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03-01-2004, 09:03 AM
It's a new month girls!!! Personally, I'm rethinking my goals. Anyone else?

:flow1: :flow1: :flow1:

03-01-2004, 12:43 PM
Well, dum de dum, la de da.... Here I am all alone. Sigh. :sorry:

Heck, I'll post anyway. Hopefully, all "the gals" will be along soon.

Had a terrible weekend. :cry: Ate lots of junk and didn't care. But at least I got lots of water in. Not as much as I should have but it had to have helped a little. And I'm back on track today.

It's March. I've vowed to lose 5 lbs. this month, get to Curves 3 times each and every week and drink lots of that good luck water stuff.

Anyone else? Anyone? Come on and join me! I'll tell you the lastest news.... :s:

03-01-2004, 03:30 PM
Hey Chickie!
I see your 5 lbs. and raise you a liter of water. :smug:
I'm going to check out Curves tomorrow morning. I don't care how much it costs...if I like the place, I'm gonna make it work.

So, is there really news or are you just teasing to pull us out? :s:

03-01-2004, 06:09 PM
Hey, girls, I'm back from the Quilt I need a vacation to recover. It was wonderful and I really enjoyed my classes and learned a lot working with the judges. I'll have a quilt in the show next year - going to be hand pieced, hand quilted, embellished with beads and embroidery and it will be a winner. There are many who do handwork anymore and there is a category just for that.

The first day I was off the server went off and they were all too stupid to read the directions to restart it and the database server. When the hotel told them I couldn't be paged, they decided they could read the directions (basically turn it on and then click on the database server icon (I made it as simple as I could for the computer illerates). I had told them I refused to take a cell phone with me - I WAS ON VACATION! - so I didn't have more than 5 voice mail messages a day. I was really bummed out. I told the boss I can't be gone for 3 days and he takes off for 4-6 weeks for his vacation and we work just fine - need more money! It must be a sign of age when you can't find much to buy because you already have most of it. So I was able to come home with more than half the money I took with me - now my friends and I are going to Mary Jo's in South Carolina to try to spend it.

This day has been in the high 60's - pansies are blooming again and the trees are starting - my nose is running. Pine trees now.

03-02-2004, 08:57 AM
Can dogs get spring fever?! My dog is driving me crazy! This past weekend, she chewed the hair off of my nieces Strawberry Shortcake Doll. Yesterday, she hauled a box of Malted Milk Balls that I had bought for DH's lunch under the bed like it was treasure. While I was putting away groceries, I thought that the bagger must not have put them in my bag! Didn't find out what had happened until we went to kept leaving, going under the bed, coming back. I don't think she's feeling well today. :devil: Oh, she also chewed a roll of papertowel the boys had in there room that they used to pick up a DOG TERD. AKA, malted milk ball terd.
OK, I've vented. I'm better now.

Quilter, your quilt sounds wonderful. And pansies! I'm jealous! As you've probably heard, all I have is MUD. :p

Semo, is work eating you alive? I know it's your busy season. Hope you are taking time for yourself. :chockiss:

Well, I'm off to make beds and then get myself presentable for my visit to CURVES! :D

03-02-2004, 09:35 AM
Eww Tiger! I may never eat another malted milk ball again!

... Hm... :chin: Great diet plan! :lol:

Anyway, hope you enjoy Curves. I'm still loving it! :D

Quilter, sounds like you had a great time! I'm so glad. It's too bad you had to come home to a bunch of bozos though. :rolleyes: Yeah, your boss sounds like mine. "Uh, boss, you have to TURN IT ON!" Grumble. Good for you for not taking the cell phone!

OK, my news... I won three free nights at Bally's Las Vegas!! :encore: So Rich and I are going at the end of April. It'll take that long to save up some money and get things organized at work so they can live without me for a few days. (Right, Quilter?) Now we're just trying to find the cheapest flights. Don't even care if they're connections because we'll be on vacation! (Quilter, you've inspired me. :D )

Gotta go. Boss is already here which is an amazing ... and terrible ... thing. Talk to you all later!

03-02-2004, 12:14 PM
I did it! I went! I went! And I'm so glad I did.
And, they have a "special" starting next week. If you bring a bag of groceries when you sign up, you don't have to pay the $80 sign up fee! Cha-Ching! I made an appointment to sign up next Tuesday. :hyper: Oh, and I got to do a workout today. :D I'm just giddy.

Jello, should I feed the dog peanut M&M's? :s: How did you when the free nights?

Dirty kitchen calling my name...but that's ok, cuz I'M GIDDY! :p

03-02-2004, 01:05 PM
Okay tig, reading your post, makes me want to curves right this minute. I may go over there later today, as I have to go out and get diapers anyway. W/ DH leaving next weekend, I need to get in all my running around (w/o the rugrats) out of the way now.

I am so bummed! my scale says I gained 6 pounds in a week. Granted I sort of pigged out for 2 of the days, but is it possible to gain that much weight in a week? I shampooe'd carpets, cleaned out a garage and did walk 2 miles in that time...UGH!! I am so fustrated about the whle thing right now!

03-02-2004, 02:31 PM
Okay, so I did it!! I have an appointment at Curves in an hour (11:30am CA time). I'm very excited about it too. The sun is out and the sky is true blue, thank goodness. It's windy as all get out, but hey, I'll take it over the rain anyday!

03-02-2004, 02:45 PM
Well, ladies, I got up the nerve to step on the scale today and I am back to 150 so I am a happy camper. Guess I walked enough miles at the quilt show to offset what I ate - only had dessert one time and it was to die for - White Chocolate Key Lime Cheesecake. I split a piece with my friend.

Its 78 degrees right now. By the way, I mentioned pansies are blooming again. They bloom most of the winter here, we plant them in the fall, because it's too hot for them in the summer. Still many trees down that haven't been cleaned up yet since the hurricane and still some people not back in their homes.

I'd love to go to Curves and they opened one by my house, but it's only open when I am working. I'd like to go early - before work. Guess I'll still keep walking.

03-02-2004, 04:06 PM
Dyan, how did you like Curves? Does yours have the grocery deal next week? How about kids? The one I'm going to join doesn't have a place for kids. I'll have to figure out what to do with the rugrats this summer. My oldest is 12, youngest 7. I'd leave the older one home alone for a short time, but not ready to leave them together. *danger*

Quilter, keep checking Curves...they have different hours and some open early. The one by me is testing out opening at 7am right now and if enough people come they will keep opening early. Myself, I'll be dragging in around 9am. :p


03-02-2004, 04:07 PM
Oh, almost forgot :cb: way to go Quilter, getting back to 150! :cb:

03-03-2004, 09:33 AM
Cool! Lookit all the Curvy ladies!!! :cool: Go girls! Geez, now I want to go right to Curves and have a workout! Mine opens at 7 in the morning but it still doesn't leave me enough time to go for a workout, then "freshen up" and still get to work on time. :( Oh well. I still enjoy stopping on my way home from work. Just 30 minutes - so convenient.

Well, last night's weigh-in was not good. I talked to the leader for a while (have I mentioned I love my leader!? :love: ) and am feeling a little more "stable". I'm challenging myself this week to stay completely OP. Let's just see, shall we?

One good thing - I'm officially, as of now, giving up peanut M&M's. LOL Thanks Tiger! :lol:

Quilter, send some of those skinny vibes my way, would you? :goodvibes:

Dyan, yes, it's been my experience that one can gain that much in a week. :( The good news is that it's usually just temporary water weight and it (well, some of it) comes off fairly quickly. Hang in there.

Gotta run. Old *itch just strutted by and sneered at me so my day is officially started. Yeah, yeah. Must be terrible to be old and sad and lonely and angry all the time.... What a waste of space she is.

Talk to you all later.

03-03-2004, 09:55 AM
Happy Humpy Hair Cut Day! :p
I'm getting a trim today and maybe color if she can work it in. My stylist is expecting a baby any day now and getting appointments is difficult. Everyone trying to get in for a cut before she goes on leave.
Faye, can you believe I drive to LaPorte just to get my hair done? :dizzy:

Jello, glad to help with the M&M's. Is there anything else you'd like me to feed the little beast? :corn: I forgot to ask the ladies at Curves what to expect when I sign up next week. Do they weigh and measure?

Where is everyone else? :gossip:

03-03-2004, 12:19 PM
Hola Chicas!

Just breezing in to say hi....things are a little hectic at work today. Can't believe it's Wednesday already.

I'm working on something that I hope will help me get on track in March. I had a chance on Monday to review some lab results with my naturopath. She gave me some advice about specific supplementation for insulin resistance... so I am hoping that I can break up that vicious cycle. Gives me just enough hope to try again? Been looking for some inspiration, it's about time.

Gotta run!

03-04-2004, 12:23 PM
Cafe, was wondering about you. Glad you pop'd in. :flow1:

I made a new soup recipe. Found it at site. Over there it's called Tam's Great Vegetable Soup. If I had to name it, I'd called it Italian Vegetable Soup. If you like that sort of thing, it's worth checking out. I added Italian season in addition to the Italian ready tomatoes.

The kids have early dismissal from school today. Mom's play day cut short. :devil:
Not much else going on. Anxious for Curves next week.
Later Taters! :wave:

03-05-2004, 02:22 AM
Hola mi amigos!

I loved it at Curves. The one near me has a sign on the door, saying that due to popular demand they are opening at 6am. Like you Tig, I would love to go in at 9ish, however, also like you, ours doesn't have a place to watch kids. There in lies the problem :( , my youngest sister wants to go with me, which means she wouldn't be around to watch my rugrats, again :( . so I have been wracking my brain, trying to think of someone I can get. My other sister has a 5 month old of her own, so I don't want to ask her. what a pickle. I have an appointment on Wednesday to join....which I am still exited about. I kid you not, my thighs are STILL hurting from Tuesday!!

Wednesday, had an interview, which was a total waste of time. They wanted someone who could speak in front of hundreds of people, and unless I've had more than a few cocktails, that ain't gonna happen. Do ya think they'd let me work drunk? :s: HA!

Jello, thanks for the info. I have been really, really, and I do mean really bad. Looks like I've gained 6 pounds, and it ain't coming off. They will weigh and measure me on Wednesday...I am so NOT looking forward to that.

Cafe: How ya been? missed ya!

We're having a b-day party Saturday for Lucas and Kaleigha so I have been trying to clean at least one room a day. Although today, I had to clean off the desk!! how can such a little space get so junky? I wish our computer wasn't in the livingroom. Oh well. I should just be thankful that we have one.

Well, DH is out tonight w/ his brother and I am so I think I'll just go hit the hay.

Night ladies.

03-05-2004, 09:03 AM
It's Friday! And I have one very excited little boy at my house. He is having a friend ride the bus home and spend the night. Poor me :^: Nah, hopefully it will all go smooth. My oldest will be gone all day Saturday, so that will make it easier. I'm going to rent a couple movies and video games to help keep them busy. Too bad it's so muddy out, there wont be any playing outside.

Dyan, going to Curves will be easy for me until the kids start summer vacation. Then I will be doing the scramble. Maybe they will grow up a lot before then and I will be able to trust the twelve year old to watch the seven year old without causing bodily harm. :stars:

I'll be back later to read ALL THE POSTS that are going to appear while I'm gone. :comp:

03-05-2004, 09:35 AM
And *poof!* here I am! Hey, Tig, how'd you do that? :wizard:

So TGIF everyone! It's been a rough one. I've been working 10 hours at least every day this week. So ready for the weekend. We were going to go get cabinets on Saturday morning and then Rich informs me that he'll be working all weekend. :mad: Well I ain't buyin' them by myself! (We get them really inexpensive at a sort of clearing house about 50-60 miles from here and cart them home.)

Meanwhile, I've been a good little weight watcher. Been counting every point and drinking gallons of water, etc. Going to Curves with an all new "gusto" too. :strong: I owe that to Tiger and Dyan who've been talking about it lately. :thanks:

It's interesting. Sometimes all I need to do is come in here if I'm feeling weak or want to give up and listen to you guys. Gets me right back on track. :gossip:

Well, another day has started so I'll go. Hm, only 9 hours or so until the weekend ... I hope. :crossed: Now I've just got to find something to do with myself at home all alone. Do I see a paint bucket in my near future? :devil: Stay tuned....

P.S. Tiger, how's your little doggie feel about peanut butter cups? :lol:

03-05-2004, 10:23 AM
*poof* :wizard: Hey, I liked that. Let's do it again. *poof* Semo appears from the land of the lost...

Jello, my DH has to work Saturday too...only half a day, but it still feels like it ruins the weekend. Where are you putting new cabinets? I've requested a kitchen design kit in the mail from Lowe's, but it's been a week and it's not here yet. I'm gonna pick out all my dream stuff, have them shoot me a price and then probably drop a few malt balls. :lol:
You know, the boys were saying it looked like the dog had peanuts in her doody the other day...only boys would look.


03-05-2004, 10:38 AM
HEY HEY LADIES, I AM BACK! We had a great time at the shower and visiting friends.

Tig: THANKS for the great weather while we were up there. Didn't get nasty until we left Monday morning to come back home. How is the pooch? You know chocolate is poison to dogs so keep an on him/her. Sounds like you are going to do great at CURVES.

Dyan: The SCALES are NOT your friend. Don't obsess over what they say. Experts say we can have a 6 lb gain a day with the scales because of a variety of reasons so don't freak out. I am sure you are doing fine!

Jello: Darn, girl, why can't you go the first part of April? We will be there April 2-10 and are leaving Easter Sunday to come back home. Our son's wedding is Saturday the 10th. We leave 4 weeks from today for Vegas! WOOHOO! :cb: :cp: We are staying at the Orleans and got a pretty good deal. We also got some great airline prices so decided to fly instead of drive like our original plan which gave us 2 days extra on each end!

Susan: Sounds like you had a fabo time at the Quilt Fest!

Let's all put our heads together and commit to this March being our best ever! COMMIT COMMIT COMMIT!

I am going to the gym and using the treadmill twice a day and doing really well. I let my dd talk me into a Cystic Fibrosis walk here the end of May but it is 10 MILES!!!!! I told her I would do what I could do and that is the best I can do. Maybe 5 miles, but not 10 and not even 5 if it is all hills like the 3.1 one was. My hips and ankles were killing me by the time I finished.

My son and his fiance got some wonderful things at their shower, including a fridge for his pickup that plugs into the cigarette lighter. He was in hog heaven!

Oh, and I bought a swimsuit for the trip and got into a 20-22. I would have preferred 22-24 so the legs and armholes weren't quit so snug but part of it is it is a keyhole neck and I have never worn one of those. Only 2 1/2 months and our pool will be open for me to go back to water aerobics. I have a feeling we are going to have a killer summer as it is already in the 70's here fairly regularly now.

I need to go and get some work done. Check in later with you all!


03-05-2004, 10:59 AM
Poof :genie: Here I am..... Have I mentioned that I HATE CORN SEED!!! We have been having some warm and dry weather (until Wed) and the farmers have been working like little bees, thus working me like crazy. I've not been on the internet because we have been having some virus trouble so "big brother" is keeping a close eye on us, and just too plain tried to get on at home after work. Anyway sounds as if everyone is doing good.
Since it rained DH and I are off to Nashville for the weekend, probably be the last chance until the next big rain.

Susan, I'm so mad at you, well not really.....mad at myself is more like it. I've just been setting here and you went flying by me and are now at what I want as my goal weight. Didn't realize that that light was you coming down the track. heehee Gotta get my butt in gear.... Very proud of you Gal! Glad you had fun at the Quilt show.

Nothing exciting to report, have a great weekend.

03-05-2004, 01:04 PM
**poof!** :m: Oh crap, that wasn't what I meant. :dz:

Hi everyone! What a great trick, Tiger. Can you make huntress show up?

March is a good month for getting on track around here. Been feeling really good the last couple of days. Even the several inches of wet, sloppy, heavy snow this a.m. didn't get me down. My new babysteps approach is feeling really good. Maybe I've learned something about myself? Time will tell.

Wow, guys, curves seems to be the phenomenon! Even people in my RL have been talking about it left and right. Going to have to actually look for one in the 'hood.

Dyan - missed you too! It's great to have you around again. I'm doing good. Life has been pretty NORMAL for me, which I appreciate. :dizzy:

Thrilled to see all of you - I wish I had more time to type individual messages but my (((hugs))) will have to do. Have a great weekend, all!

