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03-27-2001, 09:06 PM
Well, I can see that 20 of our messages is about all this server can take. It is a real challenge to load after 20, more patience than I have!

Welcome back Katy! I remember you well, as we 'met' before you posted on the board, a long while back. How is the new house? What is your vision of spring? What you learned in this six-month break? I'm so glad you are back. I'll look forward to your energy being added to the mix.

Rachel Welcome back to you too. It sounds like an adventurous week and that lots was learned and accomplished. My guy can be the same way - in fact he gets enjoys women better than men (not in a lascivious way) and is sometimes hypercritical of the male halves of partners he has to shoot the breeze with - he just isn't too into it. I feel like the older I get the more I can find to talk about and share with women of all backgrounds and sensitivities, maybe guys don't acquire that skill as readily. Your relationship certainly does seem like things are happier for the time being. Wondering is just part of the package.

Steph, is it spring break in your town? Do you get a break from your little charges? I hope the snow is leveling off and that you are getting at least a hint of spring. I do think Juneau must be milder than your town (probably grayer and wetter too). How is the food? I never did start the food notebook again, but it is on my "brain desktop" and I will click in when ready. I actually seem to be doing pretty well free-style. One thing I have done is just make it a point to eat good-for-you things - and not to worry so much about calories, carbs, etc., - it is satisfying and there is no micromanaging the intake.

Justy the hair highlights sound great. I got some very very subtle golden highlights that have lasted a long time (my hair is very dark) and it was a real lift for me. I should be ready to redo this in summer.

Catherine I trust that you are keeping a busy schedule. Won't sports be starting up soon?

PW - I hope the new job is going great. In a way it is good to get started in a down time - just keep your spirit and attitude up and your clients will love you!

I wonder what is up with Sheryl - she had so much happen in her life, but I sure do think about her. Sheryl if you ever lurk, be sure and post or email me!

Anyone else - welcome. If you are wondering "What is the 5% Club????" it is us - the well-known statistic that "only 5%" of people lose weight and successfully keep it off forever. We see possibility and not defeat in that figure. If 5% can do it then we are in the 5%. Hey if enough people join us in our sensible life-embracing approach we will have to change our name to the 6% Club....7% Club....8%.....hmmmm

Must run - just wanted to start a new post. Have a great day


03-28-2001, 01:11 AM
Hello all! I'm just trying to wind down before I call it a day and tho't I'd just drop by here for a moment.

Thanks Juno for starting a new thread. I enjoy your 'new thread tho'ts' and personally see it as another new start (or kick in the butt as is needed!).

Katy, welcome back.

Raychel, I'm glad you had a great vacation. I have always hated the first day back, my desk always looks like a hurricane hit it!

I'm very excited today. I went and got my eyes checked on Friday and as expected both changed :( But I got my new glasses today and they look fabulous! I usually wear contacts but these glasses are so much fun I may have to wear them more often. I already know I'm planning on wearing them to work tomorrow.

I've been focusing on my arms lately. I have some great sleeveless tops I want to wear this summer but have been self-conscious about my arms. But the work is paying off and the toning to starting to come back. I'm so glad I started this a couple weeks ago instead of waiting (and procrastinating!). Now if my upper thighs would just tone as quickly.... :)

Sorry I didn't have personal messages for all. Please understand my bed is calling! :) I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow.

03-28-2001, 03:59 PM
I guess I don't get an e-mail when someone starts a new thread but it was kind of nice and surprising to log on and see a new 5%. I like getting the e-mails too - saves me a few seconds logging on & I can be happy that I have mail (of course when do I not!!)

Spring is not really here. There is grass peaking out of the snow but a lot of mounds still left. This is the first March since 1959 that it hasn't been above 50 degrees. I am being patient but it is hard! Thankfully spring break isn't actually in our school district because I'd go bonkers with no place to run them all. I think they have off the week before Easter so hopefully it will warm up then. I took 2 days off that week to head to IL so I only have 3 days of All Kids before summer.

C is here now so we are busier than normal but in a good way. She is registering for highschool tomorrow and will move back with us FT towards the middle of summer. I feel bad for her mom but happy for us. I like the longer boring times rather than just having her for breaks & holidays. I spend so much time running around getting her hair cut, buying things that she never has time for in IL that it will nice to have her part of our boring life. I don't think it will be too boring since I will have a highschooler & a kindergartner next year - I will be hustling to keep up.

Katy - Pop on more often because we would love to here updates!! My parents just moved a month ago and my mom is still moaning even though she is happy.

