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02-14-2004, 06:23 AM
happy VALENTINES DAY my friends!
I thought this would be a good place to start our new thread.
I hope you all have a wonderful day today.

I'm off to work, from 5 AM until 1 PM, but, I'll enjoy the rest of the day.

02-14-2004, 10:17 AM

:wave: Good Morning Ladies!! :wave:

Just making a very brief stop to wish you all a very

"Happy Valentine's Day!"

May you all have a day just overflowing with Love... Love for God ~ Love for your Family ~ Love for your Friends ~ Love for your Neighbors ~ Love, Love, Love ;)

God Bless you ~ALL~!!!


02-14-2004, 09:52 PM
Hey, back at you, SunnyD! Absolutely love the dog with the rose. So tell us what romantic things you and Joe did today.

I put a card with a piece of chocolate in the envelope on my Dad's placemat this morning. He came into the dining room and saw that and turned around and went back to his room. When he came out again, he had a bag of Hershey's miniatures and put them on my placemat. Ack!! My DH thinks that he probably got them for himself (what every diabetic needs on Valentine's Day) and when he saw I'd given him something, he gave them to me. Luckily, with Weight Watchers, eating candy isn't that big a deal as long as I count it, which I did.

We went to Pike Place Market today before it got too crowded. I was buying some little gifts for my secret pal on a bulletin board I've been on for a long, long time. We've been doing secret pal things for quite a while now. We also got some bread from a good bakery and some peel and eat shrimp from the fishmongers in the Market. The market is famous for the "fish catchers," but I usually patronize another fish place. The fish catcher place is too crowded with looky-loos.

On hopefully a positive note, my daughter isn't married yet. I guess they got some misinformation about licenses and forms and such so I'm really hoping she goes back to Virginia a single woman. I'm having a hard time with this marriage thing, although I'm trying not to show it. My youngest son is going out on a double date tonight. I'll have to press him for all the details tomorrow when he comes over to do his laundry. My oldest son is trying to fend off advances of women who want to take him out for coffee. He's good looking, really nice, and separated (divorce should be final this week) so he's a prime catch, I guess. But all he wants to do is take care of his daughter and study hard. He knows his emotions are too raw right now for dating.

We got a chance between rain showers to take the dogs for a walk. They appreciated it! Hope everyone is having a lovely day! I'm especially hoping that Charlotte's SIL left Kuwait and arrived home today. That would be so special!

02-15-2004, 12:20 PM
I worked yesterday from 5 AM until 1 PM and then went to the health food store and got my buffalo burger patties and a small roast. I also picked up 2 patties of ground Elk. Never had it before, but, it's grass fed, so I wanted to try it. Geez! That stuff is expensive! But, I think it's worth it because it's also half the calories of beef, and I love the taste of the buffalo.

Anyway, I started washing clothes after I got home from work because I figured as long as I had already been working all day I'd finish what I had to do around here then take a rest for the next couple of days. I'm off work today and tomorrow, and I'm going to spend a lot of time lying down and reading to give this hip a rest.

I was so tired last night that I forgot I was reading posts here and layed down on the couch to read after taking a load of clothes out of the dryer and fell asleep. This morning I discovered I was still on here.

I weighed myself this morning and I'm back down to where I was a little over a week ago. So, onward!

I get a weekly newsletter from Mayo Clinic and they had this recipe in there and I think it would be very good.
They have dieticians who take everyday recipes and make them over to be low fat/low sugar.
I think I'll try this one without the pasta even, maybe add a little more greens to it instead.
Now, I hope it pastes into this site alright for me. Sometimes when there are 2 collumns, it somehow puts it into one collumn and you can't make head nor tail of it. Here goes;

Original Article:

Tossed greens with pasta, fruit and balsamic vinaigrette

Original Modified
1 teaspoon rosemary (or 1 tablespoon fresh) 1 teaspoon rosemary (or 1 tablespoon fresh)
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1/3 cup olive oil 1/4 cup olive oil
6 cups mixed greens 6 cups mixed greens
1 - 9 ounce package refrigerated cheese tortellini or ravioli 2 cups cooked spiral pasta
2 large fresh pears, cut into slices 2 large fresh pears, cut into slices
1/2 cup coarsely chopped walnuts 1/2 cup sliced water chestnuts
1/2 cup feta cheese 1/2 cup golden raisins

Cook spiral pasta until al dente. Combine rosemary, cinnamon, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Blend. Drain pasta and cool. Add to greens, sliced pears, water chestnuts and raisins. Add dressing. Toss to mix well. Arrange onto plates and serve.

Yield: 6 servings

Nutritional Analysis
Original Modified
Calories 410 250
Fat (grams) 25 10
Percent calories from fat 55 36
Percent polyunsaturated 12 4
Percent saturated 16 7
Percent monounsaturated 27 25
Cholesterol (milligrams) 42 14
Sodium (milligrams) 480 100
Protein (grams) 12 4
Carbohydrate (grams) 34 36
Fiber (grams) 2 2

NOTE: Diabetics or those on calorie-controlled diets may count one serving as: 1 vegetable, 2 fruit and 2 fat servings.

By Mayo Clinic staff


November 21, 2000

1998-2004 Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (MFMER). All rights reserved. A single copy of these materials may be reprinted for noncommercial personal use only. "Mayo," "Mayo Clinic," "," "Mayo Clinic Health Information," "Reliable information for a healthier life" and the triple-shield Mayo logo are trademarks of Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research.

It looks so beautiful here today when you look outside. The sun is shining in a clear blue sky, but to go out in it is a different story. -4 degrees this morning. I still might go out in that sunshine for a few minutes though. I think we need as much of that as we can get, both for our health and for our moods.

Sunny, thanks for the valentine.

Sheila, awwww, that was sweet of Dad. He really meant well, especially if he had originally gotten them for himself.

Good news that your daughter isn't married yet. Does she know that you would prefer a normal, home town wedding? It makes them just as married I guess, but it's an event that every mother wants to be a part of and a witness to. I would think there must be blood tests and waiting periods just about any place except Las Vegas, isn't there?

I think your oldest son is very wise in being cautious. Don't want to get caught on the rebound and confuse emotions. He has a lot to think about with your little granddaughter too.
My son was separated for about 2 years before he divorced, then was divorced for a year before he dated. He just started dating a woman about a month ago. I hope it doesn't turn into something ugly, because my other son said this woman doesn't want her former husband to find out she's dating because he might become physical. He didn't want the divorce, I guess.
I think I'd back away from that situation in a hurry, and I don't think my son will waste much time on a relationship that she wants kept secret.

Hello to everyone else. Hope you're having a great weekend!

02-15-2004, 06:59 PM
He DID Sheila!!
Chris got to Fort Sill at 7:30pm Valentine's Day evening!! They are so happy! I wasn't going to bother them today, but gave in a few minutes ago & called. Seemed like I just had to hear his voice. But, not home. They probably went out to eat. Will try again later. I talked to Gina & the kids as they were getting ready to go meet him last night. They were all so excited. Gina was glad I called. Said she was so excited she was almost sick. I had to calm her down! Thank you all soooo much for the prayers, & for encouraging me these past few months. There were some rough times. His dad is leaving to go to Iraq this week. He's been in Kentucky training. The unit that's replacing Chris's unit is leaving this week from around here. His unit will be home soon. We need to keep praying for all of them.

We finally got some snow!! It sleeted also. Had a winter advisory, so stayed home from church. We have a lot of elderly people in our little church, so have to take care of them.

I took a couple of pics of the is the mailbox showing the ribbon I kept on it for a year. Now I can take it down! I'm going to put a new one on it for his dad & the rest of the military.
The other pics are me & DH with my flowers he sent to the TV station! Romantic!! He also took me out to eat last night & today in the snow.....even! I have on the same clothes I wore when I went out with Gina, but DH didn't see me in them that, showed off to him last night. ;) He LIKED!!! :) Everyone have a good Sunday!

P.S. Just talked to Gina & Chris. They sound great!!]

02-16-2004, 01:57 PM
Hi girls, sorry for another absence but hopefully that will be the last for a long time. I finally confronted the biggest downer in my life (won't do any good in the long term but I made me feel much better!). I confronted DM the other night on the phone about what she has been like for the last 2.5 years and how she doesn't give a flying fish for anyone but herself etc. I told her she is the most self-centred person I have ever met etc and she said she knows how awful it is for my DB and me etc etc (just another form of "poor me"). She said she knows there is only one way out of it (same old rubbish) and I said it will be the only positive thing in 2.5 years if she does kill herself but I am sick of hearing it and why doesn't she get a grip, stop feeling sorry for herself and get out there and volunteer to help people who have real problems. Won't make a blind bit of difference, I know, but I feel more empowered for saying it. I really have had enough of this selfish, domineering woman. I couldn't understand why I am eating like a starving man every day and after that phone call the hunger for any food abated. I must have been feeding a right old rage, ha ha. Today, I felt more like my old self for the first time in ages and tonight, when I call her, I am not wasting any more time listening to the same old rubbish, I really have had it and I don't care anymore. Sheila, thanks for sharing about your mother with us, I can't imagine what mine would be like with alcohol as well!!! Thanks for listening my lovely friends, I promise you the old Fatpuss will be back from now on.
I will get round to reading old posts but meanwhile, take care all of you. (This has been like a trip down that old road to Damascus for me, the phone call , I mean, ha!)

02-16-2004, 03:56 PM
:bravo: Good for you, Fatpuss! I know it was probably difficult, but the fact that you discovered that you were "feeding your feelings" about your Mom is such a lightbulb moment. Do not let her make you feel guilty either. I really hope she listened to what you said, but even if she didn't, you were doing what you needed to do for yourself.

Well, my prayers were answered this weekend. My daughter did not get married, although they tried. She and her BF did get engaged, though. I guess they made it official, with a ring, today. I can deal with that, I suppose. At least now that they're officially engaged, I believe that he can request assignment to Norfolk, where she's at. I don't know, though. And the best part is that they'll have some time to think things through before they really do get married. Whew!

Oh, Charlotte, that's so wonderful that your SIL got home on Valentine's Day. What a gift!

Willow, congrats on getting back down to your previous weight! I still have another pound to go, but I'm hoping I can be back there by Friday. So do you like the elk patties? My son brought home some elk sausage that someone gave him, I cooked it up, and not one person in my family would eat it, including me. And I'm the more adventurous one in the family. I'm just not big on game. I do like buffalo, though.

Last night I cooked the ribs my Dad bought from Omaha Steaks. I'd thought they were pork chops, but it turned out they were barbecued ribs with 21 g of fat per serving. I let my Dad, DH and DS eat them, and I ate some Thai veggies from Trader Joe's. I did mention again how much I like their fish. Since my Dad can't remember my son's name from week to week (he has dinner with us twice a week), I doubt he'll remember my fish comment, but I'll keep on trying. :)

We could get several inches of rain today. My DH is off and we went grocery shopping. Normally I park far away, but this time we got as close as possible to the door. He's off to see Lord of the Rings, which is a movie I'm just not interested in. Mostly because it's three hours long. That sounds more like torture than fun to me!

Hope all of you still experiencing the "winter wonderland" will stay warm! Have a great Monday!

02-16-2004, 08:20 PM
I spent the day reading for a while, then on the 'net for a while, did dishes, then transferred recipes from one place to another.

They are saying the really cold weather is behind us now for the season. It's suppose to be in the 30's most days now and even in the 40's possibly towards the end of the week.

I finished reading THE LOVELY BONES, and started reading ODD THOMAS last night, but couldn't get into it so, I started reading Dr. Phil's book, THE ULTIMATE WEIGHT SOLUTION today.
I bought this book about 6 months ago but never got around to reading it, so thought I better get my money's worth out of it.
I just started reading it, so haven't formed any opinions yet, but, he always makes sense.

Back to work tomorrow. UGH!

Thursday they do the MRI of my hip. Hope they come up with a solution to the problem.

My phone hasn't rang once today. Everybody else must have had to work.

I should get my stuff ready for tomorrow now.

Everybody have a nice evening.

02-18-2004, 03:20 PM
Whoa! Where'd we all go?

So, Willow, how is the Ultimate Weight Solution? Everybody says you either love Dr. Phil, or you hate him. Don't know if that's exactly true, but I do think he brings some good insight into people's problems and he doesn't pussyfoot around at all. I watch all the weight loss challenge shows--they can be inspiring. I do get ticked when he lumps Weight Watchers into the fad diet category. I think people can make anything into a diet if they have the mindset that they just want to lose the weight, then go back to their old way of eating instead of changing their lifestyle.

Had one of those days at aerobics when I didn't feel all that motivated, mostly because I didn't like the music. It was kind of slow and old timey (which makes sense because most of the participants are old timey--except me!). I'm not a big country fan, but she plays this country music with a great beat and it's a great routine so that's my favorite. Wish she'd play it more, or at least a bit more upbeat stuff.

So what's everyone doing these days? My friends left this morning for six weeks in Hawaii. She called last night to find out if my daughter had gotten married so I was pleased to be able to say NO. I told her since she was going to be there for six weeks, I still had time to get myself a ticket and come stay on the couch in her condo. She's so cool, she'd let me! For someone who never had the desire to go to Hawaii, I sure got hooked by my visit there last year. When my DH retires, I want to have enough money to go there for a month every winter. Wouldn't that be great!?!

Hope everyone is doing okay--come back, come back! Have a great Wednesday, and remember the work week is half over!

02-18-2004, 07:55 PM
Hi Sheila and everyone else too.

I'm not going to post much tonight because I'm hurting pretty badly.
I'm just going to clean up and get into my PJ's and go lay down.

I'd give anything to be able to do aerobics right now. I wonder if I'll ever be able to again.

A woman I work with just came back from a 10-day vacation in Hawaii. Lucky devil!

I bought a lottery ticket on my way home from work today. That's about as exciting as my life gets these days.

Tomorrow they are doing the MRI and Monday the aspiration and injection. Please pray it works.

I'll see you all later.

02-18-2004, 09:43 PM
Hello....tired tonight. It was a long day.

Thanks Sheila, for the happiness of my SIL's arrival. They are doing well. He's getting some much needed rest. His dad left this week for Iraq. He never got to see him.
I do hope your daughter has more time to think about the marriage. He may be the right guy for her...but, I agree she needs more time to get to know him. Either way, just accept what you have to...& we'll be praying.

Fatpuss...I'm glad you talked firm with your mother. You're going to get really stressed out, if you don't lay down some kind of rules with her. I'm so sorry you go through this. I don't know if I could take it. But then, I don't think I can take another day of living in this house like it is! I guess we all have our burdens to bare!

Willow...I'll be thinking of you tomorrow & Friday. The best of luck & my prayers! I do hope it helps you.

Well...gotta go get rid of my beautiful Valentine flowers. They died already. Glad I took pics. Everyone take care!

02-19-2004, 09:09 PM
Found us on the second page again.

Fatpuss, SunnyD, and Bluet, where are you?

Willow, I hope the MRI went well. I freak out in that thing, but maybe you just have to stick the lower half of your body in when you're getting photos of your hip?? Either way, hope you don't have any trouble with it. I am claustrophobic and it was a real hardship. Then they screwed up the pictures so I had to come back the next day and do it all over again. They gave me Valium. :)

It was a day for doctors because I went to see my neuro and get Botox injections. We're going to go to every two months for the next six months to see if that helps. For some reason, I had a hard time today and started to feel like I was going to pass out. I screwed up the doctor's schedule because I had to lay down for about 10 minutes before he could finish. He's a really nice (and VERY cute!) guy, though. After the injections, I went to the physical therapist who's part of the neuro department. I'm going to see her twice a week for the next couple of weeks and then we'll see. She gave me some stuff to do at home. Right now I'm pretty sore from being a pincushion and doing the PT as well as lifting weights this morning.

We went to a nice restaurant that gets lots of write-ups in the paper. I had two skewers of satay (one chicken, one prawns) and it was pretty darn good. I was kind of amused by the fact that we paid more for parking than we did for the satay.

Well, my DD called today and her BF, now fiance, finally told his parents. He feels much better now that he did, which I told him he would. They've set the date for June 2005 here, and I will have to plan the thing. I'm not putting a deposit down on anything, though! Actually, it will be kind of fun to plan a wedding. Paying for it is another story.

I hope everyone is doing well on this Thursday. Is this Survivor night, Bluet?

02-20-2004, 03:43 AM
Hi girls, haven't had much time to post this week as I have been office bound doing a duty which comes around every six weeks or so for all of us and it means I don't get home until late. By that time, DH is hot on my heels on the motorway coming from the opposite direction and is usually so starving he could eat a scabby rabbit.
I was queing at the deli counter of our supermarket on Saturday with DH and a handsome Moroccan-looking chap was buying all different kinds of cheeses. He was holding the queue up I suppose but I was facinated by his choices - never heard of most of them. I sneakily sent DH off to get some frozen peas and started chatting handsome chap up by saying I would love to be adventurous in cheese selection and what a healthy shopping trolley he had, all fresh stuff. Handsome chap explained that he was a chef and started telling me about all the different cheeses etc. By this time DH had returned with the peas and was not best pleased to find handsome queue-holder-upper and me laughing and chatting, ha ha. I explained that DH could not boil an egg and handsome chef said "yes, he can boil an egg, he just doesn't WANT to boil an egg, ha ha". I think by this time DH was ready to wack both chef and I with some celery from chef's basket, hee hee. What really topped it was that the following morning, Sunday, DH pops out into the garden where I was inspecting new shoots and says, " thought I would make breakfast. How long do you boil an egg?" He was totally serious and the look on my face said it all. So funny.
Willow, Sheila and Angel, you all seem to be going through painful times right now with your ailments. I really hope that you get some relief soon, I can't imagine living with pain.
On a downside, one of my best friend's daughter rang to tell me her mum may have ovarian cancer. This was last week and tests now indicate it may be lymphoma but until a biopsy confirms it we just hope it's not. I lost a very dear friend from lymphoma a few years ago and couldn't bear to see this lovely girl go through the same thing. My mother is behaving herself and every other night tells me she is feeling wonderful and has had a very good day - now why does that scare me even more than the downers she always has??
Must get to work,
best wishes to all friends on this site x

02-20-2004, 09:23 AM

Good Morning Everyone...

I am so sorry I haven't been around lately. First off - I am doing much better today, just had to get that out first. I WAS feeling very low... I have a tendency to 'close up' and 'shut down' going into myself when I am feeling low and keep on smiling no matter what - so I don't bother anyone. I have been feeling low the last week or so... Yesterday, I did vent on the CER's thread and ANGEL came to my rescue (Thanks ANGEL )... I have been feeling badly for a number of reason's. One biggie is that I cannot vent with Joe's family or friends because I am usually the one they come to for a boost and when I am low they really don't know how to handle it (or choose not to be there for me :( ) in either case I just close up into myself till I feel better. The other... being a Christian, I am told to go to my Lord for that peace and I do (and feel better), but sometimes it is a good feeling to get it from those you love too. Joe & I had to sing another funeral for someone we knew and have another wake to go to tonight for someone we knew years ago --- allot of funerals in the las 14 months - way too many!!

And I was low about not losing weight even though I have been working out so much and watching my diet. Plus the lack of sun has been terrible. I am "so ready" for Spring!! Aren't you guys feeling it too? The Good News is it feels Spring-like this morning :) We have temps into the 50's in some area's - here, it's 47*. So nice! We even had some sun yesterday :o after the clouds cleared away - felt so good!!!! Really made a difference in my mood. I also took a workout on my elliptical and that made me feel so much better too. Sorry to burden you guys too...

Today I have another Tea to go to at my nieces (babies will be there :cp: )... the third Tea in a month - Whew! One a month is fine, but three is a bit much. But it will be fun to go to, especially because the weather is so nice. I am making deviled eggs to bring right now. Always a big hit, everyone like them, but no one wants to make them ;)

I am doing much better today, really. The sun is beginning to break through and I actually am seeing some blue skies - Beautiful! I even hear the birds on the feeder singing - not a sound prettier then that!

Enough about me... forgive me if I sounded badly, but "Thank-you" for giving me a place to come to ;)

I am sending :goodvibes: GOODVIBES out to you all! I will try to come back and post to each of you later... just have tons to do right now before I leave at Noon for the Tea.
Take Care guys! I am thinking "Good thoughts" for you... PUSS, SHEILA, ANGEL, KATEY, BLUET & WILLOW :wave:


02-20-2004, 06:15 PM
Hey, it's good to see you, Puss and SunnyD. I'm sorry you've been feeling kind of blue. Sounds like a touch of SAD perhaps. I'm glad you're seeing signs of spring. This has been kind of a crummy winter for those of you who live in the midwest and east. I've heard more reports of people just feeling yucky from not seeing the sun. And I know what you mean about smiling outside even though inside you feel like crying. I'm glad you had a place to vent and that Charlotte was able to help you. Hope you had a good time at your tea.

