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01-24-2004, 03:33 AM
Good (early) morning!

Didn't get a chance to pop in at all on Friday, so since I am still awake, I thought I'd start the weekend chat, just to be the first one! We were just out for a friend's birthday...we went to a nice Irish pub, with live music. Oh how I love Irish pubs and Irish music and Irish accents. <You know, I'm always missing a smiley with a 'dreamy' expression on their face. I need one of those.>

Work was fairly productive today (or yesterday, I mean). I got several things 'sort-of' working, but this 'sort-of' working is very encouraging. Opens up many new doors of work that can be done...and that is a good thing, as I want to be done my thesis in the summer. And I learned how to say "Smurf" in French. Can a day get any better than that, I ask you? ;)

This weather sucks. I've got a little bit of psoriasis (sp?) on my right hand. It usually comes in January, and it's red and itchy and not-so-hot looking, but it will go away's just annoying. Anyone know any helpful hints for something like that?

Hmmm...I seem to have lost my muse for forum posting at the moment...I thought I had a lot more to say. :) Ah well, off to bed...

Later, Julie.

01-24-2004, 09:31 AM
Good Morning Julie and everyone to come.

I'm home from my meeting which was a waste of time but yah gotta do what you gotta do. I was bad eating wise, for those two days, sigh ~~ but I'm back on plan now.

I have to seriously crack down on my snacking at night, it is really destroying my weight loss efforts.

Anyway, how is everyone, whats on the agenda for the weekend. We are getting snow so I'm just staying in for the weekend in my jamies :D

Sorry I probably won't have time to read and catch up on ya'all I' m hoping everyone is good.

Hugs !!!!!

01-24-2004, 09:59 AM
Morning All:

Julie: You need to add your bilingualism to your resume! Perhaps you could expand and add "Gobot," "Powderpuff Girl," and "Rugrat?" I have relatives in Montreal, and when I used to visit I would ask everyone to speak French aorund the house just because I loved the sound of it. You can tell someone that their face looks like the aftermath of a chemical spill and it still sounds sexy and romantic!!!! :smoking:

Leens: I'm a bit jealous about that snow. Here in the desert that just doesn' happen. I think we have more meteorites hit the desert floor than snowflakes. Enjoy relaxing in your jammies!

Well, for me it's off to softball signups for my dd, a little bit of reading (Toni Morrison's "Providence"), working on the taxes, and general running around time. It's been raining here for days, and the dogs have tracked more mud inside than they've left outside.

On the weight loss end of things, I fell off the wagon on Thursday night, eating 20 hershey's kisses after being straight as an arrow for a month. When I woke up Friday morning, I was shaking, irritable, and had a headache reminiscent of baseball bats on the skull. :stars: I was amazed at my body's response to that sugar!!! So, no big deal, no fault, no penalty. It's just back to normal and my 10 or less carbs daily. Don't really know why I felt the need, but I believe it was boredom. After my body's reaction, though, I have no intention on trying that one again! HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GREAT WEEKEND!

01-24-2004, 11:37 AM

Sped: I know how you feel, when ever I fall off I feel sooooo crappy the next day, just sick and tired! and LOOOPPY!! :(

Lekker: Hey partly working is has working in it!! LOL We have an Irish pub here that people love and flock to I have only been there once. It was fun and rowdy though.

Leens: I am a night time snacky girl too...I know how you feel!

Well I am home today and have planned a wonderful day of.......behind door #1 "Cleaning the house" ......Behind door #2 "laundry!!!" and behind door #3...."going to the gym!!" although the gym is fun! PLus I am just gonna hang out with the kidlets, they need some definant Mommying up, with this current work schedule they need it. The children's museum opened up a Mr. Rogers interactive exhibit, maybe we'll go to that tomorrow and check it out! MY eating has been pretty much right on this week. Good thing!! :)

Talk at you later.......have a great day!

01-24-2004, 12:13 PM
Hi. I'm back. It's so good to see you all again. I didn't mean to be gone for so long, and now I see there's a lot of new friends here. How wonderful! I've missed everyone and thought of you all every single day. As for my wieght, I stayed on the plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but not New Year's. So I'm right at the same point I was two months ago. But that's better than what I've normally done. I'm just starting my cup of coffee, so I'm still not awake here. LOL But wanted to jump in, say hello, and get back on track with you all.

Tummy Girl
01-24-2004, 12:28 PM
Good Morning!

Lekker, about the psoriasis, one of my friends has it, the red flaky itches patches as well as the white pigmentation patches. She has a whole bunch of creams for it and like you, it's always bad in the winter. But the best thing for her, at least, is tanning. Her doctor has a tanning bed that only uses UVA rays (I think) and normal tanning salons are UVB rays (I think, I may have got them backwards.) She goes once a day for a few minutes and everything clears up in about 2 weeks.

