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02-14-2004, 06:43 PM
Hi guys, here I am and here I go!

Hello and welcome to the Thin Group! :cheer:

We are a great group of ladies (but men are welcome if there are any who care to join us) who have one thing in common. We are all working together toward our goal of being healthier in our daily lifestyles and to lose weight. There are all different ages and backgrounds here and we all have different ways of losing our weight. We all love to have fun and laugh, but we also give a lot of support, encouragement and motivation for one another.

Everyone has their ups and downs and we’ll be here with you thru both! Please feel free to post with us - just jump right in and believe me, you will be welcomed with open arms. The more the merrier!

Let’s all work together towards a healthier us in 2004! :gossip:

Please feel free to check out our website and learn more about us at:

02-14-2004, 07:00 PM
Ha Ha I beat Queen CJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey CJ where the heck were you??????? You must be a prune by now if you are still soaking in your tub. LOL

Anyways just couldn't resist, it has been a while since I have started a new thread, sure does get the old adrenilin going doesn't it? LOL

I am getting ready for my trip to good old California tomorrow morning for my ECKL'S training in Los Angles so I am getting excited now. I can't wait!

CJ-Sorry buddy, the devil made me do it. LOL I just sent you an email so watch your email box. How did you Valentine dinner turn out? I'll be Dick looked great in his snappy suit. Oh I just figured it out, that's where you are-at your Valentines dinner. LOL Hope it is a great one. I love the idea of a low calorie-low carb recipe thread, sounds great to me.

Hi Kolika, glad things are going well for you and you are back to posting with us again. Missed you! I know you will do great in whatever you do with this wonderful group.

Sylvia-Gosh I would love to see you while I am there. Too bad I wasn't nearer to San Francisco, how I would just love to meet you. You are such a wonderful person, a great wife and a good mother of Nico too. I am staying at the LAX Marriot from Sunday, Feb 15th to Saturday, Feb 21st. Than I am going to see my LA relatives and eventually my son, Alan in the Air Force and stationed at Vandenburg AFB in Lompoc. So I am looking forward to seeing everyone again and especially after the training is done and I can enjoy seeing everyone again. Oh yes and my name is Sharon Scobel, cause you will surely need that won't you?

Well that is all guys, better go get some things done for my trip.

Take care and I will post again in a couple of weeks when I get back from sunny California. I won't miss all this snow and cold weather we have been having. Maybe I will bring some of the warmer weather back to good old Indiana. LOL

Take care everyone, Love you guys, Sharon

02-16-2004, 03:49 PM
Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day!! I got to play cupid a month ago. I had a 25th year high school reunion back in November and met back up with a best friend named Patti in high school. She'd been divorced for 10 and said she couldn't find any decent men to date. At our family Christmas party, my most favorite cousin said he couldn't find any decent women to date. So I sent them up a month ago in January. Patti email me today and said my cousin gave her 48 sweetheart roses. So I was so happy for the both of them. So that made my day because I was able to help bring two people together!

Well CJ, I think the list the food thing is a good idea. But I think I will wait until tomorrow because I'd have to list Wendy's down!!

Happy President's Day Everyone!!!
Always kolika

02-19-2004, 12:48 AM
Hi all! I am here, but I am not monitoring my eating habits at the moment. As you all know, Rob lost his jobs in December and he and I have been searching for jobs since then. He has had SEVERAL interviews, but nothing has panned out.

I have become an Usborne Books At Home consultant, and I am selling really neat childrens books, but I am just getting started, so it's nothing "stable" yet. I'm hoping to get going in full swing so that I can continue to stay at home with Ethan and Mary.

Speaking of Mary, I had her 3 month pic taken on the 15th. If you gals wanna see how big she is now, you can go to my web site and click on "Pictures" towards the top. If you have problems getting to Mary's pics, let me know and I will give you an easier way to get to them. ;)

Again, sorry about the Xmas cards, I promise this year I will not lose those dang pics!!! :o


02-25-2004, 08:52 PM
Hi everyone - I know it's been awhile but this has been a tough 2 weeks for us! We've been trying to get our finances settled so we can purchase the adjoining 20 acres to our 20 acres up north and we've had a few glitches (long story so won't go into it) but thank heaven we got them straightened out and all is well. We now own 40 acres instead of 20 ... well, almost - we meet with my brother and his lawyer next Tuesday to "write hard on the check" and get a quick-claim deed. But, we have the money and that's good.

