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02-09-2004, 08:09 AM
Good Morning Kids,

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. I am home today w/a sick little one. 102.2 fever this morning. Its amazing even with a fever/cold she still manages to get up and dance with the disney shows on TV. Kids are wonderful.

I prepared a little food for the week so I'm not caught off guard. I made coleslaw, deviled eggs, mock mashed taters w/cheese for side dishes.

Today I'll finish folding laundry and pick up here and there, especially in my kitchen, its a disaster.

Hope you have a great day !


02-09-2004, 08:40 AM
Morning All,
Leenie I hope your little one feels better soon. It's always so sad to see them ill :(

Something must be happening to me, this is the 4th day that when my alarm went off I immediatly got up instead of hitting snooze for a half more hour of sleep. Maybe my old friend Mr. Energy is actully going to stay for a while. ;) I made a batch of my cream cheese pancakes and put them in a ziplock so I can just grab a couple of them and a couple sausages on my way out the door for work in the mornings. It's much better then breakfast time there and scrounging up anything I can eat. I feel a bit more prepared today. Speaking of work I better run.. We have the BIG boss coming in today (oh joy) so it's going to be a dandy of a day.

You all have a wonderful day!

Tummy Girl
02-09-2004, 08:59 AM
Morning ladies,

How is it when you bring a boyfriend/fianace/husband shopping with you, you end up spending about $1K more than you planned to? :lol: But I guess that's what I get for getting out my check book in an electronics store. So as long as I don't break anything new...but then again, all the new stuff is under warranty thank god. Spent all day yesterday assembling the new entertainment centre, I just can't in good conscience spend the extra $200 to have it delivered pre-assembled. Other than my blisters from all that screwing it went surprisingly well.

Weekend eating went well too and for once got to spend the weekend at home with my darling, just enjoying each others company.


02-09-2004, 09:15 AM
Leenie--sorry to hear about your little one being sick. My two are complete opposites of each other. When one is sick she's down and out. The other one acts like she's not sick (but fevers say different). Hope the wee one gets better soon!

Trazzie--hope your day goes well w/the BIG boss. I need some of that energy you're talking about. I think I lost mine

Tummy--I hear you on the cost of what gets spent when you bring a male along. And they say WOMEN like to shop!!!

My tail bone is feeling a bit better. But today is my filing day so I'm sure that's not going to help it. It's windier than heck outside so that means it's cold out. UGH! Add to that it snowed (again-so what else is new right?) again so it's doubly miserable. I'm SOO sick of winter!!Why can't Spring and Fall be our 2 major seasons?? lol

You all have a great day :)

02-09-2004, 09:55 AM
Hiya all!
I disappeared over the weekend and didn't even have time to sign on and read posts.
Leenie- I hope your little one feels better quickly!!! I hate being sick, it's for the birds.

My weekend ended up being really great. My BF and I are back together after a one week separation we realized that the fundamental things wrong in our relationship could easily be fixed and then we both wouldn't be miserable like we were without each other. So, there's a big smile on my face today. Yay! Here I kept thinking he was all sorts of happy without me and it was all a big show.
Had to drive to work through trecherous snow drifts today that were bigger than my friggin car! I couldn't believe it. I honestly thought that I was going to get stuck and have to call in to work (awww, that would have been a heartbreak).
I'm also so incredibly frustrated. Of the 4 people I'm doing Atkins with, 3 of them cheat all the time. We order pizza and I'm the only one who doesn't eat the crust. We order out from a resturant and they eat the french fries..... things like that. And guess what... they've all lost more weight than me! One of them even started a week AFTER me and is beating me by 4 lbs or so. It's so frustrating to watch them be "bad" and then the weight keeps coming off. I keep telling myself that the more they cheat, they quicker they're going to be back to their bad old habits.... but it's just not working for me when it doesn't seem to be hurting them in the weight loss dept. Ugh! So they kind of snicker when I refuse to eat those things because I'm the person with the smallest weight loss and here I am being a stickler for the rules. I could just spit. Tell me it's going to get them in the end.... PLEASE!

02-09-2004, 10:00 AM
Good MOrning!

Just got back from the Gym! I was ther for a whopping 20 minutes! I ended up having an asthma attack while on the Eliptical! scared the daylights out of me. Im OK.. but I think the cold DS has , is now passed on to me.

