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02-06-2004, 01:36 PM
Scale this recipe as you like, it's just the general idea:

chocolate coating:
1 part unsweetened cocoa powder
1 part coconut oil
davinci's or splenda powder to taste

1 part unsweetened almond or peanut butter, creamy or chunky if you prefer
1 part coconut oil
davinci's or splenda powder to taste

Microwave solid coconut oil until it is completely liquid. Add in equal volume of cocoa powder and stir well. You may need to reheat the oil mixture several times if if hardens again. Add splenda or davinci's to taste. If adding davinci's take care not to add more than .5 parts volume or the chocolate may be too runny.

Make inside part by combining warmed almond or peanut butter with coconut oil (also heated) and sweetener.

Let the inside mixture cool until it can be formed into a several little balls. Put the balls on wax paper and freeze em for about 10 minutes.

Remicrowave and mix your chocolate sauce prior to coating.

You can either: Get little muffin cups and make actual peanut butter cups, or just dip the chilled balls into the chocolate.

Place finished balls on wax paper to dry, or put them in freezer to speed this up.

For variation, roll freshly coated (wet) balls into unsweetened coconut, almond flour, powdered splenda, or chopped nuts. Balls dusted with almond flour or coconut are less messy if you're taking them out of the house.

1 T cocoa contains about 2 net carbs
coconut oil is solid fat
almond/peanut butter depends on type

Store your cups frozen for best results. Never remicrowave them unless you want pudding.
enjoy :D