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02-05-2004, 06:28 PM
I need advice. My boyfriend is constantly sabotaging my efforts to lose weight. He stocks our refrigerator with cheese, sausage and chocolate. These are my favorite things and I find my willpower diminishing. I would like to know how others handle having "off limits" foods in their homes.

Suzanne 3FC
02-06-2004, 01:49 AM
I would like to know how others handle having "off limits" foods in their homes.

I would suggest you make sure you have plenty of safe foods available to you. I personally will not reach for something fattening if I have a satisfying healthy option available. If you love pizza, try stocking the fridge with frozen pizzas from Lean Cuisine or Weight Watchers. They are really better quality than they used to be! There are also specialty diet pizzas available, such as those made by Heaven's Bistro, if you are lucky enough to find a supermarket that carries them. If nothing else, learn to make them from scratch. Give him more of the toppings he enjoys, while you pay careful attention to topping yours with things that are lower in fat. You should be able to find acceptable versions of all of your favorite foods.

The better option, imo, would be to suggest to your boyfriend that if he insists on eating those types of foods, to please go elsewhere to do it. I don't mean kick him out, lol, but he can get all of those foods through a drive-thru window. Advise him that you are doing this for your overall health and that you expect him to support you as much as he loves you. Tell him that you don't expect him to give up his treats, but you expect him not to bring them home. The house is a "no junk" zone.

02-06-2004, 02:01 PM
Thank you so much for the suggestions. The pizza idea is great! I've also tried putting the "no-no" items in the crisper. Out of sight, out of mind. This helps a little. It's definately more difficult when you have to contend with others in the home.