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11-08-2003, 11:17 AM
Grab your cup of Coffee, and come chat with us!

11-08-2003, 11:21 AM
Good morning all!

I am up early on this Saturday morning! DH is off already to take a drive with his Miata club, the kids are upstairs in the playroom with the computer (They LOVE Magic School Bus!) So here I am with my coffee and my computer!

This is the first weekend since school started that I actually get to spend the whole weekend at home! Granted I need to go to the grocery store and to Costco, but that is different than running from soccer game to birthday party! WHo knows, maybe I will do a good cleaning of my kitchen this weekend! The one thing about this WOE is the oil and butter spatter on the stove. I clean as I go, but every once in a while I need to degrease the stove top. It gets a film on it! :o

So what is everyone else up to this lovely November weekend? It is freezing here, but sunny.. although they are calling for rain later today. I hope so! That means that it will warm up just a tad! I know that the kids would love some snow though! I think it is too early for that! :)


Hugs to all! :)

11-08-2003, 12:23 PM
Hey, Karen! I am doing the same thing this morning. Having coffee and checking out 3FC!

My day is not going to be all that exciting, but hopefully I'll get a lot of things done that need to be done. I need to take old clothes to the Salvation Army, clean my car (the most dreaded thing of the day) and give a thorough cleaning to the kitchen and bathroom. It all sounds so fun!

Oh, this is lovely... my "Check Engine" light is back on!! I just got it "fixed" on Wednesday. I'm sure it's just the same problem, but I really don't like driving around with that light on. So, I guess I'll have to spend another morning driving it into be "fixed" again. It really is a pain -- the dealer is about 30 miles from here, and they always want you there right at 7:30 a.m. (rush-hour traffic). Oh, well.

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Take care,

11-08-2003, 12:42 PM
Good morning!

Sadly, I am at the university this morning working - and freezing. I'm in the lab but the window is open slightly and I can't reach the lever to close it - I'm going to have to find a stick or something or I'll never get anything done, shivering away!

And I'm on Day 6 of Atkins and I feel like it is getting easier, so I'm happy about that! I was at a birthday party last night and didn't take any of the chips and I didn't drink any alcohol - which, considering I didn't drink at all until I went to Europe for a year a couple years ago, really isn't a hard thing for me to do - honestly, people are always surprised when I *do* drink! :).

I think I want to get a scale so I can keep track of my progress - I suppose there's one at the YMCA, but it's located in the middle of the change room and I don't really feel the need to broadcast my stats to the city quite yet! ;)

That sucks about your car, Jina. I used to drive an '88 Topaz and it had a very interesting personality. Often to start it, I'd have to flip a fuel cut-off switch in the trunk that would randomly trigger and cut-off the fuel supply to the engine. Although, I felt comfortable with the car because I knew its 'sounds' very well and could predict future breakdowns quite well. One time with my car, it would stall every time I stopped at an intersection - and I was driving home from a place that is normally 2.5 hours away! It was a looong drive! I also had the gas pedal fall off, the brakes give out on me, leaking radiator .... and I *love* how these things *always* happen when I'm far from home! Don't ask how many tow trucks I've been in!! :)

Actually once my brother's vehicle broke down and a tow truck came to get him and they were driving along, then the tow truck broke down! What are the chances?!

Anyway, I'll be around later .... Julie.

11-08-2003, 04:07 PM
Hi Everyone,

Only have a second to say hello and I hope your all enjoying this wonderful weekend !

Julie I love those shoes.......ROFLMFAO !!!!

Hugs !!

11-08-2003, 07:47 PM
So just have a few moments to see how everyone's doing. Congrats to Jamie for the 9 lb loss! Way to go!

I was off ths morning for hair appt (after eggs/bacon/tomato/coffee breakfast) to get roots done (GASP!)...and cut/blow dry - hair is now gorgeous - thank goodness we're going out so I can at least make good "use" of it!

