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03-01-2004, 08:58 AM
Welcome to a thread devoted to women who have the priviledge of taking care of our families while winning the battle to control our weight and have better health! Feel free to join right in! We look forward to getting to know you better!

Good Morning Ladies! It is a beautiful day here in Louisiana. And I hope it stays that way :)

I hope everyone has a GREAT ON PLAN Day ;)

Gotta bring my fil to the eye doctor after I bring Hunter to school
I will check back in later! :)

Does everyone weigh in once a week here and post results or do you just update as you lose? I usually weigh everyday but record it every Thursday. Just curious!

Have a great one,
Penny :)

03-01-2004, 09:15 AM
Welcome to a thread devoted to women who have the priviledge of taking care of our families while winning the battle to control our weight and have better health! Feel free to join right in! We look forward to getting to know you better!

03-01-2004, 09:18 AM
Penny, we all have varying weigh in days so we usually post our results once a week on our WI day. We are also currently doing a challenge which for some of us is exercise and for others is staying on plan/no late night snacking.

I just finished up with the month's posting...I always push it to the last second! I'm bushed. I think I am gonna go lay down for a bit if the kids will let me. Otherwise, I may not make it through the day! TTYL!

03-01-2004, 10:37 AM
Good morning all!
Sorry I have been MIA all weekend. Just been on the go constantly and getting home late at night.
Penny, welcome back to the thread! So sorry to hear about your child with the kidney problems. I hope things get better. And I weigh in once a week also. Our bodies fluctuate so much day to day that it is better to weigh in once and stick with that. Also it won't drive you crazy seeing the scale move around so much. :)
Well I read all the posts in the last thread. I feel like I have been gone forever. It seems like everyone is doing great!
Geri, I noticed that you are doing fantastic. When is your WI day? I think you will see a great loss this week. You are sure motivated.
Well I was looking at my calendar and for the month of february I only lost 1 lb. That's it. In four weeks I lost one lb. Sucks. I need to do better this month. Can you believe march is here now??
My weekend has been good. DH got home around noon on friday. We've been going non-stop since then. Spent sat and sun at MIL house. Today we have to get some things done on the van (tags and such) so I'll be gone most of the day today also. I'm going to try really hard to stay OP today and tomorrow. It's always hard during the week if DH is home. And he doesn't leave until wednesday morning so please help me!!!! But he has promised to help me stay OP so we'll see. I'm making that one dish rosemary chicken with white beans for dinner tonight. What is everyone else having??
Well I just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive!!lol. Hello to everyone I have missed. :) TTYL!

03-01-2004, 11:03 AM
Sorry I didn't add the thread logo :(

Hope everyone is having a great day :)
I will check in later

THanks for the info on the weigh ins

03-01-2004, 01:16 PM
Hi ladies,

Penny, I officially weigh in on Monday nights at my TOPS meetings. I have been weighing myself at home every day ... which you're not supposed to do, but oh well!! I only post the official WI.

Spryng, after reading Dr Phil's book I got off of my feeling sorry for myself-sit on the couch and watch tv-I'll never keep the weight off - I hate counting everything I eat or journaling- a$$ and changed my bad habits! :lol: So I am excited about WI tonight. I did some Pilates this morning but had to keep stopping to pull Tony off of me! In some ways I can't wait til the kids are older so I have more time for myself. Of course I don't want them to grow up too fast 'cause then they won't need me very much! What's a mama to do??? :p

Candy, glad you got your work all done! Have a very nice rest and then back at it!! :lol:

I don't know what I'm having for dinner tonight...something light but filling since I WI at 6:30. I'll be sure to post the results!

Until then.... have a great OP day.

03-01-2004, 01:51 PM
Geri- I hope your WI goes great this evening. I never eat before a WI- or eat the same thing for consistency. Hey, every ounce counts!!!!! Good for you getting your Pilates in!!!! And for finishing reading an insirational book. I just finished proof reading Dd's senior thesis paper on obesity - what an eye opener!!!!! And an inspiration to get these last few # of blubber off me. You have discovered one of the mixed bag joys of motherhood......watching them grow up is such a joy~ but then they lose all that little cuteness and sweetness......guess that is why most enjoy being grandparents.

Spryng- glad you are back with us. And glad for you that Dh is home too! But I hear ya, it can be so tough when they are around. I am much more focused when alone, and can really stay OP much better. Good that he is willing to help you stay within range....... It sure did not seem as though you had only lost 1# in Feb! Those last few #'s can be so stubborn (I know that one!). It is almost as though they are getting lonely and want each others company......I am trying to use Fast is the shortened version of Flex points that came with the DVD. 20 points a day, and they have you focus either on carbs or protein, which ever way you feel better. I can either email the stuff or copy it for you and send it to you in the mail It is supposed to be a way to jump start your weight loss, if used for 2 weeks.
I'll let you know how it goes, I just started today.

Penny- hope your morning went well, getting FIL to the Dr and Ds to school.....sounds like a busy day. Enjoy the beautiful weather.

Candy- I know I have said this before, but how well I remember those late nite computer marathons to get everything done.....and the fatigue the next day. Hope you got some well deserved rest!!!!

I am getting a bit of a cold......and had hoped to walk this am and overslept.
I did get my WW tape done which I know is more AP's but I really wanted to get outside before the rain due here tonite.
Guess I'd better go.......gotta vacuum. Hope everyones day is going OP!