Puss, you really killed me with the chef/cheese story. I was sitting at my computer laughing away. And your DH, how funny! I'm glad your Mom is behaving herself--enjoy it, woman!

So I finally lost a "virgin" pound! I was down 2 lbs. today so I'm now at a number I hadn't seen before Christmas. I'm going to keep on trying for that downward trend.

Has anyone here planned a wedding before? I have no idea what to do, and where to start first. I thought maybe my daughter should go to the paint store and pick out some color chips of the colors she'd like and send them to me. What do you think? I'd like to get started now only because I want to know how much this little caper is going to cost me! They want a wedding at some place that overlooks water. I don't think the roof of my house is the place they'd want to be, but you can see water when you stand up there and it certainly would be cheap! :) You can actually get married on a cruise boat in Puget Sound, although I'm thinking they'll both be sick of ships in a year.

Did a little shopping at Trader Joes, something I do every Friday after weigh-in. Does anyone else shop there? They've got some great low-fat, high-fiber stuff, which is what I try to eat. Also noticed they're getting on the low-carb bandwagon, too.


02-21-2004, 08:44 AM

Good Saturday Morning Ladies!

Here are some more pictures of my boys and me the first picture was taken on Sunday (last Sun.) and the second picture was taken this past Tuesday (my face & neck are all scrunched up the way I was sitting there & I look plump-er :o ) and the boys wanted to cuddle with me. Pictures 3, 4 & 5 are of Guido playing with my Ladybugs... yep, I have Ladybugs guys (don't think me strange or odd now :o ). I keep my bathroom door closed to keep the kitties away from them. I didn't have the heart to throw the 2 -3 Ladybugs I found in the house last Fall out into the winter snow, so I kept them and now I have 24 of them. I keep them all under glass in my bathroom, so the boys cannot get to them. I have learned allot watching them. I feed them raisins, apples and cukes to keep them alive and wash out their home every 2 - 3 days to keep everything clean. The wooden heart closes up, so I wait till most of them go inside at night (most do) and that's when I clean their Dome Home :D As soon as the winter weather breaks I will set them free in my gardens. Hope you all don't think I am crazy now... it's not something I have ever done before, but thought it would be a fun project for the winter and it has been. I learned allot about their habits. Enjoy the pictures.

Take Care guys - I hope you have a Healthier today...

LINK to the pictures ( just scroll way down once you get to the thread ;) )


02-21-2004, 01:04 PM
A lapful of kitties! I love the fact that Guido (is it Guido?) likes to hang out in the sink. I can never figure out why cats do what they do?? I mean, what attracts a cat to a sink? I don't think it's at all weird that you kept the ladybugs. It just shows what a wonderful person you are to care for all living creatures. And ladybugs are wonderful--especially for your garden. Now, if you kept spiders, I would think much differently of you! :) I made a deal with spiders--if they go into my house, they're history, but if they stay outside (or out of sight), they can go about their business.

It's supposed to be sunny today after the morning fog disappears. I'm feeling like I want to do something. I think we're going to go down to the Center for Wooden Boats and see what what facility would be like for a wedding. My DH really likes the place, but that's because he's going to take sailing lessons there. When I started looking at wedding places that had a water view, well, I was horrified. Most of them require that you use their expensive catering staff and the total cost was coming up to $3,000+. The Center for Wooden Boats is on a lake, not the Sound, but it meets the water requirement. I'm trying to get this all figured out so I know how much money to start putting away for this event.

My DD called yesterday asking if we'd move to Virginia. I know she wasn't serious, but she sounds so lonely and homesick. She was supposed to go to Tennessee with a friend, but the friend didn't call her until late so DD made dinner plans. My Dad said, "Well, I never got homesick when I was in the Army." Okay, says, I, you were in your late 20s and early 30s, you were stationed about 30 miles from your home, and my mother went with you to Texas when you were there. I mentioned to DD that she had said she'd like to try living on the east coast for a while. She said, "I am living here, and I hate it." She's been there all of three weeks, I think. Poor kid!

Charlotte, what's happening with your house and your legal case these days? I can imagine that you're getting cabin fever, and I hope that you see an end in sight.

Willow, how did the hip appointment go? How are you feeling?

Well, everybody, have a great Saturday!

02-21-2004, 01:41 PM

Aren't they adorable? ;) Yes, :lol: that IS Guido in the bathroom sink... he's like, "I fit, don't I?" You made me laugh out loud :rofl: talking about spiders... I HATE spiders! I call on Joe when I see them or get a broom. I get the 'hebie-jebies' :fr: when I see them... it's all those eyes :dizzy: they have! So glad you don't think I am strange for keeping the Ladybugs... I found another one today in my livingroom, so now I have 25 under their Dome Home :D Weather Report: We are getting snow like you wouldn't beleve here today! We had sunshine and warmer temps the last two day - it actually got up to 52* yesterday. And then this morning I could hear the wind --- I bet there's a good inch or so and it's still snowing. Don't think it will last long, it's very wet. But this weather is enough to drive a body madd :o

It sounds like you are going to have your hands very full with your DD's wedding pending... when did you say she was getting married? I am sorry for not remembering. Sometimes I get very overwhelmed with all the posting and don't always backtrack and re-read. I remember getting very, very "homesick" when I first married Joe. We went overseas right after and I was married - a very long ways from home and my family --- I was so very lonely! I still long for them (I'm in Ohio & they are in Maine), but the e-mails make it so nice. Something I didn't have a few years ago and don't know how I ever did without. It will take time for her and it will get easier... but I think if you are close to your family, you always long for them.

Good to see you...

Hope you are okay WILLOW...

"Hello's" to everyone else :wave:

02-22-2004, 03:11 PM
Good morning, ladies!

I'm so sorry you're having snow, SunnyD. Snow is not my favorite thing, and I know you're sick of it by now. Two warm days followed by snow--it would definitely drive me mad! Just when you start thinking spring. . .

Well, it's sunny and warm in the sun. We took the dogs down to the nearby park for a walk. My MinPin was being an incredible butthead, and we told him he wasn't coming back there again. The walk was a bit much for my old dog, too. I hate to leave the dogs at home when we walk, but between bad behavior and old age, I'm thinking we're going to have to take them on shorter neighborhood walks, and do longer walks by ourselves. While we were walking, my DH took photos because we were thinking that my DD could have her wedding there. We could rent a tent in case it rained and for shelter from the sun. It would be a beautiful setting right by the water with the mountains in the background, and the ferries tootling along. I'm including some photos.

Today we're going to go look at open houses, which is kind of a thing I like to do. Someday I will own a home again, and I'm planning on it being the last one I own so I want to get it right, or at least as right as I can given my budget.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!

02-22-2004, 10:51 PM
Hi everybody,
I'm just checking in for a couple of minutes tonight.

Sheila, the scenery is beautiful. I'm sure she will be happy no matter WHERE the wedding takes place. She won't be able to see anything but her love that day anyway. :D
I'm glad for you that they set a reasonable date though.

I've not been doing much of anything the last few days.
been laying on my side a lot.

Tomorrow morning, early, they are going to try to aspirate fluid from my hip, then inject a steroid. I am so scared that I might have a bad reaction to the steroid or that it might destroy the bone, or something will go wrong. I also am afraid it is going to hurt like the devil, but I'm to the point that I'm willing to try anything to relieve the pain.
The only thing is, the appointment is about 35 miles away and they are predicting freezing rain for early morning tomorrow. GREAT!! If it's too bad out, I'm just going to call and cancel it. I know they won't be happy about it if I do that, because they want 24 to 48 hours notice if you cancel, but I'd rather have them mad at me than have an accident.

I'll check in tomorrow and let you know how it went.

02-23-2004, 06:15 PM
I've been thinking about you, Willow. Hope everything went okay--wasn't too painful and that it's going to help. Also hope that you were able to make it!

My day did not start out well at all. Everything was fine until I was about to leave for aerobics. I had just gone to the bathroom, walked out the bathroom door and heard this funny noise, looked down and saw water running out of the bathroom into the hallway. Of course I yelled for help, and my DH came in and stopped the overflowing toilet. We used a ton of towels to soak up the water, then I had to mop the floor, and wash the towels. Needless to say I didn't make it to aerobics. I really hate low flow toilets, or at least that one. My other toilet I have to flush twice (how water-saving is that?), but the one in the big bathroom flushes fine, but it plugs up easily and then runs off and on. All I can say is that I am glad that it was pumping out clear liquid instead of what could have overflowed!

I'd signed up for a new class at the Y called Women on Weights. I was thinking it was going to be free weights, but it isn't, at least not yet. And we hardly got any time on the weight machines because it was so busy. I was rather disappointed.

Did anyone watch Sex and the City last night? I really enjoyed that show and am sad it's off the air. But I liked the way they wrapped it up.

Well, the weather went from sunny and warm to drizzly and lukewarm, I'd guess you'd say. My DH tried taking the dogs for a walk this morning when it wasn't raining, and my old dog just didn't want to go. He got about 1/2 block, realized he was pretty much dragging her which wasn't fun for either of them, and brought her back home. She didn't eat much this morning either, and has been rather picky about food lately. I hope yesterday's walk wasn't too much for her. And I really hope she's not getting ill. She's 17 and 2 months so she's rather up there.

Hope everybody's Monday is going well!

02-23-2004, 10:47 PM
Well, all my worrying and fussbudgeting was for naught. It was about
the least painful thing I've had done. Even less so than last years,
done at Mayo, which wasn't bad at all.

The MRI done last Thursday showed a lot of fluid yet, and the Dr.
today said there is an awful lot of arthritis in that hip. :-(
Once again, they could not get any of the fluids out, but they said
that isn't uncommon.

I was in heaven for about 5 minutes after they finished. I could lift my leg and pull my slacks on and walk without a limp just like old days. But, then the Dr told me to stop walking because he wanted the steroid to stay in the hip joint and capsule as long as possible so it could work, and walking etc would wash it out.

They put the steroid in, then made me sit there for about 15 minutes,
then they asked where my person was sitting who was going to drive me
home. ....???????!!
I said I didn't have anyone to drive me home. I didn't know I was
suppose to have anyone along.
I said it's my right leg that I use for accelerating and braking, and
my left hip that had the procedure done on it. They weren't real
happy about that, but said if I ever have to have anything similar
done on my back or arm, I would DEFINITELY need someone along.

The Dr. said to go home and not to walk today anymore than absolutely
necessary. He said we don't want the blood rushing in there and
washing out the steroid right away. It needs time to do it's work.

He also said (before he ever started)that he wanted me to understand
that this doesn't always work. Sometimes it works for a day or two,
sometimes for months, sometimes it breaks the inflammation completely
and permanently and sometimes it doesn't do a darn thing.

It's doing SOMETHING tonight, that's for sure! I keep breaking out in
sweats. Whew! I hope that means it's getting rid of the inflammation.

Get this! .... I'm getting a CANE tomorrow. YUK!

Sheila, so sorry you had such a rotten day. Will the machines always be so hard to get access to? I'd ask about that. You paid the money, and you deserve to have full use of the equipment.

I don't watch much tv so I didn't watch Sex and the City. I've been trying to read Dr phil, but something keeps interrupting, .... either I get a phone call or I fall asleep. :dizzy:

I've been wanting something sweet a lot lately, and I've been eating dates. I LOVE those things, and they are high in calories, but also high in fiber and iron, and they do the trick for me.
I could eat them by the pound, but I've been having 3 or 4 at a time with decaf coffee. :o

Could your dog maybe have a bad tooth that could make her not want to eat and walk? Poor thing! I hope she's OK.

Sunny, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings last post I made by not posting a reply to you. I was really hurting and wanted to post quick and go back and lay down.

Those cats are really cute.
However, are you sure those are lady bugs? Or are they Japanese beetles? Those things are such PESTS!! You may be sorry that you kept them, and, they multiply like crazy and crawl inside walls and the tiniest cracks imaginable and are almost impossible to get rid of.
They are larger than the lady bug, more orange in color and they stink to high heaven when they get squished.
it's starting to warm up here and they are starting to slowly crawl out of cracks around windows, down chimneys, around door frames,.....

No freezing rain here this morning, so I guess all the prayers and good thoughts from everybody is working,and I hope it keeps working in my hip.

I'll try to get back again tomorrow.
Take care and have a wonderful evening.

02-24-2004, 09:17 AM
Good Morning Everyone...

No... not at all --- my feelings weren't hurt. I understood where you were coming from. I was telling Sheila that most times I get very overwhelmed in trying to remember what everyone wrote and reply. I hope you all forgive me in that area... I am not as good as all of you at that. I have dyslexia and when I read things - sometimes the info just won't stick, I have to take notes and if I am in a hurry that's not easy to do. I just try my best too... So don't worry at all about hurting my feelings, but I thank you for the concern ;)

I am so very sorry to hear all that you had to go through yesterday. Maybe the cane will really help you to heal up a bit on that hip... giving it a bit of a rest - no? The sweats are the meds working, I remember when my hubby had the injections for his eye (several) and he too had those sweats. I do hope that all you are going through will help your hip! Did they say that sitting may make things worse for your hip? Just wondered... Take Care of yourself!! {{{Hugs}}}

Oh... almost forgot - yes, these are ladybugs. They are "all" from the beetle family and the stink comes from their legs, you will smell it even when you just pick them up - it's a defense mechanism. It smells like merigolds. They do multiply very quickly, but are wonderful for the gardens.

I am so jealous of your beautiful weather!!! Just loved the pictures!!! I am sure that your daughter will like the area, but I am sure any place will be fine as long as she can marry the guy she loves. I wish you all well in the endeavor.

After seeing your pics, I am so ready for Spring! We didn't get much snow on Saturday - most melted by Sunday morning with the sun we had most the day. But by last night it was snowing again - got a dusting this morning, nothing much. The weather people are calling for the 50's by Saturday!!! :cp: I hope so! "Come on Spring!!!"

So, did you enjoy your "Open House" shopping the other day? See anything you like? It's always fun to go look through the homes - getting ideas - isn't it :)

Sorry, I don't get HBO (no premium channels, just basic). I heard all about it though - it was all over the morning TV :D Glad you enjoyed it. The morning TV programs stated there were two or three different ending taped.

WoW... your pup is 17 years old!! :o Sheila, that is really a good age for your dog and it does sound as if age is catching up to her. Be careful not to make her to go further then she needs to just to go potty... it may be taking a toll on her being she IS very old. I wish her & you well...

Hope you all have a Wonderful Day today!!!

02-24-2004, 09:23 AM

I was wondering... could you get a picture of your dog(s)?
I sure would like to see them :)


02-24-2004, 03:44 PM
Good morning, ladies! Where is the rest of our crew?

Spring is definitely in the air around here, despite the grey skies yesterday and today. I noticed the forsythia in the backyard is starting to bloom, the flowering quince is blooming, and I've two crocuses up. Spring is so exciting!

The open house thing was kind of funny. The directions in the newspaper weren't correct, and we ended up on some little freeway going east when we really wanted to go west. We finally made it there, though. The reason I wanted to see the open houses was because I liked the outside design of one of them (rather Craftsman-like). I wasn't all that enthused by the inside, though, although one had a room with the attic-like ceiling that I love. When I was in my first marriage, we lived with his grandparents for a couple of months in their big attic room. I loved living with them (better than with him), and I loved that attic room. I think that's why I love rooms with those kinds of ceilings.

Willow, I'm glad the steroid injection wasn't painful, and I hope you can feel a difference this morning. How is walking with the cane coming along? I'm glad you're going for the healthy dates instead of other stuff. I like dates, too, although the stickiness is annoying. They sound great with a cup of tea! When I lived in Colorado, we had miller moth infestations every once in a while. They would move from the plains to the mountains (or maybe it was vice versa?) in huge swarms and get into the oddest places in people's homes. I found them in my silverware drawer, my dishwasher, the heating vents, etc. When they died and decomposed, it was gross. Plus it was gross just to open up a drawer and see a hundred dead moths. I think beetles would be worse, though. Do you have tomato hornworms where you live? I remember the first time I saw one of those I screamed. They have to be the ugliest creatures on earth.

I sent my DD a packet of photos and information on various wedding venues. I'm really curious if any of you have planned a wedding or know someone who has, and how much it cost? I asked my son how much his wedding cost, and he said $5,000 not including the food, which was a gift from a friend who was a chef, and the flowers, which he paid for by installing the flowershop's computer system. I felt a little bad asking him since his divorce was just finalized, but I was kind of curious. Where we live now is quite a bit more expensive than Boise, ID.

So, Sunny, here are my dogs, and my cats, too. I finally got a shot of them all in one place. My old dog is very camera shy now. She is a really pretty dog, but when I get the camera out, she goes all hangdog on me. It must be the flash that bothers her. The MinPin doesn't mind getting photographed, but he's a mere 12 years old.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

02-24-2004, 04:22 PM
That was quick ;) Your animals are just beautiful!!!
I especially love the colors of your kitties (duh :D ). All are just Beautiful...

I bet the flash does hurt your pups eyes, being she is so much older. Even my boys shy away from it once in awhile. My hubby said it's very bright too. I took a few pics of him the other night with Zeppe in his lap - really cute. I'll post those soon.

So glad you were able to find the homes you were looking for... it would have helped had they put the proper directions into the paper :lol:

Thank~you for sharing :cp: I really enjoyed the pictures.


02-24-2004, 05:52 PM
I am gonna push the limits a bit... is there a picture of you, that you could post?
I would just love to meet you :)

And if anyone else cares to share one - it's just great to put a face to the post :D

Just thought I would ask... ... it's okay if you don't want to.
I would understand ;)


02-24-2004, 11:00 PM
Just a short post for now.

Well, Sheila and Sunny, it looks like it's us 3 for a while. :D

I love your dogs! Beautiful! I think your cats are too, but why do you let them get so skinny? :rofl:

Sunny, I don't have any recent pictures of myself. I think the last one taken is about 1 1/2 to 2 years old. I'm very camera shy. I look so awful that I'm ashamed to put it on here.
Maybe some day when I lose my weight I'll show a before and after pic. I'll have to have someone explain to me how to do it though.

Which reminds me, ... Did you gals get an e-mail from me with my grandson singing a victory chant?

My hip was feeling some better when I got up this morning, then I went and got my cane and picked up a few things at the grocery store, and this afternoon it started hurting again. I took some advil gel tabs at noon and it was better again this afternoon, so I just took some more now. It's not 100% better yet, but, I can walk a ways without limping.
I hope that steroid keeps on working until the pain is gone completely and stays gone.

I can't get used to walking with that cane though. You have to hold it in the opposite hand of the side the injured leg is on, because that's the hand that naturally swings forward when you walk. I guess my first instinct was to think, " I'll put it in the hand of the side where the leg hurts."
I got one that is aluminum and it's a multi green color, not that wooden color.

Anyway, I want to go back to swimming. My sister talked me into waiting until I go back to the Dr on Monday though and ask him first.

I usually weigh in the morning when I first get up and have pee'd. I got on the scales this evening, fully clothes and having been eating all day and drinking liquids, I thought I'd be up about 5 pounds, but I was only up about 2 pounds from where I was in the morning a week ago, so I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not down a pound or so in the morning from where I was last week.
I thought for sure with all this laying around I would have gained. guess it pays to eat healthy even when you're feeling crappy.

I gotta go get ready for bed. Work tomorrow. ICK! :wave:

02-25-2004, 07:34 AM
Alright you guys! That's enough dodging here! ;) get thee hiney's in here and let us know how you're doing.
Not posting isn't going to help, .... I don't THINK anyway.

I'm feeling pretty good this morning.
I didn't sleep much night before last, but I think that was from the steroid, and last night I slept pretty good. Stupid mask keeps losing the seal when I turn over in my sleep, then the farting sound of the air escaping out of the mask wakes me up. :lol:

I just had a healthy breakfast. Got a healthy lunch packed, and I'm off to work.
See ya all later!

02-25-2004, 10:33 AM
Hey there WILLOW,
That e-mail you sent... What did you send me (in size)??? I have been on the net for over an hour this morning 'waiting for my e-mails' to come through and still nothing :o This better be good :D

Waiting ~ 1 hour 4 min and counting... ... ... If this doesn't come through, I will lose any e-mails behind it too. Hope it's not too large.

Catch you later...

02-25-2004, 12:52 PM
Hi again WILLOW,

I finallly got the e-mail :D Thanks!!
He is adorable! Is that your DD holding him? Or DD-in-law? Very pretty girl. It took a long time to come through... over 2 hours. Just in case SHEILA (or someone else) is waiting for it - it's well worth it ;) He's really cute!

