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02-15-2004, 01:46 PM
undefined Hi everyone. I am a 36 yr old mother of one. I used to visit this site about a year and a half ago. At that time I had lost almost 30 lbs but have gained back almost 15. I now have 35lbs to lose. I am having a hard time sticking to anything for more than a couple of days and really need someone to help jumpstart me and to share in the frustrating ups and downs of weight loss. This year I am determined to reach my goal and need some support! PLEASE HELP! :(

02-15-2004, 02:07 PM

I hear you and know how you're feeling. I too have 30lbs to lose and have been trying to loss it for three years. I have four children and a part-time job. It seems like I'm always on the run and yet I can't lose the weight. I think if we have something to work for it'll make it easier. Feb 10th was my 25th anniversary and my husband got us tickets to Europe in the spring, so I have joined the challenges on this site, started walking every nite and joined weight watchers. Join along with me ;)


02-15-2004, 02:07 PM
:wave: Welcome back!
I too have close to the same amount to lose and we're in the same age group. Good luck and you can do this.

02-15-2004, 06:09 PM
Thank you Northern Clipper and DinaMichelle. Your words are very encouraging. Just to know others are in the same boat seems to help.

How are you finding WeightWatchers Northern Clipper? I have started following the TOPS diet but don't belong to a group. I also walk three times a week. I find working full-time and driving my son around to his activities leaves me little time or energy for anything else. Wow a trip to Europe is definately a great incentive! Good Luck I know you can do it. Four kids and you work!?! What a hectic life you must lead!

Dina, are you following any specific diet or exercise plan? With Spring coming on and a large Rubbermaid container full of Spring/Summer clothes that are too tight, I really feel the pressure to get my butt in gear! I have just asked my husband to hide and eat all the leftover Valentine chocolate.

Here's to a successful year for all of us! :^:

02-15-2004, 06:25 PM
I'm not really following a plan right now. I tried Atkins, but it's just not for me. I've been counting calories. Basically, low fat and low carb. Low carb seems to work the best but for protein I try to limit it to lean/lowfat choices. I've been walking but can't wait for warmer weather as I prefer to exercise outdoors. What about yourself?

02-15-2004, 06:58 PM
I used to belong to TOPS several years ago and still have my book with the diet plan and exchanges in it. I am using that. I was very successful with it without belonging to the club a few years ago and so think I will stick with what works. I too prefer to exercise outdoors. I love walking and do not mind the rain as I find it very refreshing. The winters are fairly mild where I live so it makes it easier to exercise outdoors year-round. I just find that I eat when I am stressed out and it seems life is always full of stressful events, that's just a fact of life and I need to realize that.

Do you have kids? How much weight have you lost so far or have you just started?

02-15-2004, 11:45 PM
Hello Sprite and dinamichele
Weight watchers keeps you pretty busy keeping a journal of your daily foods by points.I find that by doing that I have less time to eat and what I do eat is low in points and fat . My kids keep me on the go all the time just getting them here and there. I would like to add the low carb to the mix.

02-16-2004, 10:05 AM
Sprite, is that you?!? the same Sprite that was on the "Doin' It the Old Fashioned Way"?!? I missed you!!

Please say Hi to us over there! :wave: and if you are a different Sprite, well, ahem, I'll just slink over to the corner, totally embarassed! :lol:

02-16-2004, 12:40 PM
Sprite: I have an 11 yr. old daughter and have lost 35 lbs. in 3 years through exercise alone. I realized I would have to adjust my diet in order to lose the last 20 lbs. so that's what I'm doing. Ugh.....those last 10 or 20 are the hardest to lose. I am also a stress-eater. Really an emotional eater, which makes it tough.

02-16-2004, 03:33 PM

They say the longer it takes to lose it the longer it stays off. It sounds as if you have worked hard the last three years. I have not been as steady as yourself and the last three years and have only netted me 10lbs. But this Feb my husband got us tickets to Europe for our 25th anniversary and I am going to buckle down and lose the last 20lbs. 171/161/140

02-16-2004, 08:51 PM
Europe!!! Yippee!! If that isn't motivation I don't know what is.

2 years ago I sold my car and starting walking just about everywhere. It's amazing, I lost 30 lbs. by not driving. I realize this is not feasible for most people. I didn't do it to lose weight, it was just a benefit. I will say that the initial loss has motivated me to lose the rest.

02-17-2004, 10:58 PM
Just posted a reply and it did not go through! DinaMichelle & Northernclipper, I just realized we weigh the same, I knew we were kindred spirits!

Hi Vermont Mom! Yes it's me. How are you doing? Is that picture of you?

I ate pizza today and a huge dessert at a work function. Sigh....Need to buck up!

02-18-2004, 08:02 AM
Hel-LO, Sprite!!!!! Again, I missed you, kept calling for you, so glad you're here again! :grouphug:

<-----yes, that's me, at my low last summer of 142; my husband, who took the pic, had me hold my bike at an angle so I would be flexing :strong: I had done very well for months; now have gained a few pounds :( am still in the habit of exercising but not doing well in the disciplined-eating area. I am working on changing that!

02-18-2004, 08:07 AM
dinamichele you're right about a motivator but, it's still so hard. The last seven days I've followed ww to a t and I haven't lost anything I just stay the same 161. Most of my life a was 135 to140 and that was fine for 5'6" but the last 5 or 6 years I have been sitting at 165 to 175 and thats the lbs I can't get rid of. I have walked 30minutes a day for the last four days even in the freezing cold and wind. I don't know what else to do. When I read you post it reminded me of my best friend who 5 years ago sold her car and lost 45lbs walking every where. Last spring she got and new one and guess what she has now gained 35 of it back. She has joined ww and walks with me but we both find it very hard. Thur. is my weigh-in day and I hope the scale needle goes down. If it doesn't I not helping myself or my challenge buddies. :(

Vermontmom you look great. I'm in my earlier 40's and could only wish to look half as good. But, if I did you'd see my picture too.


02-18-2004, 08:48 AM
I fell wayyyyy off plan the last few days but I am back on again. We can all do this if we support eachother. I plan on buying a car next month and am afraid I'll gain some weight back so I'm going to amp up my workout some, I have to.

Vermont Mom, you look fabulous!!! good job.

02-18-2004, 11:06 PM
Vermont Mom, You look absolutely fantastic! I don't think I have ever looked that good. Way to go!

NorthernClipper maybe you should try adding a bit more time to your walk. Instead of 30 min try 40 I'm sure that would help.

DinaMichelle tomorrow is another day, you are right to just jump right back on your plan and keep going. We all have setbacks, but we can do it.

I did very well today and almost broke down a couple of times, but I don't know what came over me, but I resisted.

Have a good day tomorrow everyone!

02-18-2004, 11:29 PM
sprite it seems like we are on the same page, just tonight my friend and I walked for 50minutes. When we got home I jumped on line to resist the calling to the kitchen and junk food. I have to keep positive tonight because tomorrow is my weigh-in and I want to add lost lbs to my challenges ;)

dinamichele buying a car doesn't have to mean weight gain, just stick to your excerise plan and keep eating healthy. The new car means easy transpo when you need it, but don't stop your walking. Good luck! :) :

I hope you have a good and healthy day tomorrow too! :D

02-19-2004, 08:49 PM
Way to go with walking an extra 20 minutes last night Northern Clipper. How was your weigh in today? I'm sure you lost. I weigh in on Saturdays and this being my first week back on the plan I need a loss to stay motivated to continue.

I have been sticking to my diet very well, but am finding it hard to find the time and energy for exercise. I will work on that starting next week. :cool:

Hi DinaMichelle and VermontMom, how have you been doing? :)

02-19-2004, 09:06 PM
I was disheartend it was the second week I stayed the same. I came home angry and jumped on the bike(pedaled quickly for 25 minutes) Later I went for a 30 minute quick paced walk with my friend. I was surprized when I realize that I had drank 32ozs of water and it's only 8pm. I usually don't get 32ozs in a day. I think my anger paid off. Tonight back to business, I back on track.

Sprite I am glad you are sticking to the diet plan but, please make time for the excerise. This morning I nearly cried after weigh-in but after I measured my waist and found I lost 1inch and I gained by confidence back. ;)

If we walk like winners and we look like winners = we are winners!! :smug:

02-19-2004, 10:00 PM
Hello ladies!

thank u very much for the compliments - I never had any muscle tone, and have better shape now than when I was 20, but really need to get back to my disciplined eating of last year.

Kudos to the walkers! especially in winter!! good job!

I have heard many others on this site talk of - I have signed on, and it might take a few minutes of your day to enter your foods, but boy howdy :D it's nifty! It just might be the "accountability" I need.

I see by my foods entered that I am a smidge under my 1500 for the day, which is great - it's been weeks since I've been "good". fitday calculated that, with 1500 cals. a day, I should lose 1/2 pound a week, and I would like to be back down to 142 by May 1, as we're going on a bike road trip to Myrtle Beach for Bike Week, the second week of May.

How much water are you ladies able to drink each day? I'm bad, if I can get 48 ounces down, that's a good day. If nothing else, I have to be vain and think of the water helping hydrate my skin, so I don't feel/look older :devil:

Hope everyone is doing well!

02-19-2004, 10:03 PM
BIG congrats to you on losing the inch!!!! :bravo:

02-20-2004, 09:21 PM
Thanks for the tip about Fitday VermontMom I will definately check it out, I am feeling kind of lightheaded and weak today and I thought I ate enough but maybe I didn't. The trip to Myrtle Beach sounds great and is something for you to work towards. I try to drink 8 glasses a day, but don't always stick to it. I have been told that even if you diet, if you don't drink enough water the pounds won't come off.

NorthernClipper that is excellent that you lost an inch, must mean you are gaining muscle! And you should be proud of yourself for not letting the scale get you down, it made you try even harder.

I have weigh in tomorrow morning and will let you know how it goes. :^:

02-25-2004, 09:34 PM
Hello Sprite and Vermont mom

I have my weigh-in tomorrow so I downing water by the litre. I heard that water does help in the weight loss program. Sprite you didn't say how you did in your last weigh-in( I hope it was a loss). If not keep positive but, let us know one way or another. We have all been there on both sides. :dizzy:

Vermont mom your avatar is enough to motivate me. I hope you reach your goal go from snug to lean/muscular legs.

02-27-2004, 03:33 PM
Hi Northern Clipper. Good luck on your weigh in. And Yes I hear water really, really helps. I also find it a good deterent to food. If I feel hungry I first drink a glass of water and see if I am still hungry after that. Many times I found I was just thirsty.

At my weigh in last Saturday I was down 3 pounds! I was so excited and motivated! I have weigh in again tomorrow so we shall see. I am sure I am down again as I can already feel my stomach getting flatter. Was really sick with a cold/flu all week and usualy would just feel sorry for myself and stuff my face, but not this time. Just eating healthy soups and lots of water.

DinaMichelle, where are you? How are you doing?

02-28-2004, 04:14 PM
Sprite Bravo on the loss and good-luck tomorrow. I hope I can follow your lead ,I have weigh-in tomorrow too. I plan on giving the soup a try and see if it can help me.

02-28-2004, 07:00 PM
Thank you for the kind words Northern Clipper!

I was down another two pounds at my weigh-in today! Yee ha! I am so happy and also strangely a little scared. Can I keep it up? :( I am sure I can do it this time.

How did your weigh-in go Northern Clipper? I have been eating a Campbell's Healthy Request Vegetable soup. I eat the whole can with a little bit of low fat cheese for protein and that is my meal. It really fills me up! And is very low in calories.

Have a great weekend! :)

02-29-2004, 10:52 AM
Hello sprite

It looks like another week of staying the same no loss ,no gain . I don't know what is wrong this is the 3rd week I've stayed the same and I'm not liking it. :mad: I have walked each night for the pass two weeks(quickly) for 30 to 40 minutes along with any of the other excerise I do and I just don't lose. My only saving grace is tomorrow I'll get measured and see if there is a inch loss. If I lose inches it will be okay. :^:

Monday I'll go buy some of the Campbell's soup and see if that makes a difference.

I glad to hear of your weight loss ;) , keep up the good work. I will use you as my motivator and keep trying so you hang in.

sw 171
cw 161
gw 140

02-29-2004, 01:30 PM
[QUOTE=northernclipper]Hello sprite

It looks like another week of staying the same no loss ,no gain . I don't know what is wrong this is the 3rd week I've stayed the same and I'm not liking it. :mad:

Northern Clipper, I don't know if this will make you feel any better, but I hope it does :) My scale didn't show much in lbs, but I tried a pair of jeans on that 3 lbs ago didn't fit, and viola! :dance: the zipper went up (and without using plyers :lol: ) so keep the faith baby, it will happen and you'll feel so much better. :smug: and speaking of feeling better. How do you feel? I know eating right and exercising :tread: regularly, you must feel better, body and mind :smug: I give you alot of credit for sticking with the program :high:
Take Care, Donna D :D

By the way :thanks: for inspiring me to do more walking. :goodvibes:

02-29-2004, 05:16 PM
Hey Northern Clipper!

Keep it up! You are so smart to measure yourself. Muscles weighs more than fat and if you are building muscle but not losing on the scale, you will definately be losing in inches. How do your clothes feel? After a while of building up muscle the weight loss on the scale will follow. Keep faith in this and just keep going with your walking. You have determination and will succeed!

I have not done much exercise at all being so sick. The weather is so beautiful here today and I am going to try for a short walk at a local lake. It will be nice just to get outside, I have been so housebound I feel like I am going crazy!

Hi Donna D :) That must feel so great to get on that pair of pants. I have a whole box of too-small-for-me clothes that I cannot wait to fit into! With Spring right around the corner and then SUMMER! - I am determined to look good in capris with little t'shirts and maybe even, do I dare hope----look good in a bathing suit?

Keep up the good work ladies! We can do it!

03-01-2004, 03:39 PM
Hello Sprite and DonnaD

I say congrats to both of you on your weight loss and here's hoping for some more. I know you can both do it. We all seem to be in the same weather belt lets hope it stays nice enough for us all to get some walking in. :s:

sprite thanks for the encouragement I stayed the same at weigh-in but, I lost another inch when I measured up. Sprite I sorry you aren't feeling 100% but, if you feel like getting out and taking a short walk go for it. Take it slow and steady while you're starting, then as you feel better go alittle further and faster. It works, I'm proof. I'm sure it's the walking thats helping me lose the inches. I got the soup today and will have it for dinner tonight (thanks) :D

DonnaD I know what you mean about the clothing fit after my measuring of a lost inch I came home and tried some outfits on and they are not as snug. That is the only reason I don't get depressed about no weight loss. If I'm building muscle I'll be happy to see the firmer me and l'll keep up the walking and excerise. I do feel better and have more energy(bonus) ;)

sw 171
gw 140

Take care ladies and lets be losers this week :lol:

03-01-2004, 08:49 PM
Northern clipper

That is just super about the inch lost. I am so much more into how I feel than
what the :devil: scale says :blah: and keeping up the hard work is alot easier when you see (whether on the measuring tape, or the :devil: scale)
[do you think I have scale issues :lol: ]

anyway, congrats! you work hard and you deserve it. I wish I was doing more walking. Really need to get my butt in gear.

Talk to you soon, DonnaD :D :D :D

03-01-2004, 09:09 PM
Hi Northern Clipper and DonnaD :sunny:

Another beautiful sunny day here! Makes you really want to go outside for a walk.

Northern Clipper I am so proud of you! Another inch loss that is awesome! :cp: Way to go! I know it feels so good to wear clothes that aren't so snug. So good that you have more energy too! I am going to follow in your footsteps so to speak :lol: and do some more walking of my own.

undefinedDonna D [COLOR=Black]undefined[/COLOR are you following a particular plan? Diet? Exercise? Both?

I was so upset yesterday, my son who is only 7 said mom you should start running. I asked why and he said so you can lose weight. I don't know why it really upset me, maybe because I am in denial about how overweight I am and I know that kids tell-it-like-it-is. The truth hurts :(

Let's have a great week! ;)

03-02-2004, 09:14 PM
Hello ladies! Very sorry for not checking in for a couple of weeks...been working alot of hours (greedy for the $$$ :devil: )

Congrats to those who are losing inches and pounds! Sprite, I'm so sorry that you were upset by what your son you think maybe he said it to encourage you, that he knows you are trying, and he was trying to be helpful? :grouphug:

Is Spring arriving for anyone? We've had freakishly warm weather here for two days; 40's and near 50 today. So much snow has melted; when in town, I saw the CURBS for the first time since December! But I know not to get my hopes up too soon; some of our biggest dumps (like the 15" to 18" range) of snow occur in March. Then we do get occasional snow showers into early April.

I got my motorcycle out for a quick ride yesterday!!! it was great. Maybe thinking of having riding occuring soon will inspire me to stick to more disciplined eating. I'll let you know if that happens :devil:

Have a good night, everyone, and do your best tomorrow!

03-02-2004, 09:26 PM
Hello Sprite and DonnaD

I just want to thank you both for all the great support we are in this together. I do feel so much better and today I got another nice surprize -I'm in my size 14 pants and they're baggy. I have been wearing snug 16's, you couldn't slap the smile of my face today. :D I'm heading for size 12's (join me).

Donna I agree with you about the inch loss motivating me and the great feeling if it's a inch loss or pound loss. I have to tell you we all have issues with the scales( they tell it like it is ) and we want them to tell us what we wish. ( mine doesn't know I'm the boss) :lol: My leader at ww was saying if the weather is bad and you can't get out to walk then walk up and down the stairs in your house.( I have 3 floor and lots of stairs) I'm going start doing this also.

Sprite don't be hurt by your son I know he didn't say it to hurt you but, because he loves and wants the best for you. If you are still feeling under the weather why don't you try and put some miles in by walking around the house. It helps and it gives you a starting point. I did that all the time it was snowing here. I had the Campbells soup and a tuna sandwich on ww bread for dinner tonight it was very filling. Thanks!

Vermontmom welcome back missed you, glad to hear you could get the bike out in March. Hope the weather holds so you could ride some more.

I'm so pumped today I just want you both to feel it and be op. Have a great night.

03-03-2004, 12:47 AM
Nothernclipper: I am sooooooo jealous. I haven't seen size 14 in yrs. Good for you. I've got a long way to go, but I'm hopeful.

Sprite: I'm following sugar busters. My doc is ok with it because of the diabetes. He also likes weight watchers but I'm not disciplined enough. I get started on white carbs and I can't stop.
I think your son was trying to be helpful. He knows your trying to lose weight. If he was older I might not be able to resist the hand to the back of the head. LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:

Vermont Mom: I'm just plain old jealous tonight. Bad me :rollpin: I'm jealous of northern clippers size 14's and jealous of your picture(you go girl) and jealous of your ride. I went down on mine over 2 yrs ago and I took one bop since and haven't been back on. Just a bad passenger on dh's bike. I wish I could get hypnotised because part of me really misses it. Especially on these nice days. I use my health issues as an excuse now.

Well, I've been having trouble getting up early enough to exercise, so I guess I should say good nite "good nite"

03-03-2004, 06:05 PM
Good afternoon!

northernclipper, CONGRATS on being down a size, and into a baggy size at that!!! that is such a great feeling, to feel that looseness in the thighs of a pair of pants. It's such good incentive to keep going strong!

DonnaD, a fellow rider! I'm sorry to hear of your spill in the past, that could be very hard to get over. I hope that, if you really want to, you're able to someday conquer the fear, and enjoy riding again.

Hello Sprite! How are you doing today?

I have started doing a new videotape, Karen Voight's Interval Circuit Something :D I needed something new, as I was getting very much into a rut with the tapes I was doing for a year or so. This new one is VERY challenging; gets me sweating and I feel sore the day after, so I know I'm moving some things that aren't used to it :lol: However, it is SO hard to get used to a new tape! I'm such a klutz at trying to follow her moves; I usually just end up marching in place while she's "rocking horse"-ing :D

I did a little investigating here on the "Fast Food" info...sometimes when I'm doing errands, I stop at evil Dunkin Donuts, get a coffee and my favorite muffin, the coffeecake one...oh my G*D, it has like 700 calories!!!! and I truly thought a muffin would be less bad than a regular donut. I won't be going back!

The supermarket here (Price Chopper) has now come out with it's own variety of Kashi cereals. They're pretty good, and not as expensive as Kashi. My standard breakfast is a cup of low or no-fat light (sweetened with aspartame) yogurt, with a half-cup of Kashi mixed in; and either an orange or an apple cut-up into it. I think the complex carbs in the Kashi keep me filled-up feeling longer than regular cereal (all those "twigs" and "sticks" in that cereal :lol:

I was going to add that, right now, everyone should take measurements, and start keeping those records, 'cause it's so gratifying to see those changes in the months ahead. I have mine from two years ago, and continue to measure once a month.

I hope everyone continues with their strength! Have a nice night.

03-03-2004, 08:19 PM
hello ladies

dear DonnaD don't get jealous get even with myself, vermontmom and others. Lose, excerise , stay op and get into smaller sizes and we will all be in the same boat :D I know each time my dh says I haven't see that outfit before (it was just one I couldn't get into before) I just smile. It's a great feeling and if you stay op you'll feel the same way I do.

Vermontmom I agree we should all measure ourselves each month it feels better to loss inches and firm up. I eat kashi cereals and I will be looking at price choppers for their brand (thanks for the tip). I also was surprised to learn our Tim Horton's muffins were very high in fat and calories, I stay away from them. Good luck on your new work-out tapes a change is always good.

I am trying to finish up drinking my 48ozs of water for the night so I can fast til tomorrow's weigh-in. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I've stayed the same for 3 weeks. I did my evening walk and treadmill time so now I'll just relax for the night.

I hope everyone has a great night.

03-03-2004, 10:37 PM
Hello VermontMom, DonnaD and NorthernClipper!

DinaMichelle Where are you? :shrug:

NorthernClipperWay to go! What a feeling that is when you fit into clothes that you could not before! It must be a real boost for you! :bravo: Good luck with your weigh in!

DonnaDAre you finding SugarBusters easy to stick with? Thank you for your kind words about what my son said to me. I am sure you are right and he was just trying to be helpful. :thanks: One day you too will be in Size 14 and smaller, just take one step at a time. We are all here to support eachother!

Hey VermontMom!
Your video sounds great. It's good to mix up your routine and use muscles that have not been used in other workouts. Yikes! A muffin with 700 Calories! Scary! :fr: It is amazing what some seemingly innocent foods contain. Even drinks for that matter. Some Starbucks concoctions are just over the top with calories. I guess the lesson is just know the contents of everything that's going in your mouth, if you don't know, don't eat it. I will try and start doing this myself thanks for the wake-up call!

I am as excited as a little girl! We are getting a Pug puppy this weekend. I have already put a deposit on him. He's sooooooooo cute! Hopefully he will keep my mind off food.

Keep up the good work everyone! :)

03-04-2004, 11:14 AM
Good morning ladies

I mean good morning, after 3 weeks at a stand still I lost 1 pound today. I was so happy I raced to the store and stalked up on yogurts, pitas and water. I have to jump on the treadmill now so will talk later.

Sprite congrats on your new addition ;) (pug) I'm sure he will keep you busy enough to account for your excerise requirements. I know when we got our kitten I was always watching him and dealing with his needs I put mine on hold. :lol:

Have a great day. :D

03-04-2004, 07:50 PM
Hi Ladies!

Yeah NorthernClipper! You are losing inches and pounds too! Your efforts are paying off. :cheer: Keep up the good work.

I did not sleep well last night and am soooo tired. :tired: I know this lowers my resistance and motivation slips and I have to be aware of that and be strong! The chocolate is calling me but I will not answer!!!!!!

Hope everyone else is doing well today!

03-04-2004, 07:51 PM
Oh Sprite, How exiciting about the pug puppy. I've been bugging the dh lately but he's not given. Still feeling the pain of the last one. But I would still try again..The best of luck and fun to your family. I keep thinking of the commercial with the guy chasing his pug around the city. It's soooooooooo cute. Boy or girl pup? any names picked out yet? Can't wait to hear how everything goes this weekend. Have fun!!!

03-05-2004, 10:40 AM
Good morning ladies!

NortherClipper, CONGRATS! on your loss! Way to go!!! Keep up the good work! :bravo: :strong:

Sprite, congrats on the new puppy! We've never had a small dog, my husband is a big dog lover (labs, huskies, shepherds). I think I would relish the change of a smaller dog, as big ones just wreck the house as much as my kids and husband do :devil: :lol:

Sorry to hear you didn't sleep well; here's wishing you strength and resolve! I thought of you yesterday, when I "thought" I was hungry, but made myself drink water instead. It helped!

Hi DonnaD, how are you today? did I see in another thread that you were commiserating with someone on quitting smoking...I salute anyone who has conquered that. I was able to quit easily 22 years ago :eek: when I became pregnant with my first son. Of course, I would have quit because of the baby, but it was very easy, as it nauseated me and tasted bad. Now I think that us reformed smokers are the worst :devil: in nagging people :lol: I work retail, and sell smokes to people all day long, and it's so hard for me to not nag them. Well, I don't comment to strangers, but I do to friends :D.

I have off today, which is why I'm lazing around, but will get organized soon and do some stuff, after I do an exercise tape.

Have a great day,everyone!

03-05-2004, 07:22 PM
Hi everybody, I am having a very depressing day. Of course this is my second post already as misery loves company, so I apologize in advance for the big gray cloud.

Sprite, you had asked if I found sugar buster easy to follow. It hasn't been awful but takes adjustment like any plan, but I've just about given up. (hence the depression) I started 2/2/04 and not much happen the first week but then after some ups and downs the lowest on the scale showed a 9lb loss....woo hoo, right....WRONG!!!! today, a week later I'm up 7 lbs. Now I know I haven't been exercising, but I've been sticking to it and would at worst expect no loss, but to gain!!!! So now I am just disgusted & depressed. That leads to feelings of guilt, because I have so much in my life to be greatful for that I have no right to whine.

Thanks Vermont for the acknowledgement about quiting smoking. Something I actually was able to do.

Before I get any worse, let me leave. I hate when I'm like this. :mad: :mad: :( :( :(

03-05-2004, 09:17 PM
Hi Everyone!

Donna D I am sending positive thoughts your way! :) Try not to let the 7lb gain get to you. You still netted a 2lb loss! The gain could be from anything. Maybe it's that TOM. Hence the low mood? Or it could be any number of things.

I used to be a smoker as well, and quit about five years ago. But it definately was not easy for me. That was one of the hardest things I've every done and it took me numerous attempts to actually quit for good.

Hi VermontMom glad the water trick worked. We have a large dog already and it took a huge amount of emotional blackmail :lol: to get dh to agree to the Pug. We also have two cats and fish and live in a townhouse so it's going to be crowded but I love animals!

The pug is a boy and the girls at work were joking around about giving me a puppy shower!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

03-06-2004, 12:49 PM
Hello ladies

It's the weekend lets all enjoy, it's the days we get to do what we want. We are in this together so think happy thoughts. DonnaD 2lbs lost that's great ;) . We all know how set backs feel so get right back on op. Try to get out today and do something you enjoy. You'll be able to face our battle with a brighter outlook. We're cheering for you.

I have my meals planned for the weekend and that includes an evening out. The boys are all busy or at work and my daughter is at the science fair(her project has got her to the finals) We will see how she places at 3pm when they give out the awards. Keep your fingers crossed

I wish you all a uplifting weekend :D

03-06-2004, 03:41 PM
Hi everyone, as I have stated on other threads, I must apologize for my breakdown yesterday. Everyone on this board was so helpful and caring and it pulled me thru it and I do appreciate it. :thanks: I took the advise and went for a hair cut and color. I do feel better. I've made some decisions on what to do to help myself, but all my friends at 3fc deserve the credit for pulling me out of this one. again :thanks: :D :D :D

03-07-2004, 09:59 PM
Hi Everyone!

Donna D I am so glad you are feeling better. No need to apologize. We all have our ups and downs and we're here to help eachother through those tough times as well as celebrate our successes. What did you have done to your hair? It's great what a boost a change like that can give you.

I weighed in yesterday without a loss. Just stayed the same. Our puppy is not sleeping though the night (just like a real baby) and therefore, I am super tired. I have been overeating the last two days to keep up my energy and can feel my belly grow! Uck! I need to get a handle on this. Hopefully I will not be up at weigh in next week. We all have stressful things happening all the time and I need to learn not to turn to food everytime things aren't going exactly as I would like them to. Not sure how to do this and this seems to be my biggest problem. I need to find something else to do besides eat.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

03-11-2004, 10:53 PM
Hi All!

I'm having a pretty hard time this week. PMS is here with a vengeance and I want to eat everything and anything. :devil:

I found a great way to curb my sweet tooth. I absolutely love ice cream it is my downfall. So, I am putting frozen fruit (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc.) in a blender with a small amount of skim milk and just a pinch of sugar. Turn it on and blend to the consistency of ice cream. I love it and it's good for you!

How is everyone else doing this week? ;)

03-11-2004, 11:26 PM
Hi Sprite,

Sorry it's been a stressful week for you. I understand the pms monster's appetite. I'm expecting AF(Aunt Flo) soon too. I loved your idea with the frozen fruit and skim milk. I'm going to pick up the ingredients and try it using splenda. Sounds great.
Don't get to hung up on the scale. You know that's my personal weakness and this week isn't the week to get on it, but if you do, keep in mind the extra water weight they you should lose when AF leaves. (I love that AF, saw it on another thread by Cinnimama :lol3: )
So I hope your weekend is a good one. Stick with the fruitblends. You'll do fine.


PS Hope everyone is well and has a good weekend. :D

03-13-2004, 12:18 AM
Hello ladies!

DonnaD, I'm sorry I wasn't around the day you were feeling so down. It IS so hard to think that you're doing OK, then to see what that darn scale says. A lady on another thread had the same happen to her a few weeks ago; her scale showed a sudden gain on 7 lbs or so, and I told her that she couldn't have possibly gained 7 pounds of actual fat/flesh, as an excess pound comes from 3500 excess calories; she would have had to take in 34,500 calories; so obviously it is a water weight gain.

SO, keep on your plan, and ignore the scale! (difficult I know, we all want to SEE results)

I'm still struggling daily with trying to eat sensibly with working at my grueling retail job. It has helped a little that things have slowed down a bit - I don't get as frazzled-feeling now that it's not as busy, so that's good. And I take an orange, already peeled and sectioned, as a snack - literally, I have to have it sectioned ahead of time, to be able to jam it down in seconds, before I take care of the next customer :rolleyes:

And my other struggle is...well, unsettled feelings regarding my husband, in that he had been doing Atkins since last year; and I don't agree with that at all; and no exercise on his part. He had been down almost 30 lbs; but I can tell that at least 20 has come back. I have resentment that "his" food is so much more expensive than mine, and that he hasn't added exercise; so this just seems like a big fad diet that is bound to fail :(

Geez, if it were only as easy as "eating less and exercising more" without all these other issues!

well, maybe next time I post I'll be more positive :lol:

03-13-2004, 07:58 PM
Hello ladies

Just got in the door and jumped on site to see how everyone is doing. Last Saturday I got a surprise dh came home with tickets to Las Vegas :cool: so Sun. we left and we got home Thur. Friday he had tickets to see Tom Jones in concert. The good news was in all the rushing around I lost 2 lbs. Dh and son #3 have left to go to Barry in northern Ont. for a hockey tournament and all other kids have left for work or sleep overs. I'm home alone and loving it.

I hope everyone stayed op and is doing fine will check in again tomorrow. :D

03-14-2004, 10:01 PM
Hi Everyone!

I weighed in yesterday with no loss again. I know I have been overeating, so am happy at least it is not a gain.

Wow, Las Vegas, Northern Clipper you are so lucky! What was the special occasion? Your husband sounds wonderful! And Tom Jones, how was he?
Another 2 lb loss, things are going your way. I am so happy for you. :)

I started walking this week and am going to try and do three times a week. Twice during the week and then once on the weekend for a bit longer probably a hike in the forest, or around a lake, something close to nature anyways, I find it so relaxing and peaceful.

Donna D your reference to Aunt Flo made me laugh so hard :lol: :lol: :lol:
I am definately going to use that term in the future. Have your tried the frozen fruit yet?

VermontMom, isn't there anyone to cover you for your breaks at work? Sounds like you are going to give yourself heartburn. That's a smart idea to peel the orange first. At least you won't be tempted to grab a chocolate bar or something.

Well here's to hoping we all exercise and eat right this week!

03-14-2004, 10:22 PM
Hi ladies!

Double wow, Northern Clipper! Las Vegas, as a surprise?! and Tom Jones, too! That is so cool.

Sprite, yay to you for the walking! I'm glad the weather is okay for you to do that.

and no, unfortunately, just not enough people staffed for us to be able to eat uninterrupted for even under 10 minutes...very unfair, but that's the way it is sometimes. I tell you, when the revolution comes, we know who goes up against the wall :devil:

At least today, I did not have a single cookies, which hasn't happened for...a LONG time! I figured out that I only need to cut 500 calories each day to lose a pound a week...and I have been easily eating over 500 calories in excess.

I posted in my "other" thread that I found a website with some very good deals on exercise videos; I ordered three for under $24.00, including shipping! all step-aerobics, as I need to incorporate more cardio into my workouts. I hope they arrive soon!

I also hope everyone is doing well, Let's keep our goals in mind, and do what we need to make them happen!

03-14-2004, 11:18 PM
Hi everyone,

Just popping in quick to wish everyone a great week.

Northern clipper, of all the things to lose in Vegas, you lose 2 lbs? that's coming back a winner :lol:

Sprite, To me a week with no gain is just another practice week at maintaining, so in actuality a good week. I haven't tried the froz fruit yet. Need to go shopping. We spent the weekend working on the house. Started a project in the finished sub-basement floor. Kinda making a studio apt for my older son.

Vermontmom, Eating in a hurry can get a lot of people in trouble. I know its trouble for me. I have a tendency to go for quick available portable food(cookies, bagels, pretzels)
all the carbs I am supposed to avoid.Carbs with a side of carbs, that my comfort food. Peeling the orange and having ready to eat was a good idea. I sometimes keep some grapes in a baggie and ww triscuits. We have a woman at work who loves to buy holiday crap. Right now you have to walk by St Patricks cookies and easter candy everyday. She buys right thru the 1/2 price clearance, which means it will be around until may. (God love her :mad: )
I know your husband doing atkins and not exercising is not sitting to well with you, but don't let it sidetrack you from all the good your doing for yourself. Everytime I see your pix it motivates me. You've worked so hard. Your doing great.

Well I hope everyone has a good week. I start my week with the anual trip to the gyno. :( Had the mammo last wk. You know that test was invented by a man. I think they should check prostate that way :lol:

Hopefully I will catch up with you all early in the week.

Take care! :D :D :D

Ivanna B. Skinny
03-14-2004, 11:54 PM
Hi Im new here. I Started dieting 1 month ago, and have lost about 10 pounds, but I need a support system to help me continue. I try to go to the gym every other day, and on the other days, I do an aerobics tape at home. I feel proud of my progress, but I have ALOT of trouble grazing throughout the day while Im at home with my daughter. Any suggestions for that?? :tread:

03-15-2004, 12:20 AM
Welcome Ivanna :wave:

10 lbs in a month is great. Sounds like you've got the exercise going too.
I have a tendency to graze when I'm at home. It's a bad cycle. If I'm busy I don't think about food. But if I stop to take a break and eat something that sets me off(mainly sugar/carbs) then I get that lethargic feeling afterward which leads to grazing. I dont know if your drinking alot of water, but it is suggested on all the programs I've ever tried and that helps. Also keeping fruit or vegies around for snacking. (I should practice what I preach... :lol:
though honestly I am not preaching :nono: )
It is harder when you're home with kids. Also, check in here :comp: everyone is so helpful and supportful.

again, welcome and post often, it helps :D :D :D

03-15-2004, 04:07 PM
Hello ladies

I have started a low carb diet that seems to go along with ww really well. I still haven't put away the water I should but, I 'll keep trying.

Donna that Aunt Flo made me laugh too. :lol: You sound so deep and motivating when you said you where practicing maintances when you don't lose. I have to get a few pages out of your book their great. :D

Vermont Mom just remember the rewards from your struggles make it worth it. ;) Also I find most diets are expensive , the cost of fruits and vegies out of season in Canada are awful. I agree you should not get sidetracked from what you're trying to do for yourself and maybe tell hubby how you feel. :( Keep op.

Sprite you're correct dh is a keeper and Tom Jones for 63 sure lite some fires that nite. I couldn't believe how many women were still throwing undies at him. It was a hoot. He still has that great voice and can hit all the notes. If you like him and get a chance to see him go for it, it's worth it. I hope you enjoy walking I love it and walk rain,snow or shine just not when the winds blowing too much(Prone to ear trouble).

Welcome Ivanna it sounds like your off to a great start so, keep up the great work. :D

03-15-2004, 08:20 PM
Hello ladies!

Welcome, Ivanna! ( I like your name :D). You have done super for one month's time!! When I started, it was more like two months before I had lost that amount.

