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02-17-2004, 08:31 AM
Welcome everyone, :wave:

We are a group of ladies who support each other through all of life's ups & downs, not just weight loss.

Won't you join us?


02-17-2004, 08:51 AM
Hi ladies,

Be sure to go back and read Angie's last post - it's hilarious!!!

Angie - all I can say is: never, ever put paint thinner in "The Reach" area!! Thank goodness you didn't! I bet you were a real cutie with a lime green butt but I think you should have gone on to the doctor's appointment and given the doc something to laugh about, too! Btw - Unchained Melody is a fave of mine, too. It is a real belly-rubber.

Susan - glad you had a nice party with the fam.

Shanna - you may have to get a McJob just to hold you over until something better comes along. How many hours are you spending at school each day? Anyway, I hope your headache is all gone. Thanks for the kudos!!

Cristi - don't work too hard! What colors are you painting? I think you told us, but I'm getting it confused with Angie's house, I think.... or, er, with Angie's BUTT! LOL!!!!

Kayecee - glad you are feeling better.

Marti - in a few years you will look at Jhanai's handwriting and tears will come to your eyes. The same for her with yours! I LOVE finding things that my mom wrote out, like recipes or a greeting card. And please do post the pictures, we all love them!

Kat - please PM me your home address for when we exchange cards, if you want. How're the kids?

My sister is coming over to dye my hair (just the roots) later today. We decided to do each other's hair and save money. I bought one of those small foam paint brushes to apply the dye, which works well.

It's supposed to be close to 50 degrees today, so I'm going to hang out the sheets after they are washed. I love the smell of fresh air on them, don't you? Mount Washmore, here I come!!


02-17-2004, 01:05 PM
Good Morning!!!

WOW, Shanna!!!! Sending some hugs your way!! :chockiss: :chockiss: :chockiss: :chockiss: :chockiss: :chockiss: :chockiss: :chockiss: I know,it is chocolate but just as good as a hug!:)
What exactly is wrong with your car?? If it is a simple thing maybe a man relative can help.Assuming a female can't.....which I shouldn't. Though if your college has a mechanic shop , that might be a resource?? You need a safe car though.
I have this 98 Corolla, that I am lucky to have taken out extra insurance on becuse I have taken it into the shop twice in the last 6 months. No way could afforded the full price of repair.
Come visit me anytime!! Certainly have an extra bedroom with all the girls moving Actually the second bedroom is going to be Gabrielle's as soon as I start fixing it up.
I live close to 23rd, the shopping mecca spot of great shops and a Starbucks on every corner!!
Feel better though, and thinking it ok to write a novel here anytime you want!!

Thanks SO much on well wishes for Gaby. We had a nice day yesterday and the whole weekend overall was a blast! Spent waaaaaaay too much $$ though.Now need to tighten up to make it til the end of the month, oh well......had fun.

So, is it moving day or painting day for Cristi??? I thought she was moving on the 17th?? lol HAPPY TUESDAY CRISTI!!! There, that covers everything.

Marti- I was going to ask who Tom Was going to say why are you letting him decide what days you are going to anyway, thanks for the explanation.

I am taking Gab to my mothers , so can't talk long. Had 2 eggs for breakfast and look for a tuna salad for lunch, don't know about dinner. Going to walk the 3 mile loop in between rain drops.

Hi to you all you Jaded Ladies :)


02-17-2004, 02:22 PM
Morning ladies--

Let me tell you, Procrastination will hit you in the butt!! I've been on the phone trying to get a court date to finalize my divorce...and nothing will be available for 20-30 days!! That's running right into the date that James & I want to get married!! I am so close to tears it's not funny. It's not a problem to find another "date" to get married, it's just that we wanted to share my grandparents anniversary and now I'm afraid it may not happen. :cry: I am so upset that I couldn't get things done sooner.....(don't ask the reasons why we didn't there are none!!)

So--if you HAVE TO OR NEED to get something done,,, don't put it off GET IT DONE!!

Ok....I'm going to go and cry for awhile. I will be back when I've calmed down a little.

02-17-2004, 02:46 PM
Boy, thanks for all the hugs sent my way. I have been reading some of the posts since I wrote and a lot of you are going through some trying days. Nice to know I am not alone.

To all who asked about my car, the check engine light came on. The airbag light has been on for about five months, but it cost 430 dollars just for the part and I figured that I used to drive a car without airbags back before they were the norm in cars and I would jjst wait until I had the money. Now this, which could just be the same thing that is wrong with the airbag light, a miscommunication with the computer. Hate computers!!! I could take it to the college or some place similiar, but it is a 2000 turbo diesel VW bug car and last time I was trying to check the airbag light, I was told that only the dealership has the technology to look up the problem. I wish I would have know that before I spent the 80.00 to have it looked at some where else. My dad told me that a car store we have here " Knechts" will hook the car computer up for free and tell you what is wrong possibly. I just hope with my new fangled car they can. Until then I am driving around praying my car doesn't explode or something. I have to drive up for my monthly Portland trip and I am really worried.

Jana: I unfortunately would have to get two or three Mcdonalds jobs to not go bankrupt, so I am looking for something more substantial. I have already put out three resumes/applications and will be going to Temp agencies if push comes to shove. I need at least 10.00 a hour to just make my unemployment wage which still leaves me four hundred dollars in the hole every month. AAAAGHHHHHHH. Dang Sony to heck for this lay-off. Here I was going along making a good wage working and awesome four on fouroff rotation and weeks away from buying a house and WHAMMO :sumo: Now I am unemployed, on the verge of bankruptcy, fat and stressed. Oh how quickly things change. Oh how I would love to kick a certain Presidents teeth down his throat and thank him for the wonderful economy fun we are having. :dizzy:

Marti: Oh hon, I am here for you, you know that. I am so sorry that your best laid plans for the date of your wedding are turning awry. I am soo sorry. I hope a miracle happens and you can be happy. But, if it doesn't, try and make the day special anyway, whenever it happens.

Mom2Gaby: We should get together sometime. The three of us. A person alwyas can use a driving buddy and marti is it for me. Hope you have a nice work week though.

Kayecee: Well, well well, If she isn't back and in rare form. You crack me up girl!!!!!!! I am glad to hear you are feeling better and back to the chat room here.

Cristi: thanks for the good vibes and good luck on the house stuff. I envy you soooo much you don;t even know.

Well, I have to go be sad some more, just can't seem to get out of the funk I am in. Maybe a day with Marti will cheer me up .

To all other ladies I left out, thanks for being in here to lend a sense of not being alone and hope your week goes great.

02-17-2004, 05:20 PM
:chockiss: :chockiss: :chockiss: :chockiss: ,There Marti,giving you some hugs via chocolate!!
Something better will happen, believe that because it's true.You and James will have a lovely wedding,regardless of the date. Have a good cry and I hope you can find peace of mind about the whole thing. :)

So, don't wanna work at McDonalds eh?? lol I KNOW you meant well Jana but I wouldn't work there either.Maybe at a fitness place? 24 hour fitness is open, duh......24 hours, could fit in work somewhere in your schedule.The employment board at school?? Babysitting at night, that way the child is a Maybe see a counselor that might have better ideas??
An answer IS out there, just have to tap into those resources.

I know.I know, I will harp on that. I just went through a rough go after Gab was born.Didn't have a job with 3 kids,I did get 600ish in child support for the older ones. I tapped into a housing agency that helped with my rent and energy assistance that helped with my electric banks that helped with food....diaper banks that helped with
Thank you God for getting us through that time!!! :)

There is always an answer :)

So, anyway......hugs to you both :)

I am eating my tuna salad just dropping in to say hello.

Walked the 3 mile loop!! Took me an hour, thinking I can cut that time down??

Oh ,liked this quote "Never trade what you want at the moment for what you want most".........cause I really want some of Gaby's

Oh, ya. can call me Susan :)



02-17-2004, 05:42 PM
Hello again--

I'm feeling a little better...but not until I get an actual court date. I'm going to try and get in on the 9th!! Geez...the things we get ourselves into!!

Susan--Thanks for the chocolate hugs!! I really appreciate it! :smug:

Shanna--Things will get better. I know that I just got through being a crybaby and all, but the more we think Positively the better it will all be. Things just take time.

Ok...I've got some things I need to do so I will check in later.


02-17-2004, 06:05 PM
Hi Marti. Glad you are feeling better sunny :flow2: days ahead for you.
We will just cross fingers for a March 9th court date!!

Finished 40 oz's of water so far. I did read on a water site that you should spread out your intake for the whole day.Of course don't drink too late, that is an obvious one.

