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02-24-2004, 08:47 AM
Morning Everyone,
This is just a quick fly by message on my way out the door for work.
Everyone have a great day. :wave:

02-24-2004, 09:26 AM
Trazzie :wave:

Well today at work I'm bossless. Both bosses have a CE class today and they'll be gone ALL day. Of course that means I've got to work longer. And I'm not sure if I'll get done before oldest is done w/school. I need to come home, make supper and study for hunter's safety tonight. I feel like such a dunce because none of this is sticking in my head!! I don't remember ANY of the stuff I've read. How lame is that? I'll be the first one to flunk this class in eons. UGH!!!
I had a little run-in w/some chocolate whipped topping last night. :o I discovered if I whip up the topping and add the carb/sugar/fat free chocolate syrup it tastes MUCHHHH better. I really didn't need THAT information! ;) But other than that I've been OP. So guess my induction days (only lasted what....4 days?) are starting over again. Just hopefully the whipped topping doesn't make me gain.

You all have a great day :)

02-24-2004, 09:55 AM
Good morning. Better spirits this morning than yesterday. Still didn't sleep very well but better than the night before.

Came home from work yesterday and saw an invitation to my dh grandson's first birthday party in NY City. You know what this means.....yes I have to spend the day with his ex-wife, dil, son, daughter and her husband. Now mind you I am still paying for the incident over my dh son. He hasn't called his father since it happened. And I told you about his ex having it out with me in the middle of a restaurant. So, I am so looking forward to going. NOT!
But I will be the bigger person and go. I will not be made to feel this way. If anyone starts on me though I will very nicely tell them to screw.

So, I now have a mission. I am going to be down another 5 pounds by March 20th. I want to walk in that house and look spectacular! Simple as that. Of course the girls are all extremely skinny so I could never look thinner than them but as long as I look good that is what I care about.

I wish I could have an excuse not to go...but that would just make things worse for my husband.

I weighed myself this morning and the damage from the weekend wasn't as bad as I thought. So if I am the best possible this week I will be well on my way to my 5 pound goal.

Need to start work. Will respond to everyone later. Have a great day.

02-24-2004, 10:26 AM
Good morning all.
Back to work.... back to work. I'm surprised there isn't **** to pay today. I took yesterday off last week and it took forever for them to get me the request form back saying that they had approved the day..... Well... I forgot to call the SUBCALLER!!! Luckily she's here enough anyway that she must have seen that I needed a sub. Whew. I expected to get yelled at this morning... but nothing. Thank GOD!! I thought I was dead meat. Thought about it yesterday morning when I woke up at 7:45 and school starts at 7:50.... decided it was just better to lay low.
My last day of class is today, we have this huge exam I'm not even studying for since it's all about applied knowledge. I decided not to stress and just go with what I know. After today we start clinicals and I'm so very nervous. The other class started yesterday and apparently when one girl was giving this old man his shower, he decided to take this enormous dump. Ugh. What a first day.
Yesterday was the largest waste of my time, EVER. Woke up in the morning, went to get blood drawn for those tests. Went to the college and spent 3.5 hours in the Learning Center making up the hours that I missed the day of the deposition. Now, I'm done with the workbook, we're almost done with the class..... I had NOTHING to work on for that darned class! I just sat there for 3.5 hours!!!!! It's amazing how a good idea can turn bad. You HAVE to work on that class, they come around and check that you're ONLY working on that class (I tried to write some curriculum for one of my classes and got YELLED at for not working on the class I was there for) Ugh. So then after that experience my class met EARLY at the hospital for orientation. My instructor had given me the wrong directions so I got lost, still managed to get there on time. Guess what we did there... OUR INTRUCTOR TALKED TO US! We didn't even get a tour. Great, so we just met an HOUR early and we had to stay LATE last night because the time we went over into our class time didn't count and all we did was sit in a room of the hospital and listen to our intructor talk. I soooo didn't understand it at all. Then for class...... she gave us an hour and a half to work on our workbooks!!! I've been done with that stupid workbook for WEEEKS! Ugh. (Ok, obviously some anger issues with this but come ON)

Ok, that's all. Ima put on a happy face now!

02-24-2004, 10:57 AM
Hi, Trazzie!

Brenda: I'm sure you'll be fine with the whipped topping. Just don't eat it every night! :)

Jane: Good for you! You're being the bigger person, but really you'll be a smaller person by the time of the party! Great attitude!

Shimma: So, you're a full-time teacher and a student? What are you going to school for? Something medical, I assume?