Juno - I'm doing okay on foods and really cutting carbs out as much as I can. Lunch for b-fast really makes me a better eater all day and lunchtime is always raw veggies & fruit and a bit of protein or something. Learning to snack isn't going well. I just can't seem to squeeze in the extra snack!

Raychel - Sounds like you had a nice week. I do 245 on a machine for squats but I know that if I had to hold the darn bar then I would be squished :) I have given up on taking DH out with my friends spouses and half the time I don't even drag him to family things. I am social, he is not. He is very happy with his own very tiny circle and sees no reason to reach beyond that. He is nice but he really seems to be very very picky so I give up. He likes me for some odd reason but I think I am the only one he really likes to hang with.

JS - My arms are looking better but they have been a sore spot for years. I also have these spots (those dumb little white & red dots) that many people get but I HATE THEM and finally bought some heavy duty alpha hydroxy stuff and attacking them so I can have arms I am proud of.

PW - Glad the job is going great. It is always nice when a change turns out to be so positive! We are on a 4 years plan here to get our butts in gear and decide a plan of action for our futures (career & place to live). But we are clueless at the moment!

Exercise is going good. I am still doing mainly AM workouts with a few thrown in during the nap time if I blew it but I am getting good at waking up. The sun is up so not being dark outside helps.

Hope you are all having a great week - catch ya later!


03-30-2001, 07:18 PM
TGIF! This week has been nuts-o. At least I finally got the chance to crack the book on the PT certification thing. Its interesting. I'm very glad to have had the background of college classes that I have. In this course they put that info to practical use.

Its jumped from winter to practically summer weather here in a week. (Sorry Steph) It makes me crazy to do all the "spring" projects...but I've been so busy! Not only is work busy but I'm doing 3 60m cardio sessions (M-W-F) in the a.m now plus weight training every evening. Makes for some long days but I want to get the bf down to better see the progress I've made in body building! Plus with the cruise 8wks away I want to be prancing around in my bikini. I'd prance anyway but I want to do it looking my tightest!.

So other things: still training with that woman I mentioned earlier. She pushes me and I'm getting comfortable enough to push her back. Had to laugh though because we tried 60lb dumbells for bench press the other day and my body just wouldn't do it. It was amusing. She says I just lost my confidence. True! Food is great. I'm still journaling and keeping track. Also helping my East coast gf to get her diet in line since she's frustrated by the lack of progress after 2yrs in weight training. But her exercising regularly is no small thing either. I talked her into that too! :) I find myself trying to convert a lot of women. I must be annoying!

This weekend is that Women's Retreat I usually go to with my Mom. But because of the vacation last week I couldn't very well ask for more time off so soon. I'll miss it! :(

Not too many plans for the weekend. We desperately need to weed eat and my DH is being lazy. I keep mowing and he keeps NOT weed eating. I'm really going to dive into the certification program this weekend too.

Hope everyone is doing good. Have a great weekend!

03-31-2001, 12:39 PM
Morning all!

Ahhhh, the weekend and a gorgeous spring day to boot. Not trying to rub it in, but this about the only great weather that we get. It won't be long before the air outside is barely breathable because of the humidity and heat (Houston area). I did well (for me) last week with 2 cardio and 2 weight sessions. Would like to see another cardio thrown in there, but since I've been dripping off to only being in the gym once a week some weeks, I've got to get back into the swing of things. Food has been good too. Now I just keep at it and wait until I see some results. I know it will happen.....

Raychel, you go girl! I don't think I have it within me to keep up with that kind of workout schedule. You deserve to look amazing on that cruise! Oh, you asked about me....I have been a die-hard lurker since the very first thread between Juno and KMH. Last year I posted for a brief while as Katy before I moved in October and turned everything upside down. I haven't even read the thread since then, so I am trying to catch up to where everyone is...

Juno, thanks for the warm welcome. As you know, I hold you close to my heart because I feel that you have nudged me along in this journey just by so honestly sharing your experiences and keeping this thing going for so long! The new house is fine, and it's great for the kids to have more room to spread out. However, I am just really not a home-owner type of person and am having a tough time doing all that needs to be done. I'm afraid that once my kids are grown, it will be back to leasing for me! The job for today is to get an herb garden going. This would not be such a fantastic feat were it not for my quite obvious black thumb! I envy the rest of you for your home-goddess abilities!

