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11-10-2003, 09:51 PM
Welcome to a thread full of laughter, encouragement and support as we try to maintain a household, raise a family and lose weight. Feel free to join us. Newcomers are welcome in addition to our regular posters. Hope to see you posting often! We are glad you are here! Have a great OP day!!


11-10-2003, 10:09 PM
Gosh this is scary.......I was just cleaning out some old papers from my tech writer days (I held on to them in case I desired to go back) and found an old thread that I printed out while off site- from April 2002. We were back at # 37 then- Michele, Jen and Jackie were there (at least on that one). And now we are at #100. And I am still fat.......well, but getting thinner!;)

Spryng- what a wonderful DIL you are- doing all this research for your FIL. Karen had great advice, and yes all you need is 15 minutes of walking (does not have to be fast walking either) to gain a benefit. One other thing I heard (not rumor, but actual medical study) is that taking vitamins C and E both help keep the body from absorping cholesterol. The study had 2 groups of people eat a Big Mac/fries meal and then they monitored cholesterol levels in the blood. The group who also took vitamins(again, C and E) showed much lower levels of cholesterol. I am a big advocate of oatmeal....... my cholesterol was 220 , 2 1/2 years ago....then it came down to 180 and on last check 6 months ago was around 150. No drugs......just WW and oatmeal and a lot of walking. I will keep you and your family in prayer.
You feeling any better??? How is little Tanner doing?

Jen- enjoy the day off and Brother Bear!!!! Let us know how it is (I am sure that Dd wants to see it!) Hope you can get some rest in too.

Karen- I can't wait to see the picture of your hair! Sounds pretty and I am sure that it looks great on the thinner you! Hang in there with TOM. Can they put you on a cancellation list for the ultrasound, perhaps? A month wait must seem like forever for you. I will pray for you too!

Michele- I am anxious to hear the result of your Dr visit!!! Maybe some good news. It always amazed me how you can dilate and efface and not feel a thing. Well, until labor hits. I would love to hear that you are getting lots of rest, but am glad that you are able to keep up with what you are. It does probably keep you from thinking too much about the pregnancy- and also does not interfere with your girls normal schedule. Just try not to overdo it!!

Well, today ended up ok. I am tired, but finished up OP. I did get 15 minutes of leaf raking in too~ guess that earned me an AP too. Dh is still leaving this college thing up to me.......grrrrrrrrr....guess tomorrow I will have to sit down with Dd and have a chat.

Well, I have babbled enough for one day. G'nite. See you tomorrow.

11-10-2003, 10:29 PM
Good evening all!!!
Wow! #100! This is a special thread to me. :) I've been part of this group since number 12 or so. I can't believe it is still going strong. And I can't believe I'm STILL battling my weight! lol. At least I am winning this time, :)
Ginny, I'll have to pass on that info about the vit c and e. That sounds like something they would be interested in. Plus every little thing will help. I'm still feeling like I'm coming down with the cold. My throat is a little sore and my eyes seem watery... but I'm continuing to take my vit c and zicam. The last time the kids got sick I did this and avoided getting sick.. so I'm hoping it works again. And yes Tanner seems to be feeling better too. He did take a 3 hour nap this afternoon, and he only does that when he is sick. but tonight he seemed like his old cheery self. :)
Well my casserole came out great this time. The first time I made it it was very watery but this time it was thick and creamy and very good. I even gave Tanner a taste and he was begging for more! lol. It was so cute. So I had to break out his baby food.
I still didn't get ANYTHING done today. Ugh. Hopefully I feel like myself tomorrow and get to cleaning.
Well, I'm off to bed. Hope everyone has a great evening!

11-11-2003, 12:01 AM
Good evening everyone :)
Boy am I tired tonight! I deep cleaned my room, am embarresed how bad it needed it and it did me in! Now I just want to light my pumpkin spice candle and read my book!

What casserole did you make, Spryng? I missed it if you posted it. I did sour cream chicken enchiladas tonight and last night tried a frittata for the first time. It had stove-top stuffing, eggs and sourcream (ff) and broccoli. Pretty good.

Spryng- I hope your FIL can do what he needs to to get healthy! Hopefully he'll pull through this and remember how crappy he felt while so sick and take better care of his body! Hope you are still fighting the cold too. I've had a killer sore throat the past couple days, but am taking my vitamin C and gargling with salt water. Hoping it doesn't turn into something more- I have no time to be sick!!

Jen- we are thinking about Brother Bear tomorrow too! Not sure if there are matinees though yet. Enjoy the holiday!

Karen-fun with the hair! I need to color soooo bad...I have baby hairs coming in (from losing so many post-partum) and so many are gray! So when I have my hair pulled back that's all you see. yuck. Hope you are feeling alright too.

