100 lb. Club - Any one watch The Today Show this morning...

02-13-2004, 12:00 PM
Did any one watch the Today Show today? I happened to flip by it to this woman speaking to others in the mirror saying "I love me....I am worth it" Kind of like what I do sometimes....LOL

This is taken by the Today Show website:

Teens in Training: High Voltage turns her attention to helping teens get in shape and establish healthy lifestyle habits they will carry with them into adulthood Check out this link...

Self Love....yet again!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

02-14-2004, 10:40 PM
If I had a dollar for everytime a thin person told me to look in the mirror and imagine myself thin, I'd be a millionaire...*oh well* I'm actually only about 50-60 lbs from my ideal weight and losing everyday:) Then I won't be afraid to look in the mirror anymore:)

02-15-2004, 01:02 PM
Yeah, I see your point....but her theory makes sense. Actually, any behavior therapy psychologist would also make the same suggestions. I guess this goes along the same lines of see it, think it, be it! And ya know, I used to get very aggravated when "skinny" people use to preach and sell products....because I always used the rational..."look, they never had a weight problem before" But, what a blanket statement...how the heck do I know???? Maybe this woman was obsesly overweight, and made a change and difference in her own life, and decided to help others. Who knows, but what really matters is she helping others love themselves.

Congrats to you and your weightloss!!!!!