03-05-2004, 02:45 PM

Faye, I was worried about the dog/chocolate. But she seems fine. It was one of those cartons of malted milk balls. She's a runt and wish I could have seen her drag it off. She chewed the corner off the box, but didn't actually eat all the malt balls. Anyway, she's ok and she's on a diet now!
You lucked out with the weather. Wind advisory today, lots of rain and chance of snow this weekend. Indiana. :p

Cafe, I liked the ALL women aspect of Curves. There were women all shapes, sizes and ages when I went. Not real thrilled about being weighed and measured.
I haven't been on a scale in front of another person in ages. Last time I was measured was for a bridesmaid dress in the 90's. :p

Semo, cornseed. Makes me want to use theses...
:chicken: :ink: :moo: :dance: ....that last one is a lamb.

Oh, lamb...that reminds me. I bought Easter Clings to put on my door. Gonna get that done before the boys get home. :wave:

03-05-2004, 05:15 PM
Uh, what's the Michelin man doing on a farm...???

Oh, it's a lamb! Oh I get it.

Well, guys glad to hear from all of you. I just love it :love: when this board is busy. Faye, glad you had a good time. Dyan, ditto what Faye said about that :censored: scale. And, oh great and magnificent Tiger, please make me thin! :wizard:

... come on, come on.... Don't leave me out here all fat and stuff.... :^:

Oh well, one can only do so much, I understand.

Have an hour to go until the weekend. Oh and I did think about the chocolate not good for dogs thing but I seem to remember my guy eating half a box of chocolate Exlax once. Yeah, I know the chocolate in that's probably artificially flavored but I had other things to worry about with that one, obviously. BTW, didn't phase him one bit. Iron constitution that mutt has!

Gotta run. Things to finish up and then off to Curves. :strong: Then maybe the video store. It's a gray, foggy evening already. Have a great weekend all! :D

Old Man Michelin had a farm ... E I E I O....

03-05-2004, 11:38 PM
A new month! I don't know if that makes me happy or sad....or just plain frustrated.........2 months into this New Years Resolution thingy and I have lost 12 pounds......and gained 12 pounds! I have been really in the dumps over this......then I read all your upbeat posts and am ready to give it another go. I know exactly what I'm doing wrong......too much eating the wrong thing and not exercising enough......sounds like the same old song, doesn't it? to break this cycle.

The good news is DH went to doctor this week and doctor has finally convinced him that his diabetes is real and needs attention......his readings aren't all that high now, but need to be lower so as not to cause problems in the future. DH actually came home and asked me for input into a diet regimen! Looks like I will have a live-in diet buddy!

The rest of the week went.......well, it went. Some demented person hacked into my puter.....took down the firewall and fixed it so I couldn't put it back up......then set themselves up as a user and had a party! Lucky for me I am married to a puter wizard who has spent the last 3 days scrubbing and reformatting and updating.......and, hopefully, I can keep this machine on the straight and narrow from here on out!

Enough of this whining.......and heres hoping the next post will have a more positive spin on it!

03-07-2004, 01:15 PM
So we had the birthday party yesterday, and I am so glad it's over. I think everyone had a good time. The kids loved all their presents, but now I have to go through and see which ones they get to open and play with. With our move seeming like it's just around the corner, I don't want to have to repack all their toys. Cheyenne got ALL her toys taken away, about a month ago. I was so mad at her! It me hours and hours to clean her room. I couldn't see the floor, literally, and when I did I was pissed :mad: . There was food on the floor and empty wrappers hidden behind her entertainment center (They aren't allowed to eat in their rooms), boy o' boy was I ready to hurt her. There were cookies on the floor, chewed up and spit out food (from her 2 year old sister) and it was just gross. So before I even went in her room I told her that I was packing up all her toys, and she was like "You mean my room's going to be clean?" She could have cared less that I was taking all her toys. So at anyrate they are all packed in the garage and ready to be loaded into the moving truck. I think I mentioned before that we are moving to Utah. DH is leaving next weekend :cry: :yikes: , and the kids and I are going to hang out here until the end of May. I so do not want to be a single mother of 4, ages 5 and under. Kaleigha and Lucas are the trouble makers. So far, they took all mine and DH's socks and threw them in the toilet in our room. A few days later it was toys in their toilet. Then just the other day it was hair things (scrunches, etc...) followed by Cheye dropping a log in the middle of it all!! HELP :dizzy: .

03-08-2004, 01:17 PM
Hey all! Monday Funday.

Dyan, you always crack me up with tales of your kids antics. I know it's not funny to you, tho... apologies. The first thing I thought is that your kids are flylady boogying for you. :) Wasn't it you who posted her website a long time ago? ( Somehow, our minds work better with less stuff around? Chey and me both, anyway! It's still hard for me to go into cupboards and sort/declutter (bleh! who wants to.), but not having the surface clutter I used to makes me SO much saner. I don't miss anything. I'm excited for you & your move. New beginnings so inspiring.

MsRD - good for you! hop right back on the horse. :yes: that's all we can do.

Jello - your poor, poor dog. LOL! You would think they'd learn from these experiences?

Tiger - Tape measure, yikes! I did that a year ago, or maybe a bit more? My policy: as long as I don't have to really look at the numbers, they can write them down. I know that stuff is supposed to jump start you but it makes me want to bury my head in the sand?? But we women can do anything for the greater good.

Well, It is snowing like crazy here. Visibility about 1 block when I look out the window. That is, I can't see the buildings 2 blocks away. But the snow doesn't even phase me because winter is almost over. How do you like that?

03-08-2004, 03:16 PM
Hey Girls :kickcan:
I had to pick youngest son up from school early today. He's sick. I'm in panic mode...if he doesn't go to school tomorrow, I can't go to my Curves appointment. He has temp, running nose, sore throat and a headache. :rolleyes: On top of that, I sorta let this weekend turn into another "last supper" since I knew I was starting Curves this week. :^:
I've been trying to teach myself WW and I wouldn't even want to guess how many points I inhaled. :stars: I can't count that high.

Dyan, my kids aren't allowed to eat in there room either. But somehow wrappers appear in the bottoms of drawers and toy containers. Little Devils. :devil:

MsRD, I think it's great you will have your DH as a healthy lifestyle partner. My DH is still in denial that he needs to eat healthy and it really throws a kink in my plans.

Cafe, we have a light dusting of snow. On the bright side, it covers the mud!

Jello, did you rent any good movies? I had kid movie weekend...School of Rock and Good Dog. Nothing to brag about, but watchable.
Have you been sticking to your points? Do you do a good job figuring points for homemade dishes? Old casserole and soup recipes...I need to dust of my brain and try to calculate them.

Sir Owen beckons from the couch...Nurse maid runs to his side... :p

03-08-2004, 04:18 PM
Rejoice with me, my dear friends! I was ... wait for it .... GOOD this weekend!!! A first for me!!! I'm so darn tickled with myself, I'm obnoxious about it. Yay me! :encore:

See? :p

I behaved this weekend. I ate good stuff, counted points, kept the "VFW count" to one light beer and much diet coke. I got on my treadmill every day. I went out to breakfast on Sunday and placed a special order - egg white omelette with onions and peppers and mushrooms and dry wheat toast so I could use just a little jelly. Ate only half of the hash browns. :eating2: Grand total for breakfast was 5 points. And how do I know this? Well, I just whipped out my WW points journal thingie in which I'd written it all down. Oh I'm so smart and so very clever, an absolute genius! :cloud9:

OK, I'm done. Sorry. Ooh, but look at the new smilies! Just gotta use this one ... :lol3: Too cute.

Tiger, sorry to hear kiddo's sick. Hope it doesn't stop you from your appt. at Curves. :( BTW, I didn't get to rent any movies this weekend. Just did a little stuff around the house instead. Funny, didn't seem to get much accomplished anyway. :chin:

Cafe, keep the snow out your way, would ya? We were supposed to get some of that slushy snow/rain mix but the sun's out now. :sunny: It is awfully cold though. My poor little flowers are getting all confused.

MsRD, sorry to hear of your 'puter troubles. Kinda scary what one :censored: computer geek with nothing better to do can do. Also sorry you're struggling with this old weight loss thing. Been there. Done that. Wish I had a magic answer for you. :wizard:

Hm, maybe ask the magical Tiger!?!?

Dyan, sometimes your posts read like the script of a new TV sitcom. Hang in there girl!

Well, I gotta run. No I mean I really gotta run. All that water, you know. :rolleyes: I hope this latest run of success lasts ... at least through tomorrow night's weigh-in....

Oh, just one more time .... :lol3: Oh just too cute!

03-08-2004, 11:20 PM
Cafe ~ It's okay if you laugh :D , my family and friends do it ALL the time. They tell me it's the way I say it, and not so much that it's funny. When I was telling them about my worst Valentines Day ever (Years and years ago), alot of them had tears in their eyes, because the way I was saying it was so darn funny! :lol3: , Go figure!! Sorry to hear about the snow. It was pretty hot here today, hot enough to put the rugrats into shorts.

Jello ~ One of the guys I used to work w/ would call me over to his desk every Monday morning and ask me how my weekend was. Even though a weekend could have been pretty uneventful in my book, he would think it was very amusing and told me that I could have my own sitcom. Trouble always had a way of finding me. I swear, I never went looking for it :s: . I am so envious of your great weekend. Like Tig, I've been eating like it;s my last supper.

Tig ~ how do you handle the food sitch? It drives me bonkers :crazy: ! I hope you can make it to your Curves appt. I have my appt on Wednesday. By the way, yes they are also doing the bring a bag of food promotion, this week. i am still trying to rope people into watching the rugrats 3 times a week. I got one of sister's to help me out on Wednesdays. I think I can talk my mom into helping me on Mondays, and I have a friend whose son goes to school a few blocks from my house and she doesn't work on Fridays, so I'm going to work on her. Turn on the charm....

Crap, gotta run, Zoey is fussing.

03-09-2004, 07:57 AM
hello, I dont fit into any of the catagories like WW or anything like that i am just being old fashioned and eating less/low calorie and more excersize :) So i hope its ok if i stop by here!

03-09-2004, 10:35 AM
Hello all from the good girl! :angel: Still behaving and wondering about tonight's weigh-in. Send luck girls. :goodluck: I could still blow this. :dunno:

Tory, welcome. Of course it's OK if you stop in. Stay awhile! We're a good bunch. :balloons: I see you're in the UK. I've been to England twice and to Scotland last year. Love love love it over there! :) BTW, like your sig line. Sounds almost like mine. Uh, what's the big day next May? I'm guessing.... ;)

Gee, Dyan. Maybe you could write books? Or comedies? When you're rich and famous, remember us OK? :^:

Good luck to the new and upcoming Curves ladies. You'll love it, I just know. I still do. I admit there are times when I just don't wanna go but I do becuase I know I should. :coach: It helps to know it's only 30 minutes and I feel so much better when I've done it! :bubbles:

Too many interruptions this morning so I'd better go before I start to ramble... which is something I never ever do. :rolleyes: Can't believe it's snowing outside my window :p after temps in the mid-60's last week. Ah well. Spring's coming ... isn't it? My little crocuses are so very confused.


03-09-2004, 10:35 AM
Good Morning Girlies and a GREAT BIG WELCOME TO TORY! I decided to pop on for just a minute so maybe I won't get nailed for being here. I'm not too busy this morning so I'm just setting here having my morning brew. :coffee: I'm officially RE-starting my low carb diet this morning. :eating2: Susan you are my inspiration Girl.

So what did you all think about the Martha Stewart thing. She's not a favorite of mine but looked as if they were out to set an example with her. Lesson being don't screw with OUR money either.

Jello good luck on the weigh in :goodscale

Wish we had a curves near me, sounds like fun. DS bought a bowflex type rig, he's going to show me how to use it. :workout:

Guess I'd better get to work. :coffee2:

Love all the new smilies.

03-09-2004, 11:40 AM
I would like to Join you. I am doing my own thing, tried them all. I have lost about 19 lb's so far and holding my weight. Sometimes I bounce up and down a pound. Today I am starting my thing of eating fewer calories. I have type 2 diabetes, so have to watch my bg too. I really think that If I lose down 30 more pounds or so my blood sugar readings will be okay, as I am not real bad. I weigh around 179, depends on my scale or Doc's scale. I am 5'4" tall.

I Just found this forum, and really like it.
I know we can do this girl's,

03-09-2004, 01:49 PM
Hello Shirl! Welcome. :wave: This is a good place to be. :grouphug:

Me personally, I go to Weight Watchers. Rejoined back in December for the :censored: time. It's been ssssllllloooooowwww but I'm hangin' in there.

And speaking of hanging in there, girls, today's been pretty miserable around here. Wet snow, then rain, then more snow... It's gray and ugly and cold. And we all know how Jello loves winter weather.

Not! :nono:

Does spring really take longer to come each year or is it just me getting old?

Don't answer that.

Well, stomach's growling. It's about that time of day. Hey, do you guys have Giant food stores? They have their own brand of light hamburger, hot dog and sandwich rolls. Very tasty :T and only 1 WW point each. One of those with fat free turkey slices, lots of lettuce, tomatoes and spicy mustard and maybe a pickle or two. Light lunch!

OK, now my stomach's hollering ... loudly. :o Gotta run!

03-09-2004, 02:32 PM
Hi:wave: Welcome Tory and Shirl!

Semo, interested to hear how you like the bowflex. They look simple, but doubt that is the case.

Jello, I hope your week OP pays off at tonights weigh-in. :goodluck:

Dyan, when you join Curves are you going monthly? Just occured to me if you move it wouldn't make sense to join yearly. Do they do monthly? :chin:

No Curves for me today. Youngest son stayed home sick, then to top it off, had to pick up the oldest early from school for a sore throat. I made another appointment at Curves for Friday. Boys better be healthy and back at school by then! :devil:

Faye, Faye, come out and play! :p

Tory and Shirl, you'll have to tell us more. Married? Kids? Work?

Oh, and one more thing. Last night we had geese in the pond and this morning there were ducks! I was so excited! Now if we could just get grass planted around it so it doesn't look like the biggest mudd hole ever. :dizzy:


03-09-2004, 02:43 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome! :D

Jello...The big day is my wedding Day :D I am very excited and im sure you will be sick and tired of hearing about it soon!! :lol:

SEMO...thanks for the welcome! :)

Shirl...Welcome to you too!!

Tigerlilly...You wanted to know a little about 21 and am getting married may 7th Next year, we dont have any children yet although we do have two babies (our 2 retired greyhounds!) and i work with children aged 18 months-2 years in a day nursery :D My finace and i have been together for 3 years and we bought a home together last may!

Thats me!

03-09-2004, 07:47 PM
Thank you Tory, Jello, Tigerlilly, Sema,
May have missed someone, but Hi to everyone and thank's for the welcome.

I am married 3 kids, 4 grandkids, 1 dog.
From S.E. Kansas.

Love decorating old houses and spoiling my grandkids.

Nuf of that. I want to be healthly and see some great Grandkids someday.

Nice weather here in Kansas. My Sis came today, we went out to eat and tryed to stay on my diet, but think I went a little overboard. Back on track tomorrow, so I won't beat myself up about it.
Have a great evening girl's,

03-10-2004, 01:30 AM
HOLA To all the newbies, Tori & Shirl!! and all the regs too!!

Had to cancel my Curves appt., for tomorrow :( , haven't gotten any moola yet, so I changed my appt to Thursday. Tig, I will be paying monthly, and when I move, they said I'll need to fill out transfer papers and they'll transfer all my info out to Utah. I know they have them out there I just have to find one near me, or else tell Dh that that is one of the things he'll have to look for when he's lookiing for a place to live.

Jello ~ how was weigh in? I have been doing really crappy and telling myself, that I'm gearing up to be serious, not only that, I realized that my monthly friend should be visiting next week and I go through eating spurts every month the week before. Ya know, my brother is a very good writer and illustrator, and he's been trying to get published. Me, on the other hand....I write an annual Christmas letter and that's about as far as it goes ;) . Although my ceative writing teacher, in high school, did tell me I should try to get an ode that I had written published. I'm not big on rejection, so I rejected that idea :smug: HA!

Tig ~ I hope your boys start feeling better, I know how it is. It SUCKS, but hey...what cha' gonna do?

