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03-30-2001, 05:54 PM
HI ALL. This is where we are posting results from our short term Easter challenge. Only 2 more weeks until the bunny arrives - hopefully not bringing too much candy along with him - and hopefully finding us all a little lighter on our feet.;)

Tech - my only advice is to plan it out in your head before the party. And you have been doing so darn well, only .6 to go. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I had weigh in last night and gained 1/2 pound. I'm ok with that, I deserved it and am lucky it wasn't worse. On to a fresh week!

So - a good thing I did today- on the way home from our workout my walking buddies were planning to stop and get Krispy Kremes. I was planning to also. A charitable group was selling them in a parking lot (there's no store in town) so we were going to split a dozen between the 3 of us. I was not planning to eat any I decided this morning when I got up but I told my dh I would get him some and he said if I didn't want any he didn't want any. So I told the girls I didn't want any. I turned down Krispy Kremes!!! Hooray!!! They decided not to get any either.

My challenge for myself this week is to (again) not bring anything bad into the house and also to stay out of the Easter candy. Probably not good that I bought that already and must forget it exists.:spin:

Here's the damage:
Starting - 170
Present - 170.5
Easter goal - 166

** 4.5 pounds to go, 2 weeks.
Still doable.


03-31-2001, 02:08 PM
Rabbit, you've inspired me to take a chance a post an Easter goal. My husband said he'll do it with me so that we can both lose 15 pounds over the next few months. I think I can lose 4 pounds by Easter if I start following the program faithfully. I'll let you know how it goes.

Way to go on resisting the Krispy Kremes. I've never had them, but Denver just got its first franchise store this week and it's only ONE mile away from my house! It's crazy, the amount of attention this store has received. The drive-thru line is over 1/2 mile long, and there are policemen there to do traffic duty. I can't imagine that any donut would be worth all this, and frankly, I'm scared to find out if they are that good or not. So I'm staying far away from the front doors. :)

Talk to you all soon.

03-31-2001, 06:46 PM
Sonya - Glad you are inspired to do an Easter goal!!:) And cool about dh. The funny thing is my dh and I had practically the same conversation this morning! He said he'd like to lose around 20 and I said me too and that I thought it would really help to re-energize me if he was doing it with me. It's got to be helpful to have someone in your own house to work on this with, you know?? So good luck to us all!!

Good for you for avoiding the Krispy Kreme scene! They're worth like 5 points. Only worth it if you gotta have it. And we don't.:D

I had popcorn at the movies today - but no butter!

Have a good one! Rabbit

04-01-2001, 04:05 PM
Just stopped by to say hi, nothing to report as weigh is not due (yet). Hope everyone is doing well and welcome Sonya. :D

04-01-2001, 05:22 PM
BFB - Good luck at your weigh in.:)

What a beautiful Sunday we are having here!! DH and I went to the rec ctr and swam a little today. It's so nice out - I sat outside and read for awhile too. Oh, lovely lazy Sunday afternoons!:D

Have a super week! Rabbit

04-03-2001, 12:39 PM
Hi all hope you are all doing well. Just a quick post, as I am extremely stressed and I need to calm down - more about that later :mad:

The stats

Starting - 189.5
Current - 188
Easter - 185.5

2.5lbs to go to Easter (it just might happen) :D

04-03-2001, 01:46 PM
Buying the Easter candy early was not a good idea.

BFB - Sorry you are so stressed now!! 2.5 pounds to go - YOU CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Have a super day - Rabbit

04-03-2001, 11:56 PM
Hi everyone! Well, last week I ended up eating out 3 times! So I chickened out of going to my Saturday meeting. I was really strict over the weekend and went to the monday meeting. And ended up being down 2lbs. . But I kinda cheated. I took my shoes off which I usually don't do. So I don't really know if I had a real loss or not. I was just worried about having a gain. But going to the meeting really helped my motivation and I'm doing alot better this week.
I hope everyone is having a good week! Take care and stay strong! Julie

04-04-2001, 05:09 PM
Hello gang...

Hope everyone is hanging in there.

Rabbit, don't sweat the 1/2 lb. gain...it'll be gone in no time. Step away from the Easter candy!!! ;) (And when you figure out how to do that, let me know, too, 'cause I'm having trouble with that!)

Sonya - good luck on your goal and yay to you for recomitting!

BFB, sorry to hear you've been under stress. Hang in there. I can certainly relate.

I weighed in today and I was really not expecting much of a loss as my week has been very challenging. I had tried to make good choices, but ate most meals on the run, almost none at home and didn't have any food in the house to eat in if I wanted to. Plus, I haven't exercised in weeks. Well, I convinced myself to go face the music and I am SO HAPPY I did. I lost FIVE pounds! :D Talk about surprised! Woo Hoo!

I am hoping that I can get to the grocery store, plan some meals and do really well this week to keep moving downward. This was a real motivator. Boy, did I need that! :)

I really need to exercise, but I can't get to the gym and the weather is so nasty and yucky, I can't walk outside...where is spring???!!!