Steph, I am so proud of you for keeping up the am workouts. I am struggling with this as well. I really like the feeling of having my cardio DONE when I do it first thing in the morning, but I have a hard time lifting a weight before lunch time. I hope you get your spring time soon!

JS, I am with you on the arm thing. My arms are pretty muscular but I really would like to see a bit more definition in the right places. The problem is, when I think about my "dream arms", I lean toward the Michelle Pheiffer (sp?) or Renee Ruso look when that really isn't my body type. It seems like the more I work them, the bigger they get! My trainer tells me to just hang in there, but it tough with Summer calling!

Everyone else, hope you all have a glorious weekend!

Take Care,

04-02-2001, 05:50 AM
This will be a quick hello - what a great weekend. DH's birthday today - my april fool (he was weeks late in order to secure this desired birthday my MIL tells me)... Spring is at least peeking through the rain and life is pretty great.

It seems like I have had a winter/spring schedule of great eating (for the most part) during the weekdays, and a more relaxed (for the most part) approach during the weekends. This seems to be working well for me, and I find my weight stable and my body responding to the different exercises I try. I confess I have not been doing as much straight cardio, as in buffer and jogging. Just feels right to do ballet and the aerobics class I like so much when my schedule allows me to go. That class really gets the laterals, and that is a really great area to feel tightness.

I'm with y'all on the arms - triceps in particular. We just don't naturally do many things that work that body part, so must really be diligent.

My goal for this week is to have an exemplary week of weekday stellar eating, to get the taxes done, to catch the house up and to actually pay attention to my hands and slap some clear polish on my nails so when my gorgeous ring comes back from sizing I can gaze at my own hand with a swoon.

What are your goals for the week?

Lentil-feta salad in the fridge! Frozen fruit in the freezer for smoothies. I feel ready to face the week.

Have a good one!


04-02-2001, 04:11 PM
Hello Women!

Had a very relaxing weekend if not a very exciting one. Got my herb garden into the ground and now I'm just hoping at least some of it will stay green for awhile...

How do you guys feel about weighing? I am seriously considering banishing my scale to the storage space at the top of the garage. Just when I start thinking that my hard work is paying off, just when my clothes start to feel looser and I start to notice that my tummy is looking less bulky....I get on that darn scale and blow everything! Although I know better than to let the number throw me into a tailspin eating-wise, it still depresses me and makes for quite a grumpy day.....However, it is really hard to let go of. I have this fear of suddenly shooting up to 160lbs and not noticing because I haven't weighed....I guess that's just dumb, but I'm wondering how everyone else handles it.

I have lots of good food in the house and will be going in for a weight training session this evening. I hope everyone else is doing well.

Juno, I am just green about the ring, but we all know you deserve it!

Take Care,

04-02-2001, 05:49 PM
Just a quick note from me...

Katy - re the scale. THROW IT AWAY!! Rely on the mirror, the fit of your clothes. I've broken free of the scale in this past year of bodybuilding. The more muscle I get the less I care what the scale says. The scale is SO inaccurate. And if you get those triceps firmer with more muscle the scale will actually go UP even though you look better! Trust me on this one.

Take care all - I will try to post more later...

04-10-2001, 07:30 PM
Wow! We are all swamped aren't we?? I kept thinking something was wrong with my email and I wasn't getting notification!!

Letttssseee - I'm still studying for my PT certification. Its fun and rather complicated. I love it! It gets into all kinds of crazy stuff like strength theories and angle of Q and fmax/tmax.

My BIL goes to court for custody hearing on Friday. I volunteered to go with him so me and my MIL are going for support. I've also been helping him with the paperwork...getting the divorce/custody stuff done has been a family and friend effort since they aren't hiring any lawyers. (yet and hopefully never - the money isn't there!) The soon to be ex-SIL is whacked out - she's saying now "what did I ever do to you?" and "I'll do anything to get you back" sort of thing. My BIL isn't buying it thank goodness. On top of all that she might be pregnant...its highly unlikely that its his. What a soap opera.

I'm still training with that gal and her husband. Now I'm starting to see why her DH kind of pushed us together because she needs a planner like me. I've kind of stepped back from me "leader" status to let her guide me but I'm noticing how she needs a bit of tugging (mostly by her husband) to really get a solid workout in. Thats okay by me...I can start pushing her too.

I went shopping for some "cruise" clothes the other day...great fun. Bought a couple of fabulous strappy tank tops and some other goodies.

Everything else is, attitude, renewal...hope to hear from you all soon!!

