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11-03-2003, 10:11 AM
Good Morning All,

BBL, boss is here so I'll catch up later on in the day :s:

11-03-2003, 11:37 AM
Good morning all!

I am about ready to leave to take the kids to school and then go to the gym, but I wanted to stop in and post my WI results for this week. I am still at 175 so officially I lost 1 pound for the week, but since I reported it on friday.. my stats stay the same.

I am tossing out the pumpkin seeds though! I roasted them this weeekend and I am finding that they are very addictive.. and Today I am feeling kind of bloated and yucky.. so out they go!!

I'll check in again later!

11-03-2003, 12:05 PM
Exhausted today due to lack of sleep because of two teapots of GREEN TEA at dinner last night - what was I thinking? Like the caffeine would no longer affect me?

Weekend was fairly quiet, and dh and I went out last night and also enjoyed dinner at a great Japanese restaurant (hence the green tea fiasco). The food was great, and I'm sure I had a few extra carbs due to some of the dipping sauces.

Up a pound this morning, and still in ketosis so I am not panicking yet and will just try and increase water consumption as I think the salt may have affected me.

Brought breakfast and lunch today and snacks so will stay on plan. I also poached some chicken breasts (3 large ones) yesterday (made chicken soup for kiddies)..and will be making yummy chicken salad w/mayo and celery to enjoy for the next couple of days.

Have to go to hotel restaurant tonight to "taste" one of two chicken dishes (I think it's chicken marsala or chicken in a mushroom sauce) in preparation for daughter's bat mitzvah dinner party. I am hoping to take a few bites (and I will ask about ingredients - think the mushroom sauce will be lower carb so I may have to "pick" that one!;) ;) ). Don't want to insult chef tho and really hope that only a small piece has been prepared and not a whole plate of food....I am planning to eat dinner before I go!

November will be a very busy month...and I need to get more sleep (and more exercise!).

How is everyone else's week shaping up? Any good hallowe'en stories? Where is YOUR leftover candy?


11-03-2003, 12:12 PM
Good morning, everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I had a great time visiting family and friends this weekend, but I had a few minor incidents... I ate a pancake on Sunday morning. I'm not sure what possessed me. All my friends were eating breakfast, and I was hungry, so I ate one without much thought. I haven't been to Fitday to calculate the damage, but I'm sure it wasn't good! Also, this weekend, I discovered the evil macadamia nuts. Wow! Those are so good and so addictive! I won't be buying those again, at least until I learn to regulate myself with them. I think I could eat a whole can at once! Very, very evil little things!!

Tonight I weigh-in. I'm a little nervous because of my pancake and macadamia nut indulgences, but I guess I'll see the damage tonight. I know I can get back on track, and I'm going to keep adding exercise daily. So far, I haven't gotten the hopeless and discouraged feeling I get with other WOE. I feel able to re-gain control and stick with it, which for me, is amazing!

When I got back to the airport late Sunday/early Monday and started the car, my "Check Engine" light came on. I have an appointment to take it in on Wednesday morning (that was the quickest they could get it in). I hope it holds up until then. It's kind of scary because I have no idea what's wrong... who knows if it would keep running indefinintely or if it could break down at any minute! Yikes! :yikes: Car issues really scare me because I know nothing about them!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a fun Halloween and is having a wonderful Monday!

Take care,

11-03-2003, 12:13 PM
Good morning! Halloween was great - everyone loved my costume and I was even brave enough to wear the partially backless shirt (best friend and husband were kind enough to make sure the ties covered my "back handles"). I forgot to cut the long long nails, so typing is still crazy. :dizzy:

Saturday, the husband got a sinus infection that I'm pretty sure has evolved into bronchitis over the weekend. So while he slept all day, I went to visit my friend Joan. She's 84 and the sweetest thing you've ever seen. I started going to visit her when I was a teenager as a kind of "service project" but I think I benefited from it far more than she did. She's going to Tennessee for the winter to stay with her daughter and there was an open house for her last night. It was fantastic to see her. And, there was what I called "the table of death". This table full of little evils that people had brought - think of anything full of sugar that someone would make at home, and it was probably there. I ended up standing near it somehow, so I just kept making my dad eat things on my behalf. :lol: I stayed good. ;)

And now today, I woke up and I'm sick! I stopped by the grocery store on my way into work and loaded up on sugar/sugar alcohol free cough syrup, cough drops, and zinc lozenges. Cross your fingers that this doesn't get worse! I think I may make some of my low carb clam chowder for dinner tonight. It's good comfort food without the guilt.