Went shopping for clothes after - have a bar mitzvah to go to next week wanted something black! Got some dressy black velvet pants (size xl w/elastic waist and slits at the bottom)...they need to be shortened of course! And brought home two tops to try on: one beaded jacket and one black velvet jacket with chiffon at hem and sleeves with black bugle beads - I decided on the velvet jacket but it is too tight so will get a bigger size. Will wear a sparkly black/silver tank underneath.

Also got a blue chenille cozy turtleneck that I am returning as my "spare tire" is too evident when I wear it.....

Got daughter a beautiful pink sweater set (shell and cardigan) made of nylon/viscose (silky not sweater) with pink bugle beads on front and sleeves - it iS GORGEOUS and expensive...and I"m thinking if she does not like it I will keep it for when I read my goal (size ladies large, but very tiny looking!)...and it will be MINE...ALL MINE...;)

Going out tonite - dh gone to get sitter....I am STARVING as I have had no lunch (okay had some cheese strings and macadamia nuts snack earlier). Probably out for dinner and maybe some live jazz at this restaurant - but if music starts too late may leave to catch a movie?? I am dressed all in black so I'll fit in with the jazz lovers...ha ha.

Maybe a glass of wine with dinner? HOpe they have low carb opportunities for dinner:?:

Anyone else have any exciting weekend plans?


P.S. Freezing cold here today - altho bright and sunny. Will be wearing my winter coat out tonight (don't worry it's also black) and gloves too!

11-08-2003, 09:15 PM
We are going out to dinner too which is a rare treat. The neighbors are taking us out because Peter helped them so much when their basement flooded a few weeks ago. Thank goodness we're going to a steakhouse because I've been craving steak and salad and I just finished the five day Atkins Fat Fast. BTW, I lost 8 lb on it which absolutely thrills me.
Froufie, you're upset because your spare tire shows in your new top. I'm just so thrilled that I finally HAVE a spare tire instead of just one huge bulge sticking out. Yep, I finally have a dent between spare tire and tummy. Isn't that a silly thing to get excited about? :dizzy:
We are still waiting for new grandchild to arrive. Daughter says she feels a different sort of pressure "down south" today so I'm hoping this child is finally getting ready to show itself. It's a week late today and she still hasn't had any twinges.
It was much warmer today and I was able to work a while in the garden. I still have so much clean-up to do still but I prefer the milder temps in which to do it.

11-08-2003, 09:21 PM
Gosh it sounds like everyone's having a lovely day so far!

Jina- Just an idea but if you have time here's what I do with some of my clothes that don't fit or stuff anymore, like old baby clothes. I sell them on Ebay. I then have money to buy more or different stuff. That's how I've funded X-mas this year. I also sell the clothes my baby grows out of to by the next size up. Whatever doesn't sell I donate and get a tax deduction for. Don't forget to get the slip for you taxes. Just an idea.

Julie- We're really close on start dates, just a few days apart. I have a scale and it really helps me see the progress but I have to say it takes SOOO much willpower not to step on it 3 times a day let alone everyday. It just disappoints me so be careful. Maybe we can motivate each other to ignore it but only once a week. I'm a scale addict. Ugh!

Froufie- I would love to see a picture of the new hair! The outfits too but definitely the hair. I hope you have a lovely evening with your dh. It sounds wonderful, the jazz, the dressing up...ahhhh romantic.

Is it just me or are all of you not quite ready for winter yet. I guess it's because it keeps going back and forth between 70 and 30 every few days. Keeps me guessing.

I came home from work this morning and played with el baby-o which is nice because on some work shifts I don't even get to see him for a few days. Then we got to nap together. I got up around 5:30pm and played some more and that, ladies has been my Saturday. Nothing exciting at all. Sometimes that's just the way we like it though.

The only thing notable about my day was that at work it was so busy that I was unable to eat my lunch until 5 hours late. That stunk. Threw me off.

Well, hope your Sunday is just as nice as your Saturdays were.
Warm fuzz socks right out of the drier thougts coming your way!!!