03-01-2004, 05:22 PM
AHHHH guess who :P ok ok i'm back. shew i tought i was gonna have to be admitted to the looney ward i missed you all so bad! so here's the low down on me :) i wish i had more time to give you all the attention you need. but i'm in a rush. sooooooooo
I got the dell finally! i crashed the hard drive 2 days later! got it fixed and all was well. Baylan is 3 months and i'm holding tight at 140#. i've exercized on occasion and am just finally getting released from the ob! FINALLY! so today i'll be on the bike and doing yoga. my diet is all goofed up. no stress eating but no structured meals for me either. seems soon as i sit at the table with the family the baby cries or a crisis happens.... so i end up starving and eating something bad because i'm in a hurry. you know how it goes. so i'm back to trying to get into a structured meal routine. its there and its on the table but i'm to busy running around feeding baby or cleaning up spilled milk ...blah blah. ok so there it all is. i have to skedattle. dinner is about ready and the table needs set. missed you gals alot!!!

03-01-2004, 09:32 PM
Yeah!!! Welcome back Misty!!! We missed you too and thought of you often! Wow, I can't believe Baylan is 3 mos already! You'll have to post a picture when you get a chance! Glad you got your computer problems fixed and hope you can find some "structured" eating that will suit you! 140 sounds great though!!!

Ginny, hope you are feeling ok. Congrats on getting the workout despite feeling crummy!

Geri, can't wait to hear how your weigh in goes! You can just "hear" the change in your attitude! You have truly been motivated!!! Go, Dr. Phil! As I've said before, my MIL loves the man but I never get a chance to watch.

Spryng, glad you having a good time with DH. 2 days at MIL's?!!? Wow, you are being very generous with your time with him. How did pictures go?

Well, I did pilates this morning, buns and thighs, and then did WATP's with the kids a little later. I am sufficiently beat! I did hang out in the bed for a bit this morning but with kids around you never get to sleep. It did help me survive the day. Anybody see "Runaway Jury?" Oooh, I finished watching it today and it is pretty good. I like John Cusack anyways, add in Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman and you can bet it is going to be half way decent. I liked it. Anyhows, I've gotta get off here.

Penny, how did your running go today? Ricci, you doing ok? How's MIL? Melinda, how are you doing? Have fun with the girls this weekend? Hi to anyone else I missed! Hope you all have a great night! TTYL!

A&A's Mom
03-01-2004, 11:15 PM
Hey Ya'll!!

We have had a CRAZY last few days. Just got back from Memphis this afternoon. I'm beat. We stayed in a motel with an indoor pool so me and the kids had a blast while Dh finished up his last few days of school. We were able to go to North West AirLink's hanger and they were fixing something on one of the planes Sheldon will be flying. They turned on the computers in the cockpit and they let the boys go and "tour" the plane. They had a blast and Sheldon loved them being so interested in what he loves so much. Anyway I took pictures!!! YEAH!!! Dh is going to help me get them put on the site tomorrow. We had soooo much fun and I am beat!

I went back to the Dr. today for my last ultrasound. He said I was passing everything just fine so I didn't need a D&C. So it's official. No baby. :( I'm just going to try to get myself focused on WW again since I did so well in Jan.

Glad all of you had a good weekend! Glad your back Misty! I don't know if I posted before your computer crashed, but I was reading the posts and I know you well!! Welcome Penny! I'll get more personal tomorrow!

03-01-2004, 11:25 PM
ok ladies I am so upset
I just posted a thread longer than the Mississippi River and lost it :(
Don't have time to post another.
Take care and I will post in the morning,

03-01-2004, 11:39 PM
Hello everyone!

My WI went wonderfully! I lost 3 lbs this week!!!!! :cb: I know it will slow down eventually and that's fine. I'll just enjoy this while I can!! I'm sooooo excited!

Penny, I absolutely hate when you lose a post. It's always the long one's too, never the "I don't have time for much" posts. :mad: I look forward to reading tomorrow.

Andrea, glad you had a great time in Memphis. This means Dh is home now right? It's good you didn't need the d&c ... I think it would all seem so much colder ... don't know if it's the right word or not. You have a good attitude going and if you get focused on the WW again you'll do great.

Candy, 2 workouts today....that's terriffic! I slammed my toe into the bathroom vanity this morning ... I would swear it's broken but Dh said it would be black & blue so that means it's FINE... It doesn't feel fine!! :p Hopefully better tomorrow so I can do the WATP. Glad my new attitude is know I got so bogged down in my "gee I'm fat and look and feel like crap so I'm going to have a crappy attitude about myself" emotions. Not a good place to be :( but I'm pulling myself out of there fast. It's been nearing mid 50's the past couple of days so I just want to get out with the boys ... unfortunately in Wisconsin, we have at least 2 more months of crappy weather coming....maybe 3.

Welcome back 3 months old already! Can't wait to see new pics.

I pick up Tony's 9 month pics tomorrow. I'll try to get them scanned in and posted before the end of the night. Have some other running to do so I don't know when I'll be checking in but I'll be sure to stop by and say HI. :D

Spryng, Melinda, Ricci, Ginny ... hope you're all doing fine. Have a great night.

03-02-2004, 08:55 AM
HI Everyone,
I am going to save the post before I click the button this time :lol:

What kind of pilates do you do? I have been checking into Windsor on Ebay. I have never tried pilates before. You are doing great with the exercise :)

CONGRATS CONGRATS :bravo: WAY TO GO, IDAHO! :cp: :cb: :dancer: :cheer: Three pounds is fantastic! Keep up the good work! It always feels nice when the scale shows how much you are really working at plan. Where you the Top loser?

