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01-07-2004, 11:21 AM
:flow1: "WELCOME!!!" :flow1:
This Thread is for anyone wanting to join us in sharing about their "CURVES experiences" or if you are thinking about joining and have any questions. Come on in!!!

I have really enjoyed CURVES! Loved the people and the music! And what it does for my Spirits! I began on Sept 17th, 2003 and cannot say... 'Thanks' enough!!!

01-07-2004, 04:18 PM
Bad news....and I don't mean to dump this here, but I am so upset, and need to vent. I know you all will understand...

About 2 hours ago, I was sitting in the computer room, typing an e-mail, and Ricardo was in the bedroom. All of a sudden I heard a HUGE BOOM.

Ricardo ran out of the room, looked out the door and yelled, "CALL THE POLICE! SOMEONE JUST HIT YOUR CAR!"

I thought he said that someone was trying to steal my car, so I hurried and called 911. I told them that my car was being stolen, I was FREAKING out completely! Then when I went outside, I finally realized that this guy had smacked right into my car, and HARD!

He pushed my car from where it was parked in the front, all the way around to the FRONT of our house, and almost hit our deck! The WHOLE ENTIRE BACK drivers side is smashed in, and all along the drivers side!

Also - when he hit my car, he pushed my car into Ricardo's 2003 Ford Focus Wagon, smashing the back, and now the hatch will not open!

When I came out side, the guy who hit us was frantically trying to leave, he was hitting the gas, but his truck was going no where. I yelled for Ricardo to hurry and get his license plate number to give to the 911 operator. A few seconds after we got the plate number, the guys truck finally went, and he took off, got half way down the street, and smashed TWO more cars!!! After that, he took off.

Ricardo called 911 back (because they HUNG UP on me) and told them that the guy took off, and he told them which direction that they guy was going.

About 15 minutes later the cops showed up. The cop told me that the guy was driving down the main road, half way on the curb, half way on the street. They said he then drove into Detoit, and hit some more cars. They had to block him in to get him to stop.

I AM SO MAD! At first, I was hysterical, and crying. Now I am just plain MAD. It just seems like when it comes to cars, I have BAD luck.

In August 2001 I bought a BRAND NEW Kia RIO, and November 2nd, 2001 (2.5 months after I bought it) - a guy hit me while I was in the car, and totaled out my car!

Now this year, I bought a 2000 Ford Contour on November 10th, 2003, then today, January 7th 2004 this guy hits my PARKED CAR!!! I've only had it for TWO MONTHS now!!! :( :mad:

There is A LOT of damage to my car, and they had to tow it away, because it is not driveable.

I just had to post this, I really need to get it all out, even though it is totally off topic. I know how understanding all of you are.

Thanks for letting me vent.

~ Kari ~

01-08-2004, 03:13 PM
Hi KARI, So good to hear from you and to be back... but I just cannot believe your luck. I am so very sorry for you and you can come and dump here anytime!!! I wish I could wiggle my nose and make it all better for you.

So what is going to happen next? Will Insurance take care of it without costing you?? I always wondered how that worked. You see it happen in the car chases all the time on TV and wonder who pays for the damaged cars?!? Was the guy on something?? You poor thing...

I tried to get on earlier to write you but the forum was down again and I couldn't get on. Must be that they are still working out the kinks. So much happening to so many!!!

I do hope it won't cost you to get things taken care of... keep in touch, would you.


I went to 'Curves' this morning after 3 1/2 weeks of being gone. Boy, did it feel good to get back!! And I was greeted by so many when I came through the door - such a nice feeling to be missed. I am hoping to go again tomorrow morning and now they are open here on Saturdays, so if I couldn't get in one of the weekday's it's nice to know there's a Saturday I could go now.

Well, that's about it for now.

Come back everyone!!! Tell us how you are doing now that we are into the new year. I personally do not do resolutions (sets me up for failure) but if you have one or two, come share it with us. I haven't done resolutions in about 4 - 5 years now... and the pressure is off and I do better when I go back to my exercise.

Well, take care ~all~ and I hope to hear from you soon!
:sunny: SunnyD

01-09-2004, 11:25 AM
SunnyD57 - Thanks for understanding. I'm starting to feel a little better about the whole situation since it has been about two days now. I should find out today or tomorrow if my car is going to be repaired, or totaled out. I am praying that it is going to be repaired, because I honestly cannot afford to get another car.

My insurance company has been great so far. IF they fix my car, I do not have to pay anything. I have a $100 deductible, but since my car was parked, and no one was in it, I do not have to pay. My insurance company is also going to be covering my rental car until my car is fixed, (if they even fix it).

I did get a REALLY nice rental car yesterday from Enterprise. A 2004 Grand Prix with 300 miles on it :yes: . The guy said I was the second person to drive the car. I'll really hate to give this car up when I have to turn it in.

The guy who smashed the cars was probably drunk, and or on drugs :yikes: . The police never confirmed that with me. They did say that, "there is SOMETHING seriously wrong with him!" We also do not know if the truck he was driving was even his. It could have been stolen. (When I get the police report in a few days, I'll know for sure.)

If the guy did not have insurance on the truck, my insurance company will still cover my damages, but when it is time for my policy to be re-newed, the premium will unfortunatly go up. :( BUT if the guy had insurance, then my insurance company will go after his insurance company, and his insurance company will have to reinburse my insurance company everything that they had to pay. Then my premium will not increase. So I am PRAYING that this guy had insurance on his truck.


I am so glad you are getting back in the swing of things SunnyD57 :) I've been teeter-tottering each day. One day I'll have a pretty good day, eating healthy. The next day, it gets blown. I'm thinking things will get better in February, because this last month we've really been struggling with money. When we do buy food, it's just something quick, and cheap. In February, I will actually have money to go grocery shopping, and buy healthy foods. :) (COME ON FEBRUARY!) lol.

It was nice that you got such a welcome when you went back to Curves! What a way to get started again! :) It is very encouraging. That is awesome that they are now open on Saturdays. Our Curves was open Monday through Saturday, usually from 7 or 8 a.m. until 7 or 8 p.m. It was really nice to have such long hours like that.

We have a Curves closer to our house now, a new one they just built, and they are NEVER open. Usually just in the morning, and that's it. Bummer.

Well - I'd better get going. Once again, thanks for listening. It has been such a crazy week! Things are only bound to get better. :crossed:

Hope you have a wonderful day!

~ Kari ~

P.S. - EVERYONE who used to participate here, PLEASE come back! :) :) :) :) :) WE MISS YOU!!!! :) :) :)

01-09-2004, 11:33 AM
Here are some pics of my damaged contour....



01-09-2004, 03:30 PM
I'm almost ready to take the plunge. I've set up my first appointment for next week. A few months ago I went in and looked around but didn't sign up because of a lot of stuff going on at the time.
Last night after work I stopped by and had another look-see and made my appointment.
Since I'm in Canada I think the pricing is slightly different. There is a $100 discount if I sign up on my first visit - so it will be $99 plus the montly fee. (If I don't sign up I can get 1 week of visits for free).

Kari - so sorry to hear about your car. At least you weren't in it! Hope all goes well with the insurance company.

current weight: 222 (???) I'm not sure!
mini goal weight: 200

01-09-2004, 04:29 PM
wryly - Welcome!!! Congrats on taking your first step to Curves! :) It's such a great place to work out! No intimidation, or fear of people staring at you. It is THE most comfortable gym I have ever been to. And the staff is so helpful in the whole process. :) I unfortunatly had to quit because of our current $$$ situation, but hopefully, when things get better, I may be able to return.

If you have any questions about Curves, or how it works, just ask. :) We're all a bunch of helpful ladies!

It may seem that this thread is pretty slow, but it just needs time to pick back up. Before the holidays, everyone has been so busy, and there weren't many posts. Then the whole 3FC website crashed, and I don't think everyone has made their way back yet. Hopefully everyone will return....we'll see how it goes! :)

Anyways, good luck at your appointment! I know you'll love it! Keep us posted on how things are going! :)

~ Kari ~

01-13-2004, 12:15 PM
Good Morning KARI & WRYLY...

Boy (!) has it ever been quiet here these days :( I miss seeing everyone :?:

Although, I too have not been around much with all that's been happening with the forum and getting back to Curves later then I anticipated.

I went back last Thursday (1-8-04) and was there again this morning and will be going again this week - tomorrow and Thursday - to get in my three days. It looks as if Tues., Wed., Thursday are good days for me to go. I am just dogging it on Monday's after the weekends! So I don't even entertain the thought of going, but WILL on TUES - WED - THURS! I won't take time to ponder or think twice about it - I just get ready! I am a good one for talking myself out of things these days...


KARI, I saw the pictures of your car before they changed the format... I feel so sorry for you. Have you heard anything more about what will be done? Will you be able to repair your car? Did the other guy have insurance????

I totally understand where you are coming from as far as one day feeling strong and good the the next just a total failure! That's what I have been struggling with for weeks now (ever since I sprained my ankle). I feel down because it isn't healing as well or as quickly as I hoped it would and then eat comfort foods to fill my frustrations ~ seems to make me sleepy; then I can just sleep away the feelings instead of dealing with them. I am feeling so much better now that I have decided not to ponder & just do it... I hope you are feeling better too. It sounds as if you may do the same thing I do - you get stressed & it brings on the want for desserts (stressed backwards) and it calms you (well, for the moment anyway :^: then you feel worse!) I am trying to talk to myself differently - not so negative! I am negative with myself and so kind and positive with others. I am trying to expand and be as kind & positive with myself too.

Yes, it was a nice feeling to be so welcomed when I went back to Curves. And this morning the owner, Sue, was there and she also welcomed me with open arms! Asked me how I have been, why I was out and so on... ... She was very concerned about me. It really does feel good getting back. The hardest part for me is getting dressed to go!!! Once I just "do it" I am fine, but thinking about going out and having to spend 15 to 20 minutes scrapping ice off the jeep before I go isn't too thrilling. Most times my hubby will do it for me, but he had to rush out this morning and I really did need to go and workout. It was all well-worth it :) I always feel so much better after I go!!!

:wave: Hi WRYLY, Did you go back to Curves and sign up with them??? I sure hope you gave them a try for the week free at least. The Curves I go to is so very nice and I cannot say enough 'good' about the people that work there & own it. We are always watched to see if we are doing the machines correctly and there's always someone there to answer our questions when we need it. Hope you stop back and let us know what happened with you. Thanks for stopping in!


Well, that's it for me today so far anyway (laundry day today :p ). I am feeling cp'd out today... I spent the whole day yesterday in front of this computer bringing it up to date on all it's needs with UPGRADES and another year of ANTIVIRUS. So exhausting! Felt like I climbed mountains yesterday, but never left the desk! Over 10 hours of UPDATES! But now it is all done and I feel better/safer... let's hope I am. So many people are talking about how they have lost their cp's.

Take Care Guys!
Be Positive & Kind to yourselves!!! :)
:sunny: SunnyD

01-13-2004, 03:34 PM
Hi everyone:

Still going to curves - went 3 x last week. Didn't feel like going last night, since it was cold & snowing here but pulled myself together & went. Felt great after that.
Kept me on track last night with my snacks.

Hope everyone is doing well. Bye for now.

01-13-2004, 04:13 PM

So happy to see you again and to hear that you are still going to Curves so faithfully! :cp: That's what I am going to do... 3x a week. When I began in Sept/2003 that's what I was doing and I had such good results.

When do you go in for another weight and measure again? I bet you anything that your inch-loss is going to be great! Please come back and keep us (me) informed... it gives me what I need to keep on truckin' too ;) when I hear such good news. Especially because we are getting allot of cold and snow also, in fact, it's is snowing to beat the band right now. Just makes you feel isolated if you aren't an ice-skater, skier or snow-boarder (which I am not :lol: no way - no how).

Take Care & keep Curving :)
:sunny: SunnyD

01-13-2004, 05:03 PM
I went in for my appointment but apparently the person who booked it gave me the wrong date. Her daybook said Monday 13 not Tuesday 13th. And no-one called when I missed the appointment so when I went in today a different person said she couldn't see me today as she was booked solid.
So now I've re-booked for tomorrow at 9 - which is pushing my luck since I have to work until midnight. And tomorrow I'm only getting a Figure Assessment done, I'll have to book another appointment for my first work-out.
And no free workouts for a week - it is a free week or $100 off sign-up fees but not both.

A quick question: Am I allowed a maximum or 3 work-out per week or can I go as often as I want?

01-13-2004, 08:57 PM

So glad to hear the you did go back, but they don't sound very organized - do they? I hope that they run a better Curves then they are showing you with the appointments :o I think I am very spoiled with the place I go to - they treat their customers so well!

I did that too... I did not workout on my weight & measure day (the day I signed with them). I came back the next day to begin. And 'NO' to your question of ONLY going 3x a week, you may go as many as you would like. They discourage you at first, going more then 3x a week, saying it's too much at first. But I do know that many of the ladies that workout at our Curves go everyday of the week (5x). So if you can do it - go for it... they cannot stop you (they can try, but you paid to go as often as you like).

Oh, thanks for setting me straight on the free week & $100.00 discount - I didn't know that and someone else may need to know that too.

I wish you well!!!!
:sunny: SunnyD

01-14-2004, 11:26 AM
Hi everyone! I haven't posted in awhile. I m ready for my 4 month weigh in/measurements. I am a little afraid since I kinda splurged over the holidays. I have been pleased so far. At my 3 month weigh in I had lost a total of 8 pounds and 19 1/2 inches!!! I am very pleased so if anyone is thinking about joining and not sure It does work.
I was wondering if any of you have noticed a HUGE increase in attendance at your Curves. Before Christmas I could go around 5 or 5:30 and either be by myself or only see 1 or 2 other people there. Last night we were one station away from being full. I couldnt believe it! I guess a lot of people made resolutions and it seems we had a huge increase in membership.
Hope everyone has a great day!

01-14-2004, 12:20 PM
Hey there TINA,

:cp: I am so happy for you!!!! :bravo: 8 #'s down and a loss of 19 1/2 inches! Way-to go!!!!!!!!!! :cp: You are doing so well - at least you continued through the holidays, I know I gained, but now that I am back 'on track' I see it coming off again... such a nice feeling!

I just saw the new Curves commercial - isn't it a great commercial!?! I just think Curves is the best.

YES!!! I usually go at 8:30am and have plenty of space but not this morning! When I got there there were only two recovery stations open, so I had to hurry and change into my shoes cuz I saw a few ladies coming in and I wanted in. There's a HUGE sign-up going on for Jan. but it will settle soon. This happens to most fitness places in January. I worked for Jazzercise 15 years and every Jan. we were bombarded with new students that stayed only a few months and then never returned again. Hopefully that will not happen to CURVER'S :o All I know is this... we have over 400 sign-ups at our Curves since they opened in Sept-2003. And now we have 11 machines out of the 13 to be had. We just got a new one this week for the peck muscles.

Keep up the wonderful job and touch base with us after your weight & measure, okay.
Great to hear from you again!!!

:sunny: SunnyD

01-19-2004, 11:34 AM
Hi everyone:

My 2nd measure in is tonight. Don't feel like I have lost anything, but will see later.
I have been going 3x/week as well as shovelling snow, but haven't been doing so great with my ww menu.

But today is a new day & beginning of a new week. So my goal for this week is to
stay OP, curves 3x and drink all my water & no sugary snacks right before bed.

Have a great day.

01-20-2004, 02:45 PM
Well, did my 2nd measure at curves last night & was up 5# & I think she said 6" since last time. I knew I would be up since I ate badly over Christmas season. The girl wasn't too worried about it - she said quite a few of the members were up as well.
But I still did my workout and went to my ww meeting afterward. At ww I was down 1# so that made me feel a little better.

So my goal is to do better this month with everything. Bye for now.

01-20-2004, 03:31 PM
I went in for the figure assessment and first workout today at 8 a.m.
Apparently my BMI is very high although I don't weigh as much as I originally thought.
The workout was good - someone showed me how to do each station, how to take my pulse and the stretches afterwards.
So I guess I'll stick with it and try watching what I eat. My 2nd measure is Feb. 20th.

01-21-2004, 10:27 AM
http://users.bigpond.com/cutecolorz/20012/setpanda/ccpandaani2a.gif Well, I did 2 miles on my elliptical yesterday with the belt 'up high' (meaning that it was tougher) and then this morning I went to Curves and did my 40 minutes... we have 11 machines now and I still go around 3x, so it takes me longer but I don't mind. It really felt good this morning.


:cp: WRYLY, my BMI is high too and so is my body fat :( but it will come down as we continue to workout - you'll see. I am so glad to hear that you joined and like it. And I am soooo very happy you have people working with you - some places unfortunately don't... they get lax. So "not fair" to those who are new and need the attention when they first begin. Did you get the Curves Book (it's Lavender)? It has some great info on how Curves began and some meal planning... it is very similar to the South Beach Diet. So happy you like it...

