Weight Loss Support - Angel's November Better Body Challenge

11-03-2003, 10:56 PM
Hello Everyone! I hope all is well!

Let's Change this forum a little bit this month. I am really needing to focus on some things. So this month lets post 2 goals that we really want to work on (can be exercise, water, not eating sweets, whatever you need it to be) and then post each day how we are doing on each one.

We can still talk about all the other things we have going in life but this is important.

Now for those who are new and might want to join us.... We are a group of ladies that are all doing stuff a little diffrently than each other but are here to support each other through think and thin. We lift each other up. .

Come Join Us!

11-03-2003, 11:03 PM
Ok Ladies- Lets get this month going!

My 2 goals for the month:

[COLOR=red] Goal #1: Drink 10 Glasses of water a day!

Goal #2: Walk 10 Miles a week![COLOR]

Real Estate School is going good... my 2nd final is next monday and then I have my last class.... I am enjoying it and really getting it which is great!... I hope this really kicks off for me! I am just really stressed and tired right now with everything that is going on with work and school. I am hoping that all this stress will be done soon!

This weekend I was very productive. I cleaned out the attic on Saturday. It took about 5 hours. Then on Sunday I cleaned out my closet which took about 7 hours. I am trying to get ready for a garage sale that I am having in 2 weeks. I am so ready to get rid of all this junk!

How is everyone else doing? How is fall treating you?

11-04-2003, 02:15 AM
Hi there Angel, thanks for starting up the November thread. I've been pretty quiet but am thinking I really do want to make some progress this month and especially by year end. But this month too because the end of the month is a big race here and lots of people from overseas come and there are receptions and so and I'd like to be feeling good about myself at them.

I do two of the challenges on this forum, the 21-day and the weekly so there's a lot of structure to my days (or that's the goal) but yes, I'd like to come here and post a kind of daily progress report without feeling like I've failed (as I do on the challenges because they're more rigid). So, my two goals to focus on this week are Goal 1: planning, recording and evaluating my eating as it pertains to my eating goal which is to have 5 mini meals a day totalling about 1800 calories. This is really what my weekly challenge is too but that changes by the week. This I want to continue longterm, so the month time period is good. The other goal, Goal 2: will be to work on gaining more flexibility through stretching or yoga, some sort of conscious effort each day, even if it's just a bit. I am so tight that I find yoga tapes depressing. I really want to become more flexible.

Ok, that's it from me. It's Nov. 4 here already. I'll try to check in each day. Hope to see lots of you and the others. :wave:

11-04-2003, 01:38 PM
Hello Everyone!
I am still among the living. Things are just so crazy here anymore. My 2 year old is in the process of giving up naps so that cuts out a lot of my computer time.

Well I guess I should report I lost a 1.25 last week. But I am pretty sure I have already gained that back. I want all of this Halloween Candy out of my house! But I am still under goal.

My goals for this month is to cut back on sweets and to keep up my exercise at least 5 days a week. I hope I can do those they don't seem to difficult!

Angel glad your class is going so well! When do you think you will start your new job?

Red hope you meet your goal so you can feel really special!

Everyone else hope all is well and I will try to see you soon!


11-04-2003, 02:32 PM
Hello Everyone!

Well, it's become fairly obvious to me that my present state of health isn't going to let me do Medifast. I'm still having chronic migraines and nausea. I am wondering if I might have developed an allergy to the chocolate in the drink -- on days I don't fast, I don't have headaches.

So this morning, I decided that rather than do nothing about my weight at all -- I would switch diets temporarily. I joined Weight Watchers (online) for three months and am going to go with that (I'll do longer if it works out for me).

If it doesn't work -- I'll wait a few months and try Medifast again. I don't know what else to do.

As for monthly goals... I don't have a specific pound amount in mind. I will be satisfied as long as there is a consistent downward trend.

I'll drink 2 liters of water a day too.

I'm not starting the diet until tomorrow (I have to shop first and get some stuff organized. But as of tomorrow....I am going to switch gears for a few months.

Hope you all have a great diet day!


11-04-2003, 02:37 PM
My 2 goals

2.exercise more.......what I`m I talking about more I have not gotton off my butt to begin with!I need to fin some fun easy exercise to do

I just have to put my mind to it!!

11-04-2003, 04:59 PM
Hi Everyone!

Thanks for joining me for another month in this journey!

Red- You never fail if you get back up! We are here to support you! Maybe try Pilates if you can.... That is great for stretching

Beth- The Terrible 2's!!!! I was actually pretty lucky my kids werent terrible during that time.... dd was just clingy.... I would have to clean my house with her between my legs the whole time!

Rainbow- I had a friend that had done the fasting thing and also started having migraines about 2 months into it.... I dont know what that means but think it is interesting that both of you have had the same issues.... maybe they are made with alot of soy - I have heard of people getting migraines from too much soy.... That is really great that you didnt just give up but decided to change your apporach- that is what it is all about!!!!

Michelle- WELCOME!!!! I am so with you on the exercise....I used to be so deligent about it but have completely fallen off the wagon lately! So we gotta get moving together!

Well- I havent done much of anything yet today.... I am going to try to walk tonight!

I am hoping to start Real Estate in January! I am ready to start now! Just have to finish my classes and get my license.

I hope everyone else is doing great! Talk to you soon!

11-05-2003, 07:21 AM
Just a flyby to report in. Yesterday I was pretty on schedule or rather adhering to the guidelines I'd set up. I didn't do any stretching though except for a bit before exercising. Well, I guess that is stretching. Today (Wednesday) I really ate to schedule but didn't eat enough. Got sidetracked and don't have much of an appetite these days. I am now going to go and do some stretches. You people are keeping me accountable. I'll talk more later. Thanks for being there!!

