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02-16-2004, 08:08 AM
Well, I've been up for 1/2 hour, updated my weight chart, entered my eating plan into FitDay, had my coffee, and stepped onto the scale to discover that I am holding stead for the 3rd day -- a good sign after the pig-fest over a week ago!

For those of you who met your Valentine's goal -- YOU ARE AWESOME! For those of you who made it half way up the mountain, don't forget that the St. Paddy's Day and Easter Challenges are still going strong!!!!

I was supposed to be having an "art day" today with my students, but got so caught up with other things this weekend that I forgot to shop for supplies. This has been so typical of me lately as my brain gets side-tracked onto other matters! :dizzy: So, it's hi-ho, hi-ho, off to work I try to pull some magic out of the hat!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Those of you in the big chill states try to keep warm and those of us in the warmer climates will send you warm fuzzy thoughts to help that along!

02-16-2004, 08:48 AM
:sunny: Good Morning Everyone :sunny:
Last night walking through Target I ran across the 6second ABS thingy, so I picked it up. YEAH! finally got something in this little town of ours. Would figure when I searched a week ago it was nowhere to be found. Anyway tried it out but I don't think I'm doing it right.. hmmm dunno.. I seem to have felt it more in my arms and back then my tummy. I'll play with it again today.
I'm not feeling up to par today, I don't really want to go to work but I suppose I should. Can't make money staying at home :( So I'm off, you all have a great day!

02-16-2004, 08:52 AM
Morning ladies
Well floor is all set for the tiles today so after work that is my plans is to lay tiles.
Geeze prep work takes more time then the actual work.
I work till 2 today only so after my stop at grocery store I am home to do my bathroom.

Oh work at kfc and did look at the marinade the other day and NO there IS NOT sugar in the marinade. The chicken comes in cut but we marinade and bread it so unless they inject it at the factory doesn't come from us. I will read the breading mix today to see. Other night I ha the cook cook 2pcs with nothing just fried. Was actually good.

Hope everyone has a Good day and stays OP

Tummy Girl
02-16-2004, 09:52 AM
Morning, I'm a little late today so only a quick :wave: this morning. vday was great, spent the weekend at our favourite hotel and down 2 more lbs this morning so life is dandy. As I was updating my weight chart, only 25lbs to go. It's honestly just beyond comprehension to think that 67% is gone. But I'm with Star on the body image not catching up as fast as the weight is going but it'll come with work. Hope everyone's got over the weekend "blues"!


02-16-2004, 10:20 AM
Spedmom--Hope your day goes well. I hear you on the mind going in millions of directions. Lately I've had that problem also. How'd the rabbit come out of the hat? :lol:

Trazzie--Hope you're feeling better!

jjcj--Isn't it amazing how you have to plan so hard for the floors only to take half the time actually getting it done? I've gotta admit I can't wait until we're done remodeling this house!! Can't finish the kitchen til it gets a little warmer so I can stain the ceiling wood planks. UGH!!!! Isn't spring EVER going to get here?

Tummy Girl-- Congrats on the 2 pounds gone!!! Bet that's a great feeling!

Well, I stepped on the scale and no damage done after eating those LC brownies and pistacchios. I'm hoping this week I can actually take a loss. I need to start exercising again. I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to that though. I hate to exercise. But I'm thinking that's where most of my problem is coming from. And maybe if I exercised I wouldn't want to eat chocolate so much. :lol: I can delude myself alot. Ok, maybe if I exercised I could eat MORE chocolate and have it not affect my weight loss. Now THAT sounds right, huh? lol My kids have off school today. Oldest has an ortho appointment and after we get home, they get fed, the youngest is going on to one of her friends to play. So it's just one DD and me today. I'll probably try and talk her into doing tae-bo with me. Much more fun exercising w/someone.

Well, I've got to eat breakfast yet--so you all have a great day and I'm sure I'll be back again later :)

02-16-2004, 10:51 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Glad to see everyone is up and at it this morning, busy busy bee's.

Brenda I am with you on the exercise ICK ICK ICK, but I think it sunk in this weekend that I really need to move my *** if I want this weight to start coming off, there's just no way around it. DARN DARN DARN.. You know I like exercising w/some one but I remember walking w/my neighbor and getting all frustrated that she was never on time, so I've learned to do it myself. We are finishing a room in my house that is basically our attic/storage room, its going to be an exercise/play room (instead of my living room OY), so by this weekend it should be all done, hubby is wonderful. I can't wait to get the eliptical and all the toys out of my living room so I can feel human again lol.... so I am thinking of looking into a bike, something small and simple but if I tell hubby it will be something big, he always out does himself. So mum's the word... shhhhhh.

