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03-01-2004, 08:05 AM
I gotta flip through here fast. It's Monday and day GS cookies arrive. Oh joy. After last night (had run in w/low carb brownies) I'm not sure I can defeat the cookie monster in me. Wonder WHERE in the freezer they'll fit!!!! Maybe if they're frozen I can do w/out. But at least unloading the semi and hauling cookie boxes will get me some exercise in!! I'm counting that!! I also bought a pilates tape. It's not the Windsor (Still gonna get that) but it'll do for starters. Now I've just got to WORK out to it :lol: Too bad it doesn't work by osmosis (ya know, just put it to your forehead and you're exhausted cuz you've "mentally" worked out to it?? :lol: ). Ok, gotta fly if I'm gonna get breakfast AND lunch made (to avoid the complimentary cookies they lay out for us) for today. Hope you all have a good day!!! c'ya later

03-01-2004, 08:35 AM
Well after Fridays disaster with dd dying her hair ( $70 later) them taking 3 hours to do it and finding our company here but had been in minor car accident. Went on to Saturday whick I was in charge at work and ti was insane my busiest night ever with me packing. ( don't do that often). Sunday comes. Fought with dh before even getting out of shower. Dd goes to a movie with the bf. She takes bank card and I said DON'T SPEND ANY MONEY BUT FOR MOVIE. I pick her up last night and she says " Oh look at my new jeans". I flipped on her again. I also took the jeans until her pay day ( friday) and told her her bank card is mine now for 3 weeks ( 2 pays away). She is only 14 and pushing all my buttons. she is thinking she is 20 latly and I am getting sick of sticking up for her from dh cause she has already aliented him by talking to him like crap.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh VENT VENT VENT.

Other then that weekend eating went well and after stoping the s/f candies weight is going DOWN AGAIN ayhoo.

03-01-2004, 08:38 AM
Hi gang,
I've been away for a while since my home computer bit the dust. I seldom have time to check in during work, but I finally got a new computer!! I've missed reading all the posts! I have a question...What was your longest stall? I've been at my current weight for 4 weeks now! ugh! I can honestly say since I started this WOE I have only cheated once...1/2 club sandwich. I've even cut out coffee and started taking change! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I just don't get it. My carbs are always between 20-30 (at the most), I'm drinking water, not taking in sugar alcohols. Even if I look at calorie intake it's never more than 1,800 Max and usually averages at about 1,500. My thyroid level is fine (just had it checked). I'm just soooooooo frustrated. I'm not sure it could be a set point stall considering how much I have to lose, although I was at my current weight for quite a few years. Due to 2 back surgeries my ability to exercise is minimal, but shhheeeesh. Every morning I'm ready to kick the :censored: out of my scale and my clothes aren't any looser! Phew....okay. I feel better now :smile: Glad to be back, I missed this group!

03-01-2004, 09:08 AM
Morning All and Happy March,

Brenda - I hear ya on the GS cookies, I need to pick up ours today too. BE STRONG! Let's make a deal, I wont sneak one if you don't.. We can get thru this together!

Jjcj - My oldest DD is 14 and I know where you are coming from. We have the same situation around here only mine wasnt allowed to get her own bank card, she has savings in a bank out in the boonies and if she wants money she has to come to me for a ride :lol: Evil yes I know but it works and I can still keep my apron strings tied to her wallet. Lets just hope this is really "just a phase".

Bizzy - Nice to have you back! Just keep up the good work and those nasty little pounds will melt away. If you've been at this weight previously for a while your body may just need to catch up and figure out whats going on. In due time it wont be able to fight NOT losing anymore.

Today my youngest DD is sick :cry: she has bad tummy aches, I think she's catching what my oldest had last week. I feel bad for her because I give her the Tylonol Flu med. and give her the Tums but nothing seems to be working. So I'll be staying home from work to be with her today. I'll make her some chicken noodle soup and cocoa, baby her a bit and make her feel better the mommy way. Will check in a tad later, have to get the other 2 off to school, they're being pookie today.

