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01-22-2004, 04:08 PM
ok, so I'm somewhat in a jam. I live on campus, and have a meal plan through the school and my problem is that there isn't alot of things here I can have (I'm still on induction) because it's either high carb or fried/fast food type of thing. There aren't any stoves/ovens here that I could use either, so I'm not really sure what to do anymore. :( I thought being at school would make things easier for this plan because I wouldn't have all the temptation foods around that my family eats at home, and there would be more of a variety, but it's almost worse because there's nothing I can eat here so I'm constantly hungry :( I've boughten a few things from the store that I can eat, but I kinda have to use my meal plan because I already payed for it, and I cant afford to pay for something and not use it (poor college kid). Any ideas would be very much appreciated. Thanks. :?:

01-22-2004, 04:26 PM
hhhhhmmmm what kind of things DO they offer? You really just need to stay away from the bread, potatoes and sugars. They must offer a dinner for example that is meat, potato and veggie? You would just not take the potato and perhaps have extra veggie?
If they have burgers just take the bun off and eat it without. Watch the ketchup though.

I bet at breakfast they only have muffins, cereal etc. That would be tough if they had no eggs. How about doing and Atkins shake for breakfast...I know they are a bit pricey.

How about a salad bar? Do they have one?

Kim in NJ
01-22-2004, 07:53 PM
Stick with the salad bar items, the meats, just remove all the starches from your plate before you sit down at the table. Once you throw it out - you will be left with all the lower carb items. I agree though it's very hard to do it on a meal plan because the higher carb items are so much cheaper for them to prepare and they are considered "comfort foods".

Do you have a refrig. in your room? I would stock up on mozarella cheese, pepperoni, sugar free jello - just make it up in a container. If you get munchy - or before hitting the cafeteria, munch on a bit of the higher protein items and then you won't be so hungry that you will be able to throw out the dinner roll.

The tough cravings will last only a few weeks...then you won't even think twice about it.
Good Luck!