Gee, I can't even remember what I was going to say this morning..... OY.



02-16-2004, 11:00 AM
But I'm with Star on the body image not catching up as fast as the weight is going but it'll come with work

Isn't that the truth, I am 5'10" and when I weighed 150 lbs, I STILL thought I was fat, I had a little pop belly and thats all my dang eyes kept focusing in on when I looked in the mirror or passed a window. Instead of seeing how nice my legs looked, it was that dang belly. GRRRRRRRRRRROWL !!!

02-16-2004, 11:08 AM

Today was an AWESOME weigh in, just 5.5 pounds away from onederland. I cannot believe that I have lost 28 pounds since January 2nd, that is just so great :) I have been losing slowly for the past couple of weeks, so I am going to try testing my body & giving up cheese for three days & see what happens. I think I eat to much cheese, and that might be what is making my weight loss the past couple of weeks slow way down. Hopefully that will kickstart things a little bit.

I went out & bought the 6 second abs at Target last night, and it really works well, I feel the burn when I am done with my workout. I did that workout this morning, plus lunges, squats, stretches, and an arm workout, I am going to be going 5 miles on my Elliptical pretty soon. I am so shocked that I am not the couch potato anymore. I am liking this awesome transformation that I see in the mirror, and I will bust my butt till I reach my goal.

Paula- have a great day today :)

Trazzie- I bought the 6 second abs last night too, and I feel the burn. I turned off the DVD & continued to do it on my own even after the workout was over. There is NO way that I can do the one where you lean back & lift your legs up, I dont think my body is that strong yet. Hang in there, you will notice a difference in the way your clothes fit soon if you continue to use it. I also feel it in my arms more, but my stomach also feels it.

jjcj - have fun laying the tiles!!

Tummy girl - Congrats on the two pounds, great job!!!

Brenda - exersize is th key! I bet if you make up your mind to do a little each day this week than you will have a loss when you weigh in next week :)

Have a great day ladies :)

02-16-2004, 11:54 AM
Paula: I guess I have to look forward to the Easter Challenge. My Valentine's Day Challenge was a huge bust! :(

Trazzie: Hope you get to feeling better!

Jjcj: Good luck with the re-tiling.

Tummy: Congrats on the two-pound loss!

Brenda: Exercise can do wonders for you!

Leenie: Enjoy your new exercise room.

Hillary: You are doing awesome!! Way to go on losing 28 pounds!! :cb:

The weekend was pretty good. Didn't do anything on Valentine's Day. :( But, yesterday, we went out to eat and to see "Miracle." (Not my choice for a movie, but oh well!) Oh, and yesterday afternoon we went to see Air Force One land. That was pretty fun. We were watching the Daytona 500, and we had seen that the president was leaving, so we rushed over to Tampa to see the plane land. (DH is a big aviation enthusiast, so he really loved it.)

I've been in a funk lately. Weight isn't coming off. If anything, it's coming back on. I hadn't cheated until this weekend. I feel like I'm doing everything right. I'm even exercising. ARGH! Sometimes it is hard to come here and see everyone losing so much weight every week when I can't even manage a solid loss over a month! Anyway, I'm just frustrated and depressed at the whole weight-loss process. I got really upset this weekend when I noticed all the skinny people being able to eat French fries, chocolate, ice cream, popcorn, etc., etc., etc. Why do they get to eat it? Why are they skinny? Do they worry about every piece of food that goes in their mouth? Or, are they able to enjoy treats like that with no guilt? Why do I have to watch every little thing that I eat, and I'm still fat??? Anyway, with thoughts like that, I'm sure you can tell that it lead to lots of eating! So, after some Chinese food and popcorn, I'm back where I started. Upset and frustrated!

I am so sorry for the rant/whining/downer of a post. It's just how I've been feeling lately, and I'm not sure how to get myself back on track. :(

I hope all of you are doing well! Have a great Monday!