BRAT BRAT BRAT!!!!!! And I wasn't in the tub either - so there! lol Good job on starting a new thread - I did add the pom pom gal and the group of smilies - hope you don't mind. Susan made me a moderator for our group so I can do that ... and make sticky threads so they stay at the top - and also to keep an eye out for our group so we don't get any "not so nice" things happening in here. Hope you are enjoying your visit in California ... that's so nice that you get to spend time with Alan and your relatives out there. Did you get to see (or talk to) our Slyvia?? We'll have to talk on the telly when you get home.

Hey girl ... how are you doing? Is Nico doing better now between the teething and the shots?? Hmmm ... brings back memories!

Sorry I desserted you in the food journal thread ... like I said it's been a stressful couple of weeks ... I'll probably start again tomorrow ... join me? Good job on playing cupid! I did that once for my girlfriend and a guy I worked with ... I stood up for them at their wedding - that was 7 years ago!

And how are you doing? I wish you well with your books venture and sure hope you and hubby find jobs soon. I'm sure all will pan out well for you. And please don't worry about the "cards" ...

OK ... time to go now ... have a headache and am going to lay down for a while ... Hope to see you all post SOON!

Love, CJ

02-27-2004, 12:01 AM
... talking to the walls!!! It gets lonely in here with no one to talk to ...

Well, we just got home from the American Legion hall ... we became members last week ... I won $250 on the poker machine ... made up for my losing at bingo this morning.

Not much to say .. just wanted to say hello ... hope someone is listenign ... i know you are! You all better get in here and say hello.

Well ... off to soak in my tub bath ... talk to ya soon (I hope)!

Love, CJ

02-27-2004, 01:36 AM
How come when you mix water and flour together

you get glue..

and then you add eggs

and sugar...

and you get cake?

Where did the glue go?


You know darned well where it went!

That's what makes the cake...

Stick to your/my rear end!!!!!!!!!!

02-28-2004, 03:38 AM
Hello Ladies! :wave:

I know I haven't been posted in a while, I'm still watching my nieces and it's been leaving me with very little time for the computer. The weather here has been really bad. The other day it poured like there was no tomorrow. My parents have a shed thing in the back yard (the previous owner used to build race cars in there) that looks like an army barrack, well it flooded. I spent a couple of hours trying to sweep out the water ( 6 inches deep) and I finally gave up and turned on the water pumps. That was Tuesday and when I left today, I still had the pumps on. The Napa Valley is such a beautiful place but it always floods. The waves in San Francisco reached 40 feet high...pretty scary when I live four blocks from the beach. I wasn't there but I'm sure it was scary. Forget about eating well, I was just trying to stay dry!! I did sweep for two hours so that burned some calories. Running after my 10 month old niece who just started to walk and my 6 month old baby who is crawling every where was enough exercise for me. Only 3 more weeks before my parents come back!!

*sigh* Baby is crying....he's been very fussy the past couple of days so this is going to be a long night!

I will pop in again tomorrow when he goes down for his nap (hopefully)

Hugs to all-


02-29-2004, 11:17 PM
Hello Ladies! :wave:

I'm popping in for a quick hello. I really don't have anything diet related. I do have a baby milestone to share with all of you. My little Nico pulled himslef up in his crib and stood up!:yikes: My little precious baby is growing up so fast! It made me cry

GOtta run!


03-07-2004, 11:05 AM
Hi everyone - wow, what a week here! We finally signed all the papers for our property so we now own 20 more acres of land up north (40 total)! I guess that should be private enough, eh? We came up to the cabin Friday .. well, it was beautiful 65 degree downstate but Gaylord is in the snowbelt and they still have tons and tons of snow! I'll have to take a pic and show you .. we have way over a foot of snow up here yet. We got up here at 2:30 and had to park out truck and trailer loaded with stuff from the house to store out on the road and trudge in to the cabin (about 1/10 of a mile) and the snow was just about to my knees with water underneath cuz of the warm weather it was starting to melt. Then Dick had to get out our front loader and scoop the snow off the drive, then plow and by the time he got that done it was already 8:00! Finally, we got to bring the truck in and unload stuff for the cabin ... then we parked the trailer in the garage for now. Still have to unload that this week sometime. Then, we find out that our freezer was not working because we left the refrig running when we were up here at New Years with the freezer full of meat, but because it got so cold here in the cabin the compressor on the refrig didn't turn on, therefore the freezer wasn't running and all our meat thawed! It's working ok now, but had to throw all that wonderful meat out! Oh well, live and learn!