I woke up at 5:30- telephone ringing.Thinking it was Gabrielles father, just a guess.He has been paging, I know, since Friday. What a bother....certainly makes me a firm beliver in having kids with people you actually like......cause you are going to be stuck with them for a

Ok, Better get busy myself.

:flow1: :flow1:

02-17-2004, 10:19 PM
Hi Ladies,

Cristi - I hope you have made a lot of progress today and are soaking in a tub full of bubbles right about now.

Shanna - I meant that you could take any job at all until you can find one that is better. Whatever it takes to keep some money coming in....

Susan - way to go on the walking and water drinking!

Marti - (((hugs))) to you! Will March 9th be in time for you to marry on the date you wanted? I really really hope so. If not, well, then it just wasn't meant to be.

My sister dyed my hair and it looks pretty good. I did my nails over again while the dye "took", since I messed them totally up yesterday. Now they look good! I'm just gonna be too sexy for my shirt before ya know it, lol.


02-17-2004, 10:21 PM
Man! Tough day at work today. The principal called a surprise staff meeting without any warning and I had to stay about an hour and a half late! :mad: The short story is: politicians have screwed up the Arkansas school system and we get to do all the paperwork. :mad: If they would just shut the $^@% up and leave us alone to teach, we'd all be better off. :rolleyes: Thank God for a sweet hubby. I dragged my butt to the store before coming home and got the stuff to make Poppyseed Chicken. (not a good idea if you have to get a drug test in the near future. :lol: ) Anyway, I come home late and Tim takes one look at me and announces that we're going to eat at Mi Pueblo's. And you have to keep in mind that he just worked all day yesterday, got home at midnight, slept til 4, got up and worked on the concrete until 3 this afternoon! They have to pull a lot of long hours when the temperature is so cold because the concrete doesn't always want to dry well. So now we're home and he's gone to bed and I'm in the throes of a violent struggle up Mount Washmore! :D

Angie- :rofl: You shoulda just dyed your hair green (on both ends) and I doubt he woulda noticed it at all. :rofl: Or you coulda claimed that you dated a leprechaun and he gave you a hickie on your butt. :rofl: Then the toilet of all things! :rofl:

Marti- Ohhh! Sweetie! I'm soooo sorry! Next time you have something you need to hop on and get done, let me know and I'll kick your butt for you. :sumo: It will all work out. You'll see. I just know that your gonna get it done in time. I agree with Susan- you'll have a fabulous wedding even if you have to change dates. Here's some good vibes for you. :goodvibes :goodvibes :goodvibes You'll be divorced on the 9th! :crossed:

Jana- How did your hair turn out? And I love laundry that has dried on the line, but we live in farm country, so it usually comes back in gritty and smelling like boll weevil spray. :dizzy:

Kat- Come on over here girl!

Cristi- How's the house? Did you post pictures yet? I gotta go run and check out the photo thread.

Susan- Hope you were able to resist Gabby's cake! :stars: I know what you mean about stretching out the old budget until the end of the month. We always seem to have too much month and not enough money here in the winter. :p

Shanna- Is that all it is? We just got rid of a Dodge truck that had the Check Engine light on for a good year and a half! :lol: :lol: I asked Tim about it and he said to just keep an eye on three things: 1. oil pressure guage 2. alternator guage 3. temperature guage. As long as these three things don't fall in the red danger zone (or unless one of their lights come on if you don't have guages on a newer model) you SHOULD be fine. (My lawyers have advised me to inform you that I am in no way liable for your following advice from a fat redneck chick sitting at a computer in Arkansas! :lol: ) If the light just plain old bugs you, you can take the hot cable off the battery for 2 minutes or so and the computer will clear it off. But that only lasts for a week or two then you have to do it again. :D Hope that eases your mind. Did you buy your bug new? Why don't you search the web and see if there have been any recalls on your model? Sometimes they're called Technical Service Bulletins.

As for all the other, trust God. Believe me- it definitely works. I'm just glad for you that Sony didn't close a few weeks AFTER you bought the house. :) Have you read a book by Dave Ramsey called "Financial Peace"? Or "How To Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, And Live Prosperously" by .... I think... Jerry Mundis. If you haven't, I definitely recommend you run to the library sometime tomorrow and check both out. That last one saved my mind! (I don't always follow the principles, but I am getting better and just being made to realize that for right now, Armageddon isn't here really helped me.) And now, I step off :soap: See y'all later! :comp:

02-17-2004, 10:28 PM
Jana- Hey girl! We were posting at the same time. I'm glad your hair turned out well. I've always been afraid to color my own hair because I just know that I'd turn out looking like a skunk on cocaine. :lol:

02-17-2004, 10:29 PM
Hey Marti! I see you too! I can't get you on Messenger.

02-18-2004, 12:56 AM
Hi Jana & Kayecee :)

So,you had your nails done Jana,plus the hair?? That must be great:) what color are the nails?? I usually do my toes but not my fingernails,have dish pan hands and such. I guess I could wear rubber gloves, too lazy I

It does feel good to get out and walk. Would love to start running someday...there was an article in People Mag about Drew Barrymoore (??SP)she lost 20lbs running,looks good......though she looked good before.

You are funny Kayecee :) thanks for the laughs.I hear Arkansas has a great school system? My guy friend offered tonight to pay for Gaby to go with me next month for my trip there,was excited about that.Now I am dragging a 2 year old cross country to meet a man from the internet,my family is going to have a :moo:
I just figure he is my best friend,I am going to be 40 ((!!!!)) and I have never traveled.It is worth the trip, I deserve this....can think of a million ways to spend the money more wisely though, need to get over the guilt.

Anyway,going to pick up Gabrielle from my mothers, she took her for the evening, first time she has done that.When I was dropping Gab off my mom said "you look good".Which opened the door to say "Thanks,drinking 62oz`s of water,stopped drinking pepsi,trying to eat better,lost 7 pounds".....blah, about me,me,me......but my skin does look nicer, I must say.....ok....enough blarney.

Going to get my baby!!! :)

02-18-2004, 01:28 AM
Evening ladies--

Thank you ladies for the hugs and good vibes and's truly appreciated. Tomorrow I will be calling the courts (again) to try and get it done on the 9th. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I guess I shouldn't have gotten so upset, considering it's not going to be an elaborate wedding, just going to the court house. It was just mainly the date, which is the 24th. Watch, they'll tell me I have to have a waiting period before I can get a marriage license! Woudn't that be a kick in the butt!!

Kayecee--I don't know why you don't see me on the messenger...I've noticed that I don't see you either. What have you done?! :D Maybe if I try to resend it to you it might work. We've chatted before so I know it works. You absolutely cracked me up about Angie's ordeal!! What an imagination you have!!

Jana--Nails and your hair done?? Wow girl...I need some of that pampering!! It's been years (before Jhanai was born) that I dyed my hair. And all it did was turn all my hair the color of my natural highlights. Which really didn't look good on me. So I've been afraid to try it again. Someday though since my highlights are now gray!!! I'm like Susan...I paint my toes but not my hands....they wear off faster and I'm too lazy to redo them or take it off. I really need to change my ways.... :smug:

Susan--You are doing fabulous on the water and the walking!! I'm proud of what you're doing. I have been drinking tons of water lately....usually when TOM is near, more water than I'm comfortable with but at least its in!! And I started walking the other day, then the rain came pouring and it's just too wet to be comfy alone in the rain. Now walking with someone in the rain is a different story! Oh... and I had to laugh at your earlier post about ex's name is Thom and it just struck me funny what you would be something he would have done...telling me what I could and could not do!

Angie--Girl, I just don't know what to say about your dilemma you had with the green paint thinner!! Oh the stories you could have told him....or heck the look on his face when he saw!! :lol: Ok.... I guess I understand why you decided NOT to see the doctor!! (hee-hee)

Cristi--I think I posted before, but I just wanted to say it again...your house is so cute! As soon as I saw it... I was picturing it all lit up in Christmas lights. I'm not sure why though......beautiful house! You lucked out! Good thing you didn't get that last one,,,,this one was meant to be.

Katie & Shanna---hello to you girls. Hope is all well.

Ok...I'm going to tackle some homework, do a little scrapbooking and then head on to bed. I'm a tired one. My emotions (plus this TOM thing) has worn me out. I actually made myself sit down and eat dinner. I was looking in the mirror today and noticed my face looked thinner.....should be good but usually means I'm dehydrated (even though I'm drinking tons of water) but I haven't been eating much at all. It's hard for me. So when I hear women say that time of month gets them craving food,,, I'm like "Really?"