:) Thanks for sharing WILLOW!!! :)


Catch you all later --- my Joe is off the next few days, so I won't be on much. Maybe on Saturday morning I can stop in. We are going to see that Mel Gibson movie "The Passion of The Christ" tomorrow at 1:15! Cannot wait to see it!!

We are getting such Beautiful Weather here today!!!! I am feeling so good with the sun and all... all three of my kitties are basking out in the sun on our porch --- so cute! What would we ever do without sunshine

Have a Wonderful couple of Day's Ladies!!!!


02-25-2004, 09:39 PM
I didn't get an e-mail! I want a cute kid e-mail!

Glad your hip is doing somewhat better, Willow. And congrats on eating the healthy breakfast and packing the healthy lunch. If you wake up for farting noises, you could never sleep in the same bed as my DH--you'd be awake all the time! :) What is it with men's digestive tracts?

Sunny, have a great time with Joe. Hope you get to do lots of fun stuff. I've heard lots of good things about the movie--mostly that it's very moving. Glad you're getting some sun finally. You must have taken ours. It seems to have disappeared.

I had my second physical therapy appointment. I'm faithfully doing the exercises, and she's going to do some massage on Friday (yeah!). It's such a pain in the *** drive downtown to get there and back, though. We have to go right through downtown Seattle. We left a little after 4:00 pm, which is a horrible time to try to get out of a city. Luckily, we decided against any major highways because it turns out there were accidents both ways we would have gone.

I've been bugging my Dad to get new shoes for quite a while. He was forced to get new shoes over a year ago because he was wearing bedroom slippers. Because his feet were swollen, we had to get him really big shoes so his feet could fit, but now that he wears compression stockings, his feet are back to normal (more or less) and it looks like he's wearing clown shoes. But he didn't want to spend money to get better fitting shoes. So the foot doctor told him to get velcro sneakers with removable inserts (they're going to put something called a "diabetic insert" in) and a wide "toe box." I don't think he's going to be able to do the velcro, though. You gotta feel for the guy. I think it bothers him that I have to wash his feet, help him with his watch (he can no longer snap it on), and now probably have to put his shoes on for him. At least with slip on shoes, and the extra long shoe horn we got him, he can put his own shoes on now. The doctors office must deal with lots of elderly people because they called me to tell me what they'd written on a note about the shoes in case my Dad forgot to give me the note. He didn't, but he easily could have.

Puss, Charlotte, Bluet, are you guys lurking and not posting? We want to hear from you!

02-25-2004, 09:44 PM
So, .... where the heck is everyone?
I got a couple of notices back that the e-mail I sent was too big for some of the mail boxes. I think Bonnie was one of them. I don't know if Sheila and Puss and the rest got it or not.

That's my daughter-in-law sitting next to him with her arm around him.
Don't you just fall right into those big old brown eyes of his?

Work went pretty well today.
I used my cane, but it just seems so awkward. And it still hurts some whether I use the cane or not. It's very hard to get used to.
I have to work Saturday from 5 AM till 1 PM.

My son is coming down from the Twin Cities tomorrow afternoon and is staying overnight. I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving, so it will be nice.

He is the one who was divorced a year ago.
He has started dating a woman and it sounds like she's pretty nice. I hope so because he was really hurt last time.

I'm surprised that e-mail didn't get to you until this morning, because I sent it last night.
Geez, I didn't think it could mess up your e-mail deliveries. I better not do THAT again.

Well, I'm out of here and off to get my stuff ready for tomorrow.

Enjoy your days with your Joe. Try to stop in once in a while.

Hello to everyone , ( or, ANYONE) ELSE OUT THERE.

02-25-2004, 09:59 PM
You posted while I was posting mine.

I don't know why you wouldn't have gotten the e-mail from me.
Maybe it went into your junk mail because maybe your account didn't recognize it as from someone on your e-mail address book.
Check out your junk mail or spam mail. If it's not there, I can try sending it again.
It's my little grandsons rendition of our local schools' victory song.
Let me know if you get it.

02-26-2004, 01:33 PM
Hi everybody....

Hope this works, this time. I know I've been gone awhile...but, besides being very busy, I HAVE tried to post. I would post messages...hit the submit button, & lose it all. I would try again, & the same thing. I finally got frustrated & gave up. The same would happen on another thread. I COULD change my signature, though. So, I did that as often as I had time...thought someone might notice & know I've been around, at least. :dizzy: glad you're doing better. Hope the treatments you got works for you. Don't worry about that cane. Fancy it up a bit, as only you can! Better to use it, than to need it sometime, & be without. You'll be kicking up your heels in no time!

Sheila...hope those shoes help your dad. My step/dad got diabetic shoes, & it has made a world of difference for him.
Well, I've given 4 weddings. Three daughters & even my son's. (they were going to the courthouse...I asked if I could give them a small wedding, & it thrilled them. Her folks were going to let them go to the courthouse!) Anyway, I'm from "poorfolks" country, so you may not even be interested. But, they were very beautiful small weddings. Three in a on the outside. I CAN tell you one thing...get it planned out well in advance. Small, or's work! You'll also spend more than you plan. My advice...set a limit, but have more available in case it's needed. If you want, I can tell you what I did. If it's a large wedding....wouldn't know where to start! :^:

Fatpuss...hope you're ok. You may be having the same trouble I did. I don't know if it was the forum, or my pc. But, I didn't have trouble anywhere else. Only in another thread on this forum. But, then, one thread I post on...which I started....Newbie With RA....worked just fine. :?:

Step/dad's birthday is March 4th. My sister & I are going to take him a cake & present that morning. I'm thinking about making a special birthday card on the computer, with his & mother's picture on it. Going to sign it from mother. Planning to take it to the nursing home & have it where he can find the envelope easily. He goes every day at 12:30 & stays about 4 hrs. I know he misses her being with him, physically & mentally. I thought about writing a note from her telling him she still loves him as much as she always did, because I can tell that she does...& always made big over his birthday. Do you think that would be too hurtful? Please help me with this....I welcome ideas...I want to do something special....but, sure don't want to hurt him. I've went in a couple of times when he was there, & they would be sitting, just holding hands. Life can be sad sometimes. :(

Hello to everyone....have a great day....& hope this post goes through!

02-26-2004, 06:14 PM
I am not very reliable lately, girls, so sorry. I have tried to post twice here and both times I have had to go and take a phone call! I saved what I had already typed the first time so am just going to test to see if it is still on the saved goes..

The world has gone mad over here! I have got three tulips about to flower - pretty red and yellow ones - before the daffodils!! Only one bunch of daffs is out, the rest are still in closed bud stage, really weird.
SunnyD, I'm glad you are feeling better after being so low, big cheers to The Angel for giddying you up! I know how you feel about not being able to reveal your downers to extended family members - my lot would probably freak out if the chief cheer leader (me) said she was cheesed off. I must admit, they would be justified really because I am usually high or very high (ha ha not in a manic sense, you understand - though my kids may not agree with that statement ha ha). I was not able to view your boys, SunnyD, the site said it was an invalid attachment when I tried.
Sheila - you are one clever missy losing that 'virgin' pound - I call my xmas extras the rogue pounds and I am still in rogue mode. Glad you liked my tale about the chef, it reminded me that the very next day...

Clever old me, it was gone from the clipboard but I remembered I saved it to word though looking at what I had written, I really shouldn't have bothered. Willow, I hope you are feeling a bit better by now. You are a real trooper coping with medical ailments and working the hours you do and still getting involved with home projects and exercise - you put me to shame. SunnyD I hope you are continuing to feel better too, dear. Angel, how's it going you little site cheerleader? Better, I hope. Sheila, I don't envy you paying for a wedding, just hope your DD doesn't want a wedding planner like the one in the film Father of the Bride!! Lovely to hear that dad is still being dad, we love hearing about him.
I have had a busy week after work each evening on the telephone. Mum still every other night but not on a high any more - I am thinking she may have bi-polar or something, so up and down. I told her about my friend who may have lymphoma (she lives near my mum and she knows her) I thought it might make her stop moaning about small ailments (some imaginary, I'm sure) but she had the cheek to say yes, it was bad for my friend but in her own way, she has it just as bad. Words fail me! My friend has been talking with me most nights on the phone (we are 250 miles apart) and she has a lung biopsy tomorrow morning. She is a lovely person and I just hope it's scarring from a previous illness which runs in their family. Also, another dear friend who moved away last year has lost her beloved cat. This friend has no children so her two cats and two dogs are the babies and she is distraught. So, hope you forgive me for being absent this week and if I ever needed proof that my phone never stops in the evening, the frozen veg man and the household supplies man who both come once a month both commented this week that every time they call I answer the door with the phone, ha ha!
Hope everyone is feeling better and enjoying the start of spring - though we had snow flurries today and it is freezing here!
Best wishes to everyone x

02-26-2004, 06:22 PM
Angel - so sorry, I missed your post there with the fabulous graphics. Also, Willow, I could not open your attachment, it tried to download but kept getting stuck. Probably my computer rather than your attachment!
PS Am ashamed to say I was persuaded by good friend and swimming partner (before we swallowed the anchor, that is) in work to try the Atkins diet as our tall, skinny boss (who doesn't need to lose an ounce) was on it and was flaunting her baggy trousers such was the huge loss in a week. I went along with it and lasted ONE DAY! Repulsive diet and I still have the grease smear on the roof of my mouth to prove it. This morning I rushed out to the lovely bakery and bought french rolls, low-fat margarine and apricot conserve and stuffed a huge gob-full down said was heaven!! Anyone else lasted longer than a day? It will be a long time before I eat another piece of cheese, chicken leg, boiled egg or pork chop!!

02-26-2004, 06:33 PM
Oh, I really am losing it!! I thought I checked to see what page we were on here and thought it was page one. I did think to myself that no one has posted for ages and where was everyone for so long and it wasn't until I posted my stuff that it came up with page 3. I had missed all of page two and the posts before mine on page 3. I missed all your news and photos and graphics. So sorry, ladies, I think I need to go to bed because I am in danger of becoming a right moron (or maybe I am just a bit better moron during other times!!) Sorry for not noticing the missing pages and commenting on your new news.

02-26-2004, 09:01 PM
Omigosh, I come to this forum and see a name I haven't seen in quite a while. Fatpuss, welcome back! So your phone is now growing out of your ear--that was amusing to hear that your frozen veggies guy and household supplies guy both commented on it. So do they come to your house to sell you stuff? Wow--I'm moving to England. Please tell me that doctors make housecalls!

Your mother needs a hobby or a boyfriend or something to do. My goodness, I bet you about bit your tongue off when your mother said that she was as bad off as your friend. I'm so sorry about your friend--I'll be praying that it's scar tissue and not cancer.

Tulips before daffodils--the world HAS gone mad! Must be global warming. I've truly never seen that happen anywhere. Are you sure those tulips aren't really mutated daffodils? I hope the snow flurries didn't hurt any of the flowers. We're starting to get cherry trees in bloom as well as the forsythia, camelias, etc. I don't think there will be another frost, but you never can tell.

Ha ha ha! I can just picture you running into the bakery as if your life depended on it. I know I couldn't do Atkins, but a lot of people are having great success. I like my carbs too much.

Charlotte, I wonder what the deal was with your computer. Wasn't it infected not too long ago? I wonder if that did something to it. Even though I'm married to a computer guy and am the mother of a computer guy, this stuff flummoxes me. I'm ashamed to admit when I encounter something strange, I yell for my DH.

(Oh, dang, my Dad just came home and turned the alarm system on while we're sitting back here. What is he doing??? Whew! My DH ran to the box and turned it off before he or the dogs could trigger the motion detector, which sets off the alarm and sounds like an air raid warning. If it ever actually goes off at night when I'm asleep, I'll probably have a heart attack and die and whoever is breaking in will get away with everything anyway.)

Here's my 2 cents on your stepdad's birthday. I like the card idea (you're so thoughtful!), and I think you should write the note, but say on there that you know this is what your Mom would say if she could. That's so unbelievably wonderful and sad that he sits by her bedside and holds her hand for hours each day. I wish everyone could have someone to love them like that.

Well, the wedding is planned for about 60 people. The fiance swears that 40 people will fly to Seattle for his wedding. I don't know if that's true, but that's what we're planning. I set a budget and also told them that if they decided to have a smaller wedding, I would give them the rest in cash (up to my budget amount). They'll have to pay for anything over that amount. Frankly, I wish they'd just do a really small wedding with less than half the people and take the rest of the money and use it for something useful. But I did give them a choice, and I will pay what we can afford (but no more!). And yes, yes, yes, Charlotte, I would love for you to tell me what you did--please, please, please. We do have to plan in advance because both of them are going out on their ships all the time and are out of contact. At some point, my DD gets deployed for six months, and her fiance will, too.

I was so incredibly sore after my physical therapy session. I couldn't believe it because I didn't do that much--very small movements and not many of them. I move much more in aerobics. It must just be the muscles the PT is working with are ones I don't normally use or something. Feel better today than last night.

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

02-27-2004, 03:51 AM
Sheila, you brought memories back 20 years with your tale of DD and the alarm. When my kids were very small we had a house where the alarm had a direct link to the local police station and a few times they had raced out when I accidentally set the alarm off (the police stopped doing that service nationwide shortly afterwards, ha ha). One day my elderly in-laws were visiting and just as they were leaving and I was opening the front door for them, my FIL asked what the big red button beside the door was. My 2 year old son gave him a demo by pressing the panic button and almost gave the in-laws a heart attack as the alarm started screaming fit to wake the dead! The police wouldn't accept a telephone call in case you were being held by intruders and forced to phone them to say all was well so I had to wait for the police car to arrive and explain the false alarm.
Yes, we have people selling and delivering door to door in the UK. The frozen veg man is quite a classy supplier - sells all manner of frozen foods and ready meals (think it's a French or Dutch company) and leaves a catalogue for next month's order. He is quite expensive but it's quality stuff. The other man also leaves a little catalogue and his stuff if household cleaning stuff or plastic ware. You get into a situation where you buy a little something even if you don't really need it right then.
I think you are planning the wedding in the right way, DD has a choice now regarding size of wedding or money surplus. Things are different in my house, in my day my father paid for my wedding as I was earning very little (2 years out of school) but when my DD gets wed she will be earing more than me and more than her father (when she starts earning in August she will be on more wages than me). Also, after 5 years of supporting both her and her brother at med school, I think they both know they have depleted most of our savings, ha ha. Keeping three households, four cars + annual car tax, insurance, etc etc etc has not left room for a wedding in the next 5 years!!!! I was looking forward to keeping half my wages come September but now DDs car has been stolen (still no sign of it by police) DH and I decided to buy her a nice, much newer one as a graduation present. SHe is totally adamant she wants to pay us back when she starts earning but it's only a bit on down payment of what she will get when we pop our clogs and I always feel you need money when you are young, not middle aged or eldery.
Must dash to work, best wishes to everyone. May not be able to post tonight as DS is home for weekend and my friend is hoping to be home tonight after her lung biopsy this morning.

02-27-2004, 10:34 PM
Hi, ladies!

Yup, Puss, your kids will be able to afford putting you and your DH up in the honeymoon suite on your next anniversary! I'd expect big birthday presents from them in the future. They're very lucky kids to have had such great support from you and your DH, and it sounds like they know it. I'd forgotten about the stolen car--I'm sorry that the police didn't find it. Getting her a new one is a great graduation present!

I'm praying that the lung biopsy shows nothing wrong. Let us know!

I had another session of physical therapy, although it was mostly a massage. The physical therapist is a pretty good masseuse. I cancelled next week's appointments because I really didn't want to go at 9:00 am (screws up my aerobics schedule), and because I've got enough to work on until my next appointment the middle of March.

We're taking the dogs to the vets tomorrow. It's time for some more bloodwork, and I'm worried about my old dog. Although she's now two meals in a row with no trouble, she isn't wanting to walk more than a block, which is so unlike her. And my other dog has started coughing a lot more. He's also kind of ballooned up, both of which could indicate heart problems. Hopefully, it's nothing. They're both old dogs so I know I can't have them around forever.

We had a couple of sun breaks today, which was nice. My DD called from Virginia after she got back in port. She said when she had liberty at one of the places they went last week, she saw a guy she thought she knew. Turned out it was someone from high school, and then they both bumped into someone else from their high school. Quite the small world.

I lost .4 pounds this week. I knew I couldn't sustain 2+ lb. weight losses for long, but it's kind of disappointing. I'm thankful I didn't gain, though.

SunnyD, I'm interested in hearing how you liked Mel Gibson's new movie. It's become quite the controversy. The last I heard one woman died while watching it. Be careful!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!

02-28-2004, 06:25 AM
This in my morning message from Dr. Weil;

Today's Tip: Plastic's Bad Rap
Plastic has many terrific uses, but as a food protector plastic should be used with caution. DEHA [di-(2-ethylhexyl)adipate], sometimes found in cling wrap, as well as other chemicals commonly found in plastic are potential endocrine disrupters, and can negatively influence hormonal activity. While studies are underway to determine the health risks associated with plastics, it is best to avoid buying foods that come in cling wrap (if you do, transfer them to a different storage container once you get home), and avoid contact between cling wrap and foods that you cover. Never microwave in plastic, and don't let cling wrap come in contact with food while it is being microwaved.

I'm off to work now.

02-28-2004, 07:26 AM
Good Morning SHEILA,

You asked what I thought of the movie "The Passion". Below is what I wrote for the other thread... I hope and pray that I do not offend anyone with my words. You and the others have a Great Weekend - my Joe is home and we have much to do, so I won't be on much (just checking in will be all) till Monday.


"The Passion of The Christ"

I will begin by saying the film is "beyond words"... there wasn't a dry eye in the theatre and just silence at the end, no one moved from their seats for the longest time - a very good silence, almost as if we were all in "awe" of what we just experienced! I don't want to spoil the film for those of you that haven't seen it yet, but I will tell you that you will feel as if you were on the journey with Jesus in the last 12 hours of his life! I love the fact that Mel Gibson did "flash backs" all through the film... just awesome! The film begins in the 'Garden of Gethsemane' and goes through to his 'Resurrection'... it's a very sad, wonderful, inspiring, renewing, awesome and passionate experience!

If you know the Lord... you will feel like you know him better
& want to know him more.
If you don't know him... I think this film will make you feel
like you WILL want to know him.

**A special note** I think that because the film is so very graphic in depicting the suffering of our Lord, (it did happen to him) it's very important to inform children that you bring to the film what they are about to see & prepare them a bit & that you are there for them during and afterwards. The demons, in the film, are very frightening to see and very visual! Personally, I feel that if you are thinking of bringing a child with you - it may be a thought for you to see it first; then you will know whether your child can handle it. From the arrest in the garden Christ is beaten, abused & tempted...

There was so much I loved in the film & would love to share with you, but do not want to spoil it for anyone who has not seen the film yet and will...

Jesus must love us so much to have gone through such intense pain & suffering for 'our' salvation! I am so very grateful to my Lord... for without him and his sacrifice I would have nothing
to HOPE for.

"May God Fill your Days with His Blessings"


02-28-2004, 05:28 PM
Fatpuss...soooo glad to hear from you! Sorry about your friend. Also sorry your mother said that. She just doesn't get it, does she?! I don't know what physical illnesses she may have...but, there's so much in life that she could have, if only she would reach out and grasp it. I don't mean to be down on her. It's just that there are so many people in the world that would like to be able to do as much as she can, & have the caring children that she has.
I got a call from my aunt 2 days ago. (My daddy's sister) She's from Georgia. Has been through several surgeries for cancer...that she hasn't even told me, or my sister about. She was told last week that she will live maybe a year if they do chemo. She told the dr no chemo. She would live the rest of her life with the best quality of life she could. Chemo would only keep her sick. If the Lord wanted her, she was ready to go. Only thing, she wanted us to know. Hasn't complained all this time. Just wanted to tell us, because she loved us. Didn't ask for anything. She DID make the comment that she wished she could watch my TV program I sing on. That she would have been supporting me, by watching etc, if she could get it. I've started taping my programs to send to her....sent her an inspirational poem the next morning. Going to keep them in the mail regular to her. Planning on visiting her this summer.
I guess what I'm saying....we only go around once in life. I want to make the best of what I've got. My body is ill & weak. But, my heart says I've still got a lot to do. I've got a lot of respect for my aunt. No pity wanted....just love.
I didn't mean to write you a book. :o

Sheila...thanks so much for the advice on the card. You're right, & I'll write it that way.
About the wedding... Find you a wedding director. You may have time in the beginning to direct, but as time gets nearer, you'll be too busy. Then at the wedding couldn't do it. Directors take a LOT of the work off of you. They can be a friend or relative who won't charge much, if anything. Or may be a professional. (never used professional) I don't know what a professional charges, but, if you can't find anyone else, well worth hiring. Just be sure it's someone who knows how. There's very few families who haven't had SOMEONE who's directed a wedding. They can give you a lot of the advice, also, that you're needing now.
If you don't have much time for talking with your daughter (or, if you do), have her to write down all that she desires....the first choices, second choices, & third choices. She needs to put down EXACTLY how many are going to be in the wedding, itself. Are there any specific songs, etc. At my daughters' weddings, there were friends and relatives who were happy to sing, play the piano, serve at the reception (which we'll get to later) Of course, write down the colors. Don't just have conversation about it...get it on paper! It's almost like a business deal! Mother I TOLD you! NO daughter, you DIDN'T tell me! :lol: If it's on paper, in her writing.... It also helps you to remember, you're going to have frustrating days. Have I discouraged you yet? :D Seriously, I don't mean to. But, you do need to know these things, to make it go smoothly. One other thing...see if there are any special wishes of the groom's family. If it's going to cost much, they need to know they'll pay for it. Mostly, though, it's just a real nice thing to do.
I'll continue later. These things should come first. you know where it will be yet? I know I posted it before, but it may be on the posts that I lost. If it's suppose to be near the there a lake, park with water, etc, nearby? These are beautiful places for weddings.