I had a good weekend. Got lots of crochet work done yesterday! After my son's basketball game on Saturday, not only did I get the laundry done.. but also my kitchen clean and all the kids valentines done too! woo hoo!

I am definately down 2 pound this week! :) 3 more to my Vday challenge weight and Wedding weight!

Leenie - I hope you have a good day. Sick kids are no fun! And yes they do seem to bounce around no matter how sick they are! My DD even at her worst with the Tonsils and Adenoids was dancing to the Wiggles!

Trazzie - hope you have a great day even with teh Big boss there!

Tummy Girl - You sound like my hubby and I going shopping.. we always come home from the electronics store with more than we intended! LOL!

Brenda - What did you do to your tail bone? I am really tired of winter too and that is saying a lot as I LOVE Winter! But I am so ready to get out in my yard and do some clearing out and planting!

Hope all are well! I will be online most of the day, so I will be checking in!

Hugs to all! :)

02-09-2004, 10:29 AM
Leenie: Hope your DD gets to feeling better soon!

Trazzie: Good luck with the big boss!

Tummy: That is so true about taking men shopping.

Brenda: Hope your tailbone gets to feeling better.

Shimma: I'm glad you and your boyfriend are back together.

Karen: Glad you are OK. Asthma attacks are scary. Congrats on the two-pound loss!! :cb:

I had a great weekend -- really busy. On Saturday, I flew to Kansas City to visit my parents. We had fun shopping. My eating stayed right on track. I am in love with the Subway wraps! :love:

Yesterday, DH and I went to the Magic-Lakers game in Orlando. It was a really good game and a lot of fun! There were lots of Lakers fans and, of course, everyone was yelling at Kobe Bryant, "You're innocent!" I don't know how they know that...

I weigh in tonight. I hope to see good things -- I don't see why I shouldn't, but you know how that goes... Then, DH has a softball game. I love going to the games. It is so fun to watch a bunch of guys play so hard at rec softball. They wanted to make sure they were in a non-competitive league, but all they are worried about is winning. :D

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Take care,

02-09-2004, 10:33 AM
Good morning everyone! I've been MIA for about a week now. I had the nastiest cold, ever. I hate being sick! I still have a little bit of a cough today, but I do feel like I can actually breathe. I stayed mostly on plan while I was sick. I don't think I ate enough though. Today is the start of my third week on Atkins. I was going to weigh myself since induction is technically over, but I'm going to wait another week, and stay on induction. With being sick, there were some days where I ate almost nothing. Except when grandma brought over homeade chicken and dumpling soup. My excuse is that it made me feel better, lol. So, heres to another good week staying on plan and exercising.

KarenW- I'm sorry to hear about the asthma attack while exercising. I usually will use my inhaler about 5 minutes before I start exercising, it seems to help most of the time. Maybe it would help you? Then again if your getting a cold like I had, just stay in bed! :lol:

Shimma- I'm glad to hear that you and your boyfriend worked things out. I also understand about your friends. I have a friend that eats tons of the bars, chips with her lunch, drinks a couple nights a week, doesn't exercise, and she is losing more than me. Oh well! It'll catch up with them. ;)

Lady_adnerb- It is cold and windy here too! Just think only 40 more days until spring....ok, on the calendar. We all know that it will be longer than that here in Wisconsin.

Tummygirl- I've said it before, and I'll say it husband can outshop any woman any day!! I so know how you feel. At least try to enjoy the new "toys". LOL

Trazzie- Your cream cheese pancakes sound good. Is the recipe posted here somewhere? I'd like to try them.

Leenie- Good for you for having food made up ahead of time. I try to do that too! It helps so much especially when I'm so hungry, lol. I hope your daughter is feeling better soon! It's no fun when our little ones are sick.

02-09-2004, 10:36 AM
jdoggmartin- We must have been posting at the same time. I hope you have a good weigh in tonight! I'm just not brave enough for that yet. I also tried a subway wrap and thought it was very good! Great for those days when you need something on the go! Have fun at the softball game. I can't wait until summer for our games!

02-09-2004, 10:50 AM
Morning Ladies!!! '

Leenie: had the same thing with both DS's the past couple days luckily the fever only satyed for 2 days max! Hope she feels better soon!