How did supper go? Did dh help you stay on plan? Rosemary chicken sounds good :hungry:

I can't believe the baby is three months already. Last time I posted you were in labor. We want some pics!

I just hate it when I'm sick. When the kids get sick, mamma takes care of em. When Mamma gets sick who takes care of us ? :dunno:

Nice to "meet" you. I am very sorry to hear about the baby. Let me know if there is anything I can do. Glad you had a good time in Memphis. I bet the kids had a blast touring a plane. Glad to hear you did so well on ww. You can do it again. Can't wait for the pictures!

I am on day 9 of South Beach Diet with no cheating! No breads, pastas, noodles, sweets, etc. It is getting to me. The longer I stay on plan the harder it is for me. I am getting tired of eggs, tuna, and chicken breasts. But my dh did it last year and he lost 40 pounds!
I had lost down to 159.50 before I got pregnant with Andrew. So I am starting all over again. Hopefully I will get there again before his birthday.

Take care everyone
I will check back in later!

Penny :)

03-02-2004, 11:58 AM
Good morning all!
Ginny, I would love to check out that fast track info. I hear everyone talking about it on but I haven't seen it myself. You can email it to me if it's easier. That will be great! Do you get your flexpoints with it or only 20 pts a day for 2 weeks? I did not eat well yesterday afterall and I need something like that to help me shed what I might have gained this weekend.
Misty, welcome back!! I hope to see more of you now. :)
Geri, a big congrats on your loss!!!! I knew it was going to be a good one. You had been doing so well!!! I think you found the plan for you. :)
I'm sorry I don't have time to get personal with everyone else. We are mostly going to be home today but first I have to go fax some paper work off on the van and I want to get a nice long walk in today as my exercise. I'm feeling horrible about my eating this weekend and it's time to stop and get OP again. No more messing up. I think I am so close to goal that I think it won't hurt me but I know it will. ok, got to scoot. TTYL!

03-02-2004, 12:03 PM
Good morning!!!
Andrea- glad you had a nice weekend.......I'm sure that a change of scenery was great for you. Stay focused on WW.......keep your chin up! Vent if you need to, ok?

Michele- welcome back! Gosh, I missed you. Baylan is 3 months already??? Oh, I hear ya, the structured meal thing can be so rough with a busy family.....and then junk becomes all that much easier to eat. Congrats on the release from the OB.

Candy- well, you must be pooped after all that workout!!! I have not seen Runaway Jury, is it out on video????? Guess you liked it! Hope you recooperated from your big work day.

Geri- congrats on the 3# loss!! That is so exciting!!!!

Penny - great job staying OP for that long........but it must be tough with such a limited eating plan. Anyway you can modify it? I know, for example, WW offers plans that are higher protien or higher carb....some of us feel better with a higher carb diet (that is me,and those are complex carbs) some with higher protein....

Gosh, did I miss anyone??? Feel like I hit a wall again.... I am still pooped. Going upstairs to have some tea. Have a great day..and sorry if I missed you.

03-02-2004, 12:05 PM
Spryng- our paths crossed......sorry!! I am at the library this am, so I will make a copy of the fast track and send it to you. Hey, I fell off the wagon this am too, so do not feel bad. You'll be back in no time. And as far as I can see, I think you do NOT get our flex points for the 2 weeks.......bummer.

03-02-2004, 12:35 PM
Great weekend with the girls! ;) Went outlet shopping, bought myself some new nursing bras and clothes for JW. They are the ones you can wear under fitted shirts and not see. Nursing has made my waist look smaller if you know what I mean. Still need to work on it though.

Anyway, I came home to a clean house. My Dh said JW was great! He wants me to get a job so he can stay home.

Got a workout in Sunday morning when the girls were still sleeping, so we are 3 for 3 on workout :) , not so good on plan 0/3 :( - I am going to start tracking again today.

Andrea: Great to hear you had some good family time this weekend. My DH was taking flight lessons as a hobby, but it got really expensive. You are going to do fine, I am proud of you for having a good attitude.

Penny: My Dh and I use South Beach Phase 2, but we are not following it to a tea. The first phase was hard for me without the carbs. Way to go. Where do you live in LA? I lived in DeRidder for 12 years when I was growing up.

Have a Happy Tuesday!


03-02-2004, 12:39 PM
Ok Ladies Totally off the subject....

Does anyone have a portable TV DVD player for the van. I want to get one for the kids for vacation this summer. Just wanted some recommendations if you have any. Is it better to get the laptop looking one or the tv and the separate dvd player that goes under the seat? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

South Beach Diet is low fat and low carb for the first two weeks then you can start incorporating some high grain cereals and breads and some fruit back in. The first two weeks are suppose to help your body jumpstart your weight loss and change your metabolism. I have been on for 9 days now and lost 5 pounds. But it wont stay that way. It will go back down to the normal 1-2 # weekly loss after the first two weeks.

