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02-14-2004, 11:58 AM
Ok, Courtly Challengers, Regal Reducers and Merrie Maintainers, it's Valentine's day I'm taking the dang initiative to start a new thread and hope thou will not be mad!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

I'd like to ask the :queen: ly group WHAT'S OUR PLAN FOR THE NEXT BIG THING? Shall we do another exercise challenge after Mardi Gras? Shall we do some holiday challenges (it's almost :lucky: time in the land, thou knowest) ...

Also wondering if we've lost some :queen: s ... hope not and if not, hope all the absent ones are ok, we know what's been happening with some but some are just gone and that's worryin' me buckos!

Here are this a.m.'s posts from previous thread:

From Eydie:

My first choice for the'musical instrument question was the harp. They always look so graceful and sound so serene, but that music doesn't really 'move' me for long. I'd love to know how to play the banjo---wow, how's that for a quantum leap?!

Wildfire, congrats on the loss!

I was sick yesterday--I don't know what happened. Just one of those things that came swooping in out of nowhere. Happened in the afternoon and I was weak and nauseous for the rest of the day. Last night I slept like a stone and now I feel fine. What was that?

Gotta go. Dear Garry is bound and determined to take me out for lunch today. And when we go anywhere it's a major expedition, since we live so far out from civilization. I'll report later.

Happy Day, friends!
"In every woman there is a queen, speak to the queen and the queen will answer."


From Kaylets:

Hello all!

Coming by very late as recvd word of a death in the family. Very elderly aunt who became widowed in September... in many ways,
a blessing to know she's not greiving anymore or in pain but still, this is hard news for our family.

Today's thought of the day:
"You can clutch the past so tightlyto your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present."
--Jan Glidewell

Question of the day :

"Will the world be a better place a hundred years from now?"
-- Table Topics-- The Pampered Chef

Anyone for a cup of tea?


From Amarantha:

Sorry to hear of thy relative's passing, :queen: K! Yes, that's hard news indeed, as age doth not make anyone less dear to us.

Eydie, that Questar :queen: lady be back on the :devil: food thread with another warning as WE KNOW WHAT THIS DAY IS!!! Questar hath announced Amarantha's no candy pledge for the day.

I'm still sick but worked a bit and will work out to meet my challenge.

If no one objects, I'M GOING TO START A NEW THREAD RIGHT NOW! Twenty-four pages is enough, dinna ye think, :queen: s! I'll put this a.m.s posties by K and E on the new thread, so if everyone would be kind and post there, I'd really be thankful and send you some virtual Valentine's candy!!! Hoping all :queen: s will start posting again on a regular basis now ... she saith wistfully ...

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

02-14-2004, 01:04 PM
Hello all!!

These weatherman either are very optomistic or ....

It is not going to be anywhere near 50 today ( as predicted)... the real temp right now is 38 w/ windchill making it feel like freezing...
so... that will teach me not to wear sox and to carry my coat ...
Guess I'm optomistic too...

Thanks for new thread Empress... Fresh starts are in order....
DH requestd some Skinny Cow Bars and I only had one and found I am wondering what my initial attraction was.....

Always heard the expression that our taste bud's change... guess its least about these...

So... what's the game plan??
Any ideas ??

02-14-2004, 06:22 PM
Hello all!!

Very thoughtful today... Found out that my Aunt ( who passed last night) just found a letter from mother that had been lost for many years. In fact, when the letter was found, my aunt said to my sister "I forgot she wrote this to me" ....evidently, it was one of the few times, my great grandmother told my aunt "I love you"...
My aunt spent most of her life feeling "short changed"... she did have many tough breaks but had a wonderful husband who helped support his mother-in-law and later, a loving niece and great nieces. Unfortunately, my aunt became sure that everyone only was kind to her "to get something" or "Because your mother says you must". She never really believed she was loveable.....
Now that she has passed and is w/ her husband again, I trust she now understands that she is loved.
So ironic that she passed just b/4 Valentine's Day...

How many of us are missing out for the same reasons????
Because we don't think we deserve to be loved, to love ourselves???

How many times do we not believe when someone says we look well, or did a great job, or are valued, dependable, etc, etc...

How many times do we think, " Nice of them to say but they don'r really mean it" ... or "if they only knew"....

But if someone told us that about a spouse, child, parent... we wouldnt doubt the sincerity ..( in most cases)....

My aunt's story of course, is an exception.. but then I have met others as walled up as she was too...

Sorry if I havent lightened the mood...

I'll tell you what.. I'll come back with a grin for all of us!

02-14-2004, 07:56 PM
Just a quick Happy Valentine's Day post! :) Hope all our :queen:s are having a lovely day. We are waiting for Chinese food (2 hr delivery!) and are going to watch a movie.

Kaylets, sorry to hear of your aunt's passing.

02-14-2004, 09:15 PM
happy valentine's day, all! kaylets-i'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your aunt. amarantha-i hope you are feeling better a.s.a.p.! wildfire-congrats on your weight loss. hello anagram, eydie, ceara, and to all royal ones.

the organization which provides my (2)volunteers sends a red rose and valentine's cards every year, and did so once again this year. they have volunteers who go out to bring these to all their clients. the weather was very cold and rainy today but i got my delivery despite that-from a young couple whose anniversary is today and wanted to volunteer to do this. they were so cute--and young. i really appreciated it. speaking of volunteers. my volunteer called me early this evening crying and telling me her boyfriend dumped her TODAY. i felt so bad for her. i had just seen her on thursday and she had been very excited because her boyfriend had special valentine dinner plans for them and she was so happy. i felt honored that she called me when she needed support, and was grateful i could be there as a shoulder for her.

well, i wanted to say hi and thinking of all of you. take care.

all the best,

02-14-2004, 10:14 PM
Thanks for starting the thread, Empress! Hmmm, the next big thing.....Spring is coming. we could have a Vernal Equinox Challenge. It's less than a month away.

Kaylets, I'm sorry to hear of aunt's death and more sorry to think that she lived her whole lfe wondering if she was truly loved. Makes me ponder how suspicious I feel at times and just 'get over' all those crazy thoughts I have of not feeling worthy enough. After all, I'm a queen, right? :) You always make me think. Have you ever considered a career in counseling? ;)

Wildfire, I meant to tell you that I understand about saying goodbye to your old faithful metal friend. That's always kind of clutched at me too!

wsw, I think young married couples are so darn cute I can't stand it!!! And yes, your friend was lucky to have you to call when she broke up with her boyfriend.

We were out in the world today and there seemed to be some really frantic energy in the shops we visited. All these people doing their last minute Valentine's day shopping. It was actually sort of ick-y. It made us wonder if V. Day had just become one more chore where some contrived romantic gesture was required. We talked to a cashier at the grocery store who said it had been so crazy-busy and she was exhausted. And I talked to a woman who was wistfully looking at the heart-shaped boxes who said she'd been waiting for her husband to buy one and she was just going to buy it herself----made me sad. I hope she didn't just go home and eat it all herself. It seemed that all she wanted was the gesture and the old fool [her husband] was standing right there and didn't make a move! I wish I could be God for a day and give everyone their hearts' desire! Within reason, of course, for the good of all and all that! :^:

Wishing all of you your heart's desire...... :) :) :)

02-14-2004, 11:11 PM
Hi, :queen: s, this is a very thoughtful thread today and I'm appreciating the gentle wisdom and intellect of thy queenly selves. Felt better for awhile today but headache is back. Will throw this off soon, though.

My candy not challenge held and will report on the 21-dayer on the food thread. But yea, Eydie, I felt the frantic energy in the stores today as well. A woman in the store was handing out candy ... JUST what I needed. Then the rather elderly check out guy called me "ma'am" and wished me a happy Valentine's Day. I think I was rather surly though and told him that was the last thing on my mind today.

I'm not sure why, but I don't like this holiday much, especially this year.

Wsw: Glad thou be so blessed in having folk who braved the cold to bring thee greetings and in the volunteer who felt like confiding in thee ... but what a sad commentary on the male species (sorry, guys, I realize you're not all like this), who would be so crass as to dump her when she was anticipating special dinner holiday dinner plans ... sheesh!

Kaylets, thy comments were timely for me, as I often feel much like thou describeth thy aunt ... was just lying on couch thinking how it doesn't do to try to reach out to the world, as the world has never liked me much ... I am much better being introverted and living in a mental cave and carving wood by myself ... hmmm, mayhap I be depressed? Too little sugar? :chin:

I will be glad when it's my high calorie day again ... mayhap tomorrow.

Wildfire, I think I missed the part about thy metal friend ... ? BTW, I'm doing sort of a calorie counting 21-day version of Body For Life on the food thread and was wondering if you ever think of going back on that?

:queen: s, I like the idea of doing something for the Vernal Equinox ... I think we all need to do something fun and fitness related together to remind ourselves that we are still in the springtime o' our universal journeys and that hope spring eternal and that we are sprightly young :queen: s just sprouting up from the dew laden vernal green wood and ...

Well, something ...

Avanti to all :queen: s, mentioned and unmentioned, present or absent ... Old Dog be barking at neighbors and I must give her a dog cookie to ameliorate the situation, though the neighbors be nice. :)

02-15-2004, 11:04 AM
Hello alll!

I didnt find anything to bring back last night but will do my best today....

Thanks for your kind words about my Aunt...Its very bittersweet for me as I was named for her yet I could never make a connection... although a couple sisters were able ... But again, it is a relief to know my aunt is at peace now.

Empress... I hope you feel more energized today... Sometimes sugar slows me down...
And yes Eydie.. I do believe this is another marketing /sales/retail "view" of the day which plays upon so many of us... Do you belong? do you have someone? Are you loveable?
And then for the giver... is the gift big, expensive, shiny enough?.... YIKES!!!

Yes, Empress, all this marketing hoopla spoils it for me.... in fact, DH and I
make a point of celebrating our anniversary away from the 14th because its too busy and prices are higher too...

Oh boy... need to change the subject ......

Zadie! How is sister? My best to you and your family... Are you an Aunt yet?

WSW! How awful for your "assistant" to be dumped on Vday.... even if you are convinced its over marketed like I am, still a poor choice....Its wonderful to realize someone feels we can offer comfort...


Thought of the day:

"Everything flows, nothing stays still."

Question of the day:

"When you really want something, how do go about getting it?"
--Table Topics by the Pampered Chef


Time for some tea!

02-15-2004, 11:42 AM
Yo! Thanks be that Valentine's be gone, if not my illness, though I be better!!!!! Nope, :queen: K, don't really feel more energized but have a huge week ahead so shall go forth and sally ... or sally forth and go ... something like that ...

Working and making healthy muffins and have posted my weight loss and challenge info on the food thread ... yowza! I'm only working for a few more hours and will do the rest tomorrow ... somehow I need to go to the grocery store, clean the house, do laundry and ... probably other things that I'm forgetting ...

Re the vernal equinox ... it is March 21. I propose that we do an exercise related challenge of some kind from February 22 (which is a Sunday, the first day of the week) to March 21 and I propose it be put onto a separate CCRRMM thread and that even though it's another click, participating :queen: s report in AT LEAST once a week ... for me, and maybe it's just me, a focused challenge game is the best way to get myself back on track ... I can't tell you how hard it was for me to do a lousy 360 minutes of exercise this week, but when I have someone to report it to, like the stalwart :queen: s on the demon food thread, it makes it easier to do. The challenges are very easy to do if I keep records in my hard drive and then just click 'em in a post and pop 'em in. I use spreadsheets and it's fun for me ... BUT I don't expect anyone else in life to enjoy the same games I do and I do know that folkettes have other lives (I actually have one, too, but I ignore it as much as possible). Sometimes I go away and take vacations from 3FC or drop out of challenges, so I've got no complaints if others do that as well ... but I'd just like to stir the troops to a high level of commitment to the vernal equinox exercise challenge so's we can all get gorgeous for the summer, so's I'd appreciate any thoughts or volunteers to start the thread so's I won't always be hogging the floor 'cause we know I'm too verbose! ~ Signed, VERNIE, THE VERNAL EQUINOX STEERING CO-CHAIRMAN, WITH THE OTHER BEING EYDIE WHO PROPOSED THIS IDEA!!! (She doesn't know she's the co-chairman yet, but I KNOW she'll be thrilled ... :s:

02-15-2004, 03:27 PM
I'm thrilled, I think! :D

One more thing about Valentine's day stuff for sale. Garry and I saw an item that we'd never seen before. A supermarket floral section was selling single red roses with the baby's breath and all in empty beer bottles instead of vases. It's kind of haunting us. Was this a ploy to get women to buy flowers for men, that it would seem more masculine somehow to be presented a rose in a beer bottle? Something about it creeps us out. Not losing sleep over it or anything, just struck us as odd.

Amarantha, I wonder if your feeling hermit-ish comes from your ex-friend. I think I have a touch of that myself. I'm very suspicious of new friends and I've been exploring all that somewhat. I don't want my "ex" to continue to have so much power over me, that I know!

Lunch beckons....... :)

02-15-2004, 05:44 PM
I knew you would be thrilled, Eydie! :)

Yea, I think you are right to some extent ... I'm still haunted by the ghost of that friendship gone awry. But am knowing now how lucky I was that it did end because of how free I feel now to be myself, which somehow I was less of during the years I was a "loved like a sister" by that whole family ... except they "loved" someone they made up in their minds ... they did not even know who I was.

Isn't it a wonder how long this cr*p goes on bothering us? :yikes:

I actually just saw your post on the "prayer" and your ritual of drinking a purifying cup of water each morning. My trainer would love this, as she saith I do not drink nearly enough water and that's true. I shall emulate thee and think of thee and of walking through sylvian forests in some peaceful spiritual clime somewhere with Artemis' celestial animals (or Old Dog and Silly Cat, whichever cometh to mind).

Am experimenting w/baking today ... posting results and recipes on the food thread and my menu for today. Elberta Crone be demanding more people to post food ideas on that thread. She's old and cranky, we must humor her! :rollpin:

Old Dog thinketh I be baking dog bones ... which be not a bad idea, actually.

Did laundry by hand and hung it up so now have no dry clothes (dryer hasn't worked for three years) to go out and buy new and sugary foods, so I have to eat healthily, I guess.

Ok, bye!!![/color]

02-15-2004, 08:19 PM
Good news today from the job recruiter! She was told by the company to call off the search until after they have met with me. Apparently this is highly unusual and she thinks it is a good sign. :crossed: I can tell you I'll be pretty bummed if I don't get the job after all this build-up. I looked up the software package this company uses and it is quite similar to the ERP system we are currently using at work. Everything in the universe is lined up for me to get this job, and I darn well better get it!

Amarantha, I think BFL is a wonderful program. Personally I can't do the 5-6 meals a day, and my gut doesn't handle all the protein needed on the plan. I have been thinking about doing the training side of it, though. If only we could ditch this winter and the desire to hibernate, I might actually get motivated to DO it. Maybe the Vernal Equinox challenge will help get me going. If you and Eydie get it started, I'll commit to posting every day.

Eydie, roses in beer bottles? That's really tacky. :lol:

wsw, how thoughtful that the volunteer organization sends a remembrance for Valentine's. It's nice that you and your volunteer have developed a bond and she feels she can talk with you. Absolutely rotten that she was dumped and on Valentine's, no less!

Hope all our :queen:s are well!

02-15-2004, 11:20 PM
Yo! Congrats, Wildfire, on the good news on the job front ... I KNOW you will get it ... Elberta (who doubleth as a seer) be peering into the crystal ball at this very moment and muttering something about 'Wildfire gets the job, Wildfire gets the job!' Elberta be never wrong, so there you are!!!!

I know I speak for my royal co-chair on the Vernal Equinox Exercise Challenge steering committee that we WILL get that challenge going and are thankful for thy commitment to post every day. I likewise will post every day and in fact the challenge will overlap somewhat with my 21-dayer, which includes 360 minutes of exercise per week.

Re BFL, I don't follow it as the book outlines ... it's just that my eating seems to be taking on a BFL quality. I do find that eating smaller meals more times a day and balancing protein and good quality carbs seems to make me feel much better than days when I don't do that and head for the pb cups. I think I need more protein and good quality fats than the nutritionists would have me believe but I have no intention of going low carb, as carbs (IMO and that of lots of folks) are a good and essential part of a healthy diet ... in fact, I also seem to be eating Zone-like meals. Sorry to go on about food. I should post this on the food thread. My eating is still not good but if you look at my menu for today (on the food thread), it's hands-over-fist better than it used to be and I am stuffed with much fewer calories.

Re the training side, what I really love about the BFL plan is the "peaks and valleys" thing with the intensity. I use this a lot, although I do lots more cardio than the original plan calls for.

Well, off to la-la land now. Starting to feel a bit rocky again. Have really had a bad sinus infection but it seems to be going away.[/color]

02-15-2004, 11:24 PM
Yo, Eydie! I agree that roses in a beer bottle is creepy ... unless it happened naturally in an attic in London in a 1960s romantic movie. :)

02-16-2004, 05:40 AM
So here it is, 4:30am and I've been up for an hour already. (That's a total of 4 hours sleep.) My darling cat decided he wanted out of the bedroom and his way of communicating is by biting one's elbow, eyelashes, and ears. I let him out, which wakes me up enough to realize that DH is breathing like a freight train and I can't get back to sleep. Choices: 1. Smother DH 2. Send DH to couch 3. Move to couch myself. Prefer smothering, but that could really mess up a Monday morning. So I get up, discover DD alseep on couch. Sigh. Make her move to her bedroom, tell DH to move to couch. No, he'll be quiet, honestly. *snore* So with pillow in hand....I convince myself NOT to put it over his face and apply pressure...and I head for the couch. Of course all three cats do the Dance of Joy because Mom is awake! Time to play, wrestle, chase, scratch, etc. I give up.

This does not bode well for Monday. :tired:

02-16-2004, 07:50 AM
Hello all!

Wildfire! Still doing the dance of joy or are the cats out cold now that you're regular day schedule has begun???
Good Luck today! As though you'll really need it... yes, things to do seem to be turning for you....the new job is just around the bend...if not at today's place, not very far behind....Keep smiling today... Remember you are also interviewing them...I know you'll knock them dead!

Empress-- Could it be what took me so long to realize worked best is a Zone type program... food at least... I 've not traveled far down that road ... a goal yet on the list...

Temp dropped overnight and I woke up stiff and sore. And mentally exhausted after such an emotional weekend. Am trying to use all of this as motivation to enjoy, celebrate, explore and build on today's experience than to see only the negative aspects.
I know these aren't original thoughts and very often after a death, these same ideas are repeated.

live and learn.

Scale stayed the same although at first, teased me by showing 2lbs higher but I stared at the numbers fiercely and tried again. This time, the number read the same as last week. A 60 second lesson in perspective.
(I just tried again hoping for a better number... nope.. we are staying the same this week. :lol: )

***Today's thought of the day :

"Be here now."
-- Ram Dass

Question of the day :

" Do you think TV newscasters exagerrate the sensational news stories to get listeners?"
-- Table Topics by the Pampered Chef


Take care all... am really beginning to see that my appreciation for all of you is much deeper than I had realized... all of you are mentors and role models for me...I learn as you face each challenge, problem, hill, valley, chasm, and how you overcome each is a lesson and example for me.
You are lessons in individuality, creativity, devotion, self reliance, generousity, ( sp!), kindness, strength, gentleness, courage, wit, warmth, perseverance and persistence. We are all here because of incredible women before us.... we are all here for each learn, to lead, to listen....

I am grateful you have allowed me into your lives and am grateful you are a part of mine.

Kettle is on.

02-16-2004, 10:01 AM
Thanks, Kaylets. I think it's miraculous that we've all found each other here!

Good luck, Wildfire! After the interview you can go home and sleep?

I missed it somehow, Empress, but I hear you're missing almost 2 pounds? Woo Hoo! I tried the Body-For-Life thing last summer, and liked it it okay except for that free day deal. I just couldn't quite wrap my brain around it. But it did change the look of my arms--more definition!

It snowed here last night, and it's absolutely gorgeous this morning. It doesn't look like we're going to make it to work today, so we're going to take a walk outside. It's one of those snows that stuck to every individual branch of every tree, so it all looks like lace. And when we get back hot coffee will be especially good! :)

02-16-2004, 10:44 AM
Sympathies to those in the snow belt, except it does look pretty ... if only it were not so cold.

It's cold here, too, but I have to get going to gym and store before finishing up my deadline stuff..

Eydie, wish it were two pounds, but it was only 1.5, still I know I'll have another good loss this week, so it's all good.

Kaylets, I think I'll try just staring at the numbers to get a better reading ... yes, I realize you just tried again but it's funny to think of how maybe we can just mentally force Demon Scale into submission ... actually it proves it's all relevant ... or something.

Sorry thou feeleth not so perky ... winter will endeth soon, methinks. It was in the 70s yesterday here and likely will be again as soon as the sun gets going.

QOD: I better opt out o' this one, since media bashing be a sore subject w/moi, since I am one! :)

Later ...

02-16-2004, 08:17 PM
Thanks for all the good luck wishes, gals...but could you hang on to them until tomorrow? My interview is tomorrow at 11am.

02-16-2004, 08:46 PM
Hello all!

Feeling more cheerful this evening....
Thanks for all your kind words....

Wildfire... YES! All the good energy and luck vibes stay strong till the decision's been made!

This will happen!

Oopps.... timer rang...need to put some things away for 15 minutes!

02-16-2004, 08:56 PM
hi all!

wildfire-i'm sending good thoughts your way for interview tomorrow morning. i know you are right though-everything in the universe is lined up right for you to get this job!

amarantha-sure hope that sinus infection has finished its course by now! congrats again on the weight loss!

eydie-hi. it always makes me smile when i read your posts.

kaylets-it sure helps to be reminded of the trick you use setting a timer for a particular task. as i am trying to pack things up and doing other necessary things which can feel overwhelming at times, using your little trick helps me to focus on one task and then get on to the next so that i can see some progress on each one. also, just trying to remember to breathe at times may be the best i can do at that moment!

it snowed and sleeted last night. it looked like a winter wonderland this morning, but because this wintery stuff means i am stuck inside for a while, it doesn't thrill me too much. i can't complain though because i have plenty that i can do here. i was pretty productive today and op, so all and all, it was a good day! i am thinking of you all. take care.


02-16-2004, 10:24 PM
Yo! I'm feeling a bit better tonight as well and still on my challenge!!!!

Wsw, thanks for posting on the food thread yesterday ... I answered you on there ... you are doing great!!!! :wave: Sorry it's cold there ... got down into the 40s last night but think we were in the 70s during the day. The 40s is veeery cold here ... and I don't have central heating, so I was moving a (very safe) space heater all over the place last night. Think we have turned the corner, though.

Wildfire, also crossing fingers for thy interview to produce the best possible outcome ...

Punkin, Cerise, Wood Nymph, Frogger, how be thee? And all mentioned and unmentioned :queen: s who oft frequent the palace? The towel boys are asking about thee ...

Kaylets, I agree with Wsw that thy timer trick be a good one. I think I need to do that with writing (the paying kind).

I'm going back to bed now! :)

02-17-2004, 08:00 AM
Hello all!

First of all, I need to let everyone know that the timer idea is not my own...
although the beauty and logic of it make me wonder why it wasnt obvious to me .... but its the The Flylady's....
There's lots of things she suggests to do regarding organization that I have not built into my shedule but I can tell you that she is 100% right... once you establish a habit ( ie, swishing your toliet bowl every am)... it becomes automatic.
I did already know some of her tips did work very well for me ( ie, her evening routine of laying out tomorrow's clothes, packing as much of your lunch as possible, looking at tomorrow's schedule ...)... I don't jump out of bed a bundle of energy so it's so much more cheerful for me to know things are ready and waiting for me.
The biggest thing I've learned from her is not so much that she wants you to follow her routine but to follow your own... and adjust as needed...

sound familiar??
very much like my food plan...

WSW-- sending you extra boxes mentally!! never have enough when moving!
Are you finding anything you thought was lost forever?? One time I found a $20 in a blazer pocket...another time, when the mattress was being moved, I h think a couple $20's popped out from inbetween..... the other women thought I was going to be upset ... that my secret had been "uncovered'... instead, I was delighted... Used that to buy them lunch!

Empress-- did I m iss it? Did you decide against massage school? I saw a really neat lady on tv, a trainer who was sharp, down to earth and had a great smile... and I pictured you! What do you think?? Personally, I'd rather work w/ someone who UNDERSTANDS what its like than someone who's never carried more than an extra 8 oz.....

Eydie-- You snowy day sounds delish. Do the animals come by? I grew up "playing" in a woods and always would imagine myself years before, following the same paths.... always saw more skunk cabbage than skunks but
always yearn to be with nature whenever possible.

Wildfire-- I am so exicited for you! When you reach out to shake hands today with that beaming smile of yours, and say, "I've been looking forward to meeting you"... don't be suprised if its my voice you hear !! Just kidding!
Don't forget what they always say... they may love the resume but its the first 8 seconds of meeting you that seals it.... I always imagine they can see me stepping out of the car... and I start smiling then... let them think right away " She looks like she would be fun to be around ---let's get her in here b/4 someone else grabs her!"

Everyone else!
take care.. be gentle w/ yourself... I miss you!

Today's thought of the day:
"Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are."
--Mary Jean Irion

Question of the day:
"If you were blindfolded, could you tell the difference between soft drinks?"
--Table Topics from the Pampered Chef

Kettle is on!

zadie k
02-17-2004, 11:42 AM
On friday at 5:11 p.m. we were a bit suprised by a early arrival. Maggie is healthy, although she is about 5 1/2 weeks early. She is 5 pounds, 11 ouncesand has a full head of dark hair with blonde tips. She is in the NICU till probably next week, but she is doing great.

Needless to say it has been a little crazy arround here. My parents were in town this weekend. She is their first grandchild so it is pretty exciting. Only two people are allowed in to see her at a time and one must be a parent, so there was a lot of sitting arround but it was good. The other set of new grandparents are on vacation in England. They has planned it specifically so they would be in the country when the baby was borne. Well, the best laid plans.

I am liking the new thread. It feels like a new start. Actually I am doing really rather well. I like the idea of a equinox exercise challenge, as I am already doing my own equinox personal weight loss challenge. Plus I have been hitting the stair stepper every day (except Friday), so it will not be too much of a shock to the system.

Kaylets - I am a fairly new flybaby, and I agree, it is pretty great. Plus the tremendous ammount of reminder emails makes one feel rather loved :)

It was cold waiting for the bus this morning, but it felt different. It was not the cold of "it will never get warmer again" but instead the cold of "this is the coldest it will be for at least a week." We may get above freezing.

At any rate, I must get working. Had yesterday off, which means twice as much work today.

02-17-2004, 04:52 PM
Scanned posts first again and am now out of time. So many things unsaid......I'll need to really purge my soul when I hit my own computer in two weeks.

Waves to all.....

02-17-2004, 05:13 PM
Yo! Fly-by (note: this is not the Flylady, though, it's Amarantha)!!! I put my sad sugar laden story and a desperation sugar recipe on the food thread, so won't repeat it. Have to work in mountains tonight (and every night this week, I think).

Kaylets, thanks for the info on Flylady. I think I need her ... yes, I did decide not to go to massage school ... I think I would infect all the clients with my repeated sinus infections!!! :)

I now have no career ideas in mind and my spirit be broken, but that's ok, it's been broken before!!! :)

Zadie, congratulations on thy new niece ... Maggie is such a pretty name!!!!

I like the idea of the vernal equinox challenge also ... I'm in steady state now with my 360 minutes per week (the calorie part of my 21-dayer bit the dust, details on food thread). The vernal equinox be a bit different here in the southern climes than when I lived further north ... by the time it rolls around, the day/night thing won't be exactly even ... but close enough ... it'll be nice and warm then ... well, it's nice and warm now ... and the yellow poppies are starting to bloom. Always a good sign that I'll soon want to go hiking!

Later, I'm late!

02-17-2004, 06:19 PM
Hello, darlings. Sorry to have been absent. I've been very sick and moving a company down 4 floors (harder than it sounds), and have literally had no time to come and chat. I think that I won't do too much scanning of the past posts, much as I have missed you all terribly.

Isn't it amazing how much energy we really have? I never fathom how energetic I really am until I'm sick for a good long time and lose it. I love being alive and well.

Zadie, warm congrats on being an auntie! "Maggie" is such a great name. I'm glad your sweetie and sister are all OK.

Much love to the rest of you - moving's over, but I still have to unpack the supply room, so I'm still too busy during the day to talk much - pray that our internet issues at home get resolved soon. I miss you all so much!

02-17-2004, 06:27 PM

anagram-good to see you post! please send some of that warm weather down this way before you leave fl. in a couple weeks.

zadie k.-congratulations on the birth of your niece, maggie! how wonderful!

i have had a good op and exercise day. i stuck to my pre-planned meals too, which felt good. i thought it would be especially important for me to try and stick with these menus for the next few days too, since i'm stressed and it's so easy for me to use that as an excuse to go off track. more snow today-ugh! my friend reminded me though that there really is an end in sight with this bad weather. actually, it is very pretty to look at anyway.

kaylets-that is neat that you found the loose cash when moving. i haven't found anything yet which i thought i had lost, but then i still have a lot more packing to do, so i may still find some hidden/forgotten treasure.

amarantha-it is nice to be making a new start in the new condo. i had gotten myself all wound up earlier worrying about some things, and reading your words reminded me to relax and let myself enjoy all the positives of this change, new beginning in new digs. my friends are working so hard to make it nice for me and i smile when i think about all this, just as i smile when i read your posts. hope those mountain drives for work this week aren't too wearing, anyway.

take good care, all. to those mentioned and unmentioned, have a good evening. thinking of you.

02-18-2004, 07:45 AM
Hello all!!

Domestic stress ( DSS) last night nearly had me Off Program but I carried an orange to the bedroom and somehow this was enough for my brain to say," Ok, at least there's something ....."

Our snow storm didnt happen which is a relief....
Looks like my cold symptons were a false alarm too...

The Sugar Free Hot Chocolate was delivered at work yesterday. I had some and evidently, have lost my taste for that too.... Even had a second cup just to make sure! Now that's what I call ironic.... " If I keep drinking this , it might taste better..." hmmmmmmmm.....
That was the other reason I thought a cold was coming on... that things didnt taste right...

This is interesting... never really been aware of my taste changing except after I quit smoking ...
So.... I know Arabella has quit wheat for periods of time... I wonder if this is common... the longer you are away from a food, the less it tastes as it did when you are eating it everyday....

Empress... ?? Eydie?? Anyone??

Thought of the day:
"If you want to, you can seize the day. But you have to really want to."

Question of the day :

Do you ever try to change to please your friends?"
--Table Topics from the Pampered Chef

Extra thought of the day :

"Do not mess in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy and good with ketchup."


02-18-2004, 08:10 AM
zadie, welcome to aunthood! Wow, a new fresh baby! :bb:

Amarantha, please rephrase. I can't imagine your spirit being broken---ever! Bent maybe, but never broken. Rise up, Goddess! :)

wsw, you're inspiring me with staying OP. especially during a move. I've felt a little 'off' lately.

Cerise, take care of yourself. We look forward to hearing more from you when things are less intense for you. Hey, what happened to Seattlejo?

Where are our beloveds Punkinseed and Arabella? :^:

Kaylets, sorry to hear of more distress with DS. Hope it smooths out soon.

Onward, going to get to work early so i can come home early! hee hee

02-18-2004, 08:44 AM
Hi all! Hope I have been a little missed.
I have been so busy with 2 jobs I haven't had even much time to sleep. Very tired, and very sick (again!) I've got that dag gone cold AGAIN!! What is going on??

For this challenge, even though I won't be losing weight, I'd like to challenge myself to not ralph in the car on the way to and from work. I now get car sick. I came very close to tossing my cookies this morning whilst at stoplight. When does the all day sickness end?

Finally told the big boss about us being pregnant. She was extremely less than thrilled and suggested I start looking for something else. BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

More later lovies, I have to pee!!

02-18-2004, 09:00 AM
Isn't that illegal? And discriminatory? Zadie K?

Bye the bye congrats to the new auntie (or do you say "antie"?). I like the longer drawley "u" sounds so Auntie. Babies come fast once that water breaks...and doctors like to get 'em out...safer.

Just a quickkie....hope all the sickies feel better...I too was quite sick with my first preg Frogger....caught every blessed thing going around and could take nothing! Moving is hard enough when it is yourself, right wsw?...but to move a company? Whoa....just keep in touch when you can Cerise.

Arabella, SeattleJo and the rest of the AWOL :queen: S...where are you?



02-18-2004, 12:59 PM
Heigh-ho, chickadees.

Ahhh. Woke up this morning HATING my life but then got to work and some sort of weird, "everything's-all-right" euphoria kicked in. Huh. Maybe because the company's moved, we're in our nice new office and even though I have a mountain (and I'm not kidding) to unpack and store, at least the heavy, oh-God-what-if-I-forget-something panic is over.

I was hating my life because I fixed some nice Mexican hot chocolate with a shot of Kahlua for Ramon and I last night and it kept me up like you wouldn't believe. To add to that frenzy (you know, the sweaty, caffeine-induced, doze-off-weird-dream-jerk-awake-every-half-hour kind of night), I had also inhaled a book of Steven King short stories just before turning off the one can :censored: with reality better than he.

Anyway, on to posties:

Dammit, Kermie (I mean, Frogger). What is the matter with your boss? :mad: Ceara's right, she's breakin' the law by even saying something like that. Don't suppose you have a good lawer...? :chin: I hope you get some relief from your ill health soon. What about the glowy, feel-good thing I keep hearing that pregnant women are supposed to inherit? Skipped you, I guess.

Ceara, how are the doglies? How's that good friend of yours who's dealing with the loss of her husband?

Eydie, I've been a little "off", too, lately. I spent two weeks off-program, the first because I was deathly ill (coughed so bloody much I was sore for days afterward) and the second because I was spending every waking (and most sleeping) minute thinking about moving the company and couldn't bear to spend the mental energy on thinking about what I was eating. Silly to see such words on my computer screen, now that I've typed them, but going off prog. seemed a good idea at the time, and maybe it wasn't such a bad one, since I maintained weight-wise and stayed sane. Who knows? I'm back on the wagon today, though! :D

Aw, poor Kaylets. I'm so sorry about your domestic stress. That sort of thing colors my whole day sometimes. Here's some peace... :goodvibes's some luv... :love: . I know what you mean about eating something so it'll taste better. I did that with canteloupe once. Hate the stuff, since I was a kid. One day I said to myself, "OK, you're a grown-up now. Grownups like canteloupe. They eat it and like it." I started eating it every day, sincerely experiencing the flavor and trying to like it. I still hate it. I'd rather eat cat hair. OK, not quite. :lol:

WSW, glad to hear your move's coming along. Thanks for sharing your story about the volunteer you were able to help. That's exactly the impression I've had of you - sort of a sage friend who people relied on. I can tell that people feel good about things when they're around you. I love those kind of people. Actually, there are a lot of people like that on this thread!

Speaking of which, uh, where is everybody? Oh, I know. My absence made everyone just want to leave, too, right? R-i-i-i-g-h-t. :rolleyes: Well, I'm back, ladies! Time to slip back into the fold.

Actually, thanks to y'all faithful ones who've stuck it out through thick and thin. I'll get more like you with time, I hope.

Love, darlings...

zadie k
02-18-2004, 04:08 PM
Fly by, but I just had to say it...Frogger, what your boss is doing is almost certainly illegal. I am not giving legal advice becuase I am not licensed to practice in your state, but if, hypotehtically a situation like that was to happen there would be some hypothetical things that a person could do. There is probably a state agency that takes care of issues like this. Department of labor or department of human rights are a couple of guesses. There are also attorneys that might take a case like with no out of pocket costs becuase under the federal regulations they might be able to get attorney fees. I do not know about nonprofits round your parts, but there is probably someone who crusades about this issue that might have attorneys as well.

