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10-31-2003, 12:38 PM
Has anyone heard anything about Cortislim? It is purported to lower the stress hormone, thereby lowering the desire for stress eating. It is being advertised by reputable radio personalities, but the only information mention I can find on it is on their own website.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

10-31-2003, 03:31 PM
Well, as it's against forum rules I removed the URL for the website.

Judging from the ingredients list I wouldn't run out and spend my hard-earned cash on this...

Vitamin C
three "proprietary blends" which mean nothing really.

"reputable radio personalities"...yup...just like Body Solutions a year or so ago. I always find it interesting that these diet pill pushers use radio DJ's, who relatively few people see in person, to push their products. Keep in mind that these endorsements are ADVERTISEMENTS - pure and simple. If it's being run like Body Solutions (mmm...initials = "BS" :lol: ) then the DJ's are getting commissions on sold product as well.

Ya know there is nothing new in these pills. I could probably go to any online supplement store and find several different brands of diet pills with nearly the exact same formula, using the exact same ingredients, for considerably less than $50 a bottle.

Personally I'd say save your money...and one more thing:

There Is No Magic Pill.

11-12-2003, 11:25 PM
Hi prostc,

I know what commercials you're talking about. The commercial states that stress causes elevated levels of cortisol, which causes weight gain. This part is TRUE to an extent so I really took notice ... until I realized it's a non-prescription drug. That alone tells me it's crap and this is why: One of my dogs was recently diagnosed with Cushing's Disease, which is caused by a tumor on the pituitary gland in the brain, or tumors on the adrenal glands. The result is super cortisol production which causes weight gain/pot belly, voracious thirst and appetite, and extreme hair loss ... my dog was nearly bald when he was diagnosed. People can suffer from Cushing's disease too. The medication used to combat it is called Lysodren. It's very expensive and only available by prescription. In dogs, they start out with a very high "loading dose" and then go on a maintenance dose for life with regular monitoring through blood testing, . The thing with Lysodren is that too much (overdose) causes cortisol levels to drop dangerously low and then you have Addison's, which is the opposite of Cushing's, and deadly. In fact, Prednisone has to be kept on hand to immediately reverse what is called an "Addisonian episode, " or clear signs of Lysodren overdose/dangerously low cortisol levels. Therefore, I find it extremely hard to believe that any diet pill which claims to lower cortisol levels can be sold OTC and without any sort of initial blood work and on going monitoring by a doctor.