Okay, so are I need a volunteer to come live with me and my kids for a few months while DH is gone....any takers? :shrug: We're in :sunny: California. You know, the place where you can go to work in shorts and flip flops, where we roller blade in our bikinis to the grocery store! Heehee...that would be some sight.

Okay so I'm rambling.....I just better take my rear end to bed....

03-10-2004, 07:40 AM
hi everyone! Dyan sorry you had to cancel your appointment!

03-10-2004, 10:30 AM
Hey lookit me! I'm now the proud owner of a pink 10-lb WW ribbon! :encore: Only took me, what, 14-15 weeks to lose 10 lbs. Sigh. Yeah, yeah, slow and steady wins the race and all but sheesh! :sorry:

Nah, I'll be happy! Down 2 lbs. this week and I'm gonna' keep up the good work. This I vow.

Interestingly, our WW leader was being evaluated last night during our class. The woman evaluating her, it turns out, was my WW leader from years ago when I was married to old whatshisname and living in another town. I spent half the class looking over at her trying to figure out where I knew her from :mag: and then it hit. Didn't get a chance to talk to her though.

Dyan, don't worry. You'll get to Curves eventually. :crossed: And I just know you'll like it.

Tiger, how are the boys? Ditto what I said to Dyan about Curves.

Hey Shirl, want to come decorate my ol' house? :lol: As most of the gals here know, DH and I have been "renovating" for, oh, a million years or so. Going to look at china cabinets this weekend for the dining room.

Oh, did I tell you guys about the dining room? Well, remember my li'l pink room upstairs. The room that was soooo very pink that it was painful to look at? :eek: Pepto Bismal mixed with cotton candy in a massive bubble gum explosion! Well, picture the same basic concept in yellow. :rolleyes:

The idea was to sponge on the yellow so that it wasn't quite so intense. I tried it. Hated it. Ended up using the very yellow paint (a color called "Full Sun" ... quite!) to just paint the walls intending to get some lighter shade of yellow and glaze to sponge on and tone it down. Well, guess what. The color kinda grew on me. :sunny: So I'm keeping it. And dear Rich is so easy-going. So we have a bright yellow dining room to furnish now.

Well all, the initial plan was to go for the cabinets with Rich today. Now he tells me he has to work so I've got an afternoon off with nothing to do. Day is gray and cloudy but at least the snow and rain have stopped ... for now. Hm, been a long time since I just wandered around shopping.... :idea: Tough job but someone's got to do it.... ;)


03-10-2004, 11:06 AM
Jello - Congrats on your PINK RIBBON and your great weekend!!! You keep it up, girl. Babysteps.

Welcome to Tory and Shirl. :)

Dyan and Tiger - You WILL get to curves. :yes: Making the appointment is 3/4 of the battle, and you've done the hard part twice! I know you will succeed.

Well, I'm doing really well I'm happy to say. Time will tell if the latest regimen I've concocted produces any results, but I'm feeling really good and that's enough for the moment. Granted, it's a paradigm shift to adhere to a plan without being driven by results. But I'm trying it on and so far I like it. After all, there's nothing but postive feedback because the doing is an end in itself.

SEMO - Glad you're getting a couple of minutes to yourself these busy days for you. I'm low-carbing after a fashion, too!


03-10-2004, 11:10 AM
:cheer: rah, rah, Jello :cheer: How much more do you want to loose?
Have you seen the WW at home kit they sell for $125? I am again thinking about buying it. It would be cheaper than weekly meetings in the long run. And I could require DH do my weigh-ins. He just needs a good talking to! I need to get this man on my wagon! (dont even go there Jello) :lol:

I'm still miffed that the kids got sick and made me cancel my sign up appt at Curves. For once I decide to do something for me and WHAM@! I know I've rescheduled for Friday, but I feel like the "forces" are against me.
Youngest son went to school today. Mild cough and sniffs, he'll live. Oldest son is holding down the couch. Temp and sore throat. :dz:

Speaking of remodels...I still haven't gotten the kitchen design kit I requested from Lowe's almost three weeks ago. What's up with those people?! On the flip side, the lawnmower man is coming to pick my yard beast today. I may have to buy a new mower instead of a new kitchen anyway. I feel like Eyore. Can someone tack my tail back on...

03-10-2004, 10:21 PM

I don't know if it was Faye with her "COMMIT COMMIT COMMIT" or all of those magical POOFS :wizard: that was going on, but I am back on track and more determined than ever. I have started a food diary (Now......that's a test of one's honesty!), am drinking my water, and even doing a little exercise :fr:....and the scale was down 2 lbs this AM!

Welcome Tory.....and congratulations on the upcoming wedding! I hope you let us in on all the details. And greyhounds too? I met my first greyhounds last summer and fell absolutely in love with them......and, if I didn't already have a dog and 2 cats, I would have adopted the greyhound on the spot.

Welcome Shirl.....this is a great bunch of ladies and it sounds like you fit right in!

Semo.....tell me how the bowflex is working out. The TV ads make it look so easy, though I can just imagine pulling back and launching myself into the next galaxy.

Jello......WTG on the pink ribbon thing! :cp: You are proof positive that baby steps get you to your goal!

Weather here is getting the 40's today. All our snow is gone, and I have been poring over the new garden catalogs. Having lots of fresh veggies in the summer makes dieting all the say nothing of all the bending and weeding and hoeing involved!

I have been doing some research on the Tufts University internet site.. They have a nutrition navigator.....which lists (and rates) a gazillion nutrition internet sites. I haven't studied nutriton since 5th grade when they had 7 basic food groups.......and wow! have things changed!

Gotta to you later!

03-11-2004, 10:34 AM
Good Morning All. So far, so good on getting back on track with low carbing. Still letting my hair grow, everyone has made comments that they havenít seen me with my hair this long. When I saw DS this weekend, he said ďWhy is your hair so BIG.Ē I have a lot of hair but itís sorta fine, if that makes sense, Iím was a 60ís teen so I donít like FLAT hair.

Other DS has a CrossBow, couldnít remember the name the other day but knew it was similar to the Bow Flex. He loves it, Iíve used it once, night before last, and will use it again tonight. Iím a firm believer in weight training, even using dumb bells/resistant bands are great for every woman. Anyway back to the CrossBow, you can hit every muscle in your body, I have to keep looking at the poster to remember what to do. Iím walking and get enough lower body exercise so Iím using it for upper body. Crunches, butterflies, side twist (donít know what you call that move) overhead, etc every other night. Itís a big piece of equipment and takes up most of his bedroom, but itís what he wanted.

Weíve had farmers in here lining up their fertilizer needs all week, gosh, I am not ready for this at all. If it keeps raining we will be working day and night to get caught up when it gets dry. I need to find a different job, one thatís more consistant in the work flow. Say one that I can do nothing and get big buck forÖÖÖÖ.Anyone know of that kind of opening?

Jello, get your wand back out and see if you can conjure up DNW and Faye. Where are yaíll. Faye, tell us about your trip.

Guess Iíd better get going, see ya later.

03-11-2004, 12:05 PM
Good Morning!

Way to Go MsRd! Glad you didn't let discouragement get the better of you.

This week's going fast. I always like that.

Tig - hoping that 2nd child gets well today so you can have your appointment tomorrow.

SEMO- Wow that crossbow thing sounds cool. I'm not sure where I would put one, but I'm not sure where I would put a son either so go figure. ;)

OK, the music from my boss's office is totally stalling my thought process, need to plug myself in to my own tunes. :dizzy: HEY, ever heard of headphones? Guess people with doors don't have to think of that.

Ciao, bellas!

03-11-2004, 03:02 PM
Whew, I took 2nd son to school at lunch time since he was feeling better. Now if they both make it all day and leave on the bus tomorrow morning...CURVES for Momma!
While I was at the school, I picked up a couple applications. :faint: One just to be a cafeteria sub. I heard they need one and I could do it for the rest of the school year. And another app to substitute teach...I'd like to do that next school year. I do have a college degree...just not in teaching. But I guess I just have to get a sub-certificate. Seems easy enough. The kids will probably eat me alive. :stars:

Hope eveyone is having a great day!
I'm going to stir up some lunch. :wave:

03-11-2004, 03:07 PM
hya everyone :)

Well after a busy day at work i came home and did 30 mins of my Aerobics work out video...also did 1 hour of it yesterday :D

Do you think that 30 mins each day would be enough to make a difference??...i just dont get the time todo the full hour every night!

Hope everyone is well with everyone! Hope you get to go to Curves Tigerlilly :)

03-11-2004, 03:24 PM
Guess I'm a little late checking in today. Bossman is back from his trip and running around like a lunatic. Well, more so than usual. :rolleyes: Ain't enough coffee in the world today! :coffee:

Tory, I think 30 minutes a day is great! It's actually the whole idea behind the Curves concept here in the US. Workout is just 30 minutes from start to finish.

Tiger, drive them to the bus stop and push them aboard! :strong: Yeah, easy for childless me to say, right? Still, hope you get to Curves.

Semo, oooh nooo. It's not me with the "powers". :wizard: That would be our own Tiger workin' her magic. Better check with her. I am not worthy! :lol:

But Semo's got a point. Whatever happened to those chickies!? Faye, you around? DNW? How 'bout you?

Cafe, I have to admit that I'm the one in this office with the radio. :cb: But I try to keep the volume down to a dull roar, I swear!

MsRD, welcome "home"! Good to have you back! :D

Well, you guys, I have to go. It is almost Friday, isn't it???? :^:

03-11-2004, 03:53 PM
ohh thanks Jello...was wondering what curves was! ok will keep that up then :D and yes its almost friday!! woooohooooooo!

03-11-2004, 04:50 PM
Hate to burst any bubbles, but 30 minutes a day is for healthy, you need at least 1 hour for weight loss according to Heart Association and USFDA. This is the result of a new study and was published in New England Journal of Medicine a few months ago.
30 minutes will tone you and make you look better.

03-11-2004, 04:53 PM
well i do 30 mins or Aerobics and then we walk our dogs for a further 30 mins or so but i only do 30 mind of focused Aerobics... I guess i will have to wait and see if there is any more loss on monday :( to see if it is working for me or not.

03-12-2004, 10:36 AM
Really Quilter!? I didn't know that. :?: Thanks for the heads up! However, an hour a day is impossible for me. Ain't enough hours in a day. I'm hoping even the 30 minutes will do me some good! :chin:


Hey it's Friday! TGIF and all that. Boss called in that he's running late. (Oh, I'm so disappointed. :lol: ) Actually, it's been kinda quiet around here which is not a good thing. If I'm not busy, I get bored. And we all know what that can lead to. :eating2:

Off to find myself a project of some sort. Hm, files could use a good clearing out...

03-12-2004, 10:40 AM
You don't have to do an hour of strenuous exercise. Walking is good and gardening and that kind of stuff counts as well - in other words, get up and get moving. Supposedly they are going to include that in the new food pyramid in 2005.

I have been snowed under with work here - busines is booming, which is great, but I haven't had time to post.

Have a great weekend!

03-12-2004, 11:48 AM
Happy Friday Everyone!

Re: Exercise, Anything is better than nothing! -that's my philosophy. If you do what you do and FEEL GOOD about it - and that will keep you coming back for more. For anyone who's a perfectionist like me, high expectations are a huge burden. Instead, I'm going to rejoice if I break into a sweat doing chores around the house for 20 minutes and be downright gleeful if I make time for a 30 minute workout. Fools paradise? OK! ;)

I'm really thrilled at the weekend coming up. Of course, it'll probably snow again. :rolleyes: Still, it's sunny today and it's Friday. My female boss surprised me yesterday with the nicest present. And I woke up today at 6 am in spite of the fact that I forgot to switch on the alarm clock last night. How cool is that?!

Tig, I'm sending you tons of curves vibes today!!


03-12-2004, 01:26 PM
WooHoo!I'm a Curves girl now! Signed up today and had a great workout. :cb:
As for the time issue and Curves...they advertise a 30min workout. I guess that's if you do 2 laps around the circuit. I did 3 laps today, so that's 45min. Then there is stretching after that and for my cool down...walk down the plaza to the grocery store and do a few laps there push'n a cart. :dizzy:
I'm so excited and glad I finally did this for myself. *giddy*

Any big plans for the weekend out there? We have baseball signups and haircut appointments for the boys. And if I'm lucky, DH will want to work downstairs on the construction zone. He's been on a big "time out" from working down there and I'm starting to get a little stir-crazy over it. :devil:
If only my magic powers worked on men. :lol:


03-12-2004, 04:18 PM
Woo Hoo! Look at Tiger go!! :cp: Good for you!!!

Cafe, I can feel all these positive vibes coming off your post! :goodvibes: You go girl!

I'm hitting Curves tonight myself. Don't wan't to miss it. But there's a girl here who's having a hysterectomy on Monday morning so a bunch of us are going out to a local pub to give her a send-off of sorts. :hat: Still, I've decided that I'm going to have one quick drink and then head off to Curves. How's that for dedication?

Tomorrow morning, it's off to the warehouse store about 80 miles from here to look at cabinets. We've decided to put a narrow counter and a few cabinets on the back wall of our dining room (you know, the yellow one! :lol: ). Just enough room for a toaster oven, coffee maker, etc. A little breakfast nook of sorts. Yeah, just what we need - another renovation project. :rolleyes:

Hey, it'll keep me busy.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

03-12-2004, 04:24 PM
:shrug: Where'd everybody go?

I'm still on my Curves High. :D
Dyan, did you get to go yet?

Well, hope everyone has a great weekend. I probably wont be back until Monday. The men people are 'puter hogs on the weekends. :ink:


03-13-2004, 07:56 AM
:wave: hi everyone, hope your all having a great weekend! Im finally in ONEderland as per my weigh in this morning!!! wooohoooooo

Tiger thats great...makes you feel good huh?!!

03-15-2004, 02:25 AM
Hey Ladies,

Can only drop by for a minute. DH is gone and it's just me and the far so good.

As of thursday I am an official member of Curves. I even went on Friday. I was able to get 20 curve bucks by bringing in another bag of food on Friday. I love the fact that you can't buy their shirts, water bottles, etc....but that you have to earn Curve bucks to get them. I'm hoping to get there in the morning, but at this point, it's up to whomever (mom, sister or sister) is willing to watch the kids. I went about 10am the last few times and there was may be 2 other people there. I try to beat the lunch rush.

As of Monday morning, I will be back on track. I have a new short term goal. I want to knock my DH's socks off when he comes home, not sure when that will be, sometime next month I hope. Just by feeling better about myself, I know that I will carry myself well.

well gotta go.....Oh side note, DS is a potty training machine!! Been training for 5 days, and already he's a super star. Has only had 1 accident a day!! WHOHOO....he'll be 3 next weekend, and I hope to get him on the "big people potty", and not the potty chair, by then.

03-15-2004, 11:47 AM
Monday Funday. :rolleyes:

Dyan - Hooray for potty training!!! You are doing awesome on your own so far - I'm proud of you! Don't get overwhelmed and everything else falls into place, eh?

Tory - Congrats on entering Onederland!

Tiger - You rock, woman! Hope your magic worked on the weekend.

Jello - Well, the "supervibes" took the weekend off. ;) I was
T I R E D and rested a lot, weather was also creepy and aunt flo came to town so I laid low. BUT, it's a new week and I'm ready to keep doing good for myself. Getting the period is like a big speed bump. Get past it, keep moving - that's the only strategy.

OK, well I suppose they pay me to DO something here!


03-15-2004, 12:58 PM
Man, I have got to get better control here! Sorry I have been so absent. but brother have I been busy all last week. Between eye doctor, zoo with T, still working on stuff for the Vegas trip, I don't seem to be doing anything but spinning my wheels lately. I am getting to the gym everyday or twice a day depending if Jack goes in the afternoon or not.

Let's see, my opinion about Martha Stewart. I think she did it, but I don't think they have anything but heresay evidence so she shouldn't be convicted of anything and I DON'T think it has anything to do with her products so I think it is crappy if people stop buying them. Personally, I think she is a Leona Helmsly type and I can't stand her, but Jack had a good point. A man wouldn't have gotten this kind of treatment. Women still are B's when it comes to business if they are tough.

Hope everyone is getting over the flu and colds stuff. We have been lucky that I guess our flu shot this year is keeping us from getting sick.