Alright I don't know if any of that made any sense at all, but I'm going to leave it. You all take care.


Oh Angie--- I remember you saying that you can't get a hang of all the smilies and bolding and is a test for a little chitchat and let's see what you can do!! :D Instead of doing quick reply, go to reply to post (as Jana has said) and type away. After you are all done,(well this is what I do) go back and highlight the words you want bolding, colored and anything else. Then PREVIEW it before you submit....make changes as needed. It's much easier than the format they used to have where you had to type it all in!!

02-18-2004, 09:15 AM
Hi ladies,

Kayecee - I don't usually do my own hair, but since my stylist cut my hair so short last time - remember my picture?? - I decided to skip my upcoming appointment with her. But the roots couldn't wait! When I color it at home, I use L'Oreal 6A - Light Ash Brown. The 'ash" part tones down the red. Sorry about all the added paperwork at school. Btw - did you ever see the Sienfeld episode where Elaine had been eating poppyseed muffins and failed her drug test? Then she gets Jerry's mom to tinkle in a cup for her? Hilarious!

Susan - the polish is Revlon's # 120 "Spice", in the quick dry form. The color goes with just about anything you wear. And leave it to me to even mess up a quick-dry version!

Marti - I doubt you are dehydrated with all the H2O you've been drinking - you probably are thinner! My face, boobs and knees are where I can see a loss first. Hope you are feeling better today!

Hi to the others!

I let Katie skip school today. Now, before you go and call the authorities on me, let me say that she hasn't missed at all, except for snow days when everyone was out. And she has been keeping her grades up. But she needs a prom dress, and I refuse to go shopping for that on the weekend with all those teens driving me crazy. I'd much rather have the entire area to ourselves. So, rather than catch **** from the school, I said she isn't feeling well. They allow a "mental health" day, which she never takes, so I feel like it balances out. They also allow family days, but you have to give a week's notice. Why don't they give an Emergency Shopping Day?? tee hee hee

Gotta go get dressed,

da fat n da furious
02-18-2004, 01:14 PM
Good morning ladies!
Glad to see you all had a good laugh at my green butt. BTW I did tell Fred (my Dr.) about the paint thing,,,,,he laughed so hard. He called in Jaime the nurse and well before you know it everyone had heard about it and were all laughing, me included.
The trick to nail polish is letting them dry long enough. Then putting one coat of clear polish over it. And again letting it dry. We are talking like 15 minutes with a fan. I usually do my toes and well ummm Skittles front paws, cause she has a horrible habit of chewing her back nails...not her fronts.
I talked to my cousin the other night about her visiting me soon. That my hair is just too goth that Brandon has put that in my head. It really does have some startling purple highlights...
Yesterday Im doing my warm up fors voice lessons...and Skittles she pops up on the bed and sits with me. I actually stand and look out my bedroom window when I do this,,,anyways theres Skittles singing with me,,,she was so cute. I turned it up and she started singing even louder. :lol: I have to learn to sing one song by next Tuesday,,,so I picked Someone to Watch over me. I heard Etta James sing and THAT is how I want to be when I grow up!
Tanner had a lesson with this director on how to give a good audition. 1 hour long one on one session. I went and hung out at the library and got a scary book,,,went back and read it in my so scared :devil: had the doors locked and ran to the door right on the hour. :eek:
Jana have fun shopping...I wish I had a girl so we could do prom shopping....

02-18-2004, 03:53 PM
Good Morning,

I was meaning to say that I did see your picture Jana, very pretty lady.I liked the way you had your hair :) happy to hear it was just a root retouch if there is such a thing. My nail polish is from Maybelline, don't know the number but it is called Heather Pearle- kind of a red/purple.Strange how you get comfy with one color and stick to it, though I will look and see what Spice looks like when I next go to the store.
Anyway, going to go call Katie's school and tell em what you are't forget to post a pic of her in her prom dress,bet she will looks great.

Ang.....I thought we agreed an exchange of Skittles for Rachel?? You can take Rachel prom shopping! Also, I must have missed the Green Butt post because I don't remember reading anything about that, will have to go back and look.

Having a day with Gabrielle. She is totally out of her mind, very cranky.I don't think she liked Grandma's house last night or maybe she just needs sleep??

Took both girls to school this morning , had breakfast at the ex husbands.Pinpointed my weight gain to him ((hey,have to blame him for something!!! lol))

Started last Spring when Beck moved in and I would go and pick her up for school.He made a huge to do about fave was pancakes and sausage,he also makes biscuits,bacon,eggs,french toast........on and on and on.So, I would go over there and eat a plate,have some coffee....slowly have been gaining since.

Today I did eat 2 french toast w/ syrup which has tons of carbs......I am just on my first 20 oz's.

Trying to see if I can pull this day into a positive one.NEED to get out for a walk, won't even fuss about doing 3 miles,just need to refocus and have a good dinner,and finish the water to 64 oz........blah,blah,blah.....

How are you all doing???

Oh, Marti.I had a TOM to in my past.........:) I agree with Jana, you probaly are losing weight.....just need to get on that scale and see!!! lol.. Don't like walking in the rain either! Have to do it between rain showers, though it is nice out now. :)

Best get........

:sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

02-18-2004, 04:50 PM
:sunny: "I've got sunshine.....on a cloudy day....." :sunny:

Afternoon ladies--

The sun is out and I didn't go to school!! I don't have a prom dress to buy but I liked the idea of not going!! :D Actually I felt extremely worn out and when I got up this morning (around 5:00) I dreaded trying to drive while tired. So James asked if I had any test and suggested I stay home. Who could resist an offer like that??

Spent the morning tidying up....Shanna will be over to check out the scrapbooking shows I recorded on DIY and to visit. Was going to go for a walk but I really need to shower and primp myself up a bit before I show my face to the neighborhood! :p They already seen me running after my dog this morning! Darn thing went chasing after a cat---towards the road!! I was so MAD at him!! We don't have a fence to block off the open areas yet, and both dogs have done well since we've moved in back in August....and last night and this morning...something got into him. Boy was he in TROUBLE! :rollpin: He didn't like the ruler I held in my hand and a light swat on the butt made him cry! (felt bad, but I didn't hit hard, just lightly to get my point across...he just knew he was in trouble!) So our female noticed all the commotion and did her thing and came right back indoors. (good girl!)

So that is how my morning has started!

Angie--what are your plans for your hair? Are you still wanting Purple & Orange or do you have something else in mind? You have got to let me know just how bright you were talking...because when I pictured those colors together,,,,it was something else!! At least we know you like included!! :D

Jana--You think I'm thinner???? If only the rest of me was following my face! It was funny because yesterday I was staring at my face in the mirror that is in our dining room and James gave me this strange look and asked me what was wrong....I told him that I guess I'm not as ugly as I thought I was! :lol: He just gave me this "Whatever" look. The first place I notice the weight loss on me are my hands, my back and then my abs. My gut and butt are slow to follow. Used to be my boobs too, but then I fixed that! :D

Susan--Sounds like you and your ex have a good relationship. That's always good when children are involved. I used to think that couples who get along after the divorce were crazy, but now I understand. James and I had Thom over a few times and we've even had him over for dinner. Last year he was invited for Thanksgiving, but wasn't able to make it. People may think it's bizarre...but it works for us.

Cristi--I know you haven't posted since you're moving....I hope all is going well for you! And I hope all that snow is melting while you're moving!! Be careful!!

Hello to Kayecee, Shanna, & Katie!! :wave:

I need a shower, I will check in later tonight..


02-18-2004, 05:08 PM
Hey Marti,

I just put together a veggie/chicken soup!! Sounded good to me, just diced in 2 chicken breast and tossed that in, it is called "dinner" I will probably eat it over the next 2 days.

My Tom was my first husband , married him back in the mid 80's.We were married 2 years and that was enough for JUST got remarried this past summer,took him that long to recover from me probably.

My 2nd husband is Doug,we were married from 90 to 01. We worked together in property management on the coast,great co workers,great parents,not so good as husband and wife.
I will say he is 30 years older , he was 55ish when we married and I late 20' he just turned 70. So, he is the elderly grandpa in a shoe with teeny bopper girls running amok,plus Gaby.....just call it the looney bin.

Gaby LOVES her papa,he is very good with her.

We had a rough go after our divorce but this past year we have gotten along better.Though there is a time limit we can spend together before we get is still fatherly with me and I don't really like that......but he makes great pancakes!!! :)

So, soup is done and Gab is awake.........heading out for the walk!!