Well, I'm so happy! I finally lost some weight!! 2.5 pounds to be exact!! I needed that. I was looking back over my weight chart and saw that I've lost 10 pounds in February. The sad thing is, though, that was all weight I had gained back. But, I was still impressed with 10 pounds. I've just got to keep it up with the virgin fat.

Wow! There are low-carb products everywhere! I'm proud of myself for really not buying too many of the packaged products. I tried the Atkins pancake mix and the LC yogurt, but that's been about it so far. I always look and get excited about all the products, but I really haven't gotten a ton of it yet. I think that's the best way to go. Just because it says it's low carb on the package, it doesn't mean it's good for you. And, that stuff is expensive! So, I'll just stick to fresh foods, I think.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Take care,

02-24-2004, 12:19 PM
Hey all! Just dropping in real quick. This is manic week at work! The new gal isn't catching on very fast, so I'm gonna be doing lots of overtime to help get things caught up. I love overtime!!! :D

Anyone doing anything for Mardi Gras tonight? DH and I got invited to a club downtown but we're declining. Much as I love debauchery, Mardi Gras debauchery isn't my style (no flashing for this Princess!). Instead, we're going to the bar around the corner for a few drinks with some friends and walking home. Too many people drinking out on those roads tonight!

I'm feeling like a beach ball today. I'm eating fine and drinking lots of water. I think it's because I haven't done my pilates in over a week so my muscles are getting all lazy. I'm getting lots of exercise dancing, walking, power cleaning, and my favorite way :s: , but I really think I need the pilates.

Jina - I'm so happy for you! Will you send a little of your pound melting karma my way?

Have a great day everyone!

02-24-2004, 01:44 PM
Hi everyone!! I'm still around and miss you all but I had to come to a decision that I was just to pre-occupied and chained to this computer!! I wasn't getting anything done. I would come on site many times through out the day to read all the posts in all the Atkins threads and came to the realization, that I needed to be more active in my day. I'm still planning to post regularly but I was just being too obsessed. I hope that this makes sense..... Atkins is still going good for me, and have just recently lost 5 lbs that were creeping back up on me. I'm so glad to see that everyone is still more or less committed to a better way of eating. Slip ups happen but we just have to get back to plan and make the best of it. Have a great day!!

02-24-2004, 01:45 PM
Wellll, I forgot to tell you gals the super-cool thing that happened to me Saturday night. My BF and I were going out to dinner with 2 of his really good friends that I had only met once, and then just briefly. I had class all day, my BF picked me up from class and took me to his parent's house (he's a college student so that's where all his stuff is) so I could approve of his interview outfit. Then his parents came hom and we talked to them for a while and before I knew it, I had 35 minutes to get ready and no time to wash a load of clothes as I had intended. I went running from the shower into my bedroom (without my glasses) pulled a clean pair of jeans out of my dresser (which surprised me cause I didn't think I had any) and put them on. I was halfway through blowdrying my hair when I realized what jeans I had on.... The ones I had worn 2.5 years ago. The ones that used to be my ULTIMATE favorites and then had gotten too tight. They fit me perfectly again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
I almost passed out. :)

Tummy Girl
02-24-2004, 01:52 PM
Quick hi to everyone today, crazy busy, BBL :wave:


02-24-2004, 03:20 PM
Hi All! I hope everyone is having a good day! I am for the most part. I weighed myself today-GOOD NEWS!!! Down 3 more pounds! I have lost 12 pounds since January 6, 2004. Wow, just as I thought this wasn't working for me, I get a surprise! I'm really happy about that.

I'm a little ticked off right now though... My mom went to lunch with me and after we went to lunch she went over to Starbucks and got ua coffees... SHe got me a sugar-free vanilla decaf caffe latte. At first I was like, "YUM!" but as soon as I got back to work and started entering in my food into fitday, I realized that I didn't know what the carb count was in this latte, so I proceed to look it up on the I forgot it was made with MILK! DANGGIT!!!! I have only had a couple sips because it's so hot, but &*^%$#!!!!! I was looking forward to this! I found out that it has 21 grams of carbs..... I guess I'll offer it to someone here at work.

Oh well, life goes on after the latte, right?

02-24-2004, 03:29 PM
Congrats on the weight loss Atkins Chick!

02-24-2004, 04:03 PM
AtkinsChick: :cp: Congrats. You are doing great! Sorry about the latte. I know how that feels when you get something that is "supposed" to be ok and then you find out it isn't.