I DO NOT ENVY THE POTTY TRAINING! I was at the Dr's last week with Jack and they had the television playing this health channel junk and on it was this video about teaching your kids about potty training. What the heck happened with the good ole "sink the Cheerios" method?????? :lol:

I have put on a bunch of lbs over the last 2 months so am cracking down hard on myself again. Funny, I have no problem with the water or exercise, but do with my eating program so it is back to square one for me!

Well, I need to go and get some stuff done. Check back soon


03-15-2004, 01:32 PM
Hey All!

Faye, glad you stopped by. I was wondering what happened to you. I can see myself having the same problem....willing to exercise, but hard to control food. I've been trying really hard to keep the bad foods out of the house.
I did have Burger King over the weekend, but that only happens once every few months so no beating myself up for that.

I went to Curves a little earlier this morning. It was packed...but still room for me to hope in. I was next to a 75 year old woman who had more energy than everyone there! They had an oldies CD playing and she was singing along, dancing. Very impressive.

Jello, what kind of music does your Curves play? The oldies are playing every time I go, but wonder if it's just what they play in the morning. I like the oldies, but would also like them to change it up a bit. Variety!
Did you get the cabinets for your yellow room? We didn't work on the downstairs. DH got sick. So much for my magic powers. :p

I'm off to stir up some lunch before the "eat whatever" monster strikes. :wave:

03-15-2004, 03:12 PM
My weekend started good. Trip to get cabinets for the yellow room :lol: and a stop for some shopping at factory outlets. Light breakfast. Subway veggie sub for lunch. Diet soda only at the VFW.

Then Saturday night and Sunday came along....

Boy, Cafe, you weren't kidding about those supervibes being absent! :( Sunday, I was a not-so-lean, eating machine! Rich learned, don't ask me how, that a whole pizza costs less than just ordering a couple slices for each of us. It wasn't pretty. :yikes:

So it's not looking good for tomorrow night's weigh-in. :stress: Hm, do you think I'll have to give back my 10 lb. ribbon? :cry: But at least I'm back on track today. :^:

Faye, I'm glad to hear from you.

Tiger, I don't think my Curves has ever played the same music twice! Well, that's not exactly true but it usually depends on who's working that day. If it's the young girl, it's more modern stuff. If it's the older lady... well, you get the idea. And they rotate shifts too so it doesn't matter what time or day I go in. Anyway, all the songs have that same beat so I haven't found one I can't "exercise to".

Dyan, our Curves actually did away with the Curves Cash because not too many people took part. They still sell the stuff but you pay "real cash" for it. :lol: Now they also have a weekly raffle for other things. And they have trivia questions too. I don't know what you win for that because ... hey, I never seem to know the answer! :rolleyes:

Well, I have to go. Been interrupted a dozen times and can't even quite remember what I'm talking about. :dizzy: Talk to you all later!

03-15-2004, 04:13 PM
Well happy monday all ;)

I have had a busy day at work and eaten chocloate cake TWICE! :eek: but came home and have done 40 mins aerobics :) i feel better now!

Jello...Good Luck at tomorows weigh in!! :crossed:

Dyan...sounds though your son is doing ace!! :D great stuff!!

Hope everyone else is ok :)

03-15-2004, 10:17 PM
:) Hi all!
Things are going so-so around here. I did manage a 'no thanks' on the chocolate cake Sunday....though there was a cooky incident, so am not totally blameless. I can usually take care of the water and the eating (especially during the week), but the exercise part is my failing. Maybe a break in the weather soon will get me outdoors and working in the gardens!

Dyan.....don't envy you as a (temporary) single Mom....really impressed that, in addition to all of that, you are setting weight/exercise goals too! And congrats on the potty training episode....and that's another thing I never want to have to do again

Faye.....good to see you ! Missed not seeing you around.....but I do understand how busy one can get! Life is what happens when you're making other plans!

Tory.....congrats on your entrance into're on your way!

The weather here is still the mid30s today.....cold tonight.....maybe some snow Wednesday......(sigh). Guess I will go look at my gardening catalogs and start dreaming....
Have a great week!

03-16-2004, 02:27 AM
Hi Ladies, and thanks so much for all the potty training comments!! Hey, I totally forgot about the sinking the Cheerios idea, I'll have to try that next!! Thanks for the reminder.

Jello ~ I guess they have enough people, doing the bucks thing. Last week it was crazy socks week and people were actually wearing some strange socks. Okay, I hope it was for the bucks and not their real "everyday" sock! ;) . I did come to the realization that I have gotten rather boring. Not a pair of "crazy" socks in the bunch. Just boring white or black. What happened to me? :shrug: used to own some crazy socks! I know have something green to wear on Wednesday, to get the bucks. I tell ya, I love it. If you go three times in a week, you get 3 bucks, so that's not too bad.

Cafe ~ I hear ya about Aunt Flo. Expecting her anyday's such a bummer. I wished that when you get your tubes tied, that it would put an end to that. But such luck. Thank you for the encouraging words. I guess I'm doing okay w/ the kids, because I know it's not a permanent thing.

Tig ~ Now that you mentioned it, I have no idea what type of music they play over here. I guess I'm too busy talking to the people that work there to even notice!

Tory and the rest of you ladies, I am trying to get your names down and do so enjoy seeing you here. I used to hang out here, back in 2002. I had my gall bladder removed and lost all motivation, then turned up pregnant in 2003 (with my 4th and last child!!) and now I'm back and trying to get the hang of all this again, so please excuse me, if I don't mention you by name YET (I'm working on it, I promise!).

So today was the first day back on program for me, and I feel great!! Did my curves thing, and ate right. I honestly need to get back into water mode. w/o my water bottle handy I totally suck at it. :^: . So I plan to go buy one real soon.

Talked to DH today, and he sounds like he may be getting sick. Said he was in orientation all day and then 1/2 day tomorrow. He really misses us and I feel so bad. The other day I was wondering how MY car was (He took the car, and I have the van, so that I can transport all the rugrats). I was really missing my car. How sad is that? :dunno: .

I'm wiped out. I hope you ladies have a great Tueday!

03-16-2004, 03:03 AM
:wave: Morning everyone!!

MrsD...thanks! Im hoiping so it feel fantastic to finally be under 200lbs!! problem im still trying to work out who are regular in this thread :D we will get there in time im sure!!

AF is also due here...or rather was due here 3 days ago and im so bloated!

Anyway its 7.02am here and im going to go walk to dogs and then head of for work!

Take care and have a nice day everyone, will catch you later!!

03-16-2004, 10:20 AM
Hi all!
Did anyone happen to see Dateline the other night? They had the reunion weightloss people on. Some interesting stuff. MrsJim posted a recap of the show on the Maintainers Forum if anyone wants to check it out.

Dyan, I think if your Curves was playing MOONY, MOONY every time you went you would notice. :doh:

03-16-2004, 12:42 PM
Tig: Boy I can tell you are young, it is "Mony Mony." You are talking about the Tommy James and the Shondells song, right????? :lol: As for Dateline, I saw it and it was kind of depressing because so many of them had slipped and I was hoping so much more for them. I hope next time they update they are doing better.

**SUGGESTION FOR YOU CURVE GIRLS** If you have someone that works there and is stuck in the same song decade all the time, invest in a small cd or cassette player and wear it and play what you like. They play pretty modern stuff at the Y and it is newsy etc and I AM a HUGE OLDIES FAN (Tig I would definitely LOVVVVVVEEEEEE your Curves) so I take my own stuff. Right now though, I am hooked on Rod Stewart's greatest hits. Only problem is I sing the D*#@^ stuff in my sleep and wake with "Will I See you Tonight, on a Downtown Train..." in my head! :lol: Jack just has to hope I don't dream "Tonight's the Night..." or I am afraid I would be waking him up in the middle of the night for illicite reasons! :devil: :o

Big Hi to the new ladies!!!!! I have been around for awhile, but lately been in and out infrequently.

Hotdog, I think my "Aunt Flo" is trying to leave and not come back or is at least making her visits short and sweet. It's about darn time, man. I think the one thing God could have done differently was to let US pull the plug when we wanted to instead of having to wait so long. I mean my youngest is almost 27 so I could have gone without her visits for all this time! :lol:

Dyan: Maybe you should try what I did. I was totally addicted to soft drinks and had to give them up totally! BUT, what I did was when I was or AM down on my water for the day, I don't allow myself anything else to drink but water until it is all in. In other words, no coffee, diet pop, juice or anything unless you have your water in. I used to not drink water AT ALL and now I drink it more than anything else for meals and everything. About the only thing I have otherwise is when we go to a restaurant I might have a diet coke, but always with a glass of water too or rarely but once in awhile have some orange juice for breakfast on the weekends. It really does work and you eventually get so used to water it you prefer it.

My new contacts were supposed to be ordered last Thurs and hopefully will be here today or tomorrow as these have to be thrown away on Wednesday night and I have no replacements so it would be back to glasses until they come in and my glasses are kind of OLD and old lady looking I think.

Jello: How is it going in your part of the world? Any snow? I heard a lot of up north got snow again. I just checked the weather channel for Las Vegas and it is in the high 80's and 90's for the next 10 days! I can't wait to be able to get into a pool again. You know me, I am the pool queen!

Have a great Tuesday ladies! Keep strong and remember to "Keep your mouth shut!" Today! :lol: :lol: :lol:

03-16-2004, 01:23 PM
Mony, mony, Moony, moony. It all sounds the same after awhile. I actually like the oldies too, just hope they change it up a bit. Rod Stewart would be nice. :) There are a few portable cd players hanging around my house...I just wonder about skipping when I'm hop'n all over the place. Might have to give it a try.

I just got home from "jean shopping". Not a pretty picture. Didn't buy any. I guess I'll have to get by with what I have until I lose a few #'s, cuz nothing looked good...not even ok. :no: I did buy a couple tshirts, kinda silky material. Pretty pink for spring and a white one. Now only if I had some pants to wear with them...

03-16-2004, 02:10 PM
Tig: You need to get you some sexy white jeans or white style khakis to go with those t-shirts! You should damn the torpedos and just buy them! I am sure you would look adorable! Nothing is cuter than pink and white together! *BTW, just as some useless information for you to tuck in your head the next time you are one Who Wants to be Millionare or Jeopardy, Tommy James grew up in Niles, Michigan!

Later girlies!


03-17-2004, 12:33 AM
Have curves tomorrow. Walked a mile today...and am still somewhat sane!!
Just checking in REAL QUICK....

03-17-2004, 12:07 PM
Ok, gonna try this again. I posted earlier this morning and got an "invalid thread" error. Since when are we invalid? :dizzy:

I just got home from Curves. Gave myself a good workout. And, different music was playing! :cp: I bought the Curves Member Guide today. It was only $5. It has journal area and menus. Anything to help keep me focused!

Can you believe I forgot to have my kids wear GREEN today?! Hope they aren't too sore from getting pinched. Bad Momma Bear.

Faye, me in white pants. :lol: That aint gonna happen. I was being brave buying a white shirt. I guess living with all boys has rubbed off on me...dirt, food, whatever it is will end up on my clothes. How about some tan khaki's? I can do tan. ;)


03-17-2004, 12:08 PM
Hi all! Sorry I haven't posted. Been swamped. :( And the weather here is UGLY! :eek: Last night's 6-mile drive home took over an hour. People are :censored: when there's a little snow and ice. Wish I could have given out some stupidity tickets after what I saw last night!

Anyway, we've got about half a foot of snow, then some ice and sleet, it's flurrying now and it's supposed to snow again tomorrow night and again on Sunday. :mad: Grumble. And we all know how much Jello just loves the snow.

Not!!! My poor little crocuses! :flow1:

Meanwhile, I didn't get to weigh-in last night. Can't go tonight so it'll have to be Thursday night. The good part is that I get a couple more days to recover from last weekend's eating fest. :jeno: And I've been good for the past few days - eating right, counting points, drinking gallons of water. Too bad that it takes a really bad day(s) to get me back on track. :coach:

Anyway, it's good to be back in here again and see all the familiar faces. I'll try to check in more often. But for now, it's back to work. Sigh.

03-17-2004, 12:25 PM

Tig: Ooopps sorry, forgot about the boys! Mine has always been everything on the boobs, but that has lessened some with losing weight. Only problem is that now I can't tell which are my kneecaps and which are my boobs! :?: :^: :lol:

Jello: Good to see you and know that at least you are safe. I heard your part of the country got slammed. It is pretty nice here today. Supposed to get to 70 towards afternoon. Maybe you will have a quick warm up and it will all melt away!

I am back on target with everything and have lost 3 lbs since Monday, which totally jazzes me. I don't know why I let myself start eating out at restaurants all the time when I really lose it quickly if I would keep my butt home and cook instead of eating out. I have messed up my goal to be under 300 by our trip, but I am just satisfied with being back on track and losing again. I am building muscle though you should see my behind. It looks awful. One cheek has more fat than the other so I am all lopsided. Since I work both sides, I guess I will have to do only one cheek to even it up! :lol: At least you can't tell with clothes on and hubby still likes it, why I have no clue, but I AIN'T A COMPLAININ' ABOUT THAT!

Well, better scoot.


03-18-2004, 01:58 AM
gma2one ~ I hear ya about the boobs and the kneecaps!! After having 4 kids so close together, I don't dare walk around w/o a bra!! :no: . I tell people that the reason god have me big breast, is to keep my shoes clean! :smug: !
When I was working, I used to drink all my water 1st then I could have my diet soda, but being at home, it's a whole nother ball of wax. I don't know how much I actually drink, because my greedy guzzlers are right there drinking away, when I'm not looking!

Tig ~ today at curves if we wore green we got the bucks. So of course I looked like some crazy egg person today. On of the gals that works there actually look like this icon :) , big hat, green bow tie, crazy socks that said something about luck....They really get into things over there. Even played yathzee for bucks today. Well, you rolled the dice 3 times, and would get bucks, if you got a certain combo. I won nothing, but it was fun. I too would never be caught in white pants, heck you should see what they do to my black jeans....ever heard of a little snack called "Cheetos"? :rollpin: , it gets pretty ugly.

Jello ~ Wow!! I am so not envying you right now. But reading your post, made me realize that I will soon be living in state where it snows. YIKES :fr: . I am not looking forward to that part at all. I get nervous just driving in the rain (probably because all my accidents occured in the rain.). Oh well, what cha gonna do?

Had a good workout today, sweated like a pig! :stress: and loved every minute of it. Keep thinking tomorrow's Friday so that I can go back!!! I can't believe that this is me saying all this! Anyhoo, have a good night ladies.

03-18-2004, 08:49 AM
Two hour fog delay for the kids school today. Makes for a LONG morning. :p

Is anyone watching Survivor? Or American Idol? They were both on at the same time last night. :headache: Semo, weren't you an Ethan fan? Poor guy had his flame extinguished last night.

Today is my first day working at the cafeteria. I know it's not rocket science, but still nervous to start something new with people I don't know. I work today and tomorrow. Then, next week is spring break. Think I'll make it until then? :lol:

Better get moving :wave:

03-18-2004, 04:57 PM
Hey! Where is everyone? :kickcan:

03-18-2004, 09:52 PM
Hello All!

Well, all in all, I have been pretty bad this week. I start out fine.....skinless chicken breast, steamed veggies, lotsa salad.......and then go nuts and order icecream/brownie/choco syrup dessert! Some people should not be given food options.... :nono:

Jello......sorry about the snowstorm. That storm front missed mistake, I am sure. It still is in the 30s most days.....about 10 degrees below normal for here. And Saturday is the first day of spring.....yeah right

Dyan.....great going with the Curves thing! Do you have DH searching for a suitable abode for you and the kidlets? don't know if I would trust DH here to make any house decisions without me......i have visions of giant super garage with a 2-room hovel attached!

Did someone say white pants? Some years ago, DH and I were vacationing in Jamaica. DH had the camera and was snapping pictures of the scenery ......including one pic of me waddling alongside a swimming pool....rear view of me in white bermuda shorts......good grief......what was I thinking? :?:

The good news is it should be a bit warmer this weekend......and my foot is feeling both should get me going outdoors with the dog......and a little more OOMPH in my exercise routine. :cb:

Have a wonderful weekend, ladies!

