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02-28-2004, 10:37 AM
Morning All, Rise and Shine! The sun is out and the day is looking beautiful. Lets just hope it stays that way ;)
I have made the decision to slightly move on in this WOE. I am going to stay under my 20grams a day but I am going to start adding diffrent foods. I'll be kind of in-between induction and OWL. Yesterday my shipment of LaTortilla's came in so for dinner I used one as a thin crust for a pizza. I used just a tablespoon of sauce (good thing is I never really liked alot of sauce, just a tad for flavor), topped it off with shredded marblejack cheese and pepperoni's, baked it a bit and it turned out soooo YUMMY! It was ab enjoyable spent 7grams :)
Don't have many plans this weekend. Clean the house, clean some more and maybe I'll get a phone call to go bowling. I haven't done that in years so it should be interesting :lol:
Well everyone have a fantastic day and enjoy your weekends! I'll check in laters.

02-28-2004, 10:43 AM
Trazzie and i have like minds...we both started weekend chat at the same time!! LOL
well I am feeling poopy today. I have been sick since Weds + on TOM and not been to the gym, so I feel fat and bloated! YUCK....I have been doing fairly well accept for my cheat the other night, but I feel like last night i was cheaty even though I didn't....The TOM mind at work! Well ladies gonna take it easy this weekend even though I WISH I was at the gym! But I think I better get rid of this cold and get my voice back before I do all that.

Have a great weekend!

02-28-2004, 10:57 AM
Trazzie: Want to come clean my house too? I don't mind cleaning others houses but I hate cleaning my own. How weird is that? I wish I could hire someone to clean it. I now have a sign on my door that says "My house was clean last week...Sorry you missed it"-- that way I can quit apologising for the mess :lol:

Theosgirl: Yes, definitely take care of yourself first. It won't do you any good to run yourself down even further than it sounds like you are. I can sympathise (sp?) with you on the bloated feeling during TOM. I swear my belly was fat. OMG!! It was so funny--I had cramps so I was using one of those heating pad thingies that you attach to your undies (it's like a handwarmer that sticks)...and I actually thought to myself "ya know, if my belly was as big as it used to be my pants would be tighter and then this thing would be pressed better so I could feel more heat". :dizzy: What a thing to think about! lol

Well, I had a GREAT nights sleep (didn't get to "try it out" due to TOM) on our new bed. Of course,,,,I had to figure out how to share it w/DH. We went from a king sized waterbed mattress insert (which is actually bigger than a king size I believe) to a queen size. :o Did I mention I'm a bed hog? rofl. Poor hubby got the corner again. Told him he's gonna end up falling out at that rate so he wants to push it up against the wall. :lol: I'll learn I guess. I've gotta take the youngest DD to get her hair cut and then to pony club. So you all have a great day :)

02-28-2004, 11:05 AM
Trazzie: Good decision!!!! I think the downfall of this (and any other WOE) is boredom with eating the same foods over and over and over again. When I decided to aim for 20-25 gms a day instead of 10-15 (temporary insanity), the weight came off almost as quickly and I soon discovered how many wonderful foods there were out there that worked well with this WOE. Check out those recipes on the other thread....

Theo's Girl: Hope you feel much very better soon. I know they told me at the gym to never exercise when you're sick, so you're definitely doing that right "thang!"

Well, ladies, I helped someone moved yesterday and my muscles are screaming at me right now. This poor lady.....happily married with a 12 year old daughter, fostering-to-adopt two beautiful baby boys, and then idiot husband comes home and tells her that he's having an affair - has been for years - and doesn't want to be married any more. Then, last weekend her father died (kind of suddenly, but after years of living witha chronic heart condition), and the people buying her house want her out a day earlier than originally planned. There were about 15 of us who showed up and worked from 8a.m. to 8p.m., trying to move the contents of a 3,000 sq ft house into a 1,600 square foot house. Can anyone say "garage sale?"

So why did I just explain all of this? Well, one is lucky if one has an epiphany every now and again and mine was yesterday. I came home to a messy house, daughter with friends over for the night (girls giggling is such a wonderful sound), and a hubby who was in the den trying to get work done. I stood there and instead of seeing the mess, hearing the noise, and getting upset about hubby working, I realized just how lucky I am. I may never be able to afford to decorate this house the way I want, or move into my dream house, or be able to keep any house clean enough to pass my standards, but I was surrounded by the sound of people living together. And those people are happy. I had just spent a day with someone whose life had fallen apart before her eyes and I was hit with the understanding that I needed to grab this moment and relish it.

Lord, I do wax sentimental sometimes, don't I? I guess I just wanted to send out a message to all telling you to look at what you've got and be happy that it's yours. That's my mushy, mushy contribution for today!!!