Hello Willow....hope you're feeling well.

03-01-2004, 11:43 AM
:wave: Good Morning Ladies :wave:

Well, I got my exercise & 64oz of water (sometimes more) in the last few days. Joe has been off work and so I wasn't able to get to my Curves :( (we begin our days together way too early & I don't do Curves at night). So here was my schedule last week:

Thursday: Elliptical - 4.6mi in 30 min
Friday: Elliptical - 4.5mi in 31min
Saturday: Elliptical - 4.4mi in 30min
Sunday: Rested
TODAY: 4.5mi in 31min so proud of myself in that I have been consistent - which is something I really do need to work on and have been trying so hard.

Tomorrow is my Curves Workout Morning & now that Joe is back to work I am back on schedule :)

I have also been following the Michael Thurmond's food & exercise program (he's the trainer from the extreme makeover shows) and never felt better! I eat every 2- 3 hours. Schedule is: 6:30 / 8:30 / 10:00 / Noon / 3:00 / 6:00 / 7:00 - fresh fruit for dessert.
His site: Our weather has been such a boost for the emotions!!! It has been wonderful to see the sunshine and feel the temps of 61* :o :) yesterday! Today... rain, but at least it's not snowing :cp:

We were on page 2! :o not so good - where is everyone?
You all have a wonderful OP day!!!


03-01-2004, 01:53 PM
Good morning!

Congratulations on following your exercise program so consistently, SunnyD! :bravo:

And eating smaller, frequent meals seems to make healthy sense. In fact, I heard it's a boost to your metabolism, and certainly evens out blood sugar to avoid cravings. I eat every couple of hours, too, and try for a little bit of protein at each minimeal.

Thanks for the great advice, Charlotte. Gosh, there is just so much to do and think about. My daughter's fiance called on Saturday to chat with us. He's got a great midwestern drawl. They both prefer an outside wedding, but weather in June is so iffy in Seattle that we need either tents or someplace with shelter in case it rains. I bought Seattle Bride magazine to give me some hints on where to find other venues. We found a docked ferry that sounds kind of neat, but expensive!

My old dog had lost two pounds that my other dog picked up. We're calling him FB (Fat Boy) now--he looks like a sausage. Molly, my oldster, started peeing blood on Sunday evening. We just got back from dropping her off at the vet. Poor baby!

Willow, my spam filter had taken the e-mail you sent, but I finally got it. So cute!! Thanks! What a charmer that little guy is.

Anyone watch the Oscars? I'll confess that I really like to look at the dresses and stuff. I mute the speeches (blah, blah, blah), but enjoyed Billy Crystal immensely. Everybody I predicted would win did win, but I had some favorites that I wanted to win that, of course, didn't.

My Dad was driving me crazy yesterday. After we trimmed the shrubs in the backyard, he could see that the neighbors had a shed. He swears they tore down part of the fence and built it, and it's on his property. Well, it does kind of look like it is on his property, but the shed was there when the neighbors bought the house. He made the people who sold the house move the fence because it was on his property, but I'm betting he couldn't see the shed because of the shrubs. I told him he needed to get a survey done if he felt there was a problem, but he's moaning and groaning about it, and insists that the new neighbors built it, and he said the fence was never moved. Finally I sent my DH over to ask, apologetically of course, and, yes, the shed was there when they moved in, and they remember that the old owners had to move the fence at my father's insistence. My Dad still doesn't believe us, which makes me ticked off, but I have to remember he's an old man and he doesn't remember what he forgot, so to speak.

Spring has really sprung here. Everywhere we go cherry trees are blossoming and daffodils are in bloom. In a couple of weeks, it will be even more gorgeous. Hope everyone else is seeing signs of spring.

03-01-2004, 07:20 PM
I wasn't going to make an entry until I could say something positive instead of always complaining, but, what the ****, ....

I had to go back to the Dr this morning, and he said the MRI of the hip and pelvis shows a possible labral tear and also degeneration of the hip. I don't understand why the xrays at mayo showed nothing wrong with the bone.

Anyway, he wants me to see an orthopedic surgeon again at his clinic, (I saw this surgeon last year and he agreed with mayo) because there seem to be some changes in the hip now.
He also sent the MRI scans with me today to take along to my appointment at Mayo on Wednesday so my Dr there can compare them to the ones done at Mayo last year.
He said there is a possibility of one of 2 different surgeries, one is hip arthroscopic surgery, and the other is a total hip replacement.
I'm scared $hitless of both!

My Dr at Mayo told me last year that he wouldn't do surgery on me because of my weight. He said it's a very risky procedure even on a very slight person, and down right dangerous on an obese person.
Soooooo, I think I'm going to ask one of them to put me on a medical leave for a few months and see if I can concentrate on taking off a bunch of this fat, and in the process stay off of that hip as much as possible. Maybe I can swim for exercise.
It kills me to sit all day at work anymore, and it's just as bad to stand all day.

I'm using a cane now.

According to the Dr scales this morning, I have lost 6 pounds since I was there on Feb. 5th, ... 3 1/2 weeks. That's a nice start. The amounts I've been eating I'm amazed that I'm losing at all, but, I don't have any refined sugars, no saturated fats and mostly whole grains and vegetables.

I cooked up some peaches and finely diced apples yesterday with cinnamon and Splenda, and this morning I had some on buckwheat pancakes and some GIMME LEAN sausage with it. It was sooooo yum!
Then, I was upset and waiting for MRI films to be copied to take along to Mayo, and I went to the cafeteria for a cup of decaf coffee and spied a yummy looking pumpkin bar and scarfed it down. Should have known better. Got the back door trots from it. And it didn't really taste all that great.

Sunny, you're really doing awesome! keep up the good work!
I've heard so many people say the same thing you said about the Passion. I also heard one woman died watching it. Don't know if it's true or not.
I wish you good luck on that 6-week diet thingy. I know it works in theory, .... I just have decided to quit paying out money to have someone tell me how to lose weight or to weigh me. I have the knowledge, ... I just need to USE it. I don't mean by that, that someone else is wrong to pay for a program, I'm just talking for myself. I always get myself in trouble when I say things because those reading it can't see my face and hear the inflections in my voice and before you know it, it's KILL THE MESSENGER! Ah, well, such is life.

Awww Sheila, your poor doggie! :cry: That's sad. I hope they can help her.
Nope, I didn't watch the Oscars. Never do. I'm such a boring person.
I see Dad is still spunky even if he doesn't have a good memory.
I envy your daffodils and tulips etc. The snow is just about all gone from here now, thanks to warm temps and an overnight rain.

Gotta go. It's going to storm here. Thunderstorms, some severe.
Then by tomorrow morning, it's suppose to be snowing. Crazy.
Wish me luck at Mayo.

03-02-2004, 02:02 PM
Hey, Willow, we're here to support you when you're feeling bad or good. What lousy news for you. I'm glad, though, that you did the MRI so they really can tell that there's something going on. I do wish the news was better, though. I'm not sure what the actual difference is in the surgeries, but isn't arthroscopically less invasive? And if you do have to have surgery, just think how much better your hip will feel afterward. I know, it's not too much consolation when you're facing a scary situation. On the news last night, they were showing a new type of artificial joint that is good for younger people getting replacements. It was called otanium or something like that. It doesn't wear out and works smoothly.

Six pounds--all right, woman! That's wonderful! Congratulations! And isn't it funny how something looks so good, but when we go to eat it, well, it just isn't as good as it looks. I wish we could remember that feeling every time.

Hey, whatever works for you, Willow. I like WW, and don't mind paying, because I know I need the support and the accountability. I do envy people who can lose weight without a program, but I know myself, and I'm not one of them. Wish I were--I'd have a lot more money in my pocket! :)

The good news about my dog is that she doesn't have stones; it's a regular bladder infection. The not-so-good news is that the X-ray detected something on her spleen or perhaps just a shadow. The vet is getting a radiologist to read it, and will let us know on Friday. So it's going to be a looong week. On another matter, my daughter was sexually assaulted on the base. It was a groping incident (he grabbed her crotch twice, then put his crotch on hers--how disgusting), and she got away. She filed charges, and, yes, there is an NCIS, just like the show (that I don't watch) on TV. Supposedly the Navy has a zero tolerance for that kind of stuff, but we'll see. The Air Force Academy scandals have made me skeptical. It's a bit difficult being on this coast when she's on another. She sounds pretty darned depressed.

We had our former remodeling contractors out (the ones I'd never use again) because we've got rust spots in our 1.5 year old tub. The plumbing guy said he'd never seen anything like it. He's going to call this afternoon and talk about recoating. I wonder how long that will keep the shower out of commission. We only have one shower except for my Dad's, and I'm not taking a shower in his bathroom.

Hope everyone has a great day--it's very springlike here.

03-03-2004, 02:57 PM
Okay, I don't want to be the only one posting! I hate for us to get on the second page for some reason so I'm bumping this up.

Hope everyone is doing okay!

03-03-2004, 05:10 PM
Well, first of all, thanks all of you for your kind thoughts and good wishes.
Those Drs are still stumped. They can find nothing wrong with the bones, and it's not osteoporosis, but they think I had an infection in my body some place at some time and it went to the joint and set up this inflammatory process, but, they aren't sure there is anything that can be done about it.
I asked them if they've ever seen anything similar to this and they said absolutely not. It's very unusual.
They are going to have me see a surgeon at Mayo who specializes in the hips, and see what he can do. They said if they open that hip up and go in there, they don't even know what the heck they'd be looking for anyway. And they don't want to compromise my health by opening it and making things worse.
The real kicker though, is that he doesn't have any openings until May, 18th.

They had a special radiologist look at the new MRI films from last week compared to those from a year ago, and she said there are particles of something in the fluid surrounding the hip joint, but they don't know what the particles are except that it's not bone or cartilage.
They have tried twice now to aspirate the fluids out of that joint capsule and neither place has been successful, which means it's probably a very thick fluid, but, they injected saline and aspirated that back out and there was no bacteria or fungi, so, ... they are really scratching their heads. They said there is no reason to replace a hip joint that has not one thing wrong with the bone. This is all surrounding the bones.

They did remind me again today however that the hip arthroscopic surgery to explore the hip joint is not an option for me because of my weight. So, we all know what THAT means, ....

Soooo, I didn't ask them about this because I didn't think about it till after I got home, but, I'm going to increase the anti-inflammatory. I already doubled the dosage a year ago, at the Drs suggestion, but, now, I'm going to take that double dose in the morning, then take a normal dose at night. If I get sick, I'll quit taking it. If the pain doesn't get better in a week, I'm going to ask the Drs here to put me on a medical leave.

Sheila, I don't think there IS such a thing as "everyone else" on this thread anymore. It looks like it's 3 or 4 of us now.
I'm done running to appts. now for a while, so I'll probably post more often.

Hey! Good news about your dog. But, I hope the shadow turns out to not be anything serious.

Sheila, I'm so sorry for what happened to your daughter. You know, I just know that there are people who would say, " well, he didn't take her clothes off or penetrate her. " But, assault is assault, and the intentions were there, and he degraded her. I sure hope they throw the book at the SOB! I feel so bad for her being so far from you and home. I don't care how old a girl gets, they always need their Mom at times like this. Hugs to you my lady, and to your daughter too.

I hope you get good news about your bath tub.

I need to get some serious cleaning done around here.

Alright, ... this book is long enough.
Everyone have a great day today. .....

03-03-2004, 09:20 PM
Hi ladies.
I'm so sorry for not posting more. I'm really going through some rough times, though. Our son & DIL are really doing a number on each other, as well as us. I just don't know how much more I can take of this. I/we love him very much...but, it's hard to help him. He's into drugs, & so is she. The two little girls are in the middle of some of the worse fighting I've ever heard of. He calls us all during the paranoid! He & the girls stayed here last night. Then SHE called during the night! I'm like a zombie walking around hoping to get a little mental & physical rest. I stay very stressed. A few years ago, my nephew was beat to death by a so-called "friend". So, I know the fear of this happening. DIL has a brother & cousins that stay after our son...& he just doesn't have a lick of sense any more! It would be so much easier to help him, if he would stay off the drugs, though. I'll post when I can. But, a lot of the time, these days, I have my hands full....literally!

Sheila, I'm so sorry what happened to your daughter! I know that was so rough for her....& so hard for you to be away from her. I hope something is done about it. I have very little hope for justice, any more, though....with what we've been through. I'm thinking of you & your daughter.

Willow...hang in there. I'm sure something will be found to help you. They just haven't found the exact problem, yet. I know how frustrating it can be...don't give up...keep pushing them until they get it figured out. You're doing very good with your weight loss. Proud of you! :D

Hey, I've got 2 new double windows in my house! May have to post pics soon! ;)

Hi Fatpuss...hope you're doing well.

Hi to SunnyD...I'll get you on the other thread.

We go see our attorney tomorrow....big deal!!!!!!

03-06-2004, 08:41 PM
Where'd everybody go? :shrug:

03-07-2004, 05:08 AM
Hope you all got my private message, Ladies, and just a SHORT explanation of what's been happening this end. Mind you, you have all been going through your own turmoils from what I have just been reading on the posts. Sheila, I can't imagine how distraught you must have been over DD. Being so far away from her just makes it worse for you and no wonder she is depressed; you don't expect that kind of thing to happen on a military base from one of your own! My thoughts are with you both. I hope Molly gets better soon - my dear friend whose animals are her babies rang to say one of her cats had died. Although it was 17, the cat looked like a youngster and having no kids or husband, my friend treated it (like we all do to a degree) like the baby. Your dad and his fence/shed is a recurring thing with my mother. Just two days ago she got a handyman in to replace a broken section of fencing (arranged it all herself over the telephone and was complimented by the nursing staff who overheard her). He too (just like the gardener and neighbours) has stolen one of her plants!! Or so she says. A year ago she was convinced the grandchildren visiting the house next door had poisoned her plants - she was going to pay to get them analyzed at the university! I was proved right, they had just been over pruned by the gardener and they were fine in the summer. Willow, I am really, really sorry you are in so much pain and having more tests to try to solve the problem. You are the kind of person I try to tell my mother about to show her how fortunate she is not to have debilitating ailments etc but it's all about "me" and I have finally realised I must stop wasting my breath. I told her my daughter was in surgery last week and they just had to sew some poor 30 year old back up as the cancer was everywhere and nothing could be done. She has a few months left to spend with her 4 year old and husband but even that didn't move my mother. * Just had to break off for yet another phone call from DM!! There's no end to it* Angel, I don't need to tell you what I feel like because you are in the thick of it too right now with DS and DIL. I am really sorry for you because, unlike me, you have your own health problems and your house problems to contend with as well. Thanks for taking the trouble to tell us about your dear aunt, she sounds a lovely person. I told my mother that my DF would have loved to have had the 3 years extra to live that she has wasted but it fell on stony ground all the notice she took. My friend who had the lung biopsy is still waiting to hear the results. I thought it would have been quicker but DD tells me it can take a week to 10 days as we have a shortage of pathology people in the UK hospitals (not if you are private patient though!) She has been on the phone this week too as she is not only having to cope with that but her DM died Tuesday night. Poor lady has had alzheimers for 12 years and her eldest daughter has had her at home the whole time. So although she feels she really lost her mum all those years ago, my friend is still distraught over her loss. SUnnyD you are doing brilliantly on your healthy regime, well done. I don't really like Mel Gibson's acting but I will watch the film when it comes out on rental release.
DS and girlfriend are here for the weekend and it's been fun having them. DS and DH took down a huge branch off a sycamore tree at the back of our garden yesterday. Hopefully all the greenfly will stop blighting the roses on the patio underneath and the squirrels will have to go to a higher branch to drop their dung!! I am hoping that a lot more sunshine will filter through on the ground below and I can put some sun-loving plants there for a change (I bought 20 new perennials at the market yesterday).
Well, looks like the straight talking I gave my mother yesterday didn't affect her too badly since she has just been on the phone with more of the usual - yesterday she had threatened suicide again and although I knew it was rubbish, I was so low I didn't actually care if she did do it.
Thanks for being you, you girls, little spot of sanity makes me feel better. You all have your own problems too and it's nice that we know we don't always have to be cheerleaders here.

03-07-2004, 05:29 PM
I'm SOOO glad we don't have to be cheerleaders here, Fatpuss! It's good to have some friends to talk to & feel they really care. :coffee: I got so caught up in every day talk...that I forgot to post my weight loss last year, & when I reached my goal, in a couple of the threads. :o I think it was Willow who asked why I wanted to lose weight, after seeing my picture I posted. :lol: Well, it wouldn't hurt to lose more, but, probably won't. Got too many other issues in my life, right now. They keep me busy enough, that maybe I'll be able to maintain. :^:

Gee, it sounds like your mother gets to thinking some things have happened (like the plants) & convinces herself it's true! That's the way my son is...only his is because of drugs....I think. DH & I are afraid he may be losing it (mentally)...breaks our heart to think about it. His little girls thinks their daddy is all there is in this world! They love their mom, but, are daddy's girls. A lot of little girls are! He IS a good daddy. But, worry he'll be out driving with them when he's high, & get them & himself hurt. Didn't mean to go on about him, again.

Maybe you should let your DH answer the phone for awhile. Might cut down the calls! Something has GOT to work. Keep us informed. I also hope the lung biopsy turns out well for your friend. Oh, & Mel Gibson isn't in that film, he just directed it, etc. Have a great Sunday.

03-07-2004, 07:20 PM
Hi Everyone!

:dance: So good to see you both back, PUSS & ANGEL!

I am not able to reply right now - we are heading out to a birthday party - so I will post to everyone tomorrow, okay.

Oh, by the way ANGEL, Mel Gibson was IN the movie. You just do not see his face. It is His hand that draws the line in the sand, His hand whom reaches for Mary Mag. when being stoned and He also is the Roman Guard whom nails Christ to the cross. He said he wanted everyone to know the "we" nailed Christ to the cross with our sins... so that's why he did the nailing.

I reallly must be going...
Take Care eveyone --- till tomorrow.


03-09-2004, 04:40 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies :)

Thank you so much for the cheer. I have been working very hard since the 25th of February in getting "in shape". I just do not want another summer going by where I do not feel good about myself and therefore I don't do the things I enjoy with my hubby. We both love the beach and it's not far from us, but I haven't gone in years because of how I feel about myself. So I vowed that this will NOT be another year where I feel like I am missing out. I probably will not wear a swimsuit, but they make Capri's again and those I can wear to the beach and still enjoy it there. So it's a goal of mine.

I made three major goals for myself to commit to:
1) Exercise - workout each day, but Sunday, for 30-40 minutes a day. (so far all good :D )
2) Water - to drink at least 64 ounces a day if not more (only missed one day - this past Sunday)
3) Eating - to eat my first meal by 7AM and my last no later then 7PM... this will be my most difficult area. I have begun this process, but find it very difficult. Especially the eating after 7PM! That is the hardest for me to stop doing, but I am working on it. I have the other two down, so now I can concentrate on #3. I do have the schedule down-pat, but on the weekends it is most difficult to follow...

I haven't seen allot of weight loss since I began, but have seen allot of change in my body shape. I hope to see some inch & weight loss at my next measure & weigh-in @ Curves on Tuesday (3-16) Wish me luck!

How is your DD doing :?: How very sad that had to happen to her, but I will pray that the Navy is just! Have you heard anything more?

How's your old dog doing? Any better??

Thanks WILLOW,
Love all the encouragement... as I mentioned to Sheila - it's been quite a commitment, but I am feeling so much better for it! I am not doing the 6 week program thingy (so to speak) - I just got all the information so I can make up my own workout schedule. In fact, it all came in today and I just spent the last 3 hours putting it all together and doing allot of reading. It is a really good program, but there is allot of setting-up to do with it before I begin. And I am one to read what I can before I begin anything. Want to do it right - you know :) I don't want to just lose the weight, I want to tone up as well... that's why the interest in Michael Thurmond's program. Different strokes for different folks ;) - it's okay if it's not for you - I was just sharing what I was doing. Noooo... I'm not going to kill the messenger :lol: You are too funny! I do understand what you are saying. There are allot of programs that take your money and don't offer much for it - but I do think this is an exception (I hope it is!) I will keep you and the others informed on my progress, okay.

Hang in there Willow :grouphug: I am so sorry I haven't been reading or posting lately. It's almost Spring and I have been cleaning like a mad-woman these days. When the sunshine's like today - everything shows up - you know. I am so very sorry to hear of all that you have gone through with the Dr's lately. I sure do hope they figure out what is wrong real soon, so you can begin to feel better again.

:dance: Good for you with losing 6lbs!!! That is just so wonderful, but too bad it was from illness & stress. I sure hope they nail down what's wrong in May.

"Thinking of you"

You got new windows put in??!!!!! Where are the pictures???? I want to see! That is wonderful that you are beginning to see some improvements. It sure would be nice to hear that Maytag has settled with you, wouldn't it. I am hoping and wishing it's real soon!!! Maybe this will be your year with getting your home put together.

How's the family doing?? Has it still been really tough on you and hubby??? You feeling okay??

And last but never least PUSS,
Thank you also for the kind words of encouragement...

How are you these days? Thanks for the PM and explanation, but you didn't owe me anything (you are so sweet!). I am so very sorry to hear of the stress that you DM is putting you under. Is she in a home? Maybe you could ask them to restrict your mother's calls at night - that's what we did with my DFI... after 7PM he was not allowed to call out... he could receive calls, but not call out to anyone. He was one to call at 4AM! We would always think it was an emergency call with bad news when we get it, because it was so early in the morning. Just a thought if she's in a home. What happens is that she had WAYYYY too much time on her hands and over-thinks things and her thoughts do become very real to her... idle minds. My heart goes out to you, Puss!

My boys are my babies too - like your friend. I just cannot imagine losing any of the three and I know I will one day. How have you felt since losing your kitty? Hope you are okay? Are you going to get another pet? I didn't think I would after losing my Big Guy 2 years ago, but low and behold I come home with two kittens :lol: now 13 & 14lbs each!

Oh, as far as the movie "The Passion" Angel was correct in saying that he was NOT IN IT as an actor - per say - he just was in parts of it (as I described in the earlier post) and you would not have known it was him. He is the producer/director of the film, not an actor in it. It is an awesome movie! Maybe you'll catch it on DVD once it comes out. I know allot of people that find it too personal to see this movie in public and are waiting for it to come out on DVD to see at home.

Thinking of you too PUSS and sure hope that things get better with your mother soon! Have you thought of changing your phone number and just giving it to a family member for an emergency with your mother? This way you can call her on "your terms".

:grouphug: Take Care of Yourself, PUSS! :grouphug:


As for me: I have just had very full days with cleaning and exercising these days... you would think I would be a twig - I wish! Joe & I did do allot of fun shopping over the weekend and went out to eat a couple times with friends. That's always fun. And tonight we have church practice for our music and tomorrow a friend is coming by for a visit and we'll probably go out to lunch and shop - checking out Easter stuff :)

Hope you all know how much I care about you and only wish happiness & health for you!

"God's Blessing's be with you"


03-10-2004, 06:11 PM
Hello everyone!

Just a quick post to let you know I am still here!

We finally have our computer fixed after about a month without it. We went to visit DS and family fo a couple of weeks and now everything is working fine. Yipee..

I started to read the posts to see what I have missed and it is like reading a book so I thought I would just jump in and let you know I am up and running ..... I will get back to reading tonight after I take my GD to the circus !!

Should be fun !!

Glad to be back....will be in touch later.


03-10-2004, 06:15 PM

So good to see you back!!!! Cannot wait to hear what you
have been up to lately! Happy that your computer is all better.
Maybe now 'we' can get to know one another better ;)

Boy-o-boy, does it ever get quiet here - where is everyone :?:


03-11-2004, 12:31 AM
Hi, all--

I'd kind of given up on here, but it's so great to see others post that I thought I'd come back and see what everyone has been up to.

So glad to see you back, Jacquie. So does that mean your computer just wanted you to leave town for a couple of days? :lol:

SunnyD, that's great that you're really working hard to make yourself "beachworthy." I know exactly how you feel! Sometimes I wonder if that's why I never wanted to go to Hawaii. I did end up going there when I weighed 230 or so, and loved it, but would feel more comfortable going back when I can get into a size 10 swimsuit. Hopefully that day will come, although the song about having a pair of hips the size of two battleships was written for me.

Charlotte, how is it going with your son and DIL? How are your granddaughters doing? Still hoping to see pics of your new windows. I loved getting new windows. Funny how things like that can make you feel good.

Puss, what's happening with your friend with the lung biopsy? I'm still crossing my fingers that it's scar tissue only. I hope everything is okay on the mother front, too.

My Dad finally got new shoes on Saturday. It was like this huge outing for us. I'd been bugging him to get new shoes for a long time. Now that his feet aren't swollen, he was wearing what looked like clown shoes. He wouldn't listen to me, though, but he had to have the doctor say he needed new shoes. I'm thinking that when I want him to do something, I'll have to call one of his doctors and get the doctor to write it on a piece of paper. The only problem with the new shoes is that he can't put them on by himself. I have a hard time getting them on his feet, but it only took me two tries today. I figure by next week, I'll have it down. They are two sizes smaller than what he was wearing, and he admits that he walks better in his new shoes. Now he's got to get a diabetic insert put in, which is supposed to help with the lesions he's getting on the bottom of his feet. I tell you, after seeing my Dad go through all this stuff, I'm vowing right now that after I lose the rest of the weight, I will not gain it back. No way do I want to get diabetes!

It was so incredibly gorgeous here today. I hope everyone else is having good weather. My DH took our younger dog (well, he's 12 so he's a senior, too, but he's small) on a longer walk, and I took our old girl up the street and back. She is soooo slow now. I feel like she needs to walk so she won't lose more muscle mass. She's pretty much refusing to eat any of the prescription kidney diet food, which was keeping her kidney disease at bay for the last several years. I'm cooking her chicken breast and adding that to this other prescription food (a/d). After she takes her antibiotics, we'll check her kidneys again, and we're going to keep an eye on the mass on her spleen rather than do invasive procedures.

So who has flowers blooming? The cherry trees are in full bloom now--so beautiful. And I noticed my magnolia tree is coming into bloom, too. I'm looking forward to the tulip festival next month. I usually order too many and then regret it when they all arrive for planting in October. But it's well worth it come springtime.

03-11-2004, 04:07 AM
Good morning. Ladies.
Well, as quickly as it came, DMs mood has lifted and back to cantankerous, fiesty old self. Great!!
SunnyD, you sound fantastically focussed on your regime, I just wish it was infectious because I still can't kick start back to the way I was before Christmas. I came back from doing an audit at a company site and dropped off at a different supermarket and ended up buying a ton of comfort food including cakes! Have put 9lb on since mid December and keep resolving to start anew but...... Anyway, well done to you, SunnyD.
Jacqui, wonderful to see you back. Glad your computer is behaving now, what did we do before we had them and mobile phones, eh?
Sheila, I spoke to my friend last night (her mother's funeral was yesterday). She still has not heard anything from the biopsy though she had an appointment made for next Thursday on the day they did it. I am hoping that this is good news and think surely the results would be through by now and if they were bad, then surely she would have heard by now. DD says not to get hopes raised too much yet as the labs are slow. She has promised herself a weekend down to my place if she gets the ok and we will go to London shopping to celebrate! Re your dad and his shoes, I remember dear FIL wearing 'clown shoes' for a while years ago, he had made a mistake buying without trying and looked so funny - seems he was too proud to admit the mistake and return them! Your old girlie dog reminded me of my puss Alfie when the vet tried to get him to eat the special kidney failure foods. He would rather starve so I just gave him what he wanted as he was living on borrowed time then anyway. SunnyD, not a day goes by I don't miss him, such a fantastic little character. I am thinking of getting two kittens in the spring after my holiday but am not too sure about it yet though DS and DH say I should "because you are the type of person who needs someone to look after" they said. Their comment had me worried for a while, until they explained that I wasn't a born orderly, ha ha.
My garden is full of daffodils and a few early tulips but the weather has been bitter again and we had snow flurries for a few minutes the past few days. I bought a white camelia and a climing rose called Penny Lane (my brother lives in the next road) and DS planted them in for me last weekend. I still have the 20 perennials to plant in and hope to do them this weekend.
Willow, I hope you are ok and not in too much pain right now.
Angel, I know you have your work cut out right now too (though you always have time for others).
Thanks again, girls, for support when I needed it!
Am going to get my Rosemary Conley cookbook out again and perhaps do a cook in at the weekend and make a determind effort to get back on the wagon with this weight loss. Oh - the lady at the checkout at the supermarket yesterday said she was on the Atkins for a week and ended up calling an ambulance - seemed she never knew she had gall stones till the fat in the diet aggrivated it.

03-11-2004, 04:09 AM
Just reading that and felt I had to clarify that my brother lives in the next road to Penny Lane in Liverpool not the next road to me.

03-11-2004, 06:15 PM
Hi all!

It sure is nice to be back. I spent last evening getting caught up on all the posts. My what a lot there is in a few weeks. When I finally turned in DH said "do you realize you have been reading for 2 hours!!"

Anyhow it was wonderful catching up on everyone.

I have still been busy with DM...lots of running back and forth. The dementia is progressing rapidly and I finally realized I am having a hard time dealing with it. It is like a slow death....frusterating to watch and a feeling of helplessness. I was quite sad for a few weeks and feeling very low and like you SunnyD just sort of shut down and go into myself. I am usually the family sounding board......everyone seems to bring me their problems and I just listen... but lately I just haven't been able to deal with them like usual. I guess "I" have enough of my own problems!!
Fatpuss my MIL sounds just like your DM !! That is another problem I am having trouble dealing with and it is a little more difficult when it isn't your own mother. If she only realized how lucky she is.....87 and sharp as a tack but she has been dying for 30 years.

Willow I can really feel everything you are going through. I was in pain for years and finally had a total hip replacement 4 years ago. I tell you it is the best thing I have ever done. I have to watch now that I don't do anything I shouldn' feels so good I forget its been done. As for the cane use it if you need it, I did ....don't suffer if it helps. Hopefully the will get to the bottom of your problems but if it comes down to a replacement don't worry !!!

I guess I had better get going DIL is bringing GD over in a few minutes....yipee I get to spoil her.

Hi to anyone I have missed. Charlotte I said a prayer for you and all your difficulties at this time.

Bye for now

03-12-2004, 09:53 AM Hello friends. I'm so sorry I haven't been able to post very often. I want to...just have my hands full.
Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement & prayers for my son/family. The prayers are still needed. It's so comforting to know I can speak freely. Sometimes I really need to, but, can't talk about drugs, etc., around home to anyone, for fear of getting him in trouble. You know the commercial that shows your brain on drugs??? I have a fear that my son's brain looks like that. It was that when he wasn't high, he was a very sweet, pleasant person to be around. Now, he talks crazy nonsense 24 hours a day. We do believe, though, that it's not 100% his own doing. We fear DIL's family & friends are slowly scaring him to death & driving him crazy. He's had problems with some of them, & this way they can do away with him without "touching" him. I've tried to tell him that it's a mind game they're playing & to not give in to it....he agrees, but can't seem to help it. He comes over here or calls, just terrified. Even to the point of shaking. That's not the son we knew. He was never scared of anyone....& always took up for the smaller person. The only fights he had in school, was when he took up for someone being picked on. We don't know how to handle it. We neither one have ever been around drugs until now. Not that we've had a perfect life from all things...just don't know about this. Like I've said...he's at fault in a lot of things...not taking up for his actions....& he's brought a lot of it on himself. There's more going on than I can tell. Just have to vent sometimes....just bare with me....& thank you.

I'll take pics of the new windows soon. It's amazing what a difference they can make to an older home. This house is one of the oldest houses in our community. That's what drew us to it. It's one of the few "well known" items around. We bought it with the intention of remodeling &, you can imagine how old those other windows are! I would have liked to kept them, but, they were too far gone. Also, the fire destroyed some of them, & can't match up.

I've read all the posts, & enjoyed. Forgive me for not posting to individuals for now. Maybe I'll get back into a normal routine soon. least normal on this forum. :^:

I hope all of you have a great weekend.

03-12-2004, 06:11 PM
Well, gee, Jacquie, you missed me, but that's okay. :) I'm so sorry about your Mom--it's excruciatingly hard to watch that kind of thing happening. Living with my Dad, I see day-to-day how he's getting more frail and forgetful, but I'm very lucky that he's still mostly with it as far as his mind goes. Take good care of yourself during this time, Jacquie. While isolation is generally not a good thing, maybe if it gets you out of the role of sounding board, it works for you. I'm glad you can share here.

Our kids--we love 'em, but they frustrate the heck out of us a lot of the time, don't they? Charlotte, I can't even imagine how you are coping with this. Have you ever checked out Alanon, by the way? I've heard it really helps when someone you love is involved in drugs or alcohol. I know they have online meetings, and it might help to read how other parents are coping with a loved one's drug/alcohol problem.

Puss, is that THE Penny Lane from the Beatles song? Cool! Ah, your FIL sounds a lot like my Dad--never admitting mistakes. Must be that generation. I do hope your friend hears good news, and that you get to have your celebratory shopping spree.

SunnyD, I love that big huggable teddy bear graphic! Makes me want to run out and buy a teddy bear, although I guess I have a living one right here. Maybe I should go hug him! :)

So my DD is doing okay after her trauma. I don't know what's happening with the investigation, though. Her BF is getting stationed in Virginia, and they are planning to get an apartment together. I, of course, expressed my disapproval, although in a loving way. They're planning on getting married, but I've read so much about the strikes against a successful marriage and they will have two--living together before marriage, and their age (she'll be 21; he'll be 25). My DH and I both lived with our first spouses before marriage and neither relationship worked out so we're biased. We didn't live together, and we've been together 23 years in June. My son lived with his wife before they got married, and that lasted a mere three years. I know it's a relatively small sample of people, but from the other studies I've read, living together really is a strike against a long-lasting marriage. I do hope they can beat the odds.

Tomorrow we're going to look at a potential wedding venue. It appears that the groom now wants an evening wedding, which costs quite a bit more. I asked my DD if he or his family were prepared to pay the difference in what we can afford vs. what the groom wants. Sounds like a good discussion topic!

Well, I lost .6 lbs. this week. I seem to be following a pattern of lose a little, lose a lot, lose a little, lose a lot. I am thankful that it's losing, although I have been really doing well with my eating and exercising anyway. We just got back from having lunch out. I was craving some applewood smoked bacon--yum. I told my Dad to put his teeth in, but when we got to the restaurant, I looked at him and said, "You didn't put your teeth in, did you?" after he told me that he would. What is it with old men and their false teeth? My grandmother wouldn't have been caught dead in public without her teeth or without her "face" on.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

03-13-2004, 08:05 AM
Good Saturday Morning Ladies...

Well, I went to my Curves Friday morning for the 3rd time this week and stayed OP :) Drank all the water I was suppose to. I sure do hope I have good results when I get weighed and measured on Tuesday (3-16) at Curves... if not, I will just keep on - keeping on :D I figure my body has to catch up with my workouts eventually :lol:

Here is a review of my week of exercise:
MONDAY: Elliptical - 5.35mi/35min TUESDAY: Curves - 40min/3x around
WEDNESDAY: Curves - diddo THURSDAY: Elliptical - 5.5mi/36min
FRIDAY: Curves - diddo.

WATER: Drank 64oz each day and some days a bit more.
EATING AFTER 7pm: 2x this week successful - 3x this week failed (need to work on this!)


:wave: SHEILA,
Glad you like the graphics ;) Me too... they are fun.
I am glad to hear that your DD is doing better, bet it stays with her for a long time... There was a program on just last night about the military and sexual harassment and rape... it was about the Army in this program. They all try to hide the problem (sweep them under the rug) so they would "look bad". I really do hope that your DD is successful with her investigation. I will keep her in my prayers. Sometimes the "stinky" parts of this day & age just has to show it's ugly head - just too sad. I am so very happy to hear that her BF will be stationed in Virginia, so she will feel safer. But I must agree with your beliefs... I don't believe in sex nor living together before marriage. My hubby and I saved ourselves for one another in marriage and have never regretted it. June is our anniversary too :D June 21st will be our 29th anniversary :) So cool :cool: Sheila! It is a real shame how quickly couples today fall in and out of marriage as if it were nothing... it takes work and commitment and a strong belief system.

And it sounds as if you will have your hands "very full" for this wedding! I cannot say that I envy you there, bet you will feel such relief when it's all over. I hear they are so very stressful to plan... again my prayers!

:cp: Congrats on your .60 weight loss --- it's lost weight, no matter how you look at it! Good for you, Sheila!

:wave: JACQUIE,
You spent 2 hours catching up with our posts :lol: Could you imagine how long it would have been if we all had posted each day :o Many days only one or two of us posted... it was very, very quiet here.

I am so sorry you are having such a hard time with your DM and her health. It is so very hard. My thoughts are with you in your struggles. I bet she feels your love each time you are there for her, even if she isn't able to show it.

:wave: ANGEL,
So very good to hear from you... I really do miss seeing your posts. I have been keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers and really do hope that soon, very soon all will mellow out for you and problems will get resolved. When it comes to drugs - it is a very tough battle! I have a brother on them (he lives in Calif.) and he will not seek help, we cannot get him to go and he lives a very sad life. Any day we could receive "that call" --- I pray that will not be in your case. You have my deepest sympathy for your problems! And my fervent prayer... :grouphug:

:wave: PUSS,
Thank you so much for your encouragement. You will soon be back on track too, you'll see, Puss. Sometimes it is very hard to pull yourself up out of the sadness (with your mother & all), but you will! You sound like you have a strong character. Me too - I just got 'fed up' with feeling tired and fat, so I put my mind to just doing something each day... never giving it a second thought - just doing it - and it's seems to be working out for me. I do feel so much better and am seeing a difference in my shape. I so wish I could just hand it off to anyone wanting it, you know :^: So everyone could feel 'well' about themselves and their lives... I wish only the very best for you and the others.

:wave: WILLOW,
Where are youuuuuu :?: I am now becoming very concerned for you! It's just not like you to stay away for long. I do hope that you are okay?? You are not a burden, nor were you ever! This is the place to come when all is not right with your world... come back and let us know how you are, okay.

And that goes for you too BLUET!!
I received your e-mail... I am so very sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling yourself these days. Winter can put us all in the "sad"ness... it sure has been a rough one for us all this year. Is there anything that makes you smile or happy that you can go and do... it may be the trigger you need. How about your grandchildren?? Have them come over and spend some time with you. My heart goes out to you :grouphug: because I have been there. My hubby & the Lord was a huge force in helping me out. I hope you can see the Light at the front of that long tunnel soon, Bonnie... just don't let yourself give in to it, okay. Life has so much to offer you... all of us ;) Come back to us soon and post :^:

Till next my visit...
"May the Lord Bless you and Keep you all"


Almost forgot...
Northeast, Ohio woke up to 6" (+!) of SNOW yesterday morning!!!! Joe was out there with the snow-blower at 6:30 in the morning. And it is suppose to go up into the 50's and be sunny today - I hope! I hope! It is still snowing and with huge snow flakes!! Pretty, but I am so ready for Spring!

Later guys!


03-13-2004, 12:29 PM
Six inches of snow? Oh, my, I'd be wishing for a good dose of spring right now, too. Good for you on such a great week, SunnyD! :cp: You should really be proud of yourself! I'm sure you'll have excellent results on Tuesday. I can't wait to hear.

Bonnie, I'm so sorry you're experiencing such lows. I really hope a good dose of sunshine right about now will work wonders for you. I know it doesn't take all the stresses away, but there's something about beautiful spring flowers and blue sky that lifts the spirits. I'm glad you have your grandkids to give you some pleasure (hey, I'm assuming it's pleasure--they do sound like nice kids!).

My DH and I were awakened at 7:00 am this morning by our house alarm screaming "Help, help!," which appears is the code for the medical alarm my Dad wears. I've never put on a bathrobe so fast. He locks his door and I have a screwdriver I open it with, and, of course, I'm being Miss Fumblefingers as I'm screaming, "Dad, Dad!" while trying to open the door. I finally got it opened and found him sitting in his chair saying, "What's wrong?" Aarrgghh! It appears he accidentally pressed the button as he was putting the alarm in his pocket. He had no idea he'd done that. I was SO thankful it wasn't serious, and, hey, I'd always wanted to know how the medical alarm differentiated from the intruder alarm and now I do. I told him that he did it on purpose because he was hungry and he knew we usually slept in until 7:30 am on Saturdays.