11-05-2003, 12:13 PM
Hi Everyone!

Today I began the Weight Watcher's online program. This appears to be so easy (probably because the fasting is so hard that the fact that I'm eating seems like abundance by comparison!)

Nevertheless, I managed to figure out a five point breakfast. It was pretty filling. I think I'll do okay on this program.

Even though the program is online there's a meeting place a few blocks from my daughter's high school, so on the way home from dropping her off, I got myself a digital flexpoints calculator, a new digital food scale and a couple of books listing the points. Although the online has all these look-up features, I really think I need something I can toss in my purse too. Otherwise, I won't know where I'm at or what to do when I leave the house.

So far, it's ten o'clock in the morning and I do not have a migraine. So I think I'm on the right track in guessing that I've developed an allergy to the other stuff. Luckily if I got "sensitized", I'll probably evenutally get "desensitized" at some point. Since I've signed up for a three month commitment to this program, I'm just going to be doing this until the end of January. I'll make further decisions then.

I have no clue what to expect in terms of weight loss -- it's been years since I've tried a Weight Watcher's program (at least eighteen or so) and I recall I did well on it the first time but the program was much different. So I guess I'm going to be learning what to expect as I go along and I'll just hope for the best.

Hope you are all having a good diet day!


11-05-2003, 03:25 PM
What a great idea ANGEL! I'll try my best to chime in when I can - I have been taking on allot these days :)

I am back at my Curves after being away almost three weeks (off & on - I would go back for a day thinking & wanting to be ready and then would find out in pain that I wasn't :o ) Not only did I have a severe sprain to my ankle, but I got very ill with a Diverticulitis attack. Now all is well and I am back in the swing of things!!! October was a harsh month for me, but maybe now it's all behind me.

I did find out that I lost another 3 lbs and 10 inches when I went back to Curves Nov 3rd (Mon) - yeah! Now to keep it going... I have lost a total of 15 1/2 lbs all together since July/2003. I know it's not much in that amount of time, but at least I am not putting on those pounds in that time. Maybe now that I am back into working out again I will see better results.

Anyway, to get to my GOALS!

*Goal 1* To workout 5 days a week instead of just the 3 I go to Curves. I have an elliptical machine and don't use it nearly enough!

*Goal 2* To get in at least 8 glasses of water or decaf tea a day... I just do not drink nearly enough - never have.

*Goal 3* My diet! Try to make better choices!!! I too have way too much Halloween candy in my house (peanutbutter cups! Oh my gosh good! Just the smell alone sets me off on a eating frenzy :o ) So I really want to get back on my South Beach program - that's when I felt my best!

So there ya go... Good to see you Angel - I missed you!! So glad to hear that all is going so well with your Real Estate Classes, hope you get your license real soon!

:wave: Hello's to everyone!!! :wave:
I wish you all well on reaching your goals!!!!
We can do it - the strength is in numbers :smug:

11-05-2003, 03:35 PM
Wanted to let you all know that I did begin a new thread myself... just in case you want to have a look-see here's the link:


Thought it may help us stay on the best side of life... don't worry if you don't have the same belief's as I do - just chime on in ;)

11-05-2003, 04:05 PM
Hello Ladies!
Good to see a lot of people back and some newbies. I am hanging in here. I had my blood test today so hopefully all goes well I still feel very tired this week. I was going to nap but opted to play on the computer instead. I may regret my decision later.
I am going to be pretty busy the next couple of days. But I will be thinking of you all and hope that you do well! I have some things to do before work so I must run.

See ya!


11-05-2003, 04:38 PM
Hello, I did some stretching last night. I am so tight it's unbelievable but I'm not going to get any more flexible unless I work with the tightness, right? I need to make more room in my tiny room though as I can't really do much in the space I have. It's Thursday morning now and I'm going to make this another good day!

beth, how are you? Good to see you with us again. I've been pretty out of it too. Thanks for the encuragement. Yes, I want to feel like I don't have to hide the fat around my waist behind my suit jacket at these receptions coming up! Thanks for reminding me. I think I'll put up a sign in my room because I forget so easily. Last year I got a lot of compliments but I change so easily and I think I'm worse off than last year at this moment but I've got a good two and a half weeks so up and at 'em!! Good luck on your cutting back on sweets. What sort of exercise do you like to do?

rainbowmyst, hello there to you too! I'm so glad to hear you're switching strategies instead of giving up or getting bummed out about things. I'm sorry to hear about all the health problems you were having but you must realize your body is trying to protect itself (YOU!) and it was screaming for you to listen. I think the WW program is a good sound one and though it won't give fast results it'll give lasting ones. It WILL work if you work with it, honestly and by really giving it a fair go. I went to WL when I was a teenager and I enjoyed the support, the having to be accountable to the weekly meetings. But when I started goofing off I no longer looked forward to the meetings, kind of like being prepared for a test or not being prepared. Good luck to you!

michelle, good luck on your goals. Have you thought of what kind of exercise you'd like to do?