KARI, you coming back at all????? Hope you are doing well! Have you heard anything more about your car? Miss you!

http://users.bigpond.com/cutecolorz/20012/setpanda/ccpandaicon1.gif BANDIT2, Don't be discouraged... my heart goes out to you. :grouphug: It will be better next weight / measure, you'll see. I bet it was all the holiday happenings that caught up with you - I know it has me!!! :o That's why I skipped the January measurement and will be weighed & measured in February... after I have been back a month in exercise & watching my diet. Heck, it'll take me two weeks just to clear out all the sweets I had in my system!!!!!
Feel better... (((hugs)))


Gotta go get some house shores done...
Take Care Guys! "Keep on Curving!!!"
http://users.bigpond.com/cutecolorz/20012/setpanda/ccpandaani4.gif for now...

01-21-2004, 12:18 PM
Sunny - I'm not sure if I get the book. I talked to one person who said we get it if we reccomend 3 people. I'm not sure if they have to sign up or not. Then someone else said that I'll get it when I get my tag. So - I'm not sure. lol.

I hope to go work out again tomorrow morning - we'll see. When I woke up this morning I was thinking all the stuff I wanted to do before I left for work - until I realized I'd overslept and then ended up rushing everything and leaving my purse at home.

01-21-2004, 12:36 PM
http://users.bigpond.com/cutecolorz/20012/setpanda/ccpanda10.gifHi again WRYLY, I got my book when I recommended 3 people to them. 2 of the 3 names I gave them did sign too and really like Curves. Sorry to hear that you had such a rushed morning, hope it gets better through your day :)
God Bless!

01-21-2004, 10:22 PM
Hi Ladies,
I started to attend the local Curves at the end of December. I am hooked. I feel so pumped and ready to live life to it's fullest after I leave Curves. I try to go three or four times a week. It is a great stress buster after a long day at school with my Special Needs students and then the after school program kids three nights a week. I go in the evenings and the place is usually packed. Tonight when I went in, every machine and all except one board was in use. I have made some nice friends there. The staff is helpful and really care about you as a person. I also belong to TOPS (Take Off Pounds Senseablely) sorry about the spelling but I am losing steam for the day. Since I joined Curves I have lost 4 pounds. It is great to be a steady weight loser for the first three weeks of the New Year. If I can do it and am faced with a stressful job on a daily basis, you ladies can too! Well I need to go and get some rest for my little darlings tomorrow. I was out attending a workshop today and know that I am walking into a mess tomorrow. So I better get well rested. Have a great day tomorrow.

01-22-2004, 12:34 PM
Sunny - thanks for the kind words & encouragement. I am OK with the results because I know I over-did the Christmas thing. If I had of stayed completely OP, I would really be upset. But it is an eye opener & a motivator.

Didn't do curves last night because the weather was nasty & didn't want to chance driving farther than I needed to. But I did the 3 mile WATP express & it is really a nice workout. Takes about 45 minutes. I thought I would do the tape in between curves nights & for sure if I don't make it to curves. So between that & shovelling snow I am getting lots of exercise and so far this week I have stayed completely OP with me eating and have reduced my starch consumption alot. So I am hoping for a good w/i on Monday.

Hope everyone else is doing well and keep up the good work.

Bye for now, curvees :-)

01-23-2004, 08:44 AM
I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling okay. Don't want to see you beat up on yourself.


I haven't been to Curves again this week, just went this Wednesday. It is just way to cold to go out & so many are ill... so I have been working out on my elliptical more to make up for it. I did 2 miles on Tuesday and yesterday I did 3 miles. I will hopefully get back to Curves on Tuesday next week & get in my 3x. I haven't gotten in 3x in a week since I have gone back :o --- I know that when the temps get nicer out I will venture out more, but I am from the desert and really feel this cold! Only 3* this morning with a windchill of -10* buuurrr!!! And so many ladies are really sick & still coming to our Curves ( :rolleyes: wish that when they didn't feel well they didn't come & spread the stuff around - you know :shrug: ). I don't usually get upset about things, but when it comes to illnesses I have to be guarded, I just become ill too easily & really am trying to stay well this year. Am I being unreasonable? So very sorry :sorry: if I am...


Hope you ~All~ have a great Day!!!
I'm off... I have to go get in my elliptical for the day.
Later guys...
:sunny: SunnyD

01-23-2004, 11:27 PM
Hello all - sorry I haven't posted in a while. So much going on, seems like everything is just starting to catch up with me.

The car situation is starting to get a little better. On monday, they finally told me that they are going to total it out. It is too expensive to repair the damage. I'm a little bummed, but I can't dwell on it. The only problem we have is trying to get the insurance company to pay off my car. They want to give me $7,100 for it, and I still owe a little less than $7,500. There is NO way I am accepting their offer. My salesman at the Ford Dealership is going to call the guy on Wednesday, and get the claim settled. He said that he knows that he can get them to pay off my car. Hopefully it works. So in the mean time I've been looking at a 2001 - 2002 Ford Taurus. I'm still trying to work out a better deal with the dealership though. Wednesday should be the day when I pick a car.

My whole weight loss journey has been on hold lately. I've just had so much on my mind lately, with the car situation, and some family matters that have recently come up. Plus Ricardo and I are still struggling financially. We would have been okay in February, but now because of my car being totaled out, this puts us behind again. So it will be another two months before I can *try* to catch up again. It's like taking two steps forward, and three steps back.

I've been doing A LOT of stress eating over the last week, so I know I'm packing on the lbs. Clothes are getting tighter on me, and I'm really feeling the gain. Not good. I'll get back on track, eventually. I have to....and I know it.

I have been putting my resume in at several different places, so hopefully someone will call. I've been looking for a Full Time job with decent pay. Right now I have GOOD pay, but I work part time. If I can get decent pay, with full time hours, I will be okay, and I MIGHT be able to join Curves again....gosh how I miss Curves!

I also want to say, that all of you ladies are doing fabulous! Loss, or gain, you're still hanging in there, and doing what you have to do! So I just have to say, GREAT JOB everyone!!! :)

I'm sorry to cut this short, and not post more, but I am soooo unbelievably tired, and should probably go to bed. I promise to check back in soon, and see how everyone is doing. I'm happy to see the board picking up a little. :)

I hope all of you have a wonderful night, and weekend!

~ Kari ~

01-24-2004, 01:35 PM
Well I just came back from Curves. Today was my first weigh in and measure day. I did good. I lost 2 pounds. I also lost 10.25 inches. Plus I dropped my body fat by 0.80%. I am pleased with my results. I just hope that I can stay committed to going to Curves and hopefully I will reach my goal weight at the end of this year. Keeping your fingers crossed that I can obtain my goals. Have a great weekend!

01-24-2004, 01:55 PM
I am so sorry KAR73, I didn't welcome you... so here it is :)

A Huge :wave: "Welcome" :wave: to you!

:dance: :cp: You really did well for your first weigh & measure :cp: :dance: You should be so proud of yourself! You will be committed - just say to yourself, "you will" instead of "I hope" ;)

Keep in touch! You give me inspiration ;)


Hi KARI, Good to see you back! I don't have the time to write to you now, but just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and hope you get back "on track" again real soo. Sure hate to see you gain back all your weight, after you have worked so very hard to take it off. I know what stress can do :dz: but try hard not to let the emotion grab you and pull you under, okay sweetie!

Thinking of you!!!

Thinking of you ~All~ !
Keep on Curving!
:sunny: SunnyD

01-24-2004, 05:57 PM
Hi SunnyD57,

I was just lurking around & this site caught my attention since I belong to Curves. Where did you get all these cute attachments?


01-26-2004, 08:52 PM

I just had my first workout at curves this evening, and I LOVED it!! i was a little apprehensive about it because i didn't know what it was all about, but i went in and they are SO supportive and nice. whats great is that there was people of all ages and all levels of fitness. it was great and i can't wait to go again! its been real snowy here too, makes it hard to get out sometimes, but i'll make it!!


01-26-2004, 10:24 PM
I had a snow day from school today. So I planned on working out all day. Just had other things popping up. I could not figure out why I was in such a bad mood. It finally dawned on me that I had not worked out. So I went to Curves and put in a good sweat workout. I was suprised that there was only three other ladies in there. I guess the weather was scaring a people. We had three to four inches of snow yesterday and then about an 1 inch of freezing rain on top of that. But it warmed up today and melted some of the snow. So it is not bad out there now. I hope everyone is able to workout in some form with the weather. Have a great day tomorrow.

01-26-2004, 10:26 PM
I am so glad you enjoyed working out at Curves. It is a lot of fun and you don't realize that your 30 minutes is up. Keep it up! You will do fine. Trust me you will build in the time to go during the winter.

01-28-2004, 08:46 PM

:wave: Hello Ladies!

I am so glad to hear that Curves is working out so well for you all :cp:

I am stalling out with weight loss :( Haven't budged even though I haven't stopped working out. It will probably show up all at once :)

Hi KAR73, & MARIE, I am having a very difficult time getting to Curves :( We have had some terrible weather here in N.E. Ohio! I have been working out on my elliptical the last two days, because of the inch of ice on my car (not to mention the snow!) - allot of places have been closed... roads have been so bad. Seems that a cloud has hovered over our county :o

How about you KAR73? How's the weather been in Southern Ohio? I am so looking forward to this breaking, so I can get to Curves on a regular basis... this is terrible!

ESSIE, I just go to Google or Yahoo Search Engine's and type in FREE GRAPHICS or FREE ANIMATIONS and look through web sites that offer them. Glad you enjoy them :)

That care & keep on Curving :)
:sunny: SunnyD

01-29-2004, 06:09 AM

I'm having the same problem with getting to Curves. We had all this ice on the ground now to top it off we got 10 inches of snow yesterday. I have a treadmilll & Firm tapes that I workout to.

Hope all this melts real soon. I doubt it cause it's very cold & it doesn't seem like we're getting warm weather any time soon.

Have a nice day. :)

God bless!

01-29-2004, 10:04 AM
http://timbuktu.eluria.com/magooblinkies/busy.gif NOT ;)

Good Morning ESSIE,

Now that you have found the graphics :cp: to add them to your post like I do (anywhere in your post - not just at the bottom). Here's what you will do:

Get the graphic you want to use (open a second window for your graphics search by going to your START; then click onto Internet Explorer), go to the web-site for graphics; RT-Click on the picture you want to add and you will see a list - go to the bottom & click on "PROPERTIES". Now you will see an "ADDRESS" - Highlight & copy the address only, click on OK; then go back to your post. PASTE the address where you want to see the graphic in your post and then highlight the address again - and click onto the YELLOW BOX at the top of where you are posting (you know --- by the Bold, Itilic, Underline, etc.)... you should now see that address surrounded with the IMG code. Now if you Preview your post you should see your graphic in your post. "Luck!"

Any questions... just ask & hopefully I will be able to help you ;)
It is still snowing here!!! I think we have a cloud stuck right over us :o


:wave: Have a Great Day Ladies!!!

01-29-2004, 11:19 PM
Well the weather is starting to get on my nerves. We have been having snow off and on for the last week. The problem down here is that a lot of people live off the main roads on little country roads. They are not able to plow or salt them like the main roads. So for the third time this week we don't have to go to school tomorrow. We had about another 2 inches fall today. It is a very fine snow. So I didn't make it into Curves tonight to work out. I did try a Tae Bo video out this morning before going to work. It was a lot of fun. But takes a lot of concentration and I just didn't have it this morning at 5:30 a.m. I grew up in Northeast Ohio, so I am use to a lot of snow. Boy it is amazing how just traveling four hours south is like a different world when it snows. Everyone starts to panic and act like there is a foot or two of snow outside. Well I hope everyone is staying warm and safe.

02-01-2004, 08:19 AM

Good Morning KAR73, I caught the flu last week on top of the crummy weather, so I didn't make it to my Curves :( I know what you mean about some people and snow ;) We sure have had our fair share here!! I am looking forward very much to Spring. My hubby was up on the roof for over and hour removing snow & ice yesterday.

I will be going back to Curves this Tuesday... I usually go on Tues., Wed., & Friday mornings... but it has been a rough month of Jan. So I am looking forward to getting back "on track" again in the month of Feb. I have a birthday coming up and will be 47 and I told my self that this would be the year I get this 50lbs off of this body of mine and am determined to do so... I have given myself a year. I should be able to do that by then, don't you think?

I am thinking of you all and wishing you well always!
Keep on Curving with a smile :) !!

02-01-2004, 08:48 AM

SunnyD, thank you so much for being so helpful. I was going thru a few sites for graphics but didn't come across any like yours. Yours are the cutest I've ever seen.

I haven't been to Curves. We have too much ice & snow on the ground. As soon as some of it melts I'll go back. I go the same days you go. They already sent me a post card saying they miss me. I guess they have to do that in case people are planning to quit. I have alot of exercise videos & a treadmill so that's what I'm doing till I can get there. I need to lose 30 lbs. I have a wedding in August & you know how hot that month is! I would love to be able to wear a sleeveless dress.

Have a nice day everybody. I hope to get to know each & everynone of you.

God bless,

02-01-2004, 08:30 PM
Hello, I was told about this group by someone on one of the other boards I post on and thought I'd come check y'all out. I signed up at Curves on friday the 30th of January and go in for my orientation and such on monday. I was just looking for anyone else who used their program to see how they like it and after reading this thread I feel MUCH better about it. I can tell y'all like it and I'm glad because I think I will too! I'm planning now to go three times a week, with the hope that I will be able to make myself go 5-6 times a week instead, but my goal for now is just the 3. I've been dieting since the 7th of January and lost 10 pounds so far, but I'm hoping that starting at Curves will help me lose more!


02-01-2004, 10:13 PM
http://users.bigpond.com/cutecolorz/20.012/setwinter/ccwinman4.gif "WELCOME" CEZANNE! I know you will enjoy Curves and I think you are being very reasonable by saying you will go three times a week for now... that will be a great start to concentrate on. Don't forget to rest your head all the way back on the machines with the high backs on them... so you don't get sore neck & shoulders and so you use the muscles you are meant to use on each one.

Everyone reacts a bit differently, so don't be disappointed if the first time of weight & measure doesn't give you what you think it should, just keep on truckin' and you will feel so much better. If it doesn't show up the first time you have it done - you will see it by the second time ;) My spirits are so good while I am going. Some see inches come off right away (within the first two weeks or so) and not pounds (you may even put on a couple pounds in the beginning from muscle swelling or water)... and some see the opposite. So just come back here and tell us what is happening with you and we'll do what we can to help you out, okay. Just stay positive and you WILL do well. Have fun and ask questions at your Curves if you have them... don't hesitate to ask them anything that comes to your mind,okay. That's what they are there for. Oh, yes... drink your water too. I still battle with that myself, but I am trying. "Luck!!"

02-01-2004, 10:32 PM
http://users.bigpond.com/cutecolorz/20.012/setwinter/ccwinman2.gif You are very welcome ESSIE ;) Did you happen to see the post I left you teaching you how to add the graphics into your posts (& not just at the bottom)? Look up to find it if you haven't seen it yet.

I plan on going this Tuesday and the weather people are calling for sleet and ice turning to snow on Monday evening through Tuesday. So I am really hoping it's not all that bad and I can get to my Curves on Tuesday. Sometimes the weather changes very quickly; then it isn't as bad as they forecast. I hope! Luckily it's not far for me to go, but it's a problem if the people that 'open' our Curves & 'run' the Curves don't make it there :o This weather is really beginning to get to allot people now. Everyone is more then ready for some Spring weather. The skiers & snowboarders are having a good time!

Take Care... Good Luck getting to your Curves this week!
God Bless!

Good Luck to everyone!

02-02-2004, 08:02 PM
Well, I did my first work out this morning and I loved it! The woman that trained me was wonderful, very helpful and supportive without being overbearing or condescending. I go back on wednesday and she's going to help me out again just to make sure I've got it all down, but I think I do. I'll be checking back in here too just to see how everyone else is doing and keep y'all updated. Thanks for the support so far!


02-02-2004, 09:22 PM
Hi CEZANNE, I am so happy that you had another good experience with Curves today and that you keep coming back here to let us know how you are doing. Keep up the great work! It IS work that will be very rewarding to you ;) Good job :cp: I will check in tomorrow when I get back from my Curves workout...

Sleep well & have an even better day tomorrw then you did today :)

02-02-2004, 10:13 PM
Hi Ladies,
I finally made my third workout last week on Saturday. There was a lot of people there that day, but they were not in a chatty mood. I like listening to the other ladies talk about their weight loss plans and goals.
I was hoping to go workout tomorrow after school, but I found out today that I have a meeting with my supervisor and some other teachers. So I guess I will have to try and go on Wednesday night after work. I have my TOPS meeting right after my first meeting. SO it looks like tomorrow is going to be a long and busy day until about 7 or 7:30 p.m. I better workout in the morning at home.
Sunny I think losing 50 pounds in one year is a good plan. I would like to lose another 83 pounds to get to my goal weight. I am hoping that by the end of the year I will be very close to or at my goal weight. I think we will be good cheerleaders for each other. Keep up the good work!
Cezanne I am so happy that you joined our little group. Welcome and glad to have you with us. I really think you are going to enjoy Curves. It is a lot of fun and motivating.
Have a great Tuesday ladies.
New motto for weight loss YA GOTTA MOVE IT TO LOSE IT!

02-03-2004, 10:53 AM
http://users.bigpond.com/cutecolorz/20.012/setcoffee/ccfeecupani.gif Good Morning Ladies :wave:

I just got home from working out at Curves... boy, does that ever feel good! I really do feel crummy when I don't go. Yesterday I worked my elliptical and went 4.6 miles in 30 minutes. So the two days I don't go to Curves I will do 30 minutes on that. I am trying to get in at least 30 minutes 5 days a week - resting on the weekends. Well, as much as I possibly can... I am usually busier on the weekends when my hubby is home. He doesn't let any grass grow under his feet, that's for sure.


KAR73, Good to see you! :cp: Good for you getting in your 3x!!!! :cp: Keep it up! You are doing so well! Yeah, isn't funny how some mornings you'll go and people are talking over one another and other mornings it's a deafening quiet! I cannot stand it when it's quiet --- I am a talker ;) Bet you could tell :lol:

Hi CEZANNE, I saw your picture on your profile - great pic of you and your son! I just love seeing what people look like, don't you? Hope you are having a great day today. You have a wonderful workout at Curves tomorrow and don't forget to drink your water!


Oh yes - don't forget to take the time to stretch... in fact, I am going to go finish my stretching now. I did some at my Curves, but feel a little tight this morning around the shoulder blades --- so I'm off to go stretch a bit more.

http://users.bigpond.com/cutecolorz/20.012/setcoffee/ccfee2b.gif Have a great day!!!!!


BANDIT2! Where are you these days :?:
Hope all is okay?

02-03-2004, 06:23 PM
Hi Girls,

SunnyD, way to go with working out. I understand what you mean when you don't workout about feeling crummy. I plan to go to Curves tomorrow. The weather is lousy & I hate driving in the pouring rain. The weather man just said there are some icy roads:yikes:

Kar73, I usually go to Curves right after work & everybody seems tired so you know they don't want to chat. Saturdays is a livier group.

Cezanne, I'm glad you like Curves. One of my co-workers was putting it down yesterday. She said she went in to check it out & she didn't like it. She wants to join "a real gym." She always has something negative to say so I try to stay away from her as much as possible. If you say you have a headache she has a migraine.:rolleyes:

Well, ladies, have a nice evening. :wave:

Enjoy your workouts. ;)


02-03-2004, 09:07 PM
Hi y'all,
Thanks for the encouagement SunnyD and Es, I really appreciate it and need all I can get! :thanks: I go in tomorrow morning and I'm excited! I felt SOOOOOO much better yesterday after working out before work than I did today not going. I think I'll go on thursday as well and maybe friday and saturday as well, but I don't work friday and saturday so maybe I'll sleep in instead :dunno: Anyway, had a long day today and I still have to go to the library and do the story hour with kids...part of my work. I have to read stories and do crafts with about 10, 4-8 year olds :faint: If ever I needed to have worked out BEFORE work, it's today! :yikes: Wish me luck!


02-03-2004, 10:35 PM
Hi Ladies,
Sunny I know what you mean about working out. That is great news about going 30 minutes on your elliptical. I usually try to workout 5 to 6 days a week. I know that the day or days I take off seem to either be awful or just drag on.
Keep up the good work Cezanna! You can do it! I have faith in you.
I have not been able to get to Curves yet this week. Last night I was exhausted after going back to school from a long three day weekend. It didn't help that it was also one of my night's to stay until 6:30 working with the afterschool program. Tonight I had two meetings to go to and couldn't squeeze in any time to do. But I am hoping to go tomorrow night after school. But I did do Lesile Sansone's 4 mile Super Challenge Walk yesterday morning and then this morning Richard Simmons Sweat and Tone. So atleast I have been able to do some form of excerise. I went to my TOPS meeting tonight and lost another 3/4 of a pound. So I was happy with it. Now I only have 82 1/4 more to go. This is the 6th week in a row that I have lost. I contribute it all to going to Curves atleast 3 times a week and putting in a good workout. I hope everyone is staying warm and ready for spring like I am. I can't wait until I can take my kids at school for walks around the buildings and down by the creek. They seem to do better when I get them up and moving around in a little bit of fresh air. Take care. Keep it up ladies you are doing great!

02-04-2004, 01:25 AM
I went mon2/2 for my feb weigh-in.I was 173 lbs from 182lbs,body fat was35% from 38%

02-04-2004, 10:34 AM
Hi everyone:

Still going to curves regularly - missed last Fri since I was in Niagara Falls with some friends, but got in a few long walks instead. Went to curves on Mon then shovelled snow last night for 45 min (it was very heavy snow - could hardly move it) so that was quite a workout in itself. Planning on going to curves tonight as long as the roads are OK to drive. It was very nasty here last night & real icey this a.m.

Everyone sounds like they are doing great with their workouts - so keep up the good work and HI to anyone new.

Bye for now.

02-04-2004, 11:20 AM

Good Morning Curver's :wave:

:cp: So good to see you back ROBYN & BANDIT2 :cp: Sounds like you both are doing GREAT!!! Keep up the good work!! Thanks for checking in here and letting us know how you are doing... come back soon!

I just got back from going to Curves this morning... what a busy morning it was! When I got there @ 8:15 there were only two stations open (we have 11 machines) and 4 ladies waiting behind me. It was good to see so many getting in their workouts http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/4/4_1_204.gif So good to hear that you all have gotten your woukouts in already too. We must encourage one another to get in that exercise... :coach: I know that I sure appreciate it from anyone... I need that or I cave into just staying in my jammies & the comfort of my home :^: Especially because it's so cold outdoors right now...

Today, I am going out to lunch and shopping with my girlfriends daughter, Sandy. It's been a long time since we have gotten together and I am really looking forward to it. She wants to check out the new Wal-Mart that just opened not far from us.

:cp: KAR73 :cp: You are well on your way... ... :dance:
Me too... Come on Spring!!!

Thanks Ladies for your help!!!
Have a great day!!

02-04-2004, 01:00 PM
Woo hoo! A Curves Board!

I've been a member since September(?). I haven't lost much of anything, but now that I'm getting my eating & water under control, I'm looking forward to that changing. I love Curves - so much fun!

02-04-2004, 01:10 PM
http://timbuktu.eluria.com/stamps_archivos/sqtweety.gif "WELCOME AIMEEJANE!"

Spring is on it's way... good to see you are trying to get back into your workouts :cp:

Me too, I signed up with them in September and have not been able to go on a regular basis for one reason or another - been going - just not as I should be. Now I too am getting back "on track" & so will you. Checking in here has help me to hold myself accountable. So, stop in after your workouts, okay.

Love your picture!


02-04-2004, 03:58 PM
Thanks, Sunny! I just realized that pic is almost 3 years old. Yipes! Sad that I don't have one since then that I like as much. (Of course, I was actually doing well at WW at that point. LOL) Dh looks pretty skinny there, too. :p

02-04-2004, 05:08 PM
Welcome AimeeJane, I just found this board myself, but it's already been a great help. I'm sure you'll love it too! :goodvibes

I went to my second work out today and again, absolutely loved it! The trainer I worked with the first time wasn't there today, but I met two others who are just as wonderful. The one that actually worked with me said that I'm doing great, that I am using all the machines correctly and even asked me if I'd been a dancer or athlete earlier in my life because I moved so well. I never have been either so what a compliment! I was really psyched! :dancer:

I'm glad to see that you are all doing well on your work outs too, it's nice to have a place I can go for support and to give support where people are doing the same things as me. You guys are great! :grouphug:

02-04-2004, 09:40 PM
Just got back from Workout #36! Now, if I can just get there Friday, it'll be my first time going 3X in a week in about 2 months.

((Oh, these guys on American Idol are TANKING. It's just painful.))

02-04-2004, 11:15 PM
AIMEEJANE, Isn't American Idol the best to watch with the volume down low :lol: I watch American Idol too and Survivor. They are the only reality shows I really get into. I don't know her name on Idol... but I just love the dyed redhead with the spiked do! What a beautiful voice (!) and she's adorable! Do you know who I am talking about? She has a real round face.

:dance: Good for you getting to your Curves workout...

Same here! I haven't gone 3x in a week for months, because of the weather here!!! I go again on Firday also. I will be going to Curves on Tues - Wed - Fri's. And on Mon & Thurs I will do 30 mnutes on my elliptical. This is a Wonderful new start for us all :)

Hi CEZANNE, So very happy for you in that you have found a good Curves that gives you all the attention you need to start with. Once you get it down - you will be able to go and just enjoy it, yep... I said enjoy. It is such a good feeling knowing you are taking the time just for yourself and creating a new you, isn't it? Keep up the great job! :cp:


Keep up the great job fellow Curver's http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/4/4_1_204.gif

02-05-2004, 11:05 AM
Welcome Aimeejane - I am sure you will find this site very helpful & motivating.

I went to curves Mon & Wed this week & shovelled snow in between. There is more snow on the way, I hear.

I really like curves as well. Staff are great & all the clients seem really nice & easy to get along with. Such a variety of women in one place.

Hope all you "curvees" are doing well. Bye for now.

02-06-2004, 10:54 AM

:wave: Good Morning Curver's! I just got back from my workout at Curves... another busy morning there - so good to see. Boy-0-Boy, was it ever hard for me to get going this morning. I felt so very tired, but I promised myself that I would go 3x this week and now I have :cp: I wasn't able to get in my elliptical yesterday as I hoped to, but I will tomorrow instead. My hubby has to be gone for a few hours in the morning, so it will be a perfect time to get it in.

I am feeling a little beside myself though and fighting the 'I'm feeling defeated voice' in my head. I am working out faithfully and watching my diet and have put weight on :o I am hoping that it's just muscle swelling or water weight & I am feeling a bit shaky. You know what?! As I am typing to you something just occurred to me... I bet I know why I am not losing. I bet it's because I am not taking my own advice and "drinking water!" I have been so bad this pas week :nono: I get busy and don't want to stop to go potty :^: I am home today after I take my shower & go to the BMV ~ this Sunday is my 47th birthday (if I may be sold bold to say) & so I have to get my drivers license renewed and get stickers for the plates. Then I will be home & will make sure to get in my water... I bet that is the problem :smug: We'll soon see...


Hi KAR73, How are you doing today? Do you think you will be able to get to Curves next week? That's really good that you are doing other forms of exercise, variety is great for the body and also for the mind (you won't get bored, that is for sure ;) ). I just hate to see you waste your $$ by not going at all... maybe try to get in at least 1 or 2x next week ;) Hope you are well - you had such a busy week this week.

Hi CEZANNE, Did you make your 3x this week? Maybe you have and I just missed it reading. I hope this note finds you doing well today.

Hi AMIEEJANE, I saw that you have found some other boards to enjoy... this place is great - isn't it! Just don't forget to come back here now and keep us informed on how you are doing, okay. Oh, the girl I liked on American Idol - her name is AMY... she's adorable!

So... did you make it to your 3rd Curves today? You wanted to get in your 3x this week - I am so happy that I have. This will be a goal for me each week - to just get in my 3x.

BANDIT2, So good to see you! Happy to hear that you too are keeping active and went to Curves 2x this week :cp: Keep up the great job! :cp: Also happy to hear that you are at a great Curves, that has caring people helping you. Some places don't.


Shouts of "Hello's" out there to ESSIE, WRYLY, TINA, MARIE and any lurkers out there... come on in & join us ;)

02-07-2004, 01:00 AM
Hi Everyone,
Welcome Amieejane! Glad that you joined our board. We are a nice bunch of people. I think you will enjoy everyone! I know I have enjoyed meeting everyone.
Sunny I made it to Curves Wednesday night and tonight. I am hoping to go tomorrow morning. It was very busy both night's I was there. I really needed to go tonight. I had a very stressful day at school. My student's were thrown off schedule by our 2 hour delay. So it was a little nerve racking in my classroom today. Plus I had a confernece with my principal over my evaluation. So I had a lot of stress to go burn off. I felt crappy when I walked in and great when I walked out of there.
I had a friend go with me on Wednesday night and she ended up joining. So now I have a workout buddy and she will push me to make the time in my busy schedule to go work out with her. I got a free t-shirt for recommending her. They asked if I wanted a L or XL. I opted for the L, so I would have sometime to work towards getting in it. I think I only need to lose about another 5 to 10 pounds and it will fit perfect.
Well since it has been a long day, I am going to bed. I have another long day tomorrow. Going to workout at Curves and then going shopping with the family. Hopefully to get a new bed for DH and me, a new couch and coffe table. So I hope everyone has a great weekend.

02-07-2004, 10:31 AM
Well ladies I did it! I braved the cold,icy weather this morning and went to Curves. I even set my alarm to go off at 7 A.M. to get up and go. I had a great workout this morning. That makes 3 times for me this week. I came home only to be put in a bad mood by DH. We are not going shopping now. So I got up early for nothing on my day off. I could have slept in another hour or two and then went to Curves. Oh well, I am going to try to shake myself out of my bad mood. Maybe I will do a walking video now. Well I better go. Thanks for letting my rant and rave. I hope to be in a positive mood the next time I post. Have a great Saturday! I hope everyone gets in some form of excerise today.

02-07-2004, 11:28 AM

Hi KAR73, :dance: So happy to hear that you got in your 3x this week @ Curves! Yeahhhh! :cp: I am sorry to hear that things didn't work out as you planned today. Feel better real soon! That has happened to me too with my hubby, it's okay by me if you want to come here and vent. At least this way you aren't holding on to it - right! It's very unhealthy to hold onto that kind of stress... so vent away ;)

I worked out 5x this week, so I won't be doing anymore till Monday now - I feel like I really do need the rest and to get some much needed water in me. I am such a bad water drinker! And it is so important.

Well, I must be going! Just wanted to let you know how proud of you I am!
Keep up the great work!
God Bless!

02-07-2004, 08:27 PM
I did make my 3x this week and I've done pretty good on my eating, but I noticed that I've been more hungry since starting working out and I assume that's because I'm burning more calories. I'm going to start going in monday-thursday because I work those days and I noticed that I had more energy at work this week on the days I worked out first. I switched which one I'm going to because I found out there is one just a few blocks from my house and the other was nearly 10 miles away. The close one was hidden so I didn't know it was there until my friend told me. Anyway, I'll keep y'all updated!


02-07-2004, 11:46 PM
Well my day did get better. It improved after I had a shower. I think as I was washing, I washed away all my bad feelings. My step-daughter and I went to Subway for lunch. I got their new Chicken Bacon Ranch wrap. It is very good. Have you tried it yet? I think it fills me up more than a regular 6 inch sub. I am starting to see a pattern developing between the two of us. This is the second Saturday we have went when the DH and I have the kids for the weekend. So I think it will be a good thing to do with her. She is a little overweight for being only almost 8 years old. She is about 45 to 50 pounds overweight. It is a big issue of concern with my DH and I. We are trying to encourage healthy eating and excerise for her. But when she goes with her mom, all the bad habits come back. I just don't know what to do. Help does anyone have any suggestions. Her mom is very heavy and has a lot of health problems due to her weight. It concerns me that step-DD could be headed down that same path.
Cezanne, I have noticed that I am also getting more hungery at times when I have worked out at home and at Curves in the same day. I try real hard to either drink more water or eat a health snack. Like yogurt, carrots, oranges, apples, or yogurt raisins. There have been some nights when I have went to bed hungry. But I know I need to fight the tempations.
Keep up the good work! Talk to you all tomorrow. Have a great Sunday!

02-09-2004, 12:55 PM
Just had to come by and post my exercise progress today: http://www.addis-welt.de/smilie/smilie/sport/flip.gif

Did 4.75 miles on my elliptical in 30 minutes and took time to stretch afterwards... I will go to Curves tomorrow morning.


Hi KAR73, So glad to hear that you had a better day. I have had one of those wraps from Subway and they are really good! And I think you are on a great path with your SD... Maybe if you got that Dr. Phil book with the 7 steps you could read it with her. Then maybe it will stay with her while she is at her mother's. But I would think it would be so very hard for a child who really just wants to be loved. I wish you well KAR... I don't have children, but have seen all kinds of situations around me. Thinking of you.

Hi CEZANNE, :dance: Yeahhhhhh for getting in your 3x last week. http://www.addis-welt.de/smilie/smilie/sport/flip.gif Keep up the great job!!!

Hi AIMEEJANE, Hope all went well with you last week!


Go to your Curves this week ladies
"Happy Curving" :)

Almost time for lunch, so I am off to go make up a salad with tuna.

02-09-2004, 11:56 PM
Hi Ladies,
I went into my local Curves tonight. I had a wonderful workout. It really helped after the stressful afternoon at I had at work. The kids would not listen and follow simple directions. I think a lot of it has to do with not being able to play outside and burn off all that extra energy. So knowing that I was going to Curves helped me make it through the last hour.
Sunny thanks for the suggestions about my SD. It is very hard for a child to be split between two familes and I wonder if at times she finds comfort and love in food. If that is why she eats so much.
Congrats on your 4.75 miles Sunny. Keep up the good work! How is the water drinking coming along? I found a really cool 64 oz. water mug at Wal-Mart. It is insulated and keeps your water cold all day long. It is a great way to get all your water in for the day. That is something to think about.
I hope everyone has a great week of working out. Remember you've got to move it to lose it!

02-10-2004, 06:27 AM
http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/friendship/nbylikeu08/1.gif Thanks KAR, I will go check out the Wal-Mart for that mug! I am still not getting in the water I should be especially since I am working out everyday.

And I really do think that your SD is finding comfort in the food... I know that's how I gained the weight. My parents didn't split up, but I was a Marine-brat and we moved allot! So I became filled with anxiety each time I had to go to a new school - it was terrible. I didn't really put allot of weight on till after I was married and had the car accident (I was preg. for our first baby & lost her & all chances of ever having more - 1976) - it was then, from the stress of it all, that I really gained finding comfort in food. It made me sleepy, so I could forget all the pain. I took it all off in the 1980's and kept it off for quite a few years; then something happened again (a trigger) and I fell back into that comfort of eating to feel better & gained 50 of the 80 I had lost back. It's weird how the mind works... But now I think I am getting a handle on it all again and am feeling so much better - it is so important to talk to yourself and treat yourself as if you are your best friend! I think your SD is depending on food to comfort her and to fit in with her friends... she wants to eat what they do, but maybe they are more active then she or they burn it faster then she. So they burn it off & she stores it. Whatever the situations - she needs to know that someone supports her and loves her where she's at. I wish you well with the situation - I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you both. Just stay close to her and love her, the rest will follow... you have my thoughts and prayers.

So good to hear that you got in your workout yesterday too. I will be going to Curves this morning... I usually get there about 8:15. It's been pretty busy there these days. Good to see.

Have a good day today, KAR - I will look for that mug at Wal-Mart, Thanks!


Hope everyone else does well today... please stop back in and let us know how it is all going for you - even if you are having a crummy day, it's okay. Come vent - that's what this place is for.

God Bless you all! :sunny:

02-10-2004, 10:43 AM
Good Morning Curver's :wave:

Has anyone done their Curves today? I just got home from my morning workout and wanted to check in. I went 3x around - most only go 2 1/2x around (?) I just go 3x... I get a better workout I think and get 'all' the machines 3x. We have 11 and Sue (the owner) said soon she'll be able to order the 12th machine... :cool: cool! :cool:

It's not easy some days, but you can do it! I just get up in the morning and look forward to marking my exercise on the calendar - won' t even entertain the thought of not getting in my workout. It's pretty neat to see on the calendar all 5 days marked off :D

I hope to hear from someone, anyone, real soon!
Hang in there ladies.


Below are some pictures of my 3 boys ;)
Zeppe & Guido (are almost 2 yrs old & are brothers) & 2 pics of just Guido & one of just Zeppe & then there's the old man - Domino he's 8 years old... love my kitties :D

02-10-2004, 10:11 PM
Hi Sunny and everyone else,
I got my workout in at home today. On Tuesdays I have my TOPS meeting in the evening. So it is really hard to go from school, run into Curves and then go to my meeting. I tried that a couple of times and it made for a stressful evening.
I did lose another 1/2 pound last week. This is the 7th week in a row that I have lost weight. So I am happy about that. Because last year after I joined TOPS I would bounce back and forth with my weight loss and gain.
I did figure out a sort of schedule with my one friend when we would go workout. It will be three or four nights a week. Two of those nights are on my long days at work . I think this will be a good reward for putting in such long hours. It is a nice way to destress after a long day.
Sunny I think I will try that with the book. I also thought if I started to talk about how great I feel and how I have so much more engery since I started to workout and eat healthier that might help my SD too.
Well I better go and get my stuff ready for school tomorrow. Have a great Wednesday!

02-11-2004, 11:52 PM
Hi everyone,
I went into Curves tonight. After a stressful day at work, it felt good to get moving and break into a good sweat. I sure needed to unwind and destress after meeting with my boss today. I have to keep telling myself not to take every thing to heart as much and put myself first. If I don't my mental and physical health will be rock bottom. Plus I will resort back to my old eating habits. I don't want to do any of that. I have worked too hard to get were I am today to pack on the weight again and become non active. Well I better go and get some sleep. It has been a really long day. I hope everyone got out to Curves or did some kind of exercise at home!
Have a great day tomorrow!

02-12-2004, 02:31 PM
Well, I went to Curves Monday and Tuesday because I had two appointments wedneday morning and couldn't do it then, and I'm going tomorrow. I have been meaning to ask the trainers as Curves, but keep forgetting, so I will ask y'all...what do you do on the days off? As it is, I just don't do anything on my off days so does anyone have any recommendations?? I can't do a lot that requires that I stand up because my back has severe problems (Can't do the squat machine at Curves either for the same reason, chiropractor scolded me for even trying it :( I've heard of some sort of "Sit and be Fit" tapes, but I don't know where to find them or what level they'd be at. Anyone know of any tapes that give a decent work out but don't require you to stand up all the time? Help!

Sunny and Kar, Great job on doing your workouts, you guys are an inspiration to me. Whenever I don't want to get out of bed and get dressed three hours before I have to be to work so I can go to Curves and still have time to shower and all, I just remember that y'all will be asking if I've done it and then I remember how good it makes me feel, so I get up and get to it! Keep up the good work and WONDERFUL support! Thanks so much :grouphug:

02-14-2004, 09:58 AM
Monrning Curvers,
Happy Valentine's Day! Hope everyone is well. I am looking forward to relaxing over the weekend. I had a really long week at work. Thank God for Curves. On the really stressful days I went to Curves before coming home. It really helped me work off some of my frustrations.
Cezanne, on my days off from Curves I either ride my excerise bike, do excerises on an excerise ball or do a Leslie Sansone Walking Video. I got my excerise ball at Wal-mart. They included a chart of excerises to do and they are great! It takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to them. I hope this helps you some.
Well I need to go and get ready to go to Curves and workout. See ya on later. Keep up the good work.

02-14-2004, 10:23 AM
http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/valentines_day/gratfrndval02/div.gif http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/valentines_day/gratfrndval02/div.gif http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/valentines_day/gratfrndval02/div.gif http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/valentines_day/gratfrndval02/1.jpg http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/valentines_day/gratfrndval02/div.gifhttp://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/valentines_day/gratfrndval02/div.gif http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/valentines_day/gratfrndval02/div.gif

:wave: Good Morning Curver's!! :wave:

Just making a very brief stop to wish you all a very

"Happy Valentine's Day!"

May you all have a day just overflowing with http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/valentines_day/gratfrndval02/div.gif Love...

http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/valentines_day/gratfrndval02/div.gif Love for God ~
http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/valentines_day/gratfrndval02/div.gif Love for your Family ~
http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/valentines_day/gratfrndval02/div.gif Love for your Friends ~
http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/valentines_day/gratfrndval02/div.gif Love for your Neighbors ~
http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/valentines_day/gratfrndval02/div.gif Love, http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/valentines_day/gratfrndval02/div.gif Love, http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/valentines_day/gratfrndval02/div.gif Love ;)

God Bless you ~ALL~!!!


02-14-2004, 10:32 AM
I workout on my elliptical when I am not at Curves (so I get in 5 days of exercise)... this week wasn't so good for me - I was still having Birthday celebrations all through the week! It has been fun, but I am looking forward to getting back on track again... it doesn't take much to go off, does it.

So happy to hear that you and KAR have been "on track" and doing so well.

I will see you again on Tuesday after my Curves workout ;)

Oh, KAR!
I got that 64 oz. mug at Wal-Mart and have been using it!! :D
Thanks so much for telling me about it!

:cp: Keep up the great work ladies! :cp:
God Bless you and give you strength... :sunny:


PS>> What did you guys think of my kitties?
Do you guys like cats? Some a dog people, so I understand... ;)


02-14-2004, 02:32 PM
I totally missed the picutures of your cats Sunny! I think I glanced at them when you first posted them, but I was at work and they didn't register. I LOVE cats, I have always been very much a cat person. Dogs are ok, but the first thing I'm doing when I move is to get a kitten. Yours are so cute! The two boys look just like a cat we had from the time I was 10 until just last year. Yes, we had the cat over 15 years and he wasn't a kitten when we got him, he was at least 2-3 years old, he was ANCIENT when my parents finally had to put him to sleep. I still get teary when I think about it, but he was so old he couldn't eat because his teeth were so sore, and he could hardly move he hurt so much. Looking at your boys reminded me of "Sarge" when he was younger and made me smile. Thanks :)

I did my 3X at Curves this week, and I just about have one of my friends convinced to come in with me next week and check it out. I would love to try the elliptical, but since money is tight right now (isn't it always?) I went with something I used to do in high school and absolutely loved. I found a set of 4 belly dancing work out tapes on ebay and bought those. I belly danced in school and it was great, I was still heavy then, but I was in better shape so hopefully they will help me get back to where I was then at least. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.

Ok, Kari, I forgot to mention when you were talking about it that I have one of those mugs from Wal Mart too (Wally World is my FRIEND) and just love it. I take it with me everywhere I go so I usually get my water in.

Hope y'all are doing well and have a great Valentine's Day. I will be alone, but I plan to watch sappy movies all night after I get my kids to bed so I'll enjoy myself anyway.

02-15-2004, 08:36 PM
Hello everyone! SunnyD57, Bandit2, Kar73, EsRios426, StillSmiling, Nyssareen, Chubbyo, AimeeJane, and anyone else I may have missed. :)

Sorry I've been gone for such a long time! Just been trying to get things straightened out around here, and really haven't been on the computer much.

How has everyone been doing with their Curves??? Hopefully everyone is doing well. :)

I have good news, I will be joining Curves again! YAY! :dance:

My mother wants to join, so we are going to join together, and just pay for an entire year up front. :) I am really excited about getting back to Curves, and working on losing this weight! I haven't been to Curves since around November *I think* and I know I really need to go. It has been so cold around here, that I only can go out walking on "semi" warm days lol.

I've been wanting to take the dogs for a walk, but they are so little, their feet would just freeze. So they'll have to wait until spring time. They need to harnesses & leashes anyways.

Well anyways, I just thought I would check in and say "HI" to everyone, I haven't forgotten about 3FC, this Curves thread, or anyone else here. :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful, wonderful day!

Talk with you all soon,

~ Kari ~


02-18-2004, 08:22 AM

Well, well, well... if it isn't KARI,
Hey there girl! So good to see you again! Wonderful to hear that you will be joining up with Curves and visiting us Curve Gals again. I missed seeing you... Did your DM join too?

How are you doing these days?? Wonderful to hear that you are doing so well and getting to your Curves Classes :dance: I am so happy for you!!!! Keep up the great job... going to Curves and recruiting for them ;)

So glad you enjoyed my boys... they are the JOY in my life. They make me laugh allot. I have a picture of me with them that my hubby just took last night... I will post it when I take it off the camera, okay. Guido & Zeppe (the brother kitties) were on me sleeping and I look like I am wearing them :lol: I enjoy sharing the pics with those who enjoy them too...

Hi KAR73,
How have you been doing? Getting to Curves? I only went 1x last week and this week haven't gone yet... but I WILL! It's not over yet ;)

I'm feeling so very tired this last week, but have been doing better in drinking my water. Thanks for telling me about the huge mug for water and it has really helped me get in what I should... I have gotten close to getting it all down, but still am working on it. It has been quite hectic this past week and difficult getting to my Curves. My hubby & I had to sing for another funeral yesterday morning (so many funerals :( ). Must be our age - we have never been to so many funerals! I think this is the 9th one for us in the last 10 months. And we just got a call yesterday that someone else we know has passed... whew! This could be a real drag.

:wave: Hi BANDIT2, ESSIE, AIMEEJANE and anyone else lurking!
Please come on in and say 'hey there' ;) And let us know how you are doing.

God Bless! http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/25/25_11_80.gif


02-18-2004, 12:25 PM
Well, it has been a long time since I've posted here. I had a cold that I couldn't seem to shake and then we also had quite a bit of snow and really cold weather. So I only made it to Curves a few times the first part of the month. This week I've already been in twice and hope to go at least twice more.
My Curves has 10 machines - I do 3 circuits. The first two are sort of easy but I really push myself on the third time. And I make myself do the stretches - I've noticed some women leaving without doing them. But then they're young so it might not effect them the way it would me. lol.
I've been trying to drink more water but sometimes it just seems like such a chore. I am eating more fruits and have cut down on the bread (except I had french toast for breakfast!). I don't eat chips or cookies or chocolate bars the way I used to - I'm just not hungry for them anymore. But a friend got me a small box of Godiva before Valentine's and I had the last two last night.
The weather is supposed to be good for the rest of the week so I hope I can get in some walking. And I'll be visiting my nephew this weekend so I hope we'll be able to get in some swimming instead of playing Playstation too much.

02-18-2004, 02:42 PM
Good afternoon everyone. :flow2:

SunnyD57 - Your boys are such cuties! :) I love seeing pictures of them. Can't wait to see your other pics that you just took. :) Hopefully when I get my camera back (a friend is using it), I can post some pics of my two boys. :twirly:

I have not joined Curves...yet. I am definatly re-joining but probably won't be until March or so. I found out last week that I am getting a refund from the warranty I bought on my car that was totaled. A majority of the money is going into a savings account for emergencies, but I thought I would do something for myself and sign up for an entire year of Curves, that way I wouldn't have to pay each month. :) I mentioned it to my mother, and she wants to join when I join. So we are aiming for March right now :dancer:

Welcome back wryly :) Glad that you are feeling better and getting back to Curves. :)

I am so glad that the weather is starting to break. :) The snow if *finally* melting and not only do I love it, buy my dogs love it too. Today Chip ran out in the back yard and could actually run around in the grass, because the snow was gone. :)

Well I'd better get going. Have to get ready for work.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day, and get your water in! I know I'll sure try! :)

~ Kari ~


02-18-2004, 05:25 PM

:wave: Hi WRYLY :)
So good to see you again too! WoW! It's great to see everyone again... WRYLY, It's the same way here... so much snow and ice (bad weather!) I hardly got to my Curves from November till now. I am just getting back to going 2 - 3x a week. Our weather seems to be breaking up a little bit and it's getting warmer here. We are suppose to actually hit 50* sometime this week :o I just cannot wait to actually be able to get outside without the scarf, jacket, boots, gloves, etc. And not slipping on ice! We have about 3" of thick ice in our driveway still (no garage). I am so looking forward to working in my gardens this Spring & Summer.


Hi KARI,(& CEZANNE too!)
Here are the pictures of my boys and me the first picture was taken on Sunday and the second picture was taken yesterday after I settled to watch some TV after a long practice (my face & neck are all scrunched up the way I was sitting there & I look plump-er :o ) and the boys wanted to cuddle with me. Pictures 3, 4 & 5 are of Guido playing with my Ladybugs... yep, I have Ladybugs (don't think me strange). I keep my bathroom door closed to keep the kitties away from them. I didn't have the heart to throw the 2 -3 Ladybugs I found in the Fall out into the winter snow, so I kept them and now I have 22 of them. I keep them all under glass in my bathroom, so the boys cannot get to them. I have learned allot watching them. I feed them raisins, apples and cukes to keep them alive and wash out their home every 2 - 3 days to keep everything clean. The wooden heart closes up, so I wait till most of them go inside at night and that's when I clean their Dome Home :D As soon as the winter weather breaks I will set them free in my gardens. Hope you all don't think I am crazy now... it's not something I have ever done before, but thought it would be a fun project for the winter and it has been. I learned allot about their habits. Enjoy the pictures ---

**The pics didn't post :( I left a link for you on my last post here - hope you'll take a "look-see" now.

Luv you guys... so good to see you all here :D


02-18-2004, 05:33 PM
This is a picture of me with my Birthday Cake (Taken: 2/8)... isn't it a cute cake :D



02-18-2004, 08:59 PM
Yeh! I joined Curves today and they showed me how to use all the machines,etc. I'm a little sore in the shoulders this evening, but not as bad as I thought I might be. Looking forward to my next visit. Even though they suggest you go 3x a week, can you chose to go M-F instead of every other day?

02-18-2004, 10:01 PM
http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/friendship/wtaprfrndfrt08/6.gif"WELCOME" MAGNOLIA BLOSSOM,

:cp: So happy to hear that you have joined Curves :cp: I know you will just love it! Hope you will join us as well and let us know how you are doing as each week passes.

Be careful when you are on the machines to keep your head BACK on the machines that have high backs on them... otherwise you will really hurt in your neck and shoulders and you will not be using the machines properly. Yes, you may go M-F, but it isn't recommended at first - try the 3x a week to begin with and allow your muscles to adjust and then maybe after your first weight & measure you can increase as you wish to. Just a thought.

Again... Welcome! :)

02-18-2004, 11:24 PM
Hi Everyone! I am back. The last couple of days have been hetic. I had a doctor's appointment Monday morning. It took longer than I thought it would. Then yesterday I had a workshop for school. Then today, I went back to school and had to muddle my way through everything. SO I was really glad to get my 2nd workout in tonight. It felt so relaxing.
Welcome MAGNOLIA BLOSSOM! So glad to have you on our forum. I would stick with the 3 days a week at first. This way your body gets use to it and you don't burn yourself out. Keep it up and you will see results.
I went to my TOPS meeting last night. For the 8th week in a row, I have lost weight. So I was happy with my 1/2 pound loss. I am hoping to lose another 12 pounds by the time my birthday rolls around in May.
Well I better go and crawl in bed before my forehead crashes on to the keyboard. Talk to you all later. '

02-20-2004, 07:30 AM

:wave: Good Morning Everyone!
Hope this post finds you all having OP (On Plan) days!! So far - all is well with me, still not losing but I am not gaining either. I just wish I could see it move... I go soon for another weigh-in & measure, maybe I have lost inches & not wt.

How's everyone else doing?? It's been pretty quiet here the last day or so...


Hi KAR73 :wave:
Sounds like in spite of your days being hectic you are doing very well!!!! :cp: Congrats on your 1/2lb loss :cp: How did you do with your inches? Most times you will see more inch loss then weight loss from doing Curves. You will get the 10 - 12 lbs off if you stick to your plan... you'll see. Get your rest when you can, your body needs that right now.


Have a Wonderful Day Ladies!!!
Stop in and let us know how you are doing :)

02-20-2004, 01:06 PM
Hello All! SunnyD57 found me on another board and asked us to share our positives Curves stories here too :) Here was my reply to someone asking if Curves would work for her:

I've been going to Curves for almost 5 weeks now and am convinced that it is a MIRACLE! My body has changed so much in the past weeks, its incredible. I've been doing modified low carb (much more than Atkins, but still only one third of the RDA) and my calories usually fall under 2000. You're very close to my starting weight - I think if you keep with it you will definitely be succesful.

P.S. - In those 5 weeks - I have only managed to go to Curves the full three times one week - the other weeks I only went two, so if you can do the full three - even better! I'm shooting for 4 times, and am still working on my schedule.

I have my first weigh-in and measurement tomorrow (now today - YAY!) I'm SO excited!

02-21-2004, 08:15 AM


So good to see that you have joined us :D It gets quiet here sometimes, but I always hope it's because everyone is very active in their lives and getting in their workouts ;) I do miss everyone when they don't stop in, but eventually I see them come back and touch base with us... which makes me a happy camper.

:goodvibes You are doing so well at Curves ~ :crossed: I hope you had some good news today when you go for your weight & measure... remember that you may see more inch loss then weight loss. I have to tell myself that all the time otherwise I get to feeling disappointed.

Oh Alison, make sure you drink your water too http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/12/12_4_49.gif I have found it to be really helpful to get the 64oz. insulated mug from Wal-Mart. Before I got it I was not drinking the water I should have been. I fill it up every morning and get it all down now on top of an extra glass or two :D Thanks to KAR73 --- she told me about the mug and it has worked in getting me to drink what I should. Mine is White with a Blk Lid and all around it on the sides of the mug are water tips... I really like it. There are all kinds of colors to pick from.

Come back and let us know how you are doing, okay :)


:wave: "Hello's" out there to all the other Gals: KAR73, MAGNOLIA BLOSSOM, CEZANNE, ESSIE, BANDIT2, WRYLY, TINA, MARIE, AIMEEJANE & KARI :wave:

Forgive me if I have overlooked anyone, I assure you it was not my intention ;)

Have an OP Day Everyone!!! http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/16/16_4_23v.gif


02-21-2004, 12:52 PM
The pictures I left you guys earlier didn't post for some reason, but this link to another thread where I posted them will take you to them if you'd like to see...

Hope that everyone is okay :?: !! Awful QUIET here...

LINK to the pictures ( just scroll way down once you get to the thread ;) )


02-22-2004, 02:48 PM
Hello everyone! SunnyD57, Kar73, Wryly, Nyssareen, ChubbyO, Bandit2, AimeeJane, and anyone else I may have missed! Hope everyone is doing good, and still getting their Curves in. :)

WELCOME MagnoliaBlossom and yogakitty. Great to see you both here! I'm so glad that you are enjoying Curves! Please keep us updated with your progress! We love to hear it! :)

For those who are just starting Curves, I would recommend going 3 times a week for the first 3 - 4 weeks, just so you don't over do yourself while working out. Though I'm not with Curves currently, I do remember when I started, I tried to go 5 days a week, and boy was I sore! Its good to start off slow, and let your muscles adjust to the workout. Not to mention, remember to do your stretching after your workout. Your body will REALLY thank you for it afterwards. ;) And what SunnyD57 said about keeping your head back on the equipment, that is good advice. It really prevents you from straining the muscles in your neck/shoulders. :)

SunnyD57 - I just LOVE the pictures that you have shared with us! My two favorites are the one of your kitty sleeping in the sink, and the one where your kitty that is in the sink, is staring at your lady bugs...lol :) I just love it! http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/4/4_1_4.gif

And you are totally NOT weird for keeping your Lady Bugs!!! I think it is an awesome idea, and you really do get to see their behavior, and the way they live! Some say lady bugs are bad, but I love them. My niece DeAnna keeps little collections of Lady Bugs for a while, and then lets them go. Everytime she catches one, she says it means she is going to have good luck. (Which I completely believe.) :)

I must also say, SunnD57 - you can REALLY see a difference from your last picture, to your current picture! Keep up the great work! http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/4/4_17_1.gif ALSO - I know I'm late, but http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/13/13_10_10.gif Hope it was wodnerful!

I am So looking forward to getting back to Curves. I've missed going for so long, and I know I really need it. :) This coming June, my mom's side of the family is planning a family reunion, and I would like to lose some weight before that comes up. :) So that will be what I need to focus on.

This week is going to be busy for me. My sister, her husband, and my niece are coming down to visit for a week. I'm sure I will be spending EVERY day with them..lol. I'm really looking forward to seeing them all, especially my niece. I may have mentioned before that my sister is pregnant. Well, she is about 5 months along now, and she is expecting another girl! http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/4/4_1_105.gif We are really excited! She wants to name her Amelia, or Ava.

Well - I'd better get going. Ricardo and I are going to my mother's for dinner tonight, and I have to get ready to go shorlty.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day/evening! Talk with you all soon!

~ Kari ~


02-23-2004, 09:48 AM
http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/friendship/thnkumfrnd08/1.gif http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/friendship/thnkumfrnd08/header.gif
Well... Thank you KARI,
Aren't you kind. I am glad you enjoyed the pictures and liked my Ladybug collection - it's been allot of fun this winter. A great indoor project that will also help my gardens this summer (I hope). I am up to 27 Ladybugs now - found three in the house, or should I say my boys have found them. I watch the cats - especially at night when my lamps are on... the ladies are drawn toward the light and the cats see them and are like pointers (too funny to see). I have to hurry, so neither the cats nor the heat of the bulb kills them. I grab them and add them to my collection. Even though it's warmer out, it's still too cold to set them free - they would not make it. So I have them for another month I think. Who knows how many I will have by then... :o

Thank you so much for the compliment on how I look - I am not losing weight though :( seem to be stuck at 204! I want to get into the 190's so badly! I'll just keep on truckin' - it'll come off at one point or another. Also I thank you for the belated birthday wishes - you are sweet! I had a birthDAY that lasted a WEEK! It was so much fun!

I bet you will have a wonderful visit this week with your family... just have fun! I would just love it if my family came to visit, but only in my dreams I think - they don't travel at all... none of them do. I only see them if my hubby & I make the trip. You just take it all in and have a blast; then come back and tell us all about it, okay ;) I bet you are excited to become an Aunt AGAIN... I really like the name AMELIA.

How was dinner at Mom's? :hun: Hope you had a nice evening...
Talk to you again soon! So good to see you again, Kari.
God Bless!

PS>> Here are a few pics for you: one of Mikala doing what she does best :) & one of me with my new niece, MIKALA, who is just 4 months old as of this past Friday & the one framed picture is Mikala with her mommy, Lia (we were at a Tea Room)...

02-23-2004, 11:01 PM
Hi Ladies,
Sorry I have been MIA. But I have been very busy with work, home live and squeezing in my workouts at Curves. I went into night and was pleased to see 5 new people signing up. So I am hoping that if the membership keeps going up that they will extend their hours more. They have extended it to all day on Mondays and Wednesdays. But it would be nice if they did it for other days as well. Well I need to go to bed for now. I will check in later with everyone. I promise not to be gone for so long the next time. Keep up the good work!

02-24-2004, 10:49 AM
Hi everyone:

Had my 2nd weigh/measure at curves last night & have lost 6.50" since joining in Nov.
At my ww meeting afterward I was down 1# so was happy with that since I was at hotel for 2 days with bf. We have alot of social functions & I find that challenging.

Hope everyone is well & being faithful to curves. Bye for now.

02-25-2004, 11:18 PM
Congrats Bandit on your weight loss! I went to and had my second weight in and measurement done tonight. I have lost another two pounds. So that makes it a total of 4 pounds since I joined at the end of Dec. Plus I lost 1/4 of inch in each arm. I stayed the same in everything else though. I just don't know why that is though? Does anyone have any suggestions for this? Or how to break out that slump?
SO how is everyone doing this week? I am great. I have to Curves two times this week so far. I am planning to go either once or twice more. I guess I just need to see what the rest of my week looks like. Well I need to go and get some work done before I go to bed. Talk to you all later.

02-26-2004, 03:04 PM
I joined Curves a month ago and was weighed and measured today. Lost 12 lbs and inches at bust, thigh, waist. I was thrilled. I go 3 to 4 times a week. I had jeans laying on closet floor with the tags still on them. Today they fit. Curves is the place for me. Its fast, convenient. :)

02-29-2004, 11:32 PM
Welcome and Congrats Ruth! That is great news. I try to go three to four times a week. I usually only make it 3 times. Unless it is a very stressful week and then I will go 4 times. That is what I ended up doing last week. I knew if I didn't I would be mean and then drown my sorrows with sweets and junk food. Not a good thing to do.
I cleaned out my closet and drawers last night of some of my old clothes. They are way to big on me now. So I am going to have a yard sale this spring or summer. What ever money I get, I plan to use to buy new smaller, skinner clothes. I even got rid of my winter sweaters and sweatshirts, because I don't plan on being that size next winter. If I don't have it then I wouldn't have to think that I still need to fit into it. Plus this will give me an excuse to go shopping for new clothes. LOL. I hope everyone is enjoying the nice spring like weather we had this weekend. I hope it stays like this until Spring is offically here. It was nice to walk to church this morning and hear the birds singing. I hope everyone is doing fine. Enjoy your workouts this week at Curves.

03-01-2004, 10:57 AM
:wave: http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/12/12_1_100.gif Good Morning Curver's :wave:

"WELCOME to our thread RUTH! :cp:
You have done a wonderful job and are very inspiring!!!!
Thank-you so much for sharing!!!

Well, I got my exercise & 64oz of water (sometimes more) in the last few days. Joe has been off work and so I wasn't able to get to my Curves :( (we begin our days together way too early & I don't do Curves at night). So here was my schedule last week:

Thursday: Elliptical - 4.6mi in 30 min
Friday: Elliptical - 4.5mi in 31min
Saturday: Elliptical - 4.4mi in 30min
Sunday: Rested
TODAY: 4.5mi in 31min so proud of myself in that I have been consistent - which is something I really do need to work on and have been trying so hard.

Tomorrow is my Curves Workout Morning & now that Joe is back to work I am back on schedule :)

I have also been following the Michael Thurmond's food & exercise program (he's the trainer from the extreme makeover shows) and never felt better! I eat every 2- 3 hours. Schedule is: 6:30 / 8:30 / 10:00 / Noon / 3:00 / 6:00 / 7:00 - fresh fruit for dessert.
His site: http://www.sixweekbody.com/6wk_main.asp?sourceid=00396505257312281367

http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/16/16_4_46.gif Our weather has been such a boost for the emotions!!! It has been wonderful to see the http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/16/16_4_23v.gif sunshine and feel the temps of 61* :o :) yesterday! Today... rain, but at least it's not snowing :cp:

You all have a wonderful OP day!!!


03-01-2004, 04:02 PM
Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I had such a great time while my sister, her husband, and my niece were in. We did a lot of shopping, and spending time together. It was really nice.

My niece Haley is getting SO big! She is 2 1/2 years old, and you would think she is much older. She talks most of the time using complete sentances, and she really seems to understand a lot that is going on. She is at such a fun age right now. :)

I got some more good news last night. My mother's boyfriend asked her to marry him last night! He called me last night to let me know that he popped the question, and she said yes. I am really happy for them both. :)

Yesterday afternoon I got some walking in. It was REALLY beautiful outside. Mid 50's is quite comfortable to me. Today I didn't get to go out and walk because it is kinda rainy. Blah...don't like rainy days...lol. (That's why I want to get the WATP tapes)

I've been trying to exercise everyday, trying to get back in the swing of things. Still haven't actually gone on an "eating plan" as of yet. That is soon to come though. My sister thinks I should do the Atkins thing, but I really think I'm just going to start reducing my Fat and Calories again - with the help of www.fitday.com - Fitday really helped me stay on track before, so since I know how to use it, I think I will keep using it. ;)

SunnyD57 - That Michael Thurmonds program sounds good. I remember reading once that it is best to eat every 2 - 3 hours because it keeps your blood sugar normal. I - for some reason have never been able to stick to the every 2 - 3 hour plan. I always do the three times a day thing. I really need to try eating every 2 - 3 hours though, because I can get kinda crabby if I don't eat for over an extended period of time lol ;)

Well - guess I'd better get going. I have to leave for work in about 45 min. I hope everyone has an OP day! Keep on Curvin!

~ Kari ~


03-01-2004, 05:43 PM
Hi: Thanks for the nice welcome. Went by my son & dil over the weekend. Usually when there I eat everything but the furniture. This weekend I was so good it was scary. Stayed op the whole time and kept chuckling to myself how good it felt to get into those 2 pair of jeans that didn't fit before. As a matter of fact, the 1 pair is almost too big. I'm going to Curves after 4pm today when it opens again. Its closed from 1-4pm every day. I weigh myself on Wed. on their scale. I'm doing the South Beach diet along with Curves. Slowing starting phase 2 today. I'll keep you posted as to my visits to curves.

03-02-2004, 11:04 AM
http://skins.hotbar.com/skins/mailskins/img/Sun___/Sun___in_glasses_3_prv.gif Good Morning fellow Curver's...

I got home from my Curves class about an hour ago http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/7/7_5_131.gif --- boy, does it ever feel good after I go and workout! http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/18/18_2_102.gif I feel so tired till I get started. I went a full 3x around & got in my stretching - aprox 45 minutes all together. I also got in my 64oz of water and then some yesterday. Love that mug KAR! ;) That was a real problem area for me, I really have to work at it (part of my being consistent), so far so good.


So happy for you!!! :cp: Staying OP when you have company or go out is very difficult --- you did well!!!!
:dance: Keep up the wonderful work.

So good to hear that you had such a wonderful time with your family :)
Did allot of shopping, eh? What did you bring home? ;)

Congrats to your Mom & her, now, faience (sp?) --- yeah! She must be so happy. Have they set a date?
I take it that you like the man too?

So happy that you got out for a walk the other day - it's raining :rain: here also... so I still workout on my elliptical when I am not at Curves. Soon... I will be going for morning walks again! Cannot wait!!! I love going very early before the birds begin to sing (around 5/5:30am) and as I am walking I can hear the birds begin to wake with song - so beautiful! And even more so when we get a sunrise too.

Yes, Michael Thurmond is really a neat guy & he has a great program, knows what he is talking about - you can see he really cares on the show "Extreme Makeover" (on Thursday evenings) for the people.


Well guys... I must be going and getting my day started.

God's Blessings with http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/11/11_6_9.gif


03-03-2004, 10:46 AM
http://skins.hotbar.com/skins/mailskins/img/Sun___/Sun___with_nose_prv.gif Good Morning Ladies!
I went to Curves again this morning as planned.
Got in my 40/45minutes there (3x around)
and then another 15 minutes of chat time ;)
And I drank all my water yesterday :cp: (64oz + ) too.

How are you ladies all doing??
:^: Rather quiet here lately :^:
Are you all still Curving?
Sure would love to hear from you :goodvibes:


03-03-2004, 02:16 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies... :) Hope everyone is having a great day so far!

busdriver - Way to go with staying OP at your Son & DIL house! :cp: Sometimes it's so hard not to try and sneak in a few extras while you're out, but you stuck on plan, and did great! Keep up the great work! I'm glad that you like Curves! It's so much fun...isn't it?? :)

SunnyD57 - Yes, I did do a lot of shopping while my sister was here. :) I actually didn't buy much though (which is a shock to even me!) lol. We went to this shopping center called 'Gibraltar Trade Center' and they sell EVERYTHING you can think of. I bought this perfume called "Perceive" and I LOVE it. My mom bought it else where for $29.99 and I got it for $12.99 :hyper: I also bought a webcam so when my sister and I are "chatting" on MSN messenger, we can see each other.

And yes...I do like my mom's fiance' ;) He's an okay guy...lol I'm happy as long as she is happy. :) No set date yet. I want to ask her...but I think I'll give it a few weeks. They probably haven't had much time to think of a date yet. They are in the process of buying a house together, so they've been pretty busy. She did say though, that they might want to get married at the house they are going to buy. It is on quite a bit of land, and would make a nice setting for an outdoor ceremony. :) We'll see though.

SunnyD57, it sounds like you have really been sticking to plan, and exercising about everyday. Way to go! This may sound kinda funny, but I've heard many people say they have an elliptical - what exactly is an ellipitcal? I'd imagine some kind of exercise equipment, but what does it do? Just curios :D

So today, I had "kind of" a bad experience that really MADE me want to lose weight. I went to the bank to make my car payment, and when I came out, a lady was getting out of her car to enter the bank. She had parked right next to me. In her car were three guys, two teenagers, and one about my age (21 -22). They had their windows halfway down, and started saying things to each other about me, and laughing. They kept saying "Look at her...Look at her...That's your girl!" and they kept laughing. :mad: When I got in my car, they kept honking the horn on the car, trying to get my attention, and they kept on laughing. I know it was because of my weight. They certainly were not doing it because they liked me.

At first I was a little upset about it. It kinda hurt my feelings, because I kept thinking, "What exactly were they thinking?" Then I thought...they wouldn't do this to me if I would just lose the weight. I went from feeling like nothing...zip...zero...zilch...to having a lot of confidence, and knew I needed to do something about this.

I know I've been saying that I was going to get back on track, start a new eating plan...but I didn't. So I figured today is the day! I went home, and decided to start using www.fitday.com again and eating healthy!

I came home, and had two hard boiled eggs, a slice of toast, and an apple for breakfast.

Then I pulled out the exercise bike that's been sitting in the spare room, holding clothes, and rode the bike for 15 minutes. I wanted to do 30 minutes, but by fifteen I was REALLY tired. I figure I need to work my way up. So tomorrow I will try to go a little longer. :)

So for lunch, I am having a chicken breast sandwhich, with one slice of cheese (I'll have to remember to buy the lower fat one), and a half a tablespoon of Miracle Whip. Dinner is undecided yet since I get home so late.

Now I need to focus....stay on track...and OP. I am doing this for me.

Well - guess I'd better go...time to get ready for work!

Talk with you all later!

~ Kari ~


03-03-2004, 04:13 PM
http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/friendship/chrshedfrnds08/1.jpg Hi KARI,

I am so very sorry that you had to go through that today :( Bummer!
:mad: Some people are just plain cruel - it hurts! Especially when it's your own peers.

I am glad to hear that you feel a little better after that, but hope that you want to lose weight more for yourself then for strangers. I think you will be successful in keeping it off, if you did. I know that's what I am trying to do - again. It's sure not easy, but it can be done. Anything worthwhile takes work. In the 1980's I lost 95lbs (went from 230lbs to 135lbs) and kept it off for over 7/8 years. It was when some tragic events happened in my life that I went back into old habits to help fix the pain (and it didn't! All it did was help me lose myself again). Now I feel like I am "back on track" and I think well of myself each day. I am doing this for "me" because I want to feel great & look great & be healthy when I look at myself in the mirror and begin each day (when I feel good about myself I am a kinder person toward others). And so should you... be kind to you. You are so sweet and special, don't let 'strangers' try to tell you differently or humiliate you into feeling any different. You will get back on track - you have done it once and will do it again... you'll see. Be as kind to yourself as you would your best friend - YOU are your own "best friend" ;) (((Hugs)))

As for the Elliptical, here's the one I have:
It's like a cross country skiing machine.

Not anything special, but I have a small home and limited space, not to mention limited $$, so it works for me :) I have been working out each day for at least 30min (except Sunday's - need a day to rest) and drinking the water I should. I began on Feb 25th and have been faithful to myself each day since. It really helps just to come and post it too. I am not much on keeping a journal, but don't mind just a quick post here of my success.

Okay... I am getting down off my :soap: soapbox now :lol:
You Take Good Care of Yourself my friend.
You will do well and you will succeed! For YOU!
Loves & Hugs,


03-04-2004, 11:57 AM
Good Morning Everyone!

I sure do hope that it is SO VERY QUIET here because you all are going to Curves ;)

I just finished my workout for today:
Today is Elliptical Day ~
I went for 35min. (I did a 5 min. jump, so now I will go 35min instead of 30min) & 5.40miles.
I wonder what I will be able to do when I begin my walks outside :o I am hoping to walk to my Curves over the summer (it's a bit over 2miles in all).
I feel GREAT today! I get so very tired at night and was "in bed" by 9:00 last night. Dragggggging myself around to finish up with clean ups and feeding the boys before bed. It was all I had to get it all done. But I feel wonderful today :D

Sure do hope that you all are having WONDERFUL OP days!!!!
God Bless!


03-04-2004, 11:35 PM
Hi everyone! Sorry have not been posting as much lately. I have been very busy with work. I had a deadline to meet by today and was busy getting that project done. I got it done a day early. I was proud of myself. I rewarded myself by going to Curves to workout. My Curves is doing the Food for Friends drive. They are running a contest for the month for a free tshirt. You have to sign up, bring in a bag of groceries, workout 3 times a week and lose 5 pounds or 5 inches for the month of March. I signed up for it. I thought that was a great motivator to lose 5 pounds this month. Is anyone's Curves doing something like that? Well I am tired so I am going to get some rest. I am hoping to squeeze in two more workouts this week. I went on Monday and Wednesday nights. Monday seemed to drag because they played some very slow music over and over that night. I didn't sweat much that night. last night that had a much faster paced cd in. So I really worked up a good sweat!
Have a wonderful weekend.

03-05-2004, 11:06 AM
A very Good Morning Everyone!

I just got back from my workout at Curves - whew... nice workout! I always feel so tired before going and just "DO IT" anyway and then feel GREAT when I finish! I think I have gotten over that hump :o this past Wednesday. I felt like I was going no where with all the work I have done and this morning after seeing that my bodyfat went from 47% to 44% in just 10 days (!!!) :D I was elated!! I go for my official weight and measure on the 16th at Curves. So after I get it done - I will check in and let you know the results.


Hi KAR73!
So good to see someone check in :)
WoW... you are doing a great job getting to your Curves in spite of your business! Keep up the wonderful work! YES! We are running the same contest at our Curves too. I haven't signed up for it yet - ours begins on the 8th of March. Good to see you!


Well, I must be going... have allot of paperwork to get done with getting our taxes done. We usually have it all done and mailed by now - we are much later then normal. Hoping to get it in the mail by Monday.
It's all spent anyway --- we need a new driveway :^:

Have a WONDERFUL Day / Weekend Everyone!


03-08-2004, 10:22 AM
http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/8/8_9_10.gif Good Morning!

I guess I am here all alone right now... that's okay, I'll use it to keep myself "on track" ;) When you guys are ready to post again, I'll be here :D

I did my workout this morning:
ELLIPTICAL ~ 35minutes & 5.35miles.

I did not get in all my water yesterday (first time since I began 13 days ago) & went to a birthday party for my nephew last night. I did have a very small piece of cake with 2 small scoops of ice cream, but I did not like how I felt this morning at all. I felt all achy and I KNOW it was from the sugar! I haven't had any in 12 days till last night. I am going to remember how I felt this morning at my next birthday party on the 20th and just steer clear of the table & or kitchen while they are serving. I like feeling good much more ;)

I do hope that this post finds you all doing well and OP.

Thinking of you all!!! RUTH, ALISON, MAGNOLIA, KAR73, CEZANNE, ESSIE, BANDIT2, WRYLY, TINA, MARIE, AIMEEJANE, and last, but never least KARI (I hope I didn't hurt your feelings - I was only trying to help. I am so very sorry if I did!)


03-09-2004, 10:24 AM
Good Morning :coffee2:

Hope that this post finds everyone doing well.
Sure is getting lonely here these days :?:
Is it my deoderant (lack of it!) :o ???


I just got home from going to Curves:
Got in my 40minutes of workout and 10minutes of stretching time.
I always feel so much better after going - so glad I MAKE myself go!
Next Tuesday is my Weight & Measure day... I am very nervous about it.
I sure do hope I see some results. :crossed:


We woke up to some snow the day before yesterday
and it snowed all through the day. But today we have beautiful :sunny: SUNSHINE! So good to see!
We got just enough snow to cover all the ugly mudd we have.

Have A Beautiful Day!
http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/inspirational/snysmle08/2.gif http://www.ecardgallery.com/egreetings/inspirational/snysmle08/3.gif

03-09-2004, 09:42 PM
Hi Sunny and Everyone else,
I went to Curves tonight and put in a really good workout. I was actually sweating by the end of the first time a round. I went to my TOPS weigh in tonight. I lost three pounds last week. I think I have to owe it to this new coffee I started to drink over the weekend. It is called Java Fit. I bought it at a sports fitness expo in Columbus,Ohio on Friday. It is awesome. It has a stimulant in it that suppresses your appiete. That is what I needed since I was starting to get the munchies alot after working out at Curves. I reached my 20 pound status tonight at TOPS. So now I am going to work on reaching my 30 pound status by the end of this school year. I only have 2 1/2 more months left before I can send my students home for the summer. Don't get me wrong I love my job and my students, but they are all boys and they have reached the age of being a teenager. I don't think I need to say anymore. LOL
Tonight I was out for a walk/jog. I walked 10 minutes and jogged 5. It is a slow start to me jogging more. There were these kids out at the old middle school down the street from my house and they were making snide comments as I jogged past. I just kept right on going and thought to myself I can't wait to see what you look like in about 10 or 15 more years. Then we will see if you still want to make fun of how someone looks. At least I am out there trying to lose the weight and get fitter. I am hoping that my hubby will take me out this weekend to buy a new outfit. I think I might get a dress for Easter. Since I will be joining my church on Palm Sunday.
I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.
Take care.

03-10-2004, 05:53 PM
Well Hello there KAR :)

Good to see someone other then myself here... it's been
pretty quiet, I miss everyone :( But am glad to see you
pop in. And with such Great news!! CONGRATS on your
3lb weight loss last week!!!! :dance: You deserve a big
"Pat-on-the-back" for your 20lb loss!

And good for you in continuing to jog right past all the
young people that don't know any better - you are a better
person for it!! As is KARI !! I cannot believe how cruel some
people can be, but mostly it's because they don't think well
of themselves that they poke fun of others --- keeps their
minds off of who they are and what they need to work on.
You are doing a wonderful job!! Keep up the great work!

Come back and let us know if and when you go shopping
for that new Easter Dress! How exciting!!
I am so happy
for you ;)


I went to Curves this morning as usual and when I got home
and stepped on the scale. I was only 202.5 (down 1.5lbs) - so
I dropped - yeah. But I won't change my signature till
my official weigh-in at Curves on Tuesday (3-16).
I hope I do well. I have been working so very hard at it, never
missing a workout since the 25th of February and drinking all
my water and then some. I cannot wait to reach

"HELLO's to everyone!!!"


03-10-2004, 09:01 PM
Hi Sunny,
I had several coworkers at school today ask me if I had been losing weight. I laughed at them and asked them where they had been for the last year. I have been working out and watching what I eat for the last couple of years. They said that they had not realized it and that I looked great. I was pleased to hear the nice comments. Especially since I have been under a lot of stress at work lately trying to meet my deadlines. I think I might reach this coming Monday's by tomorrow and then I will be so happy. I will only have one more major deadline to meet and that is March 29th. But is starting to feel good to know that the end of the school year is fast approaching. I think I heard someone say today that we only have 53 more days left. Then I will be able to relax a little this summer. I hope! LOL.
I hope you have a great weigh in and measure on Tuesday. You have been working so hard to reach your goals. Keep up the awesome work!
Have a great day tomorrow.

03-11-2004, 12:06 PM
:coffee2: Morning!

Just checking in:
Finished my workout on my Elliptical ~
Went 5.5 miles in 36minutes and have been
getting in all my water! Now to nail down the snacking
after 7:00 :dizzy: Still working on that! I am allot better
at resisting the urge, but cave once in awhile still. Like
last night... woops :^:

Hi KAR :wave:
Looks like it's just you & me ;)

Maybe they did notice before, but were apprehensive about
saying something to you in case they were wrong :o
That has happened to me... In a way, I think it's good!
That means it's coming off slowly, but for sure!! :smug:
and you are doing something very right! I am counting the
days with you KAR... I have a very close friend who is a teacher
and she & I get together when she is off during the summer
months. Otherwise, I don't see her much (just e-mails).
She too gets very stressed and loves Curves, because it really
helps her relieve it. The moment school is out she, hubby and her
kids go on a small trip to celebrate the beginning of summer. She's a
great teacher too. I bet you are also... teaching is such a big
You just keep up the Great job in both areas!! :cp:


Well, I really must be going. I have a full day today.
Hope that if you are lurking, you'll think about popping in ;)
Have a great OP day!
"God Bless!"


03-11-2004, 01:03 PM
Hello everyone. I'm new to this site and was browsing around when I saw this thread. I'm actually going tonight to join curves and was looking for any success stories to keep me encouraged. I'm hoping to eventually lose about 40 pounds, but I'm in no hurry...wanna make sure I do it slowly so I'll keep it off. :D So, any encouraging words would be greatly appreciated. I'm not the most enthusiastic person when it comes to exercise. ;)

03-11-2004, 01:51 PM
I am new to this thread. I am in the Atkins thread mostly. I have a few things to say about my experience with Curves. I have a friend who was literally kicked out of a Curves for attempting to go more than three times a week. In my opinion, if someone is paying that much to join a facility, they should be able to work out as often as they want! I have checked Curves out and spoken to a rep. about joining, but I was totally UNimpressed. She spoke to me like I was in kindergarten, she didn't really appear to be listening to me and really put the pressure on to join. I think I will stick to doing my pilates at home and walking.

03-11-2004, 05:42 PM
Welcome Ladies...

I am so sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with your Curves CATGIRL...

I have had nothing but positive care at my Curves. Each Curves is owned by an individual or individuals and it's all in how they choose to run it - so it is quite possible that you just had someone that didn't care about her customers and that is just too sad!! To be so "general" about all Curves is very unfair. The Curves I belong to has 3 ladies in the ctr. of the circle most all the time and they spend time with you if you want it. In fact, this past Wednesday while I was there I ASKED for someone to spot me on 2 of the machines I was unsure of & someone was there for me each time. Also, there are several ladies that come in the morning and they go EVERY SINGLE DAY! No one tells them they cannot. They recommend 3x a week & 2 1/2x around (we have 11 machines), but don't force anything on you at all. I go 3x a week and workout on my elliptical the other three days to change things up. Also - I go around 3x even though they recommed only 2 1/2x and no one has approched me telling me I cannot.

As for success MAIMERS: I will know more this Tuesday (3-16) - it's my Curves weigh-in and measure day. So check back with me this coming Tuesday, okay. I will be glad to share my results with you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Take Care and God Bless!


03-11-2004, 05:47 PM
Hi ladies, new here also. And new to Curves. I've read some good and some bad about it. I have until Sat noon to decide to spend the money....my heart says go for it, I've enjoyed the 2 workouts I've done this week and am looking forward to my third tonight. I now have some questions to ask you and I will be asking at my Curves tonight. I've read that more than 3x can be detrimental (sp?) to your weight loss. I guess I find that hard to believe. I've also heard about not going more than 3x around the circuit per work out. Monday was my first time, and I liked it and could feel in my muscles a little. Tuesday I worked a little harder, got my heart rate up a bit more and went about 3.5x or maybe the equivalent of 4. I worked on the boards more (jogging) and then worked 2x on a machine or two that I need more work on. I just wonder what kind of results I should look to get. I'm not so good on my food, but I can say that I've cut back. I've also this week, ditched the caffine. I already drank lots of water, but now that I'm of the Mt. Dew, I drink more water. I need this to work for me! I'm tired of this 50 pounds I'm carrying around. I'm also only 29 and it seems that Curves is for the older croud, which is just fine with me, I fit in about anywhere, but I just wonder if this is right for me. Like I said I think I'll really enjoy it, and the short amount of time needed to fufill requirements of the program is definitly a perk for me. Thanks for listening!! Sunny you are so upbeat and original with your postings, how do you get all that neat stuff???? and to the Kar's keep up the good work, and just remember all those youngsters will be in your shoes in a few years! It just happens to the best of us!! ;)

03-11-2004, 07:03 PM

:flow1: WELCOME!
Always good to see new posts :flow1:

As I have stated in my last post... how well you are treated all depends on the people who own the business. I couldn't tell you if your place is a good one or not, but I would recommend you ask allot of questions. How many people work there and are with you while you work out? What are their stipulations and are they strict about them? What are their hours? Each place is different... so ask, ask, ask. Whatever pops into your mind - don't be afraid to ask, okay. Also, if you are serious about signing up - they do offer a special price to those who PAY for the whole year in advance (they will not come out and offer that one to you)... so be sure to ask about all the prices available to you.

As for the times around... it is in the book to never go more then 3x and that you really do not have to. If you "Overwork" your muscles and become fatigued you defeat the purpose of what the machines are to do. It's the work you do over time that will be your success - not overnight. You want this to change you for the better and that takes time... don't rush it, okay. So to speak: If you rush... what will happen is - you will jump in with all you have - do more then you should and become overwhelmed when the results aren't what you hoped for and then quit (speaking about my old self more then you ;) since I don't really know you). You don't want to do that this time, right? ;) You want this to work & that takes time. As for age... where I go it depends on the time. In the mornings I see more adults my age (I'm 47) or much older and in the afternoon & Saturdays I have seen allot of younger people 20's, 30's & younger - some come after school to workout with their mom's too :D Neat to see... so again, it varies.

I personally just love my Curves and the people who work there and own it! Not to mention the wonderful acquaintances I have made going there... just having fun-talk while working out. I get there feeling so tired and not really like working out and then leave feeling wonderful and alert and so glad I did work out!
I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Thanks, LORI, for your kind words... I just search through GOOGLE to find free graphics to use in my posts -
so glad you enjoy them ;) and that you find me to be cheerful -
I really try to be kind and positive.

I do hope I have answered your questions...
"Luck" with your decision.
"God Bless You"


03-12-2004, 09:45 AM
Hi Everyone. Well, I had my first workout at Curves last night, and let me tell you, I absolutely loved it. I have never, ever, been excited about working out (other than when I played sports when I was younger)...I can't wait to go again tonight. The staff and other members were all so kind to me and each other, it was amazing. The staff knew everyone that came in by name, it was like they were all old friends.

Sunny - Thanks for the support. I'm sure I'll be able to think up a few questions to ask you about Curves and your experiences. Thanks again! :)

03-12-2004, 12:01 PM
:wave: Good Morning Curver's or is it Curveee's :lol:

I just got home from working out at Curves for my 3rd time this week and had a wonderful workout as usual. I went a bit later then normal, because I had to wait for the service guy to get here and repair my brand new sofa :o All fixed now :smug: Then I left for Curves...

At Curve's this morning... ... I stuck my foot in my mouth chatting too openly about Atkins dieters and had to apologize to the ladies doing Atkins at Curves :o :dizzy: I was sharing that I found people whom are on the Atkins program (can) be very aggressive in their behavior (not everyone mind you). All because of the lack of complex carbs which a brain 'needs' to mellow you and a body needs for muscle building... you should not be working out to build muscle if you are not eating some form of good complex carbs. Otherwise, you will be destroying muscle tissue instead of building it. Anyway... I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings - we just agreed to disagree.

I do agree with Curves Diet & Phase II of the South Beach Diet ~ they are both very good to be on!

Okay... I'm done :soap:


:dance: So happy to hear that you enjoy Curves and have great people working there to help you. That is very important! Like I said... I still ask if I don't think I am doing any of the machines correctly. You enjoy and stay focused and you will do well! Keep your head back onto the machines that you should, so you don't hurt in your shoulders, okay. The machines with the higher backs on them are the ones to watch your shoulders on ;)

And if you are having bad days - don't be afraid to stop in and chat about them here... that goes for anyone ;) We "all" have bad days and need a shoulder once in awhile. What you don't want to do is "sit in it" - feel it and then move on. It really does help you to enjoy all that goes on around you when you see things with fresh eyes.
May you be open to learning & be successful! :grouphug:


If there's ever a question that any of you have and I am not able to answer it for you I will do my best to find the information for you & then get back to you here, okay.

:cool: Enjoy your day ladies and your weekend!!!!!
"God Bless"


03-14-2004, 11:30 PM
Hi everyone and welcome to Loribug and Maimers glad to have you aboard our fourm group. Sorry I have been missing for a few days. I received word late Friday afternoon that my oldest sister had spent the night and most of Friday in the hospital. She was complaining of pains in her right arm. But the doctors ran all kinds of test and did not find anything. So they sent her home and she goes back tomorrow morning for a stress test at 6:50 am. So I have been calling her and checking on her throughout the weekend. I have also been doing school work to keep my mind off my sister's health. I was surprised at how much work I got done yesterday after coming back from my workout at Curves. Well I need to go and try to get some sleep. I only slept 3 hours last night and then took an hour nap this afternoon. So I need my sleep so I am not a grouch tomorrow with my special education students. I need all the patiences I can get to make it through tomorrow since all the other classroom's around my room is testing and I need to keep my boys quiet. You all have a great week! Take care!

03-15-2004, 10:28 AM
Kar - So sorry to hear about your sister, is she doing any better? And thank you for the welcome to the group. You're all so supportive of each other and I'm so glad to be a part of this now. :)

Sunny - Thank you also for all your kind words. You're an inspiration. :D

Unfortunately I was unable to go to Curves on Friday. I had planned on going, but I ended up having to take my mother over to Philly for a "date" with her girlfriends because she doesn't like to drive in the city (lol, even though she's originally from there) and by the time I got back and was ready to go, they were closed. So I ended up going for a walk instead. I did go Saturday morning though, and again, I loved it. :D Yesterday I had a Christening for my cousin, so I ate waaaay too much, but went for a walk again after I got home, at least I did something. Tonight's plan is Curves for a half an hour, then, since it's nice out (54 degrees and sunny), I'm going to go for a walk around the park near my old high school. Figured I best get the walk in today since it's supposed to snow tomorrow. :(

Hope everyone's day's going well so far!

03-16-2004, 10:58 AM
:coffee2: 'Hello's' to everyone!! :wave:

:( NO WEIGH-IN or MEASURE TODAY for me... :cry:
I messed up! When I got there this morning I saw that Sue (the owner & the one who measures me) was very busy and on the phone, so I went and worked out first - thinking afterwards she'll be free to do it. Well, she said that she will not do a weight & measure AFTER a workout ~ only BEFORE, so I will have it done tomorrow instead. Gotta wait another day. Maybe it's for the best, I do have a pulled shoulder muscle from working out yesterday.

I pray that my numbers are good!! I don't think I lost all that much weight,
but I sure do hope I have in inches!

Hi MAIMERS, and KAR73,
It's so good to see the two of you here...
it's been rather quiet these days. You both sound like you are doing your very best for the circumstances you are in each day. That's all we can do :)

I wish you and all the others an OP Day!
*God Bless*


03-16-2004, 03:03 PM
Hello Everyone - Sorry I've been away...again.

Sunny - No, you did not hurt my feelings in any way what so ever. :) Life has been somewhat chaotic, and probably will continue to be so for a little while.

Last week we found out that Ricardo's father has Colon Cancer. This Thursday he will be having surgery to remove a portion of his colon, and he will have a colostomy (sp?) bag for a while. We're still not really sure what's going on, or what the next step will be after his surgery. Ricardo is pretty upset, because he just lost his mother 2 years ago when she was only 56 and now his father is sick. He is taking it pretty hard. :( So we have been spending as much time as possible with his father, helping him around the house, cooking some meals for him, making sure he is getting to his doctors appointments, ect...

I've also been trying to spend a lot of time with my father, as in the beginning of April, he is moving to Ironwood, Michigan to live with my sister. That is about a 12 hour trip for us. I've been helping him get everything together. We've made a list of everything he has to do before he leaves, and each day he completes something, we check it off, just so he won't forget anything. I'm really going to miss him, but I'm sure I'll take many trips up there to see him. :)

My weight loss efforts have been "so-so"..lol. I've still been walking just about everyday. I've found that I cannot use our exercise bike because of the pain that is causes my back & tailbone. When I'm at work, I am in pain just sitting at my desk, so I will not use the bike anymore. I have not weighed myself in a little while, so I'm not sure if I gained, lost, or stayed where I am.

There is a Kroger grocery store just down the road from my house. In their pharmacy, they have a big digital scale that is free to use. Usually when I go grocery shopping, I jump on it, but I haven't been there in a while. So I was thinking once a week I would go there and weight myself.

This week I am also going to buy the "Walk Away The Pounds" tapes. I am thinking that Sam's Club or Wal-mart might have them. I'll have to check them out on payday. I sure could use a tape like that today...because we're getting hit with a mini snow storm. BLAH... lol

Kar73 - Congrats on your 3 lb loss!! WAY TO GO!!! 20 lbs is great! Reading your post reminded me about how GOOD it felt to lose weight, and I remembered the feeling of seeing the scale go down! You are truly an inspiration! :) (Did your hubby take you shopping for a new dress??) Also, I hope that your sister is feeling better.

Welcome Maimers - So glad that you like Curves! It's such a fun place to exercise, meet people, and lose weight/inches! Keep us updated on your progress! :)

Welcome loribug26 - I'm glad that you are enjoying Curves so far. Did you decide to go and get a membership with them? I don't think going more than 3X a week will be detrimental to your weight loss. I think starting off, maybe the first month, you should go 3X a week, just to get adjusted to the work out, and equipment, but I see nothing wrong with going 3 + days per week afterwards. The one thing that IS detramental to your weight loss is not eating ENOUGH. Some people cut their food intake DRASTICALLY, and your body trys to hang on to everything that it can, so in turn, it slows your weight loss. And by not eating enough, I mean when people cut their calories to under 1,000 a day, or keep their fat grams severly low, ect...

SunnyD57 - that is a bummer that you couldn't get weighed or measured today. Can't wait to hear your results when you do get weighed/measured. :) Sounds like you have really been working hard! Is your shoulder feeling better? I sure hope so!

Well - I have to get going. I will try to post again when I get some more free time. I hope everyone has a great St. Patty's day tomorrow!

~ Kari ~


03-17-2004, 07:37 AM


Bless each door that opens wide to strangers as to kin.
And bless each crystal window pane that lets the starlight in.


Bless the rooftop overhead and every sturdy wall.
And may love and peace on St. Patrick's Day be sure to find you all.

"Happy St. Patrick's Day...
All The Best To You And Your Families"


I will be back later to post :)


03-17-2004, 10:36 AM

Hi guys...

I am feeling soooooo "let down"... ... ... I went for my weight and measure today at Curves and didn't do nearly as I hoped :cry: I cried! All this work and no weight-loss... I am still at 204. It's a good thing that I worked out, cuz it made me feel a bit better. When I got into my car I just cried it all out! I KNOW I will do better in next months weigh in/measure so I am just going to continue to work for that goal. It was just so disappointing...

Here are the numbers in my inch loss:
Bust: -1" / Waist: -4" / Abdomen: -2" / Hips: -1/2"
Thighs: -2" / Calves: 0 / Arms: 0 / Weight: 0
Total inch loss: -9.5"

*Happy St Pats...*


03-17-2004, 11:06 AM
Sunnyd - you are doing great with your inches loss. I have another weight/measure
this Thurs so I will see how I do this time.

When you work hard it is frustrating not to see BIG results but you are going in the right direction so keep up the good work :-)

Am going to curves tonight. Missed Mon but went last night instead.
Some nights I think I am too tired to go - but once I am there I am really glad I went and always feel better afterwards.

I signed up for the Heart & Stroke Big Bike event in June at curves. They are having 2 teams in that. Should be different & is for a great cause.

Have a great day & everyone "Keep on Curving"

03-17-2004, 12:22 PM
SunnyD57 - (((Hugs))) Even though you did not lose any weight, the inches are phenominal! 9.5 inches GONE! I have a feeling that you'll see the weight going down soon! You really seem to be doing everything right! I remember there used to be a "Curves Forum" (not sure if it's still there) but when reading everyone's results, it seemed like the inches were coming off MUCH faster than the lbs.

Sunny - You are very dedicated, and I believe that you will succeed!

I hope the rest of your day is wonderful!

((((( Big Hugs )))))

~ Kari ~

03-18-2004, 10:19 PM
Hi Im Tara and Im new. I actually joined curves yesterday TN. I got a week free like a year ago when I lived in GA (Im on the border) and wanted to share my first experience with Curves. It was Saturday like at 12 noon and they had just closed. There was this older overweight woman who came up to the door and when she saw it was locked her face just fell. The girl who was working there that day was at her car getting in but she observed what I saw. She got back out of her car, and opened it back up for her for another 30 minutes and told her she knew how hard it was to get up and come in. I thought I was going to start crying over her show of support. Unfortunately I moved and so had to give my loyalty to one in TN but its been great there also. Im on day TWO (woo hoo!!) and hoping to stay motivated. Today the music messed up and so everyone just started singing and we kept the music going until they got it fixed. Im having such a good time!

03-19-2004, 08:25 AM
:coffee2: Good Morning Ladies...

I am so very 'grateful' to you all --- more then you will ever know!!! I feel encouragement like you would believe and have stuck to my program of diet & exercise. In fact, I leave for Curves soon ~ I just wanted to stop in and Thank-you all so much for your very kind and encouraging words
{{{Huge Hugs}}} :grouphug:

I know the facts (I really do...) but when hit with reality of no weight loss I felt betrayed and it was good to be remined of the facts again. I am okay now and have not thrown in the towel. I'll just keep on truckin'... ... ...

Well, I must be getting ready to leave for Curves.
I'll be back to post to each of you when I get home, okay ;)

"Thank-you again"
*God Bless*


:wave: PS>>> A Big"WELCOME" to TARAJW!!! :wave:


03-19-2004, 09:38 AM
Hi Girls:wave:

I don't know if you remember me. I was here for a short while. I stopped posting because my body is going thru something that my Dr. even figure out. I have multiple pain all over & lots of swelling. My feet, ankles, hands, the bottom of my feet hurt. They are running all kinds of tests. So far everything seems fine but I'm still in pain & my Dr. is trying to find out where all this water retention is coming from. As soon as I find out I will be back & let you know but for now I won't be going to Curves till I feel better.

Have a blessed day. Spring is right around the corner & IT'S SNOWING TODAY!

Hugs to all:)

03-20-2004, 07:51 AM

Good Morning Everyone!

Hi ES!!
I do remember you!! So good to see you again!! I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling very well! I hope the Dr's figure everything out very soon,
so you are able to get back into life.
**Prayers coming your way**

Just a very brief message (forgive me for not posting to each this morning). My hubby & I getting ready to leave early this morning... I just wanted you all to know that I have lost 4lbs as of the morning!!!! :cp: I went in to weigh myself and was at exactly 200's! Yeah!!!!!!!

:dance: "ONE-derland... Here I come!" :dance:

Thank-you all so much for your encouragement!!
And have a lovely
"First Day of Spring!"
*God Bless*



03-20-2004, 08:12 AM
Congrats Sunny!!! I'm so happy for you. ;)
:cb: :dance: :cp: :strong: :dancer: :cloud9: :goodscale


03-20-2004, 10:41 PM
Hello everyone - hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. :)

I didn't do too much today. I woke up early this morning, and decided to go and buy some new clothes. I try to limit myself as far as the spending goes, so I went and put some money on one of those "Mastercard Gift Cards" so I wouldn't over spend. I ended up going to Fashion Bug, and finding two nice shirts, and a pair of jeans. When they went to ring me up, the cashier had to void the order for some reason, then re-ring everything. When she ran the gift card through, she said that it was declined. I was not happy, because I just loaded the card with money! I went to the bank to see what was up, and she said that they total from Fashion Bug had been taken out, so I went back to the store, and told them what happened. Apparently the transaction still went through the first time, and took the money off of the card, but the order was voided. So now I have to wait a few days for the money to be put back on my card, before I can get my clothes. Such a bummer. I really wanted something nice to wear tomorrow when I go out with my mother and her fiance. Oh well....lol.

The rest of my day was spent with Ricardo up and the hospital with his dad. The doctors say that he is doing really well for just having surgery two days ago. He hasn't been taking a lot of pain medication, and he's even been able to get up on his own at times. They said that most people after having that type of surgery cannot do this. The doctor said that it looks like he is going to be okay. He should be coming home in about a week or so. So we are very happy that he is going to be okay. :)

TaraJW - Welcome!! :wave: I'm glad that you like Curves so much. :) That was AWESOME of the lady at Curves to re-open the gym for 30 minutes for the woman to get her workout in. How nice of her. :)

EsRios426 - I remember you! ;) Welcome back! So sorry to hear about your medical problems that you are experienceing right now. I hope that you begin to feel better, and the pain subsides. And hopefully your doctors can find out what exactly is going on. Take it easy, and take care of you!

SunnyD57 - 4 lbs GONE!?!?!?! Way to GO!

:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :dancer: :dancer: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:
:dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :cb: :cb: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

You are WELL on your way to ONERLAND!!! I am so happy, excited, and thrilled for you! I knew your hard work would pay off!

Well - I have to run. I hope everyone had a wonderful "First Day Of Spring!" We had our FIRST thunderstorm early this morning. It was awesome! (I love thunderstorms!)

Have a great night everyone!

~ Kari ~

03-21-2004, 12:00 PM
Hi Girls:wave:

Kari, what a bummer with the card!!!! I would have been very upset! I went to Fashion Bug yesterday too but I couldn't find what I wanted so I winded up at Dress Barn. I had a Sweet Sixteen to go to. It was so funny because both my sisters showed up with black dresses. I bought the cutest black dress. Black always makes us look thinner.:lol:

I don't know who Ricardo is but I'm glad his Dad is doing better.

Back to work tomorrow. I was off for 4 days. I tried going to Curves this passt Thursday & I couldn't find a parking spot! It's next to a college. I was very upset! I'll go tomorrow if I'm feeling up to it. All the swelling in my body has pretty much gone down with the water pills. I just can't stand up for too long. I don't know what the heck is wrong with me. I'll know more by the end of the month. I have to see a Cardiologist 3/29.

I know God will take good care of me.

Have a great day everybody.


03-21-2004, 06:44 PM
Hi Ladies,
Glad to hear that everyone is doing okay. I went to Fashion Bug yesterday and got a dress for Palm Sunday. That is the day I am joining my new church. I was so happy because the dress is a size smaller. I just hope that I can keep my weight were it is now or a little lower by than. I went to Curves four times last week and felt so much more motivated. So I am hoping that I can do the same this week. I have a major project due at work next Monday and know that my stress level will be through the roof if I don't make it to Curves and relieve my stress. Sunny sorry to hear about your weigh in. Atleast you didn't put any weight on. :) But atleast you lost some inches. Then to come back yesterday and say you lost 4 lbs. Wow that is great. Keep up the good work. Well I need to go start dinner and then go pick up my stepsons' from a birthday party. Have a great week ladies. Keep up the good work!

03-21-2004, 11:36 PM
Hello everyone,
it was reccommended for me to check out this forum so as I have been reading through it, I have liked every bit of it...so supportive and nice...

I am finally gonna take the steps into joining the Curves center we have here and I was just wondering what it was all about...reading this forum though I had gotten some cool information...my main goal of course is to lose weight...

I just hope it will be fun and make me feel good...thanks for listening...


03-22-2004, 10:13 AM
Hi everyone:

Had my weight/measure the other day & was down 2# but inches stayed the same.
I think the sometimes the girls measure different - maybe some pull a little tighter.
Don't know - anyway I am still going & hope to have a better month this time.

Keep up the good work everyone & talk to you soon.

03-22-2004, 03:27 PM
Hello Everyone

Hope everyone is having a good day so far. I am been sick most of the weekend. Started of with a little cold, and now bronchitis (sp?). Not fun. Hoping it clears up soon.

EsRios426 - I'm still waiting for the $$$ to get back on my Mastercard Gift Card. They said it won't be on until Wednesday. It is a bummer. :(
Glad you got a dress for the party you went to. (Black does always make us look thinner.) I used to buy A LOT of black clothes, but recently I've been trying some new colors that I never would have considered before. About two weeks ago, I bought some Khaki pants that I would have NEVER worn, and I LOVE them. I also went and bought an Olive Green shirt. I cannot stand the color green, but it actually looked nice on me. Now when I go shopping, I just have to go with an open mind. :)
I'm glad that most of the swelling that you experienced has gone away. The doctors haven't given you any idea of what could have caused the water retention? Hopefully they can figure it out soon.
Oh, Ricardo is my boyfriend/fiance' of almost 6 years now. His dad had colon cancer, and just had surgery to remove it. He *might* be coming home this week hopefully. We went to a class this morning with a nurse to teach us how to take care of him while he is healing. We also signed him up for a support group for others who have had to have a colostomy (sp?) bag. He seems in good spirits though. :)

Kar73 - Glad you found a dress for Palm Sunday. :) I'm not much of a dress person, but soon I'll have to start looking for a dress for my mother's wedding. They want to get married over the summer, but it could be later. I guess I'll have to wait until they get an exact date. Don't want to buy a "Summery" kind of dress if they get married in the fall or something lol. I'm glad that you are getting so motivated with Curves. Though I haven't been going to Curves, I have been walking daily. Before when I wasn't exercising, I didn't feel like doing anything, but then when I actually MADE myself do it, I felt great, and want to continue walking. I still have yet to watch my food intake, but walking is a start. :)

jsscmngn - WELCOME!!! :) I think you are going to love Curves, and this forum. Such a supportive group of gals here! :) Have you talked with anyone from your local Curves yet? Keep us updated! :)

bandit2 - Way to go on the 2 lbs DOWN!!! :cb: :cb: That is GREAT!!! Keep up the great work!! (And don't worry - those inches will start coming off in NO time!) :dancer:

SunnyD57 - Hello! :wave: I hope you are having a wonderful day! :)

Well - it is off to work I go! Everyone, keep on chuggin along and keep up the great work!

~ Kari ~

03-22-2004, 09:54 PM
Hi Ladies,
I just came back from Curves a little bit ago. I worked from 7:30 this morning until 6:30 tonight. I always go on Monday's and Wednesday's when I have to work late to help me unwind from my day and not come home grumpy. I really had to push myself the extra mile tonight, since I have a sinsus infection. I felt really tired and run down but I went anyway since I have a dress in a smaller size that I want to wear in two weeks. So I need to stay focused.
Kari is great to hear that your fiance' dad is doing great. At least they caught it in time. So glad to hear that you are also starting to wear different colors. Isn't it neat when you can actually wear colors that you never would have dreamed of wearing before?
Jessica welcome aboard! I think you will really love joining Curves. It is a lot of fun. Plus it motivates you to lose weight.
Congrats bandit on your 2 pound weight loss. Way to go!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!

03-22-2004, 11:59 PM
Thanks Kar for the great welcome...I sure hope its everything you guys *gals actually* crack it up to be...as far as I think though any type of exercise is good exercise and I gots to start doing it if i want to be down to my 200 pound goal by September 8th...hopefully it will work in place of my walking when summer comes...im such a fair skinned person the sun would eat me alive if I walked so hopefully this will work for me...its not too expensive and i hear from locals that they really like the facility...anyone have any types on how to exercise outside of curves when they dont have any fancy machines???

Jessica :queen:

03-23-2004, 09:33 AM
jsscmngn - I no longer have a membership for Curves, so really, I've just been trying to walk everyday. I too have very very fair skin, and I worry about burning in the summer heat. So I am going to be buying the "Walk Away The Pounds" videos.

They have a 1, 2, 3, & 4 mile tape. They come in VHS or DVD. I have read MANY reviews on these videos, and they are all good. :) Plus I think it is PERFECT for those who can't, or don't want to leave their house.

I have been trying to find these videos but have been having a hard time. You can find them at some stores, but when I look, I can only seem to find the 3 & 4 mile tape.

I looked on the internet, and I found this this website (http://www.seenontvbargains.com/walk_away_the_pounds/?source=overture) . The entire 3 pack set is 39.95 plus shipping & handling. That seems to be a pretty "Basic" price compared to SOME sites, but I have found them cheaper elsewhere.

On www.walmart.com I found the vhs 3 pack of tapes for about 21.00 + shipping and handling BUT recently they have been sold out.

I also found the 3 pack vhs & dvd tapes at www.amazon.com for right around $26.00 and MOST of those qualify for the Amazon FREE shipping. Amazon is probably what I will go through.

And if you are not into putting any credit card info on the internet, all you have to do is find a local bank that sells "Pre-paid Credit Cards". Then there is no way for anyone to get a hold of your personal information. (I worry about that a lot) so I find when buying from the internet, the pre-paid cards are more convenient. :)

I hope that was somewhat helpful. :)

~ Kari ~

03-23-2004, 10:08 AM
Morning Jessica,Kari and Ladies,
I have been walking with Lesile for about a year now. I have both her "Walk Away the Pounds Express" package and "Walk Away The Pounds for the Abs" packages. I purchased mine at my local Wal-mart. You could also go online to her website and check out her packages there. Sometimes she has good deals on her stuff. Here is her website www.lesilesansone.com I really enjoy her tapes. It is one way for me to connect with my 8 year old stepdaughter who is slightly overweight. I try to do one of the videos with her whenever she comes over for a visit. I hope you can find them.
I am hoping to ever go into Curves this afternoon or do one of my walking videos, after I bring my DH home from the doctor's. He has an appointment this morning at 11:30, so I guess I am going to have to go and get my rear in gear. The doctor's office is an hour from our house. So I will talk to you all later.
Have a great day!

03-23-2004, 10:53 AM

Good Morning Curver's!!!
I have WONDERFUL news!!!!!!!
I am in 'ONE'-DERLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I weighed myself this Morning and was
Can you guys believe it!
I am on :cloud9:

I want to Thank you all for you gracious support! I am so sorry I have been MIA - but I get so tired after my workouts and the days events... there's nothing left in me. Plus I belong to another Forum and I am finding it a bit difficult scheduling my time on the computer and my days activities. So Monday's I try to catch up with the other threads and on Tuesday's I catch up with you guys. Tuesday's because I go to Curves on Tuesday mornings and I always like to come home after my Curves and touch base with you.


http://users.bigpond.com/cutecolorz/5.0102/setspring/cutecolorsspringicon1.gif "WELCOME"JSSCMNGN!
I see that you have been in good hands ;) I love seeing that it's been so busy here! Did you sign with Curves? Or are you still thinking of it? (Forgive me if you said & I just forgotten). Jessica, when I am not working out with Curves the other two days I use bands and get in about 30-40min. with them --- it's the Michael Thurmond's Body Sculpting program --- http://www.healthandfitnessproducts.com/store/customer/product.php?productid=1&cat=10&page=1 I am doing the 6WBM Diet program & sculpting and seeing great results! Doing his program along with Curves is super! And soon I am going to begin walking for cardio work when I can. Darn weather...

http://users.bigpond.com/cutecolorz/5.0102/setspring/cutecolorsspringicon2.gif Thank-you so much ES,
For all your support and kind words of encouragement... I was so down in the dumps! And now to see that I have finally broken the 200 mark makes me so very happy! Words cannot express how I am feeling!

http://users.bigpond.com/cutecolorz/5.0102/setspring/cutecolorsspringicon3.gif KARI_BERRY,
I am so glad you weren't upset with me :D
What can I say about you girl... you are so precious, but your life is just so full of calamities!!!! :lol: I hope you get things all cleared up with Fashion Bug and the credit card soon! :lol: So glad to hear that Ricardo's father is doing better! My father went in yesterday morning to have a cath. (don't know how to sp it :o ) done and all is well... I am so relieved! He is too young! His heart is so badly damaged from previous heart attacks, so the procedure was frightening, but all went well :)

http://users.bigpond.com/cutecolorz/5.0102/setspring/cutecolorsspringicon4.gif Hi KAR73,
I know allot of people doing that walking video and like it... it has grown to be very popular! I am looking forward to walking again outdoors! Spring is sure taking it's good old time here in OHIO! Today we have sunshine and blue skies, but it snowed the last three days here! My daffodils are trying to come up!!

:dancer: "CONGRATS" :dancer:
on your 2# weighloss BANDIT2!!!!!
I know what you mean about the measurements being done... that's why I have my own chart and keep track on my own too. But you just keep on going and you will see some great results!


Well, guys I must be off and running. I have another full day ahead.
Thank you again for all your support!
You all have been great to me!


03-23-2004, 11:15 PM
Hi Ladies,
Congrats Sunny on going below the 200 mark. I am very proud of you! Keep up the good work.
I went to my TOPS meeting tonight and gained 3/4 of a pound this past week. I can't figure out what I did wrong last week. Oh well I was disappointed at first but now I am not. I came home and did my 3 mile Walk Away The Pounds Express tape. It did boost up my spirits a little. I go on Friday to have my weigh in and measurement at Curves. So I hope I have some good results there. Well I better go and get ready for bed. Talk to you all later. Keep up the good work everyone!

03-23-2004, 11:47 PM
Just discovered this thread - was thinking it would be nice to have a thread for those women using Curves - and low and behold here there is one.

I joined Curves back on January 31/04. In the month of February I lost 1/2 pound and 6 inches. But not doing so well this month - think it is because have gotten sick with terrible flu and cold and the med's are doing a number on me.

So I am starting afresh with the program you might say. A friend of mine joined Curves at the same time I did - and as of Friday she has lost 16 pounds and 19 inches (in 6 weeks) just by doing Curves workout 3 x a week, as well as walking 1 mile on the days she goes to Curves and on alternate days she walks 2 miles. She does neither on Sundays. Also she followed their food plan - made some major changes in her life and is feeling really good about it. These are the big things she changed:
(1) 8 glasses of water daily
(2) no eating after 7 pm
(3) cut out bread, potatoes and pasta for first 14 days, and is now slowly adding it back - but she is losing consistently around 2.5 pounds a week

So with saying that I am starting 'over' as far as my 'plan' goes. I started yesterday, March 22 and will continue as long as it takes. Below is what I am doing (working on) in order that I am working on:
(1) 8 glasses of water daily (64 oz.) - today got in 5 glasses
(2) no eating after 7 pm - today is 2nd day that I have accomplished this
(3) no potatoes for the next 4 weeks - so far so good
(4) no bread for 2 weeks - unfortunately have had 2 yesterday and 2 today but am using the excuse that I am still getting over the flu

In general the last 2 days have been good - am working on following the Carb Sensitive Plan outlined in the Curves book (by the way it is so close to Dr. Phil's outline they could be the same)

As I am making the changes of water and no eating after 7 pm I am working at eliminating the sugar from my food. And all junk food. Need to get more protein and lower the carbs only getting in the good ones. I know this can be done - others have done it so I know I can do it.

I also believe that anything is permissible but not everythng is beneficial so am also using that as a foundation for my plan.

But I am making headway - today is Day 2 and I know that with each day I will get better.

My official weigh in with Curves is the 30th of the month but will be out of town for that so will have to do this after the fact - so this will give me a little time to get some more weight off.

Sunny: Nice to see you here!

03-24-2004, 01:30 AM
Welcome SPROUT,
Yep I'm here... I found this thread when I began Curves and have been the one keeping it going since ;) I had mentioned it a few times on the CER's but I guess you missed when I did. Good to see you here. I hope that soon you will feel well enough to go back to Curves again. I have gone faithfully 3x a week since Ash Wednesday never missing.

This is a great group of people here... very supportive!

Hi KAR73,
Thank you for the 'pat-on-the-back' --- it sure feels good to know that I am out of the 200's :) I hope that your next weight-in is better :( I know how I felt when I had mine at Curves and it didn't budge... your reaction was like mine. Disappointed but I did not give in... great attitude (thumbs up!) You'll do better next time ;)

Well, as you guys can see - it's late. I went to bed, fell asleep and woke up to go potty and couldn't get back to sleep, so here I am :^:
I am going to give it another go...

Later guys...


03-24-2004, 01:32 AM
CONGRATULATIONS SUNNYD ON REACHING "ONE"DERLAND!! :bravo: Also thank you for that gracious warm welcome. I just love this site and everyone within it...I am going to go to Curves on Friday after I get paid just so I'll have the money there if its something I want to do. I certainly believe it is...I'm just wanting to reach "one"derland one day too...LOL...

Im hearing a lot of these Walk Away The Pounds tapes and I have seen them at the store...what do they entail? Are they sort of like the Richard Simmons tapes? I'd like to get some for when i dont do Curves...any suggestions on which ones I should buy??? thank you for those websites Kari I will definately be checking them out later..

Have a good night

Jessica :queen:

03-24-2004, 01:40 AM
I was just getting ready to sign off and saw your post :D
Thank you! You will do it too - you'll see. Just set your
mind to it and it will happen! I wish you well this Friday!!!

I wish I could help you with the tapes, but I don't know anything
about them... sorry. Maybe tomorrow someone else
(KARI OR KAR73) will be able to answer your questions.

Well, you have a good night now...
*Sweet Dreams*


03-24-2004, 08:12 AM
Morning Ladies,
It is a new day and I am over feeling bad about myself. I was able to lose 60 pounds from the time I started 1 1/2 years ago until today. I can do and will do it with the wonderful support I get from my Curves pals. Thanks again for being there for me.
Sprout Welcome aboard! It is great to keep adding new people to the fourm.
Well I need to be off to school. Need to teach my students wonderful new things today. Plus get them out of the summer vacation mode atleast for another month and a half. LOL You all have a wonderful day!
Jessica I will fill you in on the walking tapes when I have more time this evening.

03-24-2004, 07:20 PM
Sunny: Could we start another thread - just easier at least for me after it gets past page 7 to have a new one started.

Anyway here is a tip from Dr. Phil's site

Dr. Phil's Tip of the Day

If you're overwhelmed with how much weight you have to lose, and it seems like you'll never be able to climb that mountain, here's some good news.

Excessive eating happens in less than five minutes a day. You have certain periods during your day that maybe are associated with a location, maybe it's associated with a time of day, or maybe it's
associated with an activity. Identify your high-risk times and those are the only moments that really threaten you.

It's called "impulse eating" and if you'll identify those specific moments during your day and make sure that you're performing some incompatible behavior, you'll get past the impulse moments and won't struggle the rest of the day.

Identify them and do something incompatible at that point in time.

03-24-2004, 11:16 PM
Evening Ladies,
I made it through my day without overeating and I got in 13 glasses of water. So I am happier this evening. Plus I went to Curves and put in a wonderful workout. So thanks for letting me boo hoo on your shoulders last night. I really appreciated all the support Sunny. You are an angel. Well I need to hurry off to bed. I am getting sleepy and I don't want to be a grump for my students in the morning. Talk to you all later. Take care.

03-25-2004, 12:30 AM
Boy, i heard Kar say she didn't want to be a grump for her kids tomorrow...that seems like me today...It was such a beautiful day out and i decided to walk to work...I was walking it up...just zooming down the streets...I was on fire... :flame: I got to work and saw my beau and I was just so darn hyper :hyper: bouncing all around...then it came time for me to actually punch in and work and BAM!!! I swear to you all I turned into the wicked witch or even worse the :devil: I tell yah I dont know what happened to me and why I did a complete 360 but I was horrible all night...i guess I just didn't want to be there...OH WELL!! Tomorrow is another day...

Tomorrow is Curves day...Im going to take the plunge and go see whats going on there...Hopefully tomorrow if not then it will DEFINATELY be Friday...The weather is getting better and Im starting to feel better...

Thanks for listening to me as I blurt on and on about how much of a bad crappy day I had...I promise next post will be more upbeat...Im surely glad I found this forum...

Jessica :queen:

03-25-2004, 06:51 AM

Here is the LINK to the New Thread:


See you all there :)