I agree with DonnaD; IF you can keep busy and occupied, that really helps with not grazing. The first couple of months can be difficult; you are trying to establish new habits, and new habits do take time. But it will become a little easier. Yes, definitely drinking the 64 oz. of water does help! If that's difficult, try thinking "this water is filling my tum; it's helping my organs do what they need; it's helping my skin nice and moist; it's helping reduce my cravings".

You're going to the gym and doing aerobics at home - super! The exercise is so important. And coming here for support is invaluable, also.

northernclipper, glad that the low-carb is working well with ww.

And thanks, everyone, for commiserating about the dh issue. I just need to adjust my frame of mind...I think I need warm weather to help that :D

I did have another on-program day today, and had lots of water.

Sprite, have you picked up your new pup yet?

Hope everyone has a great evening!

Ivanna B. Skinny
03-17-2004, 11:11 PM
Thanks guys for the ideas...I'll start drinking H2O like I should, and try to keep myself super busy (and out fo teh fridge!) :)

Ivanna B. Skinny
03-17-2004, 11:12 PM
Sorry, Im a bad typest... I ment out of the fridge

03-18-2004, 12:00 AM
[QUOTE=Ivanna B. Skinny]Hi Im new here.


:lol: I'm new too. Been here for less than a week. Success is water, workout and eating sensibily (for me anyway). I've lost about 50 pounds already and I need to lose 50 more. It's been a very slow process, but I know that I'm gonna be able to keep it off if I change my lifestyle. Some INSTA-DIET might remove the weight I gained in the last ten years, but I feel like if I can't maintain that I'll gain it back in 10 minutes.

You seem funny--I'd love to have you as a diet buddy! :p

Ivanna B. Skinny
03-18-2004, 12:15 AM
Congrats on the first 50 and good luck for the other 50!
My goal is to loose most of the weight I gained since college... about 100 LBS. :devil: Im not really doing any structured diet... Im just eating very light. Between 10-12 grams of fat per day, trying to drownd myself in H20 and working out 5 times a week. :tread: Ive lost 12 LBSand 11 1/2 inches in a month doing that, so it must be working!! What are you doing to be so successful?

03-20-2004, 02:52 PM
"Carbs with a side of carbs" :lol3: laughing with DonnaD on that!! A pasta sandwich would be heavenly :lol:

Hi "Hot" Hen! (I can't call you by the "f" word! :D ) Wow, you have done very well!!!! congrats on the lost 50 lbs, and way to go on the next!

How is everyone else doing, Sprite, northernclipper, Ivanna, DonnaD?

I had a pretty good week, only one day when I caved at work and had a couple cookies; otherwise, have been doing my varied exercises and eating in-control, plus at least 60 oz. water a day. Yay! :D

STILL snowing here :( Come on, Spring!!!! Oh yes, by the way, Happy First Day of Spring to everyone :lol:

Have a good day -

03-20-2004, 03:55 PM
Hi Hot Hen (I'm with Vermont, no using the "f" word) I think after a 50lb loss you need a new handle anyway. Congrats to you :cp: :cheers:

Hey Vermont, the sun is out and the old man's got the bikes out in the driveway. (unfortunately, they are in the driveway because we have to clean out the garage :mad: ) We've started a project on our 1st floor. Its a sub-basement, but the front rooms are living space. It's getting a face lift. Hard to work inside when it's nice outside. Only high forties, but so nice after all the snow. That's great you had such a good week. You have such willpower. I've been doing pretty good with the water. Aunt Flo has been giving me a hard time about the menu. I only gave in a couple of times. But I'm tired from carrying her around. (lazy, hungry, nasty b*#?"$ :devil: )

How's the rest of the gang :grouphug: enjoying the weekend I hope. I'm going to the movies tonight. Not sure what to see yet. So many I want to see. I'll give a quick review tomorrow.

Gotta go Flo wants lunch. (wait til she finds out she's getting salad....ha ha)

03-20-2004, 09:41 PM
hello everyone

I'm still here Holly just so busy it's the playoffs in hockey for one son, piano grade testing and swim testing for my daughter and jockeying another son to his new job. Dh and I got out for dinner last nite (swiss chalet ) then came home and watched 2nd hand lions great movie. Today started at 6:30 with a quick walk then hubby and I spent half a day at the mall looking for new sunglasses (lost my good ones). But it seems the only thing I lost was the glasses because at the weigh in this week I stayed the same.

To be frank this week I fell off the wagon more then a couple of times(surprised I didn't gain) It was one of those week where everything you shouldn't eat found it's way to my mouth. :( (pizza, ice-cream,lots of wine,and for the first time in months french fries) I didn't even drink 16ozs of water this week so it's time to tighten the belt again.

I went to the closet to try on the outfit I chose for Europe and can't do up the zipper and unless I want to walk the streets of Europe with my bra and panties showing :o (the zipper runs the front of the whole dress) I have to hit the ww,low carb diets heavily.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and stayed op better than I did. :devil: Will be back on tomorrow take care. :D

03-21-2004, 08:46 AM
Good morning ladies!!

LAUGHING at DonnaD only giving Flo salad for lunch :devil: That's cool that you've got home improvements going on! Our house (fixer-upper) will always be a fixer-upper, will never actually get fixed :lol: I'm jealous of your warm weather, also!! First day of Spring yesterday, and we got another inch or so of snow. It covered up any bare spots that were actually appearing. Argh!

Also giggling at northernclipper strolling the streets of Europe with her lingerie showing :devil: You'll start a fashion craze :D Seriously, northernclipper, I wish you strong self-resolve to stick to the ww/low carb program, and do chug that water!!

I'm grateful I've been able to keep up drinking at least 60 ounces of water a day, and I do think that it helps with cravings.

My new videotapes haven't arrived yet, hopefully sometime this week!! I really want to get some harder cardio work done, to burn some calories.

Today I work from noon to 8:00 pm. IF it is not crazy-busy, then I will do fine. If it IS busy, then I wont' have time to get a bite when I need to, and will get mad :mad: and that's when those d*mn cookies start calling to me. Wish me luck! :dizzy:

Have a great day, and hope to hear from everyone.

03-25-2004, 08:37 AM
Hello ladies!!!

Oh, no, our thread was pushed back to page 2! We've all been quiet for the past couple of days. Hope everyone is doing OK!

I got my new tapes a couple of days ago. I really like the "Fat Burning Workout for Dummies" by Gay Gasper - VERY basic, and she is so cute and friendly :D . The second one I've tried is "Crunch Fat Blaster Step" with Kendall Hogan. Oh man, this one is flashy and dancy - I was laughing out loud at myself trying to keep up with Kendall's cha-cha-cha'ing hips and feet :lol: . At least I kept stepping in place during the parts where I was mystified. I haven't tried the last one yet - "Keli Roberts Step Workout".

I also got an email notice that the site where I got the tapes from,, is having a special - shipping just $1.00. However, their return policy does not accept VHS tapes or DVD's, so hopefully one will be happy with their purchase.

FINALLY we might get some mild weather!!! We haven't even had anything near upper 30's yet...and today might be in the 40's. I'll even take rain, as we need it to help melt snow, and to wash some of the crud (sand, salt) off the roads so I can get my bike out more! With gas prices soaring, I just can't wait to commute with a vehicle that gets over 60 miles per gallon!

Hope to hear from everyone soon!

03-26-2004, 09:27 PM
Hi everybody! Your right Vermont, it's been very quiet around here.

Well we are enjoying some beautiful weather here in NY. Hopefully get out and do a good overhaul cleaning on the vehicles this weekend.

I've been doing better with the exercise(4days in a row, WOO HOO) of course I'm only doing the wimpy WATP videos or 15 mins on the :tread: its all my body can handle (considering I'm walking around with 2 - 50lb bags of fat attached to me, that's a work out in itself :lol: :stress: ) I've also been doing better with staying OP.

So everybody, check in, say Hello :wave: it's getting lonely around here. :^:

03-26-2004, 09:43 PM
Hi DonnaD! and ever yone else :D

I'm glad you're having beautiful weather, we had our FIRST day of over 50 degrees!!!!!!!! Yes, I rode the bike as soon as I got home from to about 16 miles before it started sprinkling but even then I had fun coming home :dance:

Have been doing OK, not stellar, with eating...but very good with exercise. Tried my third new aerobic tape today, and it's great. Burning calories, yay!

I had to train someone new today at work, so I didn't guzzle my usual 60 oz of water at work. I'm trying to make up for it now.

Have a great night! and tomorrow!

03-26-2004, 10:20 PM
Hi! Welcome back. I too have about 30-35 pounds to lose and have been feeling discouraged. being a mom and having a job keep me busy also. I think, though, that by returning to the site you are willing to make a positive change. You did it before and you can do it again! Hang in there! ;)

03-29-2004, 08:58 PM
Hi Ladies

Sorry I haven't been posting but my computer was down with a virus or something. Better now. :?:

I stayed the same for 2 weeks and lost a 1lb this past week. Slipped today and had a sundae. Nice hot sunny day and everyone in the office ordered one, I couldn't be left out now could I? ha ha :lol:

However;I just don't understand myself. I had just come from trying on clothes on my lunch hour and not liking myself in anything. Walked back to work with new resolve to lose the weight. 15 min later I'm eating the sundae and had completely forgotten about my clothes shopping expedition. I guess it's just habit, I don't know.

Hope you are all well.

03-31-2004, 12:04 PM
Hello ladies!

Hi Sprite!!! good to hear from you. Sorry that your computer was down! and CONGRATS on being down a pound! :bravo: As for the sundae, I'm sure not too much "damage" was done. We have to allow for treats now and then. If you're able, try to cut back a little here and there to make up for it. It helps me to think in terms of maybe a week, instead of "I blew it today".

I might not be able to wait 'til tomorrow, but that's when I pull out the measuring tape and see if anything good has happened since I last measured (a month ago). I am so hoping to see even a little drop, due to the increased aerobics. But if there are no changes, I will try to stay motivated.

I rode the 'cycle to work and back Monday and was 32 DEGREES at 5:30 a.m. :eek: I tried those chemical heat packs in my gloves on Tuesday morning, and those work very well. The afternoon rides home were worth the cold starts!

Hood Ice Cream company makes some very good little mint-chip ice-cream sandwiches, they are baby-sized (2.25 ounces) and only 100 calories each. They make a wonderful after dinner treat (as long as you only have one! :D )

I only have one more month left of the winter retail job, thank goodness. But it has really slowed down, and that helps SO much. It is much easier to keep a good frame of mind, when one is not so frazzled that there is no time to drink water, have a bite of your lunch, or be able to go to the bathroom when you have to!

It's a cold and drippy wet day here, but at least it's not snowing. And the drippy rain is working at melting the remaining snow. I have two day off in a row (a treat for me) so today I am just lazing around; tomorrrow I'll do some cleaning and laundry. :p but soon I will decide which exercise tape to do (it will be one of the hour-long ones; something that I've committed to do on any day off).

Hope everyone is well! Say hello!

03-31-2004, 09:32 PM
Hi everybody! Hope everyones having a good day.

Hey, Sprite, don't beat yourself up about the sundae. Have to enjoy some of lifes simple pleasures, if not, what are we doing this all for. And congrats on the pound down :cp:

Vermont, You are a true rider. 35 degrees, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I bet you'll see some difference in the measurements, if not you must feel the difference. I'm still working my way up on the WATP tapes and the treadmill. Trying to increase a little each week.

I was thrown for a loop. I was all prepared to start medifast and my primary physician called me and was very, VERY against it. Wants me to do it the old fashioned way. Yet he's not totally against WLS. But I am. Read to many nightmares and failures. I know more probably go right then wrong, but I'm just not comfortable with the odds. So after a good cry(which is not like me) I've come to the conclusion it's going to be a long slow ride. Kind of bummed.
:( I have to stop whinning and remember there are people out there with much worse woes than I have.

Well I hope everyone is well.

03-31-2004, 10:41 PM
Hi Everyone

VermontMom you said only one more month of your winter retail job. What do you do the rest of the year? Must be so nice riding home on your bike. I always envy those on bikes when the sun is shining. Such freedom. Good luck with your measurements.

DonnaD what is medifast and WLS? I'm clueless.

I salvaged my sundae day by eating very well last night and most of today. You are both right I must allow for treats but not let that be the downfall of my whole day. Just cut back the rest of the day.

Thanks for being such a great support system everyone!

04-01-2004, 09:23 AM
Good morning, ladies!

DonnaD, I also don't know what Medifast and WLS is...could you clue us in? Though it's something that was important to you to try, I'm sorry to hear that you were thrown for a loop and sad enough to cry. Please let us know what it's all about.

Hi Sprite! From mid-May to the end of October, I have a seasonal job at a private club (not THAT kind of club, haha, it's a trout fishing club in the middle of nowhere) as their pastry chef. Think of a country club, but totally rustic, and fishing, hiking and sitting on the porch are the only activites.

It's not quite full-time, more like 25-30 hours a week. I love it as I have total freedom there to choose what I want to serve them :devil: . They serve three meals a day to the members and their guests, and I'm responsible for providing muffins and granola at breakfast; a lunch dessert and a dinner dessert.

It's a 23 mile ride from home, and part of the enjoyment comes from, you guessed it, riding my 'cycle there and back. The last three miles are dirt road, which slows me down a bit :lol: . I haven't seen a moose yet, but they're out there. Have seen deer, though. Plenty of time to stop, as I'm only going 25-30 mph tops on that unpaved surface.

It's a bit of a challenge, then, to find something for the winter months for the weekly paycheck. But I've managed to find something to do for the past three winters. There is the option of collecting unemployment for those months, but frankly, I can make more $$ by working, and I tend to go nuts when I don't have a structured job/daily duties, much as it's fun to fantasize "I wish I didn't have to work".

Well, after patiently waiting a month, I weighed myself this morning, and I'm happy to see the scale show 145, which is down two pounds. I also measured, but I don't see much difference in the measuring tape. That's OK. I've only kicked up my aerobics in the past couple of weeks, I think I have to give it at least another month. So I'm happy with this, and ready to continue! glad that I get to change my current weight below from 147 to 145.

So, enough about me. Others chime in!

04-01-2004, 08:20 PM
Hi Holly and Sprite,

Glad everone is doing well. Congrats on the weight loss Holly.I know you'll see the inches come off the way you work out... Sounds like a cool work set up you've got. I'm in an office and when the weather is nice it's brutal. I'm an Asst Treasurer in a mortgage bank in the closing dept.
Not very exciting at all. Never went to college and completed high school in 3yrs and graduated. (that was the deal for my parents to let me get married at 17) I did and its been 27 great yrs. I need to reflect on what's good in my life more often instead of dwelling on the weight all the time. Medifast is a very low calorie liquid diet program. WLS is weight loss surgery, like gastric bypass or lapband.

But I just have to keep my mind off food, my *** off the couch and my mouth shut. It cheaper anyway :lol:

hope you all have a great night. ttyl, Donna

04-01-2004, 09:32 PM
" But I just have to keep my mind off food, my *** off the couch and my mouth shut. It cheaper anyway"

:lol: :lol: I think I just found my next signature quote! :lol: :lol:

04-01-2004, 09:36 PM
DonnaD, thanks for sharing that info with us. I can only wish you what will be healthiest for you, and what will work for you.... :flow2:

04-02-2004, 06:53 AM
wow, vermont mom, I wish I looked that good! I can see the muscle definition in your arms even in the picture. I am shooting for looking my best, and a friend is going to give me some weight lifting exercise to help me tone up some really bad spots like my flabby under arms, and some other spots for overall muscle building and fat reduction. I am very nervous about that because I don't want any bulk, even when I'm my goal weight I am still very hippy and got a butt, so I want everything to go tighter.

Did you work out the entire time you were dieting? How tall are you? I know working out, lifting etc, would help but I'm nervous about it, can you advise me on it?

04-02-2004, 10:22 PM
Hey Everyone

Vermont Mom I love Donna D's quote as well, it's priceless :lol: Donna you seem to have quite the sense of humour.
Sorry to hear about your dissapointment over the WLS. Even those it's a harder longer road you will be healthier for it doing it the old fashioned way.. At least there are no health risks this way.

Welcome Maggi! You're right VermontMom looks awesome! Only in my dreams......

Well I ordered pizza tonight. But I was sort of good. I ordered the thin crust. Problem is I ate four pieces. I also had a garden salad. Glad I didn't have to cook and no dishes too.

Have a great weekend everyone!

04-04-2004, 08:09 AM

Don't feel bad, Friday night we went to a Mexican Restaurant, but I felt fortnutate (probably spelt wrong, need my spell checker) I knew we were going out so I banked some calories and stuck to chicken, and I immediately put 1/2 in a to go box! Then did some research on the calories when I came home and the amount I ate was around 500, fairly appropriate for an evening meal.

But, we ate out again last night, Japanese Steak House, I stuck to fish, vegtables, salad, the rice was hopefully the worst part, but I had also banked some calories, and I need to figure out exactly what the calories were today, if not just for dieting, but for future maintenance in knowing what, where, and when to eat. I have not been brave enough to handle pizza yet. Thin crust was a great idea, I'll bank that one for future use!

I've also decided that no matter what I lose each week I will look at it as another 1/2, 1, or 2 pounds I never have to see again. In addition, I will use this time to educate myself on my past eating motives and how I can refocus myself to maintain, what I've worked so hard for. And I will tell you this, I am going to make it and do it!

04-04-2004, 09:07 PM
Hi Maggi, and welcome! thank u for the compliment :) I'm 5'6", and I was 142-144 when that pic was taken, last summer. Yes, I've exercised through the start of my journey, I tried for 5X a week. I do video tapes; step aerobics, and toning/floor work. I didn't have the strength at first to do the routines with weights (small, hand-held ones) but have gradually worked up to that. I also use ankle weights when I do floor work (legs, hips, butt).

Making exercise a daily part of my day (redundant, lol) has been a big change for me, but SO worth it!

There's a website that is great for choosing exercise videos, It's so helpful, as it's broken down to let you choose what you're looking for; aerobics, step, toning, yoga, Pilates, whatever. And they're rated by the staff.

I would be happy to let you know anything else. You had very in-control eating out, banking calories to spend at dinner, and having 1/2 put in a box to go. Is that how you've been doing it, calorie counting? Same with me.

DonnaD, I just took a CLOSE look at your avatar....nice bike pic!!!! :yes: Hey, I married young also, was still 18 (one month short of turning 19) and am still married to the same guy, lol. congratulations to you and your husbster :) What is your situation with the Medifast, or WLS? I know different things work for different people...but it is true, as Sprite said, that at least there aren't major health risks associated with a long-term method.

Hi Sprite! Thin-crust pizza isn't too bad...better than thick crust :D

I had the worst two days in bad food choices...I had to do the baking shift, which is 4:00 am to noon...and I seem to think that 'cause I'm there by myself for the first 3 hours, I can help myself to cookies, cinnamon buns, scones :rolleyes: :nono: Especially since I've been trying so hard for months to pare off these final pounds! sheesh, what's wrong with me. Well, I exercised before dinner, and kept away from the leftovers, and am keeping away from the kitchen now. Back to the regimen! :p

How is everyone else's weather? This is to be expected, but we've got snow in the forcast for the next two days. :( bleh.

Well, I hope everyone has a good Sunday evening, and a great Monday!

04-05-2004, 07:08 AM
It is such hard work, but worth it. I am walking everyday now up to 25 min on my treadmill, will start swimming as soon as water get warmer. Bike a little but can't seem to get into that. I have several videos I would like to do, I have the kick boxing one, Tae bo, but would feel very weird doing it in front of DH. I may try in the bedroom (with the doors locked). I think maybe I am not mentally ready to move on those just yet. I've taken on a lot the last two weeks by making the changes I have, and don't want to overwhelm myself for fear of failure. Something I tend to do at times so I'm taking this slow and steady with the knowledge that I have a minimum of 5 months to make my goal and can add things in along that way to change up routine and keep from getting bored.

Right now I am feeling no pressure and really good about making these changes and the progress I have made. The journey is the battle, not the goal. When I think about the goal I get to ansty and want things now! I try and slow myself down by incorporating small changes into my life and moving forward with those. For me, I want this to be the last time, I see this weight! I want to make changes that will stay with me.

You said you did it also by counting the calories. I have found this to be very good for my awareness of quanity of food. I think that when I have reached my goal and start adding calories back that it will be easier to educate myself on how to eat to maintain my goal weight.

You work in a bakery, wow!!!! That would kill me dead!!! My weakness all that stuff. I am still working on my mind to understand why I have to leave all of that alone. Right now the diet journey is helping but the mind is weak and I need to build some defenses up within myself. What thoughts did you give yourself to leave it alone?

04-05-2004, 06:58 PM
Hi Maggi! (and everyone else :) )

Maggi, very wise of you to make the changes you already have, and are comfortable with that. I was also very self-conscious about doing the exercise tapes in front of my family. I would ask them all to please leave the living room while I did them. Now they all run in fear of my flailing arms and legs :devil:

And regarding resisting the doesn't always happen :( Sometimes I cave because I haven't eaten a breakfast that has sustained me...or because I haven't chugged water as I should have. Or if I'm in a mad mood...but all these reasons are due to myself, aren't they? It IS difficult. I just have to shout at myself to think, is the moment of yummy taste worth the disappointment afterward? If I do "succumb", then I try very hard not to get into the rut of "oh, I messed today, might as well pig out more". I try to just cut back for the rest of the day...or even think of paring off calories for the next couple of days.

04-05-2004, 08:41 PM
Hi everyone
Hope monday wasn't too bad for you all.

Hey Maggie, I've said it before, it really sounds like you've got it together. Your making changes that become habit. That's what I'm trying to do.
Working on the :tread: is great. I know how you feel about exercising in front of others. I'm in a house full of guys. No way. I do my exercising when they are sleeping. I know it's stupid to feel that way, but I do. But keep up the good work. You'll be a your goal before you know it. :cb:

Holly, A friend of ours that's a photographer took that picture of me and dh riding out of the badlands. (talk about a hot :flame: ride) The picture made it into a magazine. Was pretty cool. I'm not ready for heavy exercise yet. Still working my way up to it. Need to get some more poundage off first. But I am going to check out that website. As I lose I like to start :barbell: and some toning (actually lots of toning or sculpting, with a chainsaw) I'm afraid of what I'll see with the weight loss. I agree with Maggie, a bakery would kill me. Though I've been doing so well. I love dunkin donuts latte with skim milk and equal. I'm addicted. I was also addicted to donuts and bagels, but now I go in and get my latte and I'm out. It's been quite some time since I gave in.
I know how upset you get with yourself when you have a bad day eating, but you always recover and make up for it in your workouts, so don't be so hard on yourself. They would find me face down in a tray of cinnamon buns if I worked there. Imagine that headline. :lol:

Hey Sprite, Oh the :jeno: :devil: I have such an addiction. I haven't had any in a while, but the last time I did, I had a salad slice and a regular slice and I was full and satisfied. I wrap the leftovers or call the boys to finish it because I just keep going because I love it, not because I'm hungry. It's still hard to stop. It's always a battle.

Well, hope everyone has a goodnite and a great tues. ttyl, :D

Hey Sprite, Oh that :juno:

04-07-2004, 07:13 AM
WEll this week has been hard on the mind, I've stayed on plan with food and exercise, but it has been a challenge. i've been hiding in the bedroom reading and staying away from the kitchen! I let my boys (hubby and grandson aged 15, that we have custody of) have pizza last night, I had a diet meal. Poor guys, I know they are tired of fish!

I may be better now that I've weighed and said good bye to 2 more pounds. These first 3 weeks have been a challenge to be good and keep motivated. I just keep thinking about some clothes I want to wear and how I will feel and look when I wear them.

ugh, a bakery, just thinking of that still weakens me! I think the one thing good about my diet, if I need something sweet, I just count the calories. So far I have been able to get by without it, but I know one day I will need that small something to let me know I am not being deprived.

YEAH, 2 more pounds, I never have to meet again!

04-07-2004, 09:12 AM
Holly, A friend of ours that's a photographer took that picture of me and dh riding out of the badlands. (talk about a hot :flame: ride) The picture made it into a magazine. Was pretty cool.

DonnaD, that is VERYcool!!! It's an awesome pic. Was it a road trip? I'd LOVE to hear about it sometime, if you'd like to pm it to me!

Maggie, CONGRATS on the two pounds gone forever!!!! What great motivation to keep on keepin' on! I hear ya about hiding in the bedroom to get away from the kitchen :lol:, have done the very same thing.

Hi Sprite! what's new with you? Is Spring getting closer to your northern neck of the woods?

My challenge today is to make Easter sugar cookies for a meeting's not so bad to have one or two finished cookies, but to make it through the process without eating lumps of cookie dough, and tastes of frosting, that makes it challenging.

Hope everyone is doing well!

04-07-2004, 09:14 AM
DonnaD - "sculpting with a chainsaw" - you're killin' me here, girl :rofl:

04-07-2004, 10:31 PM
Hi everybody,

Well, today was rough. I've been doing really good this week. Well since last sat actually, but ate more carbs in a 1hr period today than I should have all week. The woman I work with at the bank, we are both officers but she's my supervisor, have an odd relationship. She's not really a people person, though she thinks she is. For the most part we get along well, but she is one of these me, me, me people but of course has no idea. It's not a really big office. Our dept is about 8 women. The rest of them get along with her in passing but since we work so closely I've gotten past most of her quirks. (and I'm certainly not perfect by a long shot) but by everyone elses reaction to her I know I'm putting in extra effort. Anyway, she and her 3rd husband inhereted in a 1yr period a few hundred thousand. The build their dream home upstate and it's beautiful and I think it's great. But all she does is complain, He puts his daughters before me(she has no kids) the are trying to fire me I know it, he spends more on the girls than me. It goes on & on & on . I listen and listen and listen. Well today she brought up money which is a sore spot for me having 3 sons all living home and owing me thousands. Well I kinda let loose. I told here "please stop right there. I have many money issues of my own that I try not to dwell on and I just can't listen to yours. If you knew my situation, you be turning cartwheels about your sitiuation" Well she just said "Well I guess I should leave then" and went in her office and only spoke business the rest of the day. I was so stressed by her pouting and bulls*** that I ended up going home an hour early with a migrane. It's been building up. She follows me around to whomever I'm talking to. I never get any private time or time away from her. And people keep telling me I have to say something because it's out of control. Well I'm not normally like that, but it was time. So I came home and went right for comfort food. Bagels and nachos and now I feel so sick. I hadn't eaten all day, literally because I woke up not feeling well. But I will get back on program tomorrow. But I'm not looking forward to work, she's gonna start and I'm gonna be honest because I'm on a roll. I don't burden her with my problems and listening to hers are actually depressing me. And the following me around is out of control. Anyway sorry I burdened anyone who managed to make it thru my rambling. I just needed to get this out. Thanks.

04-08-2004, 08:31 AM
Donna - how awful! That woman has no right to latch onto you and bother you like that...why are some people so clueless? And yeah, it's really difficult to just out and say, "come on! you're bugging the crap out of me" when it's a work situation.

You're probably at work already, I hope very much that the situation isn't too difficult and uncomfortable to deal with. I am hoping that, just maybe, this "coming to a head" might be the catalyst for her to realize her behavior is unacceptable.

As for the comfort food indulgence, let it go. You'll get back on've been doing well since Saturday, you said, that's great!! Slip-ups occur in real life! and you had a doozy to deal with.

Wishing you good work enviroment mojo!

04-08-2004, 08:32 PM
Phew! Well it wasn't as bad as I thought. She seemed ok and kept the conversation light. She even gave me some space. I could actually breathe. Maybe this was for the better. I'm glad it went ok though. I didn't want it to be uncomfortable for either one of us. Just needed her to let up. Hopefully she stay like this and not fall back into old habits. So yes, I did get back on track today. I'll get on the scale :devil: tomorrow and hopefully won't have done too much damage.

How was everyone elses day? Any plans for Easter. All my relatives live out of state, so it's usually quiet around here on holidays, which actually is nice. We make phone calls and then have a no pressure meal and relax. Sweats and a T-shirt. :p

Well, I've got a roast cooking. ttyl,

04-09-2004, 07:50 PM
Hi everyone!

Donna, I am also very relieved that it wasn't awful for you! I HOPE she continues to give you space, and not bug you!

Our Easter plans - we used to go to my Mom's house (about 1/2 hour from here); my older brother lives with her; so it's them, my husband and our two boys; my 1/2 brother and his fiance; my sister, and our cousin. Now that my sis has a large farmhouse (just her and her cat rattle around in it :lol: ) she has family gatherings there. Which is nice for the space, but my sister is terrible at organization and planning. If she is making scalloped potatoes, she won't even have enough potatoes on hand, and she starts to make them AFTER we get there. So dinner is always two hours later than planned. She also will forget about things like providing drinks (especially sugar-free, diet drinks) so we always have a 2-liter of Diet Coke handy :lol:

I'm always responsible for bringing dessert. I usually bring something fruity and then something chocolately. Last year was lemon tarts with fresh strawberries and a chocolate cake. This year will be lemon bars and maybe some decorated sugar cookies.

I married a former Catholic, but he's even more irreverent about religion than I am, unbaptized sinner that I am :devil: :lol: I will get our boys just a couple of small chocolates, that's it for the candy! If it's in the house, I WILL eat it, so it's a matter of just keeping it out of the house!

We had some nice sun today, but the air temp just didn't get over 42 or so.

Yesterday, I picked up my bike from the pass inspection, it needed front brake pads and a new front tire. But now it's inspected, has had a pre-season check-up, new front shoe :D and it, at least, is ready for our road trip!

Hope everyone is having a good day/evening!

04-10-2004, 07:41 AM

You did the right thing! I too worked in several offices with a lot of women, fortunatly none were my supervisor, but had the same kind of problems. You have to be just as your were, professional, firm, and remind her others exist in the world. Doesn't sound like she has any friends outside of work or she would have gotten all of that off her chest, but like you say, she may be a chronic winer, sorry her problems caused you to go off for a while, but that is behind you and now you made a new start! Move on past it, and remember this.

When you look back at this 6 months or a year from now, will it matter? If not, furgetaboutit!

04-10-2004, 12:14 PM
Hi Maggie,
You are so right. I won't matter 6mos from now. And you were right about no friends. She has no female friends. None! It's unbelievable. She's quite the odd cookie, but this wonderful world of ours is made up of so many people, I can't believe she has no friends. She has actually told me before I started 5 yrs ago, she never really spoke with anyone other than business. She's been there 13 years! I felt so bad, I couldn't help but form a relationship. I put up with this hoping it would help but when she started interacting with others they were able to keep there distance and told me straight out they can only take her in small doses. It's really kind of sad. But I had to do what I had to do. It was her or me. I didn't feel guilty. It had to be done. I just felt bad for hurting her feelings. But it probably won't matter to her in 6 mos either. So I'm over and will ramble no longer about it. Thanks

Holly, Maybe everyone should use your sisters for the space but every bring the sides and beverages and just leave the main entree to her. :lol: But as long as you all enjoy your time together that's all that really matters.

Aunt Flo is due for a visit tues and is hasseling me already. Can't sleep, back hurts I'm swollen. I know she's a part of life, but I really wouldn't hate to see her go away and never come back. But my luck her sister the "hor- Mona" would still be around causing trouble. But I told the dh we were going to the Outback for Easter dinner and he's just fine with that. The guys in the house know, when Aunt Flo is coming, I take on extra strength and personalities and they just "Sure Hon" and "ok Mom" me to death. Bless there souls. If not I kill them :devil: :lol:

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and enjoys whatever it is you do. ttyl :D

04-10-2004, 08:59 PM
... The guys in the house know, when Aunt Flo is coming, I take on extra strength and personalities and they just "Sure Hon" and "ok Mom" me to death. Bless there souls. If not I kill them :devil: :lol:

DonnaD, again, :rofl: I think we would have fun in person together! :rofl:

04-11-2004, 09:31 PM
I would love to buddy up, I am 39 years old have a 7 yr old son and a 8 month old daughter and I too am struggling trying to lose my weight. Everyone said breastfeeding would help, not for me in fact I gained 10lbs since having her. I joined Jenny Craig and start on Wednesday, I lost 30lbs after my son and it's a no brainer. I have struggled with food all of my life highest being 304 and losest being an unhealthy 98lbs, I am back up to 210 and want to get back to 185 before seting my next goal, I have to think small otherwise it is overwelming.
I am in a constant state of depression cuz nothing seems to be working for me, any help would really be appreciated. All of the ladies who have posted regarding your message should be proud they are all doing great.
Anyway if you want to buddy, I would love to have a friend to diet with.
Let me know and God Bless


04-13-2004, 07:50 AM

You got the good attidude going now. I have learned, the hard way, that you can't help your co-workers personal lives and you can't change their attidudes. They have probably had them since childhood. I think I would have done the same thing about forming a relationship with her, because I too would have felt sorry for her. Lucky for her though, cause I would have interjected some of my mouth earlier, in as tactful a manner as I could, but she would have heard from me!

I was laughing when you started talking about your Aunt, got a couple of those too! The blank, blank, .... Aunt Helen is the worst. Been a pain all my life, lives to stir up trouble in the family and get folks against each other. My mom, now deceased, loved her though so I play nice when I can, but don't get too involved. Have others that I love dearly though even though they can be such a pain too! Very demaning for attention and gets worse as they have gotten older. Keep up the good work girl!

04-13-2004, 07:54 AM

Well you have come to the right place, this group will help you stay focused and on track, try and check in everyday for the instant feedback and morale support. Remember you can do it! Stay healthy with your goals, time frame, and eating and all will go well, maybe slowly but remember the healthy way is more important than the speed of loss. I try and look on each day, week, month as a on-the-job training plan for the rest of my life. I want to get it off, but more importantly I want to keep it off.

What diet plan are you doing?

04-17-2004, 05:08 PM
Hi everyone,
I'm sitting here attempting to get my mind off of food. It's 4pm and I have to wait until atleast 5:30 to eat my dinner or I'll be starving all night. It's only my 2nd day dieting and I'm already beginning to break down. I feel so discouraged. I think I'll drink some water to fill myself. It is always hard for me to keep up good eating habbits on the weekends. Atleast during the week I'm so busy that I don't have time to think about food. Any suggestions for getting over the first week of dieting without getting off track.

04-18-2004, 10:25 PM
Welcome kaliu2fan and sassysweet25! It sure helped me, in my plan, to come to 3FC for support, sympathy, and the occasional kick in the pants :D Sassysweet, I totally understand...good for you to try to fill up with water. Can you distract yourself with an activity, either something fun with your hands like knitting, scrapbooking, or a chore that needs to be done, like tackling a messy closet...? or outside work, gardening? even just getting the vacuum cleaner out. sometimes we just need a 10 minute distraction to help us STOP thinking about snacking. Good luck to you!

Husband and I had a NICE ride on the 'cycles today, went to Queechee Gorge, in southern Vt. It was in the low 60's here, but mostly overcast. Still nice to be out of the 30's and 40's!

MY distraction, as I talked above, is the motorcycling. It works also, in that when I'm not on the bike, I'm thinking about what I can do to improve, which is increase muscle mass. And I ride better when I'm not full of food, so I can't recommend it for everyone, but it's working for me!

Hello to everyone else!

04-26-2004, 05:11 PM
Hi chicks

Yeah the forum is back up, I missed you guys while I was on vacation, can't read to hear how you guys have been doing. I lost 1.5 lbs while vacation. worried alot about that before we left and really didn't want to go more than I want to lose this weight, but I succeeded in going on vacation and staying on diet, big shocker! The vacation was great got sooooo relaxed and actually started sleeping to a decent hour.

04-28-2004, 10:24 PM
Hello ladies!

Maggi, wow, you LOST weight on vacation! Good for you!

How is everyone else doing?

I've had some bad eating days in the past week, but the past two days I've been too distracted to eat much 'cause of my COUNTDOWNS...only two more days of the winter job I've griped about....and Wednesday, we leave for our motorcycle road trip! Myrtle Beach, here we come!!!

I'm a little nervous about the riding in the more populated areas, as I am used to country riding. But I did it last year to St. Louis; I can do it again.

I have lots of things to do in the next week, but I'll try to pop in often!

04-29-2004, 12:09 AM
Hi Maggie Hi Holly,

Seems a little quiet around here lately.

Holly, you must be so excited about the trip. I've never been to Mytle Beach.
I am sure you will be fine with the riding. How long have you been at it? I never even asked what your're riding. How many miles a day are you guys planning on doing a day? I look forward to hearing about when you guys get back.