Speaking of attorneys, I guess i should get back to acting like one :)

02-18-2004, 04:43 PM
Zadie, you hypothetically rock.

02-18-2004, 06:29 PM
Frogger, add me to the list of women who are absolutely outraged about your boss' behaviour. Is she serious or does she think she's being funny, or is she being *****y? What nerve! And you don't need that in your delicate condition. [does anyone say that anymore?] Sorry about the A.M. sickness. Does that pass after a while? Oh, and of course you've been missed, silly!

Cerise, so you're feeling more settled? I'm the same way when I have something big coming up at work--it consumes my every waking moment and them poof! it's over.

Punkin, send us a sign. Hopefully you're taking some time off and doing the 'Spa Terry' thing.

Ick. A very bad, very weird day for me. So weird that I know something must be going on with me, but I can't really pinpoint it. So I've been eating all kinds of bizarre stuff today, stuff I wouldn't normally touch--junk. And I've made myself good and sick. Good news is my faithful body's craving water and nothing but water. I usually post my food journal on the other thread, but I couldn't even tell you what I've had exactly. Let's just say it got ugly! :devil:

Bowed but not beaten....that's me!

02-18-2004, 11:07 PM
Hi girls. We aren't going to talk about my weigh in because it was awful. It has to be water because I know I didn't gain that much this week. And I wore jeans tonight, which doesn't help.

I have a second interview on Tuesday. We're still working out the time. The only feedback I have so far from the recruiter is that the Controller really enjoyed talking with me and feels I am capable of filling the position. The next interview is with HR.

Frogger, never mind illegal, that's just downright despicable!!! GO TO HUMAN RESOURCES. Tell them what she said. Get it documented! Don't let her get away with that...she should know better than to say such a thing, even if there was the remotest bit of humor in it. :nono:

Cerise, ever read any Clive Barker? Now there's a twisted mind. Blows Stephen King out of the water, IMO, but I'm a fan so I'm biased. Hellraiser, Imagica, The Great and Secret Show....*shiver* Glad the bulk of the move is over with for you. What an ordeal something like that would be! You're feeling better, then? Hello to Ramon :wave: How is he doing?

Kaylets, sorry to hear about the domestic stress. Hope it is better tonight!

I think we need to send the Royal Search and Rescue team to find Punkin and SeatleJo. :mag:

Hello to all our lovely ladies....I need to find something else to wear tomorrow since the cat puked all over what I had laid on the bed. :rolleyes: Of course she did it AFTER I finished ironing it.

ņ demain...

02-19-2004, 08:36 AM
Hello all!!

Oh boy, again, didn't want to listen to the alarm! Stayed up past bedtime watching a show I was taping too.... : 0 :)
That seems silly doesn't it???

Its very much like that Country song,
"What was I thinking??".....
About something else!!!

Now, if last night, I still had little ones, I'd be making sure they got to bed on time so they be starting Thursday well rested....
Why am I not as important? Why is it ok for me "not to be on the list"??
And what kind of example am I to my family??

Remember what Dr Phil says.... "We teach those around us how to treat us..."
If I don't respect my needs, I am "teaching" others that its ok not to respect my time, my needs, myself......

Does that mean I need a lion tamers whip and a chair??? No. Not for me.
But step by smiling step, the same way I learned how to cook new vegetables, figure out points, etc., etc.....

Lots of days, all of this seems like too much effort...but then I wonder why I think I'm not worth the effort??? I'd do this for a parent, child, friend,.....


I don't know why I hate to do this so much! But, I am challenging myself and anyone else who's interested. I could use your support!
All you have to do is come back and share..
" I recorded most of my food.."
"I recorded all my water"
All you have to do is share how you did...
For me, its going to be one meal at a time..
I hate to carry a notepad around so I am thinking I will write it down on a loose sheet and then staple it into a notepad that will live on my desk here....

Its time to try something new, I've tried everything else I can think !!

Thought of the day:
"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."
--Milton Berle

Question of the day :

"What were Milton Berle's famous "habits"?"


FROGGER!!!! Personally, just to make sure I understood and to confirm the boss wasnt "offering advise" because of your travel time, etc,etc.... IF she is really telling you that your job is in jeopardy.... you do need to report it.

I would be tempted to go back to her and start the conversation again...
tell her how much you like your job... etc. and see what is said...
Even better...would be an email... documentation is a good thing....

Take care all!

02-19-2004, 12:47 PM
Yo, I'm doing a couple of flybyes also as somewhat crunched for time this week. I posted this on the NOLA thread, so zapping it in here as well:

"Yay, Ceara and Anagram!!!!! Good for thee for schlepping on through Georgia and the Bayou ... I think the Bayou may be in there somewhere ... on Sunday, I'm going to post the CCRRMM Vernal Equinox Exercise Challenge, unless someone else wants to? :chin: :s: :doh: (Would not hurt my feelings, I just want to have a new exercise thread on Sunday)!!! Since the NOLA was meant to go to Mardi Gras, it seemeth that the :queen: consensus be we need a vernal equinox challenge. I'm thinking we can all just post personal exercise related challenges and go from there ... I'm going to continue with my 360 minutes a week and everyone can continue with what they're continuing with ... hope that soundeth ok dokey ... I'm going to post this verra post on the main thread as well ... sure and b'gorra (St. Pat's Day is somewhat close to the vernal equinox, so ... ) :lucky: ... "

Let me know if anyone objecteth! :)

Frogger, so glad to see thee but sorry thou be havin' a rough time with the BB (supply wording thyself)! :s: As said above, your boss' attitude is wrong and discriminatory (IMO) and probably not legal (in my non lawyerish opinion). Zadie ... ?

:queen: K, you be on!!! I journal at least my calories and exercise every day and then keep it on a spreadsheet at night. Often, though, I don't list every menu item, but have been doing it on the Demon Food Thread ... maybe you'd like to do it there so's we frequenters of that thread can see thy menus and get good ideas. Every day I see thy menu there, I'll post one ... sometimes I don't have time to do both threads and I really like the focus on food on that thread.

Ok, sorry, gotta go!!!!

To all, mentioned and unmentioned, YO!!!! :)

Dost thou thinketh Punkin and Seattle Jo joined the Foreign Legion?

02-19-2004, 06:49 PM
Kaylets, I positively couldn't do this at all without my trusty food journal. I've kept one for years. If anyone ever asked me for advice on how to lose weight and keep it off, I think my first bit would be to keep a food/exercise journal. Yes, please--post away on the food thread! :D Great challenge!

Amarantha, looking forward to the Equinox Exercise thread. I plan to give myself a new challenge every week. I need to shake things up a little! More bellydancing? :s: That's a whole lotta shakin'!

Where is everybody? Doing something fun and healthy, I hope.

And Kaylets, it's a touch before my time, but I want to know Milton Berle's habits! I know he dressed like a woman in his act sometime, but I don't think you could call that a habit! Inquiring minds want to know......! :D

02-19-2004, 09:32 PM
Hello all!

Yes, Milton Berle did often dress as a woman, especially evening gowns. in fact, that seemed to be a common gag in early television...
this is kind of funny, because this morning I was thinking of Jack Benny and his "cheapness" and always being "39" ...
But Milton Berle is known as "Mr Television" from his many, many appearances, shows as well as being a writer for Ironsides.

Need to get some props together-- I am speaking to a high school class at a girls school tomorrow ... They are doing a class a week in public speaking, Toastmaster style, and I am their guest tomorrow. It will give me more experience speaking to people I dont know ( but still kind of safe as they are teenagers and in private school so have to sit still and look attentive! :lol: )
I am doing a speech about thinking "outside the box" in which I talk about how I hate that phrase because I never could figure out what it meant...
I am adding some "current" info specifically that "She Bangs" American Idol reject to make it a little more relevant for these girls... with my luck, they arent allowed to watch television and I'll have to explain who he is!!
He sure is an "out of the box" character... in fact, he's so out of the box, he's in the next zipcode!
And if you don't remember when I did this speech last time, I talk about what I thought the expression might have meant, rejecting the idea that we all think on automation like robots... and then start talking about how hard it is to see things its really hard to be a Bill Gates or Donald Trump or Tiger Woods.... and then, how I realized that our "box" is can be like a jewelry box... with all of our beliefs, values, fears, dreams, memories and visions .... how we carry these things with us wherever we go ... if we carry these things too close and too high, it blocks our view and makes it impossible to see clearly or to grab onto anything new....
But then, I finally realized, is if I use the box as a step stool ( and I literally put the "box" ( its a dressed up milk crate,) on the floor and get up on top of it..... That once you bring yourself to a higher place, you see things from an entirely different point of view....

Well, you guys are the best... you just helped me with my run thru!

Now to go wrap some brown bag around the milk crate and paste some signs on it that read " Dreams" "Fears" "School" "Faith"......

02-19-2004, 09:59 PM
Kaylets, please let us know how your meeting at the school goes. That is very cool! You know, I've never watched American Idol but somehow I know this 'she bangs character' you mentioned. Strange, it's like his 'fame' has seeped outside the box and he's everywhere! How did that happen? I picked it up thru osmosis. Creepy.

Thanks for the info on Uncle Miltie. I have a big book of his jokes--I think I'll read a few before bed tonight!

02-20-2004, 07:48 AM
Hello all!

Thanks Eydie, you just convinced me the "she bangs" guy is the way to go...

in fact, I think I am starting to like him more and more... his voice is awful but he is so persistent!
You've got to admire that!

How about some Uncle Miltie jokes for Friday??

Thought of the day :

"Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive."
-- Elbert Hubbard

Question of the day :

"If you had to eat the same dinner for a month, what would it be?"
--Table Topics from the Pampered Chef


Zadie-- too long overdue, congrats on the princess in your family!! How is your sister feeling too??
A new baby always makes everyone optimistic....!

02-20-2004, 08:22 AM
Okay. Kaylets---here's a few one-liners from the Diet section of "The Best of Milton Berle's Private Joke File"!

*A friend of mine has a great diet. You drink booze all day and eat anything you want. You don't lose weight, but you forget you're fat.

*He's lost a lot of weight. Last week he put on his winter underwear and fell thru the flap!

*It took a lot of willpower but I finally gave up dieting.

*She's on the rotation diet. Everytime she turns around she eats.

*I just bought a great bathroom scale. It takes off for good intentions.

*I went to a spa where the portions are so small, the guests fight over the food. Each dinner table comes with a waiter, a busboy, and a referee.

*My friend Tom bought a home exercise gym. Now he's starving to keep up the payments.

*I feel terrible. I've got so much gas, I'm being followed by Arabs! :o

*Show me a girl with a good figure, and I'll show you a hungry girl. :dizzy:

*My sister has a new diet that lets her eat anything from a blender. For dinner yesterday she drank 3 chickens and a roast beef.

*My wife claims she keeps young by dieting, exercising, and lying about how good she feels.

*Give up those intimate dinners for 2--unless you have a date.

*We live in a strange country. We spend half our money on food, and the other half trying to lose weight.

*My wife just went on her second diet. There isn't enough for her to eat on the first one.

Okay, I could go on and on, but it's time to bring this on home. Here we go....

A woman meets a friend for coffee and starts waxing eloquent about her husband. "He's a cheap *******," the woman says. "He doesn't leave me enough money for food. Last month I lost ten pounds."
The friend says, "Why don't you leave him?"
The woman says, "I will as soon as I lose ten more pounds."

I'm fighting the temptation to list more......! :D

02-20-2004, 09:12 AM
Yo, thanks for the info on Berle, Kaylets and Eydie! I don't remember him very well at all but it's interesting that he dressed as a woman on tv so long ago and that he made jokes about diets.

I like your thoughts on thinking out of the box ... yes, "making your own kind of music" IS the hardest thing to do.

I'm in a vast hurry ... posting a recipe on the demon food thread ... traveling until late afternoon but going to go work out with trainer first.

Eydie, I think I may do a different exercise challenge each week also on the new exercise thread.

I'm really kind of worried about Punkin and also about others who have disappeared ... calling all lagging posters ... check into the palace ... the towel boys miss thee!



02-20-2004, 01:25 PM
Indeed, so it is. I watched "Between Strangers", a very cool movie with the still-breathtaking Sophia Loren, and before the credits start, this quote comes on, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." -Philo of Alexandria. I turned to Ramon and announced that that quote has changed my life, and it already has changed several interactions in my daily walk for the better, I think, sunk as I am in the wooly expanse of Seasonal Affective What-Have-You. :rolleyes:


Kaylets, best of luck in your speech to teenagers. I have no idea who the "She Bangs" person is that you speak of, but I'm sure it will amuse and resonate with younger beings much hipper than I. Ah, teenager-hood. I'm glad not to be one anymore, but I hope I never lose my understanding for how it felt to be hormonal, angry (all the time, I remember. I was one of those "difficult" children that most grown-ups don't like much), helpless before a bunch of silly rules, and not in control of much of anything. I love being an adult. But I hope I never forget what it was like to be an annoying, pissy kid.

Yuck, Amarantha, profane spam? God help us. I hope you get this quieted down soon. There's nothing more upsetting than the feeling that you're not in control of your own PC. I hope you have a good day, one of those busy-but-on-top-of-things days where you just feel good and productive. Safe driving!

So, Eydie, did you figure out what the **** happened on your Day of Weird Eating? God, what am I saying? As if our cravings have logical courses most of the time. Anyway, your belly dancing sounds good. I wonder if I should look into it. I have a pretty stiff right hip (good old arthritis and joint laxity) which catches painfully sometimes when I'm walking - I'm trying to decide if things like yoga and belly dancing that challenge joint flexibility will help with the pain and stiffness of if they'll just hurt like **** and not do much good. I'm contemplating registering for a flamenco dancing course at a nearby comm. college. Since Ramon isn't all that interested in learning to dance I'm looking into learning dancing that I can do alone. Like flamenco, hula, and belly.

QOD: easy one. I'd eat Pho, a Vietnamese beef and noodle soup (well, I eat it with tofu, of course) that Ramon and I have confessed that we could live on. It's a savory, hot (temperature-wise) broth that's poured over rice noodles, cilantro, green onions, fresh basil, bean sprouts and jalapenos. The broth cooks the stuff (including the very thin strips of meat) and then you slurp it up. It's light, refreshing, filling, and so-o-o-o-o flavorful. People actually prescribe it for cold-sufferers in this city. Clears your sinuses rather suddenly, I've found. I have a recipe that I'm trying this weekend. If it's a good representative of Pho, I'll share it.

Darling Wildfire, sorry about the :devil: Weigh-In. It ain't you, you know. It's the Evil Spirit of Past Fat that's lurking around the scale. Get you some holy water, a wafer, a good priest and some incense and DRIVE the devil outta that scale, amen! Then you'll get a much more favorable weight.

Sending out good vibes for the folks ruminating over your resume right now, dearest. Say it with me, "I am the kind of person that stands out in an interview, that people pick out of a crowd. I resonate with prospective employers." That's YOU, baby!

Arabella, how are the wisps doing?

Punkin, it ain't Friday until you say. SAY IT, GIRL, SAY IT!!!

Zadie, how's the new princess? How's your sister? How's, uh, Lars? Rolf? Leif!! How's Leif? Sorry, couldn't remember his name there for a minute...

Anagram, send me a warm salt breeze, willya, and make some palmettos rattle for me, too, K?

Love to all...

02-20-2004, 03:18 PM
Unexpectedly, my interviews in the southland o' the state were cancelled, so I'm kind of not working and about to go shopping.

Life improves.

Wildfire, don't worry about Demon Scale ... he beith a dang liar most o' the time ('cept when he cooperateth with us, then he be a noble truth teller)!!!

Cerise, I like thy new motto ... om shanti! I must have missed the qod that led to thy pho response, but the pho soundeth good. Canst thou come to the Demon Food thread and post a recipe for us?

I just keep trying ...

The trainer I have is such a positive young woman ... I always feel better after working out with her ... think she should be a psychiatrist or something but she's put me in a much better place mentally. I am not working today and likely not tomorrow (we'll see)!

02-20-2004, 03:25 PM
I'm testing the recipe first, 'rantha. I would never post a recipe that hadn't been approved by moi. The QOD was something like, if you had to eat the same dinner for a week, what would it be?

Ow, I was moving boxes of company letterhead and skinned/bruised/shredded two knuckles against a sharp wood corner in the office. My hand's all swollen, black and blue, and I can barely type. I'm getting good sympathy, though. Maybe they'll let me go home early. :-)

zadie k
02-20-2004, 06:19 PM
Quick post (yet again...someday I will buy some time). Things are going well. Lil sis and the princess are now at home, which I think will make everyone happy. They are both doing very well, although the new parents are a bit overwhelmed. Still, it is nice for them to be at home and play family finally. Leif survived his week of midterms and is doing well. He is studying all the time. He is thinking of maybe specializing on medical technology design (he is an electrical engineering major). This is a new interest for him. We shall see. He has also decided that he is going to work this summer rather than go to school, which will be good becuase he needs the break and we need the money.

I have been a good girl and exercised every day, so why o why will the scale not move :(

At any rate, I must get back to work, but I will check in this weekend for a nice long catchup post.

02-20-2004, 09:13 PM
Cerise. No, I never figured out what prompted the day of weird eating---But I'm happy to say that I'm over it! :) Maybe because I started out the day with a brownie that my co-worker had left for me [he's a nice guy, really!] and that just gave me that what-the **** feeling. I keep telling myself that it's unrealistic to think every day will be perfect. The challenge for me is getting right back on track after a mini-binge day; it kinda haunts me for a few days till I get back in the groove.
So, does pho rhyme with foe. or is there some weird pronunciation?
And Cerise, I can't recommend bellydancing highly enough. In my opinion it's as good as yoga for flexibility---those hip stretches are delicious. And you'd be opening up a whole new world for Ramon! :s:

02-20-2004, 10:28 PM
Yo, I'm back on track, more or less, as well. Posted my menu on the food thread.

Cerise, looking forward to the pho recipe when thou perfecteth it ... although lack o' perfection never prevents moi from posting Elberta's baking experiments, but she's an ex-journalist and used to being imperfect in public!!! :s:

The second version of my turbinado-pear bars (with less sugar) really turned out so well. Elberta had to put a lock on the larder door before she went to bed so Amarantha can't eat all the bars. These are only 105 calories and haveth healthy ingredients, but they still have calories.

So, I think that's the answer to the qod (thanks, Cerise, I couldn't find the post) ... I'd eat one of my turbinado-pear bars and an EAS vanilla carb control shake for dinner anytime. :smug:

Re the most recent spate of obscene spam I'm getting ... it has words I've used on the devil food thread ... cheesecake, devil, turbinado ... I'm not going to bother the sisters with this as they can't do anything about it and they are likely harassed enough as it is ... but I hate this stuff ... I don't mind some (nonoffensive) commercial email, even if I haven't asked for it), but this stuff is awful ... and I only started getting it when this site changed its software ... but I think I know how to get rid of it ... :rollpin:

Eydie: I tried belly dancing a few years ago and loved it as much as you do ... I think you're right that it rivals pilates for the core area ... lots of fun, too. Maybe I should look for a class.

Later ...

02-21-2004, 09:23 AM
Cerise, I meant to tell you----I LOVE that quote you posted from the movie. Garry does too. Life changing indeed.

I think I'm going to do a couple of bellydance videos as my aerobic activity for the day. All this talk of it has inspired me. :)

02-21-2004, 11:46 AM

02-21-2004, 03:55 PM
All, RIGHT, Elberta. Since I don't wish you to slink away into ignominy (is that how you spell it? I don't even know how to pronounce it. IG-no-minny? ig-NAW-minny?), I will go to your scurvy challenge for today and post something. Don't prepare to do any ooh-ing and ah-ing, though. I'm pretty sure it'll have something to do with housework. :mad:

What is with me and the "Chocolat" soundtrack on Saturday mornings? It's givin' me deja vu. Here I sit, yet again, with something lovely and hot to drink, the soundtrack playing, and thou, dear friends. A nice weekend tradition, I think. I had been snarfing from a tupperware dish of leftover spaghetti (see Demon Food thread for recipe for bloody wonderful marinara) - not a pretty picture - but wrestled it from my own hands and am now sitting demurely in my jammies and sipping tea like a proper lady. Where's the ironic snicker smilie? Oh, yeah... :s:

Oh, Wise Eydie, I actually welled up (a common occurrence with me, but hey) when you said that you and Garry liked that quote. Wow. People I admire think that stuff I regurgitate online is worthy ! Boy, I am sunk in that Seasonal Thingy. What an emotional pooter I am. :rolleyes: At least I'm writing again. Properly, I mean. That's the first thing to go when I'm sunk. You know, I think it's really cool that your "what the ****" period lasted for a DAY. I think you must know (perhaps you experienced it in the past) that many peoples' full-on, "Screw-It" binges mostly last for a week or more. Or several months, as has been the case with me more than once. You're a healthy lady. :yes:

Amarantha, I hereby award you with honor for bestowing Cerise's First Belly Laugh of the Day. Yes, it's true, I have many in the course of 24 hours, but the first one "breaks the dam", so they say, and feels especially good. It was that piker thing that brought it on. I thank you. :lol: Oooh, I want to hike with you and see poppies!!! Wah. Y'know, I really want to try your recipes, but I've never bought protein powder, and am nervous about it. I mean, is there vegetarian stuff? There is, isn't there? And will any protein powder do? Huh.

Re: pho. It's pronouced "fuh", like "mud", and there's some sort of upward inflection in Vietnamese that I can't even try. Seattle-ites (who all seem to eat it by the gallon) just call it "fuh". I'll make it tonight, OK? And post the recipe tomorrow.

And, uh, Eydie, you get the Second Belly Laugh for that "opening" a whole new world to Ramon with belly dancing. You naughty, naughty girl. I'm gonna try belly dancing. Any videos you'd like to recommend?

Whew, Zadie, you can really pick 'em. Leif sounds...well, brilliant. Huh. Um, is he tall with really blond hair and high cheekbones? Just curious. With a name like "Leif" - he sounds like a strapping Viking or something. Pictures? Of you, I mean. And him if you wanna. :D

Punkin, Punkin, Punkin, my life's just a wee bit dimmer without you. Come on here for just a bit and tell us how you are. You are universally loved, darling.

You, too, Arabella, Ceara, Anagram, Frogger, Wildfire, Seattlejo, et al. I know I'm one to talk about absence since I was recently gone for a bloody week. *sigh*

Take care, loves. :wave:

02-21-2004, 04:58 PM
Yo! Thanks, :queen: Cerise for thy presence at the Faire ... I'll be there in a sec to post my hikie ... except there were no freakin' poppies out yet!!! I was also offered free entrance to the park (turned it down because I like to support it) because the ranger remembered me from the magazine days when I used to write about it!!!! My 25 minutes of fame!!! :)

Sorry thou be downeth with SAD ... we get that here, too, but in the summer when most folks (not me) stay indoors and close the shades a lot ... it be a tad hot in Arizona in the summer ... I may have mentioned that.

Shall go now and ooh and ahh over thy housework efforts ... actually, housework be a traditional fitness event of the Wandering Fitness Knights, so you be ready to go!!!!!

Where be :queen: K today? Was hoping she'd bite and come to the fitness faire!!!

:queen: s, these absences have GOT to stop. I'm tellin' thee, the Towel Boys are getting quite restive without all the regulars here. They are threatening to post obscene spam in everyone's pm boxes.

We need everyone to REPORT TO THE PALACE!!!

Hmmm. What was I saying? My mind went away while watching Cerise's little bubble guy ... think it's nap time!

02-21-2004, 06:14 PM
Cerise, I'd start with any of Veena and Neena's videos. They're twins! they have an excellent series of "Bellydance Fitness For Beginners'" tapes. [or DVD's] Very easy to follow---I'm really bad at following choreography and even I could keep up; now I'm shimmying and hip dropping like an old pro. Okay, maybe that's not a good choice of words, but you know what I mean!

Amarantha, I'm going to the new thread--wouldn't want to disappoint. Remember, it's slow on the weekends here! Also, I'll beon the food thread to post one of my favorite EASY recipes!

02-21-2004, 06:56 PM
Hello dears,

Having problems with DD again. She's been AWOL since yesterday, we just found her at her friend's place. I just can't do this anymore. She is old enough to be responsible. All we ask of her is that she go to school and pass her classes. That's it. She has so little regard for anyone but herself.

So, all plans of getting back on track 100% this weekend have gone down the drain. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

02-21-2004, 08:48 PM
hi wildfire-i'm sorry to hear about your having problems with your dd again. it must be very hard to deal with. sending hugs and good thoughts your way.

cerise-i like that quote you mentioned too. your hand definitely sounds like it must have hurt! i am convinced moving is hazardous to one's health. i don't know how you moved an office. i'm having quite a time just getting myself ready to move and i only have what fits in a tiny space, though as i'm packing and going through things, the space somehow has magically grown in to what feels like a large wherehouse!

hi eydie, amarantha, ceara, anagram, and to all the rest of the royal court.

i went over to the condo. while 2 of my friends were there this afternoon. they started the bathroom and ripped out the tub. i swear i don't know how they do it. there is so much hard work involved and they are so good-natured and enthusiastic about it all--and it was all their idea. they were going to install a ready-made walk in shower, but couldn't use it after all, so are doing it all themselves. it is amazing, as are they!

i have been remaining op and doing my exercises, and still keeping my menus very simple. i finally lost a lb., which has been pretty hard-fought. i guess every ounce seems to want to hang on! it was nice and warm yesterday and today, and i have enjoyed every second of the warmth and sunshine. i need to get back to my packing/weeding out stuff, but wanted to check in and let you know i'm thinking of you all. take good care.

02-21-2004, 11:02 PM
Eydie, I've just now ordered the two Veena and Neena beginner DVDs from Amazon. You're the best - thanks for the advice! I can't wait to see what I can do.

wsw, I'm so glad to hear about you having helpful friends around you. You know, they do it because they adore you, and, on a more pragmatic note, I'm convinced that you're a steady, reliable anchor in their lives. I don't know why, I just get this feeling that a lot of people depend on having your love in their lives. I know we do.

Wildfire, darling, hang in there. As a formerly pigheaded, rebellious teenager (if my parents hadn't packed me off to boarding school for 5 years I WOULD have killed my father) I can sit here and say that she has as good a chance as any for turning out great. Maybe you'll even survive this and live to see it happen. Come and vent, and remember that there are a good 10 or so mature, self-actualized women right here who all adore you. Right, girls?

Amarantha, I love my bubble guy, don't you? He embodies how I feel and what I value so very well. I'm sorry you missed out on the poppies, love. Incentive for you to go hikie again soon, right?

Love and kisses to all...

02-21-2004, 11:57 PM
Yea, Cerise, I do love the bubble guy ... he makes me feel happy and calm ... dost thou remember blowing bubbles as a child? I do. It was fun. Wonder why we don't do that when we grow up ...

I'm having more sinus and depression problems right at the moment, so shall signeth off before I start venting ...

Avanti to all! :)

02-22-2004, 08:55 AM
Cerise , I'm so excited for you! You're going to love it. [Tell Ramon that he has me to thank. :D ]

wsw, I say again that your friends are jewels!

Amarantha, Vent away! Do not hesitate.

Wildfire, if it's any consolation, your daughter's going to be so embarrassed about all this someday. [I know that I was! :o ]

I'm off to have a nice breakfast out this morning. I'll try to keep it reasonably healthy. I've got to keep chanting 'Fruit, fruit....'

02-22-2004, 12:29 PM
Hello all!

Sorry I didnt stop by yesterday! I thought I had... in fact, wrote a long post about something I can't remember... very energetic .. very motivational...


As promised,
( actually, if yesterday's post didn't make it here, you may not know that I promised to use it.... I would've used it yesterday but had already sent my
Good Morning Thought of the Day email out....
ANYWAY, Cerise...
I really like Philo's quote... Now I want to know more about Philo... In fact, you have inspired me for another speech..... ( OH GEEZ!! DOES IT NEVER END WITH KAYLETS>>> YAK< YAK YAK!! )

Trumpets Blaring please
Today's Thought of the Day is:

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle."
-Philo of Alexandria
Question of the day :
" When was the last time you felt someone else got a "lucky break" that you deserved?"
---Table Topics by the Pampered Chef

Empress-- YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I swear, I wrote for nearly 45 minutes yesterday am! and posted a monster post here! Writing a big part of my life again... In fact, DH wonders if he's created a monster! ( YAK>>YAK YAK>>>)!!

Wildfire.-- So sorry DD is pushing the boundaries again... can relate in so many ways...especially this week... We are here for you... its safe to holler and throw things in here...

Zadie-- Are you anywhere near Our Lady of Assumption Church in St Paul???
That's where my Aunt's funeral was held Thursday.... technically, not her parish but only 4 miles away and she really held a "
dual" membership.... My greatgrandparents were married there, grandmother and greataunt grew up in that church and great aunt married there... lots of history and my aunt thought the choir better than her parish church... we all believe it pleased her to be there...
Mom says you had such a warm spell Thursday and Friday, you could hear snow melting in downspouts, gutters, off roofs, etc, etc, wherever you went...
Your new neice makes me feel the wheel turn as we remember my aunt....

Cerise-- Hmmm.. emotions are a good thing... sometimes scary but then don't get me wrong, I 'm not talking about femme fatale fainting....

WSW-- ITS GETTING CLOSER!! It won't be long now!
AND CONGRATS on a pound down! You inspire me!

Speaking of inspiration, DH and I went to Atlantic City yesterday for an ice show.... we stopped at the library to grab a book I had reserved that came in... I read a lot on the way up and finished it this am....yes, it was that good...
Please consider reading "Passing For Thin" by Frances Kuffler... Its a true story... of losing 170 lbs.... very, very well written... I am a very hard sell for a "good read" and if it kept my interest ( I was trying to read in the parking garage at 10 pm last night!) then it must be riveting.....

DH just got up ( we're not used to be up till 1am anymore... must be two OF ( Old F**rts!) if what kept us up was an ICE SHOW!!!!
so I must break away...


02-22-2004, 03:46 PM
Hmmm? :queen: K, where be that 45-minute postie? :) Maybe it got lost ... or maybe I'm nuts and you did post it and I don't even know what day it is ... that's actually a good possibility with this sinus infection.

Anyway, guys, I lost a pound and posted the equinox exercise thread and WILL BE TOTALLY CRUSHED AND DEMOTIVATED if no one participates. I will be sad. I will whine. I will threaten to go away ... I NEED SOME EXERCISE COMPANY (oops, giving away the selfish nature of my action in posting the thread)!!!!! I know the 360 minute challenge I'm doing is why I'm losing weight. It sure ain't the eatin' good part!!!

Let's go!!!!!! Yowza!!!

Wsw: Did I congratulate thee on a pound down? I AM confused ... anyhow, congrats ... you be the best and are going to have a great time in your new place!!!

Eydie: I'm past venting today 'cause I lost a pound!!!! Yowza! Will post my menu tonight on the food thread ... being vigilant against :devil: Sugar, except I had a tablespoon of turbinado on the oatmeal again ... still ...

Ok, got to go back to work. I do not intend to have to do this c*** on Monday ... Kaylets, I actually hate writing but I get paid to do it ... I wish I felt the way I used to about it ...

Ok, bye!!

02-22-2004, 05:40 PM
amarantha-congrats on the lb. down!! hope your sinus infection gets better a.s.a.p. it sure has been hanging on much too long now. they can be so miserable!

eydie-i agree:my friends are jewels. they told me this afternoon that moving day is the 29th. they are rushing to finish things up, because they found someone to sublet my apt. from mar.1-may31st(when my lease is up, since i could not get out of it), so---at this time next week, i will be in my new place. i am very excited about it. i did kind of think i would have longer to get stuff packed, but now that i have a definite deadline, i will push into high gear (well, higher gear, anyway.) i am so nervous about it, which is silly, since i will literally be "among friends" but i am not feeling organized enough by this point, plus the last time i moved (2 years ago), i could get around "on my own steam" much better than now, so everything takes me a lot longer than it used to, which is frustrating at times, particularly now. oh well! i will just do the best i can. the subletter wanted something furnished just to be able to finish out the grad shool year, and my friend who put the ad in the paper for my sublet said yes to this guy and is moving in his extra bed, table, etc. that he has in storage in his basement AND is moving it out again may 31st all because he wants me to not have to be out the rent money through the end of the lease. mind you, my friend did this without telling me so that i wouldn't let him go to all this trouble for me! ---my wonderful friends! cerise-i sure hope i am half as good a friend to them. i certainly can be a good anchor, but i'll tell you---at moving time, all bets are off! right now i feel like a raving lunatic. the good news is that in one week, i will be in much better shape again. kaylets-i try to remember some of your wise words regarding just taking things in small chunks of time and that helps when i look around here and see all the things still left to do.

now i really need to committ to staying op and keeping up with my exercise. this is a time which i could easily use as an excuse to not pay attention, and i know if i do that, i will be up the creek. i did well today so far. i stopped over at the new condo. and 3 of my friends were working there. they asked me to go to lunch with them for a break, and i had already eaten. i did go with them to visit, but just had water. actually, it was pretty easy because it was just at a sub place which isn't all that tempting for me, but any time i don't use a situation like this to overeat by developing "amnesia", is a moral victory! it felt good. hopefully, i can keep it up.

well, i am thinking of you all. take care.


02-22-2004, 10:35 PM
Wsw, it's so good to hear thee sounding so happy!!!! I wish thee the best in thy new place ... if thou be going to exercise, please come to the Vernal Exercise Fitness Faire and post what you are doing ... we really need the boost of thy good spirits!!! Congrats on thy "moral victory" at the submarine sandwich shop!

Dang, Wsw, we're all making some great strides in positive directions this year ... I can feel the new spirit in this :queen: ly group ... have a wonderful night!!!!

Ok, troops, let's all get out there to the exercise faire and win one for the Gipper!!!! Yowza! Sis, boom, bah!!! Huzzah!!!! It's just a click away from the palace!!!!! Be there or be square ...

:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

02-23-2004, 07:32 AM
Hello all!!

Sometimes Monday's show up so quickly!!
Lady on the radio said,
"But its just 4 days till the weekend!" ....

I am going to try and keep that perspective in mind....just 6 more days to my next official weighin... etc, etc....
Interesting how "a week" sounds so much longer than 6 days.....hmmmmmmmmm......

This morning's weighin shows a pound up....hmmmmmm....really need to reconsider a different activity added to my program...I don't want to spend as much time in this weight range as I did the last one...( almost a year!) ....I've been using the weather as an excuse... both my dog and I could use some more activity....

Also very seriously thinking about joining a meeting near the house to motivate me to get to goal....Looks as though a big March weighin is in the works w/ free registration... I figure whatever works, right??

So my friends....

"Here we go Monday, here we go!"

Lets have a Journal Check In ...
and .....
let's see what activity I can do more of today than yesterday....
hee hee, I already know I need to be at work at an hour longer to make up for an hour my speech ran over last week! But an hour sitting at my desk is not what we have in mind!

Thought of the day:
"I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward."
--Thomas Alva Edison

Question of the day :
"What book have you read lately?"
-- Table Topics by the Pampered Chef


zadie k
02-23-2004, 11:52 AM

Well, after high hopes of checking in durring the weekend, it got away from me, so here I am back at my work desk.

QOD: recent books...well I have three I am reading right now. My book club is reading "Night and Day" by Virginia Woolf, my night reading book as I go to sleep is "The Mauritius Command" which is one of the Patrick O'Brien ship books, adn my bus reading book is "The Bostonians" by Henry James. It all sounds rather lofty, but I reality tend to alternate between good books and total crap.

