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02-20-2004, 07:52 AM
Welcome to a thread devoted to women who have the priviledge of taking care of our families while winning the battle to control our weight and have better health! Feel free to join right in! We look forward to getting to know you better!

02-20-2004, 07:55 AM

Just enough time for a quick hello, before I face the mob again. Got my 4 AP's in this am with the WW I am feeling pretty good.

Geri- congrats on the 3# loss....that evening eating can be so troublesome. (oh, do I speak from experience!) Try shutting down the kitchen and then keeping only a bottle of flavored seltzer or water with you for the evening. That helps me sometimes.
Also- that Dr Phil thing with not eating past 8 pm I heard years ago......and is so true.Thanks for reminding us.
Gotta go hop in the shower!
See ya later. (sorry to all I missed......)

02-20-2004, 09:00 AM
Mornin'! Geri, WOW!!! 3lbs...I am so jealous! I'm stuck right now. :( The whole being sick and hardly any activity killed me! You are doing sooooo good with your water and excercise. I really have to get back to it. When are we starting the challenge? I think Monday would be good. Anyhows, my peditrician is young also (30's) and he has 6 kids!!! The other one in the practice has 4. Must be a ped's thing huh? He is right about hardest ages though. Actually, I don't think 9 months is hard (unless you also have a 2 yo! :lol: ) but I think from 18 mos to 3yo is the hardest. Kylie is finally getting to where she half way listens and can sit still. We have meetings on Thursday nights and both my kids were perfect angels :angel: last night. That always gets me thinking, "Do I really want anymore." Then I'll watch Baby Story or some similiar show where they are having #3 and it all comes back. My kids really, really, really want 2 more siblings. We'll see how it goes after #3. It all hinges on my being able to quit work so it may never happen!!!

Ginny, soooo sorry you had such a rough day. :grouphug: I hope today is better and I hope you get some "me" time this weekend. We are thinking of going out tonight. I don't want to spend any money right now (working on getting our construction loan) but dh is determined to spend some of our tax money! I got the state back Wednesday and the Federal today. I love electronic filing! Only took 4 days for the State and a week for Federal and no fees. My sister paid $150 to do rapid refund. Yuck!!! Live and learn.

Ok, well, I am supposed to be working but we know how that goes! Hope everyone has a great day. I'm gonna be running around doing some stuff for the house and then I promised to take the kids somewhere fun since they were soooo good last night. We'll probably go to one of the big county parks. TTYL!!!

02-20-2004, 09:42 AM
Good morning all!!
Great news!!! I'm down 2#'s this morning!!!!! I am so excited! I haven't lost a whole two lbs in a long time, last week I didn't lose anything. So I'm down to 134.5!!!! I'm getting so close to my goal but yet it still feels weeks away. This week instead of eating all my flex this weekend I plan on stretching them out over the week, kinda like the wendi plan but not really. I will have a super high day and then low days but nothing under 20 pts which is my target. I'll see if that keeps my metabolism up for my next WI. But I'm thrilled with my 2 lbs gone today!!
Candy, we can start monday on the exercise challenge if you like. It doesn't matter to me as long as we start. And I went through those same mind battles with having 3 kids. I knew it was going to be harder having 3 instead of 2, but my heart still felt incomplete without one more in our family. And you know what? We may have more in several years. When they all get in school I will think about having more. And who knows? Maybe we will :) I came from a family of 5 and I liked having siblings and such and I love how well my kids play together so you never know. I am still young (24 now) so I have plenty of time to have more kids if we wanted to. So maybe right now isn't a good time for you but you have many years to consider having more. :)
Ginny, it seems like that workout is really working for you! I'm sure your next WI will reflect all your hard work! :) And I agree with Candy, I hope you get some "me" time in this weekend also. You've had a long week.
Geri, I think you will have that late night snacking down with no problems soon. Just hang in there! Congrats on losing those 3 lbs!!!! How good that must have felt to see that on the scale! My jaw would drop about the 6 kids too. I think it is great to see large families but I can't help but think about that poor wife constantly pregnant, you know? I know how much a pregnancy can hinder certain things and make doing normal things strenuous so when I hear of women having lots of kids I think about all her youth being constantly pregnant. I wouldn't want that for myself and as soon as they are done having babies they get back to normal, but that is alot of years in discomfort. And I didn't know about what happens to the metabolism at night. That is very interesting. I knew there was a reason I don't like to eat late at night. I like to have dinner around 4-5 pm and then only drink water the rest if the night. Now I know there is sound reason behind that :)
Well I'm not sure what I will be up to today. I have to go to the bank sometime today to deposit our state return in to our savings account. I think I will do my grocery shopping sometime today but I haven't written out my list yet. I need to do that soon. So I guess that is what I will be doing. Shopping and errands. Oh and I have to mail two bills right now since I'm thinking of it. TTYL!