Michele- I too am waiting on pins and needles to hear about your appt! Let us know!! Just think soon you will have that precious blue bundle in your arms...ahhhh.

Ginny- good job getting your walk in in such cold weather! that's dedication :) :cp: wtg on getting your cholesterol down over this past year! That's just awesome!!

Well, everyone I am headed off to bed. DH is home tomorrow and we're going to try to make it a fun family day. So if I don't get a chance to check in that's why...
Take care!

11-11-2003, 09:41 AM
Good morning all!
Emily I made and Chicken and Cheese Casserole that Ginny posted a while back. It was really good. You dinners sounded wonderful too. I've never had a fritatta. Was it good? Yes, I am still fighting this cold. Still no runny nose or cough so I think I'm winning. I hope anyway. I hate being sick.
We saw brother bear the day it opened and it was woderful. very funny and some sad parts. But mostly funny... I laughed and laughed. The kids can't wait for it to be released on video so I can buy it.
It's nice to know I'm not the only woman who loses a bunch of hair after having a baby. My hair is STILL falling out. I should be bald by now... ugh. I have to vaccuum alot or hair gets everywhere. I hope it stops soon. How long did it take for your hair to go back to normal? Well have fun today!
Misty, can't wait to hear about your progress!
Hope everyone's day is starting off well! TTYL!

11-11-2003, 10:58 AM
Hey Spryng!
About my hair- I usually lose it in handful for 2-3 months- the worst about 5 months post-partum. Ian is 6.5 months now so it is slowing down. I hear you about the hair around the house! I have vaccummed and swiffered tons!! Luckily my hair is so thick (And especially when you don't lose any during pregnancy!_ so i could afford to lose some.)

I do remember you mentioning the cheese and chicken casserole now that you said it again. The frittata was good...tricky in a way, you make it on the stove-top and need the heat to cook the egg (on top), but not burn the stuffing on the bottom. I'll post the website where the recipe is:
There are actually a lot of healthy egg recipes on this site!

Well, I need to get my kids fed...had a peak at the scale and it looked good, but my official day is going to be Wednesday so I'll let you all know tomorrow!
I'll be back later if I get a chance!

11-11-2003, 11:16 AM
Good morning ladies.
I hope you all had a good weekend. I just went grocery shopping on Saturday and picked out a pair of pants for my brothers wedding on sunday. Its not cold here, but its cloudy and rainy. I think thats why I got my late start this morning. I am usually up at 6:45 and working out by 7:15, but I slept till 8 this morning.
I stayed op all weekend. I think thats the first weekend I have done that in a long time. DH hasn't been feeling great. His ankle has been hurting all weekend, and now he's had a headached the past two days. I hope he doesn't get sick.
Now that I have babbled enough, Spryng, I hope you get to feeling better soon. Karen, is sounds like your hair is gourgeous. I am getting mine cut this weekend. Ginny, I hope you get through this college thing with dd. Misty, hope baylan makes his appearence soon. Jelynn, candy and andone I missed, sorry. Hope you all are having a good day.

11-11-2003, 11:58 AM
Good Morning!

Ginny - I wish Icould get on a cancelation list! But they cannot do the ultrasound while I am bleeding, so he wanted me to count the weekus until I have my next scheduled TOM.. and then go a week after that... so based on that I should have TOM on or around thankgiving week.. sigh... and this was the earliest appt after that!

Kids are off today but I still have a daisy meeting! So I need torun and get that set up.. but I wanted to check in and say HI!

Hope all are well!:)

11-11-2003, 01:09 PM
Well not to much has changed. the Ob said I'm dilated almost to 2. I have an appt with the other Ob on Friday and she is sure I won't go into labor before then. They hooked me up on the monitor while I was there and I had a giant contraction. But they are not productive. So I'm just stuck with being miserable. I had to sleep sitting up on the sofa last night because I was having contractions every 30-20 min.
Besides all that I'm just peachy :hat:
Ginny, it just means we are committed :lol: so funny tho. It was forever ago we joined. I'm excited that this is #100!
Spryng, hope you feel better and can win the battle against the cold.
Karen I'm so sorry to hear you have to wait so long for your ultrasound. Hope your daisy meeting was great.
Emily I feel for you and the hair loss. I've never had the trouble. Ricci, great for you staying OP all weekend!! WTG!
Ok well I'm aggravated and exausted so I' gonna scoot. Check in on ya all later tonight!

11-11-2003, 01:29 PM
A chilly hello from New York!! (still feels cold to me today)

Karen- oh, I feel for you. I sure that this works out for you and that my the time of your sono, you are not still with TOM. Hope your Daisy meeting went well and that you enjoyed your day with the kids.