Amarantha - thank you for starting the exercise challenge. I am bummed that I missed the saturday thingy. O well, maybe next time. congrats of the pound down :)

wsw - I am so excited for you with the new place. Good luck with the speed packing. It is sometimes kind of nice to have longer to pack, but then again every time I have to move I end up procrastinating with the packing. I am glad that you have a legion of helpers.

Kaylets - Was it the Assumption that is in downtown? If so that is about 10 blocks from my house. I pass it on the bus sometimes. Yes, it was a very spring like couple of days. It is an interesting time to think about the life of people who have left us, when new life is begining.

Cerise - Yes, Leif is a big blond Viking type person. He can grow a full beard in about a week and he wears a lot of plad flannel. More the scruffy hairy type of Viking than the modern day nordic blondie. Yeah, he is pretty smart and also very musically talented :D

SO (in very small sheepish embarased voice) I just bought "The non-runners marathon trainer." I am still in "i could never do that mode" but I am going to start the pretraining in March. This sould set me up well for the running park of the Danskin tri and if I follow the program I can run the twin cities marathon in October. I feel a bit embarased, like I am thinking way out of my league.

At any rate, hello to all :queen: types, both posting and non-posting but still reading.

02-23-2004, 01:17 PM
G'monin', y'all. I am reading "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" and have deciced that southern people are cooler than anybody else. To that end, I will now begin speaking in a bayou accent, complete with Acadian patois, and will address everyone as "Chere". OK, not really. If you haven't read that book, do it.

Zadie, my next book is "Orlando" by Virginia Woolf. I was drawn to it because of a movie preview by the same name that looks fascinating, about a young person in the Elizabethan era (I think) that spend the first half of their life as a beautiful young man and the 2nd half as a powerful woman. Ramon and I had a protracted argument about whether the actor was male or female. Brilliant stuff. It'll be the first Virginia Woolf book I've read.

Um, Leif sounds de-friggin'-licious. Whew. Anyway (wrenching my mind back to Seattle, Ramon and other pure thoughts. Don't be too offended. You're the one who described him in detail, probably not knowing that I have a bit of a thing for the guys in that movie, "The 13th Warrior".) ...where was I? Oh, yeah. I'm with you about feeling sheepish and out-of-my-league with the triathlon thing. I'm sure you'll do brilliantly. And good on ya for doing it yourself, without the helpful (and forceful) influence of a trainer/coach SIL who's not taking "no" for an answer from me! :drill:

Kaylets, I thought of you (Kettle is On) when I sat down with a pot of rooibos tea and Billie Holiday last evening. I had a lovely hour by myself. Sorry about the pound up today; I have a feeling after my weigh-in tomorrow I'll be able to commiserate with you in a very real way. That quote from Thomas A. Edison really hit me between the eyes, my dear. That's exactly how Ramon and I feel when we've screwed up yet again (especially with the monthly budget). Learning to forgive ourselves and to look for even the tiniest hint of progress has been a wonderful thing for us.

wsw, it's hard to imagine you in a state of frenzy, but I can definitely sympathize. I hate moving, even though every move we've made has brought us to a cool new place. Still hate it. If you don't mind my asking, how do you get your cardio in? Especially in the winter. My SIL (phys. trainer) is working with a person with technical difficulties and is pretty baffled. Can you share a tip perhaps?

Amarantha, congrats on the pound down!!! :dance: It was the hike that did it, I just know it. Did you get your yucky writing done before today? Don't worry, I'll be down to the excercise thread in a minute, chere. Feel better soon... :sp:

And Kaylets, Philo of Alexandria seems to have been a contemporary of St. Paul. He's thought of in the Christian philosophical world (no, that's not a contradiction in terms) as a great guy, and has influenced theology a lot. You know, the philosophical and theological side of Xianity is the only thing that makes it palatable for me...

Onward, dearests. Have a lovely week on me!!

02-23-2004, 05:01 PM
Yo, ma cheries, or something like that! Hmmm. My brother wants me to study French because he's obsessed with it for some reason ... anyhow, I'm about ready to go take a nap again because my head still hurts ... but I did feel better for awhile ... then ate TWO huge donuts, details on food thread!!!!!

Zadie, thanks for coming and participating in the exercise challenge. You won a blue ribbon (but it looks like a yellow banana)!

Kaylets and Cajun Queen Cerise ... have lots to say to thee both, but head quite throbby!!! Also the internet be wacko here today because of storms!!!!


02-23-2004, 08:13 PM
HEllo all!

I too have a head that is throbbing... even runny nose at work forced me to take sinus meds .... Dh is taking a few vacation days and taped Oprah for me which was a real gift as it was her Pop Idol final as well as lots of neat "Dreams made true"... So, I got emotional and made my nose start running again....

We are at a new impasse w/ DS.... Right this minute, he is late to meet DH and 3 days late regarding 3 days worth of 12 step meetings he is supposed to be attending.
It will be interesting.

Need good vibes this way please.... USPS says package delivered to our bank this am... bank says, not true... they even walked the floor for me as I had the time of delivery to the minute. Bank says USPS must mean their office, not the banks... at this point, since, its not going to be posted till tomorrow, I will just be grateful for that.... You can imagine what I'm thinking,... that I forgot to put the check in the envelope, lost on someone's desk.... YIKES!!
I sure hate when the bigger checks are live ones! I have gotten too used to electronic transfers!


I also have rooibos tea... I forget... does rooiboos mean the area its from??

I must hit the showers... time to just let go ....

Take care all!

02-23-2004, 08:50 PM
Yo! :queen: K, I don't take any sinus medication as it makes it worse, I'm convinced. Refuse to take antibiotics as I don't have a fever ... did for one day. I'm just staying away from people and hoping to feel better ...

Sorry about the ds problems but maybe it'll turn out for the best?

Sending good vibes re the check ... :goodvibes: ... I never mess with real checks anymore ... too nonvirtual!!!

Cerise, thou mentioning Billie Holiday made me think of good vibes for Kaylets just now ... remembering Billie's birthday and I was up in the mountains to do a meeting but there was no meeting as I'd driven up the wrong day (I do stuff like that sometimes) ... so talked to people for awhile and it was really late when I drove back home through dark lonesome canyons ... but I didn't mind because the moon was full and they were doing a Billie Holiday special ... no talking, just Billie and old accoustic jazz ... felt very happy ...

Later, gators!

02-23-2004, 09:30 PM
Amarantha, have you tried saline nasal mist? There are no drugs in it, just moisture which can help loosen up sinuses. A friend had great success with it this winter when he refused to take antibiotics due to a gut problem. Your drive in the canyons with Billie sounds magical.

Kaylets, hope you aren't coming down with the crud! Hope everything works out with the cheque. :crossed:

wsw, just think, a week from now you'll be in your new (and newly decorated!) place, finding the perfect home for all your things. All the stress will be over, and you can take your time getting settled. Though, I imagine those incredible friends of yours will be helping you unpack, too!

zadie, I'd forgotten about your triathlon! I'm impressed all over again! :yes:

Hola Cerise! :wave:

Hi Eydie! :wave:

'Scuse me a moment, will you? *ahem*

Where the heck is Punkin???? This is SO unlike her.

Okay, NOW I'm going to read the Running Room mag.

PS> My second interview is tomorrow at noon....keep your collective :crossed: for me, please???

02-24-2004, 06:50 AM
Wildfire-- Starting now, positive good energy being emitted towards your fact, this is a great opportunity for a long distance experiment....
Who's with me??

Robert Hansen of Chicken Soup fame did this many times and claims he had many positive results.... He would notice a harried clerk, receptionist, customer working/waiting . He would begin to "send" them thoughts of how "delightful" they were...just that simple thought, " You are delightful, people enjoy being around you. You know how to make the best of each situation and make it delightful.....etc" . Invariably, he would begin to see the intended begin to lighten up, lose stress and begin to enjoy themselves although things were still, just as busy....

so....shall we collectively send "you are delightful" energy to the folks Wildfire is meeting today?? Not sure where to aim Wildfire so I personally will send to you and you can redirect....oK?? antibiotics... mostly just a weather change ( might snow today) that I was feeling.... I have heard amazing things from folks about a saline wash.... too early to describe tastefully.... but have heard that folks have been able to discontinue allergy meds they used for years....

WSW-- 15 minutes... 15 minutes.. 15 minutes.... don't forget that cycle includes a "break" .... moving is just as stressful physically as mentally...
You're friends are so inspirational to me... I hope my friends believe I am 1/2 as good a friend.... although I would be hopeless for most of a remodel... but I am an excellent washer, wiper, duster, etc....
And if I'm reading the sublet post correctly, you won't have to move everything all at once?? The subletter will need some things for awhile??

Eydie! First batch of yogurt came out edible... now we are looking at bigger batches... see folks on the web are using coolers and hot water to "incubate" ...which appeals to me in a very "Little House in the Big Developlment near the Interstate" kind of way....I have dehydrated starter but see everywhere that live cultures from "premade" yogurt can be used too...
Comments all?? I had extra 2% milk.... many of the instructions list dry or two even use soy milk... what did you folks use who made your own?? some recipes talk about freezing starter in icecube tray size cubes....??

Cerise: DVD's arrive yet??
Did you mention Sambuca a little while back?? That's a flashback to my bartending days....Used to be my just the memory makes me laugh at how much my tastes have changed.... ah well...

Zadie-- yes, you're right...that's the church... and yes... the circle continues...
I didnt realize walking was allowed in the triatholon.... Are you part of a team?? or are you going to do all 3 events ??
Ever wonder how many other women are also considering this event? For the very first time ?? And wondering if they are totally certifiable??
Its a little like me and my speeches ( CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE IS GOING TO DISCUSS THIS AGAIN!! ..>>yak, yak>> yak,yak :lol: )
Less than 2 yrs ago, I could hardly sit thru a meeting for fear they'd ask me more than my name.... now I've won a contest, spoken away from my club ( ok, so it was highschool girls in uniforms who wouldnt even dream of getting up and leaving) and actually have VISUAL AIDS for my "speeches"...
Point is this: ( FINALLY! :D )
We never know where for sure the first step will lead.... but until we make that first step... we are being led rather than leading...

Not all of us will give speeches or participate in marathons or write articles and books or inspire folks by just sheer persistence .....
Some of us will have the harder job... the most important job really, in my opinion...those of us who choose to applaud and cheer...And then even harder....those of us who do can be a tricky dance sometimes...

Thought of the day:

"Out of difficulties grow miracles."
-- La Bruyre

Question of the day :

"If you could change your hair color what would it be?"
--Table Topics from the Pampered Chef


Kettle is on!

02-24-2004, 12:44 PM
Hello everyone! :wave:

No, I did not desert you... My absence was due to a plethora of mishaps:
~ my mom's dead computer (she was using mine 1/2 the day)
~ our self audit has been very time consuming
~ computer at home has no virus protection and I WON'T turn it on until it does!
~ we've changed some procedures that've left me with less free time until they're smoothed out
~ this f$%(&@ site sometimes WON'T load on my computer (my computer is also do for a crash, ahem, I mean, maintenance soon too)
~ I've been busy, busy, busy!!!!!! :spin:

But, I think about you guys every morning, when I'm normally able to read the posts and am not able to because of this, that, or the other... I've missed being here and all of you SO much! And my weight has suffered too...

I've decided that next year, health insurance or not, I should probably go on an anti-depressant during the winter months. I just get SO down and blue - this year I had to fight like **** to not fall in to that too familiar abyss. I think I made it, but the residual "why am I even alive" feeling is still there juuuust under the surface. The closer spring gets, the better I feel, so I'm sure it's a seasonal thing, for sure.

Believe me, I know it's aaaaalllllll about brain chemistry - it's got nothin' to do with how I feel about myself, my friends and life in general. 98% of the time I'm a "happy-go-lucky ain't life grand and ooooh look! Flowers!" kinda gal - but winters since moving to the Pacific Northwest have changed me. I've been prone to depression for the last 20 years, so I don't need bleak winters to help me!

Weight wise, I'm up. 14 pounds from my lowest (that would be 214) and I have a weight check with my Doc in 2 weeks. I plan on being as honest as possible with what's happened - that I simply imploded a bit and needed to put all my stresses down and pick them back up to deal with one at a time. I know she'll be supportive, but there's still that "I've failed" feeling - even though I KNOW that ONLY gaining back 6 pounds since my last visit in November is a HUGE victory over what damage I *could've* done over the holidays. I'm still down almost 50 pounds. THAT is worth focusing on.

Anywho, barring computer snaffoos, I WILL be back. I need you guys. I miss my daily pep talk from you all... :yes:

Amarantha, thank you for your PM, it is what made me get back here!

It looks like Zadie is a new Auntie - congrats!

Frogger, I agree, your boss is sadly mistaken if she thinks she can fire you for being pregnant. That's been illegal for decades. Whatta' $^%&#! :mad:

Wildfire, I'm sorry DD is pushing her limits, again. I just got off the phone with my brother who's lamenting the raising of his 13 year old... I can't imagine how tough it must be to love someone so much and want to choke the crap outta them at the same time!

Well, the mums is back and I must free up the modem line.

Toodles for now!

zadie k
02-24-2004, 03:57 PM
Computer is all messed up. I have now lost two long posts, so here are the cliff notes:

punkin - welcome back

kaylets - yep, i am doing the whoel thing. actually i will be running, but the book is designed for people who have never run before.

QOD: my hair is dark brown and that seems to work best. used to dye it: black, red, blue, green, purple. Now it stays brown becuase of work.

wildfire: good luck with the interview

cerise: yes, i like big brawny men. i was glad that i was in a long term relationship while in law school becuase there were no mountain men there. serious lack of eye candy :) Our book club is going to read Orlando in a couple o months. I like the movie. Isn't Tilda Swinton the lead?

Amarantha: French? Mon Dieu! I took french about a billion years ago and now can only say "may i please sharpen my pencil?" O well, some day it may come in handy.

exercise going great. eating going ok. weight loss absolutely non-existent. o well, hopefully it will all kick in at once in a couple o weeks.

thus endeth the cliff notes post.

02-24-2004, 05:59 PM
First of all, I'm so happy that our Punkin is back. Very sorry that you're suffering from SAD and I applaud your decision to take care of yourself in the winter months next year.

By the way, Dollar made an appearance on the Exercise thread! :)

Kaylets, I always love your posts. You're one of those people that I wish lived next door so I could come over and you could solve all my problems. Actually, I could say that about anyone here! K., I'm so sorry that there are more issues with DS. Sending good vibes for him and the check!

Zadie, your Leif sounds dreamy indeed!

QOD: If I could change my hair color, I'd change it to that dark burgundy/brown color for a while. Did I ever tell you about that time I tried to dye my hair that color and it came out a lovely shade of purple? My hair has too much grey for a home kit to come out right. I had to dye it black to cover it. I looked like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!

I'm having a weird disjointed kind of day---tempted to eat but succumbed to a nap instead. Zero energy right now. Hoping to find my second wind.

Have I mentioned I'm seriously thinking about taking the plunge and getting a tattoo? :s:

02-24-2004, 08:46 PM
Geez, if I'da known all we had to do was YELL to get Punkin to post, I woulda done it looooong ago. ;) Thanks for popping in, Punkin. I was getting worried! Sorry to hear the winter is beating you down....let's see..five days left in February, and the equinox is the 22nd this year? So just 27 days 'till Spring er...springs! Don't stress over the gain. With everything you've been through this past year, I'm still amazed that you were losing through it all. Call it a fresh start on the next leg of your journey. :yes:

Kaylets, you're very brave to be making your own yogurt. If I ever tried something like that, I'm sure I'd end up with mutant bacteria that demanded to be fed humans, my own Little Kitchen of Horrors. :eek:

zadie, sorry about the post muncher getting your posts. I guess someone forgot to feed him. :dunno:

Eydie, go for it, girl! Any ideas on what type of tattoo?

Thanks for all the good vibes today. I'm really not sure what the outcome may be. They have asked for a fourth reference, and to give them one I may be putting my current job in jeopardy. There is just no one else I feel comfortable with letting them know I'm looking. Not sure what to do. They asked if they could contact a former employer on the east coast, but cripes, that was 7 years ago! I don't even know if the place is still in business or if anyone there would remember me. I don't think it's fair for me to ask for a reference...excuse me, INTERVIEW from the questions they are asking my references!...after all this time. I'm feeling if they want me, they know they want me this far in the process. I may just say sorry, you'll have to take three references. :shrug: For god's sake, I used the former owner of the company and he gave me a fabulous reference, and I used one current and one former employee. I think that's enough, don't you? Plus I'm just plain getting tired of this whole process. Decide already.

On the plus side, however, they have excellent benefits and hours and I really would like to have the job. I'll know soon enough.

Hello to all! :wave:

02-24-2004, 09:27 PM
Wildfire you are right what more do they want. It would be terrible if youended up losing the job you have now and then they don't hire you. I'm sending you lots of good vibes and Im keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Yesterday I spent my day off sitting in emerg with my son for 5 hours and we ended up going over to the doctors office because it was taking so long at the hospital. It was the docs office that told us to go because we would get and x-ray faster going that way then throught the office and we were concerned he broke his ankle. The doctors office saw him called the x-ray department told them we had been in emerg all day and would they please do the xray right away. We drove back to the hospital had the x-ray and when we left the person they called in at 1230 was just leaving it was 300 that person was the one before us we left the hospital for the docs at 200. As it turns out no break and he is much better today, so for my day off today I did nothing, well I went to the gym in the afternoon. Tommorrow it is shopping to spend my birthday money.. hurray. Everyone have a great day tommorrow.

02-25-2004, 12:34 AM
Yay, Punkin and Dollar are back in the palace and I'm feeling perkier already because of it!!!! Still having a bit of trouble staying awake right now ... posted on the other two threads and I've run out of stuff to say. Luckily I have no paying work to do right now.

Thanks to the :queen: s who mentioned the saline mist/wash ... I've seen that and may try it. Can you believe people used to come to Arizona to get away from allergies ... things have changed.

Punkin, sorry thou be in the seasonal dumps ... I think I already posted this but SAD seems to strike in the summer here, or so they tell me. A lot of people seem to stay indoors in dark air-conditioned rooms to avoid the sun ... I like the sun, though. Hope thou be staying outdoors as much as possible ... it's absolutely the best thing for seasonal depression ... don't worry about a small weight gain ... as thou sayest, you're down 50 pounds and that's awesome ... weight management is recursive, as we all knoweth, so just keep moving forward and don't worry about anything ... it really is worth it, in the end!!! :wave:

Dollar, thanks for participating in the exercise challenge ... it be so good to have thee back here. Sorry thou had to spend thy day off in the hospital waiting room ... that's awful, but it's lucky thy ds had no break after all.

Wildfire, I got here too late to send thee good vibes during thy interview but am sending them thy way anyhow. I wrote a long and pushy note of advice re thy reference dilemma but deleted it as it's none of my business, but I think thy path is clear ...

Kaylets, I admire thy yogurt making efforts. I wish I had the little yogurt maker my mom used decades ago in a galaxy far-far away! It just makes me smile thinking of her earnestly making yogurt in that thing ...

Woo, I discern depression creeping into my mien, so shall retire once again to the couch. Have to start working tomorrow ... and my head still hurts! But ever onward ...

02-25-2004, 07:43 AM
Hello all!

Dollar!! I am so glad to see you! How the heck are you! Sorry to hear about DS's ankle .... it is amazing how quickly kids bones heal ... Glad to see you!

Punkin! I've been wondering! Glad to see you too! Sorry to hear your lamp isnt doing the trick this year but as you say... organic, chemical, biological.... there is a time and place for medication ....
As for stressing about your doctor might say : a) you are not the first patient whose plane needs tweaking.... b) How many folks would opt not to go back and find another doctor?? c) As you say, you 've already lost nearly 60 lbs...
this is just a detour, you are finding a new route .... that is all... the journey continues....

Wildfire! Does it have to be a business reference?? Can it be someone from the community? Sometimes, I think they do these t hings to see how we'd react in a stressful situation.... to get a gauge when they think we are "too good to be true" " no one can be this nice, etc" ....
Or perhaps a coworker -- colleague who is no l onger employed at your current employer?
You just never know when references will really be used.... Terrible to admit but, I have used a BIL one time when I was scrounging for references too.
Since then, I've had folks I've only worked w/ via the phone ask me if I'd be a reference, and in fact, have used them when writing my review...( Oh Geez, its almost time to do that again too!)

*** Update*** DS has "volunteered" to go to the recruiter's today. Personally, I believe its to deflect DH's ire for not attending 12 step meetings but ....
I withhold all other judgement.

Today's thought :
"We're only fragile thread, but what a tapestry we make!"
-- Jerry Ellis

"Have you ever been a tattletale?"
-- Table Topics from the Pampered Chef


Ralph Marsten's Motivator was especially good yesterday-- hope you enjoy as much as I did:


Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Even though
You can be happy even when you are not. You can be positive even though there is no positive circumstance to be found in your world.
The smallest light can shine even in the darkest darkness. And it can make an enormous difference.

Some may call you a fool for seeing the positive possibilities when you're overwhelmed with difficulties. Yet you know that focusing on the positive is the most workable, realistic thing you can do.

For what would you achieve by being miserable? Not only is misery unpleasant to yourself and others, it accomplishes nothing of value.

Instead, when the world tells you to be miserable, don't listen, don't buy it. Turn your eyes toward the positive possibilities and focus your energy on the best of them.

You can acknowledge the reality of what is, the reality of your troubles, without letting them poison your attitude. Then look up, look forward, and move toward the best of what can be.

-- Ralph Marsten



02-25-2004, 12:02 PM
Ooooh, posting 2 days in a row? Watch out!

Blustery here today! It's so windy I've been listening to the chairs blow around on the back deck - I watched one scoot about 3 feet without tipping. Cool! :cool: Oh, and rain that's defying gravity ("falling" sideways).

:wave: Amarantha and Zadie! Thank you for the welcome back!

Eydie, I say do it! Get that tattoo!! It only hurts really bad for the first couple of minutes - then the endorphins kick in and it's really not so bad. Just remember to breeeeeeathe.....

Dollar, I'm glad your son's ankle/foot is ok! There's nothing worse than hanging out in the ER waiting (and waiting, and waiting, and waiting....).

Wildfire, yes, spring IS coming! I have bulbs coming up and well, the weeds are already sprouting! :dz:
Honestly, the biggest change in my mood came when the days started getting longer - I've felt SO much better in the last month so it's really only from mid-October to late January that I need to worry about... well, at least now I know!
About your job - now really, HOW many people's opinon's DO they need?????

Kaylets, actually, the lamp is still doing a great job! I have NO problem at all getting up at 5am during the winter months and in terms of severity of depression, as bad as I feel this year was, I know for a fact it could've been much, MUCH worse... so I still have faith that it's doing a maaahvelous job of keeping me sane!
What you said about this is "just a detour, you are finding a new route .... that is all... the journey continues" - I swear, I teared up. Thank you.

Well, I should probably away before the wind knocks out our power as it normally does with storms like this... :crossed: No power means no work! :cb:


02-25-2004, 01:49 PM
hi all! just a quickie post to say good to see you back, punkin! missed you. kaylets said it so well---this is a journey and you have lost so much weight already, which is fantastic. that is definitely what to concentrate on. hi dollar! glad your son's ankle was not broken. must have been so aggravating to be held hostage in an e.r. for so long. wildfire-any news yet about interview? i sent good vibes your way and will continue to.

hello eydie, amarantha, zadie k., cerise, and to all the courtly ones. my moving date was changed back to sat. the 6th, since the subletter changed his mind. i can't complain about having the extra time to get packed. i would have done it, of course, but this little extra breathing room is appreciated. it is cold and windy here today too, but the sun is out at least. there is possibility of ice/snow within the next couple of days, which i am hoping will not happen, both for moving prep/renovating and not to mention my sanity! well, off to pack, and kaylets, i am remembering your wise words, and trying to take this all 15 minutes at a time. hope things get better with ds situation. thinking of you all. take care.

02-25-2004, 02:08 PM
Good morning, Lambs.

Sorry for my absence yesterday. My good friend from Cambodia (she's American) wrote after a long silence with lots of news and wishes for advice about her love life, so I spent my writing energy on her. Doesn't mean I wasn't here reading, though! ;)

Punkin is here!!! :cb: :cb: :cb:

My darling, I'm SO glad to "read" you!! I feel the same way you do, like a flower unfolding because the days are getting longer again. I've been on this thread but not as regularly as I'd have liked, and my writing hasn't been much fun, either. Usually my communication is restricted to my immediate family during the dark winter days. Everyone else is SOL until I start coming out of it. It's almost over, love. It's blustery here, today, too. My hair got blown every which way the entire walk to work this morning. I must've looked like a ho after a long night's work. :s:

Kaylets, I liked what you said about sometimes the most important job is to applaud and cheer on those who have the limelight, the performance, the big quest ahead. You're so right. I've been a performer since I was 4 and was accustomed to being the one who was applauded, talked-up, etc. I got so uncomfortable with it in college - I should say, I got so uncomfortable with what it was doing to my ego; I still bask in applause, of course - that I've spent the last 5-6 years doing almost no performing at all, just to find "me". Cerise, not Cerise the Singer. During that time I've learned to cheerlead others, to let other people shine in my eyes and bask in their amazing-ness. It's a wonderful thing. It's also a wonderful thing to learn that people like me for ME, not just because I can sing. Before I sang all the time and could never be sure about why people liked me. Or, if I met someone new, I couldn't rest until they had heard me sing, since that's who I was. A Singer. What a prison that can become. And how painful it has been to curl up for half a decade and not use such a big part of me. But it hasn't been a waste of time. I think it's been good for me, though I long to enter the music world again and do my thing. Whew. A bit verbose this morning, aren't I? You always bring these thoughts out in me, K.


QOD: I was only a tattletale as a kid. Now, a "rat" is the lowest life form in my world. Except when I'm being harrassed at work. Then it's straight to the biggest dog in the poopy park.

Amarantha, you make me smile. About your deleting your long and pushy advice to Wildfire, I mean. I know exactly how you feel. When Kaylets was about to give that speech to those teenage girls, I wrote some long and pushy advice about how to talk to teenagers, then suddenly remembered that I haven't been a teen for 10 years and she's a mother of a teen to boot. Silly me. Deleted it with a red face. Aren't we funny? :lol:

Wildfire, God, I hate those careful, fussy, high-maintenance employers, but man, those are the folks who are handing out the choice jobs in my experience. The people who are just like, "We'll take ya" straight off have always turned out to be less-than-optimum work environments for me. Chin up, love. You're worth it. You're worth your efforts to get you into something good. So are you, Frogger! :yes:

Oooh, Eydie, what kinda tattoo? Not Tweety bird or anything, though, right? I got one in my central-lower-back. Hurt like ****, but not as horribly as you'd think. It's definitely something you can bear without too much suffering. I actually found the alcohol spraying and scrubbing to be more unpleasant than the actual needle. Or 7-needle tip, in my case. Yikes. :o

QOD yesterday: I'm not going to change my haircolor for a while. I just got the blond streak cut out of the front and am back to my own beloved dark, dark brown. I liked the streak because it was unusual, but saw a picture of myself with it and was struck by how unflattering it was. So, snip, snip. Now I look normal. Unremarkable. Trying to get used to it.

Zadie, I haven't actually seen "Orlando" yet. We saw a preview, but Blockbuster doesn't have it (chumps!), and we haven't drummed up the energy to find it somewhere else yet. So...Tilda Swinton would be a female? Hah! I win.

Love to all, I'm going to get to work.

02-25-2004, 07:40 PM
Uhmmm, Punkin and Cerise--you're not helping by telling me it really hurts.... :lol: I'm thinking of an eye of Horus on my left leg, close to where I had the surgery. Kind of a ceremonial thing actually because after 1 1/2 years I feel like I'm finally getting over the truama of it. I love the symbolism of the eye, I'll always feel like I'm "watched" over! Wondering if there's such a thing as a 'celtic' style eye of Horus?

02-25-2004, 08:28 PM
We both said it doesn't hurt that bad! You get a kick out of in anyway, and I'm no masochist.

02-25-2004, 09:14 PM
Hello all!

Well, tatoos were popular ( but not as popular as now) when I was in early 20's..... and I decided if I wanted one, I'd get one at 65 so if I got bored with it, wouldnt have that long to look at it..... But ... am not interested in any pain so perhaps they will be painless in 15 years...

Cerise--I have always wanted a good singing voice... perhaps there is some way you can sing again... I thought I'd be a writer when I was a teenager but than life happened... DH would be amazed when old friends would ask, "Are you still writing?" and I'd just shrug... He encouraged me for a long time to get back to writing and its funny, my excuse was always that I didnt have a good story line....I wind up writing up real life 99% of the time...

Perhaps you have some tips on how to figure out the sound in a new room...
Just got the date for the next level of the contest and I'm wondering what to do if the room echoes, or has a noisy heating system... Does it make sense to move closer to the audience?? This contest will not have a sound system..
that will be only the finals.....and that will be a whole other set of challenges...

Punkin---I still am almost "embarrassed" to admit I've been "getting" to goal for over 3 years.... but then again... I have lost, kept a lot off and AM making progress... learning, learning, learning.......Where do we get this idea that unless you drop it all like a bucket of water in the quickest possible way, that we "aren't doing it right" ... I don't get it... although for a long time, I bought into it.... so far, in my expeience, either being under 30 or spending hours a week running, etc... losing weight is not a fast experience....

*** Update*** Navy is not interested without a HS Diploma... GED is not enough... Army is acting interested...wants DS back next Wed for testing, physical, etc.... wants DS to lose 40 lbs (aprx)....
Hysterical how the healthy food in the fridge is now the good food .....

Empress--how's that bike boy ? and are you starting to feel better?

Eydie-- We had a tiny flurry go by last night... any more snow your way?

Wildfire-- Any word?

WSW- 15 minutes, 15 minutes.... toss, toss, toss.....

Zadie-- still melting up there?

Dollar-- So, are you still going to meetings on maintenance??

Ceara- what's new?

Anagram, Arabella, Seattle Jo, and everyone I forgot... HOW ARE YOU?


02-26-2004, 07:39 AM
Hello all!

Here it is, Thursday already!
How many days to your weighin??? Are there a
extra few steps you can take putting something away??... an extra run of the vaccuum?? reaching w/ the dustcloth up over the door?? or maybe reaching while washing a window??

Biology says every task our bodies do more than once, we try to "become more efficient"...
Our bodies are the original multitaskers!!

We've gotten so good at becoming "more efficient"... (in addition to our "modern" conveniences)
that many of us are carrying extra "energy" (extra pounds).

So, we have to outwit "progress" ...

A friend mentioned over the weekend that she uses the time of the washer and dryer cycle to walk...( walking, lifting, stretching)

The last three showers I've taken, I've spent a few minutes working that "ring" around the tub....( bending, stretching)

And when watching TV... if not every, every other commercial, I try to get up and do something... put away, wipe down, etc...

Let's share... let's see what other great ideas we have for doing just a little bit more in our daily routine...!!

Thought of the day :

"The next time you find yourself shouting at the top of your lungs, remember this:

The noisy thunder does nothing;
the silent lightning strikes."

Question of the day :

"How do you feel when you shop for new clothes?"
-- Table Topics by the Pampered Chef


Here we go Thursday, Here we go!


02-26-2004, 11:11 AM
good morning, courtly challengers! kaylets-last night i had to use that "15 mins., toss, toss" mantra to keep myself from getting too overwhelmed with what is still left to do. i have have a little over one week, so i probably am in much better shape than i think i am. nevertheless, i am having to remind myself more than a few times a day to "just breathe---."

i am staying op and keeping up with exercising, which is feeling good. snow/ice is due to begin soon and there is supposed to be a lot, so i am planning to use this time indoors to keep packing and weeding things out. even though i hate being stuck inside for several days or more at a time, i think i have enough boxes to keep me out of trouble and pack, pack, pack.

i have been very concerned because my secondary insurance with aetna through cobra will end on may 31. i have medicare a & b, which started last june (since i am on ssdi.) the secondary insurance is what has been paying for my prescriptions. so far, i have not been able to get any prescription coverage, so i am getting very nervous about this situation. i still have a few more options to check out, but at best, it looks like there may be some partial assistance towards ms treatment, and no coverage for everything else. this is freaking me out, but right now, i am doing everything i can be to check out possibilities, so i am trying to remember to "keep breathing" on that front too. i think this is what is adding to my moving prep stress also. well, enough of the bad news! the good news(!) is that the director of a helping hand, cathy, called me the other morning and nonchalantly said that she just had a donation from someone of a motorized wheelchair, and thought of me for it! i told her i have a manual one, and she said, she knew, but could i use a motorized one also. cathy said she can get a van to deliver it to me, and told me about the local handicapped transportation service which handles motorized wheelchairs, and told me to get an application so i can get out sometime in my new wheels. i was so overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of this. what a nice way to be overwhelmed, though! when i have to use my wheelchair now, friends have to push me because i don't have enough arm strength, so this way, when i'm out and about, i can do the "driving." it's so funny, but i sure was reminded of how when one door closes, another one opens, not to mention, how blessed i am in so many ways!!!! granted, this thing will probably take up the whole condo.(!), but finding space for it will be a good challenge to have! talk about miracles! at the end of the conversation, cathy said "please let our organization give you this. consider it a house-warming gift. it would make us happy." wow!

there you have it. i was just about to feel sorry for myself because i still don't know what i will do regarding the meds situation, which is a biggie, but then something which is wonderful "drops in my lap." kind of hard to feel sorry for oneself with all these miracles happening. not to mention, that my friends said they can't wait to "go for rides" in my condo. and test drive the chair!

so enough me-me-me. i hope you know i am thinking of you all! you are such a great group, and speaking of being lucky---i am indeed lucky to know all of you. your support, warmth, and wit motivate and inspire me endlessly. thank you all so much for being here! take good care of yourselves.

all the best,

02-26-2004, 03:01 PM
Hello all!

Quicky note then I'm off to more work!

Scale made me a little happier this morning. I use 212 as my over/under number since that's what I weighed when I bought ALL my new clothes last August. I was 212.2 this morning, so that felt pretty good. Still 12.2 over my lowest, but I'll get back there, I know it...

Eydie, I love your Eye of Horus idea, I really do. The pain is a unique type of pain - there's numerous little tiny needles injecting ink under your skin. There's no way to quite describe it. It's no walk in the park, but it's not childbirth either. ;)

Kaylets, yes, funny how the enjoyment of "health food" depends on what side of the fence you're on! Good luck to DS.

WSW, talk about good and bad in one shot! I'll keep my fingers crossed on the meds - I know just the one I take is amazingly expensive, I can't imagine what it must be like if you've got multiple prescriptions... And what a gift to get that electric wheelchair! :cb:

Well all, like I said, I must away to more work - shall try to return later!

Terri :)

zadie k
02-26-2004, 03:35 PM
Just checking in. Busy day suing bad guys. Hard but very satisfying.

02-26-2004, 03:54 PM
Zadie - you're going to get to work on Frogger's employer, too, aren't you?

02-26-2004, 08:15 PM
Hello all!

Yes, indeed, did I miss a Frogger post??? Let's hope she can check in with us soon....

DH stopped at the Big W store and got me my favorite water... I am trying to use the next contest competition as a "goal" ... the audience would never know if I was below or above 160 but I would know and I think that would be a boost of self esteem.... Wardrobe definitely needs new pieces...The things that do fit are ok for everyday "casual" wear but not nice enough for the contest....

My plans are definite now regarding going to WW's meetings as additional motivation to get to goal.... If I cannot get to the Monday night meeting near my house on Monday, I'll join anywhere and then make the following Monday....
I'm wondering if perhaps my long years of dieting, dealing, and denying my weight issues might lend itself to "relating" to others with the same issues...

