I know Rosa is going to ride us into the dirt. Tomorrow I'm going to do UB, then Wednesday will be running again.

Too much sodium yesterday, though my calories were right on track. I didn't drink enough water. Feeling poofy today. Though my 14s are a wee bit tight, I'm wearing them anyway. I just have this little pudge roll that is trying to pooch out over the top, but it's not big enough to really be an issue. Plus it keeps reminding me that I need to keep going, stay OP, don't get complacent. I was SO good over the weekend foodwise. I ate a good dinner before I took the kids out, and so was able to skip any goodies at the theatre and resist the McFlurries at McD's. And when I was out to dinner Saturday, I had my salad, diet coke, and that was it - no appetizer, though I had to watch the boyfriend scarf nachos with cheese and I was starving.. :censored: He did ask if it would bother me and I was trying to be gracious, but that was tough. I was SO glad when they brought my salad finally! Then again, no goodies during the movie.

Hope everyone did great over the weekend.. report in, ladies!! ;)

03-15-2004, 11:11 AM
Mornin' chickies *** yawn, big stretch, creak, creak *** You know how some days you just leap out of bed full of vim and vigor? Not so today - well actually hardly ever for me, the down side of being a night owl. I am back in the rut of waking up around 3:30 - 4:30am and having a late night potty run. Seems like when that happens I fall into the deep, restful sleep only after that. Of course within a couple of hours I'm being shook out of my peaceful cocoon reluctantly into reality. Feels like I only slept for 30 minutes and it's really hard waking up. This cycle comes and goes and I hate it as much as you do TOM when it happens. And it's not necessarily related to how much water I drink in the evening either.

The weekend was pretty much filled with chores - house cleaning, laundry and cooking. I also sat down with the hubby and discussed some of the specifics of the web site I'm building him for my school project. I spent a fortune at the grocery store this weekend - even by my standards. But I did pick up a couple of roasts, lots of veggies and fruit for some tasty on-plan meals. Yesterday I made a roast beef that was fabulous and I also cooked up a pot roast with veggies. The kitchen smelled sooooo good! So now I've got stuff I can quickly warm for dinner during the week. Tonight I've planned a pork roast and that will pretty much round out the week for meals.

Today over lunchtime I'm going downstairs and give the old stepper machine a twirl. I just hope I can find my Walkman before that - the stepper's easy at first but after a few minutes your legs start to tire and you need the extra oommph of some good, motivational music to keep the beat going.

Yesterday while fixing the bed, I caught a sideways view of myself in the mirror in my pajamas. It's high time to get back to the Pilates and crunches again. Got to go pick out a birthday present for a friend this week - will see if they have the TaeBo tapes at Walmart.

The coffee cup's empty, best get myself to work. Have a great day all!

Raven - remarkable will power waiting for your salad while Richard munched on nachos - but you know even if you had a smidge, it would have all been downhill from there! Wiser minds prevailed - good for you!

03-15-2004, 01:49 PM
Hey Ladies.

First, Welcome Sassy! I love your name. Austria must be gorgeous. You are going to find this is a great group of women who are all experiencing so many different weight and life issues! It’s a great thread for posting and getting wonderful advice!

Raven: Congrats not only on the 2 pound down, but also on the legs! I know I have to work on my thighs so much. I carry my weigh in my midsection, with the thighs being included on that one! I’m so happy for you. I am possibly going to be in Oregon May 21-30. That is the only time I won’t be around. I might not even go then, because it’s going to depend on the plastic surgeon’s decision in two weeks. I”ll need to save up my leave time for recovery if he wants to do it soon. If so, I’ll cancel the trip and go next year. Long story short, I might/might not be here. How wishy/washy was that??

Happy: Your venting seems to have motivated youself! I was reading over the posts from the weekend, and you started out so gloomy on Friday night, but now you are so re-energized. I love that about you. You know, I used to laugh at one or two pounds a week loss, but dang, if I would have done that last year and stuck with it, then I would have had most of the weight off that I wanted off. Why do I sometimes think that one pound a week is nothing? Well, my mindset has changed and dangit, I’ll take anything I can get in the negative way!!!! I’m glad I made you laugh about the turtlenecks. Sad but true! As for Omarosa, I couldn’t get rid of her snooty butt fast enough. I was sad to see Richard gone because he’s such a smartalec and loves to push buttons. I do think he was inappropriate in what he did, but she chose to go that way, you know what I mean? Anyway, I’m glad your spunk is back and keep it up!!!

Hippy: I, like you, would like smaller boobs. Perky was never a word I used to describe myself, other than maybe in the 4th grade!!! It sounds like we are all working on getting over this hurdle of losing/gaining back. We can do it if we all work together!

I got the Gazelle this weekend. They brought it over on Saturday night. I proceeded to watch the video on how to use it and the exercises you can do on it. It really works the arms and chest, which surprised me. I got on it Sunday morning and did 15 minutes. This morning I was up at 5:30 and worked on it for 20 minutes. I think if I can do 20 minutes this week I shouldn’t have a problem working up to 30 by next week or the week after. I enjoy it and it feels good. I just turn on MTV for some good upbeat cardio music and get to gliding!! I think it’s something I am going to enjoy. I put it in the dining area of the great room.

Oh, and Raven, the puppies got “fixed” on Friday. They had a hard time of it that night and were medicated up with their pain pills until Sunday night. They are getting the spring back in their steps. So cute, but made me cry with how they were whimpering on Friday.

Back to work for me, as I have typed a book and probably used a whole page myself!!

I’m PMS’ing bad this week and TOM is coming. Might not be the best weigh in for me!!!


03-16-2004, 09:40 AM
Morning girls :coffee:

Okay, no loss this week :( I wonder if it might have something to do with that fast food I ate Saturday :o OH! and Sunday :rollpin: I haven't eaten fast food in I don't know how long. A friend os mine asked me to go to lunch Saturday. We went to Arby's and though I ate a roast beef sandwich I didn't eat fries. Sunday we went to visit my grandmother for her birthday. On the way home Gary and Jordan wanted Taco Bell. No good choices there. I also had a small piece of birthday cake and a scoop of icecream with Grandma :yikes: :rollpin: :faint: :nono: Yesterday started a new week. Back to the water, wise food choices and walking.

Okay Raven, it's time :drill: You need to yell at me :lol: Wait! I was being a good friend! You passed on the nachos, I ate them for you! Good excuse? I didn't think so! Okay, I'm ready :coach: let me have it!! Glad to hear you had such a good weekend and what great choices you made.

Happy, meal planning helps me a whole lot. If I know what I'm going to cook it's easier to not just throw something together. Do you cook all of your meals for the week on Sunday and just have it ready to heat up? What a good idea!

Hello to Chach and Sassy

Have a great Tuesday

03-16-2004, 09:49 AM
g'morning ladies -

All three of us had a wonderful riding lesson last night. I'm doing a lot better, can do the posting trot three times around the arena in each direction with no walking break inbetween. I'm also pretty proud that I hit the canter yesterday in each direction MUCH better than last time, and didn't feel that terrifying out of control feeling like I was going to fly out of the saddle if I didn't grab mane. I did get a little too much air between ye olde butt and the saddle, but not so much that I was in danger of coming off. Major improvement there. We didn't do two point last night. Thank goodness. :D My sciatica is acting up, and it appears that the cantering and the sitting trot are the probable causes. I've been reading up on sciatica a lot, and my best guess right now is that it's caused by jolting to my tailbone and lack of stretching in my hamstrings. That would explain why TKD was so beneficial, because there is a huge amount of hamstring mobility and stretching. So I need to start doing the hamstring work again, plus I really really REALLY need to get a cheap DVD player this payday and start doing pilates again. I would put money on the combination of those things eliminating the pain.

Very poofy today because of sodium intake. I find that is my worst area. I can control the calories, the water, the protein/fat/carbs - but my sodium is consistently over what I'd like, and spikes very high some days. It seems like there is SO much sodium in almost everything - even the freaking yogurt!! I'm going to have to start looking at this area more, I think.

Happy - Thanks for the mentioning of the roasts... I dont' know why I haven't picked up a few of those myself. This payday I'm definitely going to. It sounded so good! How did the stepper workout go?

Chachee - *lol* Thank you for the definitive answer. ;) I'm not sure when we'll be up there at this point anyway - it's all up in the air. What do you think of your gazelle? Is it working for you? I'm glad the pups came through their little surgeries just fine. It appears that the pups at the stables will make it through - Rosa only lost two out of seven, which is tremendous considering how deadly parvo is. The remaining five seem lively and they're all eating and drinking again. This weekend we were dosing them with the immune system booster every hour - and then Rosa was doing it pretty much through the night, too. She's exhausted, but it looks like all the effort paid off. Now if we can just get the adults over their kennel cough, all will be ready to go to the rescue organization that's waiting for them.

I've been running around too much and it's catching up with me. Tonight is UB. Today at noon I need to run out and get a few groceries, gas the truck, and run to the bank. Then for dinner we're having taco salads, which is pretty quick and easy, and high in the veggie count. :D I need some time to just relax for a little while.

I hope everyone else is doing great, keeping OP, working out and feelin' fine!

03-16-2004, 12:53 PM
Hello Ladies.

Kinda down here. I know it's TOM in a couple of days, but I am dreading weigh in. I've been on such a good roll these last couple of weeks, to show a gain is going to get me down. I know why, and there is nothing really I can do about it, I just wish these bad food cravings would go away!! I had mexican once and pizza twice this last week. I am sure that hasn't been a good contributor for weight loss.

My mind is set, though, to not sabotauge myself. I had 7 points left over last night, and I plan on doing the same tonight. I might even "fast track" this week--only 20 points per day as oppossed to my 28 that I get now. They will allow you to do it for one week. Actually, it's just eating more fruits and veggies, which is not a problem for me.

Ideally, I would love to be down one pound this week to hit the 10 pound mark. That's pretty good for 4 weeks, huh? I will shoot for that next month, also, but be really happy with 8. See, Raven, I'm not expecting too much!

Raven: Nice answer, huh? I am actually about 75% sure I am going to cancel my Oregon trip. My father wants to come up and help us finish off the basement in April. If he does that, then I would like to take some time off and help him. It wouldn't be smart of me to take a week in April and 10 days in May when I possibly have this surgery looming. I'll still ponder it, but I am pretty sure I'm just going to stay put! I love my gazelle! I've done it three days in a row, 20 minutes yesterday and today. There are so many different exercises that it doesn't get boring, which is a big problem for me. If I am bored, then it's a bad thing. Plus, I don't have to put the video in and do a "program". I just put it on the timer and do 5 different exercises. I have been a good girl and been getting up at 5:20 am. That gives me time to work out, shower and do my hair and make up before I have to get the little big man up. Then I get him ready, we have breakfast together while my hubby is getting ready. Then they leave and I have 30 minutes of quiet time before I need to leave. Nice, huh?

Hippy: Two days of fast food, huh? I have found, and this is strange, the two better places to eat are Subway (of course) and Taco Bell. Their regular tacos and soft tacos (without sour cream) are only 4 points each. You can have a couple of them without paying too highly calories wise. I do like their nachos, though. I guess it's a good thing that I can't stand sour cream, cream cheese, mayo or cheese spread. I save a lot of calories there. Get back on track with us! You didn't do too badly.

Well, off to work. Hope everyone has a great day. I'll be weighing in tomorrow night, so I'm going to start hoping/praying for a good one. Any encouragement will be much appreciated!!!


03-16-2004, 03:52 PM
Hey chicks..

Chachee - Now lissenup girl... I was up THREE pounds this morning because of salt, I'm sure of it. I know my calories are fine, so I'm sure it's water. If I can stand seeing that and stay OP, you can beat the scale monster, too! No matter what it says, you just keep on doing the best you can. I agree, pizza and mexican - depending on how much you ate - aren't the greatest. But that's done and gone, and all you can do is move forward. You know there are going to be weeks where that darn scale is just going to make you want to scream. Just focus on the next week. I'm going to paste this in here, it's part of my sig, but I keep it printed out all over the place and I swear I'm going to have it memorized by the time I hit goal.

Keep going

Some days it's difficult to see the progress you're making. Some days it may even seem that you're moving backwards. Keep going. The moment you've been working toward gets ever closer as you move persistently through each day. Each effort, whether you can see it or not, moves you forward. Even the seeming failures make you stronger and push you in the direction of your goal.

Those who keep going only when the going is good, will never make it all the way. The value of achievement is built upon the difficulties you must cross through in order to reach it.

Keep going not only when the going is good. Persist in your efforts even when they seem to be pointless, even when you cannot feel any progress. For the progress is most certainly there. Keep going, and you will surely see it soon enough.

-- Ralph Marston

And of course, we're here to rant and rave and vent with if things just aren't going smoothly. You know that. :grouphug: And just FYI - I think you're doing VERY well, Chach. It's very motivating to be in a group with ladies like all of you... You all make me just want to keep trying and keep working.

Hippy! I guess I cross posted with you this morning, eh?? Ok chicklet... what's with all this fast food and cake and .. you're making me hungry!! :cbg: Chach is so right.. jump back in - you're not too far gone yet! :s: And if you ate the nachos, I seemed to have gained the weight for you. I don't know what's up with my body lately! :dunno: I'm just hanging in there - sooner or later things have got to even out, right?? We're all going to slip up, but you're back OP today, so now just make sure you stay that way! :drill: :D

This weekend I'm going to look at two horses that are up for adoption. They're rescue horses... one is an older thoroughbred which was very high end dressage and hunter/jumper, the other is a somewhat younger polo pony. Rosa is looking at them to see if either would be good for her lesson program, and I'm kind of sort of looking at them to see if one of them might be good for Machine. He really needs a horse of his own, but I don't want to get just any horse. OTOH, I can't afford a really expensive one, either. So this rescue organization might be just perfect. If they don't have one right now, they might get one later in the year. And since he's going to be doing that long trip with his Dad, there really is no horrible hurry, other than the fact that he is just dying for his own horse whenever we all go riding. We shall see, I feel very certain that the right horse will be there for him at the right time, whenever that might be.

03-16-2004, 04:06 PM
Oh man, I wanna burst! :bomb: there's SO much I'd like to say BUT I CAN'T POST RIGHT NOW! :headache: After I get off work, I MUST finish my homework assignment due tonight (yes, just call me the Happy Procrasinator :s: ) I probably won't get back until late tonight but PLEASE HANG IN THERE!!!! Suffice to say, I share your miseries and anguish :lol:

03-16-2004, 04:26 PM
Big hugs to Happy and my girl Raven. Somehow you always know what to say and when to say it. I have read your signature, but I think I will print it out and put it up by my computer here at work.

And you are completely right. I honestly didn't have but two slices of pizza this week and then some mexican, but the foods I chose to eat at times contributed to this water retention. Flushing the body as I speak, drinking a larger amount of water today. With working out in the morning, it helps me get more water in during the day.

I will have a WW frozen meal for lunch, not so bad in sodium, and then a nice big salad! Totally OP!

Okay, Happy, we'll be eagerly awaiting your post!


03-17-2004, 01:17 AM
Hi Ladies,

What a busy day you have had. :cheer: to you Raven at achieving a canter. Your running must sure be paying off for your leg muscles and that will be a big help.

Chachee you are doing so well :bravo: for all your hard work. How is your gazelle working for you? If you stick to that it should work off your pizza quite quickly.

Hippy our family also are big fans of Taco Bell. Good thing we do not have one here in the little city that we live in. So does Jordan have a spring break coming up soon? I wil have to find out when the Easter holiday is here for our kids.

Happy I know what you mean about falling into a nice cozy deep sleep at 4:00 in the morning. Only to have to get up after I have hit snooze 4 times. I tried the breathe right strips and I can not believe how much better I sleep and I don't wake up anymore. You will have to let us peek at the website that you design for your hubby.

Hi Sassy hope you had a great Tuesday.

Well hubby is out of town for a week as his job sometimes requires him to leave for a few days. We shall see how things will go without him, as I have to say he really does alot here. I'm hoping not to be late for work in the morning, as he is the one that shakes me awake. :rofl: He says he will phone first thing in the morning to make sure we all get up on time.

Have a great Wednesday all.

03-17-2004, 09:59 AM
Top 'o the mornin' to you chickies :)
Last night I was just getting ready to put supper on the table when I got a call from a dear familiy member in crisis. I was on the phone for 3 hours last night. "Dinner" turned out to be some Chocolate Mint Girl Scout cookies. :nono: Then I had to scramble to get my homework submitted by midnight for the due date of the 16th. Got 2 of 3 parts in. I was up until 3am and even when I got to bed, I tossed and turned for a long time worrying about my family. It's one of those things where you want to reach out and help, but right now all you can do is be supportive and hope things will work out. :( I didn't get much sleep at all - I am one sluggish bag of cement today. It's going to be a loooonnnngggg day... thank goodness the coffee is hot and fresh.

I'll try and get back later on, carry on the parade without me, 'k?

03-17-2004, 10:00 AM
Good morning!

I have been OP all week. Eating and drinking water, that is. It has been cloudy and raining, UGH, makes me lazy! Also I am not feeling well again. My stuffed up nose is back, coughing, not alot but enough to make me feel yucky. I am sure my sinus's are infected and won't be shocked if I have upper respiratory infection so I'll be going to the doctor this afternoon. I am hardly ever sick but just seem to keep getting one thing after another this past month.

Kathy, we have Spring Break April 5-9. The break will be nice, I just hope we have nice weather. It usually rains and we go through a couple of tornado warnings and bad storms, we can think of better things to do but that seems to be the Spring pattern around here.

Jordan now has himself a girlfriend. It is so funny to watch him try to secretly call her :lol: They have a Jr. High prom next month so I'm kind of excited about that. We are waiting to find out what color she will be wearing so we can get try to coordinate, I know that's spelled wrong! Anyway, we be renting a tux and I just don't think I'm ready for my child to be this grown up!!!!!!

Hi to Happy, Raven, and Chach

Have a great day!

03-17-2004, 01:13 PM
Good morning ladies!

Well, tonight is weigh in night. For all my stressing I have come to a conclusion: One week every month I will probably not show a loss and might show a gain. It's just part of being a woman. I will try to overcome the bad food cravings, but if I only slip up by having a couple extra slices of pizza, than dang-it, that is wonderful compared to what I used to do! It's been over a month since I have had a candy bar and my only vice has been skinny cows. That's good compared to the Phish Food ice cream I used to eat on a semi-regular basis! I need to not beat myself up and realize I'm only human, not a weight loss machine that never has an off week.

Okay, did you all like my self pep talk? I am hoping for a one pound loss this week. That will put me at 10 pounds in a month,which is outstanding for me. I am only 6 pounds from my lowest in 10 years, so that is an accomplishment in and of itself!

Lucky: Did you get your wake up call this morning? I loved that! It's usually my hubby doing that to me, but lately I've looked forward to getting up and working out. How sick is that? SICK SICK SICK! I am loving the Gazelle. I really feel it all over, plus I can watch tv when I am doing it. I turn of the good videos and get moving. Helps me get in all the water also!

Happy: Sorry to hear of your family crisis. That's always hard, especially when there is nothing you can do but listen and hope the best for them. We are all here for you if you need to talk/vent/whine. Bulk up on coffee hopefully you will get a good night's sleep tonight.

Hippy: Sick again? Gosh, woman! Hopefully you will feel better soon. Sounds like you have done well this week, though. Wow, junior prom. How time flies, huh?