Angel26, yes, I absolutely hate to fail! This is where my pride does me well. I know people keep praising pilates and I have attempted to get into it but I find it so utterly boring I feel like crying. I have two tapes though and I guess if I can just memorize the exercises I can do them at my pace even if that's too fast and then eventually slow down. I have an Ana Caban one that makes me feel depressed because I can't even get my leg straight up and she's there making it look like a cinch. I also have the the Pilates for Dummies video and that shows some beginner moves but it takes forever with the explanation. I think that's the one I'll learn from and then do the exercises on my own. Right now I have an a.m. yoga tape from Rodney Yee (name?) memorized and I do that as a stretching routine. It's not much but I will do it and that's the important thing. You really sound to be doing well with the real estate. I know how much studying is involved as I took and passed the Penna. exam years and years ago when I was 18. I never used the license though and then I left the States. My mother was in real estate and I did some clerical work at her office. I did enjoy it and it is both motivating and frustrating work but there is the chance of making a lot of money and that is definitely a great motivation!

11-05-2003, 04:41 PM
Hi again ANGEL ~ I feel so goofy :dizzy: I didn't realize you had on-going threads of "Better Body Challenge" each month...

better late then never I guess :lol:

11-05-2003, 07:22 PM
Hello everyone, It feels like I have been away forever again. If it isnít one thing itís another.
I cant remember if I posted In Octoberís thread about what was going on with me, but my dad was in the hospital, He was having kidney failure, (both kidneys) He is 100% better now, and he was released from the hospital yesterday. SO now maybe I can get some normalcy back into my life again.

OK, for startes.. My 2 Goals.
#1 increase my cardio exercises.. I seem to do better when I do more cardio exercises.
#2 Drink at least 100 Oz of water every day.

Angel, Iím glad to hear that your Real Estate school is going well. Iím sure you will do as well on this 2nd final as you did on your first.

Redballon, Iím with you, Iíd like to be more flexible too, I guess I have never thought about Yoga though.

Rainbow, have you talked to your Dr about the symptoms that you are having when you drink the medifast? I hope that whatever it is you look into it. You may be right, it may be an allergic reaction. Certain foods are known to cause migraines, so maybe there is an ingredient in the drink that is causing it.

Michelle, welcome to our group. Iím with you and Angel, I need to get re-motivated and start exercising more. We can keep each other all motivated.

SunnyD- Welcome so we meet again on another board, Iíve been coming to this board for a couple of months now, hope you donít get confused but we have 2 Angels here.

Ok, I just wanted to check in before it got later. I still have work to get done before the day is over but I wanted to post since it had been awhile.

Now I have to check in on my Curves thread, then Iíll get back to work.


11-05-2003, 07:43 PM
Well howdy MIA! Nope, I'm not confused... I saw that you have been on this thread in the past (I went looking back ;) )... great to see you too!

And I thank-you for the welcome on this thread :)

I am so glad to hear that you father is home and doing well!!! :dance: I know how frightened you were for him when you last posted on the Curves thread. How old is your father, Mia?

Great to see you again!

11-05-2003, 08:53 PM
Hello everyone!

Well, my first day on the Weight Watcher's system is hitting a little snag. I'd forgotten why I always have problems with programs like these.

I have never been a "big eater" -- but what I do eat tends to be calorie dense (which explains how I got so heavy to begin with) -- the problem is that when I eat "healthy", there is way too much food (in terms of volume) and I get "stuffed". When drinking all that water is added on top of all that volume -- I end up even more stuffed.

So far I've had two liters of water and 18 points (and it was hard to get that much down). It's already 6:30pm (my time) and the thought of having to eat enough to make up the rest of the points is a bit daunting. (Weirdly enough, on top of this you get an additional 35 points over the course of the week that are "optional" to use). If today is any indication, I'm not going to be needing those at all.

It's the fruit that's doing it -- my entire life -- if I ate three pieces of fruit on any given day, I had the hardest time eating anything else. I'm pretty sure it's all the fiber. And that's not even counting the veggies I've been eating.

Anyway -- I still have enough points left over for a substantial "snack" -- and truthfully, I'd just rather not eat anything else. However, someone who has been on the program for a long time told me you have to eat all of the target points. Only the "flex" points can be skipped.

So I am playing with the calculator online trying to figure out how to "spend" the rest of the points (without going over) and not having to eat a lot of volume.

It's going to take me some time to get the hang of this program.

I need to read through all the messages so I can find out what's going on with everyone. I've not caught up, because it took most of my online time (over the past two days) to read the WW program literature online.

Hope everyone had a great diet day today!


11-05-2003, 11:34 PM

Everyone is posting lots!!! YEAH!!!!!

So Great to see everyone!

I went to the eye doctor today for my normal exam and found out that I have severe eye strain and my eyes are swollen. I am now on antibiotic steriod drops.... I have never thought that that was an actual physical problem..... apparently all of the studying has really gotten to the old eyeballs......

Anyway, I have done pretty good with my water. I walked 2 miles yesterday and only got 1 1/2 miles in today... with school it is hard to get it in....

The stress with work is really starting to get me. I received another call late today and now I have a meeting with my boss Friday afternoon. I had an appointment with a customer and am having to cancel it. You would think that they would want me to deal with the customers more.... I have spoken to another rep and they are doing the same thing to her and she has spoken to the other 2 and they are having the same thing going on.... so I am happy it isnt just me! I just wish that they would either lay someone off or leave us alone to do our jobs.... they are trying to get someone to quit so that they dont have to pay unemployment! I think it is tacky!

Anyway, I am off to bed to rest these eyeballs.

11-07-2003, 02:49 AM
Angel, sounds like youíve had your face in the books for ffar too long. Iíll bet youíll be glad when itís all over, and you can stop the studying, and start the selling.
I hope that your eyes get better soon.