Well, I must admit I am suprised at how well I've been doing with the exercise. I've been doing a 45 min WATP video or going out and walking 45 min in the morning 6 days a week and then I've been going to the gym and working out on the weight machine curcuit or going for another 45 min walk in the afternoon about 5 days a week. I'm down about 9 lbs since Easter It was 10 yesterday, but I can't stay away from the scale. My eating has been good, I don't know why I went up. Maybe too many salty selections. But have not picked or had any chips or cookies or cake and when I crave it I do something to take my mind off it. I'm getting nervous that I won't be able to keep it up or that if the scale goes up again that I'll freak and binge. Its not time for Aunt Flow, so it's not that. I don't believe the weights I am using are heavy enough to cause and increased muscle. I am just hoping to tone a little while I lose. I am going to try to stay off the scale for a couple of days. I don't know why that is so hard for me. :devil: scale :devil:

Well, this has been a long week at work. I am being trained to underwrite and it's something I've never done before. I hate not knowing what I'm doing. And of course my other work is still there and waiting for me when I get out of training, so it's been a little stressful. I'm trying not to freak. I can do this. I just think I should learn overnite and I'm afraid they will think I'm not picking it up fast enough. Thank God I'm exercising. This would normally sent me into such a binge. But I actually think about how hard I work before I eat.

Well sorry I rambled on about my issues for so long. I hope everyone has a great thursday. Yeah, the weekend is almost here.
Hope everyone is well, ttyl :D

04-29-2004, 03:59 AM
hi everyone! you girls won't mind if i join right in? i hope so :) this seems a very active and happy thread, with fun stories and posts that sure inspire anyone who reads them. including me. i've been visiting 3fatchicks for sometime now, but haven't had much time the past month. i've also kinda got sidetracked on the losing weight department, due mainly to workload.

anyway, i am 22 and have always been a big girl. i've never really been depressed about being overweight, and i am quite proud of myself for that. but, i know i don't have to stay overweight, and that if i truly really love myself, that i should make healthier choices. for one, i had hormone problems about two to three years ago. my cycle has just never been normal since then. and since i really do want to have kids sometime in the future, i know that to lose weight is something i must do way before planning a pregnancy.

i also do not like how i look in photographs, so HUGE!

and most of all, it is so hard to buy big clothes where i live. there are not so many stores who sell plus size clothes, and those who have are either too expensive for me, or not for my age range.

so, since january, i have been more active and i do eat less. for a time, i even went without softdrinks, that was really hard for me to do. i even took up a sport or two. but the past 3 weeks or so have been quite busy at work, and though it's really no excuse, i have neglected tennis and swimming. and then yesterday, i had "too much" soda: a large coke at lunch, and a regular mountain dew at dinner. there was even sundae in between.

so i've decided once again to get back on track. to eat right, and to choose foods without GMOs for at least a period of two weeks (and then i'll see after that). and to exercise everyday, with a choice whether to walk, play tennis, or swim laps.

i am looking forward to finding inspiration from all of you just from reading all your posts. ooohh, and biking is something i really enjoyed growing up, i just might add that to my list. too bad i can't bike to work though, too much pollution in the air. anyway, thanks for the opportunity to post and to be read! :D

SW (january 2004): 195
CW (april 2004): 187
GW (this year): 130

04-29-2004, 08:23 PM
Hello Everyone! I'm a newbie. This thread is so happy and uplifting I dont really want to depress anyone, but here I go. I'm a 25 yr old mother of 2. I've always been skinny..that is until I had kids. With my son I was 150 so I only had to lose 20 pounds. I say "only" like it's easy, but It was THAT time. After I had my daughter I was 185. WHOA!! I lost 25 pounds in about 7 months and then I gained it back. I was exercising 4 times a week at the YMCA but eating all the wrong things. Now I've lost 15 pounds again... but I've been having **** keeping it off. Everyone says Eat healthy and exercise and you'll lose weight... yeah right. I've cut down to 1200-1500 calories exercise once or twice a day, low fat, low sugar, wheat bread. I almost killed myself and all i lost was 15 pounds in two months. I thought I was looking good until I saw a picture of myself and wanted to cry. This 165 pounds looks much fatter than the last one. For the last two weeks I've resorted to being very depressed, not exercising and (i'm very ashamed to say) bingeing on chips and donuts and taking a laxative to get it out. I'm on the verge of an eating disorder. I know better than that but I dont know what to do.... Some one help me, if you have any tips on any extra things I can do to lose weight, please reply.. Thanks for hearing my problems.

GW:145 (realistic thinking)
GW:135 (unrealistic thinking)

04-30-2004, 06:37 AM

Girl, stop that binging and purging. Get a good diet book/nutrition and keep your calories between 1000-1300, it will be slow, but much more healthier!
You've lost some weight and that is great, but don't get depressed over where you are now. I am on the Low Calories, and I try and eat smart and allow some snacks, and for cravings try and subsitute where I can to beat the cravings. For example, if I'm craving chocolate, I will subsitute a brownie slim fast bar for breakfast or lunch, 220 calories, but it beats the cravings riding your back until you throw everything away. I started at 186 and am now 171, it is slow going, but faster than I put it on. I weighed 140, 4 years ago, and gained the 46 pounds over 2 years, and just kept it on, now I'm doing the battle. Some days are harder than others so checking in here helps me to feel I am not alone.

If you don't think you can handle it alone, join a group like weight watchers, TOPS, Jenny Craig or anyother group you can find. For me now, this group helps keep me mentally focused. I use a lot of motivational reading and other little things. I am not proud, I will use anything that helps get me through the day!

15 pounds in two months is about right, so don't beat yourself up. That is fairly close to 2lbs per week and that is very good! Just reeducate yourself on good eating habits, lose the bad eating habits, and change your behavior for eating junk to good food. Take the time it needs to do it right so you can keep it off for life. Isn't that more important, than a quick weight loss, because the second battle is maintaining it.

A book I have found that helps me is "Flip the Switch" it is about motivating you to flip from fat the your proper weight. I also love weight watchers magazine because it inspires me. Each article talks about how hard this is, no one ever says it is easy, but it is so worth it.

Try and find an exericse group that feels like fun, don't be proud and try and do it all on your own, sometimes you need that life of fun and friendship in a group to give you that kickstart you need. Hang in there, it is a slow battle but you can do it.

04-30-2004, 02:18 PM
Thanks, I needed that. I have a lot of excuses, but they are honestly legitimate ones. After a big ole arguement with my husband, I finally got him to buy me a tread mill, and I record Denise Austin videos and try to do those. But my biggest problem is that I have a 17 month old that I have 24 hrs a day and a 6 yr old that I have when he's out of school and all weekend. We are from TX and we upped and moved to this place where I dont know anyone. Daycare is out of the question, my daughter barely goes to my husband so there's no way I can leave her there for even an hour knowing that she will be bawling the entire time... (she never stops) Something like Jenny Craig on line would probably be better for me. I dont have a problem with not eating the foods that I cook for my family. I have my own foods and my own dinners and snacks. It's the time that messess me up. Being a mom this time around is much harder, before I had my parents, even though them babysitting for me unless I was at work was out of the question, now since I dont work I dont have any free time. I honestly wouldnt give it up for the world, if it wasnt for my children, I wouldnt even care what I look like. But I want them to be proud of their mother and also have a healthy mother. Both of my parents are obese and My grandparents have been obese.. etc. But this childbirth thing isnt made for my body so it seems to have a tantrum and dont want to act right. (sounds crazy) But that's exactly how it is. I'm going to do better, I'm glad I have other people to talk to who understands me. My husbands says I'm "overdoing this diet thing" What does he know he's about a buck 65 and complaining about being skinny?!?!? So thanks for all the support.

05-01-2004, 09:50 PM
Welcome Jayme and verabear!

Jayme, 15 pounds in two months IS very you need us to gently scold you and please don't do the binging and very bad for your body. I know how hard it is. And I can relate to having the young children who don't let you have any time to exercise! I truly hope that you can find something that works for you. Can you walk the younger one in a stroller, while you walk? Walking might not seem like much, but it's definitely helpful. But do try to do some exercise, along with better eating.

Donna, WAY TO GO!! on your exercising!!! That is SUPER!! High five!!!!!

and Donna, I learned to ride in spring/summer of 2002, so this will be my third season. I just tripped 20,000 miles on my odo :D . The longest day of our St. Louis trip last year was about 540 miles...that was a long day! On Thursday the 6th, we will have just as long a day, to get from upstate NY to Chesapeake, VA, where a fellow bikerlady is hosting us for the night, then she's continuing on with us to MB.

The next few days are busy for me!!!! getting the house ready for our boys (21 and almost 14), paying all bills so nothing's late; deciding what to pack (I've got room for a large duffle bag, a tank bag and a backpack; how hard for a woman to choose to pack lightly! :devil: ) I've including some bikini tops (more :devil: :devil: ) as i've worked hard on my upper bod and don't mind showing it off :D

I will try to pop in before we leave. And my husband loves to take photos, and we have a good quality digital camera, so we are sure to put together an online album to view, once we're back.

Ladies, take care! We are WORTH the effort of eating right, and exercising, and feeling better!

05-01-2004, 11:27 PM
I just hoped I'd catch you before you leave.. I'm in the MB area.... Have some fun for me.. I'll be in the house looking on!!!

05-02-2004, 07:30 AM
I just hoped I'd catch you before you leave.. I'm in the MB area.... Have some fun for me.. I'll be in the house looking on!!!

Kewl!!! I'll be thinking of you when I'm there! I hope that locals don't get too upset about the area being "taken over" by bikers :dizzy: must seem pretty loud and crazy. Well, we will contribute $$ to the local economy, and I will personally not bother anyone with loud pipes, as my bike is sedate and quiet :lol:

05-02-2004, 01:16 PM
Hi everyone. Getting a late start this morning :coffee: We were working in the yard all day and the at the home center last night and stopped at the diner for dinner at 11:30 last night. Was I good....NO! But the entire day all I ate was a chicken sandwich from a fast food joint that my sons girlfriend brought over while we worked. So to make matters worse, after a fried chicken thing for lunch at 11:30 at night I'm eating a Reuben w/fries. (for those who don't know, its pastrami,bacon, swiss and sauercraut(sp?) on rye)
and it was delicious. We were starving. So needless to say today I need to get back on track with the food. Hopefully all the work offset some of those gross fatty calories I took in. So we slept late, had a little work out this morning :o and I am skipping the biscuits and gravy the dh is making and sticking to my plan. I don't dare get on the scale until tomorrow morning. Maybe even tuesday.

Holly, You're gonna have a great time. And pull out those bikini tops and show them what you worked so hard for! :strong: It's so stressful getting ready to go. I used to leave notes all over the house for the boys (I was leaving 3 behind) Then I'd call everyday to make sure the animals were fed and all of them were ok. But it's worth it to get away. Since you are now my exercise mentor (I just am awed by the hard work you put in) I was hoping I could ask you some questions, but not until you get back and report on the fantastic time you had. I know your busy and if you get to this board at all, your time will be limited, so when you get back. Try not to stress too much getting ready. Everything and everyone will be fine.

Welcome Jaymi & Vera,
Sorry that's late, I've been popping in & out of here lately and don't always have a lot of time. But welcome aboard. :wave: this is a great group.

Jaymi, I know what you mean. It's hard with little ones. By the time I was 23 I had 3 boys. 5yrs, 15mos and a newborn. Thought I'd lose my mind. I felt like a dishrag. Everytime you try to plan a little time for yourself, something would happen. Just couldn't plan anything. I also used to go on protein powder shakes, purge, laxitives....when your young tired and desperate it's amazing what you'll try. But it was all temporary weight loss because you can't do that forever and then the guilt would do me in. What if something happened to me. What would that do to my dh and my babies. Once I choked when purging and almost passed out. With my kids in the next room. That was it. I didn't have anyone around either. My friends were all single and working and had totally different lives then me. But as the kids got a little older it got a little easier to get in a video or I'd take them to the park and push the baby around while the others played and I actually met some mothers in the same situation. Give it time. Also, keep and exercise video handy for those spontaneous times when you can pop it in. Maybe at night. I know nights are hard because your exhausted from the kids, but once you start it might not be so bad. Anyway, I'm rambling. Just wanted you to know I understand. We all understand. You'll be ok. Just :coach: no more of the desperate measures. It's not good for anyone, you or your family. And on the really positive side, 15 pounds is great. :cp:

Vera, You my young friend have such a wonderful attitude. You sound very wise. I am sure you will do well. Attitude has so much to do with it. I am really looking forward to hearing of your success. It sounds like you have some really great plans. Also check on the online stores for clothes. I think there is a link right here at 3fc. I visited it once and they definitely have clothes age appropriate. We are all here to share and hear. :goodluck:

Maggie, how is our :cheer: today? Your posts always pick me up. No matter who your addressing. I never realized how close to goal you are. That's great. I get bummed when I think about goal. So I just try and thing about the next 10 on the scale. Watching the numbers change. That's what I need. That's probably where my scale :devil: addiction comes from. Thats why on friday I was really freaking out. I stayed OP, did all my exercising all week and the scale would go up a lb, down 2 lbs up 3 lbs down 1lb. It is driving me nuts. That's why I was hoping to find TOPS near me where I could weigh in once a week and throw mine out. Its also a very cheap digital and I usually get on and off 3 x in a row because it changes 1-3 lbs each time and I take the average. I'm obsessing again, what's wrong with me and that stupid scale :devil: ? Anyway, I'm not going to give up on the diet and exercise. It has to be helping no matter what the scale :devil: says.

Well, I'm off for another cup of :coffee: It still feels like early morning. My schedule is so off. Will have to get to bed early tonight. Work has been busy and I'm being trained to underwrite. aaahhhh!!!! :fright: But it's something new and that's good. I like to learn new things.

Enjoy your sunday everyone. ttyl :D

05-03-2004, 04:30 PM
Thanks very much for welcoming me. I try, I really do, but it doesnt seem like it's ever enough. And when I do exercise, I'm so tired i end up laying down the rest of the day!!! :lol: Sometimes I feel ashamed for feeling this way because there are a lot of people out there that need to lose 100 or more pounds, and I can imagine how hard it is for them, but when I look in that mirror, yuck it just makes me so upset. I havent exactly gotten back on the exercise band-wagon...yet, but I have gotten my self together and back on my diet.

As far as Bike week, I've never even seen one or knows what its like. To be honest with you, the little suburb where i stay, may not welcome it that much, it's a lot of old retired people, but MB I doubt has a problem with it. Black Bike week is what they mostsly complain about, they seem real exited about this one though. I won't be here for memorial day so I'll miss that week anyway. We might still ride out to MB to see what's it's like.

This stupid place where I live doesnt really have anywhere to walk at, that's why I got my hubby to buy me a treadmill. I stay in a golf villa, they have little passages where i could walk.. but I keep being scared that me or my baby is going to get hit in the head with a golf ball!! :^: But I like going out side, the other part where you see alot of people walking is hard to walk with a stroller, there are cars coming from both sides. When I go to Tx though, Im going to take advantage of some of the good walking places and definately get my exercise...mostly because I probably will end of cheating on my diet...staying with family :dizzy: But it will be ok.....

This a long post!! But I just want to thank every body for making me feel welcome and supporting me. ONE MORE THING! I can't get an answer on my thread I started, Any one tried Jenny Craig?

05-03-2004, 11:19 PM
Well gang I reached 168.5 this week. Hubby promised me a nice facial at 168 but set it up anyway for the end of this week. He said he knew I would lose the other half pound this week.

Last week was hard for me. A couple of days I could have bitten nails, I ended up hiding most of the week. Can myself a good kick in the butt over the weekend to lose the bad attidude, at least I stayed on the diet.

Bike week, always wanted to go. Have a friend from Delaware he goes every year, big ole guy nicknamed La De Da, nothing but a teddy bear, he always came back from his trips with the video and I got to see all the good looking bikes. Maybe next year I will talk hubby into us going down with him. My poor hubby would probably have a heart attackl, he's not use to that much excitment.

05-05-2004, 06:33 AM
Good morning!!

Well, today is the day we leave! Now if the darned weather was better!! It barely got to 50 yesterday, with rain...rain is forcast for today (scattered showers) and still too cold for my liking, but gotta go! I'll have every piece of my insulated, armored, Kev-lared gear on :D

Here's our itinerary-
Leave Vermont this afternoon, as soon as husband can get out of work. Head south...get as far past Albany, NY area as possible. Spend night in some fleabag :D
Thursday - head to Chesapeake, VA where a fellow biker lady is hosting us for the night. She's then continuing on with us.
Friday - get to Myrtle Beach! Staying for three nights.
Monday - leave, and basically backtrack as above.

We get back Wednesday the 12th - I'll try to let you know ASAP when we roll back into town, safe and sound and hopefully a little tanner :devil:

Magnoliamouth - If I see a big ol' guy that goes by La De Da, I will shout out a hey! (and my road name is - Cupcake - lol!)

DonnaD, I am honored! that you have exercise questions for me. Lay them on me, girl, when I get back!

BYE!!!! :D :D :D

05-05-2004, 05:28 PM
Hi everyone! I'm feeling real good today. Got on the scale and saw that I lost 5 pounds!! Yay! I have no idea how, because I hadnt exercised in 2 weeks, but I'll take it. Well I exercised yesterday, but that didnt count. The only reason I weighed my self is because my jeans were fitting looser. Boy did that make my day!

I also started these Adipex pills, boy they cut your appetite alright, but I feel high or something. or like the side affects say ( A false sense of Well being) That's exactly what I feel like. I guess that beats being depressed though.

I have a killer headache right now, not because of the pills, but because I forgot to eat and hadnt eaten since about 7:30 this morning. My day could have depressed me, my car wouldnt start so that means I gotta wake up EXTRA early to get the kids ready and bring my husband to work. I almost want to stay at home instead!

Well I just want to lose 10 pounds this month, or by last week of the Month. I dont know if My hubby noticed my weight loss, the first and last time he mentioned it was in March when I dropped the first 10 pounds, but I havent been showing him either. I've been wearing baggy shirts and sweats all the time. I want to surprise him.. and everybody else when I get to tx, and put on some real clothes. I might not be able to keep him off of me then!!! LOL

Well sorry so long, just had to vent a little...

05-06-2004, 06:25 AM

You have a good time and see you when you get back. I will ask La De Da about your road name. I don't think he goes to the Myrtle Beach rally, he is from Delaware. I know he goes to Bike week in Florida and sometimes the one in Struis and I think that is is ND.

05-06-2004, 06:32 AM
Jaymi_Dol_78 What is the Adipex pills? Are they prescribed by a doctor. I could use some help. My doctor won't prescribe anything. My other doctor would and he offered Bondril. So far I've made it without it, the nurse told me her friend started losing weight once she started "One a day's" vitamin Weight smart. I'm hoping for at least 8lbs between now and June 5th, but would love more. I'm just trying to control myself and not push myself right out the door by setting too high a goal.

I'm hoping to meet my final wight goal by at least the end of August. For now,
I'm happy just to maintain within the calories rage day by day and exercise day by day. Just doing that is hard enough and I figure doing that the rest will fall right into line. Of course, some days are harder than others.

05-06-2004, 01:41 PM
To: Magnoliamouth

Adipex 37.5 is a prescribed medication that surpressess your appetite and gives you energy. I dont know exactly how it works, but I know that it affects your brain (not in a bad way) I have a really bad stomach, so most of those other diet pills just made me sick to my stomach and nervous. My cousin told me she was taking it, and I know that she was larger than me when she gave birth and she is already down to 137. I also know that she has a heart condition so the medicine she takes can't be too bad.
I'm just a baaaad girl because I ordered mine off the internet, it costs probably 30 more than it would if I had a presciption, but hey The docter bill I would have to pay just to get the doctor to even say yea or nay.. would cost wayyyy more. I HATE that I have to depend on these pills, but I swear the fatigue was getting to me.. All I could barely do was lay down. If I exercised that was it for the day.... and I just cant keep it up like that I have a house to take care of. But I wasnt gonna just give up either and gain all of my weight back because I dont wanna go that route again. I just decided that I'd do "whatever" I had to do and I will. I've tried soooo hard and so many things. I know how to eat right and etc, but it was the impulses that was getting me. Id be in the store and if I saw that favorite candy or something I would pick it up. Sometimes I managed not to eat it and sometimes I gobbled it up. But now, My mind is going 200 miles an hour on other things. It still gives me weird feeling though, and everything seems dramatized. Now it could also be the PMS, but I was really crying today because I didnt have a way to get my son to school and that my car was broke. I was like oh whoa is me I'm a bad mother blah blah blah... I know better than that but I couldnt help it. Then if my husband does something that any other day I'd probably just roll my eyes and keep on, now I just wanna straight strangle him!! LOL You know....probably the PMS!!!!

Well on another note...enough about me;)...You'll reach your may be sooner that you think! Either way it goes, I'll be here to egg you on so that you wont get discouraged.

05-06-2004, 02:09 PM
hi again and THANK YOU ALL very much for the welcome! :D

Holly, your itinerary sounds exciting! as i everyone surely is, i'm looking forward to reading your posts as soon as you get back. take care and have lots of fun! :D

DonnaD, thank you oh so much for the kind words. :) i agree that attitude is very important, and i just always remind myself that though i am happy just the way i am, it doesn't mean i cannot improve. ;) i lost about 2 pounds again, by just eating less rice and really choosing what i eat. i am so thrilled about it! specially because i wasn't expecting it. amazing what even 2 lbs off can make me smile :D

05-07-2004, 07:55 AM
Can you tell me the internet site, I wouldlove something like that.

05-07-2004, 01:40 PM
The Email address is It's the cheapest price so far, but there may be more I dont know. A lot of people on here dont really approve of diet pills, but sometimes you just have to do what you gotta do.. and I couldnt do it alone. I know there is no magic pill etc etc, but I just need to get the weight down, because I notice that the smaller I am, the less I eat. Well anyway, hope that helps.

05-08-2004, 11:03 AM
Hi everybody, I haven't been around for a few days. Really busy in the yard and at work. Last couple of days have been rough with the eating. (damn Aunt Flow, tries to undo all the good I do all month)

Jaymi, I am glad the pills are working for you, just be careful. How can you order prescription drugs off the internet without a prescription. Are you sure your getting the right thing. Just be careful.

Vera, How wonderful that the pounds are coming off. Sometimes I think we focus too much on the diet. When I'm busy, I eat what ever is there and I have time for, and sometimes do better than when I'm following a specific program.

Well, I've got to keep in short and sweet today as I have to check a few other threads and then get outside while the weather is good. ttyl :D

05-08-2004, 05:22 PM
:mad: This is the third time my post got erased... Aol sucks!!! :mad:

But anyway Hi Everyone!

Donna-- I left you a long a :censored: reply... but I"m tired of typing now!!! :^: So I'm gonna give you the short version!!! I dont know if this place is telling the truth or not, but you fill out a medical form online and so say a licensed physician says yea or nay and writes a prescription and a real pharmacy fills it. The pharmacy seems real, but the prices are still raised. I got my cousin to send pics of her pills and they look the same, i also looked up pics from walgreens online and etc. That's the best i can do honestly for right now...So basically I'm taking a risk, but I wouldnt recommend anyone else to do it. Ok, I think that's what i said last time :lol: Anyway thanks for even caring about me!! :smug:

I would say something to someone else.. one's posted in a while really!! :)

Well so about me.... I've lost another 2 pounds!!! :cheer: That makes my weight down to 158.. Yawl dont know how happy I am...even though I"m way too tired to show it!! I havent been that size since maybe my wedding 21/2 years ago or before. To think until I found this site... I was about to give up or I HAD gave up. I'm really tired though. I"ve been working out maybe a little too much... but I cant sleep that well. I wake up at 5 or 6 am like clockwork...Instead of sitting around looking dumb.. I exercise. Makes since to me :?:

My husband just doesnt get it. He say's im doing too much or I'm taking this weight thing over board :blah: He wouldnt know what to do if he lived one day in my shoes. I've been so embarrassed to weigh more then my husband who I know has at least 8 or 9 inches on me in height.. But oh well, whatever.. I know he's noticed a little change, theres no way he hasnt noticed I lost 22 pounds, but he hasnt said nothing!!!! :mad: :mad:
I still wear all my big baggy clothes, like these pair of 18 kapris that I could just pull straight down :lol: So when I get to my goal, and wear something cute... he'll just be in shock!

Well thanks all of you for listening to me complain even though I shouldnt be!!
Have a great weekend!!

05-09-2004, 02:04 PM
congratulations on the 2 more pounds you got off Jaymi! i surely know how even just 2 pounds can make you feel :) i actually envy you for being able to wake up so early, i have a hard time getting up before 730 in the morning! :?: that's why i do my walking in the evenings. but i used to wake up before 6am when i was training for tennis everyday. i still have not gone back to that habit though. maybe soon.

congratulations again on the weight loss! :coffee: soon as you get new clothes, your hubby is bound to notice and appreciate. i'm sure he notices changes now, he just maybe doesn't know how to react to it. :)

05-11-2004, 07:35 AM

Men can be dense! Yes he will notice later and probably about the time you hit your goal, if you go to visit someone else for a week than come back it will jump out at him like a bullet.

How long have you been taking the pills now? How do you feel? Do you feel they are helping?

I am asking a lot of questions because I wan't to try them, not sure if now is the right time, but after I get my weight off and get settled in with maintenance I want to tackle quitting smoking but don't want to gain one once back. I thought they might help me then. Or if I hit some really bad slumps and need them during the diet.

You just keep up the good work, hubby will notice! If he doesn't believe me, many more men will and he will notice that!

05-11-2004, 10:23 AM
First off, I want to say thanks very much for your support and comments :D

VeraBear- Believe it or not... I hate waking up in the mornings, and it actually took me until this point to do so. The reason being there is just not enough time in the day for me to get all the exercise in. My daughter maybe takes a nap around 11:30 or noon (if i'm lucky) But I'm usually really tired by then for some reason!!! So I wouldnt do anything and all through out the day, she pretty much owns the TV. Trust me, it's getting harder, I'm starting to need caffeine !! :coffee: But thanks hopefully I can keep this up! I bet youre right, he's gotta notice because my face is even smaller now than before, but oh well.. men!!! :?:

Magnoliamouth- This is going on week 2 of the pills. At first they made me feel kinda weird and I didnt get any sleep, but that was one of the side effects of them, but it goes away in about 3 days. You have to take them EARLY (reallly emphasizing early!) Because if you take them even after 8 am, you might have trouble sleeping....unless you are already a night owl anyway. The appetite suppressant part does work... maybe too much!! I'm way below on my calories but I do eat 3 times a day, But i have to make myself to that. It works up to a point though, since it's dealing with your brain, i guess you can fool yourself to a point, but lets say you walk into your favorite restaraunt and smell all of the great food, you might not be able to say no because your stomach starts talking then!! lol It's weird though. Sometimes I get restless too, so then I have to keep busy or exercise. It doesnt really give you energy, but it makes you want to keep busy or keep thinking of things to do. I guess it all depends on you and what part of dieting you need help with the most...If it's the eating part, It will help!

Where is everyone at? I know Vermont mom is riding her bike, but it sure seems quiet around here!!! Well Verabear and Magniliamouth... Let me know how the both of you are doing!!! Everyone have a great day!!

05-12-2004, 07:48 PM
Hello ladies!!!! we got back this afternoon...still unpacking, looking around and seeing what the kids did/didn't do :lol:

Had a GREAT time!!! and the only injuries were sunburn (I saw more sun in 5 days than we do here in a month) and I tore a nail riding the mechanical bull (yup :devil: - but I kept my shirt on, unlike the other ladies :lol: )

Will come back soon after other stuff, to catch up!

05-12-2004, 08:55 PM
Hey Holly,

So glad you had a great time. Glad you got to bask :cool: in the :sunny: too. So you rode the bull. You go girl :strong: putting all those muscles to use and show em what you've got. Not me, right now I'm :chicken: poop, but get 50lbs off me and I'd give it a try.

Well, it's good to have you back and so glad you had a safe trip. I'll be sending you a pm in a few days (know you need to settle in) Need to get some advise on the exercise front. I'm heavy but ready. Figure I have to start somewhere. I've been walking outside 40-45 mins or inside on :tread: 20mins(the :tread: is so much harder) or doing a 45min WATP video. I'm averaging about 10x a week. So I think it's time to move on :eek:

How's everyone else doing? Maggie, I tackled the smoking already. Now I'm going after the weight. It was easier to quit smoking. I can't believe I said that, but it's true.

Jaymi, Glad everything is going so well. I know it's hard work with the little ones, but you are getting results and thats great. Still, be carefull with the pills. I have a tendency to worry. Part of getting older. When I was young, I would try anything.

Hey Vera, How's it going? Getting up early is hard, but once you do it for a couple of weeks it gets easier. The hardest part for me is trying to fall asleep earlier. And if I decide to sleep in on the weekends, I'm all screwed up on Monday morning. I find the morning exercise really important. It's gets me going the rest of the day.

Well, I have to figure out what I'm making for dinner. So I'm going to take a quick cruise around the board. ttyl. :D

05-14-2004, 06:50 PM
Ok, did I scare everyone away or what?!?!? Did yaw'l move to another thread?!? :lol: But anyway, I tried to post on here the other day, but my internet completely cut off on me, so I just gave up...It happend twice while trying to do my journal so I just said forget it!!!

Ok everyone, since it's been so long..there's nothing to comment on!!!

Donna- I tried to ask you this last time before this stupid computer.... anyway Have you ever did Denise Austin? I like it because 1. I'ts free. It comes on lifetime and I tape it for later. 2. She does a big variety of exercises like step aerobics, pilates, kickboxing, yoga, workout with weights..
3. So far I havent had a rerun yet, so I have 3 6 hour tapes, too hard to get tired of that so far. She can be a little annoying at times, but when I got up and started doing them and saw how hard some of it was and that it actually made me sweat!! I was hooked. Now some of the exercises I couldnt do at all at first, I can actually do them. She has 2 30 minute shows. The other thing you might not like is working out through the comercials... I work out through "fast forwarding" the comercials :lol: So it pretty much comes out to 45 minutes for both. She just seems to pick the hardest exercise to do during the comercials.....I can't do them for that long, so I fast forward, but hopefully I will be able to be.

Well weigh-in is tomorroww..kinda nervous...ok REALLY nervous. Dont want to get disapointed or upset if I didnt lose. But I know that today, my sweats were totally too baggy and when I started they were tight, so even If I havent lost weight this week, I've lost...something!

Food, exercise and water was all good today. The jeans I ordered came in today... the butt part looks big and they look looong. But too scared to put them on. Maybe tomorrow. Havent wore jeans in forever.

I wonder why people have been staring at me lately and I've figured it out...Not because they think I'm fat...but because they are wondering why in the H*** this chick is wearing sweats when it is 85 degrees out side...But I cant help it.. I sleep, eat, and every thing else ;) in sweats...Comfortable. Not like Imma put on some shorts.... NO WAY!! Why try to be cooler when I'll feel so uncomfortable. Plus I dont have any so it doesnt matter.

Oh well I'll go now, hopefully someone will post and let me know everythings kool!!! Bye all, have a good day...

05-16-2004, 11:08 AM
Hi Jaymi,
I still around. We've been busy working in the yard. Yanking hedges and bushes, replanting. Getting loads of dirt sand and gravel. Lots of digging. I am beat. My husband,who I must say is my best friend and a really great guy, is also an ex-marine and though he's by no means gung-ho, he still has a lot of the discipline. We went from 9am to 7pm. I am exhausted. Aunt Flow just got here friday. I am besides diabetic, also anemic, and when Flow is here
the first few days are really rough. I might have to have surgery. But anyway, I remember Denise Austin from yrs ago. I have satellite so I'm sure I can catch her. What station does she air on. I know the channels differ from city to city and state to state but the station is what I need. If you get a chance. Thanks, I'll check it out. I hope she's on early in the morning though. I'm not much for recording. I haven't been on the scale in a few days. I had just stopped losing, wasn't gaining, but pms week I didn't lose anything. But I usually gain so I'm not complaining.

You in the meantime sound like your doing excellent! I wouldn't get caught up the scale. You know good things are happening to your body by the way your clothes are fitting. With the working out your doing your obviously toning. Fat to muscle is a good thing. Makes for an even better fat burning matabolisum(sp?) the more muscle you have. The muscle weighs more than fat and as much as we all hate to hear that since we are so hung up on the numbers, it's true. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly suprised when you try those jeans on. And then people might be looking at you for a whole new reason, because you look great! So keep up the good work. (now for the mom in me, I must ask, are you still taking the pills? Do you feel ok? Do you have a plan to go off them slowly? As always, be careful.)

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I don't know why I'm even up. Only slept less than 5hrs. So I threw in a load of laundry, grapped :coffee: loaded the dishwasher, gathered some garbage and recycles for tomorrows pick up and landed here. I'm actually hoping to hop back in bed for a couple of hours. I must be over-tired, just can't sleep, and the body is aching from all the work yesterday. Achey, but good. Always feels good to know the old
chasis got a workout.

Maybe I'll catch up with some of you later. ttyl :D

05-16-2004, 03:04 PM
Hi Donna! I guess it's just you and me for the time being!! :lol: Wow seems like everybody's always in the yard planting the flowers and mowing the yards and what not... Unfortunately we don't even have a yard at this time, and if we did I wouldnt be doing either!!! :lol: I can barely keep a plastic plant alive!! Maybe one day, when the kids are older. Diabetes suck!! My parents and grandparents have it. I had it when I was pregnant for my son. :p I'm not good with medical words...anymore...but what kind of diabetes do you have...the one you can make go away or the one you have forever? Aunt Flow sucks too!! I don't usually get that bad, but I do get bad headaches!!! Denise Austin comes on Lifetime. I'm pretty sure on satillite you get that channel. It comes on at 7:00 eastern and 6:00 central. So that should be early enough for you. :lol:

I didnt even get a chance to get on the computer yesterday, but I did exercise my butt off. I was sooo upset. I found out that my Dad had to have heart surgery, and I was 1000 miles away and there was nothing I could do. I couldnt be there either, we had planned to go out there in 2 weeks, we don't have the money nor the transportation at the moment. My hubby asked but I know that it would have been almost impossible. I always though of my daddy as superman. Any thing I ever needed I asked him for, if i needed help moving or if my car broke-down. He came to take care of me when I had my daughter because of my C-section and my hubby was at work. It just made me think that he was there for me, and I wasnt there for him. I was just quietly walking on the treadmill then I felt the tears streaming down. I didnt want anyone to see me, so I just starting going faster and faster.Then I went into the room and did i dont know how many crunches and leg lifts until my legs were like rubber. But I felt a little better. Then my hubby took me to "attempt" to play tennis. We played for an hour or so. I'm not good, but I got a real workout.

Yes, Mother..... :lol: I am still taking them. I'm not sure if they even affect me that much anymore. I mean my appetite isnt all there, but it doesnt make me nervous or as fidgety either. I will probably taper off when I get to my goal weight, or when they stop working....which ever comes first.

Well hope everything is going good for you and you're feeling better! Hope everybody else is doing well too! Bye all, have a good day!!!

05-17-2004, 08:17 AM

Sorry to hear about your Dad, what is the news from out there today. How is he. I know how that feels, I lived in wichita KS when I found out my mom was going to die. I couldn't get to visit her for 6 weeks later. But by the time I did, I was able to get transferred to an area closer so I could spend weekends with her. She only lived 4 months after that, but I'm glad I got that time.

Where we live now is only about 1.5 hours from my family so that has made a big difference in my life with my family and I appreciate them more now that I'm older.

Sounds like you took your furstrations out on the exercise equipment in a good way. Good use of all of that. Your dad would want you to continue taking care of yourself! Let me know how he is doing.

05-18-2004, 12:58 AM
Hi Jaymi,

So sorry you weren't able to be with your dad, but he sounds like the kind of man who understands your a young family with limited resources. He knows you love him. My best to you all.

Yes, diabetes does suck. I started with gestational diabetes during my first pregnancy when I was 17. It went away when the baby was born and didn't surface again until I was in my 30's and my weight was up. It can be controlled with diet and exercise and the doc said if I lose enough I might be able to go off meds. I've been fighting that battle unsuccessfully for 10 yrs. but I'm still trying.

How's everyone else doing? Hey Maggie!

Well, just a quick stop in. It's late. ttyl :D

05-18-2004, 11:36 AM
Hi everyone! My daughter eats all of my food!!! Eating breakfast a little late this morning. My dad is doing much better. Hopefully he will be put in a regular room today so that I can talk with him. I miss him, thanks all of you for caring!! :^: Well, so far so good with everything. But really have you all ever really sat and thought about the fact that you have to burn 3500 calories to lose 1 pound. What If I want to lose 2? That's like exercising burning 1000 calories for 7 days!!! I hate to see trying to lose 3!!! 10500 calories!!!!!!!!! Man I dont even think that's possible!!!

Well Donna, glad to see I'm not the only "teen" mom around here. I had my son when I was 18. At least you've been fighting for 10 years!!! You're still going and you're not giving up...You can do it! Have you watched Denise Austin yet? How much more do you have to lose to get to your goal weight? Is Watp comparible to the treadmill? I wanna try it, but seems like walking in place won't have the same affect :lol: I know it's a little more than that...but what is your opinion? Treadmill or WATP?

Maggie- sorry to hear about your mom!! :cry: I just dont know what I'll do if I have to lose one more person I love. My grandparents are old, but I want them to live to break a record or something be 130 years old!!! I cant wait to move closer to my family, even if it's only temporary!