These next two days are going to be long for me. I am working 8-4:30, normal shift at work, but also instructing training classes at the jail from 10:00 pm-2:30 am each night. I will hopefully be off on Friday. If only I drank caffeine! I will try to stay OP with these weird hours. Might need to break out the regular Diet Coke for a little staying power!

Hi Raven!


03-17-2004, 08:23 PM
Hey ladies,
Will try and catch up now tho I am sleep deprived and feeling quite gritty right now so if I don't make sense, don't laugh at me!

Chachee - oh man that schedule with working AND then teaching classes those hours sounds grueling. And I thought I'd be in a fog - don't see how you're going to get any restful sleep. Hopefully it's only for 2 days? I hear the new Diet Coke with lime is quite tasty. But you might need the mega caffine packed Mountain Dew :lol: I would have to agree with you completely about not letting a little pizza or water gain get to you. Heck, I think we weigh more when it's raining out! The scale is far more demotivating than motivating so I try to take a passive look at it. I think it's FANTASTIC that you swapped out Ben and Jerry's for Skinny Cows. You should be really proud of yourself. I can't see where we will be perfect in our routines every day. Sometimes we slip, sometimes we can't control it. The most important thing is that you don't let it get you into a downward spiral. Seems like every time I am ounces away from One-der-land (like yesterday morning) something triggers me back up again. The cookies I ate last night were not the best thing for me, but I got off the phone at 10pm and I was starving since I had a light lunch. However my niece really needed someone to support her and I was not going to hang up or eat while on the phone. So I'm trying to be good today to make up for last night. And you just burn up the sliders on the Gazelle girl!!!!

Hippy, sorry to hear you aren't feeling good. Those sinuses are a bugger and it seems like they go in cycles, especially this time of year. So you have to get a tux for Jordan???? Ooooh. Mucho bucks! Welcome to an empty wallet for the rest of your life :lol:

Kathy, you are my kind of woman. When the hubby is out of town, I have to set at least 3 alarms, one being across the room because I have been known to shut them off, roll over and jump out of bed 2 hours later because I was asleep when I shut the alarms off. :lol:

Raven, it is not like you not to post for a day, I hope everything is ok with you! I hope things work out for you with the horse adoption. I have my grill, you have your stables - we all have our vices, eh?

I have to admit that in my current foggy state (or is it just that I'm an old fogey?) I can't remember what I was so fired up to say yesterday. I think Raven mentioned something about sodium. That's been a killer for me too. Most of the stuff I make is fresh or from scratch - got in that habit about 2 years ago so that I could control more of what went into my food. About the only packaged thing I use anymore is canned flavored tomatoes. The pistol is that I can make alot of stuff that is low fat, low carb but then it's got SALT in it! I see people on the WW plan gulping down the V8 juice because it's only 1 point and they feel it's a veggie substitute. Well they drink 2 or 3 cans of the stuff in a day and it's got like 1/3 of a box of salt in it? Follow that with a few bottles of water and talk about bloat :?: I have gotten more experimental in using different seasonings but sometimes it seems like you can't escape the salt. Just have to be a label watcher supreme! That's why it's a quadruple whammy - low fat, low salt, low sugar, low carb. Geez... makes you want to run to :mcd: well no, but admit it, makes you THINK about it :lol:

Gotta run and get din din on the table. Catch you tomorrow. Be good.

03-18-2004, 10:14 AM
'Morning ladies.. :coffee:

So much to catch up on.

Chachee - I'm glad that I can help. Sometimes I really think I just shoot my mouth off too much. :^: I sometimes get a little overenthusiastic or over-intense when I'm trying to help. I will be awaiting your weigh in results with bells on, and you know I'm hoping right along with you! I'm really glad you like your gazelle!! It makes such a big difference if you enjoy the exercise you're doing. Holy cow on that schedule, girl. :yikes: How long does THAT last? I hope not long!!

Kathy - Thanks! *bow* I have to admit I was laughing like a lunatic after I managed the canter without grabbing mane or feeling airborne... I had Rosa worried till she realized what was going on. ;) Now I just have to pray that the sciatica doesn't flare up like this every time I do it. Much stretching going on in an attempt to stop it from happening again. I hope that as I get better at that hip rocking movement (woohoo baybee) and keeping my butt IN the saddle the aggravation will be minimized. I hope this week is going ok without the husband around. At least you don't have to worry about cooking for him! :D How is the pilates going?

Hippy - I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well again! Did you pick up some goldenseal? I know I have Nickie here getting all interested in relationships too... she gets frustrated at the typical adolescents, she's old for her age. I swear you couldn't PAY me to go through that again. I just hope her Dad doesn't bail on us again, because it would mean the world to her to have him down here. It's so important right about this age for a girl to have her Dad to talk to, you know? I sure hope you can kick this upper respiritory stuff soon.. I know what that's like.

Happy - Hey girl.. I'm sorry I didn't post. I've been having some things going on in my brain, and it makes it hard sometimes to think of things to say. I probably need to write the stuff out here, but it's stuff that's hard to put out. I don't want to be judged or pitied or counseled or looked down upon, but that's the kind of thing that usually happens when I start talking about some of my deeper issues. So I keep them to myself and try to work through them as best I can. I've made a lot of progress by journaling and posting "around" the issues.. never really hitting the nail on the head but at least dumping some of the emotions surrounding it. It's always couched, always danced around, but at least that much has helped. I just ended up a little twisted up in there, you know? And about the sodium thing.. yeah, that's just one MORE thing to try to track. It's kind of frustrating to me that everything we buy for convenience has loads of sodium in it.

Alright.. I'm still up on the scales, which as much as I know should not even come close to bothering me, still does. I have been stretching for the last couple days, and that seems to be really helping with the sciatica. This morning I was going to do taebo, but .. hmmmmmmmm... :mag: my tapes seem to have migrated elsewhere. I'll have to chat with my offspring to find out where they buried my tapes. So I did my treadmill thang. Quarter mile warmup, run a mile, quarter mile walk break, run a half mile. It really wasn't that hard. And since, oddly enough, running has never aggravated my sciatica (walking, however, does bother it. go figure) I was fine physically. Mentally I'm finally getting to the point where the running isn't so hard that I can actually free think while I'm running. I was wondering when that would start happening. In a way I'm almost sorry it has happened because sometimes things come up while I'm working out that I just don't feel ready to deal with. It happened this morning and I ended my run in a good cry. *sigh* All this stuff about weakness and punishment and not feeling like I'm good enough because I let a little sciatica slow me down and on and on and on... I wonder if the men who did those things to me ever realized how badly they were twisting my child's brain? I even remember one time I was told he was doing these things to me so I'd grow up tough and not a wimp. Yeah. Well.. whatever. Now I ride a razor's edge too much of the time. And I skirt issues, and I feel like I live sometimes on the fringe of a society that will never accept, never understand. I'm sorry.. this is too heavy, isn't it.

I guess my food is ok, fitday says it is. Water is .. mediocre. I need to get more in. Running in the morning does help, because I drink two big huge glasses at home before I even leave for work. The drawback to that is I have an hour drive to work and by the time I get here I'm DYING!! :lol: Lord help anyone who gets between me and the bathroom when I first get to work. Today is payday! *whee* That, of course, means running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Gotta luv it! Well it's Thursday - one more day closer to the weekend! Am I rambling here or what? Ok.. time to get some work done. Hope everyone is doing great today!

03-18-2004, 01:52 PM
Hi everyone.

I'll be back on later to post longer, but I was down another 0.4 last night. THAT'S RIGHT...NO GAIN! I was doing my Chachee happy dance! C'mon,everyone dance!

Total loss in 4 weeks was 9.4. Wahoo!

I'll chat later this morning. I'm kinda draggin my wagon!!!! One more night, Raven! I didn't get home until 2:30 am and was back at work at 7:45 am. I'm the Walking Dead!

No caffeine needed........yet!


03-18-2004, 03:29 PM
Okay, I'm back!

Happy: Are you out of your fog yet? I was really looking forward to finding out what had you so riled up! Guess we'll just have to wait. Thank you for all the encouragement yesterday. Really helped me focus on what I was doing, and not just get down for one week's results. I'm feeling good and as minimal as my loss was yesterday, it's still a loss! I'm very excited about that. That darned Ben and Jerrys tempts me sometimes, but there are so many good tasting ice cream treats out there that I can swap them out, it just takes a little looking. I need to not be lazy and grab something I know I'll like. I think that's a big part of being successful, also, is finding new foods. Branching out and trying new things. And yes, I am going to burn that pizza off this week on my Gazelle. I didn't work out this morning, but I'll explain that further down. (And yes, sometimes a McD's run is all I can think about. I've gone there twice in the last three weeks to get my son a Happy Meal and I've resisted everything there. Why does it smell so good when you aren't suppossed to have it??)

Raven: My friend, big hug your way! I know how hard it is to deal with things at times. Let me just say to anyone, anything put out here needs to be put without fear of being pittied, ashamed, and judged. We are all here to lift each other up, and that is a big thing for me. Sometimes I can't wait to get on here and see what someone has posted. A lot of it hits home with me and I can relate to a lot of it. I know everyone has issues, and different ways of dealing with them. Please remember we are all here for each other and this is a positive place. What's that thing my mom always said??? "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." I love that and try to apply it to my everyday life.

Now, that's not to say we don't need the occasional tongue lashing from our Drill Sergeant Raven!!!

Okay, I am off tomorrow because of working this CRAZY shift. I didn't get home until 2:30 am this morning. I will try to get on here and post sometime during the weekend, because it takes me so long to catch up with you all on Monday!!!

Have a great weekend and here's to a great week for all of us--physically, emotionally,and health wise!!!

Oh, and my hubby is for sure deploying to Thailand. He's gone 6-8 weeks. I think I can try and lose about 15 pounds while he's gone. That will be my challenge to myself. Oh, and Raven, did you see how close I am to hitting my 40 pounds lost?? I'm trying to copy you!


03-18-2004, 04:57 PM
Just checking in on everyone! I'll post more positive "great job girls" posts later.

As for myself, fever, sinus infection, both ears infected, bronchial infection. To be honest I feel like sh*t.

Just wanted to whine a little!

Take care girls and I'll catch up with you in a day or two.

03-19-2004, 11:03 AM
Good morning ladies!! :coffee:

I'm feeling much better today, much more positive. I hate to say it but I wonder if the drop on my scale had a lot to do with it. :goodscale Or maybe it was that yesterday I thought about all the NSVs I've had lately, and that brought me out of the doldrums. I don't know, but today is a good day. I'm at 180.5 again, and I will say that's a relief. I've been doing my stretches and the pilates I remember, and it feels good. I've decided not to buy the DVD player because I'm planning on buying a PS2 for the family in another month anyway. I'll just buy a cheap VHS tape for now and use it till then. I also got a recommendation from one of the ladies on the other thread I follow for a stretch called the piriformis stretch. It looks like exactly what I need, and I'm going to try that one out tonight. Today I'm in my 14s again, and wearing a button down shirt that I couldn't even close across my chest and tummy. Maybe I'm in such a good mood because I'm going to get my hair cut really short in back again tomorrow and I just LOVE the way that feels. All soft and fuzzy. :D Or maybe I feel so good because I realized that my favorite sandwich at subway only has 370 calories for the 6" size. It was nice to feel like I was eating something I shouldn't. ;) And I brought the other 6" for lunch today. That's a little more than I usually eat for lunch, but considering how late a day today is going to be, I'm not worried about it. I may even prepare for tomorrow by getting some to take with us to eat for lunch while we're working the pony rides. I'm so rambling today.

Chachee! :bravo: Congratulations!! I have a feeling that working out on that gazelle is going to be a very good thing for you. And I'm not sure if this is appropriae to say or what, but girl I'm darned proud of you! Look at how far you've come! It's going to be interesting to see which one of us hits the 40 pound mark first, eh?? :D And you don't know how much it means to me to have you all here to provide support. I am twisted up in my brain, I know I am. There are a lot of things I have to work through that would make a lot of people uncomfortable to talk about, to hear, to accept. That is why I have a hard time putting it out. I have ended up skewed. I just need to make myself understand that it's not important that other people accept me, I just need to accept myself. But there is nothing more touching to me right now than people accepting me for who I am. Probably because for so long even I couldn't do that. Because of the way I'm bent, I find it necessary to contstantly quantify how much I care for my boyfriend and my kids, to prove that my choices (do I really have a choice?) are not harmful to them or to myself. I realize I'm probably making no sense here, I apologise. In any case, thank you. Have you found that it's easier to stay OP when your husband is out of town? I'm just curious.

Hippy - :( I'm so sorry you've been hit so hard!! I remember several years ago I had ear infections in both ears and honestly - the pain in one ear felt like someone taking an ice pick and shoving it in there. It HURTS!! I hope you can get on antibiotics and get that under control quick! Get rest, drink lots, and I hope you feel better soon!!

Happy - Are you out there? I know you're busy, just want to make sure you're ok!

03-19-2004, 11:10 AM
Hi girls,
Raven - GREAT post in your journal this morning.

The last few days have been rather hectic for me. Tonight after work I am going into the city - the first of my childhood friends is turning the big 5-0 and we are having a small get together. Part of me wants to really harass her and get my last shot in but I have to contain myself - my turn is next month and we all know what goes around, comes around. :lol: Since I don't drive the highways with all the freaks on the road, and my friend lives just down the street from my mom, I will be spending the weekend at my mom's. I'm looking forward to it because though we talk on the phone all the time, I don't get to spend much face to face time with her. It will be a challenge tho because I'm sure all weekend she will be pushing food at me. :nono: Since I'll be away most of the weekend, I've been rushing about at night trying to get all the usual weekend chore stuff done so that I'm not overwhelmed when I come back Sunday afternoon. :tired: Eeegads!

I have not been dilligent on plan this week - not enough veggies or water or fruit. It's been sort of hit or miss - either something fast on the run or not that hungry. So I've just been bouncing around 2 pounds on the scale all week. Even though I am at the low end of the trampoline, I can't chalk it up to a success. Today's mantra is ... if not now, WHEN? It's all a matter of making it a priority, isn't it? Your journal entry Raven talking of feeling muscles and a tight body was quite inspiring. And also, when you're eating "clean" you feel so much better. It's just that you notice the bad feelings more than the good reminders. When things are going well, I think it's more of a taking it for granted.

How wonderful it would be to have enough time and money so you can just focus on one thing exclusively, wouldn't it? :cloud9: But alas, life isn't like that so I must learn to be a better juggler ;)

Gotta get rollin' - have a great weekend everyone, I'll be back Sunday!

03-19-2004, 11:12 AM
Boy, I wish technology would let us talk into a microphone and transcribe our thoughts. As I was rushing around last night in the background I kept having conversations with myself about our compelling need to have other people "accept and approve" of us and insecurities that drive us and the like... kinda what you're going through Raven. I just didn't have enough time to post them but I hear what you're saying... :grouphug:

03-19-2004, 07:04 PM
Hello wonderful ladies!!

Raven: Thank you so much for your nice words. I am proud of myself also. I'm going to share something very personal and I'm going to put it out there. If you are going out on a limb, then I will too!

About 4 years ago I had a bad accident and ended up tearing the miniscus in my left knee. I was in physical therapy and doing all kinds of meds to keep the pain and swelling down. After about 6 months of physical therapy, wearing a splint on my entire left leg (which I even had to wear for my wedding), and tons of doctor's visits, I ended up going in for an MRI prior to surgery. Well, when I took my information over to the MRI place, I noticed on the paperwork under "Other comments" it noted "Patient weighs 283 pounds". That was the first time I had to see in writing how very out of control I had let myself get. What was I thinking? Didn't I know how badly I was treating my own body and spirit? I was getting ready to walk down the aisle and I was heavier than I had ever been.

And, yes, I did know I was overweight, but seeing it written down on a piece of paper by a medical proffessional really upset me. Why did they need to note that, I wondered. Why write it down. It's obvious I'm not a normal weight, but dang, was it that bad?

Well, when I went in to have the MRI, it was tough. I carry most of my weight in my midsection and my thighs. That darn MRI machine was so tight because I was so fat. I remember never wanting to feel that way again. I had to admit I had a serious weight problem, and that was the worst day of my life. Because of how my body is built, and the fact I am tall, a lot of people never knew (and still don't) how heavy I had gotten. I know now that at that point I would have had to call myself obese, and it pains me even to this day to say that.

Granted, I am not close to my goal of 150, but hey, I am now under 100 pounds from it. It has been so long since I was under 100 away that the last time I remember that was about 7 years ago. How sad is that?

Now I am on the right track and you guys want to know what has helped me so much and made a lot of difference??? All of you that post with me. Your struggles are my struggles. My biggest downfall is boredom and emotional eating. I don't ever feel better after I have done it, but it's hard for me to control. I know where it comes from. It was my dealing mechanism when I was growing up because my father was an alcoholic. Never violent, just verbally abusive to my mom when he was drunk. I remember a lot of very tough times and that was how my mom dealt with it, therefore it found it's way to me. I've not ever had to go through that with any of my relationships, but seeing that always stuck in my head. I'm working to correct that and realize that there are different ways of dealing with bad memories other than eating. NOW I SHOP! Heehee. Just kidding. Now I analyze why I want to eat. And, truthfully, the knitting has helped me so much. It keeps my hands busy and I don't want to get the yarn dirty, so I don't eat when I am doing it.

Okay, I know I have rambled. I just know that one of my friends puts herself out there, and I wanted her to know how much I care and that I can put myself out there too. I have to admit these thing and make them my driving force, not my hinderance anymore!

Happy: Good luck on staying OP. I know it's hard when you are with other people. Now, with WW, I know I can have things, just need to cut the portions back.

Raven: I find it so much easier when hubby is gone to stay OP. I am going to start a mini-challenge when he's gone. He's going to be gone 6-8 weeks, and I want to lose 15 pounds while he's gone. I'll settle for 10. He leaves April 20th, give or take a couple of days. I'll be stocking up on WW frozen meals, low in sodium of course!! Thanks for being such a great motivator and encourager!

Talk to you all later! Feel free to analyze and give input on what I wrote. I always enjoy reading other people's POSITIVE reactions. :)


03-20-2004, 09:28 AM
Good Morning :D

Wow! I have missed alot since I have been away! I am happy to report that I feel among the living again! I am still coughing and blowing my nose but am feeling better today. I am taking antibiotics but I have had better ones that worked faster. I'm just glad to be somewhere other than in bed :lol:

Chach, the emotional eating is a killer. I eat when I'm happy, sad, stressed, it doesn't matter. I don't even have to be hungry to eat. Isn't it funny how we know we are overweight but it takes something eyeopening to make us see how overweight we really are? For me, it was pictures of myself that had been taken last Summer. I knew I was fat but when I saw those to be honest I couldn't believe how fat I had really gotten. The scale said 285 :yikes: I just sat there and looked at those pics and new that if I kept it up I was going to weigh 300 pounds. I weighed 55 pounds more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant :faint: I still have 100 pounds to lose to meet my goal of 150. I try not to look at it like that because it's so overwhelming for me. That's alot of pounds but I plan to get there. You are doing an excellent job and you will meet your goal. Hang in there :)

Happy, I have picked Monday as my stop smoking day. Care to join me? This is going to be hard but I can't keep putting it off. I always say I will quit after I lose weight but I have to do it now! I know it's going to be hard because I am really going to have to watch my diet and increase exercise to help keep me from gaining weight, I hope it works. I have been sick, as you know, coughing my head off and my lungs and bronchial tubes hurt and I have been thinking about being like for the rest of my life of my life from smoking. I don't want to be sick and coughing and not able to breath. I don't know how well it works but I have heard great things about the Smoke Away system. Have you heard of it? It is suppose to cleanse your system of nicotine and so on with natural ingredients. No nicotine replacement. You can be smoke free in 7 days. I know a few people have used it and say it's wonderful. I know that I have to do my part but I'm hopeing it will help with the cravings and so on.

I have to get Jordan fit for a tux and order his girlfriend a corsage and so on for their dance. I'm excited but Jordan is dreading me wanting to take pictures! This little deal is very expensive! $80.00 for tux rental, I have no idea what the flowers will cost, pictures to pay for. I agree with high school proms but Jr. High proms??? I thin it's a little much for 13 year old kids.

Raven, hope all works out with the ex keeping his word. Is he moving there soon?

Kathy, how are you?

I am so behind on housework and laundry so that's what I will be doing today. Have a great weekend!

03-20-2004, 01:20 PM
Hi everyone and HAPPY SATURDAY :balloons:

Well what a week, what a week.

Hippy, I am so sorry that you are sick. I hope that you are able to get lots of rest this weekend so that you are up and about by Monday. Wow Monday for quitting smoking! Good luck and remember to post so that we can try and help you through it. I think I have seen the commercials for the smoke away system, but they never show the price so I would think that it is quite expensive. (My hubby was going to look into that to help him quit smoking.) If you try it you will have to let me know if it really works and if it would be benificial to him.
Jr. High Prom....Well if that wouldn't make a mother proud and teary eyed to see him all dressed up in a tux, with his date in her beautiful dress.... ahhh *sniffle and sigh* maybe you could post some pictures so that we could be all proud with you.

Chachee I see that you are still knitting, and I am still waiting for my nice green scarf that would match my coat. Last night I actually dreamt that I had bought a gazelle myself and was working out on it in my closet. So your hubby is off once again for a few weeks. I had a hard time with just one week. Although he is gone again next week also. Hey I am a shopper also. :rofl: It worked well for me when I worked in a store, as I could shop all day long. Now, I actually have to go out after work to shop.

Happy I hope that you have a wonderful weekend with your friends and your mom. Are you leaving hubby a to do list while you are gone? I have been catching myself in the thinking lately that it would sure be much easier if I had alot of money, and then I could eat much healthier and not have to work so that I would have time to go to the gym. Yes I know this is bad thinking, and it is just an excuse to make me feel better. But it is just so easy to keep those thoughts.

Raven, so big plans for the weekend out at the stable? It is rodeo weekend here, so Kristi is wanting to go with her friend....just to check out the cowboys and the horses, not the actual events, although she says she enjoys the barrel racing. I am glad that you are feeling better, and more positive. Well now that you got your running down and it is easier, maybe I should issue a little challenge. What is your best time now for your 2 mile? Challenge, cut 10 seconds off your best time. Oh yeah and your challenge for me is to get my large butt onto my treadmill and just try and walk a mile or 2. :tread: ;)

Well now, the manager of our new office, is not doing his job really well, and he has been blaming everyone else but himself. So of course others are not doing their jobs and blaming everyone else also. Of course we all know that the blame eventually comes back to one person, and that would be me. So my higher boss came in and had a fit, at which I ended up literally telling him off yes I did use words that I shouldn't have. I finally told him to teach me to drive a truck so that I could do everything at work myself, and then I really could take the blame for everything. But yesterday we let everything go, what could he do when the stress finally got to much and I started to cry.... Him and the drivers were wondering what they could buy me to cheer me up!!! The straw that finally broke the camels back GIRL GUIDE COOKIES. The thousands of cases that I had worked for 2 weeks arranging delivery times for and then at the last minute it all fell apart. Man I am so glad that it is the weekend. The owner of the company is going to spend 3 weeks at our office trying to get the manager up to doing his job now. But I am pleased to say that I actually was only late for work on Tuesday and only 15 minutes. (No one had a lunch made and had to buy lunch) but Cody got up 15 minutes early for the rest of the week and packed us all a lunch. Good thing is the three of us worked together (Yes I hang my head in shame Mark makes the lunches in the mornings as I have such a hard time getting my butt up) and we now appreciate all the work that Mark does in the morning to get us all going for the day. Cody says that he will continue to make lunches. What a kid. Ok Sorry that I rambled on for so long. I must go and try and get caught up on some things.


Hi to Sassy if she is still out there.

Enjoy the weekend.

03-22-2004, 02:56 AM
Hi ladies :wave: I'm back. I had such a great weekend with my mom. I realized that I have to make a committment to spend more time with her. We laughed and talked and she was so happy that I went to church with her :angel: The church rumbled a bit on it's foundation but held up. Been a long time since I was in church. I still have my faith, believe in God, say my prayers and try to be a good Christian but I feel distanced from organized religion. My church is in my heart. I felt really sad at one point as we were talking at home when she said she doesn't get much company any more. :( She said she knows we are busy but it made me almost want to cry. We talk on the phone several times a week but I guess the face to face is important too. So I will make a better effort to get over by her more often. I tell you though, it's a good thing I don't live at home anymore or else I'd weigh 400 pounds for sure. Every hour she was pushing food at me. Want some soda, tea, coffee, juice, milk? How about a sandwich, piece of chicken, orange, bananna, apple, piece of pie, ice cream, chips? MOM we just ate an HOUR ago! :rolleyes: She does love to nibble she does. We took a walk down the road to a new fruit and vegetable store and of course I went hog wild - my vice used to be clothing, now it's grocery stores :lol: I picked up lots of tasty fruits and veggies so I can get back on plan and work off the sinful eating of the weekend. Got home in the late afternoon and then it was rushing around trying to finish out the weekend chores. Now it's almost 1am and I should be in bed but I wanted to do a quick post.

Mom and I did a fair bit of walking around and I realized I REALLY need to get walking again - whether on the treadmill (probably not as DH was sanding and painting while I was away) or I just have to brave the blustery cold outside and take a walk around the neighborhood. Vacation is only 4 weeks away and hubby is talking about kayaking, hikes in the woods and renting a bikes and peddling along the Monterey coast line. I am definitely NOT in shape for that! At least not at the minute but I have 4 weeks to "train" definitely starting tomorrow for sure.

Hippy, good luck with the smoking. I do the same as you - keep saying I want to lose some weight first but like you said, it just puts it off. I know from quitting before that my problem is habit much more than nicotine dependency. When I quit in '98 I went through a program at the hospital - the American Lung Association cessation program and I used the nicotine patch. The patch didn't really do anything for me except that it kept me from smoking because it's very dangerous to smoke while you are using the patch - you can cause a stroke from too much nicotine and I was terrified of that. Since it's transdermal you can't just rip the patch off and light up - you have to wait for the nicotine to dissapate. My doctor said I might have better luck with Zyban. Do I want to take an anti-depressant? Not sure... BUT in a show of support for you I will make the following committments. I will no longer smoke when driving. My husband washed my car this weekend and it's totally clean inside and out. I don't smoke at all when he's in the car and I don't smoke in his so there's no reason to smoke in mine. Also I haven't smoked in my house since 1998. I go outside or when it's cold, I go in the garage. Starting Monday I will only smoke outside. And since it's cold and windy and awful out there right now, this will not be pleasant. I had to stand outside when I was at my mom's and we had gusty terrible winds and no where to hide and I was thinking if I had to stand outside all the time, I'd probably quit. I will also go back to the Lung Association program - the part that preps you for quitting. I might be a little bit behind you, but you are right - it is time to give it up once and for all. I'd quit on Monday too but I need a little more prep time. I wish you the best of success and we can whine to each other, okay???

To the rest of you, I'm sorry but I really need to get to bed now. I will catch up with you tomorrow - hope you all had a good weekend!

03-22-2004, 10:25 AM
Good morning girls!

Happy, sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your mom. I am so glad you are going to take steps to stop smoking. I'm really glad you are willing to hear me whine :lol: I know my smoking is a habit more than being addicted to nicotine. I smoke so much I never have a chance to crave one! For me smoking is like eating, I don't have to want it I just do do it! This is going to be hard. I can sit and talk myself into wanting to smoke so I am going to really have to control my way of thinking. This program lasts for 7 days and just try to focus on staying strong so in 7 days I will be smoke free.

Kathy, I will gladly let you know if this works! I bought mine at Wal Mart. It is way too expensive online. I paid $37.00 for the 5 step program. Do you smoke or just your hubby?

Raven, how are you? Hope you had a good weekend!

Better run, must keep busy!!

03-22-2004, 12:47 PM
Hey ladies ...

Lots to read this morning! I'd been trying to pop in over the weekend and keep up, but I was under the gun time-wise from Friday night on. I'm still pushing it and will be all this week, I think.

Happy - I can kind of relate to how you're feeling about your Mom. That was one of the big reasons I didn't move out of Alaska till after my mom passed away, actually. I loved spending time with her, and I didn't want to be too far away. Now I'm so far away, and I wish I could spend more time with my dad. I think it's awesome you still have your mom, and that you two enjoy each other's company. I'm glad you had such a good weekend! And it sounds like you're getting yourself right back on track, and maybe even more on track than you were. I know the summertime heat is one of my big motivators - I can just imagine how your vacation would be a push for you!

Chachee - *big hug* Chickie .. it sounds like you and I have some things in common. My dad was an alcoholic and would get into huge fights with my mother. He was never physically abusive, but verbally he was terrible to my mom and us kids. The thing was, up till I was about 8 or 9, he wasn't like that at all. Then we moved into "the city" and his drinking got worse, and my daddy turned into this violent tempered, angry, hostile person. He was like that pretty much up till he retired, and I remember going through my teen years being told how fat and ugly and worthless I was. I suppose that's one of the reasons I am pushing so hard to have my ex in my kids' lives. He's a good dad to them, he loves them and tries to support them, and I don't want them to think anything otherwise. Even if I have to babysit him every step of the way on this move down here. I know they need a loving father in their lives. My dad changed a lot when mom passed away. He still drank.. he never stopped that. A lot of it was because of pain. But his attitudes towards us kids changed so much. He started treating us like people, and telling us he loved us, and how proud he was of us. *sigh* He was really just starting to be the dad I always wanted when he had this horrible accident. I feel very cheated sometimes. Of course, some things never change... one of his comments when he saw me up there this time was "You're Marian? Well.. by god, you grew up really pretty! you used to be such a fat ugly little thing..." I kid you not. I just laughed it off, because what else could I do? I can't tell you how much it means to me that you're calling me "your friend" and willing to share painful memories here with us, with me. It's cathartic to know I'm not alone, to be able to put this stuff out and know that there are people who have been through it, who understand, who care. I remember times in my life where my weight was so embarrassing to me, too. I hit a high of 245 right after I had my son.. I was in my 260s when I was full term with him. It was kind of humiliating to go to the OB, it was so embarassing to have to go through surgery at that weight. I didn't even fit on their stupid little table right, and my ex told me some of the things the operating room staff said after I was back in my room with my new baby, and I remember crying thinking to myself what a cow I'd become. I don't understand why I waited so long to do something about it, that's what amazes me. I think the thing we have to hold on to now is that we ARE doing something about it. Not just the weight, but about the headspace, too. We have a right to hold our heads up, to be proud of ourselves, to walk tall and smile. Ok, well, I'll walk short, but I'll still smile! ;) I'm rambling too.. I just think it's awesome how well you're doing, and how hard you're trying.

Kathy - Actually my current challenge to myself is to be able to run 2 miles in 25 minutes. It's going to take me a while to get there, but slowly but surely I'm improving my speed. Some days are better than others... :dizzy: but I'm seeing steady progress as long as I don't push it too hard. It sounds like your shop is having many of the same kinds of issues that ours is. Except over here it's not really the fab plant manager who is in error, it's our engineering department that keeps falling down on the job. We have one job here right now that has already gone WAY over budget, between labor overruns and penalties... it's ugly. With good luck and no more disasters, it should be done and gone in about three weeks. Till then I have to put up with people from engineering and corporate plus from contracting companies and the client's office crawling all over the plant. *shudder* It's making me crazy. I hope you all can get your manager trained in right! ;) Mornings used to be really hard for me, and still can be if I let them. Working out in the morning has really helped a lot. Lately I've been trying to get into work early, so the exercise has been taking a bit of a hit. And before anyone says "just get up earlier" I'm already doing the wake up at 4:30 thing.. any earlier and I might as well just not go to bed. This crap at the plant will end soon and I'll be back on my regular schedule, in the mean time I'll just catch my workouts as I can. Tonight is my riding lesson, so that will wear me out!

Hippy - The ex is supposed to be moving down in the next couple months. Things are pretty flexible at this point, we'll see how it goes. So far he's still keeping on track! I really hope this program helps you kick the smoking. My ex smokes - he's quit so many times I've lost count, so I really understand how hard it must be. This time he's gone a month without one, I really hope he keeps it going! I worry that my daughter will pick up smoking if she's around it and has access to the evil things. I hope today is going well for you!

After being interrupted about 17 times trying to get this posted... good lord. I'm alright. I blew it this weekend bad on food and water - I didn't have much of either. I was well under 1000 calories each day, and my water intake totally stunk. I'm so dehydrated, and drinking water today on schedule. When I get really busy like this, I stop eating. It's a horrible habit. But rather than grab garbage food, I just won't eat. I'm going to run out to the store soon and grab a healthy lunch plus whatever I need for dinner tonight. Chicken quesadillas!

Ok .. I'll post more later I guess when I have time.. right now I'm just slammed in from every direction and I so need to get some work done. Have a great Monday everyone!

03-22-2004, 03:51 PM
Hi Ladies,

Hippy: Sounds like we both have similar goals. I know it takes time, but we are making progress towards that end goal. Did you get all your laundry and housework done? I did, even with being sick. I have a friend come in from Oregon and I wanted to get all that done before she gets here on Wednesday. Good luck on the smoking!!!

Lucky: Dreaming about a Gazelle? Did you at least enjoy it?? :lol: Sounds like your work is a bit stressful right now. I hope it calms down for you and he takes responsibility for his actions! And I do have a green scarf all done. Just need that address........

Happy: Sounds like you had a nice visit with your mom. We sometimes forget how important it is to spend time with our family. Being far away from mine makes me sad at times, but I also appreciate the time Iget to spend with them a lot more now. Good luck with the smoking.

Raven: Isn't it funny how a thing like drinking an affect lives? My dad is sad at how many years he wasted by being wasted! He's an awesome dad and has been since he quit cold turkey when I was in middle school. It certainly made me realize I never wanted to be an alcoholic! I can find better ways to eat up calories! I'm glad that the kids's dad is moving back your way. I think it will be so good for them. And I agree, one little step at a time to correct all the bad things in our heads and on our bodies!!! I am not going to Oregon in May, so I will be around here if/when you come on up. It just wasn't smart of me to take all that time off with me wanting to have surgery and also with hubby being gone for 8 weeks. If something happens and my son is sick, then I have to be the responsible one and make sure I can take the time without being short on leave hours. Oh well, I am rescheduling it for next February.

Well, back to work. I am still really sick, but came to work anyway. Hey, share the bugs is what I always say!! Anyone have any tips for getting enough water in when you are sick? I can't stand it right now and am living on hot tea and diet sodas.


03-23-2004, 03:52 AM
Hi! hi....hi......hi!!!! ~waving wildly from across "the big pond"~ i´m still here, ~grinz~ thank you all for the wonderful, warm, welcome and the gentle nudge to post again ~winks playfully towards lucky~ you all are such incentive, i can´t tell you how much i enjoy reading your posts. this is my first stop when i enter 3fc, for a smile and a boost. your encouraging words are one of the bestest parts of my mornings. you and of course coffee....... as i stumble glazed and confused, following that aromatic scent of the life giving brew..that first tentative sip........Nirvanna.......mmmmmmm

i find that when i come here, i can get lost for hours reading. like a sponge, soaking it all in gleening bits and pieces of info that will help me with my journey. ~feels an incredible urge to go ohmmmmmmm, be the sponge, become one with the sponge~ i am sure that has to do with the fact that i am new here. so has much has changed on our views of "dieting". the way we think and feel about it mainly. naturally the bottom line less, move more. but the stringent no-no´s and the " YOU CAN NEVER HAVE THIS AGAIN......" ~watches horrified as the hammer goes down, shakes off the old smiles at the new~ it´s fabulous! more of a I can approach as opposed to the old You can´t......

Raven had asked what had gotten me to Austria ~smiles warmly towards her~ maybe a brief bio would be goodly here. i met my handsome hunnie, online in a chat venue almost 4 years ago. after a year he flew over to meet me and we have been bebopping back and forth ever since. ~smiling brightly~ the original plan was that he was to move to America. thats what we worked for, that was the goal. even went so as as to teach him the words to my " my baby is american made...born and bred in the usa....." ~laughing~ but as we know the best laid plans and all..... he owns a company here, and the company ended up merging with another. which made it impossible for him to move to me until the two companies stabalized. after sepnding last summer with him we decided we didnt want to be parted for another year or two... so last thanksgiving that bundle of fur and i boarded a plan to Austria. (not as easy as that last sentence sounded, trust me. still feeling reprocussions from this descision. but thats another post entirely ~sheepish grin~ ) so Raven the long and the short of it...... Love took me to Austria. and we are getting married on the 5th of june. ~smiling brightly~ this man is the soothe-sayer to my soul, healer of my heart.

i find myself emerging slowly from my own personal ****, 60 pounds heavier i might add. (which is what got me here to 3fc ~winks n blushes~) i don´t know where i am going now or how to end this...... for my train of thought has jumped track once again. so i better hit "Post quick reply.....and be done. ~scratches her tawney colored haed and thinks......wasnt i suppose to be talking bout my weekend~ anyhoo.... this is why i dont post. i never know what to say. you all seem to know each other so well. and i want you to know me too as i get to know you thru your words. i will try harder to follow your lead as posting goes and quit trying to play catch up with you all ~grinz~ i.e@

Happy - thrilled your visit went so well with your mother. and you know mom´s, they have the need to feed ~grinz n winks~ starts at know your doing you job well if your baby is eating and gaining properly.

Cachee - Austria is more-gous! more then gorgeous ~laughing~

Hippy - sending you all the best vibes, your a stronger woman then i am ~laughing~ on your quiting smoking program!

Raven - thanks for filling me in on the nail issue. i was hoping to be of some help ~smiling softly~ i am so into the little things that make life easier, tips, tricks, and to-do´s. i like to call them the "duhhhhhhh, why didn´t i think of that!" things.

Lucky - bet you will think twice before asking if i am out still out here after reading all if this.......~laughing~

here´s to wishing you all nothing but the very best and hoping your week will be filled with lil wonders.......



03-23-2004, 07:33 AM
Good morning ladies! :coffee:

Sassie welcome back! I was wondering what had happened to you! Well we have something in common. :) I met my guy online too, nearly 12 years ago now. He lived in GA and I lived in AK. Very long story, but about 9 years ago I ended up moving down here to be with him. I can relate to the "repercussions" from a move like that - though I imagine moving out of the country would have even more! I loved your post. Please feel free to ramble on. I think some of the best thoughts come out of just free association typing. :D You're so right, and I hadn't thought about it that way, but it is all about what you CAN do now instead of what you can't. I remember when I stumbled onto 3FC a little over a year ago. It was amazing to me, and it seemed too good to be true. But I've met some wonderful chicks here, and I've gotten the support I never thought I'd find. I too can lose myself just reading posts and journals. (Become one with the sponge. :lol: ) It's inspirational, and many times I'll find that what I'm typing to someone to help them through a rough spot helps me as well. And yaknow.. I try to keep up with the posts, but I don't do the greatest job on responding to everything. I just love to keep up with all the chicks here and see how everyone is doing. And if all I have time for is to peek in and read, then at least I feel more connected, and I come back in and try to catch up later as I can. Please don't feel like you can't just jump in and type whatever you'd like! :comp:

Chachee - I must have missed the part where you were sick? I have been so fuzzy the last week or so - busy and I think a little overtired. Is it respiritory? I've found that even if I hate drinking the water when I'm sick or cold, it really helps to loosen up the phlegm. I can tell immediately anymore if I'm not drinking enough water, especially during pollen season! As far as how to get enough in... try lemon in it? Hm.. I usually just roll my eyes, take a deep breath, and guzzle about 16 ounces at a time. I figure if I can do that at least 4-6 times a day, I'm doing ok. Of course when it gets warmer out, or if I've been running or working out, it's SO much easier to get in the water. It is amazing to me how our addictions in general play havoc with our lives. Smoking, drinking, eating.. and all the rest of the things we abuse in the name of self medicating. And I can sure understand what you mean about worrying about what might happen if you're traveling and your little one... kids change our whole perspective on things. I'm sorry you had to postpone your trip, but I have to admit it sure would be nice to see you again!

The time since last Thursday has pretty much whizzed by in a blur. Work is frantic, summer is coming and the pony rides are starting, Rosa is finding herself under the gun with all the new lessons starting with the warmer weather plus her ongoing drapery business, and of course this "project" of trying to get my ex down here, not to mention the fact that with the warmth I actually want to get out and start riding more, being outside more, enjoying the sun and green. But today, I'm much more relaxed. I took the day off work - probably not the best time to do so because there are bigwigs coming in from out of town, but they rescheduled on SATURDAY and I'd had these plans for over two weeks, so my boss just said call a temp to answer the phones and that will be that. The farrier is coming out to the stables, and the kids have never seen one in action. And since I've never met the guy, I decided this would be a great opportunity for a "field trip" for the kids. We'll help bring in horses from the pasture as needed and walk them back out again, plus I'll get to talk to him about whether I should shoe my pony or not yet. I know he needs feed supplements for his hooves, I just haven't been able to afford to pick them up yet. His feet were in pretty bad shape last year when he came to me, so it's been a long process of growing out the old and trimming - he's a slow grower, so it's going to take a while. Too much horse talk? I'm sorry. :o ANYway.. lessons were last night, we're all doing pretty good. I managed the posting trot for what seemed like forever last night, so I think my leg muscles have improved dramatically. But I swear that two point will be the death of me. I have such horrid balance. I know that with practice it will improve but... *shudder cringe whine*

The crappy news is this. My brother's gf has decided not to buy into my dad's house. My brother says she's "creeped out," but if you want my personal opinion (even if you don't want it), I think she realized she doesn't HAVE to buy us out. She stays there with my brother, sells her house, and she's living payment free till such a time as my father passes away and the house needs to be liquidated. Neither of my brothers want to sell the house while dad is alive just in case something financial comes up and he needs the money. I can understand that, and even though he has provided very well for himself, one never knows what might come along in the future, and I agree. I would not want to see my father not getting the best care possible because of lack of funds. So.. bottom line though is that I'm SOL on the money issue. Back to where I started from. She gets a free ride, and I keep going. It's aggravating in a way. If I'd stayed in AK, I'd be the one living in that house, I know - I made my choice. *shrug* Dad is doing a little better mentally, he seems to remember people better. Physically, however, there is the inevitable deterioration. His arms are getting too weak to push himself in the wheelchair, so he depends on others to move him around. His legs are in far too much pain to attempt walking anymore. The circulation in one foot is not great, and they're worried about that. I hate seeing this. The slow wasting. It just doesn't seem fair to him. He was always so strong, so resiliant - he was always the person who, no matter what happened, just grit his teeth and got through it. I truly never, ever expected this with my dad. I can't seem to ignore the feelings inside me that it won't be much longer. Then the other part of me jumps in and says "hey! he's tough! he's lived through so much, he could be alive for another 10 years!" My poor daddy. He seems bound and determined to hang on to the bitter end, and yep, that's my dad.

Well wow... that's a great way to reduce myself to tears, isn't it! *bonks self* The GOOD news (drum roll please) is that after stabilizing after my totally screwed up no calorie no water weekend - I'm at 179. I think I can lose another pound in the week till the end of them month, which would bring me to my 40 pounds lost mark. I won't make my stealth goal of 176, but I'll be DARN close!! :D :D :D I know my exercise has been kind of haphazard, but it's happening. If it isn't structured, them I'm doing something physical like running back and forth from pastures or grooming horses or walking ponies and lifting children or whatever. I can't remember if I mentioned already that I decided to just order the VHS tape of Pilates for Dummies, that saved me buying a DVD player since I'm planning on buying a PS2 for Machine for his birthday anyway. I hope it comes soon. :p I guess I'd better get going.. need to walk the doglets, take a shower, do some laundry and get the kids out of bed so we can be off on our adventure!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

03-23-2004, 11:02 AM
'Mornin Chickies :yawn:

So much to catch up on. I spent my computer time allotment last night trying to find new avatars for Mel on the other thread. There's really not much in the way of something decent that involves a wheelchair!

Raven, sorry to hear about the change in plans for your Dad's house. I can imagine how disappointing that must be, especially when you could really use the money. It's too bad that one of your siblings can't buy out your share - but I guess I can't argue the point about holding on to the asset in case he needs more aid for care later on - that is as long as the house will continue to hold it's value over time. And I suppose your brother and GF if living there will continue to foot the cost of routine maintenance in leiu of "rent free"? If not, well maybe some discussion is in order... Touchy situation. Congrats on the steady downward creeping of the scale numbers! Sounds like the horsie time is really filling up your schedule.

It made me sad to read your post about how your Dad called you fat and ugly. My Dad, as well as all my friends dads were all alchoholics - can't think of a single childhood friend whose dad didn't drink. Some more than others, some were happy drunks, some yellers, some kept to themselves but we all grew up to think that it was just the way things were that all daddies drank. My dad was a happy drunk, my mom had it worse dealing with the situation but as a father, he was always loving and supportive. It wasn't until I grew up, started working and meeting people from all walks of life that I started to discover mommies and daddies who were not very loving to their kids. And I started to see so many messed up people who suffered their entire lives due to low self esteem, endless seeking of approval of parents who would never be satisfied, arguing and violence in the house. Those situations last forever in your mind. When I was growing up it was eat, eat, eat - if you were chubby it was a sign of love and a healthy child. Now I've even encountered anorexic women who go the opposite extreme with their children and pass their wierd thoughts on food on to them. The world gets screwier the longer I'm in it :dizzy:

Chachee regarding your MRI story, I hope you realize that they were not singling you out. When I went for mine last year the technician told me that the sliding "bed" on the machine would only hold 300 to 350 pounds. She said they had to start weighing patients after 2 people lied about their weight and broke the machines. I give you credit for enduring being stuffed in that tube. I had to do the open MRI and even then I needed a valium to get through it - freaked out the first time about a minute into the test. :yikes: But I can understand how you felt. I remember how I felt when one of my friends left at one of my jobs and I realized that I was the fattest girl in the department. I was both ashamed and angered at myself because in a way it pushed me towards the food even more. Twice in my life I have gotten dressed up fancy for a wedding or some event and left the house feeling pretty good only to find that some tall, skinny thing had the exact same dress that I had on. Them in their nice flowing size 6 of course and me in my billowing size 18. Talk about taking the wind out of your sails :( I hope you are feeling a little better today. When I'm sick I tend to go the liquid route with soups, hot tea with lemon and maybe a bit of honey. If you're coughing, getting the water down helps clear out the chest congestion. Sometimes I would just chug a full glass down after the cough syrup just to get it in.

Hippy, how goes it with day 1 of the smoking program? I am sending you some good strength vibes - had to laugh at your comment that you smoke so much you don't get cravings for a cig. I never thought of it that way but boy is that true! Often I have taken myself to the edge of quitting with such resolve at night when I go to bed only to find in the morning that it's all over my head like a mad drummer thinking about it like I wouldn't otherwise. I think my biggest problem is the whole self denial thing. The more I tell myself I can't have something, the more I want it. I have to play wierd head games with myself - isn't that just plain stupid when you think about it? :?:

Lucky, sorry to hear of the woes at the office, but isn't that just how things seem to be now a days? Everything seems to fall into the hands of one or two dependable worker bees and you can't get management to manage like they are supposed to (easy for me to say not being a manager anymore ;) )Hopefully you got them shook up and people are starting to listen and work together again. Sometimes you have to have a tantrum just to get them to pay attention. I think it's great that Cody and Mark help with putting the lunches together - you all have to pitch in with the things you do best and share the chores. I've always felt that way and sometimes it even works out that everyone contributes - oh happy day!

Sassy, it's great to hear you reporting in again. Loved the saying "be the sponge" :lol: I give you credit for moving to a totally different continent to follow your love. Geez, sometimes just moving across the country to a different area seems, well ... scary. Congrats on the upcoming wedding. Are you planning a large or intimate affair?

Well I best get my keester in gear here and attend to other things... have a great day everyone!

03-23-2004, 03:13 PM
*cough, sniff, achoo!!*

Hello all! Sickie here reporting in. I wish this stuff would go away soon. It's all a conspiracy by the Kleenex company! :lol:

I did pretty well with water yesterday. I took suggestions and just chugged it all down. I was minus 16 ounces, but considering I almost wanted to hurl when drinking it, not so bad!!! :o

Sassy: Welcome to the "online love" club. Both Raven and I met our men online. I met mine in 1998 in a country western chat room. Fell in love, gush gush, he moved 5000 miles to be with me and we have been married 5 years this year with a 2 1/2 year old son. Isn't technology wonderful??

Happy: I totally understand where you are coming from on the "round happy child". That was so true where I came from. And I also grew up around all my dad's friend drinking. It's weird how things change, huh? Now my husband and I actually have to dust off the liquor bottles. It's a very special occastion when we have a drink. I just think growing up like that affects a person to not want to treat their loved ones the same way. I guess it's also true that some kids mirror their parents and repeat the behavior. I guess I never had to worry about smoking, because I have asthma and it would kill me!! I didn't know that about the MRI and scale situation. Thanks for letting me know about that. If the truth be told, I probably would have lied about my weight also. I didn't think about honey in my tea. I used to love hot water with lemon and honey. Maybe I'll brew up some when I go home for lunch. SOMETHING'S GOTTA HELP! *cough cough*

Raven: *sniff sniff* So sorry to hear about the house situation. I know you were really hoping it would sell soon. I guess there is a reason for it not selling, but you will just have to wait and see what that reason is. It sucks, though! My colds/flu bugs always turn into bronchitis or something respiratory because of my asthma. I've battled it all my life. When I was born my left lung collapsed and they had to do surgery right away. I've always had weak lungs, but have been able to overcome it in most situations. It's my one physically weak area and that's why I am so happy I'm a generally healthy person,even with this weight on. Big congrats on the loss, again! I am so proud of your loss and how you have stuck with this. You never know, the scales gods may shine on you this next week and help you make your stealth goal. I am hoping for at least a .6 loss, bringing me up to 10 gone. I am, of course, hoping for more. Hope you and the kids had a fun day!

Okay, ladies, tomorrow night is weigh in. Start those good vibes now, okay?? I might be MIA after Wednesday as my friend is coming in from Oregon. I'll try to get on and check in on Sunday or Monday.

Also, my big day is a week from today. My consult with the plastic surgeon is Tuesday, March 30th at 3:00 pm. Oh, I can't wait to see what he says. Keep those fingers cross for me on that day also.

I will check in tomorrow, as I am sure I will have the weigh-in jitters! Still have to work on overcoming that!

Have a great day!!


03-24-2004, 10:14 AM
Mornin' ladies! I see several little egg lights on, seems we'll be cross posting together.

Chachee, hope you are feeling better and that you have a good visit with your friend this week.

The warmer weather is finally here. We should be in the 50's and maybe even 60's by the weekend. I've got my window cracked open a bit and the fresh air is soooo nice :cloud9: It's so motivating! I also hope it takes away the hungries. I've been trying to exercise portion control again and I've left the table sort of hungry after a few meals. The hunger fades after a while but while I'm right there at the table I keep thinking, gee I'd like just a little bit more :( I went down in the basement yesterday - DH had been doing more sanding last weekend. Geez what a mess! I think my walking will be outside for the next 2 weeks - even if it is raining out. It's too much work to clean everything up when he's not done yet - especially since it means re-doing it. For some reason it's also hard getting the water in this week - I'm a little low on that too. It's like I have to force it down. :dunno:

I gotta get running, will check back later. Have a good one today!

03-24-2004, 12:57 PM
Hello Ladies!

Going to the doc today to get some meds to stop this darned flu bug! Need to get a new asthma inhaler, as mine is expired and this bug has decided to settle in my lungs. Ick! Makes working out impossible as I can't hardly breathe anyway!

Weigh in is tonight, and I am pretty sure I will hit the 10 pound mark. We shall see in a few hours. I might try to get on here and post after weigh in, because I don't know when I will have another chance to until Monday.

Hope everyone is doing well.


03-24-2004, 01:15 PM
Hey girls! Not alot of time right now but wanted to pop in.

Day 3 of no smoking!!!! Happy, I kid you not, I had no idea what it was like to crave a cigarette until last night and girl I thought I had lost it!! I was pacing the floor, crying, talking to myself!!!! It was HORRIBLE but it passed, I didn't give in and I will not go back to smoking. I feel better already!!!

Chach, hope you are feeling better.

Sassy, You smoke too?

Raven, Great goal you have set for yourself.

Kathy, things good on your end?

Catch up with you lovely ladies as soon as I can!!!!

03-24-2004, 02:19 PM
Hippy - 3 days smoke free! YAY!!!!! :cp: :cheer: :cb: :high: You GO GIRL!!!

The cravings are just horrible!!!! It's like it crawls in your head and you can't think about anything else. I could deal with them easier when I was in the office and couldn't smoke but when I was at home.... geez sometimes I'd go to bed at 9pm (which is like normal people going to bed at 5:30pm :lol: ) just so I wouldn't have to think about it. The thing that did me in was that I didn't quit for me, I quit because my sister asked me to so I didn't have the strong resolve that you need although my husband was a real sweetie talking me through it. Cry, yell, kick a pillow, take several deep slow deep breaths and DON'T GIVE IN!!!! You are my hero :encore:

Chachee :goodluck: with the weigh in and getting some stuff to get you "unstuffed". Have a good time with your friend.

Hellos to everyone else - get in here and POST! :^:

03-24-2004, 04:17 PM
Hiiiiiii ladies... *straggling in* I am sooo tired. Work is crazy exhausting, I can't think. Yesterday at the stables was great, I felt so good, did so much stuff. My daughter is very upset about the house money not coming, as that means we can't buy Shadow. I told her we will, it just means we have to go to "Plan B." All is not lost, it will just take longer this way. I'm definitely into the 170s, which is a good thing. I survived the non-eating fiasco of a weekend, and I'm trying to drink more water. I've made my 5 pound goal, no question about that, now I wonder if I'll make it to my stealth goal of 176. Probably not, I couldn't lose three pounds in a week unless it's a dehydration loss, and that's not good. But I might be able to lose another pound, putting me at 178, which would mean my 40 pound mark, leaving me with 43 to go. I could definitely live with that.

Hippy - That is so awesome on the smoking!! Keep it up, girl!!

Chachee - Geez I hope you feel better soon! And you BETTER come in here and post after weigh in!! *hands on hips look*

Happy - Enjoy the warmer weather, I know I sure have been. How long till the work is done in the basement and you can use the treadmill? Do you have a decent place to walk outside? Around here you take your life in your hands if you try... ;)

Ok, back to work. I'm so far behind after taking yesterday off. Happy hump day!

03-24-2004, 04:59 PM
How long till the work is done in the basement and you can use the treadmill? Do you have a decent place to walk outside? Around here you take your life in your hands if you try... ;)

:lol: :rofl: :lol3: How funny you should say that... Back in the 80's I used to go to Atlanta on business quite a bit as we had an office we supported. Actually, we were in the town of Tucker. We stayed at a Holiday Inn right off the expressway and had to cross a simple little curvy street to get from the hotel to the office - wasn't worth driving just across the road. Well... you'd never think crossing a road could be so :fr: The way those people zoomed across the road I swore they were aiming for me. That's when my buddy - a "native" Georgian told me that while other parts of the country joke about getting points for splattering pedestrians, 'round their parts they actually took it as a sport! :lol3: So much fun craning your neck to see around the bend in the road and then doing the 20 yard dash with a purse, briefcase, heels and a laptop only to have your knee crank out from under you. I guess it's rather amusing to the drivers to see you running like Quasimodo - hey, maybe that's why they do it? ;)

But yes, I can walk around the residential area just fine as long as it's not during rush hour when everyone and their brother are cutting through the area to avoid the clogged up main streets. We also have a fabulous walking path in the woods not too far from here. With the better weather and promises of a glorious weekend, DH is already talking about taking to the forest paths again. Like your plan B with Shadow (good to hear that all hope is not lost BTW tho there goes Disneyworld I suppose :( - I have to have a plan B for walking as it's going to take him a while to get the basement done only being able to do it on the weekends. 3 weeks until vacation :dance: and we have to start attending to planning some things for that including the external quest for comfortable sneakers. I don't think much will get done at the house beyond just the usual cleaning. And we have SO MUCH work to do in the yard. But that can wait until May.


03-25-2004, 01:58 AM
Hi everyone

I wrote out a nice post to everyone this morning and then it got lost in cyberspace.

Hippy let me join in :cheer: :bravo: :cheer: :encore: :cp:
You are awesome. Hang in there. You know jump on the computer if you need to keep your hands busy also. You are the queen. I was so lucky that I was so sick when I was pregnant that it was not hard to quit. You have willpower and I am bowing down, arms out waving while I say you have the power.

Happy I like the wheelchair pic. Did someone design it, as I notice that it has changed a little bit. :rofl: I can actually see you running across the express way dressed so professionally, with the heels. Did you find that on your way out of town you drove that expressway to watch someone else make the dash? :D

Chachee good luck to you on your weigh in tonight. I know that you will hit your 10 lb mark. You know what was so funny about my dream is I really did enjoy my workout and when I woke up and figured out it was just a dream, I was dissappointed. :shrug: who would of thought!!! I really hope that you are able to kick your flu bug really quickly.

:wave: Hi Sassy great to see you posting I sure had a great chuckle with your sense of humor. :lol: Are you still out there?

Raven I am so glad that you had a good day off at the stables. ;) a good working day off that is. I hope that you are pleasantly surprised and you lose your 3 pounds by the extra work and being outside.

Well I must run, and I hope everyone has a great Thurdsay. Although it has been Thursday all day for me today.

03-25-2004, 01:59 AM
Hello Ladies! Now, don't fall over that when you log on here and mine is the first post of the day! I have that 4 hour advantage on all y'all!

Um, let's see...where to start.....I don't want to get in trouble with Raven for not posting quickly, so here goes:

I am down another 2.6 pounds this week to make a total of 12 pounds in 5 weeks!! :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

Can you all tell I am excited? I was just hoping for a 0.6 loss, so that would put me at the 10 pound mark and a nice 5 pound star to go on my 5 pound bookmark. Oh, what a nice feeling to know you achieved a double digit loss. I'm kinda amped up tonight because of it. I'm above my goal of 2 pounds a week, which I thought was rather aggressive. I know it's going to slow down, but honestly, I can't remember the last time I lost weight five weeks in a row. :shrug: Who cares? I'm doing it now and that's what counts.

My goals for this week:

1. Enjoy my success!
2. Continue my good habits
3. Try to get in some exercise once this bug passes and I can breath normally.

I'm not going to set up any big goals for myself this week as I have my friend coming into town and she likes to go visit her favorite restaurants. I'm not going to unreasonable and am going to give myself some slack. I'd like to be down 3 pounds for next week so I can get my next star, but I'll settle for any loss.

Hippy: Look what I found to encourage you: :nono: :smoking: I am very proud of you for three days without smoking. My father has smoked since he was 13 and I know what a struggle it is for him. It's like my struggle with food. I saw a good commercial for quitting smoking. It said, "Quitting takes practice". I thought that was a wonderful phrase. Who would have thunk it? Keep up the excellent work!

Happy: We were both posting today at the same times, I think. So nice to see you on here a couple of times. Vacation coming up....I'm so jealous. I just cancelled mine.

Raven: See, now don't stand there with your hands on your hips for long. It's hard to get anything done like that!! :rofl: I'm glad you had a nice day off work, it's just getting back to work with all the stuff waiting that isn't nice, huh? I know, because with these three days off, it's going to be a buried desk I come back to. I have one of those bad weeks next week, with training two more nights at the Jail. Ugh, I am dreading it already!!! Congrats on the loss, and I think you are doing a wonderful job!!! Stealth might be reachable.

I'm going to take my meds now and get the bedroom ready for my friend. She'll be here in about three hours. Can you say procrastinate? Yeppers, that is me!

I won't be checking back in for a few days. I'll try to catch up on the posts, but it's going to be hard. Bear with me. Maybe by next weigh in I can be all caught up!

Talk to you all later and have a great weekend!


03-25-2004, 02:02 AM
Lucky, we crossed posts! How funny we are both on at the same time! I am going to kick this bug in the butt real quickly! It was nice that you sent us all nice posts, but that darned cyber space eats it up sometimes.

Have a great Thursday to you too!


03-25-2004, 04:14 AM
Cachee wrote << I will try to overcome the bad food cravings, but if I only slip up by having a couple extra slices of pizza, than dang-it, that is wonderful compared to what I used to do! I need to not beat myself up and realize I'm only human, not a weight loss machine that never has an off week.>>

(( Sassy edited the bit about candy bars and ice cream only onna count of she could add that to cakes, cakestries (normally pronounced pastries but i never understood that so decided to call them something more appropriate. my favorites are the fruity-licious ones ~sheepish grin~), chocolates, adding a snappy lil tune while i waddle my way around the grocery store...........and well you can see where this is heading..... ~stops rewinds tape and thinks~ fresh strawberries, seedless grapes, tangelo´s......lemon anything!! ~dabbling at her brow~ whew, scared myself there. and now i return you back to our regular positive posting ~winks n grinz~ ))

Cachee what you wrote is my new non-guilt mantra! which i needed really bad tuesday. i was doing so well, had a fabulous weekend point-exercise-people-wise. every saturday his immediate family gets together. we alternate homes, his mom getting us all there twice a month, sister-in-law and me once a month. now what makes this truely fabulous is.......... his older brother and sister-in-law started the winning points thingie in january, his folks in february and we in march!! i should mention the younger brother of course is one of those love-to-hate peeps, a Lean, Greenwithwithenvyi am, eating machine. anyhoo his mother uses her staurdays as a day off the program. judith (SIL) has wow power way better then will power, just amazes me how she will grab a piece of fruit as opposed to the fruity-licious before us. or she will take a bite of her daughters and call it good. well last saturday was at my house....i did so good, i did so good!! ~almost pulls a muscle reaching to pat herself on the back~ saturdays start at around 1 or 2 in the afternoon with coffee and cake, dinner between 4-5, followed by coffee and dessert. they love all things american, but especially holiday decorations (and foods, shhhhhhhhhh) so i whipped out the easter stuffs and had the foresite to make sure i brought egg coloring gunk with me. the children had a ball, and his parents were taking pictures of my decorations (they are so cute!) boy ifn they could of seen all the stuffs i couldnt bring ~power pout............shaking it off~ again back to foods. we all have a sweet tooth and love flavors and i wanted to show, not with words, stressing that.....Show the mom´s that we didnt have to go off program just because we were getting together. so with the coffee i served the 3pt scones w/cranberries........oh I FOUND CRANBERRIES!!! cranraisins actually, but i was so thrilled! a lil taste of home ~sighs softly~ and for dinner i made the diet coke chicken 4pts, spicey oven potato wedges 1pt, and orange glazed carrots 3 pts. (you just gotta love a recipe that takes a veggie and turns it into a fruit!!) topping it all off with a fruity-licious 1 point cobbler! am i good, yes i´m good!! da-dang ~big ol cheesy grin~ they loved it. couldnt believe it was all ww foods, how low in points and so easy to make. everyone got to take some home along with a dozen easter eggs the children made. i know i am beaming and babbling....... sunday Alex and i had leftovers. i so dont like that word leftovers, thats the bestest part of having a shin-dig at your house, having all that pre-made food in your fridge. monday another fab day, how could you not following such a weekend. tuesday popped in to post, truth be known i was going to post saturday tuesday ~sniggers and shrugs~ oh well best laid plans and all....... and was bebopping around the boards, tueday was going goodly too, i was gathering new taste sensations and all of a sudden out of no where........ i get a Big Mac attack! unbelievable, for one i dont do restraunt hamburgers. i rarely do hamburgers at all, except on ocassion and only the ones i make. and two, i dont do McDonalds. quick side note, McDonalds is the only american fast food we have in Steyr. now there is a Burger King and Subways in Linz a half hour drive, but feels alot longer then a half hour. and a KFC, Subway, Burger King, and McDonlads in Vienna & Salzburg. those 2 towns about 2 hours from me. and the selections are Nothing, i repeat Nothing comparred to what we have in the States. just the basics and a pro-mo burger of the month. needless to say they have never called to me, never even been in the Steyr Mickie-dee´s. so when Alex comes home from work and i offhandly comment that "man, a big mac sounds so good right now," he was shocked and even double asked me just to clarify. i guess i was mentally needing a little bit of home, yanno..... well he had some errands to run and comes back with a big mac for both of us.. and i savored it! relished every bite. that is till we looked up the points for it, 11, count them........ i was so bummed. keep in mind i had a fabulous dinner planned, everything thawed and ready to go. until that big-omgeorgehowmuchwerethosepoints-mac. fine fend for yourself Mister Get More points then me. i dont care thats its only 5:30pm, i am going to bed now, out of points ~insert pitiful pouty puss looking face here~

WHICH brings me all the way around and full circle to Cachee´s Comment........ << I will try to overcome the bad food cravings, but if I only slip up by having a couple extra slices of pizza, than dang-it, that is wonderful compared to what I used to do! I need to not beat myself up and realize I'm only human, not a weight loss machine that never has an off week/day>>........... THANK YOU! i sooooooooo needed that, i needed to read that. i will not crave another 11pts big mac thats for sure, not when i can make a better tasting one for 4pts, but i cant say i wont crave a Kaiserschmarm or something else just as yummy (but for the life of me i cant think of anything that is just as yummy as a Kaiserschmarm, except for a pooooooonch-key<~~~ and yeah i cant get that here!) but i wont beat myself up over it. this isnt a " I Can´t" thing but a "I Can". its a lifestyle, a new view, a can do. not a quick fix or a temporary change. it goes beyond food to doing things, making choices i know is right for me, good for me. not only for my body and appearance but mentally as well. as long as i am 99% percent on track that 1% isnt going to hurt me. in fact in a crazy sort of way, that 1% can help me......... like my bigmac attack, it not only instilled the fact that mine are better, but better for me ~smiling brightly~ and on that note.......

i am wishing you all nothing but the very best and keep that eye out for the little thing, it shows up in the darndest of places ~winks n grinz~



i did end up crawling out of bed, thinking this was ridiculous. took Bosko for a walk and coming back to make a nice big, warm, and spicey chicken salad. over points, yep,by 3. over pity-party, yep. but best of all ........ over my mental mudslinging. ~cheeky grin~

03-25-2004, 09:49 AM
Girls! :rofl: Me? Queen? Okay, I'll take that job :lol: Really, thank you girls so much for the good thoughts and encouragement. I really think I will be successful this time. It's all about having self control and exchanging one habit for another. I have learned alot from the motivational tape that comes with it. It's alot like losing weight. You might want to but even if you really want to and aren't willing to commit to doing it then you won't lose weight, stop smoking or anything else.

Chach, excellent job :bravo: :dancer: I know you have said but I can't remember, are you doing weight watchers? I hear wonderful things about that program and have thought about trying it but something keeps me from going there. I think it's because I don't want to take time to count points and so on. Pure laziness isn't it :D

Happy, are you not smoking in your car and so on? Those cravings are worse than labor pains :lol: I throw myself into some of the cravings because I'm stubborn and feel like if I want to smoke then by sh*t I'm going to smoke!!! I haven't and I won't. I have smoked since I was 12 years old and it's time to quite.

Raven, did I read that you already met your goal of 5 pounds for March? Excellent :dance: :cp: Hope all works out so you can buy Shadow, is that name right? I'm suffering from brain fog right now, pleez 4give me :dizzy:

Kathy, Gary quite smoking when I got pregnant! I tried but just couldn't do it. That was 14 years ago and I have tried many times, maybe this time is the right time. :o I MEAN This time is the last time I will try to quite because I AM GOING TO QUITE!

Time to fess up and tell you all I have been eating like a horse :( Chips and dip and twizzlers. I went last night and bought fresh veggies so I can make up a veggie tray and that will be my snack food. Lots of veggies, lots of water, lots of walking. Stay on me girls!!! Raven, this is your job!!!! :drill: :coach:

Gotta run! Talk to you later

03-25-2004, 11:53 AM
'Morning ladies :)

Hippy - I am SO proud of you for quitting smoking. And that's right, you ARE going to quit. You have all of us to be accountable to, eh? Part of me wants to say hey .. you're quitting the cig's - maybe a little overindulgence in the snack area won't kill you till you get the cravings under control. BUT - the other part of me says HEY! You want to keep that weight under control while you quit, right? You don't want to get one thing taken care of just to realize you've gained 20 pounds doing it!! I know how hard it is to add more pressure to yourself, which is what you've done. You've undertaken something huge when you were already trying to get a handle on something else. Well, now you really have a handful of things to deal with, but you know what? You can do it. One minute at a time, one craving at a time, one hour, one day, one week... they add up and pretty soon you'll be smoke free and slippin' into those teeny clothes and feeling fantastic. So grab those veggies and munch away, but always remember what your goals are, what your priorities are, and how MUCH you want to lose weight and never smoke again! Yes, I have actually gone past my 5 pound goal for this month - I'm at 7 pounds down right now, I'm trying for one more before the first of next month to put me at 40 pounds down. And after reviewing my finances - if I'm very, very, VERY careful, I can put $200 a month towards Shadow (and maybe some of that extra paycheck I get because of the every two weeks pay thing) and get her paid off at the latest right before Christmas. I told my daughter that would be her Christmas present, I'd just tie a big red bow on Shadow. It's not as fast as I'd like, but it's better than I thought I could do. It's going to be real tight.

Sassy - I think when I realized that I would never be able to completely give up certain foods for the rest of my life is when I actually started to change my life. Prior to that I'd try so hard to cut all the "bad" stuff out "just till I lost weight" and either I'd go insane and feel resentful and angry and just give up and eat even more than before, or I'd lose the weight, then just go back to the way I'd been eating before I lost it and gain it all back. So like you said, it's now all about what I can have, what I can do, not about the negatives. Amazingly enough, just that perspective change alone has enabled me to stay OP with relatively little hardship. I try to mitigate the cravings with something healthy or not high in caolories or water, and if all that fails, then I have a little of whatever it is I'm dying for. Then I move on. So far, so good. I can't imagine what it would be like to live in a country where all the foods I take for granted aren't even around! :D It must be a challenge sometimes!

Chachee - OMG girl! That is so awesome!!! :bravo: :cheer: :cb: :dance: Lordy at this rate you're gonna be all slim and svelte and sexified in NO time!! I love your #1 goal. Sometimes that's the hardest thing of all to do, isn't it? I either worry incessantly that it was a fluke and next week I'm going to be 5 pounds over that, or I start agonizing about every speck of food I eat so I don't endanger my new found number... I'm so psychotic sometimes. Favorite restaurants... mmmmmmm... Sourdough Mining Co!! Corn fritters and bbq!! *die* I have such a love/hate relationship with that place! :lol:

Lucky - Is work getting any better? I'm going to try to make an arrangement to swap out a day off during the week for one on the weekend every 7-8 weeks when the farrier comes to the stables so we can work for Rosa all day. It was really a wonderful day. I hope my boss goes for it. How are you doing on pilates? Still doing it at work?

Happy - I LOVE that avatar!! That is very, very cool. :lol: Oh you KNOW how it is around here then to walk or bike or anything not involving a car or truck. My daughter was saying she could ride her bike if she got a job, I told her oh yeah.. just paint a big red bullseye on your back while you're at it, because that's all you'll be to these folks is a moving target. *sigh* I haven't figured out how to do the yard stuff yet... last year we actually resorted to hiring someone to come mow and trim every week, but that's too expensive for my budget this year. I think I'm going to have to buy a cheap mower and trimmer and just get out there and do it myself. Maybe I can enlist the aid of the younger folk and put them to work! Ha! Make them earn their keep. ;)

Well I guess I'm doing ok. I kind of feel like I'm taking a beating from every direction, and this morning was bad. Got woken up by the foster dog going poo on my bedroom carpet (at 3:00 a.m.) and then when she was in the garage she made another horrendous mess. She's sick to her stomach because out at the stables she got into all the hoof parrings and now I'm paying the price. I really wish someone would show up who could give her a good home. This is just getting to be too much. She's destroyed my recliner, a very special book given to me by my mother, countless other things, goes through rawhide or bones like they're butter, and gets bored silly if you leave her alone for 30 seconds. It's not her fault, she's half husky, so she NEEDS to be working, learning, doing, moving. She's the ADHD kid of the canine world. I just don't have the time to spend with her. I got her to the point where she's relatively housebroken, is relatively well behaved, and understands some verbal obedience commands. But she needs so much more. I'm getting worn down on this one. The disappointment about the house is still really there. I'm trying so hard to not let it get to me, but every once in a while I realize what my situation is - again - and I just want to break down and cry. I know it's self pity, I know I need to knock it off, I know the "it's so unfair" feelings aren't doing me a damn bit of good. I'm very blessed in so many ways, and I need to really focus on that. Right now the hardest thing for me to overcome is that I won't be able to get my tummy tuck. Isn't that awful? So selfish. I was just really looking forward to being "normal" for once. Well, while I was still remotely young enough to enjoy it, that is. :^: I was so out of it this morning I completely forgot to weigh myself till after I'd had coffee and gotten dressed. By that time it's too late for an accurate reading, so.. I guess waiting till tomorrow won't kill me, eh? ;)

Tomorrow is Friday... thank goodness. I think I'm going out to the stables tonight and I think I'm going to try lunging Arashi with his bridle on. He's done SO well with the training halter. If I work him with the bridle and he gives me a whole bunch of trouble, then my guess is that his teeth need to be refloated, and I'll have the dentist hit him next month (to the tune of $130 *pain*). If he does well with the bridle, then I'll saddle him up and do it that way... If he's still doing really well, the next step will be to put Nick on him so she can start teaching him the leg cues while I'm giving him the visual/verbal cues from the ground. All these "ifs." Then next week or this weekend if he's still doing really well, we'll drop back to the training halter and try to see what he does when I ask for a canter on the lunge line. Ought to be exciting! There's this wonderful book I want to get that tells you all the cues to teach your horse when you're doing the groundwork, it's only $20 ... I keep wanting it SO badly. It always seems like something else comes up. Right now I HAVE to get my car back on the road because the gas prices are eating me alive driving the truck. It's kind of a miserable catch-22. If I weren't spending that money on gas, I'd have the money to spend on my car, but since I have to drive the truck to get to work.... bah. Anyway... I'm just venting a bunch of frustration here, ladies. I hope it's ok.

Have a great Thursday, everyone!!

03-26-2004, 01:22 AM
First off - the avatar. I made it for one of the ladies on the forum here and I posted it so she could see what it looked like in case she wanted any changes. So no, my name's not MEL :lol: although she is a real sweetie. Glad you guys like it.

Now time out for a small rant. I was reviewing some of my bad habits. Been a real slacker lately on not eating breakfast. So today my motto was "Just Do It" - when I think of it do it don't procrastinate. I decided on a protein shake this morning. Usually I make them with a scoop of protein powder, a few spoons of LF yogurt, some fresh fruit and a bit of water. Not bad, kinda frothy but you can sort of taste the protein powder which has an odd, but not unpleasant taste. I had seen some commercials for Yoplait's Nouriche brand nonfat yogurt smoothie. Today I had one of those - mixed in a few ice cubes, a bottle of that and 3 strawberries and 1/2 a small banana. It was GOOD! :love: :T It made 2 glasses and since DH had already gone to work, I poured the second glass back in the bottle to have tomorrow. That's when I stopped to read the label. Fat = 0g, Fiber=6g, Protein=10g, 25% of a daily allowance of whole mess of vitamins and minerals. All good stuff, eh? And the protein allottment was good - it's difficult after a while to find alot of protein options. 290 calories which was in a good range for a breakfast meal. But then... my eyes scanned down and I saw 60grams of carbs and 46 grams of SUGAR!!!! :yikes: I grabbed a can of Coca Cola. A 12 oz can of Coke has 39grams of carbs and sugar compared to an 11 oz bottle of this yogurt smoothie. Now granted a Coke is just sugar water with no nutrients but... 46 GRAMS OF SUGAR? This kinda made me mad. Here's an example of seeing something you think is healthy but it goes to show you that you REALLY have to watch the labels and just supports my belief that you have to cook as much as you can from scratch - limit the processed foods. Bummer... it was so dang good too and now I know why! But unlike scarfing down a Coke or candy, the sugar didn't trigger a typical craving for more sugar.

Also on my Just Do It program, I took a walk at lunchtime finally. It was cool and damp but I got 20 minutes in. It was a painful reminder to dig out my physical therapy exercises because my calves and feet muscles were really tight and got sore quickly. Got to make a habit again of doing them in and just out of the shower when the muscles are warmed and pliable. I just hope it's not storming bad tomorrow like they predict.

Raven, I saw a neat website on huskies that a lady put together. I think it was one of the people posting on the journals talking about how destructive her dog was. Didn't realize just how hyper those dogs are. I think foster puppy needs a new home soon before it causes problems on the home front. I know it's disappointing about the house but maybe there's something in the future where that money will come at the right magic moment. Hopefully when the ex comes down he can get a good job and maybe you can help him manage his finances and Shadow will be yours sooner. :crossed:

Hippy, I've been reading alot about smoking cessation getting myself psyched up. One of the things that stuck with me was a comment someone wrote "what if you knew ahead of time that your next cigarette was THE one that started the cancer growing? Would you still smoke it?" Obviously it wasn't powerful enough to make me quit at the minute but I keep thinking about that and have used it to stall myself when I otherwise would have mindlessly lit up. I am trying to break association habits right now and take more time in between them. And you're so right, I have seen so many parallels between quitting smoking and weight loss. Since smoking is an oral fixation, it is tempting to stuff food instead of cigarettes into yourself. Have you gotten to the point yet where your sense of smell and taste are improving and things just plain taste better which doesn't help? I started really drinking alot of water when I quit. I'd take 6 big gulps of water before I'd eat anything. I also started sucking on sugar free candies. Then at night I'd get gut twisting, bend me over horrible stomach pains which is how I realized I am super sensitive to any sugar substitutes :lol: Stay strong girl, I think of you often during the day and send good karma to you!

