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11-02-2003, 06:53 PM
Welcome to a thread full of laughter and support. Join us as we raise a family, try to maintain a household and lose weight. Feel free to join us all newcomers and regular posters. Hope to see you posting often.


11-02-2003, 10:31 PM
So quiet here tonight :) hope everyone is enjoying an evening with their families. I'm just about to get into the bed. Just wanted to post tonight because I have a busy day tomorrow.
:lol: Ginny I don't know if I will ever slow down! Thanks for the advice tho :)
Tomorrow is my busy Monday... as usual. Story hour in the am then I have to run errands for the buisness, mail some packages, and off to the city to pick out my new vaccum!!! I can't wait. Funny how excited I am getting over a sweeper. All my floors are hard wood tho and I'm so tired of the broom. It doesn't get nearly enough of the dust up. My girls are going along all day so it will be a very full day.
I was wondering too, what kind of advice does WW give for when you are craving something and nothing seems to satisfy you? I have this problem alot (even when I'm not prego) and consume way to many calories trying to satisfy it.
Well hope you all have a great night an a great Monday!!!

11-03-2003, 11:12 AM
Good morning all!
Misty I don't think many saw that you started a new thread.. there were still quite a few posts after yours.
But anyway, thanks everyone for the sweet comments on my pics. And the highlighting kit I used was that herbal essence one with the neat little comb. It was extremely easy to use. I will be using it again in the future.
Candy and Lynne, welcome! I am Spryng. Mother of 3. Ava who is 3, Bubba (aka joseph) is 2 and Tanner who is 4 months old. I've been married for 5 years now and now he is a OTR driver so I only see him every two weeks. But I'm adapting to it ok. I'm doing weight watchers and loving it. But as you'll see many of us are on different plans and having great success right now. What plans are you on? I hope to get to know you better soon!
Ginny I don't know how you managed it but you still haven't told us how your WI went last wednesday. :) What was the meeting about?? I'm still dying to know. lol.
Well I can't remember what all the other posts said in the last thread... so I guess I'll tell you how my weekend went.
It was great! Yesterday DH and I went to kansas city and went to a huge outlet mall and I bought a new duvet cover for my feather comforter (btw, I LOVE that feather bed and comforter. Dh liked it so much he's begging me to buy one for his truck! lol) We mostly just walked around and talked. Then we went to the macaroni grill and ate dinner which was really nice. ( I had a tasty veg. pasta dish) so it was a nice day.. it just ended too quickly. I usually do fine when he leaves but I cried when he left out today. I just miss him already. :(
But anyway, it was a good weekend but now I am ready to begin my week. I hope everyong else had a nice weekend! gotta get off here now! TTYL!

11-03-2003, 12:08 PM
Good morning!!!!!
Gee, it seems like everytime I check in to this site, something else has changed! Is it just me~ the print is much bigger today.
Thankfully, it is Monday. Not wanting to wish away my weekends, but at least while the gang is in school I get a bit of time to myself and some quiet......ah, I needed that.

Michele- thanks for starting the new thread. When I posted last nite, in haste I might add, I made a mental note to start a new thread this am. You beat me to it!!!!!!!!:) As far as cravings go~are you sure that it is really hunger???? Try something to break the cycle/change your mind and see if that works. Maybe soothing or energizing music, take a walk or get some fresh air, allow yourself 15 minutes to work on a special project/hobby, dance, read.......what pleases you and works for you might be very different than what works for me, so I can't get specific. Another idea to try is find something a small treat that is low in points/calories and make that a special treat for those times. One thing that works for me is a really nice flavored coffee(which I will not usually make for myself), or reduced calorie hot chocolate or a flavored tea (Celestial Seasonings makes some wonderful dessert teas that are calorie free). I break that stuff out when I need a treat. WW recommends having something like that available for you at home- pre portioned so that you are not tempted to eat a whole batch of cookies........:lol: (as I would!). But their first suggestion is to break the mood and determine if you are really dealing with hunger or an emotional issue/boredom. WW whole deal is portion control, portion control and portion control. And to be mentally prepared for those times when you will be challenged and have a backup plan. I hope I have helped some.

Spryng- I made it to most of my meeting last week, left a few minutes early. Bummer, I regained the lousy 0.6#:( which bugs me a bit, but then I am retaining water too. The meeting was about "Don' be a Doormat!". In short, we are all going to face some well meaning person who approaches us this holiday season and hands us our favorite dessert/high calorie dish that he/she prepared just for us~ with lots of love too!!! But we are not to be doormats.......and we all know of some who are out to sabotague our weight loss plans. The discussion was a hoot... Laura (our group leader) got into some roll playing, using as her prop a box of 2 Points bars. She got one member to come up and Laura pretended that she was giving the box to her- that she had just prepared the dish and it was her favorite (and loaded with points). Of course, the other lady was polite, and you could see her resolve crumble as Laura got more and more enthusiastic about the food gift. A very typical scenerio. The second scene of the roll playing, Laura got Lynn up (Lynn also works for WW and maintains member records and materials etc...). The same scene was played out with Lynn as the recipient. What a hoot when Laura handed Lynn the box of bars- Lynn beamed "Oh, my favorite treat, thanks lets share them!!" and she opened the box and literally handed out the bars to some of us!!!! It even floored Laura, who does not easily get here feathers ruffled. But a valuable lesson learned. Accept the gift and get rid of it!! Share the food item, give it away...something like that. Sorry that Dh's departure was stressful for you this time. It sounds like you had a really nice day with Dh......just the time alone is something wonderful to cherish. One really good thing about this job (besides the paycheck!). It is ensureing that you and Dh get out and really spend some quality time with each other, which is a wonderful thing. You both probably appreciate the time that you do have more now.

Have I babbled enough???????? I did get out for that walk this am. Don't know if I am going to WW this week, it is another busy week and it all depends on how tomorrow goes. (lots to do).
On that happy note........I have to go make the beds. Have a great day!

WW tip #1. Start the day with one 8oz glass of water before breakfast. It helps to get you on the right track for the day.

11-03-2003, 12:35 PM
Ginny what great idea to start the WW tips!! I actually just started that one today. I have not been drinking enough water so I figure if I can get in a glass or two as soon as I get up then that will give me a head start. I'm also cutting way back on my diet sodas. I wasn't even drinking 4 glasses of water a day because of having so much soda. So today my resolve it 1 can of soda only if I get in all 8 glasses of water first. ButI want to evenutally cut of soda completely except for dinner's out or something special.
Sorry to hear you gained a little. I think my next WI will show a gain too. I'm getting close to TOM again... so my scale will be going up . I also haven't been exercising much and I need to get that going again. So tonight I am hoping to get in at least 20 min but since I am running on empty today (stayed up too late and got up WAAAAYYY too early) I may crash as soon as the kids go to bed tonight. But I'm going to try.
Well, guess I'll get off here. I need to clean my house but I'm too tired. maybe after nap time I'll feel more refreshed to get things done. Ok, TTYL!

11-03-2003, 01:55 PM
Hi Spryng!
I have this booklet from WW that was given out last spring, with a world of great tips, 102 of them to be exact. I thought so many of us on WW it might be a good idea to post one a day. Hope you get the house cleaned up a bit and feel a bit more refreshed.....Monday's are tough, aren't they?
See ya later.

11-03-2003, 02:03 PM
Hey gang.............

Geesh, our little thread was practically dead at the end of last week. Now, this afternoon, it's taken me a while to get caught up from the weekend! Welcome to the newbies....... hope to "see" more of you. And speaking of seeing...... Spryng, love the pics! :D

Ginny, sorry about your gain. :( You will get it right back off, though, I know. :)

Michele, your posts are making ME tired! Slow down, girl! :lol:

Karen, congrats on less body fat! :)

Sorry if I am missing anyone....... it's hard for my feeble little braincels to remember all that I just read! :lol:

I had a great/super busy weekend. Friday night's trick-or-treat was great..... we enjoyed some unseasonable warm weather. Saturday was full of soccer fectivities and hockey practice. And Sunday morn was ds's first hockey game (he scored 2 goals! :)) and then young ds's birthday celebration. It was busy, but fun.

And, I am happy to report another 2lb loss this week. :) That brings me to just 2lbs within my Thanksgiving goal. So, Ginny, I think I will up it to 5lbs and join you in your challenge. :)

K, gotta get some work done around here.... hope everyone is well. :)

11-03-2003, 02:26 PM
Hello, I am new here. I am 24 and the mother of 4 boys. Austin is 7, Eric is almost 6, Mathew is almost 4 and Christian is 15 months old. I have been a stay at home mom for a little over a year now. I started going to school full time after my husband gets home from work, so we lead a pretty busy life. I find that it is hard to stick with a diet when I have to eat something that I can't feed the family. So starting today I am just measuring out my portions and trying to keep it at around 1200 a day. I am currently at my highest weight of 225. My goal is to be 145 by June 20, 2004. That is a little more than 2 lbs per week. I have also started going to the gym VERY early in the morning and want to do that at least 5 days a week. I came up with a point system to reward myself for doing good.

11-03-2003, 02:49 PM
Welcome tlwrinkles!! You have found a very great place for support and motivation!! :) I am Karen, SAHM of 2 children (ages 7 and 5)! DH was born and raised in Arizona (Phoenix) but we live in WA state now! DH's Grand mother is now in Flagstaff! We get down there once in a while.. Hopefully again in 2004!

Well, I just got back from the gym. My arms are really sore today and I am not sure why! No weight loss to report, but then again I lost a pound between Monday and friday last week, so I wasnt really expecting any more this weekend. I usually lose in the first 5 days of the week and then hold for the next couple of days!

Ginny - .6 insnt much really, and if you are retaining water.. I bet you will get that off and more this week! I find that when I retain water if I add an extra 4 glasses of water to what I normally drink, it helps to flush it out!

Spryng - If DH was home, no wonder you didnt get excersise in! I wouldnt want to lose any time to spend with him either!!!

WOO HOO Jen! Great job on the loss! You had warm weather for Halloween? It was 25 here at 6pm when we took the kids out... that is unseasonably COOL for us! Infact we had hardly any trick or treaters this year and I know it is because of the weather!

Well, Gotta run and pick up DD and her best friend from school.. see ya later!

11-03-2003, 03:05 PM
Welcome tlwrinkles! I am Spryng, 23 (we are very close in age) and have 3 kids, Ava 3, bubba 2, and tanner 4 months. portion control is a great way to start weightloss. I hope to see you here as often as possible!
Jen congrats on the loss! And I will join you and Ginny for that 5 lbs challenge. When is thanksgiving this year? But count me in!!
Karen, glad you got a good workout in.
Well, my FIL was just admitted to the hospital today. He has been having a hard time breathing. He has fluid built up on his lungs, pneumonia, and they ran some tests on his heart and it must have been bad because they are transferring him to another hospital that specializes in hearts. So he is on his way there right now. So I am just sitting here waiting to be updated. I am hoping it's nothing serious. But I have a bad feeling about it...
Well I have to get off here. It's almost nap time and I'm so tired. TTYL!

11-03-2003, 05:33 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome. I am extremely new to the whole message board thingy and am having a bit of hard time. Why do you start new threads and what does DH stand for (I'm guessing something husband). Anyways, I am looking to lose 20 pounds by March 1st and another 15 pounds after that. I have a 2 year old daughter, Kylie and a 4 year old son, Sean. I have been married 8 years in December to a gorgeous hunk of a man! LOL (I figured that one out!) Anyways, I am blonde, so please bear with me. Looking forward to all the encouragement I can get. Also, I would like a little insight into the world of 3 children. I am hesitantly considering another one in a year or 2.

11-03-2003, 05:36 PM
Thank you all for the great welcome. It always helps to know that you're not alone!

11-03-2003, 05:42 PM
Hi again Candy! We start a new thread when the other one gets to be several pages. But someone always lets us know so we aren't left behind. lol (laughing out loud). And yes, DH means dear husband, DS means dear son, DD means dear daughter, etc. I think you'll figure it all out pretty quick. OP means on plan. You'll see that one alot too.
Insight into 3 kids huh? Well just having my 3rd baby I'm probably not too experianced yet to tell you anything. But I know my 3rd was planned. My first two are 11 months apart so they seemed very easy to care for when they were little but having Tanner, well, it was very difficult at first. My DH had back surgery when I was 34 weeks along and he was still recovering after Tanner was born so I had him home to help me 24 hours a day for 6 weeks after Tanner was born. That was a huge help. But going anywhere with two toddlers and a baby seemed overwhelming at times but it all eventually fell into place and now it feels like Tanner has always been here too. My DH is gone alot so I have all three of them to myself now, but we have a pretty good schedule going and make do just fine. But I say that if you want another baby, then go for it!!! :) families are meant to grow and be loved. So if you have room for growth then that is great! And since your kids are nicely spaced having a 3rd baby would probably be alot easier for you.
Well, I'm having that spaghetti squash for dinner tonight but I haven't figured out what to have with it. Since it is a vegetable maybe I'll have a starch with it?? Hmm.... don't know. Any suggestions? When those of you who eat this make it with butter and garlic, do you have it as a main course or side? Maybe I'll roast some chicken and have the squash as a side with it. What do you all think?

11-03-2003, 05:51 PM
As a mother of 4 I can tell you it has it's ups and downs. It is great to see the older kids get excited and help out. And they can entertain the younger ones if you need a minute. It is always an adventure if I have to go to the store with all 4. I usually try and get everything done while they are at school. My DH helps out as much as he can, which helps also.

11-03-2003, 09:11 PM
HI! I'm just peeping in... so busy today and still tons to accomplish. BTW I LOVE my new sweeper! Welcome Candy and Tlwrinkes. Hope to see you posting often.

11-03-2003, 09:17 PM
Well, I did get back here this evening.........Welcome TL!!!!!! (short for TLwrinkles.....). I think you will love this thread, so much encouragement and friendship. It can be practically adicting, but then if I am posting I am not raiding the kitchen! I am a mom of 3 (4 if you count Dh:lol: ). And I agree it has ups and downs. One thing I can tell you about weight loss is that you will have good weeks and bad....some weeks when you ate perfectly and will not lose an ounce! Weight watchers then has you look at those weeks as non-scale accomplishments. Sometimes you can see the weight loss, your jeans are so baggy and the crummy scale does not budge!!!!!! Well, I took a lot of words to say that weight loss is a journey and while your 2# a week goal is a good healthy rate- with holidays coming up and winter months (guess that is not too much of a problem where you live!) any weight loss should be considered an accomplishment. What are you studying in school?

Candy- blonde or not, being a mother robs brain cells!!! :lol:
As for having another child.......3 is absolutely more than 2 and really calls on the octopus syndrome. (you have to grow extra arms). But I can't imagine not having our youngest......and would have had more children if I had not been plagued with miscarriages.

Jen- congrats on the 2# loss!!!!!!!! You big loser. Congrats to Ds on his hockey goals too.:)

Karen- take care of those sore arms. But the extra muscle mass willl help burn calories!:)

Spryng- I usually serve spaghetti squash with whatever I would put on pasta.......so sometimes cheese or a meat sauce or turkey pepperoni. And those nights I usually do not have a starch instead, but elect for a higher point snack- maybe a cookie or something yummy for desert with the family. The squash is so low in points (none!) that I will have it so that I can enjoy something totally non diet (portion controlled, of course.). Just another way of looking at it.

Well, gotta scoot......Dd wants me to trim her hair.
Got another busy one tomorrow- I am making dinner for a friend who just had a mastectomy and the kitty goes to the vet. Most importantly......I am getting my hair trimmed, and I will love every minute of it!!!!!!:) See ya, and have a great nite!

11-03-2003, 10:58 PM
Good evening all!
I must say that I LOVE spaghetti squash!!! This was the first time to cook it and eat it and it was fantastic!!!! I will definitely be buying more of it very soon. :) I want to try using it for regular spaghetti too... I'm sure that will be great.
Misty, what new sweeper did you get? I can't believe your little one is hanging on this long!! 37 weeks now right?? Well enjoy these last few moments with him. I miss being pregnant sometimes, especially feeling those sweet movements and hiccups. It's so special.
Ginny, I hope you enjoyed getting your hair trimmed! I need to get mine done too.
Well, looks like FIL had a minor heart attack and that is why they were so concerned about his heart, He's in Kansas City now at a hospital that is more capable of taking care of him. They haven't called me yet to update me so I'm assuming things are going ok. Well, I did get an hour nap in today but I don't feel like I did. So I am off here to call DH and then into my bed. I'll chat with you all tomorrow!! G'nite!

11-04-2003, 11:19 AM
I dont have time to get personal right now.. but I wanted you all to know that I get to go SHOPPING today! FOR ME!!!! I am dropping the kids off at school and going off to the mall to get some new bras.. and some clothes for this shrinking body! WOO HOO! I am only going to get a few items as I know that in 2 or 3 months they will start to get big again.. but hey.. It is still going to be a fun day! AND the new BON JOVI CD is in the stores today so of course I will be getting that as my reward for 25 pounds gone! :) WOO HOO!!! :cloud9: (Can you tell I LOVE BON JOVI:D THey are the only guys in the world who could give DH a run for his money! LOL!)

Talk to you all soon!

11-04-2003, 12:20 PM
Good morning!!!!!
Spryng- I hope that FIL is ok.....are they keeping him in the hospital for long? I will keep him in my prayers. I used the squash in place of pasta, FYI.

Karen- enjoy that shopping trip. New (smaller clothes) are so much fun. And stuff fits better too!:)

No walk today, I decided to take the morning off and get some sleep. (I needed it!). Hair cut felt so nice....... I needed that too!
Gotta go pack up dinner and deliver it. See ya later!

WW tip #2- Remember your ABC's~ all bites count!:)

11-04-2003, 01:57 PM
Welcome to TL and Candy!! :wave:
I'm Emily, mom to 3 boys. Brendan is 5, Connor 3 and Ian 6 months. It is a handful at times, but as they are getting older it's easier too. We are planning for a 4th in early 2005 (gotta get this weight off!!)

Have I posted since we got our new computer? I don't think I have! I am loving it- mostly just 'cuz it works-lol :)

I'm back on track this week. The Halloween candy really did me in. I wasn't going to succumb, but I guess I should know myself better... But it's a new week and I have had TONS of water and eating has been great. Last night I made burritos- slow cooked a roast and did my own beans. (light on the cheese for me)- they were yummy! I found a tomato wrap that was pretty low-fat too.

Spryng- hope your FIL continues to improve.

Karen- have fun shopping!! you deserve it. I love Bon Jovi too- takes me back to fun times!!

Ginny- thanks for the tips! I'm really enjoying them!

Jen- wtg loser!! 2 lbs is great!!

Michele- what kind of sweeper did you get? I have wood floors too...hope you are feeling good!

Sandy and Ricci- hope you are doing great!

Sorry if I forgot someone! I'm trying... :)

Well, I just got back from check-ups for COnnor and Ian...had to get blood work for all of us. Talk about not fun! Ian's cries were so pathetic- like "mom, how can you let this be happening?!"

Anyway, I've got tons to so and only a half hour before picking up Brendan. The day is getting away from me!
I'll check in later if I can.

11-04-2003, 02:23 PM
Karen let me know what u think of the new cd... i too LOVE Bon Jovi... hubba hubba... lol i am going to get the cd as well but am interested in how u like it. Hope you have a great tim e shopping as well... The rest of u have a great day... will check back later..


11-04-2003, 02:46 PM
Good afternoon all!
Karen I'm so excited for you today!! Have fun shopping! I love to shop... I just bought two pairs of Pepe jeans off ebay friday and I can't wait until they get here. One is a size 10 and one was an 8 (gives me something to look forward to!)
Ginny, no FIL is not ok. Looks like he needs a bypass. My in laws are driving me nuts right now. First off he had the heart attack on friday and my MIL refused to take him to the hospital... he suffered all weekend having small attacks. Then monday came and she thought work was more important than getting him to the hospital... so he drove himself. Once he was admitted into the ICU he called her and all she could do was yell at him for adding another medical bill! On top of that his heart was so bad they had to life flight him to kansas city because they didn't think he'd survive an ambulance ride... so does she get up there right away to be with him??? NO! She said she had to get to work early today so she didn't go up there at all. (it's only an hour drive) well they found out today that his heart is pretty bad and needs a bypass and finally she is going to get her butt up there. I felt so bad for him. He is going through this all alone. he is the type of person that hates hospitals and only goes if he feels like he is dying. Being alone in one must be so scary for him. She can be so selfish sometimes.... I really dislike her at the moment. But I'll find out more later about his condition and when the surgery will happen, etc. I'm praying hard for him.
Emily, sorry to hear about the blood work. I hate it when my kids have to get shots or anything. They cry, I cry.. it's a mess, lol. But glad you got your new computer! i can't wait to get a new one myself!
Sandy I hope your day is going well too.
Well I guess I'll get off here. My day has been going ok. Besides being so upset with MIL. What does everyone have planned for dinner? I think I'm taking a night off from cooking and I'm either going to have leftovers or a healthy choice meal. I feel like eating light today.
ok, got to get off here. TTYL!

11-04-2003, 04:01 PM
Spryng, I'm am so sorry to hear about your FIL. I am sending good thoughts your way. Hopefully, he will come through his surgery ok and do well afterwards. I won't say anything about your MIL because I'm afraid I can't be kind.

Glad you liked the spaghetti squash. How did you end up eating it? I bought another one today and will cook it up tonight with a little garlic, olive oil, chicken sausage and parm cheese. I needed a low-point dinner because I am low on points due to snacking a bit at work last night, so thanks for the idea! :)

Karen, hope you had a great shopping day! How exciting for you! I, too, love Bon Jovi! DH and I saw him in concert this summer...... they ROCK!!!!

Sandy, glad you are well.

Emily, glad you are back on track. Halloween candy is a killer! I had a moment of weakness yesterday and went rummaging through ds's candy basket in search of a Snickers bar, but there were none! Thankfully, I regained control before I searched the other kids baskets!

Ginny, I'm glad you got to sleep in and had a good haircut. You deserve the break. :) I just had a cut last week, but I am ready to go back again. I did not have my "regular" girl do my cut this time and I am not happy with it. Grrrrr.... nothing worse than a bad haircut! And, I like your WW tips, too. :)

To everyone else, I hope you are having a good OP day.

Well, I had to cut my nap short this morning (I worked last night) because ds had to go to the doc for his 3 year check-up. He looks great, other than the two horrible looking, bulging, pus-filled eardrums. :( He is just like his sister........ no fever, doesn't act sicker than a mild cold, but raging ear infections. We will be calling the ENT for a hearing eval and to talk about treatment (i.e. tubes). We are on a first-name basis with the ENT, as my dd has had 2 sets of tubes and middle ds was born with a trachea abnormality and also has had a tonsilectomy...... I should have her number on speed dial!

Well, I am starting to fizzle from lack of sleep, so I am going to try to get this house picked up a bit before the older two get home from school. Have a good evening, all..........

11-04-2003, 05:16 PM
Spryng, so sorry to hear about your FIL. My FIL had a heart attack 6 years ago and it was one of the scariest events of my life! I panic anytime I receive a call after 10pm. Thankfully he is fine now with no signs of future problems. I am hoping this will be the case for your FIL. It is awful what he is going through in addition to his heart though (your MIL). That can't help! Hope everything goes ok, keep us posted.

11-04-2003, 08:22 PM
I managed to sneak back on.........

Spryng- I am so sorry about FIL and MIL. I can't blame you for being angry with MIL. My MIL did some similar stuff when FIL was hospitialized a year ago with pneumonia (he is a very frail man with pretty severe emphasema, so pneumonia is not a good thing to have). She refused to visit him~ I think seeing him laid up made her think a bit too hard about her and his mortality (although she bellyaches so much about him that I wonder how much she does really care!). Anyway~ you are doing all that you can. Bypass surgery has come a long way, and although painful afterward it is now pretty routine. I will pray for you/Dh and Inlaws (what are their first names,please?). Big hugs to you and hang in there. MIL has been erratic like this before, guess that this is just her nature. I will pray for peace and grace for you and Dh to handle whatever comes your way. And vent here all you need to!!!!!! I am sure that Dh will not want to hear all your not so nice thoughts about his mother all the time.

Emily- so sorry about the blood work. You would think after all these years they would come up with an easier way to get a sample out of kids! Hope the rest of your day went well.

Jen- get some sleep, girl!!!!! Sorry about Ds's ear infection. (my Ds was a walking ear infection........2 years of torture until we found the right ENT!).

Candy and Sandy (did not mean to make a rhyme!)- how has your day been???? You were sweet enough to stop in and say hello, but no details.

Well, took the cat to the vet......she is still a little piggy (too fat) but healthy. I have to put her on a diet......this ought to be fun!!:lol: Dd is in one of her miserable moods, more fights about college. I think she is mortified at the prospect of making any kind of decision, so I think we will have to rework our plans here.
Just take her to a different school each weekend, and sooner or later one of them will click! (but I am so weary of all the tears and fights). I am not going to WW this week, I need a day at home to regroup. But I will get back to walking tomorrow. Well, I guess I'd better help Dd with her homework and load the dishes.
Have a great nite!

11-04-2003, 08:51 PM
Hello again... Srpyng, i too will pray for you and dh and the inlaws... some people dont know how to handle when someone gets sick... so maybe thats why mil is acting like this... maybe she is just very scared... i am trying to be kind and see this from another angle... :) My inlaws were here this past weekend... made my famous lasagna... even managed to stay on program... for friday at least... saturday was shot tho! LOL sunday was op so not too bad considering... I am in pain... my ds jumped off the school bus today... didnt tell me he was going to just did... landed right against my face... glasses knocked into my nose and now it hurts to wear them... i have a feeling i will get a black eye from this... isnt that nice?? LOL Oh well... Hubby surprised me with bon jovi concert tickets this past christmas... we went in feb and they are just as awesome as the first time i saw them... when they first came onto the scene... Even dh was impressed... hes wasnt a fan but is now....lol Hope all is well with all of u... take care of u...


11-04-2003, 11:27 PM
Spryng - I am keeping you and your FIL and family in my prayers! I dont blame you for being upset with your MIL!!! This is a serious thing! My FIL had a quadruple by pass surgery 3 years ago. It was right after we flew down for our 10th anniversary and renewed our vows. My FIL was our best man when we got married. Make sure that you really keep tabs on what is going on with this. My FIL came home a week after the surgery, and then 2 days later passed away due to what they thought was a clot from the surgery. The Autopsy showed that the doctor didnt do a quad, only a triple.. and that was the reason... My MIL was in no way shape or form able to fight it or sue... she was way too distraught. My DH still has a hard time with it ... so make sure someone keeps on top of everything!!!

Well, I didnt get as much as I hoped. I did get the new Bon Jovi CD (and I LOVE IT!) and some new bras! I didnt have enough time to look for other stuff.. so I will go another day.

Jen and Sandy- I am so jealous! I have been a Bon Jovi Fan since The Original album came out when I was 16. I have NEVER been to a concert! Everytime they come around I just didnt have the $$ to go. April 15th they were in Seattle and DH wouldnt go with me and since it was a school night, I didnt think I should take my kids... so I didnt go... now I am sorry I didnt!!! DH is becoming a fuddy duddy in his old age!!! He wont even go see Jimmy Buffet, his favorite! He thinks he is too old. (He's 40!)BUT I just entered the contest they are having to win tickets and Airfare/room to Atlantic City to see them perform the songs for the new album and film the DVD. I really want to win!! IF I do, I am taking my 7 YO son with me! He LOVES BJ! (So does my DD.. so I would have a fight on my hands!) BUT.. I have asked my sister for tickets to David Bryan's Musical "Memphis" playing in CA in January. I have asked my mom and dad for the Plane ticket down to see it! I really hope I get that too... David is my favorite and according to the site, he will be there for the whole run of it! :)

Ok, I am in my obsessed mode! LOL! I do this with every new BJ CD! LOL!

ok.. time for me to go.. I am updating my MP3 player that I take with me to the gym!

11-05-2003, 12:25 AM

My day was....hmmm, well, I went to the fair this evening and ate about 10,000 calories. Just kidding. I actually skimped all day and figured out in advance what I could have. So, I had 1/2 a gyro, 1/2 an elephant ear and 4 fried mushrooms. I did log over 12,000 steps today so that should help towards some of it. We had lots of fun! I am going on vacation to the Keys in December though and would really like to be down to at least 150. We'll see.

I'm pooped. Chasing a 4 year old and a 2 year old around in a busy fairground wore me out for some reason. I didn't get to mosey through the exhibits like I have in years past and I really missed that. Life with kids! Wouldn't do it any other way though. At least I only lost DH and DD once this time!!!

Good night to you all!!!

11-05-2003, 07:47 AM
Good morning!!!!!!!

Candy- sounds like you had a fun and busy day. Nothing like going thru a fairground chasing kids! Aw, this phase of like passes so quickly, it sounds like you had a great time anyway.

Karen- glad that you are enjoying that new CD, and got some bras. (don't they make you feel like a million bucks!).

Sandy- hugs to you........how is your face???? Gee, I am sorry that that happened.....funny how our kids can hurt us like that.

Well, gotta go......today is another busy one. I did get my walk in!
See ya later.

11-05-2003, 09:14 AM
Well I missed yesterday and it took me awhile to catch up on the posts...
Spryng, I'm sorry about your FIL. I hope he is doing well. I'm not sure if you will remember, last year around this time my uncle went thru the bypass and didn't make it. It was also due to the surgen making mistakes like Karen's FIL. I'll say lots of prayers that your MIL comes to her senses. Hope you and DH are handling things alright. Glad you loved the spaghetti squash.

Jen, not so funny but bad hair cuts seem to be catching :(. I took my Dd's on Monday and we used a different stylist than usual. They bout look like boys. My DH was very angry. I'm still in denial telling myself it will grow faster this time. Hope yours is growing on you :) CONGRATS ON YOUR LOSS TOO!!!!

Karen your posts about bonjovi cracked me up. Hope you are enjoying the new cd. Seriously tho you are gonna have to make time to shop for yourself hon. You really deserve it. And I'm dying to know what size you are now!

Ginny, sorry you are battling Dd again. I hope things start to come around and she finds a college she likes. And good for you to take a day to regroup... I know it can be so trying. Sometimes I just keep going then realize gosh I need to take a break.

Sandy sorry to hear about your accident. How are you feeling? Did your eye turn black?

Candy, sounds like alot of fun at the fair. I would have ate everything insight considering my current state :lol: I can't resist fair food. Good for you keeping it together tho :)

Emily glad to hear you are back on track after the halloween candy :)
My new sweeper is a eureka rally. It's fantastic. It has all the attachments for doing wood floors and walls windows etc... it goes on carpet too. Its light weight too. I'm tickled pink. I wa using a swiffer and mop on my wood floors to keep the dust up. This makes life so much easier.

Soooo, I had a check up with my OB yesterday. And guess what!!!! I've started to dialate. She said I'll probably deliver in the next 10 days! WOOO HOOOOO!!! I nearly danced on the table in that paper gown! I'm so excited to see this little feller. Sunday is the change in the moon (wives tales) most women go into labor when the moon changes. So I'm thinking Sunday would be a great day for a irthday :). I'm still pretty behind here on the farm so I'm going to try and get things situated better today. The girls clothes aren't packed yet and neither are mine. So I guess I'd better get busy.
Hope you all have a great OP day!!!

11-05-2003, 10:26 AM
Good morning all!
Thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers for my FIL (btw Ginny his name is Joe too like my DH's.) Turns out it is worse than we all thought. They ran some tests yesterday and they don't think he'd survive the bypass (he needs at least a double) they also found out that he has major clots all over his body. In his legs... arms... chest... so they have to do something about those. Then they found out that his heart is only functioning at 12%. So that is scary. MIL finally went up there yesterday and my DH got really upset with her. He was passing through on his way to deliver a load so he stopped in to see him too. She got there right after he did and she didn't even want to stay long. All she could do was complain about herself. She is the type of woman that needs to be center of attention. But FIL was out of it. The medicine they have him on is keeping him asleep 90% of the time. He tried to eat some dinner and it came back up. My DH is very worried. I think it is best if we prepare ourselves for the worst here. And that is what he is trying to do even though we don't like to think about it. But I'm hoping the tests they run today show that he can make it through surgery and he recovers from all of this. MIL said she won't be going to see him today... she rather work!!! UGH. I'm really upset with her. He is in ICU... prognosis isn't good at all and she rather work?! She would never forgive herself if something happened today and she wasnt there to be by his side. I don't know what she is thinking. I've seen her scared before and this isn't it. When she called to update me last night she was all very "matter of fact" about it. She said that if they can't do surgery they will just send him home to die. And she didn't seem like it was a big deal at all. How can you be married for 27 years and treat someone like that? ok, enough about though. It just gets me too riled.
Misty, how great that you are starting to dilate!!! I started dilating at 36 weeks along and still went over due. But since you usually deliver early I bet your doctor is right. You'll be 38 weeks tomorrow right? Well it is very safe to deliver any day now. I can't wait to hear the good news.
Well I thought I had time to post a long one but I need to get off here and run to the store. I'm almost out of formula. I promise to get more personal later!! Have a great day all!

11-05-2003, 10:48 AM
Hello ladies... good morning!!! Karen... i entered that contest too...lol If u get the chance again go to a concert... if u need someone to go with give me a holler... LOL i would love to go with u! And tell your hubby he is becoming a fuddy duddy... i am 40 and i still know how to rock!! LOL maybe its a woman thing tho... LOL sorry i am cracking myself up here... :lol: :lol: :lol:
So far so good on my face.. no black eyes yet.. so hopefully it wont happen... but i still hurt... wish i had contacts now...lol I stillhave to try spaghetti squash... the last few times i have gone to the store to get some they have been out... ggggrrrrrrrrrr...
i have decided i need to make some sort of menu plan for my family.. i hvae not wanted to because i am a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal and it would be a pain... but i really think i need one... some sort of order i guess... any suggestions would be ggreatly appreciated. Well, i have babbled on long enuf... take care of u ...


11-05-2003, 11:18 AM
Good morning, girls. :)

Sandy, glad you are not bruised. My youngest ds whacked me right across the bridge of my nose this summer with his potty chair (thank goodness those battles are over!), snapping my glasses in half and bruising my nose......... I feel your pain! As for menu planning, I definitely find it easier to plan dinners out for the week. That is not to say that I always do it! But I do much better if I know ahead of time what I'll be cooking.

Spryng, continued thoughts going out to you and your family. Please keep us updated, and remember that you can only be responsible for your own actions. Remember to take time to care for yourself, so you can have the strength for others.

Michele, how exciting for you! That little boy will be here soon. :)

Ginny, sorry about more turmoil with your dd. I will echo what I said to Spryng and remind you to take care of yourself, so that you will have the strength to care for others. Glad you got your walk in. :)

Karen, good luck on the contest! Glad you are enjoying that new cd!

Candy, mmmmmmmmm, fair food! Sounds like you planned ok for it. I hope it was every bit as enjoyable as you'd hoped!

Well, I have lots of cleaning to do today. I am going to try to get through the boys' room first. Christmas is rapidly approaching, and this house desperately needs to be cleared of the "old" to make room for the "new". I must tell you all of a good "find" I got at the grocery store yesterday, though. Thomas' now makes "carb counting" bagels. I bought the wheat ones, and they are just 2 points each! I love bagels, especially as a late night snack at work. I had almost given them up, though, because of the high point count. But I had one for breakfast, and will probably have one at work tonight, too. :)

Hope you all have a good OP day.......... :)

11-05-2003, 12:05 PM
Hello again!
Jen, you are right. I can only be accountable for myself and I need to stay strong for everyone else. I am feeling better about things today so far. I guess getting it all off my chest here with you ladies, really helped. I'm glad you found some low pt bagels. I'm not much of a bagel eater so I haven't missed not having them. I really love having oatmeal for breakfast... especially the French Toast flavor!!! It's only 3 pts and doesn't need anything added to it for flavoring. I have it every day. You would think I'd get burned out on it.. well if I do I'll try another great flavor! lol.
Sandy I plan my week out in advance. I have to or I'll spend too much grocery shopping. And I'm trying to budget my money. What I do is get out my recipe books or find recipes I want to try online, write them down. Write down the ingrediants I need for them and then proceed to a list. I try to cook 3 new meals a week... one leftover day... and two easy days (like quick spaghetti or a healthy choice meal) Then saturday's are my splurge days and I usually eat out. So that is what works for me anyway. Tonight I am trying a Diet Coke Chicken recipe I found at weight watchers.com and I'm so excited about it! It's very easy and everyone raves about it so it's my turn to try it.
Well, I need to get off here. DD is having a breakdown over an outfit she wants to wear. TTYL!!

11-05-2003, 07:00 PM
starting a new thread....

11-06-2003, 03:16 PM
Sorry I haven't posted in a few days...our computer completely died on me. And to top it all off I have the flu. So needless to say my diet this week has been soup and crackers! Hopefully I will be better next week and can get on track.

11-06-2003, 03:40 PM
I hope you get to feeling better TL. Come join us all at SAHM's # 98 ok?? A new thread gets started when this one gets long. Hope to see you there and I hope you get better soon!