Michele- well, I guess it is a good sign that they want to see you so soon. 2cm?????? I went from that to full labor with Dd#1 in 3 days, and they told me she was going to be "in there" for 3 more weeks. Now sit down with Baylor and a nice cup of herbal tea and have a little chit chat about how very much his sisters would like to see what a handsome fella he is....... Ok, it probably won't work, but maybe I made you smile!:) Glad you are peachy!!!

Ricci- enjoy that hair cut!!!!! And congrats on staying OP all weekend, a tough feat for many of us. Try to remember what made this weekend better for you to stay OP- and write that down. You can use this weekend as a pattern for others, and a reminder that you did so well.

Emily- the frittatta recipe sounds interesting, I will have to check out that web site......but not today. I can't wait to hear about your WI. Let us know how you fared! If you like I can repost the WW chicken recipe. I really liked it- and hard to believe that it was only 6 points.

Spryng- my apologies. I skimmed that copy of thread # 37, and you were there too. (sorry,me bad monster). Shelia was the only other one there (remember her?) and it was back in the time when we were guessing what each other looked like. Jen had left her picture(complete with one of her dogs!) and so had Shelia.
Hope that you and Tanner are feeling better. Oh, one more thing for cholesterol....some say that garlic helps, I am not sure about that for cholesterol, but it is a mild antibiotic (not that FIL needs that). Take it easy- housework is very patient, and always waits for you. Maybe you just need to spend a day focusing on fighting this cold.

Not much new here- Dh might be coming home early, he does not feel too well. Ds came home from basketball practice totally pooped!:lol: (good as he tends to be lazy). I really needed this day off......
No walk yet, but my sneakers are on and I am out the door in 15 minutes. Hope your day is going well......see ya later.

11-11-2003, 02:08 PM
I would love the recipe if you get a chance Ginny!

Michele- I was a 1-2 at my appt before I had Ian and had him the next day!! Good luck.
Karen- have fun at your Daisy meeting!
Ricci- enjoy your haircut and wedding!

K- off to do some painting. ttyl!

11-11-2003, 02:47 PM
I'm just sorda wondering, the OB today said that my cervix is at the back of his head instead of the top. She said it has to move around to the top for my contractions to become productive and I'm guessing for me to keep dilating. How does this happen? Geesh I should have asked more questions. Any of you gals have this happen? Emily were you at 40 weeks then when you delivered?
Ginny I remember Shelia! I was just thinking about her the other day and wondering if she was still a 3fc member.

11-11-2003, 02:49 PM
Ginny I was looking at old posts too today. I thought I joined alot earlier... but not until thread 22. I looked you up and the earliest thread I could find was 18. Was it called something else before then? maybe it was abbreviated? I think it would be neat to read the very first thread. So I'm searching for it.
Misty, sorry you aren't progressing as fast as you would like. You could always try the blue cohosh... it wouldn't hurt anyway. But get the tincture if you do. The pills don't really help at all. And drink it with juice or something because it tastes horrible by itself. But you do what you feel is right for you and your little boy.
Well... can't get more personal now. Just snuck on for a minute! TTYL!

11-11-2003, 03:02 PM
I've not heard of this Misty. You could always call your OB and ask more questions.. or ask the nurse there. I'm sure it's normal and the baby will rotate or something to be in the right position. But if you are having contractions but they just aren't efficient enough... I'm promising you blue cohosh will help. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm pressuring you. But that is how I had ds #1. My contractions weren't regular and I wouldn't dilate past 1... I went to the hospital to be checked and they wanted to send me home but I kept taking my blue cohosh and after being there for an hour they checked me one last time... and they said I'll be going home after that last exam, and guess what?! I was a 5!! So I stayed and had him a few hours later. So believe it is what worked for me. I just know you feel so ready to give birth and I wish I could help you out. But please only do what you are comfortable with ok? Don't let me pressure you. I'm just giving suggestions. :)
ok... off here again.
Ginny I really can't find any SAHM threads before #18.... do you know who originally started this thread? Did it have another name? Maybe the site did away with everything before that. And it'sno longer in their database. Hmm... that may be it. TTYL!

11-11-2003, 03:22 PM
I'm going to look up the blue cohosh. Where do you get it? Thanks so much Spryng, I don't feel pressured. I'm begining to get desperate :shrug: its just awful having these contractions and knowing its not doing a thing.

11-11-2003, 03:25 PM
oh yeah and do you remember when 3fc changed the boards around? maybe since then the other threads were lost.

11-11-2003, 03:39 PM
I looked! Ive been around since Thread #52.. I was Crochetlegacy then... they I had trouble!


11-11-2003, 03:45 PM
Wow, get sick for a couple days and you really miss alot around here!!! I think it took me 30 minutes just to catch up!

Well, I've been out of commission the past 2 days and then TOM came today so maybe things are looking up! I haven't done a bit of excercise since last Wednesday and had those awful PMS cravings and still managed to lose 1.5 pounds!!! I was really excited to see that yesterday when I weighed myself at my office.

DS just woke up hacking his lungs out so I got to go! It's amazing how fast kids can go from being fine to being sick!!

More later!

11-11-2003, 04:04 PM
Misty, you can buy blue cohosh at any herbal store... you want the liquid though... not the pills. You put two dropperfuls in your mouth or in some juice and drink it every hour... The liquid works so well because it gets right into your blood stream.
Candy, sorry to hear you were sick! Just a cold or the flu? It's about that season isn't it? Congrats on the 1.5 lbs gone!! That is so great!
Karen I remember when you had the other name. It's kinda weird to look at my old posts. I was dieting so unhealthily then. (when I first started posting here) I was eating less than 1000 cals a day and not exercising or anything. No wonder I gained it all back in record time! But it's also neat to see how I've changed too. Ginny was on WW way back then... and now she is having great success with it! You can tell the difference in her posts about it from now and then. I'd like to think we have all learned alot about ourselves and have changed for the better! :) I remember too when we all went through a period where no one was really losing weight... no motivation. Then Ginny rejoined WW this last time and everyone started getting back OP and doing well... and here we are now! It was fun to go back through though. Kinda like an old diary you found somewhere.
Ok, my day is going well. I did finally get some housework done. I'm feeling more like myself today. I have some salsa and sour cream chicken in the crockpot for dinner (smells heavenly in here!) what is everyone else having?
Well, I'll chat with you all later!

11-11-2003, 04:18 PM
Oh! I forgot that I got in touch with melissa!! (Mel17) and she is doing just fine and so is little myra! She said to tell you all she says hello and will post here and soon as she gets a chance. Life is pretty busy for her right now. But it was good to hear from her and know that she is ok!

11-11-2003, 06:23 PM
So I did some research, and let me just say that some of the ideas out there to "naturally" induce labor are INSANE! I mean wow. Nutzo! Spryng did you research the topic when you were going thru this? Did you see some of the crazy junk ppl suggest? rubbing spices (ground red pepper) in a water solution down there! OUCH! :yikes: One suggested dehydration and fasting... shew :nono:
I did get some helpful advice tho. And all the info I found on blue cohosh was great. The nearest GNC is 1 hr away and I just don't think I can make the drive. So I'm just gonna try and keep walking the stairs to help things along.
Karen I remember when you had the other nic. I forgot all about it tho. I've had nearly 10 nics! One year lightening hit my monitor and I had to make a new name, then the server had trouble. It was always something. So far K2 has been the longest one could keep!

Candy welcome back! Hope you are feeling better in record time and your Ds also. Congrats one the loss too and with TOM WTG!

Spryng, those days seem like forever ago. I do remember all of us lecturing you on your 1000 cal diet and being worried about you. Gosh I'm so glad you've found a program to suit you, and you are doig so well with it. All thanks to Ginny. Thanks for posting about Mel too. So good to hear she is well. Hope she makes it back soon!

Geesh seems I've been online all day! I've actually accomplished alot tho. Laundry is done and I had 4 large loads, kids have had their bath and the house is in order. All thats left is dishes from dinner. Gosh don't ya wish everyday went so well!

11-11-2003, 08:28 PM
Gee, Michele- I have heard of the Dr turning the baby- yup they press around on your abdomen to get the baby in a position that is favorable for delivery. Try WEB MD or IVillage.com......maybe you can get some advice from that. I can not offer any advice on the blue cohosh. Congrats on getting so much accomplished today!!!

Candy- sorry that you are not feeling well. Hey, at least you got TOM and the cold at the same time (why not get all the yuckies out of the way at once!). Feel better.......glad you could check in.

Well, Miss Crochet Legacy.!!!!! Yup, I remember you at the old name too.:) Thread #52, huh? That sounds about right to me too! How are you feeling?

Spryng- I know I was here before #18, as I was posting on 2 threads at the time and the one was already about #25 and the SAHM's was below 10. (I remember breaking out into double digits). Jackie was an original poster- along with a great lady from Australia, whose name I will remember if I think about it long enough. Jackie actually predates me here. (Gee, I miss her!!)
Thanks for checking in with Melissa, I am glad that she and Myra are doing ok. Tonight for dinner, I made the WW hamloaf recipe in the December issue of WW magazine. It was- by all accounts- very good- however very peppery. I would cut the pepper to a quarter of what they ask for- I tried halfing it as it sounded a bit much, and even that was too much for my taste. I would love to go back to some of the old threads.......maybe someday I will have the time. Just remembered- the Austalian members name was Belle- what a sweetie she was (she kind of fit in with Jackie and I with the same warped sense of humor) and she had lost a ton of weight on WW.