02-28-2004, 11:07 AM
Brenda: You snuck in, girl! Congrats on the new bed, and here's hoping that dh gets to enjoy his little corner!

Tummy Girl
02-28-2004, 11:43 AM
Good Morning.
Trazzie good decision on the food choices, bet you're going to be a lot more interested in dinner from now on, it sure makes a big difference. Enjoy.

TG, feel better soon. I does suck though when you actually have the motivation and determination to exercise and then wham! sick as a dog but if you're about 4 days in it should be over soon.

Brenda, speaking as a blanket hog I hope your dh enjoys his corner of the world there, we just turn the furnace up so my fiance doesn't freeze when I steal all the covers. Enjoy the pony club with the little one.

Sped, I had virtually the same epiphany last weekend, a friend of mine moved out of her home due to a horribly abusive husband and she enlisted a whole bunch of us to help her so she could do it while he was at work. My df helped out as well and on a little break we were sitting out back on the deck and just looked at each other for a long time. I was quite amazed how in that one moment I realized how much I take him for granted, he's a police officier, works a lot of nights and depending on the day rotation we don't see each other for 4 days straight b/c I work days. We always ***** about it to each other, this scheduling stuff happens about once a month. But in the big picture of things, I have not one thing to complain about. Very similar to the lady you helped, it very much brought me back to the present moment and reminded me how lucky some of are. Sometimes sentimental is necessary don't you think :lol: ?

Well today is measurement and picture day, heck this kind of picture day is far more fun than in high school (I'm not worrying about zits :dizzy:) I think I'm down 11lbs this month and I know the inches have changed so I always get excited. Check out the website later if you want to see the update!

Now it's time for some icy cold rub for these stiff mucsles and a lot of stretching, working out does require some maintenance :lol: Fortunately it's a tae bo day off so these muscles can rebuild a bit before I get at it again in a couple days.


Kim in NJ
02-29-2004, 02:07 AM
Tummy - Your pics are just great!!! You look amazing and must be so proud!

Well ladies I too had an eye opener this week. On Tuesday the son of close friends in church was killed in a head on accident in VT. It was HORRIBLE! I think even more upsetting to me is the fact that his Ford Escort was totaled - just sheared apart...while the other driver was in a Passat wagon and just the hood was crumpled. The framework of these 2 vehicles hitting each other at the same speed has really haunted me all week. He was only 46 with a wife and 3 kids. He was a minister of a church and did not have the income that many of us do to buy a Passat. It's just tough to work through this for me.

But it's forced me to realize that since our children are so young...we need better life insurance. So we've been in the process all week of meeting with reps and evaluating options. No matter what - we need to prepare financially so that the spouse left can grieve without worry about financial matters. I am so glad that our church tomorrow is taking up a special collection for that family....that will be so helpful I'm sure.

So as you can see I've been very pre-occupied. BUT on a good note I haven't felt like eating at all.... but STILL 218 - maybe I'll be 218 for a whole year??? I just got the 6 min ab and so far so good. We'll see when I do my measurements around 3/15.

Ok - Goodnight all.

02-29-2004, 08:09 PM
Kim thats just horrible. Sometimes it takes something so tragic for us to open our eyes, when the realization stikes that "it could be you". My sympathy goes out to his family.

Tummy - You look fantastic! Keep up the great work, it's paying off!

Sped - Its hard times your friend is going through right now, I myself have been through it. And it does really make you appreciate what you have. Sometimes we let the trival things block our vision of whats really important, but even with my contantly messy house and the kids bickering back and forth.. I wouldnt trade them for anything. Hope your body aches are calming down from all that moving, but just think of all those calories ya burned off ;)

Brenda - Darn TOM ruins all your fun! Your DH isnt the only one sleeping on the corner, I'm quite the bed hog myself. If he doesnt get in there before me he's lost any chances of a fair fight :lol:

As for me I had the most delightful day. The two youngest DD's wanted to go for a bike ride so I grabbed my gear and we were off. We rode all over town, stopped and had lunch, then rode and went and saw a movie (Confessions of a teenage drama queen) it wasnt much my style but the girls enjoyed it. Then we managed to get home eventually with all the "my butts sore" "my legs hurt" "im hungry" complaining. But we made it! Gone for a total of 6 hours, I really feel refreshed, However now it's dinner time and I dont want to move from my soft squishy seat here :lol: but I suppose I better before my family "dies of hungar" geesh. Have a good one all!

02-29-2004, 08:11 PM
Oh almost forgot the most exciting part.. I did all that in a size 20!!! YAHOO, pulled em out of the closet and slipped em right on. Sizes 22 and 24 are packed up and heading to Goodwill, I won't need em anymore :dance:

Kim in NJ
02-29-2004, 09:41 PM
Trazzie - What a great day!!! And a size 20 = WOW!!!!
Keep up the great job.