03-01-2004, 09:28 AM
Morning all,
I've turned into such a HUGE sap. I completely forgot what it was like to be in love. My BF had to go back down to school this morning and I almost freaking cried! I'm sooo not used to that sort of thing. Now I'm feeling all mopey and missing him terribly. My only consolation is that next week is his spring break and I'll get him for 10 days! yay! Ugh, so sappy. I had a HUGE scare yesterday with the scale. I was bad ALL weekend. Girl Scout cookies were in and that started the whole thing on Friday. The BF and I went out to dinner and were bad, went to the truck and ate the GS cookies which was bad. Saturday I was at clinicals until almost 2. We were supposed to get out at 1 so I didn't bring lunch thinking I could wait. Nope..... went to McDonalds and ate chicken nuggets and frieds. Then yesterday we went to a hockey game and there I was drinking beer, eating fries and popcorn and then.... Dairy Queen on the way home!! What got into me????? So I stepped on the scale last night.... up 4lbs. So I was complaining to my BF about it, because.... while I was bad, it wasn't like I was eating large quantities of anything. He was very sweet telling me he didn't care if I weighed 500lbs, he'd still love me :) buttttt UP 4LBS????? So this morning I stepped on the scale.... lost 8lbs overnight... which puts me one lb under my usual morning weight. I'll have to see what I weigh tonight (my normal weigh-in time is 7pm)
Brenda: I KNOW you can resist those cookies! You've been doing great lately and I believe in you!!!!!!!

jjcj: Congrats on the weight loss! Your dd sounds like sooooooo many of my students!

Lizzy: My sister hit a 3 week stall and she was just beside herself. She was getting sooooo discouraged.... and today she broke it.... so HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!

Trazzie: I hope your dd gets better soon! Mommy love will make her feel better in to time flat! I'm a firm believer!

03-01-2004, 09:58 AM
Boy it sure sounds like a Monday around here today! I think we all need a vacation. Were can we go? Let's see.....I've always wanted to go to Bermuda. How about you guys?

Brenda: BACK AWAY FROM THE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! Take Trazzie up on her offer. Make it a challenge. You will feel great if you do it.

jjcj: Wow, sounds like you had quite a weekend. Hope you have a better week.

BizzyLizzy: Glad you got a computer back. I've been on a stall for a while now, but it is because of what I was doing. I would indulge a little more on the weekends and then spend all week losing the pounds I had gained. My clothes haven't gotten much looser either so I understand your frustration. It will have to change at some point if we keep working at it.

Trazzie: Sorry your dd is sick...have a nice "mom" day :)

Shimma: Dry those tears....he'll be back :D And dust off the weekend......put it behind you and jump back on the wagon. We all have those kinds of days.

I myself am not feeling quite right today....too much red wine with dinner. When will I learn. BUT, I am exercising again and I feel good about that. I went for my 2 mile walk yesterday and it felt so good to move. I am going out again tonight when I get home. Hopefully this will really start to make a difference.....I want 5 more pounds this month!

Will check in more later. Have a great day everyone.

03-01-2004, 10:14 AM
Good Morning......

03-01-2004, 11:22 AM

03-01-2004, 04:58 PM
OK THIS IS THE QUIETEST DAY EVER ON THIS BOARD! Where is everyone? Everyone must be in a Monday funk. :mad:

03-01-2004, 05:59 PM
Hey --- I'm here!!!!!

I'm sitting, once again, in In-School-Suspension, wondering why I have to lose 1/2 hour of my planning time each day. One student (a 6th grader) just told me five minutes ago that I was acting like a ****. I hugged him and told him that that was the nicest thing anyone had said to me all day. Always leave 'em guessing!

It seems that Girl Scout cookies are causing quite a stir out there for some of you. STEP AWAY FROM THE COOKIES!!! ****, I don't even go into the teacher's lounge at this time of the year. I send in one of my aides to collect my mail because I know better than to get within 10 feet of the place.

Shimma: You can get back on track, I know you can! Chalk up this past weekend to temporary insanity and move on!

Jane: You book the flight and I'm there, size 16 bikini and all! (Just kidding)

Trazzie: Hope dd feels better soon. That chicken noodle soup ought to make her feel loads better ( so long as it's not carb free :lol: )

Bizzy: Welcome back! I missed the heart avatar! As far as your stall goes, I know some have had a lot of luck with trying Atkins' high-fat plan for a week. It's in the book and also on the website, I think. Your caloric intake looks good, your carb level looks good, so I'd give the high-fat thing a shot. Good luck!