02-20-2004, 09:42 AM
forgot to hit the email notification... so ignore this post, lol

02-20-2004, 11:18 AM
Well I am back and feeling a bit more sane. Hopped on the scale this am......and gained 2#- which I am really not counting........but it bugs me just the same. Between PMS and all the water I had this morning and tea....and had not gotten rid of any of it yet......need I say more? :lol: But I am going out for a short walk (gotta get another AP!) later to try to jumpstart myself here.

Spryng- you are doing great!!!!! I am jealous- (I have not had any big weeks in ages) and now with only 4.5# to go!!! It will be gone in no time.

Candy- glad the kids were good for you! Hope you and Dh can come up with a budget friendly solution for going out tonite- hey, I am at times just happy with a diet coke at fast food to break the pace! Congrats on getting your taxes back and done.

Got the monsters to school ok. Most were in for a big shock- I rearranged the seating chart and broke up most of the loud combinations. Plus, I got 3 notes of apology from students for misbehaving- one is from kindergardener, whose mom had to write a translation note (his was so run-together!). How cute.....and I am thankful that I have some families who care so much. Guess the kids got the message that I was not too happy!
Well, gotta go get some housework done. Hi to all who have not posted yet......have a great day.

02-20-2004, 01:16 PM
Good morning everyone...OK it's almost noon...but we finally got down here.

The boys are playing together pretty good right now so hopefully I'll get to finish this post!!

Ginny, glad your morning went better today. It's so cool that you got apology least the kids or the parents really care! Sorry about the gain ... hopefully it's just the PMS and it'll go away quickly.

Spryng, congrats on the loss! You are so close to goal & I'm so excited for you....maintainence should be a breeze for you. You're so focused!! I have to try to get onto cooking lights web site this weekend and find some recipes. I ordered the mag and have tried to look several times, but the boys get restless and I don't have enough time!!

Candy, perfect angels??? What's that? :lol: Maybe someday, but since they're both boys....I doubt it!! Monday sounds good for the challenge. Monday is my WI day so that will be one of my days off, but it really doesnt' matter.

I hope everyone's having a good day. I have to think of something for dinner quick so I can take it out of the freezer. Maybe hamburgers because I have some ground round that I made into patties awhile back. OK, gotta go get rid of some of this water I've been downing :o


02-20-2004, 02:06 PM
Down #1 :) ! Good thing the late night cookies did not mess me up.
I think we should have a no late night snacks challenge, it seems to be a big weakness. My problem is my Dh always has some kind of sweet. He doesn't need them either.

Ginny: TOM really messes me up, sometimes I will gain 5 pounds. Haven't had one in awhile with breastfeeding and pregnancy. Keep up on the water. I feel like I am constantly in the bathroom, but it pays off.

Spryng: Congrats on your weight loss and so close to goal. Your success is great for all of us.

My pediatrican only has 2 children. My family doctor has 4. I would love to have four, but I am turning 30 in May. We will have to wait and see.

Have a great weekend! JW is getting his pictures taken at Sears tomorrow. I love the pictures with them in just diapers, but my DH will not go for that.


02-20-2004, 04:53 PM
Sorry for being MIA, but Ali has been having rough time again. Today she screamed 6 hours and I am just too tired now to answer your posts properly.

Plus I think I overdid with losing weight and it might have messed with my lactation. Or Alizée is having a growth spurt. Anyway she seems to be hungry every hour and every two hours during the night. This all makes for one very tired Mommy, sigh...

I have to rethink my diet again, although I thought I was nit doin anything extreme, I still eat lots of fruit and vegetables and lean meat and wholebread carbs. But maybe it's just not enough. I will wait and see if she's any better soon. That's the reason why I haven't been thinking about working out yet, but I will as soon as things get calmer here. I will try to catch up with your postst ladies, but I've seen there's a lot for me. I hope tomorrow is gonna be better and hubby's home so I won't be alone with her...