We'll see...

WSW-- snowbound again! Its amazing how NC has had more snow than we have had this year.. I'm not complaining mind you!
This is wonderful news about the electric wheel chair!! And I think the universe is giving you a wonderful opening..... Since the director called you personally with the gift..... it would very appropriate for you to either call her back and thank her again personally ( now that the significance has sunk in) or to write a note... (Or both)......
And since, the director is so involved, who better for you to ask for a lead regarding your med dilemma.....Think how you would make her day by asking for her advice!! Who knows who she knows, what phone numbers are in her phone directory!
Sometimes the universe gives us a spoon when we could use a shovel, this time it looks like you got steam shovel! Don't be shy... how could she know that this is an issue for you unless you speak up...
Besides which, since this lady is your gift from the universe, you wouldn't want to appear ungrateful now would you??


;) ;)

DH and DS are both at the bowling alley... I have the jazz station playing as I sit here in my sweats....Should go and get the dish washer running....
since I have to get up and go the bathroom ( did I mention I'm chugging water ?) .....


02-26-2004, 11:11 PM
Hello dears,

After 10pm and I'm just now getting home for the evening. No final decision on the job, but was told again it's all done but the signing....they want to speak to my fourth reference (Director of Admissions at the college where I took my Computer Science), and will then be ready to make an offer. Of course, it ain't over 'til it's over, so not counting any chickens yet.

wsw, GREAT news on the electric wheelchair! Take it!

I'll catch up tomorrow...Happy Friday Eve! :wave:

02-27-2004, 07:23 AM
Hello all!

Here we go Friday!

Scale was up 3 lbs this am! YIKES! Can't be because I started chugging water...must be coincidence... with the first of the month coming and etc...
Isn't this comical... Planning on first weighin at WW's meeting on Monday ....'
know it will be a higher weighin because it will be in the evening and ... I'll have my clothes on but sure didnt expect 3lbs up this way too!!
Ah well.... sometimes the road is very bumpy on the journey...

Still, the traveler continues, trying to sidestep the potholes.... but sometimes the tires make that ugly thudding noise.... but,
wheels keep on turning......

Today's thought is:
"If at first you don't succeed,
you're running about average."
--M.H. Alderson

Question of the day :
"If a friend invited you to sail across the ocean in at two person boat, would you go? Why or why not?"
--Table Topics from the Pampered Chef



02-27-2004, 09:46 AM
What a gyp! Yesterday and last night it was supposed to snow like crazy. 'Biggest storm of the season' they said. And we got nuthin'! I got all worked up for it and not a flake! I had planned a long day of lolling around the house with Garry. now it looks like we have to be up and doing and accomplishing. Dang! [Pardon my french.]

Kaylets, pay no attention to the scale. It'll be different tomorrow. I read something the other day that was a revelation to me---about retaining water. If we retain only 2 cups of water [not much at all!], that's a pound! I knew that, I don't know why it struck me as it did!

wsw, wow! What a great gift!

Okay, I've got to be up and doing, and readjusting my thinking. The sky is blue, the sun's shining--it's an absolutely beautiful day. Hey, I'm feeling better... :)

02-27-2004, 11:46 AM
And happy Leap Weekend too!

Thank goodness it's Friday... I could've slept till noon today if the light on my alarm hadn't gotten so bright. Since cleaning up my eating I've been sleeping SO much sounder! Amazing how that works, huh? :dz:

Wildfire, good luck on the job dahling, hopefully it all falls into place for ya!

Kaylets, with all that water chuggin, by Monday you could loose those 3 pounds of retention! I think with your experiences, you could easily relate to others what this journey is like.

Eydie, uh, you're sorry you didn't get your storm? Are you nutty? SPRING BABY!!!!! THINK SPRING!!!!! Not storm.... :nono: For me, the only "storm" I want is to stand in the shower and pretend it's rain! :lol:

Spring IS coming, I have bulbs coming up outside AND in my house. Now mind you, it never got to freezing INSIDE my house, so I'm not sure how the little bulbs know what time of year it is, but I have a jar of daffodils that are starting to sprout inside the jar... Even *they* know Spring is coming! :flow1:

Well, toodles for now - we're changing ISP's today :cb: so I will probably pm you all with a new email address next week!

Enjoy the weekend! Anyone else watchin' the Oscars?

02-27-2004, 07:03 PM
hello eydie-i think it's great you are going to get a tatoo! sorry you were disappointed by no snowstorm. believe me--i would have been happy to give you some of ours!

kaylets-i will definitely call the director and write her a nice thank you note for such kindness and generosity. also, that is a great idea to check with her regarding any ideas for med. coverage/assistance.

wildfire-that's very exciting about your almost official job offer! they will be lucky to have you. sending very lucrative job offer vibes your way.

punkin-i am with you about spring/warmer weather. i love it! ready for spring big time!

hi to anagram, ceara, amarantha, zadie k. and to all the remaining members of the royal court.

have remained op and exercised today. actually, food-wise, it has been a good couple of weeks now. well, have a good weekend, everyone! take care.

02-28-2004, 09:24 AM
Hello all!

HOLY MACKERAL! yesterday must have been a test...
I planned to attend a demo party at 6 pm and went to the coffee room at work for sf hot choc (more came in) ... AND .... SUPRISE... Here's a MONSTER carrot cake, all cut up, .....OH MY.... fingers were jumping off my hand to just get a taste of frosting.... but I forced myself to turn away and quickly fill my cup and RUN< RUN<RUN.... back down the hall... well, not literally but I think you know what I mean.... and then, later, when I thought for sure the cake would be all eaten up....there it was STILL....
but I resisted..
. because I knew what would happen...Just didnt want to go thru that "MORE< MORE<MORE" routine for who knows how long....
Then, at the demo, there were veg and fruit trays but also plain cheese pizza... and since it got to be 7-7:30.... I had one piece... which did taste like "have another one, why not?" but I resisted....
Just a reminder, that no matter where I go, when you least expect it.... rather than Candid Camera... its the Food Demon... YIKES< guess this should be on other thread too... hmmmm...well, I'll let the Empress rule on this one..

But I did have fun and enjoyed myself and even got some great buys as this demonstrator was letting discontinued items go for 1/2 price... one holiday gift is done!! ( Now if I just keep track of it till next Dec!)

WSW-- Hope I didn't sound too pushy... I just meant that you had the perfect lead in to speak to the director again....
In rereading what I wrote, I realize I sounded overbearing....

Thought of the day:
"To those who need encouragement, remember this:
Beware of quitting too soon. Dr. Seuss's first children's bookwas rejected by 23 publishers.
The 24 publisher sold 6 million copies."

Question of the day :

"What would be a good Saturday question?"


Need to go get some laundry started!



02-28-2004, 09:47 AM
no, kaylets, you did not sound overbearing at all! i knew exactly what you meant and appreciated your thoughts. good for you for resisting the carrot cake! believe me, i know how hard that is.

i have been continuing to chip away at packing and tossing. since i have to do everything so slowly, more and more, i am appreciating having this extra week. a friend is coming over this afternoon to help me pack some of the bigger things, which are a little more problematic for me to handle. i appreciate her offer of help and it will be nice to visit with her. she is bringing her pix from her recent trip to india where she participated in operation smile.

down 2 lbs. pleased about that. every ounce is a major battle these days.

well, off to clean up the place before my friend gets here. the apt. is starting to look more like a wherehouse than apt. at this point, so i am becoming even more ready "to move on." hope everyone has a good weekend. take good care, all. thinking of you!

02-28-2004, 09:34 PM
Yo, :queen: s, sorry I'm falling behind on this thread ... I really like having food, exercise and just talk on different ones for focusing purposes but I do tend to go on a bit on all of them and NOW I'm out of time and missing the chance to respond to everyone AND whine about my blue moods ... :yikes:

Yea, Kaylets, the :devil: is everywhere and veeeery sneaky ... if you get a chance to click on the food thread, you'll see the lengths that evil entity known as Peanut Butter Cup Demon goes to in order to make Amarantha thinketh she is being virtuous (by buying four smaller ones in a four-pack instead of four bigger ones in two double packs, thus saving calories so she thinketh she be ahead o' the game but it's really the :devil: being canny, lasses!!!! Sure 'n b'glory (wrong holiday, sorry)!!!!

Anyhow, Wsw, I am thinking of thy moving day and getting excited for thee ... you have a wonderful and exciting new life ahead and CONGRATULATIONS ON SENDING TWO (count 'em) :dance: s PACKING IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION THAN YE ARE PACKING FOR!!!! :cp: Have a blue ribbon: :cb:!!!!!

Working again tomorrow. Gotta go!!!! Hopefully, I'll have a good weigh-in to report, but if not, I'll just remember Dr. Seuss ... thanks, Kaylets!!!!

02-28-2004, 09:37 PM
A good Saturday question? :chin: What is the one unanswerable question in the universe?


02-29-2004, 09:40 AM
Hello all!

Feels like Spring .... just a tease but for two days its been warm enough to be outside without a coat... I hung laundry outside to dry and it smelled so good when I brought the laundry back into the house last night.
Going to do some chair throws and bed quilts today and try to take advantage.

Am also preparing a speech for Wed.... will try to keep from boring all of you until I've more of it together....
PREVIEW HINT: Yesterday's thought of the day was my inspiration... Even went to the library for "research" !

DS UPDATE: Military was just an idea.... not to be take seriously...

Thought of the day :

"Remember, life is not what happens to you but what you make of what happens to you. Everyone dies, but not everyone fully lives.
Too many people are having "near-life " experiences."
-- Anonymous

Question of the day :

"If household chores had a monetary value... which chore would cost the most?"


WSW-- Did you have fun yesterday?? Get some more packed too?

Empress-- I can relate....spent nearly an hour in the grocery store and it seemed as though even other people's carts were talking to me!

But... I have a new weapon when food calls my name....
I change my name!

I give it the old , "I know you aren't talking to me!" routine....

Today, I will answer to .... "Smiley".... a long time ago, someone used to call me that and no matter when they said it, it always did make me want to smile....

To the washing machine!

02-29-2004, 05:13 PM
Ok, Smiley, I like that name for you! :) It's nice when something makes us smile just to think about it.

For me (and I think I've posted this before and it's not really very nice, but it DOES make me smile), the sort of crude words that a rather demented old man said to me once at a senior center I often visited in my job always make me smile and/or laugh. This guy (now deceased) was a used-to-be Lothario who made sexual comments to every female he met, including the elderly patrons of the center, who didn't like it. I'd gotten down to the 140s ... they never saw me really heavy there and he was also making suggestive remarks to me that should have offended me but I thought they were meant to be a compliment ... he said I was built like something ... I can't say it here and all his compadres shushed him and spirited him away. I laughed all the way home and I'm still laughing because nobody had ever said that to me before ... and you know, it's somewhat true, I AM (built like ...) ... I think we all need to feel that way about ourselves and approach this journey in that spirit!

Sorry if this offendeth anyone ... I need to go back to work! Sheesh. Just prewriting now, going to do the rest on Monday ... :yikes: that's tomorrow. Later ...

02-29-2004, 05:17 PM
Amarantha, would that question be the one about "is there life after death" whether you believe in Heaven, reincarnation, or whatever?

02-29-2004, 06:30 PM
Empress... was he referring to a structure made of brick???

Isnt that an interesting expression?? And how could it be considered a compliment?? But everyone I know considers it as one....

02-29-2004, 08:57 PM
Well, Wildfire, I think it depends on what thou thinkest is the unanswerable question and I think yours is a good choice ... my answer is that the unanswerable question is "why?" ... but I suppose there are those who believe they have the answer to both yours and mine (and maybe they do ... )! :)

Yea, Kaylets, it is that brick one ... and though it be crude in the extreme, it is actually considered a compliment amongst certain elderly gentlemen who have had their consciousness raised!!! :s: I think it may go back to the thought of good workmanship and solid brickwork in the old tradition or something? But he did mean it as a compliment and I took it as such ... I am laughing now just thinking of that old man ...

And as I posted on the exercise thread (speaking of brick whatevers), please note all :queen: s that my sig line showeth a drop of .5 on Demon Scale ... I'm starting a new three-week initiative, details on the exercise thread.

Avanti to all, mentioned or unmentioned. Wood Nymph, hope things are going ok and you'll be able to find your way back to the palace. Sending good vibes thy way!!!

Will be back later to post my menu on the food thread but I don't think I'm through eating ... finished work that I thought I was going to save until tomorrow so that's to the good anyhow! Day shot, of course, but ...

Nay, BTW, I dinna care much who winneth the Oscars ... they all need to eat more! :)

02-29-2004, 11:19 PM
kaylets-i did have fun packing with my friend on sat., thanks, and we got a lot done and laughed a lot too.

amarantha-congrats. on the -.5 lb!!

pretty worn out from all the packing. still more to do, but that is mostly the last minute stuff that i will be using up until the move, so beginning to see light at end of tunnel. now, less than one week til the big day. very excited, and tired--so off to bed. take care, all.

03-01-2004, 07:42 AM

Here we go Monday, here we go!

About an hour ago, I was ( to say the least) not cheerful about Monday morning.....

but... a thread title caught my eye as the screen was loading so I stopped by...and gained some perspective.... A good reminder of " Be Kind, everyone is fighting their own battle"........

So my friends..... because Monday is something we all do share....

Today's thought will be:

"Never eat more than you can lift."
--Miss Piggy

Question of the day:
"Is being funny an important quality in a friend?"
--Table Topics fromt the Pampered Chef


Dh and I went to the outlets yesterday... One store was playing great music and was selling it too! It was Johannes Linstead .... flamenco ---tradtional and contemporary....
Isnt't it funny how I bought music at Coldwater Creek and a little tea infuser in the shape of a house?? --- I tried on two sweaters but didnt look nice enough on to buy....
Not to worry... Found a very pretty blouse at another store-- light and sheer like a voile with tone on tone embroidery throughout..w/ a sleeveless shell for underneath... The shell will definitely be tucked in, in fact, so could the
over blouse...Dh thought I should get one in both pale shell pink and off I did!!
did try on very cheap size 10 jeans and I can see when they might fit but the zipper had at least a 3" gap.... I didnt even get them for motivation as I found a hole about the size of a dime on an outer thigh... sometimes you do get what you pay for!

Congrats Empress....
Scale still up for me ... I can see and feel exactly where the extra pounds are too ( No wonder they get so sore!) ...
Interesting to be so familiar w/ one's body that you can see the difference... hmmmmm... couldnt have done that 3 yrs ago....

Time to go !

03-01-2004, 07:58 AM
Hmmmm, maybe the brick structure expression has to do with the fact that you're 'stacked'? By the way, now I have "Brickhouse" going thru my head! :lol:

Recently I had an older gentlemen give me a weird compliement. He said 'Honey, you've got something these young gals ain't got.......maturity!" uuuuuh, thank you? I'm still mulling that one over!

03-01-2004, 08:51 AM
As a matter of fact, :queen: E, I am (stacked)!!! :s:

:chin: Hmmm. I think the maturity compliment is nice ... I think he meant thou be a glorious :queen: in full possession of her immense goddesslike power ... and what could be better than that?


03-01-2004, 09:02 AM
Ah yes... of course... what was I thinking....

"she's a mighty mighty....."

Maturity IS a good thing......! ;)

03-01-2004, 09:17 AM
Er, Kaylets, sorry I missed thy earlier post, must have all been posting at the same time ... congrats on thy shopping trip purchases ... wise to pass on jeans with a hole ... sometimes I've noticed that the stuff from outlet stores can have surprising defects!!!

Dinna worry about Demon Scale ... he'll cooperate in his own good time and the victory will be twice as sweet!!!!

If being funny is an important quality in a friend, I'm afraid I'm missing out as I don't have any friends with a sense of humor at all! :)

Later ...

zadie k
03-01-2004, 03:37 PM
Drive by post. Life is good, work is busy. Down .5 and exercising like a nut to burn off the work panic tension thing (although it is good work tension panic).

03-01-2004, 05:23 PM
Howdy! Home! So glad, so tired, so swamped, so afraid to face demon scale.

All in good time........Just glad to be back and anxious to catch up.

03-01-2004, 07:36 PM
I GOT THE JOB!!!! :cb: :cb: :cb:

Welcome home Anagram!

Will be back later!

03-01-2004, 08:47 PM
Wildfire-congratulations on your new job!! How wonderful!

Anagram-glad you are home. Settle in and relax. Hope your weather is good now that you're back home and not too cold.

well, hope everyone has a good evening. take care, all.

03-01-2004, 09:45 PM
I don't know if my tender old heart can take such good news---Wildfire got the job AND our Anagram is back! :D Hoorah!

03-01-2004, 10:37 PM
Thank you, thank you!

Just a quickie, as my toilet exploded today, spewing soap foam and bleach (hey, it's better than the alternative :faint: ) because some twit on the fifth floor has hooked up a dishwasher even though our lease specifically states we cannot have dishwashers or washing machines because the plumbing can't handle the soaps. So I have to do a five minute miracle clean up here because they are coming in tomorrow while we're at work to replace the floor (tiles all lifted!).

I go tomorrow to sign the offer of employment, and will be resigning from my current job probably Wednesday this week. :dancer: Still trying to decide how much notice I want to give. I could call it at the 12th, or the 17th (two weeks), or go to Friday the 19th. Juggling the whole paycheque/time off/vacation pay due thing. Regardless, I'll be off from the 19th until my first day on April 6th. The new company was told about my vacation that is already booked and they said for me to go have a good time, but if I win big I'm still expected at work on the 6th! :lol: I thought it was very nice of them to give me a month before I have to start.

Gotta go vacuum and clean cat litter, etc. Geez, it's almost 10pm already!

03-01-2004, 11:46 PM
Wildfire, CONGRATULATIONS on getting the job!!!! :cheer: :cp: Huzzah!!!! You're doing great with your countdown. I responded to thee on the exercise thread as well. I know your new job is gonna be great! Sorry about the toilet incident, though ... also the vacuuming and cat litter stuff at 10 p.m. ... sheesh! You DO need to go to Las Vegas!!!

Congratulations on the .5 down Zadie ... hope the Tension :devil: leaves thee alone in the coming week, but glad it's the good work-related :devil: ...

Yo to Wsw and Eydie!!!!! :wave:

And to all :queen: s mentioned and unmentioned!!! We are still missing a lot of people ... Wood Nymph, Seattle Jo? Punkin, how goeth it?

I rarely enjoy TV but am taping the Natalie Wood bio that's on tonight ... I've always thought she was interesting ...

Could not find the Ultimate Chopper (posted about it on the food thread) that I coveted but did get a cheap little model and some pears and hope to make pear and cottage cheese muffins in bulk tomorrow. Will post the recipe on the food thread!!! I have to stay away from peanut butter cups!!!!

Pears are good! :)

03-01-2004, 11:47 PM
Also missing Cerise!

03-01-2004, 11:48 PM
And Dollar!

03-01-2004, 11:49 PM
And some others!

Let's all check in at the palace. The towel boys are wondering if they did something to offend ...

03-02-2004, 01:57 AM
What great news for my first "at home, late night" session. I'm just filled with good vibes on the news of your new job, Wildfire. And that you still get to go on vacation. AND that it looks like you're going to be working with people who will appreciate you!

Have done a cursory scan, will surely be missing some but let me start.

Loved hearing the news of little Maggie and hope she and Mommy are doing well.

wsw, sorry to hear of insurance coverage problems (deal w/mucho medications for dh and some for me and our good coverage is a real blessing). But then so much good news too. Electric chair is exciting - the unexpectedness of it all. And then that moving day is so close. I know it will take some toll so will be thinking of you and sending good health vibes.

Kaylets, Wildfire - sorry to hear of the strife w/younger generation. And Arabella, hope thy son is doing better. Can you feel our arms around you?

Cerise, spriglet - you're a source of springtime and light to us so let us send a bit back to you to carry you onward to the coming brightness. You too, Punkin. DH (plus DD and now we are suspecting the elder princess) also must deal with this problem. It is another reason (besides his thin blood) that we spend some time in FL in the winter. There's daylight a bit longer there but also the place we rent has some bodacious windows that face the rising son and flood the place with light. Also he can be outdoors more and that helps him. So anyway, long story, but I understand the changes it can contribute to.

And Kaylets, Empress, wsw - congrats on the determined weightloss. Yes, K. I know you're up a temporary tad but a few days will take care of that. I think I'm going to take a few days of water and hopefully op before I face the Demon. I was very good the first three weeks but then....... Perhaps significantly it took three weeks before I began to unwind.....almost six before I reached "relaxed".

Glad to see you perking along again, Ceara. You had mentioned a tan at some point. Moi? Nay, nay. I got a few more freckles on my arms but I've had a few skin cancers removed already from my face and avoid the sun as much as possible. I know, I know - so why go to Florida? Easy answer, DH.

Eydie, did you see me wave as we came north on 81? I know you're miles from there but I waved REAL hard. Sounds like you're back on track and I hope to emulate you just as I hope to follow your lead to goal.

And Momma Frogger - hope you're feeling better. Must be really tough holding down THREE jobs right now. I know only two are paying but that "manufacturing" process takes a lot of energy too. And your boss sounds charming. We'd all love to see you be able to bust her chops and head off to a dream job (your day will come) but right now that insurance coverage looms large. Any progress on DH's job search?

Ah, it feels so good to be back. Missed you all like mad. Am unable to sleep though I thought I'd be exhausted. Too many things to do, think about, work out. Tomorrow's another day. The night is for catching up on computer time. At least tonight is.

Empress, btw, I completely eschewed the evil Krispy Kremes while in the land where I first encountered them. Would I had eschewed all other evils as well.

03-02-2004, 08:06 AM
Hello all!

Very late today....

Wildfire! Very excited for you! Could the universe be trying to keep you balanced?? New job but plumbing problems?? :?:

Anagram! You're just in time to see the crocuses pop up!

To all! Have a great day!

Today's thought is :

"There are two ways of spreading light:
To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."
--Edith Wharton

Question of the day :
"Would you describe yourself as having a positive attitude?"
--Table Topics from the Pampered Chef



03-02-2004, 10:56 AM
anagram-it is so comforting to know you are back. welcome home!

zadie k!-congrats on the .5 lb down!

wilfire-the toilet woes are no fun! i really am happy for you regarding your new job!! how exciting!

i am pretty worn out from moving preps, so plan to take it a little easier today than yesterday, so i can pace myself better on through to the move. yesterday, was not as good as i would like for the food choices, so need to be more diligent with that today. so far, so good. hi eydie, amarantha, ceara, and to all the courtly challengers, have a good day. take care, all.

03-02-2004, 11:32 AM
QOD, yep I'd say I'm more positive than negative - sometimes a downright Pollyanna. But I do have the occasional dark side and a lot more of that in recent months than I'd like. But overall POSITIVELY POSITIVE.

I'm going out to look for a crocus right now.

03-02-2004, 02:58 PM
Hello, dears.

Sorry for the long hiatus. In my case, it was "no news is good news". Well, I've nothing bad to report, other than the fact that I've made no progress with food journalling, and have a weigh-in today at WW that I'm not looking forward to. I've been off-program for somthing like a month now, pitiful, and don't want anyone to know. Least of all my WW leader when we look at the scale today. Poop. :mad: I have some deep thinking to do about food journalling. I hate it - hate looking forward to going out to dinner and then that inevitable thought: "Oh. Yeah. I have to eat salad and try to count the points for the sunflower seed sprinkles. Great." Etc, etc. The only reason I DO try to journal (and why I joined WW) is because such a large percentage of successful weight losers journal. But I hate doing it. Does weight loss mean buckling down and doing something I despise, several times every day? Can't I just trust myself and try to make good choices when I eat, small portions, without the damned pencil and paper, calculator and points booklet? Whine, whine, whine.

Anyway - other than that life's looking up. The days are getting longer and my spirits are lifting accordingly. Still trying to struggle out of the emotional cobwebs that separate me from the almost boundless energy that I enjoy during the other 9 months of the year. That reminds me of the QOD. My answer is: ask me in another 2-3 weeks. :D

Wildfire, they caved!!! :cb: :cb: :cb: We can thank our darts of positive, "Wildfire-is-the-best-that-money-can-find" energy (and the fact that you were without question the best person for the job) for your victory. Sorry about your toilet. I hope your super gave that guy the old one-two. Verbally, of course. Poor baby. You weren't ON the toilet when it went kablooey, were you? :lol:

Anagram, I'm SO glad you're back in the thick of things! Your presence was missed on the thread, but in a good way, kind of, since we all knew you were off digging your toes in the sand or what-have-you. ;) I hope your homecoming gets through with being hectic soon and that you can sink back into your haven with a sigh...

wsw, how great that someone's coming by to help you with the heavier stuff. I'm still glad every day for the friends that have you surrounded.

Kaylets, can't wait to hear about your next speech. You need to drop the belief that you're boring us with it in any way. Nothing could be further from the truth, at least in my case.

All right, chickadees, I know I haven't gotten to all of you, but I'm out of words (a miracle!) and need to get to work.


03-02-2004, 05:05 PM
Well, it was "toasty Tuesday" but yonder clouds moved in and now it's lookin' a tad stormy.... but, the days are getting longer and longer!!!! :cb:

Yesterday's weigh in was beeeautiful. Down a bunch, 2 or 3, I haven't done the math (was 214.? now 210.4) guess that's a good sign that I'm not *so* obsessive that I remember and forge it in my memory? :shrug: All I know is that it didn't take much for my jeans to feel better on!

Got some very touching news from girlfriend in CA that lost her son. They're naming an award for him that will be presented to a child in general education in his school based on their interactions with children in special education. What a huge honor for her and her husband... I was a bit weepy about it all.

On to the posties!

WSW, take care with all that moving work! Enjoy your temporary rest before there's more work to be done! Wish I could come help... really.

Amarantha, first, yes, it's sweet in an odd way to have that kind of appreciation come out of the mouth of an elderly gentleman ( :lol: ) second, funny that you bring this up since it was just in our paper that the gentleman that hung out at our Fred Meyers (large department store) passed away on Tuesday at 96 years old. He used to sit on the bench right in front of Customer Service and chat with workers, oogle women and apparently really liked those fuller figures - often whistling and making hour glass outlines with his hands in the air... I sometimes think ALL men, regardless of age, see themselves as original Don Juans!

Eydie, yes, I think yours was a compliment too. Maturity to me isn't a bad thing - I'd rather be considered "mature" than "young". Maybe it's my age (which you all know isn't all that old) but I'd rather be worldly and wise than be the cutesy-pie giggle-pus. :yes:

Anagram, WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!! Thank you SO much for the post card! It's still sitting in my kitchen window on the sill - so that as I looked out at the bleak, cold, dark winter day - I also had a sunny Floriday beach to behold too! :cool:

Zadie, congrats on the loss! Go get 'em worker bee! (busy is always better than bored imho).

Wildfire, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! :cb: :dance: I'm SO jealous! Almost a MONTH off?!?!?!? Can I come with you???? Pleeeeeeeease????
Hope the floor's a quick fix and idiot neighbor is also "fixed" soon too!

Cerise, yes dear heart. Journal, journal, journal.... The necessary evil of weight loss. It works though, truly.

Today would've been Dr. Seuss' 100th birthday, so I shall leave you all with a quote I found in today's paper.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, 'cause people who mind don't matter, and people who matter don't mind."
~ Theodor Seuss Giesel (1904-1991)


03-02-2004, 06:06 PM
Took Kaylets advice and went out and found the croci. Plus some tulips coming up. I really did make time for a walk w/dh in the midst of all this chaos. It's coming together some. It will be weeks (or longer) but the really wild mess is being tamed.

So nice to be back to checking in a couple of times a day. Hoping it will inspire me to settle down on plan again - whatever that plan will be.

Cerise, thou speakest for me on the journalling. I do a daily scratch sheet sometimes to be sure I can remember but don't do the "real" thing. Naughty, naughty.

Punkin, what a lovely remembrance for your friend's child. Hope it helps assuage a bit of your pain too.

One of the things accomplished (painfully, I admit) during the early weeks of this vacation was coming to terms with all the changes in my life during the past year and a half. Things had been so non-stop and I was "merely" plunging on and coping the best I could. I had time then to sort things out, to mourn my mother, and to accept the changes wrought by her passing and the passing of dh's more healthy, active self. He has come back miraculously but not nearly 100% and I think our life will not be normal as it was but normal as it's now become. I was thinking if we could just hold it together until things got "back to normal", all would be well and had to talk to me a bit about what "normal" is. I also (FINALLY) seemed to recover from the pneumonia - not till just a few weeks ago though. Looking back, I think I was a real mess and maybe it's a good thing I didn't know how much of one.

Anyway, the head seems in a better place. Some stress still, of course, but looking like things will be smoother. And what better time than spring to commit myself to yet another Fresh Start. Aaah!

And even though it's been chaotic, I'm relieved to be in my messy, cluttered OWN place.

03-02-2004, 11:28 PM
Sorry, this is just about journaling and I don't mean to only answer Cerise, but just feel moved to talk about this.

Cerise, dost thou have the Flexpoints calculator? You really don't need to write down everything you eat (just ignore those who say you do, remember always to do it your own way), just get the calculator and log the numbers. It's not hooked up to the internet or anything, so it's simple. There are devices that count calories the same way for us folks that dinna wanna use the points anymore (me) ... I've used one that was nice but expensive and died on me. That one kept a weekly and monthly average. I'm thinking of trying a cheaper one I've seen advertised in a fitness mag. It keeps a monthly log of what you eat as well as the calories.

Dunno, though. I do very well with my system of keeping a paper journal and then log calories and exercise minutes into a spreadsheet at night. I've set up the spreadsheet in three week increments (I just archive the old one and changes the dates every three weeks). I've set up the spreadsheet to update my weekly calorie and exercise minute averages each day and how many exercise minutes I have left to reach my weekly goal. I put a picture of Artemis on the spreadsheet for inspiration.

When I lost 100-plus pounds the first time, I wrote everything into a journal that I took with me everywhere. I used colored inks, pasted in stickers and pictures and inspirational sayings and pictures of myself losing weight. This was a very comforting practice and the book was a friend that I carried with me through many sad trials, so it wasn't a chore for me.

At other times when I was maintaining and very busy traveling and working, I used a scientific calculator ... carried it around and logged calories as I ate 'em ... sometimes used the second memory to keep a monthly average and the third memory to figure percentage of fat, which I no longer think is very relevant to me.

During the maintenance, I started playing my "streak" game on the exercise front ... seeing how many consecutive days I could exercise. I simply wrote each day's exercise and the date on a yellow legal pad. It only took a second.

Sometimes I've journaled on one of those erasable marker boards you stick on the wall. You can buy them in any office supply store or Walmart for practically nothing. I've tallied all sorts of things on those ... including just writing my goals and checking off days of the week I accomplish them.

Another neat way to "journal" IMO is WW's idea of using tally bracelets to count points ... but I didn't care for WW's bracelets. Some people make their own using movable charms, pearls, whatever. You can also buy fancy versions of this idea online. The only website I know for this is advertised in the WW mag.

Another way to journal (hint, hint) is to come on our CCRRMM Demon Food thread and post thy day's menu there. The thread is getting quite low on posters but I think it's worth keeping going.

I could just go on and on about journaling. There's literally a bazillion ways to do it ... you really don't (repeating myself) have to arduously write down everything you eat.

I'll be silent now!!!

Hi to everyone and I did not mean to ignore anyone. I'm a journalist, unfortunately, and I guess that means I like to journal ... hmmm! Imagine! :chin:

Gotta go. Rambling! :wave:

03-03-2004, 06:49 AM
hi all!

rough night last night. feeling bad physcially and not at my best emotionally since so overly tired. i am feeling very overwhelmed with this final push to get everything done and seemed to have forgotten to stick to plan of "pack, remember to breathe, then pack a little more." i think i am feeling like i am living in a wherehouse now and not feeling at home in my apt. anymore, or at the new condo. when i visit. it is not only because it is not completely ready yet . i think it will take a while until i get used to the new digs. i will have plenty of time to do that. just seeing my furniture piled up in it on sat. will make a big difference, i know. right now i am more exhausted and overwhelmed than i would like, so today, i will stick to the less strenuous things i can do to prepare and "just keep breathing--." it is my birthday tomorrow and my friends who have been working on the condo. want to celebrate over there for dinner. (this will be 2 days before the furniture is in, so we will use card table, etc.) they thought it would be nice to christen my new place in this way. there will just be 5 of us altogether, so it will be a small gathering and pretty manageable. maybe after tomorrow night, it will start feeling a bit more like my home than it does right now. truthfully, even though the idea to do this is sweet, it wouldn't really be my first choice. i'd rather go to a familiar restaurant and wait to have my first open house there when my stuff is in the place and the window treatments are up and more of it is finished, but maybe they are right and it will be fun after all. i know one thing for sure--they mean well, and since they aren't running on too little sleep as i am, they probably have a good idea. will let you know how it goes. right now, i will keep doing my job and get ready for saturday, so everytyhing is ready to go out the door when my friends roll the moving truck up to my 'ole door. have to say, once i am in there, i am sleeping for a week! speaking of sleeping, i am going to bed early tonight too. now, off to get in some exercise before i try to sneak back in to bed! have a good day, all. thinking of you. take care.

03-03-2004, 08:12 AM
:( Hello all!

Am calling it an official sick day.... if I wasnt awake most of the night, it sure feels like I was...Hot and cold, achy and fuzzy headed.... ok, so I'm usually like that but today its hard to even finish this post....

Even have a brand new outfit to wear today which will have to wait....

I'm going back to bed for awhile and look in later....

03-03-2004, 01:59 PM
IDIOT!!! I stayed up until 1 a.m. watching "School of Rock" with my beloved. Gah. Jack Black almost made the fatigue I'm feeling this morning worth it, but it's a close thing. Just have to make it through the day... :halfempty

Whined to my WW group yesterday about HATING to journal. I have to say, Amarantha, that your different and very cool ideas ALMOST got me fired up enough to do something about it. I'll print it, keep reading it and hope to God I get interested enough to implement something. Soon. My weight was up 1.5 pounds yesterday. :stress: Anyway, thank you so much and it's good stuff. You spent a lot of time on me, darlin', and I won't forget it.

Aw, Kaylets. Poor baby. Stay home and sleep, honey. Sending you good vibes for warm covers, langorous thoughts, cessation from suffering and, most of all, total comfort. No twisted, sweaty sheets or constant getting-up-to-blow-your-nose. Here ya go... :goodvibes

Happy Birthday, WSW! :flow1: :hb: :flow2: Y'know, it IS your birthday, darling. Your highness has every right to express your preference for how to spend your birthday. Don't forget, too, that going to a restaurant would be easier on them than doing a cooked dinner...I'm so sorry you're not feeling well today - can you take it a bit easy? Thanks for coming in and updating us even though you're feeling rotten.

Hey, I'm going to step in for poor Kaylets today and provide brain fodder:


Today's thought of the day is:
"The hardest battle is to be nobody but yourself in a world that's trying it's best, night and day, to make you just like everyone else."
E. E. Cummings

Today's question of the day is:
"Would you rather spend a month on vacation with your in-laws or a month working heavy overtime at work with no compensation?" ~from The Book of Questions


Eydie, I got my Veena and Neena DVDs yesterday! :hyper: You're right, it's good stuff! I'm going to do the 1/2 hour basic moves thing tonight. I owe you one, man. The music's even good! :D

Anagram, I'm glad you got some headwork done this winter. You have indeed experienced a grueling year emotionally. Darling, I hope when my turn comes to experience loss that I have even a portion of your courage. I admire you more than I can say for the way you handle the knocks life hands you. Thank you so much for sharing the difficult times with us as well as the good. When do you reunite with the princesses, by the way? :queen:

Hey, Punkin, thanks for the "do what you need to do and quit'cher whining!" message. I know, that's not even close to what you said/meant, but that's what I'm about these days: whining and crying and getting loving slaps on the head from the people who know I need it. Thank you, darling, and I'm so happy that the scale's cooperating with you again. :p

So, Wildfire, you gonna give good notice or are you going the "Take this job and shove it!" route? I'm getting a wicked grin picturing it, though I'm pretty sure you're more conscientious (is that spelled right?) than that... :chin:

All right, love to the rest of you. I'm going to mainline more caffeine and pretend that I'm a contributing member of society today.

Onward!!! :twirly:

03-03-2004, 03:41 PM
Cerise, you've already contributed a lot to society today - at least to the Regal society.

And lovely birthday, wsw. The little birthday bash at New Place sounds like something you'll always remember. After so many birthdays (most very lovely) it's hard to remember which ones were which but this one will stand out for you.

QOD - well, my in-laws are gone now but there is no doubt in my mind I'd rather have worked, and worked, and worked. I was definitely NOT blessed in that direction. FIL was nice enough but VERY old world. MIL, well, if you can't say anything nice....I think the best I can say is she taught me to be as nice as I can be to my DIL so maybe I owe her for that.

Feel better Kaylets. I'll have a cup of tea for/with you. Sister sounds like she's sharing your germ so I'm staying away from her. My plants will have to survive with her for another couple of days.

Some order seems to be returning here. Will be Midsummer until I catch up to where I'd like to be - and that's only if I keep working on it. Like dieting, it seems I only go so far and then run off and play for awhile.

Will be hopping back in dreaded car this weekend to go hug the princesses. Was just going to go down Sunday but DD just called and asked us to come Sat to have more time w/the girls and just maybe so she and her dh can go out a bit. Don't like leaving my own bed so soon but we'll go. We're also to babysit the last weekend of the month. I'll also be picking up my GS cookies - this year I ordered only what dh can eat. You were right, Punkin, the ones I ordered last year did keep well in freezer and - BELIEVE IT OR NOT - I was hardly tempted by them. Ended up throwing the last of them out only recently. Now I have in the freezer some petit fours given by a friend. I ate some, but they are way too sweet for me these days. Will probably end up throwing them out as well. Please note that ANYTHING peanut butter flavored is NEVER too sweet for me and NEVER gets thrown away.

ok, must I? Yes, I must get back to work though only to paperwork now. The piles on the dining room table MUST be winnowed. I think I'll start with all the charitable requrests sent to my mother - absolutely amazing how quickly they picked up on a change of address for her - and Lordy, she was a charitable lady who must have been on every imaginable list.

03-03-2004, 08:14 PM
Hello all!

Sleeping all morning seems to have made a difference although I am still moving slowly...
but not to fear...appetite remains so I know its nothing serious...

Thanks Cerise... And I like that quote very much too...Thanks for jumping in... I didnt even send out my Good Morning email... you don't mind if I "borrow" yours and send it now do you?

One little thought about journaling...
If you're like me, many of the same things (Bread for instance) get eaten every day if not a couple times a day.... those type of things you probably already have memorized the points....
Other things I have often I keep my "own" list so I don't have to look them up everytime ie: a serving of homemade lentil soup... etc..
The latest thing I've hit upon that is working really well for me is an idea I "lifted" from another poster who suggested carrying an index card in a pocket and then filing all the cards by date order... I use an index size sticky that I stick on my desk at work and add as I eat...It doesnt get in the way and the "book" I staple them into stays at home so the odds of misplacing other than here in the house are remote...

WSW=-- Happy Day! It will all work out... Perhaps once you're settled you could host the next birthday for all your hardworking renovating friends...
Keep smiling.. won't be long now... you're doing great

re qod- never met my fil, but mil was a very interesting lady... she didnt live to see DH and I married so this is a moot question really... but its all hypotheical... If we went on vacation w/ them it would have involved polka in someway so how could I go wrong?? I'd rather polka than work w/o reimbursement....

Where is everyone else?

I miss everyone!

03-03-2004, 08:34 PM
Yowza! I kind of said good-bye to my participation in the Demon Food thread and hopeth no one takes it the wrong way. It was just because interest had been dwindling ... if it starts back up again, I'll be so there! :) I think we need to post what we're eating from time to time since we're here about weight loss/maintenance/fitness!!! :yes: Anyway, here is my latest experiment in seeking the ultimate Sugar :devil: Busting Muffin department ... I love the little food chopper I bought ... works just like a processor but smaller ...

Pear-Cheese Muffins
1 cup whole wheat flour (360)
3/4 cup self-rising flour (300)
1 scoop Designer Whey Vanilla Praline protein powder (90)
2 tsp. baking powder
1 9-oz. pear, chopped (135)
2 tsp. Just White egg white powder (15)
1/2 cup fat-free cottage cheese (80)
1/2 T. canola oil (60)
1 T. turbinado sugar (45)
1/3 cup Splenda

Mix ingredients and divide between 12 muffin cups presprayed with zero cal canola spray. Bake at 400 degrees for approximtely 20 minutes. Turn off oven and let sit in hot oven until brown and crispy. Approx. 91 calories each, but I count them as 95 because I spray with butter spray.

Kaylets: I like the index card idea. Seems like it'd be easier to handle than my notebook. I'm really going to order that electronic thingie ... I'm resisting but know I want it.

Hope thou feeleth better ...

WSW: HANG IN THERE!!!! MOVING IS TERRIBLY STRESSFUL BUT ONCE IT'S OVER, WELL, IT'S OVER!!! :wave: Sorry to shout!!!! Keep getting extra rest and thinking good thoughts!!!

Cerise!!! Om shanti!!!! Hope thou hast the journaling bug now ... as said above, the index card thing might be a good solution for thee!!! Thanks for the kind words ... I can really use them today. Howsomever, thou hast always been very supportive of me as well ...

Well, I'm going to go take another nap ... as said on the exercise thread, I did weights plus TWO classes today and I'm beat. Never even got to the paying work, which is fine with me!

P.S. The discussion of ee cummings made me think of a stealing ... er ... borrowing an idea that used to be on another part of this forum ... I think it was the Alternatachicks ... they just posted poetry there that they liked or made up. Would anyone participate if I did that?

03-03-2004, 09:14 PM
Kaylets, sorry you're feeling peaked. Are you better tonight?

Cerise, the basic moves vid is my favorite. Maybe because it's so basic? ;) Please keep us posted on your belly adventures!

wsw, happiest of birthdays, my friend. I'm sorry that you're feeling overwhelmed--totally normal, you know. Moving is a big deal!

Where's Frogger? Arabella?

Amarantha, please excuse my absence on the food thread. I just went there to catch up my menu posting. There's been one of those local business expos and I've had to work the booth and have been getting home late. Tonight was the last night though. Hoorah! So i'll be a regular poster again--hope you are too. :^:

Anagram, it's good to have you back!

Till tomorrow, sister-queens!

03-03-2004, 09:31 PM
Yowza, :queen: E, I just posted on there ... please excuse my cranky demandingness ... just got lonely! :) So, :queen: s, I rescind my resignation as a :devil: Food Slayer and hope more of thee can join up with us on that thread in the future ...

I'd still like a poetry thread? :chin:

Wsw: I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :hb: :hat: !!!!!!

Ok, bye again. Now I'm napping!

03-04-2004, 12:10 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WSW!!! :hb: :hat: :gift: :balloons:

03-04-2004, 08:32 AM
Hello all!

Feeling better but still not going to it what you like... I say I must need it...

Empress, I thought the recipe was blueberries... I like Pears too but will need to use another the Protein powder more for additional nutrition or for flavor?? I'll add vanilla if so...

Looks like we are "inbetween" storms...
Still overcast and wet..not encouraging me to go out and clean the gardens much although come to think of it, garbageman is coming....
On the other hand, I might be able to get a "27 fling boogie" or two done b/4 they come thru....

Thought of the day:

"I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I'm going to learn, I must do it by listening."
--Larry King

Question of the day:
"Is honesty always the best policy?"
--Table Topics by the Pampered Chef

Let me do a 27 fling boogie and stop on back...

03-04-2004, 09:41 AM
Had a pretty good day op yesterday. Faced Demon Scale early today and got a pleasant surprise. Two months of eating out did little damage. I didn't lose any but am about where I was (can't remember exact numbers). While I had not weighed for two months, I had felt like I gained. So I am joyful this a.m. about a significant NSV - of course I expected to come back a lot less than I left. What a dreamer!

I've been doing the fifteen minute thing since I got home - going in whatever direction popped up and figuring someday chaos would lead to order. It's starting to. Then I'm going to start Spring Flinging. Treasures of some kids who've had their own homes for twelve years are on the endangered species list as well as a lot of things that don't fit my new "normal" life.

Wake up, Monarch Butterflies - rain showers here today for the spring flowers. Have daffodils, tulips, etc. up a few inches and I can't wait.

03-04-2004, 11:13 AM
Ok- Managed to get one 27 fling out to the trash but as I was 1/2 way thru the 2nd, heard the truck pull up... although there is no reason I can't continue... but the "how much can I get out there b/4 they get here?" motivation is gone...

Am seeing that I have more to yardsale, Ebay, etc than to throw anyway....
(Well, if you don't count the endless pw ....that seems to come in double what you dispose )
So, the next "fling" will be sorted into Ebay box, yard sale box....Might even get super motivated and take Ebay photos--

--Ventured out for a Baby Shower Card yesterday and found a some blouses I will now wear as "overblouses" with a contrasting shell underneath... both blouses are really a tad too tight to button and wear alone which is fine as its more motivaiton and then they will still be wearable when they do fit better....When I was trying on the shells, ( which are cut differently with a tiny bit of cleavage showing) I was pleasantly suprised at how good I looked in a sleeveless top... As long as I didnt move my arms enough to make them waggle back at me!! :lol: :lol:

Perhaps the Empress has found a good upper underarm firming excercise??

Time to start some laundry and looks like Maury Povich is doing weightloss success stories...

03-04-2004, 01:48 PM
Mornin' all,

I may be sporatic in my postings again as we're having some problems with the new ISP that we just changed over to. It shouldn't be anything TOO major though...

WSW, happy belated birthday!!!! :dance: :hat: :hb: :cheers:
I'm sure you're beat! Too bad the well meaning helpers can't wait juuuuust a tad until you're moved and better rested to truly celebrate.... enjoy and then get some rest you! :faint:

Anagram, oh, do I know about that whole "plunging on" syndrome. Take good care of you ok? Glad the GS cookies survived the deep freeze. I'm torn... I want some, but don't think they'd ever see the freezer. :chin: Probably shouldn't buy them then.... :nono:

Amarantha, I'd love a poetry page! Can we include quotes too? I kinda' collect the ones that really speak to me...

Kaylets, glad you're feeling more human - very sorry you too are cursed with the evil waggle arms! What IS it with that flappin' stuff? I'm looking forward to going sleeveless someday... flappin be damned! :lol:

Cerise, I see Eydie got you belly dancing too huh? I haven't used mine since last year. I got them a few weeks before my mom was diagnosed and haven't touched them since... I think it's time to dust 'em off and get ta' shaken' a little boo-tay!

Eydie :cb: (that's me belly dancing, thanks to you!)

Toodles for now,


03-04-2004, 02:10 PM
Good day, m'ladies. :D

Ugh. Hate mornings. Hoping to snap out of it soon, since it's already 9:15 and the caffeine should've kicked in by now. :tired:

I did the first half-hour of the basic moves DVD last night, Eydie. I was trying really hard to roll my hips and wave my arms in the same direction...let's just say I'm glad there were no mirrors around. My ego would've never recovered from that blow. I was on the floor trying to do the Cleopatra-sit thingy then that stretch where you lift yourself off the floor to stretch your sides, and started thinking that my ol' body can't do much of anything at all. Sigh. I told myself that this is my first time trying to bellydance, etc., etc. It helped a bit. I do love to watch those ladies do their demonstration dances, though. Ramon liked to watch them, too. :s: All in all, despite my stiff, clumsy efforts (and hip pain - good old arthritis), I had a good time and look forward to getting good at this. I'm already more conscious of my hips moving when I walk and my stiff hip is definitely less stiff today. Thank you, dear! :thanks:

I'm glad you're taking another day off, Kaylets. What's a 27-fling thingy? Anyway, you must be feeling better if you can do yard work. I have some of those "overblouses" too. It's a nice style option. I like to wear mostly black at work - black pants, black shell, with a colored overblouse and cool jewelry. I have this delicious bright orange, linen, long-sleeved blouse by Elizabeth Arden that Ramon found for me at a Goodwill! The perfect man...

Anagram, I'm SO glad for your NSV!! No nasty surprises, then. I'm having fun picturing you filtering through your chaos, and am indeed certain that order will begin to show through. I'm now convinced that Kaylets' 15-minute task method is just the thing for me. Tonight I'm stopping by "Sur la Table" (a posh kitchen store right by the Pike's Place Market) and getting myself a kitchen timer! :yes: I'm glad you're going to see your princesses this weekend.

Amarantha, I think a poetry thread might be just the thing. Ramon just gave me (for V-Day. What a guy) a books of poems by Pablo Neruda, called "Odes to Ordinary Things". He writes a poem to a spoon, a table, cats, dogs. Wonderful stuff. I'd love to share it.

Seriously, now, can you talk for a bit about your protein powder? I'd like to hear from you why you bake with it before I go to GNC and get inundated with sales talk...want to be prepared. I mean, what truly does it do for you? I'm asking because I've never even contemplated buying it but desperately want to try all those recipes you've posted. :D And I think it'd be good for me, as a vegetarian, I mean.

Hello, beloved Wildfire. :wave: How's your toilet doing?

(Eydie, one more thing about that damned bellydancing DVD before I drive these women crazy. I did go to our full-length mirror and tried a few moves just to see if I was even remotely close to doing it right. I saw my familiar bulky body - complete with pants rolled down to my hips and shirt tied up under my breasts, not a pretty sight, but necessary, I feel - moving with real, real grace. There it was. Undeniably sensual. Wow.)

Happy Birthday again, WSW!!! :smug: I hope you have a wonderful day. I was telling Ramon about your struggles with moving and we were reflecting on how truly difficult it is. You have two places, both in total chaos, and neither one is your home. One because you're leaving it, tearing everything down, and the other because your "stuff" isn't in it yet, set up the way you like. It's a very unsettling time. The worst thing, too, is that you look at the chaos and it occurs to you that you are absolutely, positively the only person who can make it all right again. Not fun. Though - you get through it and make another home for yourself, and it's definitely going to be a better environment for you, right? Just have to survive the move! :dizzy: I still stand by my opinion that you should do what you want for your birthday, love.

By the way, do you like Emily Dickinson at all? I was leafing through a book of hers at the store yesterday and thought of you...

Kaylets, of course you can use anything you find in my posts for whatever. I especially love to spread e.e. cummings around as much as possible. I'm trying to get up the nerve to read some Sylvia Plath. Thanks for the index card idea. I like the idea of a points-counting bracelet, too.

Love to the rest of you, dears. I have to get off and email some love advice to my friend in Cambodia. Ain't the internet grand? :lol:

03-04-2004, 02:14 PM
Punkin!!! Missed ya there...yeah, you've had a tough year, too. You seem to have been doing your own "working through" now that the year's over. Thanks for telling us about your friends' son's memorial award. I was wondering how they were doing.

Yep, Eydie has one more bellydancing scalp to add to her belt. She's a very influential person.

As are all the queens...

03-04-2004, 02:49 PM
On the belly dancing theme, I can still do a mean hip drop and a swivel or two. Can't ripple the tummy any more though. Maybe that's a goal.

On the 15 minute timers - for my DDs BD in Dec, I used Flylady as the theme for her gifts. Got her the book, an apple shaped timer and several wicker baskets and little hideaway boxes, etc. since she's always saying she must get better organized. A lot of the Flylady things she already did (since I used a lot of them when she lived here) BF (Before Flylady) but she has been picking up on some things she didn't do and claims to be making progress. Or feeling better about it which is goal enough. So thanks and kudos to the Queens who inspired that gift.

One load of laundry to go, some swifferdusting upstairs (dh is vacuuming now), grocery store and then we'll be passable. Piles of paperwork, phone calls but I didn't gain weight while I was away and am feeling invincible. DH's going to a dinner tonight so I think I'll have a special treat of some frozen diet dinner or another.

BIL brought my plants back this a.m. and we conspired a bit more on surprise party he's planning for DSis BD next week. I'm getting to be such a constructive liar I scare me. She'll be thrilled though.

Hi, westcoasters. Nice to hear from you. Will take care, Punkin, if you do same. I'm back to me now, I think. Feeling lots better at least today. Grab my hand and I'll tug like crazy. Picturing the sensual Cerise........Wow!

OK, that's about my 15 minutes here. Off for tea. Bye.

03-04-2004, 05:09 PM
Yo, I be in brevity mode as need to nap a bit before heading to late meeting in mountains!!!

Cerise, thanks for starting the poetry club ... that was a nice surprise today and I've availed meself of it and posted my favorite poem ... thinking also that we can post or discuss any kind of quote or literature there ... or write some poems of our own, if that be our wont ... :)

Re the protein powder, I just really like the brand I'm always talking about, it's low in sugar but sweet, and I just throw some into the baking to add nutrition and act as a sweetener/oil/egg/milk substitute. There are a lot of good brands but it's best not be sure you have a good quality protein source (different kinds of protein are better absorbed than others ... you can find info online or from thy SIL on this) and that it doesn't have a lot of sugar calories in it. Some of the powders have no flavor at all and can just be used to make a recipe more nutritious (or to make smoothies, etc.). Since thou be veg, I believe, you can find several good kinds that use soy.

Kaylets, I think blueberries would be really good with cottage cheese in muffins ... and I'd say the protein powder be more for nutrition ... I use the DW vanilla praline because it's IMO a good quality and it does add a bit of flavor ... I never use extracts anymore ... just don't like the aspect they impart to the food ... just a taste thing for me.

Punkin, so glad to see thou and yea, that was my thought about a "poetry" thread ... just a place to put quotes of any kind to whilst away any idle time we may have that would lead to fingers searching for :devil: Food ... or to make up poems or stories or what not ...

Eydie, really, I'm sorry that I sounded so cranky and whiney ... yea, I'm back in the kitchen posting away. I won't be able to get back on tonight, likely, but will post my menu tomorrow. I'm on the straight and narrow foodwise because I'd REALLY like not to have a gain this week but five weeks in a row is pushing it ...

To all, mentioned and unmentioned, avanti!! Gotta get some rest ... [/color]

03-04-2004, 05:10 PM
Re the above, don't feel like going into edit, but meant to say (obviously) that it's best TO be sure you're getting a good quality protein ... etc. :lol: :s: Bye! :wave:

03-04-2004, 06:01 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WSW!!! :love: :love: :love:

Kaylets, you have me inspired to do a 27 fling tonight. I love Fly Lady--and the clean sink every night is sheer genius! I'm even warming up to the shoe idea.

Anagram, all those long walks on the beach paid off! I saw my first lizard of the season today!

Punkin, yep, get those videos out and commence to swiveling! :D

I'm so happy for you, Cerise! We all deserve to feel like beautiful powerful goddesses and bellydancing is one way to make that happen! Have you seen the cane and sword dances yet?

Amarantha, going to check out the poetry/quote thread next. I'm excited!

I've been doing a video by 'The Firm' a few days this week. It's something new for me and it's really quite strenuous, but it makes me want to do more. The paradox of exercise---I love it!

03-04-2004, 07:58 PM

Eydie- Yes, the shoes still are problematic for me too but this winter was so cold I was at least wearing clogs ( although technically, clogs are not lace up shoes)....
Also took me awhile to realize that the Flylady's "schedules" are to be adapted as best fits...or tweaked completely to fit if need be....
That in itself was very freeing.
I try to keep the sink empty but Dh and Ds don't get it.
I do swish both toiliets every am as the dogs often use them as water fountains. I have seen DH swishing too so somedays they are getting swished twice a day!
And I always try to find a way to get part of the next day's lunches packed, clothes laid out, shower taken....etc... just makes my morning better if I don't have a long list of things to do to get out the door.

She is right though... there is nothing I have gotten rid of that I have missed.
I have come to agree entirely with her opinion about only keeping clothes you wear and only wearing clothes you love and flatter you.
I've also started doing laundry as it accumulates rather than only on the weekend... its just easier for me that way.
The biggest thing I've learned from her is that we can get so much more done in 15 minutes than we realize...

Although it is very hard for me to post in less than 15 minutes! But I do go on and on!

With all that said, let me go empty the sink!

03-05-2004, 06:36 AM
Hello all!

Another night spent mostly awake but I have to bite the bullet and go in and face my desk... I do feel much better ...just who wants to go in on Friday but I must... just won't worry about what's waiting for me till I get there!

Thought of the day :

"When you can't flee and you can't fight, try to just flow"
from Life's Little Instruction Calendar

Question of the day :
"Do you follow the Olympics? Which is your favorite sport?"
I saw the following on a WW's board... hope you enjoy....

The Lift, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
(Story adapted by Louis Lapides from Still More Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks, Wayne Rice, Zondervan Publishing House. Pg. 79.)

A scientific researcher assembled ten unsuspecting volunteers for a psychological study called the Scar Experiment. The participants were separated into ten different cubicles equipped without mirrors. The purpose of the study was to observe how people would respond to a stranger with a marred physical appearance, such as a facial scar. Using Hollywood makeup tricks, the scientist put bloody and gruesome scars on each volunteer's left cheek, and displayed the new "scar" to each participant using a small handheld mirror. After glancing at their marred image, the mirror was taken away. The researcher's final step was to inform each volunteer that some finishing powder needed to be placed on his/her scar to prevent it from smearing. In reality, the researcher used a tissue to wipe off the scar. But the volunteers still believed they had the awful scars on their faces.
Each individual was sent out into the waiting rooms of different medical offices with instructions to notice how strangers responded to their appearance. After the appointed time, the ten volunteers returned to the scientific researcher and all shared the same report. In their encounters they noticed that strangers were ruder to them, less kind and stared at their scar. Regardless of the removal of the false scars, their unhealthy perspective on themselves affected how they thought others saw them. Cont.... Below

In contrast, the scars and pain we carry inside us are hardly ever obvious to everyone on the outside. We make them visible by our actions towards others. If we see ourselves as unlovable, worthless and defective, we will often respond towards individuals in an unloving, insecure and discouraging manner. Meaningful and trusting relationships become very difficult to form.
It is surprising to learn a positive self image does not come from how we look on the outside, but on how we feel on the inside.....



03-05-2004, 11:50 AM
Good morning,

Got a bit of a sore throat this morning... it'll be a quick postie then maybe a little nap on my desk. :dz:

Bought valances for my front room and dining room yesterday (same pattern since it's like a great room) and WOW, what a difference! The cheapy ones that came with the house were UUUG-LY - silver, grey, brown... blah. Mind you, my house is all earth tones/jewel tones. So the new valances really pop...

Kaylets and Eydie, ok, I really feel like I've got OCD or something... EVERY housekeeping idea you listed, I do! I don't know whether to be proud, or scared!

Cerise, very cool that actually saw the beauty of belly dancing in *yourself*! I really love that about the dance, that it celebrates women of all shapes and sizes - and it's FUN! :cb:

Anagram, don't you feel weird about your gift of constructive lying. As long as you use your powers for the good, no worries! :lol: I know DSis will love that it was so well planned!

Amarantha, yes, idle fingers are baaaaaad! I actually started crocheting again just to keep my fingers from stuffing my mouth! As soon as I get this ISP thingy settled I will participate.... until then I'm a little touch n' go internet connection-wise. :dz:

I've included below a nickname given to me yeeeeears ago by some friends after I spent weeks making homemade bath salts, powders, lotions, etc... I found it last week and thought it's funny that apparently I've been royalty for some time now! :queen:

Well all, Happy Friday to you and enjoy your weekend. I'm going to go nap under my desk now... :faint:

(aka HRH Princess Terri, The Grand Dutchess of the Imperial Duchy of Lavendar, Countess of Fizzington, Viscountess Bopp and Imperial Potions Mistress) :bubble:

03-05-2004, 05:52 PM
Yo! Greetings HRH Princess Terri, The Grand Dutchess of the Imperial Duchy of Lavendar, Countess of Fizzington, Viscountess Bopp and Imperial Potions Mistress! :wave: Hope thou gotteth thy desk nap in!!! Tatting (with shuttles, not needles) is also quite good for keeping :devil: Food at bay ... one really can't tat and eat at the same time, whereas one can always put other forms of needlework down and reach for food. Even woodcarving, which I like to do, lends itself to eating ... one just puts the chisels down and munches whilst admiring one's talented creation. But shuttle tatting has to be kind of set up on the hands, so one doesn't like to put it down once one's clicking away.

I'm worn out from all morning in gym ... will post details on exercise thread!!!!!

Kaylets, thanks for posting the piece from the WW board ... that's so true about the internal scars!

QOD: My favorite Olympic event is skiing, but I like them all, summer and winter. Never tire of watching!

To all, I mistakenly started this on a quick reply screen and can't see anymore posts, so please consider that I'm responding to everyone ... I'm just zonked ... only have one story to do this weekend so will be having some fun and/or resting ... later ...

03-05-2004, 08:30 PM
How delightful to know we are not the first to recognize the royal qualities of Queen Terri. I'm feeling about to fall asleep at my desk about now too. Weird day of paperwork where almost everythign I touched was wrong, needed a phone call, caused a search for something else. Took my walk to put me back in good frame of mind, sort of.

Did search out, scan, send five pics of sis as a youngster to friend who's doing something electronically artistic with them. Had given Sis most of the shots I had of her as a youngster (which of course DBIL can't find without asking her where they are). Managed to scrounge up some today. I think she'll like that and will recognize my hand in it all. Our ruse gets more elaborate every day - fun!

Empress, thy gym work overwhelms me! Glad you only have one article this weekend so you can get out and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Well, off I go for another cuppa before I do clunk down on the keyboard.

Ooops - almost forgot. Had another pretty good food day. Also reweighed this morning in case yesterday was an aberration. Nope. Still at 207.8, not sure if it was at that exact number when I last weighed, right after Christmas and before trip but it was 207 something so not quibbling for point anything. Fresh Start, Fresh Start, Fresh Start!

03-06-2004, 10:45 AM
Anagramatic, congratulations on thy great weigh-in!!! Thou be stalwart. There's a blue ribbon for thee at the Faire!!!!

Folkettes, I have posted all my thoughts for now on the poetry thread, the food thread and the exercise thread and it only remaineth to thank :queen: K for posting that index card idea (and to whoever she saith originally posted it) ... I've set up a new spreadsheet to tally my daily calories (I do lots better when I actually log stuff in the computer ... makes me more aware ... and I'm going to get some colorful index cards to just carry one at a time to jot down my food until I can get to a comupter!

Ok, dokey. No work today but gym, banking and shopping.

03-06-2004, 11:15 AM
Hello all!

Slept till nearly 6:30 this am -- its overcast and lots of steady rain... dogs keep coming back in soaked...
Dh made a huge fruit salad and we were amazed at how much is going out to the compost bin... the little bits that get tossed in the regular garbage don't seem to amount to much until you make a big a salad and see how much it really is...
I had almost 2 cups of salad w/ 1/4 cup of lofat cottage cheese-- its partly an experiment to see how long b/4 my stomach yells for more.

Q Punkin-- I think rather than OCD, the Flylady's term for folks like yourself if Born Organized....which is a great trait... One DH says I already have but I disagree... but then again, compared to him! :lol:

I am very interested in your bathsalts recipes! Do you have any left? How about bath teas??? Please share... I didnt do nearly as much bathing as last winter but you are motivating me to get in there right now!

so... I have an NSV !!

Yesterday am, coworker told me that my jeans were too big and that it was time to stop wearing the size I was wearing. So, at lunch, I ran to Goodwill and lo and behold..... DRUMROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLllllllllll

I found a pair that zip up !! Took them back to work and even put them on..
Wasnt until I compared what I had been wearing to the Goodwill jeans, I was suprised at how worn and shabby the bigger pair had gotten.....
And... the Goodwill jeans were only $5 so I felt extra clever!!
Used to do lots of shopping at Goodwill ... you don't always come up w/ deals, its very much like yardsaling but its so funny to me how I "forgot" about looking there....

Motivation... got to grab it wherever you can...

But... here's an interesting thought-- I also brought tried on a smaller sized
dress. And it was too tight. So tight, it was impossible to tell if it would be flattering later when it fit.
And I actually started to feel those old familiar "hate to try on clothes" blues.... and had to stop myself by forcing myself to look again at the jeans I had just found that DID fit..... old habits...just like the big jeans...shabby and worn out... time to toss those old mental habits too!!!
I declare a 5 minute rescue on my body image!!

I am healthier than I've been in years!
My body size is no reflection of my worth as a person!
Not being able to control myself with certain foods does not make me a bad person; but understanding I have no control is my responsibility!

Eydie-- Firm does look very interesting... did yours come w/ that "new" box I see on tv? Now that I'm in smaller size jean, its a little disconcerting to see the shape of my legs so clearly....Again... inclination...motivation...determination!!


Thought of the day :
An Autobiography in Five Short Paragraph's by Portia Nelson

1. I walk down the street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in. I am lost. I am helpless. It isn't my fault. It takes forever to find a way out.

2. I walk down the street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I pretend I don't see it. I fall in. I can't believe I'm in the same place, but it isn't my fault.
It still takes a long time to get out.

3. I walk down the street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I see it is there.
I still fall in. It's a habit. My eyes are open. I know where I am.
It is my fault. I get out immeadiately.

4. I walk down the street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I walk around it.

5. I walk down a different street.


Off to the hairdresser. Time for highlights. (Is that the correct term? Last time I was told that "streaking" is not longer !)


03-06-2004, 03:02 PM

I believe jeans are the true measure of success in any endeavor!!!!! It doesn't get any better than smaller jeans, IMO! :s:

Working. Will be back!

03-07-2004, 09:30 AM
:coffee: LOVE this new guy!

Punkin, Potions Mistress---but of course! :wizard:

Amarantha, what did you think of your tai chi class?

Anagram, most supermarkets do those photo cakes now. They're pretty cool--just did one for Garry. Since you'd been gone, I'd forgotten about the 'fresh start' cards!

Kaylets, I loved the scar experiment! And yes, my Firm set came with the box. I really like it. I needed something new and challenging! Garry found some tae bo videos for a buck and I think I'm goi gt o try one this morning. Should be interesting---"advanced" tae bo. GULP! :o We'll see.....

03-07-2004, 09:34 AM
Hello all!

Storm has passed, might even be a good day to dry clothes outside...
Guess I'd have to wash them first!
Maybe a quilt or two....

Scale finally moving back downwards... interesting time of life when your body feels most of the TOM symptons ( bloat, cravings) but no real TOM...
This sure isnt what I expected.... I thought when it was over, that included all the side effects too!! :?: :?:

One more day to WI-- naked one in the am in my own bathroom, the dressed one in the pm at the WW's meeting... Am thinking I'll wear the thinnest workout pants I own to help nudge those numbers...( wore dockers last week and you know how heavy those are! :lol: )

Did I mention that there were men as well as children at our meeting?? In fact, children so young, a DR's note was required.... very telling... Think the meetings will open my eyes in more ways than one....

So... here's an interesting thought... are we really as tall as we think we are?
If we had a skewed impression of our weight why not our height too?? I'm not talking about being 6 ft tall and thinking I'm only 5 ft... I'm thinking maybe an inch or two difference... I also called myself 5'3" yet have found that some other ladies feel they are that hgt as well.... and they are sure I am taller than them... so, perhaps goal is closer than I realize?? Perhaps I've been trying for a truly unrealistic goal my entire life???


Thought of the day :

"Remember that an army of sheep led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by a sheep."
--Life's Little Instruction Book

Question of the day :

"Which makes you feel better, preparing food or having it prepared for you?"


I'll check back shortly... need to set the timer a few times... Its amazing how many things are out of place...

03-07-2004, 09:56 AM
Kaylets, Interesting question for me. I adore preparing food for people, and since I know what a labor of love it is [or should be!], I love to be served too. But I think that I like preparing and serving it more! :)

03-07-2004, 10:36 AM
Just a quick check in. After breakfast :eating2: we're going second-hand car shopping. Since DH's car was totalled and I'm starting the new job, we are going to need another car. I hate big purchases like this. There's always the "what if it's a lemon?" stress. :stress:

I gave notice on Tuesday afternoon, after I signed the offer of employment at lunchtime. :write: I didn't see any point in waiting! Actually, it was taken very well. My boss said he knew I would only stay in that position until something came along in Accounting, so it wasn't a huge surprise for him. I am getting the guilt trip, though, about how they have vacation time to use up from last year and have to use it before March 31 or they lose it, and now if I leave there's no way they can. Yeah, cry me a river. They should have taken it long ago instead of waiting until the last minute.

Weigh in on Wednesday night had me down 3.2lbs. :goodscale I know it's the exercise that is helping! :tread:

I have a shiny new bathroom floor after the toilet explosion, and they brought me a new stove, too! My old stove had to be at least 30 years old. This new one is lovely...bright white, was used for about six months in another unit which is now unoccupied. Poor thing was horribly abused....I don't think that woman ever wiped it off! I spent most of yesterday afternoon cleaning it, even had to scrub the burners with a nylon pad to get the greasy dusty crap off them...but it looks like new again. I told the maintenance guys to just hook it up and leave the cleaning to me. It just amazes me how people don't appreciate things. To be given a brand new stove out of the box and not take care of it....shame on her! :nono:

Eydie, you do Pilates, don't you? I want to buy a DVD, but not sure which one to get. Dummies? Windsor? Any suggestions?

Kaylets, congrats on the smaller jeans!! :cb:

Punkin, hope you are feeling better now. Isn't it great what a little change like valances can do for a room? Not to mention they inspire you to do even more!

Cerise, you're bellydancing? Way to go, girl! :cp: It's something I've thought about trying...maybe I will soon.

wsw, how did the dinner go? I hope it won't be too long until you're settled in and have the computer hooked up to tell us all about the move.

Hello to all...DH has just arrived with coffee :coffee2:, and then we're off for the day...

03-07-2004, 11:33 AM
Yowza!!! Kaylets, I pmd thee once again!!!! :) I love the coffee guy too but I'm on quick reply and dunno what his code is!!!!! But I need some ... coffee, that is!!!

Wildfire, congrats on the new job and severing ties with the old!!!! :cp: Glad you're not letting them lay any guilt trips on you about their vacation problems!!!!

Demon Scale was neutral for me today! I did hope that I'd break through into the 140s but it was not to be!!!! Gonna try harder next week!!!!

Will be back!

QOD: Not sure this is what the question meant, but I always prefer to prepare my own food because of the health aspect. I think the question meant did I like to prepare food for others and no, I don't like that! :)

03-07-2004, 02:07 PM
Hi again!

DH made a delicious tomato based soup w/ turnips, daikon, cauliflower, carrots, onions ( notice a theme of all white vegs?) and then at the last second, threw a handful of shrimp in for each one of us. He threw crushed hot pepper on his, I did not.

Wildfire- glad your management folks took care of you ... sometimes I miss not being able to call management everytime something needs fixing....
And good for you regarding the job notice...Can't believe they are actually tried to talk you into doing more than your job b/4 you left by covering for them while they took vacation... and don't you love it... "Yeah, we knew you were unhappy... in fact, we were wondering how long it would be before you left.... but we had didnt try to do anything to at least keep you here in our employ... we'd rather let the good employees leave completely "

Empress-- thanks for all the info...Scale can be a real test of mental attitude... don't forget to eat enough to compensate for your workouts...

Been meaning to address someone who said something about wishing I was a next door neighbor as I seemed to know how to solve all problems... Thanks for the compliment but isnt it interesting how we appear to others yet have our own laundry list with which we struggle ?

Punkin- There you go... new valances! Now you're in project mode! Wonder what you're up to right as we speak! New paint? Rearrange the furniture?

Hot bread coming out of the oven in 3 minutes. Going to get in line so I can be first ahead the dogs.

03-07-2004, 02:11 PM

Try these:


.... each code listed below needs the colon added at the end of the word...

03-07-2004, 03:45 PM
Wildfire, I think that 'Pilates For Dummies' is an excellent intro to pilates. I'd try that one first. I have Winsor Pilates too and I like it alot. Congrats on the pounds down :D!!!

Tried one of my my new Advanced Tae Bo vids this morning. It was gloriously strenuous. One of those you have to grunt and grimace thru, and I thought it was great fun---my how things can change! I remember when I simply wouldn't allow myself to sweat-ever! :lol:

Hey, anybody hear from Ceara? Come back, Ceara! :^:

Beautiful day here. We did some work outside and I [wonder of wonders] even washed a few windows. Things are 'greening up' nicely here!

03-07-2004, 09:57 PM
Warning: long ... Still kind of foggy today ... the brain, not the weather, which is sunny and reached 90 degrees (so they say)! Need more of this stuff ... :coffee: :coffee2: :cofdate: AND :workout: :goodscale: :eating2: (NOT) :lol3: :mcd: (NOT) ... just hanging around ... :kickcan: ... ok, I worked most of the new smilies!!!! Thanks, :queen: K!!!!

Worry not that I won't eat enough ... I always do and I do think it's important not to go too low, especially when working out a lot. I lose more quickly in the 1500 range but feel more comfortable in the 1700-1800s with an occasional higher day. I need to eat more vege also ... posted my really evil menu for today on the food thread.

Was going to make a turkey, vege and barley stew but couldn't find barley anywhere. I don't understand why no one sells it anymore.

Am picturing thee elbowing dogs aside to get in line for the bread ... made my pear muffins today and had much the same experience with Old Dog, who is convinced I do all this baking just for her and she should have all the muffins

:queen: Wildfire, forgot to congratulate thee on the weight loss!!! Yowza!!! :cp: Congrats on thy new bathroom floor ... :)

Throwing my unasked for (never stops me) advice in on the Pilates to agree with Eydie that the Dummies one is good (their yoga one is also good) ... I've never tried the Windsor ... I actually like Denise Austin's (gasp) pilates tapes from a few years back but a lot of people think her form isn't good. Wish my gym would have a pilates class but they don't seem to even know what it is!

Eydie, I like the tai chi class, unlike past experiences I've had doing tai chi. Actually, it's a very Americanized simplified version and she doesn't get all meditative and spiritual, which makes me happy. I read some article or other today that a nine-week study of the immune systems of people taking a tai chi class twice a week showed improvement, so maybe this will help the ongoing infections I've been battling for a month. But I'd rather have it on a different day than immediately following the yoga as they really aren't the same thing at all.

I don't think this class will last much beyond when the winter vistors leave in the summer as there are only two younger people there ... I'd really like a class with only a few people, but the gym wants them full!

Wildfire, I went and cleaned my stove after I saw thy post! :s:

Later ...

03-07-2004, 10:06 PM
P.S. ... was amused in the grocery store by an exchange I overheard (I'm a reporter, I can't help it, I'm nosy) between a young male bakery clerk and an elderly lady who asked him where she could find the soymilk. He looked blank (and annoyed), thought a moment and said, "Well, the milk would be over where the milk is!" A few minutes later I saw her going up and down the milk aisle so I again butted in and told her where the soymilk aisle was (although actually they do have one or two refrigerated brands these days that were near the milk).

I know a few years ago when I was vege, I had the same experience in the one grocery store in the little town where my newspaper chain is headquartered. I told a young clerk I couldn't find soymilk and he told me he didn't know what that was ... since then, the store has started to stock soymilk!

But I digress, good night (once more)!

03-07-2004, 11:16 PM
:lol: Sorry, Amarantha...didn't mean to shame anyone here into cleaning their stoves! Glad to hear you are enjoying the Tai Chi. I took a beginners' class many many moons ago and quite liked it.

Eydie, Advanced Tai Bo? Okay, I'm officially worried about you, girl. :D

Thanks for the recommendations, Eydie and Amarantha, on the Pilates. Dummies it is!

Kaylets, yes...when asked why I was leaving, I simply said,"It is a career move that I cannot pass up." I wasn't giving them any clues as to how they should improve or what might have kept me there. And I absolutely refuse to pack my bags for a guilt trip! What is daikon?

Here comes Monday, it or not! :wave:

03-08-2004, 07:37 AM
Hello all!

Here we go Monday, Here we go!

Too loud ?? I know... how much coffee has Kayelets had anyway??

We might get snow, we might not...
I'll just make sure my boots are still in the car with the shovel, etc and take it as it comes....
Its just like having a Monday plan...
To treat myself as gently as possible as Monday's can be dicey if we let them be....
I've got my favorite water, soup's already measured out, even have some new music to listen to on the way into work.....

Today's thought of the day is:

"Remember that our outlook almost always determines the outcome."
--Life's Little Instruction Book

Question of the day :

" How many more days till spring?"


I am pleased as home scale is back near the lowest numbers which I hope will also correspond to WW's scale this evening... am of two minds regarding eating supper b/4 or after meeting....
Oh and btw, DH measured me and I am officially the height I always thought...
I would have been glad even for an extra inch taller.... DH says I made him realize, that he's not overweight, he's just vertically challenged...!

Could be worse I guess, could have found out I was shorter than I thought and would need to go to a lower goal weight!

Must say goodbye...


03-08-2004, 07:41 AM
Daikon is a Chinese radish-- often described as peppery but not so much the ones available here where I am... It resembles the shape of a parsnip and can grow very long similiar to a zucchinni or yellow squash... often is used raw w/ raw carrot in a "coleslaw" type salad.... We use often in Stirfry, soups, etc....

03-08-2004, 10:54 AM
Hello all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, it's been a long time. But here I am. You'll be interested to know that I have resigned from the demon job effective the 18th of this month. It's too much stress for me and the tadpole. They changed my hours, so that they might sabitoge my efforts to financially get straight (would not be able to work the second job). And now I sit in traffic for 2 hours in the morning and 3 at night. Right now my manager at the second job is SUCH a nice guy. He knows everything that is going on with this job and just said look, if you can get here at a decent hour that's great, if not, just come in for friday, saturday and sunday for now. And no, I don't have another job lined up right now. I've had one offer for a considerable amount less than what I make now, and I might take it just because it's 20 minutes from my house and the health care benefits are good. (At least until I can find something else after the baby is born).

You'll also be interested to know that this is day number 84 and I'm 12 weeks pregnant! I have 196 days or 28 weeks left, and am 30% of the way there. (All according to Doctor says I'm due 09/20/04 YIPPEE

03-08-2004, 01:41 PM
Poopy. I'll be back later to try to rescue it from the foggy depths of my mind, but for now, I missed you, sorry for being AWOL this weekend, and I enjoyed talking with you! (though you don't get to read it...)

Later, dudes.

03-08-2004, 02:21 PM
Yo!!! Glad to see thee, Frogger, and glad to see thou hast given the good-bye kiss to Demon Job!!!! You and the tadpole definitely should NOT be stressing over a job and a long commute at this time!!! Good work!!! :cp:

Wildfire, my stove DOES look quite nice now!!! :s: :wave: Thanks! :)

Sorry about the prospect of snow in thy area, Kaylets. It's going to be 93 here, so they telleth me!!! My sinuses and body are thanking the gods of Arizona for their bounty!!!!!

Om shanti, Cerise and sorry thou lost thy postie to the Demons of Lost Posties!!!! I think they eat 'em!!!

May I please be the unpleasant person I really am and vent words heard in gym from various folk today ... I was reaaaaallly nice and didn't mention this to anyone I knew at the gym but I can't believe how crude some people are ... again, I must mention that I'm a reporter, so that's why I seem to be such a nibby and overhearing type person and so interested in what others are doing (I've been told this is a character flaw but, well, there it is) ... anyhow ...

Strange Remark Overheard in Gym No. 1: Ladies in locker room dressing for water aerobics ... slightly overweight lady TO more overweight lady as they contemplate the suit she has on: "You're really not swimsuit material ... " :yikes:

Strange Remark Overheard in Gym No. 2: Slight lypast middle-aged man (winter visitor, sorry, not meaning any offense to the winter visitors, just identifying) who'd been all over weight room for a half an hour talking but not doing any exercise that I could discern TO another of same FOLLOWING a request by a younger rather nicely shaped (I thought) woman new to gym who had inquired of room in general if the gym had a scale and been told yes in the other room so she went there: "She doesn't need a scale, all she needs to do is look in the mirror to know she's overweight~!" :fr:

Strange Remark Overheard in Gym No. 3: Another past middle-aged gent who'd been sitting on the ab machine for 15 minutes talking but inexplicably NOT doing any ab crunches TO another similar gent who also wasn't exercising and their conversation had reached a point of discussing how the first man would only be in town another three weeks and then he'd hit the road in his RV: "Just me and the serial killers," he said, "good thing they only kill women!" :yikes:

This last man also made a number of crude sexual references in a loud voice in the middle of the small weight room crowded with males and females of all ages ... I was offended and not much offends me.

I wish someone else would open a gym close to me, I'm getting more and more irritated with the place.

Sorry, negative postie!

Will go now and eateth lunch. Having a chicken salad pita and Old Dog KNOWS I brought chicken in from shopping.

03-08-2004, 04:21 PM
OK, again, sorry for the long hiatus in posting. I spent the weekend in Bellingham visiting Ramon's DB and DSIL. Lovely people - we had a great time hanging out with them. And Ramon got to play with his brother's XBox, which made him very happy.

Um, before I get to posties, I wanted to ask the Flylady fans a question, and please don't get offended...I went to her website because Ramon and I are in dire need of help in keeping an ordered household, checkbook, etc. She seems engaging and the tips must be good, since a few of you seem to like them very much, but there are a couple of things that disturbed me about the site. First of all, it seems to be very by/for/of women. Calling working people "SHEs" and things. Men seem to be welcome as an afterthought, which makes me wonder if the setup's a bit sexist. Just the unapologetic feminist in me wondering, that's all. Secondly, I got the impression (this is from the testimonials page, where it seemed that the only letter-writers were women "taking care" of husbands, babies, etc.) that most of the site is geared toward women who are expected to be the sole home-maker in the family. Kaylets, somebody, say it ain't so. Yikes!!! Doesn't that remind anybody of those 50's guides to making a great haven for your husband to come home to? Owie. One testimonial was about this anxious mother who was worried because her tomboy daughter wasn't interested in girly things - thanks to the Flylady, Mom and daughter are going to get manicures and hairstylings together. Hurrah! My daughter's not going to go all transgender on me! I'm dying here. Please, I'm not trying to write the site off, and Lord knows I could use some help learning how to swish toilets, but PLEASE tell me that my impressions are totally off-base. Just say "Cerise, your femimist sensibilities are just a bit highly-strung, here. Calm down, because the Flylady is not trying to bring back the wifely house-slave of the mid-twentieth-century. Feminist thought is not going to regress 6 decades because the Flylady helps people clean their houses." Thoughts? Please, please, PLEASE don't get too mad at me. :^: Just a young feminist trying to get a clean house and keep it real at the same time...

Wow, Amarantha, you overheard some seriously bad stuff at the gym. I had no idea that that sort of poisonous talk still comes out of peoples' mouths! Here, take some clean vibes from me...actually, I'm no good since I'm still trying to figure out the Flylady. Somebody help cleanse her aura! Don't call yourself unpleasant, love. Your opinions and moods are very important to us, and besides, if you're unpleasant, I'm unpleasant (having had the temerity to question a website beloved by many of our sisters). I don't wanna be unpleasant! :stress:

Frogger, good for you! Thank God you won't be at that bad place much longer. How'd they take the news? How did your evil manager take the news? :devil: You're going to have so much more time on your hands now that you won't be glued to the car!!! Huzzah!

Good luck on your weigh-in tonight, Kaylets. I got a smile at the thought of you grappling with your dogs for ascendency over the fresh bread. :lol: Your husband's soup sounds amazing.

Wildfire, I've got three words for your last-minute vacation-grubbers: BOO-friggin'-HOO. God, I'm glad you're going somewhere where you'll be appreciated. Kaylets' opinion reflects mine on this one. Silly employers! Your stove story made me smile. I'd do/feel the same thing - anger at neglect of a fine object, and a thrill in scrubbing past neglect off it and giving it a new home. :D

Anyone else thing it's pretty cool that one of us may or may not get snow today and another of us is basking in 90ļ weather? It's sunny here, for a change. Lovely. :sunny:

Eydie, Tae Bo? Wow. You know, Pilates sounds pretty good, too. Wonder if I should be the exercise video girl and give up on the gym idea? I never go...

OK, ladies, posting this now. I hope you're all destined for a great week, and Ceara, Zadie, wsw and all others, love you! :wave:

I'm outta here...

03-08-2004, 06:49 PM
Thanks for saying I'm not an unpleasant person, Cerise!!!! I think I need to take another look at that Flylady site ... :chin:

Yes, I'm basking but getting ready to drive to mountains to work, got such a kick out of your Flylady thoughts, I had to tell thee!

Don't feel like the Lone Rangerette in needing to find a way out of domestic messes. It's been a year or two (yes, I'm still bugged and posting about this) since my best friend (who was also my cleaning lady as it happened) told me what an evil person I was and ended our friendship ... or I did, I'm not sure at this jointure. I'm glad that it happened because I feel freer mentally and didn't realize how much her limited worldview was influencing me, but I digress; anyhow, I was just looking at this messy house and wishing she was at least still in my employ if she didn't want to be friends, because say what thou willeth, the woman could clean.

I need to get a handle on this place next week!

Ok, Evil Woman signing off to take bath and go to work! :coffee2:

03-08-2004, 10:05 PM
Great to hear from you, Frogger! I'm glad things are going well for you and the tadpole---and congrats on dumping that devilish job!

Cerise, sorry to hear you were distressed about the FlyLady site. I always feel a little sheepish recommending her, because it does get kinda corny there, but her techniques work. I feel like I finally have a handle on keeping the house reasonably clean. Now I just have to work on the accumulating clutter--where does it come from?!

Amarantha, sorry to hear you had a bad day at the gym. Yes, the things you overheard were all equally creepy. [shudder.] So hard being human...

Have to go to sleep now---I'll probably be going into work really early because we may have snow tomorrow afternoon. I hope not, I'm getting used to the idea of spring!

03-09-2004, 07:52 AM
Hello all!

Frogger! I am SOOO glad you stopped by... was wondering and wondering...
Certainly in this case, the money vs commute is a no brainer... I know the 18th cannot come quick enough for you!

Cerise: Flylady is one of those grass roots movements that literally "just happened" ... One day, a friend commented on how upset she was that she couldnt get a handle on her house/clutter/etc and Flylady gave her some advice by email... and the friend shared it w/ another...and soon there was an Email list...and then a website and so on, and so on

SHE stands for Self Employed Executive in an effort to elevate

Flylady has found that most of her members are women... many married, many not....Flylady's personal experience w/ low self esteem and perfectionism have touched on a common thread for her members.
Flylady does strongly believe that if the woman of the house feels positive and organized that her children (and spouse) will benefit.

She does not believe that children or spouses shouldnt do household chores-- what she believes is to stop keeping "score" of what each stop feeling like a victim ... that YOU are important enough to have a clutter free, organized life , a balanced life.

I don't agree with many of her methods...even some of her own employees
disgree with her... (ie, having yardsales... she feels to just get rid of the extra stuff... I feel if you could use the cash, get the cash)....

What I find most interesting about Flylady is that she is proving the statisics ... which say that although spouses are doing more at home than ever before, the women are still doing most of it...many times for very valid reasons... other times its just the way folks live......

And as for women's rights, Flylady talks often about her exit from an abusive relationship... one that she was in for many years...

Oh my...let me move on!

Today's thought of the day:

"Never regret. If itís good, itís wonderful. If itís bad, itís experience."
---- Victoria Holt

Question of the day:
"Is saurkraut only for hotdogs?"



03-09-2004, 10:03 AM
QOD - Well, certainly not in central PA where pork and sauerkraut are a way of life (and are eaten for good luck on New Year's Day). Not lately, but I have been known to eat s.k. cold from a can. Now it's a bit salty for me that way but I still like it almost any way except as my MIL made it. Ready for this: she rinsed all trace of salt from it, melted Crisco and doused it with that. Gag!

Frogger, happy to hear from you - yes, that time saved will be so important. If you divide the pay by hours spent on each job plus commute, you'll find the hourly rates more comparable I'm sure. And probably come out better if you factor in more hours on second job. I'm hoping you'll soon be able to shed that, though, things will get physically tougher in mfg process later. Do you still have boarder? Mom still with you? Any word on DHs job search?

I'm not a journalist, Empress, but still overhear all sorts of things. Maybe I'm just "curious" - I totally deny I'm being "nebby" as I don't usually WANT to hear as much as I do about other people's business. You sure hit the jackpot at the gym.

Wildfire, enjoy that new floor and stove. I too can't believe how some people take (or not) care of things. My stove is 35 years old and looks purty darn good. However, I need one w/a selfcleaning oven as that part is too tough for the artificial knees. My microwave is giving me signs it's on its last legs too and it's almost 25 years old - but still looks good.

I've only scanned Flylady and, as Eydie said, it can get corny. But she does go on about not feeling guilt and she's sure not into perfectionism or anything. Like anything else, I figure take what works for you and deep-six the rest. My DD has always been practically a card carrying feminist and didn't mention anything about that perspective. There is stuff in the book about getting kids to do their share - in fact, I thought FL expected a tad much of the younger kids (even though I always had my kids doing stuff). I think some of it is a recognition of some basic stuff - like somebody has to be the basic organizer and usually that's a person of the femme persuasion although some men are totally better at it. I didn't luck out there. But DH does always do stuff - I'm just more into organization. And DD was much more organized when it was just her or just her and DH. The princesses brought a lot more chaos with them - no news to most of you.

Empress, we must do a ceremonial "throwing out" of thy ex-friend and find thee a new cleaning person who probably won't do as good a job but also won't extract such an emotional fee. I think occasionally of a friend who unceremoniously "dumped" me three years ago and wish it could have been otherwise. But I figure she made her choice and I sure don't need to coax any one to be my friend. There are others willing enough. We like your wider world view and thou sayest thou be better off so let's do the ceremony and show her remnants the door of thy head in a "Spring Cleaning" frenzy.

Not so good weekend days physical health wise but not rotten. Yesterday better. Today I go back to home town for hopefully almost final piece of business. Am knocking down lots on the to-do list but never seem to get to everythign or even almost everything.

03-09-2004, 01:40 PM
I'll be back, darlings, after the pain of this has worn off somewhat. I spoke to each of you from my heart, and can only hope you can feel my deep regard for you. Feel it, feel it...

(I'm off to tear my hair out in anguish)

03-09-2004, 08:10 PM
Spare thy hair, O Royal Cerise. Though I know thy pain only too well. What evil the computer demons can wrought - that now we lack the well given words of our West Coast Woman of Wisdom. Know though that we feel the love and well intentions of her Royalness.

03-09-2004, 08:24 PM
There. I've prayed over the damn thing. Nothing more I can do.

So, OK. I asked my questions honestly about the FlyLady website, and got exactly what I needed from you: honest, detailed, kindhearted answers. I can't tell you what a relief this is; both to find out that the FlyLady's "OK", and that none of you called me a knee-jerk alarmist femi**** who sees shadows where there are none (and you probably wouldn't be that far wrong). Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. :encore: When I lost that magnificent post, I went straight off to the FlyLady website and signed on, and I'm looking forward to going home and shining my sink. Ramon's bemused but willing to go along with anything that makes our apartment the haven we both long for.

Anagram, Amarantha, neither of you are being "nebby" (can someone for the love of God please tell me what that means?!) as I understand it. Rather, you are being "watchers". A "watcher" is someone who sees things, sees and hears what many people miss. I am one (don't laugh) and take my role pretty seriously. Watchers can do much good in the world. They can at a real level witness and suffer along with those who struggle. Watchers endure more pain in that manner than those who can turn blind eyes to the suffering around them. Those who watch and then do something about what they see are very rare. I'm typically not one - too chicken, but I do at least have the courage mostly to SEE, as do the two of you. That's rarer than you think, IMHO. Anyway, I think watchers do good in a sort of Buddhist, space-time-total-compassion-hovering-over-the-planet-in-a-cloud sort of way. In case you were wondering, dear friends, how much of a freak I am, now you know. :D

Anyway. :rolleyes:

Kaylets, really, thank you for not only pulling the different points out of the deep morass of my rant about FlyLady, but for answering them point-by-point as well. Dang, girl, you have one **** of an organized mind. Anyone who can understand me better than me...whew.

Anagram, I don't want to be too abrasive here, but whoever that "friend" was who cut off contact with you, they must have been out of their mind. Remember, my dear, I've been conversing with you for nearly a year now :yikes: , and most of the rest of us have known you for a lot longer. You're SO worth knowing - I'd grieve for a long time if I lost contact with you. As someone who has both been dumped and who HAS dumped (kindly - just let things drift apart) a destructive friendship, I know friend-dumping and you were done wrong . Hey, I could be wrong. You could be a demon- :censored: from ****, but if you are, you hide it really, really well.

Amarantha, my dear, you're going to have to get used to the fact that I, at least, and I suspect that this goes for the rest of us as well, like to hear what you have to say on every subject you've brought up in my memory. You may not always be very pink and fluffy (does this news hurt you? Thought not), but you're real and very, very good to be around. So. The Viscomtess has spoken. Never mind that she's only 28 1/2.

Frogger, Eydie, Punkin, et al: Luv ya.

I'm outta here. **pressing Alt-C right now before the gods take my post as a burnt offering** :crossed:

03-10-2004, 12:51 AM
Hurrah! Cerise has been allowed to "speak". I don't normally use "nebby" but here it fit as I understand it. It's a word I picked up from my SIL and she uses it as "nosy".

Ok, it was more a "drifting apart" than a precipitous "dump" but it was pretty one sided. I had noted things changing over a long period of time but resisted the obvious until it was no longer (in pride) possible. I too have let people go in my lifetime and had once even told this person that I had and my life had not been worse because of it. So there you have it, I even laid out the blueprint. I still think she's a person worth knowing and has a lot to offer and we had had some good time - I think I had known her about twenty years at our last outing. Knew most of her skeletons and she mine.

Funny thing - last week I ran across another person who had sort of let us drift away and it was like we were the closest of friends still. Never knew what happened there either. It was more a couples friendship and I think it was more the guys who made it work and then not work. But the last few times we've seen either of them, it was like we were the most fabulous people they know. (Well, maybe we really are that - but for a while we were definitely persona non grata.)

So I'm picturing a Household Diva happening in Seattle and having a vision of Ramon being awed by a Goddess in Heels leaving her sparkling touch everywhere as she happily belts out her favorite tunes.

Hmm, maybe that just means I'm groggy and should go to bed. Shall.

Dh just came in and reported he heard on the news about a woman trying to pass a one million dollar bill in our local Wal-Mart. People are so much fun.

03-10-2004, 02:08 AM
Yowza, such nice meaty discussions here of late.

Yo, Anagramatic, but there's a difference between nice polite people like thyownself and evil reporters like moi ... you see, we DO want to overhear everything and know everybody's business! :s: In future I shall think of myself as Cerise describes it, a watcher ... I like that ... but the truth is most people don't see journalists Buddhalike ... in reality, guys, the world in general dislikes reporters ... this has been expressed enough to me over the years that I believe it to be true, but I digress ...

Anagram, I like thy idea of a ceremonial "dumping" of ex-friends who dumped us first, as in my case, or a drifting apart as in thine! Thanks for sharing thy story, perhaps having longtime close friends suddenly not be is more common than I was feeling ... and if thou could find me a new royal cleaning person, I'd be thrilled because housecleaning is just not my thing at all! :s:

Cerise, I spell the word "nibby" ... I think it means nibbing in where one doesn't belong. I haven't a clue where the word comes from, though. :coffee:

Dost thou not think I'm pink and fluffy? :cloud9:

Hmmm. :chin: My computer keeps telling me there's a connection failure and if I lose this post I will scream, so I'd better sign off.

We have not heard from Punkin this week, unless I missed it! :( This situation cannot be allowed to continue! :mad: Punkin? Be thou ok? Inquiring minds ...

Eydie, here's hoping thou doeth not have snow! We were at 94 again today but it'll be dropping to the 80s for the rest of the week they saith. Actually, I hope so as it's early for the 90s and the yellow poppies don't like it.

Re saurkraut in any format, but especially with Crisco ... words fail me!

03-10-2004, 07:49 AM
Hello all!

Here we go Wednesday, here we go!
1st hour this am not very cheerful but persistence prevails...

Anagram-- as I type our news is reporting same story.... can you imagine??
They say the customer had 3 of them!

Cerise-- Actually, its good to know there are women who are aware that many of the women's rights that are commonplace today are less than 40 yrs old. I was speaking to one young lady who was shocked to hear an older lady talk about her mom being turned down for credit after her husband passed although the mother was listed on the mortgage....
I do think the pendulum swung too far into " you are wasting yourself if not advancing your career ".... Although we are now used to men staying home w/ the kids, I still meet and read of so many women embarrassed to say " I work at home"....
Somehow, the $$$ over rode Choice and things turned on their heads....

So many children are being home schooled today it only stands to reason that someone is staying home to do it....


Thought of the day :
"Time deals gently only with those who take it gently."
--Anatole France'

Question of the day :

"What is the biggest status symbol to you friends right now?"
--Table Topics from the Pampered Chef



03-10-2004, 11:24 AM
Snowing here as I type - not supposed to stick but coming down pretty heavily at the moment. Mayhap our "onion snow" - any other areas have that quaint saying?

Kaylets, dh did say she had more similar bills in her purse. I guess if you go to the trouble to print up one, may as well do three or so in case the first flies.

Only SOMETIMES not pink and fluffy, Empress. I see you more as earth tones and "salt of the earth". Would not care to be pink and fluffy myself.

I think I'm a sometimes polite person (well, most times) but you wouldn't have thought so yesterday when I ran into a waitress from ****. Long story, newcomer, etc. and I could be patient with most of the many things that happened. But when I pointed out that the table needed to be wiped and she brought back a cloth and proceeded to do one small corner, I grabbed the cloth and did it myself. Not necessarily kindly. The whole episode was a downer because it was a The Special Place I've mentioned before that we like to travel to when up in mountains because it usually is so "perfect" and yesterday the list of transgressions was so long.........However, I felt at her age (not old but not a kid either) that if she was working at that job, she needed it and I didn't want to discourage her. By the time I get back there, she'll be either up to speed or gone so I'll put that experience over in the pile with the friends who don't love me any more and add it to the ceremonial bonfire.

I do think there's a lot of change in friendships throughout the course of a life, some a lot more painful than others. I have some that go back many, many years though we're not necessarily an everyday item any more. It sometimes takes me a while to realize what good friends some of the newer ones have become. (Not true with present royalty though.)

Best get going - have the dreaded appt with gyn this afternoon and one with internist tomorrow. Then one with dh's nephrologist on Friday. I make note that I always dress with more care when going to see her nephrologist) - wonder what that says about me? I think I do it because I know she notices - it's so obvious even dh has commented on it and he doesn't usually notice things like that. Now for today, it won't really matter because it all comes off anyway.

03-10-2004, 06:03 PM
Oh my friends, we are connected indeed! :) I can't tell you how much soul-searching I've been doing over the friendship I had to end. It's been over a year now and I haven't seen her at all, but it still feels so fresh. I have to ask, when does it stop feeling like it just happened? I'm reading a book called 'When Friendship Hurts' and it dredging up alot of feelings for me. {Oh goody... :p } It's inevitable that we'll run into each other at some point--may be tomorrow, it may be 20 years from now. But the suspense is killing me---what will we do? Will we talk to each other, or will we look the other way? Either prospect is painful.
Sometimes I think about how it would be if I contacted her, and then my faithful body responds with a big shudder. My mind may trick me, but never my body!
I'm seeing that this is a universal experience for us all. I feel sad, I feel angry, I feel used, I feel stupid, but I gave it my all and after 24 years I couldn't give anymore.

Here's my thing: Because of this experience, I'm pretty terrified of deepening any existing friendships, and I really want friends. It's quite a predicament. Crap. I know it's time to get out of my comfort zone and do something out of the ordinary. Again...goody.

I could go on and on, and probably will later! Hey, here's a thought: maybe we could do our letting go ceremony together? Who doesn't enjoy a good cackle over a smoking cauldron? Who's with me? :D

zadie k
03-10-2004, 07:19 PM
Just doign a quick check in. It has been so busy and hectic at work. I had to go to court today and haev to go again next week, in a county that is about 1 1/2 hours away. But things are good. I will check in again soon and read up on how everyone is doing.


03-10-2004, 08:49 PM
Hello all!

Weather turned colder and windier. DH and I watched on dvd AI -- spent two nights watching... not what I expected... am glad we borrowed it from the library rather than renting...

Lots of little issues lately... soon as 2 are resolved, 4 take their place...
DH's computer Photoshop Program appears corrupted or its a ram issue ...
oh great...Figures what I'd like to get up on Ebay doesnt have a picture stored in our files yet....

Just one of those weeks I guess...

Well, it could be worse... if I'm lucky, I'll be able to grab some photos elsewhere to "borrow" least the computer is still operational at this point..


Been trying to create some distance from my Monday night WW's meeting...
The room was very warm and an entire section was treated to a noisy air vent... The leader was eating something the first 10 minutes of her presentation.... She made a WW smoothie to demonstrate how easy they were to make and then drank it last week, telling us it was her supper and that she couldnt share as WW's is not a restaraunt (??). I suspect, she was only chewing cough drops this week but when you are running a 6:30 pm meeting and you keep mentioning how you know no one has had their dinner as they wanted a lighter weigh in.... chewing 2 weeks in a row in front of us is really unappreciated in my book...
Did I mention there are some kids in my class?? I don't think she needs to talk baby talk but she kept using analogies of cancelled tv shows, old commercials and etc that these kids have never seen... also tried to use the example of how a stool needs three legs to stand and that changing a habit requires 3 things...
Well, she drew a stool on a dirty white board ... asked us if we could see what she was doing ( she was using purple on top of purple smudge),... I called out "No" pretty loudly and she just kept going.... Did try to wipe some of the smudge with the gardening gloves she was wearing ... actually said "hee , hee, look at my gloves"... that was her other example... that if you don't get a weed/habit by its roots, its just comes back... she did have a little trowel and the gloves on but then.... got down on her knees to "demonstrate" on how deep you have to go....
Most of us couldnt see her at that point...
Do you think any of these kids have done much weeding???

Frankly, if I didnt already know the program, I'd not be continuing....
She claims she's been doing this 11 years yet stops dead in the middle of a sentence because she can't think what to say next... Repeats herself 4-5 times in a row ...for instance.. "Lets talk about this weeks topic... lets tallk about this weeks topic"...

OK... I know what you are thinking... I am an unfair critic... Honestly, I tried giving the benefit of the doubt... BUT
she knows kids are in her class...Why couldnt she bring in a tricycle or a real stool ...a real visual...
She knows she's eating in front of us...( Not my problem that she just finished another class...I just got out of work and I'm waiting till I get home ..)
She knows the vents are noisy, she told someone speaking in the back to speak louder so the rest of us could hear ....
Why not have the WI area back there so it doesnt matter if the vents are noisy?

Ok... enough ...
Maybe it was just a bad couple weeks for the leader..
Maybe it was me..

But.. a dirty white board? come on... the meeting is in a big motel, they have cleaners there...
and the board was hung in a dark corner too...

and then.... she decided that she'd give us a "bonus" and explain how the
"replacing a habit" lesson was really better explained when she taught the "Smart program" and she proceeded to write that out on the dirty board too... Most folks had no idea what or when WW's taught the Smart Program

Usually I am willing to belive there is another side of the story but honestly, by time I got home Monday, I was shrieking... DH says I am not to go back if I am going to come home so upset everytime...


Thanks for letting me vent...
And yes, I am seriously considering approaching the leader... especially about the room layout....
And the eating...

somebody say "goodnight Kaye"


03-11-2004, 01:46 AM
YO! Glad that everyone's sharing some "people" experiences that didn't go well ... although sorry they are having the experiences.

Anagram, I so related to the waitress thing ... I get upset over things like that, too, although it depends on the attitude of the person giving the poor service ... I don't mind total ineptitude but I hate being written off or ignored. Sorry that happened at thy special place.

Eydie, yea, I feel that way about not wanting to deepen any friendships because of the sudden attack (I see it as an attack) by a "friend" of many years' standing ... seems like it's better just not to go there anymore and I do unfortunately have this feeling that no one can ever like me as a friend anymore ... and if they do, there must be something wrong with them (present royalty excepted)!!!!

Zadie, I really envy thee going to court ... I love covering courts but in my job it seldom comes up anymore (they can't afford to let me take the time to do it).

Kaylets, thy WW leader really does sound rude ... especially the eating in front of thee part ... hello! Maybe dh is right ... it's not worth going if you don't feel comfortable ... is she a WW employee or a volunteer? I don't know how that works ... in Arizona, WW is a totally separate franchise and all the people there are employees ... I can't stand them (sorry, WW) ...

Missing a number of royals ... does this group seem to be shrinking? Let's not let that happen ... COME ON OUT :queen: s AND RALLY ROUND THE PALACE!!!!

Wood Nymph, I'm hoping things are better ... let us know how you are if you're reading this!

Seattlejo, where did thou go?




Also hi to Punkin, Cerise, Wildfire!!! :wave:

Wsw, art thou in thy new digs?

Frogger, how goeth it!?

To anybody I've not mentioned, it's only because I'm braindead and rapidly declining and things escape out of my head on a regular basis, also I need to go to sleep now! :)

Let's get everybody back in here and posting on a regular basis because the towel boys are really getting restless!!! Yowza![/color]

03-11-2004, 07:40 AM
Hello all!

Looks like the rain has passed here...

Wish it would stay a little warmer!I need to have a yard sale!
Today's thought is :
" A little praise, goes a long ways"
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Question of the day :

"If you could have only one of the
Either good looks or great personality, which would you choose?"
-- Table Topics from the Pampered Chef

Strangely uneasy this am... perhaps too much caffeine the past couple days...
just that sense of waiting for the other shoe to fall is the only way I can describe..

Think I'll ask for good energy to be sent my way... feels like I need a booster shot of positivity ( is that even a word?).

I'll check in during the day if I get a chance...


03-11-2004, 09:09 AM
Here it comes, Kaylets - brace yourself - OHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Hope that will hold you for a while. Hope the strange feeling is not a hangover from WW. But sometimes when I'm particlarly irritated by someone/thing, I feel a little down from it later, partly because I don't think I should let those things hang around. Feeling sort of positive here except plumber is supposed to come and another dr. appt = bleah.

QOD - well, since I have both ........:) ;) ;)

I can tolerate a lot, I think, Empress and really wasn't even too upset by the 15 minute wait for "someone" to clear the table and give us menus. And, at that, another waitress cleared but she didn't wipe. And the sloppy half hearted attempt moved me to action. I see no reason I should sit and eat from a table that hasn't at least been cursorily cleaned fromthe past user. At that, I think I maintained a lot of tolerance through a whole continued series of "oops" moments. Cream of crab soup instead of cream of broccoli (I know, ignore calorie count) - I like both so insisted on keeping it. An order that somehow got misplaced. A messup on dhs food, etc. And it really is named The Special Place. I considered talking to manager but did not because of the "first day" sort of apology from the waitress who cleared. I will go back when we're in the area and hope for their usual sparkling service and food.

I've been thinking too that our court has been shrinking. (Thought maybe my return ran off a few royals.) I think sometimes life just gets so fast moving as for wsw right now. And Wood Nymph and Wildfire and Punkin and Ceara and certainly Frogger and Zadie. Group hugs to all. Pop is as soon as you can. Only the Empress' strong influence is keeping the towel boys from anarchy.

More tea needed and then must hustle off to be beautiful in case the plumber actually shows upwhen he said he would.

03-11-2004, 02:27 PM
Good morning, lovelies!

We've now had two sparkling days here in Seattle. Sometimes I think Northwesterners whine and cry about the rain and clouds because they know that if they revealed how beautiful the weather is so much of the time, everybody would flock here in droves. Anyway, I walked 2nd Ave. instead of 3rd this morning on the way to work and was richly rewarded. There are two places - the Garden of Remembrance (a stone/flower/tree/fountain-type place that's in remembrance of Northwesterners that died in various wars) and another business building that seems to have a bent towards gladdening our eyes - where the cherry and redbud trees are in full bloom right now. There were some smaller trees, too, with these lovely, spiky cream-colored flowers that I couldn't identify, but just then two ladies walked by gazing at the flowers and I heard one of them say "Star Magnolia". Coincidence? Naaah. I went up and sniffed one (very uncool in downtown Seattle) and my nose confirmed it. I walked by those two places in a dream, thinking that this was the first time these flowers and little new leaves had ever lived. In my mind, I murmured "Welcome, welcome" to them and went on with a light heart. God, I'm loopy. :dizzy:

Kaylets, your WW leader sounds like a nightmare. I don't think you're being too critical at all. Can't WW at least pick competent speakers to be leaders? I don't think that the fact that you lost a bunch of weight should be the sole criterium for being a leader. I'm sorry, my dear. If you have the guts to approach her - do it. Knowing me, I'd ditch the class altogether. It seems perfectly reasonable to me that your funny mood today is owing to the reprehensible behavior of your "leader". Sending you a vision of my cherry trees...and I just found "positivity" on According to those learned folks, it is indeed a word. :flow1:

Anagram, Ramon and I have some restaurants like this - where, if the service or food quality slipped, we'd feel pretty crushed. I think it's lovely of you to understand the server's "first day" jitters were probably just that. In my opinion, being a server is one of the most stressful occupations out there, and the only way to counteract clumsiness and hesitancy and unintended neglect is just time, you know? Sometimes you have to bear with an incompetent server just because they haven't put in their time yet. Well, you could've gone all the way and asked that another server cover your table, and it would've been your right, absolutely. I think you were very forbearing. Sorry you have to go to the doctor today. Sending you oodles of dignity, just in case. Not that I have that much, come to think of it...

QOD: I'm with Anagram. I like my looks and have great fun with my personality - if I had to give one up, I think I'd give up my looks. I'd rather people like to talk and laugh with me than to just be decorative and not much else. Yuck.

Amarantha, I, too am glad that we're talking about real stuff from our hearts. It distresses me a bit to hear your beliefs about your ability to attract people that like you - makes me want to meet you really bad. Still, that belief and the fact that you share it is your choice, and part of you. Just like I feel free to share my experiences as an overweight person and don't hesitate to use the term "fat" when I'm talking about myself. It doesn't always go over that well with people, but it's my choice and I don't mean it in a negative or disrespectful way towards myself. I figure that since I've made the choice to be heavy, I get to use the word "fat" with impunity. So, anyway, my point is that I respect your choice to say that it's difficult to believe when a person genuinely likes you (and believe me, I understand); at the same time, I'm going to feel free to say that I've been through a lot with you in cyberspace (remember the Valkyrie?) and I like everything of you that I've seen so far. :p And, IMHO, pink and fluffy is not a good thing most of the time. Don't be TOO mad that I don't put you in that category. I see you in sepia, burnt sienna, taupe and that lovely dark brown that the desert takes on in the evening. OK? OK?

**this postie's getting long. If I lose it, I'll never survive the shock**

Kaylets, I rented AI with Ramon a while ago. He loves it. I'll say this about it - while I think it's a beautifully crafted movie and a great effort by everyone involved, it still left me feeling flat. I appreciate it. I didn't like it much.

Hello, Zadie, DARLING. :wave: Thanks for stopping by to let us know how things are going. Wish I could see you in court. What do you wear?

God, Eydie, we really ARE connected! I went through the same stuff when I separated myself from those two friends. Lots of this: "If I were really a friend of theirs, I would stick to them through thick and thin, no matter what, not dumping them like trash", "I'm wishy-washy, flaking out on someone who depended on me for emotional sustenance", etc. Finally, I said to myself, "Look. It is what it is. You don't feel connected enough to this person to want to stick to them. You don't want to overlook their foibles for love of them because the love's just not there ." For better or worse, the reality of those statements helped me a lot. Right or wrong, it helped me to let go. Friendships end. Whatever the reasons, that's the reality. It doesn't make us bad people. I did meet up with both those people later. Though we were congenial and even took a little pleasure in catching up, it was awkward as ***. The fact that Ramon and I have moved helps a lot. :lol:

The thing is, I have - and I'll bet you do, too - friends who I'm committed to, that I literally would stick to no matter what. If they need me, really, I'm there. And they're not at all perfect to be around all or even most of the time. Nor am I. I'm not as selfish as I think. Letting go of friendships helped me compartmentalize more easily. I have hang-out buds, who may or may not deepen into lifelong, thick-and-thin friends. When they deepen into lifelong friends, I feel it. Those kind aren't many, that's for sure. Maybe I have 6 or 7. But they're wonderful, and it's wonderful for me to remember that I'd do anything for them.

I hear you, too, on being skittish about letting surface friendships deepen. It's so bloody hard, especially since I'm so very open, and speak from the heart almost immediately with just about anyone. It's especially tough right now, since I'm new in the city and a bit lonely. No friends here yet. Just you guys. How pitiful do I sound right now? :^: You're such a wonderful person, Eydie (that goes for the rest of you, too!) that I'll bet you have to all but take applications, to select "real" friends from the hoardes who'd like to be considered... ;) I believe the Universe or God or whoever supplies friends, so I'm concentrating on looking forward to meeting them. For now I'd just like a nice group to go have a pint with.

All right, ladies. Since this is a weight-loss site I guess I should 'fess up and reveal what's going on in my fitness and diet life. Fitness: not much. Trying to get off my *** at night and do the damned bellydancing DVDs is difficult, however much I like them. Diet: even worse. I think I'm going to totally abandon WW. Again. I'm sorry, I know this bucks the advice of many of you and the greater world of weight loss everywhere, but I Hate. To. Journal. Writing down every...single...thing I eat flies in the face of everything I believe about health and well-being and nourishment and enjoyment of food. It's the equivalent, to me, of a poor old person in a sanitarium whose bowel movements get recorded on a damned clipboard. Sorry for the vivid, um, comparison there. Blame that movie "Chocolat". Armande says it and I haven't been able to shake it. Anyway. Since I know that by refusing to journal I'm giving up a major, major source of control and regulation on my food intake, I'm researching frantically to see what other methods I can implement that will help me make good food choices without dehumanizing the act of eating for me. I'm sorry for the drama, but for me, that's what journalling does to me.

I apologize for the complaining, but I know you guys understand...

Love and kissies, and hugs to the ones I didn't mention,

03-11-2004, 03:17 PM
Ok -- save a towel boy for me ;) ! I've been lurking, and have managed to catch up on posts. Of course, I was waiting until I felt like I had time to post properly, but that is going to have to wait just a bit longer.

Things are settling a bit now. My son is much better and is actually starting to think about looking for work and I found myself feeling happy yesterday for the first time in a long while. I met a friend for breakfast the other day, have been getting to tai chi, and went to my writer's group last night. Life begins again, and with that, a return to all you brightest and best of women.

I think I'm going to try to pop in with brief posties instead of waiting for time to do a big one.

Funny you should mention WW, Empress! I decided to rejoin a week ago Monday. I'm not crazy about them either, but that weekly WI is very motivating! :eek: I had regained the six pounds I lost a while ago, but then lost 3 the first week. I'm just going to stick to this until I get there this time :yes:

Kaylets, was it you who posted the "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle" quotation? I loved that, and have thought about it and used it a lot since. Thank you!

Anagram, hmmmm... what does your plumber look like, that you must be beautiful for him? ;)

Love to all, I'll pop in again soon!

03-11-2004, 03:23 PM
Hello, delightful Arabella!!!!

So good to read you again! I'm glad your son's levelling out a bit, and your sense of well-being, too.

I want to meet Anagram's plumber, too. Hee, hee!

03-11-2004, 03:40 PM
Well, then, here I am again! Bet you didn't have time to miss me.

Kaylets, I know that feeling you're talking about! We were living in Newfoundland, and I was very agitated all one weekend, to the point that I talked to my husband about it and he asked me what it felt like. The best I could explain it was that it was like "waiting for the axe to fall." Which is, you must admit, worse than a shoe. So... on Monday, my husband found out that they'd dropped the 1st year university program from the college system and there went his job. We'd sold our Victorian-ish house here, bought a house there and moved 10 months previously, on the assurance that the job was very secure. Anyway, the premonition was very uncomfortable, but what happened turned out to be not a bad thing in the long run (although it may have cost us a lot of money, I guess).

Cerise, yes you are, Sweetie. Loopy, and delightfully so! I read your story about smelling the blossoms, etc. and felt like putting hand to heart to pledge fellowship (or whatever the female equivalent is -- maybe just kinship?) Thanks for sharing these snippets of your life.

Wildfire, congrats on that job! Fantastic, and you so richly deserve it!

Frogger, so glad your out of that stupid job, not to mention the horrendous commute! Love to you & tadpole!

WSW, I'm so enjoying hearing about your new place. I think it's going to be a wonderful home for you.

03-11-2004, 05:55 PM
What a treat to hear from Wood Nymph! And so glad son is doing better. Would much rather have short posties than NO posties.

And, Cerise, loopy is good in my book. I can go positively bananas over a crocus or a pink hyacinth. And spring is a loopy season, at least for me. And I'm pretty much a non journaller - if things get too complicated I know I'll just chuck it all (I have experience there to back up that opinion). I can try to exercise more, drink water and stay to somewhat reasonable portions, etc. but told myself this would be about more healthier eating and that's what it's been.

Actually, ended up I didn't even see the plumber, dh dealt with him. He sounded young enough to be my grandson though.....Only get attention from old guys these days and usually it's more my car than moi they're interested in. But any attempt at coiffure and makeup is better than the way I look at the computer first thing in the a.m.

Have had a premonition or two in my life and hope Kaylets' is for something good. Was supposed to go on vacation years ago, to meet up with friends. For two days before we were to go (and I had been gung ho up till then), I had "that" feeling. Finally told dh we just could not go. Needless to say, he was irritated esp. since I couldn't give a reason. The day after we'd have gone my grandmother passed away. We'd have just arrived and had to turn and come back. I know friends thought I was loopy but they stopped by on their way home and we were at Gramma's funeral. DH has been a true believer in my intuitions and premonitions ever since. Even though I've also had many that meant nothing I could ever figure out.

On that gloomy note, I think I'll go back to loopy...................A lot of welcome action here this afternoon.

03-11-2004, 06:01 PM
Kaylets, the feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop is excruciating, hope it's past. I agree with the others who've said it's most likely a leftover from the unsatisfying WW meeting.

Hello, Arabella! :D It's so great to 'see' you. I knew you were lurking! Please don't stay away--you're one of the founding goddesses here!

Cerise, many thanks for your kind words. I'm feeling better today--ready to throw myself out there. What's the worst thing that could happen? :o Here's one of my many deep dark secrets: It always floors me to learn that someone likes me. Why should that be? I know it doesn't make any logical sense. ****, I even think that I'm pretty cool most of the time. I think that I'm overthinking the friendship thing at this point. I'm totally open to it--I'm just afraid of coming on to strong [the stalker!] or overcompensating and being too aloof [the ice queen!]. My "problem" is I don't want someone I just exchange recipes with, I want to really know someone and that could probably look kinda scary to some folks! :^:
Oh yeah the weight loss thing---Cerise, my love---please stop agonizing over the journaling. As a matter of fact, I forbid you to journal! :lol: You can live vicariously thru my journal!
One more thing--I want you to know that the 'be kind' quote has made it onto the revered dry-erase board on our refrigerator. We love it--it really is a life changer!

Anagram, Your next visit to the Special Place will be better, I'm sure. [I love that name!] Yes, please--tell us more about the plumber! :lol:

Ooooh, have I mentioned? We're going to Virginia Beach next week! next Thursday and Friday night. :D

03-11-2004, 06:12 PM
Yowza!!! Wood Nymph be back amongst us and sounding great!!! I'm so glad!!! WN, I love thy idea of popping in regularly with small posties rather than waiting until thou canst do a big 'un!!!! Small or big, we need to hear from thee!!!!! And there's a towel boy waiting with thy name on him!!!! Yowza!

THAT GOES FOR ALL THE ROYALS!!!! This be a message from those pesky towel boys. Anagramatic, I don't think I can hold them in check forever!!!! :coffee:

Cerise, I love hearing about Seattle (I used to live there and it is wonderful) ... I'm also enjoying nature a lot as this is the best time of year here ... except everyone has allergies and I have another sinus infection, but c'est la whatever ...

Thanks for thy kind words and yes (shiver) I remember the V!!!! :fr:

Re friendship, I don't have any troubles expressing beliefs that seem negative or self-pitying to others (or for that matter expressing anything, which, unfortunately is one of my problems in life, but I digress) ... such as that I don't believe it is possible for anyone to really like me after getting to know me. Even my family doesn't like me ... one brother's kind of an exception but I stay out of his hair. I can't even imagine having 6 close friends that I believed would never stop being a friend ... that would be amazing. :cool: I have a lot of journalist pals, though ... but that can be tricky as we're all so competitive! :coffee:

I think it's important to not go into a shell though, so I seek activity with people as much as possible. Also tricky! :s:

My personal training day was today instead of tomorrow so I'm going to do the whole two hours of one of the gym instructor's back-to-back aerobics, yoga and tai chi tomorrow. I told her I'd do it just so's I won't wimp out on being in a class that long ... not sure why I'm mentioning this at this spot in the postie, but there it is: I digress again! :s:

Anagramatic, I wish thou hadst not mentioned the cream of crab soup ... I LOVE crab but have never heard of that ... oh my goodness that soundeth good when I don't feeleth well (as now because of the sinus thingie, which I'm getting extremely tired of)! I shall possibly have a crabcake for dinner. Will be posting my menu as usual on the Demon Food Thread!

Cerise, IMO (unsolicited) I don't see why thou needst worry that thou hast to journal if thou doeth not want to. Many folk do not like to do this and still lose weight just fine. If WW made thee feel like you HAD to journal, that is very dogmatic of them. The main thing is just to eat less and move more ... you dinna need to engage in detailed bookkeeping, Lass! I personally do because it works for me and I actually enjoy it (hate to do financial type bookkeeping but love crunching numbers when it comes to the human body, don't know why). It's easy to just eat a nutritious, balanced diet, keep an eye on your portion sizes and pull away from second helpings and stay away from junk food (my downfall) ... then try to get lots of healthy exercise during the whole day (not just in the gym). It sounds to me as though you already do all these things, so no one should make you feel you are not doing it right. We all have our methods!!!!! Dogma and punitive regimes never work out for long! Keep a'goin' ...

Kaylets, SENDING A BOOSTER OF POSITIVITY THY WAY!! That's one of my favorite words ... positivity ... it just gives off such good vibes. Maybe thy uneasiness is just spring fever and opportunity knocking somewhere off in the distance for thee ...

QOD: I'd much rather have a great personality than looks ... I remember reading about (I think) Dame Margaret Rutherford, a British actress in the 1930s. Some writer mentioned her beautiful 'ugliness' if that's the word ... dunno. Anyhow, her brilliance, talent and unique character were what made her beautiful and her unconventional sort of exaggerated dowdiness was actually the icing on the cake. I'd much rather be Margaret Rutherford than say ... well, I don't want to insult any actress but I can think of lots who are thought of as "beautiful" but seem uninteresting. However, this is a fallacy, too, as many of these ladies are, I am sure, quite interesting in their own right but society doesn't give them credit for that because of their exaggerated "beauty." So I guess I'm saying that looks DO matter, but there's no reason to think that anyone should look any certain way ... if that makes sense? Probably not.

I'd better eat as my blood sugar is dropping out of my brain! :wave:

03-11-2004, 06:12 PM
OK, I have to ask - who ARE the founding queens and when/where/why did this thread of sisterly royals begin?

03-11-2004, 06:16 PM
Eydie, thou snuckest in whilst I were posting ... congratulations on thy Virginia Beach plan! I will see thee later on the food thread!!! Yowza!!!!

03-11-2004, 09:54 PM
Hello all!

How goes it? I feel more cheerful... even have tomorrow's lunch cooking on the stove right this minute and both dishwasher and washing machine running as we speak... Don't know why I was so antsy ... but thanks for the positivity.. I really did feel my spirits lift about 2 pm my time....

Arabella-- I have been wondering and am so glad to see you have a chance to stop by ... I agree with the Empress about short posts more often than long ones less frequently... glad to hear DS is on the mend.
How is the new job coming along?

and perhaps you and the Empress can share how this thread began?? I know I found both of you about the time you were both doing "21 day New habit Challenges"... and somehow, some of us were talking about treating ourselves as we would treat company .... ( setting a nice table, spending the time making a nice meal) and we then we all became queens... or higher nobility...
Which is why I still call the Empress, the Empress.... I prefer it and its easier for me to spell... and our Punkin made herself the Queen of Friday and rides her tractor in full royal regalia including her tiara....
But honestly, I don't know much about before I stumbled in one day....
and then made myself a pot of tea after I stoked up the fire ... and I think I'm the one who redid the slipcovers last spring too.... In fact, I remember now! I had just begun a new job and was very homesick for my other job...
hmmmmm.....Which means come this spring, I've been a queen for nearly 2 yrs...hmmmmm....

I hate journaling too ...

But... have been suprised two or three times the past few days at how quickly the numbers add up....
BUT....Cerise.. whatever works.....I don't know other plans so I have no other ideas for you...In fact, I guess the real truth is ... I'm learning how to eat as an average size person eats... I honestly have only been without constant sugar craving, sugar bingeing, sugar hangovers for about 4 mos... and in looking back, believe that most of my appetite problems even as a kid are related to this sensitivity of mine....

Look how long I am tonight!
Must see if the washer has stopped and hang the clothes up to dry...
and see if the Apprentice is on again tonight...

Take care all!

03-11-2004, 11:53 PM
Yo, I feel better after a nap as well, Kaylets, plus I broke down and got the prescription filled for the sinus infection, though I be dead set against overmedicating this.

NOTICE: I posted this a few minutes ago on the food thread and am posting it here as well:

... I have a question for everyone who's posting here and on the exercise thread ... since there aren't a lot of us, would it be a good idea to revisit this idea and post a combination food/exercise journal? We're almost to the vernal equinox, which was the impetus for the exercise thread and both threads are getting long. I really like posting the menus/exercise we do (I do know that 3FC has a journal section but I don't really want to do that ... I just like us all posting our menus together so we can keep in touch with our goals as a group ... and it's fun seeing what we are all eating and doing for exercise). Anyway, please advise. ...

If no one objects, I'll combine the two threads tomorrow sometime even though it's not exactly the vernal equinox ... but speak out if thou hast other ideas ... I HATE to be pushy, but less threads would be better, dinna ye think so, queens!

Kaylets, I'm not sure I remember how we all got to be royalty. For a long time I've used fantasy to motivate myself in all areas of life and likely started blathering on about it at some point but it may have been somebody else who started it, dunno ... but I think (though am not sure) that I first encountered Wood Nymph aka Arabella on the old Christmas Lite thread on the support forum and then there were some threads about the psychological side of weight issues and some other stuff. Some of the Lites still post on 3FC in various places ... they revived it briefly but I haven't seen it lately. There were some really interesting posters on those threads and if they're around I wish they'd show up at the palace and grab a towel boy or something ... :s:

Later ...

03-12-2004, 07:33 AM
Hello all!

Empress, I have been having a hard time making it to the other threads so whatever you think is best .... Might be easier for me if both are combined...

Today's thought is :
"If it weren't for electricity, we'd be all watching television by candlelight"
-- George Goebel

Question of the day :

"When you are dissatisfied with service in a restaurant, do you complain to management or just leave a small tip?"
-- Table Topics from the Pampered Chef


Anagram-- Thought of you when I saw that question!

Routine off this am as DH needed to pack an order quickly for someone who
"must" have it by Monday... Dh will go to the Post Office at noon providing payment comes electronically... Its an order for 6 "retro" style bowling bags..
I wound up w/ kitchen detail and threw together my first scrambler... am wondering if I can freeze them.... Think I'll try it with a tablespoon or so from my breakfast...


03-12-2004, 08:35 AM
Am, I think combining the food/exercise threads is a fine idea!

I was thinking about our history last night. I don't remember all the details, how I insinuated myself into the group ;) ---I know that it constantly amazes me how we all gravitated to each other, how we seem to have similar interests and philosophies. I first remember the 21-day challenges, and I remember when Arabella was Babette. Hey, anybody remember when my name was "Goddess"?! :o :o :o Maybe just a touch over the top? :^:

Kaylets, what are scramblers?

I was checking out the Va. Beach sites last night and it turns out that while we're there, they're having the Shamrock Sportsfest, a big fitness expo and marathon--so that should be interesting and keep us on track.

Must go---I have a dentist's appointment thses morning!

03-12-2004, 09:21 AM
Hello lovies!!

Don't know how we all came together, and don't know how I butted right in and sat right down, but I'm glad we did. :lol:

I'm in an unusally chipper mood for a friday, (usually my friday's here at work are bad) but, it's my last friday at the demon job, and for that I am truely thankful. I have an interview with a temp agency next friday morn because I enquired about a job they had posted. I'm excited, especially if they have the benefits they claim to have. If I don't qualify for that job, maybe they can find me something else for about 6 months until the baby is born. Right now, my healthcare coverage will go until the end of the month, then neither I or my DH are covered by anything. So :crossed: here's hoping to a good job opportunity. I also applied to a government job, which closes today, so maybe I'll get a call. DH is thinking about going back into the electrical trade so that we'll have good insurance. I DO NOT want him to. It's coming upon summer and you guys remember his blackouts last year whilst working for the electrical people. I cannot go through that again. And he really likes what he's doing now. That's why I'm trying so hard to find something good. But I'm afraid. I think they can take one look at me now and tell I'm expecting. I have a little belly. I'm just scared that I won't find something.

03-12-2004, 12:16 PM
Good hearing from you, Frogger. Maybe those awful blackouts had nothing to do with working in the electrical field but a lot to do with the stress of that particular situation. Hope you find insurance soon as lack of that can lead to stress as well. Hang in and hope you are relaxing by this time next week.

Empress, I vote for combining. I try to read all three but someties, it's just this one.

Good question, Kaylets. I guess I answered it earlier this week. But I'd say it's situational. Quick story - some years back dh and I were staying at the Waldorf Astoria of great fame. He was in a mood to treat me to a marvelous breakfast there - harp music, etc. Well, the service was atrocious - late and very look-down-the-nosish (word?). Food, when it came was good. Anyway, dh decided it was so bad he would leave NO TIP AT ALL. OK - later, I check out our bill on the TV screen and see a somewhat generous tip is included. DH immediately calls management, who definitely removed it and said they'd check into it. We get a call later that the server "thought you'd forgot" and added it himself! Of course, dh described in detail the rude treatment we'd had and used some choice accounting terms to describe what he thought of the "addition". I've read somewhere since that it's best to put some amount, however modest so there can be no misdetermination of "forgetfulness".

Again, dh is not one to quibble a lot if the server is "first day", anywhere upwards of my age (Ok we made that rule a long time ago so it's more likely to be anywhere north of 50). someone with an obvious problem who's trying to do best, etc. He is, however, more easily ired than I am and tip will then be in lower part of "acceptable" range unless above condition applies.

Another story - on trip south we stopped in a Waffle House for lunch, obviously not a pricy meal. Dh was still in Christmas spirit and server looked like she could not have held most jobs and was having a really tough time with this one (I won't bore you with details of service, etc.). So he decides to give her a $5 or $10 tip (I don't remember which but it was like a $2 tip check). She did not even seem to realize it was a good tip. But I figure at the end of the day, the few bucks might help. So not a hard and fast answer. We do complain some times to management.

Not much on tap today - groceries, laundry, just plain catchup. DS and DDIL might be coming in tonight for the party tomorrow.

Oh, Eydie, speaking of them - they've run several times in the race for that Shamrock weekend. Well, DDIL has, DS has done the fun run. Enjoy.

03-12-2004, 12:21 PM
Re the Royal Court -

I happened along for a Halloween Challenge in 2002 when all were being gentle folk in the shire. It seemed so much more fun than a do-or-die challenge that I was immediately smitten.

I noted our Empress (then disguised as a Hag), our Wood Nymph, our Goddess, our Queen of Friday and became a Crone. Somewhere along the way (mayhap in the Christmas challenge), I morphed to a Dowager for a while and I think it was around that time that Empress noted we were all of queenly stature in how we dealt with the challenges of life and healthy weight loss and we became a royal court for sure. At least that's my version - may all have been a royal court long before the shire days.

03-12-2004, 02:03 PM
Hah! I'll bet you never thought you'd see that in a message title from Cerise. But, indeed, to complete my "Liberal Arts Education", I had to take one logic class. It was nearly my undoing. One thing I learned stuck with me beautifully, though...false dichotomy. A false dichotomy is when (if memory serves) you split a situation into only two solutions, i.e. "You're either for us or against us". That's potentially a false dichotomy. One I grew up with is: "You either follow Jesus our way or go to ****". So, here's the one I believe I've been entertaining too much lately: my belief that I can either journal my eating and succeed at weight loss, or I can not journal and must subsequently stay at 210 or whatever. It can't be that cut and dried. There must be another way. Considering full-on veganism as a very real option. That means (in my mind) a switch from french-fry, ice-cream-eating vegetarianism to more of a simple, healthy, whole-food-y way of eating. We'll see, we'll see, we'll see.

The nice thing is that we're all tweaking things on our journey towards better health and we all understand when one of us makes decisions and then changes them quickly after. It has been of great comfort to me to watch many of you do this - change habits, philosophies, mindsets, methods - without apology. Therefore, so will I. :D

The two sparkling days are over - today it's dark clouds as far as the eye can see. Never mind - IT'S FRIDAY!!! :dance: :cb: :jig:

Punkin, I'm sorry, didn't mean to usurp your declareth-ing authority. Would you kindly come by and proclaim it to be Friday?

QOD: we've really never had such terrible service that we've had to take action of any kind. If we feel like we got attitude from a server (sometimes it happens when I make too many inquiries about ingredients), we usually round down instead of up when we're calculating the 20%. Other than that, I feel so deeply for servers, the vast majority of whom wish to see you pleased and well-cared-for, that most transgressions are either kindly mentioned or ignored. Two things: I won't settle for bad service - I get whatever's wrong fixed, respectfully, and I won't tolerate rudeness to any server. My father and FIL both know that if they're rude or dimissive to a server they're going to get it from me later. **where's the whip-cracking smilie? Oh, yeah... :rollpin: ** Good enough.

Frogger, I'm so happy that this is your last Friday in a toxic environment!! Your little tadpole feels your joy, I'm sure. Sending you every best wish in my arsenal for your job prospects. I really respect your husband for being willing to shoulder a tough job for your little family, but you're right, there are quality of life issues at stake for you, too, if he goes back to that kind of stress. I mean, if he's so stressed out that he's tense and blacking out, he's not going to be much help to you or Frogger Jr. I believe that things are going to sort themselves out for all three of you, dearest. :goodvibes

Eydie, I'm so glad that you and DH are going to have a nice getaway next weekend. You deserve it so much. My love, I think most good people are astonished to their cores when they find out that others think their company is worthwhile and enjoyable. I still get stopped in my tracks even when Ramon, of whose love I've never had the slightest doubt, expresses enjoyment in being with me. Aren't we funny? It's the people who take the adoration of their friends as a matter of course and as something they duly deserve who kind of disturb me...

As for how to come across to people when seeking sincere friendship, I'm facing the same dilemma. I'm starting to think that frankness (as always, with as much tact as I can muster) and patience and willingness to see how things turn out will serve me best. Let's keep tabs on each other, OK?

Amarantha, I stand by my opinion that you're more than worth knowing. Though I'm too much of a pleaser to always say what's on my mind no matter what, I've always treasured honesty above any other trait in humans I meet, no matter how much it can rankle. As long as the honesty is accompanied by humor, a good sense of give-and-take, and respect for my opinions as well. All these things I've found in you in abundant quantities. :yes:

Kaylets, does anyone like to journal? (OK, besides you, Amarantha) I feel like the fact that journalling appalls me so much is a failing of mine - that I simply don't have the discipline to buckle down and write the stuff down. You can imagine how I felt about keeping a control journal for FlyLady. :lol: Still, though, laziness aside, there's still something that deeply jars me about requlating my eating that much. I reserve the right to change my mind at any time, of course... :p

I'm glad the jitters have backed off, my dear, and I got a vicarious feeling of satisfaction for the household jobs you got done, too. Thanks for sharing those bits of your domestic life. You "older sisters" can't imagine how much inspiration I derive from hearing about how you order your lives. I can use all the help I can get. :^:

Arabella, I not only agree with your philosophy of "checking in" even if you're not planning on writing a novella, but I'm determined to implement the plan myself when I have a minute or two during the day. Again, it's so lovely to read your name on the board again! I hope your feeling of well-being is continuing on today... :love:

All right, lots to do today, but I feel so good for having stopped by and communed with you. However we gathered, I'm glad I found you. Meeting you and moving to Seattle are literally the best things that have happened to me this year (well, come to think of it, they're both the best things that have happened to me in...5 years or so!!).

There you have it.

03-12-2004, 04:24 PM
Yo! Am working but stopped for a second to read this ... yea, I do remember now when Wood Nymph/Arabella was Babette and starting the 21-day challenges and Eydie was the Goddess but then she decided she was a goddess-in-training named Eydie and I do remember that Anagram was a Dowager, etc.

I think on 3FC I've been Artmuse, Crone and Amarantha (the empress of absolutely everything)!!!!!! :)

Thanks for the understanding input about combining the journal threads (Cerise, sorry to use that word, you could just hop on the threads now and then and let us know generally what you ate and how thy exercise situation's going. :) ... methinks you should NOT worry thyself about journaling ... it's NOT a failing if you don't want to journal ... it's more in line with me not wanting to do yardwork although some folks love it (inexplicably), likewise I would HATE to be a dentist but that profession is some people's passion ... in fact, I read some dietician's advice the other day that people should NOT journal everything they eat and it's just wrong to do so because ... well, I'm not sure what the reason was ... and actually that's the opposite end of the spectrum ... I've often been criticized because I believe for myself in being a CRE ... Chronic Restrained Eater ... some medical types think this is an eating disorder ... others think it's the only way some people can manage their weight ... I'm in the latter camp but that's just me ... anyhow, what I'm trying to say is I hope you don't stress over this journaling thing ... you don't need to do it to get where you want to be, you have to do this your way! :) Just blow those journaling worries away like your little bubble man is blowing away the bubbles! Om shanti!!

Yikes, I'm giving advice too much and digressing and I need to do the paying writing in order to stay current!


03-12-2004, 07:33 PM
Silly me - got so wrapped up in my post this a.m. that I forgot the most important thing. I weighed in today and was down about a pound and a half from last week. Probably just water from getting back on track but however......206.2!

Walked a half hour today.

03-12-2004, 08:44 PM
Huzzah, Anagram!!! WTG on the 1.5 down!!!! :cheer: I am absolutely sure it be not just water!!!! Good work on the walk also!!!

I'm posting the journal thread in a few minutes since everyone seemeth in agreement!!!!! I shall NOT call it a journal thread, though, and I am hoping all will come and participate now and then or everyday, since there be no obligation to journal, just check in with a focus on what thou hast been doing in food and exercise wise with the goal in mind that we all seemeth to have in the weight management/health/fitness department, whether we are Courtly Challengers, Regal Reducers or Merrie Maintainers!!!! I personally will continue to, er, post my daily menus and exercise, at least for awhile unless everybody quits doing it and I feel like the Loneth Rangerette! :s: :rollpin: Again, the reason I'd like to separate from this main thread is just for focusing purposes and I promise to be brief (really, no blathering, short and sweet). Recipes would also be nice?

03-13-2004, 08:11 AM
Let's get the new food/exercise thread going! I challenge all the queens to post a favorite, easy recipe there this weekend--or soon anyway! :^: :D

03-13-2004, 10:51 AM
Good morning, Royal Ones!

Here's to ya! :coffee: So nice to be back! I was a bit overwhelmed, thinking about how to manage to get caught up, but now I'm here it seems easy-peasy (like the lovely Naked Chef says).

I feel a little sheepish thinking about being HEAVIER now than I was when I started here, eons ago. However, one can only go on from where one is. And I'm committed and determined and THIS IS IT! :yes:

Ooo, I've taken on a new role at work and am doing "Horoscopes for Geeks":,,sid19_gci919205,00.html They're kind of fun to do, and I find myself reminded of very important things while I'm writing them.

Amarantha, I'm going to formulate my plan of action and post it to the new thread for diet/exercise. It will be all things I try to do anyway, but I really think that having a daily check in will help me to stay focused.

Kaylets, did anything ever happen that seemed to fit with that nagging feeling? Hope, if so, that it was just a surprise -- and a pleasant one, at that! I don't enjoy the WW meetings, really, either, but I do find the WI helpful to me, so I'll continue going. And usually there's something of value to me in a meeting. Last week the leader challenged us to think of one behavior that was holding us back and try to eradicate it. I picked eating other than at the table when I'm by myself (really a biggie for me!) and have so far done well. Nevertheless, I think that the meetings could be much better than they are. I found myself walking home fantasizing about starting a new type of weight loss group. I think I'll do that -- if only for myself!

Eydie, funny you should mention occasionally feeling surprised to learn that someone really likes you! I thought I was the only one that feels that way -- apparently not, huh. Furthermore -- like, nuthin'! -- we positively ADORE you!

Cerise, I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to count my points or not. I'm a bit resistant to that kind of bean-counting (uh, almost literally :rolleyes: ) although I'm starting to think that it would make me feel a bit more secure that I was going to lose in a given week. We shall see!

Anagram, WTG on the 1.5 gone where the bad pounds go. :balloons: Oh, yeah! Now I remember Amarantha being (i think briefly) Hag o' the Hut and Crone for a longer time. And Eydie being Goddess -- not over the top, though, aren't we all Goddesses? :yes:

Frogger, yay for you and tadpole getting away from that sad excuse for a job. I agree with whoever it was that said your DH's blackouts were probably not related to electrician work. Maybe that would be a good thing for him to do...

Ok, My darlings, I'll away and do stuff. Love to all, mentioned or unmentioned!

03-13-2004, 12:01 PM
[b]Yo!!! Yea, Wood Nymph, I forgot Hag-o-the-Hut. She's still living in the house with me, though!! :yes:

Thanks for putting up the link to the horoscopes ... you've done a fabulous job with them and methinks everyone here will recognize the touch o' thy subtle brain when they read the page ... also it be weird, but mine is so on target you wouldn't believe it!!!!

