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01-09-2004, 10:25 AM
Hope you don't mind that I started a new thread and got us out of November again!

I have been so busy and so remiss checking in. I apologize and hope to do better. I am still walking pretty much everyday and we are joining YMCA so Jack can get some exercise and I can vary my routine. Boy it sure is reasonable and we have several that we will be able to use. There is even one at the hospital Jack was at when he had his heart attack and they specialize in heart attack victims. We are looking forward to it.

Our son and his fiance have finally set a date and are sticking to it! They are getting married April 10 in Las Vegas so we get to go on the trip I didn't get to take last year! We are very excited and looking forward to seeing my favorite sister and her husband who are coming over from Ca, as well as her adult daughter and her boyfriend, my niece is flying in with her family, and possibly even my husband's sister and her family are coming from Texas.

Well, I have been up since 5 and have half the downstairs cleaned and all the upstairs, the laundry done, the pets fed, the trash out and so I need to finish downstairs and get my smoothie into me so I can go and walk!