Sunny up north Marti !! Can't wait til Spring.....tell Shanna hi :)

:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

02-18-2004, 10:04 PM
Not much going on here. I worked my butt off today- dang- no, wait- it's still there! :( :lol: Then I went to college and paid my tuition for the course that I'm starting tonight. (over the internet :) ) When I got home, Mom had turkey and dressing made!!!! :hun: Woo Hoo! No cooking and a great meal! Yay! (Have I mentioned that I love living next door to my mommy? :D )

Shanna- Where are you girl? I'm stressing here! :stress: Visualizing you being arrested for buying an illegal gun and trying to explain to the cops about some fat Arkansas redneck chick causing your bug to break down on the interstate! :yikes: I'm trying to see if the Jerry Springer or Entertainment Tonight gives me the most money for an exclusive interview. ;)

Susan and Jana- Girls! You simply MUST live it up and get some more colors for your nails! :snooty: Y'all need to borrow some from me. I always go through the nail phase in spring and summer. I will go to the beauty shop twice a month and get my nails done. My favorite is the french manicure BUT when I'm in the mood, I'll change colors every night. And I'm not just talking pinks and reds- this girl wears blue, green, orange, purple, yellow, gold.... As a matter of fact, I was just thinking today that I'll probably go next month during Spring Break to have them put on. It was sooo sunny and beautiful here today and I can feel the Queen in me rising to the top. Mom gave me a certificate for Tuesday to get my hair cut and highlighted for Valentine's Day. I'm also going to let her do my eyebrows. So today, I thought: What the heck? I called and got an appointment for Wednesday to go and get contacts. Yep! The nail mood will definitely hit by March! :D Do y'all get into a self spring cleaning mood too where you makeover everything you can in the spring? I may even get rid of the mustache and shave the pits! :o :lol: :lol: :lol:

Marti- You are listed on my messenger list, so I don't know what happened. As for the dog- whip his little behind! :rollpin: I know that it wouldn't have helped you this morning, but I keep a spray bottle of water in the house. When I catch one of the little brats in the garbage or trying to hop up on the table, I spritz the heck out of them. :yes: They both HATE to get wet and it scares the bejeebers out of them. (Of course the minute I leave for work, they're probably peeing on the table leg and scooting their butts across the carpet in revenge! :devil: ) :lol:

Angie- Just one question for ya: Who's getting kicked off American Idol tonight- you or Skittles? :lol:

Well, gotta go climb Mount Washmore again. My partner and I have a meeting about an hour away from school tomorrow and it's my turn to drive so I also need to go tidy up the van. If not, she's gonna have cheetos in her hair and a sucker stuck to her butt by the time we get there. :o Night!

Uh... and Jana.... the FBI called me asking questions about Katie and truancy problems. :dunno: I tried to cover for ya but..... well, I'll be looking for ya on the next episode of Cops. :lol: (You were kidding about the weeks notice for family days weren't you? Geez.... during deer season, we're lucky to get half the boys in attendance! :D )

02-18-2004, 11:42 PM
Hi you crazy women!

Angie - the song you picked "Someone to Watch over Me" is a great one! I bet you'll do a great rendition and I wish I could hear it.

Susan - thanks for your kind words. Thankfully, my hair has grown out some. Do you live close to Doug? Is he the one fixing the French Toast that sounds soooooo yummy to this half-starved WWer? :dizzy:

Marti - wait, how in the world did you "fix" your boobs from losing when you lose weight??? I gotta hear this...

Kayecee - I have gobs of nail polishes in my Caboodle. "Spice" is just the newest flava, chickie. And my problem is that I tend to put it on too thick, instead of using 2 thinner coats! Haste makes waste and all that. I used to paint my nails all the time but got into a habit of using just clear for awhile but am back lookin' all doodled up again. Hold on a sec... the cast of Cops is at my door..... wonder who ratted me out!! Tee hee hee

I posted a pic of Katie's prom dress at the photo thread. She looks so pretty in it. After we got that, we went to Penney's and I got some capris and a shirts for ME on sale - plus, the clerk let me use a coupon that was not supposed to be good until tomorrow. :cp: I got $130 worth of stuff for $73. Almost 1/2 off! And this is the new Spring stuff, too.

Gotta go grab a shower... I'm pooped.

02-18-2004, 11:53 PM
Hi Jana & Kayecee,

LOVELY dress!!! I will post your bail if the cops take you away!!

I only have Heather Pearle for my nails. Is that boring?? I don't go out much, maybe that is why I am so stuck in a rut?? I don't know.

Yes, Doug makes the sinful french toast, sooooo good. I am 7 miles away from him. He has Gaby for me tonight so I need to trek back over there and get her.

I did manage a mile walk!! Good enough.I took Gaby to the park and we played, that was more important.

Need to get back to work :(



02-19-2004, 12:25 AM
Evening ladies--

Shanna & I had a great day yappin and doing a "little" scrapbooking. I can't even remember all that we talked about. We were both trying to figure out what would it be that really gave us a "kick in the pants" to start getting the motivation for losing weight....of coarse, we didn't come up with anything!! Gave up on the travel thing....just too much right now.


Kayecee--James decided to put a collar on Chewy and has this long chain/rope thing for when we take him out now. He can only go so far before he reaches the end. I don't know how long we'll do this, but long enough for him to know that Cocoa doesn't have to have it on and he does....maybe then he'll listen.

Jana--Great dress!! I never went to the prom so I don't have any pictures or memories for that day..... :( so make sure you get lots the night of prom and share with us!! Oh...hee-hee...the boob thing....remember when I said that I had them "adjusted" to be a bit bigger? Well, they tend to stay the size they are, I don't gain or lose there. Not that I have noticed anyway.

Susan--Going to the park and playing with the little one is ALWAYS more important than going for a walk! Plus, it's probably more exercise too!! more staying home from school. My three day weekend ended up being a five day to make sure all my homework is done......

Take Care ladies


02-19-2004, 12:50 AM
Hi ladies~

Just a quick post. I was tired before I started reading all the post and now I am really tired! :yawn: :tired: You ladies have been quite busy the last two days. I really hate missing a day because I have such a hard time catching up. :( And I am soooooo pooped.

Marti & Shanna~want to say :thanks: for the valentines I received yesterday. I hope things get better for both of you ladies. :grouphug:

Sorry, about not doing individuals ladies again I am so tired. I swear the last two days I have used muscles that I never knew I had. I don't know how I will make it through the weekend. We did some painting yesterday and boy taping all that was horrible. Will finish that tomorrow evening. And we will be completely moved in this weekend.

Marti~the pictures I posted were taken two weeks ago so the snow has melted. The bad news is there is a small chance of snow/rain Friday morning. :yikes:

Jana~Katie's dress is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I love the color.

Hi Kayecee, Angie, Susan, Katie and KAT, we miss you Kat! Glad to see ya posting.

Okay, ladies just wanted to say a quick HI and let ya know I am still alive. I was going to say alive and kicking but the kicking part ain't happenin'! Take care and I will try to catch up in the next few days. TTFN :)

da fat n da furious
02-19-2004, 01:17 AM
Was noticing 5 of us were on at the same time,,,that never happens.

First off Kaycee,,,you don't happen to be on meds are you? Just wondering... :crazy:
Im glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read the opening part of your post...Shanna and the gun :fr: ... You are giving me this image of Arkansaian I don't know what you call yourselves over

I have had the same nails for 4 years,,,french tip. I got crazy at Christmas and had her air brush some stars and angels on them.
And once when I went to NC for a power lifting contest I was the only Canadian woman I had my nail lady paint little red leaves on them.

Go rest your bones Cristi,,,and nice soak will help.

Susan,,,You couldn't get me to have another baby,,,and do the 2s again. Or 3s :yikes: , I found them even tougher...sorry I guess Im not helping.
Ill throw in all my nail polish in the package for you to some blue and crome pink in there.
I liked Doug when I met him,,,but I guess he would be on his best behaviour :angel: with a stranger :s: in the midst.

I had a blah day,,,did one load of laundry and that was it...didn't get out of my pjs except to shower and back on they went. I watched,,,Oprah and Dr Phil. I need to eat more leafy green stuff and tomatoes...

Hello to Katie and Shanna!


02-19-2004, 01:20 AM
I sure wish I could go to the prom!

