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11-04-2003, 05:26 PM
Hi! I'm looking for some other mother's out there who work secularly from home. I'm interested in hearing how you manage. Do you have someone come to your home and watch your kids, do they go to daycare or do you watch them yourselves? If so, how you do keep up with your work?

I am a 28 year old mother of 2 (ages 2 and 4) who is currently employed by a Gyn/Oncology practice. I work full-time (32 hours) and also watch my kids full-time. Most days I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water. Weekends are usually spent playing catch up for all the secular work I didn't get done during the week.

So, as you can imagine, there is seldom energy for exercise and diet but I have committed myself to getting off these 30 pounds that have plagued me since my first pregnancy. I did actually get down to 150 when I got pregnant with my daughter (I was 140 when I got pregnant with my son) but that is the closest I have been.

I would love to share the joys and miseries of working at home. So many people think it must be so easy when they hear about my job...if they only knew. :dizzy:

Anyway, looking forward to hearing from some you on this!

11-05-2003, 07:26 PM
Hi Candy!

I work from home too! My primary function is being a SAHM, but I am also a Crochet Pattern Designer/ Crochet Instructor. I design patterns for Magazines and Pattern Publishers as well as my own company.

I work mostly in the afternoons and evenings while my kids are doing homework or in bed, but I put in at least 6 hours a day in.

I decided that I have to make time for myself to exercise. I go to the gym right after the kids are off to school. I work out for 1-1.5 hours then come home and shower. after that is email and clean house time until the kids come home from school. My DD is in 1/2 day kindergarten, so I usually have to pick her up at school too.

Easy? HA! LOL! Dont I wish.. I really dont think even DH understands how hard it is to stay above water sometimes! :)

It will be fun to chat about this kind of stuff! :)

11-05-2003, 09:24 PM
Hi Karen!

Sounds like you have a pretty good schedule. My kids are still little and even when my son turns 5 (next year) I will be homeschooling so no time soon will I be getting any kind of break in the kid department. It's hard because there are many times I wish I could lay down with them for thier nap or read them 5 extra stories at bedtime but I can't because that desk in the other room is piled high with work that has to be done by the following morning. For a job, I can't complain about mine but if I had my druthers, I'd rather not work at all secularly!!!

I completely understand what you mean about the DH. He doesn't have a clue. It should be so easy to keep the house spotless, the laundry done and the kids in order while working full-time! :o) I love him but he is clueless when it comes to this subject!

Congrats on your loss. I'm fixin' to check out bodycomp.com to see my actual body fat. I've lost 4 lbs so far but have a long way to go.

Talk to you soon!