Anyway- I have babbled enough for today. Tomorrow I'll get the chicken recipe on here again, and if anyone wants the hamloaf recipe too~ only 4 points a serving!

Have a great nite.

WW tip #6 When switching to lower point snacks, eat ones that are similar in texture to your favorite higher point counterparts.

11-11-2003, 09:50 PM
Misty, I order all my herbs through Puritan's Pride or IHerb.com. I have a natural foods store near but hate dragging my kids in there as it is very small and they are very loud!!! Both of those sites offer high quality products for a very good price. Always, much cheaper than the stores. :) I saw a big, bright moon last night and thought about you. Not too much longer!!!

Thanks for the get well wishes everyone! I am feeling a little better. My DS woke up this afternoon with a fever and cough but had been perfectly fine all morning! Then I went to wipe DD's hiney and she had a bit of a bloody discharge. She's only 2!!! :?: I am worried about that and will call the Dr first thing in the morning. On top of all that, my monthly staff meeting is in the morning at 8:15am but as you have probably already guessed, I am not going. I hate missing it because I don't work in the office so they feel I should at least make the effort to be at the staff meetings but oh well for this month and next month I'm on vacation!!! :D

I would really like to get some of these recipes you guys have been talking about. Chicken enchilada, chicken salsa in crockpot and cheesy chicken come to mind right off. I bought some tofu tonight at the store. Anybody got any good tofu recipes?

Spryng, I hope your FIL will make needed changes. Mine never did. He went right back to sausage and hot dogs and whole milk. Thankfully he is past the 5 year mark so we are hoping another heart attack is not in his future. He also had an angioplasty where they inserted a stent into the valve. I love him to death but really wish he would eat better. I have known my in-laws since I was 8 so we really close! :lucky:

I had to laugh when ya'll were talking about jeans the other day. It was me to a tee. I usually end up buying my jeans at Walmart simply because it is convenient. I love Old Navy's kids clothes so I might have to check out their women's jeans. Especially if I get down to 150 by vacation! :cp:

Karen, hope you'll be getting some relief soon!

Hi, to everyone else!

Well, I've gotta get to work before it gets too late. Hope everyone has a good evening! Look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings! :dizzy:

11-12-2003, 10:05 AM
Good morning all!
Misty, I do remember reading all the crazy things people would suggest for inducing labor. But I'm with you... since your herb store is too far away I would just stick to letting nature take it's course. I definitely don't suggest castor oil or anything like that because you are too close to your due date and you don't want the baby to have a bowel movement. Could be so dangerous. How are you feeling today though? More pressure?
Candy, when you wiped your little dd, was it bright red blood?? If so then it's fine. Probably a little blood vessel near the rectum ruptured if she strained very hard or the bowel was hard (sorry if this is offensive talk) when the blood is dark or black then you need to worry. Was it gone after one wipe? Then she's probably just fine. I've dealt with that myself when I was pregnant. (sorry TMI) And I will post my crockpot sour cream and salsa chicken recipe for you ok?
Ginny, is that hamloaf like a meatloaf? I'm not a big ham fan. But it sounds interesting to say the least. Can't wait to hear about your WI today!!!! I peeked at my scale this morning too and was pleasantly suprised! But of course all good things must wait until saturday, my officail WI day. :)
ok, today I'm planning on folding laundry... that is about it. I'm actually making a Tuna Helper for dinner. It's only 5 pts per serving and I love them. I used to make them all the time but I enjoy cooking from scratch now too... so every now and then I make a boxed dinner. lol. What is everyone else making?
Ok, guess I'll get off here. I'll post that recipe right after this post. TTYL!

11-12-2003, 10:10 AM

4 boneless, skinless, chicken breast halves
1 pkg reduced sodium taco seasoning mix
1 cup salsa
2 T cornstarch
1/4 cup sour cream

Spray crockpot with cooking spray. Add chicken breasts. Sprinkle with taco mix. Top with Salsa. Cook on low for 6-8 hours.
When ready remove chicken. Mix cornstarch with a small amount of water, stir into salsa sauce. Stir in sour cream.

I shred the chicken when it is done and eat it in tortillas. Like a chicken taco or burrito. Very tasty.

Serves 4
4 pts per serving

(and if you make it as tacos then you can get two nice sized tacos from 4 oz of the chicken, just remember to count the tortillas seperately) Enjoy!