Have a great one! Its pretty here

03-02-2004, 01:08 PM
Hi all,
It is actually a very nice day here. I will definately be taking the boys outside later today. Its supposed to be raining the next three days, so that won't be any fun.
Hi Misty. We have missed you. I can't belive Baylan is 3 months. Can't wait to start reading your posts again. Candy, congrats on getting in your workout. Geri, your doing the Dr. Phil plan right? Congrats on the 3#. I have been watching his weight loss shows, but the participants on there get trainers to help them work out. I want to see how it works for "real" people.Spryng, I wouldn't worry to much about being off on the food. I do know how you feel though, when you have a few bad days, you just don't feel right. Enjoy the rest of the time with your dh. Andrea, how nice that you got to spend time with your dh. I hope your doing good. Melinda, congrats on getting in three work outs. Keep it up. Penny, Ginny, Gosia I hope ;you all are doing good.
As for me, I have not had any junk food in about two weeks. I got my pilates dvds, and they are quite a work out. I can definately feel it in my butt and stomach when I am done. I didn't go to the baby shower the other day, because it was pouring down rain. Coudn't see 5 ft in front of you. I don't drive well in the dark or rain. My mom, how ever does drive in the rain, so I went to the mall with her. I got a new shirt at old navy, and it was a medium. It was a medium with no rolls of fat showing. I haven't worn a medium in years. So excited. And to top off eveything, my youngest ds is potty trained. I can't belive it. Took him a week to really get the hang of it in pull ups, but then we bought him some real under wear, and thats it. He only wears pull ups to bed at night. Well, I think this post is the longest I have ever done. I hope all of you have a great OP day.

03-02-2004, 05:55 PM
Hi Ladies,
How is everyone doing?

How are you doing on plan with Phase II. How much weight have you lost? I think I finally found I plan that I like. We live about 45 min from New Orleans and Baton Rouge in the middle of both. The Strawberry Capital :) Cant wait until they get sweet.

Hope you all are having a great ON PLAN day. Gotta run and bring Hunter to Karate.

Ta Ta for now,
Penny :)

03-02-2004, 06:27 PM
Gee, is today over yet???????? Just thought I would check in and say hello. A long tough day.......had a student (not one of mine) throw a rock at my bus.....Dh went to the dermatologist and had some precancerous growths removed (skin cancer runs in his family)......I need a nap. Ricci- congrats on no junk food for 2 weeks. That is awesome.
Penny- hope you got your errands done. Melinda- a clean house is a wonderful thing!!!!! Congrats on the new undies- make you feel like a new woman, right?
Gotta go get dinner going......have a great nite.

03-02-2004, 09:36 PM
Hi all,

Just finished 30 min on the treadmill and turned on American Idol. This group stinks!!

Ginny, does Dh have skin cancer or are they just checking? Hope all is well there. The kid that threw the rock should have one thrown at him! What the heck (was going to say something else :o ) is wrong with some kids these days??

Penny, ummmmmmm...strawberries. They were on sale this week and I got 2 containers full...they're so yummy. I think they're from California. We don't get them here till end of July into August I think. We don't have the DVD player yet but will be looking into them also. I'd be interested to know anyone's suggestions too. I was one of the big losers too...thanks for asking!

Ricci, congrats on the potty training! Can't wait to say we've started :p . Congrats on no junk food too! That's great. I got Ds some McDonalds for lunch because he was so very good during my errands today. I took one french fry and didn't even care for it :D I don't miss all that nighttime snacking either. I've been reading alot. And finally, congrats on the size medium. :)

Melinda, glad you had a great weekend.

Well, I'm tired today ... gonna go relax. Have a great night everyone. Hello to everyone I missed!

03-02-2004, 10:17 PM
Hey all! Just a quickie as I am zapped again. Tried the 3 mile WATP's but quit after 2. At least I got 2 miles, right? Geri, congrats on your loss and getting in your exercise!!! Ricci, congrats on size medium and potty training! Melinda, glad you had fun this weekend shopping. Andrea, good to hear from you and glad you had such a good time this weekend! Penny, we bought one of those tv/dvd players for our van when we went to the Keys but ours is kinda big. We like it though. It was only $189 at Target and it came with a case it fits into that hangs from the 2 front seats. I think it is 9 inch screen. Really nice crisp picture. We have it in our room when we aren't traveling. Ginny, sorry you had a rough day! Is it time for summer break yet?!? Spryng, glad you are having a good time with DH and hope you can get back on plan though I'm sure you'll bounce right back regardless! Misty, how's your day going? Is that everyone? If I missed someone please forgive me. Running low on brain cells tonight! Hope everyone has a good night. TTYT!

03-03-2004, 10:34 AM
Good morning all!
Wow, this thread has been busy since I posted yesterday morning :) Looks like everyone has been great OP lately. I was too yesterday ando today also. Feels good to be in control again. My dh really wanted kentucky fried chicken yesterday for lunch (the buffet) but I knew I couldn't resist all those biscuits and crispy chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy so I decided to hit subway first, got me a 6" roast beef on wheat (5.5 pts) and a bag of baked chips (2 pts) and took it with me to KFC and ate that while the rest of the family had the buffet. It was really good and made me feel good about being OP. Then I made that rosemary chicken last night for dinner. So all in all it was a great day!! I also got some exercise in yesterday. We got the kids a T-ball set to teach them how to hit and a soccor ball set and went in the backyard to play, well with all the running around and then I jumped rope with my DD for awhile and I was sweating and out of breath and it felt so good to get some cardio in since with pilates you rarely get your heartrate up consistantly. But I bought me a new pilated dvd that I'll be trying tonight. I watched it the other day and it looks much tougher than the one I have so we'll see. I'm just hoping for a decent WI this week (no gain please) after all the bad eating I did fri-mon. But I'll probably see a gain. But I am DONE sabbotaging myself. From now on I'm only OP again. No more messing around. I'm too close to my goal to keep doing this to myself.
But anyway, DH leaves out sometime today. We bought a new dvd player last night (the dvd/vhs combo we bought 3 weeks ago started messing up so we took it back) and then the new one we bought has picture problems, it gets really dark and then really bright constantly, very annoying. So DH is taking it back right now. So it's quiet around here at the moment. We also got the kids a tv/vcr combo for dd's room last night and a cheap dvd player and two big bean bag chairs so now they can watch all their cartoons in the room without bugging me in the living room anymore!!!!! I'm so excited about it!! Peace and quiet all through the house now :) So we did some big shopping yesterday, but at least it kept me from going off plan. I'm am 100% focused again. You know I've been on WW for 6 months now. I guess it's normal to lose motivation after awhile. But I feel like I have it again.
Ok, sorry to go on and on about it. Sorry I can't get personal, but I promise to later. I have a house needing some TLC, talk to you later!!