03-19-2004, 09:16 AM
Friday :cb:

I survived my first day at work. It is a VERY fast paced three hours of work. The worst part I must say was the HAIRNET. :fr: Not a pretty sight. But I forgot all about having it on while trying to keep up with the trays. Images of Lucy in the chocolate factory come to mind. :lol:
Now I need to figure out the work/curves routine. Today I'm going to try going to Curves after work....see how that goes.

MsRD, dont beat yourself up too much over the icecream devil. It's what we do consistantly that matters.

Hope everyone else is doing great and hasn't been gobbled up by the work monster. :grouphug:

03-19-2004, 11:12 AM
LOLOLOLOL!! :lol: Big breasts to keep my shoes clean! Dyan you're too funny!! :lol:

Well, we got slammed again last night. The snow was supposed to start around midnight last night and come down fast and furious (like 2" per hour! :eek: ) until midmoring today. Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as that. But bad enough. :( We got about 6" overnight and it's just starting to let up a little now. The roads weren't terrible but not good either. Especially for little ol' Jello and her fears. Started to slide trying to get out of my driveway and was quite unhappy from then on. Let's hear it for 4-wheel drive. They're talking about sunshine this afternoon. :sunny: I'll believe it when I see it. :snooty:

Add that to the 1/2 pound gain I had at weigh-in last night. Sigh. Not to worry, I drowned my sorrows in pasta and ice cream. :nono: Yeah, yeah. I know. Sign on my back end says "kick me hard".

OK, so that stupid little ground hog rodent in western PA said 6 more weeks of winter. But that was Feb. 2 and by my count, those 6 weeks are over! That's it! I've had enough Mr. Winter! What's that someone said ... Mother Nature must be PMS'ing!

Enough whining. BTW, if, in July or August, I start to whine that it's too hot, you all have the right to come out here and beat me soundly about the head and shoulders. (Or back end. :devil: )

I've rambled enough. I'll report back in later if the sun does indeed come out. :crossed: Hope you're all having a good Friday!

Picturing Tiger in a hair net.... :s:

03-19-2004, 11:28 AM
Happy Friday everyone!

Sheesh, I have been MIA since Monday. Excuses ahead: on tuesday our computers were down all day - well until about 2 hours before we all left. wednesday I was out sick with bad sinus stuff. thursday I was trying to catch up from all that! Can I come back inside now?? (hoping)

So anyway it's lovely to "see" you all today. Although between the boobs swinging and hairnets flying around here I'm not sure anyone else would say the same thing. :lol:

Can I say I'm so glad it's FRIDAY!? Wahoo!

Tig - Big survivor fan here. I have to say I think Lex is cutting his own throat this time around -but I could always be wrong. It is fun to watch these players we already know duking it out. I've also become addicted to the other Burnett production - the apprentice. You're fired! lol. What can I say - it's a sickness.

Dang it! I've got lots more of you to say hi to but they're out to get me here at the old office. Sheesh. OK, more later.

03-19-2004, 12:41 PM
Let's everyone give some sympathy to Cafe for being overworked! :grouphug:

Woohoo, down 8 lbs this week. Man does it pay to stay with my program!

Tig: I worked for the city schools cafeteria system in Va Beach way back in 1981. I started as a sub and usually ended up working the dishwasher area. I also worked the "line" and that was ok except for standing on my feet. My last job that became permanent was working the cash register, which I enjoyed but could get hairy when the kids went through the line and then didn't have their tickets or money! You had to be an octopus to keep up with everything and keep the line flowing. I don't think I ever worked a high school but did work a jr high and elementary schools. If you like kids, it can be fun, but be careful of the food! It is still pretty high in fat and I am sure you get your lunch free, we did. Now you know where part of these lbs came from, the schools fried chicken!

I talked to my son and he is to the nervous stage! He said he will be glad when it is over. I told him I could understand because they had all the stress, we were just basically going on vacation! They are expecting 50+ people so we are going to be packing them into that chapel. I don't know how many it holds. One of the nicest things is her pateral grandparents are coming to the wedding from Mexico. I think Jay said they live in Guadalahara? It is going to be such a blast being in a BIG tourist and vacation area and have the wedding too. Reception dinner is at Tony Roma's so if I am a good girl I will get the chicken or seafood and if not the BBQ offering! We will see. I plan on walking everyday. From our hotel to the strip one way is 1.7 miles so I can do like half that everyday and I can also pay to use their workout facility if I want, but I am a cheapskate! Two weeks from today we leave!

You girls all have a great weekend!


03-22-2004, 11:12 AM
Hello all! Welcome to Monday Funday! Sounds like everyone had a busy weekend. It was very lonely here! :( Hope you all had a good one.

I went to a craft fair with some friends on Saturday and we walked and walked and walked and walked and... Well, you get the idea. That's the good news. :yes: The bad news is that I figured since I'd done all that walking, I deserved pizza for dinner. :no: When am I going to learn!? :nono:

Anyway, combine that with Sunday's mexican food for lunch and I don't even want to think about a scale for a few days. I'll get to a weigh-in eventually this week. It just probably won't be my usual Tuesday. Yeah, it's a game I play with myself and probably shouldn't but .... I will anyway. :devil:

Well, hope you all have a good day. I'm going to dive back into this mountain of paperwork that mysteriously appeared on my desk over the weekend. (I hate it when the boss works weekends! :mad: ) Fortunately, he's out this week. Sorta. He's taking his daughter to look at colleges to see where she wants to go next fall so he may "pop in" during the week. You just never know when.

It's like playing a strategy game live and in person! Some fun, eh? :rolleyes:


03-22-2004, 01:00 PM
Spring Break for the Rugrats! Although it's only 30ish degrees outside and doesn't feel like spring.

Jello, did you buy any nice crafts for your new yellow room? I've been investigating my upcoming kitchen project and I'm almost ready to see the design specialist at Lowes. :hyper:
And, my magic powers worked on DH over the weekend! He worked downstairs on the family room a little bit. I'll take what I can get, little bit or lot, anything is progress.

Faye, lunch at school. My plan is to select the fruits/veggies and avoid the "fried chicken" choices. :yes: They offer bottle water, so that's nice.

Cafe, I agree about Lex and his tribe is so weak now. I've watched the Apprentice off/on. Why can't Trump see how terrible his hair is?!

I'm going to take the boys to a movie this afternoon. There isn't much of a selection for ages 12 and 7, so looks like we will be seeing Agent Cody Banks. :rolleyes:
My Curves routine is gonna be messed up with the kids this week. I'm shooting for tue, thurs, sat. :crossed: Oh, and soccer practice starts this evening. Maybe I can walk a few laps around the field. :)

I'm off to get the boys ready. :wave:

03-22-2004, 01:32 PM
Monday Funday!

Wellll.... I don't hve much to report except that it's sunny today and it looks like spring - which makes me happy. So just rollin' in to say hi! Be back later.

03-22-2004, 02:15 PM
Quick Hi, ladies. THE MAN has been on a role going on three weeks now so I haven't much posting time. Business is doing great which is always good.

Still hanging in there, but it's been a little harder the past week - for some reason everyone has decided to be kind to Susan and bring her candy, muffins and carrot cake. What's with this? I must be starting to look skinner than they do...that always seems to bring this kind of stuff on around here.

03-22-2004, 02:59 PM
Tig: Have fun with the kids this week! Too bad Home on the Range isn't out yet, that looks pretty funny! So does the new Garfield movie. I talked to my sister who lives in Mishawaka and she said you had one nice day over the weekend so maybe a permanent warm up is on the way. Hey, did the Lady Irish win their basketball game yesterday?

Susan: Yep, I would guess that is where the gifts are coming from. Sort of a take off on Hansel and Gretel, fatten you up to roast so to speak!

Jello: Ooops sounds like the ethnic foods called to you big time this weekend. Don't ya just hate when that happens!

Cafe: Have a great day today. We got up to 83 on Saturday and then in came the storms and cooled everything off and it is in the 40's today but supposed to creep back up to upper 70's 80's by the weekend.

Woohoo, as the Navy says 10 days and a wake up until vacation. I have never been so ready for anything in my life!

Not much happening in Elvistown so have a great afternoon and keep to your program today girls!


03-23-2004, 12:00 PM
Hey all!

Faye - warmin' up seems to be the trend (yay!) If yesterday was nice, today is even better! I walked home from work last night which is about 40 minutes. BIG hill, after I get up that it's a breeze. It's a steep one, I pretend I'm in the mountains. :p

Well.... Even though mulitple bosses are out today, I have to keep crossing things off my list so I'll roll along. Hopefully, I can get ahead of the game??

03-23-2004, 08:04 PM
Hey girlies, how is it going today? I have never seen it so quiet here. Everyone on Spring Break and take a trip?

Cleaned dd's house today and it was one of those, I had to clean to clean things! She decided yesterday to clean out cabinets, ran out of time and left everything, went to work (4-12 pm) and never finished so I show up and it looks like they were ransacked by robbers or something! :lol: DGS comes down about 8 with his dad and begs me to give him the leftover pizza for breakfast. I tell him uh-uh and he gets mad at me. I told him if Nonny gave him pizza for breakfast his mommy would be really really mad at me! His dad told him the pizza was old and went to work and left me to deal with him. He tells me to come to the refrigerator and show him the pizza because it is only a day old. We go back and forth until he realizes I ain't a gonna give him no pizza so he goes back upstairs with his mom! I spoil him rotten, but I would get killed giving him pizza for breakfast (I did offer to make him waffles, but that made him mad at me, go figure!)

If Jack and I don't get to take this vacation soon, we are both going to have nervous breakdowns! He has calculated hours until we leave! :lol: It is like our life has stopped except for this trip to Vegas. I plan on winning one of the progressive slots and come home rich and happy! UHHHH, yeah right. I will be lucky if I come home with ANY money from my gambling allotment!

Well, ladies, I am going to finish this book I am reading then watch some tv and call it a night. I am so sore from the housecleaning stuff that I didn't go to the gym so I have to get out first thing tomorrow and kick behind!


03-23-2004, 10:34 PM
:sunny: Hello all!

Had to stop for a minute to say HI and BYE.....the DH and I are taking a mini vacation, so have to get my ditty bag packed so I can leave right after work tomorrow. I am soooo ready for some time off! In addition to the much-needed R&R, I hope it will give me a kickstart on losing weight. I always lose weight on vacation......I am more active and have less chance to snack....hmmmm......maybe I have hit on something there? :idea: hang in there.....your vacation is next! You are doing just great sticking with the program. Maybe it has something to do with your "housecleaing aerobic workout"!

Tig.....spring vacation with the kids - what fun! They will keep you busy I am sure!

Cafe.....The weather here is just starting to break......was nearly 50 over the weekend, and I took the dog for a walk. I forgot how great it was just to be outside.....stretches the muscles and clears the brain!

See you next week! :wave:

03-24-2004, 02:29 AM
Hi Ladies,

Feels like forever since I was last here. Just wanted to let you know that I'm still here and still doing my thing!! Over the weekend I only got 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Friday night DS tossed his cookies in MY BED!! So there I was doing laundry at 3 a.m., Saturday night my 2 year old does the same thing in her bed. Again, doing laundry at 2:30 a.m. Don't know what was up w/Lucas. He was fine, although the next day he had the runs, and has been fine ever since. Kaleigha got herself all worked up and that's why she did it. Then on Sunday I had to take Zoey, my 3 month old, to the emergency room. I called just to make an appointment on Monday, because she's had a REALLY bad cough for a few weeks. Over the past few days, it no longer sounded like a "cold" cough. She was gagging, her little face was turning beet red, she was gasping for air and choking on phlem (?), anyhoo....she has a touch of pneumonia and they prescribed an antibotic. We didn't get home until 1:30 a.m., so needless to say, I feel so very discomboobulated. I've got to take her to her ped. tomorrow, AFTER curves (I gotta get my exercise in!), hopefully things will get back to "normal" soon, and I'll be posting nightly again.

03-24-2004, 09:07 AM
Good morning girls!

Dyan: Hope the baby is doing better and you are getting some sleep! I had a little one that had serious ent problems from the time he was born so I know the routine! We used to be in emergency all night with my little one packed in ice trying to get his fever down (he is 30 and they don't use that method anymore). He ended up losing about 20% hearing before they would take out his tonsils and such, so I know what you are going through. Hope the other 2 are fit as a fiddle again.

I am supposed to be back in bed snoozing this morning. I had a terrible night so decided not to keep the car and go to the gym this morning, but do it when dh gets home from work. Good plan, but once my behind gets up I rarely can go back to bed. I do think I need to try and sleep for an hour or so. I am such a lady of leisure you know! :lol:

Well, my vacation clothes could pose a bit of a problem. When I bought them, I went online to the weather channel to check what the average temp for April is in Vegas. March was like 68 and April like 72 so I thought with evenings always being cool I would take sweaters. WELLLLLLLLL, I have been keeping up and the temps are going to be in the mid 80's. I refuse to go out and buy a bunch of new stuff so I am going to just take what I have for the cool evenings and try and get along with the t-shirts and such I have. Brother, NEVER EVER trust the weatherman! I do have that cool new swimsuit though so all is not lost!

Girls, I am venturing into the unknown soon. I let my sister and my niece (who is 35) talk me into making appts at one of the salons in Vegas for the three of us to get pedicures. I have NEVER had one and am ridiculously nervous about it. My feet are better since I have lost weight and I try and take better care of them, moisterizing etc, but there is only so much you can do without professional help! I am totally and I mean TOTALLY flat footed so I have pressure put on parts of my feet that most people don't so of course I can see them using that potato peeler thing on me and it makes me :faint: :tired: ! :lol: BUT, I can be brave and do this!

Have a good day everyone and remember.....YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! So let's not be elephants today, huh? :D

03-24-2004, 10:54 AM
Hump Day! And it's a tall climb up that hump with the kids home. :dizzy:

Dyan, I dont not miss the throw up in my bed days. Luckily they outgrow that. My youngest is so paranoid of throwing up, he sleeps on the bathroom floor when he feels bad.

Faye, a pedicure sounds like a wonderful idea. I just love painted toes, but have never had mine done professionaly either. Enjoy it!

Quilter, how are you handling the evil people bringing treats? :devil:

Cafe, I think Survivor is on Wedneday again this week. Ethan was on Regis this morning and Trump was the co-host. The difference between Ethans and Trumps hair came up. :lol3:

I made it to Curves yesterday. Left the boys home (longer than 10mins) for the first time. No one was bleeding when I got home and they claim there was no fighting. With other plans we have this week, it looks like I'll only be making it to Curves twice this week...but better than nothing and will get back full swing next week. I'm still loving the workout, even if Mony, Mony is playing most of the time. :headache:

Gotta get busy cleaning house and making a grocery list. :wave:

03-24-2004, 11:14 AM
Tigerlily, I fortunately lost my taste for sweets a long time ago...and I'm insulin resistant so can't have them but occasionally even when I want to. I actually feel bad when I eat them.

Hey, grandma, pizza for breakfast sounds good to me. I used to eat spaghetti, chili, pizza, anything that was leftover for breakfast. As for me, could you make me some waffles?

Looks like I'll finally be able to start walking outdoors again since it has decided to warm up at last. I like to listen to books on tape while I walk and my development has a nice walking trail - about 2 miles.

03-24-2004, 11:32 AM
Lost Your Taste For Sweets! :faint: Wish I could do that.

03-24-2004, 03:46 PM
Huffing and puffing. Finally getting to check in. Overworked. Underpaid. Yadda yadda yadda.....

Ah but I weighed in last night with a 1.4 lb loss! :D

And celebrated today with pizza for breakfast!!!

Just kidding about the pizza. :lol:

Weather's warming up too! I'm so excited. I even found a walking buddy here at work for the lunch hour. Jello's quite psyched, can you tell?

Having said that, I'm going out to dinner with friends tonight at an Italian restaurant. The pasta demons strike. :devil: I'll TRY to be good, I vow. Going to miss Curves but I'll get there tomorrow instead. Gotta get in my 3 times a week to get my t-shirt at the end of March.

And now I've got to run again. Hope you're all doing well. Quilter, send some of those anti-sweet vibes my way?


03-25-2004, 07:12 AM
Rain, Rain go away! :rain: April Showers bring May Flowers, but all March Showers bring are more MUD! :dz: And we all know that Boys are mud magnets!