I owe you email big time .. sorry, I just haven't been a good girl at all on emailing! Just got "reminded" of that from my daughter so I owe you a big apoligize and will get an email to you real soon! Hope you had a great time in California!

You little Gino is really getting big - and so cute! Thanks for the pic.

OK gals ... I started a a new Weigh-in thread for this week - please join me and also a new Food Log for March ... hope someone joins me there also.

Well, gotta run ... hope to hear from you all real soon!

Love, CJ

03-13-2004, 11:50 AM
Just checking in to say hello to everyone - I'm really feeling down about no one posting here anymore ... It's very depressing to think this group may be dying out and one day may be "no more" ... I've tried to start some weekly threads for us, but no one responds. Any ideas??? I really don't want The Thin Group to die out ... Hope to hear from someone .. SOON!

Love, CJ

03-15-2004, 12:54 AM
Howdy Ladies!:wave:

Just popping in for a quick hello. The weather here has been beautiful the past week and it looks like it's going to be a another gorgeous week. It was 81 today so we decided to take the baby to the park. We walked around for 5 hours and had a blast. My husband took some video of me and the baby on the carousel:yikes: It was not pretty. I am very determined to lose this weight before the baby turns a year old. Lordy, that video was an EYE OPENER! So beginning tomorrow, I will start writing down everything that goes into my mouth. I'll join CJ on the food journal thread.

Other than that, I had a great weekend.

CJ-Hang in there chickie, we'll give this group cpr if we have to rather than letting it die out. I know it's depressing but just hang in there...I'm sure the lurkers will stop by and say hello. Congrats on your land purchase.

Well ladies, I've got to run. Really tired. Nico has decided to start waking up at 3AM and have fun in his crib. That child is a bundle of energy and is another reason why I need to get in shape(other than round) before he starts to out run me.

Lot of love-


03-15-2004, 12:44 PM

Here is a little something that I received in my e-mail. I know its not really diet related but it's cute!:D

The medicinal purposes of M&Ms

The Woman's Survival Kit

At the first sign of hot flashes eat the RED one.

Eat the ORANGE one to minimize depression.

The GREEN one calms your frustrations, when you want to be left alone.

If you feel a headache coming on eat the PURPLE one.

The BLUE one reduces bloating.

You can eat the"BROWN" ones ANYTIME!!

If all symptoms occur at the same time,


03-15-2004, 11:54 PM
Here is nutritional stuff for diabetics. I'm sure it would probably be good for anyone doing low carb. I don't know, I hope it comes in handy for someone out there!:D



Step 1. Serving Size: Look at the serving size on the label.
All the numbers in the nutrition facts are based on serving size.

Step 2. Calories: Look at the number of calories in the label serving.
A serving with 20 calories or less is called a free food. If a serving
has more than 20 calories, go to steps 3 and 4.

Step 3. Total Carbohydrates: Look at the grams of total carbohydrate.
It is the carbohydrate in food that raises your blood glucose the most.
You don't need to pay special attention to the grams of sugars.
They are counted as part of the grams of carbohydrate. You only
count the grams of total carbohydrate.

In a meal plan, 1 carbohydrate serving contains 15 g of carbohydrate.
It is equal to 1 starch, fruit, or milk serving. For example, 1 slice of bread,
1 small apple, 1 cup of milk, or 1 small cookie has 15 g of carbohydrate.

How to count grams of carbohydrate in your meal plan.

Grams of carbohydrate Count as

0-5 g Do not count
6-10 g 1/2 carbohydrate serving or
1/2 starch, fruit or milk serving
11-20 g 1 carbohydrate serving or
1 starch, fruit, or milk serving
21-25 g 1 1/2 carbohydrate servings or
1 1/2 starch, fruit, or milk servings
26-35 g 2 carbohydrate servings or
2 starch, fruit, or milk servings

Step 4. Total Fat: Look at the grams of total fat in the label serving. In
a meal plan, 1 fat serving is based on 5 g of fat. If the label serving is
2 tablespoons of regular cream cheese and total fat is 1- g, you're eating
2 fat servings.

How to count grams of fat in your meal plan,

Grams of fat Count as:
0-2 g Do not count
3 g 1/2 fat serving
4-7 g 1 fat serving
8 g 1 1/2 fat servings
9-12 g 2 fat servings
13 g 2 1/2 fat servings
14-17 g 3 fat servings
18 g 3 1/2 fat servings
19-22 g 4 fat servings

03-18-2004, 07:09 PM
Howdy Ladies!:wave:

I hope you are all doing well. Nothing new to report....I did take the babies(I'm still watching my 11 month old niece) for a walk. It was pretty warm outside(95) so I didn't walk for very long....just 30 minutes. It's better than nothing! ;)

My parents are coming back next Friday(thank God!) so I will be able to concentrate more on my weight loss efforts.

