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01-07-2004, 09:25 PM
HI all,

My name is Julie, I'm 22 and like everyone here I am looking for weight loss buddies to share weight loss tips and success strategies. I have lost 47 lbs since august 2003, with no special diet, no pills, Just good ole exercise and I changed my lifestyle of eating , to eating fruits veggies, and eating out only once a week
I have to stress here, WATER WATER WATER, it' s a lifesaver.
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Best of Luck to All

01-07-2004, 10:42 PM

I'm brandy spankin new to this board. I just had my 2nd child a year ago and I'm looking to lose 40-50 lbs. I was wondering what kind of excersize routine were you doing?? I'm also looking for some inspirations and some motivation!!!


01-08-2004, 08:10 PM
Welcome Aboard,

Well somethings that have helped me greatly, were cutting my calories, drinking lots of water, and exercising daily. I started at 256 lbs, in August 03, I am currently 214 lbs. I have just basically started eating more fruits, veggies, salads. Pumping the water, add some lemon or lime into it or even crystal light if you cant drink it plain/ I've heard you should drink 1/2 your body weight in water daily. I keep myself busy at times that I know I have snacking urges. I also exercise everday for about 45 minutes, sometimes longer. I have started doing pilates, but other than that I mainly walk on my treadwell or use a weight machine. Most important stay in touch. Have people who understand around you. We are your best support system..... Best of Luck, Keep in Touch