JJCJ: My daughter is only 9, without an ATM card, and has not learned how to successfully manipulate family members as of yet. Please be there to support me when the time comes! :dizzy:

Brenda: STEP AWAY FROM THE COOKIES!!! Unload the boxes, but don't open any of them!

03-01-2004, 09:04 PM

Let this be a month of low carb munching and high energy moving..... :strong: :cb: :dance:

A depressing weekend as I munched thru some popcorn and overindulged in the red wine (which of course loosened my lc inhibitions enuf to get into some chocolate chip cookie dough). The damage is done but I'm over it now!

Went out sat nite to dinner and movie.....ate a a fancy japanese place - I had a 2 for 1 coupon thankfully as food was pretty expensive and not of large quantity....I got the seared halibut and one tempura was about $25 and the halibut measured not more than 3 inches by 1 inch...on a bed of some greens and 3 stalks of asparagus??? What's up with that? I was still starving when I left the restaurant!!

Still trying to hunt out location for March break holiday (we prefer Mexico...anyone have any hotel recommendations?)...when is Spring Break in the U.S? or does it vary? I know all the hotels will be crowded so wonder if staying in Cancun is a good idea? Don't want to mix with the rowdy party bunch...esp as we are bringing our two youngest with us?

Hoping that the idea of getting into a bathing suit in the next couple of weeks helps me stick to my lc eating! :lol: :lol:

No Girl guide cookies here yet - but someone is selling all these humongous chocolate bars as a school fundraiser and every time I go into the kitchen at work - there they are! Worst of all was a meeting this am where my boss baked two!!!! bundt cakes (one chocolate cherry and one marble) I was able to resist this (along with the donuts)...but when we returned to our office she left them out for other to try in a central location.....which is right across from my desk...I actually moved the cake a bit of of eyesight, but mostly away from my nose as the CHOCOLATE CAKE AROMA was driving me crazy (yes it was right before lunch as well).

I'm okay so far and enjoying my sf vanilla syrup/decaf coffee as I type! Staying upstairs to keep away from kitchen.

Will try and check in tomorrow from work!


03-01-2004, 10:04 PM
Ok. Popped in to check up on how things are doing. I can't stay on here long--not because I'm ashamed (Yeah for me--I didn't have a SINGLE cookie!!) it's because my leg hurts like :censored: I could just cry it hurts so bad. I know better than to be on it so long! But those blasted cookies HAD to be unloaded and then of course I had to stay for the moms to pick them up from the one troop. I'm calling the one mom I'm supposed to deliver these to from my other DD's troop and telling HER to pick them up vs me delivering them. There's no way I can!! Ok. I'm done whining and it's off to the couch to put my foot up and put ice on it. Hope you all had a great day!!

03-01-2004, 11:24 PM
good evening ladies

One thing I did resist during my badness the past weekend was girl scout cookies....and ummmmm my favorites the ones with the coconut and chocolate! URGh they are soooo good it is just not fair!

Lady A take a rest girl, lady vs. 1 million cookie boxes, not good! Sorry your leg hurts.

Fouf glad to see you back lady!! I missed you!

Sped! I love that keep em' guessing!!! That kid was probably like "what the heck? That wasn't the reaction I wanted!"

LEENIE you bad girl you!! But that was DANG funny!!!! Where is Star she would love that!

Jane GREAT JOB on the exercise!! 2 miles wow!I envy you right now I miss the gym so much!

Shimma be careful you know what they say...."absence makes the heart grow fonder!" How could you get more fonder...and he sounds like a peach!

Trazzie sorry about the sick baby...I hate it when mine are sick, but yeah some good mommying up will fix em' up in no time!

Bizzy great to see you back and I know how you feel I just came off a 4 week stall myself!

JJ hang in there girl those teenagers,,,,whew!! Run for your money....if she leaves you with any!! :)

Well ladies i am off to go out the babies in bed and then go read and get some rest! Thank dog we have a new promo at work so selling is easy this week! The digitalk cable is selling like hotcakes (good for my pocketbook!) !! Talk to you later :)