Today is running around day. I'm going to take some meds, put one of those Therma Care packs around my neck, and see if I can make it through the day without too much trouble. I like the idea of getting out and doing stuff much more than the reality. Weather here is kind of gloomy, but the flowers are incredible. I made a bouquet of flowering quince, magnolia and daffodils for my Dad.

My old dog still isn't eating right, and now her back legs are slipping out from under her if she stands too long. She seems okay, though. I don't want to wait too long (I did this with another dog and it was upsetting--when people say "you'll know" when it's time, that certainly wasn't true for me!), and yet I don't want to put her down if she's doing okay. It's such a tough decision. *Sigh*

I think we'll go check out this housing subdivision. Not that I'm looking to buy a house, but I so enjoy looking at houses. It's kind of a passion with me. And when we owned a home, we got some good ideas by looking at others' houses.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

03-14-2004, 01:30 PM
Hi all!

Had a busy Saturday....first woke up to snow again....ugh!
I will be so happy to see spring, we have had such a long winter. It has only been really bad a few times but it is just taking forever to warm up. We won't have flowers poking their heads up for at least another month.

I made a firm comittment to get back with the program today. I haven't really over indulged but just enough not to lose. Also I have a big problem getting enough water during the winter....maybe because it is always so cold outside!!

SunnyD good for you succeding to stay "OP" AND getting all your water. How do you like to Curves program? I have been thinking about checking into it as they just opened a new outlet quite close to where we live.

Sheila soooo sorry I missed you in my last post! You are so lucky your father is still with it mentally....enjoy him while you can. It is difficult when you can't have a meaningful conversation with someone anymore. I whould never have imagined this time last year there would be so much deterioration in such a short time.
I don't know what I missed but I wasn't sure what happened to your DD but have read between the lines and my heart goes out to you all. As for their living together ...I am not in favour of it either but there is not much one can do. Our DS's both lived with their fiancees a few months prior the getting married ...10 and 13 years and 4 grandbabbies later things are wonderful so if they are committed it will work.
I am just interested to see how our DS's feel when their children are older and in that same situation !!!

Well must doing DM's laundry and have to look after GD's this afternoon.

A womens work is never done !!

Have a good day everyone !!


03-14-2004, 03:12 PM
Hi Ladies,
SunnyD, you are well focussed now and I love your daily routein though I am not back into my committment mode yet. By the time I get home from work at 1750 making dinner is about all I am fit for. Love your graphics too, you and Angel keep our pages pretty.
Jacqui - it's good to see you here again, I am sorry your mum has been deteriorating so quickly. My friend's mum died the other week and has had altzheimer's for over 12 years and it has been a great strain on everyone. I never knew this lady as she used to be but my friend said that she was such a giver and so loving that the last thing she would have wanted was to have lingered in what has seemed to be a no-man's land all these years. It's a tragic disease whatever course it takes and my heart goes out to you. I know what it's like to be the 'strong' one in the family, sometimes (as in my DMs case), it's a nice dumping ground for someone without thought for the other person. Try not to be sucked dry by the needs of others if only for the sake of your own sanity.
Angel - I hope that given time your lovely son returns to the fold. It makes my blood boil when I think that the real evil surrounding drugs is centred around the big suppliers who very rarely take the stuff themselves. It seems he knows that he has a wonderful mother there for him and I guess that's all you can do at present, be there for him. I think I know where you get your strength from and hope it continues. So what are these posh windows like? You will be the swankiest house on the block once you are all up and ready again!
Sheila - Poor pooch, it's not long since you went through that last year with the other babe. Someone on TV the other night was saying how life is so unfair to have a dog's life expectancy so much shorter than a human's when they are companions for life - he has just lost his beloved ***** after 17 years and he was still 36. I think it is fair to expect the groom's family to pay for extras over and above the alloted wedding budget. Your DD is becoming a ledgend! Love the alarm and the teeth, just so dad! Well done on the .6lb loss, it's in the right direction. Yes, Penny Lane as in the Beatles song. I lived about 200yds from Strawberry Fields children's home and about .5 mile from John Lennon's Aunt Mimi's house. I often gave lifts in my car to (mostly) Japanese tourists trying to find the house he grew up in.
Bonnie - it was lovely hearing from you and when you have the time it will be great seeing you here again.
Willow - I am getting worried about you. Are are ok? I know the site went very quiet for a while but also, you are having a lot of medical problems lately what with the cane etc. Are you still able to go to work or have you taken some (well deserved) time off? Hope all is well with you.
Today has been raining with high winds and a good excuse to read for most of the ay, yaay! Have started the first book of a set of three,political diaries of a Member of Parliament who died a few years ago. Talk about *****y women!! These men could give anyone lessons. Gripping stuff. Yesterday I bought and planted 5 more lavender bushes for under the climbing roses and also two rosemary bushes. I also bought some quality top soil to replace the water-logged clay I dug up around them.
The diet went to the wall today (again) as I thought I would cook an authentic Indian curry from a new recipie. Turned out far too spicy for me (though DH loved it and so will DS). I ended up eating rubbish instead followed by more rubbish in form of chocolate. Tomorrow I must try to get back on track - I can see my tombstone having that inscribed!!
Best wishes to all,

03-14-2004, 11:19 PM
Hello Friends,

Well,the weekend is over again, and time to set our minds toward the work day Monday.

I had the 3 Grandsons from Green Bay and the two grandchildren from next door, so I had 5 grandkids all weekend from ages 9 through 3. I am really tired tonight, but thought I would try to post a little bit, so you all know I am still around.

We have had snow off and on again today and the wind is bitter cold. Soon Spring will be here. As the calander goes it is only 6 more days until Spring has offically sprung. Yeah Right.

One of the Grandson's had a really bad cold, am hoping and praying that neither DH nor I pick that cold up or we will be down ill again for another week.

I want to wish you all the best and express my sadness for the problems that have befallen my friends. Sheila, I hope DD is doing o.k. I planned four weddings and am so very vey relieved that all the children are married and hopefully we will not have to deal with the cost and all of the planning for another wedding. Also sorry to hear that your older dog is experiencing health problems. it is always so hard. Charlotte, sorry about your DS and the grief he is experiencing at this time. Hopefully you will be able to snatch that boy back from the brink and get him well. New windows (huh)? How wonderful for you. SunnyD good for you with your program. What determination, that is what it takes though and a lot of patience. Willow will you consider coming back to the forum? I miss you. Hope your hip is feeling better, and you will come back to us. Puss, it would have been even better if you had said you gave the Beetles a lift all the time. They sure shook the USA up forty years ago. Did you ever meet any of the Beetles at a concert or something? Jacquie, so nice to have you posting to the forum again. I know what you mean about not seeing any thing in the yard growing, well other than snow piles, which winter can keep to its self.

Well, I am falling asleep at the key board, so I had better go to bed. Take care everyone and have a good Monday.


03-15-2004, 03:46 AM
Bluet, it's lovely to see your post. 5 grandchildren ALL weekend??? Sounds delightful but I know I would be on my knees with exhaustion today. What a lovely mum and grandma you are. The grandchild I hope to have one day is an angelic, non-active little thing who will want to take a siesta when I feel like one myself, ha ha. If it comes from my DS it will probably be a crazy whirling dervish like he was when he was young! Are any of your tenants calves being born yet? As for the Beatles, I was never in to them. I was 10 or 11 when their 2nd album came out (which I wanted) but by the time they split up I think I was about 14 or 15 and they were not cool anymore. My DH went to high school with Paul and George (Paul was a year above) and Dh's band played at the Cavern the same night as the Beatles. Good job DH decided to get a proper job else I would never have met him, and that would have been awful for me. So, the world's loss was my gain, ha ha ha. Well the winds have died down this morning and I hope to start my first day back on track with the healthy eating. (how many times in the last two months have I said that!!).
Kind regards to everyone.

03-15-2004, 06:18 PM
Well, Puss, my DH was totally impressed that your DH went to school with Paul and George. I was never into them either, but my DH is, and so is my daughter. The second generation of Beatles fans. When I was in San Francisco one time, we stayed at a hotel across from the hotel they were staying, and I remember being ticked because I couldn't get any sleep with all the screaming and carrying on from the throngs of fans outside the Beatles hotel.

You'll have to show us photos of your yard--it sounds lovely with lavendar and rosemary and I think you've mentioned roses, too.

Like your idea of a grandchild--ha ha! You know that's not going to happen at all, of course. Your whirling dervish scenario is more likely.

Bluet, you are an amazing woman taking on five grandchildren for a whole weekend. I'm betting none of them acted like Puss wants her future grandchildren to act, right? At least they could entertain each other hopefully. That's what they say about having kids all in a row. Don't know if that really works--maybe the parent spends all his/her time breaking up fights.

How about a nice Hawaiian vacation, Bluet? Or Florida? People from the northwest always try to get away in November and February to escape the dreary rain. It hasn't been too bad this year, or the year before, but I remember having grey days and rain for entire months.

I'm trying a new acupuncturist. So far she hasn't caused intense pain or burned me. Of course, I've only seen her once. :) She seems more knowledgeable than the last one so maybe I'll actually learn to relax during treatments. Tomorrow is massage day followed by a haircut. I had an old woman at aerobics tell me, "oh, your hair's just like mine. It has a mind of its own!" I thought, well, glad I'm getting my haircut tomorrow if that's what it looks like today.

My DH is really enjoying the sailing lessons I got him as a Christmas gift. I think it's the best gift I've ever given him. He's going to want to take me sailing, though, once he completes the course. I'm just a bit leery about that. I'm more of a canoe/kayak kind of person. He said that he had to dodge a seaplane when he was sailing on Sunday.

Hope everyones week is off to a good start!

03-15-2004, 11:32 PM
Hello Friends,

Well, Monday has come and gone, all was relatively quite at work, thank goodness, I am getting a little behind in my work again, only because I didn't feel like being there today so I didn't push myself too hard. At least the office bully has taken a rest from ganging up on everyone. I only hope it will last for awhile, I think the owner said something to him.

It was cold here again today, eventually it will get warm, it always does. We would take a little Florida trip, we were even talking about going to Arizona for a week, but then we found out we have to put a new roof on the house and the soffits are pealing and either we repaint or we have them clad in aluminum. The roof and the soffits according to our SIL, who owns his own construction company, will probably cost around $10,000.00, so we figured we had better save our pennies and stay home. DH and I have painted this house about three or four times since we lived here and we are not getting any younger. The house is three stories high and rather large, a typical farm house, I don't think we want to be climbing up and down ladders all summer again.

Our "tenant farmer" (that's a pretty cute expression, Puss) raise Holstein milking cows. The young heifer's or (girl cows) are brought here when they are about a year old, they are raised here to breeding age and then bred. When they get close to having their calf, they are suppose to be picked up by the farmer and taken to the Home Farm to have their calf. Since the farmer has a large dairy farm and is very busy, he doe not always get here on time and sometimes the calf is born here. The calves are born at all different times of the year, not just one time of the year. The heifers are bred at a age so that they will be about two years old when they have their first calf.

I think I was a little too old for the Beatles, myself, but my sister was really a big Beatles fan, and then 2nd DD who was born in 1968, went through a phase in her college years when she had the Beattles old tunes playing all the time. Driving around in her little blue Chevette blasting John, Paul, George and Ringo on the cassette player.

Well the dryer is buzzing at me, I had better go and hang the clothes up before they get wrinkled. We had this discussion once before, I never iron and some of you iron religiously.

Take care everyone, enjoy Tuesday.


03-16-2004, 04:10 AM
Sheila, I loved the old lady's back-handed compliment about your hair! When I was young all my DDs family used to say I was the model of my dad's sister. It frightened me to death because to me she looked like a mad woman with uncombed wild curly hair and large mad eyes! Wouldn't mind her scrawny figure now though, ha ha. What a great Xmas present for DH. Don't much fancy dodging seaplanes, though. Hope you get good results from your new accupuncurist.
Bluet, I know what you mean workwise. Our end of year is the end of this month and I am frantically trying to get everything in the backlog finished (some stuff not written up from the summer!). As for the office bully, I am surprised your boss is not scared of being taken to a tribunal by the staff for allowing it to go on (if he is aware of it). It's a big thing over here right now, court cases for 'constructive dismissal' where someone found it impossible to continue in the job because of harassment etc. Bullying in the workplace is also very expensive for the bosses if courts rule in the victim's favour. Your house sounds like ours did last year. We had hoped to get a holiday but had to spend the money and time painting the outside and getting a flat roof renewed. Fortunately it wasn't too big a job for DH up the ladders but it would have been hellish expensive to get someone in to do it. It's a pitfall of home ownership and getting older, isn't it. Thanks for the info on calves being born. I always thought they were like lambs born in the spring - fine farmer I would have made haha.
We are hoping to go and view a car for DD today. It's only a couple of years old and is supposed to be immaculate. Hope so. DD and DS are coming at the weekend as it is Mothering Sunday here then - I know you have yours at a different date in the year. I have invited my DM down but she hasn't said anything so I guess she won't come. I have bought her an adjustable foot stool as she is such a hypochondriac she is now worried about getting deep vein thrombosis - something she read about concerning passengers on long flights getting. As she is terrified of flying and the last time was in 1992, I think a thrombosis would have reared its ugly head by now if it was going to. I am working from home today and hope to wonders work-wise on my laptop getting tons of stuff finished. That's the plan, anyway. The diet did well until the evening after dinner when I stuffed with chocolate biscuits. Have realised that for me the danger zone is not the evening dinner, it's the 'rewards"afterwards when watching TV with DH.
Hope everyone is ok.

03-16-2004, 08:16 PM
Bluet, that's too bad that you can't take a vacation and have to spend your $$ on fixing the roof. Do you buy lottery tickets? :) I hope you get a chance to maybe take a minivacation somewhere. I'm glad the owner finally said something to the office bully--hope it lasts. And if it doesn't, I hope the owner does something more than just talk. It takes so much to fire someone these days, though. Who here irons? I can't even find mine! :)

Hey, Puss, I read in a magazine yesterday that rosemary and lavendar help with anxiety AND help you do better at math. The article said to have some around before you do taxes. Since you're in the auditing business, I figure once you plant those, you'll probably get a promotion! Just take a big whiff every time you leave the house for work, and think of what a great job you'll do.

The dreaded evening snacking. We were talking about that at our Weight Watchers meeting last week. One person said she had to actually remove her chair from the TV room because she couldn't sit down in the chair and watch TV without snacking.

So did you find a car for DD? What kind? My DD called with the news that she and a girlfriend are moving into an apartment tomorrow. It's in an old house that you have to get buzzed into. Sounds pretty cute.

Our magnolia tree is blooming up a storm. It's so pretty. It looks like the lilacs will be starting to bloom soon. I love the fact that spring comes pretty early here. In Colorado, spring came after the early May snowstorn, followed by scorching heat in June so spring was about three weeks long, sometimes four. Summer ended with the first snowstorm in September. In Idaho, I started seeing flowers in March so it's kind of in between Colorado and where I am now. The only two acceptable seasons in Idado were spring and fall. Summer was too hot, and winter too snowy. I'm so fussy!

03-16-2004, 11:29 PM
There wasn't anything to invoice at work this afternoon, so I took a chance and took a couple of hours off and came home to try to do something with the upstairs. Such a mess I have made trying to clear out the storage room. I got quite a bit more stuff sorted out, but there is a lot more to go through. We are burning a lot of it, we can still burn in burn barrels, but I know pretty soon our township will not allow burning anymore. Mores the reason to get this stuff done and out of the house.

I just have to tell you what the latest thing the office bully did to me a couple of weeks ago, it had added to my depression. I need to tell someone outside of my family, because I think I am getting immuned to his behavior and consider it normal. One of the sales reps had called me and asked for a special inventory listing, I knew I had removed it from the computer, by special instructions of the owner, but I couldn't remember where I had put it. Well, I was searching in all the places I usually store those kind of things when OB asked what I was doing. I said I was looking for something I misplaced. He insisted on knowing what it was. I told him the special inventory listing. Of course he asked why, and I told him why. Well, sales rep and OB do not get along very well. OB asked why would sales rep want that listing. I said I don't know, you will have to call him and ask him. OB started grousing about sales rep and questioning me and I tried to leave the area and avoid anymore hassle about sales rep, but Ob just kept grousing about sales rep. Finally, I said very loudly I don't know you will have to call him and ask him (I shouldn't have done that, but I was sick of being harassed by him) So OB picked up the listing (about 20 pages of computer paper) and threw it at me across the desk and said here take the G.. D.... thing, I hope you are happy now. I didn't say anything I just left and went back to my office. There is more, but I know I am boring you, so I'll stop. Needless to say OB and I have been very cool to one another going on three weeks now and of course that is stressful.

Sheila, I just can't believe that you have Spring already. I don't think you are being fussy. You know how I feel about winter. So are you thinking, I could possibly hit it big on the lottery. Wouldn't that be so cool. I hardly ever buy lottery tickets, I am not very lucky that way. But, mabe I will buy one tomorrow, just to see how it shakes out.

Puss, I used to get the English Garden magazine, but didn't renew, because it is quite expensive. I have been looking at my back issues on my lunch break at work. It really is a beautiful magazine. The one I am looking at now has a whole section on hardy roses. England apparently has all the right conditions to grow beautiful roses. Which reminds me, I wonder if my roses survived the winter.

Well I had better sign off and get a few things done before bed time. Take care.

Do you think we will ever hear from Willow, Charlotte or SunnyD ever again?


03-17-2004, 07:35 AM

Bless each door that opens wide to strangers as to kin.
And bless each crystal window pane that lets the starlight in.

Bless the rooftop overhead and every sturdy wall.
And may love and peace on St. Patrick's Day be sure to find you all.

"Happy St. Patrick's Day...
All The Best To You And Your Families"


I will be back later to post - whew I have allot of reading to do, don't I :)


03-17-2004, 10:01 AM everybody. Just wanted to check in. I had a treatment Monday....& still have my hands full. My son is living with us now. His wife filed for divorce. Going to get ugly, I'm afraid. Our son is fighting for the kids. He IS getting help for the drugs, though. Seems to be using his head about things. I hope all turns out well. It's taking a toll on my may not feel like posting often. Been sleeping every chance I get. The Dr told me Monday that all of this stress is going to cause lots of flare ups if I'm not careful.

We got a small settlement from Maytag. Attorney says we need to go after the store where purchased for the main amount, because the repairman didn't fix it properly. I don't like all of this, but, very tired of living this way.

Going to try to work today...I AM reading the posts. Take care.

03-17-2004, 10:38 AM


I am feeling soooooo "let down"... ... ... I went for my weight and measure today at Curves and didn't do nearly as I hoped :cry: I cried! All this work and no weight-loss... I am still at 204. It's a good thing that I worked out, cuz it made me feel a bit better. When I got into my car I just cried it all out! I KNOW I will do better in next months weigh in/measure so I am just going to continue to work for that goal. It was just so disappointing...

Here are the numbers in my inch loss:
Bust: -1" / Waist: -4" / Abdomen: -2" / Hips: -1/2"
Thighs: -2" / Calves: 0 / Arms: 0 / Weight: 0
Total inch loss: -9.5"

*Happy St Pats...*


03-17-2004, 03:03 PM
Charlotte, I am so sorry you are struggling right now. I have great empathy for you and your family at this time. May you all be safe from harms way and soon see a light at the end of the tunnel for your house woos and you son's problems. And most of all hug and bless your grand daughters.

SunnyD, Well, at least you got it out and out of the way. I am disappointed for you too. Who wouldn't be after so much hard work and no weight loss, but the positive thing is you lost inches and that should make you smile from here to Toledo. A couple of years ago I belonged to Curves too and I always lost inches (a good thing) but the pounds came off slower, because muscle weighs more than body fat. Don't loose your focus, you will be all right. You have a good attitude.

Take care


03-18-2004, 12:43 AM
Well, shoot, Charlotte. I'm sorry about the small settlement. Are you definitely going after the other place? I hope that doesn't take too long. Can you do much on the house with the settlement that you got?

I'm so glad your son is getting help with the drugs. I imagine you made that a condition of him living with you. Having been through a kid's divorce recently, I know how stressful that is for parents--I was very stressed and I don't have the RA to contend with. Please be extra good to yourself.

SunnyD, I'm sorry the scale didn't reflect how well you've been doing. Remember--scales lie! Really! Look at how many inches you've lost. That's incredible! I know how hard it is not to rely on the scale as your guide. Cry all you want, but don't let that disappointment ruin your progress. You're right--you will see a loss in the future so keep thinking about that, and about how well your clothes are fitting!