02-20-2004, 05:42 PM
Gosia: She might be going thru a growth spurt. The same thing happened to me around 4 months. My milk supply caught up with him in a couple of days. I started taking a Fenugreek Seed to increase it.I am really cautious about not restricting any food groups as well and I make sure to drink tons of water. Nursing is so nurturing to me, that I am all right with it taking a little longer to lose the weight. How long do you plan to nurse? JW is 6 months. I plan to continue as long as he is still interested.

Well, I hear him calling. Happy Friday!


02-20-2004, 10:47 PM
Hi all,

Dh came home from work early 'cause the weather was crappy (rainy) and he's going to work half a day tomorrow...anyway, I got to go out for a couple of hours by myself!! I picked up 2 new exercise vidoes. One is Kathy Sansone's Power Walking System. It may have been before her WATP series, but it has a lower body firming workout and a 1-2-3 mile (you choose how long) walking workout. I did 2 miles today then the kiddies got restless so I didn't get to try the firming workout. Boy, it's so much nicer than aerobics. I'm much more coordinated for walking! Anyway, it was a good workout. The other dvd is an aerobics, but I need to replace my step aerobics video which I just found out is broken :( . Most of the dvd's now are pilates and yoga. Hard to find anything else. This one had a picture of the steps on the back so I assume there's some stepping in it. We shall see.

Drank my water today too. Melinda...I'm with you...I spend all day in the bathroom! Don't you dare think that your 30's is too old to have more kids! I was 37 and 39 and my ob/gyn said I could have a couple more if I wanted (I personally thought she was nuts!!) but anyway, you have plenty of time to have 3 more!! Congrats on the loss also!! I'll join you on that not snacking stomach's growling right now, but I'll forget about it soon :D
Dinner was a ground round hamburger pattie with chopped onion & green pepper in it with a slice of light provalone cheese on a light ww bun, a side veggie salad and green beans.

Gosia, hope you get some rest soon. I didn't breastfeed either of my boys so I can't help you any. Just send you good vibes :goodvibes

Hope everyone else had a good OP day. I'm going to go do a couple of small projects before I hit the hay. Have a great night and I'll check in tomorrow.

02-20-2004, 11:10 PM
Hey, too tired to get personal. I had a busy day. I have been doing the "leg" work on this house and it is hard work!!! I am getting excited though. It is starting to seem more real. Congrats to all you who lost. My WI is in the morning. Not sure what it will be like as I have not been doing good on exercise or water this week. Monday! I will do better next week. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll try to get personal tomorrow.

Good night!

02-21-2004, 10:04 AM
Good morning all!
Sorry I didn't get back on here last night. DH called me and his truck needed some work done on it so he was at the yard (his companies yard in Olathe, which is 1 hr and 20 min from here) and he was going to be there for about 5 hours so I jumped in the van and drove to have dinner with him. It was so nice to see him. Now I think I can make it one more week :) So I got home about 8:30 pm but I was so tired. Got the kids all bathed and in bed and I crashed myself.
Candy I am excited for you to get your very own personalized home! How much fun it would be to pick out everything yourself. :) Looking forward to hearing about your wi today!
Geri I love to get new workout videos. You'll have to let us know what you think of them. Have you ever tried pilates?? It is one of the greatest workouts for toning. I just love mine. Sounds like you have been great OP lately. Keep up the good work!! When is your WI day?
Gosia, I hope things settle down for you. Tanner is a good baby 99% of the time but when he gets one cranky day every now and then I just want to run and hide :o but hang in there. The older they get the better they are.
Melinda, congrats on losing that 1 lb!!!! That is so great. Why doesn't your husband like pictures of babies in their diapers? Maybe you can get the main package done with him fully clothed and then an extra one done just for you in his diaper. I think they are adorable too! Especially black and white ones.
Ginny, I know you know that gain is due to water but I feel you, I get upset if the scale moves up any just because we work so hard for it to go the opposite direction. And we know our bodies naturally flucuate, but still... we like to see it move down. I'm sure it will be gone by next WI though. Hang in there! You must be a great bus driver for the kids to hand write you apologies! That is so thoughtful. I was a good kid on the bus. Never got in any trouble. My older brother on the other hand was one of those boys who sat in the very back and schemed for new trouble every day, lol. Boy, memories. lol.
Well I hope I didn't miss anyone. What is everyone doing this weekend? I plan on just staying home and not doing much of anything. Well some cleaning but that is an everyday kind of thing :) It'll be in the 50's today so maybe I can get the kids outside to play for awhile. Boy I can't wait for summer to get here so all they have to do is throw on some light clothes and run barefoot in our backyard. Having to bundle them all up and search for matching sock and shoes is time consuming!!!! :dizzy: But it's almost here again. :)
Well what does everyone have planned for dinner tonight? I'm not sure what I am having. Maybe tacos, or white chili, or something else. Haven't decided yet.
Well I need to get off here and get some breakfast going. TTYL!