Take care,

02-16-2004, 12:08 PM
Jina- I am sorry that you are feeling so down, I know with me, if the numbers dont go down, than I am depressed, which is why the scale can be EVIL, EVIL, EVIL ;) What you need to do is take one day at a time, you did not gain this weight overnight, and it will not disappear overnight either. If you are working out you might be gaining muscle, which is so much better than gaining FAT. If you are not losing for quite a long period of time, try tweeking your plan a little bit. Are you having enough carbs during the day? Eating to much cheese, or using to many Atkins packaged products which CAN stall people? I was somewhat stalled for a few days last week & ate some pistachio's, and started losing again. Now I eat a small handful everyday & I lost 2 pounds this week.

Do not give up, do not let this frustrate you, you know that by eating this way, you are much healthier than you were before, so go on how your body feels, and feel great about that. Your weight WILL come off, you just have to stick with it, and I know you can do that :D

02-16-2004, 01:08 PM
Hey all!

First things first: Call To Action
I posted yesterday about this. There has been a low-carb bashing article posted on a different part of the 3FC forum. Please check it out and respond. Apparently there are still people who need to be educated. I'm especially hurt and disappointed that the article was posted by one of the founding members of 3FC. :( Anyway, for those who asked, here's the link: Click Here ( A big thanks to those who already responded to it!

All you busy ladies, have a great day! I have the day off work, so I'm gonna go play with my mommy after I get some exercise in and some laundry done.

Jina - big big hugs to you. I know how you feel and I know that you already know all the logical explanations and stuff so I'm not going to say them. Sometimes we're just gonna feel bad and that's ok. It's not fair that we can't eat the fries and ice cream and popcorn without getting fat. It's not fair that other people don't have to think about every piece of food they put in their mouths. It's not fair to work so hard and be so good and not see results. So feel bad. That's allowed, too. As long as you don't let the feeling bad undermine your efforts. You have worked so hard to get where you are. You are an inspiration to me and I know you're gonna make it! This is just a speed bump. ;)

Ok, off to do some pilates and find something to eat. I brought my laptop home so I'll hop back on later. Have a great day!

02-16-2004, 01:40 PM
Howdy all!

Jina: I hear ya girl. Sometimes, (not so much now as before I started Atkins and found that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for me) I would get so frustrated watching all these people sit around and do nothing and eat as much as they want and never gain a pound. I would just never understand it. From the time I was little I knew I was doomed to be overweight, my ENTIRE family is obese and I happen to be the thinnest person in the family.... and even I just lost enough weight to get me out of the serverly overweight category. It just doesn't seem fair to me. However, with this WOE I have found hope for myself. I try to set reasonable goals and give myself enough time to get to them because I realize that I haven't lost weight in so long that any weight coming off, no matter how fast or how slow.... is fabulous. I can live my life with this WOE and never have to hide behind baggy clothes again or feel like I'm unattractive because I'm overweight. For those things I am willing to wait and be patient with my weight loss. I know you can pull through this and I know you'll make it to your goal weight if you stick to it!!

Hillary: Congrats on being so close to onderland!!!

Friday was a little rough for me at work since I didn't sleep much Thursday night because of the mean lawyer.... but that's starting to bother me less and less. I had a really good weekend with my bf, we had a great time Saturday night when we went out to eat, talked and talked and talked and talked and didn't want to leave we were having such a great time talking! He's back down at school now though so now I get to miss him all week. I haven't worked out in days because I've felt too drained, my sinuses are acting up after all the crying I did Thursday night and they're STILL not right. My allergist just told me to hang in and they would probably clear up soon. I hope so, they're ddriving me CRAZY!!!!!
I have today and tomorrow off work but I still have a million things to do. Trying to fill a huge lotion order, trying to catch up with my hours from class that I missed on Thursday, I have a test to make up, I have orientation and a couple more dr's appointments. Plus, everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant! I'm beginning to believe it's in the water..... I'm only drinking bottled water from now on!! J/K

Have a great day!

02-16-2004, 02:08 PM
Hey star, thank for posting the call to action. I don't think we can be angery at the 3FC who posted it--I think she just posts news items taking a wide range of views. I don't think it was meant to inflame or anything like that--if anything I think those news articles are for discussion-exactly what we are doing.

02-16-2004, 03:27 PM

When I first tried the 6 Second Ab machine I also didn't think that it was that hard, but that was based on the video that came with it. You're right, you tend to use your arms and shoulders to help push down. But.....try this: Instead of using your upper body, concentrate on tightening your abs as hard as you can, sucking them in. Use this motion to complete the last click. Once I figured that out, the results were so much better. Let me know how it worked!