Rainbow, You and I have opposite problems. My problem with weight watchers, was that I felt I would always be hungry. SO I didnít even give it a chance. Thatís why I like Atkins, I can eat till I'm full. Just not the bad stuff, sugar carbs, etc.3

Well it looks like it was a slow day in here today.
Have a great OP day tomorrow.


11-07-2003, 09:26 AM
Hi everyone, Just checking in to say I've been keeping to my two goals. Stretched today at the gym. I took longer and if felt really good.

Hope everyone is ok and I'll try to write more later. :wave: Have a good weekend, all!

11-07-2003, 10:27 AM
Hi Everyone!

Well I just got off the treadmill. I walked 3.25 miles.... :) :) :) :)
And have already had 3 glasses of water... :) :) :) so I am well on my way to keep my goals for today!

I am ready for the classes to be done. I want to start my new life. (I would like to start it about 25# lighter :) )

Red- Good to hear that you are stretching.... it is a really important thing that so many people dont do.

Mia- How are you doing?

Rainbow- How are you doing on WW? Are you getting it?

Sunny- How are you feeling? Have you been able to get on track now?

Beth- How are you? Have you gotten the Halloween candy out of the house yet? I did real good - I purchased just enough and it was gone except for 3 pieces which my kids ate. My hard part is my adopt a mom next door keeps all kinds of candy over there and when I go over there in the afternoon it calls my name!

Michelle- Have you started exercising yet? What are you planning on doing?

Well- I have got to hit the showers and get to work!

11-07-2003, 12:22 PM
Morning Gals :wave:

Well, I have stuck to two of my three goals!
Did *Goal 1* and got in my exercise this week and

Did *Goal 2* and got in my water & hot herbed teas, BUT...

*Goal 3* That's my major problem in controlling... I still have some Halloween Candy in my home and it was calling out to me so very loudly!!!! I bet I caved and had - well, too many :o !!!! So, today I had a great workout, got in most my water already and am doing better with my food choices (so far - the day's not over yet! :^: ).

ANGEL ~ I am feeling so much better - Thank you so much for asking ;) And I am on my path to getting fully on track. I still haven't picked up Dr. Phil's book again (sorry to say), but have been keeping up with his shows (tape them when I am not home). I just barely have the time right now to sit and post on all the threads I am a part of. Getting very busy with the holiday's approching (especially with church functions). I bet allot of people are... I am doing my ultimate best not to allow the media to make me feel rushed! I love Thanksgiving and family gatherings in the kitchen and around the fireplace and it always gets skipped over from Halloween to Christmas - a shame really.

Yeah for you!!!! :cp: Getting your 3.25 miles in on the T-mill - WoW, you did well!!!!

Wishing you all a very successful journey to health and wellness!
God Bless!

11-07-2003, 06:09 PM
Hello everyone, early Saturday morning here and just trying to get caught up before I leave for work. I did really well with my goals yesterday as I quickly mentioned earlier. The eating was over what I'd like to have had but it was still a major save and I consciously restricted myself, something I wouldn't normally do when I'm meeting someone for dinner and drinking.

Sunny, hello, didn't mean to be ignoring you. Your posts came in after I'd written long. Welcome and I'm so glad to hear you're sticking to your goals. Yes, Halloween candy would be a problem but it'll be gone soon and you didn't throw it ALL out the window (your goals) because you had a bit of candy. :bravo: to you! By the way, I was recently back in the States and I was surprised at what a big todo Halloween has become. I don't remember it as ever having been too much, just for the kids. The manufacturers have really jumped on the wagon it seems and the market for adults, costumes and decorations seems enormous. Strange to see.

Angel26, great going on the treadmill. :cp: That's a lot of walking! What do you do not to get bored? Do you watch TV, listen to music? Yes, the stretching is a time taker and I guess that's why most people forego it. Also, it really slams our limitations in our faces and that just doesn't feel good. Progress, even though it may be there, is in such tiny increments that we don't notice it. I guess the thing to do is to keep a log of say how far I can reach and then compare it with about a month later. Hmm.

Hello angel4real. How is the Atkins doing? Do you find you can lose weight while still eating till you're full? Actually, now that I'm getting in the groove here I'm finding I actually enjoy feeling hungry. Knowing I'm going to eat in a certain number of hours makes the hunger feel like excited anticipation (well, it is actually!) I think of the hunger as my friend and keeping my body moving and burning off the excess fat! Anyone else feel the same? angel, I'm glad you're back. I was away too. So sorry to hear your father was having such trouble but that's so good he's healthy again! Good luck on your goals!

11-07-2003, 10:47 PM
Hello Everyone!

This is going to be a short post. I'm really beat due to a 6 hour road trip this morning. I found out that WW is a "doable" diet when you're out of the house. I was able to eat out and stay on program.

Mia -- I guess you're right about being opposites. I am still having a problem getting all that stuff down. Truthfully, I never ate a lot -- but I've been known to eat total trash. I don't even want to tell you what happened to the left over trick or treat candy I didn't give out. (Well, that was a few days before I started this program so I am using that excuse.)

Angel 26 -- I admire your stamina. If I tried to walk that far on a treadmill I'd keel over. I walk the track, but somehow that seems so much easier. The treadmill has so much resistance that I've never been able to get the hang of it. Plus, admittedly, I am clumsy and have been known to hurt myself getting on and off.

Sunny -- it appears you and I both found the Halloween candy difficult to deal with -- I'm glad it's only once a year. I am trying to get my act together before "Jingles" cookies come on the market for the holidays. I love those stupid things!

Red -- Not sure what kind of stretching you're doing? Something like yoga?

