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01-12-2004, 10:04 AM
Good Morning,

Just starting this bad boy up and back to work. I'll be checking in later, no boss :D :s: :tape:


01-12-2004, 10:57 AM
Good morning! I'm back at work after an entire week of being snowbound or sick! Big news from the weekend: I bought a pair of size 5's!!!!! :cb: I know that it a large-running pair of jeans, but I don't care. It's just so fun to see that number - I keep pulling out the tag and looking at it. It's occured to me that I'm getting close to my goal and I'm all excited.

Ohhhhhhhhhh and the new board format is back! I'm so happy! Hope everyone is doing well.

Spedmom - glad you had some good alone time with the dh

Froufy - are you feeling better?

01-12-2004, 11:06 AM
Star !!!! SIZE 5 :bravo: you go girl, shoot, you just gave me goose bumps ;)

01-12-2004, 11:11 AM
Hi, Leens! No boss, huh? What kind of trouble are you going to stir up?

Star: Glad you are back and feeling better! Congrats on the size 5!! :cb:

I feel fat. I just feel like I've gained a ton of weight lately. I don't know why I would of, but I feel gigantic. I usually have a small, flat stomach (one of the only small, flat areas of my body :D), and it is just gigantic! Yikes! Just realized that made it sound like I was pregnant... Anyway, I don't weigh myself usually, but when I stepped on the scales here, it seems to be up quite a bit. Any suggestions as to why this would happen? Or what I can do to get rid of it?

Nothing too exciting happened this weekend. We just watched a lot of football. Then, last night, after the football, we watched "8 Mile." I'd been wanting to see that for awhile, and it's really pretty good. Lots and lots of f-bombs, though!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Take care,

01-12-2004, 11:15 AM
Poor Jina! Some days we girls are just bloaty. I do that too and I hate it! Stay super hydrated today (look who I'm talking to! :lol: ) you're body's just being mean ;)

I've been wanting to see 8 Mile, too. I'll have to go rent it one of these days. I went and saw "Big Fish" over the weekend. It was AMAZING! I highly recommend it to everyone. It's PG-13 so no F-bombs either ;)

01-12-2004, 11:24 AM
GOOD Morning!!!

I am Back! (I think! :lol: )

Cassie is feeling MUCH better these days and is actually sleeping IN! WOW! That never happens! Have to take Tyler to School in a bit.. but at least I dont have to drive out 3 times today! She doesnt go back until Wed or Thurs.

STAR - WOO HOO on those 5's! How terrific! I know what you mean about looking at the label.. I am still doing that with my mediums and size 10 jeans!

JINA - Have you been eating a lot of salt? I know that does it to me every time! Or how about the Sugar Alcohols? It has to be water! You couldnt gain a significat amount any other way! Hang in there! :grouphug:

LEENS - No Boss! Arent those the best days?!?!

As for me.. I need to go Weigh in.. but I have TOM and he is not being very nice to me this month. :lol: I am heading back to the gym which ever day Cassie gets to go back to school.. but in the mean time I am back on the treadmill this afternoon! I am so glad DH gets to go back to work today!!! FINALLY! I love to have him home.. dont get me wrong.. and it helped having him home last week with a miserable child.. but I WANT MY HOUSE and ROUTINE BACK! :o Did I say that out loud??? :D ;)

I promise to check in later! I have a million errands to do this morning.. and I want to get them done before 10 AM

Low Carb Hugs!!

01-12-2004, 11:26 AM
I logged in this morning and it said this site was going to be closed for the day.....I just came in to check real quick and was thrilled to see us up and chatting again!

StarPrincess: Congrats! That is amazing. I don't think my body will ever see a size 5. I will be happy with a 10. I'm easy to please :lol:

When I went grocery shopping yesterday I found that they now have a much bigger section of low carb goodies. I finally found the "Just the Cheese" snacks. I was so excited. I am snacking on them now. They are just OK. I don't think I will have a problem keeping to just one serving or so. They also had the low carb pizza dough. I didn't get it because it is 3 carbs per slice and I know I would never be able to stop at one slice so I didn't bother. I have been very happy making my pizza with the LaTortilla Factory tortilla's and those are only 3 for the whole thing. Add a tablespoon or so of low carb sauce and the cheese and it doesn't add up to much and you get to eat the whole thing. They also had these flavorings for water etc....kind of like Crystal Light I think. They were sugar free and only 1 carb but when I read the label I think I saw one of those mysterious other names for sugar listed so I put that down also. I decided after this experience that I am happy eating what I am and that I don't need to get all these low carb things just because I can. Maybe when I am at goal I will start using some of these to keep it off.

jdoggmartin: Are you just bloated? I know I am this week and not fitting into those "thin" jeans I was in last week. Drink lots of water that may help. Sounds strange I know.