Trazzie: YUMMY cream cheese pancakes!! I need the recipe for that..dod you list it in recipes?? I will look for it!

Tummy: it s a man thing!! I never take DH shopping or at least try not to! But the TV thing I would've had to take him too!

Lady: glad you are feeling a little better, OUCH the tailbone has gotta be about one of the worst things to hurt.

Simma: glad to hear you 2 are going to try to work things out. Communication is key, I learned that the hard way!!

Karen: I assumed you are OK since you are here...scary, my friend has asthma and I am always so scared when she has an attack.

JIna: great to hear from you!!! Sounds like such fun!! Should we make quiche this weeek??

Nutski: glad you are back and feeling better! You can't say no to a grandma!! We all know that!! LOL

Well ladies I am off to work for my last week of training. I finally found some cutie pie strappy shoes for the party on Thursday. And since i got those cute shoes I had to go get a pedicure last night!!!! YUMMY! I love pedicures!!

Talk to you all later!!

02-09-2004, 11:49 AM
Hey all!

Not much time this morning, but I wanted to say hi. I had a fabulous weekend that I'm sure I'll pay for. I couldn't even get on the scale this morning. All eating stayed on plan, I just drank too much! :o I went out with co-workers of Friday to celebrate the birthday of one of them (and to celebrate the departure of the evil former co-worker as well). We ended up drinking and dancing until 4:00 am! :eek: I did get some great equator trek miles, though!

Saturday, I went shopping with dh and spent way too much money! Must have been a little bit of Tummy's vibes floating my way. ;) That night dh worked at the bar (still so glad he's quitting!) and a co-worker came to keep me company. Again, the drinking. :dizzy:

So yesterday I felt like a slug since not only did I drink both nights, but I also don't pay as much attention to what I'm eating when I don't write it down so I didn't eat nearly enough. One meal a day is not enough! :rollpin: I even forgot to take any of my supplements! Argh!

So it's water water everywhere. Planned meals and supplements. I did do a good job of getting lots of exercise in so I'll continue on with that and get going!


02-09-2004, 01:15 PM
Other than my blisters from all that screwing it went surprisingly well.

Star, would have thought you'd be all over this one. Must be an off day - or too much alcohol over the weekend!!


02-09-2004, 01:27 PM
Wow! How DID I miss that? My apologies. My mind is now firmly entrenched back in the gutter where it belongs :D

Thanks for the save, Lisa! :lol:

02-09-2004, 02:25 PM
Star you hottie! The new pic looks fantabulous!!!!!

02-09-2004, 02:41 PM
:o Thanks, Shimma. That pic was from Friday's drinking excursion ;) I was all excited because I haven't seen my jaw line in YEARS!!!

02-09-2004, 02:44 PM
WOW, Star!! You look very hot!! Great photo!! I've said it before, but I can't resist saying it again -- I absolutely love your hair!! In every picture, it looks fabulous.

02-09-2004, 03:13 PM
Thanks, Jina - I'll let my stylist know ;) BTW, where's your pictures? I've been dying!!!

02-09-2004, 03:58 PM
Well work wasnt half as bad as I thought it was going to be.. boss man only came in for about 15minutes.. Enough time to scream at everyone then he left. Thank god for small favors :lol:
Yes all those wondering my pancake recipe is posted in the low carb thread under entrees.. and they are YUMMY! Just takes some time and a couple batches to get the art of cooking them ;)

-Star you do look great! You provide me with more ambition to stick with it then you know!

-Shimma I'm happy you and your BF are back together. You know he was just miserable without ya ;)

-Brenda, Sorry bout the bruised bum.. maybe sit on a heating pad today and warm that bottom up

- Tummy, I go through the same thing here.. DH nags about me spending too much money but whenever he comes along the bill seems to double.. go figure!

-Nutski I would have caved in to grandma too :lol: dont feel bad

Ok well I'm off to shop for some sort of AB thingy. Walgreens didn't carry the one you talked about Spedmom but I'll have to try Walmart or maybe Target. The only thing they had in stock there was the AB Swing and it was 99 bukeroo's.. a tad out of my price range at the moment.

02-09-2004, 05:06 PM
Here I am - after a terrific carb loading weekend.....but I have decided to wipe the slate clean and begin afresh - forget the 35 lbs already lost (well not really forget)...but start again new....for a clean two week induction! Wish me luck!

