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10-30-2003, 11:34 AM
Thought I would get us started today. So, how is everyone? Ready for the weekend and Halloween?

I am making a trip home this weekend. I'm going to visit some family and friends and do some shopping and go to a football game -- should be fun! My main shopping will be for cinnamon and cheddar cheese pork rinds! StarPrincess helped me out with finding them, and there is a store close to my parents. I can't wait to try them. I'm getting a little tired of making my own cinnamon pork rinds.

Today, nothing much exciting is going on. I don't have to travel anywhere for work today, which is nice. I usually don't, but the last two days I've been traveling. I know for sure that I'll stay on track eating-wise if I'm eating at home.

Hope everyone is having a terrific Thursday!

Take care,

10-30-2003, 12:17 PM
Jina - let me know how you like the pork rinds and have a great trip this weekend!

I get to spend halloween at a bar - not thrilled about that. :( But I have decided to go as an angel of darkness. :devil: I'm wearing black low-rise pants, sexy high-heeled shoes, way too much makeup, and if I'm brave enough, a black shirt that's got the lower part of the back cut out and ties instead :eek: I've got some gorgeous black feathered wings, too. Ahhhhh! I love halloween - I'm so excited!

10-30-2003, 12:34 PM
StarPrincess: It sounds like you're going to be one sexy angel of darkness!! What a great idea for a costume! Have fun!

I love Halloween, but I think my only costume this year will be a Halloween T-shirt and Halloween socks! (along with pants, of course) Sad, but I'm not sure how a costume would work with airport security! I won't test my limits...


10-30-2003, 12:39 PM
Maybe you could wear a blue dress and devil horns??? "Devil with a blue dress on" has always been a favorite of mine! ;)

10-30-2003, 12:42 PM
How creative!! Love the idea, StarPrincess!!

10-30-2003, 12:55 PM
Hi there

Please oh Angel of Darkness, do not darken my doorstep (unless you are the whoosh fairy in disguise...:D )

I was home yesterday...working on those INVITATIONS. I am happy to report that almost ALL have been mailed out....but I ran out of envelopes and stamps (Yes I screwed up some of the invites - proofreading is a good thing and I should have done more of it :p so my numbers are all messed up!).

Those things took SO LONG TO DO...I had no idea. Did them on the computer - setting up the templates took a while due to "formatting issues"...and had to print carefully so they would not jam printer.

So what this means is I was so involved in this job I barely ate a thing all day (and you can only guess what happened at night!).

Had breakfast at McDonald's on way to stationary shop (eggs/sausage patty and coffee), started working on computer around 10:30 am....and went straight til 5 with no food and then had to pick up kiddies (grabbed some pepperoni sticks and diet soda on my way out and found a piece of sf chocolate leftover in the car).

Very hungry now (6 pm) decided to make french toast with lc bread (it was not as good as I imagined!)....then nibbled here and there (peanut butter, yogurt, slice of roast beef) then back to work on more invitations....finally went to bed after midnight! YIKES - what a job.

Still have a few more to finalize...and missing a few addresses still. Await return of RSVPs (nov 28th) and then comes the real fun part of table assignments (have to make sure everyone is on speaking terms with table mates!:lol: :lol: )

Barely ready for hallowe'en, bought a big bag of candy and gum (chiclets and tootsie pops stuff) and will make little loot bags up (when? that's a good question!). Have to go out tonight to an awards ceremony for 17 ds who looks like he has to accept a leadership award (he's student council president, in his last yr of high school)....and I now realize I forgot to plug in video camera battery for recharging...oh well! (Need to desperately capture those "good" moments as they are few and far

Tomorrow have to go funeral at 3 pm (sister in law's mom passed away - brain tumor - misdiagnosed as Altzheimer's, very sad) so we are scrambling here trying to rearrange my meetings so I can leave early.

Hoping for a QUIET, RELAXING evening (which reminds me I should try and find a sitter so maybe dh and I can go out to catch a movie?).



P.S. sunny and cool today, but rain is expected TOMORROW EVENING - how crappy is that - I absolutely hate a wet halloween!

10-30-2003, 02:05 PM
Well, believe it or not, after my loooong day yesterday, I'm actually back down to my original induction weight loss. I'm finally back to 272.5 this morning and am VERY excited about this. It took me forever to get here it seems like!!

So, my signature is again correct! :)

Yesterday obviously did not go as planned... so neither did my eating since my lunch was back at the office.

So, inbetween our appointments and the X-rays we all went to get some lunch. I ran into a local grocery store to get Bridget some Rice milk and ended up getting her some baby food prunes (which she LOVES!) and some plastic spoons since I had no way to wash anything. I also got her some juice and straws so she could drink the juice and then we'd have some place to put the Rice milk.. anyhow it was all very well orchestrated in my mind.

Then, dh wanted Jack in the Box so we went through the drive thru there... I had to make a split second decision about what I was going to eat... so I ordered the new Chicken Breast Strips and then did not dip them in anything since I knew any sauces would be laden with sugar. I knew it would be higher in carbs than I wanted but wasn't sure what else would be quick and wouldn't require me peeling the bun off anything.

Went home and discovered that it was probably only about 24 carbs total w/o the sauce, so it wasn't a total loss yesterday. I think I ended up with 30 carbs total... but not nearly enough water. Should have purchased a bottle of water in the store but didn't think about it. My mind was elsewhere as you can imagine.

Never did go back to work so my lunch went to waste unfortunately. Today I'm just not in the mood to eat anything so I'm having coffee with cream/Splenda for breakfast. It's 10:00 so I guess it's really my morning "snack." Anyhow 5-6 carbs for me so far today and will have Azteca soft tacos from the bar today - which without the tortilla are just meat, cheese and tomatoes which are really, REALLY good. And, on Tues/Thursday, I can get "all you can eat" for $3. A good deal for my bottomless pit husband. :D And, I don't have much of a problem packing them away either.

Sorry this got so long. I felt out of touch yesterday and am glad to be touching base with everyone again today.

10-30-2003, 02:24 PM
Surviving - Thankfully I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so the candy won't be a problem for me.

I had to fly to Florida this past week and move my mother back to Illinois. It was a LONG week. I was so proud of myself - except for some fries I ate Monday night after being on the road driving about 15 hours, I was good all week.

My scale still has a dead battery, so I have no idea where my weight is. It is on my list for today. I feel like I've lost, but am half afraid to get on the scale and be disappointed. Tomorrow is the end of the Pumpkin challenge, so I want to weigh in for that.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday - YEAH!!! Tomorrow is Friday

10-30-2003, 04:16 PM
haha......I forgot about the challenge being over tommorow!!! I'm all wrapped up in Halloween/trick or treat mode and the party at my son's school....that I really did forget!! Thats great to see, the light at the end of the tunnel. One more day then ladies....lets stay on plan and see how much we lose. I WANT TO BE A LOSER!!!! how about you?

10-30-2003, 04:48 PM
I'm back on Induction today. I really went off the rails while my aunt was visiting for five days. Not her fault. I just didn't want to eat differently than my guest. How dumb is that! It sure showed up quickly on the scale too. There is no way I will reach my challenge goal of 12 lb. I barely lost 4 and then gained it all back in the past few days. :(
I notice that you Americans are really a lot more into Hallowe'en than most Canadians, although it did mean more to me when my kids were young and I loved it when I was a kid. We don't get many children at our door because of our location so I only buy a few candies that don't tempt me. I certainly don't decorate the house for the holiday.

10-30-2003, 06:13 PM
I don't do candy, or have kids, or even decorate, but oh, how I love to dress up!

I just got back from the clinic where I get my birth control patches and discovered the most amazing thing while I was there. Did you know that lunch, plus chunky shoes, socks, jeans, bra, underwear, big sweater, and a coat equals 10 pounds? I offered to strip down completely so they could record my weight accurately but they declined. :lol:

Oh well, I know I really weigh less than that. ;)

10-30-2003, 11:41 PM
It was those chicken nuggets hidden in your coat causing that big weight gain - come on ...fess up!