03-03-2004, 11:22 AM
Geri-hope you got some relaxation time in......good for you (being tired and all) getting in some time on the treadmill!!! On the way to a new you!!! :)

Candy-hey,you got 2 out of the 3 miles in, right???? Which tape of Leslie's are you it the one that she uses the weights in for the last half?
I love her tapes, but have been hooked on the WW one recently... That TV/DVD player sounds nice, we have talked about getting one for long trips.

Spryng- I am so proud of you.......buying the subway meal and taking it to KFC. SOunds like something right out of my book! I LOVE subway, because you can eat real food....low points.....tastes great and it is fresh. Plus, most of the time for me, the rest of the family eats there too, so staying OP fits right in. Let me know what you think of fast track- and being that you are on the web site (I barely have time for this!) give me some feedback on it from the web site.

I am not going to the meeting this am- Dd has a dentist appt today at noon and then tomorrow she goes to the urologist. Too busy, need some time for housework. I'll get there next week. As far as Dh goes, it is precancerous stuff they are removing (or removed)- but still a concern.....he is not all that good at using sun screen or hats. :(
No workout yet- hope to get a short walk in this afternoon. I am still so tired.....with a headache. It's really cramping my style. BTW- the little monster who threw the rock at my bus recieved a personal visit from the police.....there is some justice somewhere.
Gotta go.....have a good day.

03-03-2004, 12:16 PM
Good morning ladies!

Did 3 mi WATP this morning so done exercising for the day :D All that extra energy I had last week seems to have disappeared teh last couple of days :( . I'm hoping it's just the's been cloudy and damp or rainy lately. So it's tough to get motivated but I know I have to do it.

Spryng, glad you did the Subway thing....I don't know if I would have caved or not! KFC is so darned good that you know it's not good for you :lol: . It would be different if it wasn't buffet style and you had 1 little piece ... buffets are bad!! Glad you're back on track. Sounds like you aren't having good luch with electronics lately :dizzy:

Ginny ... there IS justice! Glad the police got involved! How old was the kid anyway? Is there still hope? Sounds like you have another busy day on tap! Good luck!!

Candy, what's the brand name on your DVD player? $189 is a great price for a 9" screen! I almost quit at 2 mi this morning ... I really wanted to but kept going for the 3rd mile! It was tough....but I still would have felt good with 2 miles in :D .

Going to go over to Mom's this afternoon and get out of the house. Hope everyone has a great day! Hello to everyone I didn't personally address :)

03-03-2004, 12:50 PM
I forgot to do this yesterday. Hopefully this will work!

A&A's Mom
03-03-2004, 01:10 PM
Geri, LOVE the baby picture!!!!! Congrats on your weight lose! You are doing sooo good!!

Spryng, good for you jumping back on track!! I stayed OP yest. after messing up big time this weekend. I'm curious about the fast track also. Can you email me what Ginny sent you? Thanks!!

Candy, hi to you and I think your doing great with the exercise!

Melinda, Penny, nice to "meet" you too!!, Ginny, Misti, Ricci, whoever else, have a great day!!! Spryng, you've made me hungry for Subway!!! YUM!!

03-03-2004, 01:37 PM
I can't believe how big Tony is getting :) His hair is so cute and that smile is just precious. Cutie Cutie!!! Congrats on getting in your exercise this morning! :bravo:

Hope you get good news at the urogolist tomorrow for dd. What meds is she on? Andrew is on bactrim. Hope Hubby is allright. Please let us know how he is doing.

Spryng didn't make me hungry for Subway, she made me Hungry :hungry: for Kentucky Chicken...... :lol: Congrats for staying on plan yesterday :cp:

You did wonderful yesterday!!! :bravo: :cb: That is awesome! Congrats Congrats ! You are right, you are too close to goal now to not stay on track!

Congrats on the workout! Two is definitely better than none !!!! :dancer: :cb: Thanks for the info about the TV DVD.

Hope you are having a great on plan day!

Hope I didn't miss anyone! :)

I am doing wonderful and actually starting to feel better. I am now down to 176 as of this morning. Trying to get back to 159.5 by Andrew's first birthday, June 12th. That is what I weighed when I got pregnant with him.

Have a great day everyone,

03-03-2004, 03:37 PM
Good morning all!
See?? I'm back early today! lol. DH still hasn't left out, he is at the ford dealer getting our new flog for our van. You know those little key chain gadets that will automatically unlock the van and open the sliding doors for you. I'm getting so spoiled lately :)
Penny thank for you kind words. It really does feel good to be back OP after a few days of bad choices. I think you can definitely be at your prepregnancy weight by June. How tall are you?
Andrea, I would love to email those things to you but Ginny decided it was easier on her to mail them to me. So after I get them I'll try and type them out and send them to you, ok? I may go ask some on the WW site and they may have some I can email you. I'll check into that.
Geri, your little boy is soooo cute!! I have a couple new ones of Tanner I will post today also. You are doing fantastic on your exercise. Keep up the good work!! And I know what you mean about buffets being so bad. Even if you go to one with lots of food that is ok to eat you still get there and crave for the stuff you can't have and end up cheating or feeling very vulnerable. I try to stay clear of those lately. No, electronics have not been our friend lately. :) But we did take our dvd back this morning and got a very awesome sony dvd/vhs player. I am in love with it. I don't think we'll be needing a new one for a very long time :)
Ginny, I will ask about the fast track on and see how those who have tried it have done. And I'll let you know, ok?
Well my day is going well. Dh will only be here a short while longer. As soon as his load gets ready for him today he'll be heading out. It's been so nice having him home so many days. But I really am ready for my house and routine back :)
Well I will go do that checking at, ttyl!