11-08-2003, 10:26 PM
Hi again,
Just wanted to share something kind of funny. I work in nuclear power and when people do something where they think too much about something we say, "Man, what a nuke" or something like that.

Well, I had a true Nuke moment last night. At work I sat down and figured out that in order to get to a relatively happy weight I had to lose 66lbs. In the first week I lost 9lbs. I know that it is unreasonable to lose that everyweek and impossible to expect it so I calculated the percentage of my goal that I lost.

I figured out that 9lbs is 14% of my 66lbs. I then figured out that it was a reasonable goal to lose 14% approx. each week. So I figured out 14% each week which will be less and less as I get skinnier and figured out that if all goes as planned (yeah right) then it would take me approx. 17 weeks to get to my goal..

LOL.. Like I said. What a dork! A total Nuke moment. I think that I think too much. Maybe I just need more to do.
Later alligators.

11-09-2003, 11:16 AM
Happy Sunday, everyone!

Karen: Know what you mean about de-greasing the stove. It's about time for me to do that, too!

Julie: Great job on resisting the temptation at the party!

Froufie: Shopping sounds so wonderful! My only problem... it requires money. :( It sounds like you found some nice outfits!! Hope you and your DH had a wonderful time last night!!

Jamie: Thanks for the info about the clothes. I've never used eBay before, but I'm not sure if these clothes would be "eBay quality." They are just larger, older, out-of-style clothes... I'm not sure if anyone would want to buy them?? That would be nice if they did, but with this batch, I think I'll donate them. Then maybe I can learn about eBay for future clothes. Thanks for mentioning the tax deduction slip, too. I'll be sure and get one (With my procrastination, I never made it to drop them off yesterday!). Also, loved your "nuke" moment! And, congratulations on your weight loss -- nine pounds is great!!

I'm ready for winter, but it's been 85 degrees here each day! (Winter is in the 70s.). My dog has reverted back to her summer mode when she has to stop and lay down for a few minutes before she can ever possibly go on. So, my walking this week has been more stop-and-go than non-stop. I think she's lazier than I am! (which I almost didn't think was possible...)

Last night, I tried some sugar-free chocolate almond bars. OK. I didn't try, I devoured quite a few of them. BIG mistake. First, they gave my stomach some severe problems. Then, I had very strange dreams last night. In the dream, I kept trying to wake up, but couldn't. (I'm not sure if it was the result of the candy, but I'm going to blame it on them so I'm never tempted to buy them again.) So, I woke up dehydrated, with sore muscles and a headache. YUCK! NO more sugar-free candy for me!!!

Anyway, hope everyone has a great day!!

Take care,

11-09-2003, 11:55 AM
what is Atkins five day fat fast?

11-09-2003, 12:37 PM
Good morning!

Guess where I'm headed again this morning? Yep, school. I left a simulation running there over night, so I'm going in to check on it and see if I get the results I need (please, oh please!). But the day is beautiful here! Clear skies, although a little cold (somewhere between -1C and -4C). Maybe I'll wander down to the old part of the city today - one of my favourite spots, with a bit of a 'European' fell to it.

Did anyone else catch the full lunar eclipse last night? I climbed to the roof of our apartment building and watched for a little while, just before it was fully covered and a few minutes while it was covered (it takes on a bit of a reddy glow). Unfortunately things in the night sky aren't quite as vibrant in the city, but still, it was nice sight.

Jamie: yeah, all your calculations were perhaps a bit dorky! ;) But no worries, I'm a great dork myself (I'm an engineer) so I thought it was just great! :)

Leens: Aren't those shoes great? They're at the Keukenhof in Holland (famous flower gardens). I saw someone else with a picture of them once and one of my goals in Holland was to 'find those shoes!'

Hope everyone's weekend is going well,

11-09-2003, 12:48 PM
Congrats girls. You're lives are so much more exciting than mine at the moment. I'm glad to hear of your losses. I'm stalled at the moment. I haven't stalled like this since the early days of Atkins.