Ok...maybe a 33yr old mingling with a bunch of 17 yr olds wouldn't be a good idea....but I would like to dress up! That is one thing that I miss about Sony...the holiday party was always a great excuse to buy a dress and get all dolled up!! I would have chosen a red dress the next year...but there was no next year.... :(

I forgot to post early.....I got the court date for the 9th!! And I'm hoping things will be fine for James and I to get married on the 24th. Oh my...aren't we cutting it close?? I've been with James 5 1/2 yrs. and the idea of it just gets me so a girl on her first date. (even though I never really went out on a "date"---what exactly happens there?) :dizzy:

Even though it's only going to be at the court house... I still wish you all could be there. And if James and I had decided to find money in our account and do a small wedding....I really don't have many friends....I was just realizing that. More of aquaintences. How sad is that? I'm so glad that Shanna & I have become more of friends since Sony closed. Of all my "friends" there...she is the one I still keep contact and is the only one who bothers to want to know how I'm doing. Oh well,,,every one else is missing out on a great friendship!!

Well...before I get all weepy for not having many friends...I will go...going to clean up my mess I left on the table.

May be back later....

da fat n da furious
02-19-2004, 01:32 AM
I know what you mean Marti, I didn't go to my prom. I was too pregnant and just didn't want to be seen. Funny thing is I used to always date guys who were graduating that year so I could be there for the dance and party.
And I miss big christmas parties...and the dress and all. Once I was doing this play,,,makeup and hair. And I had a Christmas party to attend after I had everyone done up for the show. I had long hair then,,,I had it in rollers when I got there,,,no makeup,,,cause I used the stage makeup...SHOWS no wrinkles or blemishes cause its so thick! My outfit was to die for...long shimmering silver skirt. Crinolin,,,and the top was like a cardigan set,,,silver grey. I had little grey pearls in my hair and I wore similar jewellery...I looked awesome!
For last years christmas party I wore a suede like long brown skirt, and crushed velvet top with feathers around the cuff...I wore it the year before for another party. Thing is I liked it till one of the feathers landed in my eye and it hurt like %^%@

Well I should get off of here and go make some soothing tea.

02-19-2004, 10:09 AM
Hi ladies,

Susan - Marti is right, playing with Gaby is lots more important than just walking.

Cristi - hope you don't work too hard today! But just think how nice it will all be after you get moved in.

Angie - your Christmas outfits sound so pretty.

Marti - so glad you are getting the court date you wanted. I wish we lived closer, cause I would come to your wedding for sure. Btw - I had forgot what you said about "the girls". I'm going to need mine lifted and plumped after I lose all this weight!

I didn't go to prom either! I was dating a soldier and we weren't sure if he could for sure be home that weekend, so I didn't want to waste my mom's $$ on a dress and stuff if I couldn't use it....

Today I am taking Makenzie grocery shopping with me. She is the energetic twin and doesn't miss a trick, so this will be an adventure.


02-19-2004, 12:07 PM
Good Morning!!

Wow, want a bunch of prom wanna be's!! I didn't go to a prom either,I am a high school drop out though!-lol-

Congrats on the court date Marti! That is really good news, kind amazed to learn you and James have been together 5+ years, thats a while.Wishing you both the best, and I would come to your wedding!! :)

What a horrible time to visit Angie!!! Doug & I had just broken up, tons of hostility in the air. He liked you to though, as will he you are a sweetie.

Hashbrowns,biscuits,eggs,bacon for breakfast here,,,,,,,I just know he is trying to keep me heavy!! I picked up an Atkins shake and banana for my breakfast,glared at Doug.......not eating his darn hashbrowns.Bought a new water bottle also......

Going to get my walk done now.

Take it easy Cristi!! Moving is a chore, thinking of you.

Better go. Hi to everyone!!


02-19-2004, 03:46 PM
My goodness , WHERE is everyone????
Just as well, I will talk about

Making a hamburger (7% fat)stew, as my chicken /veggie soup was eaten up yesterday.It smells really good, cooked the meat with chopped up garlic.

Walked 2.7 miles! My ex watched Gaby so I could get that done first thing.It felt really good to get this old body moving!!
Also, on my 50oz's of water!!
So, having a great day here in Portland.
Sun is even out shining.........

Jana, how did the shopping trip go with Mackenzie?? You are a good grandmother. My mom doesn't do that with Gaby, I wish she would. I guess the 1 night babysitting was 1 night too much for cause she doesn't want to do it anymore.Just as well because Gab was so fussy the next day.

Also,"mom" needs to lose 100 pounds and stop drinking her 12 pop cans of coke a day!! She is only 61 and walking with a cane because of a bad knee....geesh.

Not that I am resentful or

So, Angie. Did you get dressed today?? Make it to the post office?? What kind of cookies does Tanner make? He sounds so cute :)

Ahhhh, have to visit that bathroom again!!

Talk later
:doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh:

02-19-2004, 06:42 PM
Hi ladies~

Taking a break-finally! I had some errands to run this morning and then took a load of stuff over to the house. While there I put most of the clothes away in the closet, that only took an hour. Then put a border in the dining area-I am loving it! Unloaded the mini-van and then came home. DH & DS are loading the mini-van and truck and we are getting ready to head over again for the evening. Need to finish painting, put some shower doors in the main bathroom and that's it for the night, till tomorrow evening. We are hoping to get a U-haul at about 5 or 6 and take 1 or 2 loads over tomorrow night and then the rest Saturday.

Jana~I think it was you who asked about the colors we are painting?? Well...I was having a hard time deciding because I wanted yellow in the kitchen but...the kitchen, dining area and living room are all open to one another so if I paint the kitchen yellow the rest would have to be. Then I had to decide if I wanted to continue through the hallway, entry way and walls leading down stairs. At first I thought that is tooooo much yellow. :yikes: We figured it out and at first I thought it was too bright but I am liking it. I put a red border with baskets and sunflowers up today and I love it! I think we are going to put a chair rail under that. Anyway, those rooms are yellow, the main bath I am doing blue with a border, master bath-pink with this really pretty rose border. DS painted his room green, it actually looks pretty good. That's all we are doing right now. I will post some before and after pictures in a while.

Marti~we are your friends and I know how you feel. I don't really have any friends here in KS. After first DH passed, I found out who my true friends were and it didn't leave many, two to be exact. But it's hard because they live in CA. I had a problem after that trusting people and never got close to anyone. I built a wall around me and didn't want to let anyone in for a long time. I am glad you got the date you wanted. If I were closer I would be at your wedding. All this talk about prom, I never went to prom either. But this local radio station here has a prom every year for us older folks who never got to go to prom for some reason. I so wanted to go last year but couldn't. I swear though I am going to go one year. That is something I missed and feel like I really missed out.

Kayecee~like you I have so many colors of polish. But I get in moods where I usually will like a color and wear that one color all the time on my finger nails and do a different color on my toes every week. Here lately though I haven't done much polishing on either. I have been polishing my nails since I was 15 years old and I get a little tired of it. So I am giving my nails a break for a while. At least until all this moving is done. How are you feeling? Are you over the strep?

Susan~WTG on the water drinking and the walk! I need to get my booty in gear but I don't see it happening till after this is all over.

Angie~how is your painting coming along? Have you gotten everything done? If you're done you can come on over and help me. :D

Katie~hope you are doing fine, and not working too hard.

Guess I need to get off this thing ladies. The guys are almost ready to go. I will try to check in in the next few days, if not hope EVERYONE has a GREAT weekend! Take care all. :grouphug:

da fat n da furious
02-19-2004, 09:17 PM
Oh the joy of moving Cristi...once all is done you will have forgotten all about the work..I think when you move to a place you really want to move to its like childbirth,,,you forget all about the pain after you are there at the end. Im not done my painting,,,I need help to do it and no one will help me.
Yes Susan I got dressed...flipped up my hair,,,even put makeup on...and yes after checking the mail box I went to the postoffice,,,its on its way. I then went and had to almost beg on my knees to let me rent another movie...geesh Im on a roll. I have been late each and every time.
I went to the library to see if I could borrow Etta James' CD really am into the Jazzy stuff right now. Went grocery shopping,,,had to buy a new purse...ok I didn't have to,,,but wanted to. Its blue jean with little brown suede. It matched what I was wearing today.
Tanners hampster Skippy is still hanging in there. Normally they die after a couple of years and well its been 2 1/2 yrs now. Hes having troubles now thou,,,eeeww I feel so bad.
Well I better make some supper.

02-19-2004, 10:00 PM
Hello ladies--

I have been doing my power point homework since I've gotten home from school today!! Ok...I actually get up and walk away from it every now and then. I'm finding it frustrating that she keeps on piling on my assignments when we're all still trying to figure out how to do the rest!! Sheesh!! But I needed a break and I thought I would stop in and say "hello"!!

About the prom thing....(yes, I'm still stuck on that! :lol: ) I didn't go my senior year because my due date was the night of the prom. Of coarse, I was two weeks early, but I still didn't go because I had a "leakage" problem and I was suffering from the -post partum blues- giving him up for adoption was on my mind not prom. So... I will just make sure Jhanai is all dolled up for her night!