Sassy, good to hear from you again. There's always going to be a McDonald's and Big Macs. The thing is that sometimes we will "cave to a crave" but the more you stay away from it, the more you realize that it really makes you feel yuckky later - the tongue may like it, but the stomach doesn't. And actually, there's a few no no's that I have 2 or 3 times a year - really good plain cheesecake, hot dogs and a plate of pasta with veggies and cream sauce. Spaghetti, cheeseburgers and pizza I try to limit to once a month since I can't seem to live without them. 1 planned for Big Mac once every few months is ok, eating them 3 times a week isn't. ;)

Chachee, hope you are enjoying some serious relaxing time with your friend and :bravo: on the loss for the week!!!!! I had to laugh when you said it was 3 hours before your friend arrived and you still had to get the guestroom ready. :rofl: you are MY kind of woman! I plan ahead but still seem to be rushing around at the last minute. The night before a vacation, I rarely get any sleep at all. You should try a soak with euclyptus bath salts for your cold. It's the best thing for clearing out your sinuses, easing the body aches and it's supposed to remove toxins from the body tho I don't know about that :?: I can tell you that if you overindulge in the exercise, it really does help for those times when you're so stiff and sore you look like Frankenstein!

Lucky sorry you lost your post. The forums have been kinda wacky lately. I've been having some troubles too. Hope you're doing well.

Ok, now that I've written my book, I can go get ready for bed. The window's open and the scent of fresh rain washed air is just the wonderful kind of thing I love nodding off to. Happy Friday!!

03-26-2004, 04:06 PM
I am so slammed at work today, but I just wanted to pop in and say hi!

Happy .. I figured that avatar was for MEL. ;) It still rocked. I'm really familiar with the husky personality, and I'd never have picked one for my pet because I know I just don't have the time for one. But this one was looking down the barrel of being sent to the pound if I didn't help out and foster her and teach her some basic rules - housebreaking, crate training, walking on a leash, etc. There's no way she would have stayed in a home before - they would have given up on the second day of having her, I'm sure of it. She's come a long way, but now it's time for her to find a new home. Past time.

Ok chicks... either the scale is playing with my head again (very probable) or I'm so on a roll here. ;) Make it a wheat roll, please? I weighed in at 177.5 this morning. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way, but I'm sure tomorrow will be a little bump up. It always does this. I'm happy, it's still under 180. :D

Hope everyone's Friday is going really well!!

03-27-2004, 08:52 AM
Hey ladies! It's SATURDAY!! :D :D :D

And even more exciting... the scale stayed at 177.5. Now what?? OMG, if it bounces up now I'm going to be so annoyed. :lol: Because wow.. this puts me in a position to actually maybe possibly (!) achieve my stealth goal! I really just need to stop that. ;) But .. but .. but .. that would be so COOL!!! :hyper:

Ok .. today it's off to the stables. Richard is following along because he might have a contract job lined up with Rosa's hubby to do the networking and systems stuff on this startup company that Jeff hooked up with. And Rosa, the kids, and I are all off to the Humane Society (lord help me, I can NOT go into the back area) to meet the woman who runs it so we can start doing her web updates too. She desperately needs help, and it's all volunteer, but V can definitely use it as job experience on a resume. Then back to the stables to work the pony-ponies, and who knows what next. I am SO broke, food is just .. well, whatever I can scrounge up at the moment. I had to spend more money on horsie stuff than I'd budgeted for, so ... It's one of those "how am I going to make it to Thursday" deals. I'll figure it out.

I think right now I'm going to walk the dogs then do some taebo. Hope everyone's Saturday is going great!!

(Still fantasizing about hitting 176 by next Thursday morning.) :D

03-27-2004, 09:09 AM
Happy Saturday :coffee:

Raven, you're on a roll!! How exciting!!!

I myself have avoided the scale. I haven't indulged a little bit :( Everytime I turn around I am putting something in my mouth. Yesterday when I went Wal Mart I bought some sugarfree candy and gum. I have been chewing gum everyday, to the point that my jaws hurt so I thought I will try sucking on hard candy. Yesterday was a bad day. I got up wanting to smoke. I paced the floors, I was depressed, I was crying, I had the shakes. I felt like if I could just have 1 cigarette that I would be okay. I got a cigarette from my friend, I lit it, took 2 drags, felt all :dizzy: put it out and haven't touched another. I have today and tomorrow left on my program and I feel like I'm going to make it. My lungs didn't like that smoke going into them again :p and it reminded me why I want to stop smoking.

We have had 70 plus degree weather here all week!!! I have a few things to do today and that will help me stay away from food. I am so worried about gaining weight. I have to figure out how to get control and keep it so I don't go back to smoking to keep from eating. I know I can do it. I feel so much better. I'm not winded and can breathe really well and even feel like I can do much better on exercising. Exercise and veggies. That's the key, right?

Have a good day!

03-27-2004, 10:49 AM
Hippy my dear, you can do it!! I'm so proud of you for just trying it and putting it out!! I remember that's what happened with my mom so many many years ago - she had pneumonia so bad. We didn't know at the time that it was one of the fallout issues of her hepatitis, but I remember she couldn't breathe hardly at all, and just stopped smoking. A couple months later, she tried a cigarette and put it out - she couldn't imagine why she'd ever smoked it was so bad. That's the same thing my great friend in Alaska tells me now, too. She'd smoked for so long... after she finally quit (I think she used zyban?) now she's hypersensitive to the odor and thinks it's completely disgusting. :lol: And with your lungs clearing up and healing, you're going to be able to push yourself harder with the aerobics, which will really help you kick up that metabolism, girlie!! :bravo: :cheer: Keep going!!! :high:

03-28-2004, 11:55 AM
Good morning ladies,
Ugh, here I sit suffering from a mega carb hangover. Yesterday a friend called in the afternoon and we made a date to get together for pizza in the evening. We had a wonderful time but it was a terrible eating day. No breakfast, just grabbed a quick sandwich for lunch and we had pizza, fried appetizer things, chicken wings and some coffee and cake later at their house for dessert. Not a fruit or veggie found it's way into me yesterday. Today the scale is 2 pounds up and every bone in my body hurts - I have discovered many of my aches and pains are related to too many bad carbs. I have to whine. It gets really frustrating trying to balance all the right combinations to get the correct foods in me. Meals might be right on the fat and carb side and but they are too high in salt or blah blah blah. I have been reviewing things in my head over the last few days and I just need to get boot camp strict here. I can do it for a few weeks but seem to hit a slack period and then have to start all over again. Ok, pity party over. Time to get serious. I know what I have to do...

Raven that is awesome about your weight loss. I hope you make your stealth goal for the end of the month! It's got to feel so great to see the progress you've made from the beginning of the year. You've got forward momemtum going with you - run with it!

Hippy, that is terrific that you lit up and put it right back out. I think that's a positive sign that you're strong enough mentally (most of the battle) and that you will stay smoke free. So many parallels between weight loss and giving up the cigarettes. Just one smoke, piece of candy, hot dog, burger will make me feel better - or so we think and then we find that it really doesn't. Like you said, keep reminding yourself of how good you are feeling when tempted. I gained weight after quitting and it was one of the reasons I went back to it and I never did lose that weight after I started again so don't be tempted with that distorted thinking. The lack of nicotine will lower your metabolism a bit so compensate by moving around more.

Well, the day is flying by, I've got lots to do, none of which is getting done by sitting in front of the computer, so I'd better get this big 'ole rear of mine in gear and get busy. Have a good Sunday all!

03-28-2004, 04:11 PM
Hello Lovely Ladies!

So much to catch up on, so let's get cracking....

Sassy: I'm so glad that my little self-talk helped you. You know, sometimes I think we get so focused on the actual dieting and keeping track of everything, a little break from it can be helpful in remembering why we are doing it. I forgot you were doing WW also. As I get good recipes and stuff from the meetings, I will send them off your way. We might get things that you don't. As for McD's, man, I bought my son a Happy Meal the other day and I swear it was the best smelling food I have ever smelled! Why is it when you "can't" have something it's always so tempting?? I do have a good suggestions for you and everyone else when it comes to McD's. I read about a year ago that the new Happy Meal is actually the size of what the adult meals used to be about 10 years ago before we all "supersized" everything. So, what I have been doing is ordering a cheeseburger Happy Meal--not the "big kids" size, but just a regular one. For those of us on WW, it's only 6 points for the cheeseburger, and if you just nibble on the fries, it's only about 4 more. Get the Diet Coke with it and it satisfies all the cravings, without killing the diet!!!

Happy: Woman, I so understand where you are coming from. About six months ago I kept trying to "recommit" with the diet, but kept sabotauging myself. I was going to Low Carb it, but I love my fruits and veggies too much. I'm not a big meat eater, and that's the problem I have with a lot of diets. (And frozen meals also, because it's hard to find veggie ones!) Plus, the low carb is a good short term solution, but it comes back on right away for me and then some more! Plus, when I did slip up on the carbs, I'd get that carb hangover you spoke about. Nothing worse! I kept putting off joining WW, but one day at work said, "Enough, you are going to the first meeting you can find after work." I did it and it seems to be working for me so far. And, about the procrastinating, I don't know what my problem was this time. I am usually so good about getting things done before, but I was a slacker this time. My father will be here in a week and I already did the grocery shopping for him this morning, washed the bedding, got his stuff put in his bathroom and cleared out the closet. See, I truly amd psychotic!!!

Hippy: Excellent job with the quitting smoking. I am so proud of you putting that one out right away. It's tough and I can't imagine what it would be like to have that addiction and give it up. I admire what you are doing for your health! Yes, I am doing WW. I really enjoy the meetings and having the interaction with the people going through the same issues as I am in person. I get so much support from you all here, but sometimes it's looking someone in the eye and saying, "Yeah, I had that candy bar but dang, it was wonderful. Now, how can I get back on track and not keep the downward spiral going?". My leader lost 66 pounds last year and she is "real". I joined one other time and the leader was just an unreal goal for me. She was so short and skinny I just knew I never would achieve what she did. Now I can!

Raven: Or, should I just start calling you Stealth?? Wow, I am blown away! You are doing so good! I need to give you big kudos for staying on track so well! Svelt and sexified soon? Maybe not, but maybe by the end of the year! I'm sorry your puppy is being a butthead. I hope that it stops soon.

Okay, so I did okay with my friend here. I did splurge a couple of times. I had 2 desserts the past 4 days and two candy bars. Honestly, I felt like doo-dah because of it. (Kinda like the carb hangover.) I am back on track today and feeling much better. I didn't get enough water in the past four days, but I did sneak a peek on the scale this morning. I am about 3 pounds up, but I have four days to get that off and then some. I will pay for the choices I made, but I did have some fun and realized that it doesn't taste as good as I feel when I eat right. I went to the store and bought my veggies, yogurt and fruit for the week.

I was also going to let you all know I found some wonderful things in the frozen section today. (Bear with me if you already have these things, because Alaska is on the slow track.) Michelina's makes a "lean" budget gourmet frozen meal now. It's cheap--around $1.50 per entree--and appears to be low in points/calories/fat, whichever you are counting. Also, I found Skinny Cow sundaes, which look awesome. Also, Healthy Choice is now making a strawberry sundae bar. For those of us counting, all are 2 points each on the ice cream. Also, Starbucks makes a frappechino coffee ice cream bar that is also wonderful--2 points also.

Okay, I am off to eat a big salad and have an apple. Put the puppies down for a nap, and heading off to put the hubby and son down for a nap also. I'm going to watch Sleepless in Seattle and knit! Oh, what a life!

Congrats to everyone for staying OP and let's have a wonderful week this week!


03-28-2004, 08:45 PM
Heyyyyy chicks...

Happy - You sounded kind of down. I hope you're feeling better. I know how rotten a food hangover can be. I also hear in your post that intense frustration with realizing that this is something you can't do part time. I had that battle with myself last year when I went up to Alaska and came home to supposedly going back to my healthy lifestyle. Well, I didn't. When January came, I couldn't figure out why I couldn't just jump right back in where I had left off. I think it hadn't sunk in that this wasn't a temporary thing. I'm not sure when it clicked, or honestly if it has completely yet. But I think I'm closer than I was. I'm not on a diet. I'm changing my life. Every day. For the rest of my life. *big hug*

Chachee - Fortunately most fast food to me smells and tastes abominable. Even the smell of McD's is greasy to me, and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Once in a great while I really like a spicy chicken from Wendy's, or the chicken club from Arby's - but if I want a hamburger I far prefer my own. My downfall really is pasta and bread. I love dem carbs!! I'll have to keep an eye open for the Michelina's - that sounds great! I'm with you on the Skinny Cow sundaes, they're wonderful! And the HC caramel sandwiches and the raspberry/orange sorbet things they have are great, too! My daughter has discovered italian ice.. very low in calories! I'm glad you're back on track. I think I'm afraid to take a break - afraid the same thing will happen to me that did last year and I'll start gaining weight and won't be able to get back OP. I think you're doing SO well... being able to have a little fun and get back on track is GREAT!!

This was a very, very horsie weekend. I rode both days. I did *better* on food and water than I did last weekend, but .. that isn't saying a whole lot. Ok, well - today I really worked hard on it and made sure I ate enough. Yesterday was just kind of an accident all the way around. Rosa ended up ordering pizza for everyone, Richard and the kids ate, but I avoided it all and hand grazed my horse while they were all eating, then I ate leftover pasta primavera at home. Prior to that I hadn't had but about 330 calories. And .. lets not talk about water yesterday. But today I made sure I took 3 litres of water with me to the stables, and I drank two of them there, then one here at home. Yes, I got a sunburn. I wore sunscreen, but it was just that intense. My leg muscles are trashed. I worked so hard on my two point, and I can post the trot now 6 times around the arena without feeling like I'll never walk again. :lol: I can two point the canter, but not a full lap yet. I'm working on the sitting trot to loosen up those lower back muscles so I can work up to the sitting canter. I am having a BLAST!!! I could ride all day now, or at least I sure want to.

I wish I could find a job working with horses where I could make as much money as I'm making now (which isn't that much anyway). I could haul hay bales, lug feed buckets, scrub water tubs, pick stalls, sweep halls, bathe ponies and clean leather all day long and never feel like I was working. Ah well. Maybe one day.

Tomorrow back to the "real" world. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

03-29-2004, 10:06 AM
I got my Pilates for Dummies tape on Saturday, and did it for the first time this morning, since I was riding and working at the stables pretty much all weekend. Wow. How I have fallen!! It's not as bad as when I first started doing pilates, but it's obvious I have a lot of work to do to get back to where I was! I can do the whole workout, but it makes me break a sweat, and it will take some time before I have the breathing and control down again. It was good to get that going again.

I'm at 176 this morning. If I can just hold on to that till Thursday morning, I will be one very VERY happy chickie. Food OP, water OP, exercise OP. Wow.

03-29-2004, 11:12 AM
Morning chickies :coffee: Fly lady would be so proud of me. On my refrigerator is a list of all my meals for the week, complete with snacks. All checked and verified for fat, sugar and salt contents. I also have a to do list with all my appointments for the week, along with a mission or two each day of things that I want/need to get done. I really don't like living such a rigid life, especially when it meant that a good part of Sunday was spent planning meals, grocery shopping, putting food away, making a list and cutting up/ preparing things - a good 5 hours at least. It's not the eating clean that frustrates me - if I ate like I did 3 years ago it would probably kill me in more ways than one. Eating low fat is second instinct to me, but it's the combination of having to constantly monitor fat, carbs, sugar and salt altogether CONSTANTLY that sometimes bugs me. Any deviation shows up immediately on the scale. Perhaps I should just toss the scale for a while as I use that to validate my success or failure.

I picked up a video a while back for the exercise ball - going to try that tonight. Went looking for a tae-bo video and of course because I want one, I can't find one. For the time being, I'll just use what I have. Did alot of walking around this weekend and got some new shoes for vacation - they are mostly comfortable but need some breaking in. It's supposed to be a cold, rainy week with on and off rain. Hopefully I can sneak in some walks in between the rain drops. 40's temps and rain is not as comfortable as 60's temps and rain.

Less that 3 weeks until vacation. :dance: Found out that the friends we went out with Saturday will also be in Las Vegas the same weekend we are. That makes 2 sets of our friends who will be there at the same time - all unplanned, but wonderful none the less. Serendipity I think they call it - a fortunate accident? It's always more fun to be there with others so that will make vacation more fun. I just wish it would be a little warmer in Monterey than mid 60's. But as long as it's sunny, that's all that matters.

Raven, no wonder the weight is falling off with all the work you're doing at the horsie place. Sounds like the same amount of labor as at a farm. Make you gud strongk vooman, eh? :lol: I do know several couples who live your dream of working with the horses full time. They are all dirt poor, don't have the provervial pot to "*** in" but are 10 times happier than most others. It takes a strong relationship to survive because in each case, one partner works a "regular" job to bring in the cash and insurance benefits while the other pursues their love of life. It might seem lopsided, but I guess that's where the strong part of the relationship comes in. I am a firm believer in following your dreams and not wasting your life (a remarkable revelation I discovered as I got older). It's all a matter of perspective - where do you want to put your cash? As far as Nickie's dream of a rescue shelter, you just need to find a rich philantropist! Or a bunch of people with a common interest who are all willing to kick in the support and volunteer their time and efforts. We have a wild animal shelter up in Wisconsin. Saw a documentary on it and it was really fascinating how this person took their idea and made it a reality. The kind of thing you watch and say --- gee I'd love to do something like that too!

Chachee good to hear that you had fun with your friend. We have Michelina's lite entrees here too - but that's out for me as well as the Lean Cuisine's and WW meals - too much sodium. :( The Healthy Choice dinners aren't bad but they taste like cardboard to me. Maybe I just got spoiled making everything from scratch but that seems the only way I can control everything more tightly. I have started to portion out batches and freeze it for quickie meals when needed. That's interesting that you say when you go off the low carb diet, the weight comes back and some - I've heard that alot.

Hippy, how are you doing 1 week smoke free now? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! :cp: :cp: Let me ask you, what do you attribute to your success? Do you think the Smoke Away program helped you or is it mostly just your determination that you won't smoke anymore? I've been thinking... I am going to set my quit date as April 16. That's the day we start vacation. I am going to California - a most smoker-unfriendly state. I'll be out of my routine and for 8 days will be in an environment where it will be very inconvienient to smoke. I figured I will get some nicotine patches for vacation. They don't help me at all with the cravings as I am a habit smoker but I'm too afraid to light up when I have them on - don't want to stroke myself out from too much nicotine so it's kinda like taping my mouth shut :lol: The hard part will be when we get to Las Vegas after San Francisco - no smoking restrictions in that place! But I'll at least have 8 days under my belt by then so hopefully I can stay strong. That will also get me to my goal to have stopped by my birthday. I've got to spend the next 3 weeks concentrating on the mental aspects. Right now I'm 60/40 I need to quit vs I want to quit and I think you only win the battle when you want it more than anything else - just like losing weight. Like you, I thought - let me lose 20 pounds first because I know I will gain some, but at the rate this is going, I'll be smoking for another 2 years. I think you were right on the mark with your "if not now, when" attitude. Fortunately, I already know I can count on my husband to help me through this. He was really supportive when I quit the last time and he's really been pestering me to quit. So that's my plan.

