General Diet Plans and Questions - gastric bypass for a second time???

03-28-2001, 11:48 PM
Just wondering if anyone has had a re operation on a gastric bypass. I'm thining about it but not sure....

03-30-2001, 08:07 PM

I had my stomach stapled in 1981. While I've not gained
ALL the weight back, I've succeeded in putting back on a great deal of it!
When I had mine done, I didn't have problem one. I was out of ICU in two days, and home three days after that! I DID GREAT I lost 123 pounds from April 30th to the middle of the next Febuary. I was able to keep my weight off for about five years. Back then, there were no support groups, and I had no one to guide me through this life changing event in my life.
Knowing what I know now, that I didn't know then, Yes, I would do it again if I knew I could have the same results as before...and repeat the NO PROBLEM part too.
I think that people today are doing this procedure for all the wrong reasons. Most of them are doing it for the look, and not the health.
Good luck in what every you decide...Know that I will be here for you either way.

03-30-2001, 09:07 PM
From what I've read - and seen - I have to agree with the Babe here - it appears that a lot of people are resorting to this risky surgery just for appearances' sake rather than health.

I believe a great deal of this is due to Carnie Wilson's surgery (and her recent 'after' shot on the cover of People Magazine - I have to admit I was impressed!).

If you can find this book (try your library - I think it's been out of print for awhile) read "Such a Pretty Face" by Marsha Millman (I believe that's her name, anyway). It was released between 1978-1980. This book was one of the first published interviewing overweight people to discover what it is like to be fat in America. One of the most moving stories in this book was one of a woman who had gastric surgery. When I read The Orange Babe's post, I immediately recalled that part of the book - the woman interviewed lost over 100 pounds the year after her surgery, but had no idea how to cope with what came afterwards, such as a changing relationship with her mother and husband; men trying to pick her up (and having no idea how to react to them - I also had that problem!); and her own self-image - most likely due to a lack of support and guidance. My opinion is that (until recently) people just didn't realize that when you lose the weight on your body you also have to lose the weight that's still in your mind. I still have to make an effort not to picture myself as the chubby, ugly, introverted outcast with glasses that I was growing up (which was made even more difficult by having three popular, thin and gorgeous sisters!).

When I was on Optifast, I was struck by how many women in my group stopped attending the meetings as soon as the fast was over - even though we were told many times that the support group was crucial to our overall success in maintaining the lost weight.

A more recent book that looks at weight-loss surgery (at least in one chapter) is "Losing It" by Laura Fraser (try to get the paperback version if you can).

Take care!

03-30-2001, 09:46 PM

While i've never been a "believer" of the "Dr's couch",
I firmly believe that if I had had a support group to help me realize the little things.....
I resorted to my old ways by "learning" how to get around eating the small amounts that I should have been destined to eat the rest of my life. I became a beer drinker and that alone packed on the pounds. I honestly believed that I would never be able to gain the weight back because of the procedure I had. I knew that my stomach had been reduced to hold only two ounces of chewed up food. The normal "gut" can hold up to 8lbs of chewed up food! I was told that my stomach would eventually stretch to about 8oz and would allow me to keep my weight under control. Being 31 yrs old, I didn't do the first exercise, and everything
bounced right back to where it was originally supposed to be before I gained all my weight. I liken it to a BIG RUBBER BAND snapping back after being stretched beyond its means! I developed "dumping syndrome" (no, I don't mean the potty kind :lol:) which happens when your stomach empties too quickly causing your blood sugar to drop drastically...thus, you're so dizzy you can't stand up...feels kinda like you're going to faint.
BUT like all "good little fat girls"....I made my way back up the scale. I have grabbed at every new diet book to hit the market, tried every new gimmick, taken every pill.
But now I think I'm back on track to a successful SLOW weight loss, backed by all the wonderful people who come to 3FATCHICKS for just that....SUPPORT
This is a great place to be, and I'm so glad I found it.

If the diet industry could just see what they have done to the over weight people of the world.....but they're too busy counting their money! The money they have made by tricking everyone into believing about the MAGIC BULLITT THERE IS NO MAGIC BULLITT.....:nono: How do I know this???? I've only been looking for it for 40 yrs...[b]GET REAL PEOPLE.....GET HEALTHY....GET HAPPY....and it WILL happen.....
Sorry for the rambling...but I do tend to get on the soapbox when it comes to this subject...

03-31-2001, 01:17 AM and me both, Orange!!! Take care.

04-03-2001, 11:32 AM
Thank you orange and Mrs.Jim,
I will agree on the change in your life after losing so much so fast. When I had my surgery there were no support groups either. And the mind always had me thinking fat not skinny.
I had no complications either except the fact of diarrea. But it was something I could live with.
I talked to a guy I know that had the surgery a year ago
They didn't do it the way mine was done. Not the long scar. He lost some weight, but not as much as he should have.
My thoughts of having this done for a second time is because of my health. I am 46, I have high blood pressure, a bad hip, which will soon go into the other. I have arthritis. I have tried every weight loss plan, Yes I can lose then gain back, plus.
I have a yearly physical next week. I will tal to my doctor about it.
Well gotta go haul in some wood, take care

04-15-2001, 08:43 PM
Just saw your post, as I don't get on this board much.

I had my stomach stapled like BIGO, 17 years ago, lost a lot and gained almost all of it back. I was 284lbs (I'm only 5' 1 1/2" tall) and after all the pain and cost I went through, not to mention all the time I worked on losing the weight, I ended up back at 244lbs:eek:

I didn't learn a thing from that experience. It's important to change your WOE and understand why you eat as you do-stomach stapling/bypass doesn't do that.

Would I do it again-not a second time, not knowing what I know now, but back then it was do it or die.

Whatever your decision is, good luck!