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10-29-2003, 11:48 PM
Bridget's Day at the Doctor:

The good news is that B, at 19 months, continues to be in the 95th or so %ile in height and weight. She was about 28 pounds but wouldn't sit still long enough for the nurse to get a really accurate reading on their old fashioned non-digital scale. She is also 2ft 10 inches tall (34 inches!) So, she continues to be tall - lucky girl.

The bad news is that her heart murmur is worse, not better. In fact, it got the doctor's attention enough for her to refer us to a pediatric cardiologist. We go next Thursday. She did tell us that the chances of this being something serious are very slim considering the above paragraph about overall health, growth and activity level (very high!). And, she is my ex-stepmom so she would level with me if she were worried... she just wants to rule out the two major heart defects: hole in the heart, and leaky valves. She said if it isn't one of these two things that it's
nothing at all to worry about and she may or may not outgrow it.

She was also *very* impressed with Bridget's signing... and was impressed that we are doing that with her. Now, none of us do any sign language at all, but are teaching her individual signs and she is loving it - and picks new signs up very quickly now.

The worst part about the whole thing was that they had to do a chest X-Ray for the cardiologist. We couldn't go with her, we could only listen to her screams of rage as they strapped her down to immobilize her so they could get a good shot. She was absolutely distraught when they brought her out. It only took less than 5 minutes total from start to finish, but that was enough. Poor daddy was a wreck!! I think she was holding HIM just as much as he was holding her when it was all over with.

So, what was supposed to be a rather routine checkup turned out to be an all day thing. My day at work was a total loss since I never went back. I'm just now getting back on the computer.

Thanks for listening!!

Kim in NJ
10-29-2003, 11:59 PM
Oh Lisa - what a stressfull day. I will keep Bridget in my prayers about her murmur. My Isabel is 16 months and she would be shrieking too! I can just imagine how torn apart your dh was. Our 1st dd had bouts with sleep apnea and had to go for an overnight sleep study at the hospital. My dh slept in her bed all night with her while she was hooked up to so many machines. She was 3 at the time. He would not let her stay alone.

Your B is TALL though!!! WOW! Our Isabel is a tiny thing. She weighs 21 lbs and I forget her height but it's definitely not 30 inches yet I don't believe. I have to hem all her pants which are still size 12 mos.

Hope all goes well with your next appts.
I will pray.

10-30-2003, 12:20 AM
Lisa, what a day!!! Sorry it was so rough on your daughter. Those 5 minutes must have seemed like an eternity!!! Lets hope that your appt. next week is un-eventfull and nothing serious to be concerned with. Children are resillient (sp?) at this age and are stronger than we think at times. You will be in my thoughts and prayers next week. BTW,..... did you ever re-schedule your surgery? (or am I just losing it?) lol

10-30-2003, 12:51 AM

Sorry to hear about your stressful day - but I am sure that all will go well - always best to err on the side of caution.

My youngest also had a heart murmur situation at around 5-6 months and we also took him to a pediatric cardiologist. Needless to say it was not anything to be worried about.

He also had a chest x-ray and I can honestly relate to how horrible that is - not only was Sam traumatized (he was about 6 months old at the time), but I was too. I remember coming home that night and telling dh about it, and I started to cry hysterically and could barely contrrol myself.

Poor DH was pretty stunned as I am usually pretty stable (well at least I have him fooled)...and now when there are any nasty tests/shots etc. I make sure Dad is available to come along. He is much better than me at these things.

You'd think they could invent a better way to take chest x-rays for little ones?


p.s. seeing as it's almost midnght I won't post on daily til tomorrow..and tell you about my CRAPPY DAY!

10-30-2003, 12:22 PM
Ah, Lisa! What a thing to go through! Not being a parent, I probably don't understand as well as others here, but I think that chest x-ray part would quite nearly rip my heart out! You're in my thoughts - please keep us posted on how everything goes.

10-30-2003, 12:31 PM
I'm not a parent, either, so I'm sure I don't understand the full extent of what you're going through. I am thinking about you, and please keep us up-to-date on what is happening.

Take care,

10-30-2003, 01:02 PM
So they put this little helpless child into this plastic contraption, clear and hard, from neck to about waist to immobilize the (screaming and hysterically crying) baby so that they can perform the chest x-ray without having child move too much.

For safety reasons, parent cannot stand close or be near child. So basically you stand there watching your child go crazy...and the child can see you, but can't be with archaic is this? I was surprised that in the modern day world there is not a better way to do this.

Beware of chest x-rays (I know I know they are required sometimes, but still....).


P.s. Jeez, I am obviously still traumatized by this experience and it was about 5 years ago!!!!