Leens: Have fun with no boss around today....I'm lucky my boss is in another state so I never have to deal with her face to face. She still drives me crazy by email though :s:

01-12-2004, 01:05 PM
Wow SP! A size 5 is amazing!

I'm not doing so well. I've managed to put a few pounds back on. I'm not happy with myself but I'm back on the wagon today. I'm not straying for anything. I allowed one of my friends just starting on Atkins talk me into cheating a little starting Christmas right up until my birthday. The excuse was that "we" might as well not be too strict until after my birthday. As we all know, a little cheating is all it takes for me to put weight back on. The frustrating thing is that she's still losing and not being nearly as good as I am. Oh well. It will come off sooner or later. Her birthday is Wednesday so their will be no excuses for either of us to stray after that.

Star - I need an extra dose of your willpower and motivation.

I've got to find time each day to get on here because it was much easier to be strong when I was reading how well all of you were doing.

01-12-2004, 01:24 PM
Good morning Chicks!! :)

Star: Congrats on the size 5's whatta dream!!!

Leens: Hello!!! and happy non-boss day!!

Oh Jina....I felt like that last week it was TOM, drink lotsa water, then all the sudden you know it is going away cause you are peeing ALL the time!!! You will feel better girl! Stay away from salt too. Are you sleeping any better??

Karen, Glad you are back and your baby is feeling better!!! I know what you mean, I love hubby to BUT when he was snowbound in the house with me all week last week......urgh. I wanted my routine back too!!!

Jane, I noticed ALOT more LC items at my store too, and they all have a little red sign next to them that says Low Carb. They even had milk.

Super, just jump back in and I bet by next week this time you will be feeling GREAT!!!!

Well, we had the boys birthday party yesterday and it was GREAT!! and not to mention about 100$ cheaper than Chuck E cheese last year and not so crazy!! I did great I ate pizza tops, some buffalo wings and salad. I got the kids a cake they love but I am not so fond of on purpose, and everyone ate it and I DIDN'T!!!!! That is a huge win for me, cause I am a social eater, and I always feel really outta place if I am not eating like the other people!! I was soooo proud of myself. I came home and had some Carb solutions ice cream made with clelebrate my VICTORY!! yippppeeeee!

Going to the gym today to log in some miles!!
Hope everyone else is doing great and Foufy is feeling better!!

01-12-2004, 02:02 PM
Oh I forgot to say about 8 mile... I watched it and was disappointed. I watched that guy talk up how he wrote this movie and it was all about his life, etc, etc.

Well when i watched it all the sudden it came to is a remake of Purple Rain!!!! just with a couple opposites and updating!! Urgh I hate that!!

01-12-2004, 02:15 PM
howdy ladies. i'm doing a quick scan to read up on everyone. i'm tired tonight, as i have really been working hard on exercising and spring cleaning these last few days. i've not been sleeping well either. so, i think i'll call it an early night tonight. sorry to respond to anyone in particular tonight. good night all.

01-12-2004, 02:30 PM
Morning ladies!!

I'm back. No, we don't have a place to live yet, but I can't wait any longer for that. I feel horrible, bloaty, fat and uncomfortable.

So, I'm starting again, this morning. Having my low-carb coffee, eggs/sausage for breakfast, and am planning a salad for lunch.

Star - congrats!! I need some of your determination myself.

Dh is dealing with another Kidney stone, but I think I've convinced him to at least do "part" of Atkins with me... he's willing to give up bread.

Had a hankerin' for a grilled cheese sandwich over the weekend - any thoughts about how to do THAT on Atkins? I know I didn't want a plate of melted cheese. LOL!!!