02-21-2004, 12:51 PM
Sorry but this is another quickie. The lady wasn't in at Lowe's yesterday so I have to go today to pick out cabinets for the kitchen and get a bid. But I did want to report my WI...I am 147!!! Yeah!!!! That is a #3 loss from last week. Really only #2 since I was holding a lb of water from TOM but still!!! I am now at the lowest I have been since September 1999! At one point after Kylie I had gotten down to 148 but that was the lowest. I was a little afraid to get on the scale this morning since I had a couple of mediocre days but I guess they didn't hurt. Maybe they helped! Ok, well, I gotta go. I'll check in later and get more personal then!


02-21-2004, 02:38 PM
My Dh brought home Girl Scout cookies yesterday. I had two for breakfast.
:( I am tempted to throw them away. Dh said that he wanted to support the girls. I told him to give them the money and not to take the cookies.

I went to the gym this morning on two cookies and it was so tough not having a good breakfast in my system. I did get 30 min in and went to check on JW and he was ready to go. Teaches me a lesson with those cookies. I am getting plenty of water in my system.

JW is napping and we have his pictures at 430 today. I hope we can get a smile out of him.

Congrats on all of the great losses this week!


02-21-2004, 04:35 PM
Good afternoon all!
How is everyone's saturday going?

Melinda, I have to be honest and say I have never had any girl scout cookies :o shocking, I know. I must be the only one. I don't think I've even actually seen a girl scout. Maybe it's an urban legend around here, lol. But if they are too tempting maybe you can give them away. But congrats on getting to the gym!! I wish so badly I was able to do that. And have fun taking pictures today! I guess MIL scheduled a big family photo session for next weekend. She wants everyone in the photo. I like pictures where everyone looks in sync with colors and all that and I am so afraid that everyone is going to be wearing things that are outrageously different and the picture looks horrifying. How can I approach this subject with them without hurting anyone's feelings? I mean I don't want us all in the same color but something that blends nicely would be nice. But maybe since it will be their picture I should just go with the flow. Advice please? Anyone?
Candy congrats on the 3#'s gone!!! That is a great loss!! And I am with you about being at our lowest in a few years. When my best friend got married I was 135 the day of her wedding... and that was the lowest I had been in forever! And that was alot of work to get to that weight. And now I am 134.5!! So I'm feeling really good about that. My personal goal is 120 and I have no idea how that is going to look and feel when I get there. It's exciting to think about. I'm already prowling online and in catalogs for swimsuits. I found one I really like in the victoria secret catalog but I'm leary about buying one without being able to try it on first, you know?
Well my day is going great. I've gotten alot done and now that the kids are napping I'm taking a breather and just enjoying the quietness. So I'll get off here and chat with you all later!

02-21-2004, 06:46 PM
Hi everyone,

Saturday is going good for me. I slacked off on the house cleaning this week so I spent a couple of hours this morning tackling that. It's my workout for the day...I was really sweating!

Melinda, I LOVE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!! I used to have to buy like 3 or 4 boxes when I was working and I would polish them off in just a few days. Spryng, you've NEVER had a GS cookie??? Wow, didn't thing that was possible :lol: but it's a good thing.

Candy, congrats on the great loss! You were sick for a while and it finally caught up I think! Keep up the good work.

Spryng, glad you got to see your Dh last night for a while. As for MIL pictures...I would just avoid the whole issue. From what you said she won't listen to you anyway. What does Dh have to say about it? How is you FIL doing?

Dinner is going to be soup (from a can...I'm lazy tonight) with grilled (light) cheese sandwiches.