Well, sorry so short chickies, but I swear I've been messing around with this computer since 8:30. Dial up sucks!!!! It takes forever! Then it freezes up and I have to close it and start it again...GRRRR!! Gotta go do some Mommy stuff now. Maybe my daughter will watch Blues Clues for me to wash clothes? :dizzy: Doubt it!! Well hope everyone has a beautiful day!!!

05-18-2004, 08:33 PM
Hello everyone!!

First, Jayme, I sincerely hope that your Dad's surgery goes well. Of course you're concerned about him...but I'm sure he knows that you would be with him if you could.

About the calories thing...yes, you need to burn 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat - BUT - there's something called your "basal metabolic rate". That is the amount of calories you burn just to be alive each day. It differs for everyone, of course, but for me it's about 1800 calories. That means, if I ate exactly 1800 calories each day, I would stay the same weight. For me to lose, I would pare that down to say, 1500, to create a "deficit". So, take heart! it's not as horrible as it seems at first :devil:

congrats to everyone who is exercising, and losing!!! Donna, wow, your husband is...driven :lol: I wish mine had the "home improvement" bug :D

Donna, your exercise commitments are great! Now that I'm settled back here, I'm free and happy to talk exercise :strong:

Here's a link to some pics from our trip. For those who don't know me, I'm the one with the shorter brown hair, and the lady with the longer reddish hair is whom we met up with in Chesapeake, and she continued on with us.

The pic of the ambulance is not us, thank goodness! An accident occured SECONDS before we came upon it; the vapor from the air bag was just dissipating as we approached. An elderly man fell asleep and went off the road. The airbag saved his life; however, the impact really hurt him; older folks have so much less elasticity in the skin, and it might have bruised his aorta. Anyway, my husband is a volunteer EMT, and if he comes upon an accident, he just goes and helps. He's a good guy :)

Even with not exercising for a week, I think I stayed the same weight...riding that bike for up to 500 miles a day does burn calories! I indulged in some yummy things, but everything in moderation. That's what I'm aiming for, for life. 'Cause this IS for life!

Have a great night!

05-18-2004, 09:27 PM
Hi Holly!!! I missed you being here!! I had like tons and tons of questions for ya!!! :lol: Like how did you make your bod look like that? Do you just count your calories? What exercises to you do? :lol: I know I sound a bit hyper, but I've been having these questions for a while! Thanks for the support about my dad.

Please don't take any offense to this, but I swear you're the best lookin' biker gal I've seen in MB!! :lol: Ok, I'm a big girl so some clothes are just not wearable...and I know you know where I'm getting at, but My hubby loves motorcycles. He doesnt have one, but he made me ride around MB Friday and Saturday evening. The women didnt have much clothes on....and I swear they were 200 lbs or so!! But they were looking tough though riding that bike!! I like the way it looks, but I'm sooo old fashioned everytime someone made that noise with their bike, I jumped! I'd never get on the back with my hubby, he can barely drive a car right!!! I guess I need to get with the program!

Well, Bye everyone, talk with ya later!

05-18-2004, 09:39 PM
Hi Jayme! hey, thanks for missing me :D

I hear ya about some of the lady riders...they seem to be very NOT self-conscious, they say "this is who I am, take it or leave it (or "shove it", haha! :devil: ) I know that self-confidence comes from mastering something that is usually quite male-oriented. And isn't confidence attractive! oh, I never take offense at a compliment given to me! thank you very much!

And wow, were those bikes LOUD!!! I actually frightened some people because I was slowly crusing up behind them, and they didn't hear my quiet Honda engine, and they jumped outta their skin when I was close to them, lol!!

Yes, I have been counting calories, at first tried to stay under 1500 a day. Now that I'm on "maintenance" (or trying) I can have around 1800. but that's also with exercising 6X a week. I do videotapes; and I do a mix of aerobics for cardio strengthening and fat loss; and strength training using hand-held weights, also done to videos.

I buy videos from The exercise truly has shaped me. I never had shape before, not even when a teenager! That is what keeps me doing it. Also, I work on my feet all day (18 years as a pastry baker!) and now my knees never hurt, and my lower back only hurts when I'm expecting my period.


05-18-2004, 10:19 PM
Well chickies I weigh tomorrow morning before I leave on my trip, getting back Sunday, I was thinking of not weighing but I knew I'd better tokeep me in check. I am hoping for some loss since I weighed sunday, even a half pound would be good.


I ordered the diet pills, but scared to take them now. I know I have them in reserve if I can't take what I'm doing, so for now will stick to the plan as is. I will use them probably when I quit smoking to help. I am hoping to meet my first goal of 140 pounds by the first of Aug and quit smoking, then over the next month lose 5 pounds more. We will see what we see there.

Vermont Mom

How tall are you? I was wondering because you do look so slim in that picture is your weight still 145?

I am trying to keep my calories at or under 1300 and I exercise everyday, just by walking 30 minutes for now and I am trying to get into the DDR, Dance Dance REvolvlations Playstation 2 DVD, but so far I look like some kind of good with 8 legs. Well I got to boogie. See you guys when I get back either late Sunday or early Monday,


05-19-2004, 07:25 AM

I was reading what you posted and got very confused. You said you could eat 1800 calories to maintain your weight at 142, are you using a multipiler of 13? I thought 13 was for inactive, and moderatly active was 15 and very active was 17.

The reason this is cricial to me is this:

While reading a calories counting book, I stumbled on these numbers and took my original weight of 186 and multiplied it by 13 (since my fat butt was doing any kind of moving) to figure out how many calories I was eating to maintain that weight. and I came up with 2418 caloreis.

Then of course I took my goal of 140 and multiplied it by 15, because even when I reach goal I will work out 3 to 5 times a week for at least a minimum of 30 minutes and came up with 2,100 calories, and I was shocked that it was only a difference of 318 calories difference (well and some moderate exercise) between me feeling and being fat and overweight, and me feeling trim and good about myself.

Now of course, that is upon reaching goal. How are you figuring your numbers. Give a chickie some help here.

05-19-2004, 07:32 PM
Well Holly, I've been thinking the same thing!! I definately dont look like you at 140!!! Maybe 125!!! and not even that good! Just to get in a size 6!! LOL I'm gonna go to that website and check them out.

Maggie- Wow seems like we are on the same bandwagon! I started again at 180, (at first I was 200, got down to 160 and back to 180) But anyways :dizzy: my goal is 140/145. But the weight I"m supposed to be is 130 or less. 130 would be the max for me...I think I stayed 127 for like 5 minutes last time!! :lol: Just taking it 20 lbs at a time. I want to be 145 by June, but I know that's a push. My goal for this month was to lose 10 lbs, and so far I'm 1 lb away. Weigh-in is Friday so i'm scared..but oh well I've been working my butt off so whatever happens happens. I'm still taking those pills, if you ordered them from the same place then I dont think you should be scared! I'm positive that I have the real thing, I have to reorder some next week. The few side affects I had are long gone. I still dont have an appetite, and they still make me think a bit more, but it helps keep me on track. I will taper off when I get myself together...but right now they are saving me from all the chocolate in the world!! I swear we went to Mcdonalds, and I almost always would have given in and ordered a burger, but I didnt even want to and I was starving! Ok, so if someone sat some donuts in front of me I might can only pass them about 10 times before stuffing them in....but I dont have the cravings and desperate need to go and buy them. I still think about sweets and hamburgers of course but I dont feel like I have to have them or i'll die anymore. Hey it may just be me...I dont know. I say give it a try for like a week, if you feel weird (except for the things I've told you about) then trash them.

Well good luck with weigh-in and Have fun on your trip! My calories suck as in way too low!!! Barely 1000 sometimes, but I do eat!! Just not a lot and a lot of low calorie foods. Well that's something I have to improve on! Well gotta go all!!

05-20-2004, 08:36 AM
Good morning ladies!!

I'm not too tall - barely 5'6". In my avatar pic, I was at my lowest weight, 142. I'm at 145 now; just those few pounds really make a difference in showing my abs. and the photo is not retouched, but it was "set up" in that my husband had me hold my 450 pound bike at an angle, to have me flexing and straining to hold it.

I got my "formula" from...I think it was a Woman's Day magazine. I tore out the page, and showed it to a friend, meaning that I hope I can still find it. You picked your body type, and activity level, whether male/female, and then it gave some numbers to crunch, and it seemed to be correct with what I do...that's how I came up with the 1800 calories for me to maintain. I hope I can find it, to share.

I think that my bod "allows" me to have alot of extra calories, though, that are taken care of by the consistent exercise, and since I don't "write what I bite", I think that I have alot of nibbles that I'm not admitting to. So I might be more at being "allowed" 2000 calories or so, without gaining. I hope I didn't mislead anyone - I'll be the first to admit that it's HARD to stick to counted calories! and I LOVE to eat just about anything, whether it's steak or cake :lol:

Speaking of cake - got to get ready for work, and decide what to make for the lunch and dinner desserts at the club. Rhubarb is in season here now, and lots of people have it in their gardens, but are willing to sell some. I just have to bring lots of bungies to strap it down on the bike, on the way to work :lol:

Have a great day! OH! And we all need to make a call for SPRITE to come back! Girl, you got us all together, starting this thread....we miss you!

05-20-2004, 10:35 PM
Hey Holly!

Really enjoyed the pics. Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

How's everybody doing? It's been a long week at work. So glad it's friday tomorrow.

Still getting the exercise in. Aunt Flows just about out of here. Down 2lbs. That's a net loss of 2lbs because I didn't gain any PMS weight this time. Woo hoo! :cp: That's a first.

It's still going a lot slower than I would like. I know a lot of people say when they increase exercise they don't see the loss they would like to see. But I definitely feel the difference. (some feel better and some feels worse..ouch!
:lol: ) But I like feeling that work out pain.

Not following any specific plan. Just cutting down and no food after dinner(most of the time)

I haven't been around in a couple of days so never got to wish Maggie a good trip. So Maggie, whatever day you get back and read this, hope it was a good one.

Holly, Jaymi and Maggie, you guys are so good with the calories. How can you stand all that looking up all the time. It's just like journalling. I find it time consuming and it preoccupies the mind with food thoughts all the time. But maybe I'd see more of a loss if I paid more attention and counted calories. Maybe you could jot down that formula for me. I think it's worth a shot.

Well, have a great friday.

PS: Holly, I still don't know how you can be around all that bakery food. It would kill me. Literally.

ttyl :D

05-21-2004, 02:19 PM
Where the heck did the day go? I've been up since six and havent done crap!!!!! I've dropped my son to school, picked him up and that's it. I've got like 50 million things to do!!! All by 6:00!!!!!! My daughter is like 2 hrs late on her nap!!!! I'm rockin her now, if my son would stop running around like a mad man!!!

Well Donna, If I can make time to write it can too! Sometimes I read labels, and since I eat the serving size, I jot it down while I'm cooking it. If I eat something that I dont know, I still write it down, then come back later and fill the calories in. I am writing my exercises on it too, instead of having a exercise journal. I bought a seperate tablet, but why waste paper to write a couple of words, when I can fit it all in one? Then also, I eat a lot of Healthy choice dinners and they have calories on them already. I did all of the research before I started the journal. I get obsessed with things sometimes so I had to stop. But I know when I get started on something, I get carried away, so If I started this I would make it a point to do it right.

Congrats on the 2 lbs!! I only lost one so you are doing better than I am!!!

Holly, 450 lb bike? Me and the bike would have fell down!! I have another question for you...Since you've already accomplished what we all are still trying for... I see the amount of time it took U to lose all of the weight, but how fast did it go? What I mean is 2 lbs a week or more? Where there some days when you lost one 1 lb or nothing? Did you Gain?? Ok sorry if I'm a pest, but everyone else are still fighting and struggling like me, and you are already there!!! I dont know if I even met Sprite, but did everyone start a new thread and not tell us or what?!?!? Where is everybody? :lol:

Well daughter has went night-night, or nap-nap, so I guess I gotta get my big butt in gear!!! Have a great weekend Everyone!!

05-22-2004, 08:15 AM
Good morning ladies!

Jayme, I welcome the questions! I dug out my journal from 2002 - just a little notebook, that I wrote date, what exercise I did, and maybe some calorie notes.

Feb. 4 - starting weight 176, size 14-16. Tried to keep to 1500 calories a day, broken down this way -
Breakfast - 300
lunch - 400
snack - 100
dinner - 600
snack - 100

(and I told myself to only weigh-in ONCE a month - but couldn't stick to that
Feb. 20 - 174
Feb. 27 - 172
Mar. 6 - 170
Mar. 13 - 168
Apr. 11 - 166
May 15 - 165
May 27 - 163
June 15 - 162
June 21 - 160
July 1 - 158
July 10 - 156
July 22 - 152
July 30 - 150
Aug. 6 - bought size 8 jeans :D
Aug. 12 - 145
Aug. 27 - still 145, but squeezed into a size 6 Riders' jeans :D
October (yeah) 14 - 143
Nov. 11 - 143-144
Dec. 29 - 144
Jan. 9 2003 - 145
and from this point, I kept to about 145, until summer/fall of last year, when I got a little loose with eating (but still kept up exercising) and got up to almost 149. scared myself! and it took ALL winter and this spring to try to get back to 145.

And yes, there were day where the scale showed gains of two or three pounds - but if I knew in my heart that I hadn't splurged or gone crazy, I tried my best to ignore that, and blame it on fluid retention.

05-22-2004, 10:58 AM
Holly, thanks soo much, that really inspired me! I dont even want to complain to day anymore like i was going to!! But my issue doesnt have anything to do with weight loss, I stepped on the scale this morning...3 lbs down!! YIPPEE!!! I'm glad, because yesterday it only showed one, and although I was slightly dissapointed I knew that it was better than gaining, and that I did the best that I could. I also knew that Saturdays were my regular weigh in day so, I'd hope for the best!! :lol: I changed it to participate in a thread...but I think I'm going to change it back... Well everyone, Brace yourselves, here I come! The Wrath of Jaymi!!! :lol:

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :stress: :stress: :stress: :stress:

Why Chickies?!?!? Why?!?!? It never fails that when I vowe to do something positive to help improve my life, The :devil: himself comes at me?!?!?

I'ts only 9:18 am, and I'm already in tears. I am trying to not say something I will regret, but I feel it's a lost cause already. I wake up early every morning, take the dog for a walk, feed her and give her water, (if my hubby doesnt do it) and then I put her on the back porch until I get my exercise done. The dog whines somedays, and somedays she doesnt. But I know that she has more food and water out there plus toys until I get through. Why do I get a knock on my door from the upstairs people saying that I need to put my dog inside because they are tired of hearing the noise blah,blah,blah. I promise chickies, i was raised not to disrespect older people, so I just looked at her, shook my head and closed the door. Again....these things come and haunt me...even though it should have been my husband because 1. it's his darn dog. 2. he just so happened to have left maybe 2 minutes before. Ok but heres the thing....All :censored: day you hear banging and banging...loudly!!!! They walk around all day, but I swear either one of them is 800 lbs or they stomp their foot around. When I say it is 2 in the morning and you wake up to loud banging and stomping, and they have the nerve to knock on my door and tell my something about a puppy whining?!?!?!? :bomb:

I dont need to be here pretending to be something I'm not. A stuck-up old rich person who thinks their better than everybody else. I would rather stay in a trailer home with all the other trailer trash, or the ghetto where I would also fit in. Me, I'm trailer trash or I'm ghetto-fied.....I'd rather be anything than be like those people.... I got sooo mad that I'm sitting here tears coming out because I could just punch a hole in the wall....

Why does the devil have it out for me? I'm sure there are other people in the entire world for him to try to destroy.....why me????

This is the 3rd thing that has happend in the past 12 hours since I even made that pledge to myself. And all 3 were things that would get to me...deep inside, no matter how I tried to fight it off. I should be happy, I should be following my goals that I have set up for the day, I should be grateful for even being here. Did prejudice ever leave this earth?? I wonder if it's because we're black? Or maybe because they think we dont have as much money as them? Well we might not have a lot of money at once, but I bet my husband works his butt off harder than any other rich person around here and makes just as much! My husband is only 24 years old and already has his own crew of people that works for him. He never, never misses a day of work, except for that one time when I passed out. DUH?! How dare we be judged because we don't drive a fancy Mercedes like them!!! So what we've had enough cars to add up to how much a mercedes cost!!

I'm soo sorry you chickies. I guess I failed today. I'm sorry you have to hear this again.....and again....and again how unhappy I am. But I'm not unhappy, and I've learned something. My husband will pay more rent and live in a rich neighborhood so that he can assure his family is safe, but I should have just been happy if we had to live in a shack. I regret ever complaining about such things, I regret ever feeling that a trailer was beneath me, at least I didnt have to deal with these things, and at least there was a yard for my kids and the dogs to run and play, and at least I was accepted there.

Ok, I'm going to regroup, pray and get myself together. My husband is trying to do everything in his power to get us a car by next week, and I dont want to give him one more problem to add to all the others that I neglected to see. I just guess this is one more lesson learned.

Well I'm ready for my kick in the butt now..... Bring it on!!! :sumo:

05-22-2004, 12:02 PM
Hey Jaymi,

I hate to see you going thru such turmoil in your life. You don't need a butt kicking you just need to vent. This is the place for that. I wish when my boys were little, that I had access to internet and pc's. My youngest who has ADHD was such a handful, there were days I wanted to kill myself. Literally. It was the fact that I had other babies who needed me and my dh that kept me going. Sometimes my dh would come home and I'd be locked in the bedroom. It was really bad, but I got thru it. Of course I was growing up at the same time. By the time I had the 3rd, I was only 23 and had a 5yr old and a 15 month old. My friends were single and out partying and I was trying to run a household. Thinking back, I know I made a lot of mistakes, but I did a lot right too. I would have gone to a shrink if I had any money. But a board like this would have been great. So sound off my little chickadee. Whenever you need to. You have alot on your plate. And remember, nothing is forever. The things we want to be forever, unfortunately won't be, and the things we think will be forever, won't be either. Some get better some get worse, it's just life. You don't need us to give you a kick in the butt. Life will take care of that on occasion. But then you have the rewards to look at. Don't forget to do that. Look at your kids, a devoted husband(even if they are jerks at times)
and what I do to get myself out of the "woe is me" mode, is to look at the struggles of others. So there is the old Mama ramble for the day. Your a strong one and you'll be ok. It's just inevitable that you will have bad days(sometimes several in a row) Now for the 3lbs! WOO HOO!!!!! That's great!
Back to Mama hen again, I went to epharmacist's and the drug is not for long term use. So again, BE CAREFUL!!!!!!

Holly, Thanks for the calorie break down. I feel so lazy for not wanting to journal and pack and bring food. I guess I've been lazy for so long that to get up a 5:45 and exercise then iron clothes for the office, feed the cat, pack lunch and snacks and fill 4bottles of water and pack workout clothes for afterwork work out remember to take pills(I have to take 4pills before I leave the house and then 3more when I get to work) I'm running out the door lugging all this crap(I never remember or have time to test my blood sugar that I should do daily) I just cant imagine stopping to write down what I'm eating and looking up the cals and what I should be eating and when. I guess I'm just a complainer. I hate complainers. Which means I've got to cut the :censored: and just do it. Why are good habits so hard to make and bad habits so hard to break. Anyway, I need to drop the excuses. I went on the website for the videos but I'm not sure where to start. I guess if I want to work on the gut and back I need to get down on the floor. Yuck! When your my size, floor exercised are tough. And though my legs need alot of toning and weight loss, my biggest problem is the upper body, the classic apple shape. Abdomen, back and saddlebags. Some said, pilates. But I definitely need some beginner workouts. I don't want it to be so easy it's not a challenge but I don't want it to be so hard that I can't do anything. Maybe I should just try some crunches and leg lifts and work my up to videos. I don't know. I just know that since 4/11 I went from 286 to 274. and I have 100 to go to get to were the doc thinks I should be. I'm only 5'8" but very big frame.
I have a size 11 foot and when I got married and was thin, flat stomach and bikini, I weighed 155. My doc said, that was possible at 17 buy not at 44. So realistically, I have 100 to lose. Man, thats alot of weight. I need to get more drastic. I'm sorry to go on everyone.

Well, I'll guess I finish my :coffee: and get some stuff done around the house. I've got plenty to do. Thanks for listening. I love hearing about everyones successes. My goal is just so far in the distance, I feel like I'm crossing the Sahara without even a canteen. ttyl

05-22-2004, 01:54 PM
Hi Mama Hen!!! :lol:

I think I'd like to call you that....because you are so wise. You have already been through things I'm going through now. My son didnt have ADHD, but because I was a single mom, I had to do something, I just couldnt sit around, so my son stayed at the babysitter...a lot for me to go to school, then work, then go to school & work!! :lol: It was also a family friend not a daycare, so they pretty much raised him the way they wanted to. He was lactose intolerant, I would tell them... but they would still give him cheese, and milk and ice cream. Then he'd come home and have me up all night throwing up!! They either thought I was lying or that I just didnt want him to have those things!! They'd say he doesnt throw up over here!! DUH!!! He waits until 3 in the morning!!! I have never met any kid with ADHD, but I've met some pretty bad kids that would make you jump off a cliff and they dont even have I couldnt imagine what you wre going through....especially that young with a toddler...just like me now!!! It's funny, the hardest thing for me right now, is trying to treat them equally and spend as much time with both of them...but I can't seem to do it. My son comes in here, and starts off being good, then next thing you know he's jumping off the couches and making her cry and taking her toys!! Then if he's sitting down being good, she comes over and slaps him in his head or jumps on his back!! :lol: So I end up sending my son out to go play in his room! GRRRR, but you had it 1 million times worse than me, so i should be happy!!

You know, that's been my motivation for the last couple of days, to think of people going through waaayyy more than me, but the pain in my heart that I feel, you know it feels real to me!! The tears that come out of my eyes, they are real!! I dont make them up. I'd go to the doctor too if we had money for it, because I know depression is a good possibility. Plus it runs in the family. I just pray to God and asks him to be my depression medicine. That's all I can do.

I think that you've got a busy day ahead of you, but I promise you taking time to write down what you eat isnt that hard. I keep my journal in the same place everyday, or if I go somewhere, I take it with me. (like for days) But it would also help with diabetes, so if you take your sugar and it says it's too high, you could look back and say what did I eat? You dont have to do the calories thing at first, you can just start with the foods!!! Give it a try! It's really not that hard! You could have a tablet that fits into your purse.

As far as exercises go, when I first started off I was 200 lbs, and it would hurt my back so bad to walk 10 minutes on the treadmill. I was out of shape bad!!! Yes, there were exercise tapes, that I couldnt do... But I tried them anyway, even if I ended up looking all crazy!! :lol: But after a while, I got better and better. Now I can walk on the treadmill for an hour, but some of Denise Austin workouts, I cant do all the exercises, or I can't do them long!! I just walk in place!! If you walk in place for the entire tape at first, you'll be burning calories!! Speaking of which, why don't you try Walking off the Lbs? I tried the one mile tape, and I swear it wasnt nothing like walking a regular mile!! But it was fun, and there was no dropping to the floor and lifting your legs behind your neck and all of that!! :lol:

Well just a suggestion. Thanks everyone for listening, sometimes the treads are kinda mean in a way. If you don't complain about your weight, then they dont want to hear your post, but I dont think that's fair! How motivating is it to have everyone complain about weight all the time?!? So I basically try to rant on the journal and keep it like that. Thanks for being so welcome with me!!

Thanks HOlly for answering my 1,000 questions! ;)

Have a great day everyone!

05-23-2004, 09:53 PM
Hey Jaymi,
Well, it's been really quiet around here today. I'm actually getting dinner together. We do Italian on Sunday nights and watch the Soprano's.
I actually do Walk away the pounds. I'm up to the 3 mile tape. But the :tread: kicks my but more in 25 mins then that tape does in 45 mins.
I think I'd like to incorporate the :tread: in a couple more days a week.

I will try not to get on the scale tomorrow. I always eat too much on the weekend. Well not always, but this weekend wasn't the best choices. I'll get back on track tomorrow. Plus I will take a stab at the journal. You're right about the fact that I can look back and see what effects what I had to eat had on my blood sugar readings. I need a mother hen. My mom died when I was 21. We were so close. I found out I was pregnant with my second the day we laid her out. And you'd think with her example I'd take better care of myself. She was 49, mother of 3 and diabetic. I am such an :censored:
So I took my calorie book off the shelf and blew the dust off it and I will at least try to write down what I eat for the first few days and then figure out the calories at night and see what changes to make. A friend at work said she made a cheat sheet with most often eaten foods and that was easier than running to the book all the time. So thanks for the push, I needed it.
Gotta run, timer is going off. Keep up the good work, ttyl.

05-24-2004, 01:04 AM
Hey Donna, I"m just the opposite!! Well that 1 mile WATP kicked my butt, of course I could have done more, but I was soaked with sweat. With the treadmill it is harder for me. I dont know if it's because I stay on for so long or what. I can only go 3.0 mph and that's just recently. I am sooo sorry to hear about your mommy, but dont feel that way. Just because your mom had it, doesnt mean you were a :censored:. LOL Let me tell ya like this, I've probably told you already, but my parents and grandparents both have diabetes. I dont know the difference in types but my parents have if because of obesity, and my grandparents because of old age. I had it when I was pregnant so the docter tells me I have a even higher risk. If I would have gotten it when I was 200 plus lbs, then so be it. I swear that It takes me years to lose weight, and it takes a couple of weeks to gain it all back!! Its almost unbelievable how fast it comes on me. I honestly did the best I could, I gained the weight during pregnany. I shouldnt have gained so much, but when I took my pregnancy test after 4 wks, I had gained 10 lbs already! But anyway...(stop babbling jaymi) even if I lose all my weight and maintain it for years and years, there is no guarantee that I still won't get it, and there's nothing I can do about it. The fact that your mother had it just means that you were almost predestined to have it.... and I bet you didnt know all of that then. I do the same as far as cheat sheets go, but when you get used to it, some of the things you will memorize.

Well I got some good news, so I hope it will motivate you. All together I have lost 27 lbs, now obviously my husband can see the difference, but still he says nothing. Today he decided to take us bowling, I had to find something to wear... I didnt have anything except my favorite jeans... They are a 15/16. They are so baggy they didnt even look all that good. Also, I couldnt figure out what the heck was wrong with my bras, but duh I figured that they were too big!! YAY! But now, I have to get my hubby to search out all of my too small clothes and see which ones I can where...anyway I always wear big clothes, and sweats. But you can see that the sweats are hanging all saggy. So I know he noticed today how much I've lost. I started to just let him know, but why bother?!?! I dont need his support or his approval. I can do it all by myself!

Well good luck with everything, if you need any help looking up calories, just tell me the foods and I'll do it for you because I know that you are very busy. Anything else you might need, I'm here. Well take care!

Where are ya Holly?!?! :lol:

05-24-2004, 08:15 AM
good morning, I'm here :D

Jayme, I was SO sorry to hear of your turmoil the other day. That certainly was so unfair of those people to complain...I know you're strong enough to shoulder it, but I also know that sometimes life just seems to overwhelm us. At those times, we've just got to realize, as Donna said, that "and this too shall pass". From your post the following day, you sounded much better; I hope that you're feeling better!

And WOW, congrats on the weight you've lost so far!! It truly is something, isn't it, that your husband hasn't commented...but yes, if you wear really baggy clothes, you're hiding in there :D do you think he could be trying to be very careful, maybe afraid to comment because he's afraid of "saying the wrong thing" (have you lost weight? you look great!) (WHAT? are you saying I WAS fat?) My husband says that he knows I'm super-sensitive about how I think I look, so he's hesitant to say ANYTHING for fear of saying the wrong thing :lol:

Donna, about the calorie counting - well, it was a pain for the first few months, 'cause I didn't have much of a clue on counts for anything. I did have to consult a little calorie-counts book for everything, but eventually I did remember what some things were, such as the frequent foods/drinks. Good idea on the "cheat sheet" your friend mentioned.

One thing that helped me was chosing one specific thing for breakfast each day; I told myself "that was breakfast, it's done, don't need to think about anything else 'til lunch" (I told my stomach, not my brain :lol: ). During the winter, it was instant oatmeal with a cut-up apple, and some cinnamon and Nutrasweet. In warmer weather, I like a cup of light yogurt with a 1/2 cup of Kashi cereal, and a cut-up orange or apple. I know the calorie counts, and just go from there.

Also, when I had something for lunch like a tuna sandwich, I would figure the calories with the tuna, the light bread, and the 1 or 2 Tablespoons of light mayo and then I would know how much one of them suckers were, for future.

And getting to know serving, how hard was it to accept that a serving size of rice, potato, pasta, whatever is half a cup... :eek: that's not much, is it. Or it doesn't seem like much. I actually started using a smaller dinner plate, to make the servings seem bigger. And we always have the green salad, the bagged kind such as Dole, a big serving of green salad on the plate makes you think you have more to eat. And green beans! I joked on my other thread that I was the "Green Bean Queen" 'cause they are low in calories, and filling.

Well, I'm gonna vent now :mad: in that I decided that I would try to manage to work 6 days a week, to help with bills and husband had a very good job, and we accumulated bills that we could easily deal with, at the time. Now he has a much lower-paying job, but of course we have the same $$$ obligations as before. I am feeling alot of resentment, that if I work 6 days a week, I should not have to do the brunt of the household work on my one day off. He has weekends off; I work weekends. So at least push the damned vacuum cleaner around, or do a little picking up. I am fuming right now, in that MY one day off consists of making things look the way I want them to look. okay, thanks for listening :dizzy:

Isn't it great that we can blow off steam here :devil:

I hope everyone has a less-mad-than-me day! :lol:

05-24-2004, 11:08 AM
Hello Sprite
Your story sounds a lot like mine. I decided it was time to lose weight in January of this year when I could no long get my uniform pants closed. I have not officially went on a diet but I have been really watching what I eat - cutting out as much fat as possible - making healthy choices, etc. I have lost about 30 pounds but have been "maintaining" for about a month now. I would like to lose another 30 pounds and I need some encouragement. This is my first time on this web site (I am really impressed with it) and I think a buddy would help.

05-24-2004, 11:27 AM
Hi everyone!!

:cheer: Welcome Vicky!!! :cheer:

I honestly dont know where Sprite has dissapeared to, but hey so far, Me, Donna, Maggie, and Holly are here to be your buddies!

Holly, I feel your pain!!!!! I dont work of course, but I definately feel like he should carry his weight with housework, if he cant carry his work with the $$!! My thing is....The things he does to tick me off the most are 1. when he swears he's gonna clean this and clean that...and doesnt do jack!!! 2. When he already doesnt help with ANYTHING, doesnt even clean his own bathroom!! He doesnt even want to put his plate back. Get this....I have been moving the clothes basket around the house for months, he was throwing his clothes in his closet, so I put it there, then he started throwing them in the hall, so I put it there, then he started piling up in his bathroom so I put it in there....guess what...Now I have a stack next to the bed?!?!? What the **** is that about?!?!? You can't put clothes in a basket?!? He passess up the basket to walk all the way in the other room to throw them down!!! :devil: Men...I dont know what alien species they came from....but I swear adam didnt give eve a must have been half his brain...or the whole thing for that matter!!!

OH well, just also wanted everyone today to know that I didnt cry or get angry this morning!!! If anything tries to happen now.... I will be will pass like everyone has said!! But on a lighter side, between my daughter jumping off the couch, and the dog trying to bite the walls I want to put them both in the playpen!!! :lol: It's ok though....I am still kinda nervous about TX, I say that I'm gonna do this and that, but when I get there, it wont be as easy as I think. That's why I cut my exercise down to once a day, because I can't even promise myself two unless I'm setting myself up for failure. That's why I try to make reasonable goals instead of ones that are almost impossible. Passing up Whataburger, Shipleys, and Casa Ole' will be my hardest challenge!!! I've been shielded from them since Ky or SC have any of those out here, but out there I have to pass them up practically all the time to go anywhere!! OH well, one day at a time.... We first gotta figure out how we are even getting to TX!!! The new truck issue fell through, so here we go again!!! No stress or worry on my part....we'll get something so everything will be fine!!

Uh ooh Dora is on, time to try to get some work done!!! Talk with you all later!!! Jay

05-24-2004, 08:52 PM
Hey Jay,
Thanks for the encouraging words. You've come such a long way since you first visited the board. I am so happy for you. And you are doing just great with the weight. I bet when you have some tight fitting jeans that fit your husband will notice ;) I just got home about 30 mins ago. So today was a fairly long day. Did the 3mile WATP at 6am. Met the girls from work and walked an hour thru the trails.(we added a long hill today and my butt and legs are feeling it...ouch!) But feels good at the same time. It's so nice of you to offer to help me out with the calorie counting. But you are quite busy yourself. Its something I just have to add to the routine. But your so sweet to offer. And I agree about keeping the exercise to an amount that's managable but challenging. I can't believe I actually am starting to look forward to it. Not all the time but sometimes :lol:

Holly, I soooo know how you feel about the housework. In the winter the dh works long hrs and saturdays, so I don't bother him. In the warmer weather when he does get time off, he really tries to do things around here and balance it with work on the bike and riding. So I can't give him to much of a hard time. But the boys who are old enough to be kicked out but are on the balls of their :censored: who can't pay their bills and don't pay any rent, really piss me off. I don't feed them anymore. They find some stuff around here but for the most part, buy their own food. But they are slobs and they don't help out.They shave their heads and get hair all over the bathroom. I leave paper towels and spray cleaner and tell them to spray and wipe down the bathroom once a week....never. I have to scream and yell and then they do half the job. They leave their crap all over. The laundry room is always a mess from them. The middle ones room makes Oscar Madisons room look like Felix Ungers. He's such a pig. Rotting food, I told him he's out in Oct. But he knows I won't put him on the street. Anyway, your right it feels good to vent.
I love my guys, but I admit, I fantisize about having my own place and it's just peaceful, uncluttered and mine. Then I come back to reality and trip over someones size 13 boot. :lol: But I'm gonna give em **** anyway. I keep telling them if they don't want to hear me, do something. But I don't fight as much as I used to. Doesn't do me any good mentally or physically. But I haven't given up completely. Now for the journalling, I am going to try and write down everything I ate today. I think what you said is a good point. I do eat alot of the same things on a regular basis. So I figure after a week of writing and counting I should be able to refine it to the right amount of calories. Someone at work told me weight x 10 to maintain and 3500 cals to lose a pound. This doesn't sound right. I need help with this. If you get a chance.

Hey Vicky, Welcome aboard. We've got a small but great group here. Hope to here from you again.

Well, have to go cook dinner. ttyl :D

05-24-2004, 10:42 PM
:wave: Hey Everyone!!! :wave:

My husband keep trying to make me watch fear factor...YUCK!! I'm gagging!! Donna, I kept seeing my posts and they were miserable and complaining and :blah: I was waaayy too negative, and I wasnt a good example for everyone else, that were trying to be positive. So I had to try to improve on that. Thanks soo much! Wow you did a lot of exercising today...hey you're trying to pass me up!!! :lol: Seriously, if you need any calories, I'll be glad to get them. I have a busy day, but I take time to get on here. I also have a folder with a lot of foods and they stay sitting in front of me.

Well chickies have to end this quick, hubby wants me to watch this, but I''ll be back to finish.. Bye!

05-25-2004, 08:53 PM
..Now I have a stack next to the bed?!?!? What the **** is that about?!?!? You can't put clothes in a basket?!? He passess up the basket to walk all the way in the other room to throw them down!!! :devil: Men...I dont know what alien species they came from...

:rofl: I'm sorry for your troubles, but you told it so it was SO funny! :lol:
and Donna also, boy, it's hard enough to harass family members, and when they don't do simple things that are asked of them...

well, I will chalk up yesterday to it being the week before my period, which for me is even worse than the actual event. I was miserable and crying all day long, and couldn't even take my own advice the previous day of "this too will pass". This morning I woke up to feeling just fine :o At least my husband was sympathetic and went out and brought back a chocolate bar and a small bag of chips :lol:

Donna - I found a couple of sources to figure calorie amounts. Here's one:

and another:

I think the first one was a little more accurate, as it allowed one to also figure in a little activity, as opposed to the second one, which didn't. so when I calculated using the second one, it showed that I couldn't have quite as many calories as the first.

So, give it the information, and it will give you your basal metabolic rate, which is what you need just to live off of. The trick is to shave some calories off that amount, each day, so you're in a deficit. If you're able to shave off the amount of 3500 calories a week, you will have lost a pound of fat, as there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. If you shave off 1750, that would be a 1/2 pound of fat. It sounds like a lot of calories to reduce, but hey, if you even had lunch one day of McD's, and it was a Big Mac and fries, that's probably 1000 calories right there.

HOWEVER (:D), the body is very smart, and if calories are withheld without exercise happening, then the body will think it is starving, and will s-l-o-w that metabolic rate, so it can subside on less calories. AND the body will utilize muscles for energy also, and we don't want muscle loss! Just fat! SO, the trick is to keep exercising each day, to keep the metabolism going, so it doens't slow down. And as we know, exercise makes those muscles toned, so that with the fat loss, you have toned muscles that give a nice shape.