Hi to Bluet and Puss! Bluet, do you ever have fantasies about kicking the O.B. where it counts?? :)

I made my dad change his shirt this morning. He had a blue shirt on that he swore was green. I said it wasn't, and he was sure he had nothing in his closet that was green. I then pulled out a green shirt (kind of sage green) and handed it to him. He put it on and swore it was brown. At dinner tonight I asked if he'd gotten pinched today, and when he said no, I said, see, that shirt IS green because if it wasn't green, you would have gotten pinched!

My poor old dog! She is drinking more because of the kidney disease and she doesn't let us know when she has to go out. We weren't quick enough and she squatted in the hallway. My DH startled her in midstream and she kind of got up and shook, spraying urine all over the hall. Of course, this happened right when I was about to leave for the doctor's office. Luckily, they were backed up and I didn't have to explain why I was late.

Have any of you had a bone density scan? I had one today and was bummed to find out I have bone loss in my spine. I do everything I can to avoid that because I don't want to be one of those hunched over old women. I'm wondering if my neuro disorder is causing some problem--maybe the meds I take. Guess it's more big horse pills for me--yuck! I got a sample of the chewable calcium (Viactiv, I think). They're way too much like candy.

Hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day. I was listening to an Irish woman on the radio the other day, and she said they don't have corned beef in Ireland. They usually have ham (although not like American ham, she said) and cabbage.

03-18-2004, 05:40 AM
Absolutely drained yesterday by DMs phone calls!! Two before I left for work, 4 at work and a very long one in the evening. Plus, 3 between my brother and myself about it all. Much weeping/whailing because her nails are tinged orange 'with the medication, I must come off all meds'. SHe has been offered assisted dwelling and far from being happy, (she is going to view today) she said she probably won't take it. Using every excuse under the sun without seeing it. My DB is furious but I warned him to stay out of it because she never knows what she wants and I don't want him to get the blame for any decision she does/does not make. I gave her more straight talking but wasting my breath.
Angel - this may be the start of something good with DS back at your place though not if it's going to take its toll on your health. I hope it all goes as smooth as possible but having him away from the drug influences etc is a start. Glad you had some kind of settlement from Maytag but sorry you have the hassle of now suing the store, it's been a tiresome (not to mention a devasting and potentially lethal) episode for you all.
Bluet - I really wish I was in your office with that piece of scum! Thing is, trash like him tend to pick on nice people like you and not pre-mentstrual wolverines like me when faced with that kind of weak, conniving trickery! Sounds a right insecure weakling to me who shouldn't be in the job. Good for you for standing your ground and raising your voice to him. So you have started the storage room clear out. Imagine each piece of stuff designated for the fire as your boss and you will race through it and get some pleasure out of it too! Yes, roses do lovely here and although we complain about not enough sunny days I know we have an ideal climate which is why we don't get bugs and snakes etc like the US and Australia. I have two special old-fashioned French roses with intoxicating smell and heads you can bury your face in.
Sheila- It would take a lot more than lavender/rosemary to make me good at maths!!! Despite my job, maths is my weakest subject and I sometimes resort to finger counting, ha. My mother had that bone density test - I think it was putting her heel into some water bath wired up with lights etc. She didn't have thinning which may be because she has always drunk lots of milk though I am not sure if that's why. I believe it tends to be hereditary - I hope so though I never drank milk the way she did. Your poor old pooch sounds like my poor Alfie was. Had a spooky moment the other evening when I went to step over his food bowl! Trick of the memory because the bowl has been gone since mid-November but upset me doing that sub-conscious movement in the kitchen. I don't envy you the next few weeks/months. Is your family Irish? I know you can't get much more Irish than Sheila. As for the ironing, it's me who loves it and will do a week's worth tonight before DD arrives tomorrow or she will do it while I am at work and I know she doesn't really like it but is a sweetie helping me out. The car we are viewing on Sunday is another Honda (left mine at the garage last night to be serviced today and DH was behind to take me home and mechanic said 'Oh, his and hers" - I hope he knows what he's doing because although they are both green and similar size, mine is a civic and DHs is an accord! I would love to have a magnolia and lilac but my garden is too small. DS tried to post a photo of my garden last year in full bloom with daffs and tulips covered in snow in a snowfall but he said it wouldn't have shown very well. I may have another go at him to try again this weekend.
SunnyD - I feel for you with your disappointment over the weight loss. But, as Bluet says, it could be muscle weighing heavier than the fat loss. Don't lose heart, you were doing splendidly and it is making you fitter by the day.
Love all your icons for St Pat's day.
Am working from home today and expecting a barrage of calls from DM after she views this accommodation so better get some work in while I can.

03-18-2004, 07:07 PM
Snowing and cold here again today, I wonder if we will ever be able to turn the furnace off this year. I remember the first year we were on the farm the summer of 1965, we ran the furnace well into June. Not looking to a re-run of that. The Robins and Red-wings have returned though and the geese are flying north again. I saw 4 pair of swans on the little pond on one of the roads I travel to and from work everyday. They were just resting though, the next day they we gone.

Shiela, you have to be kidding. You can only imagine what runs through my mind when I encounter OB. Your DD, is so funny, you could start your own TV sit-com 'The Day In The Life of Shiela And Dear Dad' I think it would be a grand hit. I have a little bit of Irish in me, my maternal grandmother had red hair and freckles and her maiden name was Beard, the Irish comes from her. Of course I am reminded that not all Irish have red hair. DH is not a great fan of Irish music, so he really dreads St. Patty's Day. I don't know why he does not like Irish music, he just doesn't. I am sorry that your old dog is having problems. We have had many animals in the past 40 years, as you can well imagine, and we have had Vet bills that were astronomical, so I can feel for you at this time. It is really hard when one is losing a good pet.

Puss, you are really a little firebrand aren't you. Too bad you don't live closer, you could come to work with me and give what to the OB. Seems like your problems with DM are increasing. I don't know what you are possibly going to do with her. They are of such a fragile age, one hates to be abrupt with them, but your Mother is one of a kind. I can't think of any advice to give you, so I'll just pray a lot for you and your Mother and Brother, if that is o.k? So the kids are coming home for the weekend. Yes, please ask DS to post pictures of your garden, it would be so delightful to see your English Garden. Do you go all crazy and clean like mad and cook up a storm before the kids get there? I used to when they were in college, but then I had more steam and energy. Not now, I am just too tired for that. Yes, I remembered you were the one who irons everything. If I find I have purchased a piece of clothing that needs an iron taken to it to be wearable, I give it away to Goodwill. I am late enough for everything the way it is now, without delaying myself more with ironing something before I leave the house.

Willow, if you are out there, I wish you well and hope you are getting the answers you need to make your hip well.

Charlotte, I hope you RA is better today, perhaps the medicine has kicked in and given you some relief. I know a lot of your stress is mental and you have been given a heavy load to bear. We care about you.

SunnyD, hope you are having a brighter day, you'll be o.k. sweetie, take it as it comes.

Take care all.


P.S. I can't get these silly icons to work since they changed the format on the board. I tried a couple of times and lost my complete post. Why should it be so difficuly for me?

03-19-2004, 03:56 AM
Bluet- Thanks for prayers for my brother and me, we need them!! Got no work done yesterday, lost count of the number of phone calls from DM but the battery on the portable phone ran out at least 3 times and they last an hour! As predicted, she will not be taking the assisted dwelling, which is fine if that's what she wants, but she never knows what she wants and will be wailing that she should have taken it once she refuses. Also, she is no frail thing, she is 70 and no major health issues. Had to laugh about you giving away the only ironable garment you had, ha ha. No, I don't get a mad cleaning session on before the kids come. It's reasonably tidy/clean all the time with just the two of us but when son arrives it looks like a demob station, bags of dirty washing (I tell him to bring it), medical books and papers etc and he NEVER takes anything up to his room, it's always left where he last had it or used it, arrghh! DD is an angel itself, total opposite and looks for work to do to help. I am a little worried her coming home today as she will have to go through 2 London train stations (until she gets her replacement car) and the Madrid bombings are still very fresh in our minds. As for your Irish comment about red hair, I was told that on the East coast the Irish tended to have red hair and freckles from their Scottish ancestors who settled there and on the west coast of Ireland they tended to have dark hair and blue eyes from the many Spanish settlements that occurred. I didn't realise that the mid-West had it so cold for so long. We had storm warnings last night and it's blowing a devil this morning so that will be fun on the motorway today. I agree with you that Sheila and DD could make a sitcom, I love hearing about him and Sheila is so laid back about it all. It was a glorious sunny day here yesterday (such a change today) and although we still have the central heating blasting, I got round to ordering my spring plants from the mail order nurseries. That will take my mind off all unpleasant thoughts (DM) planting them all out or potting them in my greenhouse. As for your boss, I learned in my 20s not to take any rubbish from bosses who were well out of order after being in your position with a *****y middle-aged female boss. I have never looked back and although have had lots of jobs since, I think anyone fooled by this pleasant and cheerful exterior soon realises that I don't stay that way if bullies try it on, ha ha. I hate bullying of any kind and would certainly butt in if I saw it happening to anyone.Pet hate of mine since being teased often at school for wearing special shoes to correct turned in feet!)
Best wishes to everyone, especially Willow, I hope all is well with you.

03-19-2004, 08:29 AM
:coffee2: Good Morning Ladies...

I am so very 'grateful' to you all --- more then you will ever know!!! I feel encouragement like you would believe and have stuck to my program of diet & exercise. In fact, I leave for Curves soon ~ I just wanted to stop in and Thank-you all so much for your very kind and encouraging words
{{{Huge Hugs}}} :grouphug:

I know the facts (I really do...) but when hit with reality of no weight loss I felt betrayed and it was good to be remined of the facts again. I am okay now and have not thrown in the towel. I'll just keep on truckin'... ... ...

Well, I must be getting ready to leave for Curves.
I'll be back to post to each of you when I get home, okay ;)

"Thank-you again"
*God Bless*


03-19-2004, 06:27 PM Hello's to everyone!!!

I am sorry I have been MIA lately... so much to do and so little time to do it all in. We actually have sunshine & blue skies here today and tomorrow we are suppose to also with some temps in the 50's... I hope!

We have a 30th Birthday Party to go to tomorrow evening (family), so I have been making cards today (3 birthday's). I have to really put on the armor in this family before a party. They don't take "no thank-you" when it comes to food - it's an insult. So what I have to do is take the cake & ice cream (or other treats offered) and either pass it off quietly to someone else or play with it as if I am going to eat it... otherwise I hear, "don't you like the cake/goddies I made?" Italian's ;) As sweet as can be, but great on loading on the guilt.


Has anyone heard from WILLOW:?:???
I am really concerned about her! WILLOW, if you
are lurking - please - come back and let us know
that you are okay!!!!!????

How wonderful to see you posting again :) Are you feeling any better?? I know it has been a long hard winter for everyone this year... way too much cold and snow (and clouds!) for my taste! We have sunshine today and it is suppose to go up into the 50's tomorrow for our first day of SPRING(!) and be sunny --- BUT (I hate but's - don't you :^: ) then it's suppose to get cold and ugly again by Sunday evening. I really don't mind the rainy days of Spring (produces beautiful flowers), just don't like it when it turns into snow is all! Thank you so much for your tender & kind words... it means allot to me (((Hugs))) I was so disappointed, but am doing just fine now.

5 grandchildren over the weekend? Bet they helped you forget your troubles --- or did they add to them ;) :o

I hope that this finds you feeling better soon. I think I recal you saying you just had another treatment on Monday. Still lifting you all & DS up in prayer.

Your hubby went to school wit Paul & George? So cool! I remember when I was growing up, my aunt (whom wasn't much older then I was) had her room plastered with Paul posters!!! I couldn't sleep in there... too many eyes :eek: !! :dizzy:

I really feel for you when it comes to your mother... she just has way too much time on her hands to think of things to call you about.

How did everything go with the hair cut and massage? Bet you feel like a new woman. I always feel better after I color & cut my hair (I do my own). When I want to have it 'done for me' - I have a SIL that cuts hair and a nephew too.

Sailboats are very beautiful, but I'm more of a larger motor-boat type person ~ safer.

Where are you??? Haven't seen you around either... are you okay???

I am so sorry... I almost forgot you :o But I didn't :)
I hope this finds you doing well!


Well all have a lovely weekend, it's time for me to make dinner. The boss will be home soon. Wish me "luck" tomorrow night at the birthday party :D

*God Bless*


03-19-2004, 08:01 PM
Good afternoon, ladies--

SunnyD, be strong this weekend! That sounds like a tough food situation, but I know that you can survive it. I'm afraid people who are like that really bug me, even if they are relatives, or maybe especially because they are relatives. Have you ever tried the "I'm allergic" defense? Of course, if you've had cake and ice cream before with these people, then they know you're not really allergic, although, hey, people develop lactose intolerance later in life, right?

Puss, I'm bummed that your Mom is back at it again. Maybe you should put her name into one of those internet dating services, and arrange some blind dates for her. I'm sure your DD will be okay--I imagine most train stations have stepped up security.

Bluet, that's too bad your DH doesn't like Irish music. I absolutely love it. My DD was in an Irish dance group. The costumes were outrageously expensive--lots of hand embroidery. They performed all over the place, and it was a lot of fun as well as great exercise. My family's name is Riley, and my grandfather was called Paddy so you can tell that there were some Irish in my background. My mother said that my grandfather had coal black hair and really blue eyes.

Well, my DH had a doctor's visit today and it turns out he has arthritis in his knee. It's been bothering him quite a bit, and I told him to take Aleve. Would you believe I got that from a TV commercial? I'm almost ashamed to admit that, but it's been helping him. I also told him to ask the doctor if he could work on ways to wean himself off the blood pressure medication. Unfortunately, when they took his blood pressure it was 140/84 the first time and 140/100 (my DH said that was after the doctor messed with his knee!) the second time. And that's on blood pressure medication. So, I guess he won't be getting off anytime soon. I thought the doctor might say that my DH should lose weight, but I think they reserve that comment for women. Nobody has ever told my DH that he should lose weight, and he's at least 50 lbs. overweight. I hear women at my WW meeting say they've lost 30-50 lbs. and came off the blood pressure medication, which was why I told DH to ask his doctor. I didn't want to mention losing weight--I'm the last person to talk about that!!

It's sunny, but windy here. I think we're going to take our younger dog to the beach for a walk. We'll leave the older one at home--she's just not into walking much anymore. Her spirit is willing, but her body gives out. She's got a vet appointment Sunday to recheck after taking antibiotics and also to check her bloodwork again. She's been drinking a lot, and peeing a lot, which isn't a good sign. I'm gearing up for the inevitable, but it's kind of hard, as you know all too well, Puss.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend--preferably with no snow!

03-19-2004, 11:41 PM
Hello Friends,

Shiela, I laughed so hard when you suggested that Puss should sign Mother up for a dating service. I am still smiling. The same though crossed my mind Puss, well not a dating service, but if she is only 70 years young, why the heck isn't she out volunteering or working a part-time job to fill up her time and her mind? And how many times can one person call during the day, I think she would run out of things to say, I know I would. Oh well, let's move on, we are never going to solve this problem for you, I just can't see any way around it. Your Mothers your Mother no matter what, now if you had a couple of sisters to share her with that might help. I thought of you Puss, immediately when the news media warned of possible terrorist attacks on the rail stations in Britain this weekend. What the heck is the matter with people, that they have to kill other people to get attention? What is this world coming to, when is all this madness going to stop? I am tired of this Damn War thing. I was watching the news this evening while I ate supper. Peter Jennings was in Iraq. He was interviewing citizens of Iraq it looked to be some young college girls. They were quite bitter that the Americans were there and said if they had a choice between Sadam and the United States they would choose Sadam. If that is the case then, why are young Americans loosing their lives over there? I think the problem is they don't know what they want. Somehow some way the terrorism has to stop. well I had better get off my soap box now.

It is suppose to be 50 degrees here tomrrow too and then the winds are suppose to bring in some colder temps for Sunday and the first days of next week. We had a thunder storm this evening and it knocked out the satilite for a little while right in the middle of basketball that DH was watching. He has been switching back and forth between State Chanpionship playoffs for high school and the College Championships and then he sometimes has the sound turned off on the TV and the radio announcing the play by play, yes he is a real sports nut. Always has been and probably always will be.

I am going to attack that storage room again tomorrow, provided I am not interrupted. If the two grandkids from next door come over, I won't get much done again. Goodness knows it will wait for me it certainly has so far.

Willow, if you are out there, I wish you well and hope to see you on the board again.

Charlotte, hope you are feeling better today. Things will improve. We miss your happiness here, but that's ok, we know you are there.

SunnyD, you little rascal, you sure have a busy social life. Watch out for that cake and ice cream. Do people really still make that stuff? Just kidding.
Have a fun time at the birthday party.


03-20-2004, 04:49 AM
Just a quickie this morning, girls as I am the only one up (besides DH) and have 5 youngsters scattered sleeping upstairs - and one on the sitting room sofa. DH is making his usual clanging and banging noise when trying to be quiet, ha ha. DS turned up with girlfriend and two male flat mates (they are like 2nd and 3rd sons, so lovely ) and all starving, ha ha. Good job I had made a huge lasagne as I wasn't expecting the 2 boys until an hour beforehand. DD arrived safely and apart from her boyfriend who is up north, we have a lovely house full of early 20 somethings. (all future doctors tho to listen to them at this stage I wouldn't trust them to give me an aspirin ha ha). My mother rang me at work yesterday, all calm and collected and said she won't keep me long. Asked if I thought she did the right thing by rejecting the assisted dwelling and I said yes, definately (she would never have settled in that one). SHe said she thought so too and felt much better and thanked me for my time yesterday. I really felt like saying 'yesterday?? What about the six calls the day before, what about the last 3 years??" Never mind, may get a few days or weeks calm this time tho the calm times are less and less these days. As for topics of conversation to be on the phone all day, that's easy, it's only ever about medications, side-effects (imaginary because of her paranoia) and how she wants the courage to take a lethal overdose. Added to the weeping and wailing, these topics can keep her going 48 hours and more. Sorry this is all about 'self' but I will get back later and read the posts, just wanted to add to the post.

03-20-2004, 07:36 AM

Good Morning Everyone!

Hi SHEILA! --- Hi BLUET! --- Hi PUSS!

Just a very brief message (forgive me for not posting to each this morning). My hubby & I getting ready to leave early this morning... I just wanted you all to know that I have lost 4lbs as of the morning!!!! :cp: I went in to weigh myself and was at exactly 200's! Yeah!!!!!!!

:dance: "ONE-derland... Here I come!" :dance:

Thank-you all so much for your encouragement!!
And have a lovely
"First Day of Spring!"
*God Bless*


03-20-2004, 12:57 PM

Way to go, SunnyD!! I bet they could hardly scrape you off the ceiling! You had faith, and you didn't give up! Wahoo!!

Hey, Puss, have you tried just putting the phone down and doing stuff while your Mom talks? That always works on TV, and the caller is none the wiser. :lol: Seriously, I do hope her calm, rational period lasts a bit longer this time.

I loved your comment about not trusting the kids to give you an aspirin at this point. I bet it's hard to really see them as being full-fledged doctors some day. But. . .you've got the cancelled checks to prove it!

Our first day of spring is quite lovely so far, just a few high clouds in the blue sky. I told myself that this is the day I'm going to start weeding. It's actually supposed to hit 60 degrees today, and even higher tomorrow. That will be nice for my DH who has been sailing in the drizzle the last few Sundays.

Well, off to enjoy the day--weeding can be enjoyable, right?

03-21-2004, 02:33 PM
Hi all!!

Sorry I haven't been posting lately....just so much going on, I haven't enen had time to check my email.

Had the big "60" on was that a trauma. If the next 10 years go by a quickly as the last 10...oh dear. I guess though it is only a number and really depends on ones state of mind.

The weather here has been really dreary and windy, windy, windy. So much for the first day of spring. I am so envious of anyone that has flowers already. Relatives in Seattle called bragged about all the blooming flowers....must be nice.
Our winter was very unusual not all that cold, but long and it seems that many of the pine trees and cedars have really suffered. We have 3 or 4 in our yard that are looking pretty grim. I certainly hope they can come back only time will tell.

Sheila I envy your weather and flowers !!
I am also on HB meds and hope I can get off of them when this darn weight comes off. I just can't seem to get motivated enough.

Bluet I understand the problems you have to deal with at work, DH has the same difficulties. There are too many bosses is positions they shouldn't be in!
Good luck with your cleanup. I have been trying to get to closets and drawers for the past few months without much success. I guess I will have to resort to my working days and prepare an action plan the get things done. I want to downsize and get rid of everything we don't really use or need. The day will come when we want a smaller home or apt. and it will mean a much easier transition.
Good luck with your cleaning.