That's about it for me today. I got 2 things accomplished last night. I made a birthday card for a friend with some of my scrapbooking stuff that I turned out pretty good. I also started crocheting a scarf for myself for next year. They really have some cool yarns out there's not your grandma's crocheting anymore! They opened a JoAnn superstore here about a week ago. Oh, how dangerous! It's huge and has everything from sewing supplies, machines, all kinds of craft stuff, scrapbooking and stamping. I told the check out lady that I would go broke working there!!

Well, I probably won't post later tonight unless something exciting happens. Have a great night everyone!! Gosia, hope Ali gets better soon.

02-21-2004, 08:20 PM
Good evening! Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Dh is in another one of his stressed out has been a bit difficult. TOM showed up yesterday, so at least my mood is stable now.
Gotta go, I came online for a quick email check. Have a great weekend!

02-22-2004, 12:08 AM
Good evening all!
I am feeling fantastic tonight. I got in two pilates workouts... 1 total body one that I didn't even know was on that dvd and then one just for my abs. So I feel really good about getting some in because I was so tired once the kids went to bed that I just wanted to crash myself. But I thought, I can get at least 10 minutes in, well I ended up getting 20 in!! So I feel good about that. For dinner tonight we had tacos with morningstar farms crumbles in them ( I made a big nacho plate for the kids with the crumbles on it and they ate it like it was going out of style!) and I had a side of chips and cheese dip (made with light velveeta) so it was simple dinner.
Ginny I hope your DH gets over his mood soon. You know the saying of when mama isn't happy then no one is happy? well I think it applies to men just as well. I know when my DH is in a lousy mood it radiates to all of us in the house. So hang in there!
Geri, I think you are right about the picture thing. I won't even bring it up. I'll just make sure me and my DH and kids all look good together and they can worry about looking funny later, lol. I may go ahead and schedule an appointment to get our first family photo taken also on that day since we are going to be dressed up anyway :) My FIL is doing ok. He just had some laser eye surgery done that he said made his eyes worse. But who knows. :?: He refuses to eat better so I worry some about his heart but he seems to be ok. He is on oxygen now to sleep at night. It's so sad since all of it can be avoided. But as you know, some people are stubborn, lol. But thank you so much for asking, that was very sweet of you. Your dinner sounded great to me! I love a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. What kind of soup did you have?
Well I need to head off to bed now. It's been a long saturday and thankfully it is over :) TTYL!

02-22-2004, 11:39 AM
Just a quick hello this morning. I just finished a 3 mile indoor walk with Leslie Sanstone...I LOVE that DVD. I'm so aerobically challenged that it's nice to find something that I can do. I'm sweating like mad!!

Dinner is beef tenderloin and I don't know what else yet...Spryng I had Wedding Soup (spinich, meatballs, pearl pasta in chicken broth) by Campbells. It was yummy. Congrats on your's tough to get going when you're tired. I almose felt guilty not doing some last night but after about 4 hours of housecleaning I figured I could use a break.

Hope you all have a great day!!

02-22-2004, 12:26 PM
Good morning all!
Geri I would definitely count that housework as exercise :) If it gets you sweating and tired then I call that a workout. Beef tenderloin sounds great. I am making white chili and will have some crackers with it. It's really low in pts (3 pts for 1 cup full) so I will be able to have a couple of servings of the chili and that will get me super full :)
Well I just got back from the store, had to get some zucchini for my chili and now I'm just tired. I think I may be coming down with something. I got a great nights sleep last night and yet my eyes are sooooo heavy today. I need to hit the zicam after I get off here. I do not want to be sick when DH gets here on friday.
What is everyone else having for dinner tonight?

02-23-2004, 11:12 AM
Good morning all!
Wow, where is everyone today? I guess it is still early. I'm so glad its monday!!!! I love it when a new week starts.
Things are going great here. Today is my higher pt day so I'm indulging in a little pizza (store bought, frozen) for lunch :) Dinner last night was good. The chili came out well and the flavors were very light and tasty. The kids didn't like it too much though, Ava ate all the chicken out of it and Joseph ate all the beans and that was it. So tonight I'll try to get them something I know they like.
What does everyone have planned for today and for dinner? Does the exercise challenge begin today?? I'll be doing my pilates or firm tonight after the kids go to bed. Probably pilates.
Well just wanted to pop in and see if everyone survived their weekend. Have a great day!!