Jdogg - you slipped in while I was typing! What year is your car and how many miles are you at? I have a 97 mitsubishi eclipse spyder and when it hit 60,000 miles, the check engine light came on. I was in a total panic - especially since both dh and I were unemployed at the time. It was nothing. It turned out that 60,000 miles is the standard time to check belts and such and the light was a reminder to do it, not an indicator that anything was wrong. Could be the case for you, too.

11-03-2003, 12:15 PM
Hi everyone, This is my first day back to work after being out last week recooperating from my surgery.
My weight was up after the surgery (only 4 pounds) but then the dreaded HALLOWEEN arrived. I was planning on being out that night so I wasn't going to have to deal with the candy issue...but I still wasn't feeling well enough to go out so my husband went and bought some candy. Well we only had 5 kids show up so I proceeded to eat milky ways all weekend!:mad:
Now I am up at least 6 pounds since I was last here.
Oh well, start again. That's all I can do.

Thanks for the info on the new hood milk. I am going to have to get some. Do you think it is ok for induction?

I bought the Atkins cookbook this weekend...a little dissapointing..but at least it has some ideas. I was going to have scallops tonight but I just found out how high they are :o I am worried. I will just put them in a butter sauce and have them with salad. Live and learn!

I can't exercise for 4 weeks still so I will just have to keep on the plan and hope to lose all the weight I gained and then some! I still want to be down another 10 pounds by Christmas.

Hope you are all well........catch up more later.

11-03-2003, 01:31 PM
Jane, I still consider myself in induction. I just sometimes eat nuts and seeds. I've only had the milk for a couple of days so I'm not sure how it will affect my loss. I'm a milkaholic so I'm gonna drink the milk even if it slows my down a bit. This is the first thing close to milk I've had since starting Atkins and it is the one thing I miss most. I'm osteopaedic and should be drinking milk anyway. I'm hoping it also will help slow my hair loss. Before Atkins, I was easily drinking 2 gallons of skim milk weekly by myself. I'll pass bread any day of the week to get to a cold glass of milk. Enough of my milk addiction. I'll let you know how the milk affects my weight loss.

Good luck on your recovery. I've lost my 33 pounds without exercising but it's been slow. So there is hope of losing without being able to exercise. I finally did start doing bodyflex today. Maybe that will help offset my milk. :D

11-03-2003, 01:33 PM
Thanks for the car info, StarPrincess! I have a 2002 Kia Sportage, and it just turned over 30,000 miles. Maybe it does have something to do with a routine check-up??? The nice thing is that we have a 10-year, 100,000 mile warranty, so it shouldn't cost anything if there is something wrong. There's just the hassle of getting it there and waiting for them to fix it. But, I can deal with the hassle, as long as it doesn't cost anything!!! Thanks again!


11-03-2003, 01:51 PM
Jdogg - I'm betting it's just routine. Let me know how it turns out!

And I forgot to share my food adventure. In keeping with my personal belief in trying one new thing a week, I bought CarbSense pizza crust mix this weekend and gave it a try. Basically, you take the mix and add some olive oil, yeast (included with the mix) and hot water and mix it all together then let it rise for 5 minutes. After that, you roll it out - that was the tough part. It's very elastic, but eventually, I got it rolled out thin enough. Then onto a pan and into the oven for 10 minutes. After that, I added the lowest carb pizza sauce I could find (3 grams per 1/4 cup) and then cheese, pepperoni, italian sausage and black olives. Bake it some more - and then it's done. I have to say, I'm always wary of low carb bread products because I find most of them disgusting. This was actually pretty dang good! I wouldn't use it for bread sticks or anything, but as a thin pizza crust, it worked great. And counting the toppings and sauce, it was only 4 grams per slice. Yippee!

Kim in NJ
11-03-2003, 02:05 PM
Hi everyone - just sitting here eating my salad for lunch...STarving today!

Jina - I'll bet it is the routine checkup - same thing happened to my intrepid. Hope that's all it is.

Jane - glad to have you back on track. I was dying this weekend with all that candy around... I finally put all of dd's bowl of chocolate in the dresser in our guest room. $100 says she doesn't even ask for it by Thanksgiving. She is abnormal when it comes to candy...she would choose a smarties or starburst over any kinds of chocolate. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT????

