Carb Counters - an old timer back again to meet new people

01-14-2004, 09:18 PM
Hello everyone, I haven't been around 3fc for a long time. When I first started, a few years ago. I was on Atkins. The support of the group helped alot. I lost 40 lbs. kept it off for a long time, now, due to a new prescription I have gained my 40 back plus 10 more. I am not going to blame it all on the medication, I just wanted to eat. Anyway, I was on WW, and many more. I went back on Atkins on Mon. So far induction has been great. I have read a few of the threads and you all seem very sincere. I would like to join in. I can't get on everyday but 3 or 4.
A little about myself.
Age 49
name Debbie
married 5 years to my second husband. ( first was 19, but God called him home at age 38.)
3 children Steph 26 engaged
Jeff 23 married
Jackie married
a dog named pnut ( peekapoo)
a cat to whom I can call many names at times, not nice ones either. But ya gotta love him..
Was a bartender for 26 years,
Now I am a proffesional cook ( not quite the chef , but close)
Now think how hard it is for me, when I am in a kitchen all day preparing yumming and fattening foods for my customers. One good thing my boss just started the low carb again, so we eat the same things, and tell each other no no to the garlic toast, french fries, well just imagine. One nice thing is we have a nice variety of meats. And my homemade blue cheese dressing is to die for.
Well I live in a small town in Minnesota, we got 3 inches of snow last night, I think I might be able to do some snowmobiling this weekend. Sorry this was so long, I am usually a short writer. I guess I am excited to get to know all of you and share our good and bad times, most good I hope. Take care all

01-14-2004, 09:58 PM
Hi Debbie,

Welcome Home !!!
You said your an oldie here at 3FC's what was your other name ? Did you used to go into chat ?

I'm glad you chose atkins again, I did atkins about 12 years ago, didn't do to good but this time around I'm doing much better. I really feel good on it, and I know you will too.

Hope to see you on the daily thread.

Hugs and again welcome back !!


01-14-2004, 10:08 PM
welcome! i have not been here long. i lost about 95 lbs on atkins in 2001, then gained about half of that back a year later. i started back on induction again last month, and have lost 13 lbs so far. it was hard to get back into the groove of this way of eating again, but once i got a good working system going again it has been wonderful and easy.

i grew up in southern minnesota - mapleton. evey hear of it? i loved the snow as a kid... digging out snow forts instead of building them. even got snowed into the house on occassion, unable to leave until someone showed up to clear a doorway. oh, the good old days.

if you feel like sharing your bleu cheese dressing recipe, i would love to see it.

good luck!

01-14-2004, 11:29 PM
Hi, Debbie! Welcome back! I'm glad you found you're way back to 3FC! Looking forward to getting to know you!

Take care,

01-15-2004, 12:06 AM
What they all said! :D

Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you (and your blue cheese dressing!)

01-15-2004, 12:23 AM
well a big hallooo to yoohoo and loon2. yes, welcome back to the nest!! Isn't it nice that the site is still here after all these years? Please join in to our daily thread. Loon, can't say I like blue cheese dressing but if you have anything up your sleeve with a black forest cake....I'M IN!!!

01-15-2004, 01:22 AM
Good evening Loon2 and yoohoo, great to meet you!!!

01-15-2004, 08:09 AM

Welcome back! I, too, had great success with Atkins (about 4-5 years ago), losing 40 pounds. You're right....this group is sincere, with just the right amount of crazy thrown in to keep things interesting. Looking forward to your company on the site!

01-15-2004, 10:29 AM
Welcome back YOOHOO and Loon2.......join us on the daily chat when you can.

Loon2: I would love the blue cheese dressing recipe...I hate the bottled ones. Please share :D
And now that we have a professional cook in our out!

01-15-2004, 11:40 AM
Welcome yoohoo and loon2! Hope to see you around a lot - our group is growing!!

01-15-2004, 12:05 PM
(I'm more excited that she was a bartender) :sssh:

01-15-2004, 08:29 PM
I have to thank all of you for the warm welcome, I think I have hit the right spot. It might take awhile to get to know you all but I'll do it. Have to make this quick for now, blue cheese dressing recipe will be on your daily thread, hopefully tomorrow. You'll love it.
Gotta go help Husby with the snowmobile, never ending.......

01-15-2004, 11:26 PM
Loon I was on the low carb thread up till this last fall I might remember you what was your name then??? PS welcome back i am usually on the reg low carb thread as I do PP.