Best get productive now. Hellos to Lucky and Sassy and let's all have a great week!

03-29-2004, 02:54 PM
Good morning, Ladies.

Well, I am off today because it's a state holiday--Sewards Day. Oh, you gotta love these Alaskans for making days for holidays!!

Okay, so we have some water leaking into the house from the roof. The guys are coming by today to take a look. I don't know that it's a big deal, but it is in the fact water shouldn't be in my house. Nothing in the basement, just the top floor closet and closet in my son's bedroom. I am sure it will be a fixable problem.

Hmmm...most people would be livid with that, but you know why I am not?? I spent a good half hour trying on clothes in the "too small but love so much I don't want to get rid of them " section of my closet. Well, I was able to move about six pieces into rotation!! A couple of sweaters that were just too tight about the tummy are now fine and some skirts I forgot about are on the verge of being too loose. I tried one and and couldn't figure out why it was hard to get on. Well, duh, I forgot to unbutton and unzip it. Hello????? Yes, I put it on without undoing it. I figure I have about another month with that one before it gets donated to the Women's shelter. And you all would be proud of me because I took about five other articles of clothes that were just too big on me now. I hate to do that, but if I keep them it's a green light for me to gain it all back because I have clothes to fit me in the bigger sizes.

I am going to order some new clothes online after I am done here because I am beginning to run low on good work clothes that aren't getting too sloppy on me. I know, it doesn't seem that 12 pounds would do that much, but it has.

My appointment is tomorrow with the plastic surgeon. I am excited/nervous/fearful/overjoyed. I am thinking he is going to tell me I still need to lose more, which is fine. Idealy I would like to have the surgery next Spring Break or Summer. Maybe I could schedule a tummy tuck at the same time.....

Raven: Girl, hang on until Thursday. I know that scale is going to be incredibly good to you. I love your job idea, and if I ever win PCH, I will grant you the money to start your own stable/rescue! I just gotta win!! I want to know more about your Pilates tape. My physical therapist says it would be wonderful for my sciatica. If you could let me know if you think it's basic enough for me to do with never having done yoga or pilates before.

Happy: Wow, the new Martha Stewart with her organized lists! I am so proud of you getting this commitment going before vacation. I know a lot of people would just wait until after, but getting a good handle on it before you leave is a great idea! I didn't think about the sodium content with the frozen meals. I have them about every other day and bulk up on the water on those days. Just a thought.

Okay, I need some input. The scales haven't moved in the downward motion yet, and I only have two days before weigh in. I am going to get on my Gazelle today because I can finally breathe normally and can get a workout it. What I need to know from you all is your opinion on the following:

We have a "no weigh pass" option at WW. If we know the scales might not go our way or if we've had a really bad week, we can pay for the meeting, stay and just not weigh. I'm kinda on the fence about this this week. On one hand, I need to take responsibility for my bad eating, but on the other hand, I hate to show a gain on the scales after doing so well. And, this may all be not necessary considering I have two days to get the few extra pounds off. I would like some opinions on what you all would do. I am about 80% sure on what I am going to do, but I need some help here.

Okay, off to order some more SMALLER clothes and then to do my Gazelle.

Talk to you all later.

Hi Hippy, Sassy and Lucky. I wonder where Jolly is........Tracy.......Janig......


03-30-2004, 02:28 AM
Hey Chachee... regarding the pass at weigh in... I know someone else on the boards asked the same thing. I think most people said they'd just weigh in and go on from there. It's kind of like when you go on vacation or you're in a situation where you can't totally control everything as well as normal. You might pick up a slight gain but then you get focused again and keep going downwards. They won't take away your bookmark if you gained, will they? :cry: If it was me, I'd go weigh in and cringe as I approached the scale. But you knew this was not going to be a normal week for you and maybe it won't be as bad as you think or you can undo some damage in the next 2 days. I think the important point is that you have your celebration and then get right back on plan again instead of drifting downward. Good luck to you tho! And a big old Fly Lady/ Martha Stewart pat on the back to you for cleaning out the closet. How great to find clothes you thought wouldn't fit that do.

Hah, Martha Stewart - I think not! Maybe her evil twin :s: I'm just tired of bouncing the same 2 pounds over and over and I was thinking about what I'm not doing right. One is not exercising regularly - I don't know why I can't just get in the groove again. The other was with food. Tho I'd come home from the store and make a list, often I'd get side tracked or wouldn't have everything I needed ready so I wouldn't be eating as correctly as I should. So I figured I'd make a list - kinda like the old days at WW where you laid out all your meals and checked off the food combinations. I stuck to my list today - a bonus was that it was nice outside so we were able to grill the swordfish and salmon I had for supper. It was FANTASTIC :T: and I even accomplished the 3 things on my to-do list. I guess I have to be more rigid with myself until I can become more self-disciplined.

Raven, Pilates makes you break a sweat? With mine there's a whole lot of cussing and shaking going on as I try to hold the poses :rofl:

I caught part of a behind the scenes special on the TV show Extreme Makeover. They said the tummy tuck takes the longest to heal of all the procedures - 12 to 18 months. Oof-duh! And how do you keep your abs in shape when they are cutting around there and the long recovery? I mean even if they are just cutting away fat and skin, I'd think you'd have to be very careful with the ab movements? Guess I never gave it much thought but they did show some people pre-tummy tuck so I can understand why people would want to have that done.

Well, I'd better get my keester to bed. I'm running a little low on sleep lately which is not good for trying to focus on work during the day :dz: 'Night all...

03-30-2004, 02:21 PM
Well hi there, ladies... bit of a hectic morning here at work.

Chachee - I have used Pilates for Dummies and the Windsor Pilates. Windsor was a little harder in the beginning, the Pilates for Dummies I think does a better job of intro and breathing and position yada yada, plus she includes a few upper body moves in there, too. It feels very awkward at first, but after you get used to it, it feels really good to do the routines. I would highly recommend it, but I'd also recommend using a floor mat to cushion the butt bones. The Pilates for Dummies is a great tape for beginnners. I have to agree with you on the clothes fitting thing. Both sides of it... get rid of the stuff that's too big, and isn't it fabulous to fit into stuff that was too small!?!? I LOVE that! The big deal with me now is that I'm rapidly approaching the smallest clothes I've got, so in about 20 more pounds it's going to be all new clothes. What a total concept. I'm waiting anxiously to hear what the surgeon has to say. I hope things go well!! Oh.. and RE: the weigh in... wow. My approach with myself has been "face the music." If I screw up, I know it's going to show up on the scale. That's just the bottom line, and I don't want to hide from that any more. I spent how many years pretending that what I was eating and doing (or not doing?) wasn't affecting my weight. I'm not going down that road again. But I don't know if that's what would work for you. If you think it would help to avoid the weigh in, then by all means, do so. You don't want to end up getting discouraged when you've been doing so well. OTOH, you don't know that you're going to do badly, really. Why waste a pass on something that may very well be history by your weigh in?

Happy - If you saw my tummy, you'd know why I want a tuck so bad!! :lol: At full term with my son, I weighed 265. I dropped 20 pounds after he was born, putting me at 245. I'd had two C-Sections at that point, and now had this great big pouch thing. So as I drop the weight, the fat goes, but all that skin stays. I'm finding I have flaps under my arms, too... you know it's kind of weird, I thought I had such flabby arm muscles (triceps, mostly) but if I tighten the muscle, then draw all that flabby skin stuff tight, you can actually see a very nice tricep definition. Argh! Ok, that's it, I just need a whole body tuck.

Well I started this about an hour ago, and I'm just getting back to it now. Work is just so busy lately. Everyone is stretched to the snapping point here. Where was I?

Happy - Swordfish!! OOOO that sounds GOOD! I'm putting that on the shopping list for Thursday, yes I am. Yes, pilates makes me break a sweat. :lol: Does that make me a total weenie? My abs hurt today a little from doing it yesterday, that's a good thing.

Pollen, PMS, eating too much sodium... the scale is up. Kill the scale. Rosa rode our butts into the dirt last night. She's now saying that next week will be posting without stirrups. Great.. I'll have to CRAWL up the stairs to the house. I better get back to work. God is it FRIDAY YET!?!! :yikes:

03-30-2004, 10:26 PM
Hello ladies!

Okay, so I am going to weigh in. I was almost sure of it when I posted that, but I am going to live by my eating choices. I am okay with the gain, because I choose to eat not so good! Thanks for the encouragement, and I know it won't trip me up because I have wonderful news......

I met with the plastic surgeon today about the breast reduction surgery. He examined me and showed me what the procedure would look like when finished with the scars. He said I was definitely a candidate for a medical-necessity surgery and he is sending off the paperwork this week to have it approved through the insurance agency! If it ends up being outpatient, it should cover 100%. He said he would take me from my 40DD down to around 38C! Oh my gosh, guys, I am so excited about having this done. He said figure 2 weeks off work and then I should be okay to go back to a desk job. I was concerned about the leave time, but he said it shouldn't be a problem with only 4 weeks scheduled off. I am going to calculate my time off tonight, but ballpark figure I know I will have around 30 work days paid leave--like almost 1.5 months. They will get ahold of me once the insurance company approves it and will schedule it at that point. I need to have a deposit of $500 ready in case it's not 100% covered. We are looking at August of this year to have the surgery done, and he is guessing he will take about 10 pounds of skin and fat off. OMG!!!! I can't believe it's going to happen. Now I just gotta keep praying that the insurance gods will be kind to me.

He also said that I've done a great job on the weight loss, but he didn't think any more of a loss would ever affect the cup size, so although it's wonderful for my health and I do need to lose, he won't make that a contingency for the surgery. That was another concern. Never even a second thought to him.

Happy: Where are my left overs? I want to try some swordfish. Never had it but heard it's wonderful. I've always love salmon, also. I broil mine with onions, lemons and a little butter on the grill. Oh, yummy!

Raven: I know how badly you want that tummy tuck. I can't believe you are running out of clothes. Oh shucks, time to go shopping. Can I come???? I am weighing in tomorrow night. I gotta "face the music". I am okay with it and know it will make me stronger.

Okay, so my new goal is to get 2 pounds a week off, except for the pms weeks. Then if I break even I'm good. That's 6-8 pounds a month, 30 more pounds by the surgery in August. I'm on a mission now, as if I wasn't before, huh?

Happy Wednesday and keep those good weigh in vibes coming!!


03-30-2004, 10:56 PM
Yay Chachee - perky boobies here you come :cp: :cb: :flow2: That is WONDERFUL news, so happy for you.

I'm supposed to be doing my homework now and not peeking on the forum... but mom's not here to :rollpin: :lol: Let me finish up and I'll be back later if it's not too late.

03-31-2004, 02:10 AM
Ok, I'm back. Geez so much time spent on homework for just a measly 10 points. No wonder the kids complain :lol:

Raven, sounds like you are getting a kick butt workout just riding. Add that to your regular workouts and no wonder the muscles are showing up. I can see where a tummy tuck would be on the "some day" wistful list. It has to be frustrating to be able to tone other things and not have any success with the tummy. Does Pilates help any or do you just get more benefit from the legs and overall posture for yourself?

We're in for a few days of cold and crappy ahead of us. Wish spring would get here already. I have a ton of work to do outside. We can't really plant anything and be safe until at least mid May. It's annoying because each year they come out with the flowers earlier and earlier. You sort of feel pushed to get them even tho there's still a chance of frost only because everyone buys them up and you're stuck with petunias if you wait too long. I did try planting seasonal bulbs one year that should have bloomed continuously from spring to summer but the rat @#$$*@# squirrels dug them all up and ran off with them. I have also thought of concreting everything because I plant all this stuff and then I have to go water and weed it and don't have the time for it. Never satisfied, eh?

Chachee, good luck with your weigh in tomorrow. I hope you are pleasantly surprised. I will cross fingers and toes for the insurance gods to look kindly on you.

Best get my keester in bed. We're supposed to get a mix of rain and snow tomorrow. Lovely as I have to drive to the office and then out for a meeting. Better go turn up the electric blanket a notch or two. 'Night all...

03-31-2004, 02:14 AM
good mornin´ girlie friends!! ~grinz~ great news from all of you across the boards! what a fabulous way to start my day!!

Cachee: if it were me i would don one of those smaller outfit like... the skirt that you didnt have to undo to get up. coupled with one of those sweaters that fits so nicely now around the tum, walk up to that scale with all the grace and poise of Princess Diana and let the numbers be danged!! i am so serious about that. i would put on my face, do my hair the works. you know you can move those numbers in the right direction. look at what your wearing ~smiling brightly~ man i am so happy for you!!
~ rolling her arm thru the air screaming with glee~ WHOOOP WHOOOP!!

oh and Cachee i am so taking you up on your offer of sending me recipes and stuffs from your meetings. please, please, please....and thank you!! i am positive there are different things we could be sharing with each other. but at this point in time....... i couldnt tell you what they are ~laughing~ all my materials come in german. so i take my lil bits of paper (thats what i tell myself , that there lil bits of paper ~nodnodnod~ not a gazillion & 2 words that i havent a clue as to what its saying) grab my Deutsch-English Dictionary and commence to decyphering. yes, its a wonderful exercise in learning this langauge. how they construct sentences and what varying words mean. but its a pain! i am so eager and excited that this is not feeding my instant gratification side. my biggest need, is the need to know dag gone it! ~laughing~

Happy: impressive is what comes to my mind reading your post. your To-Do lists and what it took to do your lists ~grinz~ wtg! at one time i lived by To-Do´s too. but they (oh alright ~blush~) I got compulsive about them. i slowly had to deprioritize them. what i didnt get done today would go on tomorrows, to the point of not even writing them anymore. (unless it one of those days where so much is going on that you gotta.) i went from one extreme to another. i so have to find a happy medium here. you seem to have your finger on the pulse of what makes you tic. i think thats absolutely wonderful. i adore my carb´s but you know they dont agree with you. and actively associate and work towards whats better for you. setting that date for quiting smoking ( from what i have read so far.....~smiling brightly~ you can do it! ) good for you! i am living vicariously thru you and hippy right now. go ladies go!! i dont know if this will help you or not but hopefully ~crosses her fingers and grinz~ on the flights to and from Austria they ranged anywhere from 10-14 hours. i had bought the Wal-Mart brand nicotine gum, i believe it was 16.00 for 22 or 42 chews. to help me get thru the flights. funny thing was though after i got the gum just knowing i had it, i didnt have the cigarette cravings. having my bases covered, like you with the patches, works wonders on the mind set. good luck tooteroo´s i am behind you 100%.

Hippy: your doing so good i dont even know what to say to you ~grinz~ but bravo babes, wtg!!

Raven: same with you. everytime i read one of your posts..... there good things, theres (some) bad things, but in all things you persevier (sp?). your amazing, your all amazing women and i am so happy to have found you. ~ grinning like the cheshire cat who snagged all the cream~

okies quick (let´s hope ~grinz n winks~) blip on where i am at. being the sponge that i am right now. liking to have my bases covered or at least a saftey net if something unexpected happens. needing to find that happy medium in my organizational area ~pant pant~ that was going to be one of the longest run on sentences ever ~laughing~ i have aquired MasterCook 7.0 AND DietPower to go along with my WW Palm! loving these software programs!! had my face in them for days. i could go on and on extolling their virtues and how wonderful they are for me. if any of these programs could be of use or service to you........ i am but a pm/e-mail away ~smiling her bestest and brightest~ thats what we are here for to back up and support one another, so please if there´s anything i can do to help you in your journey......... nutrition analasys, points......whatnots, anythings, joe-whose-so-phats....just ask!!

as its March 31 here are my stats for the month. we are suppose to do this right? ~sheepish grin~

i have walked that dog o´ mine 30 out of the 31 days, most times twice a day. ( alex and i have a schedule, i do mornings, he afternoons, and we evenings ~grinz~) starting out at 15 minutes wheezing walks going up to 45 with no problems!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh me!

March 1st i weighed in at 211 ( i cant believe how hard that was to write, i have never ever been so heavy. if i went over 175 i used to panic...... old tapes ...going back )

March 31st weighed in at 202.
this should be so exciting for me i know, 9 pounds gone. but its not. isnt that awful, i wont be getting excited until i am in the 180´s and still losing. getting back to the old me as far as figure and shape. right now i still see the roly poly wench, hating what i see. but on the brighter side....... there will come a day.......~wink~

goals for April.... last week i stair stepped twice (man were my legs sore doing that and walking). i adore house invaders and wont miss it. so i decided that while it was on i would step up ~sniggering at her pun~ and do some step work on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. on tuesdays, thursdays, and saturdays...... to rest my sore legs, i will stationary row for my arms.

i will keep walking Bosko ( of course , spoiled pup cant get enough of these walks. he fetches his own leash when we say the word.....laughing) but here is my goal. our path is gorgeous, wooded, on a hill, where you can look down and see the Enns river back dropped Austrians call them hills, being from Michigan them thar hills look like Mini Mountains to me ~laughing~ anyhoo..... there are these stairs that twist and turn that i am terrfied of. not because there dangerous or anything, but beacause what goes down....~swallows hard~ yes.......... must go back up. alright which one of you can throw a bullet the hardest!! ~laughing~ shoot me now for even thinking about these stairs..........Motivation behind this endeavor, that pampered pooch and his needs. ya see i have met along this path 2 adorable lil old austrians who walk their dogs every morning as well. warm, friendly, just the sweetest peeps who speak english with me. bless their lil hearts. her dogs love Bosko and they get along famously. his little corgie on the other hand is older and does not like this young studley movin in on his territory.. Bosko likes him though, so hopefully they can come to a truce of sorts soon. back to why....... down the stairs, across the bridge, and to the left is a doggie play area where everyone congregates with their pooches letting them roam free and socialize, while we catch up on the latest happenings in the nieghborhood. doesnt that sound nice??!! nice enough to get me down those stairs come mid month?? hey happy, how bout i use the date you set to quit smoking. you put them down and i will go up......... (this all looks good on paper ladies. i am soooooo going to need you come the 16th)

food and program wise, keep setting up and doing what i am doing, cuz so far its working!! there are 5 fridays in April, and 5 saturdays in May, toss in tuesdays in April, and wednesdays in May for weigh in´s and come the first Saturday in June (my wedding day) how could i not be lighter then what i am now. it is so hard not to be number obsessive.

well thats my plan. as always ladies wishing you and yours nothing but the very best that life has to offer and continued success in our programs!



p.s. the edited thingie was because i had hit something and lord knows what but next thing i knew i had posted before i was thru.......~laughing as she tuggles, none to gently at her blonde puter kinks~

03-31-2004, 09:36 AM
Morning Girls,

I haven't been able to post in days. Had to pop in for support.

Sniffle, tear drop running down cheek :( I am having a terrible time. I am smoking about 2 cigarettes a day and I have gained 5 pounds. I'm tired, have no energy and today I just can't stop crying.

Happy, I give Smoke Away ALOT of credit. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to stop smoking.