Had my mom's bridal shower over the weekend... embarassed her to DEATH with all the naughty stuff I got her at Lover's Package. I wrapped up to gift bags, one marked "Naughty" the other "Nice." Of course, it was all naughty and she just about died of embarassment. After the edible potions, glow-in-the-dark lotions and body butter, she got to the bottom of the naughty bag where the black lace crotchless panties were waiting - after a few minutes of trying to figure out what they were, someone whispered in her ear and she just was at a loss... it was totally hilarious!!! Revenge was very sweet... but her new dh will have a LOT of fun.

Anyhow, I'm going to be back on track low-carb wise. Made the commitment again and signed a "pact" with a co-worker. We are going to walk at lunch together, and have determined not to poison our bodies with junk. Her junk is fat, mine is carbs. I know I will feel so much better very soon - like I did before.

My personal goal for the equator miles this *year* is 300 miles. I know some of you will go far beyond that, but this is my personal goal. Next year will maybe be different... but this year 300 is my goal. I don't have a real mile yet - have been spending far too much of my "Spare" time looking for a new place to live... but I am reaching closer to the top of my own priority list.

Hope you all have a nice week!!!

The sun is out! Woo-Hoo!!!

01-12-2004, 03:03 PM
There's a new way to put pictures here, they come up as thumb nails, I am going to test a real picture here, the one of me and elvis, wanna see if it comes up or if I have to make it teeeeny again.

If this was a real emergency you would have been instructed on where to go........... Testing 123....beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep !!!

Double click on the picture....

DARN ! Still gotta make it tiny............... oh forget it !!

Okay it took my old wedding picture ....... GO FIGURE ? well this is me 14 years ago.... Time is evil, evil I tell you !!!

01-12-2004, 03:17 PM
Hi all,

So tons of snow here (had to dig out the car this morning)...but glad to say it has finally warmed up and it's almost pleasant out there!

I was feeling better yesterday pm - decided to eat (big mistake)...and immediately had a "relapse" and had several subsequent visits to washroom and another couple of doses of imodium to keep things in check! Not sure what is wrong with me??? Will wait one more day and maybe call dr if I'm not better.

I'm at work today - but my tummy is making the LOUDEST, RUDEST NOISES imaginable....and I was in a workshop this morning - how embarrassing is that? Lots of gas in there???

Brought some atkins muffins with me to avoid the high carb continental breakfast...and out for lunch for errands and got to Subway where I tried the NEW LOW CARB TURKEY BACON WRAP - pretty good actually - I am finding it hard to eat tho with the tummy issue - but I am hungry! (also trying to keep hydrated). I asked how popular the new wraps were and the girl told me EXTREMELY which I was very happy to hear!

Now I wait and see if my tummy is happy with my lunch selection??? :o :p

Congrats to our incredibly shrinking Star - size 5!!! I think I was that size when I was born? and the smallest I can ever hope for is maybe a 10? if I'm lucky - How about getting some jeans with the size on the outside? Something we would have never done before? (I think Levi's are like that?)

Theo's girl - a special mention to you - what an awesome job you did of avoiding any "badness"....good for you! :bravo: You should be very proud of yourself!

Karen- Welcome back! Glad to hear dd is doing well and your house and routine will soon be all your own!

SBM - I agree that "bloat" is probably just water weight - hang in there and DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED! The shower gifts sounded like "fun"....hope the happy couple enjoys them! ;) ;) Good for you regarding your exercise commitment - I should definitely follow in your footsteps as I have been slacking off this week!

My last week here at this job - and I need to get my act together and get everything finalized and "put to bed" so I can leave in good conscience. Lunch out planned on Thursday!

Weigh in this am - revealed further loss of 1.8 lbs - most probably due to my tummy bug....not a good way to lose weight!

Froufy :D

01-12-2004, 03:25 PM
Just playing again ...........

Okay you have to make them teeny........... so they become distorted... oh well, it was worth a try.

01-12-2004, 03:29 PM
Leens - love the wedding pic! You're a pretty lady!