A friend of mine sent me this quote and I thought I would share

Lay hold of something that will help you, and then use it to help
somebody else.
- Booker T Washington.

I hope somebody else comes in here to post....I feel like I'm talking to myself! :(


03-20-2004, 12:42 AM
*knocking* Is anyone out there? Yooooohooooo (echo)

Well, I thought I would come in and say hello and to wish all of you lurkers( I can hear you breathing! :D) a nice weekend!


03-21-2004, 01:33 AM
Hi guys, It is I! Don't dispair, we still have life in this wonderful group.

Sorry meant to post sooner, but just been working lots for my childrens study in Indianapolis and soon we will be going to Cincinnati as well. We will probably have to stay over night for a couple of nights as it a 1 1/2 hours away as opposed to the 1 hour to Indianapolis. Had a wonderful time in Los Angeles with all the relatives the week afterwards and got to drive to see my Air Force son, Alan in Lompac, California and what a great time we had going to the ocean and just hanging out with each other. I loved seeing him again but was happy to come home too.

CJ-Thanks got your email and I will send you one back soon. Don't be down, this group is still here and we won't let it die will we? I am happy that you finally were able to buy the property, but so sorry that you had to throw all that meat out. OUCH! That must have hurt quite a bit. I will check out you threads you started, but you know how I don't like to journal and probably won't have the time to do that. But I would like maybe to start an exercise thread as I have been doing really great at that at least.

Sylvia-Yaaaa glad to hear that your parents are finally coming back again and you will have more time since you won't be babysitting anymore. Thanks for the health tips you posted, I read it and I am sure it will help somebody else. And I loved what you posted on The Medical purpose of M & M's. Don't worry that weight you put on from having Nico will come off, I can tell by the way you are determined. We will be here for you Sylvia.

Hope everyone is doing great and come on and post with us. WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you guys, Sharon

03-30-2004, 02:12 AM
Howdy Ladies! :wave:

Just popping in for a quick hello. I hope you are all doing well. My parents are FINALLY back :dancer: so that means I can concentrate on my weight loss. I semi started on the South Beach Diet...I had a scone with my nonfat decaf latte:sorry: I was good for the rest of the day. I did call my sister and confess about the scone. My parents are leaving again in June so I have some time.

*sigh* baby is to run and put him to sleep!

Hugs to all!


03-30-2004, 07:45 PM
Hi guys, or should I say Sylvia? HA HA

Anyways, kinda lonely here. Just got back from working my study in Cincinnati and headed for Florida tomorrow bright and early with my daughter, Kelly to see other Air Force daughter, Tracy and her husband, Brett. I can't wait to go there. Kelly decided that I needed to get away for a bit, and not get away just working. LOL My brother, Jerry is on oxygen now alot of the day and nights. He has an in home oxygen machine and he is not doing so much better and not having all those breathing attacks like he used to have all through the night, most every night. He has the tanks too, but so far he usually just takes them along with us, but sometimes doesn't use them too much.

He will be going the day after I leave, on Thursday to my other brother's, in Boca Raton for 2 weeks so that will be nice for him to enjoy the great weather they have there. So all is well here. Just busy busy busy. When I get back on Saturday from Tracy's the very next day it is back to a hotel in Cincinnati to do more testing in that area. We will be gone a lot of the month of April and May so I will be going crazy I tell you. LOL

Sylvia, glad to have you post with us. I am too lonely here. LOL Even though I have not been home too much, I am STILL pretty lonely. HA HA

Hey Sylvia, Glad your parents are back. Now you will have more time to do what you want to do. Well as much as you can have with that little one. LOL How goes it on the South Beach Diet? I heard that was a pretty good one. I am half tempted to quite this darn Weight Watchers, since I am not following it like I should and get the Dr. Phil book and start following that. Especially since I watch him all the time and always tape the Weight Loss Challenge episodes faithfully. So we will see what happens, I just know I am tired of wasting money all these years and not doing it as I should. I am not going to do anything now, but just keep on trying to watch what I eat, drink water and exercise. But I have been pretty crappy lately on all of that, since I have been traveling and just going all the time. I had gained when I got back from LA, but took most of that off and here I am again creeping up. Man it doesn't end does it ladies?