This week eatings been great, now that my ratios are sorted out and the weight is coming off again. One day with correct F/P/C ratios and 2 lbs off, how that still amazes me. Did almost cave in for some pizza yesterday tho, but it was due more to being over worked and not wanting to cook anything. No cravings but that little voice in my head that I rely on was already sleeping. Luckily she woke up just in time to stop me from dialing the pizza place! So still on track and feeling pretty good about yesterday now.


01-24-2004, 12:42 PM
Hi Ladies....
Lekker.....for your skin problem, you should try some Bag Balm. It is extremely good for all types of skin conditions. You might have heard of it before, it is available in hardware stores, and farmers co-op. You might have guessed by the name that it is an -udder- cream used for treating the bags and teats of cows. (no joking) It similiar to vaseline but with antiseptic properties. I know of MANY people who have reallly bad psoriasis and with time, it clears up the redness and cracked skin. Because it is greasy, I would reccommend a pair of light weight gardening gloves that when you apply the cream you can wear them to bed while you are sleeping. It comes in a kelly green can with red roses and a cow head on it.....should sell for $9-$10. I can't say enough about it!!!

I'm in a bit of a downer mood and don't know why. It started yesterday, just a blue funk I guess. Actually I do know...dh and I had a bit of a tif this morning. I'm sure that doesn't help matters. geez, I just hate it when we get this way. Thank goodness, I cleaned like a fiend yesterday so no more laundry, vacuuming and washing today!!! yeah!!! Not doing much this weekend, so I might just cuddle up with a book.

01-24-2004, 01:44 PM
Hi all :) Day 12 of induction and all is well... I know I'm not supposed to weigh myself too much, but ummm, it's a habit. One thing I will say is that I do not beat myself up over 3 pound gains because I know if I'm doing what's right, they are just food/water retention. In other words, I just enter the number into fitday and when analyzing what is going on, I take the average over several weeks :) I love fitday. Anyway I've lost 7.5, 5 of which I'm guessing is water. I also got some of the urine test strips yesterday which confirm I am indeed in ketosis. I had suspected I was, since the sweetish urine smell has become very very strong. I have yet to experience any breath smell though. This may be because I am easily exceeding the 8 glasses of water. Or maybe other people just notice and I don't! hehe. Anyway, the ketostix showed large result, which I have mixed feelings about. On one hand, that's great...on the other, I know that result is influenced by how many ketones I use as well. I just hate excercise :( I try to work in extra walking on my lunch break, but it's just not doable at this point. So a high ketone response on the strips no doubt also reflects that I'm not burning much.

Been kinda concerned about calories too...My fitdays have been high in cals. AS long as I am still losing, no big deal, I guess. I am a volume eater, though, so I know this may be a concern when I have to start eating more carbs. The last two days I was right at 19-21 carbs and about 2000 cals. I am not craving, yet I still have the behavior of looking forward to foods and eating them based on expectation rather than actual hunger.

Ah well, have a good weekend everyone! :)

01-24-2004, 03:37 PM
Morning folks! Looks like a typical partly cloudy/light showers day here in Portland. I'm on Day 6 of induction and as of this morning, I have lost 7.4 pounds! I know most of it is water weight, but my ketosis strips are bright pink, so this must be working! My DH has lost 10 pounds already, and will likely lose more than me by the end of induction. I haven't had anything sweet after dinner in 2 days... a miracle for me.

One thing I'm fighting is depression since I started. I feel really put out by this whole dieting thing, even though I know it will save my life if I stick to it. I guess that my previous failures at dieting are coming back to haunt me.... saying "why should this time be any different?" I don't allow myself to get excited over my losses, instead I beat myself up continually for what I do eat, and for wanting things I can't have. I'd like to take a sledgehammer to that mean little voice inside that tells me I'm never going to succeed, so why keep trying? How do I duct-tape that little monster's mouth and lock it in the closet forever?

Your support has been so great... I wish I wasn't so hard on myself about a lot of things.