11-12-2003, 11:54 AM
Still here :cry:
Still having painful contractions every 45-60 min apart. I'm so frustrated. By the time I do finally get to deliver him i'll be to tired to push. I think I got a few seconds of sleep last night. everytime I fell alseep I was rudely awakened by a contraction.
I'm miserble. Candy I usually order from pennherb. But by the time it got here I'd already delivered. And I serve tofu alot my folks are vegetarian. I'll share some recipes later today when I'm not so aggravated. Let us know how dd is ok that's scarey. Hope they didn't do ten million tests and make her terrified. Drawing blood etc. Oh that can be so hard. saying prayers for her. Thanks for asking Spryng, I'm still having all the pressure and cramps and blah blah blah.... Ginny I remember you on Christian Encouragers!!! I miss Jackie alot too. She always had a great outlook on personal things. Seemed she knew just what to say and your so right about the humor between you and her. Always tickled me how you'd give eachother a hard time. I miss her colorful posts too! Gosh... COME BACK JACKIE!
ok its about time for another contraction. I'm gonna scoot if I'm up and moving when they hit it aint so bad.
have a great op day!

11-12-2003, 01:44 PM
Michele- you poor thing! I had 2 weeks of prodromal labor with my second and remember how exhausting that was!! Hang in there...at least once the productive contractions start it'll probably be really fast!

Well, I had a nice early dental appt. at 7 am so I'm already tired here at 10:45. I hadn't been for quite some time so had lots of tartar to scrape away- it was a 2 hour appt!! Glad it won't ever be that bad again! I'm off my schedule now...had to make some phone calls when I got home and the house needs a cleaning badly!

I was down 5 lbs this morning!!! Guess the halloween candy is gone or something...maybe my body is finally ready to let go of some of this baby weight 6.5 months post-partum. I'll take it!

Thanks for the recipe Spryng! SOunds great

Well, I need to get some stuff done before picking ds up from school!

11-12-2003, 02:08 PM
Good morning!

Michelle - you take care hon! I am feeling for you! with DD I was admited to the hospital 4 times! Each time they thought it was it... only to be discharged the next morning. It was so frustrating and tiring!!I am praying for you and baby!

EMILY! WTG! How awesome on the loss!! :)

I am havign a good day. I am finishing up some projects then teaching a class tonight. Tomorrow DS goes to the doctor for allergy testing. We want to get a dog. I told DH that we will not get a dog until the kids have been tested. I am allergic, but under control for the most part. I am worried though since it is a 2 hour appt... he doesnt do well to sit still that long... DD goes next week!!! :(

I better run.. I am getting really tired these days.. Need to get some vitamins in my body.. I just realized I forgto them this morning! SHame on me! :D

11-12-2003, 02:58 PM
Pictures (http://community-2.webtv.net/hotmail.com/mistymichele74/Bigwater/)
I'm not really familiar with doing this. Hope this works.
click where it says pictures and it should take you to a webpage where I just posted a few pictures.
It has been raining here all day and now I'm flooded in, again. (thats what the pictures are of plus one of me and one of the kids in their halloween costumes)
anyhow Dh is at the university again... I called him and asked him to come home early. This is just awful. SHEW! ok let me see if this link works. you all let me know if it works for you too ok?

11-12-2003, 03:08 PM
ok it worked for me...
:bravo: Emily that's great losing 5#! I'm so sorry you had to go thru 2 weeks of these contractions.
Karen hope you feel stronger soon. Glad you remembered your vitamins. Gotta have em with all you are losing from tom.

I just gotta say I'm sorry for being such a whiney butt lately. I hope you all can understand. I'm just venting. with all the stress on Dh with the baby coming and all I'm scared to vent at home. I really think he'd have a breakdown. He's so worked up over me having contractions and him having to work an hr away. I just feel bad and don't want to make things harder for him. Soooo just over look me. I have issues :shrug:
I'll be back to my cheery self I promise, soon as I GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME!!!! :mad:

11-12-2003, 03:10 PM
Yes Misty the link worked! You should get a belly shot too!!! But you look very good to be 9 months along! :) Very pretty. But we already knew that. lol. Your girls are adorable. Would your OB consider stripping your membranes?? Maybe that would get your contractions going and being effective. Did you say you go back this friday? If they are going to check you I would ask them if they could do it. It might just be the little push you need. But my heart goes out to you. Hope those contractions either get real or go away if they aren't going to get labor going. Rest as much as possible.
Karen, good luck with getting a dog! Any specific breed you are wanting? I don't think we'll get any more pets for a long time. Too much work for me.
Emily, congrats on the great loss!!! Wow 5 lbs is alot to lose in one week! You are doing great.
Well I have went to the store already today. Got some more cold medicine and some FF milk for dinner. So now I'm just home relaxing. I started to get laundry folded... I have about 4 more loads to fold before I'm done. Shew! I should stop waiting so long to fold!
But anyway... a normal day around here. DH is coming FRIDAY!! I'm so excited. Can't wait to spend the weekend with him.
Ok, talk with you all later! ;)

11-12-2003, 03:50 PM
ty spryng. do they do the stripping even when I've already dilated? I had never heard of it until you had it done with Tanner.
<~~~~ :joker: thats my daughter the 2 yr old I didn't know it would work! Yay me!