Well guys, time to end this and get to unpacking, from Cincinnati and repacking for Florida. Oh I guess I should do some laundry while I am at it.

Take care and talk to you when I get back from Florida. I hope to find some more posts here so I won't be so lonely when I get back. I know Sylvia is lonely right?

Love you guys, Sassy Sharon

03-30-2004, 07:59 PM
Well ... maybe between the 3 of us we can keep this group going until "the lurkers" decide to return to us.

Got your email and will answer it soon .. hope you have a great time with Tracey and Brett ...One of these days (between your trips) we need to have a phone conversation ... we have much to catch up on!

Well .. finally, your parents are home and you can concentrate on your diet - that's great! My friend is on the South Beach diet and is doing quite well. Me .. I am still doing low-carb - not Atkins, but just keeping the bad carbs at a minimum, or not at all. Got myself back on track anyway the last couple weeks ... think I will start an April food journal if you care to post there with me. It helps sometimes to see what someone else is eating too.

We are back up at the cabin again ... we are working on the bathroom - finally we are going to have indoor plumbing! Also, we have been bringing up stuff from our house downstate trying to get it as empty as possible so we can paint and get it ready to put up for sale. We're taking a 2 week trip to Maine next week ... that will be fun.

OK .. all you "lurkers" ... get your "selfs" in here and post with us .. and any newbies are so welcome .. we need to get this group going once again!

Until later ...
Love, CJ

04-01-2004, 10:51 AM
Good morning!

Just a quickie here to say hello and to help keep this thread rolling ... I started a new weigh-in thread for the month and also a new Food Log for April. Hope ya all have a great day and hope to hear from someone later on.

Love, CJ

04-03-2004, 01:00 PM
Just popping in to say hello -- hope everyone is doing well.

Love, CJ

04-04-2004, 10:35 AM
Good Morning! Hope ya all have a great day!

Love, CJ

04-04-2004, 12:00 PM
Howdy :wave:

I have thought about coming back & posting here again with you. I don't want your group to die out so I decided I will post here when I can....And I can stay with my other group also. Is that ok?

Since I last posted here, I have been doing WW (on my own) and I joined the YMCA 2 weeks ago! I'm doing water aerobics 3 times a week and I love it!! I'm trying so hard to lose weight and get into shape for summer! I would hate to have those same buldges and fat hanging over my swimsuit as I had last summer when I got up to 191.

I will check back later with ya'll and see if it's ok for me to post here again! ;)

Have a great OP day!!

04-04-2004, 03:43 PM
Sherry - so good to see your post .. Of course we want you to post with us - an honor indeed. And thanks for your concern about our thread .. I hope this is just a "bad spell" we are going thru and that we will survive! Great job on your water arobics and weight loss so far! I am doing low-carb - not Atkins or South Beach - just trying to keep all the bad carbs out of my system .. am doing pretty well with it ... and my stomach certainly feels much better!

Once again ... great to see you posting with us ... you are soooo welcome!

Love, CJ

04-04-2004, 03:50 PM


Click On The Link Below and have some fun!!

04-05-2004, 08:57 AM
:coffee:Just having my cup of coffee here before we pack up to go home from the cabin ... have to re-pack for our trip to Maine, Vermont, etc this Friday with friends. I have so much to do in the next 4 day it makes my head spin! I'll post a few more posts of course before I leave. Hope everyone has a great day today, and that includes "our lurkers" too! lol

Later ...
Love, CJ

04-05-2004, 01:02 PM
Howdy Ladies!

Just "popping" in for a quick hello. I know I haven't posted in a few days...sorry. Well, nothing new to report...can't do the South Beach Diet while breastfeeding, made my supply become almost nonexisting. I did lose 3 pounds in 3 days doing my own low carb thing. Basically, I just eat my "good carbs" carbs at breakfast and lunch and a salad and grilled veggies for dinner. I've been staying away from all "white" carbs and this seems to be working. I bought some "Carb option" ice cream bars yesterday at Costco...those are GOOD! I was surprised to find out that they are 22% fat and only 5 net carbs. I have just a general low carb comment. My sister and I were discussing this the other day. Why is it that anything "low carb" is higher in fat. Wouldn't the fat content be just as harmful as the carb content(healthwise)?