04-10-2001, 08:53 PM
Busy hasn't been the word for it!! I had a hectic week last week and this week is spring break so now I have a bit more energy roaming my house throughout the day! I don't have much to say and have been slacking a bit in all areas but I will be okay next week. I am heading out of town with the kids tomorrow to go see grandparents, MIL, and a friend. Heading out of town before the Easter rush so hopefully the long drive won't be quite so filled with traffic. I thought I better hop on now and wish everyone a Happy Easter because I won't have a chance until after to post again!!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying spring (even I am getting a bit of it here!!). Easter Bunny doesn't have to hop through snow at this point!

04-12-2001, 01:16 PM
...and it will be a quick one this minute! Wow, life is crazy. We had a spell of gorgeous weather, and all of my free moments (not that there are very many of them) were spent out in the garden, doing the edges and cleaning off the winter stuff! It was great, and I am reminded that the warmer season has so much more built-in exercise in it.

I am still a spaz in ballet but have really made some strides. I am sad they don't offer classes in summer, but I am hooked and expect to re-up in fall. It's amazing how strong and pretty much fit you can think you are, and then if you try a new discipline it is a completely new set of muscles that need to wake up.

I have had some not-great food days - the giving up coffee for Lent has given way to almost smoker-like behavior - a lot more snacky picking at sweet and salty things. Tuesday I decided no more!, it is just ridiculous. I am doing great now, and the Easter confections don't sound the least bit tempting (but oh I am looking forward to a nice cup of joe).

Work is just about insane, in fact I must cut this short and return to the effort. Hoping to have lunch with DH, so that is incentive to keep diligence. The ring still isn't back from being resized!!!


04-17-2001, 10:18 PM
Wow, seems like everyone is running around crazy lately. I for one am looking forward to a quieter evening to relax from all the madness! :)

Things have been a bit topsy-turvy here lately. I've been so sick and haven't been able to shake it. Finally started feeling better yesterday. I've seen my dr. more in the last 3 weeks than in the last 3 years - good thing I really like her! :)

Even with being sick I have been trying to at least do some weights for my arms - sporatic but better than nothing. But today was my first day back outside for a walk. Oh it was wonderful! I have that delicious tired feeling now.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter and a great break from the everyday. I look forward to hearing how everyone is doing - take care!

04-18-2001, 02:54 AM
Hey Justy - I hope you are feeling better. Way to go on those weights - wow.

Easter was great. But I have entered the Week from **** - you know how those come around every so often?!? We have something, an awards assembly, daughter dance performance, basket shows, project fairs, etc.,etc.,etc., every night this week, plus the usual busy work schedule, plus DH is short staffed and unable to pinch hit much. So bear with me. Next week will be lighter and my endless-talking ortho doc will be off all week. All I can do this week is send power to next week!

Hang tight everyone - I'm here in spirit! What is new with you?


04-18-2001, 12:18 PM
We had a mini blizzard on Monday but none of it stuck around. We just canít get a real spring here. All my flowers are popping up but I sure hope they take a long time to bloom because we are going to have frost many many times and I imagine we might even have more snow before Mothers Day (our official planting day!). I am waiting until Memorial Day weekend to plant because I just know my time before then will be wasted.

I had an excellent weekend and drove 1100 miles with my kids all by myself and actually had a good time. We only saw relatives and no friends but each year it gets harder and harder to keep in contact with the few old friends I do have. E-mail is my main connection. Between their jobs, our kids, the days we travelÖit just becomes a big complicated mess trying to meet up.

I donít know if I am going to write about my exercise much anymore just because I seem to have made that a very regular part of my life. Every once in a while I take a week off just for the heck of it but otherwise I am up 3-4 mornings during the week and on Sunday getting in all the parts I think are important. I think for me the last and final stage is portion control. I will say this a million times before but I am actually doing better and have lost a few pounds mainly by cutting out the extras of things I eat. Not dieting, not eating anything in particular but just by cutting back on the 2nds. I eat whatever I want but am trying not to over eat. I am keeping tabs of my food and have realized where some of my big flub-ups are and am working very diligently at finding something else to do. A big habit that I quit a long time ago was sitting & reading while eating and I realize that is really something I need to work on. If I sit and eat quick then I just get up and leave. If I am reading I tend to eat seconds.

Enough about me Ė glad to hear everyone is busy and sounds like we are enjoying ourselves (except PW but I hope that sickness goes away Ė I was in ill health from Jan. 1 Ė end of February so I can empathize!!). I get a new baby in about 5 weeks so that will muck my day up a bit but for now I have quite a nice schedule. We are out every day, walking every night with the dog and familyÖ..fresh air!!!!!!!