Well, gotta get back to it. Take care all.

Jhawk :cool:

04-04-2001, 07:24 PM
I am just not eating right. It's the chocolate. I've got to think about this and figure out why I'm doing it.:( Sorry if I'm sounding like a broken record - whining and moaning all of the time.

Freesha - Hooray for the 2 pounds lost!

jhawk - WooHoo on the 5 pound loss!!! Incredible. The cadbury eggs are gone now, so I don't have to worry about eating anymore. That's the best way to stay away from them for me - not to have them.

My Easter goal is slipping away. Where is my dedication I had when I lost 60 pounds??


04-05-2001, 03:03 AM
just a quick stop bye to say hi to everyone :wave:

Freesha - congrats on the 2lb loss, you must be really pleased. If the shoes off show a loss and you still are motivated, I think that's what really counts.

Jhawk - 5lbs, 5 blinking lbs, what did you do, share the secret and the success - PLEASE. Way to go is all I can say. You need to send my some good weightloss vibes over cyber space - I need all the help I can get :lol:

Rabbit - your Easter goal is not slipping away, it may be temporarily hiding beghind the clouds! All I can say is keep going, even when you don't feel like it. Life can sometimes be a struggle (and I really know about that right now) but your goal is well within your reach. And if it takes slightly longer to reach your goal - so what, big deal! What is important is that you stick with it until the motivation comes back. Chin up and keep smiling. Don't worry about the moaning and whining, that's what we are all here for and if it helps keep right on moaning and whining. What has been done is in the past, so leave it in the past and forget about it and move on - to paraphrase something I keep reading on these boards. Take care.

Sonay - hope all is well with you.

Tech - haven't seen you in a while, hope you're okay

04-05-2001, 12:43 PM
Hi all.:wave:

BFB - Thanks SO much for all of the encouraging words!! You are so right - so what if it takes me a little longer than I wanted. I can deal with that. And I know where I would be if I wasn't doing this at all - someplace I don't want to be.

After writing last night about whining and moaning, I thought: well, stop that and do something about it! So I did. When dh got home he was going to walk on the treadmill, and I suggested we walk outside instead. So I got an extra 3 miles in yesterday (I had already walked 2 first thing in the morning and did weight machines). I was so proud of myself. I also ate better yesterday and had points left. I think the one good step of taking an extra walk led me to the next step of eating smart last night. I was sensible!! Hooray.


04-05-2001, 05:38 PM
Happy Friday Eve Everyone!

Well I went to WI on Tuesday and as expected it did not go well. I gained 1.8 :( I have to say I deserved it since I couldn't keep my hands out of the chips or keep drinking the water. I am hoping it's mostly water weight (high salt / low water intake) and if I pay attention this week I'll loose it again. Yesterday I stayed w/in my point range, and today looks good to, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed :dz:.

Rabbit - Congratulations on taking that extra walk! Sometimes it's the little things that get us kick started :D.

BFB - How's it going? 2.5 lbs in two weeks good luck!

Jhawk - 5 lbs :eek: You're obviously doing something right keep up the good work.

Freesha - 2 lbs :D Congratulations. Any tricks to keep motivated are acceptable, just remember to take them off next time.

Sonya - How are you doing? It's always easier when the significant other is traveling the same road.

Well have a great weekend everyone if I don't stop back tomorrow.

- Tech :spin:
249.2 / 236.6 / 237.8 / 170ish (2.7 to go in 1 week :( )

04-06-2001, 01:57 PM
So that's where my next goal will be starting! This Monday, the 9th, will be my official get-back-on-track day. I am going to weigh in (at home) and start my graph again, keeping track of my losses...and yes, occasional gains...and logging what I'm eating. I have been taking inventory of the freezer, and checking out recipes. Even if it's grilled chicken 14 different ways a week, that's what I'll be doing!! And I will be exercising everyday, even if it's just that walk after dinner!! I am determined to lose that 19.7 that I lost and gained back last year....plus the other 55 or so pounds I need to lose after that!! Getting myself really worked up and excited about this, like it's something special!! :)

Have a great day chicks! :D

Lauren :smoking:

04-06-2001, 09:12 PM
Hi all.:wave: Well, I was very fortunate at weigh in last night and I lost .5 pounds. I was afraid I would gain, I think the extra exercise is what did it. It put me back where I started my Easter goal, but hey, that's better than gaining more. And I'm back with the program.

Tech - sorry about your gain. I'm sure you'll take it off again right away.

Lauren - cool idea about the memorial day goal. I'm with you. And cool that you are so excited about getting back in step - your excitement is contagious!!

Have a great weekend all.:)

Starting - 170
Present - 170
Easter goal - 166

* 1 week, 4 pounds to go


04-07-2001, 05:52 AM
Rabbit - congrats on your loss - every loss is a step in the right direction :spin:

LBH - welcome, I don't think we have met :D

Hope everyone has a great weekend. :wave:

Is the official cut off day Good Friday, Easter Sunday or Easter Monday? Just checking - the longer I have the more achievable it may be!

04-09-2001, 04:55 PM
BFB - your cutoff day can be whenever you want! When is your weigh in day?


04-09-2001, 05:28 PM
tomorrow :(

does July 4th count as a suitable cut off date? :D

04-10-2001, 05:44 PM
BFB - cute!:D

My last weigh in is on Thursday and I've done pretty well this week, I think. Except for Sunday at the family reunion. So we'll see how it goes.


Almost forgot - 230/170/166/158

04-11-2001, 02:02 AM
Okay, so I lost 1.5lbs this week :D, but I have missed by Easter Goal by 1lb :eek:

Haven't posted by stats as maths was never my strong point, and looking back on my original post at the beginning of the challenge I think I may have goofed somewhere along the line. So maybe I did meet my goal, but hey, wipe the slate clean and onto the next challenge and I will document my stats on every post to save my confusion!

Do you think that if I had not eaten that half a tub of Haagen Dazs I may have met my goal? :lol: My life is still very stressful, but at least I seem to have some control over how my weight loss is progressing, except for the one slip up with the Haagen Dazs (but it was worth it at the time).

Hope everyone is doing well - speak to you all later

04-11-2001, 12:38 PM
Hello Everyone!

Well I went to WI on yesterday and I am so excited I lost 2.8 :eek:. So even with the 1.8 gain last week that gives me a net for the two weeks of -1 lb. So I made it to my weight goal for Easter, but I'm still not close to getting in those fruits and veggies :o. I need to work on that more.

Rabbit - Congrats on your loss, and getting back on track, sometimes we need those slides to help us renew our excitement.

BFB - Congratulations on the 1.5 lbs :). If the math confuses you just post in kg, I don't think any of us care.

Jhawk - How's it going? Things still pretty stressful around your place? Hope you're hanging in there.

LBH - You're definitely ready to get back on track aren't you. I'll see you on the Memorial Day Goal :).

Well have a great weekend everyone if I don't stop back tomorrow (we have a 4 day weekend :D sometimes it pays to be in the automotive industry).

- Tech :spin:
249.2 / 235.6 / 236 / 170ish (Yea! I made it with .4 to spare :D)

04-11-2001, 05:51 PM
hi all. I've been checking my weight daily (ofcourse) and I'm not happy. I have been really good this week, except Sunday and this AM I was up 4 pounds. I'm not sure how that can be. I've really stepped up my weight program and I always gain immediately when I do that, but maybe 2 pounds - not 4. Hopefully this will be gone tomorrow at weigh in!! Otherwise I know I can't let it stress me out, because I have done well. My night time eating has even been great! I know sometimes it takes the scale time to catch up - I always tell other people that - but it is frustrating!!

I'm thinking maybe I need to stay away from the scales. Hmm.

BFB - Good for you!!! 1.5 lost is great! And I agree with Tech, just do kg if you want.:):D

Tech - you are :smoking: ! hooray for you for losing 2.8 more pounds and for meeting and beating your Easter goal!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!

Will let you know about weigh in. Oh, hopefully anyway. I'm leaving town Friday - will be back Tuesday sometime. Just in case - HAPPY EASTER !!!

Hop, Hop, Hop


04-11-2001, 11:29 PM
Hi everyone! Just popping in really quick to post my the results of my weigh in. This week I'm down 2.9. So I think I've met my Easter goal. Looking forward to setting a new goal for Memorial day.
So far so good as far as staying out of the Easter candy. But I tell ya each day it's getting harder! I'm glad my next meeting is the day before Easter cause I'm really gonna need the motivation to not over do it and get back on program on Monday! Best of luck to everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Take care and stay strong! Julie

04-12-2001, 12:03 PM
just a quick stop by to wish everyone a Happy Easter with as little choc eggs/candy that you can get away with :D

OK, what/when is Memorial Day?

Tech and Freesha congrats on getting your Easter Goal.

Rabbit - good luck with the WI

04-12-2001, 01:13 PM
Hi BFB- Memorial Day is Monday, May 28th, 6 weeks and 1 day after Easter! That gives us all plenty of time to work on a goal! :D

Happy Easter to you!!

04-12-2001, 01:47 PM
You know, I think maybe part of my problem at the moment is water weight - I'm bloated and it's about that time. So I took a pms pill and I think that is helping. Will see at weigh in!

Freesha - congrats on the 2.9 pounds lost and on meeting your Easter goal!!! Hooray for you!

LBH - I'm looking forward to the Memorial day goal.:)

Glad to see so many of you have done so well with the Easter goals!!

Have a joyous Easter.


04-16-2001, 10:27 AM
Hello All. Hope everyone had a great Easter. I ended up with a 1.5 gain last week, and I've quite frankly forgotten where I started the Easter goal thread at, but I think I missed my goal by 1/2 lbs. In any event, onward and downward to Memorial Day.

I'll start that thread now. See ya there...