Jello, congrats on your weight loss! And on finding a walking buddy! :cb:

Dyan, are you still discomboobulated? Are all your little sickies better?

I'm taking the boys to Science Central in Fort Wayne today. My sis lives there, so we will meet up with her and her three kids. Hers are ages 5, 3 and 1. Add my 12 and 7 year old...I've got the asprin packed. :headache:

Curves will have to be tomorrow morning. That will make tue/fri this week. Maybe I can get there Saturday too, then I'll get in my three days.


03-25-2004, 09:34 AM
Tigerlily, sounds like you'll be having way too much fun. I'll just stay here with the boss and work, thank you! Supposed to be 70 today so there's hope for spring. The Daffodil Festival is next week and they are blooming like crazy. There are miles of them on the Interstate in the median.

03-25-2004, 03:05 PM
Hi all! Thursday already - I can't believe it.

Dyan - hope things are back to normal at your house. {{hugs}}

MsRD - hope you're having a great vacation!

Faye - hold on - WHEN are you going to Vegas, exactly? I'll be there March 31-April 3.

Tig - mud magnets, LOL. Hope the science center is fun. Hooray for the first time ever home alone!

Quilter - Oooh! Daffodils. I think I forgot those existed. Now I'm longing to see some.

Jello - Congrats on the loss!

Well I guess I don't have much to report except that I've been accomplishing more than usual at work which feels good. You know how sometimes you feel like you're just spinning your wheels. Not right now, which is awesome. So that's kept me distracted, in a good way. Not in a creepy, overworked way (poor Jello!) at least for the time being.

Not that I'm not already ready to celebrate tomorrow being Friday....


03-26-2004, 02:10 PM
Geeze, loney here today :kickcan:

I've had a hectic day. We are doing a refi on our home mortgage and the appraisal lady calls this morning saying she'd be here at noon. :hot: "Flight of the Bumble Bee"...that was me trying to clean. After having the boys home all week and keeping a busy schedule, things weren't exactly tip-top. Now it's 1pm. Apprasial lady is gone, and I'm BEAT! On the up side, the house is mostly clean aside from a couple loads of laundry and a cabinet where I stuffed things. :dizzy:

The Science Central place was neat. Lots of interactive things for the kids to do...magnetic, electric, water. And was nice spending the day with my sis. We live over an hour apart and don't get to see each other enough. And, I didn't even need any asprin!

Well, hope everyone has a great weekend. The kids have friends spending the night, so will be loud at my house. :crazy:

03-26-2004, 08:58 PM
Cafe: Wow, we are leaving the evening of April 2 and are coming home Easter Sunday the 11th. Jay's wedding is Saturday the 10th. What time are you leaving on the 3rd? Where are you staying? We are staying at the Orleans just off the strip on Tropicana Blvd.

How is everyone else doing? Right now I am royally miffed at Jack. I would like to know why God in his infinite wisdom thought giving men ignoramus genes was a necessary thing! :lol: We went out to the mall to pick up a brochure for our cruise and he wanted to eat at the food court so we did. I got something that was totally inedible, burnt and gross and didn't want to eat anything there. He got a chili dog (though he didn't want to get anything that would make his heart burn worse, like a chili dog isn't going to do that) Well now I am hungry and he has indigestion and doesn't want anything to eat so I guess I am going to go without, which doesn't hurt me, but I am hungry. Secondly, he started talking about the trip and ask me if I was as anxious as he and I said yes because then I wouldn't be alone all the time (he is notoriously bad about coming upstairs and plugging into the computer for the whole evening leaving me alone) He said, "I promise, I will stay downstairs with you tonight." Well, he did, he is watching the basketball tournament and doesn't even know I am upstairs. Why are men such insensitive jerks sometimes????? The man knows I spend everyday alone here in the house and then most evenings alone too. Oh well, after I yell at him about it I will feel better and I guarantee I am going to because I don't keep stuff in anymore and the dope has no defense against it!

I am going to clean house tomorrow so no gym for me. I don't want to have to get up at 7 am to get there. It gets really busy really fast on Saturdays so if I don't go when they open up I don't go. I will wait and go on Sunday as they don't open until 1 pm. I am trying to keep up a good exercise routine because I will miss it in Vegas. I don't think I am going to pay the $10 a day the hotel wants to use the exercise equipment so I am just going to try and get walking around the hotels and casinos as much as possible my exercise.

Hope you ladies all have a great weekend and Jello lay off the breakfast pizza! :^: :lol:


03-27-2004, 02:07 AM
Hola Ladies!!

Jello ~ congrats on the loss !! I've been losing, but don't count it, because it's part of the 6 that I apparently gained in a week!! I'm down 5. but still need to lose that last 1 to get me to where I was. UGH!!

Cafe ~ I'm hoping things get back to "normal" real soon. The kids and I are settling into a routine, but as with everyday life, things come up and throw us off track. It's such a bummer.

Tig ~ Feeling a little less comboobulated!! My sister came to help, I got to take a LONG, HOT shower!! Man, you don't how good they feel, until you can't have one. I was turning into the "sponge bath" queen!!

gma2one ~ Can I go with? I am in dire need of a vacation!

Last night the police came to my door! I was like, omygawd, who called the police on me and what did I do? Well, it turns out that someone stole something and the car was caught on video, and it was registered to my address! Apparently it was registered to one of the former occupants. We are STILL getting his mail and we've been here 8 months. The cop asked to come in and wants to see my I.D. to make sure I didn't have the same last name. Thank goodness my house was clean. He made a comment on how big it was (The owners had the living room extended), blah, blah, blah. I'm just wondering if I have any nosy neighbors that saw him? I take the kids to Mickey D's and this lady approaches me and says she's w/marketing and they want to film my kids eating (the tape is for "office use" only), blah, blah, blah. Anyhoo, I said okay, signed some paper, they watched us for about 10 minutes, (And let me just say that Kaleigha ~ 2 yr old~ was such a ham. Everytime she ate a fry, she would look at the camera and give the lady a cheesy grin) asked me some some questions about their packaging. What I liked and didn't like, What could they do to improve it, etc... Then they gave me $30! I bet not very many people can say that they've ever gotten paid to eat at McDonald's. I was tempted to call my other sister and tell her to go down there w/ her boys, since they wanted input from people w/children.

I went to Curves today and did my thing. Have been mostly good today. Went to Curves, had a chicken salad at McD's, fish for dinner, but also had an Oreo. Yup, that's right, just one and yet I feel so guilty!! Oh yeah, and a small bowl of low carb ice-cream. Don't feel so bad for that though. I know that I shouldn't feel so guilty over one lousy cookie....but I do, which totally pisses me off :mad: .

Well, I'm off to bed. Cheye's got ballet in the morning. Hope everying has a great weekend.

03-29-2004, 05:56 PM
Geeze, another quiet day. I've been really busy...thought I'd pop in real quick so I wouldn't get behind on my reading. :doh:
The kids are back to school and I'm working every day in the cafeteria. Trying to get myself a routine with Curves. Feel like I'm fly'n by the seat of my pants right now. :dizzy:
Off to soccer practice.

03-29-2004, 09:29 PM
I'm baaaccckkkkk! Wow! It is incredible how having just a couple days off can realign your perspective on life! :) We didn't do anything remarkable......drove down to Ohio to pick up some car parts.....then south along the Ohio Dayton to visit some friends.....then meandered west into Indiana and on home. And I feel like I have had a month's vacation!'re gonna love this vacation thing....:hat:..sounds like you need it! And to have a wonderful celebration thrown in is just the best!

Dyan....always look forward to your posts and your adventures......sickly kidlets(well, I guess that wasn't so good, but the way you tell it was hysterical).....police pounding on the money at mickey d's! :mcd:

Jello.....a walking buddy, what a concept! I guess my walking buddy is ye olde family dog.....and before you think I am getting off easy, let me tell you it is a siberian husky....and bred to run!

Quilter.....I love daffodils! Mine are up in the garden, but the coolish weather has kept them from blooming......maybe next week! :crossed:

It is great being home....but have laundry to do.....will check in later!

03-30-2004, 04:22 PM
Alright now, this isn't funnny. Where is everyone?
Still trying to put together a routine here. It's been four years since I've had a job outside of the home and then to start Curves at the same time. *yikes*
I haven't been eat'n the best. Need to get that back under control. I don't know what happened to me trying to teach myself WW. On the positive side, I work right next to a normal thin peson...that will motivate me some.
Well, off to catch up on house work and get supper started. Hope everyone is still on the wagon and not getting worked to death. *hugs*

03-30-2004, 05:39 PM
I tell you, I'm just going to hybernate until Spring gets here to stay - darn cold again and gloomy. Really depressing after the nice Spring weather we had. I'm looking forward to getting outside and walking but not in this...not good for asthma.

Work is just that - work! Never ends. Getting more new equipment delivered tomorrow so I'll be busy the next few days getting it installed.

03-30-2004, 06:16 PM
Hey there!!

Quilter ~ I'm so jealous of your mini-vacation! I want one. Granted I'm not working (wish I were), but I'm with the kids pretty much 24/7. Getting to go to Curves is so nice! An hour w/o kids, I tell ya, it's the best incentive ever!

DH is coming home for 4 days!! Yahoo hoo. He'll be here Friday evening. We're going to surprise the kids. I'm glad here's coming, because I was invited to his cousin's bridal shower (she lives 2 hours away) and I just couldn't think of who to ask to watch the kids, since I'll be gone ALL day. It was his idea that I go.....He really misses the kids and I really need a break, so it works for me. Gotta go, I hear fighting kidrens.

04-01-2004, 01:36 AM
WOW, it sure is slow around here. I wanna go on vacation too!!

Went to curves today...loved it as usual. My scale is my enemy at the moment. I am a slave to that damn thing and it drives me crazy. I even took my measurements and I haven't seen any difference. What's really going on? I have been pretty good, and still I see no results. But I will tredge on, because I'm hoping that I've just hit a plateau.

Counting down til DH is home, only 2 more days. I am missing him so much. I know the kids are going to be thirlled beyond believe when he walks through that door Friday night.

So, we have become an AC Neilson Comsumer Products family. I got the scanner and everything today. Haven't had a chance to read all the info yet, but from what I got, After I shop, I come home and scan the barcodes, then transmit the information once a week, take a survey and get points that are redeemable for gifts in the catalog they sent. They have some really cool stuff in the catalog. Decided to let DH read up on it and then he can fill me in. I don't have the time to read and digest the info.

I'm pooped. Had a rough night last night. Between Kaleigha and Zoey, I was up from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. Right when I would get one down the other would wake up. Kaleigha got up first @ 3, then Zoey had her coughing/choking fit, then @ 3:30 a.m. Kaleigha wanted to put on her rain jacket!! twice she brought that damn thing in my room, finally I put it on top of her blanket. Then at 4 a.m. she comes in and wants to put on a pull up! UGH!! Then Zoey wakes up and wants to eat! I swear, I told DH when he comes home, I'm sleeping in one day, and he can deal w/ the kidrens. AAHHHH....sleep, oh least I forget another hot shower...aaahhh yyyeeeaahhh... :smug:

04-01-2004, 08:54 AM
Hi! I know everyone isn't on vacation. Now don't make me bring out the magic powers. :s:

Dyan, I had a tummy ache boy in my bed last night. Between him, DH and the dog I had a terrible nights sleep too. :tired: Don't be slave'n to the scale too much. You know if you're eat'n right and exercise'n and that is the MOST important.
I'm curious when I get measured at Curves in a couple weeks if there will be any changes. DH asked if I'd lost weight. Brownie points for him. I'm only down a little...nothing he should maybe things are "shifting".

Jello, where'd ya go? Get locked in one of those new cabinets?
I had a contractor at the house yesterday. We're attempting to add on a screen room, porch and new walkway. Even w/o tummy ache boy in my bed I probably wouldn't have slept much. My brain is on overload!

Last night I walked at the soccer field. (Faye, have you seen the new Newton Park Fields on 31?) And today is Curves! Loving the fact that I'm back on the exercise wagon. Now if I could just quit dragging my feet behind the food wagon. :dizzy:


04-01-2004, 10:51 AM

04-01-2004, 11:00 AM
Man, I wouldn't go through that kid thing for anything. We are wayyyyyy too old to do that. I have enough with my two animal "babie." Dyan, hope things have settled down at your house and you and Neilson are getting along just fine! :lol:

Tig: Where are the fields at on 31? I haven't been south of South Bend for several years so I know I haven't seen them. I am ashamed to say, I need to go down to my mom's grave, which is at a little country church in Argos but I usually have very little time. I hope to be in Indiana for several days at Thanksgiving. Maybe you and I can get together for an hour or so and I can go down to the grave at that time. Hope the little one's tummy is back to normal.

I have one more day to go and I think I am going to go crazy if it doesn't get here soon. Cafe should be having a great time and coming home about the time we get there. The weather was kind of on the cooler side for her and by the wedding it is supposed to be 85-90. I may roast in that dress! Luckily it is sleeveless, but my HUGE batwings I like to keep covered as much as possible.

You ladies have a great day and don't work too hard.


04-01-2004, 02:59 PM
LOL Tiger. Nope, not locked in a cabinet because ... well, they STILL don't have doors!!! :mad: And vacation? What is the meaning of that word? Actually, I've been working 10-12 hour days lately. :coffee: Can you say "overtime"? :D Saving up for Las Vegas (yes, Faye, me too!) at the end of the month. But I do come in here regularly and check up on you gals!

And now I'm off again. Boss man approaches. :stress:

At least the :sunny: is out today! :^:

04-01-2004, 05:54 PM
Hi, ladies, I try to check up on you even if I don't have time to post. Got the new computers so getting everyting installed on them and up on the network has taken the lat 2 days. Mine still isn't quite right - the consultant we used to use had so much junk on the old one I've been moving things over slowly to try and leave behind everything I don't really need.

I plan on getting out of here early tonight - bad hail storm is on the way and the nasty dark clouds are rolling in. I have a 40-minute drive home.

04-05-2004, 04:04 PM
Monday Funday! :p

Faye, Newton Park is at 31 & 4. Between Carols Corner and the Old Lakeville School. The Hoosier Tire family built it. It's an awesome facility. It even has a mini Golden Dome.

It sure is slow around here. I'm still plug'n along with Curves. Next week it will be time for my one week weigh/measure. I haven't been the best with eat'n, but still hopeful for results from the exercise. And now that Curves is fitting into my schedule, I need to start roping the food monster. One step at a time...and I'll be pulling the wagon!

Hope everyone is doing great and stops by to post!

04-06-2004, 04:09 PM
Okay, ladies - a week of April is gone already. Has everyone gone into hiding - you're supposed to hide the eggs, not yourself! Gear up to be strong and resist all the candy - plan something else for a treat that you will enjoy.

04-06-2004, 05:34 PM
Hi Quilter! Hide the eggs, not yourself. *giggle*

I had been avoiding the scale since starting Curves, but sneaked on this morning. If my scale is right....I'm down 4lbs since starting Curves. *happy dance* Hope the results stick and I can be proud when I get weighed next week.

For Easter, I'm going to offer to bring a fruit tray to help me avoid the evil treats. That's my plan. Yep.

04-07-2004, 09:10 AM
Tigerlily, sounds like you've come up with a good plan for Easter and a winning combination for weight loss - congratulations!

Okay, where's the rest of you?

04-07-2004, 11:11 AM
I just can't believe I'm finally getting on track and everyone is gone.
I got my workout in this morning at Curves and plan to walk around the soccer field this evening while the little one has practice. Water has been a breeze lately, drinking more than enough. Food is coming around slowly...dont want to throw my body into shock. :lol:
Hope all our peeps find their way home. :wave:

04-09-2004, 05:12 PM
Well, I'm just gonna have to go off and pout....

04-09-2004, 05:39 PM
Tigerlily, you are doing great - I hope everyone else is not hiding because... I hope you all have a great holiday and eat reasonably well. See you on Monday!

04-11-2004, 11:31 AM
Happy Easter!

Sorry I have been absent for awhile.....have been in a really foul mood, :stress:and didn't want to take it out on you! Been doing a lot of thinking......I mean, I joined this group with my New Years Resolution of losing weight, and here I am 3 months later with little or no progress. The concept is so less, exercise more....and one that I can't seem to put into practice.