01-24-2004, 05:03 PM
Spy girl,
The reason i think this is different is because Atkins is not a is a new way of living and if you find a new way of living you can't be a failure at a diet cause it is not a diet. I just am not going to be able to eat alot carbs ever again in my life, thats a fact and a fact I need to accept and live with. I think to that if i had found Atkins before all those other diets I would not be where I am at today. I would have been thin in the beginning and not failed a diet ever. But you also can't cry over spilt milk. It is one of those if i knew then what i know now things and it's no use beating your self up about it. You were just not in the right place before........but you are now! :)

Keep it up you are doing GREAT!! ;)
Theo's girl

01-24-2004, 05:07 PM
Oh I finally broke my plateau and am finally down a pound!! I guess sitting in training is not killing my diet! I was scared after the first week when I was up 4 pounds but its all gone plus one now! YIPPEEEEE

01-24-2004, 05:21 PM
WHoooooWeeeeee Theo's Girl! Amazing how one little pound can bring the sun out, huh?

Khem: I just checked into FitDay and I LOVE IT!!!!! What a fabulous tool. Thanks for mentioning it...

It's raining, raining, raining, again! Back into the jammies and time to curl up on the couch with my book and my bacon! :)

01-24-2004, 06:05 PM
Tummy, Angel: thanks for the suggestions! I completely forgot about the UVA ray thing. Angel, hilarious suggestion...I should get my parents to wander over to the coop and pick up some teat cream for me! I've used regular vaseline and gloves, but perhaps the cow cream would be more effective...*sigh*... farm talk makes me think of home...I miss living on a farm! Someday again...

Theo: glad you're off the plateau! It's all downhill from here, eh? :)

Spy: you're doing great so far! I often had similar thoughts, though, like "why do I bother? It'll never work" etc. but I've started to get rid of those thoughts because I have had some success with Atkins, so it gave me hope! Keep up your good work!

Spedmom: ha! Love the chemical spill thing...hilarious! I know exactly what you mean! And, hey, you can take some of my snow!

Khem: I never noticed a big difference to the smell of my breath either...maybe it varies greatly between people? I know my mom kept mentioning her bad breath, but I never noticed and just shrugged it off.

Barbie: Nice to see you back!

Leens: It's always the night, isn't it? That's always when I mess up, too!

I got in 1.5 hours of skating today! I love it. It was cold, but the ice rink is below street level, so we're protected mostly from the wind. One good thing about the cold is that there are very few people out, so you have tons of space to skate. It's really cute this year, after the port froze (where they allow skating) they've set up little "islands" of benches and trees on the ice, which gives it an even quainter feel. It's a great place to skate.

And now my ladies, I'm off to check out that movie, Girl with a Pearl Earring...I'll let you know what it's like!

01-25-2004, 12:52 PM
DareI go out today? It's about noon on Sunday and I'm still in my jammies...don't want to shower or get dressed...what a lazy Froufy!

(Leens - what color/type of jammies are you wearing this weekend? :))

May take kiddies out to movie this pm, if I can get motivated....dh gone in to work! I am also catching up on cleaning and laundry but I've already had my fill of that. Did get my dd to wash her own (grimy) bathtub...what a whiner! Just complaining and whining and protesting....until I took away one of her new (Roxy) sneakers we bought yesterday...that got her moving! Gave her some gloves and Vim and set her to work - not a bad job either for a 12 yr old. She is still so immature tho - I now see her playing dinky cars with her little brother! very cute!

While I did not eat anything super bad yesterday I did have a lot of carbs! I am actually up TWO LBS TODAY - which I know is insane...and probably water retention so I am trying not to stress too much about it.

I am dreading going back to work tomorrow tho - and I think this is affecting my mood and eating behaviour. I am also very tired as I did not sleep well...had a massive headache all day yesterday - maybe from the carb overload on Friday??? Was popping painkillers all day - finally felt better around 11 pm!

Lekker - good for you with the skating? Ever been to Ottawa? We have the longest skating rink in the world - when the Canal freezes over it is open to the public and it's great fun. There are ice sculptures and little huts on the ice to change into skates...they also sell hot chocolate and the famous Beavertails (not for low carbers - this is like a doughy pastry thing - very yummy in the shape of a beavertail - usually dipped in cinammon and sugar). I prefer going to the Westin hotel and getting a table overlooking the canal and watching the skaters and sledders on the ice. We have a 2 week celebration in February called Winterlude with lots of events and fun on the Canal.....lots of tourists come for that!

My boss actually sent around an email the other day for our next "divisional" meeting - she suggested we all go skating on the canal for an afternoon..and hot chocolate and beavertails too of course! That should be fun...

Spedmom & others - I also love fitday and try to use it religiously...another site I use when I can't find what I'm looking for is: Pretty scientific and has lots of database entries!

Khem - looks like you're doing really well! Don't worry about the calories right now - it is very typical to have pretty high calories in the beginning...this will settle down in the next few weeks - and i agree - if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Congrats Theo's girl and Tummy for getting those pounds off! Good for you!