02-23-2004, 11:17 AM
Good morning.
It's been a long weekend for me. Saturday we went back up to see MIL. She still has her blood clot, but they are letting her out today. She has to be off work for a month, so she has a friend from Texas coming to pick her up. We were up at the hospital with her for about 7 hours. The boys were really good, just a little restless. Yesterday, I spent all day paying bills and getting caught up on laundry. Then at about 9 last night, my youngest ds got sick. No fever, just throwing up. He did that every two hours. Needless to say, it was a long night. Now, I have to get caught back up on laundry today. I have no clean towels. My good news is that my youngest ds is almost potty trained. He only wears pull ups at night. I am so excited.
Spryng, I completely understand you wanting to color coordinate for that picture. I have a wedding picture of me and DH and his whole family. Seprately, they looked good. Together, it was like a bad technicolor film. One girl had on a lime green dress with bright pink tights and purple shoes, someone else had on a turquiose shirt, then there was the relative who had on the polka dots. It wasn't pretty.
Well, I know we start our exercise challenge today, but there is no way I will be working out. I did go to wal mart on Saturday, and I was craving something sweet, but I put back my candy and got plums. So much better.
Hi to Ginny, Gosia, Melinda, Lori, Geri, Candy, and any one else I may have missed. Have a great OP day.

A&A's Mom
02-23-2004, 12:40 PM
Good Morning!

I think it's been almost a week since I've posted. I went to the Dr. on Thurs. and he saw the sack where the baby is but he also saw a pocket of fluid. He said it was worrisome. Did I spell that right? Anyway, he said it could be blood left over from a period, a twin that died, or it could mean I will miscarry. So, I havent' felt much like talking latley. I started spotting over the weekend, but for now it has stopped. I'm just praying that it was a pocket of blood left over from a period and that's why I was spotting this weekend. I go back Wed. for another ultrasound and we should be able to see the heartbeat. I am 7wks today. This really sucks especially since Dh is gone. Anyway, could really use your prayers and hopefully I will have a good check up on Wed.

I'm not going to get personal now, but I hope you all have a great day. Congrats on all of your weight loss this week. Ya'll kicked BUTT!!!

02-23-2004, 01:15 PM

I was wondering what happened to you.... :grouphug: I know everyone is praying for good news for you on Wednesday. No matter what happens...we're all here for you. Let's keep thinking positively.

Ricci, I'm so glad that your MIL is getting out of the hospital and that you'll get some rest or at least get caught up. How is ds feeling today? Potty training sounds like it's going well. Will's dr asked how it was going and I said he knows what it is and loves to read his potty books but shows no interest. He just said don't push it. Easy for him to say...the first 3 diapers I changed were poopers this morning!! Fun, fun, fun!! Of course only 1 was Will's but it would be nice if he at least showed a little bit of interest. He won't be 3 until May so I know I shouldn't worry about it.

I actually got a workout in this morning. I was just going to do the "power firm" portion of my Leslie Sanstone dvd but it was only 20 minutes and I felt so good and the kids were playing so nice I decided to see how much of a walk I could get in....only 1 mile before Tony really started to get cranky, but it's better than I thought I would get. Scary thought that I would really feel like I wanted to keep going :lol: Now I'm doing laundry. I just didn't feel like touching it over the weekend.

Let's see, lunch will be a tuna sandwich and some veggies on the side. Dinner's going to be the Morningstar Farms pizza burger, a salad and another veggie. WI is tonight between 6 & 6:30. I usually don't eat dinner until I get home from my meeting but since I don't want to be eating that late at night (after 8) I'll eat beforehand. I don't think it'll really affect my WI that much. I'm not usually excited about going, but since I know I have a good loss coming I can't wait! The not eating after supper is already a lot easier. The first couple of days really stunk though. I'll post my WI before I go to bed.

I hope everyone has a good day. I'm going to try to be in the chatroom at 2 if anyone's interested. We'll see how the boys are doing at that time. Have a good one ladies!

Hello to everyone I didn't personally adress! If I can't see your last post then I forget what you said!! TTYL.

02-23-2004, 01:57 PM
Very busy weekend! Stayed on program on Saturday, but Sunday those Girls Scout cookies. Good news they are out of the house, bad news that means me and Dh ate them all, as JW can not eat yet.