If I've missed anyone -- I'm sorry. I'm so tired from all that driving that I can barely see. I'm off to bed and it's not even 9PM.

Hope you all had a great diet day!


11-08-2003, 12:04 AM
Hi Everyone!

Well it is official!!! I was laid off today! I was expecting it.... was just trying to hang on and not quit so that I could get unemployment while I start the real estate career. Well they called me at the last minute again for a meeting. Then spent the 1st 30 minuted trying to get me to quit by saying "dont you want ot go pursue other things.... etc". After about 30 minutes they finally figured out I wasnt going to quit, they pulled out a severance package that they had all along! It makes me mad that they made me suffer through the 1st 30 minutes and they had the severance package there the whole time! I mean what were they honestly going to save? a few thousand dollars???? Well I am so glad it is over and that that door is finally closed.... and I am glad I didnt quit because it did cross my mind!

Rainbow- That is great that you stayed OP while on a road trip! That is great! Keep it up!

Red- Some suggestions on getting stretching in while doing other things.... I do these things and they really do help.... I have long hair that I blow dry... while I blow dry my hair I hang my head upside down to get some body in it and while I do it I touch my toes and stretch out the back of my legs..... while brushing my teeth I place my leg on the counter of the sink and stretch like I am on a ballet bar. When I am sitting at my desk I place my feet on the floor and twist at the waist and hold for a about 30 seconds to stretch out my back, etc. I find all different places that I can add a little stretching.... it does add up... also helps loosen tense muscles....

Sunny - I am glad you are feeling better. I hope you can pick up Dr Phil again soon. I think it is a very helpful book!

Mia- How are you doing? I am not on the Adkins but was doing South Beach for awhile and will probably start back on it soon since my stress level is going down.

Hi Michelle!!!!

Well I am off to bed!

Hope everyone is doing great!

11-08-2003, 09:54 AM
Hello All!

I am still among the living. I had a meeting Thurs and had to go in to work early yesterday to. But I got off early last night. It was the college I went to homecoming. I live in the town still so I went to the basketball game. I saw a few friends from out of town and my friends from in town. I was suprised how few people from my class was there. Well it was not a reunion year for us. I am getting together again today. So it is a fun filled weekend of you guessed it FOOD!

Well I gained 3/4 of a pound this week at TOPS. But still several pounds under goal. Angel my dk's still have two big buckets of candy that the collected. That is with me giving some away. I only let them eat a piece or two at a time so it last forever. Do you know they like the tootsie rolls and stuff like that better then the snickers and reeces. What kind of sick kids am I raising??? So they leave all the tempting stuff for me!

Well I have a busy weekend so I must run! I hope everyone has a great weekend!


11-09-2003, 03:05 AM
Hello everyone!

I thought I would post here because I am planning on challenging myself this November and beyond! I joined Weight Watchers in the beginning of August, and I have not been able to get myself going. I have lost 4 pounds, but it's been an up and down thing. I just want to get on track!

My two goals are going to be:

1. Exercise at least three-four times a week.

2. Gain and maintain food control (Low Points, controlled portions, etc.)

I know I'm beginning a week into the month, so let me stop to wish all of you encouragement and positive thoughts for the upcoming week!

Keep on truckin'!

11-09-2003, 09:45 AM
Hi Everyone!

How is everyone doing on their goals?

I did 3.25 miles on the treadmill yesterday again!!! YEAH ME!!!! I have done a little over a mile this morning with the intention of doing more later on.

My water intake has been a little so-so... I do drink alot while walking but then kinda forget the rest of the day. I drank about 5-6 glasses yesterday and have about 2 glasses so far today! I am really going to focus on it today!

TIGER- WELCOME ABOARD!!!! We are a pretty good group of ladies!

I have really been on a roller coaster with my weight for awhile. One I am so tired of struggling with. I read somewhere about a stress hormone (cant remember the name of it) that prevents you from losing weight. Well now that some of my stress is gone I wonder if I can start. The scale started creeping back up on me and I made it to 209#'s (My highest yet) and I just dont want to keep watching the numbers climb. I so want to go the other way! It is funny I remember when I was at 172#'s and thinking I was huge... now I wish I could see that number on the scale! With my job now gone I am going to try to focus on me for a little while. I still have school and the house and kids but alot of my stress was my job!

Beth- I wouldnt panic about the little weight lose. You are doing great and by keeping on top of it I dont think it will creep back on... I know alot of people gain about 5-10#s during the holidays. I think that if you gain a couple at eachholiday and then get them off before the next you are so way ahead of the game!
My daughter is the same way about the candy- she likes all the not as bad for you candy!

Rainbow- How are you doing on Weight Watchers? It looks like tiger is also on it.

Red- How is the stretching?

Mia, Michelle, and Sunny- How are you guys doing?

Well I am off to get ready for church.... talk to you guys soon!

11-10-2003, 09:32 PM
Hi everyone!

Just a quick note.... had my final today and made an 87.... which wasnt as good as I wanted but I had a raging headache.... just one more class to go through......

How is everyone else doing? Are you keeping on your goals? I didnt walk today because of all the studying.... but I am going to use this as my off day.

Hope everyone is well....... talk to you soon!

11-10-2003, 09:38 PM
Hello Everyone!

As of tomorrow, I'll complete one week of Weight Watchers. Although my first weigh-in isn't until Wednesday, I couldn't resist sneaking a peek at the scale and discovered I am down 2.5 lbs.
Frankly, I am amazed. I probably ate more on this diet than I have on any other (hit my target points religiously every day and didn't even touch the flex). This diet is SO EASY compared to the total fast. I doubt that each week will bring such impressive results, but as far as I am concerned any downward motion is better than none at all -- so whatever will be, will be.

