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01-13-2004, 01:25 AM
Hello, I'm new here. I have 100+ on the nose to lose. So far I'm down -5lbs. I rejoined WW last week. Actually I didn't technically join. I joined a year ago and then stopped going. I'm starting again without meetings for a lot of reasons, but I am doing to do my best to do it on my own and with the support and encouragement I get from reading all your great posts. I hope I can lend as much support to anyone who needs it.

My main struggle is making meals satisfying for both my husband and I. He can eat anything and eats all day and snacks in the evening. How frustrating is he! Wonderful man, though, who is so supportive and kind. He has never known me thin, so my weight is how he has always known me. This should be more than interesting. :lol:

I am tired. Tired of my body. Tired of wondering if I'll fit into that booth in the restaurant. Tired of walking with thin friends and being the one who is huffing and puffing and doing everything in my power to not let them hear me breathing heavy. I'm tired of the sides of chairs digging into the sides of my legs because my bottom is wide. I'm tired of having only three stores in an entire shopping center where I can buy clothes and realizing I hate every item in those shops. I hate having to dress older than I am because they don't make cute younger fashions (I'm 33) in giant sizes. I'm tired of running from the camera and from mirrors. I'm just sick of it!

As Dr.Phil would say "How's that working for you?" Well, it's not. So what am I going to do about it? I'm taking control.

Here's to a new life. Thanks for being here.


01-19-2004, 10:50 PM
Hi Elizabeth!

I've been there. Joined back in 98, lost 70lbs and then stopped going to meetings. Thought I knew the program well enough to do it on my own and that when I did gain "a little" back, I could just lose it again.

Except I had these major blinders where regaining was concerned, telling myself it wasn't all that much and I could just do it again. Then here I am, realizing I not only gained it all back, it brought friends (and the kind of friends you don't want to have!)

But one of the things that should have worked for me was that even if I didn't go to meetings, I kept doing the program. My problem was that I didn't, and that I drifted away from support groups like this. You can do it on your own, as long as you keep focused and don't let yourself stray. There are great people here who can hopefully give you some good ideas on satisfying meals for you both.

Your last paragraph sounds like what I said to myself. It's where you draw the line and say "okay, so let's stop being tired and let's do something about it!"

I'll be here to help you try if you want.

Congrats on the great start, and keep that up!

elaine from boston

01-20-2004, 02:53 PM
I thought for sure I did, but I've not received any new entry notifications. It's a perfect thread for me. I've got over one hundred pounds to lose and I'm doing WW at home. I'm losing very slowly (if any) and I'm losing focus. I'm hanging on by my fingertips and I feel myself slipping. I don't want to fall. I want to get motivated again. I want to lose this weight. It's a prison for me.

03-16-2004, 10:55 AM
Good morning all. You sound like a wonderful group of woman. I am pushing 50 and have 100 lbs hanging on me as well. What you say sounds oh so familliar.My problem is I have no willpower and work at home with my daycare so food is always in front of me. It is very discouraging. So far I have not started a diet I think the best for me is just cut back on fats, sugars, breads and pasta and get out and walk. Stop the picking between meals usually fruits etc but it still all adds up.
I have been trying to buddy up with someone on a more private scale but so far have had no luck maybe we could just make a point of keeping this thread going here so we can find each other. I find it difficult to keep track of which thread I have contacted then can't find it again without spending lots of time looking. Need to learn the site functions a lot better. In the meantime maybe we could stick together here. I'll be watching for your reply.
May we all succeed in our own private stuggles for happiness.


03-16-2004, 09:56 PM
Here's an inspiration for you all. This week in my meeting, the leader handed out a certificate to one of the members, who has currently lost 130lbs. She still has a ways to go, but the fact that she has presevered for so long and has seen such a great loss was quite an inspiration to me. She said that the hardest part is just sticking with it, because the alternative isn't an option. Sometimes she goes back to her week one book and acts like she's just starting the program over again so she can get herself in the mental frame of mind to keep on going.

I know it had an impact on me, seeing her attending the same meetings week after week. My problem in the past with some classes I've done is that the leader often was someone who had only lost a few lbs, and then became a leader. I often wondered if they could even have that same type of reference on what sort of struggle it could be to have a large amount to lose and to keep on track.

Audi, curring down on the starches such as the breads and pasta is exactly what my leader told me to cut down on this week, based on my journal from last week. Though it was unusual for me to have pasta twice in the same week, that in conjunction with mashed potatoes here, and the bagel breakfast sandwich there all add up when you think of it.

As for tracking what you post, I think you can set up preferences in your profile to watch certain threads. I haven't tried it, so all I do is go through the WW topics I'm interested in and reply when I see there's been some activity. You can also just bookmark threads in your browser and just go check them out when you're on line.

I also hang out in other boards, because it can get really quiet here sometimes. So if you want to know more about those other places, I'll be happy to send you a message about them.

03-18-2004, 01:10 AM
Thanks Snowyowl for the hints and words of encouragement. I have set a start date of Monday. I have such poor willpower eating just comes automatic some days and I don't even realize what I am putting in my mouth. I will need lots of encourgement to stay on track I think. cutting back and walking hopefully will be the key. It is funny how we know what we need to do but just can't do it on a regular basis. Anyway I will keep in touch.
Thanks again

07-31-2004, 04:11 AM
Hey Sosotsfur! Have you tired any of the recipies from WW? My husband and three boys DO actually like some of them! I know how hard it can be to cook for a family. I eat alot of salads and frozen WW meals for lunch. Then I try to make something we all like for dinner and still stay within my points.

08-01-2004, 04:11 PM
Hi everyone & welcome to anyone I haven't met .

Elaine , I can relate . I've been going to weight watchers religiously for over 5 years . Lost 100 pounds in 2 years , then 2 of my grandbabies moved in with me . Over the next 3 years I gained back over 60 pounds . ALL WHILE STILL GOING TO WW! I now have permanent custody of the kids (ages 6 & 8) who both are special needs kids. I feel like I am on my weigh :lol: down again . I have lost 10 # of the regain , in the last month . I am a carboholic , so that's a challenge , too . But I feel re-invigerated .

Welcome to the message board Elizabeth , it's good to meet you .

Welcome back Java . Do you get notified by 3fc ? I don't recall being notified .I could be wrong .

I am in my yard so much at this time of the year i'm bad about getting on-line , so if anyone else is like me , that's why it gets "quiet" , I suspect :o Kathy .