I am doing OK - tried some new low carb dessert recipes this weekend out of Nancy Moshier's book and they were VERY good. She does a lot of recipies mixing cream cheese with jello and then whipped topping. As long as it doesn't taste chocolately, I can control myself. It was a nice change from SF jello everynight.

TONIGHT - I will begin exercising. I must do this and there is no more procrastinating. Man, I am too stubborn for my own good. Seeya on the other side....with sneakers on :D

11-03-2003, 02:43 PM
Hi there!
You're posts have really hit home for me in a big way. As someone only on the 3rd day of the plan I tend to fall in the mindset of "WOOHOO" nuts and pumpkin seeds! but thanks to Karen and Jdogg I've decided I'm better off just not even bringing them in the house at this point. Not until I am well established in my healthy patterns. Jdogg, car issues can be so scary because they can cost money and I know that I don't have money laying around doing nothing. Don't worry. It'll work out. Just try and relax and chill out. You have help for advice if you need it.
Yesterday at work we were going to have a food feast and they asked me to prepare it since I have always been good at them. That was pre-Atkins. I told them "Fine, but it had to be my way if I was going to do it." So I made chicken cordon bleu (unbreaded) with broccoli and cauliflower and cheese sauce! Yayay! I brought ice cream for them but I was so full from the meal I wasn't even tempted. They loved it. It was a big hit
Well, I'm off to work. Gotta make some tuna! Hang in there and have a lovely evening.

11-03-2003, 03:07 PM
:wave: everyone

I ate to much this weekend so starting today I'm caaaracking that whip and starting over. Its funny how you can let yourself slide and slide and slide and slide... OY not that I went off plan but I just ate to much on plan food which is also a no no.

Today I'm happy to say I'm doing okay. I'm also going to cut out eating at night, thats where most of my damage is done. DARN NASTY FREAKIN HABBITS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-03-2003, 04:56 PM
It's Monday - again. :)

I had an alternatingly wonderful weekend and horrible weekend. Depended on what you're talking about.

Had a blast taking my dd to work on Friday (my day off) and showing her off. It was a long day, though, and she took a very late nap!

Dh ate most of her candy since I won't let her have any. I didn't buy any candy for the kids at the door, but my mom (who we are living with temporarily) bought a HUGE bowl full of all my favorites. Shame on her - I bet there was 6 pounds of candy there. We gave most of it away, but I have to admit, I did do a little snacking. Thankfully, it just didn't taste all that good - which prevented me from going into an all out candy binge. :devil:

I did eat too many carbs and made the mistake of finding a BAG of Mauna Loa Macadamia nuts at Trader Joes. It was an 11 oz. bag for like $5 - so I brought it home... and ate them all over the weekend. No more nuts - I can't control myself any better than if they were potato chips!

Not too many horrible cheats - but definitely too much food....

I too have a harder time on the weekends sometimes - at least when I'm at work I have structure and plans. I don't have that on the weekends.

I have been suffering from the Mother of all AF's for the past couple of weeks. One week of spotting and the next of really heavy flow - I've been living on Aleve just to make it through. This is just awful - paybacks for only having one AF every 4-5 months while in post-partum. I'll be VERY glad when this is over with.... ate some mini Oreos with our movie last night just because I felt just so awful. Dh is great about my cravings and temptations most of the time, but he was trying to console me with sweets last night... and I did have a little.

So, like I'm hearing from many of you... back to cracking the whip and on the wagon and all the other cliches that float around. Not too much damage done, I don't think, and still down 13 pounds which I am VERY happy about - but needing to get back to basics.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!

11-03-2003, 07:39 PM
Hello all...

I'm new in here...I started Atkins on Sunday. I'm doing very well! Today was the big test...could I do it on a weekday at work? I did. :) The HARDEST thing for me, though, has been giving up the caffeine and the diet sodas. I am trying to fool myself with decaffeinated coffee, but I have a killer headache. I drank about 80 oz. of water today at work, which is quite a balancing act for me! I'm a teacher, so I can't just leave and use the bathroom whenever I want.

I stopped off at Wal-Mart and bought some lipolysis strips and did one when I came home. (That was before I read the directions saying to do them in the morning before breakfast.) It turned purple pretty quickly, so I guess I'm on the right track. :)

11-03-2003, 07:44 PM
Welcome Jennelle!! You have found a great place for support and motivation! The Cafiene headache will go in a couple of days.. trust me! :) I still drink regular coffee once a day.. but only a 8oz mug. if I opt for more coffee than that, I go to decaf.