Linda, big WOOHOO for you! I know you're more motivated now. I knew you could survive the five days required!

Nursenicki, the fat fast is a restrictive calorie counting diet plan by Atkins for people who are metabolically resistant. He has criteria for who should and shouldn't do it. I've done it 3 times and lost 1 pound per day each time. I'm a very slow loser. Week one I only lost 2 pounds and week 2 was only slightly better at 3 pounds. My weight loss didn't speed up untill I had completed the 1000 cal plan twice - about a month apart. I have to keep my calories down to lose, usually 1200 or under. The first week of fat fast is 1000 calories and the 200 calorie meals eaten 5 times per day is 90% fat. the next week he has a plan for 1200 calories. 4 meals at 300 calories each. It's not for everyone, just the metabolicallyl challenged. You can find more info by going to and doing a search for "fat fast". Click on the first article that comes up. He says that some people's bodies hold on to glucose. The body will burn glucose for energy before fat. His 90% fat plan forces the body to burn off the excess glucose. Let me repeat, it's not for everyone. The last time I posted info on the fat fast, I caught some flack about how dangerous this is. Hopefully I won't catch too much this time. We all are different and some of us are truly metabolically resistant.

11-09-2003, 05:38 PM
Hello everyone!

Supersized, thanks for the info. I've been wondering about the fat fast lately. I just don't know if I can do it. The samples he gives in the book include things that I can't force myself to eat - like caviar and deviled eggs. I'm stepping up the exercise and getting back to my induction roots to see if I can get losing again before taking the fat fast step.

I've been having a great weekend. DH didn't work at the bar at all - yippee! We went out for dinner and a movie on Friday night. Yesterday, we went fantasy shopping. This is where we go to furniture stores and such and write down all the things we'd love to get and how much they are. At the end of the day we add it all up and then congratulate ourselves on how much money we saved by not buying any of it (not that we have the money to in the first place). It's fun. We get out of the house, have some good running around time together, and get to learn more about the other person's tastes. Including the Harley's we picked out, we saved over $50,000 yesterday. :D

DH is back at work today so I cleaned out the garden and flowerbeds this morning. I figure it counts as exercise and the yards look much better!

11-09-2003, 09:49 PM
Morning Gorgeously skinny ladies!
Star, you are truly an inspiration. You are like a book on "Things to do to live a creative life". You give me ideas and hope and put a smile on my face. Thanks!!!!

Julie- What kind of engineer are you? What kind of study are you doing?

Jina- I love the new avatar!! It's great. If you need any help with the donation/clothing stuff let me know. My husband and I have our own real estate management corp. on the side (not real estate agents) and we dabble in all kinds of stuff. Our whole goal is to retire ASAP so we can spend the rest of our lives with our children doing whatever we want so I've gotten kind of good at figuring out the ebay thing and stuff like that. Every little bit counts. I'm sorry you had such a bad run in with the chocolate. Kind of scary to think it can make you that sick! Ugh. Take care of yourself.

Getting ready to go to work again. Had an okay night. Nothing exciting. Got a new crib for Mr. Fantastic El Baby-o and put it together with dh this morning. THAT was an exercise in itself. I'm a follow the procedure so there are no extra nuts and bolts type gal and my dh is a oh heck, just wing it and who cares what that extra three boards were for kind of guy. But we did okay and it's together correctly :)

Only 4 nights to go of midnight shift and then I fly to California. My aunt that we are visiting is about 350lbs. She has been battling this weight for the last 30 years. But she really doesn't do anything about it. We used to get together and eat bagels and cream cheese and chips and frozen yogurt. She was really disappointed when I told her I was on this WOE. It was a ritual for us to eat like that. I think she understands but is still disappointed. It's hard to explain to others what you can and can't have. I'm hoping she won't unintentionally try to sabotage me emotionally. I don't think I'll have a problem because this is the most important thing I've done in a long time for me and I'm feeling pretty strong in it. Any ideas on how to deal with her and others like her?