Andrea: Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I know it is hard,but try not stressing our too much.

Got my workout in this morning. Lunch is leftover chicken in a salad and green beans. My DH has a meeting tonight, so that will be good for the late night snacking.

Happy Monday!


02-23-2004, 02:27 PM
I did get my work out in. I felt like such a slacker not doing it. I feel better now, not so tired. Amazning what a bit of exercise can do. I can't wait for my pilates dvd's to get here.
Andrea, I will defineately keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Ihope your next dr's appointment goes well. I don't know what I am having for lunch. Tuna sandwiches sound pretty good. Geri, I think I will be in the chat room today. Depends on ds.

02-23-2004, 03:55 PM
Good afternoon all!
I have been keeping busy today. DH called and his next load is going to kansas city, which is about 2 hours from here, well more like 1 1/2 hrs but he said that he may get to spend the night here tonight and part of tomorrow before he has to get the load delivered!!! I'm trying not to get my hopes up but it makes me antsy so I had to get busy doing something so I've been cleaning. Even swept and mopped my kitchen (which desperately needed it) got my shower while the kids are sleeping and now I feel really good. I'm going to take a picture of myself in a little bit because I was trying some clothes on after my shower and I fit into one of my old summer dresses!! I haven't been able to wear this dress in over 2 years!! So even though it's cold outside I am wearing it inside because I feel so good in it, it's even a little loose. So I'll take a picture to share with you all :)
Ricci, which pilates videos are you getting? I finally saw an infomercial on the windsor pilates and now I really want them. My aunt has them and she's doing WW now also and she swears pilates is helping her tone very fast. I love my pilates but those ones look very intense. Maybe that is what I need.
Melinda, glad those cookies are gone and out of the house. Now don't buy anymore!! lol.
Geri, I wouldn't worry too much about the potty training. Does your DH take him with him into the bathroom? Have you tried the cheerios trick? My ds actually learned sitting down (because that is what he saw me doing and his sister) and then one day he just wanted to go standing up and he has a very good aim! lol. I've never had to clean my walls or anything yet. :) Are you going to a WW meeting?? I thought you switched to dr.phil? or are you combining both? Maybe I'm confusing you with someone else here. You know my brain is half dead most of the time.
Andrea, my heart goes out to you. How worried you must be. Just take it easy and stay off your feet if possible. I know wednesday feels like years away. If you ever need to talk or vent please email me ( I am here for you in any way possible. Keep us updated. :halffull:
Well I guess I will get off here and see if anyone is at the chat today. TTYL!

02-23-2004, 07:12 PM
Hi all! Andrea, been missing you. I hope everything goes well Wednesday. I'll be thinking about you and hoping for the best!

Ricci, hope ds gets better soon. Dd came down sick Saturday with the yucky cough thing I had. Throwing up is the worst though. Hope he'll recover soon and you can get some rest! Congrats on the workout!!!

Geri, you've been doing great with your snacking and workouts so I'm sure the scale will reward you tonight! Finish that bathroom yet?

Spryng, hope DH does get to spend the night tonight. If not, enjoy lunch with him tomorrow!

Melinda, congrats on the workout and on getting the cookies out of the house! Ha, ha. I agree with Spryng, don't buy anymore!!!

Well, I got my kitchen cabinets all picked out yesterday and the cabinets for all the bathrooms so I am excited. Plus, I got a call today that our septic permit is on the way so we may be able to get our building permit as soon as next week, or at least apply for it! Yeah!!! I can't wait! Now, if I can just get DH on the ball getting the last few bids on gas, plumbing and a couple other things, I can apply for my loan.

Spryng, can't wait to see the picture. Talk to ya'll later!!!

02-23-2004, 07:34 PM
Here are a few pics, two of me at my currant weight (taken today) one of Ava and Bubba taken the other day at the park and one of Tanner taken today. He had a cheeto face so he's not really clean. :)

02-23-2004, 07:36 PM
After looking at my pictures though I can tell I need to aim for 120 instead of 130 as my ultimate goal... or maybe the camera really does add 10 lbs ,lol! But that is us. TTYL!

A&A's Mom
02-23-2004, 09:01 PM
Just jumped on here real quick...I started spotting again!!! ARG!!!