Spygirl - hang in there - it does get easier!

Angel eyes - I wish I was all caught up on my cleaning - like that will ever happen - I love reading a good book (currently reading Peyton Amberg - very weird story, but quite engrossing)..and I do steal a couple of minutes here and there when I can.

That's it for now - the dryer is calling my name.

Hope everyone has a great "rest of the weekend"!

Froufy :D

01-25-2004, 01:12 PM
Hello ladies,
Glad to see everyone is in good form yesterday. All I did as clean the house all day and then went to Costco and Walmart. I spent the day with my children and they were totally bratty all day long (schedule change is not friendly to my kids) and I spent time with DH for the first time since Mon. and we sat on the couch next to eachother like zombies and watched Cops and John Walsh. WWWHHOOOPPPPPIIIEEE! ;) That's the thrill that is called my life ladies! ;) I did do good eating yesterday and like I said before I kicked my plateau to the curb! Lost 1 whole pound but it is a start! TODAY I am hoping will be much more exciting! :p

I will check in later!! Have a great LC day ladies! Eat well and prosper! :dizzy:

:wave: :joker: :high: :grouphug:

01-25-2004, 01:29 PM
Hiya all
I'm having a ROUGH Sunday. I've got this craving for munchies... something crunchy. I haven't had cravings since my first couple days of induction...ok.. so I'm on day six of induction but I want CRUNCHIES!!! Bought one of those Atkins advantage brownie bars.... took one bite and hated it. It's sitting in front of me now... awful stuff. Meanwhile my sis, who starts Atkins on Tuesday is munching on snicker bites and having a very yummy looking chicken sandwich. UGH. The scale I use to weigh myself on has some sort of glitch... told me I lost 6lbs in one day which I know can't be right and so THAT isn't motivating me at all. However, tomorrow is the weigh in for the competition at work... so I've got a BIT of motivation to keep going with this. Maybe my problem is that I used to eat most of the day if I was ever home on a weekend. Now I know why I'm always busy!
I'm off to find something to do before I eat a snicker bite that probably has 3million carbs per cute little circle.

01-25-2004, 01:46 PM
Hi all!!! This weekend was lazy. I'm thinking weekends aren't good for me because all I want to do is snack or eat. At least when I'm working (and I only work 4 hours, 5 days a week) I don't get the urge to do that. I have to learn to control that. I have to do major laundry today (again). And we're supposed to be getting snow (major) so hubby says the girls might not have school tomorrow. He's working (again) today so that means not even one day of rest for him! It was his choice though to work the overtime! I'm back on track so far after my nasty bout w/chocolate yesterday. I'm proud of myself for not over-indulging in that AND for not grabbing the chips off the top of the fridge. I stepped on the scale and it didn't go up so I'm hoping it didn't do damage. Seeing how I managed to put my size 12's on w/out having to lay on the bed and can actually sit, bend and breathe in them I'm thinking I'm doing ok!! Big accompishment there as I hadn't been able to do that last week. lol. Now if they'd only be LOOSE I'll be happy (baby steps for me!).
You all are great at this site. I couldn't have asked for better/more support than I got last night. Thanks all for being there (just too bad I couldn't have had the supplies to make the chocolate stuff last night & ate that 1/2 of Advantage bar). But I'm going ONWARD :) Thanks again

Hope you all have a great day :)

01-25-2004, 01:48 PM
Morning everyone!

Not much planned today. I wanted to go out and garden, but it looks like it is still a tad too wet. I was invited to a potluck today at 3 pm, so looking forward to that. I'm kind of torn on what I should bring though. I'm debating between a nice green salad with olives, deviled eggs, or cooking some chicken. I'm thinking the eggs would be the most simple, but I am nervous about them being the only thing I can eat there--and eating too many. Another option is cream cheese stuffed celery... hmmm :)

Soooo tomorrow is my last day on induction, yippie! I took the quiz about moving on, and I'm totally ready. I've shown low to average metabolic resistance, and I have 31 pounds left until slow and steady through the rungs it is. I still can't believe I am down 54 pounds from my starting weight. Granted, I gained and lost the same 10 pounds for about 6 months when I hit 180...bleh. Well, armed with my new low carb knowledge, I know what went wrong. Drinking two cups of low fat milk and eating a banana for breakfast is what went wrong! No wonder I always wanted to binge two hours later!

OK so here's my game plan for the weeks after induction:
week 3: induction levels + 1/2 med tomato on salad (+2) and measuring cooked veggies after cooking adds 2 extra carbs for most. (range 20-25 carbs)
week 4: week 3 levels plus adding another cup of dense veggies to dinner. (25 carb limit)
And I'll continue shifting in new/different acceptable veggies until I reach 162 pounds, I've decided...hopefully will take a few weeks.