Somewhere else on this forum, someone had the question, that they knew someone who had lost alot of weight, but the lady just seemed a little smaller, and almost shrunken. That person probably stuck to a low calorie or lowfat diet, but didn't exercise.

So I PREACH the wonders of exercise!! :strong:

Welcome Vicky! Hope you have fun here, and hope to get to know you! :)

Jayme, don't hesitate to let your feelings out. That's what friends are for! We should be here for each other, in good times and not-so-good.

oh, here's another one, Donna

(I did a google search on "basal metabolic rate" and found quite a few- I also some some other topics, on calories and such - good luck! :) )

Donna, how is your job going? Last thing I knew, you were receiving training on new aspects....? And have you had any more problems with that woman?

I don't know if I spoke of my summer/fall job, but it's what I love. It's at a private trout fishing club. They serve 3 meals a day, 7 days/week during the season that they're open, which is from mid-May to late October. I make a lunch dessert and a dinner dessert for each day; plus granola and muffins for breakfast. It's doing what I love, in a beautiful, secluded area; and I ride the 'cycle there, so that's 52 miles a day of riding :D

I hope everyone had a great day; have a wonderful evening!

05-27-2004, 12:23 AM
Hey everybody,
It's so late but I've been so busy today this is the first chance I've had.

Holly, thanks for the links. I'll try to check them out tomorrow. I really appreciate you taking the time. So glad your off to your favorite time of the year for work. It must be great to enjoy what you do. Some days are ok, but for the most part its so-so. The training has been put on hold. What happens is when the girl who trains me has time, I'm really busy and vise versa. So it's really not going anywhere right now. The other woman(who is so needy) I think has gotten the point. We still talk and laugh and work well together. She does watch where the conversation goes. If she starts, I just change the subject or something. I'm getting used to the exercise. Its still hard as **** and some mornings it's so hard to get up and do it and some afternoons I just want to go home after work, but I noticed lately that I want to go certain days. I can't believe it. But that's one of my goals. I want exercise to become such a habit that I don't stop over the winter months. That's when I gain every year. So I really have to keep it up. Again, thanks for the support and the advise, I really do appreciate it.

Hey Jayme, my husband likes fear factor too. I like the stunts but when the eat all that nasty crap for a chance at $50,000.00 I think they are out of their minds. You'd have to pay me a **** of a lot more to even consider it.

Well, I've got to go to bed or I just won't want to get up tomorrow. Good nite ladies. ttyl :D

05-28-2004, 04:43 PM
Hello everyone!

Donna, give yourself a pat on the back (****, I will! :lol:) for getting up early to exercise. That is so great. It's YOUR time, that you are doing something that will help you enjoy life more. and isn't it a great feeling, once it's done so early, that later in the day you can think, "man, I did my exercise for the day already! ALRIGHT!"

I found the following in "Natural Health" magazine. It gives facts that reinforce why exercise is SO good for us.

"Put Your Muscle to Work"

A toned body looks good, but it delivers an even greater benefit. "The more lean muscle tissue you have, the more body fat you will shed - even at night, while you sleep", says Jorge Cruise, a San Diego-based weight-loss specialist and author of 8 Minutes in the Morning (Harper/Resource, 2003). For example, adding a pound of lean muscle will allow you to burn 50 additonal calories a day, he says. A pound of fat, on the other hand, burns nothing. So if you build 5 pounds of muscle you will burn 250 extra calories a day. Multiply this by 365 days in a year and divide by 3,500 (the number of calories in a pound of fat). The result indicates that with this added muscle you will lose an extra 26 pounds in just one year.

Building muscle is easier than you think. You'll gain it fastest if you work the major muscle groups (butt, thighs, abs, chest, and arms), which demand the most calories, says Johanna Hoffman, exercise physiologist at the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center in Lutherville, Md. Just work two of these areas for a few minutes daily, Hoffman says. For a series of simple workouts, try the Quick Fix: Total Body Toning video ($9.95; 800-433-6769;

I can't recommend that particular video that was mentioned above, but you know I do say that is a great source for reviewing and selecting exercise tapes.

I do have to work tomorrow and Sunday, but then have Monday off. On Sunday, husband and I are going on an organized motorcycle ride, Vermont Thunder. The Thunder ride is in memory of veterans, and especially those still MIA. Donna, I'm sure your dh knows of this. It takes place in many states. Ours goes on Interstate 89, which is fitting, as it is the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Highway. Then the ride goes through some nice Vermont villages, then ends for a memorial service, then a lunch. My husband and I will do the ride, then I have to skedaddle back to the Club for a dishwashing stint beginning at 5:00 pm. (hey, dishwashing there pays $11.50 an hour, I'll take it, lol)

Vermont lost two National Guardsmen in that mortar attack two days ago. Of course, it is so terrible when anyone loses their life in war, but Guardsmen??? these are the people who sign up for just one weekend a month, two weeks a is just so hard to accept that they are in this as much as a regular enlisted soldier...I will be thinking of them, along with all the people who have given their lives, so we can live in the greatest country on earth.

If I don't pop back in, have a great weekend, everyone!

05-29-2004, 02:41 AM
Hi everyone!!

Just poppin in to tell you that i"m still alive!!! We have survived the first day here in TX...barely!! I got all of 2 hrs sleep, and tomorrow is a whole new day. My little sister graduates in the morning, I need to have my hair done at 8:00 am, so i need to wake up at maybe 6 to exercise and shower/wash my hair and try to dry it. I havent exercised in two days!!! I'm sooo ashamed. It is the first time this has happened since the entire month. I bet I'll gain weight too even though I've stayed on my eating plan. The first day I didnt have a choice, we were in the car for over 16 hours, today I got up with intentions of working out, but had sooo much to do, I could never get around to it. I barely got a shower in, had to sneak it!! LOL Well, gotta go back to hubby's grandmother's house so I will try to pop in tomorrow if I get a chance. Everyone take care!!!!

Jay :)

05-29-2004, 09:48 AM
Hi everybody, Well the weather is beautiful and I feel a nice breeze as I sit here with my :coffee: Yesterday was not a good day for staying on plan. Thursday, a good friend at work who also battles the weight(but fortunately doesn't have all the health issues I have) said are you getting discouraged, you work so hard and the results should be so much more. Now I know she didn't intend to depress me. She's not like that at all, but I walked into her office feeling pretty good and walked out really pissed and bummed. So friday, which I usually take off from exercising, I was off ok until I got home. Then I went off the deep end with pizza. I swear I'm mental :crazy: Maybe I should get hypnotized because I think half my problem is my mind. I thought I was doing pretty good. This week, which for me goes Sat to Fri, as Fri is my break day, I did the :tread: 3 x , the WATP 3ml 2x, and walked 45 min after work on the trails 2x and went to the gym 2x and today if I don't actually do exercise I plan on scrubbing down the bathroom and washing the kitchen floor and believe me at 275lbs thats a workout in itself. So for all that working out, on fri I was up 2lbs. Now I know my scale :devil: is dimented. I can get on and off several times and it can range 3lbs difference, but I take an average. I just don't get it. Now another woman at work started breaking down what I eat and she thinks salt is the culprit. Now I never really had a salt problem that I know of. My HBP was a result of my weight according to the doc. But I guess that's something else to the list of things that suck as you get older. I do drink alot of water. Over 64oz daily. But I also snack after work on pickles and olives. (back from my sugar buster days is was an allowable snack) I try not to eat carbs. So now I guess it's time to cut out sugar. This sucks. Anyway sorry to make this such a "woe is me post'

Holly, that sounds like a really nice run and the weather should be nice. I hope you all enjoy yourselves. As far as the exercise goes. I think I'm going to go the BJ's(its a warehouse like Costco) they usually have a decent display of cd's and I'm going to look for something with light weight training. Just starting with dumbells. I need to keep up the cardio to get rid of the pizza aka FAT.

Jaymi, I must of lost track somewhere. Now are you visiting TX or moving to TX. I'm confused. But your doing so well staying on program. Enjoy the graduation and time with your family.

05-31-2004, 09:52 AM
Hi everyone! Can only stop by for a quick post!!! I've been ripping and running the whole time I've been here STILL havent had a vacation!!!! I havent exercised either like I said, no time at all, i mean not even to do my denise austin tape!! But I think I"m going to the YMCA for the rest of the week and make it up. On my way to get may hair done and off to my sisters graduation crawfish boil. I havent stayed on plan exactly but have watched my portions on what I did eat. I have lost 4 more lbs!!!!!!!!! YAY YAY! I just weighed myself so i'm so happy, I havent been this size in like almost 3 or 4 years. Well I gotta go now, sorry I couldnt read posts and comment, but I will make up for it later!!! Take Care!! (((HUGS)))

05-31-2004, 10:44 PM
Hi ladies!

Jayme, you're in TX for your little sister's graduation...right? I also was briefly confused (well, how about always :dizzy: :lol: ) and thought also you were moving there. DON'T be ashamed at not having time to exercise! Special events will always throw a wrench into our good intentions. You said you're watching your portions, and that's super! Just get back to your regular exercise when you can. and CONGRATS on being down another 4!!!

Donna, that's such a drag that the woman probably meant well (her way of commiserating? or sympathy) but it came out as discouraging. KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON, GIRL!! Consistency is what's important. Your exercise program sounds great! The aerobic work from the treadmill, the WATP tape, and regular walking is fantastic. Easy on the joints, but effective. And possibly adding some light weights is exactly what I would recommend. You are doing it!!!

and about the salt/water retention/the demented scale :devil: - it is certainly true that pickles and olives do have alot of sodium. But they sure are a better choice for a snack than cookies, pastries, chips...if you can stick to the portion sizes recommended on the containers, it shouldn't be too bad. But maybe also try to drink an extra glass of water for each serving of them? and try to ignore the mean scale :D I know how important it is, when you're trying your hardest and you really need a little visual support, and we think that the scale should show us. But sometimes it just doesn't show on the scale, but the changes are happening! Keep on!

We had a WONDERFUL time on the Vermont Thunder ride! There were 400 bikes...up from last year's count of 150. Very cool to ride in a big group like that, bikes ahead as far as one could see, and in the mirror just long lines of headlights also. People lined the small-town streets, waving, cheering, clapping, some vets saluting us riders! Wow. It concluded with a brief ceremony, wreath-laying, 21-gun salute. Then I had to book back to work! oh well. We also had wonderful weather today, and I ditched some of my chores to take a nice ride, maybe 60 miles. Life is short, right?

Have a great night, and a great tomorrow!

06-01-2004, 06:36 AM
Well when ya'll read the below paragraph it will explain my absence. I have 1.5 pounds from my current goal, and I need to lose it by 5 June. Then I tackle the next goal and on and on and so forth till I hit my final. I have been saying all along I wanted to go to 140 but now I think 135 is better. My fear always was the maintenance of it. Now I know I can exercise and control my eating I am feeling better. The paragraph below even though the scene was ugly, taught me I can control my eating even under extreme distress, and if I can do that then, girls I can do it forever. Ya'll have been super and are all doing good! Holly of course, looks like a pin up! And I hope to one day look that good too. I wonder if they are still taking new applications for the SWAN II. ha ha ha ha

WEll here I am back from the dead. I weigh in at 161.5, but need someone to use a Tazar on me for not exercising for the past 1.5 weeks. My last posting had me going on a trip to visit relatives and get caught up and then meeting dh at my brothers about 5 hours away. Well to make a long story short. Dh stuck his nose in a big issue that had nothing to do with him, and made a very ugly scene. Hurt some of my family with his attempted actions and I am still po'd at him. I have stuck to my diet, but not exercised as I should. Thank god for some good habit forming and determinations that it did not totally throw me for a loop. Today is my offical measure day and also I am trying to get caught up with 3fatchicks. I could boo hoo all day over this but won't bore everyone, but will say this. I felt like giving him the big "D" word and going my own way! That is some what of an explaintation of how hard this all hit me! I really think my loss of the 25 pounds has given me confidence to stand up to him and not let him bully me! I think he has been very shocked that I took a tough love attitude with him over this and will not pudge off of my position. Normally, I am the peace maker between us. He is still in the dog house and he knows it "big time".

06-01-2004, 11:12 AM
Hi everyone! Sheesh I missed alot or what?!?! I am from Tx, but I only came back to visit, and my sister is coming back to SC with me.

Holly- hey I confuse myself sometimes, so dont' feel bad!!! Today I got up at 6:00 to go exercise. Get to my parents house, they are camped out in the only room that I can do anything. Then I was like well, I'll just go walking, well now my stomach is killing me and I'm nauseous. A virus is going around too, great..... but oh well, later, there is always later. That bike ride sounds like FUN even to me!!!! :D (still scared of them though!!) :lol:
Donna- I know that she is your friend and all and she is a nice person....but she should have kept her comments to herself. :devil: I still believe that if you cant say something nice.....dont say it at all!!! A lot of people have noticed my loss, but my friends havent said one word. Now we all differ in weight and sizes, but they all still wear smaller clothes then I do. I know they have noticed, but since they havent said anything I figure that's good too. I dont care, besides my hubby still hasnt said a word, but he's trying to get all of my pants fixed because the waist on all of pants are sooo huge, but of course the butt and thighs are tight!! So I guess that's his way, just dont let it discourage you. A lot of sodium can make you retain fluid and hold a few pounds, but most likely you will notice swelling in your feet or hands or something. I love pickles and anything else with sodium in it, but I feel like the water I drink helps instead of henders. 2 or 3 lbs isnt something to worry about anyway, like you said it fluctuates, so does mine!!! You are doing great, dont let anyone discourage you. We all lose in different ways and in different paces. Plus you arent just doing this for your weight, you are also doing this for your health, so you are doing more than her anyway because you have to work twice as hard. She may be a little jealous and not even know it yet...either way, I think you are doing awesome!!
Maggi- Welcome back!!! Good luck on your goal, you can lick those 1.5 lbs in no time!! :lol: About your DH, even though what he did was wrong, do you think he really meant to hurt anyone?!? Sometimes families and marriages conflict, my hubby's family has been trying to break us up from the beginning and almost succeded until we moved away. Now we're back and here we go again. But I might go off on his family and be meaner than I should sometimes, but I get soo angry, and my hubby who used to would believe their every word against me see's now that I have to defend myself sometimes. But sometimes it just doesnt work. I dont want to see any marriage fall apart, but if he deliberately tried to hurt someone or be mean for just the **** of gotta either try to forgive him and make things work, or re-evaluate if this is still the man you want to be with. You are such a sweety, you shouldnt let anyman bully you anyway, but I know you were just trying to be a good wife and let him be the head of the do I. But we women have to stand up for ourselves and put them back in their places to know that women are here for more than just to be their slaves!!! :lol: Just keep your head up, and give him a hard time a little bit longer, let him sweat a little!!! :lol:

Well chickies, my stomach is killing me!!! I refuse to be sick though, that is the last thing I need, I have started making plans for the rest of the week. Starting today I am officially on vacation. I see who I want to see and If I can't make it to everyone, screw them all!!! :lol: Because people are never satisfied. Some of my friends arent even making any efforts to come see me or return my calls, so oh well, maybe I should re-evaluate our friendships. I havent seen them in almost a year or more, you'd think they'd at least want to see my kiddies?!?! But screw that too!!!! I can't live my life to please anyone else, because you can't please people. I know if sounds like I'm fussing or whining, but really I'm not!! I am just speaking my mind...(or typing it!) My Dad is even giving me a hard time, but as much as I wanted to be here everyday and cook for him everyday, I just dont have the time, and some kind of way a lot of our money is missing, so we are pretty much in the negative right now, the bank opens in another hour and I've gotta see what the heck is going on.....we need money!!!!! :lol: My mommy bought me some new clothes, but I have to try them on, I hate trying stuff on in stores, I buy them try them on at home, and then bring them back!!! :lol: I'm already in between sizes, like I'm inbetween a 13 and a 16 which really sucks!!! My breast measurements are 37...?!?!? Ok, my 38's are too big and a 36 would be too small!!! And since we aint got no money I can't buy anything!!!! ARGHHH! My aunt and uncle gave me a gift card to walmart for $50, but I've already spent 30 on myself for some shoes, I wouldnt feel right spending the whole thing on me, my babies could always use more clothes and shoes, especially my son who's pants are falling off all over the place.

Well my hubby also went bought a truck which in a way is cool, it's not an SUV, but it's extended cab and has a full back seat and the doors open to 4 but not from the outside. I guess tha will have to do, but I'd still rather an SUV for me. I thought maybe I'd get a chance to get one, but since his repo on his credit, no one wants to finance him and when they do....we get a damn near 600 payment!!!! That is double what we were paying....We could have gotten two cars for that!!!! But he is determined, so since he makes the money, what can I say?!?!? He works his butt off for us, and he'd get a second job if he had to, so oh well. But it still sucks, because we dont know what kind of budget we will have to make, but my sister is coming down for 2 months, we didnt need a tight budget right now, I wanna have fun while she's there not be miserable. I guess we'll figure it out.

Well enough of my whining and complaining or whatever you call it, I'm going to be ok, and everything will work out. It felt sooo great to be at church Sunday, I didnt want to leave, at that moment I was homesick. I am planning on going to church on Wednesday, I just have to hear my pastor preach. I tell everyone, I wish I could take them with me when I move, but this city is not where I need to be. I'd take my parents, grandparents, (some) of my friends, sister, pastor, and the girl who braids my hair!!! But too bad!! Well I better go, duty calls!!!

06-01-2004, 08:23 PM

Maggie, oh my gosh, I'm so sorry for the strife you're feeling now...but I commend you for speaking your mind, and not budging on your stand! I do believe that losing weight does give us that confidence to stand up to our spouses, when we didn't feel we could before. I sincerely hope that things work out! and big-time congrats on keeping your established good eating habits, even with the trouble.

and Maggie, wow, just 1.5 from your goal! Congratulations!

Jayme, you are also so close to your goal!! I guess I never noticed your weight stats before. Just nine pounds away! and I agree, life is too short to try to please everyone. It kinda sucks sometimes, especially when friends seem to not care about us...guess they weren't good friend material to begin with. And you're NOT fussing or complaining! Just speaking your mind. This is where we chickies can do that!

And I hope that you're not getting a virus...good vibes to ya! ~~~~~~~~

Donna, guess what I found!!!! that calorie calculation I was speaking of. I found it written on the back of an envelope that almost got trashed! haha. Well, here it is. First, take your weight, and multiply by 10. We'll do mine as an example (145 X 10 = 1450). Now, choose from the following, and multiply your number by what you've chosen:

X20% - not very active. No daily exercise, some type of sedentary job.

X30% - some daily activity; a standing-type job, moves around during the day.

X40% - Regular exerciser. This is what I chose :D

X50% - Very active exerciser. Professsional football player, marathon runner, etc. I don't think many people choose this one :lol:

So, we take 1450 and multiply by 40%, which gives the amount 580. Now add 580 to the first number (580 + 1450 = 2030). This final number, 2030, is the number of calories I can have to maintain, as long as I keep the same activity. And I must say that sounds pretty accurate.

I know, however, that I can have more lee-way with calories, 'cause I have built some lean muscle through the weight training (lots of sweating and OH! I can't do another!! :devil: ) and that allows me to burn more.

Hope that helps anyone! I got it from a Woman's Day magazine, which of course isn't like from the AMA :lol: but it did sound pretty right for me.

I have a Fire Dept. Auxiliary meeting tomorrow night, and *sigh* not looking forward to it! I was President for two years; only because nobody else would do it, and the ladies all cheered me on. well, I resigned at the proper time a month ago, and then felt pressured to now be the Treasurer, because no one else would do it :devil: but for cryin' out loud, I don't even balance my OWN checkbook! I can't figure out all these entries the previous Treasurer did, but don't want to sound like I'm criticising her...but I don't wanna do this! We have members who have never taken an official position, such as Treasurer, Secretary, etc....I just have to be honest, and tell them that I'm a good member, but a crappy Treasurer!

I kept away from the bad goodies at the staff meal table today...I did not have a single potato chip, nor did I try one of my leftover sweets (raspberry cheesecake squares, chocolate cake, apple-upside-down-cake) It was difficult! But I've got to start the habit early in the season, so I don't end up with a 7 lb. gain as I did at last season's end!

Well, I hope you're all having better weather than we are....50's, rainy, bleh! I guess we're paying for the one nice day yesterday :p

Good night to all!

06-02-2004, 05:48 AM
Good for you for keeping away from the leftover treats. I know how very hard that is considering all the food that was at my family party!

The 160 goal is one of my mini goals, I am now 1/2 pound from it but have until 5 JUne to make it.

Then I start on my next goal. My final goal is 135, and to quit smoking and keep my weight. Now I think that is one serious goal and one serious challenge!

Not taking it all on right now though. Just one thing at a time.

My personal challenge is to get back to doing at least my walking each day, and to add in an aerobics tape/DVD or the DDR thing, that is much harder than it sounds.

06-03-2004, 10:01 AM
:wave: Hi everyone!! :wave:

Man, it looks like everyone is doing so great!!! I'm proud of everyone!!! I wish I could be two places at once!! I like being in SC because I have my own little schedule everyday of what I need to do. But out here, nothing is organized, I'm being stressed and falling apart.....but this is where my family and friends are! :dunno: It's crazy, I missed Woes for yesterday, and I doubt I'll have anytime for myself today, since I havent had any since I've gotten here. I havent exercised not one lick, and even though I've not exceeded my calories, I either dont eat but once, or I eat a happy meal from Mcdonalds or something crazy. But if I dont stop and eat something, I wouldnt eat all day. NOT GOOD!! I know, everyone wants to beat some sense into me, do I!!! But I dont even have time to do that!! GRRR!!!! My dad seems to need more help than I thought, and I'm the only one who helps him. This is just too ridiculous, I havent spent anytime with my friends and there are still some of them I havent even seen yet. I am ready to go now, but want to stay for my dad.?!?!? :rollpin: Well anyway enough of that, as far as my NCC challenge, I failed on the exercise and not getting stressed out part, but at least I've been eating smaller portions of non-healthy foods. I'll try to eat breakfast today. My husband got a truck, and although I should be happy, I'm not. I could care less about some stupid truck, that is not a family car or what we agreed on. I hate trucks, but who cares, I'll get my own job and get my own car.

Well, sorry so depressing but had to get it off my chest, no one else to talk to or understand!!! My friends just look at it like I'm exaggerating and I just "pretend" to be too busy. I get up at 6 everymorning just trying to make the days longer and dont get to bed until 1 or 2 the next morning, nothing I've done ,except getting my hair fixed, has been for me. But didnt I say that already?!?! :lol: Ok, I"m just going to suck it up and move on, life could be worse I guess, and I'm only here for 2 more days. I guess I will just try to spend these 2 doing something for me....well maybe tomorrow, today I have 50 million things to do. I wish I could congratulate you all more on how good you are and maybe put my 2 cents in, but I guess I'm too busy griping and complaining about myself instead of trying to be there for you all!!! I'll try to do better tomorrow, I gotta go start cooking breakfast for my dad!!

My Love to you all!!

06-04-2004, 08:08 AM

Ok, you got it off your chest, and you may need to do it a couple of more times, we will be here for you. Getting it out and off your chest will help you de-stress and then see some positive in it. You are there taking care of your dad because he needs you and you will never be sorry about that! I know how that works, my dad while I was growing up was emotional and physically abusive, and I pulled away for many years, and then I started coming back, in short amounts at times because that was all I could take. Now I'm glad I did because in the long run we have to look ourselves in the mirror and be able to say we did what we felt was right, no matter what else! I may only have him for a few more years and I don't want to have any unsaid positive stuff between us or any regrets about what I didn't do later on. Give yourself a pat on the back because what you are doing will give you a lot now and later on! Hang in there as best you can with the diet and exercise and when you can catch up with some friends and that will help with some stress too!

Well chickies, Saturday is my mini-goal weigh in, and I am a tiny bit nervous, been good but don't want any water weight holding problems to get me into emotional trouble. Got some positive things going on too! My tough love stand with DH worked, he finally started coming around to the idea he should be doing some talking and we have! Love birds again! He might even get lucky this morning, or should I be saying that, ha ha ha!

My jeans have gotten quite baggy, in fact baggy enough for me to not be comfortable in them so my friend is coming to my rescue and loaning me some that her neice sent her when she gained extra weight because of her medication. So that is good. I don't want to buy any pants until I hit goal that way I just buy clothes one time. Also I can do some more cleaning out of my closet and pack them up to go to my sister in law. To bad we couldn't set up a clothes exchange program to help each other out along the way. I have some clothes and my sister in law doesn't need all of them and it is a shame for someone to have to go out and buy some to get through a few sizes and then have to rebuy to do again a little down the line. I have no clue how we could work that if we could do it.

Not going to stay long this morning just checking in, want to get my walk in, since yesterday I finally broke my no exercise moody spell and feel so much better! Holly should have grabbed a tazar gun and stuck it too me to get my butt moving, cause she knows how the highs and lows go!

Hang in there guys.

06-05-2004, 10:51 AM
Good morning everyone. I haven't been around in a few days and when I got up to have :coffee: I realized, "I miss the girls"

Wasn't feeling to great for a couple of days. Still went and exercised but I had a backed up problem :o (if you know what I mean) That very rarely really happens. I'm pretty good with the fiber and all. I think it's because I dropped one of my meds (without the doc knowing) And it's for my stomach. I think that may have been it. Got pretty scared one day. Thought I might actually have to go the the ER. That would have been soooooo embarrassing. Fortunately everything ended up the end :lol: (sorry, kinda gross)

Still battling the scale, no real loss or gain, just up and down the couple of pound. A friend at work, (the one who thinks I should be losing more) who really is a good friend, and I are going to buy a scale to keep in her office and we are going to do monday weigh-ins (to keep us in check over the weekend) and track gains and losses and pay small fines and such to make it a little more fun and have an incentive. Hopefully we will feel accountable and be more careful. Maybe I'll start journalling. :lol:

Holly, thanks for the calorie equation and also for the kudo's on my exercising. I know I have a long way to go but I feel like I'm moving in the right direction. The added bonus is this time I'm exercising and not :smoking:
The other attempts at excercise routines in the past seemed tainted by the fact that I was still :smoking: and wasn't getting all the benefits of it.
I'm so glad you enjoyed your ride. We haven't done too much this yr. In fact I've only been a passanger once. I still have mental issues with getting on my own. Don't know if I ever will again. It's too bad, I did enjoy it. The old man has been working on his older bike. The dyna is already customized but he's taking it from the old school look and changing it to a lower newer look.
I also wanted to say good for you for staying away from the treats at the meeting. I'm pretty good in front from people. I would be stuffing my face with the leftovers after everyone left. More of a closet eater :lol: Maybe that's my problem, I spend way too much time in the closet. :lol:
P.S. take those little rides whenever you can. Life is too short and the chores are always there anyway.

Jaymi, I know your frustrated. Not enough time in the day. But at least you have a chance to see friends and family. Before you know it you'll be home and things will fall back into more of a routine. (a crazy busy routine) But your young(and thinner!! woo hoo :cp: ) and you'll be ok. Just come here and let it out when you need to.

Maggie, so good to have you back. Congrats on being at goal. 1/2 lb away is goal on my scale. :cp: Glad hubby is coming around. See, being confident helps. I know when I'm feeling down about my weight, which is all too often, I let things get away from me. But on a good day...stay out of my way!

Well, I've been babbling a long time this morning. Gonna take a quick cruise around the board and then I have to go run errands this morning. Looks to be a lousy day weather wise. Tomorrow sounds iffy. Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. I was hoping to go to a local street fair. Anyway, enjoy the weekend all.

06-07-2004, 03:46 PM
:wave: HI EVERYONE! :wave:

BACK FROM ****!!!

Well I'm back from TX, 7 lbs lighter, and I dont even know how that is. I didnt get to exercise not even one day and I didnt eat like I was supposed to. Many days I had happy meals or even cooked food, and many days I had nothing at all. I guess because I kept busy from 6 am to 1 or 2 am helped with the exercise thing. I probably sat down for a total of 5 hrs the whole 9 days I was there. So anyway I guess I'll save my ranting for another day...

Daily Goals

1. Exercise twice Daily
2. Write down calories and food in journal everyday
3. Try to keep a positive attitude
4. Drink at least 8 cups of water daily

Weekly Goals

1. Lose 2-3 lbs
2. Try to do something for myself at least once other than exercise

Goals for the Month
1. Lose 10 lbs for the month
2. Try to add more exercises or add different exercises
3. Try to cut down on TV dinners and cook more
4. Try to exercise outside more and get some sun! :D
5. Get back to my positive attitude, and continue to try to be a better wife, mother, and person.

Today I am at least aiming for a 3 pt day, since I didnt get to sleep until 3 am, when the alarm went off at 6 to exercise I must of not heard it and my hubby cut it off, so now everything is off balance. 2 pts for Staying on program, 1 pt for exercising, 1 pt for water :lol: All I know is when I do everything I get all of my pts!! I cant exercise while my daughter is awake, and since she woke up later than usual that means her nap will be even later and who knows what kind of exercises I will end of trying to do. Right now she is quiet looking at Dora, but duh, she has the TV and I cant exercise in my room, our bed is too big, so that sucks. But I guess my mission for today is to get back on track, and make 4 pts for the rest of the week.

I'm one lb away from my first goal of 145, I cant believe it!!! But the thing is, I've went from a 40DD to a 36 D...!! What gives?!?! I'd rather my butt and thighs disappear instead!! I needed the fat in my breasts to stop them from looking like dried up prunes like the do now!!! SUCKS!!!! But oh well, I guess I'll make a new goal of 125 or 130. My height should go along with like 115 or 120 but that is NOT!! Going to happen! I know that, my body was never made to be that small, and when I did weigh that much I was shorter. But last time, my breasts didnt shrink so much....I dont get it.

Anyways, I'd like to get into at least a size 9 jeans, because it is soooo hard to find a 13/14. And is it just me but am I the only person who hates that store in the mall named "5, 7, 9"?
Ok they had sizes 00, 1, 3 but nothing over 9!!! I could have blown that store up!! But anyway I will try to comment on you all, but my computer Sucks!!!

Holly- I'm gonna try that calculator for myself and for my sister, that seems bad though, my dad is on a 2000 calorie diet (or so he says) I could have sworn he told me 1800. But just the thought of that low amount, plus the fact that he's a man and weighs a lot more...but "Doctors Orders!" But it sounds about right for me, in fact, I didnt even think I could eat that many!! That's kinda exciting! :cb: By the way, are you still trying to lose weight or are you just maintaining for now?

Donna- I still think you are doing great, I see that you are trying, but I'm not going to say that you should be losing more because I think the most important thing right now is "what" you are eating, :jeno: :burger: not losing weight. :goodscale Eating more healthy foods and exercising :tread: will help with your other medical issues and that's the important thing, the weight will come off when it's ready. But as long as you know that you are trying, then dont worry about it. Just keep up the good work!! :cp:

Maggi- I already know that you've hit your goal so Congrats!! :bravo: It's hard to buy jeans because when you go and they are too tired it discourages you, but so many of the same size jeans fit differently. Just keep it going girl, you are doing great! I'm so happy for ya!! :cp: Also, thank you for your kind words, really I needed them!! My dad and mom just dont seem to realize how much we need them, they dont seem to care about their lives at all!! Or they seem to think we'll be taking care of them forever, but I'm not going to be the one stuck taking care of people who dont even care about themselves. I have my own family and husband. All I can do is try.... :^:

If I've missed anything important, I'm sorry, there's so much to catch up on, I'd rather just start from here!! :lol:

I know that I may not weigh as much as most people or have as much to lose, but I still struggle as much as anyone else. It's a fight every single day and will be for the rest of my life. I'm 5'0 tall, so people dont realize that 150 or even 145 lbs isnt small on me like some people would think. Alot of people heavier than me says, your not fat and I wish I were your'e size, and yes I've done the same to others when I was at my highest, but I have met people who are the same weight as I am now who wears size 5 or 6, I'm barely fitting into some 13/14. Plus I have to deal with my hubby who seems to be amused all of a sudden with talking about fat people, almost like before I've lost weight he didnt say anything because he might offend me, but now he can let if all hang out. NOT!! I have two obese parents and I get offended when anyone says anything about being overweight. Besides the fact that both of his parents are overweight too, he doesnt seem to think it'll happen to him, or he says oh well If I get big then I get big?!? GRRR, he's maybe 165 soaking wet, which is skinny for a man. I put him in line everytime, I dont make fun of anyone, fat,skinny, black, white, whatever, and I dont want my kids hearing such things and thinking it's kool....ok..where did that come from?!?! Anyway, I just wanna be taken seriously that's all, not that you all arent, but I'm just saying period!!! :lol:

Well, I gotta try to get up off my butt and do something.... Will talk with everyone later!


06-09-2004, 07:38 PM
Hel-LO friends!!

It's been hard for me to stop by regularly, but here I am!

Jayme, welcome back to your home. Down SEVEN pounds...WOW!!! You're shrinking right before our eyes! :D I HEAR you about breast shrinkage...thank goodness my husband has always at least said that he likes 'em little...'cause mine sure went away :( but with a proper bra, or cute swim top, we can still look sexy! :D

and what a good daughter you are, that you spend that time with your parents to help, even though it disrupted your life for a time. As Maggie said, we do what we know we need to do.

And Jayme, I am now maintaining, but would LIKE to maybe be down 3-4 more pounds, to see how that looks/feels. I'm sure not applying myself too hard towards that, though, with the treats I've been having. But I know the exercising is keeping me in line.

Maggie, hi! Hope your weigh-in was good! An idea about clothes - do you have a thrift shop near you? Consignment, or maybe even a Salvation Army? Church cellar sales...all great places to get CHEAP clothing, even if you only wear them for a few months. Congrats on your tough love stand working!!!

and Maggie, that must have taken alot of courage to try to rekindle a relationship with your dad, after a difficult childhood. You have done the right thing to do it, though. I was estranged from my dad for...16 years or so, and one day my mom showed me a photo of him, in the paper. It was for something good, an award he was given, but at first I thought it was an obituary notice! That shook me up so badly. I realized I had to try to establish contact with him, so I wouldn't regret it, too late. And so I did. We then had four years of re-establishing our relationship, before he passed away.

Hi Donna!!! good idea of "sharing" the office scale with a friend. Just once a week, right? :D no use making oneself crazy with too-frequent weighings.

About your dh's bike - is what he's doing to the dyna called the "slammed" look? I'm always curious, always trying to learn :D btw, would he be going to Laconia? We're riding there Friday pm, staying Friday and Sat.night, coming back mid-day Sunday. We'll be traveling with some friends, who are rather respectable compared to us :lol: so I might not wear the fishnet bodystocking around them :lol: :devil: I like to be myself, and have fun, but also don't want to embarass someone hanging with us. I want to start a "just motorcycle" thread so I don't bore anyone else here, LOL!

Well, ladies, how do we get SPRITE back??? Should be all pm her? I don't want to pressure her, but she is missed!

Got to plan my work recipes for the next few days, as I'll be leaving early Friday to get a last minute hairtrim, then pack a small bag, wash and shine up the bike and GO!!

Everyone, stick to your goals! It's worth it!! (JAYME - great goals listed!)

06-11-2004, 12:29 PM
Hi everybody.

Feels weird checking in at 11:00 on a work day, but I took the day off.

Jaymi, you really are doing well. I'm glad your home. I was afraid of you getting too stressed out, but you handled it all really well. Thumbs up to you.
You've really accomplished alot lately and should be really proud of yourself.
Remember to keep your goals within reach. You have alot on your plate.

Hi Holly, fishnet bodystocking! woo hoo! Good for you. I never got that wild, even when I had the body for it. Cleavage, no problem...but a bodystocking, not me.
I'm off today because we were going to Lake George for Americade and then head to Laconia for Sunday. I was going to leave Sunday nite and drive back but the dh was going to stay for a couple days. He has a friend that lives an hour away in New Hampshire. The trailer we were supposed to stay in was sold. The dh left this morning. He's gonna stay with some guys he works with that are at Americade and then move onto Leconia tomorrow. (By the way, they would love the bodystocking in Laconia)
I don't know if what the dh is doing is called the "slammed" look or not. In NY
alot of people refer to it as a "guinea glider". I'll have to ask when he gets back. It's not going to be as severe. No big huge tire in the back. Its still has fenders. The new mirrors with the turn signal built into the back really look nice. Expensive and illegal. But he's having fun.
Anyway, have a great time and keep the rubber side down!

Hi Maggie, I know what you mean about the exercise. Last week I missed 3 days in a row and it was horrible starting up again. But once I started again I was ok. Lots of pain though. You would think I hadn't done it for 2 weeks. But it was at the same time Aunt Flow was arriving and I blame her for most of the body aches. I just joined a group on the exercise thread. I figure keeping track of the exercise will keep me motivated to keep going since I feel like quitting every time I get on the scale and it hasn't moved. I'm still not journalling as you can see by my signature. I haven't added an smilies.