Hey gang... where do you buy the Da Vinci syrups?? Send me links or names of stores.. I have yet to see them here anywhere.

11-03-2003, 07:59 PM

I've seen them in QFC and Safeway... but they have a *very* limited selection of the SF varieties. Look in the coffee aisle... or if all else fails, take a trip to Georgetown and drop by their warehouse/factory. ;)

You could also have them shipped directly to you - the website is easily found but I think it's

11-03-2003, 08:46 PM
I've been doing Atkins for about 4 weeks now and sticking to it pretty well (oh ok i've had a couple of bad days- but i'm trying real hard!! lol)
My DH has now seen my weight loss (11lbs) and has decided to join me, Our breakfast / dinner menu's are just fine, however, while i find it pretty easy to make lunch at home, he is finding it difficult to take food into the office. He's not a salady person what can he take into work for lunch - he likes his food so we need quantity as well as quality....any suggestions??

Janelle - I too found the no caffine rule the hardest - i love my coffee so stick to 2 small cups a day and it doesn't seem to be causing a problem.

11-03-2003, 09:13 PM
Hi Again!
I really blew it over the weekend and had pretty much decided to give up the low carb diet and go back to counting calories but when I got to work this morning, I discovered two of my co workers are doing low carb. I decided I'd give it another try and today has went fairly well.
My main question tonight is what are "net carbs" and how are they figured? Does it have something to do with subtracting the protein from the carb?? I purchased the Atkins new diet book in paperback and I've read several chapters and have not come across this term yet but I've see it on labels for those snack bars, etc. This morning I ate one of those 40-30-30 balance bars (peanut butter) which I love before I decided to give Atkins another try. I'm sure this is not allowed in induction?? How about pork rinds, does anyone know if they are ok for induction or is EVERYTHING off limits unless it's listed?? Sorry for all the quesitons and ignorance on this topic. I am having to totally rethink everything I've ever believed about loosing weight!
My other "problem" with this is diet pepsi....don't know if I'm willing to give it up. Any opinions as to my success at weight loss while continuing to drink a couple cans a day???:?: I sort of feel like if I have to give up too much of what is "normal" for me, I won't stick with it. But if it will actually keep my body from using fat, then maybe I'll have to.
Anyway, thanks for all your help! I've enjoyed reading all your posts and I love this daily chat thread!

11-03-2003, 09:50 PM
Karen, I get Hazelnut and vanilla at Wal-Mart Superstores. The Da Vinci site is

Welcome Jennelle!
I haven't been off plan put haven't lost anything this week. I did do 15 minutes of bodyflex plus twice today. That is a big effort for me as I haaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttte to exercise.

Gettineasy, I didn't have any sodas during the beginning of induction. I've been on induction since 24 June 03 but don't follow it quite as strictly now. I sometimes have nuts and seeds. I've also just started drinking Carb Countdown Dairy Beverage. I'm not sure how that will affect my loss. I was drinking diet sodas for awhile but pretty much only the ones without aspartame. My favorite diet drink is diet vanilla pepsi. It too has aspartame. Diet Rite is a better choice if you just can't live without diet sodas. I only occasionally drink them now. I'm finding that things that I craved in the beginning don't tempt me now. Be careful of the sf candies, meal bars and shakes. They caused me to stall. The trick is to find what's doable for you.

11-04-2003, 02:40 AM
Hi Karen, Here is the website for the syrups and stuff. I searched around and they actually have the best prices on them too! Can't beat that. The only problem I can see is all the other tempting stuff they have. I'm avoiding anything like that because I just don't know if I could trust myself yet to stop at a proper serving. Just like with the Macadamia nuts. Much to my shame that has always been one of my downfalls. I would buy a jar of Mauna Loas and eat them all on a binge. Now it's okay to have some but I know eating a handful and stopping will be hard. I plan on premeasuring in baggies but we all know that the best of intentions didn't stop me from getting fat in the first place.

11-04-2003, 06:17 AM
jannelle, where in ms are you? my twin, supersized, and i are originally from there. we lived in houlka until our house burned in 81. we then lived in pascagoula until moving away to college. i attended william carey college in hattiesburg. she attended mississippi university for women in columbus. i would love to hear from you. good luck with this. i've lost 26 so far. dh has lost a little over 30. our younger sister has lost 71, but not sure whether she is still on it. gotta run for now.

11-04-2003, 06:06 PM
fullfig and supersized...I live on the other end of the state, in Southaven. I can practically spit and hit the Tennessee state line from my front yard. :)