Exercise! - FINALLY got back to the gym!

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02-15-2004, 05:10 PM
It's been a looong time since I saw the inside of the YMCA :o

But today I got decided "I've had it! No more sitting on my butt!" Got into the gym clothes, laced up the sneakers, and got going... my ID had been done in the gap between my last visit and today. It's cool to have it, all formal and all. Just wish the photo was better! ACK! HA! Taken in October, with me wrapped up in a winter jacket and scarf, and looking dorky...

Spent 30 minutes on the Elliptical Trainer, in cardio mode, target heart rate of 150... which I exceeded most of the time, being at 160-170. Shows that my heart is not used to all this activity - but it WILL be soon!

Then I did a quick 10 minutes on the rowing machine. Sigh! I miss my own. I used to have a Concept II Model C, which gave a macho edge to my bedroom with its pink and lace :devil: But I sold it on eBay to pay bills... Someday I will get myself the latest Model D!!

I feel great now! :D God, exercising gives you such a HIGH! Beats any drug... I had to really stop myself from going back a second time for more an hour later! Funny... I guess it would be good for me, but since I am so out of shape, I don't want to burn out too soon. I am going to get up early Monday morning (and Tues-Sat) and commit to 30 minutes a day working out. Then I thought I'd get it up to 45 minutes the next week, then 60 the week after, then add it weights on week 4.

I know I can do 30 minutes, no problem. The tough part will be getting up at 6:00 am. Maybe even 5:30 am. But I will just have to think of my future body... and no more gut! No more sore knees! No more being in pathetic pain for 3 days after dancing 3 hours in a club! And.. no more gross upper arm flab! :lol: I'm telling myself too, think of all the cute clothes you'll be able to fit into at a size 8 or 6!

I'm looking to lose 58 pounds by July 31st (my 33rd birthday), to my goal of 140. Without exercise, I KNOW it will NOT happen.

Anyone else getting themselves to the gym after a long time being a couch potato? ;)