Thanks so much ladies! Sleep well.
James aka jamie aka jamesina

11-09-2003, 10:28 PM
By the way, Jina! My Check Engine light came on last night! Maybe in sympathy to yours. The guys at work told me that it's most likely because I haven't had the oil changed in a while. I'll do that in the morning and see if it goes away.

Friends in car worry,

11-09-2003, 11:01 PM
HI Everyone!

CONGRATS Linda on the fabulous weight loss, I'm sure that you'll continue going down and down and down....

Jina - your winter temp sounds like the kind I prefer (got some winter vacation brochures to dream over when the snow hits)...and you're right to watch out for those nasty sugar alcohols - I've had a few run ins with those myself....very nasty stuff!

I am feeling a bit bummed out today - I think it is deep PMS...TOM is hovering..... and of course extremely exhausted due to late night out - don't kiddies know they're supposed to sleep in on Sunday mornings after their parents have been out and not burst into their room at 7 am???

We had dinner at a fish restaurant - had to wait for table and we were freezing so headed upstairs to the bar and found a SOFA NEXT TO THE FIREPLACE - it was heaven and warm...and yes I splurged with a Cosmopoitan martini - yes I know it has carbs (a splash of triple sec and ounce of cranberry juice), but was definitely worth it - of course drinking on an empty stomach is never recommended, especially when low carbing, so both dh and I (he had a glass of white wine) who are normally not big drinkers anyways were really feeling it by the time our table was ready.

Food was a bit disappointing (now I remember why we don't go there more often). My smoked salmon appetizer was pretty good, but main dish swordfish was nothing to write home about - oh yes I also had two pieces of melba toast (must look up the carbs for that!).

Then went to a club close by to see this band I had heard about - pretty good - blues/rock with some aretha franklin and marvin gaye thrown in - loved the brass section and the fact that everyone there was the same age as we were! Had a diet pepsi while there - decided no more alcohol for us (such cheap drunks!:))

Didn't get to bed til 2 am - and paying for it today.

Feeling crappy anyways due to sinus issue (am I catching dh's cold?)...and bloated feeling.

Trying to drink lots of water today - not sure if I should weigh in tomorrow due to TOM, but I will be strong!:dizzy:

Lekker - what city are you in? Sounds like Montreal (my hometown) or Quebec City (if so I'm jealous!).

Star - Sounds like you also had a great night out! Love the fantasy shopping idea - will have to try it out!

As for my shopping trip - returning many of the items and dd did NOT LIKE THE PINK SWEATER SET - her exact comment was "it looks like something you would wear" I that obvious?

So do I keep it in the back of the closet - assuming I will one day fit into it? Or bring it back ($70 total cost) ? It seems funny to buy something I won't be wearing for maybe another 6 months or so - and what if in the end it doesn't even look good on me? ...and yes I hate the look of my BIG SPARE TIRE!:s:

Doing laundry and looking forward to my days off - have to get some errands done tomorrow and go get my velvet pants hemmed before weekend - would love a pair of fancy shoes to wear - but I also have fat, wide ugly feet and I can barely manage high heels on a good day!


11-10-2003, 01:42 AM
Hey there! It's sunday evening and I'm enjoying my own version of decadence. :) DH is at work and I just polished off a 4 ounce wheel of brie all on my own - I know, seems so bad, but no carbs! Now I'm sitting back and drinking lime perrier out of a champagne flute AND, for those interested, I am, of course, wearing my tiara. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh all I need now is a cabana boy to give me a pedicure and it would be perfect! ;)

My ketones are back in full force - relying on stinky breath and purple ketone stick as evidence. I saw Jennalyn tonight and she's looking thinner by the day. And my normally aloof kitty has decided he adores me tonight. Good times. :D

Froufy, I think if you like the sweater so much you should keep it! We've spent some time talking about rewards and an expensive sweater that you love would be great. I'm sure someone more practical than me will argue the other way, but that's ok. We'll keep each other even. :smug: