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03-24-2001, 01:03 AM
I thought I would go ahead and start a new thread.

Thank you cowgirl for the input on your meal plan. I don't work evenings, but I too am thinking of switching to having my main meal for lunch instead of dinner. I agree with you totally about the dinner just "sitting."
I feel so full after dinner all the time, even if I eat smaller portions.


03-25-2001, 09:35 AM
I think I'm going to change my large meal to my lunch meal. I think can have more efficiency that way. The first week on the plan, I had 2 of my meals at lunchtime and had lost 8 pounds in four days, but gained 2 of them back by weigh-in time.
What I'm going to do (and hope this works, I'm trying it out today) is cook my hubby dinner the night before and take the leftovers to work with me to have for lunch.
I'm going to try it for a week and see if I have any better results.

:wave: Dawnyal :wave:
P.S. I did have a 2 pound loss for the week :)

03-25-2001, 03:16 PM
I'm really excited because I had a great week.

Since everyone is sharing, I though I'd share my daily plans.

I've been having a SF bar in the morning. I've been trying to cut out many sweets, but I get the munchies during the afternoon at work, so I stop and have something. I have a stash in my desk drawer of work of only healthy foods, like a can of carrots, canned fruit, or a serving or pretzels or reduced fat Triscuit. I normally have a couple of snacks during the afternoon and either another SF bar for lunch or I go to McDonalds and have a Garden McSalad shaker with vinaigrette dressing. It's a great filler. Then I would have a good dinner like a veggie burger or chick patty with a veggie and steak fries made in the broiler with ketchup!

Since I've been drinking more water, I've found that I have the munchies less during the day, and that's great.

On the weekends, I like to make a really good dinner with dessert since I work second shift and these are the only times my BF and I can eat together. Tonite I'm broiling Orange Roughy and grilling yellow squash, red potatoes and asparagus on my George Foreman grill!! I can't wait!

Talk to you all soon!

PS- I was thinking...I am mainly using the SF bar as a nutritious filler, but sometimes I don't want something as sweet..some of you have been mentioning different bars that you'll use. Have you tried the Baker's Breakfast Cookies? They are huge and full of fiber. I bought a few yesterday and they are so yummy. The pumpkin flavored one that I had had 3g Fat, around 220cal and 5g fiber, all which are lower than SF bars, so I think I'm going to start subbing them for SF bars when I'm not wanting something so sweet. What I love about the bars is that I have a total chocolate obsession, and this week is the first time in a long time that I haven't had a candy bar! Just the SF bars, and it totally helped!

Anyway, thanks for "listening"!

03-26-2001, 11:55 AM
I changed my meal to lunch yesterday and I can already tell a difference. I didn't feel so sluggish in the evenings. And I went ahead and stepped on the scale this morning and I was already down .5 pound from my weigh in Sunday morning.
What I have to do is go ahead and cook dinner for my husband and then I fix me a plate of the dinner and take it to work for lunch. (Leftovers never really bothered me much and I'm making sure I pick out meals that re-heat well)

Good luck to everyone on the plan

03-26-2001, 06:50 PM
I have to admit for a week or so while I haven't been posting I was backsliding. I was afraid of getting on the scale Sunday but low and behold I only gained a pound which really could have been worse.
So I am back on the wagon so to speak! :)
It's great to see all of us posting such great sucess with Slimfast. It seems like most of us just use it as part of a plan that works for us (eating less or counting calories-me) and it works. I too am a chocoholic
and I like the chocolate shakes and the peanut butter chocolate meal on the go bars for snacks at work.
Even though the calories are about the same as a small bag of M&M's I know the SF bars have nutrients
and vitamins and the m&m's don't. And sometimes eating the "bad candy" makes me feel like I've blown
my eating plan but the SF bars don't. go figure!

My personal goal this week is to lose 2 lbs to make it an even 20! :-)

Congrats to all us "LOSERS"!!

(313/295/293 goal for the week!)

03-27-2001, 09:21 AM
I found a schedule that seems to work well for me, so I'll share it. (I changed it on Sunday morning after my weigh-in and I've already lost 3 more pounds!)

I get up between 6 and 6:15 a.m.
I have a slimfast shake (I use the powder kind, have yet to try the pre-mixed)
I wait around 30 minutes and exercise to taebo.
Around 9 to 10 a.m. I have a piece of fruit for a snack.
Between 11:30 and 1:30 I eat my big meal of the day. (I actually cook my hubby dinner the night before and I take leftovers to work, unless I know I can schedule in a lunch break, then I'll prepare that day)
Between 2 and 3 p.m. I have another snack, usually one if the slimfast snack bars...the chocolate chewy caramel I thought tasted great (I slowly chewed it, eating every last bite.)
Between 5 and 6 p.m. I have a slimfast malt for dinner (the shake with crunched up ice.)
Usually around 7 to 9 p.m. I have my evening snack (carrots, cucumbers, celery--veggies with lots of water content, so they don't settle in my tummy)

In the evenings I've begun riding my bicycle to go to my tanning salon to get added exercise.

Hope this helps some.
:wave: Dawnyal :wave:

03-27-2001, 10:43 AM
Barbygirl: You sound like you have a good plan..I use the slimfast shake at night also, I eat bf and a good lunch..sf for dinner.....eating lighter at night has always worked best for me to loose...I luv your screen name...
Good luck to everyone....

03-27-2001, 08:21 PM
I was just browsing over to the slimfast site and noticed that you can join and have a weight tracker among other things. It recommended I only get down to 263 (291 now).
I was just wondering if any other slimfasters have joined and what is your feedback?
:wave: Dawnyal :wave:

03-27-2001, 08:24 PM
I just tried the oatmeal spice meal-on-the-go bar and I thought it tasted pretty good. To me it didn't taste as sweet as some of the chocolate flavored ones I've tried so far. I'm continually buying new flavors and finding out which ones I like best. (Good thing Wal-Mart sells them individually :) ) If I run across any more that aren't as sweet, I'll let you know
:wave: Dawnyal :wave:

03-27-2001, 08:31 PM
Hi Ya'll!
You guys are getting my interest up with the big lunch/lite dinner thing. My only prob is where I work I get EXACTLY 30 minutes only. We get in trouble if we are even a minute or two late (no kidding) so you pretty much have to eat fast if you have to heat stuff up. It could work on my days off though.

I have been to the SF website and registered. They sent me a booklet in the mail with coupons. They also gave me a high goal weight too! I guess they try to get you to aim for a 10% initial goal. I guess it's good to make small goals to not make it seem like a long road. I think WW also says to aim for 10% keep it off for a few weeks and make a new 10 % goal until you reach the final goal. I Like reading the SF sucess stories for motivation. Especially the ones who have lost a lot of weight.

I will weigh in tommorow AM and let you know the results! :)


03-27-2001, 10:55 PM

I have had most of the flavors. I just had a chocolate chip cookie dough and a fudge brownie one. I liked the CC one a lot!

I really don't use the shakes. I like "chewing", so the bars work out really well for me, and make me thirsty so I drink a lot of water with them..

Off to the gym now!

03-28-2001, 01:03 AM
I joined it about a year ago. I just love it. It keeps my weight track record and has lots of info. on it. My goal weight was also high but I just made a new one for myself.

Take care and Hugs...Sherrie

03-28-2001, 02:58 AM
I don't follow the SF diet, but love their snack bars as a guilt-free replacement for regular chocolate bars. The peanut butter crunch is the best (tastes just like butterfingers).

03-28-2001, 08:32 PM
Weighed in today hoping for some loss and just stayed EXACTLY the same!! I guess I was pushing my luck with the calories. I guess I was trying to see if I could eat 2000-2300 calories a day and lose. Guess what? I can't!! :) When I was eating 1800-2000 I was but the few extra hundred make a difference between losing and maintaining. Plus I haven't been exercising like I was at first either. Oh well, lesson learned!
good luck to the rest of you all!! :)

(313/295 (still)/283)= 10% goal

03-28-2001, 08:44 PM
Lorelei--the good news is that you didn't gain any weight. It's okay to sometimes try something different to see if it works. I don't really count my calories, but i'm guessing I stay between 800 and 1600 calories a day.
Good luck next week at your weigh in.

:wave: Dawnyal :wave:

03-29-2001, 03:59 PM
I just joined the SF website. Their goal weight for me was high too..they though I, at 5'4 should get down to 184, but I think their goal was mostly for a more healthy weight, not necessarily a life goal weight.

I had checked out and in the end I thought it was free but I found out you had to pay for it..the SF website basically does the same thing, but it's free, and I'm really glad. I like the little charts makes my weight loss goal look so realistic..I wanted to get down to 155 by December, and they think I should be able to do it by September if I follow their plan, so I know my goal is attainable.

03-30-2001, 01:24 AM
I am registered at SF too. Their goal weight for me was too high to but I think they just start with getting the 1st 10% weightloss off. Then you can change the goal to what you want. I love it there. I have been there for about 1 1/2 yrs.

eDiets got me too. It sounded sooo good, you take all that time reading about it, signing up and then you realize that you have to pay. Why pay when you can get something similar for free?

Take care...2gether we will WIN our weightloss journey...

03-30-2001, 07:46 AM
I just tried my first can of slimfast pre-mixed. I don't think I care for it too much (I tried the strawberries and cream.) To me it tastes like canned baby formula. (I had to drink it once in my adult life for a stomach bug I got and it's not a taste you forget.)

Are there any other flavors that have a different taste?
I usually buy the powder and mix it up, but these were on sale for $4.

Thanks in advance.

:wave: Dawnyal :wave:

03-30-2001, 10:11 AM
I also don't like the slimfast juices- i do like the cappucino delight and the milk chocolate.

03-30-2001, 02:57 PM
I love the strawberry flavor as well as all the chocolate, vanilla and cappachino. I don't care for the fruit flavors. they taste good till the end then they have a funny(not bad) taste that just does not belong in fruit juice. Some of the Harvest variety Power bars are not to sweet. they are more like a granola but a little different. I started back on slimfast this week because it is cheaper at Wal mart than my usual. I have had a terrible time with my appetite the last two weeks. A friend thought maby my body is lacking something and once I figgure out what it is and eat it I'll quit eating everything in sight. I sure hope I get back under control soon. I have not regained much weight but that can't continue. Could be depression too as this weekend was the anniversary of John's death.
On the positive side I did excersis more this week. Tues I did 12 minnuts of richard Simmons Dance youre pants off, theyre still on!:lol: And yesterday I did 10 minnuts of the ab machine. I wanted to do 15 but I was so sore I had to cut it to 10.
I'm glad so many are trying my large meal at lunch idea. I know it is harder for those who work during the day. I used to do the leftover thing for my husband and it seemed to work ok for him. I work in the evenings so I don't have too much troubble with that. Pluss I work at a resturaunt so I could just order something If I had to. I hope all of you have success with it.
Thanks Babygirl for starting the new thread, I know I suggested it but I kept forgetting to do it.
Never give up;)

03-30-2001, 03:40 PM
My favorite is the Chocolate Royale because it's so dark and rich. But I hardly ever have a shake..I always use the meal replacement fav is the chocolate chip cookie dough! It's like eating a candy bar...just drink a lot of water (at least 8 oz) after it and you'll feel quite satisfied....

03-31-2001, 12:43 AM
I'm going to try the cappuccino in the morning and see how it tastes...I could've just gotten a bad can or I didn't get it cold enough.

cowgirl--> I know what you mean about being doubly hungry. I've been the same way for the past week. I've been lucky though and not given in to any of the temptations. I don't think my meal of the day has been too balanced (I've just been finding low-fat meals with out side-dishes) So that's what I'm going to be working on for this week.

Girlie --> I like the meal replacement bars too. I find that when I eat them for dinner though, I usually start getting really, really hungry within 2 hours, so I enjoy having the shakes for dinner.

Good luck to everyone this weekend and upcoming week.
:wave: Dawnyal :wave:

04-01-2001, 12:55 AM
I prefer the milk chocolate also. It is the only kind of SF that I have ever tried other than Chocolate Royale. I stopped buying the powder a long time ago cause I always ran out of milk when I needed it for the SF. Also cause the cans are just more convenient and to me the choco. tastes like chocolate milk.

I hope you find one that is right for you...bye for now:wave: Sherrie

04-01-2001, 10:40 AM
Good Morning everyone!
I am happy to say I lost 2.2 pounds since my last weigh in so now I am officially 20 pounds down!!
Thanks Barbygirl for the supportive words! I know maintaining is much better than gaining, huh??
:) :)

As far as SF in the can goes, I don't really care for it. I like the blender shakes MUCH better. And I love the meal replacement bars too.

Hope everyone has great weigh-ins to report as well, Happy Sunday!

(313/292.8/282=10% goal)

04-01-2001, 12:34 PM
Lorelei---> congrats on the weigh-in...

I'm down 4 pounds this week, but I gained in inches....lots of them (It's my TOM so I know I'm retaining water, so I'm not too upset over it.) It will just look that much better in 2 weeks when I take my inches measurement again.

I tried the cappuccino can this morning and I like it a lot better than the strawberry, so I think I may have gotten a bad can or didnt' get it cold enough, so I'm going to try another can of the strawberry in the morning and see what I think about it.

Good luck to everyone this week.

:wave: Dawnyal :wave:

04-01-2001, 07:26 PM
Congrats to all that have lost weight! My weigh-in is usually mon. am but I think I will fore-go it this week because I have been bad this weekend. Not food wise but CHEERS wise. Know what I mean??? I had too many cheers and not enuf exercise:) I have kinda slacked on the weekends...but I will be better, I promise:) Keep up the great work girls and I will see you tommorow...

04-01-2001, 11:53 PM
My g/f left one of these at my apartment and I was starving one day, so I figured what the heck. These things are DELICIOUS. They're a little chewy, but they taste exactly like a peanut butter cup to me.

Anyways, I've been struggling with a few extra pounds for a while and these things are definately curbing my appetite. I track my weight on and I'm slowly approaching my goal.

Good luck to everyone!

04-02-2001, 12:12 AM
Welcome aboard ataraxia!!! :wave:

I just bought a box of those and am looking forward to trying one tomorrow.


04-02-2001, 12:42 AM

04-02-2001, 12:44 AM

04-02-2001, 12:47 AM

04-04-2001, 09:15 AM
I think you could be right that you did not get it cold enough. I have had them when they are not cold and they don't tast so good then. Ice cold is the best way to have slimfast.
I finally got over the munchies. I have no idea what brought it on or made it stop but I am back on track and thank goodness only gained 3 pounds! Sorry I have not postd in a while. Iv'e had a very crazy week.
We are finally getting some nice weather. It will be in the 70's by the weekend:D.
The reunion sounds nice but I have to go to Clevland in july and I couln't afford it anyway. I plan to go to Connecticut and visist family in the fall. I have not been back since I moved here in sept,99. I hope some of you others can do it and have a great time!

04-06-2001, 09:32 PM
Just me, checking in!

I surprisingly didn't need a SF Bar today! I curbed my munchies with these tea may have heard of them...Kedem tea biscuits. They are in the Kosher section of grocery stores...Kroger is where I found mine. A whole package of about 30 biscuits is only 5 points. I'm not counting, but like to keep a mental note of my points. So, today, I ate about 2/3 of a package.

9am- tea biscuits
12NOON- stir fry with fresh broccoli, mushrooms and soy "beef" strips over soba noodles
2pm - a serving of spelt pretzels
6pm - a little more of my stir fry
7pm- can of mandarin oranges, squeezed out syrup

I'll probably have a few more tea biscuits when I get home after work, and I'll try to have some more fruit. I ran out of carrot sticks!

Have a great weekend! I'm going to go out for dinner tomorrow to a sushi restaurant, and then get frozen yogurt..I'm really excited!


04-11-2001, 03:13 PM
Girlie that stir fry sounds delish! I am back on track and am happy to report I have lost 7 pounds in the past week and a half!!!!:D I have been back on Slimfast and doing lots of walking. I have been so bussy I don't even have time to get hungry. We have been having some wonderful weather in the 70's and 80's. Except for the daily T-storms it has been beautiful. I'm so glad it's finnally spring.