Love the pictures Spryng! I think you look great! But I know what you mean, I think I will eventually try to hit 120 too cause that's where I was before I got pg with my first. Then we will probably be a size 6!

Candy, glad your house is coming along. It will be built before you know it.

Geri, Melinda, Ricci, Spryng, Candy and whoever else I missed since I'm recalling this from memory, thanks for the encouragement! I believe things happen for a reason and I know God has my best interest at heart, but you still have to deal with the emotional side of things. If it's not His will for me to have a baby right now, then He will help me get through it. But I hope it is!!

Fish sticks are ready!! GOTTA GO!! I love you guys, really I do!!!

02-23-2004, 10:29 PM
Andrea, hang in there. I bled for the first 3 months with my first pregnancy, turned out I was RH Neg and didn't know it, I got that shot and the bleeding stopped and the rest of the pregnancy went fine. Any way that could be what is going on with you? Also, my mom bled alot during her last pregnancy (my little brother is just 8 weeks older than my dd) and everything was fine then also. Sometimes women just bleed for no reason that can pinpoint. I am worried for you though, I know how scary it all can be. But if you are spotting then lay down and stay put, elevate your feet also. Drink some water and try to sleep if you can. If you get too worried go to the ER and get checked out, they can do an ultrasound there too. I went many times with my first pregnancy because the bleeding would get so heavy I just knew I was losing her but seeing her little heart beat on the monitor set my mind at ease each time. Their heart beat starts around day 21-23, so about 5 weeks along, they should be able to see one now. Did they do a vaginal ultrasound on you?? But please take care and I am constantly thinking about you. I hope so badly that everything is just fine. Is your DH home with you?
My evening is going fine. Been on the phone with DH alot. I can't wait to see him tomorrow. Dinner ended up being Mcdonalds, but all OP and within my pts so that was a nice treat for us all.
Well I'm getting off here. Kids will be going down for the night soon. TTYL!

02-23-2004, 10:47 PM
Just a quick hello to all.

Spryng, great pics!! I think you look just great myself. If you think you look too big then just keep going for the muscle tone. You've been working out already...just keep it up!

Candy, the painting is done but not the decorating. I found a tropical stencil but have been afraid to try adding fish to the walls - chicken!! If it doesn't turn out, we can always paint over it!! One of these days. Congrats on the house stuff. Sounds like fun

I lost 3 pounds this week! Yeah for me. So now I'm back to down 6. I'm off to bed. Just wanted to report in. I'll say an extra prayer for you Andrea!!


A&A's Mom
02-23-2004, 11:24 PM
Thanks again for all of the support. Spryng, I know I'm not RH neg. I'm just spotting a little red blood. Mainly when I go to the bathroom, it' on the toliet paper. Sorry if that's TMI! I never spotted with my boys during early preg. My Dr.'s ultrasound isn't high tech cause he said they could not see a heartbeat until I'm 7wks. Last wk I had an ultra sound and they could see the sack. On Wed. they should see a heartbeat. I'm 7wks today. I know he sent one of his patients, who is my friend, to Little Rock to get a better ultrasound done cause she was bleeding a lot with her preg. Maybe it's something in the water down here! LOL! Anyway, I figure AR is behind the times when it comes to up to date equipment.
I hope you have fun with Dh. Mine is gone but will be back on Fri. We are going to Memphis this weekend with him while he finishes up his training. I need a mini vacation! He will be flying out of Detroit starting in the next couple of weeks. He also found out they are moving more pilots to Memphis, about a thousand, so hopefully he will be based out of Memphis instead of Detroit very soon. We are talking about moving there so he can be home most every night. But that's a few months away.
Well, it felt good rambling on like I did. Kind of forgot about stuff for a minute. Spryng , thanks for the email address! I'm sure I'll unload on you soon!

02-23-2004, 11:27 PM
Haven't had a late night snack, but fighting it. Decided to write to get it off my mind. How long does something take before it is a habit? My DH is out, so that makes it a little easier.

Geri: Congrats on the weight loss this week. You are good to do your weigh in on Monday. The weekends are my downfall.

Spryng: Great to get into your dress! I am holding off giving my smaller sizes to the Goodwill. I am going to be back in those cute outfits. I am determined.


02-24-2004, 08:38 AM
Gonna start a new thread!!!