:flow1: Susan--Wow! Taking advantage of the great weather we're having aren't ya? Thats a good walk you put in today. I was going to walk today but I had to catch up on my Powerpoint. Nothing like stressing about a dead line!! I have four presentations due tomorrow by 2:00. I have 2 1/2 done...1 1/2 to go!

:flow1: Jana--How did the shopping go with Mackenzie? Did you have any "extra" items by the time you got to the check out stand?? :) I remember when Jhanai was about 2 yrs old. It was around Christmas and her dad and I took her to target to see what she found interesting so we could get it for her for gifts. Well, she was in the stuffed animal aisle and she would pick up a stuffed animal, find the nearest person and hand it to them and say "Merry Christmas" It was soo cute! And the funny thing is, everyone took the animal! (of coarse they would walk down the other aisle and back up behind her and put it back) but it was just sweet to see these people make my daughters day!

:flow1: Cristi--I like your color ideas! Your house sounds so cute! I can't wait to see it when you're finished. My house has mainly green all over. All of the wall are white though,,, except the kitchen. It had horrible wallpaper before so we had it repapered with some nice light green. Hard to explain but it looks good.

:flow1: Angie--I hope your purse matches more than just the outfit you're wearing today!! :D Otherwise, you'd have to buy many more purses to match every outfit you had! (wouldn't that be fun!) the only thing is the pain of transferring everything from one to the other!

:flow1:Kayecee--Shanna--Katie-- Hello to you girls.

I'm going to tackle some more powerpoint. And then around 9:00 I need to go watch my extreme makeover show! :D

Take care Ladies--


02-19-2004, 10:29 PM
Ok...... Ok...... Angie's right.... I reread my last post and I can tell I was in a really good mood cuz I sounded..... er.... uh.... medicated! :hyper: (I also want y'all to make note that y'all haven't heard a peep from Shanna- I'll bet she's in the cell next to Jana right now :yes: :judge: ) LOL

Got one word for our meeting today: BORING! I finally had to get up and go to the bathroom because my head was nodding. :tired: (YESSSS.... I was drooling too! :lol: ) Then I got home and had leftovers at Mom's (I have mentioned that I love living next door to my mommy, haven't I?) :D Now I'm gonna go crash.

Jana- Gee, girlie! I wouldn't know why the cast of Cops was at your door! :nose: Pretty, pretty prom dress! How did shopping with Makenzie go? You sure scored at Penny's. Right now I have 2 styles: dresses or Just My Size stretch jeans. I'd love to be able to wear something sleeve-less (and a size 2 :wizard: ) LOL It's been so long since I have worn pants with pockets.

Susan- Hope you have enough bail money for Shanna too! :lol: (I swear officer, I don't know why she blames her totaled bug on me! :nose: I have no idea why she was after me. :nose: ) WTG on all the good stuff you are doing. Aren't the sunny days uplifting? I seem to feel so good this week and I think it's because we have seen the sun every day! :flow1:

Marti- See! I knew everything would work out! :goodvibes Wish we could all be there for the wedding! My mom is my best friend. Besides her (and all you lovely ladies) I have 1 other CLOSE friend. That's it. And I didn't go to my senior prom- my best friend was the Pentecostal preacher's daughter. Nuf said. :angel: LOL I'm really glad Chewy was o.k. Right now Buttons is mad at me. Both dogs went out to pee this morning (since we live in the country, I don't have to watch them like hawks) Anyway, they didn't want to come back in and ran around playing in the dirt for a while. I didn't have time to bathe them before going to school so I locked them in the bathroom. Abbie Rose snuck out of the house this afternoon when Landon got home and ran to my mom's- who promptly gave the smelly little doggie a bath. Of course, Buttons didn't know this, and now he's giving me the evil eye after getting scrubbed from head to toe. I know he wonders why in the world he had to have a bath and Abbie Rose didn't. :lol:

Cristi- Oh, hon, I know you have to be so sore! I know you can't wait to be finished. I hope you got a lot done today! The colors sound pretty. I'm a "green" person myself. Every room in my house (except the kids' bedrooms and bath) is green. I even painted my laundry room- ceiling and all- a deep hunter green. :D

Angie- We call ourselves Arkansans- the rest of you may call us Royalty! :queen: LOL Let's see.... a singing, acting, power-lifting Canadian with purple hair and a green hickie on her butt? Gee hon- I think I want your autograph! :love: :D Do you still do any power lifting? The heaviest weight I lift is usually the television remote! :lol: The Christmas outfits sounded lovely. I had a friend in college who wore a sweater with little feathers around the collar- somehow she managed to suck one up her nose in class- IT WAS NOT A PRETTY SIGHT! :no: I hope Skippy's feeling better.

Well, see y'all girlies later. (Oh Shanna- where are you?????)

02-19-2004, 10:45 PM

Girl...I laugh everytime I read your post!! You just crack me up. Especially your comments to Angie!! (Sorry Angie)

I see you're online here, but for some reason I don't see you in my messenger. Are you using a different e-mail address? That may be what's going on if you are. Other wise....we'd be yappin.

Anyway...just wanted to say hi since you posted soon after I did. Didn't want to leave you out!

This powerpoint is giving me a headache. I just turned in two of the presentations, I'm in the middle of the last, and I need to go into class tomorrow and see what I'm doing wrong. Nothing like working up to the last minute!! I go again......


02-19-2004, 10:49 PM
Sorry- I was lazy when I logged on my puter earlier and just exited out of Messenger without signing on. I have a shortcut on my desktop to the Jaded Ladies page so I don't have to log on to my home page or anything to access it. I'll make sure I sign in from now on.

02-19-2004, 10:52 PM
Oh,Marti.You are so creative! I love what you did with the little suns :flow1: by the names!!
lol.......thinking I should expand my world?? It is cute though!!
Power Point?? You mean as in computer :comp: power point? We have that kind of training through the housing authority, I should take advantage of it while I can.Would love also to type faster,this 20 wpm is a chore.

Cristi- I did see your house a while back.It looks great and I wish you and your family many,many happy :balloons: :balloons: years there!

I am happy to hear you got dressed Angie!!! :cheer: You are so funny,any plans for the weekend??

My mom took Gab for me, so I guess I will have to take back my resentment. :mad:

VERY nice here, tomorrow will be just as sunny. :sunny: So look forward to another long walk. Hope to keep it up,it is a challenge to find time with little Gaby tagging along. Really need that jogging stroller.

So, I guess that is it for now.Would love to hear what you all have planned for the weekend!! :idea: :idea:

02-19-2004, 11:54 PM
Susan- Do you have a regular stroller? That always worked well for me. I liked the umbrella ones- lightweight, easy to carry and less than 20 bucks. I always wanted a jogging stroller but never seemed to get the money. Those things are expensive. It's supposed to be sunny here for the next week- I am sooo glad too- it's done wonders for my mood. Night.

02-20-2004, 02:07 AM
Hi Kayecee,

I am heading home. I was going to say that I do have one of those umbrella strollers.
I am just having a problem when I get on the gravel pushing it and seem to get stuck in pot holes.
I know I have SUCH problems! :)
It seems somewhat flimsy for the pace I would like to walk.I didn't want to have to stop every so often to readjust. If that makes sense??
I saw a used Gerry jogging stroller for $70 , thought that was a good deal.Certainly it will be a used item and not new. I saw where the child can be up to 50lbs, so with Gab being 32 lbs now..........I can probably get some good use out of it??
Also, I would really like to start running once I get back in shape,always been a dream.Maybe kind of silly but I like the idea of even running marathon races.
They have a Hood to Coast here in Portland that looks SO fun to be involved with.....

Oh, geez.I better head home!

You ARE funny, thanks for making us all laugh :)

:thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

da fat n da furious
02-20-2004, 03:22 AM
:flow1: I just had to have one of them flowerey things too. DAng the enter button is acting up again...its every time Tanner plays his war games and now Monte has gotten into playing a pirate game...hes soo cute. He tells me hes going to go rape and pilage (not that i actually think thats funny but he says it like Billy Crystal in Princess Bride) :joker: Kaycee, I don't power lift like I was,,,600 lbs per lift 40x for leg press :strong: . Now I do light weights 250-300. And I haven't really done much for my upper body,,,since I tore the rotorary cuff last year. I did have a couple of cortisone shots. Skittles is in heat and cranky right now :mad: ,,,I promise to get her fixed once this is done. I just don't think our family can handle 2 women with their periods...maybe thats why God gave me only boys? :fr: :flow2: The weather was so warm today...summer is feeling so close,,,yet Heather talked to her best friend whos in Nova Scotia,,,they are under 60 cm which is like 45 inches of snow. They are calling it a storm ball or something? :doh: I called one of the girls I worked with and made plans to go to a karioke on Sat. Well Im off to bed now...night all :bubbles: Angie

02-20-2004, 09:05 AM
Good morning ladies!

OMG - I can barely see from the glare off those pulsating flowers!!

Susan - maybe we oughta have a Jaded Ladies Prom, lol. I'm sure I would look lovely in hot pick sequins. I am really proud of you for turning down the breakfast from Doug, and eating healthy! Also for walking - you go girl!! I have been 100% OP all week! Yes, I did have a blast with Makenzie. She got some Strawberry Shortcake shortcakes, some Sesame Street stickers and some pink sparkly hangers for all her new clothes. (and some for Madi, too)

Cristi - your yellow and sunflowers sound so very pretty! I hope you are getting enough rest through all this. Like Angie said, it will be so worth it after it's all done. I can't wait to see pictures!

Angie - I just love new purses and have all colors. I change mine to match my shoes all the time. But I keep all my small stuff in a clear cosmetic bag so it transfers easy. Sorry about Skippy. He's not in any pain, is he?

Marti - Katie is doing Powerpoint in school now. She has a partner and they are doing a report on an author. The partner is a guy, and Katie says she'll be the one doing most of the work, lol.

Kayecee - we have a doggie door, and I had it blocked off yesterday because my dogs got so muddy. The temp got to about 60, so it sure didn't hurt them. But I just hate it when Chloe jumps on my bed after being out in that stuff! Speaking of the color green, I have green in my living room and kitchen with clay and wood accents.

Today is payday so I have to pay the bills. I'll be so glad when our van and truck are paid off!

BTW - I started a new thread for photos since the other one was getting so long. Feel free to cut and paste links! Or I can do that for you... just let me know.


02-20-2004, 01:55 PM
Good Morning Jana,

Do they have Claire's where you live?? My girls like to go there and shop.They have some cute hair things and such,was just thinking of Mackenzie Forgot about Strawberry Shortcake!! We are SO stuck on Clifford. Though to think of it there was a Strawberry Shortcake cake at the store.

I had a can of solid albacore tuna,a slice of cheese (1gram of carbs!, though somewhat fatty) cauliflower (yes, this is and 3 homemade oatmeal sister made them ,couldn't resist.I WAS looking for some oatmeal to make but didn't have that was my second
So,thinking that is 600 calories just right there?? Oh, did have an 700??
I will just watch it for the rest of the day and go for my walk and do the water thing.Probably will just be lucky to maintain at 158 tomorrow.

Prom dresses sound like fun!! All the JL's that meet this summer can get all dolled up and take pictures in their dresses.Kayecee can bring all her nail polish and Ang her hair dyes.........sure you all will just look to die for!!!! lol

I better get busy.SOOOOOO happy the weekend is near!

da fat n da furious
02-20-2004, 02:11 PM
I had to deal with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Tails Spin, and am still dealing with Spong Bob...when do they stop watching cartoons? Im so glad their done watching Ugio I can't spell it but Im just glad thats done.
When I was a kid it was Sesame Street and Mr Dress up. And years later I got to bring Brandon who was like 3 yrs old to meet Mr/ Dress up I embarrassed myself by going up there seeing him and breaking down crying. To this day I don't know why...Im guessing cause he was like the idea of my childhood that was good.

I just finished making Tanners resume...yes hes the 11 yr Can't start them too young up here in Canada. Actually we are meeting an agent for dinner tonight. Am I nervous? YA! I do know her a bit,,,but still the thought of my baby getting rejected. And his blue hair..* gulp hopefully she has a good sense of humour. I wish you guys could see his pics. One is of him all clean cut looking the and the other is of him a couple of weeks before the show was on stage,,,which means no hair cut for like 4 months. Shaggy rug!
Well I should GET DRESSED...and get myself going.

02-20-2004, 02:31 PM
Yes, Angie do get dressed :)

I was thinking a great strore for you to work at would be Home Depot?? Since you are so handy around the house or even Michael's?

Both your boys sound really great. Cross Fingers for tonight with the meeting!!

Beck is into Sponge Bob, Rach is into that bunny.They sell him at Claire's, darn don't know the name.

Anyway, waiting for it to warm up for a walk.Suppose to reach 55/60 today! Going to take Gab ,so will walk at the park where there is a nice path.Just walk for 50 minutes and call that 3


da fat n da furious
02-20-2004, 03:46 PM
Im dressed and looking not Funny what a little water and makeup can do.
I have like 3 load of laundry to wash...have got 4 loads folded and waiting to be put can one family have some much laundry all the time? Ok sure Brandon is so big only 3 pairs of his jeans fit in my extra large washing machine but still...
Im going to the store to visit with the girls today. I got a call from one of the ladies I worked with. Ok Ill go try on clothes....geesh lol
Well I better get going....

02-20-2004, 09:25 PM
How are all you lovely chickies this fine evening? (See I told ya the sunny days are good for my mood! :flow1: ) Nothing much happened today. Just a long boring day because I had to do some testing and catch up on all my paperwork. :p And of course, we're outta leftovers so I had to cook when I got home. :stress: *hee hee* I just made my poppyseed chicken so I had an easy dinner! :hun: Sitting here procrastinating about cleaning the house. :D Tim got paid and we're thinking of heading out and finding a hotel to spend the night in tomorrow night. (yes..... the kids are going too... I told Marti that's the easiest and cheapest birth control I know :lol: )

:flow2: Shanna- Come on girlfriend..... get back over here and talk to us. We really miss you. I'll post your bail if you'll just say a few words. Pretty please. :balloons: We may not be able to make everything fabulous, but it sometimes helps to vent. :rain: *whine*

:flow2: Angie- Oooooo..... rape AND pillage? What game in particular is that... maybe I can get Tim to play. :D Did you say 600 POUNDS?!? :yikes: Uh.... ya know Angie... I've always liked you... have I told you lately that I think you're the best chick on here?... Yeah... you're my favorite..... (please don't hurt me! :eek: ) LOL I bet Tanner's pictures look great. :goodvibes for the meeting. Good Lord- I don't even want to think about 45 inches of snow! :faint: They won't see daylight until September!

:flow2: Susan- Yeah, the umbrella strollers aren't very good in gravel. 70 bucks sounds pretty good for the jogging one. Did you get your 50 minutes in today?

:flow2: Jana- Yeah, I know! I think I burned a retina in my eye when I read Marti's post! :cool: *teasing* So looks like we all like the color green in decorating. :) (Well, Angie likes it on her butt- wait!... sorry... I meant to say she looks fetching in green.... yeah, that's it.... beautiful... :D ) I'm with you on the dogs. I usually try to make the doggies come straight in after being "good dogs" and I hate it when they roll around in the dirt and come and hop up on the couch or bed. Well, if you didn't pay enough bills, I gotta truck payment and a doctor bill you can have. :lucky:

:flow2: Cristi- How's the aching muscles? Did you get a lot of decorating done? You'll have to post pictures of the yellow walls and sunflowers. It sounds so pretty.

:flow2: Marti- OMG! You haven't posted?!? :eek: Are ya sick? Did ya die? Are ya in jail with Shanna and Jana? (I knew those girls were a bad influence! :nono: ) LOL Enjoyed the chat last night.

:flow2: Katie- Haven't seen you either. Am I gonna have to come and round some of y'all up? Don't y'all make me get ugly.... O.k..... uglier... :sumo:

Well, gonna go surf a little. Check in later. :wave:

02-20-2004, 09:31 PM
Oh yeah! How's Skippy?

02-20-2004, 10:31 PM
Waaaaa....... I'm all by my widdle wonesome.... where are all you girls.... I'm bored.... waaaaa.......

02-20-2004, 11:58 PM
Evening ladies--

:wave: Jana-- Hurray for you for being 100% OP this week!!! :cp: I'm not doing as well...I've ate one meal everyday all week. And maybe something small to snack on.....loss of appetite. :stress: But I'm going to do better this week coming up!

:wave: Susan--Clifford, Strawberry Shortcake, Barney.....hmmm....what did Jhanai like? :chin: She went through a lot...have any of you heard of the "Puzzle People" ? She fell in love with that show...and sometimes it didn't come in very well and boy was she upset when that happened. :fr: She has all 6 of the dolls. I don't even think they play that anymore. Then she moved onto Blues Clues...and at the's the bratz dolls. (when she's in the mood to be my little girl and play!!)Growing up too fast!!