Tiger - Hello -- it seems we are both doing WW. I'm doing the online version and am quite happy with it thus far. I'm still trying to get the hang of the AP points, but I've only started the program last week so I imagine it will take me some time to get my act together.

Red - how's it going with the stretching? Do you find it helps? I've noted that the older I became the less flexible I seemed. I was never sure if it was the excess weight or just plain getting older. I used to dance a lot when I was young -- that's on my list of things to resume once I drop another twenty pounds.

Beth -- I hear you on the Halloween candy. I'm so glad that it's finally all gone in my house.

Angel 26 -- I know exactly what you're talking about. Sometimes it seems like the mind "adjusts" to being heavier and heavier as we're gaining. I remember thinking I didn't look "all that bad" at 240 lbs. (until my nephew gave me a strong dose of reality). Yet I recall weighing 136 at one point of my life and feeling despair that I was too heavy. I really lost my perspective over the years. I have it back now though -- little by little I'll make it back down where I should be.

Mia, Michelle, Sunny -- how are your programs doing?

And where's Orange? Haven't seen her around lately.

Hope you all had a great diet day!


11-11-2003, 09:28 AM
I hope everyone is doing well!

I am making this a quick note because I am off to the YMCA for a yoga class.... all this talking of stretching is making me want to get back in to the yoga and since I dont have to go to work I thought I would go to the class!

Rainbow- Yes WW must seem like a breeze to you after the fast! You can actually eat!!!! And also I really do think that WW is going to be healthier and more likely to help you get the weight off BUT also KEEP it off!!!! Way to go on the weight lose!

As for me I still am wondering when it comes to eating and food... I have yet to have that switch in my head click.... I am working on it though! I know that with work and school it has been hard. I think I should be more successful now.... I am going to take the rest of November and December off of working and then decide from there!

Well I am off for now! Talk to you soon!

11-11-2003, 10:18 AM
Morning everyone :)

I have spent the last day reviewing my diet and re-reading the South Beach Book. I have gone off-track and have been feeling like my energy has left me. So Yesterday & this morning I have taken the time to prepare my day of meals. I did not go to Curves yesterday and won't be going today... but I WILL be going Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to make up for it. It is too hard for me to work-out when I begin (just cannot do both on the first day). So I ask for your prayers & support that I will be able to do all I have intended to do.


*Goal 1* Didn't do well at all the last two days :( *I don't exercise on Sunday's - day to rest.

*Goal 2* Did alright there... came short by just a few ounces to the mandatory 64 oz a day.

*Goal 3* Did terrible! I am beginning again...

A glass of water
Cup of coffee - 1/2 decaf & 1/2 reg with non dairy creamer & Splenda
2- Vegetable Quiche Cups (made in muffin tin... 3/4 cup Egg Sub.-Spinach-Red pepper-Onion-bit of Ham-Lite Cheese & Seasoning) Baked at 350* for 20 min.

2-Deviled eggs
Water & Herb Tea

Grilled Chicken Breast sliced on a bed of Romaine with Balsamic Dressing

Celery stuffed with Lite Cream Cheese
Water & Herb Tea (the tea seems to keep my tummy quiet)

Grilled Salmone with Rosemary
Steamed Veggies
Tossed Salad (Greens, Seedless cuke, Red Pepper & lite Cheese)

Maple Flavored Ricotta Dessert (I usually mix the whole 15oz container of Part Skim Ricotta -makes 4 dessert cups- w/ 2 packets of Splenda, 1 tsp of Maple flavoring - that's it... yummy!) Serving size 1/2 Cup.

Herb Tea before bed

PS> I also take two fiber tablets a day.


I won't be writing this down everyday, but wanted you all to know what I was doing to get back on track :)

Hope you are all have a good day!
I'll be thinking of you & praying for your success too!
God Bless You Always!


11-11-2003, 10:29 AM
Please forgive me if I have not addressed each of you today - I have allot to catch up with here @ 3fatchicks since I have not been posting...

I want to "THANK-YOU" for the warm Welcome's!
It means allot to me to be so 'welcomed' into a new thread ;)
God Bless!

11-11-2003, 12:13 PM
Hello All!
Sounds like everyone is doing well. I am so jealous Angel that you don't have to go to work! I would love to go to the Y.

Rainbow congrads on the 2.5 loss. I can imagine WW is a breeze compared to the fast. I don't know how you did it as long as you did!

Well as for me I am hanging in. It was a busy weekend. It was homecoming at the college I attended and some friends where in town and that was fun. One of my friends has been trying to have a baby for about 5 years and finally is pregnant so we had a shower. She is a foster mom also so she has a lot on her plate. So you can imagine the eating that was done. But you know according to the scale at work I lost weight. Its not official until thursday though!
Well I hope everyone has a great day. My ds is off of school so we are going to the children's musuem. Its free on Tues!

See ya soon!


11-11-2003, 06:15 PM
Hi everyone!

Thanks for the welcome! I'm happy to be here and looking forward to getting to know you folks!

Angel: CONGRATS on the 3.25 miles you walked the other day. Just getting on the treadmill alone is half the battle. Keep working on the water--you'll do it! And the 87 on your final sounds fantastic, especially with a headache! What kind of final was it? How is yoga going?