Yea, I think we carry manifestations of the Goddess within us ... I'm especially fond of the aspect called Artemis, as thou canst see by my avatar, which is actually an ancient rendering of her, even though it looks like Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch.

Eydie, thanks for mentioned the new thread and thanks for posting there and ditto thanks for the posts from Anagram and Ceara ... and anyone else who's posted there that I forgot because my head still hurts from this sinus problem, but I digress ...

And yea, Wood Nymph, do come on over and post there if it pleaseth thee!!!!! The daily focus has been helping me ... re the one behavior holding me back ... it's not mentally breaking down my calorie count into meal chunks as per the Body For Life eating, which I'm getting closer and closer to ... so I revamped my calorie counting spreadsheet to reflect my desire to mentally divide my eating into seven meals a day (yes, seven) !!!!

Reading thy work hath reminded me I need to do some of the paying writing meownself, so ...

03-13-2004, 02:18 PM
Hello all!

Been a very off schedule day...
Got up late and DH was already posting Ebay auctions so I took on Kitchen duties...and then got motivated to dig things out to post as well....Seems like folks are in buying mode so I will put better items up for auction and keep the remainder in the yardsale pile.

DH even had a "Buy It Now " sale within 3hrs of posting a duckpin ball auction which is very exciting... will be even more exciting when the payment comes thru... most times there are no problems but once in awhile, folks get cold feet when it comes to paying....

Anagram! GOOD FOR YOU! its always thrilling to see the scale go down...

I think now that spring is here all of us will be motivated to do more...even if its an extra stretch to wipe a window or floor... an extra trip up the stairs or out to the trash... going to take some photos... and come back in an hour or so... that's my deal to myself...

Today's thought is :

"Life's truest happiness is found in friendhsips we make along the way."
-- Anonymous

Question of the day :

"What are we doing to recyle? Will recycling save the earth?"
-- Table Topics by the Pampered Chef


Kettle is on!

03-13-2004, 05:33 PM
Kaylets, I am getting into the spring cleaning mode as well ... really thrilled with my purchase of a cordless electric weedeater! Where I live we weedeat instead of mow (well, some people mow if they are rich and have real grass, but I digress)! Anyhow, I can't stand doing it and always hire someone but since the weeds (bermuda grass and other junk) are already knee high and I can't find anyone to do it, I went out and looked for a new weedeater, having no hope that the enterprise would go any better than it had in years past ... the gas ones are too heavy and hard to use, the electric ones don't work very well and you have to deal with cords. Anyhow, I found this rechargeable thingie and will start using it in a day or two ... still kind of ill today.

Anyhow, it doesn't take much to make me happy.

I don't think recycling will save the earth ... but then I'm confident the earth will go on for a long, long time despite the prevailing belief to the contrary.

Take Bermuda grass (please, take it) ... you can't kill it. If some idiot planted Bermuda grass in your yard in the middle of a desert before you even got here, you'll have that Bermuda grass to deal with for the rest of your life. Fire doesn't kill it. Pulling it out by the roots doesn't kill it. Full midday sun in July at temperatures of 122 degrees doesn't kill it. Planting a groundcover that your SIL says will crowd out the Bermuda grass doesn't kill it. It will live longer than any person now alive. It will survive flood, pestilence, war, natural disaster. If you build a city on top of it, it will eventually poke its way through the concrete and stainless steel and reach the sky.

So if something as nonsentient (I think it's nonsentient) as Bermuda grass can do all that, I think the human race can find a way to keep the earth going for a few more millennia, at least. :)

03-14-2004, 08:10 AM
Great party yesterday for DSis! She was totally surprised, teared a bit. DBIL teared a lot. I won't post yesterday's menu! Actually while I did have a sweet or two too many, I still don't think it was OVERBOARD. I think that's a big difference between NOW and THEN. My eating habits have become more healthy overall, even if not always perfect. So I indulged a bit - I did not gorge. And it's back on track this morning instead of waiting for a Monday Fresh Start.

Have a heavy heart though. DS friend (from 5 y) is 38, has been a juvenile diabetic since about 10 and is scheduled for a heart valve replacement on Tuesday. The diabetes affected his kidneys and he needs a transplant. The kidneys affected the heart and caused the need for the new valve. In addition his optic nerve is affected and his sight is bad. The heart surgery was previously scheduled and was cancelled after he was already "out" because of some chemistry imbalances. If Tuesday's surgery goes well, he will be able to have the transplant. DS says he has a living donor (I think his sister) and that he has amazingly kept a good attitude through all of this. But it's another reminder of how many things can go wrong healthwise even in someone so young. He was one of the crew that spent a lot of time in my house for a large number of years and whom I consider extended family. And I'm feeling sort of helpless about being able to help him in any meaningful way. I'll find some small ways though. For him and for DS and for me.

And of the other end of the spectrum, have the funeral on Monday of a 92 year old friend of many years. As DS said, never thought he'd live that long. Had more than his share of auto accidents, fell off roofs three times (he was in construction), imbibed his share (and mine and maybe a few other people's) and, of course, survived WWII and more than the usual quota of family problems.

Both situations remind me of our favorite quote about being kind because everyone's dealing with a problem.

Other than that, I'm fine, feeling springlike even if the weather isn't yet and going to conquer the world and food all in the same week. With me?

03-14-2004, 11:03 AM
Hello all!

Forced myself up regular time so tomorrow won't be so hard and thought I as so clever getting a load of wash finished early....
Then went into the bedroom to put something away and realized one of the dogs was sick in my bed... even to the bedskirt!!!
How does that saying go?? One step forward, two behind?...
At least its supposed to be in the 50's...
a good day to hang quilts outside ... if I didnt think the quilt needed washing earlier, there's no question now!

Today's thought is:

"Money will buy a pretty good dog
but it won't buy you the wag of the tail."
-- Josh Billings

Question of the day :

"What's your best guess... how many 'diets' have you been on ?"


I volunteered for kitchen duty again and I made scrambers again..

This time I added fresh spinach... Dh says he noticed the flavor, I couldn't tell... but I know the vitamins were in there!
Eydie... these are tofu scramblers... so simpler... saute your favorite omelet vegs, "crumble or shred" the tofu with a fork and stir in. We add pepper, tumeric ( for color and flavor but use a light hand if you're not familiar w/ tumeric) and go from there....
Today I added really skinny asparagus the last few minutes.. becuase it was so skinny, that's all the asparargus needed ....

Making that scrambler took the last box of tofu we had so we're off to the Oriental grocery to go pick up a case of Mori-Nu....
Also have to run the other direction to grab some bubble wrap too...

So, I'm off to the shower...

03-14-2004, 12:11 PM
Yo!!! Amarantha :wave: ing to Anagramatic and Kaylets as she speedeth to royal kitchen to eat ... gotta weedeat lawn if I can get this thing together ... posted my already done exercise AND weight loss triumph (to me, at least) on the food/exercise thread.

Anagram, sorry to hear of thy friend's DS ... diabetes is very tricky and here's hoping he'll improve after the surgery ... loved thy story of the 92-year-old, though, of course, anyone's "death dimishes me" and is sad, still, that was a long and seemingly glorious run he had and the celebration of his long life may offset the leaving of it, reminding us that all that happens is as it should be (IMO)!

Kaylets, oops, sorry to hear about the bed incident with dog! I know how that goes!!!! I love the thought o' the day ... my old girl's arthritis seemingly is flaring up ... I need to give her a massage in a sec ... later ...

03-14-2004, 02:05 PM
Hello All!

I'm very happy to report that the party didn't knock me off-track. 'Twas helpful that the dinner (meat curry, veg curry & basmati rice -- all made lower-fat than is traditional) was not overly heavy and I eschewed dessert. :cp: I really hope to have a good loss tomorrow, and I'm seriously thinking of counting points again if I don't. It's juuuuuuust possible that I could be fooling myself ;) Certainly I have been known to do that :s:

Amarantha, I'm so glad you liked my horoscopes! And that you found yours to be accurate, of course. I was amazed last month at my own -- it was talking about having been putting a lot of energy into someone close to me and how I needed to save some of that energy for looking after myself. Really, I often find them quite convincing. Which is, I guess, a good thing in an astrologist (albeit somewhat of an accidental one :rolleyes: ).

Kaylets, sorry about your bedding! But won't it smell nice tonight :) I love the smell of bedding that's been hung on the line! I did a spinach/mushroom omelet for breakfast today. We always go for a biggish breakfast on Sundays. That one at least had the benefit of having lots of veggies - we had avocado & salsa on the side. Along with a glass of juice, it amounted to 4 veggie servings. Hmmm... five to go :rolleyes: OH. # Diets? Maybe 300? :o

Anagram, so sorry that your noble heart is heavy! I know, when you see things like your DS' friend it really seems unfair. Why we keep expecting life to be fair when it has abundantly demonstrated itself not to be (oh, sorry for that convolution!) I do not know, but I certainly am surprised each time, myself, to see more evidence to the contrary. It's one of the things I'm always grappling with. I know you will find some way to help, and sometimes the smallest gesture has a wonderful and lasting effect. I love that saying about being kind -- it makes me realize how we are all striving together in our own individual battles and, for me, it illustrates, somehow, how connected we all are. Love to you! :grouphug:

And love to all, mentioned or unmentioned!

03-14-2004, 05:47 PM
Hi girls,

Just letting you know I haven't slid off the planet, although it sounds like a pleasant alternative. Mucho problemos with DD, too much has happened to even begin to explain. I may be scarce for a few more days.

03-14-2004, 05:58 PM
Reaching out with hugs, Wildfire to keep you from sliding too far away but a little slide into oblivion from time to time is a big help in dealing with unpleasant situations. And just when things were looking up for you too! No explanations necessary among friends, just hang on and we'll hang on to you.

Oooh, Kaylets. What a bad way to start your day that also had looked so good! Yuckie.

Congrats on the loss, Empress, and on breaking into a new dimension too.

Glad your party didn't derail you, Wood Nymph, as mine did, though just a bit. And Ceara, I love your Zone idea. Mine for today was getting into the Begorra mood and baking a loaf of soda bread. Just one (so far). No raisins or currents or caraway seeds. But it put me in a nice mellow mood and will be a part of my supper (w/tea, o/c).

Still gray and chill here but I KNOW spring is coming. I feel it in my heart. Let's do a little spring dance.

:cb: :lucky: :dance: :lucky: :lucky: :dance: :lucky: :cb:

03-14-2004, 09:18 PM
Yo!!! Off to have another smoothie, the recipe will be in my menu report on the food thread later ... fighting this sinus thing is getting really tiring ... can't get rid of the infection no matter what I do or take or whatever ... now it's in jaw and other unpleasant symptoms that are going to interfere with my ability to work this week, but I SHALL PREVAIL ANYWAY!!!! Yowza!

Ceara, thankee kindly for the pm ... I sent thee one in return!!!! :jig:

Wildfire, yea, no explaining necessary but take care ... you'll make everything come out right ... I've noticed that you always do handle things so well and have a knack for making things work out for the best!!! Come back when thou canst!!!

Anagram: Thanks for the congrats!!!! Also the spring dance as tomorrow is St. Patty's Day and this is the first year we haven't had a challenge for it!!!! Here's to Mr. :lucky: anyhow! :coffee:

Arabella: I'm going to check thy horoscope page regularly ... what a neat thing to be ... an astrologist!!! Suits thee, methinks! Thy omelet soundeth good!!! Bought eggbeaters and cottage cheese and mushrooms to make one for meself but just not up to much cooking!

It's also getting hot here, :queen: s, but I refuse to turn on the AC just yet!

Gotta go![/color]

03-14-2004, 09:25 PM
I'm seeing that this is a universal experience for us all. I feel sad, I feel angry, I feel used, I feel stupid, but I gave it my all and after 24 years I couldn't give anymore.

Here's my thing: Because of this experience, I'm pretty terrified of deepening any existing friendships, and I really want friends. It's quite a predicament. Crap. I know it's time to get out of my comfort zone and do something out of the ordinary. Again...goody.

I could go on and on, and probably will later! Hey, here's a thought: maybe we could do our letting go ceremony together? Who doesn't enjoy a good cackle over a smoking cauldron? Who's with me? :D

Well I made it to this page before I had to talk. I think that any friendship is a risk...however if we don't risk it then what do we gain? For every broken friendship, I have more that I wouldn't give up for the world. And eventhough they're broken, those friendships have taught us something and thereby have value. I mourn many of the friendships I've lost...however none that I've lost could have been resurrected so to speak...they'd had their day. Man my head hurts. Empress and Eydie think transference. In my recent experiences, people transfer to you what they actually are feeling or thinking. That doesn't mean that you are what they think...actually they are what they think you my head really hurts.

So in summary before my head bursts with all this introspection and philosophy, Eydie and Empress and was it Anagram? Mourn the loss but don't regret the friendship.



03-14-2004, 09:56 PM
UMM...I've made it to the end! There were some other things I wanted to respond to, but the explosion of my head has made them disappear.

Anagram, Congrats on the 1.5 lbs down, Empress A for hitting the 40's and Zadie for banishing a 1/2 into the netherworld! I hope I didnna lose anyone there.

What no tan? Anagram?

Cerise....I love you. Saw 2 crocuses (croci looks too weird) today...a lovely gold one and deep royal purple. You can come talk to my plants anytime. I have a few things tryin' to pop their heads through the ground...helps when there isn't a brick on top of them!!! DH did that, bless his pointed head. Those poor little squashed crocus were tryin' to move that brick! I did it for 'em.

My declared zone of selfishness was a manicure...think I'll revise it to a bath....that is the splendor of making your own rules...right?!?

Frogger have you felt the tadpole move yet? That is so cool when you do.

Wildire congrats on the job. Remember children are the bane of our lives sometimes and our only revenge will be when they have their own!!!! Keepin' you in my thoughts.

wsw are you settled in yet? Arabella, I remember Babette. That was when I first plopped my keister in....I think it was the quirkiness of your (collective) appealed. One "l" or 2? Aaaaaaakkkk. I was so excited when I found you guys.....and I still am. Guess that counts for something right?

Gotta go....the tub is calling me...and the son likely wants to call his GF...1 month anniversary. True young love.


03-14-2004, 10:22 PM
"Empress and Eydie think transference. In my recent experiences, people transfer to you what they actually are feeling or thinking. That doesn't mean that you are what they think...actually they are what they think you are. ..." ~ Ceara

I love this quote, Ceara, and find it really helpful. In the aftermath of my experience with this particular friend-no-more, I'd more than once thought that how funny it was that all the things she accused me of were exactly the things she did herself! And, of course, you are right, some friendships can't and shouldn't be resurrected ... but in a sense, I still DO regret the friendship, that lasted more than eight years and involved a whole family, not just one person. I will never leave myself quite so vulnerable to that again and I'm glad of that ... :)

03-15-2004, 08:10 AM
Am excited as an auction we posted yesterday sold in record time. At least, its a record for DH and me. It was a special edition by Joseph Campbell, an Atlas of Mythology... I know how much I admire Joseph Campbell but am especially thrilled that it went so well...
We listed a "Buy It Now" price that we thought had 1/2 a chance...evidently the odds were with us....

Glad we didn't sell ourselves short by underestimating!
Sometimes things do go better than we expect!!

Today's thought is :
"As long as you're going to think anyway,
think big."
--Donald Trump

Question of the day :
"Do you sometimes sell yourself short?"


Here we go Monday, here we go!
(I can't here you!)


PS- Have lots of comments but not the time..... friendship is tough...
Judit Virost claims its always in flux, a "Love/Hate" issue ...even more than in a spousal relationship...
but I must go...sorry, not dressed or fed... !!

03-15-2004, 09:45 AM
4 more days of demon job..
do da, do da...
4 more days of demon job..
oh the do da day!! :lol:

Still no call backs though on anything I have put in for except from that Temp agency. I hope they can find me SOMETHING!! I'm getting very worried.

03-15-2004, 01:14 PM
Yay, :queen: K, here we go Monday (sigh)! :) I love Joseph Campbell also and am happy your sale was so quick ... he was a lovely man with a lovely mind ... wish he were still here to write more books and do more PBS interviews with Bill Moyers! :yes:

:queen: Frogger, congratulations on only FOUR MORE DAYS o' the :devil: job!!!!! Dinna fash thyself, lass, I'm sure you'll get a call from the agency soon ... the crystal ball is showing a phone ringing in Fredericksburg and Frogger answering it with a smile on her face at the good new the call be bringin'!!!! :callme:

Later, :queen: s ... I'm much improved physically and need to get to gym then to mountains to work!!! Later ...

03-15-2004, 02:21 PM
Sigh. 'Morning.

**wait a sec. I'm going for a cup of coffee...**

:coffee: Ah. If only it were that simple. I'm trying not to sincerely regret a weekend spent doing nothing but reading a new fantasy novel. Nothing!! :mad: Wish I'd at least done the dishes and a load of laundry. I'll have one of those Monday nights now where I'll turn into the housework dervish just to give myself a feeling of control over my own home. Some haven it is now...garbage is starting to smell. :p

Never mind. I'm definitely well-rested. Uh, except for the fact that Simone (beloved cat) raced around the living room attacking sundry noisy things and keeping us awake. Then Ramon and I got to talking (at 1am, in case you're curious), which turned into one of our marathon tussles - we have a contest to see who can get inside the other's guard and tap their face the most times - I invariably end up shrieking with laughter and Ramon trying to shush me and laugh at the same time. So, I'm bleary-eyed but feeling well-loved this morning.

Amarantha, I'm glad you're feeling better this morning. You've struggled with that sinus thingy for a long time now! :( I'm agog that you keep exercising through it all. Being sick is my favorite excuse for not working out. Not a good excuse, I know.

Frogger, your song made me chuckle this morning. I'm so glad you're almost out of there. Don't worry, something good is going to break for you this week. I can feel it! So, are you rushing around, making sure everything's tied up for your colleagues, or are you sittin' back, hanging out at work with a severe case of leaving-soon-not-gonna-lift-a-finger-itis? I've done it both ways... :D

Kaylets, you've inspired me to try tofu scrambles! It's strange that I'm an aspiring vegan and I've never had one. :rolleyes: Never mind. I've got some firm in the fridge and will try it tonight. Sorry about your bed covers, dear, though I'm envious that you have 50-degree weather in which to dry them! It's mid-forties right now and I'm freezing!

Ceara, thanks for your funny crocus story. :lol: That "bless his pointed head" nearly killed me this morning! Give your lil' head a rest, OK? And Wildfire, to add to Ceara's wisdom, even if your kids don't have kids, you still get your revenge. At the age of, oh, say between 22 and 26, they'll suddenly and inexplicably get hit between the eyes with how much of a selfish little pig they were as younger people and will spend the next 6 months or so falling all over themselves apologizing. It happens. Trust me. ;)

**whiny moment** Everyone just got their bonus check except for me. I just hired on so I don't get one. :dz: Never mind. Next time.

Anagram, I'm glad the party went so well. You sounded like you worked really hard on it. I'm sorry that one of your "kitchen foster sons", as my mom calls my brother's buds, is struggling health-wise. It's wonderful, though, that he has a living donor. Thanks for telling us about it. It's a good reminder to me that 38 isn't so far away, and I'm looking diabetes straight in the eye soon if I don't get things under control. Why is preventative medicine so hard for us to grasp?

Arabella, I'm with you on thinking about the "fairness" of life. It isn't fair, and all to often it's unfair in my favor, though I'm not complaining. You know, it's so hard to be courteous sometimes, especially in the bigger city. That quote usually catches me up short before I turn into too much of a gorgon. Geez.

wsw, I'll betcha you're smack in the middle of moving madness. We're all here for you, honey. Do what you need to do and check in when you're sane again. Or not. Sane, I mean. :D You, too, Punkin, Zadie.

Love to all - sorry I'm not more amusing today...

03-15-2004, 02:37 PM
Hello My Honies!
Just back from WI, bloodied but unbowed. Up a pound this week, but -- since I know I don't deserve it -- I'm sure it will be gone next week, taking a fluffy pal or two with it! Nevertheless, I'm going to try to be EXTRA careful this week to make sure. I haven't quite come to journalling points yet, but I've begun counting them in my head...

Cerise, I want to express my extreme gratitude that your message was --perhaps -- just a smidgen less scintillating than usual. You're always so very, very amusing that I, for one, sometimes feel drab and boring in comparison.

Speaking of which I feel quite brown sparrow-ish today in any case -- maybe it's the season...

Love to all!

03-15-2004, 04:02 PM
Oh, I'm a corker, all right. Hah. If you think I write a lot, get on the phone with me and try to get a word in edgewise! :lol: Right, Punkin? No, actually, Punkin held her own...

Arabella, you're an awfully clever writer to be thinking you're drab. I think the Royals will weigh in and agree with me on this. You're funny and wise to boot, luv.

03-15-2004, 04:21 PM
Cerise-Those that I care for here are getting the preferental treatment. Things are getting tidied up and notes are being written on where things are and how things go. Those that have stuck it to me can fend for themselves as far as I am concerned. BOOO on them!!! LOL

I forgot to tell you all about my waterworks last night at the second job. Some idiot man came in and someone on the phone gave him the wrong price. So when I rang him up, and gave him his price, he flipped out and called me a ******. Repeatedly. Then he turns to the other customers and tells them I'm a ****** and can't do anything right. I had to walk away because I burst into tears. I had one of the guys send for the manager and he went up there and covered for me whilst I balled my eyes out. What a jerk that guy was. Then my sweetheart of a manager gave me a big hug and told me I should have called him up sooner because he would have thrown that guy out on his ear. I did get a nice response from another customer once I had returned to my post. He said he didn't know how I had such patience. He would have reached over and punched that guys lights out. The nice customer had a talk with my manager and told him what went on and how rude the idiot man was. I hope the meanie never returns.

Anyway, I'm sitting here job hunting online when I should be doing other things. But I have 4 days to do that. I do have my interview with the temp agency on friday which I am all excited about. The only thing is that they will test me on my computer skills. I get so nervous with tests. Hope I don't totally screw up! Or vomit. (Just kidding)

03-15-2004, 07:24 PM
Just a quickie....

I was putting a bag of ice in the freezer at work and felt something pop in the middle of my back. Grrrr... :mad: No mind-blowing pain or anything, just enough pain to be annoying and weird. I keep trying to stretch it out and its better than it was, I guess.
Rushing around getting things ready for the beach. Cleaning up the house for my brother who'll be pet-sitting while we're gone, bless him.
Ceara, thanks for your kind, wise words regarding friendship. I'm trying, I really am. The only solution that I can see is for all of us to buy a big tract of land and create the kingdom for real! ;)
Frogger, I'm so glad that you have only 4 more days at that stinky old job. And a pox on that out-of-control customer. How weird is that? Sounds like he definitely made an *** of himself.
Arabella, once again let me say how lovely it is to have you back!

Okay, I have to keep moving, stretching out the weirdness in my back. Love to everyone! :love: :love: :love:

03-15-2004, 09:40 PM
Eydie- Have fun at the beach... are you gone all week? Hope this snow forecast is just that, only a forecast and then the rest of the week be exactly as forecast... High to mid 50's by this weekend.... You know what I'm thinking about!

Frogger- I know folks who register w/ many temp places.. in fact, one lady I know, would call each one every day during lunch to find out if they had any thing new... We were both temps but she was looking for permanent they knew her voice after a short while... she was always pleasant, gracious, sometimes even funny .... and it did turn around for her...
THIS MUCH I KNOW IS TRUE.... The sense of relief about eliminating this long drive will open up lots of other energy for you... You will be amazed at how much more time you have...
I just hope you will still be able to stop by and talk to us...

You'll be in all our thoughts, every day... Keep smiling...
Since your pizza manager is such a doll I think you know you are in a good place...

And regarding DH's black outs... the one way to know for sure if its the electrical work to try... I think DH is wanting to step up and do the Good Dad thing... for both Mom and the tadpole...

Empress- YOU"RE IN THE 140's!!! doo dah ! doo dah!
Empress is moving on down to the 140's side of town!
how did I miss that??

Seems like I missed the crocus story too..

Oh well, we just go warned of we are virus infected.. or the computer is..
you know what I mean..
must run the software now so..

I will be back in the am...

03-15-2004, 11:07 PM
Yo! Just a flybye as I'm really feeling ill now ... have an appointment with dentist Wednesday as thinking now I have problems in that area ... Eydie, sorry thy back hurteth ... I think thy idea of creating the kingdom for real is a good one ... but I'd never be able to join thee unless everyone agreed to move out of the frigid northland and into the desert ... :s:

To all, there's so many agreeable posties here and I've read them all, I just have to eat something and go to bed. Posted my paltry menu on the food/exercise thread.


03-16-2004, 08:40 AM
3 more days of demon job...
do da, do da
my commute last night was as 4 hours long..
oh the do da day...

(I can't think of another song to do it to) :lol:

Yup that's right, it took me 4 hours to get home last night. Blast it all.

Good morning everyone!! I am increasingly is a better and better mood as the days pass here. By thursday I'll be deliriously happy!

Just wanted to stop in for a minute, I'll be back around lunchie.

Eydi-I hope your back is better today. I envy you going to the beach. Wish it was warm enough here to go. I LOVE the beach.

03-16-2004, 08:49 AM
Yes Empress....toothie problems could manifest as a sinus thing. They are all interconnected up there.

Backs are strange things...a friend of mine did hers in once by lifting a 12 c coffee pot...just the way we turn. I've become very conscious of the way I work since my desk is so not ergonomically correct....and I don't hold the phone between my head and my shoulder either...that is so bad! Hope you loosen up before you go Eydie!

That's OK on the WI week will be good. I think our bodies just conspire to hold onto everything sometimes...but when they finally let go we see results! Your plan of attack seems to be a good one!

Cerise! What was the novel? Have you read Eragon yet? And how lucky you are to be able to walk to least on sunny days. I wish I could do that...but since it is a nine minute drive I think it would be a much longer walk! I have considered my bike...but am not sure about the sweat factor and working.....

Three and counting! Frogger!

Anyway gotta is empty and need :coffee:

:) :) tomorrow! Wear your green!


03-16-2004, 09:32 AM
Server problems at home....

Thought of the day:
"Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle."


Anyone got a good QOD?


03-16-2004, 11:52 AM
Quickie again and apologies for not answering specifics ... just going out to walk/run as the idea of the gym wearies me today ... wanted to say hi to all!

Since thou asketh for QOD, :queen: K, how about one that I've only recently realized has a deeper meaning that the image it describes:

"The fog comes on little cat feet, it sits looking over harbor and city and then ... moves on." Carl Sandburg (ellipses mine).

To all of us :queen: s feeling down or negative: the fog moves on.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

03-16-2004, 01:25 PM
Hello, my darlings. Oh, dear, I'm a little down today. One of my esteemed colleagues lost her mother last night. I don't know how she's been walking around work so...normally these last few days, but then her mother's been terminally ill for some time now. She's at home now, at least. Makes me think about my mother, of course, and how frightening it is to come to terms with my parents' mortality. I hate growing up sometimes. :(

Amarantha, I'm sorry you're feeling so not-well lately, and yet you're still doing your thing, which I admire you for. Working, working OUT, writing to us. Just make sure that you get enough time doing nothing but healing, OK? We need you... :^:

My mission is clear tomorrow. As an almost full-blooded Scot, I'm wearing neither green nor orange and I reserve the right to clobber anyone who tries to pinch me. :rollpin: :)

Ceara, the novel is "Kushiel's Dart" by Jacqueline Carey. A good swashbuckling fantasy-type novel, though the geography is Europe disguised in fancy names. A strange thing. The people featured in the novel, D'Angelines, are obviously French, and there are Tiberians (Italians), Cruithne or Picti (obviously Celts), etc., but the time in history has nothing much to do with real Earth history. Very strange. Anyway, it's got enough intrigue to keep my mind from feeling like I'm wasting my time, and it's a wonderful story, though I'm cautious in recommending it, since the heroine is a courtesan with a rare gift, she finds pleasure in pain and pain in pleasure. You can imagine how that opens up the storyline to some pretty edgy sex...but it's NOT an S & M novel!!! **yeah, right, Cerise. You're into that , huh?** :lol:

Frogger, I was positively boiling when I read about your encounter with the crazy man at Pizza Hut. You know, don't you, that the man couldn't possibly be sane. Your manager sounds wonderful, and I thank God that your path crossed with his. You could use some kindness in your life. So, HAVE you felt the tadpole yet? Are you still sick much?

Kaylets, you were a temp? Huh. I use temp agencies when we move - get work a lot faster that way. I got this primo job from OfficeTeam. It's nice to be a permanent part of the team, now, though. Come back soon, OK? Sorry about your poor server. It's extra-sucky for you since you seem to do a lot of work at eBay.

Oof, Eydie. I'm sorry about your back. I hope it's better today - just a blip on the radar, so to speak. A little reminder or something. I do a lot of lifting as an office services person and take pride in my physical strength (inherited from my doughty family), but still get "little reminders" from time to time. I try to remember to use good form when lifting. That's because I was filing (filing , but then it was in a radiology department - those files are HUGE) once, lifted a stack and felt some pinging and popping, and spent the rest of the week flat on my back. Lovely, isn't it? :rolleyes:

All right. Time to shuffle papers. Hugs all 'round!

03-16-2004, 01:43 PM
Lunch time all!!

Cerise, you'l be surprised, I just felt the baby move for the first time about 15 mnutes ago! It's so funny you mentioned that. I thought I was going to fall out of my skin!!! Felt like he did a summer sault. Guess he likes bologna and cheese. :lol:
I'm sorry about your co-worker. I cannot imagine what I will do when my mother passes on. It will be expecially hard since she lives with us and we're used to her being here.

I've got a bit of Irish and a bit of Scottish in me, so I opt for the wearing of the green. Now, I just have to find something that fits AND is green. Big task since nothing in the closet fits anymore. :)

zadie k
03-16-2004, 04:23 PM
AARRGG. Another too quick stop by just to post and assert that I am still alive and paying attention. Back in court tomorow. Again. It is a really dumb case that should just go away but the other side has a very expensive attorney who is basically dragging things out (and billing at least $300 an hour by my estimate). Which means we have to keep going so that our clients do not end up homeless. Plus we are free, so time is not as much of an issue. And we have a really good case on our side. It is just frustrating to see two sides who are not so very far apart not just compromising.

At any rate, here is hoping that tomorow is the last time we have to show up in court about this mess. Adn I WILL be back with a real post.

03-17-2004, 07:41 AM
Hello all!

Server had "technical difficulties" yesterday... glad everyone is doing so well with the motivated me too when I peaked in to see what was going on from work...and then the end of day traffic/weather/dinner, etc... made me forget all about it!
Which means I need to try harder to fit it into the day... I am just going to try for 5 minute chunks today and see how they add up...

Thought of the day :
"Remember that just wishing changes nothing."
---Life's Little Instruction Book

Question of the day :

"What makes you feel as though Spring is really here?"


Take care all!

03-17-2004, 08:01 AM
Top o' the mornin to ya! :) :lucky:

First day after my LAST day of work! Of course, we had a snowstorm last night and I have dig out and drive DH to work. :mad: I need the car to go get the certified cheque so we can pick up the second car tonight....and of course, I'm sick!

I'll be back later!

03-17-2004, 12:26 PM
And the Rest of the Day to You, Wildfire! (And all other Queens!)

When dh gets home from dentist, we're going off to a pub type place for lunch so I can celebrate w/Shepherd's Pie. Oops, sorry old habits are hard to break.

Weather much nicer today but still cold, etc. Pretty if I look out back to nice white snow. None really on roads anymore but a bit icy here and there.

Frogger, a four hour commute is something I'm sure you won't miss. Glad the tad is making you aware of presence.

Amarantha, hope this thing is going to leave you soon. It's been a long haul.

Not having server problems but occasional phone problems last night and this a.m. But computer seems to be doing ok on same line. Must be somewhere between here and there in phone connections.

Getting hungry - get home. boyo. Will pass on the Guiness but do want the Pie or some of it. Yum!

03-17-2004, 04:45 PM
Ugh, I'm so dim this week. Just colorless and cranky and I can't seem to THINK. What's wrong with me? I'm hoping that actually cooking our meal tonight, and doing some housework instead of plopping down in front of a movie with Ramon and sundry junk food will improve my outlook. I'll tell you tomorrow if it worked.

Flylady. Huh. I haven't even shined my sink yet, so I'm still on Day 1. For a week. WHAT'S MY PROBLEM???? :mad: :( :rolleyes: :shrug: :stress:

**OK, extended whining session over.**

Ooh, Anagram, your little St. Pat's day lunch sounds wonderful. What's wrong with shepherd's pie? I'm still in shock that you're still experiencing snow. The cherry trees are in a riot over here. ~smooth segue to...~

QOD: Spring is really here for me when the days are noticeably longer and the new green and flowery things are out.

Wildfire, what a wonderful First Day of Freedom From Crappy Job you're having. What're you sick with, poor baby? Snow for you, too? Good Lord, people! Let's march on heaven in protest.

Kaylets, I'm glad your server has sorted itself out. It has, hasn't it?

Zadie, take care of yourself. You're doing such good work, my dear. You still haven't told us what you wear to court...

Frogger, maybe Junior just sort of felt my inquiry about his/her movements over cyberspace. He wanted to say "Hi, Ma!" at Auntie Cerise's prompting, I'm sure. Isn't tomorrow your last day at demon job, doo da, doo da? Hmmm?

OK, I'm going to schlump off and grimly work until it's time to go bloody home. I'm not myself...

Oooh! Oooh! I figured it out! It's St. Patrick's Day, when the Irish are so very popular, and my Scottish blood has turned to sullen sludge. Wait, I've been off all week...never mind.

zadie k
03-17-2004, 06:38 PM
We are not set for a trial date. Yikes. We do not really do trials. So a little freaky.

Cerise: I had to stop flylady becuase I got stuck at day one with all the crazyness of work and was getting too many emails. But I will sign up again when I am a little more centered. So do not feel bad. The sink will still be there. BTW: I wear a suit. Navy. Skirt. Pantyhose. The whole nine yards. Then I get back to my office and change out of it instantly.

QOD: spring is here when it is no longer so darn cold. the first coat free day is spring.

Wildfire: congrats on ending the job. I hope your mental trumpets were blaring a fanfare as you walked out the door :)

I hope everyone is having a lovely St. Pats. I am going to go home and sleep and sit like a lump. I ahve plans, but I think they are going to go out the window.

03-17-2004, 07:30 PM
It's turned out to be a bit of a slump-a-dump day for me too. and I had such great expectations. I usually let all else go and just enjoy March 17th. But.....

had more phone problems. Then heard from lawyer re Mom's estate. I'm meeting w/him Friday but he needed some bits and pieces of info yet so I had to get into that and once into it I figured I'd get stuff ready for Friday. So I did.......

Did have my Shepherd's Pie - pretty good but not for calorie counting. Nothing wrong with it Cerise. I was referring more to my old habits of celebrating w/food. Must find another way. Weatherman said it was 65 here a year ago today and only got to 37 today. Slump-a-grump.

The pretty little spring flowers do it for me. Can't wait for hyacinths.

only hours now until the vernal equinox.

03-17-2004, 08:20 PM
Frogger, that's so sweet that you're feeling the baby now. I've been seeing ads for these contraptions where you can hear the baby inside. I think that'd be very cool!

Sorry you're feeling not quite yourself, Cerise. 'Twill pass.

Anagram, your lunch out sounded lovely!

I stayed home today getting things ready for our trip. Can't wait! I'll probably be up at 4 AM ready to go!

I'll be back Saturday night---I'll miss you all! Love!