:wave: Angie-- It is AMAZING what a little water and makeup can do!! :lol: I'm so glad to hear that you're cleaning up and getting dressed!!*hee-hee* :D During the winter break,,, I don't think I had many days of getting dressed and it seemed that I was allergic to the shower for a day or two so I probably looked AND smelt bad!! :yikes: It's a wonder that James is still living with me!!

:wave: Kayecee-- You poor thing....all alone today....well that may serve you right for taking off for weeks at a time having us wonder where the :censored: you were at!! (Just teasing you) I drove home as fast as I could today (without getting caught for speeding) so I could finish up my Powerpoint and turn it in before the time limit. I had wanted to get some help in class or get suggestions or what not thinking we'd have a lab day...NOOOO,,, she had to waist our time going over things that we already knew. You could hear all through out the class what a waist of time this was. I managed to figure out one of the assignments then I turned it in on time, then said to :censored: with the other one, that one will be turned in late. Anyway...I've been catching up on homework...then I took a nap. So tired lately! :tired:

:wave: Cristi--I got your letter today! Boy, I couldn't believe it when I got it in the mail today....all your time spent on moving and painting and you found time to print out and mail your change of address!! You are amazing!! The next time I need something typed out and mailed, I will give you a buzz! :callme:

:wave: Shanna-- You need to pop in and let us all know how you're doing! Ok,, I called you today, I know how your I will share with these girls...she has had a headache all day and it's not going away....(I probably gave it to her the day she came over!) :sorry: Hope you get to feeling better.

:wave: Katie--How are you doing?? Hope all is well. I want to thank you again for all the little addies to the scrapbook sites!! I have been going back and forth with all of them!! :hyper: The creativity these women have!! I'm still trying to get my next page down...not having luck. I'm striving for better each time!

Well ladies....I chose to give you each individual "hellos"...I hope that's better on the eyes than the flowers.
Oh..Kayecee--who were you addressing when you asked how skippy was? Who has a skippy? Such cute names for our animals don't you think?

Ok...I've got some stuff to do and I may check in later.

Take Care

02-21-2004, 12:24 AM
Oh, Skippy is Tanner`s hamster?? I think that is it. Belongs to Angie,like she doesn't have enough j/k

I am in a foul mood. I probably shouldn't even be here but I am.
I didn't walk 50 minutes. I did walk about 20 or so minutes. Beck & Gab came with me. Beck shot hoops and Gab & I walked over to the play area and she had fun going down the slide. I think we were there for an hour or so.

I think I have 50oz's of water &*&%$ tired of water!!

I just had a tough day because I told John we should just cool it on the visiting idea. I don't want to go to Arkansas, no offense Kayecee -lol- I just don't want to do this anymore. I think I kind of knew it for a while but it is still hard.Worse because I opened my mailbox and there was a notice to pick up a late valentine box from him.So, that is the *&^%$.
He is a sweet man, he just will have to be the one to move. I am not leaving Rach & Beck behind.

I also went to McDonalds and bought a cobb salad and a bacon chedder hamburger,with a large root
OMG.......just a calgon take me away day!!! Certain it is all due to #@%^|&* emotional.I am also so *&%$ tired of city life I could @#$% scream!!

hmmm,I best go. -lol- I also have a sinus think coming on....poor,poor me.....

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

02-21-2004, 03:23 AM
Hello again--

Trying to get some idea's for my page of Jhanai.....I'm in a slump...or would I call it Scrapbookers block??

Susan--There is no problem with you coming here to vent or let it matter what mood you may be in. It helps to let it out so you don't feel it's all bottled in. I believe we've all done it....

I'm sorry to hear about the trip to Arkansas. You were just going to go for a visit weren't you? I think it would be a great idea if he could be the one to come and visit you, especially with three kids. Does he have any of his own?? If so, I'm sure he understands.

And about Micky D's....we need something like that every once in awhile. You've been doing fabulous so I don't think one night eating a burger and drinking a soda is going to do any damage.

I hope you went and had a long soothing soak in the tub. That always relaxes the body. I would love to have that luxury...but for some reason..when my grandpa tore out the old plastic tubs in this house...he just replaced them with showers!! But I'm not complaining, I love this house.

Ok...just wanted to pop in say hello...
hope the rest of your night is better.


02-21-2004, 03:31 AM
Oh yeah.....

I have this photo of Jhanai that I want in the scrapbook. It's of her out in the back yard of our last house. (this was taken a couple years ago) Anyway...she had captured a catepillar then stuck it in a fish bowl....all excited to watch it wrap into a cocoon....anyway...long story short....

This is what I typed out for the journaling for the page....what are your opinions?

You went searching and found what you were looking for--a caterpillar. You wanted to watch it transform, from a caterpillar, to cocoon, to butterfly--in this case a moth. But you didn't care you captured it anyway and created a home in a fishbowl with leaves and twigs.
The results--a moth was born, and the day you took it out to free it, it wasn't quite ready! It wanted to explore the little girl who gave it a home during it's tranformation. It crawled up your little arm. You were so excited!! It was an amazing sight to see. And I was so glad to have captured that cherish forever.

Ok...need opinions. Feel free to critique it in anyway. The photo is of Jhanai with her arm held out, with this tiny little moth (pretty one I must add) crawling up her arm. I also have one somewhere with it perched on her finger...but I can't find it! I think I may have given it to someone.

Ok....keep typing...this is getting long.....
I await the opinions.


02-21-2004, 10:06 AM
Just a quick post- we're gonna just start driving in a little while. Don't know where we'll end up tonight. :D I probably won't get to check in for the rest of today and maybe tomorrow. It's pretty warm here now, so we may head up close enough to our place in the hills to go fishing.

Susan- YOU DON'T WANNA VISIT ARKANSAS?!? Hmmmmm..... wonder why. Seriously, we're not all crazy redneck .... :chin: K..... most of us are. :lol: No, most Arkansans are normal. Not all of us has a family tree with one branch. :lol: After all, Clinton is from Arkansas.... wait... I'm not helping with that one, am I? :lol:

I really don't blame you for not wanting to leave your children behind. I know I couldn't do it. What does he do and does he have kids? Maybe he needs to come and see you first. Here are some :goodvibes Whenever you need to vent, feel free. We all do it. :D

Marti- Yep, nothing like the rush of turning in a late assignment! :D I should know, I did that a couple of times myself. :D Did you figure everything out? If you have any questions, post them and maybe some of us can help. I hate when instructors drone on and on over nothing. :rolleyes: Tell Shanna we hope she is feeling better. I haven't seen the page you were talking about, but the journaling sounds good. I'll try to log onto your albums later and look at it if you have a picture up.

Hey to everyone else! Well, I'm off. See all you chickies tomorrow. Have a great weekend! :wave:

02-21-2004, 11:37 AM
Hi Ladies,

Susan - Hope you are feeling better today. (((((hugs)))) for you!! Yes, there is a Claire's and an Afterthoughts (like Claire's) in Evansville at the mall. That's where we got Katie's necklace and earrings for the prom. About the rabbit - is it the one who says things like "boys are stupid" and "you smell like butt"? LOL, Katie was telling me about those!!

Angie - I never heard of Mr. Dress Up.... Is it like GI Joe trying on Ken's stuff - lol!! Mary was into Strawberry shortcake back in the day, and also Rainbow Brite, Punky Brewster and Care bears and Cabbage patch kids. Katie had Pound Puppies, Barney and Muppet babies. My son who is 32 had Mr. Rogers, Romper Room, Stretch Armstrong, Rubix Cubes, and uh.... I forget what else!!

Kayecee - hey, I'd like to visit Arkansas.... and probably will sometime. Where did you guys end up going for the weekend? Time away is so fun! We've been doing alot of that since mil passed away.

Marti - Why have you had a loss of appetite? If you are eating just one meal a day, you're doing much better than me! Your journaling for Jhanai's pic sounds just right... be sure and show us when it's done, 'k?

Cristi - I'm with Marti - when in the world did have time to do that cool letter?? I'm impressed!

Well, ladies, I am down 1 1/4 more pounds. Or 5 sticks of butter! YAY!!

Gina and the kids are coming over afterwhile. For the newbies here, Gina is the woman my son goes with. They are thinking about moving in together. I just love her, and couldn't pick a better person myself! And my son loves the kids as though they were his own, and they call me grandma. He changed his first poopy diaper last night and said he almost threw up, lol. Boy, he's got a long way to go, lol.

Gotta go get cleaned up... pass the water and the make-up, Angie!