Princess Froufy - So sorry that the issues are still in existence. Too much fiber in your diet? :lol:

I forgot to tell you my story of ultimate negativity! Ugh - I'm still pissed off! Ok - so Saturday night DH was working at the bar and I was feeling better so I went down to hang out. Well, this woman corners me as I'm going into the bathroom and starts accusing me of hitting on her son! For the record, this guy is living with the head bartender, is incredibly abusive, makes his money selling pot, and is an all around repulsive person. If you've ever seen "Delux" in those commercials they show before a movie in the theaters, he's kindof like that.

Anyway, I told her she was being ridiculous. I don't even like her son and I have a perfectly wonderful husband who I adore beyond all reason. So she gets in my face and tells me - are you ready for this? - that I think I'm so much better than everyone else just because I've lost weight and who the **** do I think I am. And then storms off!

I didn't know if I should fall over laughing or chase her down and beat her drunk a$$ up! :lol: I chose the former, but ohhhhhhhhhhh I'm still angry! I've worked very hard to lose the weight that I have and I don't think I'm better than people because of it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Does this mean I get to discover a whole new kind of discrimination?

01-12-2004, 04:27 PM
That is too funny Star - obviously someone has some "low self esteem" issues - and it certainly isn't you! I'm sure she is extremely jealous of you and your new gorgeous body - and yes sometimes when one loses weight it brings out all sorts of issues in others - in fact you may find out who your true friends are! sad as that may seem!

In the past (yes I have lost weight before) I did notice that people did treat me differently when I was thinner - even tho I was the same person inside! This really peeved me, especially when it was male attention - how shallow they can be! All of sudden doors are being opened for me, chairs pulled out and smiles everywhere - where was this when I was 50 pounds heavier?

By the way, next time this person approaches and accuses you of flirting I vote for "kick her butt!"...ha ha


01-12-2004, 04:40 PM
If it wouldn't jeapordize my career, I'd do it in a heartbeat. :s:

But you're right about the friends thing. I'm already learning some painful lessons there. Dateline did a story last night about how people are treated differently based on how attractive other people find them. Even my parents are pulling that crap right now - telling me how much nicer I've become and how much more balanced I am in my life. What??? I've always been nice and relatively balanced. I'm sure glad I've got some people in my life who understand that I'm the same even if I do look a little different.

01-12-2004, 04:52 PM
Hello everyone!

Star: Wow...crazy woman on the loose in Oregon, eh? I think I would have laughed at her insinuations, too. What can you do about these crazy people? Just roll your eyes, I guess. Sounds like she's awfully jealous, though, of all your success in losing weight. I love it when people "storm off" though - very dramatic. And very amusing for the one watching the "stormer." :) And congrats on the size 5! I can't even imagine...

Leens: lurvely wedding pic! Glad to see you experimenting for us with the new board layout (which by the way, I like).

Frouf: Bah. Snow. Bah. Weather that's just going to get colder later this week. I hope your tummy feels better. Subway in Canada really has the low-carb wraps? I mean, I know I saw the commercials for it, and even though I knew they were Cdn commercials, I still figured it was all a lie and that the wraps would only be available in the US. I wonder if they will take my full Subway card for the lc wraps? Hmmm...

Story: Your poor mother! :) At my hypothetical wedding shower, I can totally picture my mother embarrassing me! My sister inherited her non-prudish genes. My non-prudism comes out in spurts, but not consistently. :p
As for the grilled cheese sandwich, my brother would sometimes take one slice of brown bread, toast it and then somehow skillfully cut it in half to come up with two pieces and use that to keep carbs low. If you're not on induction, I think that might still keep carbs low?

Hey fullfig & supersized! It's nice seeing nearly everyone back. I haven't seen rochemist here for awhile?

Theo: Way to go on resisting the cake! I'm a bit of a cheat on this program when I go to birthday parties, I always take the piece of cake that they give me. It's handed directly to me, and with my group of friends in Montreal, I don't feel comfortable going into my weightloss efforts with them, especially since I know it will turn into this big "thing" once I mention Atkins. So I just quietly try to go about it. I avoid all the other party food though so maybe it's only half-cheating? :^:

Jane: even though I complain a bit about the difficulty in finding LC items up here, I'm fairly satisfied with what I have at the moment, too. The only times when I find it difficulty is when I need "convenient" stuff...something to take the place of a granola bar.

Karen, glad that your DD is feeling much better!

Jina, hope your stomach returns back to normal - hopefully it was just some weird temporary thing caused by solar flares or bizarre rifts in the space-time continuum? :p

Tried to resolve the last library book issue today, but since I couldn't find the 'lost' book on the shelf, I have to wait until Jan 22 when the supervisor comes back. Grr.

Then, I wanted to borrow a laptop on Wednesday for the tutorial I'm giving, and for some reason my department decided to *stop* allowing grad students to borrow the laptops this term unless they were doing a seminar. Grr. Throws a wrench in those plans.

I apologize to anyone that has fond feelings towards the university I am currently attending, but its rating in my books continually drops, over silly stupid things, too! It makes me look wistfully back at my undergrad university... *sigh*

Whew! I've got to get back to work. See you all later, Julie. :)

01-12-2004, 04:58 PM
Okay, it's a small thing, but I WALKED at lunch today for 27 minutes!!!

I feel SO GOOD about doing it... and now that I've done it once, I can do it again!!

I have updated my miles in my signature to be ONE, but it possibly could be 2, I don't know, so I'll keep it at one.

I'll go update the list, too.


01-12-2004, 05:01 PM
Lekker - are you at McGill or Concordia? and where did you do your undergrad? I did my BA at McGill...but that was a long, long, loooooonnnnngg time ago!

And I loved your explanation about the bloated tummy! My next "excuse" is going to be those nasty solar flares and rifts in the time/space continuum - how astute of you to notice. I bet that was what was affecting that nasty lady that attacked our lovely Star....Star - not your was the bizarre fluctuations of the moon tides that were causing her surly behaviour!


01-12-2004, 05:13 PM
Oh man Star!!!! I experienced that when i lost 75 pounds last time, It seems to bring out the worst in people and all their insecurites to the forfront. They are reminded that they still llok like crap when they look at you !! Good girl just ignore her, what she would really want would be for you to say or do something mean back to her so it could be a huge drama and you could be the B*tch. Don't give her what she wants!!!!

Story book: GREAT job...everyone has to start back somewhere and a walk is the best place!!

Foufy: sorry about your tummy!! Hope you feel better soon.


01-12-2004, 05:23 PM
Here is something funny for you guys.
Proof that DS has been touching my camera even when he says he hasn't! LOL %3DXROQDF%3E232348%3B488%3B93ot1lsi

01-12-2004, 05:30 PM
StorybookMama: :strong: Way to go...every little bit helps.

Theo'sgirl: That picture is definitely a keeper! LOL

01-12-2004, 05:35 PM
Okay, that picture is just priceless!! I LOVE his eyes!!

01-12-2004, 05:39 PM
Star: Oh my! What a woman! This was the guy's mother??? I take it this is a grown man? Why is it any of her business in the first place? So what if some girl was hitting on her son? Can't he take care of them himself? I think she might have some "letting go" issues... on top of many others, it sounds like.

Froufy: Hope your tummy gets back to normal soon!

Lekker: Crazy enough, my apartment complex just told me last week that they don't get pages on their emergency maintenance pager because of solar flares. You didn't happen to let them in on that excuse, did you? Personally, I think they just ignore the pages and let their residents suffer, but I could be wrong...

SBM: What a great shower! That's hilarious. Great gifts! Also, great job on getting out and walking at lunch! :cb:

TG: Great job at resisting the cake -- that definitely takes willpower. Love the picture of DS -- that is so cute!

Karen: Glad you're back and glad DD is feeling better!

Supersized: Good to see you back as well!

Leens: What a beautiful bride you were!

Fullfig: Get some rest!

Jane: That's what I decided about the LC products as well. I'm getting along just fine without them now. Why spend tons of money on something I don't really need?

Thanks for the tips on drinking lots of water. Sometimes over the weekend, I don't drink as much water and too much coffee and Diet Pepsi. I've been drinking lots and lots of water today. Hopefully this goes away soon, I'm sick of feeling so gigantic and bloated! Yuck!

01-12-2004, 05:48 PM
I think you can use rifts in the space-time continuum as an excuse for anything. All that influence from parallel universes, dontchaknow! I'm thinking that in one of these parallel universes is a *really* skinny version of me, but somehow, during one of the more turbulent rifts, the weight was mistakenly re-directed to *this* universe.