I am still wishing May was here though Ė 5 degrees warmer at least!!

Juno - I just read your post and am laughing because I just sent my girlfriend a postcard saying that I am free until June 16 with no committments, houseguests, travels, appts!!! I haven't had a free week since November!!!!


04-19-2001, 05:28 PM
Hullo fellow 5%'s....

Good to hear from everyone.

Things are going well here. Steph I understand when you talk about not reporting your exercising. It is SO ingrained in me now. Its a part of my weekly ritual and schedule! My diet/food/intake is really ingrained now too. Sure I still indulge (I plan it that way) but have gotten a better handle on how to do that too. (Remember when I first started planning treat days they were out of control??) Its all a learning process.

I always have to laugh at myself when I read all your schedules with kids/family/hobbies...I keep thinking 'wow and I say I'm busy'. Its motivating to me when I start feeling overwhelmed with time limitations. I just say to myself 'think of what Juno has to accomplish today'.

I'm still doing the court thing with my BIL. Its really hard to see him go through this. The nice thing is we have become closer in terms of our communication. I share my recent experience of turmoil that DH and went through. Thats nice because I was really close lipped about before with DH's family. I was too angry and confused and "knew" whose side they were "on". As rough as it is for my BIL, its nice to have a comparison to see how far DH and I have come - and where we are going. I probably said that before but it makes me appreciate the stuff we are working on even more.

Ummm - Juno you should try the eggplant parmegiania recipe in C'mon America. Its very good. I made it with wheat germ instead of bread crumbs, lf mozz instead of nf and regular parmesean. Its still lf and very tasty and lasts the whole week.

DH's bday is this sunday. The big 30! LOL! He's competing on Saturday in a shoot match. Then that eve we will go to Mom's for pizza and cake. (Yummy!! How do you spell relief? :D ) We also celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary yesterday despite nearly 8yrs together. I use the term "celebrate" loosely because we both forgot and he worked and I was busy. I went to Wal Mart for him (thats normally his job)...LOL...he fixed my cell phone case...that was the extent of our celebrating. Oh and I ordered him to wake me up for some late night whoopee for my "gift" seeing as we see eachother for a total of about 20m everday! har har har. It was worth it even though I couldn't get up this morning for early cardio. ;)

So thats all for now...take care everyone!

04-20-2001, 12:24 PM
Raychel - Our wedding anniversary (#8) was this week on Monday and we spent our evening taking turns with our youngest trying to convince him that pooping in the toilet is a really good thing. I spent time in and out of the bathroom and we still haven't convinced him!! I would have rather been running errands. Usually we at least go out to dinner but I had been gone for 4 days so it was just nice to be home this week. I am very looking forward to Year #10 when I get a good old suntanning vacation in Mexico. I'm not even going to ask him about it then - just book it and he can come if he wants.

Happy Belated Anniversary!! Steph

04-24-2001, 02:01 PM
I feel horrible that I havenít been able to connect with you all. Glad to see that you all are doing well.

I was out of town for a week and then sick with bronchitis for another two weeks. Iím back to 100% and have been doing really well with diet and exercise. I continue to make positive changes for which I am grateful. Iím trying to limit/eliminate most negative influences in my life of which I can control.

I recently began to journal. Iíve kept one since 4th grade, but stopped when I met DH. Isnít that funny? I guess I then had someone to tell everything to. However, Iíve decided that I want to continue to chronicle myself. It makes for good reading on a rainy Saturday.

I had another birthday and it hit me somewhat hard. I want each year to be better than the last, and that just wasnít happening. So, Iím changing my actions and outlook. It is very hard, and a daily renewal.

As mentioned earlier Iím glad that everyone is hanging in there. Like Steph, spring is upon us, but not really the warm weather. We started ball last week (I get slower each year I swear!) and that is fun. However that is one of my biggest tempters since we typically go out afterwards. But I started off on the right foot last week.

Iím trying to work on lower body toning that is non-cardio and non-weight machine oriented (since I already do that). What do you guys find most effective? Iím working on that and abs right now. Suggestions would be great.

Will try to be better about checking in. Promise!