Tummy Girl: Quick :wave: back

Shimma: :cp: to you too! Wow, how I wish I could fit into an old pair of "smaller" jeans. I threw all but one pair out. Figure when it happens I am buying new ones!

angel-eyes: Hello. I understand completely. I am waiting for the day that they find out how many times I go on this web site :lol: Oh well, I just try to get on and off as quick as I can. Glad to hear from you.

StarPrincess: You are hardly a beach ball :D Have fun celebrating Mardi Gras tonight. I guess I have already been celebrating Mardi Gras with all the "celebrating" I have been doing lately. I really want to get a grip on that. Can't afford to let it get out of hand. But I love my wine so darn much.

jdoggmartin: Congrats to you too on the loss :cp: I too don't buy too many low carb foods. I have been trying to stay with the "normal" stuff if I can. I haven't even been doing my low carb tortilla's like I used to. I can't believe sometimes how I have really gotten used to this woe.

lady_adnerb: Good luck on your test tonight. I'm sure you remember more than you think. I haven't tried the whip cream treat since I started this woe...I am too afraid I wouldn't be able to stop. Funny thing is that I do buy the Atkins chocolate ice cream once in a while and I only have a spoonful or so. Don't need much.

Well, I went shopping at lunch to Pier 1...not sure if you guys have them where you buy some throw pillow for our bed. I think I told you that I FINALLY found a spread that we both like. I made a gorgeous skirt for it and it really looks rich. The spread is a dark, what I call army green, dupioni silk that is quilted. I wanted to put 4 pillows in front of the shams in really bold colors so I picked up....get this.....a burgundy, purple and the same green. I wanted a gold but they didn't have one so that one I will have to make. I hope it looks good when I get home. I think it will.


02-24-2004, 04:16 PM
Just a quit flyby. I've noticed I'm checking in here a lot also. But with me it's because I feel I need the support. Plus you all are so great it's fun "talking" to you. If I'm ever NOT in here then something has either happened to me or my computer. Perish THAT thought. :lol:

Have a great day all and I'll be back in the morning :)

02-24-2004, 05:59 PM
Hi all!

I have decided I'm officially in living ****. I'm sitting here pullilng ISS duty (In School Suspension), and have decided to tune out the student who has been yelling obscenities at me for the past 15 minutes.

Brenda: Wasn't it that whipped topping that got you into trouble before? :lol:

Jane: I could live in Pier I!!!!! Now I know you have good taste....

Shim: Our Subfinder system went beserk one day and three (yes, 3!!!) subs showed up for me. The only problem is, I had never called in! :p Way to go on those jeans!

Tummy: :wave: right back atcha!

Angel: I know what you mean. There's a fine line between interest and obsession. Personally, I teeter-totter between the two!

AtkinsChick: Sorry about that latte! Don't beat yourself over the head with it. I'm sure everyone here as accidentally ingested some unplanned carbs! :fr:

Star: I'm having a huge Mardi Gras party at my place tonight. It's an annual custom that I question each post-celebration morning. Why don't you grab a quick flight and meet me in Tucson! Actually, I've been to New Orleans for Mardi Gras a number of times and it's no longer my cup of tea. As my sister is fond of saying, "What fun is flashing your b's when they're hanging to your knees?"

JDogg: Great job on the loss! You know, I'm kind of sick of all of those low-carb items myself, because they only leave me wanting more. I'm better to just do without!


02-24-2004, 08:20 PM
Yes that's right it's 7:15pm. I am actually in the middle of loading a virus software on our computer at home while my husband is at a Legion meeting and I am waiting for the NStar heating guy to show up to fix the 7:15PM!!!!!!

Just checkin in.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my pillows from Pier 1 with the bedspread. I have to make the gold velvet one now to go with them. It looks so rich and dh said "great that's all I need" :lol:

Talk to you tomorrow.

02-24-2004, 10:46 PM
Jane: MMMMMMMM Pier One :doh: LOOOVE Pier one...(drooling in a Pier One trance....)

02-24-2004, 11:19 PM
Good evening ladies!!!
I am so happy to see such happy and up beat ladies on here today (well Sped....I was a bad ICS girl in high school, I was bad about alot of things in high school!! :( so I will just pretend like you are that poor ICS teacher and tell you I am sorry and I was young and DUMB!)

anywho, CoNGRATS to all the loosers today too WELL DONE!!!! I am also down another pound so I have offically hit my St paddys day challenge mark!! YIPPEEEEEE!!! Well I am very tired I did 6 miles at the gym and still have food log to do, so I will say goodnite!!