I have read all the books, studied the food pyramids, and looked at my family's health history :fr:.....and all point in the same direction. I have a supportive family and friend network (you folks have been super!).....good grief! why can't I get off ground zero? :?:.

Maybe it's laziness.....or procrastination.....or weakness of character.......I won't bore you with the last weeks' worth of self-analysis crap. The bottom line is that I am not a quitter....stuff takes me a while, but I will get this accomplished :goodvibes:

It seems appropriate this time of Easter and springtime.....a time of renewal, if you once again start my weight and exercise battle. The past few days I found myself choosing meals more wisely and walking and exercising more. It's a beginning.......

And thanks for listening.......:)

04-12-2004, 11:27 AM
MsRD, welcome back! Everyone except me and Tigerlily seem to have gone AWOL for the past week. You know, we will never be perfect but as long as we keep trying, we will get better at what we are doing.

Have a great day!

04-13-2004, 11:13 AM
Hello everyone - yes I'm still in the land of the living.

I can see it's been slow around here. I've been busy and tuned into other things since I came back from vacation - nothing earthshaking. <sorry>

Faye and I seem doomed to be ships that pass in the night - what with my whirlwind sleep-deprived trip to Memphis and us being in the same town for all of 10 hours in Nevada.

But I had a marvy time with my girlfriends and wish I could go back and do it again tomorrow. Since none of us play at the casinos and we were splitting 4 ways we decided to stay at the Bellagio - which was heaven. No husbands, no kids, 'nuff said.

Except that I have to sing the praises again of my all-time favorite store (not on the strip - have to drive) TRADER JOE'S. We went there our first day and brought bags back to our room of fruit and wine and cheese and nuts and chocolate and tins of smoked herring fillets and thin, savory rice crackers and... so we didn't have to eat out all the time - mostly we snacked for either lunch or dinner and went to restaurants when we were out or the mood struck us.

It was a good, good girl trip.

So not much to report on since then. Last week was a little tougher than I anticipated. DH and I were exhausted by the end of the week - back to the grind. So we had a relaxing weekend which is just what we needed. Taxes almost done. It's all good. Haven't lost, haven't gained. The sun is shining, the grass is getting green.

Projects this week are self-directed, low priority ones so needless to say I didn't accomplish too much yesterday. Better go make a list to give me some motivation.


04-14-2004, 03:11 AM
Hey There!

Okay, so my stupid 'puter is acting stupid!! It's so stupid!! I have DSL, yet it's taking 5 mins. to load a page, which is why I haven't been here, and probably won't be here much, until it gets fixed!! Luckily my SIL's hubby is an IT guy. It's a matter of when he'll find time to come over.

Dh's trip home was too short. We didn't get to do much, which made me very sad. I am SO ready to pack up the kids and go be with him.

The kids are fine. Zoey's cough is getting alittle better. It's been over 5 weeks, so I took her to the Dr., last week and was told that since my BIL has whooping (?) cough, if she has that, that the cough could last up to 10 weeks and there is nothing for it. So the very helpful doctor tells me that she's only half way there. Well, thanks for nothing!! Can you tell I'm a little bitter?

Okay, so I just looked at the icons on the right and they still haven't loaded. UGH!!

On a positive note, I had my weigh in and measurements taken at Curves on Monday. I have mixed emotions. I lost, but knew that I didn't do as well as I could have. Had many bad days. Having more and more of those, since I'm not getting enough sleep and my kids are driving me crazy. Then add Easter, and Aunt Flo coming next week, to the mix!! I CAN NOT control myself during that time of month! I become some kind of chocolate, salt monster!! My youngest sister works at See's, and my mom gave me a boat load, which I've already eaten!! I get sick to my stomach just thinking about it, but again, I have no control, NEVER have. Anyhoo, I saide this was a positive note.....So I'm down 8.5lbs and I lost a total of 9 1/2". I don't feel or see any difference, may be I'm bloated....I don't know. I know I should be thrilled about it, but for whatever reasons, I'm not. Just think I'm depressed, and haven't been able to log on sucks.

If anyone is around.....good luck, and I'll be back a.s.a.p!!

04-14-2004, 09:18 AM
Dyan, congratulations on the loss. You can overcome chocolate - just keep trying. I was the dessert and candy queen and now I can pass it right up. After saying "no" for so long, I don't even like the taste anymore -- too sweet. Hope the little one is better soon - and your computer woes get fixed. We miss you!

04-14-2004, 10:16 PM
Hi all,

Hope all are doing well. I have been busy with the pets, prom dresses, graduation preparations, and so on.

I'm still at my same weight---no gaining but no losing also. No serious walking yet while the puppy recovers from her girlie surgery. Stitches came out last night so we should be able to hit the sidewalks tomorrow night--SHE walks ME, of course!

I'll check back in probably over the weekend again.

Take care,

Bright :goodscale

04-14-2004, 10:53 PM
:) Hi all!

OK....I'm back and feeling better about myself. Sorry about the whining...but it sure is nice to have someone listen when I do. Quilter.....ty for the kind words.

Cafe.....your girl trip sounds like such fun! Girlfriends and I used to take a bus trip to outlet mall...hmmm....should try and schedule another one soon.....maybe I should set that as a goal - lose xx pounds and go to outlet mall for new togs! mean you binged on chocolate and still lost over 8 pounds? I don't think I would worry about the chocolate, hon.

BrighterDays....Love your quote!

04-19-2004, 11:01 AM
Monday Funday! Hi everyone.

Dyan, girl, hang in there! Remember, just one thing at a time and prioritize your needs or you won't be able to carry on. You are doing awesome! It's like boot camp, but pretty soon you'll be in a new home with DH. 8lbs is a great start.

Hey Bright, nice to "see" you. ;)

MsRD - Girl time is a NECESSITY! :)

OK, well I don't have too much to say for myself... But it's a new week and taxes are done and we had a big booming thunderstorm last night so it feels like spring is really in full swing...

Snowdrops lasted a LONG time this year but I think we'll move on to daffodils and tulips very soon now. The lilacs have budded out and have little tufts of leaves on them. The past few years spring has been a 3 weeks' fireworks show and over. So a slow spring is nice to savor. Everything is scrubbed fresh and it's cool and cloudy so the greens look more vivid today.

And other than that... Hope springs eternal and every day is a fresh start, but today feels fresher than usual.

So I hope the same is true for everyone else because we need some traffic here!

04-19-2004, 12:31 PM
Hey girls, how you all doing? Boy what a trip then we came home and started redecorating the condo right away so I have been really busy.

Cafe: Did you have a good time? We had a spectacular time and are already planning to go again next year, probably in the fall. I wish we could have hooked up in our time frame. How did the airport go? Coming in was a nightmare for us as we were late getting in and had never been there so were dragging heavy bags all over the place trying to find a way to get to the hotel, but coming home was a breeze except for one thing. I still have to have a belt extension and Jack and I each had an aisle seat across from each other and there is now a rule that if you are wearing an extension you can't sit in an exit row. She made this huge deal so of course everyone is trying to find out what is going on leaning forward in their seats. They probably thought I had a bomb in my purse or something, then the nitwit young attendant says, "do you want me to call someone?" to the other attendant and everyone heard that so I blew! (the plane was completely full!) I told her I was standing NEXT to my husband when we booked the exit rows and the woman could see I was large so it was Northwest's fault not mine and I wasn't moving. I told her I was contacting NWA when I got home and she said not to do that. She said they would pretend it never happened blah blah blah. Bottom line, NWA stance is now that if you are fat you can't possibly help with exiting passengers in an emergency plain and simple. Let's see, you can be 85 and using a cane and sit in the exit seat, but not fat and sit in it! UGH! :mad: :mad: There is no other explanation for the dumb a$# rule! When we touched down she came back and apologized etc and I just blew past her and basically told her to kiss......... I told Jack that if we have to fly somewhere between now and the time I am small enough to fly I will purchase my own lap belt and still sit in the darn seat. Anyway, that was the only cloud to the trip. Wellllllll, there was the nosebleed I got while sightseeing, the rash I had from my chin to my breasts that didn't go away until the day we left and itched like crazy, my husband choking on meat at the restaurant in the Mirage with a huge table full of people and puking.....but other than those things it was great! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Here are a couple pics, me in front of this huge vase at the Bellagio, me with a street mime at the Paris, my hunky husband at the hotel before we left for the wedding, me at the hotel before the wedding in my red dress, and my son and new dil on their wedding day. It was a lovely wedding and great fun reception. The doofus old codger playing the organ in the chapel played "Back Home Again in Indiana" through the whole ceremony, how romantic :^: . (they both live up by Tig)


04-20-2004, 11:05 AM
OMGosh, Faye, everything happens to you! Yeah, we had a great time. The weather could have been a little better - didn't get much time by the pool (and you know I'd go bathing suit or not). One day we did too much exploring and I got tired, so I ditched my girls and went back to the room to put my feet up and have a glass of wine. Those were the only lousy parts. :D A very good trip. I'll see if I can find a picture for you... I didn't take any myself but the girls have sent me a few.

So - I suppose I need to accomplish a few tasks today. Things are starting to warm up here with workload and I'd like to keep the monkey off my back as much as possible.

More later...

04-20-2004, 08:10 PM
:wave: Hello All!

Just stopped in for a minute to say hi!
Cafe - the daffodils are blooming here - which is just a testament to how tough they really are - it was down in the 30s here last night. They promise the daily highs will be in the 50s and 60s the rest of the week

Faye - you look fabulous in that red dress! It sounds like you had a great time.....well, ok, a couple glitches. It always amazes me how larger size folks are discriminated against in so many you become a non-person or something. Wish there was a way to educate people that weight has nothing to do with intelligence or abilities.

DH just told me a friend of his is flying in for the week. And 2 more buddies will join them on the weekend......yikes! This week is not going to be a good one for dieting! I will try and fix some food ahead of time......and use the grill for other stuff......and, being gentlemen that they are, I know they will take me out to dinner at least once or twice!
Guess I better go shovel out the guest room!

04-20-2004, 08:17 PM
I am assuming the whole thread went on vacation together and left Cafe and me at home alone??????? Where is everyone at?

Cafe: I guess I will talk to you! We went to this great Brazillian restaurant in the Mirage while we were in Vegas. I think it was called Samba. It had this all you can eat thing, but most of it was MEAT! They had an unusual salad that was good if you just ate it without asking what was in it, the next course was carmelized plaintains, some kind of carrot and creamed spinach, which I detest. They then brought the meat out on big screwers and ask you did you want the apple cooked pork or the turkey roumalade (sp?) etc. There was two kinds of pork, 3 types of chicken, a turkey one, a salmon one and 3 types of red meat! I actually ate more salad and the bread and crackers with this great tomato relish stuff. That was fabo. I really loved the sightseeing a lot. We didn't do much night time stuff so when we go back I want to do more at night. I did find I have a fondness for Fuzzy Navel drinks though! My niece and sister got me hooked on them. We went to downtown, which I think is plain scary. The canopy was being worked on so we couldn't see it anyway, but the downtown area gave me the CREEPS! Hope work wasn't too stressful today.
Have a good evening and talk to you later


04-21-2004, 02:47 AM
Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello.... Is there an echo in here?

I FINALLY got my 'puter up and running, YEEHAW!!

Faye: Your dress was beautiful!! We're going to a wedding in Lake Tahoe at Ceasar's and I have no desire to go look for something to wear. Feeling "Really" fat right now! monthly visitor is here.

Cafe: Would love to see a pic from your Vegas trip!

Tiger....Jello.....everyone else.....where you be?

Nothing exicting on my end of the world. Found cockroaches in my garage and am scred to death to go in there. I went and bought rubber gloves, because I didnt even want to touch the bug spray can I bought w/ my hands!! HA

Okay, so here's a little something from the mouths of babes!

I yawned and Cheyenne (5 yrs old) says, "Mommy when I grow up will I grow metal teeth too?" (damn fillings...)


I was trying to explain to my 2 year old (Kaleigha) that daddy is in Utah. Here's how it went....

Me: Daddy's in Utah
Kalei: MYtah?
Me: No, Utah.
kalei: MEtah?
Me: no YOUtah.
Kalei: MEtah.
So I'm going to turn it around.
Me: MEtah
Kalei: MOMMYtah.
Me: AAHHH forget it!

It's late I'll check in tomorrow.

04-21-2004, 07:45 AM
Mommytah :lol: That's too funny.

Faye, what kind of remodeling are you doing?

MsRD, so you are going to have three extra men in your house? :faint: You are a brave woman.

Bright, how's the puppy? Is she back to walking you? Am I remembering right...this wasn't suppose to be your pup, was it?

Lots of blooms and buds here too. I have some unidentified bushes that smell wonderful. There is one near the house and the smell blows in. :cloud9:

I've been sticking to my Curves routine and adding some walking during the young'ns soccer practice. I don't know why I ever quit exercising. It makes me feel so much better. :D Eating still continues to be a challenge. I do pretty good up until late afternoon and supper time. But, I'm working on it and not giving up!

Adding Curves, soccer and a part time job has really livened up my schedule. I'm no longer laying around eating bonbons watching soaps. Ha.
I have a mountain of laundry calling my name.
Chat with you all later! :grouphug:

04-21-2004, 09:51 AM
Hello, ladies, hopefully I'm back. My new computer crashed when it was only 2 weeks old so have spent the last 3 days getting it fixed and everything reinstalled yet again and trying to catch up on my work.

We went from cool to hot - high 80s already. Azelas are blooming and everything is green. I love spring!

Just when I thought the weather had turned and I could - and did - start walking again, I developed bursitis in my hip so now I'm supposed to rest it for 3 weeks and I got a cortisone shot that is starting to help. I'm telling you, exercise is a killer!

Sticking to my eating plan pretty well, allowing myself the occasional treat once a week.

Well, back to doing some real work! Have a great day!

04-21-2004, 10:38 AM
Susan: You take care of yourself. My husband developed bursitis way back when he was aboard ship from walking on the steel decks and he tells me the pain is incredible. He described it as feeling your hip is out of joint and if you could just pop it back it in it would feel better, but of course it isn't and you can't. Just take it easy until the doc says it is ok to resume.

Dyan: Kids are so adorable but that was like "who's on first" the old vaudeville routine!

Tig: We living in a condo, we can't tear down walls, but we are more like redecorating. We finished the downstairs bath, but have discovered the toilet is leaking so probably the wax seal has to be replaced! UGH! We painted the room aqua and the counter and cabinet a dark shade of the same color and I bought a new antique light fixture and switchplates and such. We are painting, and wallpapering the dining room. It is going to be a buttercup yellow with the only solid wall being wallpapered in sunflowers and then a sunflower border around the top of the room. I bought new placemats that are yellow with a tiny border of sunflowers and leaves then bought solid green napkins that match the green and gold mesh napkin rings and sunflower chairpads to match everything. I bought these really cute valances that are green and cream striped with big white buttons at the gathers (got them at Lowes of all places for $5 a set!). I am repainting my kitchen cabinets to bright white as I bought all new appliances and dumb me bought white instead of that buff color or whatever that off white color is. I am touch up painting in there to give it a fresh look, which is what I am working on now. I finished painting the trim in the upstairs bath lavender to match the wallpaper in there and my bath rugs etc, then the stairs/hall area upstairs is being painted a lighter shade of the buttercup from downstairs and I have this gorgeous wallpaper border with victorian houses on it that I am putting up as a chair rail in the hall. We still have tons and tons of stuff to do, like replacing all the mini blinds, replacing all the flooring etc, but that is all going to have to wait for awhile as we are OUT OF MONEY! :lol: Aren't you sorry you ask what I was doing??????

I gotta get going, get chores done and get out and exercise.


04-21-2004, 11:09 AM
Faye, could you come and do my house? I'm going to redo our home office and my sewing room, actually switching the rooms. My husband is good at supervising the job and running to HQ and Lowes. I'm making roman shades for my sun room. His idea is to paint everything white. I'm getting colors and that's that. Never thought about getting curtains at Lowes but you can bet I'll be checking them out!

04-21-2004, 11:16 AM
Hey all! I crawled out of my pile of work yesterday and then spent the afternoon looking at houses on the internet. Why? I don't know!

MsRD - Oh, company! Have fun with those guys but don't let them run you ragged. I always feel good after company because my house is cleaner. ;) Hang in there!