11-12-2003, 03:55 PM
Yes, they can do it even when you are dilated. i was almost a 3 when my midwife did it to me. Talk to your OB about it and see if they do it. Some don't. And some will but you have to ask about it. HTH. Are you feeling any better?

11-12-2003, 03:59 PM
I'm a wreck. its still raining and the water is coming up all aroundus. Dh still isn't here he called and is about 30 min away but he will have to park his vehicle and hike in over the mountian. Still having contractions every 45 min Bah! so frustrating. I'm really gonna try and convience the OB to admit me on Friday. tysm for putting up with me :) I'm def gonna ask them about the stripping.

11-12-2003, 04:02 PM
Misty, you just may be in early labor. How long do they last? Are they painful? Hopefully your DH can get home soon to be with you just in case. They may start coming closer together today. Keep us updated ok?

11-12-2003, 04:12 PM
Hi gang.........

Phew, I feel like I am never going to catch my breath! One more night of work tonight, then I have 3-in-a-row off......... thank gawd!!!

Michele, hang in there, hon. Sending you extra-big hugs! That little boy will show his face when he's good and ready. I remember that anxious feeling well, though. You go right ahead and vent to us all you want! Whatever you need to do to keep your stress-level to a minimum. And, try to get some rest, honey. Soon, this will all be a distant memory, and it will be well worth it! :)

Spryng, hope you are hanging in there with fighting that cold. My kids have been battling them for what feels like forever.... really, just a couple of weeks, though. I have been lucky so far (knocking on wood!) and have stayed healthy. I think it's the healthier lifestyle and vitamins having an effect. Enjoy your weekend with hubby!

Karen, good luck on the allergy testing. I commend you for dealing with this before you bring a dog into your life. I hope you're feeling better yourself, too. Remind us when your ultrasound date nears so I can send out good thoughts, ok? :)

Ginny, how cool that you found old posts/threads. :) Amazing you had one with me in it, since I really did not stick around very long my first time here. Then I disappeared for over a year, only to resurface. I am so grateful to this thread and all you wonderful women for all of the support since I've been back. Hugs to you all! :)

Candy, how is dd? Did you get her to the doc? I am thinking Spryng's advice to you is right on and perhaps dd just has a small tear/irritation. I hope she is better.

Emily, congrats on your loss!!! Sorry about your long dentist appt....... what a drag! But, I bet your mouth thanks you!

Well, we had a nice afternoon yesterday...... took the kids to see Brother Bear, which they loved, then we went out to dinner. I have not been very OP for the last week, and would not be surprised to see a gain on Monday. But, I have been good today, and there is still time to do damage control between now and then.

A bit of news........I had an appointment with a new endocrinologist today. I have had thyroid issues since I was 18. I have always had a large goiter, and I had an underactive thyroid for 10 years. My thyroid function has been normal for the past 4 years now, however, still the goiter. So today, the endocrinologist says it is time to lose the thyroid! I will see a surgeon this Friday, and go from there. It's a big surgery, but best done now while I'm young and healthy. I will keep you all updated.

K, gotta run and pick up the house before the kids get home from school. Have a good evening. :)

11-12-2003, 04:25 PM
Misty, were you whining? I didn't notice. Sounded like normal end of pregnancy talk to me! I've got to figure out how to get pictures on here. None of mine are small enough, file-size wise. Your's were cute. You looked just like I imagined!
Spryng, the blood was not coming from her hiney. I wiped twice there just to check. It was coming from her "pee pee". I took her to the dr today and they did an urinalysis and she had some blood in her urine and a little protein. I have to come back in 2 weeks and they will do another just to see if this is normal for her or if something's up. She also has a yeast infection/rash on her hiney. Poor baby. You would never know it by the way she acts! I talked to my mom today and she started having similar problems when she was 2 or 3 and after all kinds of tests and hospital stays they discovered that one of her kidneys was doubled. I will mention this to the dr next time as she favors my mom looks wise so there could be other connections!
Thanks for the recipe! I am eager to try it out. I don't do much in the crockpot but that's just because I never think that far in advance! Got to get into the habit!
Emily, congrats on your loss! Are you nursing or bottle-feeding? Everyone always told me "When you nurse, the weight just melts off!" Hah! I guess that is when you gain a normal amount of weight, not 50 or 70 pounds. I nursed both my kids until they were 16 months and am still battling this 30 extra pounds!!!
Dinner...I've got some cabbage cooking and that is as far as I have gotten. I'm thinking of saving the cabbage for tomorrow and doing Taco Soup! That is sounding so tasty except it is hot here today and I usually like soup when it is cold!
Well, I am painting my bikes and I need to go check and see if they first coat it dry. We are going to the Keys in December and we bike everywhere but are bikes hadn't been used since the last Keys trip 3 years ago so they are pretty pathetic looking. DH wanted to get new ones but I'm trying to save a little so I can get my house sooner rather than later but as low of a house payment as possible so I don't have to work for the rest of my life! So I am painting them, getting new tires and new seats. They'll be presentable.