02-16-2004, 03:41 PM
jdoggmartin--I hear exactly where you're coming from. The scale went UP 2 pounds last week. Then dropped the 2 pounds. I only added a little bit to my diet (pistacchios) and hadn't even gone over the 20 allowable carbs in the day!

I feel like I'm starting to flounder w/this WOE also. The fries, fudge, everything that I'm denying myself is now all of a sudden becoming a fixation. It's like I've GOT to eat it. And I don't get it. I was fine the first couple weeks. Even did well the first month. This 2nd month seems to be going downhill. Ever since I had TOM and discovered the chocolate whipping stuff it seems. Have I mentioned I have now discovered how GOOOOD the brownies are? It's really a chocolate thing w/me. Last night I made a pan of brownies, ate 3 and threw the rest in the freezer. Today I've made a different recipe and I'm sure I'll eat a few and throw them into the freezer. It's not because I'm hungry. It's because I WANT something cocolate. Or something that feels like I'm cheating. Does that make sense? I'd love to go back to strict induction but not sure how to do it. Not w/out being crabby. That's another thing--my energy level has gone down BIG time. I no longer wake up feeling like I've slept well. And my mood? Not as chipper and jolly as last month.

I definitely need help on this one. How to keep going with this WOE because I KNOW it's the best thing for me. But how can I also enjoy the brownies? Or isn't that possible? Oh he** I'm so confused. GRRRRR
(sorry for the long post).
*amended: all the brownies are low carb ones I've found on the site. I'm gonna give the pistacchios to my daughters to eat so they're out of the house.

02-16-2004, 03:47 PM
Thanks for the encouraging words, ladies! I really appreciate it!

As expected, the scale is up today. I'm just not sure if I want to go to TOPS tonight and face the humiliation of another gain. :(

I do feel a little better, though. I went and walked 2 3/4-miles, and I jogged 1/4 of a mile. No matter how the scale is responding, I'm doing much better things for my body than I was before. Jogging, even that little, tiny bit, makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. Jogging used to be the furthest thing from my mind. So, I'm *trying* to look at the positive side of things!

02-16-2004, 03:58 PM
Brenda: You snuck in on me there! I know exactly how you feel. I want everything I can't have. Not tons of it. Just bites here and there. Just a little taste. My DH catches me just staring at food lately. We'll go out to eat, and I'll order something completely OP. I eat it. It tastes good. But, I can't stop staring at the sin on my DH's plate, whatever it might be. I just sit and stare and want. It's really, really bad! I'm like you, for the first few months I was completely happy with my choices. Now, all I want is everything I can't have. It's not a good feeling, and food is about all I think about these days...

02-16-2004, 04:03 PM
It bites doesn't it? I WANT to be thinner and I AM making healthier choices for my body. But dang it why can't stuff that's GOOD for us taste like the stuff that's BAD for us? lol. I made brownies--ate 2. not even sure why I ate the 2nd one. I'm waiting for them to cool off and then I'm throwing them in the freezer. I've decided I need to cut up cauliflower and celery and if I need something to chew on it's going to be that. Not that it's as good as something chocolate--but it'll be a better choice (sigh). I've got a ways to go before I get where I want to be weight wise. I'm not going to get there by eating low carb brownies and pistacchios. It's back on trying for strict induction for me. I think part of my mistake was intaking too much cheese. I'd eat it on my salad AND my eggs in the morning. One day at a time!!! Starting now...

02-16-2004, 04:30 PM
Afternoon Everyone,
I'm still feeling a little down but better then this mornin. I think its TOM.. he's sticking around longer then usual this week, maybe it's all the water I've been drinking. *shrug*

Jina Hang in there girl.. You'll get out of this rut!
It bothers me as well about all the junk some people can put into thier mouths and never gain a pound. And working in a resturant I see plenty of it. I try to convince myself.. "those fries look to salty".. "that cake looks too darn sweet".. "those buns look hard as rocks" It's all a mind game.. you know I'd love to sit down to that bunned burger .. fat fries and yummy cake. And I could! Noone is stopping me.. noone is standing there monitoring every move I make. But I don't.. because I physically feel so good compared to what I did 3 weeks ago. Mentally is not always that good, that night my family wanted Pizza Hut for dinner I was devistated, I was ready to cry. I sat there with that "horrible" salad watching them eat all the "good" stuff.. ah thats right.. its supposed to be the other way around ;) All I can say is that bothered me alot!