Well, I really should be getting some work done around here. I've really neglected the place this week not feeling well and all. I promised myself if I got the house cleaned, I'd go get my nails and toes done. Haven't had a mani/pedi in a while and my ugly feet need all the help they can get :lol: .

Hope to check in later. ttyl :D

06-12-2004, 09:26 PM
:wave: Hey Everyone!!! :wave:

Hopefully my internet won't cut off during this post!! :lol: Well anyway I weighed in today twice, once before I exercised and once afterwards. I usually wait until after I exercise...but anyway, before I weighed 146 and afterwards 145. I'll take the 145!! :lol: That would mean I beat my first goal! My next goal will be 135. Now that will be the hardest ever!! But we'll give it a try of course!! I don't see me getting rid of these extra thighs, tummy, or hips without taking out some more weight!! Anyway before I go on about myself...let me comment a little:

Donna- Thanks for your comments!! :D You still seem like you are doing GREAT to me!! Let me know how Lake George went!! The journaling is NOT THAT HARD!!! Really!! Just try it...start if off! My sis was complaining about it, but now I dont tell her anything about it, she does it all by herself! She's lost 2 lbs this week, so give it a try! I still think you are doing excellent!

Holly-Thanks for your comments!! I guess those few lbs arent really that big deal right now that's all. All that sound like to me is that you are really just happy the way you are...or comfortable in your own skin. I can't wait to be that way!!! That sounds sooo exciting. You look great though! Does Sprite still be online?!? If you PM her, I will, but I dont think she knows me though!! :lol: It's whatever you want to do!

Well, I cant think of much to update right now, just trying to find stuff to do to entertain my lil sis and the kids during the summer. No money right now makes it even harder!! But oh well, whatever! Well' I hope everyone is doing well!! Everyone let me know how you are doing!!! Take care!


06-14-2004, 08:26 PM
Hello everyone!!

Back from our 36 hours in Laconia :D had a GREAT time! We're putting together some pics, I'll post a link for when it's all together.

I have to tell you another great reason to exercise can ride a mechanical bull, and not ache the next day :devil:

How is everyone? I am going to send Sprite a quick PM right after this note, just to tell her that we miss her, and hope she's well. No pressure :)

donna, I couldn't quite tell from your post if YOU were still going to Americade, then Laconia? If so, that's pretty cool to think that we would be kinda close to each other briefly :dizzy:

**nagging time*** is everyone downing their water? especially important when it's warm and humid! Not that I always manage it, but it's easy to be the nagger, isn't it :p ;) :D

Have a great night, everyone!!

06-14-2004, 08:30 PM
Jaymi!!! first, beautiful font colors and such!! and seeing your stats - WOW!! congratulations!

06-15-2004, 12:10 AM
:) HI everyone, it's great to be back.

Thank you so much for the PM Vermont Mom. Your timing is incredible. I have not be onto the site in over month and the day I go back you have left me a message! It's nice to be missed.

Sorry I have not been around much I started a new job which is about 45 minutes from home so I have much longer days, and my husband has started working nights, so I am like a single mom. Busy! busy! busy! My son is sick tonight so I had a chance to get on here and read a bit of your posts.

Hello to Jaymi and Donna and Magnoliamouth! You are all doing terrific. I put on a few pounds but have also been doing a weigh in at work thing like you Donna and am down 4 lbs in 4 weeks. I am going to a party in July and will be seeing one of my very first boyfriends there. I am happily married and so is he, but I want him to say Damn! Look what I could have had! Instead of Ew! Thank God I'm not still with her! ha ha.

It's nice to be back and I will try to post more often. Good luck to everyone this week. Holly your trip sounded fantastic! Very exciting, I looked at your pics.

06-16-2004, 12:45 AM
Hi everybody.
Missed a couple of days. Been kind of busy.

Jaymi, you are just doing amazingly well. You go for it. You must be looking great. By the way, I've been journalling for 3 days. Not writing down calories but my blood sugars, exercise and what ever I eat. I feel like its homework I have to do. But I'm getting used to it.

Holly, I didn't make it to Americade :stress: The trailer we stay in was sold so the dh went solo and stayed with some guys he works with. And the weather was so outstanding. I was bummed. But I still have Sturgis to look forward to.
I'd look forward to it alot more if some lbs would come off. Speaking of lbs. I weighed in on monday at work (our first one week weigh in) and was down 2lbs. We will weigh in on friday as my friend is going on vacation saturday. Then no weigh in for 10 days. I still jump on my scale at home. But I'm only charting the weigh ins at work.
Anyway, glad your back and had a great and safe trip. (so... you really put those muscles to work on the bull.... :lol: )

Hi Maggie, You out there? Everything ok?

Sprite, Welcome back. It's great to come here. We really have become such a nice group :grouphug: Sounds like you've got a lot going on with all the changes. I know it's hard, but don't forget to take care of yourself. And congrats on the 4lbs. Have fun at that party, you deserve it..and show em' what you've got. Feel good.

Well, I'm going to take a quick cruise around the board and then going to bed. ttyl. :D

06-16-2004, 03:36 AM
Hello, Hello!


Well everyone, this AOL many times have I said it now!! They made me do about 10 different things...and now i'ts freezing up my computer too!! I'm getting really mad! I just typed this long long post with comments and all, and my whole computer froze so I couldnt even try to save it!! I am sooo mad!!! But oh well, this post will be comment free until tommorrow! I need sleep!!!

Ok, OK short comments and I'm off to bed...for real!!!

:flow1: Holly- :flow1: The Bull sounds fantastic!! I wish I looked like you do!! :dunno: But maybe one day I will!!

:flow1: Donna- :flow1: :cheer: I am sooo proud of you for writing in your journal!!! :write: That is so great! I know right now if seems like homework...but it will be just a part of brushing your teeth!! My lil sis just started last week, and I dont tell her or remind her of anything. She runs to her journal and calculate her calories and everything! You will do the same too! It won't be like a chore for long!! :lol:

:flow1: Sprite- :flow1: I'm sooo glad to see you here!! Welcome Back!!! :encore: I'm looking forward to getting to know you! Take care and :goodluck:

:flow1: Maggi- :flow1: Where are ya hiding?!?! I hope everything is well, and you better check in with us chickie!!! We miss you!!! :lol:


1. Go to sleep!!!!
2. Wake up early
3. Exercise early (no excuses)
4. Stay on plan
5. Drink at least 32 oz and try to aim for 64
6. Be more positive

I'm sorry I havent been participating like I should, I just dont have the time to rant and rave...which is a good thing right!!! I'm still trying to get myself is hard after being in TX all that time, now exercise is like a chore that I can only get done sometimes....even eating is becoming a chore. Today my calories are low... it is probably unhealthy. But I've been busy all day, I just forgot to eat! Any wayz my day hasnt been good but I will report it anyway:

I only ate 772 calories today...and that is because I forced this dinner down with mega calories!! I had a pork chop, green beans, corn, and chicken flavored rice (which added on the calories!!) I didnt eat it all though, plus my daughter ate a lot of it too. No exercise. I have been trying to wear my pedometer (cheapo one fron McD) But I didnt put it on until about 5 pm. I have only 1679 steps after that!! Well, I've been sitting down since I've gotten home mostly, or standing up for long periods, but not really walking...I did all that this morning!! Oh well, anyway, whatever! I was hyped up earlier, thinking I was gonna try to exercise anyway, but now I'm too tired. I'd rather try to double or triple up tomorrow and finally get some sleep. I know I shouldnt give up...but he*l, my calories arent that high right? I cant seem to get myself together, but I will eventually. Tx really done me in!

Well again, I said this was gonna be short, but I'm rambling on and on.... but I'm sorry for not getting to comment on you all... like I should I guess if I wasnt typing all of this mumbo jumbo all the time, I would have more time...but I still apologize anyways! I'm so tired I almost feel delirious! My sis and hubby are watching the game...which I hate basketball. I'd rather be watching Law and Order, or one of my 10 Golden Girl (8 hr) tapes.... :lol: but hey whatever. I have been having MAJOR problems sleeping!! I think playing tennis so late is one problem, because me and my sis be up at 3 am looking homeless!! :lol: But I always get up at least by 9, she stays sleep until 12 or 1 and then looks at me like are we going anywhere today!?! I'm going to start going back to sleep early, waking up early, and exercising early. If I can at least get one goal done, everything should be alright! Well let me be off, it's already late.

06-17-2004, 10:59 PM
Jaymi you look great at 145!!!! You don't even look like you need to lose weight! You look fantastic! You have really done well. You should be proud of yourself.

Donna - good job on the journalling, it takes discipline, but well worth the effort. It's amazing how well you eat when you have to write everything down!

Well it is incredibly hot here today and will be even hotter tomorrow. Makes it easier to eat less and drink more!

Have a good weekend everyone!

06-17-2004, 11:53 PM
Jaymi, so glad you included pictures. You look fantastic. You must feel so good. Still journalling. I had a slip today. Candy and chips. Wanted sugar and salty. Had to have both. Was miserable at work and feeling sorry for myself. Now I feel even worse and on top of that, I had to write it down. I hate seeing it in writing. I'll try to remember that next time I feel a slip coming.

You're right Sprite. I hated writing down the bad things I ate and will be more careful what I put in my mouth.

Hey Maggie and Holly! How are you girls?

Well tomorrow is friday, and I don't think I could take one more day at work this week. It's been really stressful. I work in mortgages and we've been having a lot of trouble here in NY trying to clear the title on peoples property. Lot's of stress. On top of that, my back is getting worse. The pain is starting to go down the left leg. I really had trouble exercising this morning. Going to see the chiropractor tomorrow. I hope it helps. I really don't want to miss more than a couple of days of exercise as it's so hard to start up again.

Well hope everyone has a good friday. ttyl :D

06-18-2004, 04:06 PM
:wave: Hi Everyone :wave:

Another Short Post..."Jaymi Style" :lol: My day is already shot and wasted, I might as well just say that although, I stayed under calories, exercised, and drank water yesterday, and the day before, I'm not sure if I even deserve to feel good. I'm pretty pis*sed at myself, I have eaten 3 burgers in the last 2 days.... :cry: Why reasons/excuses are because:

1. :nono: "You cannot eat a stupid salad and drive"
2. :nono: "Chicken sandwiches are the same or more calories as burgers"
3. :nono: "There is no subway, plus I dont have subway money"

So there, got that out. Today I havent eaten anything, and I havet exercised. I'm sitting here being depressed :stress: and upset because MY weigh-in is tomorrow and I have done some stupid things. I dont even want to eat right now...because that means I have to stand up and cook....and I'm too nauseaus for that. Then I need to go to the store, but I'll be hungry, and that will probably lead to another burger, I also need to work out because my daughter just took her nap, but I also have 50 million other things to do...

Holly- :cry: miss you!!

Maggi- :cry: miss you too!

Sprite- :thanks: You are sweet! I hope you have a great day! :sunny:

Donna- :thanks: I tried to not write it down when I messed up....but that didnt help!! :lol: I still felt guilty and know that I did it! Just keep up the good work! :goodluck:

Well this turned into longer than I thought. Sorry for me feeling like crap!! I've been trying to stay positive and be positive...but it's just not working for me right now, and I dont feel like pretending today! :( Thank everyone for listening to me even though it's not the most enjoyable side of me showing!!!. Please try to work with me! I'm not giving up...I'll get it together sooner or later!

Well I dont want to depress anyone any further :dz: So I will be going now!!
Sorry I havent been posting...Time is flying by! Talk with you all later!! I love you chickies!!! :grouphug:

:flow1: Jaymi :flow1:

06-19-2004, 02:13 AM
Jaymi, You know you can come here with good news :cp: bad news :( when your frustrated :?: or just to get it out :blah: That's what we chickies do best, we listen. Don't be so hard on yourself. You've been doing great. Especially when you consider how much you've had going on. So you had a couple of burgers. It's not the end of the world. You feel sick and horrible. I'm sure you won't be doing it again too soon. So I say just get up, brush it off and keep going. You've come such a long way in such a short period. Take a look at those pictures. You look beautiful. A young beautiful mom. So come here and vent. Get it out. If it makes you feel better, then go for it. Your not depressing. You usually are such a :cheer: Ok, mom is done with the preaching, now don't you forget it :rollpin:
Love ya sweetie. :D

How are the rest of the gals? Yeah, it's the weekend. It was a really long week at work. Remember my friend and I had our first weigh in Monday and I was down 2lbs. Well, we weighed in today because she's leaving for vacation tomorrow and I was down another 2lbs, woo hoo! Unfortunately my back (I should say hip and leg) are still bothering me. The chiropractor said to lay off the WATP if it caused pain, which it does, but I'm afraid to stop and start gaining. He said if walking doesn't bother it, do that. So I guess I'll go on the :devil: :tread: and hopefully that won't bother it.

Well, I hope all's well. ttyl :D

06-19-2004, 04:10 PM
Hello chicks!

Jayme! thank you for posting pics of yourself, you are a beautiful young woman, gorgeous face/hair/eyes/smile and a bod that is getting hot! :cb:

PLEASE don't be so hard on yourself!!! I totally understand the anger/disgust when we do something that we know we shouldn't, but this is a LIFE-LONG thing we are doing. A slip up now and then is a given!! And we all have a rotten day now and then. SO, as Donna said, brush it OFF and just get back to your usual :cheer: self! And yes, feel free to vent here, you're not getting us down, we're here to help any way we can.

Hi DonnaD! First, congrats!!!! on being down two pounds! Sorry to hear of the stressful work times...and more concerned about your back pain :( I'm glad that you are under the care of a chiro. I really hope your pain goes away. It IS so so discouraging to not be able to exercise when you're in physical pain. I am sending good vibes to you!

-and you lucky thang, to be going to Sturgis!! I'll have to live vicariously through you and enjoy it that way. Will you take pics to share? Maybe next year for Joe and I...but we don't have a trailer nor truck. So far, we've ridden for our road trip destinations, but also so far have only picked destinations 1200 miles or so away, since we just get a week's vacation. So not sure how we can do Sturgis. Hey, we've heard some great music names that will be there, George Thorogood, ZZTop, Kid Rock!

SPRITE!!! yeah, welcome back!! I 'm so glad that things are okay for you, was worried that something was bad and that was why you couldn't be here. Is your son OK now?

Hey Maggie!! cool to see you on the other thread :) Hope everything is going good for you!

I'm holding steady at 145, might even be a little under, as I weighed myself on the scale at the house where we stayed in Laconia (don't we ALL do that when in someone else's house :devil:) and THAT scale showed 143, woo hoo :D

I could be doing better in my eating, but I'm happy in my exercising journey, I'm very glad that I'm in the solid habit of exercising at least 5X a week, more like 6. I'm OK now with mixing in more cardio (step aerobics) than just the strength work, because I know it is helping me. I'm excited about seeing subtle differences in how my legs and arms look. OK, when is my happy bubble going to burst :lol: :p

Again, Jayme, don't be so hard on your dear self! You have done SO VERY WELL! and I have confidence that you will continue.

Have a great night! I'm going back to the Club to do a dishwashing stint (I hate to pass up extra $$) so ttyl!

06-21-2004, 11:21 PM
:wave: Hey Everyone!! :wave:

Welll here I am...all late!! :lol: Where does the time go?!?!? Well here is my day, I did pretty good!

Exercise ~
:flow1: 30 minutes-- Denise Austin (wkout w/weights)
:flow1: 30 minutes-- WATP (2 miles w/stretchie)
:flow1: 20 minutes-- Kathy Smith (weights) too hard, couldnt finish!! :lol:
:flow1: 12,024 steps-- on my pedometer... YAY! :cheer:

Food ~
:sunny: Breakfast ~ Honeycomb w/o milk- 110
:sunny: Lunch ~ none
:sunny: Dinner ~ Spaghetti & Salad It says almost 825 calories!! But I think that it is wrong! I know the 4 oz of noodles were 420, but I used turkey groundmeat, so I don't think it was that high, just one 1/2 cup?!?! 330?!? But anyway, I still didnt go over!

Water was good, I don't know how much I drank, but it was 3 big,big ole cups full!!!

Ok I know it seems like I"m not eating right...and today I didnt but it wasnt on purpose! I was in a baaadd mood today, so when I'm ticked off, I dont eat! I was mad because I'm tired of having to clean up everything BY MYSELF!!! But anyways, I did ok.

Saturday was weigh in, and I was down 2 lbs! YAY!! This weekend was ****!! Me and hubby got into a big fight....and I am still mad at him!!! :lol: We went to this stupid race car place, but it was h-o-t and me and lil sis were "get this" too short to ride some of the go-carts!! Soooo we rode one, and we stayed in line forever. We played a little skee-ball and left. But then it went down hill some more after that! We had to go to his friends house (which I should have known wasnt worth the free food) and all his friends did....again was get pis*y drunk! I HATE THAT!!!I had a little BBQ, I'm pretty sure I didnt go over on calories because again I was mad the whole day and didnt each hardly anything. But the topper is when we had to go to the beach/lake to meet them the next morning! Where I got sunburnt, forced to get on a jet-ski which resulted on me crying and asking to go back to shore. My hubby is telling everybody, but I dont care!! Life jacket or not... I HATE BEING UNDER WATER!! The water was real choppy and people had fallen off, but I'm terrified of it. My husband on the other hand, had a blast. And my kiddos too, so it was ok. But the fun part was when we went to the pool (me and my sis) afterwards. I had soo much fun, and I was relaxed. It was like a big huge weight was lifted from me!! I've felt a little better ever since!!

:angel: Donna ~ It is soo funny how you said: "So you had a couple of burgers. It's not the end of the world." Do you know how many times I've said that to other people!! :lol: and now hearing it said to me made me feel like....DUH She is right!!! :lol: :cheer: on your 2 lbs!!! and again....:thanks: BTW hows your :write: been going?!? :goodluck:

:angel: Holly ~ :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: !! Too many compliments for one day!! :lol: I will have to save some for later!! :rofl: Well you sound great!! I wouldnt mind being this weight, if I had legs of steel like yours!! :strong: Well :bravo: on your 2 lbs!! :goodluck:

:angel: Sprite & Maggi ~Hope you two are doing well!!! :wave: :goodluck:

Well gotta get my butt into gear and start relaxing! It I dont start to settle myself down, I'll be up all night long, probably doing exercises at 2 am again!! :lol: So I hope everyone is doing great!! Have a very blessed day everyone!!

:grouphug: Love you chickies!!

06-22-2004, 08:35 AM
Right now I feel like it sucks to be me! I was doing so well during the first 30 pounds until I hit this plateau. I am sticking to my calories and exercise so I guess my only choice is bear it out, but something has got to give!

I'm trying hard to keep my motivation up and right now that is harder than anything else!

I can't say too much good right now, so gonna get off and finish up and go do my walk, at least then I can plug in my audio book and take my mind somewhere else for a while.

06-26-2004, 12:51 PM
Today is Weigh-in day. If I don’t lose anything, I won’t be disappointed. Yes I said it! Yesterday I Messed up big time, and you know what…. I don’t even care!!!

Before I go on with anything let me post my daily goals for today:

Exercise for 60 minutes
Drink Lots of water
Do not exceed calories
Try to be stress free
Improve attitude by at least 20% (pitiful I know)

It’s about time I get a break. It started off great, I had a 120 calorie breakfast, and I did 45 minutes of Denise Austin, and a 1 mile WATP tape. I did ok the whole rest of the day with water and everything, and then I ended up eating a Jr cheeseburger deluxe from Wendy’s. I don’t even know yet how many calories it was, then I got a phone call and my husband’s friends were in town. He wanted to go bowling. So there we went. I wore my pedometer the whole time, but it must have been on there wrong, because the whole time I was bowling it stayed the same!! So oh well! They ordered some fries, and of course I ate a couple, then I ate about 2 cheese ticks. The topper was when I started starving at about 1 am. I ordered some nachos chilli and cheese!! Ok, so I only ate like half of it, but I know that my calories were over. Oops did I forget to mention the spaghetti I ate for lunch?!?!? Mind you it was ground chicken in it, but I didn’t even measure the noodles.

Today I woke up sick to my stomach, and have been running back and forth to the bathroom!! I guess too much fat intake or something, but I needed it though! I’m having problems going to the bathroom anyways. Well I haven’t weighed in yet, I will after I exercise. We are supposed to be going to the beach later, I don’t really want to go. I’d have to wear a swimsuit in front of Derrick’s friends…and I refuse to. I wanted to go buy me one today, but it doesnt look like that will happen. Soooo anyways, I also have been breaking out in rashes on my neck. At first I thought it was the tanning lotion I was using, but I havent put any on in days, I think it’s stress. And that scares me to think I am that stressed out… But I am!

Well I gotta go. This is supposed to be a short post today. I didn’t’ even have time to really do this like I normally do. I had to pre-write this, and copy and paste this. So if I don’t leave any comments on here, don’t get ticked off at me! I havent even read anyone’s post. I will come back later and post my weigh-in….
I hope everyone has a great day!

06-28-2004, 10:37 PM
Maggi - HANG IN THERE!!! Plateaus are so hard to ride through...but keep on keepin' on! Continue with your exercise, water, and - a thought? - if you are keeping strict on low calories, this will sound like diet treason, but maybe try deliberately eating a hundred or so more calories a day - ? I have heard of this working in some cases - it "shakes up" the metabolism.

Hi Jayme! Hey sister, we're weighing the same now - :D I'm finally down to 143. Gonna try for 140, I think...though ultimately I want to be more clothing-size conscious, than weight-wise. About your burger, then nachos - don't sweat it guilt-wise. You hardly had any calories for the day before that - and you poor thing, that it must have bothered your system. Hoping you feel better very soon! Oh, and congrats on doing the Kathy Smith workout, with weights - have you done that before?

Hey Donna, whatever you're doing, hope you're having a great day!

I'm finally actually enjoying doing my latest aerobic step tape - I like that it's relatively easy (not complicated steps) and the instructor is motivating, cues well, good beat/music, and I pop a sweat after only about 7 minutes. I go through 2 of the 3 levels, and that's a good solid 25 minutes of sweaty, breathing stepping.

Have a good night everyone!

06-29-2004, 02:23 PM
:chicken: Hello Chickadees!! :chicken:

I dont usually have the munchies this early, but I am STARVING!!!...I've already ate about 3 cups of dry cereal! :lol: And I guess I've messed up already because Im eating some beef-stew with rice, potatoes and carrots. I don't have any choice today, it's eat or starve! We are soo totally broke! I cooked that yesterday and I have to eat it. Today I plan on cooking something healthier. Anyone know of a website that calculates the calories in the food you prepare?!? I'm having **** trying to figure out how many calories are in this stew!! Since servings are different on different drives me nuts!! Counting calories is hard, when you cant count everything you eat!!! Well anyways, I didnt get to go play tennis, but we went to the pool for about 2 hrs. This darned rash on my neck won't go away!!! :mad: I'm going to jot down my daily goals and what not:

:sunny: Done Already :sunny:

:cheer:60 - minutes ~ Denise Austin
:cheer:Food so far ~ 3 cups of dry cereal - 340
*~*~*~*~*~ Beef Stew - no earthly idea! :cheer:Water ~ 24 oz
:cheer:Steps ~ 3812

:flow2: Things to do :flow2:

:coach: Exercise additional 60 min on legs, thighs, and butt

:coach: Pray

:coach: Cook something healthy

:coach: Try not to kill anyone!!!

:coach: Housework, and more housework

:coach: Don't be overcome by the munchies!!

:coach: Get in 10,000 steps

Well thats enough for me today. I'm PMSing big time!! No wonder I was sooo grouchy yesterday, and crying this morning, and why I'm suddenly sooo hungry! That's all I need! :crazy: Oh well, just means I gotta work harder. Well my day is running short of course. So quick comments for the :chicken: and gotta run!!! :tread:

:twirly: HOLLY ~ Go for that 140 girl!! That's what i might as well change my goal weight for this month to! But saying that I only have until Thursday...I doubt it!! I guess I'll start aiming for a 5 lb loss now. Maybe less, I knew that it would start going slow...but I really want a tight bod like yours!! The weight isnt really the issue! If my thighs were tight and my butt was tummy was in tact...hey pounds doesnt matter! I'm getting all saggy and stuff, I'm only 25!! You think I am losing too fast or something? I dont want to look like I'm 70!! Help!! Advice!!! :lol: BTW, no I hadnt done and still havent finished that whole Kathy smith workout. That is HARD!! :lol: [/U][/B]

:twirly: DONNA ~ Miss ya chickie! Hope you are having a great time and you are doing well! You are really missed around here!! :^:

:twirly: MAGGI ~ :goodluck: on breaking that plateau!! You can do it!!! I'm cheering for ya!

:twirly: Everyone Else ~ Sorry If I Missed you, but know that I am here, and I do care!

Well, I’m off to try and do something! My head aches :headache: and I am hungry!!!:hungry: I think I am going to pop open that jar of pickels! No calories!! But I gotta sweat out that sodium! Well anyway I hate TOM!!!!

:rollpin: KILL TOM!!! :rollpin:

Sorry.....I'm losing my mind!! :crazy: Anyways really gotta go now! :lol:

My luv to you all!!!

06-29-2004, 07:09 PM
Hi guys,

The strangest thing happened. When I went into buddy up last night I couldn't find our thread, so I actually started a new one. But today I come here and find you all. :cp:

Been doing ok. Last week was a bad week of eating. Still lost 1/2 lb though so I guess thats better than gaining. The back is doing a little better so I'm working on building the exercise back up. Funny, the less exercise I did the more I lost. Wonder if it's making me hungry.

Jaymi, That must be your daughter. She's absolutely beautiful. Must be so nice to have a little girl. I always pictured myself with boys and that's what I got. The stew is going to be hard to figure because of the gravy. I guess you could break it down by ingredient and then add it up. Your probably munching because of the pms. Cereal is a good alternative to the usual pms foods like salty chips and choc. So in order to not kill anybody, I'd give into a little pms eating. You'll probably see a little water weight, but it should come right off once Aunt Flo arrives.

Hey Maggie, You hanging in there! We love ya chick-a-dee.

Holly, Holly, Holly,
Everytime I look at your picture I want to wire my mouth shut. I was thinking of getting a step and video. When I took a beginners class once (without too
many fancy steps, which to me accomplish nothing but make me feel even more klutzy) I really liked the class. I tried a Kathy Smith aerobic video but I couldn't keep up with the steps. I have big size 11 feet(had them since I was a kid) and those cruise ships don't handle the fancy steps too well. Oh, and 143 or 140 wouldn't make a damn difference to me if I looked like you. If it's for the personal challenge, then I understand. But you look great.

Well, in case you guys see my thread I started, you can obviously ignore it. I guess I was just looking right past this one. :dizzy:

My next challenge is thurs and fri. The hubby and I are going to the casino in CT for our anniversay which is friday. We have tickets to a do-wop show and will do a little gambling(very little, no $, saving up for Sturgis) Maybe spend more time in the hot tub relaxing. We figure, 3 sons and 27yrs of marriage we deserve a litte fun. I will probably check in tomorrow nite or thurs morning before we leave. Then probably wont be back until sat.

Have a good HUMP day tomorrow. (You can take that any way you want :o ) :D

06-29-2004, 08:55 PM
Hey chicks! :D

Jayme, your posts are (1) so fun and colorful to look at! and (2)- FUNNY!! "Try Not To Kill Anyone" on to-do list :lol:

thank u again for the comps on this middle-aged bod :dizzy: I would say that if I can do it, anyone can!!! It did take months, and doggedly doing those videos day after day, not seeing any progress, but doin' it anyway...but less than 6 months later, there was these muscles, surprise surprise!

About the stew - yeah, unless you make it yourself, it's hard to know what the calorie count is. I think that a "serving" of stew would be, either a 1/2 cup or 1 cup...I would consider that, plus a leafy green salad and a side of non-starchy veggies, as a meal.

I hear ya about the lack of $$$- we can call an automated # at our bank, and get a checking account status number - I sometimes don't WANT to know how low the number is, but I HAVE to know :dizzy: :lol: I don't want alot of money, just enough :devil:

Hi Donna!!! I have faith in you, you can do it! I'm so glad that your back pain is at least a bit better. Yes, I do like that step video, I like the rhythm and the steady pace, and knowing that the 1/2 hour with it gets me set for the day. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary, and have fun at the casino!

oh, about our missing thread - I think it was pushed back into page 2, because there were so many new threads; I couldn't find it at first; then when I made a reply, it got put back near the top.

Yes, Jayme, what an adorable little girl! I also have two boys; would have liked a girl also, but that won't happen in this lifetime :)

I'm feeling a little resentful on the homefront (WARNING - GRIPING AHEAD) :devil: I'm feeling that I'm the one who is busting my *ss working 6 or even 7 days a week, then when I get home I'm the only one to notice that the place needs vaccuming, picking up, cutting the's not much fun :mad: My older son will say cheerfully "sure" when I ask him to cut some grass that day, then guess wont' be done when I get home. And my husband gets an attitude when I ask for help, that I want his lazy *ss to do his part...I think TOM is making me feel extra sensitive and mad.

Oh yeah! speaking of extra sensitive and mad - I flipped someone off for the first time EVER yesterday, on the bike. A dump truck pulled out in front of me, and I swear he never knew I was even on the road. When we met up at an intersection, I started yelling - but his window was closed! but he must have sensed someone screaming at him ( :lol:) because he looked down at me - then I did the deed :devil: and he was SO SURPRISED!! it was comical, almost. So that proves that he didn't even know I was there.

and TODAY - a woman started backing out into the road without checking carefully - so I BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEped, and she couldnt tell where it was coming from, and she started moving MORE, and again I BEEEEEEEEEEEEE-
EEEEEEEEEEEEped :lol: and started revving my engine alot - she's freaking out now, whipping her head from side to side, trying to see what the **** is beeping at her - then I zoomed around, and slowed down to crane my neck to stare at her, revving, as I zoomed away :lol: I'm not into terrorizing people, just the ones who don't look for traffic before they make a move. oh yeah, I'm pms-ing :devil:

Well, ladies, I love ya all, and wish all of us stress-free days (yeah, right :lol) ahead

06-30-2004, 05:10 PM
Hey Everyone! Well I'm not having a good week or a good day, but it's kool. I'll survive. No need in boring you to tears with my complaining, I've ranted enough today in my journal! :lol: I feel a tad better now. The weather is YUCKY! :rain: I had planned on going play tennis or go to the beach with the kids, but of course today would be the day it actually rained! :( Oh well, there's always tomorrow! I had a major tummy and headache this morning, and I havent exercised yet. I know it's PMS, and now, my head is hurting again! I have to exercise though, no matter what. My daughter will have to take her nap, and then I'm going to pop Denise in and at least get 60 minutes!! I wanted to try out my step I just bought, but I dont have the time! It came with a tape of some woman I never heard of, but it also includes weights, so I couldnt do it yesterday. Well anyways my only goal for today is:

:bubbles: Dont stress yourself over things you can't control! !!! :bubbles:

:coffee2: Holly- :coffee2: Well 6 mths huh?!? I'll use that for motivation!! I WISH!! :lol: Hey, I don't blame you for flipping him off, I sometimes want to stop the car and get out and start beating someone's butt. But....I digress!! (PMS is REALLY TALKING NOW!) Girl, if I got started on lazy husbands....or on husbands general.... we'd both be getting a divorce by the time I got through!! I'm sooo pissed at mine right now, and some for the same thing. All I ask him to do is "take out the trash" and "take care of his freaking dog" when he is home....but does he do it?!? NO! I don't work my butt off like you at a job, but I work my butt off in this house cleaning up after everyone! So I know what you mean. I say, go off on him for pete's sake! LOL Hey, afterwards apologize and say it was the PMS!! :lol3: Oh BTW, thanks for the info :)

:coffee2: Donna - :coffee2: Girl, all of those must be quite a wife...or have quite a husband!!! I'm about to kill mine!! How do you make it that long?!? Well that is soo great that you are getting to go somewhere, you DO deserve it! Congrats :encore: on your 1/2 lb!! I'd take that!!! My daughter is a tough one, you'd be surprised how much tougher a little girl can be than a boy!! She is bad!!! :lol:

Can I get a marriage counselor on here?!? :lol: :rofl: :lol3:

Anyways, I just want to exercise and calm my nerves....No stress, no anger, no nothing. But whatever's gonna happen will happen. Well sorry I can't leave a longer post, but I gotta go put the baby to sleep! BTW Where is everybody?!?!?! Hope everyone is having a great day! :wave:

:tread: :goodscale :strong: :tread: :goodscale :strong: :tread: :goodscale :strong: :tread: :goodscale :strong:

07-12-2004, 10:47 AM

Hard to believe so much time has gone by since I last posted! The days are flying by...which is scary because summer is so short here. I want to grab the hands of the clock and pull them back!

How is everyone doing? I MADE myself do a long cardio session, and ab work before I allowed myself to log on here :D I have to discipline myself! :lol:

I could be doing better eating-wise, having little bites and nibbles that do add up...but nothing too bad. I measured at the beginning of the month, and was a little perturbed :devil: that I haven't lost any measureable amounts since last month. But I'll keep trying. Still exercising about 6X a week, sometimes just 5X. Mostly I wanna see differences in upper arms, calves, and thighs. And please, Great Spirit of Chest Measurements, put some back there :devil: :dizzy: :lol:

I NEED a new pair of "athletic shoes" (does anyone call them sneakers anymore :lol: ) I have a good pair that I keep at work; but my home ones are not feeling good anymore; not only that, but they actually hurt! how can shoes change so much? so I have to get something today (as I have the WHOLE FREAKIN' DAY OFF!!!! Can you tell I'm excited :p

looks like rain this afternoon, so if I wanna ride to the store (of course I do

:lol: ) I'd better get going.

Have a great day, everyone!!!!!!

07-13-2004, 12:31 AM
Hey you!! I've been doing terrible!! But I refuse to gain my weight back!!! I have been craving chocolate... and havent been avoiding it!! So I am doing terrible... but I'm going to do better... I've been exercising my butt off trying to make up for it.. but it isnt working... I won't let it get me though!! I miss you all sooo much!!! You all are my favorite chicks you know!! Out of all of them! Well anyways feel free to pm me anytime... and I will somehow figure out how to give you all my email address. Anyways I gotta go to bed.. so I can wake up early! Love Jaymi!!

07-13-2004, 08:10 PM
Hey guys!
How the heck are ya's? I've been doing ok. Had lots of fun with the dh on anniversary long weekend(5 days woo hoo) Didn't eat the right foods, but didn't overeat. After 5 days of eating whatever I was up 1 1/2 lbs, but Aunt Flo showed up the next day and I weighed in yesterday and was down 5 1/2 which means I actually lost 4lbs. Now we are planning the Sturgis trip and a couple days at the end of our 2wks there will back up to ct for the hot tub and a couple of shows.

I picked up the Body for Life book. I like what I'm reading. I'm not ready to take a 12 wk challenge yet. Too close to vacation and that would be just setting myself up to fail. But I have changed the way I do cardio and it's quite a work out. I will be setting the weight bench up and when vacation is over I will start with the weights. Actually looking forward to it.

Glad to hear everyone doing well. Jaymi, don't freak over the chocolate. You are consistantly exercising so I think you'll be just fine.

Holly, Hope your getting in your riding. Doesn't seem like a little rain slows you down. Just be careful and keep the rubber side down.

Well, look forward to hearing from you chickies. Love yas!

07-14-2004, 03:41 AM
Today went ok as far as eating.. Well actually it wasn’t great, I ate a cheeseburger from Wendy’s, and potato salad for breakfast and dinner! (crazy) I called myself making this meatloaf recipe for dinner… it didn’t come out right…. My son don’t even like it… and he likes anything! So.. Oh well…. I guess I”ll cook some gumbo tomorrow. I didn’t get to exercise today, I forgot I had to go and get the radio on the truck fixed. We went to the mall today and rode around… but of course that’s when UPS decided to deliver my package. They get on my nerves sometimes!! Now when I’m trying to sneak something in the house.. They wait until after 6 (when hubby is home) to bring it… now today, they want to be early! So I have to stay home and wait for the stupid thing. Maybe go to the beach if I can get my sis to wake up Super Duper early!! My daughter is up and hyper… and I need to sleep. I can’t get up in the mornings!!! That’s why I can’t exercise!!! BUT.. I want to be 139 by Saturday. This morning I was 142 so I gained 3 then lost 2 then gained, 2 back, then lost 2 again!! No more chocolate… I’m going to lose those 3 lbs if I have to exercise 4 times a day!!! I just want to see 139 one good time… I’d be soo happy!!!

It is 2 am and baby is crying for no reason except she is sleepy but refuses to sleep!!!She kills me!!! She will be the death of me.. for real!! :lol: Tomorrow is a new day.. And it’s waiting for me!! Donna, I promise to pm you back again tommorow.. Holly you too! I Miss you chicks!! Anyways, Its way way too late.. And I need some sleep. I won’t be able to wake up and get my exercises in… so I will talk with you all later!!

07-15-2004, 08:31 PM
Hello ladies!!

Jayme, I wish you success in seeing 139...I'm sure you can do it...but don't kill yourself trying for it in such a quick time! It WILL come. I'm hoping to see the scale needle dip below 140 myself!! and what a bee-youtiful pic in your avatar!

Do you exercise right before trying to go to sleep? that could be what keeps you up. Or your little girl waking up - hope that doesn't happen too often! Interrupted sleep really messes you up, doesn't it.

donna, HI! welcome back! glad you had a great anniversary time with dh. Yeah, Sturgis is coming up! Like just three weeks or so, right? As you know, I would LOVE to hear every little detail about it, when you get back. Omit nothing! :devil: :lol:

I think I've told you all that I use different types of sunless tanning lotions and creams - the latest one that I like is L'Oreal's "gelee" - it actually smells GOOD - not like photo-developing chemicals - :lol: - and feels nice on the skin. Good looking light-tan that develops. It's just a little pricier than some others. I also have a can of Neutrogena's sunless bronzer; gives a deeper color; but you have to be much more diligent in trying to spread it evenly. Also scrub your palms and fingers thoroughly afterwards, otherwise the drier skin on your palms soaks up that color and they're orangy-brown in a few hours :p

anyway, I love the look of the darker skin; and it does play well where there are muscles, oo yeah.

Well, dh made some jambalay-a type dish for dinner, rice and spices and sausage and a little seafood; but it was WAY too spicy for me. I think he's hurt that I couldn't eat it. I'm grateful that he makes supper so much more often than I do, and tough luck for me if I dont' like it :lol: I was happy with a big salad, cup of yogurt and Kashi; and a mini bagel with a teeny bit of peanut butter and jelly, yum.

Have a great nite and super day tomorrow!

07-16-2004, 03:43 AM
Hello everyone. Well it’s 2 am, almost 3 a.m.!!, so as you all should guess I have to make this a quickie! (as my quick posts go!! :lol: ) No I didn’t get to have any fun today. I did exercise for and hour and 60 minutes. Denise Austin. But I ate terribly… Well actually it could have been worse! But oh well, my pants started getting tighter today for no reason. I wasn’t even eating anything!! I’m starting to get very upset about that 139.. I really wanted to see it on Saturday.. But it doesn’t look too promising. Oh well, who cares.. I’m doing the best I can do…. Just as long as I’m not 212 again on Saturday, that will be fine! :lol: I know most of you are probably like… oh shut up!! :lol: 139! But just to explain myself.. First I’m 5’0 maybe 4 ‘11 ½ without shoes!! :lol: But, it’s not really about the number… but I was down to 140 on the 3rd! I had hit my July goal and I was happy, but now I’ve been going up and down… I just think in these 2 weeks, if I could lost 1 lb from that 140.. Then it would prove that I don’t need those stupid pills… but It seems like I can’t control my cravings.. But what does that mean?? I don’t want to be addicted to some pill for the rest of my life!! What is wrong with me that I can’t say no to chocolate? This really sucks… since I can’t afford those frickin pills! I don’t know what to do anymore.. I can see the numbers going up and up.. Yes I am panicking!! Because the last time… I had gained 20 lbs back in 2 weeks! The exercising alone (5 days a week) wasn’t cutting it!! That’s why I seem so obsessed…. So I’m sorry if it’s annoying! But I DON’T EVER want to go back to where I was!! I don’t want to live like a hermit anymore.. Or wonder when my heart attack or diabetes will get me! My mom is having that stomach surgery next week, the lap-band?!?! (or whatever that is) I’m proud of her… To me.. She is doing the ultimate to help herself! I love her!!! Anyways, Hubby wants to surprise me telling me that his friends are coming over tomorrow to BARBQ… why me? The house is a disaster because I have been packing and repacking stuff so that I can have more room. Now I have to clean up the whole house, plus I have to cook the sides… It will be for 9 people! I still have to go grocery shopping too! Anyways I’m sorry I can’t comment today… but whatever. Hubby pissed me the **** off yesterday, telling me I was “SELFISH” ME!! SELFISH! Yeah right… I swear I could have just punched his eyeball out! :lol: I just laughed at him.. Because I know better! Anyways I will talk to you all hopefully in the morning… If I can WAKE UP!! :lol:

07-19-2004, 10:17 AM
Good morning ladies!

Jayme - take a deep breath - please don't panic! I know the feeling of "oh NO, I'm gaining again!" - but you will overcome, I know it!! You are absolutely right, you don't want to rely on pills, 'cause you CAN do it without do SO very well with the exercising, and I can't imagine the unexpected gain showing on the scale being anything other than plain ol' fluid weight. So please please don't panic, keep on keepin' on!!! :bravo: :cp: :cb:

How did the BBQ go? and as for husband calling you selfish, well, deep breath again! YOU know the truth to that! chalk it up to "something stupid the spouse said" and try to overlook it.(do you watch the Simpsons? I love what Marge said once - when she gets really mad at Homer, she writes down all the things she dislikes about him....then shreds that list into his dinner :devil: - not that I'm recommending it, but it sure is funny)

How is everyone else? I am not one to give good advice on eating, at least after the last couple of days - whew! well, it's hard when the husband is bringing home bags of Doritos! I know I am the one who ultimately puts them in my mouth, but it's easier when they aren't in the house in the first place, isn't it. I also way over-indulged at work; on weekends I have lunch and supper there, and they feed us SO well, it's hard to resist all that's put out for us. From now on, I HAVE to dig down and get that ol' self-control going!!!

I've been enjoying my morning off so far; but usually I have done my exercise by now; so after this it's a step tape for me.

We have two Slovakian kids (well, 20-something) working at the club this summer - a boyfriend/girlfriend - the girl speaks English pretty fluently, the boy not as fluent. I just did a websearch and found a site that has english/slovakian phrases, translations and pronunciations, so I'm going to surprise them by saying a few things in Slovakian tomorrow :lol: It's not that difficult, as they also use the Latin alphabet, not Cyrillic (as Russian is) and the webiste has audio, so you can actually hear someone pronounce the words. Wish me luck :dizzy:

Have a great day, everyone!!!!

07-21-2004, 02:14 AM
Ok everyone, if yaw’l don’t like my hot pink.. Then too bad!!!! :rofl: :lol3: :joker: Anyways!! (you all better laugh!) Ahem,

Holly- Thanks sooo much!! I’m running out of time.. Where does it go?!? Anyawys I will try to comment more later

Donna- I already promised to do the same to you!! But I didn’t so will try harder!!

Today was a rough one… I’m not sure if it’s me that’s being grouchy or not… but me and my sister have been fighting like cats and dogs. Then my hubby wants to come in and tell me something smart and I went off on him too! I don’t get it… If I ask, what do you want for lunch… quesadillas or bar-b-q then why can’t I get an answer! He gotta make things difficult and say which ever one yaw’l don’t eat.. And it doesn’t matter…. My sister on the other hand… I ask her a simple question like… is there a car behind me.. And she get’s an attitude like I’m bothering her! Maybe it’s just me.. My TOM is next week, maybe I have PMS, but I hate when people act dumb! Anyways sorry about that! :lol: I didn’t get to exercise today… I ate about 3 tacos from Taco bell, and something else (that I can’t remember) and a dipped cone from Mcdonalds… (that’s when I got pissed off) I figured a dipped cone is better than a double cheeseburger and fries!! :lol: I’m still at 142 so that pack of Skittles I had last night hasn’t settled in yet! OH well, my clock is set to 5:30 am.. I gotta get my exercise in!!! Today I didn’t hear my alarm go off at all!! I got my library card today.. But my daughter was acting bad though… I thought about going there to email you all because they have high speed internet.. But if she cuts up like that…. Maybe not!! :lol: Anyways the beach, the mall, and the family dollar, and walking around the strand will be in the plans for tomorrow. Wanted to go to Ripley’s aquarium, but no money! Wanted to take her to TX roadhouse for chicken strips.. But no money… so hopefully we can make it through her last day here without fighting. Well I gotta go now.. Talk with you all tomorrow!

07-23-2004, 08:08 PM
Hello ladies!!

sorry I just don't seem to check in too often...but I still think of everyone! working alot, keeping barely even with laundry and vacumming, just same ol' same ol, but that's OK :D

Been very warm and humid here; when I did step aerobics today, was dripping sweat (running sweat into the eyes, stings!) but when it was time to check pulse, it was a little lower than usual! all the sweating was due to the high humidity. Well, at least I did exercise :dizzy:

Hope everyone's doing well!

07-24-2004, 12:16 AM
Hey everyone! Quick check-in because hubby just went out to go get a drink with the boys... my daughter is sleep, and I need to go exercise... but instead I am here! I'd probably be eating though... so Rather be here! I am soo disappointed in myself... my hubby keeps getting mad at me,, because I kept getting depressed and pissed off... My clothes are getting tight and my stomach is SOOO bloated! I know it could be signs of PMS.. but I doubt it!! I know that I've been eating wrong.. If the scale is right... I gained 5 lbs... 3 back in this week.. That is just cause for me to go jump in the ocean! Weigh-in is tomorrow, so no chance of seeing a loss for this week, and I’m sure in the **** not going to take measurements... The TV dinners I usually get were way too expensive this week, (not on sale) so I have to eat the regular foods.. Well I'll go ahead and stop all of this whining.. my day wasn’t bad really, just the way I feel inside! Like a failure.. anyways.....

Anyways I gotta get my butt up. My daughter has woke up.. so no exercise for me.. I'd love to have a lOOOONNNGG hot bath right now and read my book... but too bad. Tomorrow I have to get up and exercise no matter what! 30 minutes isn't enough to burn off the calories I ate today!!! I didn't eat too much.. but I ate the Shepard’s pie twice, some fruits, and today I cooked:

Campbell's® 2-Step Garlic Pork Chops

Prep. time: 10 min. Cooking time: 10
Serves: 4

Source: Campbell's® Quick and Easy Cookbook


1 tbsp. vegetable oil
4 boneless pork chops
1 clove garlic, minced
1 can (10 3/4 oz.) Campbell’s® Cream of Mushroom,
Soup OR 1 can (10 3/4 oz.) Campbell's® 98% Fat
Free Cream of Mushroom Soup, Soup
1/2 cup milk

HEAT oil in skillet. Add chops and garlic and cook until
ADD soup and milk. Heat to a boil. Cover and cook over
low heat 10 min. or until done. Serve with couscous or
rice if desired.
Tips Also delicious with Campbell's® Cream of Mushroom
with Roasted Garlic Soup; omit garlic.

So... I don't know how many calories that is.. but the rice alone was probably 300... so who knows! Anyways here is a kool article that someone let me in on... oh and it also corroborated with my statement that muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat!! Well seriously gotta go.. Hope everyone is well!

BTW I did step aerobics too!! But it was only 30 minutes... Yuck~~ None of us seem to check in like we should... but as long as we think of each other... right! Anyways be good!!

07-24-2004, 12:40 PM
[Hi everybody,
I know I haven't been around much. I was doing pretty good, a few pounds comming off and exercising, but my blood sugars have not been good. I cut down on my meds as the inhibit weight loss, but in order to continue without them, I need to get the #'s under control.

I found a lowcarbfriends board and a really nice woman there who has a great program for me to follow. I tried for a few days, but it was hard cutting all the carbs(especially with all the carbs in the house) I also started getting muscle weakness, which I here does happen when you cut carbs. My doc definitely didn't want me on atkins(too high in fat and I already have the cholesteral issue) but I was trying to go with healthier choices. You are also supposed to eat something every 2hrs your awake. Well this was making me very hungry at nite and after a great day of staying OP I would blow it at nite by eating too much and then went into a small carb binge. This sucks :?: I try to keep things simple. It keeps my mind off of food all the time and wondering what I'm eating, what I'm packing to eat and the whole bit. Sometimes it's such a drag. But I do think I should give it more of a chance. I'm getting ready for TOM aka AF (it takes 10-14 to prepare and it's horrible) so my attitude hasn't been the greatest.

Jaymi, you are always way to hard on yourself. You have a busy life. It's so hard with little ones at home because to find time for yourself when you don't know what's needed from you next. But my mother-in-law always told me, when the kids go to sleep, instead of cleaning, take time for yourself, it's important, and the chores will still be there, they are always there :lol:

Holly, you are such a rock. Always exercising. I wish I had a tenth of your ambition and willpower. Hopefully Aunt Flo will show up before I leave for Sturgis, but she won't. She comes every year. She's absolutely wicked :devil:

Well I need a :coffee: Late start today. Hubby leaves the end of next week and we have a lot to squeeze in :o

ttyl :D

07-26-2004, 09:17 AM
Hello chicks!

Jayme, that recipe sounds fine! If you measure your portion of rice ( I think a half-cup cooked is a serving) then it's not bad at all. We can actually eat any food, doesn't haven't to be a "diet" food, as long as we watch our portions, right? If one chop and a 1/2 cup rice doesn't sound like much, then we can fill the empty space on the plate with lots of leafy green salad stuff, and them some cooked veggies such as green beans, broccoli, carrots.

I agree with Donna, that you are too hard on your good self!! You have done SO well. And yes, you have the added challenge of caring for the little ones; it is so hard to try to find the time for yourself, as you put them first, as a good mom does. Keep on with your tapes (but don't overdue! I would think that one exercise session a day should be enough)

Donna, what a drag that AF will be at Sturgis with you...that's one companion you could sure do without :devil: do you have a digital camera? you KNOW I am happily jealous of your trip! and want to hear all about it.

Well, Mondays are my one day off of the own choice, but it's becoming a drag. Very hard for me to cram everything into that one day...especially when I spend an hour on the 'puter, like now :D but this is important, too!!! After I exercise (on Mondays, I do a long tape) then it's laundry, wash kitchen floor, intense vacuuming (sofa and chairs, to get the DOG HAIR) general picking-up (what the three guys don't see/do, sigh) pay some bills, do some yard work (trimming the stuff that grows too much, coaxing the stuff that won't :lol: ) and some recipe research, for work.

OH!! Hey, I won a little contest with a recipe! Does anyone know of the cooking magazine "Taste of Home"? last year, or even year before, they had a contest (as they do every month) for bar cookie recipes. I submitted prolly 5 or 6, with little anecdotes about each one, as they asked. Then I forgot about it.

Well, in the mail yesterday, I received a bulky envelope, like it had a magazine in it. Inside, was an issue of "Country" magazine - I'm thinking, what the heck?? I didn't order this, I'm not gonna pay for it! then I read the enclosed note, and see that it's a published by the "Taste of Home" people, and a congratulatory message, saying look at page 49! and there is my recipe for Lemon-Lime Bars, with my name and town/state and the little anecdote I had submitted! PLUS a gift certificate for $50.00/worth of items from their catalogue of home stuff!!! :D

My mom will be so thrilled - she's not too impressed with the general idea that I'm in the service industry - she only thinks it's superb when I have recipes published (and it hasn't happened for a long time - I had one published in Bon Appetit three times, but that was like 10 years ago, and a recipe request through Gourmet, but again 10 years ago) so I'll have to get another copy of the magazine, to send to her.

So that's my big news :p :lol: gotta go do that step tape! Have a great day, ladies!!!!!!

07-26-2004, 03:39 PM
Hey everyone! No exercise yet for today, my daughter was awoken :) from the dog. So... a little crabby today. BUT..... my mission is to not let the little things get me down.. Chances are... I might not exercise later because the later it gets.. the lazier I get... but life isnt perfect. So... instead of being miserable and whining, I will keep on pushing on. I think the news is getting my attitude is worse. All they talk about is war, and murder... etc. No wonder! I'm seriously thinking about taking the kids to the park. I won't get much exercise, because I'll have to watch the baby, and she doesnt like heat that much.. But the pool and the beach are too hard. I don't have the energy. I still need to go to the library and take back those videos. I'm cooking chilli dogs today... so I don't have to worry about a big meal to cook for later. I ended up eating Wendy's today.. but I ate some nuggets.. I think only 180 calories for 5 pieces... and I didnt get any breakfast. I spend 2 hours waiting for the dealership to change out my cd player. So I just need to get out there and burn some fat. Sweat a little. Well anyways, I need to get up and do something. It's getting pretty late. BTW That's great HOLLY!!! Maybe I need to be having you over here cooking for us!! :lol: Yeah 1/4 cup of rice is supposed to be one serving... Do you know how small that is!!! And 150 calories! Sucks!! I know exercising once a day would be good.. but I want to look like you do at 140! I want those muscles. All of it won't be cardio! Donna, I miss ya!!! I hope to hear from ya soon! I don't think I"m being too hard on myself.. because if I didn't.. who would!!! :lol: I think you two are too easy on me! You both cut me too much slack! I should stop all the excuses and get up and do something! I adore both of you! Well anyways you both got me thinking (a little teensy bit) about maybe riding on a motorcycle... one day.... :lol: Maybel.... Well anywaysI'll check in later! Jaymi

07-28-2004, 09:34 PM
Hey ladies,

How's everyone doing? I know I haven't been around much. I've been actually looking around some threads trying to get some motivation to get myself back on sugar busters.It really did work well and I felt good. But I have had a hard time getting started again. Of course as always the ladies on this site have been great. I don't know how well I'll do on vacation, but I'm going to try.

Jaymi, I agree with Holly, exercising once a day should be plenty. Not that I'm the best example, but I usually try to do cardio at least 4-5 times a week and when I get back I want to start working with weights. I bought the Body for Life,(BFL) book by Bill Phillips, and you might really like it. I don't think I'm ready. Need to lose more weight. But you eat 6small meals a day. 20mins of interval cardio 3 x week, weights 3 x week and one free day a week. food and exercise free. He has a web site. the links are on the general diet plans thread. check it out. It may work for you and your so close to goal. Just a thought. It also has a 12 week challenge you can enter.

Holly, I have a digital camera but it was a little cheapo thing. Don't think it works very well. I will bring my camcorder and maybe pick up a disposable and get a disc. I'll try. I'm really into the state of anxiety now. Nervous about the dh riding out. chance of thunderstorms all the way to SD. I just can't relax until he gets there. Then I start getting hyper and nervous about my driving out alone. I love the drive. I hate the hotel stay alone and sometimes I get nervous hoping no car trouble. Hopefully it will be fine like last yr. I made great time and had great weather. I leave next thursday about 5am.

Well, it's late and I'm still cooking dinner. Gotta run. Timer going off.

love you chickies. ttyl :D

07-30-2004, 08:33 AM
Hello Everyone! Damn yesterday was almost cause for Divorce! But seriously, I did get a tad carried away in the clearance isle… but only about 32.00 worth! :lol: And clothes ranged from 2.00 to 4.00! Oh… I bought 2 pair of tennis shoes for $1.00 each!! Now how could I pass that up!!! They were of course for the baby, but they are a size 7 which are too big…but that means that later I won’t have to buy her none! I only bought a couple of things for me.. Just some sports bras and tights for 3.00, I bought a couple of dresses for my daughter and 1 pair of shorts for my son. I wanted to buy more for him…. But they didn’t have any thing in his size. I hate that! School is starting soon. Again.. I’ve been up since 5:30 and it’s almost 7 and I haven’t done anything. Well I folded 2 loads of clothes because the hubby took them out last night.. And you know how it is when it cools off… All WRINKLY! So.. Anyways I had to put them back in the dryer and fold them. I had planned to exercise before Denise Austin came on… but didn’t happen. I guess I have to put up my babies toddler bed myself…. Waiting on “other people” to do it… will never happen.. Or it won’t happen NOW!! I did ok with eating.. Until!! I got hungry and ended up eating 2 chocolate donuts… and some skittles. And… I ate a double cheeseburger. What else can I do?!? I did exercise.. But not enough to burn off all of those calories.. I walked in Walmart for OVER an hour.. But not sure if that counts! Oh.. Back to the money thingy… I spent too much …. As usual. But…. I only spent about 45.00 on groceries for the week, and 35.00 on household items.. If he went shopping himself.. Then he wouldn’t complain. I went to the store with him the other day… and he kept picking up stuff that we didn’t need. But he doesn’t think he should have to because he works… Well, shut up then! We needed the stuff I bought.. Except for the pictures! :lol: Oh, and the ink cartridges for the printer was 60.00!!! Da*n, I can almost buy another printer! But I have been without ink on this printer for over a month. I even called and asked him about it. I bought myself another watch… *only 6 bucks* because mine broke…and another alarm clock *which was on clearance for 7 bucks* because I can’t hear mine anymore… and I need to wake up!!! So what ever! Anyways I gotta go start exercising. Weigh-in is tomorrow… and If I weigh more than 145 I will go on a starvation diet… or jump off a bridge..either one. :rofl: Nah… but that would make me very depressed…. That would be over 6 lbs gained in 2 weeks…. And although some people might not understand how important 6 lbs is…. To me… It’s a big freakin deal!!!! Anyone who have been here through it with me knows how hard I have worked to lose 6 lbs (which takes almost 2 months to lose) and to turn around and gain it back in so less of time.. Pisses me off. I refuse to step on the scale until tomorrow morning. Today is a new day…. And I’m gonna try to not eat any candy.. And be good. I don’t have any sweets in here so that should help. Well I want to at least exercerse before 7:30, so I need to post this.. And come back later and leave comments. I hope everyone has had a great morning so far! Be back soon!

07-30-2004, 07:33 PM
Hi guys,

Just checking in quickly. Hubby's doing final packing and such for his trips. Weather outlook not great. Tension, high, me, a nervous wreck. Unfortunately I am a stress eater. It's gonna be tough.

I'll be checking in more over the weekend as I get ready. I have so much to do. After he leaves I have the one weekend to shop, clean, lecture the guys so they don't burn the house down and leave notes all over the place. Then I have to pack, I having dinner at a friends house mon nite(which I don't really have time for but it's important) manicure and pedicure tuesday after work and want to squeeze in a couple more tanning sessions before I leave. I am so white. I just like to at least get a tint of color.

Hope everyone is well.

Jaymi, I get tired just ready your posts. Girl, you exhaust me. :lol:

Hey Holly, thinking of you chickie.

ttyl :D

07-31-2004, 07:35 AM
Hello chicks!!!!

Jayme, I hear ya...if "someone" else doesn't do the shopping, they don't get to complain about what is brought home! Especially if it's stuff that is needed! sheesh. AND I hear ya about "if you want something done, you gotta do it yourself". Double sheesh, lol!

I wish you strength in our battle of eating right. This just might be a "down" period for you. Things will get better! I keep looking at your SW number, and your CW number, and WOW! what an accomplishment. Keep on keeping on, girlfriend! :cp: :cb: :flow1:

Donna, here is the strongest fellow rider good vibes and mojo going out to your dh for a safe trip!! <good vibes>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<good vibes>

and to you also, on your long solo drive!! I laughed about hearing "the notes all over the place" - I remember before, you commenting about that when I told of my trip, and my notes to my guys. Let's hope your guys are good :D

Nothing new with me, just working (gasp) a couple more hours each day. How is that possible??? the owners of the place where I am part time are away for 12 days, and were so afraid the place would burn down without them there, so I promised to check in for an hour or so every day. It's more $$$, but I am getting bushed!

Have a great day, girls!!

07-31-2004, 12:52 PM
Good Morning! Well I’m good and sore today. I exercised yesterday.. But then I got upset and ended up cleaning up the whole house….. Packing up everything! I still got some stuff to do today. I went ahead and just put up her toddler bed… she sleep in it all night!!! I barely slept though…. I kept being afraid she would fall out! I’ve already got a great hour long workout in for this morning! Although I am SICK to my stomach… for some unknown reason. Today is also weigh-in day. I have lost 4 lbs!! Yay! Almost back to where I started! Hopefully I can keep it up! I didn’t reach my goal for the month of July.. But that’s ok! Here’s to next month! I DID however lose inches off my hips, waist, and thighs, arms, and leg from two weeks ago! Total inches lost from 7-17-04…. 6.5!!! So for me.. The pound goal doesn’t matter that much! I still ended up losing 3 lbs for the month. It definitively is slowing down… but I like the inches dropping though! That makes me excited! Today I guess I’ll cook Spicy Onion burgers.. I don’t have any wheat buns.. so I’ll make me some burgers with ground turkey. Here is the recipe if you want it.. It’s pretty simple though:

Spicy Onion Burgers
from: Campbell's Kitchen
Prep/Cook Time: 20 min.

1 1/2 lb. ground beef
1/2 cup Pace® Picante Sauce
1 pouch Campbell's® Dry Onion Soup and Recipe Mix
6 hamburger rolls
Lettuce leaves
Tomato slices
Avocado slices

MIX thoroughly beef, picante sauce and soup mix. Shape firmly into 6 patties, 1/2" thick each.

GRILL patties 10 min. or until done.

SERVE in rolls with lettuce, tomato, avocado and additional picante sauce. Serves 6.

Well that’s all I got planned for today. It looks like it’s gonna be rainy day. The sun is out… but it’s still raining pretty hard. Well I hope everyone has a great day! I’m just gonna finish cleaning and cooking for the day. Maybe record some of my Murder She Wrote Episodes.. Or read the book I never started. I hope everyone has a great day today!

08-01-2004, 02:26 AM
Hey, I'm new to this thread and relatively to the site. I started a new workout regime at the beginning of the summer, 5 weeks ago, and so far, I don't think I've lost anything. I understand how important it is to keep your body well hydrated, and I do some days, but I eat poorly. Still, I expected to see something since I'm working out four days a week. But I haven't, and this great attitude I had at the beginning of summer has eroded, slowly. And I'm unhappy. And I feel like I'm always hungry, or at least more hungry than I have been in the past. So if all the excercise is doing is making me eat more, this kinda sucks.

08-01-2004, 11:26 AM
Hey Psuedo,
Welcome! This is a great little thread we have going here. I'm not the exercise expert. I try to do cardio 4-5 x week and plan on starting some weights when I get back from vacation. But since I started in april, I've only lost about 16lbs. But the diet has been yo-yoing.

Now as you can see, we have some big exercisers on the thread. I'm sure you'll here from them. But from what I've learned here is that when you exercise you build muscle which weighs more than fat. But it also burns more calories then fat. So if you weren't building muscle, you'd probably be seeing a gain. There are lots of threads to visit. Search the board. It may be when your eating and what your eating and when your exercising. Unfortunately, I'm not the one who can answer that confidently, but the answer I'm sure is here at 3FC. So many have had success.

Good luck to you. Keep up the exercise. There is benefit always, even if it's not weight loss. That much I know :lol:

Hope to hear from you again. ttyl :D

08-01-2004, 02:30 PM
Pseudo- Just wanted to let you know.. about exercising.... It doesnt matter how much you exercise.. if it's 7 days a week, twice a day. If you aren't eating the right foods.... you won't lose. How do I know that... FROM EXPERIANCE!!! In fact.. I gained 20 lbs once while exercising 5 days a week at the gym. Those 500+ calories I was burning wasnt covering the food. PLUS.. also it's the fat content in the foods you eat.. and the sugars in the candy. I don't know much about what you are eating... but I know that you could always try to just eat leaner meats... try to lay off fast foods, and try fat/free or low fat mayo, cheese. etc. That could always help. Fill me in on more info.. and I will try to help you as much as I can!

To everyone else... I hope you all are doing great!!! I have limited time. but I just had to pop in for a moment!! :) I will check back in later!!!

08-01-2004, 10:22 PM
Hi everybody,
Well, I will be able to sleep tonight knowing the hubby is sleeping in a hotel. They made it thru day 2. Thank God. I really do have to Thank God more often. Holly, thanks for the good :hyper: vibes.

Hi Jaymi,
I'm sure life is keeping you busy as always. Remember a little time for Jaymi.

Hi Psuedo,
Hope alls well.

Gonna try to get some sleep tonight. Work tomorrow and it's always nuts before leaving for vacation. ttyl :D

08-02-2004, 12:49 PM
Hello Everyone! Well I’m in a sucky mood today soooo only a short post for right now.. I didn’t exercise yesterday but for maybe 15 minutes. I was trying to exercise my bad mood away… and stop the emotional eating.. But the chocolate donuts won… so that sucked. Plus I had some chocolate icecream and a medium frosty from Wendy’s.. I hate men… why are they here?!? What is their point in life? Why didn’t those jerk’s Mom’s raise them better? I just don’t know. Well so far today I havent exercised and I don’t feel like it either. I feel like sitting around and being a bumb.. Laying in the bed all day… or on the couch. And I think that’s just what I’m gonna do…. After I go return my books, and stuff.. :lol: So I might come back later.. And I might not.. I might end up driving back to TX if things get any worse…It’s ashamed to be in such a beautiful city and not enjoy it…But no whining and complaining today… I’m just lay down and feel sorry for myself instead!! :lol: Maybe buy me some candy and eat it all!! I just don’t care today…. Anyways here’s a kool article I was emailed today…. For anyone who is interested….

Well I gotta go get ready to have my “feel sorry for myself day!” Hey I havent had one of those days in a while…so here it is. Today’s my day off! I hope every is having a great day!!!

Donna- glad you hubby is safe and you are feeling great!!! Sorry I didnt acknowledge it before... too busy whining about my life!!! Sorry!!!

Holly- Hope you arent' working yourself to death!!! :lol: But all that working must burn some calories right!!!

Pseudo, Maggi, Sprite.. anyone else.. I hope you are all doing great.....

Big Girl Gone Wild
08-02-2004, 01:14 PM
Hi everyone I am new to this post, but not the struggle of weight loss. Since having the kids my weight has skyrocketed. My husband completed a competition with other guys and that made me feel sad, but then I decided that if I didn't do anything about my weight who was. Today is my first day on Atkins. I have done this before and know that it works. I really get a kick that there are other people struggling just like me and that i'm not alone. So to everyone keep up with the posts, because believe it or not what you write just might affect someone else. Jaymi we can only live one day a time, cheer up and move on to the next step.

08-02-2004, 11:19 PM
You have found a great group here. We joke, we vent, we listen, we advise, whatever. We come in all shapes, colors and sizes, but we still have this in common. Look forward to hearing from you again. Good luck with the Atkins.!

Well, hubby made it to the house in Sturgis today. So glad he's finally there.
I am doing my last 2 loads of wash before the trip. Tomorrow I will actually pack the bags. Wednesday I load it all up and get to sleep early as I shove off at 5am. This is when I start to get a little crazy. :dizzy:

Jaymi, If you need a day on the couch, then take it, but move on tomorrow. You've come too far to fall back now. (ESPECIALLY BECAUSE A MAN P*SSED
YOU OFF) Don't give him the satisfaction. You worked hard for this girl. :drill:
ok, that's enough of that. Love you chickie. Be happy :D

Hey Holly, Like Jaymi said, don't work too hard. All work and no play makes Holly miss the riding season. :lol:

Hey Psuedo, How's it going? Have you decided on a plan. I know you said the exercise was under control, but needed to work on a WOE. And remember, WATER, WATER, WATER.

Well, I'm going to do a quick cruise around the board and then back to work.
ttyl :D

08-03-2004, 10:43 AM
Hello everyone… Today sucks… I’m tired of being in a bad mood! I’m tired of everyday having something negative to say. I’M TIRED OF THIS STUPID AOL THAT KEEPS CUTTING OFF WHILE I’M TRYING TO TYPE!!! *sigh* I hate it when I get like this.. But what can I do? Pretend to be happy, pretend that nothing is wrong… I’m tired of pretending. What is the freakin’ point! Who am I trying to fool.. Myself?!? I don’t know…. But I don’t want to bring others down with this nonsense. Yesterday was everything I said it would be. I ate a Quarter Pounder with cheese, some fries, some REAL soda, some skittles, ice-cream. And I ate a big plate of the chicken, okra, rice, and corn. No exercise…. But it didn’t make me feel better. Today I feel even worse. Although I figured I would! Plus that stupid Tropical Storm Alex isn’t helping! The weather sucks!!! I need to go pick the baby up some pampers.. But the weather is just too horrible! I guess I’ll end up getting her the cheap kind.. Which I hate!! My son could wear the cheap kinds.. No problem. But not my daughter. She pee’s through everything!!!! Except Huggies over nights.. Which is hard to find in a size 5! She needs to be off of pampers.. And bottles… but right now… I don’t need the added stress to have to deal with more and more crying… Especially since she knows how to say she wants a bottle.. I wouldn’t be able to ignore her like that… I know.. I suck.. I’m a soft-touch. I spoil my kids…and let them have their way.. But what can I say… as long as I get on them when they do bad things… it’s ok… to me at least! Anyways… I haven’t exercised yet today…. But I will later. When it’s the baby’s nappy time. I just plan on doing some more cleaning up …. As usual… and sitting around I guess. Cant go anywhere in the rain… The beach would have been really relaxing.. Or the pool… but I don’t feel like getting struck by lightening today!!! :rofl: So… that is basically it for me. I hope everyone has a great day!

Donna- Good luck on your trip!! You are right.. I have come to far to go back now... But why cant I make myself feel that way in the inside! I'll get myself back together... soon enough! I refuse to go back. I hope you have fun for me! Glad your hubby made it in safe!

Psuedo- let me know about your plan! More importantly, let us know how you're doing!

BGGW- I love your name! Thanks for your kind words,,, Good luck on your Atkins.. how do you like it so far?

Holly-- Take a day off will ya!! :rofl: :lol3:

08-03-2004, 04:41 PM

I haven't been around because my keyboard ran out of batteries and I hate the onscreen keyboard for anything more than minimal aim chat. Anyway, sorry you sound flustered jaymi. I don't have a plan, per se. One of my biggest problems with eating is that until the third week in September, I live in a residence hall and all of my meals are provided by the dining commons. So there is always something horrifically bad for you avialable. And I haven't been very strong lately. I'm definately doing the water thing. Can someone remind me how much is recommended? I just keep filling my sports bottle up, but I'd like a number.
I'm going to kickboxing tonight. Which should be fun. I'm kind of crampy, so I'll really have to convince myself to go. Okay, back to eating, so really, if I want something, I shouldn't put it in my mouth. Beyond that, I'm looking to find some guidelines. Already I have: only diet soda (or sometimes ice tea), and say no to mayonnaise. We have a grill but I don't order from it. I need to go back to resisiting the french fries. I eat salad, but then I remember how fattening salad dressing is and I get discouraged again.
I think this is more of a rant than an update. Anyway, thanks everyone who is being supportive. You guys really rock.

08-03-2004, 04:59 PM
Psuedo- that does sound really tough... There are healthy alternatives you know!!! Fat free dressing is very good... I mean if you drink Diet soda you shouldn't have a problem with it. And there's fat free mayo and lite mayo. You can always buy these things and substitute it when you know you might not eat well. I have done it.. I don't do it all the time.. but when we plan something ahead of time.. I always bring my own f/f ingredients, wheat bread, buns.. etc. Not all f/f things are good though... fat free chips or ok.. but baked ones are better because f/f give you gas.. OH and so does that Sugar free candy! Well I hope I was at least a little help! Talk to ya again soon!

08-04-2004, 02:47 PM
We can actually eat any food, doesn't haven't to be a "diet" food, as long as we watch our portions, right? If one chop and a 1/2 cup rice doesn't sound like much, then we can fill the empty space on the plate with lots of leafy green salad stuff, and them some cooked veggies such as green beans, broccoli, carrots.

BOY, do I love reading stuff like this!!! Thank you, VermontMom! With all the focus these days on quick results and fad diets, I smile from ear to ear when I hear someone giving wonderfully sensible advice like yours!

Advice that I follow and give myself, by the way! ;)

08-04-2004, 10:15 PM
Welcome Pseudobrilliance and BGWW!! yeah, we all have at least one thing in common...a lifelong struggle with what we want/what we know is right/and hoping to look good in jeans sooner or later :D

Self-control is very hard to get sometimes, especially when you have meals provided, as PseudoB does. There is only what we can grab onto inside ourselves; and realize that chosing smaller amounts of good-for-us food is what we really want, 'cause that's how we get smaller. Plus the (yawn, here she goes again :devil: ) exercise! Pseudo, this is what everyone else would say, but first; congrats on the exercise regime!! -and- KEEP IT UP!! My weight loss/muscle gain was SO discouraging at times! Finding this site is what kept me going, literally. BUT you will get results if you eat less and exercise more. Sounds so simple, but it works. Even when you're discouraged, continue to do your workouts! At least, for that day, you can say to yourself, 'well, at least I exercised today!"

BGWW, congrats on your start also!! You're right, about what we share can really help each other. Sometimes our eyes are opened about stuff that we didn't see before...until someone else expresses it. Welcome!

Jaymi, hey girl, sucks about the rain, doesn't it! and jeez, you guys had a hurricane to deal with also. Hope things dry out for ya!

Donna, so glad that your dh made it there safely! I'm mixed up with my times; you're heading out there soon right? (if not already there now!) Wild times for DonnaD in Sturgis! :devil: come back with a tat or two :devil: :devil:

SheriaVa, thanks! that was one of the first things I decided about my loss attempt; it HAD to be done with "regular" foods; stuff that I already had around the house, and that wasn't going to be special purchases. 'Cause I knew this had to be something that could be done for the rest of my life. and congrats on your success!!

Hey, I HAD A DAY OFF!! MONDAY!! sigh, it was great :lol: well, I need a new chain and sprockets, so good thing that I'm making all this moolah :dizzy: and Donna, yay for me that all this running around to the different jobs is almost always on the bike...that's why I'm needing some maintaining work done...I'm at 27,000 miles! on my factory chain! I've babied it, but my mechainic says it's about time for a new one :lol:

and rain!! jeez, our newspaper says that we've had rain something like 50% of this for 100 days, 50 days we had rain. I know I've been caught in the rain on the bike SO many times this past deceptive with sun shining, then literally minutes later I'm drenched, and looking like a drowned rat :lol:

well, time for me to get ready for bed. I was AT work at 4:45 am this morning! yawn!

take care, girls! :D

08-05-2004, 08:30 AM
Hello chickies! Well trying to start off early so that I can start off right. I didn’t end up exercising yesterday. So.. Today is a new day. I got up early, fixed hubby some breakfast and lunch, and… well at least I thought I’d get a early start. But.. The baby has arisen! So I gotta put off my exercising until later… which means it probably won’t happen… But oh well, who cares. I got a lot to do today. It’s the grocery shopping day.. I didn’t eat too bad yesterday… I did journal at least! This stupid AOL has frozen up on me once already. I had made a pre-planned schedule for the week with my exercising, but today I’m just going to do whatever Denise Austin does. I haven’t exercised in 3 days, so the schedule doesn’t matter too much right now! :lol: My knee is killing me! You’d think I was too young for that.. But it hurts. Oh well, I’m not letting anything stop me. I have to make my menu for the week. I have no idea what I’m going to plan. DH doesn’t seem to like much of anything I’ve been trying. But I like it.. So maybe I’ll try to get something even cheaper this week and incorporate a couple of TV dinners into it. I don’t know. I can feel the crankiness arising in me because when I thought about 3 days without exercising it really ticked me off. I probably will see a gain this Saturday for weigh-in. And it is all my fault. I can’t blame anyone else.. I could have exercised for 20 minutes.. But I just didn’t. Being lazy is not good. I should know better than that!! Today is a new day… and I gotta get on the ball. No more whining, and complaining… etc. I just gotta do it! I’m not doing what it takes the get the results I want… and I can’t blame anyone but me.. So Jaymi.. Shut up and get back on track!!! :lol: I will come back later for personal comments and to update…I guess I’ll just watch Denise Austin for now. I just decided to list my short term goals.. For today…

:flow1: Exercise for at least 30 minutes today

:flow1: Drink WATER!!!

:flow1: Don’t spend too much at Walmart!!!

:flow1: Stay off of ebay!! :rofl:

:flow1: Don’t let the negative attitude win… try and stay positive.

Well I’m hoping that just typing that will help me along with my day… Anyways I hope everyone is having a great day!

08-09-2004, 09:54 PM
Hey Jaymi, CONGRATS on the 141 that I see in your sig line!!!

whew, the owners of the other place that I work are finally back from France, so I don't have to check in there daily and work for another 2 or 3 hours daily!! the extra $ was handy but man, I was so frazzled.

Hope donna is having a blast in Sturgis!

Hope everyone else is doing well!

I can't figure out how to attach a pic that I've already attached somewhere else, so here is the link. It's from a couple of weeks ago, riding through the Lincoln Gap in central Vermont

08-10-2004, 01:01 PM
Holly~ GREAT PIC! You look like you were having a blast!!!

Donna- Hope you are having fun!! Have some for me! :lol:

BGGW,PSUEDO, Hope you all are doing great!!!

Today is another late start for me. I don’t know what the deal is… but getting up is not working for me. I’m sooo tired. When we had company the other day, I fell asleep on them. I’m pitiful!! :lol: I would say I felt like an 70 yr old.. But I’m sure they have more energy than I do!! :lol: I did end up having a good time yesterday when we went fishing. He went to this little part of the beach. I know my face automatically lighten up… I LOVE the beach.. Just looking at the waves and the sand! I found a star fish.. And a large shell.. .which is another thing I love to do. There was a little pool area where the tide had receded and there was sand on all sides, the water was maybe calve deep. My daughter just dived in.. and I was surprised! She usually tries to stay away from the water at the beach.. But now I see that it’s the waves that she’s leery of, not the water. She had a blast! My son loves the water so he always have a blast. We stayed until dark… and I didn’t have to worry about any sharks or anything! I loved it! Although other people were still surfing and junk… they were insane.. Plus it was getting chilly out there! My DH said he would take me back again today… but we’ll see if he holds true to that. I could go there everyday! Since my DH loves fishing, and I love the beach.. That would be a perfect “free” family day spot. But.. Usually when I like something… he doesn’t.. so we’ll see. I don’t even remember the last time I exercised. Right now I am sooo tired. I can’t seem to get up early, I barely get any housework done… If I go anywhere that totally drains me. I don’t know what’s going on… But tomorrow is a new day… I’ll just keep on trying. I have totally lost my motivation. I’m too tired to care! I won’t say that I have totally stopped dieting.. But I have stopped journaling, and counting, and everything. Although I recognize what’s going on… it’s like I just don’t feel like doing anything about it! I have no idea why.. Or what I can do to change it. I’m just like who cares.. Who cares.. I don’t care if I gain, what difference does it make. There is no way I want all of my hard work to be in vain… but even when I exercise.. I’m just not into it! I barely make the movements. I’m just ready for it to be over the whole time… because I’m exhausted and just want to lay down…. Oh well, something will happen to get me back on track. I’m definitely not comfortable at this weight. I want to reach my goal… that is the whole point… And just giving up will make me gain back what I have lost…. I won’t even be at this weight long… so I have to do something… what is it!! I’ve been fussing at myself.. Kicking myself in the butt, and everything you can think of… Who knows. Then my DH keeps talking about me getting a job…. which makes me even more tired. I would have to work at night… so he could watch the kids.. Day care would be my whole check. Then I would have to do all the cleaning, cooking, and everything else “BY MYSELF”. It seems like I’m just lazy… but I don’t think that’s fair… especially since I have to make all of those sacrifices and that money won’t even be mine to spend.. And considering I’d have to work somewhere like Walmart and only make minimum wage.. Right now I could just lay down on the floor and fall asleep until.. Tomorrow. I’m so tired that I don’t even feel like getting up and fixing myself any breakfast.. I’ve been eating sugar free Popsicles…now I’m eating a pickle… Yay for all the salt… :lol: Anyways I’m rambling now.. So I better go. I will hopefully feel better tomorrow! Everyone Have a Blessed Day.

08-12-2004, 12:32 PM
Well, today is Day One.. and I havent exercised yet. But last night I got the worse headache EVER!! So bad my husband went and brought me medicine and something to drink in the bed to me. I usually take care of my self.. but he takes care of me when it gets REAL bad! I couldnt move!! I know it isn't sugar withdrawl or anything like that.. but I did eat some of those no sugar added blue bunny crunch bars... and my headache kept getting worse and worse. Hmmm don't know.... Anyways I don't have much time today, those hurricanes in Florida are affecting the weather here.. It's supposed to rain the whole week. I'm glad I got my pool and beach time in! It wasnt as hard as I thought taking the kids to the pool by myself... only packing the stuff back in the truck! But... the beach.. that's another story! :lol:
Today is pay-day, which means Shopping for the weeks groceries and household items. I have to avoid the dollar items at Walmart... and I doubt I can do it.. I bought 2 pairs of shorts for my little sis,, come to find out they werent 3 bucks.. they were 1 !! So I need to go buy me some!! My daughter has started pulling my arms while I'm typing.. telling me it's her time.. but it's always her time! Boy... as bad as she is... I want another one so bad!!! Well in about 3 yrs... I wish I could hit the lottery or something, maybe my hubby would actually have another one. I LOVE kids.. I guess I should have thought about that before I married someone who doesnt! Anyways I need to start making my menu for the week and the shopping lists. I was supposed to do that yesterday, but that headache took over! Anyways I hope everyone is having a great day.. If I can get my butt in gear... I'll be back to comment later! ~ Jaymi
Ok, here is some pictures from the beach trip the other day. I hope you enjoy. Most of them are of the beautiful sky! :lol: Get back to everyone later!!!… Gotta go!!! Really!!!

08-14-2004, 11:11 AM
Jaymi!! thank you for sharing those beach pics!!! Your little daughter is SO cute, son is handsome little boy, what a nice smile...good lookin' husband, if I may say so :D spectacular sunsets, and girl, you are beautiful in that one with your husband!!! what a beautiful face/smile; you've got gorgeous sexy hair too, and your bod looks fine as it it!!!! and I am telling it like it is! okay, I'll stop drooling now :lol:

I have today OFF! my first Saturday off in .....months! since early May. and it has actually stopped raining, and the sun is shining!!!!! haven't seen the sun since...tuesday???> don't remember. anyway, just finished doing Gilads Step and Tone, that used to be my video of first choice, then I realized I had to put some variety into my workouts - but since I haven't done it in weeks, I was dripping sweat and breathing hard, and and the end of each set, was like "WHOA!! I can't do another!!" which is exactly what I needed :strong:

I am FINALLY seeing the benefits of all my working hours (it's about 46-48 per week) in the form of the bank account letting me breathe a little easier. Just in time to pay property taxes next month, and find out (groan) what the car needs to pass inpsection. One thing it does need is new exhaust system, there's a hole that makes me sound like a kid that driving a low-rider :devil: I wouldn't mind if my bike was that loud, but it's embarassing to drive a Ford Escort that sounds like that :rofl:

I hope no one is having bad effects from the hurricanes and tropical storms; like I said, we've just had a rainy week anyway, then more rain except for today;then more rain in forecast for tomorrow (I work all day/evening tomorrow anyway) so I'm gonna boogie and do a little more housework, then decide where to ride today!!!!

08-14-2004, 04:57 PM
Hey! How is everyone? I went out for dinner and a movie last night and if I had stopped at dinner, I would have been fine. Well, the fried wontons were probably bad, but still. But, no, after dinner we went for coffee and I didn't want coffee and I allowed my friend/pseudopartner/whatever to goad me in to having cheese cake. A whole slice of cheese cake by myself. Which is definately not okay. But then, we went to the theatre and I didn't order anything. Good job me, right? Until I started to mooch because my friend bought the wrong size. Half a bag of popcorn later, I was sick to my stomach and just generally frustrated. So that was my friday night. I didn't have anything horrible today, so far. And I have been kind of lax, so maybe this is a good thing and I needed to realize that I'm not making progress and have to get back in gear. I'm going to start a food diary, though the concept really embarasses me.

08-15-2004, 12:09 PM
Today is day-0 again…. Tomorrow will be day 1 ! Which is fine with me…. I just feel icky from eating all the wrong stuff yesterday. And today… after spending the morning sick in the bathroom.. But as I am feeling this headache come on… I’m happy! I have been MIA because Hurricane Charley came through Myrtle Beach yesterday.. But we were far away from it! :lol: We rode down to Savannah Georgia. I had a blast! Just riding round, looking at houses. We stopped at two outlets while we were there also. He found some 5 dollar jeans, and I found two Murder She wrote books… Doesn’t sound too amusing.. But It was for me! I love riding around and seeing new things.. That’s one thing me and DH have in common. The kids loved the ride too of course. We packed sandwiches with us, and of course I had fat free bologna and cheese, but we only had white bread…. So for some unknown reason… that made me feel pretty icky too. I guess I’ve gotten used to wheat. But you cant always find good wheat bread at a convenience store. So anyways today is supposed to be a relax day… but I got loads and loads of clothes to wash… (they just seem to come out of no where!) My daughter was up at the crack of dawn… and still is.. So I’m sure I won’t get any exercise done. Plus I have to wash dishes, cook, then wash dishes again…. So…. No relaxing for me… I don’t really feel like putting it off until tomorrow.. Because I’ll still have to do it. Maybe I’ll only do half today or something.. Anyways I weighed myself before we left yesterday.. I’m up one lb… but glad.. Because the other day it said 144, it only said 142... Which of course mean I have to re lose those “RE-RUN” lbs… :lol: but I can do it. Hopefully next week I can start back going downwards… Well the kids are throwing balls in the living room, and the dog is barking my nerves away… plus it is pouring down raining outside… so I guess I’ll get off of here and do something. I will try to come back later and get personal comments done…. I hope everyone’s day yesterday has been ok… And today will be even better!

08-17-2004, 11:45 AM
Hi everybody,

Back from the trip to Sturgis. Had a great time. Don't party like I used to so I do more observing of those that do and it makes me glad I don't :lol:

I have to get on the scale. :eek: Not easy to stay on program on vacation. Sometimes the options just aren't there. Too much salt and fried stuff. (not cake or candy and that's good) Now we head off for a couple days at the casino. Hot tub and relaxation. Need it after the week and a half of camping. (not true camping, it's in a back yard, but we all share ONE bathroom which is brutal) The casino hotel has a beautiful bathroom AND NO SHARING!!! :lol:

We did have one bad day out there. A friend of ours went down on his bike and shattered his leg pretty bad. He's still out there in the hospital. Needed surgery to insert a rod in his lower leg. It was a bummer, but at least he's alive to talk about it. Thank God.

I don't look forward to going back to work next week, but I do look forward to getting back to my routine. I haven't been drinking my water(not a good idea when your on the road all the time) We have 1800 miles that we do in 2 days. So stopping alot just slows you down.

Well, I've got a couple of days to pull my house together (the boys suck! they didn't do anything but make it worse. THEY WILL PAY :devil: :mad: )
But at least they are all ok. At least until I'm finished with them :lol:

I haven't had a chance to read back to far. But I will try and jump back in.

Glad to be back...... ttyl :D

08-21-2004, 11:35 AM
Hello Chicks! Short post today! My daughter wants all of my attention this morning so she keeps pulling on my arms and stuff! Let's see:

EXERCISE ~> I havent' exercised yet.. but I will. Later... :lol:
---Yesterday I did exercise for 55 minutes.

FOOD ~> I already ate a piece of leftover pizza for breakfast.. so not good. But if I exercise and control my food intake the rest of the day, it will be ok

PLANS ~> I'm just going to gas up the truck and find something to do. I'd loooovve to go to the hot tub... but I’m feeling too lazy even for that.. My son doesn’t listen.. He keeps acting as if he can swim.. And as if could also… and that irritates me.. Not as relaxing as it should be

Hey Donna, (sorry about your friend, enjoy your trip!)
Hey Holly (hope you're not working too hard!)
Hey Pseudo, BGGW, Sprite!! Hope you all are doing well!

Weigh In= 143 lbs… Not sure if I gained or lost. Last weigh in (last Saturday) was 143. But Wednesday I weighed (since the scale at the doctor said 147!!!!!) and my scale said 145. So either I gained 1 lb or lost 2 lbs… I’m not so sure! :lol:


08-22-2004, 03:30 PM
Hi all,

Well, we are officially done with vacation :( It was fun. We were very lucky that we had no problems. And the best part is...I lost 7lbs. :D When we got back from SD I weighed in and was down 7lbs :goodscale: , but then we had 2days at the casinos. Food, beer( low carb of course) concerts and :o :s: . Went to a buffet, thought I completely blew it. :hungry: Stuck to seafood but couldn't resist the carrot cake and choc covered cherries. Went back to the casino, four lite beers :cheers: , a concert, two large choc chip :cookie: at midnight and by 4:30 in the morning, it was all coming back up :(
Even though I was eating the wrong foods (on the road :mcd: ) I guess I was eating less. I haven't exercised in over 2wks :nono: but we did a lot of walking. I will try to get back to exercising this week before I gained back all I lost.

How is everyone else doing? Vacations pretty much rapped up? Summer goes by so quickly. Before you know it, the xmas decorations will be coming down.

ttyl :D

08-23-2004, 11:09 AM
Hello chick-a-dees! This will be short this morning because I don’t want to tie up the lines since my son is back at school. This weekend was…. Interesting… I pretty much ate badly and didn’t exercise. But …. today is another day. I didn’t eat too too terribly, but the foods I did eat were high in fat… so that’s the down side. I tried to make it as healthy as I could… adding my own fat free cheese and mayo and wheat bun… but the not exercising is what I’m most disappointed in. The funny thing is that I was constantly “thinking” about exercising.. It just didn’t happen… well I just didn’t get up to do it. I was being lazy this weekend…

I probably will only start being on the computer early in the mornings, and after he gets off of school just incase they (the school) need to contact me. Well so far.. There is nothing on the checklist. I hung up some laundry and put some in the dryer. Well of course I have to cook… but that’s about it for me… I need to try and at least get in 30 minutes of exercise and take the rest of the day easy…Because If I don’t catch up on my rest… the whole rest of the week will be bad. TOM is coming up in about 2 days.. I probably have PMS. I don’t feel like complaining, or whining,…. At least not anymore than I already have! I just want to make the best of the day that I can! So I hope everyone is having a blessed day, and I will update when I can!

08-23-2004, 12:56 PM
Sprite: I have an 11 yr. old daughter and have lost 35 lbs. in 3 years through exercise alone. I realized I would have to adjust my diet in order to lose the last 20 lbs. so that's what I'm doing. Ugh.....those last 10 or 20 are the hardest to lose. I am also a stress-eater. Really an emotional eater, which makes it tough.

Thank goodness, I was beginning to believe I was the only one out there doing this. I am having a really bad day today & I am comtemlating a lunch of thai food. Not very healthy & very high in claories, but so yummy. I just have to keep thinking of how guilty I will feel after.........
Good luck to everyone.

08-25-2004, 08:36 PM
Hello chicks!!!!

Donna, welcome back!!! I am SO glad that you and dh made it back safely...VERY sorry to hear of your friend, though!! I wish him quick healing on his (yikes) shattered leg. And for what it's worth, your dh gets the mostest hails from me for RIDING THERE!!!

About 7 of our on-line motorcycle friends traveled to Sturgis, also (only one from Chicago-area rode; the others trailered...trailer queens :devil:) Anyway, they encountered MANY inexperienced riders, and one was involved in an accident; a rider coming the opposite way high-sided, went down and slid into our friend's path...our friend stayed on, braking 'til the last second, then bailed. He caught his leg and required 27 stitches; the guy who slid (without a helmet) was airlifted with serious head injuries.

and Donna, CONGRATS on going DOWN during vacation!!!! and I laughed my butt off at your comment at your boys...being okay until you're done with them...tell 'em there's a motorcycle mom in Vermont shaking her head at them disappointing you!!!

Hi Jayme!! Don't beat yourself up; just try to get back on track; try for the 30 minutes of exer. and drink some water. You'll feel positively virtuous afterwards :D

Hello to everyone else!

Have I told you that finally, finally...all this xtra working is finally making a small cushion in our bank account. It's about damn time! :devil:

Has anyone here ever used a timer on a light fixture to help them get up in the morning? I'm considering that, to help me rise n shine at 5:00 am. It was so easy earlier in the summer, with the light and the birds chirping, but much harder now!

I had a grilled chicken breast, cut-up over a bed of salad greens, and some of the "Light Done Right" 3-Cheese dressing, for dinner. It was g-o-o-d!

Today is a day I give myself off from exercise, as I was up at 3:20 am to leave for work at 4:30, to get there at 5:00. Bleh! But that's just one day a week, so that's endurable. At that early time this morning, it was very foggy (and CHILLY! 47 degrees) and pitch black; and I had to bundle up for the bike ride, but I was way lucky to get behind a milk tanker truck, who was BOOKING!! dude was going 70; lucky me, I drafted behind him and he was my beacon through the murky fog. I gave him a thumbs-up as we parted ways; don't know if he saw me but I mentally thanked him .

Have to check in some other places, so take care!!!! Keep on keepin'on!

08-27-2004, 08:41 AM
Hello Chicks! I hope everyone is doing great! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still here! I’m Alive!!! :lol: I don’t have anything positive to report, so I’ll keep this short. I swear since I decided not to get on the computer while my son is at school, the time just seems to be running out before my eyes, and I have another busy day today, but I’ll try to check back in later!

08-29-2004, 10:54 AM
Hey Holly,

Great to hear from you. I have to say I actually felt the hair on the back of my neck when I read about your e-friends accident. I hope he heals well. My thoughts of course went to the guy with the serious head injury. I'm so not over my fears. I still get nervous on the back of the dh's bike and he is so experienced. (As you are, with all the riding you do, you go girl...rain, fog, cold...just be so careful of the road hazards, mostly other drivers, we love ya kiddo) The helmet controversy is a tough one. The heavy full helmets are almost impossible to wear because of the weight alone. Plus, we know a guy who is now heavily physically handicapped. Partial paralysis and that of course affects his speech. Took him yrs to get himself together and he will never be the same. The helmet is what actually caused the damage to the cord in his neck. On the flip side, you here about the serious head injuries. Also with the full face helmets, you here alot about broken jaws, but wouldn't you rather have a broken jaw then a broken melon! So I always am confused about pro or con. My hubby rides the 1800 in 2 days with an average speed of 80-85 mph, and thats what you see out there. But it's a long hot trip. They did wear the lids alot because of the drizzle, but they only wear those
little peanut shells anyway, for all the good they would do. Oh well, if riders spent as much time as me worrying, they would never ride, which is why I don't anymore.

I have used light timers on vacation but never tried to use them to get up when the summers over and the early mornings are dark. I don't know if it would bother the dh. He doesnt get up until 2hrs after me. I haven't been able to get up early since getting back from vacation. It's not the getting up it's the falling asleep at night. Hopefully this week I will fall back into routine.
I need to start my morning exercise again. I lost 7lbs on vacation and 4 are
back already (Aunt Flo is due tuesday)

How are ya sweetie? Give yourself and the kids time to adjust to the new routine. Fall is kinda of a transitional time. Summer over, winter coming. Everyone trying to get the most out of the time left before settling into a winter routine. I really don't want to gain back this winter. I'm really going to need the support around here (I'm willing to give all the support I can also)
I just started here last january so I hoping this year will be better.
Kisses to those beautiful babies!

Hope everyone is well. I have to get ready. We are going to a big county fair today. Yesterday we had baseball tickets and it was in one of those suites with the AC, food and drink. Man, am I going to have to exercise next week.

ttyl :D

08-29-2004, 02:50 PM
Hello chicks! I just wanted to pop in and say HI! We're over here dealing with that stupid Tropical Storm "GASTON", so I don't know if the lights are going to go off or not. Sometimes it goes off afterwards.. so I just wanted to say Hi! And wish me luck for tomorrow! I'm going to start on my new diet plan.. or lifestyle... or whatever. Donna, I'm here to totally support ya, because I want to be at my goal weight by Christmas. Or new years. Holly no I never used a timer.. I don't think it would help anyways. :lol: How do you do it! It seems like you never have to worry about your weight.. how? how? You never lose your motivation! Anyways I better get going... Talk with you all later on!

08-30-2004, 04:50 PM
Hi girlfraynds!!! :D

Jayme, I struggle!!! I do. EVERY day, at one point at least, I wish that I could have something bad, like a dunkin' donut, or a whole big sandwich with chips instead of a half with salad, or even a bowl or three of cereal at night :lol: . But I know that slippery slope back to weight gain starts with just "this won't matter, will it"...and I so do not want to go back. And I somehow am able to keep on with the steady exercise, just 'cause I have seen results, and want more!! I swear that someday, I will have husband videotape the scene when he's able to bounce a quarter off my butt :devil:

(smutty inspiration - being in good physical shape makes s*x fun again!)

I do hope that the tropical storm doesn't cause you harm!

donna, HI! It is so hard to get back to the ol' routine after vacation, isn't it. and I hear ya about the winter thing...I hate winter, it's so long and cold, and it's hard to keep the program going. We will support each other!! It is a good challenge to oneself, however, to keep plugging along in winter, with all the heavy clothes, thinking of how better things will look when the heavy clothes are shed in spring.

The helmet issue - my husband is an EMT, and he only wears a helmet because it's the law. Doesn't that sound contradictory, of someone in the Rescue business...? but he swears that helmets cause MORE damage, as in the case of your poor friend. That they cause more neck/spinal damage. Yeah, the p-nut shells...they're mostly a finger-flip to the law, aren't they :lol: Well, we make our decisions, and proceed to do our best to live with them, with everything in life, don't we. OH! and 1800 in 2 days?!? He MUST qualify for IronButting, if he hasn't already!

OH!! listen to this! (as if you have a choice :dizzy: :lol: ) COOL thing for me - I was chosen to be MADE OVER by a small local newspaper ( Am I flattered that I was hopeless enough to be chosen? Yeah, sure, why not! I emailed a pic of me next to my bike (of course) and said "t-shirt, jeans, and motorcycle boots are MY idea of fashion, haha".

anyway, someone will be in contact with me soon to try on clothes/shoes in Montpelier (not to keep, for the PHOTO SHOOT) and then on Sept. 11th I will get a COLOR/CUT in Stowe (their choice!!! I'm in their hands!!) then onto Burlington for the photo shoot!!!!!!!! I'm a leetle scared but excited. I said that I'm game for something short, only requirements are that my head still fits into my helmet. I will keep you posted on this! and give you a link when the issue is printed.

I haven't had short, short hair since I was about 7 years old. My mom thinks it would look great. I don't know! but I'm game for it. And I've only had perms, have never colored or highlighted my hair, too chicken! We'll see what happens!

Well, I'm hungry, so I'm ok with calories to have a mini-bagel, with a cup of tea. that will hold me til suppertime, I hope :devil:

Jayme, how COOL that you've got that chickie symbol with 60 pounds lost!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! and your avatar is very cool also!

09-02-2004, 10:21 PM
Hello Everyone! Of course I’m just getting on the computer, and I am running short of time! So far… I’m still on plan.. But I’ve almost used all of my points…. But that means that I can eat all Core foods for the rest of the week. Or exercise for the next couple of days (which I need to do) And it will give me a few extra points. But… it’s almost already 9 p.m… and I havent done anything! That’s why I have such short time now.. Because that’s what I need to be doing! Anyways I guess I’m going to have to start getting on the computer while my son is at school… because there is just no time afterwards! Only about 3 hours.. And DH gets mad when I’m on when he gets home… so blah… I gave them my cell phone number and my husbands work number and cell just in case of an emergency… hopefully they will use them. Anyways dh just left to go play pool… so I need to exercise and shower and go to bed. So I will talk to everyone tomorrow!

09-05-2004, 11:49 AM
Hey guys!

I have not been around much these days. I'm going thru **** waiting for Flo to show up. My moods are up and down. My weight is up and down and up again. I can't get on program because I feel sorry for myself. I've only excercised a handful of times in the 2 wks since vacation ended. Boy listen to me Boo hoo :stress: What the h#ll is wrong with me? Maybe I need to try something new. I have this pilates for dummies and I still like the WATP video. I still hate the :tread: . But maybe if I alternate. I don't know....
help me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am so friggin aggrivated!!!!
Phew, that helped. I feel slightly better already. I need to come here more often. It's like I hide out when I'm bad because when I come here I report that I've been bad and like a little kid " I don't wanna" :lol:

OH MY GOD!!!!! A make-over. I think that's wonderful. I think you SO deserve it. Go with it and have fun. I am so jealous of you (good jealous, if that's possible, not mean ugly envy kind of jealous) You took control of your self and your body and you look wonderful. If your anything like me, your afraid to make those drastic changes. The hubby is more than happy with how you look and guys aren't great with change. I can lighten my hair and go from all one length to layers, but as long as it's below my shoulders he doesn't seem to notice. But shorten it a little and all of a sudden it's "what happened?" Yet friends always say my hair looks better up. So don't worry and go with it. I can't wait to see the result. Especially since they usually start with someone who needs the help. Not in your case. You look hot already. Congrats!

Jaymi, You really have done great. With 2 little ones, you've really accomplished alot. I see you mention points. Are you doing WW now?
A friend of mine wanted to try it again. But it's expensive around here. Around $12 or so a week. Thats almost $50 a month to get on a scale.
But if it works, I guess it's worth it. I am still way off track. I'm going to re-read my SB book. My friend is just finishing up with it. It helped me lose and helped my sugar #'s when I stuck to it last year. Well, keep yourself and those beautiful babies safe from the storm. Thoughts and prayers {{{{hugs}}}}

Well, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the holiday weekend. Another 4 day work week. How will I ever get used to working those long weeks after all this time off. ttyl :D

09-06-2004, 08:58 PM
Hi ladies!

Jayme, how are you dealing with the effects of the storms? Has this not been the summer for drenching rains, or what!?

Donna, hi there, girl! I'm so sorry that you're having a hard time with that d*mn Flo girl!! The only words I can give you, on the motivation thing, is that....we never regret doing a workout, we only regret when we don't!

I'll update you on my makeover thing - I had the first of my appointments today, in Burlington, which is our biggest city near us (50 miles from here, population about 40,000). I met the writer at the first stop, a jewelry store. Gorgeous hand-crafted things, most by Vermont artists. I picked out two sets; one was an rectangular-shaped pendant that was beautiful blocked colors, set in silver. Earrings were a deep cobalt a bracelet of hammered silver pieces, and another pair of earrings that were long, rectangular and almost "woven"-looking.

Next to a store called Champlain Clothing...styles I liked very much, alot of natural fabrics, casual clothes but SO much could be mixed and matched, or a simple t-shirt and nice slacks became dressy with a pretty scarf. Stuff I guess I knew, but never bothered to shop for. Probably because I am so very frugal (CHEAP) and do fine with thrift store stuff. I also do not have to dress for work, so that eliminates alot.

Ended up with a nice pair of black pants; the smalls looked good except a leetle snug in the back of thigh area, so I went up to a medium. A long-sleeved tee in a rusty-red; and a fitted black jacket over it. A nubby scarf of a million hues finished it off.

Last was a boutique (EXPENSIVE!!) called Garb. A little cotton top, $100.00. A pair of very nice red slacks, $175.00. A nice fitted wool jacket, $450.00. Yikes. This place was really a bit too stylish for me, but I gamely tried stuff on. Do you know how scary it is to try on expensive clothes?! LOL. I loved those red slacks, but the 4 was too small, of course, but I floated in the 10's. And those were the only two pair left. Anyway, they talked me into a kinda flowy, a-symetrical hemmed red skirt, one of those $100 cotton tops, and a fitted,short tweedy jacket. And a pair of kinda chunky heeled pumps. I kept telling them I HAVE BIG LEGS and the sales girl said "you look pretty small to me" and I said "the jeans are hiding them!" but I guess once I get some dark-toned stockings on, it will look okay. The salesgirl said "the jacket really shows off your cute little waist" and that made my day. yeah, lets draw the eyes away from those legs, puh-lease!

Wednesday is my next appointment day, with eye doctor at 3:30, skincare dude at 4:30, another clothing place at 5:30. Will keep you posted!

Oh yeah, I rode the bike there, and when I saw the parking garage was full, I pulled up next to a police officer and asked where another parking garage was. He said since he was there for hours on traffic control, I could park next to his cruiser. Wasn't that nice! I offered to get him some lunch or water or anything, as he thanked me, but said someone was set to do that for him. Anyway, it was very nice of him, and he was cute :devil:

09-08-2004, 05:08 PM
Ok.. quick, check in chicks! I'm soo behind in ... everything! But I wanted to check in with my favorite thread and my favorite chicks!!!!

Donna- I aint' got no money!! :rofl::lol: No, I don't pay for it.. but I did a lot of info emailed to me.. and my MIL is mailing me some stuff because she "is" on WW. Holly is right.... why is it that it's easier not to exercise than it is to do it .... it seems.. But we always feel like crap when we don't! Not that I'm doing any better than you! But.. we both need to get on the band wagon....

Holly- That is sooo awesome about that make-over! (yeah like you need one!) Do they have a swimsuit contest! :rofl: :cheer: You'd win ! Well I'm sooo proud and happy for you.. then you rode your bike there.. "I love it!!" You are soo kool! They should have put you in some leather pants and a new harley huh? :lol:

You and Donna are soo kool with your bikes and stuff.... I feel like I'm an old lady and you two are the teenagers! :lol:

Pseudo.. anyone else I missed! What's up with you? I'll fill everyone in more when I have time! But all in all, I'd be doing much better if I got up and exercised! :lol: Talk with you all soon!

09-11-2004, 11:12 PM
Hello friends!! I am going to cheat and give you a link to my makeover stuff, that I just posted in my other place here....

(if you give the page a minute to load, it should take you right to my post)

09-13-2004, 04:49 PM
and some more pics :D

09-15-2004, 11:26 PM
Holly I LOVE THOSE PICS!! They are soo awesome! You look great! I'm soo proud and happy for you!!! You deserved it.. plain and simple! I hope everyone else is doing well! I haven't been online for days! Talk with everyone soon!

09-18-2004, 03:59 PM
I know I haven't been around alot. But I was going thru the awful period of gaining back the weight I lost on vacation and waiting for Aunt Flo, who never showed. NO, don't even think it. I had the knot put in those tubes when the baby was four. Gee now the baby is 21. I hope knots don't come undone :lol: Nothing a gun to the head wouldn't cure. :lol: So I guess the dreaded change is starting.

Anyway, I've been in atkins induction since monday. I have my doubts on how well it's working but I'm not giving up. I feel it needs true effort. I must admit the carb cravings aren't there anymore. Of course you see things that your mind says YUM, but no real urge to eat it. So since every other time I've tried atkins I never even made it thru induction, I am going to keep going and give it a chance to do what it is supposed to do. I want those blood sugars down and I want off all these meds. (and of course I want to look better, but that doesn't take a front seat anymore)

And speaking of looking better, Holly you look fab baby! I love your hair shorter. I have wanted to try that for so long. I know you were concerned about going shorter, but they knew what they were doing. You look great. What a neat thing that make-over. Looked like you had fun.

Hey Jaymi, How are you and those beautiful babies doing? I see you are in a Halloween Challenge. Let me tell you, Halloween is a breaking point for me every year. I give in to the candy, which I shouldn't touch, not because of the weight but because of the diabetes. When that happens it's like the flood gates open and it's down hill from there. Thanksgiving pies and Christmas goodies. That's whiy I'm starting Atkins now. So hopefully it will be a way of life for me. I can't touch that 1st piece. Are you still doing WW? I haven't got back to the exercise yet, but I wanted to put all my effort into induction. I know I have to get back to it soon and I do miss it. But I will.

Well, I hope eveyone is well.
ttyl :D

09-24-2004, 09:25 PM
Hi chicks!!!

wow, been long time since I posted...just been busy working, working! and riding in-between.

Here's a link to the newspaper that did the makeover. I am glad I did it...but realize why I'm not a fashionista...I HATE TO SHOP! :D It was fun trying the outfits on, but now I know for sure that I am a t-shirt and jeans person!!! some of the shots look goofy to me, don't know if that's my own self-critiquing, or wide-angle lens. And I think that the make-up girl could have made my makeup stronger, to show better for the photos. Oh well.

I have been having way too many indiscretions (FOOD ones :lol:) and hope I'm not creeping up. I have to nip it right away. I have been exercising 5-6 X's a week still, that's my saving grace.

Our leaves are turning already! I'm in such denial about summer being over. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :p But the foliage is really beautiful, New England rocks in that respect; sucks in some others :devil:

Hope everyone's doing well!!!

link -

(click on Fall Fashion article)

09-27-2004, 10:54 AM
Quick check-in - Hi! just busy working and enjoying the beautiful foliage - it's kinda early this year.

Hope everyone's doing well!!!

10-04-2004, 11:47 AM
I had such a busy week, I had to skip exercising for FOUR days in a row...that hasn't happened since my road trip in May...I have off today, so just finished a workout, and feel better.

It's been getting pretty chilly at night here, at least into the 40's and sometimes in the 30's. The days of riding the bike are numbered :(

I've had tons of nibbles the past week, in addition to more calories at meals. I have no one to blame but me. If i want to drop some fat, and let some more muscles show, I need to get honest and ask "why do I do that, when I know it just keeps it from happening".

Hope everyone is doing well! Say hi!

10-04-2004, 11:31 PM
Hey Holly,
How are you? It's been really quiet around this thread, but I check in anyway.
Our leaves are just starting to turn. Oh do I love this time of year. Of course I was down with a bad back and neck for almost a week and then just got over a stomach virus. Hopefully that's it for awhile.

Now I know your concerned about the extra calories and missing a few workouts, but I'm sure you'll make up for it. Your one of the most disciplined people I know.

Well, enjoy riding while you can.
Good to hear from you.
ttyl :D

10-11-2004, 09:56 AM
Hello girls!

I have ONE week to get through and then I get some time off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then I can check in more than once a week.

Donna, so sorry to hear of your back and neck hurts, and then a virus! bleh. Wishing you good health!!!

Did I tell you all that I got soft contacts? The two-week-wear type. I am very pleased with them, no problems yet (knock wood :D)

My husband started his new job last week, and I tell you, even his first (bigger!) paycheck has made a difference in our budget. Whew.

I missed (again) about three or four workouts last week. I appreciate your faith in me, Donna!

Our foliage here is just beautiful. Have been enjoying the beauty, but also ...dreading the inevitable...winter! oh well. Winter sure makes me appreciate when it isn't winter :p

I still feel our support, though we are all busy...virtual hug to all!