Hope everyone has a great evening!!!

11-12-2003, 05:56 PM
Hi girls

I thought I would introduce myself. I am Julie a sahm of two!
I have spoken with Karen and Spryng before but I just wanted to say hello to everyone else. I usually post on another thread but I often check in here and you guys seem like a great bunch of girls and sometimes it is nice to have support from other sahm's. I am about 20 pounds from my goal weight. It is a real struggle but I think I will get there. At this point I am trying to cut down on the bad carbs and do portion control.

Spryng your salsa chicken sounds great! Can I ask do you use frozen chicken breast or do you have to defrost them first? Thanks so much for the reply.

Looking foward to talking with you all. Julie:)

11-12-2003, 08:16 PM
Spryng, I'd say the peak of the contraction lasts less than 30 seconds. The entire thing is over in 1 min I am guessing. I haven't timed the length of the contraction. But yes they are painful. If I sit or lie it makes me want to scream. But if I walk during them it is more bearable.
Hoss finally made it home. Just in time. the water was up to the bellies on the livestock. He saved the day. I'm so thankful.
Some stress has subsided now that he is here. We had a quiet dinner and everyone is starting to settle.
Thanks for the hugs Jen and the understanding it means alot. I'm interested to learn more about you having surgery. Its great that you can be so up-beat about this. I'd prolly freak. Having any surgery freaks me out!
Candy glad you enjoyed the photos. Is that you and your dd in your advitar? darling if it is. Wish I could help you with your images. I know a site I'll post the link later I have to look it up where you can resize images. It might help you. Hope everything comes out with your Dd. Did your mother have to have surgery to correct her double kidney?
Julie, welcome! hope to see you postig often. Its a great bunch here and tons of support.

11-12-2003, 09:37 PM
My gosh, what a busy day here!

Michele- girl, you amaze me! Contractions up the ying-yang and you are still posting. I am so glad that Dh made it home~ and you have not been bellyachin' at all! Hang in there and big hugs- I hope that the contractions are not too intense.

Julie- Welcome!!!!!!:) This is a great bunch of ladies here- and you'll love them all. We do get a bit silly at times........but the company and encouragement is great. I look foward to getting to know you better.

Candy- I loved your picture!!!! What a pretty lady you are and with a cute baby! Keep us informed with Dd and her urinary problems.....I have had 2 Dd's with reflux, and am fortunately or not, familiar with all the tests and whatnot of pediatric urology.
Hope your bikes came out well! BTW- the crockpot is such a huge time saver......dinner cooks itself, I would be lost w/o mine!

Jen- big hugs to you. You seem calm about your surgery~ I will pray for continued grace and peace about it. Let us know how you are doing- and feeling. I know that thyroid is responsible for some peoples weight issues, maybe losing will be easier post op?
Glad that you had a nice day. Don't work too hard!!!!!

Emily- congrats on the 5# loss!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!

Spryng- thanks for putting on the recipe again- I think I might have that for dinner tomorrow nite (have 90% of the ingredients already). Any news on FIL??????? When is Dh due home (Friday, right?)

Karen- gee, this is going to sound a lot like my former "chats" with Jackie- TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!!!! With all the stress that your body has been thru, you need them!!! How did the allergist appt go?

As for me, Dh stayed home today, not feeling too well. He went to WW with me (he stayed in the car) and then helped me with the Walmart trip. So I only stayed for a few minutes for the meeting. And I got my walk in this am......in the rain (but it stopped towards the end.
Well, I finally broke the 150 barrier!!!:D I lost 3.8#, and now weigh 148!!! (and I am so excited!!!!!!!!) I set my WW goal for 142, the weight I concieved Dd #1 at and came home from the hospital with her at. It is a livable goal for me and I hope to undershoot it by 10#. But, it gets me out of paying for meetings sooner than 132 does.....;) . Todays meeting was about how people use their flex points. Seems like most folks had the same trouble as I did- getting all 35 points a week and going too low each day. Laura's advice was to save 15 points for the weekend- giving you and extra 3 points per day. Of course you can manage the points anyway you like, but after the discussion- it seemed that most people had naturally worked out a system like that and that was best. 20 points a day (which is where I am at now) is awfully low and hard to do on a daily basis.

WW tip #7- If vulnerable to snacking later in the evening, floss and brush your teeth. This will deter you from putting anything else into your mouth.

Gotta go- tomorrow will be sane.......well maybe!!!!!
Have a great nite.

11-12-2003, 10:09 PM
starting a new thread, see you there