I, too, used to think I was huge, and here I am at my heaviest. I was just talking with a friend about this--I wish I would have recognized how much worse it could be, but instead of preventing putting the weight on, I bemoaned where I was and ate myself to another level. Whoa, sorry that I got so negative--I usually don't. I think what I'm trying to say is that we all have realized that we don't want our weight gains to go even higher, and that is why we are here for each other.

Rainbow: CONGRATS on the loss. Let me know how your weigh-in goes. You're right, I'm trying WW, too. I think it is a very sensible and healthy method to lose weight. Most important, I've heard from everyone, including my own doctor, that it is the only thing that works. (Long term.) I'm hoping to make more gains (well, losses, I guess!) soon and stay more focused.

Sunny: Glad to hear that you are on track. It sounds like you've got it goin' on! Keep it up!

Illinois: Glad to hear about the good things you have had to celebrate about. Things like that make me realize how silly I can be to get so hung up on food when there is so much else out there.

As for me, today is my weigh in day! Unfortunately, I can't go to weigh in for the first time ever because I have parent teacher conferences (I work at a school.) I did better this week than any other week since I've started Weight Watchers, and of course, I don't get to enjoy a success! I guess that means that I'll have an even bigger success next week, right!

Well, everyone, have a wonderful day, and keep on keepin' on!

11-11-2003, 08:30 PM
just wanted to briefly come online and day hello. have been super busy, but I just wanted to touch base. Hope everyone is doing well.


11-13-2003, 12:42 AM
where is everyone today? se ya tomorrow

11-13-2003, 09:14 AM
Hello Everyone!

This will be a quick note because I'm off to the mall to do some early Christmas shopping. I went earlier in the week and was amazed that it's already getting very crowded. I was hoping to avoid that this year. Oh well...

I'm on my second week of WW and doing fine. It's really an easy program. I'm not exercising (and I know I should) -- but life is so hectic now I barely have time to do anything for myself.

I'll try to check in later in the week.

Have a great diet day!


11-13-2003, 09:14 AM
Good Morning MIA! And everyone!! :wave: I had a really good last two days!!! I wasn't on yesterday for two reason's: 1- My hubby, Joe, was off for the day and we were out bumming around in furniture stores (fun!) and then that evening a storm came through and knocked out our power for several hours :o So here I am now...


*Goal 1* Got my exercise in yesterday @ Curves :) even though Joe was off (sometimes my routine gets messed up when he's home, but not this time) and today will do my elliptical machine.

*Goal 2* I must admit - being gone all day, in and out of stores, I did not get in the water I should have - I tried, but it was too hard to, but am prepared to today...

*Goal 3* I still made better choices!! I packed a snack and a lunch to bring with me, so I would not go off my SBD - there I did well --- yeahhh :smug: It is allot easier today to go out and stick with a higher protein diet - most restaurants will accommodate you which is wonderful!


I will check back later - if I can - if there's electric :o

"Everyone have a successful and exciting journey to wellness and a NEW YOU!

11-13-2003, 03:53 PM
Hey ladies!
Sounds like everyone is getting busy for the holidays! I can't wait to really start my shopping. But I have to make some money first!

I had my TOPS gradution today to KOPS. It was really nice and my club did a very nice job. They always make me feel good. I hope some of them and you all will join me soon!

I actually had a 1.25 loss this week. So things are going well.
Hope you all have a great OP weekend!


11-13-2003, 04:09 PM
I just made a post and think it just got lost :( :( :( :(

11-13-2003, 04:41 PM
BETH ~ "CONGRATS!" to you for loosing that 1.25#'s!!! :dance: Every little bit matters!!!!!!!
I know how excited I would be :) I am happy for you! :cp:

:bravo: Keep up the great work!

11-14-2003, 06:53 PM
Hello all! I've been doing really, really well with the eating but the stretching, not! But the eating is the main thing so I'm quite happy with myself. Earlier in the week I was really bummed because the scale wasn't moving, except upward and it was bizarre. I knew I was getting smaller, my clothes were looser but it wasn't showing up on the scale. Normally I don't care but this time I did for some reason. I think because I've been pretty stressed and looking it and just having looser clothes wasn't making me feel good. I felt old and looked it. I seemed to be retaining a lot of water though it wouldn't have been linked to the usual hormonal fluctuations. I thought it may be my diet and thinking about it I realized I wasn't getting the vegetables in. So I started making the fresh veggie juice again and drinking that (by the blenderful!) and wow, the next morning it was like the plug was pulled and I wasn't all bloated. Great feeling! And then it showed on the scale. So, I'm down to 67.4 kg, which is just over 148 lbs I think. I'm only 5 feet 1 1/2 so I still have a lot of fat on me but I have a lot of muscle too. I want to get really lean so all the muscle work I do at the gym shows. Yesterday I ran 5K but didn't do any weight training. I'm off to L.A. next week and am just really busy! So, that's it and thank you all for being here. It has kept me focused each day to know I should be reporting in.

rainbowmyst, I'm so glad to hear that things are working for you on your new program. Congratulations on the weight loss. You know, maybe you had to go through the fasting diet to make this one work for you. You can now see it as "easy." Really, it's thanks to your obvious discipline that this is working. Discipline is not an easy thing but once you have it it seems easy. I think a big part of the so-called discipline is nothing more than resolve, a decision we make once and for all to do something. Though I hate that the phrase now sounds like a Nike ad, "just doing it" is what it comes down to in the end after all the hemming and hawing is out of the way. Continued good luck and, perhaps moreso, continued determination, rainbow!

Angel26, Sorry I haven't been posting but I've looked back and have read all the posts. Just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear you were laid off. It's still rough even if you expected it. Though in a way, I guess now you can get on with the next phase, right? That was really low of them to try to get you to quit so they wouldn't have to give you severance. Is this no gratitude, no appreciation on the employer's part. How is that people think simply paying people clears the slate. We're giving our lives for the job. Money is really, as far as I see it, a mere token given in return for what we give. It's NOT the amount. There's so much that can be done on either side that is "extra." I hate it when people (on either side of the payroll) think it all comes down to money.

Angel, thanks for the stretching suggestions. Yes, I do do such things but I was thinking about it and realize it's usually the stretches that I already am fairly good at. The areas where I'm really tight, like hamstrings, I tend to continue to avoid. Hams are my worst. Other tight areas, like calves, feel good when I finally do stretch them, but hams never feel good. I guess they're just so big. I remember when I was a kid and doing yoga (yes, ahead of the crowd) I loved the feeling of relaxing into a deep forward bend. Now, I can't get forward much at all, let alone relax! How is your yoga coming along?

And :bravo: to you on the treadmill and water effort. I find I haven't been drinking as much water because it's not as hot here. Usually I drink tons. But it's easy to get away from it when the weather cools off for some reason.

I totally hear you on the mind adjustment as we change. It's a slow change I think, that's why we don't realize it. The slowness of it allows our minds to adjust to it and forget how we felt at a lower weight. I have often though if we could just for an instant feel what our goal weight would feel like it would help get there. On the other hand, it may make the present weight feel so utterly intolerable it would plunge us into despair. Another thing though, our think our minds take a lot longer to catch up to our current weight. I remember once when I had lost quite a bit of weight I still thought of myself as the same. Then one day I caught a glimpse of myself in the store window and the mirrors in another store and it was like looking at a stranger. My legs didn't look like I imagined them to. They weren't humongous. They were OK, even nice. Yesterday, at the gym someone mentioned that my face looked a lot thinner and she asked if I'd lost weight. I just say, no, probably it's just my face, even though I know I have lost weight. A lot of our image comes from the comments of others and you know, I go through days and days with absolutely no comment from the people around me (they're mostly guys) and I think any change in me isn't noticeable. Then one person says something and I feel my efforts ARE taking effect. Then again, it's important that that person is accurate. I'm around racehorse trainers and bodybuilders. Ok, I'm really babbling here. Must be all the caffeine. It's early morning early and that's when I get my caffeine rush!

Oh, Angel, one more thing, great going on your exam. You'll get through with flying color, obviously and I hope you become a million dollar seller when you get your license!

losinginillinois, how are things with you? Congratulations on the weight loss! Keep it going, bit by bit, it all adds up. Is the candy gone yet? Halloween candy sounds like it's been playing havoc with lots of people. I'm glad I'm not there to be tempted by it. I am a sugar addict and have been totally abstaining with the help of the 21-day challenge thread. I just completed my challenge there and am between challenges so actually I can have sugar now but I'm going to still stay away from it unless I really, really feel I need it. And who really, really, needs it, anyhow, heh? I need it like, yeah, like a hole in the head (my dad would say).

Hello angel4real, How are you doing? Thanks for stopping in to just say hello. I'm the worst at not doing that but know on threads where I'm looking for posters (the ones I've started) how good it feels when people do just say something, anything.

tiggerdiva, how is your challenge going? Don't belittle the 4 lbs you lost. It all is important. It can only come off in little bits so congratulate yourself on what you've done. Yes, this place is so important for the support. I hope we can help you so please come here often.

Sunny, excellent work on the food planning. That makes all the difference. How has the rest of the week been going? Hope to see more of you here. :wave: I like the way you write everything down and then evaluate each goal. If you keep a journal you can look back on that and see all the things you have accomplished. It's a great boost when you're feeling down.
OK, everyone, good luck and hang in there!

11-14-2003, 06:57 PM
Christmas Shopping? did you have to bring that up? lol
Boy time flies. I can't believe that it's that time of the year again.

Rainbow, glad to hear you are doing well on WW. Have you seen any results with it yet? weightloss?

Sunny, What I do when I leave the house, and know I might have a hard time to get my water in, is that I take a bottle of water with me. then there is no excuse. I ALWAYS carry a bottle of water in the car with me while Im driving too.

" I had my TOPS gradution today to KOPS. It was really nice and my club did a very nice job. They always make me feel good. I hope some of them and you all will join me soon! "
excuse my ignorance, but what is TOPS and KOPS?
congrats on the 1.25 lb loss

I have been at a pleatue for 3 weeks then i gained 1.5 back. so Im eating only meat right now. trying to kick start it again. I hope it helps. I was hoping to lose another 10 lb by thanksgiving my body just doesnt seem to want to co-operate.
IT WILL give into me sooner or later though. :-)

ok gotta run

11-15-2003, 10:13 PM
Hi Everyone!

A quick post before I head to bed.... I have had bronchitis again and has really messed me up..... coughing so much my ribs and stomach are hurting.... wonder if this is like working out????

Thanks for all the comments gang.... they are appreciated!!!!

Beth- Congrats on becoming a KOPS! We are proud of you!

Mia- Just stay on track - it will come off!

Red- You sound like you are getting stronger and thinner all the time.... Keep it up..... also keep working on the stretching.

Tiger- How are you doing?

Sunny- Your plan sounds great! I wish I could be as disciplined!

Rainbow- I am glad that WW seems to be working for you! Keep it up!

Well I am off to bed. Hopefully tomorrow I will be better!