Sped - thanks for the tips .. I'm going to play with it a little later tonight. I just thought I would feel it right off the bat like I do when I'm using the AB roller. With that I KNOW I'm working them bad boys :lol:

JJCJ - The first thing I did when I moved here was rip up the floor of my bathroom.. It was a 2 day job that turned into forever. It's such a pain in the rear but the results are well worth it.

Brenda - I know exactly how you feel. It take every last bit of willpower for me to turn some foods down. I just keep telling myself.. maybe later I'll have some.. maybe later.. and later never comes lol It's hard but it works for me.

Shimma - stop.. breath.. take a break.. geesh you make me tired just reading your posts. busy busy

Hillary - GO GO! Great job on the loss!! Feels good huh?

Star - Thanks for bringing that article to our attention. It just frustrates me to no end.

To Anyone I missed :wave:

Now its time for me to do a flyby cleaning of the livingroom before kiddos get out of school. I guess my break is over *sigh* LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

02-16-2004, 06:31 PM
Jina my darling!!!! I know how you feel I have been in a rut for about month and I have felt every feeling in the book about it, girl hang in there!! I am right here with you! Let s amke quiche it will make us feel better!!

JJ good luck with the floors, I have to do the same as soon as it stops raining this spring.

Star thanks for bringing up the article, I will be responding soon.

Hillary EXCELLENT JOB!!!!!!

Trazzie glad you are feeling better today.

Brenda good call on freezing the brownies!!! excellent idea!

Hi Sped and I am sooo lgad the OT last week didn't stop you any!

Shimma you are so busy you make my head spin!!! :)

Hello to any others I might miss or might have logged in after this!

I am off to the gym, got off at 12:30 and I am sooooooooo done with training, I get to go back to my normal P/T schedule!!! AND I get to see my DH daily!! We made up for some lost time this V-day weekend (hubba hubba!! ) ROFL!! Talk to you later!

02-16-2004, 11:58 PM
Had no time to post recently...and while I can now read the threads from work I cannot reply - what a bummer!

Back from my aunt's funeral in Montreal - I am sad that my aunt died as she was the last of a generation (my dad's sister and the last of 7 children)...but she was very old and lived a hard life (she's over 90 - no one really knows her age.....and she was in concentration camps during the war and witnessed the death of her first husband and two small children at the hands of the ****s).

However, I found out I am now a heiress! (so appropriate for a princess don't you think?).....don't get too excited...I am exaggerating a bit...but I did see smidgens of the will (where both my brother and I are mentioned) and we each get 15% of the estate...whatever that may be. There is a duplex to be sold with contents I guess...and bonds, cash etc......and I suspect none of this will be settled until the end of this I don't know what I'm getting - but it is still exciting to dream a little? (will most probably put the $$ down on our mortgage...but it is nice to ponder other princess like things I would prefer to do?)

It is freezing cold here........need to warm up.

Eating has been bad over the weekend (see pig out thread for further details - but be warned it's not pretty!)......and trying to get back on track! I did have a glass of wine w/dinner tho...and some sf chocolate....and have been visiting the washroom ever since (will she ever learn??? ;))

Bored at work - still don't really like my new job. But they seem to think I know what I"m doing.

DH worling late again (as he did last night and all last week).....wish he would come home to warm up my FROZEN TOES!

That's it ladies - hi to everyone and I love reading your posts while I eat lunch at work - just wish I could join in!

Froufy :D

02-17-2004, 01:50 AM
Froufy - I just had to post after you so you wouldn't be the last one for a change ;)

That's amazing about your aunt. Did she ever tell you about any of the stuff she went through growing up? The Jewish part of my family is from Germany so I have a particular interest in it.

I'm feeling cruddy still, but I'm toughing it out. I had lunch with my mom today. That's the first time we've done anything with just the two of us in I don't know how long. It appears that younger brother who brought the girl home over the weekend is talking about marrying said girl in May! :eek: Not much time for planning there! I'm all confused about it since they've been dating for a while (8 months, I think) but he just told her he loves her for the first time this weekend. Crazy! :dizzy:

One last little note and then off to be for me. I found my newest perfect t-shirt!!! Froufy, if they would have had two, I was gonna buy you one. It's PINK and it says "I AM A PRINCESS (spoil me)" how great is that??? :lol: