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02-07-2004, 07:20 PM
Hello, I am new here just found this site today. I thought I would say hi and ask all you experienced ladies and gents how I can have the body I want.... ;) So here it goes.
I am 27 and have had 5 children however we lost our 5th in Nov at 6 months old. I am 5 ft 9.5 about about 145-150 lbs (dont have a scale) Before I got pregnant for #5 I had gone from 160 to 125 in 3 months however, I ate perfectly and did areobics for 60 min 6 days a week and I lifted weights a lot too...Anyway, I cannot do that again. I have plumped out again badly. My waist is a 29 used to be 26 my thighs are massive and I have love handles so bad, hip huggars are an OUT!!!!!!! I am faily small framed however I have football shoulders and big hips. I have 4 children and I take care of a few more. I stay at home and do not have access to a gym. I dont own a treadmill.Right now I am jogging in my living room for 30 minutes a day and doing strength trainning for about 20 3-5 times a week sometimes more...Problem is results are slow slow slow. I am trying very hard to curb my eating but I am a binger..I know what I should and shouldnt eat I think...haha not too good at counting cals tho.....
I would give my right arm to be 130 and 36/27/38 by the end of April (warm weather)right now I am about 150 and 36/29/41
Help please. Can I do this and still eat real food....good food...not straw....and still have time to sleep...Finding time during the day is the hardest...
Thanks so much sorry so long and good luck to all you beautiful people..
Please send replys to lizndave@telus.net

02-08-2004, 08:20 PM
Boy- you sound busy. Anyone who can coordinate 4 kids plus take on more can do what you have in mind. Think of it as a gift to yourself. I admire the strength training. I do not do this and really should. You are gong to do great!!!