I really haven't had much time to relax at the computer lately. Nico is MOBILE!!! Lordy is that kid fast! He's not walking yet but he pulls himself up and "walks" around the coffee table and between his toys. He is crawling all over now...really crawling and not doing the army crawling thing. He doesn't want to be held as much as before (which is OK 'cuz he's heavy) and just wants to "walk". His favorite toy? THe electrical outlets! :nono: We put those cover things on them but he tries to pull them off:yikes: My Mom just cracks up and says "wait, it gets better". My baby is turnign 8 months old next week :cry: time is going by so quickly. I'm already planning his birthday party. My husband thinks I'm nuts...I started planning in February. What can I say...I don't want to wait 'till the last minute and find out that everything is booked or rush around trying to get things done.

Sherry-Hey girl! So nice to hear from you!!!!! You are so sweet for not letting our little group die out! I do miss your posts! How do you like the Y? I know you used to go to curves. I'm debating on whether to join the Y (they have childcare for $24 month....2 hour max and you have to be in the building) or stay with Curves. I have been looking for water aerobics classes since I found out I was pregnant and couldn't find anything affordable. I'm going to look into it again. Which do you like better? My baby is going to start swimming lessons next month so hopefully, I will get more info. Please post here as often as you like!!!

CJ-I know what you mean about others seeing what you eat. You feel more accountable for what goes in your mouth. I did do alot better when I wrote everything down for my nutrtionist while I was pregnant. It's all about accountability and the fact that someone else is seeing what you eat. We can do this!!! Try not to go to low carb, if you have less than 20 or 30 a day(I can't remember) your body goes into ketosis and that is dangerous. Complex carbs are better than the "empty" ones. I have to go and look for the information my nutritionist gave me. She didn't give me much as she wanted me to by the book she wrote! :rolleyes: Have fun in Maine!

Sharon- Wow, you are just travelling all over! I feel bad for not calling you when you were in LA...I'm sorry about that. When I finally remebered, you had already checked out. :( South Beach Diet is pretty good, my sister lost 15 pounds and her husband lost 20. I was lucky that she let me borrow her book. I just went through and looked at all the "Diet " books that are sitting on my shelf. I know what you mean about wasting more money on weight loss. With all that I've "invested" in losing weight, I could have had full body liposuction! Have fun in Florida!

Wow, that was more than a "quick" post! :lol: I'm off to make some oatmeal...with no sugar, thank you very much! Baby is crying. I am learning to just let him cry it out...not pleasant but something I have to do.

Have a great week ladies!


04-05-2004, 10:16 PM
Howdy :wave:

I'm so glad this Monday is almost over! What a day at work!! After work I went to water aerobics at the Y. Gosh I feel so much better! :D

Thanks for the warm welcome back! I've missed you too! Have you got any new photos of Nico? I would love to see him! Oh BTW: CONGRATS on your baby boy! :bb: I can't believe he's almost 8 months old. I know he's the pride & joy of your life. Children sure change your life but in a good way...don't they? About Curves: I only went 4 times but had to pay for the whole year! I found it to be boring.But I do know others who love it. I love the Y! I look so forward to working out (water aerobics) 3 times per week. I know I have already lost inches, just haven't measured yet. Do you have a Y close to you?

Wow girl..You have a nice trip planned! Is it to visit with the kids & Grandkids? My Parents are retired and they travel a lot too. Never know when & where they're going or end up at! Hopefully Wayne & I will get to one day!

Are you back yet? I was hoping to surprise you by posting again! ;) I've missed you!!

Later :wave:

04-06-2004, 12:13 AM
Hi ....

Just checking in then going to bed .. It's been a long day and I am very tired.

Wow you Nico is really getting big isn't he. Hahaha .. just you wait .. the "terrible twos" will be here before you know it! lol Good job on the 3lb loss - and those carb option bars are the greatest aren't they? I got them also and they are good. It's hard to stop at just one, but I do ...

I like your picture! I am looking forward to our trip, but unfortunately it is not to see the grandkids. My out of state grandkids are in Kansas, Colorado, Arizona and California ... Thank heavens I have some here in Michigan too! The Maine trip are with friends of ours - we're going in their motor home.. I'm hoping we can make Pennslyvania and take the QVC tour - I love QVC!

I know your traveling is going to keep you away most of this month and May but please try to sneek in here for a few posts too ok? We miss you. I know I owe you an email .. if I don't get it to you before our trip, I promise for sure a nice long one when we get back. But know I think of you all the time .. do you feel the vives???

Well ... off to bed for me. Talk to ya all tomorrow (I hope)

Love, CJ

04-06-2004, 12:15 AM
Oh gee ... looks like this is #30 in this thread ... you know what that means - on to the next thread #104 ...

See you there ... hee hee hee