03-03-2004, 03:47 PM
Here is Tanner. I took these a few days ago. He's 8 months old.

03-03-2004, 05:09 PM
Hey all! Spryng and Geri, love the pics!!! Ok, Geri, who does Tony look like? I've looked at your fam picture over on the other site and it is hard to figure out. Are both your boys just a really good mixture or what? Anyhows, thanks for going that extra mile for us this morning!!! :) I just didn't have it in me. Ginny, yes, I am using the ones with weights. I have the 1, 2 and 3 mile now. I did the 1 mile this morning. Glad your little monster got what he deserved...hopefully that will put a scare into him and keep him from doing such things in the future! Hope everything went or goes well w/dd and dr visits. Spryng, congrats on your self-control! Sounds like you got a bunch of goodies. We had put our little 9 incher in the kids room for a few days but I felt so isolated from them that I had to take it out. I do know what you mean about "mess containment" though! Penny, glad you are feeling so great. I am sure you can reach goal by June! Andrea, forgive me but I can't remember a thing from your post. Have you started back on WW now? How's it going? Who am I forgetting??? Sorry to anyone I left out! I don't expect to have it together much mentally until this house is done! I got all my quotes from Lowe's on the kitchen but it is $13,000 for cabinets and countertops, NOT installed!!! So I am checking around. I want to build this house for as little as possible but still have a nice quality home. I just don't want a huge house payment. We are looking at $150,000 and I don't want to go over that!!! Dh seems completely unconcerned but then he doesn't care if I never quit working. Seems to him it shouldn't be any problem to homeschool, work full-time, maintain a household and stay sane! I love him but he is clueless! Ok, sorry for ranting. I never speak poorly of my DH to anyone but since ya'll will never meet him, it is ok, just a little, right?!? Well, I'm off. Made a huge mess of my kitchen earlier so I need to straighten up. Hope everyone is having a great day! TTYL!!! Oh, by the way, I think Spryng forgot to ask, "What's for dinner?" Ha, ha!!!

03-03-2004, 07:24 PM
That's funny candy! :lol: I made sour cream and salsa chicken in the crockpot and ate it in tortillas as burritos with fat free refried beans on the side. It was a very delicious and filling meal for only 9 pts. Dh was able to stay and eat too and he loved it. He just left out about 10 minutes ago. It's been really nice having him home. I'm going to miss him. What did everyone else have for dinner? So is it fun to pick out cabinets and such for your new house? I would think it would be so great to hand choose every piece. Lowes and home depot has some great kitchen sets.
Well, my kitchen is a mess now that dinner is over too. So I guess I better go clean up while the kids are being good. TTYL!

03-03-2004, 09:03 PM
Just a quick hello while Dd is in the tub.

Candy- what do ya mean you can't homeschool, keep an immaculate house, work full now aren't you superwoman????????? Sorry- working full time from the house is tough- I know that one!! You just made me laugh, hon. But good for you not having your sights on a huge debt.

Spryng- Tanner is not really that old...........oh how time flies! But he is so cute!!!!! :) Hope you get your life back on track soon. Thks for checking out the WW site for me. I am curious.

Andrea- I can email you the stuff in a day....probably Friday (or PM you). I sent the stuff to Spryng US mail. It was easier than me typing it out.

Penny- congrats on the good WI! And glad you are feeling great. BTW- Dd is on ceclor......has been for a long time (7 years).

Geri- Tony is adorable! Good for you getting the 3miler in. Leslie is so inspirational.

Hope to get back here tomorrow am, B4 I go to work and the Dr with Dd. I did get a 15 min walk in, so am doing ok. Gotta go check Dd in the tub. See ya!

03-03-2004, 09:22 PM
Spryng, glad you had a nice visit with DH. Dinner sounded yummy! We had a twist on one of my old stand-bys. I used to do beef or chicken with broccoli and onions in a soy sauce based gravy over rice. So tonight I did it with tofu instead. Very good, the kids ate it up. Kylie loves broccoli so she ate all the broccoli out of hers. Sean even ate his onions and a piece of broccoli. Want to talk about shock. I didn't do so good today with my "raw" foods. I don't even know if I made 50%. So, I'll do better tomorrow.

As for the picking out of the cabinets and such, it is really more work than anything else. It was fun at first, now it is becoming more stressful. The $$$ is what makes it stressful!!! If I had unlimited funds it would be a blast! As for being superwoman, I feel like it most days but somehow DH just doesn't see things my way. He doesn't know about the 55 disasters I diverted while NOT cleaning the kitchen. Oh well! If I didn't want another baby the work issue wouldn't be such a big deal but I've been working at home since Sean was 7 weeks old (I worked at an ortho office until 1 week before I delivered) and I would really just like to see what it is like to just be a mom. We'll see. Hope dd's dr appt goes well tomorrow. Spryng, I guess life will return to "normal" for you. When is DH due back?