Here's my problem. I did really well until the weekend. We had friends over and barbequed. Built a big fire and had some drinks. All of my friends are smokers. I resisted really well until I had a few drinks and I just wanted a cigarette. I thought I would have a smoke with the girls and be done with it. Gary got all bent out of shape and told me that I could not smoke. Telling me he thought I wanted to quite for him and Jordan and did I want to die from lung cancer and so on. I felt like a 2 year old kid in front of everyone that was here. I was so embarrassed. My inner ***** kicked in and I informed him that I'm 38 years old and he will not tell me that I cannot smoke. Needless to say I had several drinks and several cigarettes. I have had 2 a day since. Now he followes me into the store saying he has to go to the bathroom but I know he's looking to see if I'm buying cigarettes. He calls me from work and asks me if I'm smoking. It makes me so damn that I can't see straight. I am still eating like a pig, a 5 pound gain in a week is alot. I can't be doing that. I feel so much pressure that I can't seem to get my eating under control and can't let go of these few cigarettes which will lead to packs again if I don't get the upper hand. My Smoke Away program is finished but I'm thinking about getting another one and going through it again. I really believe that it cleansed the nicotine from my system but I'm putting more back into myself. My cravings I brought on myself when I would relate lighting a cigarette to whatever I was getting ready to do.

I feel like a heel right now, you all have had such positive posts for me and I feel like a big LOSER. I feel like I can't control anything in my life. I can give weightloss and not smoking a **** of a shot but why can't I ever carry through? Why did Gary have to be so nasty? I know he had good intentions but he went about it all in the wrong way. I won't be told what I can and can't do. That's it, It's my attitude right? I keep thinking, "I'll show him" but the minute the pressure gets to be too much I go have a drag or two and I feel much better. I think I do anyway. I can feel the smoke making my belly feel yucky and my lungs ache so I put it out and go get something to eat. By the end of the day I am so bloated because I am soooooooo full that I feel sick. I have a viscious cycle going and don't know how to stop it.

Okay, I'm rambling and I'm afraid I'm going to short out the keyboard with tears. I'm going to go and take a walk. Thanks for listening!

03-31-2004, 11:11 AM
This is a majorly quick one, as I have 400 gazillion things going on at once here. Hippy sweetie, I sent you an e-mail. And this is for you, I think it bears repeating, forgive me if I am getting monotonous with this... ;)

Keep going

Some days it's difficult to see the progress you're making. Some days it may even seem that you're moving backwards. Keep going. The moment you've been working toward gets ever closer as you move persistently through each day.

Each effort, whether you can see it or not, moves you forward. Even the seeming failures make you stronger and push you in the direction of your goal.

Those who keep going only when the going is good, will never make it all the way. The value of achievement is built upon the difficulties you must cross through in order to reach it.

Keep going not only when the going is good. Persist in your efforts even when they seem to be pointless, even when you cannot feel any progress. For the progress is most certainly there. Keep going, and you will surely see it soon enough.

-- Ralph Marston

03-31-2004, 11:26 AM
awwwwwwwwww huggles Hippy. it hurts to see you so broke up by this set back. have a heart to heart with your husband. let him know that you appreciate his concern and care for your well being but at this stage in the game that you both need to change the tactics for this to succeed. let him know how his new approach is making you feel and react. and right now your just to fragile not to react. with weight loss, quiting smoking, winter turning into spring everything looks to be needing this or that done, a wife, a mother, it can get so overwhelming. acknowledge that it probably wasnt the smartest idea to of been serving drinks so fresh out of the gate. work together on solutions for not only the next get together but the here and now.

i know The American Cancer Soceity has " the Great Smoke Out" every November. before i left they were showing an 800 # for free help with quiting smoking. yes its April but here´s the link, surely you can find the number within it along with all sorts of tips and stradegties to aid you.

your post touched me so much. i dont want to see you backsldie or even worse quit quiting. so i had done a quick Google search and came across this as well.....

One study demonstrated that inhaling the vapor from black pepper extract can reduce symptoms associated with smoking withdrawal. Other essential oils can be used for relieving the anxiety a smoker often experiences while quitting.

A variety of herbs can help smokers reduce their cravings for nicotine, calm their irritability, and even reverse the oxidative cellular damage done by smoking. Lobelia, sometimes called Indian tobacco, has historically been used as a substitute for tobacco. It contains a substance called lobeline, which decreases the craving for nicotine by bolstering the nervous system and calming the smoker. In high doses, lobelia can cause vomiting, but the average dose-about 10 drops per day-should pose no problems.

Herbs that can help relax a smoker during withdrawal include wild oats and kava kava.

To reduce the oral fixation supplied by a nicotine habit, a smoker can chew on licorice root-the plant, not the candy. Licorice is good for the liver, which is a major player in the body's detoxification process. Licorice also acts as a tonic for the adrenal system, which helps reduce stress. And there's an added benefit: If a smoker tries to light up after chewing on licorice root, the cigarette tastes like burned cardboard.

Other botanicals that can help repair free-radical damage to the lungs and cardiovascular system are those high in flavonoids, such as hawthorn, gingko biloba, and bilberry, as well as antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc, and selenium.>>

dont worry so much about your weight right now. we have the tools, support and know how to compat/ repair whatever may happen. first things first babes.

sending you as many positive vibes and warm fuzzies as i can. i am here for you, these ladies are here for you, your husband in his misguided way is here for you, and most of all Your here for You. wishing you nothing but the very best sweetling....chin up

03-31-2004, 12:53 PM
Hello Ladies!

First of all, Hippy, big hugs from Alaska. I kow how hard it is, as I have seen my father struggle for about 35 years. I can't imagine the addiction, and that is truly what it is. I am just like you when someone tells me that I can't do/have something, damnit, I'm having/doing it! I'm so sorry that he treated you that way and I would have slugged him if I were there. He has a good point that he only wants you to be healthy and be there for him and Jordan, but his manner in which he conveyed that message was totally inappropriate! He needs to know that in front of friends with drinks in hand is not the right time to discuss these types of things.

I'm so sad you had your setback and sometimes it seems like life is out of control. I am going to think of something to support you today. If I make a small sacrifice to help support you, then I think it might help. (Hint, hint, all you ladies here, lets think of something to show our support to Hippy.) Okay, until you get those five pounds off, I am off the ice cream/skinny cows/ww desserts. It may not seem like a sacrifice to some, but today is weigh in day for me, therefore my new goals day. Here goes:

In support of Hippy and her struggles, I will not induldge in any frozen desserts, which averages two a day for me. Once her five pound gain is gone, then I will reconsider my support goal.

Anyone else want to join in? I am giving this up to show you that friends can make a big difference in weight loss and life success. You let me know when those five pounds are gone, and we will celebrate together!!

Sassy: 9 pounds in a month is wonderful. It's a slow loss, but it's going to stay off. I am going to take your advice. I am going to put on that big skirt and smaller shirt and shimmy off to WW to let that scale know a thing or two tonight. It's not going to get the better of me, and I'm going to show it I am not afraid of what it's going to say to me. Keep up your wonderful goals and I will share any advice/recipes I get from WW.

Raven: I know you are busy, but great job on posting the Keep Going. I enjoy reading that and it keeps me encouraged.

Happy: Keep everything crossed for me and the insurance company!!!! heehee. Thanks for the support on the weigh in. I'm ready to face the music and know that next week is going to be better. Our weather is cold up here again. It went from being in the 40's to being -11 this morning. Brrr... My poor puppies don't even want to go outside and do their business as it's so darned cold!

Okay, ladies, I have a very important date with the scale tonight. I am going to probably be up 2 pounds, but that's okay. I plan on that leaving by the end of the week! I might try to get on here and post tonight after weigh in, but it's doubtful!

Have a great day!!!!


03-31-2004, 02:08 PM
Finally a bit of a break at work. What a day... what a week!!

Chachee - I know that I read that Keep Going thing usually a couple times a day. And when it's as hard as it is right now with me PMSing and the stress, I read it almost every hour. I have it printed out and I just glance at it, and the one part that always jumps out at me is the part about those who keep going only when the going is good and the value of the achievement. I just hope ya'll don't get tired of me repeating myself. ;) Fantastic news on the surgery front for you!!! I'll keep everything here crossed for you too hoping that the insurance will cover it all. That would be fabulous! You must be so excited! :cb: And chickie, I'm proud of you for taking the weigh-in, no matter what the results are. You know that we're here to pat you on the back for all the great work you're doing, and the plain fact is that life is about enjoying food sometimes. I have birthdays coming up in April and May, so I know at least one day of each of the next two months is going to be all about eating stuff that is NOT conducive to weight loss. :lol: But I'm just going to enjoy it, celebrate the birth of my children, and move on. I figure they're worth it, yes? ;) Most days, anyway. You're doing great!! Oh .. and though you definitely have me beat on the temperature (thank god I'm not there anymore) we did have hail today! :rofl: Springtime in GA... 80 one day, hail the next.

Happy - Ack homework. Hey. That's all my kids ever do. :lol: Well, ok, they're homeschooled. What do they know. Now my problem is they're smarter than I am. :p Riding is developing muscles I never knew existed. I'm going to start doing squats and lunges again to work those adducters (inside thigh muscles) so I can grip well enough to post without stirrups. Right now they're getting stronger, but they're little. My daughter's are huge... what a picture, two ladies poking each other's inner thighs comparing the muscle. We're such dorks. :D I have her beat on the calves, though. Mine are GREAT from running now. Pilates helps a lot with the abs. My tummy muscles are getting more and more developed, and I can poke through the flab now to a solid wall of nice muscle. But no matter how much muscle I develop there, that skin is still gonna be hanging around. Blah. I just have to keep moving forward and not let that discourage me. It's rough to do all the work and not have the figure to show for it, but .. one day. I love doing the outside plants thing.. but I'm like you, I don't have time to take care of it!! I need more days off, I need more hours in the day. So many things I want to do, not enough time to do them all. So I guess you used your super-grill to do the swordfish?? :D That sounds so delicious. I hope your blankie kept you warm and cozy!

Sassy - I'll be starting a new thread tomorrow for April, which is where I usually throw my results from the last month and the goals for the new month. WTG girl!!! You're so close to One-derland!! You'll be there soon! I know how you feel about being at a certain weight and feeling like *then* you can start feeling good about yourself. But really.. look at you! Look at what you've accomplished! My goodness, lady... moved to a new country, took on all the challenges, what a woman! You should be very proud of yourself NOW! The weight will come off, but you will always be you, regardless of how much you weigh, and you seem like a very lovely, intelligent, giving, humorous, strong, compassionate, delightful person. Give yourself a hug from me. ;) And regarding those stairs... that sounds like an absolutely WONDERFUL walk. I wish I could join you!!! I need to start walking my dogs for longer distances now that the weather is nice, but unfortunately there are no nice walking paths anywhere near me. I just get to stroll around the neighborhood, which gets kind of boring after a while. But.. it's good for them and for me, so I should hush and just do. :drill: And do I have to fly to Austria and boot your rear down those stairs on the 16th? :devil: You can do it, it might be a little tough at first, but embrace the pain!! Think of poor Boscoe and how much his little doggie heart yearns to be down there... *big sad puppy eyes* :rofl: OTOH if I had the money I'd fly there just because it sounds so freaking gorgeous.

Hippy - Just another *hug* from me. We are so behind you on this, girl. I hope your walk went well, and you're feeling a little more centered now.

I think Chachee has a really good idea there. The one thing I can think of to support our friend is that I've been slacking off a bit on the exercise. So .. Hippy.. to support you and until you can lose that 5 pounds, I will make a committment to work out in one form or another 6 days a week, regardless whether I want to or not! ;) (Please lose it soon?) :cry: :lol:

I'm PMSing SOOOO bad chickies. I am craving chocolate like nobody's bidness here. I even hear that evil little voice in my head saying "hey ... you didn't get a chance to eat your cheerios this morning because work was so hectic, so .. why not just skip your healthy afternoon snack too and eat a snickers bar instead?" *grr* Nasty little voice. It doesn't help that I'm blowing up like a water balloon, or that I have been so broke the last couple days (tomorrow is payday, YAY!) that eating has been of the high sodium cheapness variety. This morning my weigh in nearly turned into a scene from Psycho with the scale being the hapless victim. :mad: So even though I did actually hit and maintain 176 for a few days there, the water weight is piling on this week and there is no hope for that to be my April 1 weight. *sigh* Kind of depressing BUT I have to keep in mind that I started March at 186, and realize that means I have dropped a significant amount of weight this month. And I'm building muscle. So... all in all I'm pretty tickled, really. I just waffle alot lately. I'm hitting my 3 month mark now on doing really well, and I can feel that temptation starting to "take a break." I need to remember this isn't a diet, this is my life. I need to keep in mind what is important to me. If I hit the end of this year and I haven't reached goal, will "taking a break" have been worth it? My guess would be that I'd answer that with a resounding NO! It doesn't help that I ended the month with PMS coming on, I hate that timing. Ok .. back to work, keep going. :D

(p.s. where's Lucky lately?)

04-01-2004, 01:01 AM
Hello Ladies,

Weigh in tonight was face the music night. Okay, so maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Actually, it was really good. I was not up, not down, stayed the same. Amazing how that can happen with those scales accurate to the 0.1, but it said the same, so I stayed the same.

My goals for this week:

1. No ice cream/dessert stuff for support of Hippy.
2. Have at least 2 points left over each day.

I'm getting ready to head out, so I will check in tomorrow morning with everyone! Raven, great job on exercising. I sure do hope she loses that 5 pounds soon!!!

Okay, off to get ready for training tonight.


04-01-2004, 02:11 AM
Whew Chachee, bet you were sooooo stunned not to see a gain. That's fantastic! See you would have wasted your weigh in skip pass. Sometimes, tho rarely, the scale gods take pity on us ;)

Raven, ah yes, big sigh - Snickers - I think Eve tempted Adam with a Snickers instead of an apple :lol: Those things are banned from my life because they send me on an instant bender. There's not much you can do about working around the food choices when funds are limited, but if salt is the most evil thing, guess that's not the worst, is it? Water's gotta be easier to dump than fat. It's interesting that you mention about "taking a break" after a few months - the temptation is strong but remember too how it's a fast slide off the wagon and a killer to get your momentum going again. Go back to your posts at the beginning of the year and re-read your frustration at trying to get back in the swing of things should you be tempted. And if that fails, remember what 198 pounds felt like! Thanks for starting the new thread, I'll look for it tomorrow.

Sassy, congrats on the weight loss for the month. Your walks in the "hills" sound absolutely wonderful. It seems like you have a very well laid out plan - although I have to say that it must be one heckofa challenge converting diet materials from German to English :lol: :?: :rolleyes: Do you get the same kinds of fruits and vegetables and meats we have in the states or are you having to learn to cook and make diet plans with all new foods? I will accept your challenge for April 16th - you take the stairs and I'll give up my crutch ~~shudder, shudder, shudder, shake rattle and roll ~~~

Hello to Lucky before I forget...

Which brings me to dear Hippy :grouphug: BIG :grouphug: Oh man, I read your post and I SOOOOOOOO know that horrible place you are in. Frustration, anger, dissapointment, rage and helplessness. Been there myself. And to be perfectly honest, it scares the heck out of me facing it again. I KNOW I need to quit but there's this teeny piece of me that just doesn't want to give it up and I'm afraid it's enough to keep me from being successful. You have to be strong for a long, long time to get over this. And I think it's far more a mental thing than a physical one. I sometimes thought of doing hypnosis - make me think I never was a smoker and the very smell of it would make me turn my head in disgust just like I feel about cigars. But everything you are feeling is totally normal, it just illustrates how really difficult kicking this addiction can be.

Generally they tell you to avoid situations like the barbeque and bars and stuff for about a month as you are detoxing. But sometimes that's not always possible. And I think you need to have a talk with Gary. Sometimes tough love and good intentions are a good thing, but not in this case. It just pushes you over the edge. Support and kind words and understanding sympathy (even if they DON'T understand) will take you alot farther. My husband is the type who sometimes pounds his chest and says "it's all about making up your mind and doing it" whether it's diet or exercise or taking care of your to-do list or whatever. He quit smoking 30 years ago - the kind of person who just said I'm not smoking anymore, threw his cigs away and that was it. But I was suprised and pleased that he was really sympathetic and supportive as I occasionally whined about how I wanted a cigarette all during the 7 weeks I stayed smoke free. It really hurt me to tell him and my mom and my sister (my cheerleaders) that I decided I couldn't stick with it. So ask him to bear with you and cut you some slack. I'm sure you know his intentions were good, even if the delivery part was not.

And accept that you will gain weight for a while. The nicotine boosts your metabolism and no matter what, you'll gain weight. I gained 10 pounds in 7 weeks eating clean for the first time in my life and exercising like a maniac when I quit. The number one reason most women return to smoking is because of the weight gain. But I can tell you from personal experience that if you start smoking again, you won't lose that weight. And you'll have to go through the withdrawal again and more weight gain the next time around. One thing you can do to counteract it is to boost the metabolism with exercise. Try to race walk or something that will get you winded. Jump rope, jog in place... And you can lose 5 pounds easier than you can clean out the inside of your lungs even if it doesn't seem like it now.

I have not tried any of the herbs that Sassy recommended but I will say PLEASE DON'T even consider Kava Kava. There is a definite link between that and big time liver problems. We used to take that and dumped the stuff out after I did some research on it.

I really understand your frustration about feeling like a loser between the weight loss and the cigs - it's like you are speaking my own thoughts. I hate the stubborn part of me that just digs it's heels in and has it's way with me. But you are NOT a loser and neither am I. If we were we'd just quietly go away from these boards and go stuff ourselves with chips and beers and cigs, wouldn't we? The fact that we're still here hanging on - even if by a thread means there's hope for us. And I'm going to need support too come April 16th. I really am nervous about quitting.

What I can suggest to you is some things I did from the program I was in:
1) If you're still smoking, even if it's 2 cigarettes, switch brands immediately! If you smoke methols, go to non menthols. If you smoke lights, go to the full lung sucking regular brand. Make it yukky to smoke. I have a few packs of my brand left and after they are gone I'm going to buy a pack at a time of either Salems or Winstons - both make me gag.
2) warning - this one's gross. Eeeewwwwww. Take your used butts, put them in a bottle or jar with a lid on it and add some water. After a few hours it will get nice and brown and ugly and stinky - especially as the days go by. When you get an urge to smoke, go open the cap and take a big old whiff of that bottle. Honest, they had us to do that from the hospital program and it IS a deterrent.
3) Take a pin and put a bunch of pin pricks in the cigarette so it doesn't smoke right. Smoke but don't inhale - easier said than done. Smoke 3 in a row one right after the other - and finish them all - that'll leave you disgusted.
4) Take a thick rubber band and put it on your wrist. When you want a cigarette, pull it back and snap it. Enough to say ow but don't leave welts :lol: Chant "I am a non smoker" I don't smoke anymore. I like that cigarettes no longer control me or my life. Think about it, you don't like someone telling you what to do but cigarettes actually DO control your life, your thoughts and the way you look, feel and smell.
5) Imagine in your head how you would look Jordan in the eye and explain to him that mommy has cancer and may not be around to see him grow up, get married or see his children. Do this as you snap the rubber band - is smoking worth that possibility?

I know, it's easy to sit here and give you advice when I'm going to be a basket case in 2 weeks myself. We have like minds and we have to help each other through this. We are not losers, we can do this. Remember that.

04-01-2004, 06:27 AM
wow Happy, that was a very powerful post. I'll just wipe the tears out of my eyes now and go start that new thread. *blink*