Puss I so relate to your DM woes as my MIL constantly weeps and wails about all her aches and pains. She is 87, sharp as a tack but thinks she should have the body of a 30 year old. She runs to the dr. continuously, exists on pills and won't move to assisted living, but complains how lonely she is....oh the joys.

Charlotte try your best to keep your stress level down....I understand what it can do to RA. Trust that everything will work out fine with your son and his problems and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

SunnyD, I was watching a program on the health channel this morning and according to them you definitely lost fat weight and gained muscle weight when you lost inches...
way to go. I have an apt. at Curves on Tuesday morning so as they say ...that will be "The first day of the rest of my life!!"

Well guess I had better get going....sounds like the washing machine has finished it last cycle.

Have a good day!!


03-22-2004, 11:25 AM you all for your words of encouragement, & prayers. Our son is still drug-free. The settlement IS enough to get us going again....& we have to get it started. For son to have daughters here, the house has to be livable & a room of their own. was HIS idea to quit before even moving in with us. If not, we would have made it a condition. He just had enough of the mess around his little girls. Only thing, they are so young (2 & 5) that their mother may get custody & will still be around drugs. He is really fighting it, though. It keeps me nervous, I'm afraid something terrible will happen. I had a 23 yr old nephew to be beat to death a few years, I have this to think about. This bunch her brother hangs around likes to shoot guns too much. I know I'm making this sound awful..but, it IS! We aren't used to this kind of thing....& don't know what to expect from day to day.
Spring came in beautiful here too. Only now it's cold again!

Jacquie...thanks for your thoughts & prayers. I'm trying to keep stress down...but, as you just read, it's not easy. We also have two daughters with medical problems. Last week our daughter in South Alabama (5 hr drive) told us about a mole on her breast that is growing rapidly & turning colors. She's having the mole removed April the 6th & sent off. Our daughter in Oklahoma (her husband was the one in Iraq) had a pap smear to come back high grade positive. This is the 4th time in 4 yrs. Last year they did a procedure that was very painful (she passed out) & said it was 99% cure. But, it's back & the Dr is very concerned. She is trying to get him to do a hysterectomy to hopefully take care of it. She is 12 hrs away. I'm going to try to be with both daughters. Gotta work around my Remicade treatments.

Sunny...You're doing a great job of losing weight! YOU GO GIRL!!

Fatpuss....remember all the names of the future Drs in your house. For future reference! :lol: I'm sure they'll be fine. Probably are more competent than some of the quacks I've been to in the past.
Poor thing with your mother following you by phone! At least it was short & sweet.....THIS TIME! :dizzy: Take care of yourself.

Bluet...I miss the happiness in the post, too. I miss being happy....period. I will be again, I'm sure. As far as why we're in son-in-law says there's a lot the news media isn't allowed to tell...or maybe doesn't even know. If it was just for the Iraqie people, we may come home. But, Al Quada hates us. If our soldiers weren't over THERE...they would be coming over HERE. There would be more terrorist attacks, such as the towers.There's still a lot to be settled. It must be a terrible life to live with such hate.

Well....long day....short time to prepare. Everyone take care. I'll be back when I can. Again, thanks for the prayers.

03-22-2004, 08:58 PM
Jacquie, happy birthday! It's good to see you post. I hope your birthday wasn't too big a trauma. Remember, you're not getting older, you're getting better like fine wine and good cheese. (Hhmm, I'd like some fine wine right about now!) Remind your Seattle relatives what it looks like here in November when they get to talking about how gorgeous it is now! The rain really does keep things green, though. And, yes, it's absolutely wonderful here right now. I'm looking out at my forsythia, magnolia, phlox, heather, daffodils and other stuff all blooming away. It really does lift the spirits. I hope spring comes soon for you.

Charlotte, I'm so glad your son is getting his act together, and I hope he can get custody of the girls. I know I'm praying that everything will work out for him. And I'm so glad that you get to start working on your house now. Be sure and make some time just for you to relax and thing stress-free thoughts.

Well, my daughter and her fiance have set a date--they're getting married on November 13, which is 7 months sooner than originally planned. I quickly booked the place for the ceremony and reception, and I hope they'll like it. They still haven't gotten the information on it yet. I have to go in and order her dress on Saturday. Would somebody please tell me how you choose a florist and a photographer and someone to print invitations? I have no idea where to start! Also, I have to figure out a way to get my son and granddaughter here. I wish the airlines would let them fly, but my GD needs oxygen and it's a problem. My granddaughter will be the flowergirl, although we have to figure out a way to have the petals released from the stroller since she doesn't walk and can't throw the petals. But, that's just one of many things that we need to figure out!

My DH and I were roaming around looking at houses on Sunday morning after taking the dog to the vet for a recheck (has to go back on antibiotics--her kidney function levels are up only slightly). One house was up a steep little road, and I told my DH not to go up, but he wanted to anyway. Then when we started back down, I said please don't fall off the hill (sometimes I sound like Hyacinth Bucket). He started to get smart and said, I won't fall off the hill, and I won't hit the side, and I won't hit this car. . .and, bam, he backed into the bannister of some steps up to the property. Made a nice dent in the middle of the trunk of our new car. Ah, well, I guess it had to happen sometime. Boy, was he upset with himself, though. My son looked at the car and said it was probably going to be about $500, which is our deductible. So that was an expensive little trip.

Hope everyone had a pleasant Monday! It was alternately rainy and sunny here.

03-23-2004, 03:40 AM
Happy birthday Jacquie, Sheila is right, a fine wine is what you are becoming. Age is just a number anyway, some kids are older and more staid in their heads at 30 than some 80 year olds. I have an idea, lets lock your MIL and my DM in a house together for a month........ She rang me at work yesterday, mad as **** at the doctor's receptionists, droned on about all the ailments again and ended up about some dog which came into her garden!!
Angel - fantastic news that your DS has made such a good start. Let's hope that when the temptations start he remembers the violence in his wife's family. You have your hands full with worry right now, with DDs health issues too. It's difficult trying to be with two people at one period but the US is so vast it must be harder. Please try to look after yourself during this time.
Sheila - Yaay, you got a date to work to! Just don't make the same mistake we did 30 years ago with invitations, we ordered one for every guest forgetting majority were married couples and ended up with a box of 30 left over! It's a shame the airlines can't take little cutie with her oxygen but able to scatter petals or not, she will be a scene stealer for sure, gorgeous little doll. The dent in the car is a drag but we have all done it - me with a brand new BMW when kids were little and not a drain on my wages. DH was abroad so I got the garage to do it quickly and paid cash so it wasn't traceable. Not that DH would have been mad, I couldn't bear the taunts and laughs of winging a week old car on a gatepost. Talking of cars, we had an expensive weekend. We were to view a red Honda on Sunday for DD but ended up buying a silver Honda for DD (she loves silver like her old one) then buying the red one for DS. Both cars are only 3 years old and have more gadgets than mine. Kids thrilled to bits and very guilty but like I told them, it's only a little on account of what they will inherit when we pop our clogs and they sell the house etc. DD coming down at the weekend to collect hers and DSs will be ready the Easter weekend. Neighbours will think we have a dealership with 4 Hondas in the family. Thing is, it has been more expensive trying to maintain their old wrecks with garage repairs and they need transport with travelling to different hospitals for training etc.
I had another nice card from aerobics urging me to return to classes....zzzzzzzz hope when DH goes away (Holland Thursday, Middle East for 12 days on Friday) that I can get back on track.
Bluet and SUnnyD and Willow, hope you are all well.

03-23-2004, 11:18 AM Morning Ladies!!!
I have WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!!!
I am in 'ONE'-DERLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I weighed myself this Morning and was (drumroll please!)
Can you guys believe it!
I am on :cloud9:

I want to Thank you all for your gracious support! I just wouldn't have stuck it out without your believe in me. I was so ready last week to give up... I get so tired after my workouts and the days events... there's nothing left in me. Plus I belong to another Forum and I am finding it a bit difficult scheduling my time on the computer and my days activities. Whew!

*A bit of personal news* My father went in yesterday morning to have a cath. (don't know how to sp it :o ) done on his heart and all went well... I am so relieved! He is too young! His heart is so badly damaged from previous heart attacks, so the procedure was frightening, but all went well and he won't have to have any future surgeries if he continues to stay on his program and rests when he should.

Well guys, I am sorry to make this brief, but I must be off and running. I have another full day ahead. Thank you again for all your support!
You all have been great to me! I'm not going anywhere... just grateful to you :) I will be back when I have read all your post, okay. :grouphug:


03-23-2004, 12:38 PM Sunny!! You're breaking through those barriers!! Sooo happy for you!

Sheila....glad you had a date, now....but, need to really get to work. You've got a lot of it done. The invitations....go through the yellow pages, & look for bridal accessories. Check around for the best deals. Also, with the florists. You have to be really careful about the photographer. Make sure you check them out, or you could get taken. All of my friends & aquantances use people outside of photo shops that take photos often. There are a lot of talented people who don't do it professionally....that are great! They take the pics, & you buy the album & fix it. Saves money! Just pay the photo person what they require. If you go professional....could cost a bundle!
About your granddaughter with the pedals. What about something like a bubble blowing machine? In fact, I was at a wedding where bubbles were used instead of pedals. It was beautiful!! You can get a small generator for the chair. Or, if you want pedals....a small fan in back of the basket of pedals. You can get fans run by battery. kind of you to help the kids out with cars! I just hope you don't "pop your clogs" any way soon!! :o I've got a crack in my windshield now. Have no idea when it happened. But, we hate it like that. So, soon as we's fixed.

Hello Jacquie & Bluet & Willow....WILLOW....where are you??????

03-23-2004, 02:09 PM

This computer is acting up again, so I hope it doesn't time out on me again. Friday evening, I started a message and stayed later at work to finish, just as I was sending it to you one of the Engineers in the Engineering Department shut down the internet and I lost entire message. Saturday at home grandson came in and started banging on keys and I lost another message to you. Too many men in my life, I am guessing.

Well, ladies I spent 12 hours on Saturday organizing and throwing away and now have the dreaded storage room in pretty good shape. Sunday afternoon I finished up with a few odds and ends and then vacuumed the whole upstairs. What a relief. Now my living room is full of things to put on a garage sale, or as they say in England a Boot Sale, I got that from The Life's Laundry program on BBC America. I just hope the kids never come back and ask where this or that is, because it is going to be gone.

Happy Birthday Jacquie, I hope the weather is as nice in Canada today as it is here. There is hardly any wind and the sun is out a really gorgeous day.

Sunny, congratulations!!!!!! What an accomplishment to get to onederland. Keep on trucking girl. After all your hard work you deserve only the best!

Charlotte, good to see you posting again. Have you been able to get to the radio station, you know how you love being there. That should cheer you up some. I am so glad that you are finally able to make some progress on your home repairs. I know exactly what it is like living in a home while you are trying to remodel or repair. I have done it enough times with our house. Disorganization and clutter and plaster dust make me vey cranky, not that your house is like that, but I have lived through many remodels enough to know that it is not one of my favorite times.

Shiela, Well, you have the biggy behind you, picking the date and getting the wedding site lined up. Everything else should fall in line for you now. Charlotte gave you very good advice, I must say. I did that very thing to DH's new truck. His truck has a chrome bumper on the back and he had just had it replaced. We were staying at a motel in Stevens Point getting ready for 3rd DD's wedding. I decided I was going to go over to DD's house to see how she was doing the day before the wedding and I backed DH's truck into the bumper of a little red Grand Am. I didn't hurt the Grand Am, but put a nice dent in DH's new chrome bumper. I felt so bad,and DH was standing in the parking lot to boot, he had just started to walk away when he heard a loud bump. So we have all done something like that a time or two.

Puss, I was afraid we wouldn't be able to talk to you for a few days, with all those lads staying at your house throwing compliments your way and turning your head. But you seemed to handle it o.k. Two cars in one weekend what some major money spending and decision making for you and DH. Gosh, I don't miss those days, well sometimes I do, the having the kids around all the time part, but not the money spending part. So what are you saying, you still don't like excercise? Don't blame you, it is a little like ironing for me. This morning I could feel I was getting a little depressed again and feeling over-whelmed, hopefully if I recognize it when it starts I can do something about it. I think it has a lot to do with work, The extra work I have taken on never allows me to get caught up and I continue to feel overwhelmed with the extra burden. Oh well, we will see how things go.

Take care everyone, enjoy your day!


03-24-2004, 12:45 AM
SunnyD, congratulations!! How wonderful! :bravo: That's such exciting news to have broken that 200 barrier. I'm just so thrilled for you. And I'm so glad your Dad made it through the heart cath okay. That must have been very scary. My GD had one done when she was 18 mos. old--quite frightening for everyone.

Bluet, sounds like you had quite the weekend. Now you can make the big bucks! :lol:

Charlotte, thanks for the advice about the photographer. I'm definitely going to use my BIL at the reception. I'll have to get recommendations for quality, yet budget conscious, photographers. I've been looking online and, man, photographs can run a bundle. Good idea about the bubbles, too.

Puss, wow, did you have quite the expensive weekend! You must be big Honda fans. We used to have one, and bought my DD one that my DS now has. Great cars.

I'm so bummed--my best friend has already made reservations for six weeks in Hawaii (where she is right now!) from Oct. 19 to Dec. 1 so she won't be coming to my daughter's wedding. I can't believe I have to do this without her. She said she feels guilty--I say GOOD!

Hope everyone had a good Tuesday!

03-24-2004, 03:58 AM
SunnyD - well done, brilliant news about your loss and puts you into a different zone now! That must give you good incentive, eh? We are all very proud of you. Glad all went well with your DDs angiogram, my DH has had a few and they are scarey.
Angel - that was good advice re the photographer - I saw one on Judge Judy getting sued ha ha. Do you have to have yearly roadworthy tests once a car gets to 3 years old in the US? We do here and one of the things you get failed on (and you need the cert to get insurance and road tax) is a crack (or big bubble) in the windscreen. That was yet another thing wrong with DSs old wreck which would have needed doing.
Bluet - Have you seen Flog It or Cash in the Attic from the UK? It's another get rid of your old stuff and make space and cash programme. Flog it is good because they go to auction rooms. I like Life Laundry too. If work situation starts pulling you down with a little depression try to remember you can only do so much and if you broke a leg (heaven forbid) it will probably be still there waiting when you get back to it and no great catastrophe occurred whilst it was unattended or done much much later by someone else. Life is too short to worry about the dross in life - your God put you on earth for better things, eh?
Speaking of which, thank you so much for your prayers for my dear friend who had the biopsy - she has been told the growth in her lung is 99% certain it's sarcoidosis (or something like that). This is a virus thing usually attacking skin and her brother had it years ago and it can be treated as it is nothing malignant. She still has to see what is on her overies at another hospital but hopefully that will be a cyst or something minor. I hope so because she is a lovely person. She is waiting for the final 1& of tests to come back but I am sure the doctor would not tell her at this stage 99% if there was a chance it was not.
Off to work now, my line manager is leaving on a transfer up north and we in her team are having lunch at a posh river side resaurant near our office (our office backs onto the river Thames). She comes from my home town so I am a little jealous she is leaving the south, ha ha. We did the same at Xmas and she had the mussels for starters, had to force myself not to gag watching someone eat those, ug! She is still half on the Atkins diet and so is another one of the girls in the group so I will have to have some squishy creamy carb-laden goo for dessert just to remind them of how good life can be off the Atkins, ha ha.

03-24-2004, 04:05 AM
Sheila - how could I forget you!!!! The bit about the photographer was meant for you, so sorry. I was thinking of your little beauty and wondered if she could be a ring bearer if the petals/bubbles are not an option. Do you have that in the US? She and the bride will steal the show whatever she does, the little cutie. How is the marvellous mutt doing? I really feel for you and was thinking of you as I got out of the car in the drive yesterday evening. I swore I could hear Alfie miowing on the other side of the front door waiting for me to come in. Whether it was a distant cat or a bird I don't know but it was just like him for a couple of seconds and I thought of what you have to come (again). This even though he was put to sleep mid November, I am wondering how long it goes on these little things that trick the mind.

03-24-2004, 10:47 AM
Hi everyone...

Fatpuss....I don't think the tricks of the mind ever stop. They die, but our love for them doesn', they're constantly in our mind. May be afar some days, but there. Sorry you're still missing Alfie, so much. I've thought of mentioning sometimes, but didn't want to hurt you.
Cracked windshield here only means you have a very ugly windshield! :( I supposed it should be against the law, especially if it hinders sight. Mine doesn't....but, is getting ugly.
So glad to hear of your friend's results. I'm sure all will be ok. I know how the scare can be. I'll be so glad when we have our daughter's taken care of, & the Drs say they're ok.

Sheila....hope I was able to help you with the wedding ideas. You know, if it's outside those bubbles would float into the air, etc., & be beautiful! That's what my friend's wedding was suppose to be like,but it rained. But, she had it at the tv station, & the bubbles came down the staircase ahead & behind her....beautiful! They make good pics, also. Oh, don't forget to have a friend, or relative videotape the wedding & reception. Sorry about your friend. If I could be there, I'd love to help!

Bluet....I know what you mean about the post disappearing....bless your heart. I've had it to happen here. I'd hit the submit button....& all would just disappear! I'd go pout for a day or two, then try again. :lol: Don't know why it only happens on long posts! :dizzy:
Oh...believe me, there is clutter, & plaster dust, & DUST dust!!!! Remember, we had a fire....had to gut it out....saws going continually. I'm having a hard time keeping clothes covered & clean...also, food. We really shouldn't be living in it right now...but can't pay for two places.

Hope all have a good day.....

03-24-2004, 01:34 PM

Shiela, yeah, what money, I know you are kidding. All that work and have to charge so little for items on the garage sale. I would take it all to Goodwill, Salvation Army or St Vincent DePaul, but it is still some pretty nice stuff. Pictures and shelves and sconces that I ordered from the Interior Decorating parties that were all the rage for awhile. Now home decorating is so plain, no clutter. I like that style I hope it lasts for awhile. I keep looking out the windows at home in the morning at the flower gardens. I am not sure what I am looking for. Perhaps that first tulip, daffodile or perennial, but it is too soon here. Tomorrow we are suppose to get some rain, not snow, rain is nice it washes away all that winter dirt. Charlotte's right, too bad we don't all live near you, you would have so much help with DD's wedding you would probably run the other way. I did all of 3rd DD's decorations for her wedding, I worked on it for a year. It had an arch done in flowers and shear white material and white lights and lots of angels with flower arrangements and ivy and white lights and square terra cotta pots whitewashed white with clear blue stones inside and ivy flowing over the sides with a candle for centerpieces. I fashioned her reception after an English Garden Tea Party. Well, after the wedding, I thought, now what am I going to do with all this stuff? I ended up selling it to two girls who were having their weddings this last year. I used to eat way too much sugar, I am thinking.

Charlotte, everytime we think of remodeling again, we have second thoughts. We are older and more experienced now and we weigh the choices, do we want to deal with the mess or do we want our peace of mind. I really feel for you, you have no choice. But, think how nice it will be when it is all done. I hope you get answers from your daughters soon. I know how that can weigh on your mind. All during the day, it keeps coming back to you and you think about it again. It would be good to get it over with, with positive results, I might add.

Puss, I can really tell you were very close to Alfie, I am sorry those feelings keep coming back to you. Did I ever tell you about DH's farm cats? The cats are always odd ball looking things that either have been born here or just show up at the barn door looking for something to eat. DH always gives them some sort of silly name to go along with their characters. For instance, one cat has long shaggy hair, well the poor thing can't seem to do a thing with it, it sticks out all over him. His name is Fuzzwagon. Another of his favorite cats a lovely orange and white boy got into the silo elevator last summer and lost a paw, his name is Stubby. Anyway Stubby went missing about a month ago and DH must really like him because he mentioned it to me. The other morning Stubby showed up in the barn again, and Dh was most happy. He especially likes the ones that are good mouse patrolers. Well, enough of that nonesense. I don't believe the two programs you mentioned are on BBC America, I have not seen them, and I watch a lot of stuff on BBC America.

Willow, if you are out there somewhere, we miss your posts. Hope all is well with you and your family.

SunnyD and Jacquie, have an ultra great Wednesday!

Survivor is on tonigh!


03-24-2004, 02:16 PM
Hi all!

Just a quick note to let you know I am still here....just very busy.
I don't even have time to read all of your posts but will do so tomorrow morning.
DS and his wife went away for a couple days and we are looking after the GD's at their house. The oldest is in school during the day but the 1 year old sure is busy!!!

Be back soon!
Have a great day!


03-24-2004, 08:26 PM
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