Faye - I have never been downtown Vegas. I'm kind of glad, at the moment! My favorite drink is the bellini that they make in the Bellagio Cafe (off the conservatory, overlooking the pool). I have had other bellinis that disappointed me - theirs is like magic. They make it with champagne and white peach puree. But every place has it's drink, you know? I mean, I never drink Mai Tai's at home but in Hawaii I have to have one daily.

Lots of energy involved in all that remodeling! Wshew! I do one thing every few months and call it good. Like I just bought a dish - a rectangular platter that fits perfectly in the deep window ledge in the far end of my shower and looks decorative and way better than the yucky ledge. And I'm like: WOW! I fixed up the bathroom. LOL. I think I still have remodeling burnout from 2001.

Dyan - Thank God your computer works again! Roaches - yow. Feel good that you're too far north for the bigass flying kind. Get out there and kill those *******s! Kids are so cute. :)

Hey Tig - what does your magic tell you about Jello?? I as going to tell you not to use it anymore because it made everyone disappear. OTOH, the damage wasn't permanent. Anywho, I'm worried about Jlo because she ALWAYS posts. You don't think she quit her job finally, do ya?

Quilter - sorry to hear about the hip! Glad spring is treating you nicely this year. Azaleas are my mom's favorite.

OK, long and rambling today - gotta go get something done.

04-21-2004, 11:58 AM
Cafe, I was wondering where Jello was too. She's been our thread starter lately. Do you all realize we are still posting on a March Thread?!

I weighed myself this morning. Down another 2lbs, 6 total since starting Curves. I guess I wont panic too much about my eating until the weightloss stalls.
I got my hair cut yesterday....but not 2lbs worth. :lol:

04-21-2004, 01:56 PM
The last time Jello posted she said she was saving up to go to Vegas at the end of the month...maybe she went sooner and hit it big and went to a spa and doesn't need us anymore! We've got to find her soon.

04-22-2004, 03:17 AM
Oh my gosh!! What a day! My back is killing me! I was out in the garage until 10:00pm, and I'm still NOT done. And let me just say......that stupid roach spray is worthless. Guranteed to kill on contact ~ my ***!! However I DID find something that works beautifully. Wasp and Hornet spray! Kills 'em 5 seconds after contact!! Yippee, skippee....

Went to Curves and got my T-shirt...I was very happy about that.

I feel like I'm drowning and can't come up for air. We are having a housing inspection tomorrow and last time she was here she said that the garage was too full....hence me being out there w/ the headlights from the car on. (Also, since finding those dangblasted things, I will not turn off the garage light. It's too scary!). Okay Cafe, I just about had a heartattack, when you mentioned "Flying" roaches. My skins all goosebumpily just thinking about it. Anyhoo, this is also the last weekend of the city taking ALL the crap you don't want/need (you know, couches, fridge, the big stuff.) so I'm also trying to get all that stuff out of the garage. Then we're also having a city-wide yard sale on Saturday. So needless to say, my house is tore up from the floor up! I've got piles of stuff to get rid of, and the first to go is, all maternity clothes! HA!! been there, done that, and good riddance.

Crap I'm tired, I better hit the hay, cause I got to get up early and get things done before the inspection!

04-22-2004, 11:18 AM
Dyan - I am changing your name to Dynamo! What else can I say but wow! You are awesome. It will feel SO good to get rid of all that stuff, instead of moving it. :goodvibes:

Thinking of you out there with the spray makes me think of my little Sims. Anyone out there ever played the Sims? <They do NOT like spraying the roaches and they say ew! yuck! bleh! Lol.. But the roaches totally freak them out, so the only other way is if they can hire a maid to do the spraying.>

OK, does anyone have an email address for Jello? Maybe from sending out recipes or anything? I'm officially worried.

Tig - Yay for the losses! Good going. :)

Quilter - if she struck it rich she is in BIG TROUBLE for not taking us to the spa with her. ;)

04-22-2004, 01:43 PM
Good morning ladies! I was out walking and just barely made it back before the thunderstorm hit. Sheesh that would be great. I could just see the papers, "Fat old woman victim of lightening while trying to exercise!"

We miss you Jello and want you back back back! We miss you Carol, too!

Dyan: Do you know you can buy roach traps where you aren't spraying chemicals? The things crawl into the boxes and die and you just toss the boxes away. Hubby could do that for you and they aren't really expensive. When we lived in base housing in Virginia eons ago, we had roaches so bad and I used those because we had little kids and pets and nothing was working including them spraying professionally every 3 months. You can also use those bombs where you set it off and it pretty much fills the garage with pesticide. You would need to move your vehicles and anything that could be damaged by the spray but they work well too. Just don't do what this Hispanic couple in, I think it was CA did and not read the directions (they couldn't read English I understand and didn't ask anyone for help) They set off 20 of them in a house about 1000 sq feet and it blew the house up totally to the ground boom!

I cleaned the upstairs today and am not quite done. I took a break as it is really very very humid here already and I was drenched in sweat. All I have to do is vacuum so I will do that when I get finished here then go downstairs and decide if I want to paint some today. Maybe I will do some of the easier stuff because yesterday was a KILLER!

Everybody have a great day and I will talk with you later.


04-23-2004, 02:40 AM
Hey Cafe and Faye!

You know what Faye? It never occured to me to buy those hotel things! I swear, my head muxt be on backwards, because I can never do the easy thing, always the most complicated or difficult. DH is in Utah, so it's all me. Luckily, I don't have to worry about getting cpray in the house, as I have to go outside to get to the garage. Cafe, I've heard of SIMS, but never knew exactly what was going on, so now you gotta be kiddin me....they actually have to kill roaches.....eeeeewwwww.....

I like Dynamo!! I refuse to keep moving crap from place to place and decided that this is the last move, for most of it. Also, told DH that we will be having another yard sale before we move, next month. I would sell the stuff on Saturday, but don't think we could survive a month without the dining room table or desk, etc...

So, had the inspection this morning. It was easy really. The guy walked in and I told him that nothing got done, except for the garage. He said "sign here" and that was that. I did however, ask what would happen next, to which I am still not sure. I was so embarrassed! Cheyene kept talking, while we were talking and then when the man tried to leave, she locked him in the house. Not only did she lock the door, her and brother both put chairs in front of the door and sat there. I could have friggin died. I was so, so embarrassed. I felt like I should have had a sign on my forehead that said "My kids don't get out much, so please excuse them"! UGH!!

Okay, some kind of bell keeps going off about every 5 minutes and I don't know where it's coming from. I need to find it and then head to bed. Taking ALL the rugrats to the mall tomorrow. I guess I love misery....

Tig: CONGRATS on the loss!!

04-23-2004, 02:52 PM
Wow, time for the weekend yet again! Time sure flies. Get to clean house and do laundry tomorrow - I'm so excited - and then go to the grocery store. But then I'll not have to do anything major on Sunday so I can spend some time quilting. Have my meals all planned for next week and the grocery list ready so I should do okay. I'm feasting on strawberries every chance I get right now.

04-23-2004, 10:14 PM

I have been cleaning like a madwoman to get ready for our houseguests....the guest room had become a catch-all, so really needed to be shovelled out :eek: We had originally planned to have this visitor later in the summer, but things got slow where he worked and the boss offered time time off, etc ,etc......and my spring cleaning got bumped up to NOW! So.....between now and Sunday afternoon.....I just have to do some vacuuming, dusting, maybe wash a couple windows,:spin: grocery shop, clean the old pop cans out of the backseat of my car and take the dog to the vet. Shouldn't be a problem, unless the DH wants to help... don't suppose you could come up for the afternoon and whip things around here into shape, do you? DYNAMO!! Loved the story about your munchkins locking the house inspector in the house :rofl:....would love to read his report!

Quilter......mouth is just watering thinking of those fresh strawberries :T We used to have our own strawberry patch......maybe it is time to put another one in this year!

Faye....WOW....when you redecorate, you really take on the whole job :hyper: I thought I was doing good to pick out the paint color for the half-bath..... have had the paint chip taped to the bathroom wall for the last year and a half! Can't be rushing into these things you know :dz: time is over.......with enough vitamins and caffeine, this next week will be a snap :crossed:

04-24-2004, 02:14 AM
MsRD~ I'd be there in a second if that meant a break from the kidrens! love'em to death, but man can they get on a nerve. Which my mother told me I STILL do to her (get on her nerves, that is). She hates that when I get a bug up my butt, I don't care how it effects anyone else ( Note: I don't beleive this to be true!)....for example, we shared a storage unit and I got the bug to go through it and get rid of stuff. I didn't expect her to go through her stuff too, but she took it that way and got mad. But in the end, it took us a day and it was done. 'nough said. If I wait for others it won't get done. ya know? I just had a thought. As much as my kids are getting on my nerves, I just have to remember that one day, I will be able to repay the favor, HA!!

Got 3 hours of sleep last night, so I'm functioning on pure fumes. Oh, found out what the "bells" from last night were. Hehe, I recently got a new cell phone and it was telling me that the batteries were low, hhmmm, go figure.

I am so not looking forward to tomorrow! Its going to be awul. I can tell. My sister and I finally decided that we wanted to have everything up and ready to sell by 9 a.m. Since we're doing it at her house (better location, I live on a cul-de-sac, and she lives on a corner lot), I have to first take the kids over there and drop them off, then probably take 2 loads of stuff over there. Then I've got to pack up all the kids and take Cheyenne to ballet at 10am, then my sister has a birthday party to go to at 2pm, so it ought to be fun. My other sister has to be at work at 1pm, so she won't be much help. My mom's been a real pain lately so I don't know how much help she's going to be. Because once we're done selling, I'll have to lug everything we don't sell back to the house and then go back and get the kids. I'm tired just thinking about it. I've priced most of the stuff, just have to do the baby I can use some "get through it" vibes. man, I miss DH!!

Told my sister that w/ the money we make from the sale, I would help pay for my nephew's birthday party. Her DH didn't put it into their budget. To say she was pissed, would be an understatement. I on the other hand don't have a budget, I really NEED one, but oh well. I've got $5 to last for 2 weeks....Don't really need anything but t.p. and papertowels.

okay, I just reread that last paragragh and decided that it's time for me to get off this thing. I've rambled on more than enough.

Hope everyone has GREAT weekend.

04-24-2004, 08:06 AM
Well hello there! Thanks for the PM Tiger, that was really sweet. :love: And thank you all for your concern. Usually, I check in even if I can't post. But I've been off the boards lately.

No, I didn't go to Vegas and hit bit. :dunno: Truth is we had to cancel our Vegas trip. :cry:

Yes, I did quit my job. :eek: I gave my 2 weeks' notice and then didn't feel right about taking vacation in the middle of it all! Good news is I got a better job. :high: You all know how much I hated my job and how much of a :censored: my boss is. Well, the new job (I start May 3) is a small company, less than a mile from my house (!!) and very relaxed. It's only slightly less money than I'm making now but it's a 35-hour week.

Rich has been behind me a million percent but I'm totally stressed out. (Hey, it's what I do. :^: ) My boss is making my life a living h*ll while I'm still there. He's obviously mad at me and acting like a 2-year-old. Even though I'm supposed to stay until April 30, I told the HR lady that if he continues acting like he is, I'm gonna be out of there a lot sooner. :mad: So I've been furiously cleaning out my files and my computer. You acquire a lot of "stuff" over 14 years with a company.

Needless to say, my weight loss efforts have been seriously lacking. I still go to Curves 2-3 times a week. I still go to WW weigh-in weekly, although the numbers on the scale haven't been great. I'm hanging in there.

Actually, I was going to post several times but I was waiting for someone to change the March thread to an April thread! :nono: Then I thought about doing it this morning but figured we might as well wait and start a May thread next weekend. :idea: Then I promise to check in more often. Well, I was told I'm not allowed to surf at my new job but I'll have to make it a point to poke in here and get some good weight loss vibes from you guys. Pretty please?

So that's my story. Still hoping to make it to Vegas sometime this year. Making it my latest mini-goal and now really will have time to lose, oh, 20 pounds before we go. :chin:

Gotta go now. Curves awaits. Then it's off to my brother's wedding! Hoping the rain holds off for him. See, life goes on.

Talk to you all again.

04-26-2004, 03:34 PM
Jello - Congrats on finally throwing in the towel with that nasty boss and finding a new job. In the long run, you'll be doing yourself a big favor. Sorry about having to cancel the Vegas trip - but you may have really hit the jackpot right at home. Don't worry about the weight thing right now - get settled in your new job and you may find it a lot easier to lose.

04-27-2004, 10:36 AM
Dyan: Hope your yard sale went great and you made lots and lots of money. I haven't had a yard sale in years. I used to have one everytime Jack would get transferred and clean out stuff so there wouldn't be so much stuff to move.

Jello: Yeah for you and your new job. I think you are right and I wouldn't just tell the HR person, I would go straight to him and tell him to lay off to his face or you are walking and make sure you leave him jammed up when you do! Jerk! No one has the right to treat someone like you have put up with all these years! The weight loss thing will come back when your stress level is back to where it should be and even will probably get really good! I cannot tell you how much I loved Vegas and we are all ready planning a trip for fall of 2005 so I hope you can go soon!

We have been painting fools. We finished downstairs bathrooom, I am about halfway done with the cabinets and countertops in the kitchen then I can give my kitchen a really good cleaning, we worked all weekend on the upstairs hallway getting it painted and then put up the chair rail wallpaper yesterday. I am enclosing a pic of it. We have cathedral ceilings above the stairs so that was tough for Jack to paint. It was hard on his arms and back to paint with an extension and then he had to go back and trim it out with the extension too.

Well, I need to skeddaddle and go down and start my painting assignment for today. I break it up into days so I don't get too tired.


04-27-2004, 12:21 PM
Hi! In a hurry to get out the door, but wanted to stop in real quick. Gotta keep up on my reading. :)

I'm glad all our peeps are coming back!

04-28-2004, 03:18 AM
Faye: Made over $100 for the day. That was nice, thanks for asking. It went towards, diapers, t.p. and paper towels, oh and a roach motels and fogger!!

Jello: Congrats on new job.

I've been under boocoo stress lately. The landlord has been the biggest prick. I can't really go into it right now. I'd be on all night. But today the electrician was here (we haven't had lights in our kitchen since March), when he turned on the dining room light, sparks were dancing in the glass thing that covers the light bulbs. He did it a few times and it kept happening. So his partner went into the crawl space or whatever it is and we were told that literally the house was only hours away from burning to the ground!! Our landlord, the first time I ever talked to him was "Mr. Fix it yourself" guy. And as it turns out, he did the electrical himself. Again, there is a huge story behind all this, I have typed up our 30-notice, even though our lease isn't up until the end of July. I've been so upset that I have a serious rash, and my neck is killing me. I'll try to check in soon, but if not, know that I am packing to move, as now we have to be out by May 19th. A few short weeks away.

04-28-2004, 02:07 PM
Dyan: I sympathize with electrical stuff. We have had 3 big fires in the condos in about 2 years time all eletrical related so last fall all the condos had to be brought up to code and it cost like $1000 per person. The problem was insurance. We were not insured because of it and to make a long story short, people dragged their feet etc so our insurance is going to skyrocket now. Sorry about the moving situation, but believe me, seeing how it is, it will be for the best for you guys!

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers, I actually have a JOB interview on Friday. It is this big upscale eyewear gallery as they call it, expensive frames and custom made ones and they want a receptionist and someone they can train. I think it would be great and I talked to the woman for about 20 minutes and thought that part of it went well.

Going to Chucky Cheese with the grandson tomorrow. Good thing I hate their nasty pizza! Think I will sneak in some fruit because their salad bar is lousy and expensive.

Hope everyone is staying op today!


04-29-2004, 06:08 PM
Faye, let us know how the interview went? I'll say a prayer and cross my fingers too!

04-30-2004, 12:38 PM
Ladies, have you all deserted me? Where have you gone - summer isn't even here.

04-30-2004, 04:51 PM
Friday Dance anyone? :cb:

Life is nuts right now. The new job...even though it's only part Curves and for my, baseball, weight training and track. :fr: Throw some yard mowing on top and I don't know if I'm coming or going. :dizzy:

But, I'm sticking to my Curves routine and eat'n "ok". Down 6.5 since starting Curves. Aunt Flo is here now, so looking forward to seeing my weight in a couple days.

Hope everyone is op and doing great!