I'm going to try and space out the rungs based on how much weight I've lost, so I can pace myself and be very very slow if/when I get to pre-maintence...
this is roughly what I'm thinking
162 pounds: stay at 25 carbs, but add in full fat cottage cheese 3 times a week to see how I react
158 pounds: stay at 25 carbs, but add in nuts on the days I'm not eating cottage cheese.
153 pounds: stay at 25 carbs, but add in one serving of berries twice a week
150 pounds: increase to 30 carbs, keeping an eye out to make sure I'm not gaining, use cottage cheese, berries, and nuts more frequently.
148 pounds: if I am still losing at 30 carbs, increase to 35 by adding small amounts of tofu/soy products (legume rung), otherwise stay at lower losing level
145: pre-maintence

01-25-2004, 03:01 PM
Happy Sunday, everyone!

Froufy: I've been to Ottawa, but never skating on the canal. One time that I was in Ottawa, it was really icy, and we had a steep 'hill' up to our hotel entrance. We couldn't get enough traction to walk up to the entrance, so my family literally had to crawl on our hands and knees to get in to the hotel! We probably looked ridiculous. :)

Hey Shimma, I hope you avoided the craving - maybe a piece of bacon or a piece of cheese to get through it? Bacon seems to satisfy my cravings.

Bren - yay for not having to lie down to put on the 12s! :D

Khem - looks like you have a reasonable plan! Good luck with that!

Girl With a Pearl Earring: So I saw this movie yesterday, and I really liked it. Two of the main characters do not have many lines, which is interesting, but effective...and I think the acting is really great. It's not a fast paced movie, but very enjoyable in my opinion. I got to see some Delft shots near the beginning of the movie, just a few quick shots, but enough to make me feel "home-sick" for Delft. :)

I went to the YMCA today and thought I was going to a low-impact aerobics class, but I discovered that they changed it at the beginning of the new year, so it was this hi-lo aeromix which was so much fun ... it kicked my butt, but I don't think I've ever enjoyed an aerobics class so much before. It was taught by a male instructor (which I prefer, as I find the aerobics classes less 'lame' that way) and the music was 70s/80s mix that I could sing along with. The instructor and the music makes such a big difference for me whether I stick with the class or not. Unfortunately, he was a substitute today, but he said that the regular instructor (also a guy) was I will try it next week and see. I hope they have similar music tastes.


01-25-2004, 03:54 PM
I actually went a little overboard on carbs yesterday... 25 instead of 20... leave it to the DH to dish the ice cream. Have you guys had that Carb Smart ice cream yet? It's soooo good! We had strawberry last night, and it really makes not getting to have fruit OK!

Got up this AM and weighed again (how often do you all weigh? I'm starting to feel obsessive...) and I'm down a total of 8.6 since last Monday! DH has actually lost 12! We're really amazed. It didn't come off this fast when we did WW a couple of years ago. How much do you all lost on average each week? I know it won't stay this fast forever...

I read about this thing in the LCLuxury online mag that Star directed us to a few days ago... an article that said with lo-carbing, there's a "golden shot" the first time. They have anecdotal evidence (unscientific) that you lose more faster the first time you try LC WOE than during subsequent attempts. That sort of motivated me to stick with it, but now the weight loss is starting to also.

So today we're off to Costco for MEAT and stuff. Maybe I'll buy some asparagus to broil with pancetta. I can't believe I actually feel almost normal today! I couldn't have done this without you guys.... I think I can actually do this!

01-25-2004, 04:11 PM
Hi all, this is really my first time, posting on the daily thread. :D

Hello to all, and I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Right now I have 2 of my 4 children who are fighting off the lovely head cold. DH went to a wrestling match at Ohio State U after he went to church this morning. I stayed home with the babies. (Sometimes I really begin despising wrestling season....since he is a coach at the High School....*sigh*)

Anyways, is it just me, or does anyone else get cabin fever? Even if I am at home all day, during the spring and summer, it doesn't matter, because at least we are going outside! We are expecting some nasty weather here soon, they are predicting 7", and then also a mixture of freezing rain. UGH!

Can anyone give me some advice....I have restarted Atkins on the 2nd, but just today I caved and ate some no-no carbs. *GAG* I read what SpyGirl wrote about having more success the "first" time around instead of subsequent times. Am I headed for disaster?

I really beat myself up about things, if I just mess up "one" time! :(

Ok, I promise that I will be a much more postive poster next time. Maybe this head cold will vanish in a day or so!

Thanks for listening!