Froufy: I'm at McGill, which generally I have a fond opinion of, but lately some of the admin stuff has been irking me! I'm getting my M.Eng. here, but I got my B.ASc. (Applied Science) at U of Waterloo.

Theo: oh my goodness, his eyes are wonderful!

01-12-2004, 05:53 PM
I do tend to attract psychos...... It must be my charm ;)

Lisa - What a great shower! Naughty presents are fun! Oh, and grilled cheese is easy! Get some low carb bread and use that! I don't use my bread very often so I keep it in the freezer so I'm not wasting tons of money. Oh! Oh! Did you see that? I was practical :smug:

Way to go on the walking!!! :cb:

TG - What a fantastic picture!!!! I love it! You're little guy is soooooo cute! (and no I'm not hitting on him! :lol: )

01-12-2004, 05:54 PM
Lekker - are you about to launch into a discussion on String Theory?

01-12-2004, 07:05 PM
Ok it's 3:00 and I just had lunch and OMG I'm dying a million deaths of happiness! Being one of the few who's not real fond of the LC tortillas, I hadn't thought of this before, but today I made cheese enchiladas using the lowest carb sauce I could find (2 grams for a LOT of sauce), shredded cheese, and the tortillas. Oh, they were so good!!!! I'm still drooling and I'm full!!!

Just wanted to share ;)

Kim in NJ
01-12-2004, 07:15 PM
I NOTICED STAR'S PRACTICALITY!!! I was actually reading her message about her frozen Atkins bread and thought - WOW I do that too! Me and Star do have something in common!!! :lol: But I don't hit on other men like she does :lol: :lol: :lol: What a fruitcake that woman was!

Hello to all here - I'm so busy at work these days so I can't stay long. But I do read your posts and find encouragement. Can't wait to lift tonight. I am noticing that even though my weight is not pants keep getting looser - so I am NOT complaining! Have a great night all.

01-12-2004, 07:58 PM
Good evening everyone!

I so love coming home and reading the latest entries of "Days of Our Pounds!"

Star: YOWZA! I think the last time I wore a 5 was in the 2nd grade. :lol: You done found your groove!!!

Karen: So glad to hear Cassie is getting back to her old self. Don't worry, you will too very soon!

Theo's Girl: I just fell over laughing at your DS's picture! Nothing like catching them red-handed, is there? Knowledge is power, and don't you ever doubt it.

Kim: I agree. My weight can stay the same, so long as my clothes keep getting bigger on me!

Not much to say tonight. I'm plugging along and feeling generally content. :goodvibes Wish everyone the best.....

01-12-2004, 10:34 PM
What a crazy day!! I can't respond individually to everyone right now. Just want to say that I hope Jina's tummy goes away soon. I know it will. Girl power to Star! You know you are right and a good person and sometimes being the better person is hard. You did the right thing. Everyone else. You are so darn wonderful and supportive. I LOVE YA!!!

I'm doing great! Working tons. Pulled out a random pair of pants from the bottom of my closet today and they were way pre-pregnancy, pre trip to Switzerland, like 2002. I pulled them on and not only did they fit but they were loose. I'm so thrilled!! I feel so good about what I'm doing and I feel so much better about it because you all are along for the ride.

I have been debating about what to do for my b-day on Friday.
On Thursday the girls and I are going out for dinner and a movie. I get off work Wed night at midnight so I'll sleep in. I might schedule a day of pampering at the spa, not sure yet. I have to work overtime on Friday but at least it's doubletime.
I was debating about whether or not I wanted a birthday cake. I've been craving one pretty bad but a co-worker helped a bunch. He pointed out that when I went off plan over the holidays that I felt bloated and awful, that no matter how good it tasted, that it made me feel terrible. So, point taken!
I decided to make crab cakes and a coconut cream cake for myself on that are low carb and on plan and have as much as I want of on plan stuff. That way I can splurge and feel like it's a holiday but not be in pain for it.

I feel like it's a good decision and growth in the right direction for me! Yay!!!
Well, chicas! I'm sorry I can't respond more for you. I am sending you all individual prayers and good vibes! More soon.