04-25-2001, 04:33 AM
Okay, I exaggerate, but not by much. Here it is: Last week was almost "beyond the beyonds" (borrowing from Frank McCourt) in stress and overscheduled madness. I posted briefly, and knew you all understood. On Sunday I awoke with a scratchy throat, and it has been downhill from there. Those who know me well know that I have my own business, one with many wonderful advantages, but 'sick days' are not one of them! So I have worked and then reclined on the cough in a nasal stupor, lamenting that this week, which should be more free for projects, fun, workouts, and basic getting things done, has instead degenerated into a miserable convalescence.

I want to talk about this because this happens from time to time to everyone. I use this kind of downtime to "gear up." I think many of my resurgences in health and fitness have come after spells of being sick. Right now for some reason I can't stay off the herbal/essential oil/naturopathic web sites. I seem to be gathering information. I really neglect vitamins and overlook other avenues for better health. I am just nudging myself onto this sort of a path. There are only 5 weeks left before the girls are out of school for the summer, and while we will still be busy, the gotta-be-here, gotta-be-there aspect of my life should mellow out some. This is also cyclic - the (relative) freedom of summer is fleeting and deserves high-quality self-work.

On Saturday I did break in my new running shoes with my first jog of the season - slower than I remember my good times to be, but felt good. I got some nikes with the major air pockets in them, and I really liked running on the clouds. I also started some vitamins from the HF store on Friday. Could those healthy steps unleashed this illness? Oh yes, and doing better in my biggest weakness, water. Another reason to take vitamins - you are forced to down a tidepool of water just by definition.

So hang with me, I am always thinking and working. I am sometimes on top of my game, other times I lag. I always strive to learn and be better, even if it means learning the same stuff over and over.

Otherwise, there has also been very little time for "moi" - as in no time for journaling, no time for art, quilting, much gardening, etc. I am really wanting to escape with a notebook, a stack of fabric or a pad and pen and just be by myself a bit.

On a nonfitness note, the ring finally was sized and arrived. It is gorgeous. What is really fun is it has brought DH true pleasure. I think he feels good for getting it, and I enjoy the reflected pride.

So Catherine, not to worry - it isn't easy to post all the time. But I love love love to hear from you one and all. When a period of time goes by, and the time to post has escaped me, my little voice always asks - has the 5% thing run its course? Will you still be posting Juno? That voice is very tiny though - because I always reaffirm the value of you-all my online friends, and the power of writing down the process and sharing it with such vast support. Life is life, and life in the 2000s is so busy and hectic that I wonder when the backlash will start (and I'm looking forward to it!) - but this is one kind of home.

I can see it is almost time to start a new thread. I'll ponder that one. You can see I am in a philosophical mood. Anyway, send me "get well" energy because not much is getting done around here!


04-25-2001, 04:20 PM
Hi everyone. We skipped spring and have somehow ended up with summer (I'm trying not to complain here!). I sat out on the deck and ate lunch and it is already 75 degrees. We are supposed to be in the 80's by this weekend. My plants are probably flipping out! Not to mention the amount of bugs we are going to have this year because of all the water and now hot weather. Always something for me to gripe about :)

All is well here. I am going through one of those stage when I am just sure this is the way my body is intended to stay because not much is budging. I've convinced myself that it doesn't matter if I lose 100 pounds because my hip bones are still in the same place :) These last 15 or 20 are just not happening for me. I'm trying to really develop a healthier attitude and try to just forget all about them. Easier said than done when I go in and try on new clothes and sizes make me annoyed. I'm in a 10 but still dream smaller :)

Last night I went to nutrition class (part of my requirement for being on the food program through daycare) and I have to commend the people that put together this little seminar. Normally I go and sit and listen to how spinach is good for you, ways to hide it, how to con kids into eating good foods, don't feed them chicken nuggets every day...stuff I know and always think is common sense if you are a decent provider. Last nights session was called It's All About You and it was just clever. We all received a handbook entitled Owner's Manual for YOUR body. How to fuel it and move it for a fun and healthy life. The Dietary Guideliines Alliance put it together and it was just super. It is all about the little steps that can make big differences and how those can lead to the bigger steps. I think it was much more inspirational for changes vs. any other type of "diet" "lifestyle" change.

Okay I had some links that said they had the handbook online but I can't find them so I'm editing and deleting. I'll look later and see if I can find a site that really has it.

I go through a mood where I don't want to post anymore but then I can't deal with not knowing what is going on in everyones lives! Pretty silly but I am quite hooked to this site because I just like everyone (especially on this board but I tend to lurk all over). I need to go put together snack now - Later! Steph

04-30-2001, 04:25 AM
Okay, this thread is long - I'll fire up a new one!