Ok, well, I am gonna work while watching a little tv. Never a good combo but at least something gets done!!! Hope everyone has a good night!!!

03-03-2004, 09:51 PM
Good evening everyone,

Candy, I would be freaking out about picking everything out because I have expensive taste!! We have friends that are doing the same thing right now but they're not planning on kids and both work full time so they've got $$ to burn! I think both Tony and Will are a mix of us both. They're starting to look more alike as Tony gets older but Will has my dark brown eyes and Tony has beautiful blue eyes. They're both adorable, but I'm prejudice :lol:

Ginny good luck at the dr tomorrow.

Spryng, sorry Dh is gone ... but it'll be easier to stay OP right ;) . We had beef tenderloin, baked potatos and a salad for dinner. Tanner's adorable by the way. You take really good pictures.

Penny, so glad you're feeling good! It makes it so much easier to stay OP that way.

Andrea, how's it going? Getting back OP? How're you feeling otherwise?? You know, we're here for ya! :)

Gosia, where are you?? How's the baby doing?

Going to get going ... hi to everyone else!! Have a great evening. Oh, going shopping tomorrow. Kohl's Dept store is having a huge sale plus we got an extra 30% off coupon (if we use our store charge) good on sale, clearance, or regular prices. I have a few birthdays to buy for and I hopefully will find some good deals on stuff for the house. I don't need any clothes because I have a lot of smaller sizes just waiting for me to fit in them again :D

A&A's Mom
03-03-2004, 09:53 PM
Hi Ya'll!!

Candy, I PMed you so if you don't get it let me know. I'm not sure I did it right! I can't wait to see pictures of your new house when it's finished! I know to you that seems like forever! You seem like supermom to me! You eat healthy, work form home, have kids, and if your like me, your oldest is around 30! I think they should count as 2, don't you? Anyways you do alot more than I do! I think your doing great!!

Spryng, I understand about getting your routine back. I've enjoyed Dh being here also, but my routine has been out the window!!! Oh well! Can't have it all!! :lol: Your supper sounded great! I had a peanut butter sand. (Had Pizza Hut for lunch!)

Dh is calling me to put Alex to bed, so I guess I'd better go! Sorry I couldn't get to everyone! TTYL! ;)

03-04-2004, 12:03 AM
Just a quickie because I forgot to say that we have begun the "let Tony scream his head off until he falls asleep on his own" because he's been waking up way too much lately and won't go back to sleep unless I pick him up ... which I was doing because I didn't want the whole house awake several times a night. I hate this part of Mommying because I hate to hear my baby crying .. especially when they start that "ma-ma" whaling! I feel so awful but I know it has to be done. Round 1 was around 9pm ... he only went on for 20 minutes. Anyway, if I'm tired or crabby for a couple of days, you know why!! Good night ladies.

03-04-2004, 12:14 AM
Geri, I feel your pain! I couldn't bear it either and fortunately we only had to do it a couple times with Sean. I think both your kids are adorable too, from an unbiased perspective! :) In fact, all the pics posted on this thread of been of some pretty cute kids! And Geri, I am finding that I have somewhat expensive tastes too which is creating the problems!!! I am willing to scale back where I can but I don't want anything to look cheap! I will be combing antique stores and such for furniture when the time comes. I love old or at least the look. Andrea, it does seem like forever!!! But we are closer than we have ever been in the year since we started this whole thing so the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight.

Andrea, you are too sweet! I think being a single parent a big part of the time counts a lot though!!! And you are right, what is up with that??? We have been majorly working on a respectful attitude and watching what comes out of our mouth here lately. He does in fact act as though he is 30 or so at times and I have to remind him that I am the mom!!! Ugh! The sweet times are so nice though that they kinda make up for the other stuff, right?

Well, I got my office clean tonight!!! Yeah!!! However, this has brought to my attention a huge pile of "stuff" from work that NEEDS to be done and has just been sitting!!! Ugh! I'm gonna try and get to it this weekend.

Well, I'm off here. Been procrastinating so I better head off to bed. Oh, I got in a 2 mile WATP's tonight which I desperately needed after a bad day eating wise. Has everyone else been meeting their exercise goal?

03-04-2004, 12:21 AM
Hi Ladies~

So How Good is the Walk Away the Pounds tapes??? Which ones to get... the abs or just the 1, 2 or 3 mile walks? I have been wanting them and they are pretty cheap on Ebay.

Thanks for the advice,
Penny :)

I will post in the morning. Have a great on plan day tomorrow!

03-04-2004, 08:32 AM
Just a short hello, and I am sorry I won't be able to get personal.
Penny, I have the 3 mile tape and the 4 mile challenge. I like the 4 mile one best- it has 1 segment at 1 mile, and 2 at 1 1/2 each......but then in the 3 miler she uses weights......well today I did 1 1/2 miles, that is all I had time for. Guess the 4 mile has my vote because you can break it out into what you have time for easier.\

Geri- sorry that Tony had to scream himself to bed last nite.......they all have to do that sooner or later.
Andrea- glad you checked in! Hey, I love peanut butter!
Candy- good for you getting that office cleaned up. Gosh it can be so overwhelming sometimes.

Off to the a busy day. Smile!

03-04-2004, 08:59 AM
Thanks for the info! Don't have time to address everyone. Gotta get Hunter ready for school. Be back after I drop him off

Just wanted to say I am down another 2.5 pounds. :) So excited!