Star - you look absolutely gorgeous dahhlling....and there was no way I was going to miss the "blisters from screwing comment"...I was suriprised it was not already worked into the ground! :lol: :lol:

Hey Tummy - maybe some Astroglide next time? ha ha ha ha ha.....

I actually ate COOKIES YESTERDAY - can you believe it? - with big m&ms in them - very yummy - but I am paying for it today!

Joining Leens in the "sick kid club" - Home early as youngest ds was sick at school - so I got a call and had to leave work early - of course when I pick him up he is all smiles and happiness (they told me he was crying all morning and very cranky which is quite unlike him...) I think once he threw up he felt better? Home now watching "Country Bears"......yippee

Went out saturday night and saw "The Last Samurai"... scenery/cinematogrophy was great...a bit gory tho with swords slashing thru people and heads flying off!...very long movie too - dh says at least we got our money's worth!

Drinking water now - trying to flush out the system.......going to a "ladies" meeting tonight - where there will be lots of goodies - need to be strong and stick to diet pop or decaf coffee......will eat a good dinner before I go out.

May need to stay home tomorrow if youngest is not feeling better? but he seems pretty okay at this point.

Jina - good luck with the weigh in - let us know how you do!!

karen - congrats on the weight loss - and take care when exercising!

Shimma - while the "bad carb" eaters may be losing weight now - it will catch up with them - they are probably not even in ketosis! sorry to hear about the snow.

We are expecting more snow tonight (after digging out this weekend) but it was suprisingly mild -4 degrees celcius (a regular heatwave)...I even wore a skirt to work today (I rarely show my legs)...and it fit, it used to be very tight - now it's quite comfortable...almost loose!!...and my pantyhose doesn't cut off my circulation in my thighs anymore - will wonders ever cease? :lol:

So - what's eveyrone planning for valentine's day? What's with all those DECADENT CHOCOLATES everywhere you look?

Froufy :cool:

02-09-2004, 06:00 PM
Hey everyone, stopping in quickly to say hi!

Star, your avatar is mahvahlous! Glad you had a good weekend, Jina!

Like Froufy said, it is darn-near tropical weather up here today, a welcome relief! Let's hope that I can put the long underwear away for the rest of the season!

*Still* dealing with the library regarding a book that they say I lost. This is the 4th book that they have accused me of losing. I returned all 4 books at the same time, however the first 3 I was able to find on *their* shelves, so we resolved those issues easily, but this 4th book is causing a problem since I can't find it on their shelves. So they can't believe me on my word that I returned it. They apparently gave the shelves a good search over the last week, so the manager/head librarian says to me, "What do you think we should do?" I'm sitting there thinking, "I don't know, you're the boss here. I just know I'm not paying for a book that I didn't lose." (the charge is $168). I wonder if she expected me to offer paying for the book? Whatever. It's one of those awkward situations where I'm trying to be really pleasant because I know that I want the outcome to be that I don't have to pay anything (and I won't agree to anything else), but I have to make sure I stay on her good side and not get all witchy, when I really want to just scream in frustration because it is such a waste of time dealing with this every week and having to get special permission to check books out etc.

Other than that, I'm sitting here trying to do questions for a course where I am a teaching assistant, and of course, I can't get the right answers. I always feel lame when I can't even do the questions...some TA I am! :^:

Tis all for now!

02-09-2004, 09:35 PM
Well, I survived my day of filing. Of course I'm paying for it now. I'm not sure I could handle warming up my tush. lol. I'm not sure where I posted it, but I went sledding down a hill ONCE and DD and I went over this "bump". I believe "major air" is what DH said we had going on there. Well, after my tailbone reconnected to the ground I kind of figured it (hard to see when you close your eyes due to snow in your face).
Upside?? We might be getting a puppy. Not sure how our 4 yr old lab will handle it. We're talking about a little dog this time. So hopefully she'll be protective of it and treat it like a sibling (or better?)?
Downside? The scale is 2 pounds heavier today than it was saturday. So looks like I'm back on for the Valentine's day challenge. Going to wait til later this week to change my signature--maybe it was a fluke and it'll re-register what I want? lol

02-09-2004, 10:56 PM
whoooo hoo Star whatta babe!!!