Have a great day,

03-04-2004, 10:55 AM
Spent the day with my mom yesterday, she has been out of the country for 6 weeks. I really missed her, but she was not in town for 2 hours and she commented on my weight. She is Asian, so they do not have any weight problems. Being that I grew up in the USA and my father is American, what does she expect. The worse part about it is that she called my sister in Philly and told her that I need to lose more weight. My sister thinks she has a weight problem, I think she crash diets weeks before she visits so that my mom will not give her a hard time. Anyway, she bought some toys for JW for her house and she is looking to buy him a crib so that I will bring him over more. I think every other day is enough. I think she is bad for my self esteem, so I am trying to hold off the visits until she calms down. Some of it might be jetlag anyway. I love my mom, but she is so hard on me.
Anyway, I did not get a workout yesterday and I didn't get lunch until 2pm. I hate eating in front of her b/c she nit picks everything. I have not been tracking. I still feel pretty good despite the negative mom, my Dh and sister are very supportive.

Penny - JW still crys out everytime I put him down. I think it is his way of calming himself down before he sleeps, weird. He doesn't take a binky or anything. Kohl's sounds like fun. I think we have one coming to our area.
We had crawfish and shirmp last night. I love some good cajun food, but SC does not do justice to it. I told DH we would have to make a trip just to eat. It will have to be after I lose some of this weight.

Candy- Have fun picking out everything. When will you be in the house? Being a mom is great, I don't know how you do it ALL! JW is such a good baby, I have not really been that stressed out. I am still working on DH about having another one soon. I am not going to push him, it has to be mutual.

What kind of cameras are you using for these shots, they are great. We have a digital camera by Sony. One from when they first came out and I don't think it is as clear as the newer ones. Dh says it is my computer and not the camera. I finally got my pictures from Christmas and on developed and we used two different cameras. I will see which ones turn out best.

Happy Thursday!


03-04-2004, 11:15 AM
Good morning all!
Melinda, sorry to hear your mom was down on you about your weight. Doesn't she know you are trying to get it off? It takes time. We only wish it would be gone overnight, but it's a long lifetime process. My digital camera is on of those kodak easyshare ones. 3.2 mp. It takes fantastic shots and they look professional printing out on my printer. I just printed some of Tanner and framed them and DH's family couldn't believe I took them with my camera. I just love it so much.
Penny, congrats on another 2.5 lbs gone!!!! You are well on your way. Keep up the good work!!
Ginny, hope you have a great day!! And I did post that thread at the WW boards and I'll let you know what everyone said about the fast track later. I have to go back and see who replied and all that.
Candy, that is what happens to me when I clean. I find more to do once the cleaning is done. What I really need is a huge yardsale. I am ready to get rid of lots of things in this house and out in our shed. We just have too much stuff for such a small home.
Geri, hang in there with the crying it out. It will work, just may take a few nights and then he'll be sleeping with no problems. Tanner hit some kind of change in his sleeping when he was 6 months old. He'd wake up every night and cry until I rocked him back to sleep (which could take forever) so even though he is in my room I'd let him cry and it took about 3-4 nights and he never woke up again or if he did he would put himself back to sleep. But be consistant... don't give in and go get him or you'll set yourself back a few days. I hope it gets better for you soon. All my kids went through that and they were great sleepers afterwards and still are now. and thanks for thinking I take good pictures, lol. My camera takes them and then I upload them and edit them ALOT!! lol. So then they come out good, but I am not a natural photographer, thank god for picture programs :)
Andrea, it is so nice to see your spirits up . You have been through alot but look like you have bounced back with full force. I really admire you for that. Do you use low fat peanut butter? I really love pb&j sandwiches but I can't seem to get myself to use that many pts for one sandwich because even low fat peanut butter is high in pts. Maybe I can find one lower someday.
Well I have alot of cleaning to do today. I didn't do any last night when I really needed to, so I have about 2 loads of dishes to get in the dishwasher and a living room to attack. So I am off here, I need breakfast first. I'm thinking egg and sausage burrito sounds great. :) TTYL!

03-04-2004, 11:35 AM
Hi Ladies,

Well Hunter is at school, Nicholas wanted to go to Mawmaw's (two houses down) and Andrew is sleeping. All of a sudden I am all alone :) Eating my breakfast and going to try to catch up on some work. My hubby owns his own A/C business so I do all the paperwork.

Thanks! You are an inspiration. You are doing great. BTW, we are the same height. I really want to be in the 130s but I don't know if I can do it. Two of the three kids were c-section. Excuses Excuses I know. I will be happy if I can get to 140....... :) Egg and sausage burrito sounds yummy :) Hope you get the house clean..... Need to clean myself! Have a great day PS Tanner is a cutie! Great pics!

I am so sorry that your mom is not more supportive. Keep your chin up! You are doing great. And you just had a baby! I hear you about have a mutual agreement to have another. My hubby and I talked for a long time about the third baby.

Ginny ~
Have a great day. Sounds like you are going to have a busy one.

Andrea ~ Have you started back the ww? Hope you are doing ok ;)

Candy ~ Congrats on gettting the office clean !!!!!! YEAH! Hope you are back on plan today :)

Geri ~ I have to put Andrew down crying sometimes. I will let him stay for about five minutes and if he is not quiet by then I go pick him back up. We have a routine.... I nursing, then rock, lay him down.... he cries... I pick him up..... I rock, I nursing... lay him down..... he cries.... :lol: :lol:
Just joking, it is not that bad. Most of the time he lays down. Good luck!

Have a great day everyone! Getting my roast defrosted and going to get some bookwork done!

Penny :)

03-04-2004, 12:42 PM
Starting a new thread ... see you there!